Ripples, Chapter 33

  • Posted on April 28, 2023 at 2:32 pm

by Sapphmore and  JetBoy

Stella was half-asleep, basking in a delicious warmth between her thighs. It felt soothing, so much so that she felt no urge to investigate – that is, until a nibble at her clitoris launched her into consciousness.

At first Stella was fuzzy-headed and disoriented, but managed to focus her eyes enough to realise she wasn’t dreaming – someone was going down on her.

She turned her head from side to side, which made it clear that her twins were still in the land of Nod. Suddenly remembering their guest, she struggled up onto her elbows, only to see a blonde head bobbing between her legs. At her movement, the girl looked up and smiled. Sure enough, it was Alice, her mouth smeared with Stella’s honey.

“Well… this is the kind of wake-up call I like.” She reached out for the girl.

Alice crawled up the length of Stella’s body – still a bit sticky from the night’s activities – until they were face to face. She bent down and they kissed, gently at first, then more urgently as the older woman tasted herself on the twelve-year-old’s lips. Breaking away, Alice slid further up until her breasts were within reach of Stella’s mouth. She paused for a minute to let them be kissed, then continued her upward journey until she was straddling her lover’s face.

Gripping the headboard with both hands, Alice rolled her hips forward and back, riding the lips and probing tongue of her mother’s friend.

After a minute or two, the rocking bed and squeaking headboard woke the twins. Exchanging bad-girl grins, they quickly joined in the fun. Lacey knelt next to Alice, claiming the younger girl’s mouth in a heated kiss, while Sienna sprawled between her mum’s thighs, licking Stella up and down from anus to cunt.


Half an hour later, a thoroughly sated Stella slipped out of bed and had a quick shower before putting on a short satin robe and going downstairs to make breakfast, leaving the bathroom to the trio of girls. She laid out chopped fruit and Greek yogurt with a sprinkle of nut clusters and honey. Well aware of her girls’ appetites, especially after a torrid fucking session, she slipped some crumpets under the grill as Alice entered, dressed in her denim skirt and t-shirt.

“Hello, Alice… so where are the twins?”

“They’re trying to decide what to wear. Er, they said something about visiting Mrs. Turner. To take her the statue she bought yesterday, right?” I think she might’ve been flirting with me, Alice might have added.

“That’s right – the girls and I will be delivering the bronze to her right after we drop you off. Come, sit down and have some breakfast… then I think you and I ought to have a little chat.”

Stella watched Alice devour a bowl of fruit, accompanied by a toasted crumpet. She waited until the girl laid her spoon down before speaking.

“So, Alice, did you enjoy your sleepover? I know the twins and I did. You didn’t feel… pressured into anything, I hope!”

“Oh no, not at all!” Alice exclaimed. “I had a wonderful time.”

“Good. And now that you know our secret, how do you feel about it?”

“You and your daughters? Well, I don’t think it’s hurting anyone. I mean, none of you are doing anything you don’t want. It’s illegal, I guess… but that just seems silly to me. How could it be bad if you love each other?”

Impressed by Alice’s logic, Stella replied, “I suppose you’re right, Alice… but what would your mother think?”

Alice thought about how best to respond. She had a definite feeling Stella knew, or at least suspected that she and her mother were intimately involved. The questions she’d been asking seemed to hint at that. Now Alice had to decide whether to stick with the pretence that she’d acquired her knowledge about lesbian sex from a mother-daughter chat, online research and practise with Bella… or to simply tell the truth and confess everything. Well, maybe not everything.

“Mum’s pretty cool, especially now she’s with Rachel. I think she’d be okay with it.”

Stella smiled knowingly. “I think there’s something you’re not telling me, Alice. Here’s the thing: the twins and I have been having sex for four years now, and as you see, they’re very skillful lovers. But I’m utterly astonished at how good you are for a girl of twelve. Honestly, I’ve fucked grown women who couldn’t please me the way you did last night. It makes me wonder if Bella Thomas really is the only lover you’ve ever had.”

She placed a hand on the girl’s arm. “If you’re worried about giving away secrets, you shouldn’t. I’m hardly going to start blurting them out to the world, am I? I’m not trying to catch you out, mind… but you should feel free to tell me anything.”

It would be so easy to tell her about us, Alice reasoned. She’s doing the same thing herself with Lacey and Sienna, just like we figured. But I don’t dare, not without talking to Mum first.

“Well, umm…” she hesitantly began, “I have watched a lot of lesbian stuff online, and I’ve read tons of sex stories, and I do stuff with Bella all the time.” She paused. “You’re right. There are other things I haven’t told you yet… but I can’t, not until I check with someone else. I’m sure it will be okay. And when I know that for sure, I’ll tell you everything, all of it. Um, is that okay?”

Stella had tried to read Alice throughout last night’s fun and games, but hadn’t managed to get a fix on the girl. Either she’s telling the truth, or a damned good actress. She’s GOT to be having it off with her mum… who else would she need to ‘check with’, after all? Maybe those adorable younger sisters of hers are part of this, too. Fuck me, what a turn-on that would be!

She’d lusted after Jessica for several years – before Jess decided she was gay, in fact. But after spending time with the whole Matthews family at her afternoon patio party, Stella knew she wanted them all, even seven-year-old Poppy. Her favourite sex fantasy of late involved sharing a bed with Jessica and all three of her daughters, and the pleasures she’d shared with Alice only whetted her appetite for more of the same.

Stella studied Alice thoughtfully, impressed by the girl’s discretion. For her age, she demonstrated a maturity sometimes lacking in her own girls, who sometimes let enthusiasm for sex override their best judgement.

“Fair enough,” she murmured. “Whatever it is, I think you’re being very mature about it, so I’ll wait until you’re ready to tell me… what there is to tell.”

Just then, the twins burst into the room, exchanging sweet tongue kisses with their mum before giving the same attention to a delighted Alice. Then, with no mention of what they’d done the night before, or this morning, Lacey asked, “What’s for breakfast, Mum?”

“Can we have coffee?” Sienna chimed in.

“I made fruit with yoghurt – it’s in the big white bowl over there. And yes, you can, Sienna – but only one cup.”

“Oooh, fix me one too, Sin,” said Lacey.

The girls quickly prepared their breakfast bowls, and Sienna poured the coffee. They wore matching floral summer dresses, looking as if they were going to Sunday school. Guess they’re done up that way ‘cos Mrs Turner is one of their mum’s big important clients, Alice mused. Wonder if she might be gay, too? It did feel like she was flirting with me yesterday. If she came on to me, I sure wouldn’t say no. 

Retrieving newly toasted crumpets from the grill, Stella placed them on a couple of plates and set them before the twins, who were happily feasting on the fruit. “Be careful not to get butter on those dresses.” She took a long, leisurely stretch. “I’m going upstairs to put some clothes on.”

“Pity,” said Sienna, openly leering at the front of her mum’s gown, which had fallen open enough to offer a tantalising peek at Stella’s breasts.

“Wicked child,” Stella replied in passing, taking a moment to muss her daughter’s hair. She paused at the foot of the staircase, glancing back at their guest. “I don’t know, Alice… these two may turn out to be a very bad influence on you.”

“Oh, I won’t let them talk me into anything too naughty,” Alice replied with a knowing grin.

Starting up the stairs, Stella looked back at the three girls. Blanche will be thrilled with my report, she told herself, and the chance for some quality time with the twins and me. Now on to Phase Two.


After finishing their breakfast, the girls cleared away the breakfast dishes, then wandered into the family room. Alice sat on the sofa, and Lacey and Sienna seated themselves on either side of her.

Lacey spoke first. “So Alice, we really enjoyed having you over.”

“Want to come again sometime?” Sienna added. The twins giggled at her play on words.

“Yeah, if that’s okay, I’d love to!” Alice answered. “You guys are soooo cool, and your mum is amazing.”

“We think so too,” said Sienna. “Y’know, Alice… Lace and I were just talking about when you and your mum and sisters came here for lunch. We think your mum is awesome.”

“So true,” Lacey added. “I love her red hair, and she’s got a killer body. Oh, and then there’s your sisters, they’re both so incredibly cute. We ought to invite all of you over for another party.”

“Yeah!” Sienna exclaimed. “Only this time, you could all stay the night – even your mum. Wouldn’t that be fun!”

“Yeah, that does sound great,” Alice said, recalling Stella’s afternoon party and what a good time she’d had. It was clear the twins had their own suspicions about the Matthews family, perhaps even wondering if Jessica and her girls were exploring incest, too. And they’re trying to get me to tell them if it’s true, Alice realised.

By then, she was eager to be home again. Not that Alice wasn’t having a lovely time with Stella and her daughters… but inside, she was bursting with news to share with Mum and Aunt Rachel.

“Um, Alice?” said Lacey. “Do you ever… kiss your sisters? I mean, real kisses?”

Sienna nodded. “I was gonna ask that.”

Alice pondered how best to answer that question without giving anything away. To her relief, Stella entered the room, looking very chic in a black and white pantsuit. “Are you ready to go, girls?” she said.

“I just need to get my stuff,” Alice declared, rising from the sofa and heading for the stairs, “Be right back.”

Wonder what they’re saying about me now? Alice mused as she made her way up to the twins’ bedroom, wearing a small secret smile. Bet I can guess

Five minutes later, they left.

Alice sat in the front of Stella’s car with the twins in the back. They’d wanted Alice to sit between them but Stella had vetoed that notion – she was fully aware of the wicked antics Lacey and Sienna could get up to while she was on the road, and didn’t want to be constantly checking the rear view mirror.

Not that she wasn’t feeling a powerful urge of her own to reach over and caress Alice’s creamy thighs…

To steer her mind away from risky topics, Stella spoke. “So, Alice… you enjoyed helping out at the gallery, yes?”

“I loved it; it was one of the best days I’ve ever had! I know now I want to be an artist, but I’m not sure what kind. Oh, and I thought Reiko’s paintings were amazing. Wow, I can’t wait to see her studio!”

“I think you’ll succeed at whatever you set your mind to, Alice. Just remember – it’s all well and good to have talent, but to succeed in the art world, you need drive… and determination. Plus a bit of luck, of course.” They rode along in silence for a few minutes, then Stella spoke again. “So, Alice… before we get to your place, we need to talk about last night.” She glanced in the mirror to catch the twins’ eyes, then at the twelve-year-old in the passenger seat.

“Okay,” Alice replied. “I get that you guys all being lovers is a big secret… and it needs to stay that way.”

“Very good,” Stella said. “I’m not saying you can’t tell anyone about us… because I think there are at least a few others who need to know.” She placed a hand on Alice’s thigh, stroking it. “I don’t have to tell you what a disaster it would be if the word got out about my girls and I. We’re trusting you to be careful with our secret. That’s all I’ll say about it.”

Alice nodded thoughtfully. “Thanks, Stella… Lacey, Sienna. I will be very careful, I promise.. And you’ll be hearing about my secrets soon. Maybe not from me… but you’ll know all there is to know.”

“Fair enough. By the way, I’m sure the girls would love to have you stay again, as would I.”

“Totally!” Lacey exclaimed.

“Yeah, we’d love that,” Sienna chimed in.

“Maybe next time you can invite Bella,” Stella said. “She is your girlfriend, after all. It wouldn’t be fair to leave her out. I’m sure we’d love to see what kind of games you two like to play.”

The twins giggled in the back… and Alice had to laugh as well. “I think she’d be into that.”


Jessica had just received a text from Alice, informing her she was on the way home. This gave Jess time to ask the girls to put something on, then take a quick glance in the mirror to make sure she was presentable. Just because I was participating in an orgy doesn’t mean I have to look like it, she thought, giving her hair a touch of the brush.

As she heard Stella’s car pull into the drive, Jess poked her head into the sitting room, frowning slightly at what she saw. The girls had gotten dressed, but only partially. Katie was in a tiny t-shirt and panties, Cindy and Poppy hadn’t even bothered with shirts, and they were all snuggling together on the sofa. More than that, there was something about the girls’ still-rosy cheeks and dreamy-eyed expressions that made them seem… what was the phrase for it?

Freshly fucked, Jess told herself. That’s how they look. “Girls?” she said, “can you do me a favour and stay in here with the TV for a few minutes?”

They responded in the affirmative, so Jessica went to the front door, peering out the window at the side panel just in time to see Alice give Stella a kiss on the mouth before all four car doors opened.

Stella went to the back and opened the boot to get Alice’s bag, saying something to the twins just before the four of them wandered up the path to the front door.

Jess opened the door just as one of the twins reached out to ring the bell; both greeted her in unison. “Good morning, Ms Matthews.”

She felt her heart skip at the sight of the delectable teens. “Girls,” she chided, “you can call me Jessica, you know.”

“Good morning, Jessica,” they said, practically in two-part harmony. .

Jess had heard those three simple words many times in her life, but never done quite so seductively. Before she could respond, Alice stepped up to the door, Stella just behind with the small suitcase.

“So, how was the sleepover?” was all Jess could think to say.

One of the twins was first to answer, but Jess was too flustered to work out which. “We’re glad to have had her, Jessica. She can come any time.”

This barely-disguised message did nothing to put Jessica at ease. She was fumbling for some kind of reply, but a sympathetic Stella jumped in first. “I can tell you this, Jess… Alice very much enjoyed her day at the gallery.”

“Oh, Mum, it was fantastic. I can’t wait to tell you all about it, and yeah, the slumber party was lots of fun.”

Jess took Stella’s hand, gave it a squeeze. “Thanks so much, Stella, it was very kind of you to give her the experience. I hope she didn’t get in the way.”

Au contraire, Jess. She was a model student, and even helped make a big sale; I was very impressed with her enthusiasm.”

“Mum, Stella has offered to paint my portrait… and Reiko, Azumi’s mum? She said I could visit her studio. She brought some paintings in for Stella to sell; they were amazing.”

“That’s very kind of her… and you, Stella.”

Stella was about to respond when a burst of high-pitched laughter emanated from behind Jessica, causing her to look round. She turned back to face an inquisitive look from Stella.

“It’s just Alice’s sisters… and Rachel’s girls. I said they could come over while she’s at work.”

Just then, Laura emerged from the door to the living room. “Sorry, Jess, I’ve just told ’em to calm down. Why, hello, Stella… long time no see!”

“Hello, Laura! Jess told me you were in town.”

“Just for the weekend. As you can see, my beloved sister is sparing me the expense of a hotel.” Laura placed a hand on Jessica’s shoulder, then her gaze fell on Stella’s daughters. The twins were radiant in floral print dresses that showcased their legs to impressive effect.

It seemed to feed directly into Laura’s newfound appreciation of underage girls. She felt a delicious flutter of arousal, and the sensation only intensified when she spied Alice.

“Hi, Aunt Laura,” the girl murmured, her eyes shining with barely concealed lust.

“Hello, Alice…  good to see you.” God, I want to fuck her. Despite having at least four orgasms in the last day and a half, Laura could feel her cunt juicing like mad. Christ almighty, I’ll have to change my knickers again. Should’ve brought more than three pairs. Just then, Bella emerged from the living room.

Stella was clearly pleased to see her. “Hello, Bella. My, I’d forgotten how much you’d grown… and so pretty, too!”

Bella reddened at the compliment, but managed to keep her voice steady. “Hello, Ms. Morrison.”

“I think you’re grown up enough to call me Stella, dear. ‘Ms. Morrison’ makes me sound like a teacher.”

“Sorry, Stel, where are my manners?” said Jess. “Would you and the girls care for tea? Coffee, perhaps?”

“We’ll have to take a rain check, Jess. I’ve got to make a delivery to Blanche. I was thinking, as I missed the big night on the town a while back… you and I ought to have a girl’s night out – or in. Rachel should be there, too, and Laura if she’s free.”

As Stella spoke, glancing at the younger of the two redheaded sisters, a sudden thought flashed briefly in her mind… and she nearly stumbled on her words. No, surely not! 

But if Jess is having it off with Alice, it stands to reason she’d be fucking her sister, too. After all, Laura knew she was gay before any of us did! And the twins are convinced that Jessica’s two youngest are up to something sexual… Fuck me, could the entire Matthews family be indulging in lesbian incest? And if that’s the case, how do Rachel and her girls fit into this? Surely they’d have to know what was going on…

Stella’s mind was working furiously, imagining the whole crazy, dirty, utterly thrilling situation – then an impassioned squeal from the living room got everyone’s attention.

Jess stared at the closed door. What in God’s name are the girls doing in there? She looked at her sister, who gave a helpless shrug.

“I’d better go make sure the youngsters aren’t tearing the house down,” Jess said, trying to make it sound casual. “Stel, it was lovely to see you… and that night out sounds like a great idea.”

“Good, Well, we’d better get going,” Stella said. “Blanche will be wondering where we’ve got to. Come, girls.” She paused before Alice. “We loved having you, dear. You were the perfect guest.”

“I had so much fun,” Alice declared, moving to hug the blonde. The twins came forward to receive hugs of their own, and Jess was sure she saw one of them give her daughter’s bum a quick squeeze.

As Alice stepped into the house, the twins called out, “Goodbye, Jessica,” in a tone even more seductive than their earlier greeting, then sashayed back to the car, sneaking  over their shoulders.

Stella was following them, but she suddenly stopped and turned. “Actually, Jess, I’ll probably be seeing you tomorrow. The girls insist they don’t have perfect outfits for some party that’s coming up. I swear they only wear their new things once, then stick them in the back of the wardrobe. And apparently, only your shop has what they want.”

Jess had to laugh at that. “I’m sure we can get them sorted. Pop in whenever you like”

“Okay, Jess, I’ll see you. Alice, don’t forget to bring Bella along for your next visit!” She climbed into the car, pulling the door shut behind, then switched on the ignition. Everyone waved as the car backed down the drive.

As Jess closed the door, Alice hugged and kissed Bella, then threw both arms round her aunt. Laura’s heart was thumping relentlessly. She’d had sex with all the other family members, and was especially thrilled by the prospect of making love to her sister’s eldest.

Jess focussed on Alice. “So, how did your evening go?”

“Oh, Mum, I’ve got soooo much to tell you.”

“Go put your bag upstairs, then meet us in the kitchen. Laura, could you be a love and put the kettle on while I sort out the girls?”

Upon entering the living room, Jess saw Poppy, Katie and Cindy rolling around on the carpet tickling each other, occasionally swapping kisses. Katie had shucked her t-shirt, so all three girls were stripped off to their knickers. Poppy had a damp patch on the front of hers… and Jess was willing to bet the other two were in a similar state.

Clearing her throat to get their attention, she said, “Can you play upstairs for a while? I want to talk to Alice about last night, then we’ll all eat.”

The youngsters dutifully headed up the stairs. Bella began to follow, but Jess stopped her. Waiting until the girls were out of earshot, she said, “Not you, Bella. Alice has important news for us, and you ought to be there, too.”

When they entered the kitchen, Laura was just getting the cups out, and Alice returned a few seconds later. She and Bella seated themselves side by side on counter stools. Jess pushed the kitchen door to, leaving it open just enough to hear the girls. Pouring herself a cup of tea, she took a seat next to Laura.

“I’ve a feeling Alice has much more to talk about than paintings and sculptures,” Jessica began, “and until we’ve heard the whole story, I’d rather not say anything to the other girls.” She gazed at her daughter. “It sounds like you really enjoyed your day at the gallery.”

“I had the best time, Mum. Stella has amazing art there, she goes all over the place looking for it, and she spends lots of time with creative people. Oh my God, she knows so much about what makes a piece good… even important. It’s made me want to study art even more.”

“Sounds marvellous, sweetie. I’m glad you had such a good day… but I think you know what we want you to tell us about.”

Scanning the faces of her audience, Alice savoured the moment. “We were right about Stella and the twins, Mum… they’re just like us.”

Bella’s mouth dropped. “You mean they… they have sex with each other?”

Alice slowly nodded. “They’ve been doing it for years – since Lacey and Sienna turned ten.”

Jess and Laura glanced at each other – but while Laura registered this news with some sense of surprise, Jessica remained calm. “How did you find out?”

“How didn’t I find out!?” Alice replied, rolling her eyes.

And for the next few minutes, Alice recounted her sexual adventures with Lacey, Sienna and their mum, beginning with the kiss she’d shared with Stella outside the gallery, as well as the woman’s interest in painting her nude. From there, she described how the twins made their move on her in the hot tub, and their probing questions about Alice’s sexual experiences. “They were totally trying to find out if you and I ever had sex, Mum. Sienna even asked me a couple times about Katie and Poppy, if I’d ever done tongue kissing with them. Oh, and they wanted to know everything about you, Bella, ‘cos I told them we were girlfriends.”

“Um… what did you say?” Bella asked, unsure how she felt about being discussed this way.

“They couldn’t figure out how I knew so much about sex with girls, and I said you and I learned on our own. Y’know, watching dirty movies and practising a lot.”

“Huh. They don’t believe that, I bet,” Bella said.

“It doesn’t matter, silly!” Alice fired back. “We’re gonna tell them the truth about us anyhow… right, Mum?”

“Probably at some point,” Jess replied. “But we’re getting off track here. When did you find out the twins are fucking their mother?”

Alice resumed her story, taking the others through her threesome with the twins, Stella appearing naked at the door, and the orgy that followed before they fell asleep exhausted. When she described that morning’s wake-up sex, her mum, aunt and girlfriend were all squirming in their seats, especially as Alice gave a detailed account of the double strap-on session to her wide-eyed girlfriend.

Once she’d finished, Alice reached out to take Bella’s hand. “Is what I did okay, Bel? Mum and I thought something might happen but I didn’t think it would go that far. We’re still girlfriends, right?”

Sliding off her stool, Bella wrapped her arms around Alice, then gave her a loving kiss. “Of course I am. I mean, I wasn’t exactly doing nothing while you were away. I had sex with your mum, then your aunt.”

Laura chipped in. “And very nice it was, too.”

Alice looked at her aunt, then back in time to see Bella blush. “What? You got to fuck Aunt Laura before me?” she exclaimed, the twinkle in her eyes making it clear she was joking. “Bloody bitch,” she added, giving Bella a playful shove. In truth, Alice did feel a little jealous, but was determined not to let it show.

Bella took it in stride. “Don’t worry, babe… you’re still my number one.” They shared a long, loving kiss, then Alice turned back to her mother.

“They asked if you’d taught me anything about lesbian sex, Mum. But don’t worry, I told them you helped me find information online, that’s all. Sienna and Lacey kept talking about liking porn videos with mums and daughters, and asked me if I ever watched any. I thought it was best to admit to some stuff, so I told them me and Bella have seen a few. That’s when they first said I should bring Bella with me next time.”

“You did the right thing, honey. Goodness me… I’m not sure what we ought to do about this!”

“There’s something else, Mum. When I was talking to Stella this morning, she knew there were things I wasn’t telling her. I think she suspects about you and me… maybe even Katie and Poppy.” Alice paused. “I told her there was some other stuff, but I couldn’t talk about it just yet.”

Laura turned to her sister. “This is crazy. What are the odds that another woman in this same town, someone you know, is having lesbian sex with her daughters?”

Jess stroked her chin. “She got a much earlier start, too. If Stella was telling the truth, she and the twins have been lovers for nearly five years.” She looked up at her daughter. “What did she say to you about, well, keeping her secrets?”

“That’s the interesting part,” Alice replied. “She asked me to be careful who I told… but there were some people who needed to know.”

Jess sat up straight in her chair. “She said that!?”

“Yeah, Mum. She wanted me to tell you about what they’re doing. I’m sure of it.”

Laura nodded slowly. “Looks to me like Stella is seeking out kindred spirits, big sister.”

“Wait,” Bella said. “She wants to find other families like ours? So we can all, y’know, have sex together?”

“I think you’re both right,” Jessica said. “It’s the only way this makes sense. We’ve got to speak to Rachel first, then figure out what to do with what we know.” She glanced around at the others. “Any thoughts?”

By then, Alice was looking a bit sheepish. “Um… here’s the thing, Mum. I was totally sure that when you heard what I had to say, you’d want to tell Stella everything right away. I mean… they’re all having sex just like we are, right? I didn’t tell them about us, but I sort of promised that we would. Soon.”

Laura nodded. “I can’t see any reason to wait, Jess. It shocked the stuffing out of me when I stumbled on your little family orgy, and look – now I’m part of the ‘family fuck club,’ as someone called it. Alice is right – you’ll need to speak to Stella sooner or later.”

“You ought to!” announced Bella. “Sienna and Lacey are soooo cute… I totally wanna do stuff with them!”

“You and me both, love,” Jess said, patting the twelve-year-old’s thigh. “Well, we all seem to agree, but Rachel has to weigh in on this. Alice, why don’t you get changed into some fresh clothes. While you’re up there, tell the girls to come down… but don’t tell them why.”

“Okay, Mum,” Alice replied as she stood up. “Um, can Auntie Laura come upstairs and, er, help me get dressed?”

Jess rolled her eyes. “Aren’t you a piece of work! You’ve been having it off with one of my friends and her daughters all night and into the next morning, and now you’re trying to fuck your aunt.”

“Mu-um… I’m the only one of the family who hasn’t been with her yet!”

“She has a point, sis.” Getting to her feet, Laura turned to her niece. “I’d love to help you get dressed, sweetie… of course, we’ll have to undress you first.” She took Alice’s hand, leading her in the direction of the stairs.

When Alice reached the door, she glanced back at Bella. “Aren’t you coming?”

Breaking into an eager grin, Bella jumped down from the stool to hurry after her girlfriend.

As Laura began to mount the stairs, she called, “I’ll send the kids down, Jess.”

Now all alone in the kitchen, Jess had a sip of her tea, now somewhat tepid. “God help me,” she murmured, “I’m living in a houseful of lesbian nymphomaniacs.”


Alice was already undressing as she raced into her room, and was down to her knickers by the time she reached the bed.

As Laura entered, she turned to Bella. “I promise… this time, I’ll obey all your orders, Mistress.”

Bella was quick to pick up on Laura’s hint. Folding her arms, she replied, “See that you do.”

Startled, Alice sat up. “Mistress? What are you talking about?”

Kneeling on the bed, her head slightly bowed, Laura said, “While you were off viewing fine art, Bella has learned a few new things.”

Alice looked at her girlfriend in surprise. Bella felt a quiver in her tummy, but managed to keep her facial expression rock steady.

“Something new, eh?” Alice murmured. “Do I get to find out what that is?”

In a sudden burst of newfound confidence, Bella placed a hand on Alice’s chest, pushing the girl back onto the bed with a shove.

Alice could only stare. “Wait – what are you…?”

“Here’s what we’re doing, Alice. I’m going to fuck your aunt. You’re allowed to watch, but you can’t touch yourself until I say, or I’ll have to punish you.”

Laura spoke up. “It’s true, Alice… when I didn’t follow Bella’s orders, she gave me a spanking.”

“A spanking, huh? I might like that.”

Bella shook her head. “You’re not s’posed to enjoy getting punished. Hmmm… instead of a spanking, maybe I’ll tell your mum you can’t have sex for a whole week. I bet she’ll make you keep to that, too.”

Alice’s smirk vanished. “You – you’re kidding, right?”

Bella gave Alice a look that made it clear she wasn’t. Then she glanced at Laura, who was still assuming a submissive position. “Laura… take your clothes off.”

Getting to her feet, Laura faced her audience, then began to strip off, making the act as sensual as she possibly could. Unbuttoning her blouse, she shrugged it from her shoulders, then let it slide down her arms and to the carpet. Her pants were next – she unfastened the clasp and shimmied them to her bare feet, using a dance move to step out before sending the khaki slacks flying with a flick of her ankle. Making short work of her silk bra, she stood before the girls, nude but for her knickers.

“Very nice,” Bella murmured, idly cupping her sex. Alice said nothing, but the hunger in the preteen’s eyes spoke volumes.

Laura swivelled around, presenting her arse to Alice, surprised by how much she enjoyed teasing the twelve-year-old. She needs to learn about how great deferred gratification can be, anyhow. And helping Bella explore her interest in dominant sex just makes this little scenario even hotter.

Taking hold of the waistband of her knickers, Laura began to wriggle them down, working her hips from side to side – a move she’d relied upon more than a few times to fire the lust of a lover. Once her cheeks were bared, she bent over as the wispy black panties inched down her thighs, wanting to give Alice a full-on view of her cunt and anus.

As Laura stepped out of her panties, Bella approached, going up on tiptoe to claim the woman’s mouth in a passionate kiss, then telling her, “Now… undress me.”

Christ, she’s really getting into this, Laura mused as she pulled the twelve-year-old’s pink top up and off, then let it fall to the carpet.

“No,” Bella said, frowning at her discarded lounge top. “Don’t put my clothes on the floor. Pick it up, fold it, and leave it on the chair.”

“Sorry, Mistress.” Laura hastened to collect the garment.

“I’ll let that go – this time. Do it again, and I’ll… I’ll make you do deep knee bends.”

Alice could only stare at her best friend and lover. How the fuck did this happen?

She’d never seen Bella behave this way; never knew it was possible. Not that she wasn’t turned on by the girl’s boldness. Her mind was racing, picturing Bella putting Mum’s strappy on and fucking her with it.

Laura took off Bella’s trainers, then tugged the girl’s pants down to her ankles, waiting for her to step out before folding and placing them on the chair with the matching top. She repeated the process with Bella’s knickers, leaving her naked.

“Good,” Bella said, then bent to pat the bed. “Now lie down.” When Laura obeyed, the girl patted her thigh. “Pull your knees up. I want to see everything.”

Laura hugged both thighs to her chest, putting her cunt and anus on full display. Kneeling down between the woman’s legs, Bella teased Laura’s slit with a finger. “Come here, Alice,” she said, beckoning to her lover. “I want you to watch me lick your aunt.”

“Um, okay.” Drawing closer, Alice felt a jolt of renewed arousal when Bella began to feast on Aunt Laura’s shaved sex, peering up at her all the while. Once Laura began to squirm, her pussy visibly dripping with nectar, Bella moved to her arse, bathing the tight rosebud with eager, lust-filled swipes of the tongue.

Suddenly noticing that Alice’s hand was slowly creeping between her thighs, she raised her head, fixing Alice with an icy stare. “I told you… no touching!”

“For fuck’s sake, Bella… I’m dying here! This really isn’t fair.”

Now fully immersed in her role, Bella coolly announced, “Your turn will come when I say so.”

Alice reluctantly let her hand fall to the side. She was frustrated, but her interest in this new version of Bella was growing more acute. Despite nearly always taking the lead in their lovemaking, Alice was intrigued by the idea of following someone else’s instructions in bed. But she’d certainly never pictured her sweet, shy girlfriend as a dominant partner!.

Bella moistened her fingers with Laura’s juices before plunging them into her sub’s vagina. She started with two, added her thumb to the woman’s rectum, then worked them in and out, making squishing noises with each stroke. Laura was panting for breath, her head bobbing in time with the twelve-year-old’s pumping arm.

Alice was riveted to the lewd scene, watching Bella fuck her aunt, then nodding excitedly when Laura finally succumbed, a hoarse scream exploding from her throat as she came. Her body shook convulsively, she froze for a few seconds, then went completely limp.

Carefully withdrawing her fingers, Bella studied them, then extended her hand to Alice. “Care for a taste? It’s different from your mum, I’d say… a bit sweeter.”

Alice seized her friend’s arm and stuffed the glistening fingers into her mouth, sucking them greedily while Bella stole a quick peek down at Laura, who gave her a smile and a wink of encouragement.

To Alice’s dismay, Bella took her hand away before she was finished, though her friend’s sweet smile had Alice hoping that she would now be permitted to join in the sex games. But instead, Bella swung a leg over Laura’s face, offering her cunt to the older woman. “Now you get to watch Auntie Laura taste me.”

Alice moaned in protest. “Bloody hell, Bella! Okay, now you’re just being a big tease.”

Bella snickered. “Yeah, I am – and I’ve gotta say, it’s loads of fun! Mmmm… y’know, your aunt is really good at this. Oooooh, shit, yes!” she gasped, slumping forward for a moment. Raising her head, she flashed Alice a wicked grin. “Tell you what – you can kiss me if you like.”

Aching to get in on the action, Alice hurried to kneel before Bella. Their bodies were almost touching, giving Laura an excellent view of her niece’s cunt from below while she feasted on Bella.

“You make me so fucking hot,” Alice whispered, cupping Bella’s face in both hands. Closing her eyes, she hungrily kissed her lover, sucking at Bella’s lips and tongue, seeking any trace of her aunt’s essence. In turn, Bella plucked at Alice’s nipples with one hand, reaching down to tease her friend’s clit with the other.

But before she could do much more than that, Bella came, whimpering through gritted teeth as her orgasm peaked and ebbed. Finally overwhelmed, she rolled off Laura, flopping onto her back.

Laura barely had time to draw a full breath before Alice whirled around to burrow between her aunt’s legs, too far gone to wait for Bella’s permission. Burying her mouth in the juicy flesh, she began to lick.

When Bella’s eyes fluttered open, the first thing she saw was Laura, an ecstatic expression on her face. Glancing down the woman’s body, she saw Alice kneeling on the bed, her sucking mouth fastened to Laura’s cunt, making wet, slurping noises as she went down on her aunt.

Belly briefly considered interrupting Alice to mete out some sort of punishment for her disobedience, but decided she’d had enough role play for the moment. Instead, she turned onto her side to swap kisses with Laura, fucking the woman’s mouth with her tongue.

But Laura was too out of breath to kiss for very long, so Bella sat back to watch. Soon she grew restless, still in a mood to play.

Still eagerly going down on Aunt Laura, Alice was kneeling between the woman’s legs, bent over with her arse jutting up and outward. It proved an irresistible target for Bella. Getting to her feet, she moved to stand behind her girlfriend, admiring her beautiful bottom. Alice’s knees were positioned far enough apart to put her vaginal cleft and rosebud on full display.

Bella licked her lips as she considered a suitable course of action, deciding that Alice’s disobedience did warrant some sort of response. I’ll be a bit rough with her, she thought, so she’ll know I mean business.

Pausing to lubricate her fingers in the essence of her own pussy, Bella reached out to touch between Alice’s legs, grinning when the girl shivered deliciously in response. Bella began to caress her lover’s slit, smearing its wetness around the labia and anus. Then, with considerably less gentleness, she plunged two fingers into Alice’s vagina, forcing them in as deep as they could go.

“Ohhhhhhhh!” Alice cried, raising her head. She panted several times, then somehow managed to return to her licking.

Bella fucked Alice hard, pistoning her fingers in and out before adding a third to the girl’s anus.

This unexpected invasion rocked Alice to her core, and she knew her orgasm was imminent. Determined to make her aunt come first, the twelve-year-old went down on Laura with everything she had, lapping and nibbling at the fleshy clitoris until the older woman cried out, twitching frantically as the world came crashing down around her ears. Alice continued to lick as best she could, gorging on Laura’s freely flowing nectar until her own climax kicked in a moment later.

Removing her fingers from Alice with considerably more gentleness than she’d used to force them inside, Bella gazed down at her spent, half-conscious sex partners with an enormous sense of satisfaction.

Being the boss during sex is… wow, it’s incredible! she told herself. I’ve got to get Alice to try it sometime when we fuck.

She felt a surge of love for Alice that left her tingling. Lying down next to her girlfriend, Bella kissed the girl’s flushed cheek.

Alice’s eyes slowly came open. “That was so wild, Bella. You nearly drove me mental, but it was all good in the end. Hell’s bells, you really did learn a few new things, didn’t you? I want to hear all about it!”

“Well, we aren’t done yet,” Bella replied. “Laura still wants to taste you.” With that, she rolled Alice onto her back, roughly pushing the strawberry blonde’s thighs apart.

“I’m not sure I can even come again,” Alice said. “After that last one, I just might be, um, fucked out.”

“Now that sounds like a challenge.” Bella turned to Laura, who was now on her knees, gazing hungrily at her niece. “Laura, you’ve been gay longer than any of us… I’ll bet you know a few tricks. Think you can give Alice an orgasm?”

Laura chuckled. “Just watch me.” Pausing long enough to kiss Bella and stroke her cheek, she stretched out between her niece’s legs. Sweeping her hair back with a toss of the head, she pressed her mouth onto the fleshy heat of Alice’s cunt, thrusting her tongue into the juicy interior.

“Mmmm… that does feel nice,” Alice sighed.

“Enough talking,” muttered Bella, claiming Alice’s mouth in a brief but rough lover’s kiss. Breaking away, she added, “I’ve got something important for you to do with your mouth.” She quickly straddled the girl’s face, feeding Alice her lightly-downed slit.


Downstairs, Jess had settled the youngsters down at the kitchen table with milk and cookies. As they ate, she wandered over to the staircase, wondering what Laura and the older girls were up to. Right away, she heard a long, lusty moan that sounded like Bella.

Unable to stifle an irresistible rush of curiosity, Jessica quickly, quietly ascended the stairs, creeping down the corridor to Alice’s room. As she peered through the doorway, Jess was greeted with the sight of her daughter, her sister and her lover’s eldest child, naked and engaged in a heated threesome.

Drinking in the lewd spectacle, Jess put a hand between her legs, palming her cunt through the tan slacks she wore. It was an impressive sight, no question. Alice was stretched out on the bed with Laura’s mouth locked to her sex, and Bella riding her face.

As Jess approached the lusty trio, Bella’s eyes popped open, but Jess put a finger to her lips before the girl could speak. Still unnoticed by the others, she tiptoed closer, stripping off her clothes along the way. Now nude, she turned Alice’s chair towards the sex show and sat, draping one leg over the upholstered arm. With a blissful sigh, she languidly caressed her pussy.

As the trio’s movements gathered pace, Jessica’s fingers matched them, until a mewling Bella rolled away from Alice’s mouth, her body shuddering as she fingered herself to prolong the climax. Seconds later, Alice jerked convulsively as she came, nearly dislodging her aunt.

Before any of them had time to recover, they heard the unmistakable sound of a third orgasm. All three looked round to see Jess slouched in the overstuffed chair, succumbing to the throes of her own climax. Finally, releasing her held breath, she went limp.

The room was silent but for the in and out of breathing, as Jessica and the two girls recovered. Seated on the floor, Laura was first to speak. “So, Jess, did you like spying on your sister while she fucked your daughter and her girlfriend?”

“Bloody hell, what can I say?” Jessica replied with a sheepish grin. “It was a sexy sight!”

Laura turned to Bella and Alice. “Well, girls… since my sister has chosen to violate our privacy, I think some sort of payback is in order. Let’s have our way with her, shall we?”

Laura rose and advanced on her older sibling, followed by the girls. Taking Jess by the arm, she drew the woman to her feet and was about to throw her on the bed, then thought better of it.

She glanced at Alice. “Where does your mother keep her scarves? We need a few.”

Grinning hugely, Alice bounded out of the room, soon returning with a handful of colourful scarves, which she passed on to Laura.

“Lie her down on the bed,” Laura instructed.

The girls went for Jessica, who laughed as she allowed Alice and Bella to drag her over to the bed, where they carefully laid her out. “Like this?” asked Bella, looking up at Laura.

“That’s good.” Seizing Jessica’s right hand, Laura looped a scarf around her wrist, then did the same for the left. She handed the end of one scarf to Alice, the other to Bella. “Tie these to the bedposts, girls.”

The twelve-year-olds gleefully obeyed, securing Jessica’s arms above her head. Turning, they saw Laura tying two of the long scarves together then repeating that with two more. After testing the knots, she looped one end of each improvised rope around her sister’s ankle, then passed them to the girls. “Now her feet.” Bella and Alice quickly finished the job..

Satisfied with their handiwork, they stood back to take in the intensely erotic sight of Jess, spread-eagled and helpless on the bed. Her cunt was open, still pink and glistening from the orgasm she’d just had.

“Well, what now?” Jess said, not without a tiny smirk. “Let me guess. You want to get your own back, because I made you wait so long for our first time together?”

Actually, big sister, I’m just wondering whether to have my way with you right now… or let you watch us while we fuck. Hmm… maybe we ought to go downstairs and have a spot of brunch first. What do you think, girls?”

Bella jumped in. “Um, I’d like to play with her… is that okay?”

Laura nodded slowly. “Sounds like a plan. But just tease her, okay? Don’t let her come.”

What? Oh come on, Laur… you can’t leave me like this and not let me get off!”

“Really, Jess? I had to wait years to get into your knickers. Must say, though, I do like Bella’s idea. We’ll have a bit of fun first.”

Laura knelt on the bed, her face a couple of inches from her sister’s pussy. Using two fingers, she gently prised the labia apart, then blew gently on the exposed clitoris.

“Fffuuuuck,” Jess moaned, arching her back.

Bringing her tongue into play, Laura gave the inflamed nubbin a light flick, feeling a shiver ripple through her sister’s body. Oh, yeah – she’s ready. Laura placed her middle finger against the entrance of Jessica’s cunt, then thrust it into the glistening flesh. She immediately twisted her wrist to curl the finger upwards, seeking that special trigger behind the pubis.

Jess was clearly struggling not to respond, but Laura had done this kind of thing far too many times to be fooled. Her lips curled into a smirk as she watched her sister’s resolve slowly give way, a choked moan escaping Jessica’s throat.

“Wow,” whispered Alice, fascinated by… well, whatever it was her aunt was doing to Mum.

Laura continued to carefully stroke the interior of Jessica’s cunt, studying her sister for how she reacted to this stimulation, determined not to take her over the edge. All of a sudden she withdrew her finger, then turned to Alice and Bella.

“There you go, girls… that’s warmed her up a bit. Now we can have some real fun.” She slipped the finger into her mouth, humming contentedly as she enjoyed her sister’s flavour.

“Bitch,” Jessica groaned, rolling her eyes.

Alice gave her aunt an inquisitive look. “What did you do, Auntie Laura?”

“Oh, I just played with your mum’s G-spot to get her going.”

“G-spot? What’s that?”

“Ha! Good question. It’s a particular area inside the vagina. If you press against it with your fingers… well, let’s just say it can be a useful technique to drive a lover absolutely wild.

“Cool! Can you teach me where it is?”

“Me too!” Bella chimed in.

Laura laughed. “Of course I will, but later, okay? Now, let me see… Alice, I want you to tease your mum, but remember, don’t let her come until I say. Meantime, she can watch me fuck your girlfriend.” She took Bella’s hand.

“I don’t think I can do more sex,” Bella protested, her cheeks flushing pink. “I’ve already come three times. There’s no feeling left down there!”

“Leave that to me, love,” Laura cooed, taking the preteen in her arms, cupping her bare bum. “I’ve been around more than a few pussies in my time.” She gave Bella a gentle kiss, then slipped her tongue into the girl’s mouth.

Alice knelt between her mum’s splayed legs, reaching out to lightly trace the open slit with her finger. “I love your pussy, Mum,” she sighed. “I mean, each one I’ve seen is beautiful, but yours… just looking at it makes me all gooey inside.” She caressed the opening again. “And it tastes just as wonderful as it looks.”

“Alice Matthews, I swear by all that’s holy,” Jessica muttered, through her clenched jaw, ”I will ground you for a bloody month if you don’t stop teasing me.”

“Sorry, Mum,” Alice replied, her expression a portrait of innocence. “I’m only following Aunt Laura’s orders.” Bending down, she pressed her lips to Jessica’s inner thigh, then gave her mother an adoring smile. “I really did mean what I said about your cunt, though.” She eased the tip of her finger into the juicy cleft, then moved it around in tiny circles.

Jess growled, straining at her bonds, but said nothing.

Meanwhile, Laura had moved the large chair close to the side of the bed, where her sister had an excellent view. Seating herself, she pulled Bella into her lap, then gave the girl a heated kiss. Soon enough, Bella began to respond, her desire reawakening as if by magic.

Laura trailed her lips down Bella’s neck until she was nuzzling the young girl’s breasts, briefly sucking each nipple. Then they returned to kissing, but Laura was also slipping a hand between Bella’s thighs to finger her cunt – slowly at first, no doubt conscious that the twelve-year-old was still tender down there.

Sure enough, it wasn’t but a couple of minutes before the girl began to squirm in Laura’s lap, her eyes going wide in astonishment. “Oooh, Laura,” Bella whimpered, “I… I think it’s h-happening again!” She slumped forward, resting her cheek on the woman’s shoulder, panting for breath as she came.

Between the feather-light caresses of her daughter – just enough to stimulate her cunt without any hope of release – and the sight of Bella caught up in the whirlwind of her own ecstasy, Jessica was a tightly-wound ball of tension. To think that just a few months ago, I was masturbating once, maybe twice a week. Now look at me, gasping for an orgasm like a beached fish. And I got fucked barely an hour ago!

In the chair, a sleepy Bella nestled in her grownup lover’s embrace. Laura dipped a finger into the girl’s pussy to coat it with her wetness, then reached over to smear the sweet honey on Jessica’s lips. With a helpless whimper, Jess licked in a circle around her mouth, allowing the familiar tang of cunt to stimulate her taste buds.

On hearing a rumble from the stairs, Laura turned to see the three munchkins invade the room, stopping to take in the bizarre sight of Kate and Poppy’s bound mother.

“Um… are you guys playing something?” asked Kate, her brow slightly furrowed.

“Hello, girls,” Laura replied. “You’re just in time. We are playing a little game, yes. It’s a bit like Pass the Parcel, only naughtier. You each get one minute with Jess, but you mustn’t allow her to come or you’ll be disqualified.”

“Bloody hell,” Jess sighed. “You aren’t going to leave off, are you?”

“And miss out on all this fun?” Laura replied. “No fear of that. To tell the truth, I’m feeling a bit peckish at the moment. I could do with a snack… and you, my dear sister, get to be the plate.” She glanced at Bella and Alice. “Come with me, you two – let’s scare up some sweet treats.”

“What the fuck?” Jessica protested. “Hold on, Laura!” The three younger girls were already undressing.

“Can’t heeeaaaar yoooouuu!” Laura called as she danced down the staircase, a laughing Alice and Bella at her heels.

When they returned a couple of minutes later, laden with foodstuffs, Jess was begging to be freed as the nymphs pleasured her as a trio. Cindy was sucking her toes, Kate was giving her breasts playful love bites, and Poppy had her mouth buried in Mummy’s pubes.

Placing various bottles and containers on the bed, Laura looked around at the girls. “So… what shall we eat first?”


An hour later, an exhausted Jess was covered in a mess of cream, honey, fudge frosting, chunks of fruit, semi-sweet chocolate morsels and other sugary edibles. Laura had finally relented and allowed Poppy to push her sister over the edge. The resulting orgasm had been powerful enough to render Jessica unconscious  for a minute.

Now Laura was kissing her sister lovingly as she undid Jessica’s restraints. “I hope you enjoyed that,” she murmured.

Jess gave a snort of weary laughter. “Oh, I did… but I’m still going to get you back, you cow.” She drifted into a yawn, then muttered, “Fuck me, I’m knackered.”

Laura patted her sister’s sticky shoulder. “Let’s get you cleaned up.” She helped Jess to her feet, and the two women made their way to the bathroom. The girls had stripped the bed of its food-smeared linen and were enjoying a group cuddle on the bare mattress, all five of them.


Jess, Laura and the girls were dressed and the house returned to some semblance of normalcy by the time Rachel phoned to let everyone know she was leaving work and would be over directly, once she’d freshened up. An hour later, she let herself in. Jess called out from the kitchen, and Rachel entered, surprised to see everyone sitting quietly nibbling on cake.

Folding her arms, she said, “Well, I expected to come home to some depraved orgy, or at least a bit of light rumpy-pumpy. Is there any cake left, at least?”

Deftly cutting a slice, Jess transferred it to a plate and handed it to Rachel, then added a fork. “Believe me, Rach, my rumpy has been pumped in every way imaginable. In fact, we’ve all been more or less shagged to a fare-thee-well!”

As Rachel glanced quizzically around the room, Bella got up to hug her. “We’ll tell you later, Mum,” she murmured.

When Rachel’s eyes met hers, Laura said, “Hi, Rachel. Jess and I need to discuss something with you. Bella, sweetie… would you and Alice take the girls out for a few minutes, please?” Noting the frowns on the girls’ faces, she added. “Don’t worry, we’re not keeping secrets from you… we just need to figure out what steps to take next. You’ll know everything soon.”

“Sure, Laura,” Bella said, then surprised Rachel by giving Jessica’s sister a hug, then a lingering kiss.

Rachel watched the girls leave, then turned to Jess, still puzzled. “Seems I’ve missed all the excitement. Or… is something wrong?”

Moving close to kiss her lover, Jess answered. “No, it’s nothing like that, Rach… but we do have news. Very exciting news, actually.”

“That’s putting it mildly,” Laura said, already grinning.

Slowly taking a seat, Rachel looked from one woman to the other. “I’m all ears.”

On to  Chapter 34!


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