Ripples, Chapter 22

  • Posted on February 19, 2020 at 4:50 pm

by Sapphmore and  JetBoy

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Rachel was making her best bedroom eyes at Alice, her lover’s twelve-year-old daughter, waiting for a response to her invitation.

Alice was puzzled, unsure of what Rachel was referring to when she’d spoken of having a “present” for her that needed to be opened — at least, until the woman went on to add, “Come here, you little minx, and unwrap me.”

Quickly cottoning on to her meaning, Alice’s eyes were drawn to the zipper at the top of Rachel’s dress. She moved off the sofa, followed by five pairs of expectant eyes, then walked around the coffee table towards the sexy brunette, finally kneeling in front of her.

Her eyes locked on Rachel’s, Alice reached up to take hold of the zipper, pulling it very slowly downwards, parting the stretchy material to expose the tanned skin. Her eyes gradually lowered, taking in the woman’s full, crimson-smeared lips as Rachel’s tongue tip ran sensuously over them.

The swelling of Rachel’s breasts gradually came into view; breasts Alice had admired for some time. Lower and lower she tugged the zipper, down over the flat, toned tummy, exposing a black lace band around Rachel’s waist that momentarily puzzled the young girl. Moments later, Alice was rewarded with the sight of a freshly shaven pubis, smooth and inviting, with prominent lips already shiny from arousal.

As she pulled the zipper the last few inches and spread each half of Rachel’s dress to one side, Alice’s face lit up as she saw that her mum’s lover was wearing sheer black stockings held up by a garter belt and suspenders. She ran her hands over the sheer nylon, static from the material making her fingertips tingle.

Her eyes were drawn back to the juncture of Rachel’s taut thighs, to the beckoning vagina framed by the garter belt above, the black lacy bands of the stocking tops below, and the straps of the suspenders on each side — a stunning work of erotic art made flesh.

As if they’d just been given a secret password, the black-clad thighs slowly parted, exposing the fiery pink interior of Auntie Rachel’s cunt. Alice extended a hand to touch, but stopped a couple of inches away. She looked up into the older woman’s eyes and saw hunger. It made her smile.

Rachel was breathing more heavily, her body tensed to explode like a powder keg awaiting the approaching fuse. The reward she’d denied herself so far, with considerable difficulty, was so near — yet agonizingly far. Her jaw tightened. She’s tormenting me, the little bitch. Well, she bloody well won’t get me to beg for it.

Alice knew all too well that Rachel was gagging for her touch, but she still held back — partly to be in control of the moment, partly just to be cheeky. Without breaking her locked gaze, she eased a single finger into the heated cauldron of the older woman’s vagina, immediately causing Rachel to start, a whimper like a sad puppy escaping her lips.

Moving that finger around in a tight circle, Alice then added a second, careful not to touch Auntie Rachel’s clitoris. She slid her twinned fingers deeper, about an inch or so, then abruptly withdrew them both. Bringing that hand to her mouth, Alice closed her eyes to savour this new scent before sensually sucking the sticky fluids from them.

For all her apparent confidence, at that particular moment Rachel was a sodden bundle of nerves. Jessica’s daughter was driving her mental with lust. She’d built up a barrowload of sexual tension over the last few weeks, just from listening to Jessica’s tales of coupling with the girl… and now the moment of truth had arrived. She was about to have sex with another woman’s daughter, her lover’s daughter; her lover’s underage daughter.

Oh, she’d done the same with her own preteen girls, but that seemed to her to be more in the nature of an attempt to teach her daughters the skills they needed for a fulfilling sex life. And if I got something out of it too, so much the better. With Alice, there would be no lessons to give, nothing to learn. The act she was about to engage in with Jessica’s child was solely about pleasure.

Really, it’s about fucking, Rachel told herself. Alice may only be twelve, but that’s what she wants — to fuck. And by Jesus, so do I.

Unable to restrain herself for one more bloody second, Rachel leaned forward and seized Alice by the arm, pulling her in, claiming the girl’s mouth with hers. Alice responded immediately — and their tongues sparred and tangled as the kiss deepened. Finally breaking apart, Rachel fell on Alice again, covering the young girl’s face and neck with smears of crimson lipstick.

Suddenly dipping her head, Alice took one of Rachel’s large, stiffened nipples into her mouth, rolling her tongue around the engorged tip. She sucked, then bit it, thrilled to hear the woman moan in response. Alice repeated this with the other breast, then began to slowly kiss a pathway down Rachel’s body, pausing to lovingly nuzzle her belly.

Reaching the smooth pudenda and protruding vaginal lips, Alice chose to tease the older woman again — starting her tonguing at the bottom, bathing the slit with quick upward strokes but stopping short just before she reached the clitoris. Instead, she slipped her tongue inside Rachel’s steaming vagina, plunging it in and out a few times before making her big move, suddenly lunging for the prominent bud, sucking it between her lips.

This longed-for but unexpected move caused Rachel to cry out loud — and the others, even though they were all still watching, started at the sound. Only Alice failed to react, enthralled as she was by the warmth and tangy flavor of her new lover’s cunt. She licked, slurped and sucked at the warm flesh, alternating between bathing the vaginal opening with long swipes of the tongue, gulping down Rachel’s copious flow of pussy nectar and tormenting the woman’s clit.

“Oh,” Rachel whimpered, staring at nothing at all through pleasure-glazed eyes. “Oh, fuck, Alice! D-don’t stop!” She was slouched back on the sofa, mauling her breasts.

Jess stood up for long enough to shrug off the dress she wore, impatiently discarding it with the flick of a foot. Now fully nude, she sat back down next to Rachel and Alice, tucking a hand between her thighs as she eagerly watched her daughter going down on her partner.

Across the coffee table, the trio of naked young girls stared in awe at the intensity of Alice’s oral attack. Bella was feeling a little jealous of her mother; her stunning body, the erotic allure of the nylons encasing her legs, the stiletto heels that she still wore and the fact that her own best friend — my girlfriend, she corrected herself — is licking my mum!

But that didn’t stop Bella from toying with her own pussy while she watched. She’d just begun to stimulate her clitoris when Katie interrupted. “Hey, Bella… since my sister is doing it with your mum, I think you ought to do it with ours!”

As Bella turned to stare at Katie, shocked by her suggestion, the younger girl grabbed her hand and tugged at it, trying to get her to stand. Bella felt her cheeks getting hot all over again as she looked over at Jessica, who was rubbing her pussy with one hand, fondling a breast with the other.

“She wants you to,“ Katie murmured.

Cindy rose to her feet. “Can I do stuff with you too, Auntie Jess? Pretty please?”

Jess gazed lovingly at Bella, then Cindy. All she said was, “Yes.”

Katie was about to pull at Bella’s arm again, but it wasn’t necessary. The older girl was slowly moving toward her mum’s lover, an eager Cindy close behind. They drew closer, then Bella paused, still feeling a little unsure. Jess spoke again. “Yes, please. Both of you.” She slowly parted her legs, giving Rachel’s daughters a good look at everything.

Bella carefully knelt between Jessica’s thighs, the girl’s heart galloping in her chest at the sight of the woman’s cunt. It was lovely; juicy pink flesh adorned with auburn curls.

Cindy climbed onto the sofa to kneel next to Auntie Jess, who smiled and opened her arms to the child. The ten-year-old crawled into her embrace, and Jessica gently kissed her on the lips — once, twice, three times. On the fourth kiss, Cindy thrust her tongue into the woman’s mouth, and Jess quickly responded, meeting the probing organ with her own.

Looking down at Bella, Katie urged her on. “Go on, lick her. You’ll love it!”

Still feeling a hint of unwanted nervousness, the dark-haired girl turned to look at her mother, who was gazing dreamily at the ceiling. Then Bella glanced at Alice, who looked at her with pleasure-glazed eyes, her mouth still fastened to Rachel’s hairless slit. Those eyes seemed to say, C’mon, Bel… don’t you want to do what I’m doing? 

Bella returned to the vision of Jessica’s neatly-trimmed sex. Filled with new resolve, thinking, Yes… yes, this is what I want, she dipped her head, her tongue emerging to taste.

The first lick was tentative, but as soon as Bella sampled the unfamiliar yet compelling flavours of the older woman’s cunt, that elusive lust returned with a vengeance. Breathing deeply of the rich, musky aroma, she applied herself to the task with gusto — burying her lips in the heated flesh, then probing into the dripping hole with her tongue, eliciting a deep moan from Auntie Jess.

Cindy was resting in Jessica’s arms, cradled by the woman, sucking her nipple like a baby would. Jess had a hand between the little girl’s legs, trailing a finger up and down Cindy’s smooth, bare vagina.

Seeing everything progressing nicely between Auntie Rachel’s daughters and her mum, Katie gave a satisfied nod, then shifted her attention to the other end of the sofa, where her big sister was still hard at work. She paused for a moment to look down at Alice greedily sucking on Rachel’s cunt, then at Rachel herself, whose eyes were closed, head lolling back.

Feeling an irresistible impulse, Katie bent to kiss the older brunette. Startled from her sensual reverie, Rachel smiled at her lover’s child. “Hello, Katie,” she breathed, then peered over at the other sofa, noticing that it had been deserted. Looking to her right, she saw both her daughters, busy satisfying Jess.

She reached out to feel for, then take Jessica’s hand, giving it an affectionate squeeze. Jess squeezed back, opening her eyes to exchange a loving look with her partner. No words were needed.

Rachel turned back to Katie, who kissed her again, this time with a probing tongue and a hand roving over her breasts. As their tongues duelled, Rachel blindly groped around with her left arm, seeking the warm, wet cleft between Katie’s legs. The nine-year-old widened her stance, giving the woman full access to her treasures, and sighs of pleasure mingled in the kiss they shared. After a moment or two, Katie broke away, bending down to shower affection upon Auntie Rachel’s breasts.

Between them, Jessica’s daughters spurred Rachel towards her long-awaited orgasm. She found herself growing increasingly short of breath as Alice, sensing that the woman’s release was near, increased the pressure and speed of her licking, interspersed with hard finger thrusts.

It was Katie who finally triggered Rachel’s climax, though, lightly biting her nipple at exactly the right time. It sent a shockwave through the brunette’s quivering frame, wrenching a loud moan from her throat that caused the threesome at the other end of the couch to look up from their pleasures.

Rachel shuddered, then went iron-rigid as ecstasy gripped her, rising to a peak that she accompanied with a  small scream before going limp, sinking back into the embrace of the sofa’s thick cushions. Alice sat back and licked her lips, then looked up, exchanging grins with her younger sister.

As the pounding waves of her climax gradually subsided, Rachel realized that Alice and Katie were trying to guide her into a full slouching position, with her bum hanging off the sofa. Quickly figuring out what they wanted, Rachel slid down until she was lying almost flat, supported by her high heels. Her pulse throbbed in anticipation, hoping that she was about to finally get a taste of her lover’s eldest daughter.

Sure enough, Alice got onto the sofa, turning her arse to straddle Rachel before seating herself on the woman’s face.

Watching her prize descend, Rachel lifted her head to meet it, impatient to delve into the hot cunt of the twelve-year-old nymphet. She hummed happily as contact was made, her tongue taking that first sweet lick. She bathed the lightly-furred slit with a few swipes, then began to explore — mopping up the luscious nectar, kissing the vaginal crease, sucking on Alice’s clitoris. The girl mewled with delight, rocking back and forth as her liquid sugar coated the woman’s lips and cheeks.

Seeing Katie now standing beside her, Alice gave the girl a quick nod, the signal for their next surprise. Katie nodded back, then quietly hastened to the living room door, the others too occupied to notice. She reached the bottom of the stairs, then looked up to see a very patient, very naked Poppy peering through the banister at the hot sex action taking place on the sofa, one hand fiddling with her smooth slit.

Katie beckoned her down and, as Poppy reached a step that put her head on a level with Katie’s, the nine-year-old kissed, then hugged her little sister, whispering, “Sorry you had to wait so long, Pops… but it’ll be worth it, I promise. You’ve been very, very good, and now it’s time for you to have a treat.”

She led the seven-year-old into the lounge on tiptoe. As she entered the room, the movement caught Bella’s eye and she looked up, eyes going wide in shock. She was about to call out Poppy’s name when Katie quickly raised a cautionary finger to her lips. Bella looked up at Jessica, curious as to how she would react, surprised to see her smile and silently mouth the words, “Hello, sweetheart,” as her youngest child drew near. Poppy just grinned, giving her mum a bashful little wave.

Katie led Poppy over where Auntie Rachel was slumped back on the sofa and pointed between the older woman’s parted thighs, nodding in encouragement. Going down on her knees, Poppy studied this unfamiliar vagina — something similar to Mum’s, but smooth and hairless like hers.

Fascinated, the seven-year-old reached out to run a finger along the slit, then lightly brushed the inflamed clitoris, causing Rachel to jerk her hips. Pleased with the reaction, Poppy eased a couple of fingers into the creamy tunnel, then dipped down to suck the large nub between her lips, flicking it with her tongue the way that Alice had taught her on the night before.

Bella was mesmerised by the sight of this little girl who was going down on her mother’s cunt — Poppy clearly had at least some experience at lesbian sex, but with none of the timidity that she herself had to deal with. It’s like I’m scared of being gay, Bella told herself. The idea of it, anyhow.

Before she could ponder this further, Jessica touched her cheek and whispered, “Don’t stop, Bella dear. That pretty mouth of yours feels so, so lovely.”

“Oh!” a startled Bella replied. “Oh, yeah.” She quickly returned to licking, determined this time to make Auntie Jess come in a big way before she’d take her mouth away from this beautiful pussy.

Jess settled back into the plush sofa to enjoy that blissful feeling of pleasure slowly building inside, as if her body was being filled with liquid sunshine. Cindy was still licking and sucking at her nipples. Facing the other way, she was oblivious to Poppy’s presence.

Such a blissful feeling, Jessica thought, being naked and completely open, loved by two little girls. She was gradually moving closer to climax, and used all her willpower to hold it off — not wanting to miss that thrilling moment when Rachel discovered who was really going down on her.

As she continued to lick Alice’s slit, Rachel savored the joyful warmth of a young girl’s mouth on her own sex — Katie’s mouth, she assumed, fairly certain that her own daughters were still pleasuring Jess.

For Rachel, the biggest surprise of the evening thus far was the change manifested in nine-year-old Katie. From the painfully bashful little girl she had been, Jessica’s middle daughter had matured into a confident little firework in a matter of two weeks, every bit as sexual a creature as her older sister. And now, Rachel told herself, I’m reaping the bounty.

She was well on the way to a shattering climax when that lovely mouth unexpectedly withdrew from her pussy — but this was quickly replaced by another sensation, as the fingers that had been steadily pumping in and out of her sodden cunt seemed to grow in thickness. Rachel was puzzled at first, then a wave of excitement rushed through her when she realised what was happening.

Oh my God, I’m being fisted by a nine-year-old child. This is fucking amazing.

With the small hand now moving about inside, making slight movements in and out as well as twisting to and fro, that warm mouth found Rachel’s clit once more. As the incredible feelings built up through her body — only faster this time — she went absolutely bloody wild on Alice’s now dripping pussy, licking and sucking at the rosy flesh like a woman possessed.

This caused Alice to rock forward and back on Rachel’s face, which then resulted in the woman’s tongue slipping into the crack of the teen’s arse. Fine with me, Rachel thought, and adjusted her position so as to shower affection on Alice’s rosebud, bathing the puckered cleft with long, deep licks.

This took Alice over the edge — and her cry of ecstasy thrilled Rachel so much that, coupled with the hand filling her vagina and the lips nursing at her clit, it was enough to trigger her own orgasm.

Unable to restrain herself, Jess gave into her own climax, fingers tangled in Bella’s hair as she held the child’s face to her spasming pussy.

Rachel’s moans, somewhat muffled by Alice’s sex, sounded so strange to Cindy that she raised her face from Auntie Jessica’s titties, than peered back over her shoulder to see what was happening. The first thing she noticed was Alice hunkered over her mum’s head, trembling helplessly, caught up in good feelings.

Looking down further, Cindy saw a little girl pumping an arm in and out of Mummy’s vagina. Her eyes widened as she realized who it was. “Poppy!” she squealed.

In the midst of her orgasmic bliss, Rachel was certain that she heard Cindy call out Poppy’s name. Bloody hell — did we wake her up? Is Poppy watching this? she wondered, as Alice dismounted her face.

As Rachel turned sideways to look at Jess, she saw three pairs of eyes looking back, except that only one pair was actually looking at her. The other two sets, belonging to her daughters, were staring at the little minx who had just gotten her off. Turning back to thank Katie, she spied the young girl kneeling on the floor nearby, only not between her legs… or even close enough to have a hand buried in her cunt.

Alarmed, Rachel looked down, only to be greeted by a sight that took her completely by surprise. “Poppy!” she cried.

The flame-haired cherub was wearing nothing but a big smile. “Hello, Auntie Rachel. Did I do okay?”

Rachel whipped round to see Jess, who was trying to suppress a laugh, then turned back to Poppy. “How… when?” she whispered, suddenly feeling very lightheaded.

The child chose to answer. “Ali and Kat, they showed me how… then Mummy joined in.”

“It was a couple of days ago,” Jess said. “Alice and Katie thought it was wrong to leave their sister out, and suggested that they teach her, then let me catch them. After you and I talked about it, I couldn’t get it out of my mind, the idea of making love to my littlest angel… so I agreed. I’m sure you can guess what happened next. And now,” she shrugged, “here we are.”

“Mummy said it would be fun to surprise you,” Poppy giggled, “so I sat on the stairs and watched till Katie came and got me.”

Rachel smiled at the child, so small there between her knees. “Well, little one, you did better than okay; that was wonderful. Come here and get a thank-you kiss.”

Rachel opened her arms, then realised that Poppy’s hand was still inside her, just as the seven-year-old began to rise, but was restrained by the grip of Auntie Rachel’s cunt.

The child paused; pondered the situation. Recalling how Mummy had told her to be extra special careful when removing her hand from inside a lady, she slowly twisted and tugged, withdrawing her hand out of the very warm and very opening of her mum’s girlfriend — causing an involuntary jerk to race through Rachel’s frame, just before a wet sucking sound signalled to Poppy that her hand was free.

Poppy climbed up into Rachel’s lap, then sat astride her thighs and tilted her face upward, waiting to be kissed. When Rachel’s lips first met hers, it was almost chaste, the sort of kiss one gives to a child relative. But Poppy had other ideas and thrust her tongue into Auntie Rachel’s mouth, taking the woman by surprise. But she recovered quickly enough, and their kiss soon grew deep and hungry.

Alice and Bella had moved back to the opposite sofa and were gently cuddling and kissing with no need for sexual release — they were content to warm themselves in the afterglow, blissfully content in their newfound closeness. Their younger sisters had been hugging and kissing each other, too, but now they moved over to join the other girls, each sitting next to her own big sister. Gently drawing apart, Alice and Bella turned to their siblings to share the same kind of affection.

As Poppy leaned back against the front of the sofa, happy to have joined the fun at last, Jess moved close to Rachel and they drifted into a loving embrace, watched with interest by the newest member of their now expanded lesbian family.

Noticing her youngest child, Jessica reached out for the child’s hand, guiding Poppy to her until their lips met in a kiss. As an afterthought, realising that she had yet to taste her grownup lover thus far that evening, she brought Poppy’s fingers to her mouth and sucked on her fingers, causing the little girl to giggle.

Rachel had picked up a magazine from the end table and was fanning herself. “Well, this has turned into quite a night of surprises.”

“Yes, hasn’t it?” agreed Jess, looking over at her daughters, both of whom sported wide grins.

“And actually, Jess, I have a little surprise of my own. Alice, can you be a love and fetch my bag from the hallway?”

Intrigued, Alice jumped up and almost skipped out of the room, returning a few seconds later with the bag that Rachel had brought with her and placed on the floor of the entrance hall. “Here y’go!”

Rachel nodded. “Go on, then… open it.”

Unhooking the clasp that held the bag shut, Alice peered inside to see another bag, this one made of cloth. She reached inside to pull that one out, then nudged the larger bag out of the way. She undid a drawstring and peered inside, not quite sure what she was looking at.

“What is it?” Katie asked.

Alice responded. “I’m not sure; it looks like… oh, cool!”

Reaching inside, she pulled out a tangle of leather straps, from which a large life-like silicone penis dangled, and held it up for all to see. Alice had seen women using similar contraptions before in some of the lesbian videos she’d watched online, but the other girls were puzzled by the device.

Rachel enlightened them. “It’s called a strap-on… something a woman can use to fuck another woman. I have other sex toys like this, and we’ll play with them another day, but I thought we might find a use for this one tonight.”

Jess looked concerned. “Um, Rach, that looks like it’s too big for the girls…”

“Oh, I wasn’t thinking about using it on one of them, although I have a few smaller ones at home that would be quite suitable for our little angels. No, I was thinking of having one of the girls use it on us. The question is, who wants to be first–”

“Me!” Alice blurted, excitement in her voice.

“Now, how on earth did I guess you’d say that?” Rachel asked, laughing.

Alice cracked a wide grin. “Cos I like doing wild sex stuff! How do you put it on, Aunt Rachel?”

Rachel sat forward and stood up, shrugging off her open dress and tossing it into a nearby armchair. “Come here, sweetheart.”

Alice handed her the sex toy, and Rachel arranged the leather straps to form two loops. “Here, step into these.” Putting a hand on the woman’s shoulder, the thirteen-year-old lifted each leg in turn to put her feet through the loops. Rachel pulled the straps up to Alice’s waist and fed another between her legs to pass it through a small loop at the back, pulling on others to tighten the straps.

As she stood back, Alice swivelled her hips from side to side, making the appendage swing lewdly, to wide-eyed stares and a few giggles from the girls. Jutting from the body of a twelve-year-old, the silicone cock looked even bigger than it was.

“So Jess, how do you fancy being well and truly fucked by your own daughter?” asked Rachel.

Jessica nibbled at her lower lip. “I… I’m not sure about this.”

Please, Mum,” begged Alice. “I’d love to fuck you.”

Rachel folded her arms, gazing evenly at her friend. “Come on, Jess, you know you want to.” She glanced over at the youngsters, all perched on the sofa. “What do you say, girls?”

Katie, Cindy and Poppy cried, “Yeah!” in unison.

Bella hesitated, then came out with a soft, “Yes,” feeling a twinge of jealousy that Alice wouldn’t be using the toy on her. Then again, it did seem rather big. Someday, she promised herself, the idea of being fucked by Alice making her shiver with excitement.

“I guess it’s unanimous. I think we need a little more room, though. Here, girls, let’s move this coffee table out of the way.” Katie and Cindy went to the other end of the table and helped Rachel shift it from between the two sofas.

“Okay, let’s have some fun,” Rachel said, extending a hand. Jess thought for a moment before reaching out to her lover. Rachel helped a dazed Jess rise, pulled her in for a brief but very ardent kiss, then led her to the end of the sofa.

“Bend over the arm,” she instructed Jess, who gave her a confused look. “You need to be in the right position and height for Alice to take you.”

“Oh,” Jess said, then slowly complied, draping herself over the thick roll arm and supporting herself with both hands, looking back at her daughter.

“Okay, Alice, you can’t just shove it in, we need to use lube or make her wet.”

Alice made a puzzled face. “Lube?”

“Lubrication,” Rachel replied. “It’s a gel that makes penetration easier. Comes in a bottle or tube. Actually, forget about lube — let’s just make your mum wet the fun way.” She arched an eyebrow at the other girls. “Any volunteers?”

“Let Poppy do it!” piped Katie.

“What a good idea.” She smiled at little Poppy. “Come here darling, I have a job for you.”

“Sure!” the child said, and eagerly skipped over to join Jess and Alice.

“Okay, munchkin, I need you to make your mum nice and wet with that sweet little tongue of yours, so Alice can go into her.” She added, “Jess, spread your legs apart a little.”

Poppy knelt behind her mother, placing both hands on Jessica’s bum cheeks. Carefully spreading them open, she pushed her face into the split and began to lick.

Jess moaned, overwhelmed by the intrusion of her daughter’s lovely warm tongue, pushing her arse back to urge the girl on. She noticed that Katie and Cindy had drifted over from the other sofa to watch Poppy go down on her. Looking sideways, she saw that Bella was still sitting on the opposite sofa, one hand caressing her slit. Jess smiled at her, then squeezed her eyes shut as Poppy licked at her clitoris.

Rachel turned to Alice, pointing down at the fake cock. “Now let’s get that ready.” Going down on her knees, she took the length of it into her mouth. When she was satisfied it was moist enough, Rachel stood up and kissed Alice, then bent inspect Poppy’s handiwork. “Okay, Poppy, that looks nice and juicy. Let your sister in now.” Alice moved towards her mother. “For starters, just ease the tip inside your mum’s cunt, then  move your hips back and forth. Go slowly at first. As you feel it getting easier, push deeper.”

Clutching the fake cock in her right hand, Alice carefully placed the head against the opening and slipped it in, thrilled to hear her mother inhale sharply. She followed Rachel’s instructions, urging the toy deeper, spurred on by sounds of obvious enjoyment.

Soon she had penetrated her mum up to the hilt, and that was when Jess finally spoke. “Oh fuck, yes. Fuck me sweetheart, go on. Do it harder, I can take it!”

Within a minute or so, Alice had a brisk, steady rhythm going, her belly slapping against Mum’s arse with each stroke. Loving the feeling of power it gave her, she thrust hard and deep, lost in the lewdness of it all. Fucking her. Fucking my own mum. It’s so good, the best!

Feeling quite satisfied with the scene she’d just set up, Rachel was ready for more action herself. She moved to where Jess was bent over the sofa and laid down on her back — one foot propped up on the back cushion, the other resting on the floor as she presented her cunt to her lover.

Jess took a deep breath, savouring the rich scent of a woman in heat — an aroma that had quickly become one of her favorites. Licking her lips, she moved forward until Rachel’s thighs were framing her face, then covered the smooth, glistening cleft with her mouth, licking into the vaginal opening.

Rachel moaned, her upper half sinking into the plush sofa cushions, then looked across to where Bella sat, pleased to see that her once shy daughter seemed to have finally shed her remaining inhibitions.

Noticing Poppy out of the corner of her eye. Rachel smiled at the naked little girl. “Poppy, sweetheart… why don’t you come over here? I want to thank you properly for the way you licked me earlier.”

“Yes, Auntie Rachel,” the child obediently cooed.

As the seven-year-old moved toward her, Rachel glanced over at Katie and Cindy, who were watching Alice fuck her mum. “Girls,” she chided, “I’m sure you can find something better to do than that.” With a tilt of her head, she indicated Bella, who was still fondling herself.

Both girls grinned, the two of them padding over to join Bella on the other sofa. Katie practically dove between the older girl’s legs, replacing Bella’s hand with her eager tongue, while Cindy gave her a lustful kiss, then bent to nuzzle her sister’s breasts.

The youngest member of their extended family now at her side, Rachel said, “I want to taste you now, my sweet… come up here and sit on your auntie’s face.” With a delighted squeal, The little girl bounded onto the sofa and straddled Rachel’s mouth, eager to claim her reward.

As words were replaced by heavy breathing, moans and the liquid sounds of lovemaking, no one heard the key turn in the front door, nor did anyone notice the door to the living room swing inwards.

A woman stood in the entrance, eyes wide as she took in the scene before her. “Oh my God… what are you people doing?”

Still perched atop Rachel’s face, Poppy saw her first. “Auntie Laura!” she gasped.

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    both girls grinned, the two of them padding over to join Bella on the other sofa. Katie practically dove between the older girl’s legs, replacing Bella’s hand with her eager tongue, while Cindy gave her a lustful kiss, then bent to nuzzle her sister’s breasts.

    The youngest member of their extended family now at her side, Rachel said, “I want to taste you now, my sweet… come up here and sit on your auntie’s face.” With a delighted squeal, The little girl bounded onto the sofa and straddled Rachel’s mouth, eager to claim her reward.

    like E,T& A said, so much happening so fast. Good job Sopphmore and JetBoy

    Kim and Sue

    • Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglia says:

      Hey Kim!
      Finishing my second read through of this chapter( don’t you just love these early morning comes?! lol ) and wanted to say I totally agree with you about, how are Sapphmore & JetBoy going to top this chapter,but a hint might be that with the appearance of Auntie Laura, things will get quite interesting indeed. And, given the past excellence of Sapphmore & JetBoy’s writing prowess, they will surely not disappoint.
      So, as Margo Channing (Bette Davis) said in the 1950 movie, All about Eve:
      “Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy night!” (no tribbing pun intended…well, maybe!)


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  4. DragonRider says:

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  5. Sapphmore says:

    Thank you all most kindly for the appreciative comments; we aim to please. Sorry I didn’t reply earlier but I’ve been trawling through my archive of nearly 19,000 stories to find some juicy morsels for Jetboy to work his magic on. So, I reckon with the next chapter of Ripples getting a polish, his own contributions and having to ‘juicify’ those, he’ll be a bit busy for a little while. The good thing is, that means plenty of ‘finger-lickin’ material for your delectation.
    Keep watching.

  6. sue says:

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    Thanks for the chapter and the great writing and detail of the sexual action. Sapphmore and JetBoy, thanks again and again.

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