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Queen of the Pirates, Chapter 3

  • Posted on October 30, 2022 at 2:43 pm

by kinkys_sis and kinkychic


The shout from the maintop interrupted my breakfast. “Sail away – starboard quarter!”

By the time I reached the deck, the captain had his glass trained on the ship. It was only about a mile and a half distant. “Buggeration, it’s him! We didn’t fool him. Chambers, have you ever seen a ship like that before?”

The mate studied her for an age. “Can’t say I have, Captain. Strangest ship I ever saw. She does look to be very well armed, though, sir.”

Davy came up and peered over the side, a deep frown of concentration on his face. “I needs to talk to the cap’ain,” he said.

“Bosun, we’re busy right now,” the mate said. “Can’t it wait?”

“I think I knows that ship, sir.”

The captain spun around. “Speak your mind then, man.”

“I seen ’er once, see. She’s a square-rig like us, but huge, only one I ever saw like ’er, I only seen ’er the once. ’Twas the Whydah, Sir.” Davy wasn’t used to speaking directly to the captain, and it seemed to leave him rather tongue-tied.

The captain put his glass back to his eye. “By God, I think you’re right. Captain’s Black Sam, Samuel Bellamy. Well done, Bosun.”

He turned to the mate. “I still think that if the wind holds we could outrun him, but I wonder if we need to.”

Even as he spoke there was a sudden lull. The sails flapped, and the mate began yelling orders. “On the braces, lads – sharp as you like!” Once more, the canvas tightened, but our speed over the water was greatly reduced. The Whydah was clearly closing. Any chance of outrunning her was now gone.

“Take in the foresails and topsails,” the captain called. “Shorten the mainsails, and run up the black colours.” The topmen handlers rushed aloft, looking none too happy to be shortening sail with a potential foe so close, especially one that looked to have many more guns than we did.

Our speed dropped off as the flag went up. It was a black, with an outline of a mermaid in the centre. Would anyone recognise it? I wondered. We were hardly famous.

Then I saw the flag of the other ship – the traditional skull and crossbones. So we were both pirates. That could mean anything.

The ships came within hailing distance. Our captain had obviously decided to defer to the other, as he spoke first. “Captain LaFarge of the Siren at your service,” he called. “Do I have the honour of addressing Captain Bellamy?”

“Aye, you do,” came the reply. “Should I know you, LaFarge?”

I noticed the absence of the word “captain”. That was not a good sign.

“No reason at all why you should, but I know you, and how you took that ship. Quite remarkable, sir, if I may say.”

There was a long pause before Bellamy shouted again. “Would you be joining me aboard, Captain LaFarge? Take a glass with me while we discuss our situation.”

“I would be most honoured, sir,” our captain answered.

He addressed the mate. “If anything untoward happens, be ready to hoist sails and fly. Don’t let them see, but get everything ready. If there’s any wind, of course.”

The mate didn’t ask the obvious question, but simply answered, “Aye, sir. I understand.”

Davy, as bosun, took the helm of our small cutter as it was rowed across the low swell of the waves. From the deck of the Siren we watched the captain climb the ladder that had been lowered for him. He approached the eminent man waiting to receive him. They shook hands, then disappeared below.

And so we lay there, rocking on the calm sea, with not a puff of wind to be felt. It seemed forever before we saw any movement. At last, the two commanders reappeared. They shook hands in farewell as our cutter was waved back alongside.

I desperately wished I could hear what the captain said to the first mate after he climbed back aboard, but I knew Davy would tell me later.

It transpired that they had struck a deal. We would continue our journey, then meet up later with the Whydah off the coast of Massachusetts, near to Rhode Island. There we would join forces in attacking American shipping. Bellamy had said that if we let him down and broke our word, he’d find us and exact his revenge.

I mentioned to Davy that the Whydah was a peculiar-looking ship, like nothing I’d ever seen. He told me she was a converted galley that had been built for both sail and oars. And she had been a slaver. Bellamy had captured her after a three-day chase when the Whydah was on her maiden voyage. Her firepower was massive, with something like sixty cannon after Bellamy had added many to her original twenty-eight.

Four days later, we approached the island of Barbuda. We now carried the minimum of sail, just sufficient to maintain steerage way. Barbuda was probably the most dangerous island in the Caribbean, surrounded by sharp coral reefs that could rip out the bottom out of a ship, and none of them charted.

Lookouts were posted, both at the bowsprit and high up the mast. Our leadsman cast his line, calling out the depth and the nature of the bottom. Slowly, we edged closer to port.

The crew let out a collective sigh when the anchor was let go. We had arrived unscathed. Within minutes, the jolly boat was on its way to shore, no doubt conveying letters demanding ransom for our hostages. These would be sent on to the governor aboard a fast sloop.

The negotiations were a drawn-out affair. I couldn’t imagine what was taking so long. I wondered whether the governor actually wanted to pay anything for the safe return of his wife and daughter, but in the end, it was settled. It had taken nearly two weeks. I didn’t complain, as I got to spend more time with my lovers.

The farewells, while we were still below, were the worst moment of my young life. I felt as though my heart would never be whole again.

I followed mother and daughter across the deck to the boat. At the last moment, Marianna turned and ran towards me, flinging her arms around my neck. “You will look for me when you are able? However long it takes, I will wait.” She kissed me full on the lips, and then ran. She was sobbing as she reached the ladder.

Fighting back tears, I gave a final wave and turned away. All at once, the men were shouting and cheering. Some clapped me on the back. Others tousled my hair. “You lucky, dirty little bastard,” I heard one say. Well, of course – they had no inkling of my true nature. So far as they knew, the voyage had made me a man.

Then, from the corner of my eye, I saw Davy, standing near the mainmast, away from the knot of men, peering at me with narrowed eyes. A grin spread slowly across his face, and he nodded mysteriously.

We never did find the Whydah. Although we searched for weeks, we failed to catch any sight of her. During the course of our search, we barely survived the worst storm I would ever experience. The damage we suffered was terrible, but survive we did.

Some months later we heard the Whydah had been lost in that same storm. She had gone aground somewhere off Rhode Island. There were only two survivors, and Captain Bellamy was not one of them.


Two years later

I was brimming with excitement. Of all the places I most wanted to see, New Providence stood near the top of the list. It was the talk of all the pirates, the only place you were safe from the law. And here we were, gliding into the harbour.

The captain had the men stand by the guns, which were primed and ready to fire. The order puzzled me, till the first mate explained there were rumours of unrest among the pirates. We couldn’t be sure who might be in control, and it was wise to be prepared.

Davy told me why Nassau had for so long been a safe haven for pirates. The harbour was spacious enough to accommodate many ships, but too shallow for any larger naval vessels to enter. What government there had been had collapsed, and now the pirates ruled.

Never had I seen so many ships. There must have been well over a hundred, although most were fairly small. It was immediately obvious where the main pirate fleet was anchored.

The captain pointed. “See there, Bren. That’s Queen Anne’s Revenge, Blackbeard’s ship. Not sure who the others are. Could be almost anyone with all that’s been going on of late. We’ll find out soon enough, I reckon.”

Nobody seemed to pay us any attention as we manoeuvred into our berth. The Siren swung around with the tide as the anchor took hold. Until we could be certain we were welcome, the captain kept us on one anchor. Once he knew how things stood, he would decide whether to drop another.

The lookout, way up high, called down. “No sign of anything moving at the fort, Captain.”

I scanned the larger ships quickly with my telescope. A few were taking stock of us, but more out of curiosity, it seemed, than suspicion. I had my own gear now – a spyglass, a sextant, and some other oddments I needed for navigation. They had been quite easy to come by, with the number of ships we had waylaid.

Davy said that the fort was manned by pirates from the Flying Gang, a sort of consortium that ruled Nassau by a set of laws drawn from the Pirate Code. We were not members of this consortium, and we might not be welcome.

The first mate shouted for the lookout to watch for another ten minutes before coming down. Then he ordered two boats be readied to go ashore. “You and the bosun go and find out what the provisioning situation is,” he said to me. “Take your time and have a look around. Keep your eyes and ears open. See if you can get a feel for whatever’s going on.”

I had become a sort of unofficial second mate, although I never gave orders. My abilities with writing and mathmaticals had convinced the captain to gradually give me more responsibility. I was a quick learner, and he clearly enjoyed teaching me the ways to handle a ship. At this point I could set a course and read a chart, and I was getting the feel of which sails to set when, and how. I wasn’t quite proficient yet, but I observed the process carefully when the captain or first mate gave their orders.

I loved the sea. I loved the ship. It was as if she were alive, and I could understand her moods. We had an understanding, the Siren and I.

My legs were unsteady when I walked with Davy along the rather sad excuse for a jetty. “This ’ere island ’as got a wobble, lad.” He said. It had been months since we’d last set foot on dry land.

Nassau could not be called a proper town. There were few buildings, and the permanent residents numbered only a few hundred, yet more than two thousand sailors and merchants sought refuge there at any one time. The place was a patchwork of tents and tarpaulins, with the occasional wooden shack jutting up from overall jumble.

I couldn’t believe the sheer number of people, some rushing about their business, others drinking and gambling. Most were probably from the ships. Others perhaps were hoping to find a berth on one.

Davy gave me a prod. “Now you be stickin’ close, lad. Be many wrong uns ’ere abouts.”

I gazed about, fascinated by the sights, the noise and the smells from the many food vendors’ pots and grills. Then a massive blow hit me on the back, and I went crashing to the ground. Even as I rolled, my sword was in my hand and flashing through the air.

The clash of steel on steel came as my blade was blocked mere inches from my assailant’s throat. It was Davy whose sword had saved the man’s life. I was astonished when he laughed as he lay on the ground. Slowly he pushed himself to his feet and dusted off his clothes.

Davy held out a hand, helping me up. “’Twas but a mishap,” he said. “The bloke tripped in a rut.”

The man was still laughing, and I thought he must be tetched in the head. His manner of dress suggested that could well be the truth. He wore the oddest array of colours I had ever seen.

He stopped laughing and waved a hand. That’s when I realised there was someone else behind me. Someone brandishing an evil-looking blade. The face was hidden beneath a well-worn, wide-brimmed hat, but the hair and the slightness of build suggested this was a woman.

“Do relax, my dearest Anne,” said the man in motley. “The boy was right to act, and he was very fast, I must say.” He turned back to me and gave a small bow. “Jack Rackham at your service. I must apologise for my clumsy ways. No harm done, I trust?”

Feeling rather foolish, I tucked my sword in my belt as Rackham turned to Davy. “And you sir, you just saved two lives with your presence of mind. I would have been dead, and so would the lad.” He pointed at the woman. “May I introduce my partner in crime, Anne Bonny. – Oh, do put that dangerous thing away, love.”

It was Davy’s turn to laugh. “This ’ere, lad, be Calico Jack, an’ ’ere’s Missy Anne Bonny. You’d be famous if you killed ’im, but dead famous ain’t good.”

It was a short walk to the tavern, where Jack had invited us to join him and Anne for a drink. I wasn’t happy at entering a tavern again. Long-buried memories jostled back into my mind. Davy understood and gently touched my shoulder. “I knows, lad. Best bein’ faced.”

But as soon as we entered, I saw how different this place was from the hole where Davy had found me. Scantily clad girls were all over the place. Some were white, others black, but all were quite pretty. Some were sitting on the men’s laps, their breasts and other intimate parts being openly fondled. I’d never seen the like.

“Don’t be lookin’ so open-mouthed, lad. ’Tis only a brothel. Your chance to go an’ be ’avin’ some fun. You’s got plenty to spend.” Either the oaf had forgotten I was a girl, or he was remembering Marianna’s farewell kiss on deck.

Anne was sitting next to me when a girl with astonishing breasts attempted to plant herself in my lap. “Fuck off, Wendy,” Anne said to her.

The girl laughed. “What, you fancyin’ the young’un then, Anne?”

I looked intently into my glass, aware that Anne was leaning closer. “How old are you, girl?”

I choked on my wine at her question, then froze as she squeezed my thigh. Her hand went on up my arm and felt my muscles. She continued quite loudly, but there was so much noise around us no one else could hear. “Fourteen? That’s my guess. So, a girl dressed as a boy. Boys are supposed to fuck. You wanna maybe you and I go fuck?”

I didn’t know where to look, but I noticed that Jack was grinning. I thought he was about to speak, but just at that moment our captain appeared at the table.

“Ah, Bren, I wondered where you had got to. I’ve a task for you. We will be needing more men, I want you to be making a few enquiries. Pass the word, let it be known that I want skilled hands. If you need me, I’ll be at the fort to meet with Hornigold and a few others.” He paused and looked at Anne. “Mind, there’s no hurry if you have other things to do for a while.” He was laughing as he walked away.

Anne saw my nervous glance at Jack. “Don’t you worry ’bout ’im,” she assured me. “’E don’t mind, as long as I have it on with a girl. Might even wanna join us. Whad’ya say, my lovely?” She reached for the jug and refilled my glass. “Drink up, sweetheart, for no one knows what tomorrow might bring,”

The girl, Wendy, had turned her attentions to Davy. Her large breasts looked tiny in his massive hands. He paid me no mind, and Jack had run off after the captain.

Maybe it was the wine, or maybe the sight of all the whores had reminded me of how much I longed for Marianna. but I found myself holding Anne’s hand, unresisting, as she led me up the stairs.

I still hadn’t seen much of her face, and nothing of her shape, which was hidden by the flowing cape she wore. She closed the door behind us, threw her hat aside, and tossed her head to shake out her hair. She was quite pretty, and no more than about twenty-five.

“I can see you wonderin’, an’ why not? I like men and women, but I ain’t ever ’ad such a young girl,” she said. “I ain’t ever thought about it, but I saw it in you. If I’m right, you’re missin’ a woman’s love. If I’m wrong you can go, I won’t stop you, but … fuck, girl. You want me to beg?”

My only answer was to unbuckle my belt. My sword clattered to the floor. Anne grinned and began to undo her clothes. Her eyes never left me, following my hand as I untucked my shirt. My bandage fell away, which drew a gasp from her. “I knew it – beautiful little tits,” she said. The last of her clothes fell to the floor, and she held her arms out to me. “Come to me, sweetheart. Let’s you and me fuck up a storm.”

At one time, I might have been shocked at her words, but two years at sea had coarsened my sensibilities, and my crewmates had been even freer with their language since they decided I’d conquered our young Spanish captive. Besides, I really needed to fuck.

Anne couldn’t have been more different from Marianna and her mother. Her way of love was hard. Hell, it was brutal. “Stop playing,” she commanded more than once. “Hurt me.” Or something similar. It was unsettling at first, but as my pent up needs took over, I joined the battle with gusto.

Once she bit the side of my breast enough to draw blood. “Bitch!” I said, and slapped her face more fiercely than I meant to, drawing a bit of blood myself with my nails.

It made her laugh. “Oh yes, I found a tiger. Now get your paw in my cunt, girl.”

It was a bruising encounter, and yet … strangely calming, the way prizefighters must feel after they’ve battered one another senseless in the ring. And when we were through, she turned gentle, purring like a kitten and drawing me to her for a short, soft kiss. “I could easily love you, my young boy-girl. But soon you’ll be sailing away. Perhaps one day our paths will cross once again. Will you come to me again?”

We washed and dressed before heading back downstairs. There was no sign of Davy. I hoped he was enjoying himself.

Anne laid a hand on my shoulder. “You’re needin’ men, your captain said. Come, I’ll take you to where the best can be ’ad.”

As we walked, I asked where her strange accent came from. It was new to me. “I hail from God’s country of Ireland,” she said.

The crowds on the street gave her a wide berth as they passed. It seemed she was a lady to be feared. It was clear that no one would bother me in any way.

It soon transpired that most knew of the Siren, and there were many, mostly exaggerated, stories of our exploits. In no time, I had twenty experienced hands ready to join us. Now, all I needed was the first mate to give his approval.

I looked about and saw Davy coming towards me. God, he looked cheerful. “Best fuck I ever ’ad, but I says that ever’ time,” he told me.

“Er, Davy, may we get back to work now? I need you to fetch the mate.Tell him I’ve got twenty good men ready to sign.” He went ambling off to find one of our boats.

Later that day, I learned that Hornigold had wanted us to join his fleet. The captain declined, saying he owned the Siren, and he wasn’t about to sign it away. Any consortium captain could be voted out at any time, and a new one put in his place. Captain LaFarge saw no advantage in such an arrangement.

There were, however, no hard feelings. That wasn’t Hornigold’s way. We were invited to stay in Nassau as long as we wished, and we laid over five days, which gave us time to carry out a few needed repairs and properly re-provision the ship.

I had one further bout with Anne, though I got a shock when Calico Jack walked in. He clearly expected to join us. But what he got was both of us telling him to fuck off.

On to Chapter Four!


… And Debbie Makes Three

  • Posted on March 22, 2022 at 3:12 pm

Author’s note:  When I wrote My Cousin Nancy it was presented in the first person from the POV (point of view) of Cass. And Debbie Makes Three is, at its core, a retelling of that story with an exception. This version is told in the third person from the POV of Nancy giving you access to thoughts and actions not revealed in the previous story. And, because some readers asked for it, I added some extra naughtiness, as the title suggests.

If you want to read Cass’s perspective on these events afterward, you may wish to read or re-read My Cousin Nancy before starting this story, but it is not necessary.

Thank you to all of you who have read my works and have left comments. You are the reason writers write.


By Amanda Lynn


Nancy had been reading quietly when her little sister Debbie rushed into her bedroom with all the enthusiasm of a kid at Christmas, hopping onto the bed and landing on her knees.

“Mom and Dad have gone grocery shopping!” the 8-year-old said, far more enthusiastically than such an event warranted.

“Um-hmm,” Nancy acknowledged the statement with all the teenage nonchalance she could muster. She was 6 years older than Debbie after all, she had to give her younger sister a hard time, even if the news filled her with just as much excitement. Lounging on the bed with her back against the headboard and her legs crossed at the ankles, she kept her face hidden behind the teen magazine she’d been reading.

“Did you hear me!” Debbie bounced once, hoping to get Nancy’s attention.


Debbie growled. “Mom and Dad are out of the house for like…two hours!”

“That’s nice,” Nancy said with a mock yawn, though she was grinning behind her magazine. She knew very well what her sister was hinting at.

“But, Nancy,” Debbie whined, drawing out the name. “I thought you would want to…you know.”

Nancy lowered the magazine enough to catch Debbie’s eyes. “No. I don’t think so,” she said innocently.

Debbie glared at her, thumping a hand on the mattress. “Yes, you do!” she humphed.

They stared at each other for a long moment, then Nancy sighed and tossed the magazine to the floor. She’d had her fun, but now it was time for…well, a different kind of fun. Standing, she crossed the room, her little sister’s eyes following her movements, and closed the door. Not that there was any real need to. There was nobody else in the house and their parents wouldn’t be home for a couple of hours. Still, it seemed like the right thing to do.

Nancy grinned when she turned back and saw Debbie on all fours, bum pointed toward her. The sweatpants that Debbie wore were pulled snug, showing off the curves of her cute little butt. Until that day six weeks ago, Nancy hadn’t given a second thought to how cute her sister was—at least, not in a sexual way. It was different now. They had crossed a line back then, done taboo things. She was the older sister. She could have stopped it. Should have stopped it. But she hadn’t. She’d allowed it to happen, allowed it to continue and now it was too late to stop. Not that she wanted to, anyway.

Pausing at the edge of the bed, Nancy caressed Debbie’s bum, and a delicious warmth pooled low in her abdomen. Debbie glanced back at her, a smile on her flushed cheeks, a smile that only served to fuel Nancy’s growing desire. Hooking her fingers under the waistband, she pulled her sister’s pants and underwear over her hips and down to her knees, exposing the flawless smooth skin of Debbie’s ass.

Nancy hummed in appreciation of the sight. Who would have thought that an 8-year-old’s bum could be so damn sexy? Nancy caressed each cheek for a moment before kneeling as if to worship the tantalizing ass before her. She slowly spread Debbie’s cheeks with her thumbs, revealing her sister’s little hole. In response, Debbie moved her knees apart as far as her pants would allow, clearly eager for what came next. Nancy inhaled deeply. The younger girl’s scent was faint but rather pleasant. She leaned in for a taste, swiping her tongue from entrance to anus and making Debbie twitch and whimper.

Nancy’s clit was begging for attention now, and she didn’t need to feel herself to know that she was dripping wet. But that would have to wait, for now, she needed to finish what she’d started. Nancy plunged her tongue into her sister’s vagina, relishing the damp heat there for a while, then she moved back up to circle Debbie’s pucker.

This was something new for them. Nancy had only used her tongue on her sister’s ass once before, and that had been by accident, at first. A twitch from Debbie as they fooled around had caused Nancy to inadvertently run her tongue over Debbie’s pucker. She’d thought it would be the grossest thing, but found otherwise. It wasn’t nasty at all. Not in a bad way, anyway. The naughtiness of it actually excited Nancy. And Debbie seemed to enjoy it as well if her hip rolls were any indication. So Nancy had kept going, and discovered a new way to have sexy fun.

Now she was back at it, letting her tongue lick and swirl around her little sister’s asshole. Doing something so dirty was turning her on even more. But she knew that wouldn’t be enough to get her partner off, so she finally stood and ran a hand up Debbie’s back while she cupped the little girl’s pussy with the other. Quickly finding her clit, Nancy teased the little bud, rubbing it in small circles. Debbie sucked in a breath and threw her head back as she moaned loudly.

On the day that Debbie had caught her masturbating some weeks ago, rubbing her little sister’s clit had been the last thing Nancy would have ever thought she’d do. Debbie hadn’t been horrified or grossed out, though, or anything negative like one would expect from a child catching their big sister with her fingers in her pussy. Instead, being the inquisitive girl that she was, Debbie was full of questions. What are you doing? Why are you doing it? Does it feel good? Things like that. Nancy gave her short simple answers, knowing that deflecting or refusing to answer wouldn’t work. But it was when Debbie shoved off her pajama bottoms and demanded to be shown how to masturbate that Nancy found herself at a loss.

Debbie was too damn stubborn to be simply shooed from the room, and there was a real threat that she might tattle. So Nancy invited her little sister onto the bed to sit beside her, hoping a quick demonstration would be enough to satisfy the young girl’s curiosity. It seemed like a good plan at the time. They sat there, side by side, playing with their pussies. Debbie watched Nancy’s hand, mimicking her movements. Nancy watched Debbie’s hand, feeling flustered and confused as she became more and more aroused at the sight. Why in the fuck was she getting turned on watching her little sister masturbate?

That was when it happened. The moment when Nancy watched her own hand push Debbie’s out of the way all by itself and begin to masturbate her little sister. Not just a quick touch, no, but a full, orgasm-inducing flurry of fingers. What the hell was she doing? Why hadn’t she done this sooner? When Debbie squealed as her body convulsed in ecstasy, Nancy felt her excitement surging, triggering her own climax.

Nancy flopped onto her back, eyes closed. What the hell was wrong with her? Her mind raced with images of what had just happened. It was hard to deny it had been the hottest thing ever. She gasped and her eyes flew open wide when she felt small fingers slipping between her legs and finding her still throbbing clit.

“Is this…okay? I wanna try doing it to you,” Debbie asked in an excited whisper.

Nancy had just come, but Debbie had no way of knowing that. Nancy wanted to say no—felt like she should, anyway—but…she just couldn’t make herself, and simply nodded in acceptance instead. Debbie made her come again. Quite quickly in fact. Faster than she had ever made herself come.

That had been the beginning of their sexual adventure together, and it had only gotten better from there! As they explored these new experiences, they’d developed their love-making skills, leading to increasingly more intense orgasms.

By now, Nancy was familiar enough with her little sister’s body to know when she was close to coming, and she definitely was at the moment. Debbie’s hips rocked in time with the motion of Nancy’s hand. The younger girl stretched out her arms and dropped forward, apparently unable to keep holding herself up, but her butt was still in the air. She moaned into the blanket as Nancy toyed with her pussy.

Nancy wanted a taste, though. She paused her touches only long enough to roll Debbie over and finish pulling her pants and underwear off. With the younger girl now on her back with her legs spread, Nancy knelt once more and took her little sister with her mouth. Debbie squirmed and pushed her hips up eagerly. But when she came, Nancy didn’t let up. She kept licking and sucking intently until she’d given her sister a second toe-curling orgasm.

“Is that what you were looking for?” Nancy asked. She smiled playfully at Debbie, quickly peeling off her own clothes.

Debbie nodded, her face flushed. “Yeah,” she said between panting breaths.

Nancy crawled onto the bed and lay with her head on a pillow. She spread her legs invitingly, and Debbie wasted no time taking position between them. The young girl’s thigh pressed against Nancy’s center, and her lips quickly went to one nipple, releasing a wave of pleasure that washed over Nancy. She groaned and arched her back, moving her hips to intensify the electricity that sparked from her clit.

Nancy grabbed the girl’s ass and pulled Debbie into her. She rocked, grinding her pussy into her sister’s thigh, but she only managed a couple of thrusts before the little tease wiggled away, smiling and giggling. Before Nancy could protest, though, Debbie was already kneeling between her legs. Her sister’s tongue explored her pussy, swirling around her clit and delving deep into her vagina. Nancy bucked, gripping the blanket as each lick brought her closer to the edge.

Debbie was new to this. A bit clumsy and unsure. Still, she was learning quickly. The wonderful feelings that were coursing through Nancy’s body could easily attest to that fact.

“Oh, God, yes,” Nancy said when two fingers slipped inside her. Debbie began pumping them, slowly at first, then accelerating the rhythm, all along keeping her mouth on Nancy’s clit. That familiar sensation deep inside her quickly built up, reaching its climax before she knew what hit her. Nancy cried out, tangling her fingers in Debbie’s hair, and holding her in place as she rode out the aftershocks.

When Nancy finally released her, Debbie flopped down on the bed beside her and they rested for a while. Nancy looked up at the ceiling as her breathing slowly returned to normal. She loved that her sister, typically a little brat, also had this side to her. A pain in the ass most of the time, but when they were alone, she was a horny little sexpot who loved to get naughty with her big sister.

Nancy looked over at the clock and then at Debbie. “We still have time. Ready for round two?”

Debbie grinned. “Uh-huh. Can I sit on your face this time?”




The winter night air nipped at Nancy’s face and the snow crunched under her boots as she hurried home. She wasn’t quite late just yet, but she had stayed longer at her friend’s house than she had planned. It was all Trudy’s fault, really. Well, at least some of it was, anyway. Okay, damn it, it was probably mostly Nancy’s fault! She’d initiated the dirty talk, after all, and that had led to some hot and heavy making out. It hadn’t been the first time either, but usually, that was all that happened, steamy kisses with some touching relegated to the upper arms and back.

But tonight, as if by unspoken agreement, they’d explored further. Feeling up one another’s boobs through their clothes led to them falling back on the bed with Nancy on top. Hips ground together until they both shuddered, gasping against each other’s neck. They blushed and giggled, neither brave enough to comment on what they had just shared.

Thoughts of what had happened with her friend and where it may go in the future swirled around inside Nancy’s head as she pushed open the front door. Shedding her coat and boots, she made her way to the living room.

“I’m home,” Nancy announced as she crossed the living room and held her hands in front of the fireplace to warm them.

“Hi, honey,” her mother said. “Cass is downstairs with your sister. She’s been asking after you, so you should go say hi.”

Nancy smiled at the thought. “I will, Mom.” Her 10-year-old cousin Cassidy would be staying with them for a few days while Cass’s parents took a trip to Las Vegas that they had won in a radio contest. Nancy liked Cass, though they didn’t get to visit each other that often because they lived in different towns. More than that, though, what had made Nancy smile was that she knew that Cass had a bit of an infatuation with her. Not that it was a secret to anyone in her family, the way that Cass had always clung to her every time there was a family gathering.

Her cousin’s little crush was simply sweet and innocent. That’s how Nancy had viewed it, at least. Until just recently. Now, an intriguing question had come to her the night she heard that Cass would be visiting. It was an idea she’d never have had if she and Debbie hadn’t started fooling around, but… Now she had to wonder if Cass would be interested in crossing that line, too?

Her cousin was very cute, after all; Nancy had always thought so. She loved the way Cass’s blue eyes sparkled, and how she wore her blonde hair down past her shoulders—at least she did the last time Nancy had seen her. In light of recent events, she now also had to imagine how the pretty little girl would look like naked. How she’d look like as Nancy made her come.

The thought still filled her with that pleasant feeling as she hurried, trying not to be too obvious, toward the stairs leading down to the family room.

As soon as Nancy came down, Cassidy looked up from where she sat on the sofa next to Debbie and beamed brightly, jumping to her feet. Nancy grinned back, feeling excited tingles in her belly. God, Cass was even cuter than she remembered. She crossed the short distance in two easy strides and pulled her cousin into a hug.

“Hi, Cass. How are things?”

Nancy held the embrace, maybe a bit longer than customary, letting her hands caress Cass’s back. The scent of Cass’s shampoo touched her nostrils. Apple, perhaps? She should let go but, damn, it felt so nice to hold this little cutie in her arms. Nancy noticed Debbie looking at them, a knowing smirk on her face. Sure that her sister knew exactly what was going through her mind, Nancy felt the heat climbing up her neck and pulled back from Cass. She thought she saw the slightest shade of pink coloring her cousin’s cheeks.

For the rest of the evening, Nancy hung out with the younger girls. They talked, filling each other in on any news or juicy gossip that they may have missed since that last time they were together. Any chance she got, Nancy let her eyes wander over Cass’s body. She was so cute—no, hot— and Nancy caught herself undressing Cass in her mind more than once.

When bedtime rolled around, Nancy let her fingers gently trace the length of Cass’s arm as she said good night to the girls, the slight touch enough to send pleasurable shivers down her spine. Headed down the hall off the family room, she made a quick stop at the bathroom before going to her bedroom. She leaned her back against the door once it was closed and let out a soft moan. Her libido had sprung into high gear the moment she’d laid eyes on Cass, and it was still going strong.

Nancy pulled her top over her head and tossed it into the laundry basket. Unbuttoning her pants, she glanced at her reflection in the dresser mirror. Her breasts were covered by her pink bra, but it was the erect nipples poking against the material that caught her attention. How long had they been like that? Probably since she’d hugged Cass, she guessed, and that made her cheeks warm, along with other parts of her body. Had Cass noticed? She hoped so.

She chuckled to herself and pushed off her pants, kicking them aside. Nancy undid her bra and looked at herself in the mirror once again. She cupped her breasts, enjoying the sensations. The soft flesh and pointed nipples against her palm increased the arousal between her legs. She slid a hand downward, slipping into her underwear, and found wetness.

She watched herself in the mirror as she began to play with herself. The teen girl looking back at her in the reflection was flushed, light pink coloring her chest, neck, and cheeks. Her lips parted as she moaned softly. The fingers moving through her folds found her clit and her body jerked at the touch. Nancy rolled her hips and slipped a finger into her vagina. How could she be so fucking horny so quickly? The orgasm she had shared with Trudy hadn’t happened all that long ago. Yet, here she was, wet and throbbing with need. Had holding Cass done this to her? Well, whatever. She didn’t want to analyze it anymore, she just needed to come.

Peeling off her panties, she grabbed a large teddy bear that sat on a chair in the corner of the room. It was brown and fuzzy and had seen better days. Nancy plopped the stuffed toy onto the bed then straddled it. Her teddy bear looked up at her with glass eyes and a stitched mouth that was pulled up into a smile, as if it was looking forward to what was to come. Nancy certainly was.

She held the furry head and lowered herself onto it, pushing its snout into her sex. Nancy rocked her hips and adjusted her position until her swollen clit found the rigid piece of plastic that was the bear’s nose. Moaning, she watched herself ride the teddy bear’s face in the mirror. This wasn’t their first time. Far from it. The bear had been a present from when she was a year or two old. Nancy was 8 or so when she accidentally discovered that rubbing her pussy against the bear’s nose could cause such wonderful feelings which, after more experimenting, led to her first orgasm. And many more since then.

She could feel that a new climax wasn’t far away, in fact. That delicious pressure deep in her belly grew as she pictured Cass. Tried imagining her naked. God, if only. Nancy pinched a nipple, rolling it between her thumb and forefinger. She studied the mirror, becoming more and more aroused as she watched herself ride her furry friend. Her breaths became fast and shallow. Hips moving faster still. Erotic images of Cass, memories of humping Trudy to orgasm, and Debbie’s naughty knowing grin finally sent her over the edge. She squeezed her eyes shut as her body stiffened and exquisite pleasure raced through her.

Finally, she rolled off the bear and collapsed onto her bed. She lay there for some time, not opening her eyes until her breathing had calmed. It had been so intense, and she wasn’t sure if she had screamed or not. She’d definitely felt the need to. It had been a few minutes, though, and no one was knocking on her door to check on her, so it seemed she’d been quiet enough. She sighed in relief.

With the last shadows of pleasure fading away, she collected her teddy bear and kissed its nose. The taste of her arousal touched her lips and she giggled. “You’re such a lucky bear,” she told the stuffed toy, placing it back on the chair until it was needed again. Pulling on a clean pair of panties, Nancy crawled into bed and turned off the light. Sleep claimed her quickly and she dreamed of naughty fantasies starring her sexy younger cousin.



A full bladder woke Nancy. The long sliver of sunlight that peeked around the curtain and streaked the wall told Nancy it was morning, and it was time to get up, lest she make a mess in her bed. Groggily, she threw the covers back and stood, and as was her custom, she headed down the hall in only her blue panties.

She froze in place when her foggy brain registered the presence of someone else in front of the bathroom door. Nancy had forgotten that she wasn’t alone in the basement today and that the two other girls might also need the bathroom. At this moment, it was sexy young Cassidy.

Nancy stood there topless for a moment and probably would have remained so if it wasn’t for the stiffening of her nipples making her a little embarrassed. She quickly covered herself with an arm but not before Cass had gotten an eyeful.

“Jeez, Cass. You scared the crap out of me,” she said with a nervous chuckle.

“Sorry, I n-needed to pee,” Cass stammered.

Nancy held out an arm toward the bathroom. “After you,” she said before the situation became any more awkward. When Cass closed the door behind her, Nancy breathed a sigh and dashed back to her room.

“Holy crap!” she muttered to herself. It had been a quick glance, but she was sure that Cass had checked her out. A good sign, she thought. Nancy pulled on a T-shirt and stepped back into the hall as the bathroom door opened. She smiled and gave Cass a friendly squeeze on her shoulder as she brushed past and into the bathroom. It had been a simple touch, but it affected her, nonetheless. Her stomach fluttered and her heart seemed to beat a bit quicker.

Cass and Debbie were sitting at the breakfast table when Nancy entered the kitchen. She greeted her mother, who was preparing eggs and bacon, with a kiss on the cheek. Filling a glass with orange juice, she turned to the table and caught Cass’s eyes. Nancy smiled and gave her cousin a wink. Pink touched the younger girl’s cheeks. As she passed behind Cass toward her chair, Nancy couldn’t help but reach out and let her fingertips gently run across her cousin’s back, from one shoulder to the other. The touch made Nancy tingle with excitement, and she wondered if it did the same to Cass.

They chatted as they ate, then cleared the table when they were done. Nancy had planned to hang out with Cass and Debbie, but once they made it downstairs it looked like the girls were going to be playing with Barbies. Not really her thing.

Nancy glanced out the window as she headed for her room. The sun was shining, and it glinted off the freshly fallen snow. Taken by sudden inspiration, she turned back to the girls and suggested they all go sledding instead. Cass and Debbie eagerly agreed and the three of them bundled up and made their way to the hill.

The afternoon went by quickly. They raced each other down the hill, then built a snowman when they began to tire from climbing the hill after each run. A snowball fight broke out soon after and Nancy found herself outnumbered when Cass and Debbie joined forces, finally falling to her knees in surrender.

Nancy yelped when Debbie jumped on her and they tumbled back into the snow. When Cass approached a moment later, laughing, Nancy reached out and pulled the girl into the tussle, right on top of her. Surely that would look innocent enough, but the truth was she’d wanted to feel Cass’s body against her. And God, did she feel it! As Cass fell, her thigh somehow slipped between Nancy’s legs and pressed right against her sex. Nancy had to stifle a moan.

It was unlikely that Cass knew what she was doing to Nancy at that moment, triggering that familiar pull low in her belly, yet as Nancy lay still for what seemed like ever, staring back into those surprised eyes, it seemed that they also twinkled with…something else.

“Are you going to kiss?” Debbie interrupted.

“What? No!” Cass sputtered.

Just like that, the moment was over, but Nancy wasn’t ready to let it go just yet. As if by instinct, she found herself leaning up and kissing Cass, just as her sister had asked. It was just a quick peck, but it felt nice, and it left her wanting more.

Figuring that trying to make out with Cass right now was not a great idea, she rolled her cousin onto her back and tickled her instead, making a joke of it all. She pounced on Debbie as well to give her some payback for cutting short their moment, and soon the three of them were laughing and rolling around in the snow, tickling each other as best they could through their thick winter clothes. Nancy was reasonably certain that Cass had copped a feel of her boobs at one point, and fervently hoped the girl would want to do more of that later.

When they’d had their fill of outdoor wintery fun, they began to head back. All their pants were soaked from the snow, and were growing cold and uncomfortable now that the commotion had died down. Coats and boots were shed when they arrived home, and Debbie went off to her room on the main floor to get dry clothes while Nancy and Cass headed downstairs to change.

“I may need a crowbar to get these jeans off,” Cass said, popping the button.

Nancy froze, her vaginal muscles clenching at the opportunity presenting itself. “Let me help,” she offered with a grin, moving hastily before the moment was lost. She knelt in front of her cousin and unzipped the girl’s wet pants, then hooked her fingers in the waistbands of both jeans and panties, and with a firm yank, pulled them over Cass’s hips and to her thighs.

The T-shirt Cass wore was long enough to hide her sex from view, but Nancy remedied that situation with a gentle push that sent Cass plopping back onto the sofa with a yelp.

“Is your shirt wet, too?” she asked after she had finished ridding Cass of her jeans and panties.

Cass nodded and Nancy felt the hem of her T-shirt. Sure enough, it was soaked from being tucked into the jeans. Standing, Nancy pulled the garment up and Cass lifted her arms without hesitation to let her take it off entirely.

Glancing down at her cousin’s body, Nancy swallowed. Cass was now completely naked, save for a pair of socks, and she was just as hot and sexy as Nancy had imagined. Her lust practically boiling, it was all Nancy could do not to go down on the girl right then and there.

Noticing some redness on Cass’s thighs, Nancy sensed another tempting opportunity. “Your legs are red from the cold, let me warm them,” she offered, kneeling down again. Laying her hands on her cousin’s thighs sent a rush of warmth in her lower body, despite the coolness of Cass’s flesh. Slowly, she began rubbing the girl’s legs, the friction warming their skin. How far did she dare go? Cass was naked, and so far, didn’t seem to mind staying that way. Maybe Nancy could move her hands just a bit higher

As if reading Nancy’s thoughts, Cass spread her legs a little, putting her bald pussy on display. Nancy couldn’t help grinning as she took in the sight, her mouthwatering. Surely this was an invitation. Slowly, she slid her hands up the inside of Cass’s thighs. The thought of touching her cousin’s sex stirred the fire between her own legs.

Suddenly, the door to the family room opened and Debbie came bounding down the stairs. Instinctively, Nancy jerked her hands away and stood up. Damn it! So close, she thought. She gave Cass a meek smile and hurried to her room.


Nancy’s intent had been to quickly change, and she’d gone so far as to take off her wet clothes, now lying in a heap in her laundry basket. But now, once again she stood naked in front of her mirror, her clit craving attention, all because of her sexy young cousin. She could wait until bedtime when she could take her time, but she wasn’t sure that she could stand to wait until then. Or she could rub out a quick one. She was sure it wouldn’t take long.

Making the easy decision, Nancy flopped onto the bed and spread her legs. She found her clit and began to rub it with abandon, all the while picturing Cass’s naked body.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned.

Increasing the tempo, she rolled her head to the side and spied her teddy bear sitting in its usual place. Its unseeing eyes seemed to be judging her. Maybe it was jealous that its nose wasn’t buried in her pussy right now. “Sorry, pal. Next time,” she whispered just as the orgasm hit her. She threw her head back and opened her mouth in a silent cry of release.

Once recovered, she pulled on shorts and a tee then strolled into the family room to join the girls. The wood stove was going, making the room toasty warm. Cass and Debbie had also chosen to wear shorts.

“You guys up for some Uno before supper?” Nancy asked.

“Sure,” Debbie replied while Cass nodded her agreement.

The three of them sat cross-legged on the floor in a loose circle, far enough apart to keep their cards hidden, but close enough that Nancy could let her fingers roam teasingly up the length of Cass’s back and over her thigh. She heard her younger cousin inhale a sharp breath at one touch that caused her whole body to twitch. Nancy smiled to herself, wondering just how far Cass would let her go.

As they all sat at the supper table a while later, Nancy tried to behave herself, but it was difficult with her cousin sitting right next to her. All she wanted was to run her hands all over the girl’s body. As they ate and talked, Debbie recounting their adventures on the snow-covered hill, Nancy took the risk to reach under the table and touch Cass’s thigh. She had to stifle a laugh when Cass jerked and a blush reddened her cheeks. Sliding her hand further up, her finger slipped under the leg hem of Cass’s shorts. Eyes growing wide, the girl shot her an alarmed look that Nancy could only read as Are you crazy?

Nancy withdrew her hand a moment later and grinned mischievously at her younger cousin, happy with the reaction she’d got. They all chatted for a while, then Nancy and the girls helped in the kitchen with clean-up after their meal was done. When her mother thanked them for their help and shooed them away, Nancy led them back to the family room where they carried on with their card game. Once again Nancy sat close to Cass, and she could tell the girl was enjoying the nearness as well. If only they had a little more privacy.

“You guys want to watch a movie?” Nancy asked, getting an idea.

“Can we watch Frozen 2?” Debbie asked with a big smile on her face.

Nancy groaned. “Again? You’ve seen it a hundred times, I’m sure.”

“I haven’t seen it yet!” Cass added.

Nancy grimaced and sighed. “Fine. Frozen it is. Why don’t you two get into your nightclothes and I’ll make us some popcorn?”

The girls agreed and Nancy hurried to the kitchen to get their snack. Grabbing a bag of microwave popcorn, she tossed it into the machine, then poured three glasses of Coke. A short time later, Nancy returned to the family room with a tray of refreshments. Cass and Debbie were sitting on the sofa, Debby in her PJs and Cass wearing an oversized tee that came to mid-thigh. The sight of the girl’s bare legs made her grin.

“That looks comfortable,” Nancy said. “I think I’ll change too.” Setting the tray down, she hurried off to her room to change. She was going to have some fun with her cute little cousin tonight, that much was for sure. Just how far she would go was yet to be determined, but Nancy decided to improve her odds by wearing something sexy. She quickly stripped and went to her dresser, pulling out a light blue tank top and a pair of matching blue panties. Once dressed, she checked herself out in the mirror. “What do you think?” she asked, turning to the stuffed bear. “I’d do me. Wouldn’t you? Of course you would, and you might get your chance later.” She giggled and left the room.

As Nancy walked into the family room, Cass trailed off mid-sentence in whatever she’d been telling Debbie. The girl’s eyes widened as her gaze locked on to Nancy’s exposed midriff for a rather long while before she finally looked up. Nancy gave Cass a crooked grin when they made eye contact, then she squatted in front of the shelves holding the DVDs. It only took her a moment to locate the movie, plop it into the machine, and switch on the TV.

Cass had sat on one end of the sofa with Debbie on the other, leaving plenty of space for Nancy in the middle. Of course, Nancy had no intention of leaving any space between herself and her sexy cousin. She sat right next to Cass then stretched to hit the light switch, leaning toward the girl as she did so. Her movements pulled the material of her tank taut across her breasts while simultaneously bringing them much closer to Cass’s face. She didn’t miss how her cousin looked pointedly to where an erect nipple was noticeable through the fabric, and she thought Cass might even have licked her lips.

“Like what you see?” Nancy asked in a hushed voice as the room darkened.

Cass opened her mouth as if to speak then snapped it shut. Nancy grinned to herself then settled into her spot on the sofa, her bare thigh touching Cass’s.

They sat in silence for a while, watching the movie and munching on popcorn. The warmth from the woodstove was pleasant but not as pleasant as the heat that was building between Nancy’s legs. It was time to make a move. Now or never. Besides, Nancy was fairly certain that Cass would be receptive to her advances. Cautiously, she reached over and placed a hand on her cousin’s knee. The skin was soft and smooth, so nice to touch, and Cass didn’t protest. In fact, Cass seemed quite happy with the attention, judging by the subtle sound of a quick, excited breath. Nancy was going to take this as a good sign and hopefully as unspoken permission to do more.

“Do you think she’s pretty?” Nancy asked in a soft whisper.

“Huh? Who?” Cass asked.

Nancy nodded at the screen. “Elsa. Do you think she’s pretty?”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“I bet the rumors are true.”

“What rumors?”

“That she’s a lesbian,” Nancy said. She moved her hand then, letting it travel slowly up to Cass’s thigh. “I bet she’s even fooled around with Anna.”

Cass turned to look at her in utter shock. “They’re sisters.”

Nancy shrugged. “True, but it doesn’t mean they didn’t.” She chuckled, knowing full well how intimate sisters could get.

She began caressing the girl’s leg from mid-thigh to knee and back again in a slow deliberate manner. The somewhat innocent touching was getting to Nancy, her pulse thumping in her ears. She desperately wanted to go further. With the next upward stroke, she moved higher than before, grazing Cass’s inner thigh. She repeated the movement. Down and up, down, and up, until she felt the skin beneath her fingertips quiver.

Cass’s breath was soft but ragged, telling Nancy all she needed to know about the girl’s condition. On the next upward pass, she brushed her fingers against the hem of Cass’s panties and paused there for a moment before sliding up to her hip. This was the moment. This was what she’d been yearning to do all day. Confidently, she slipped her hand down and cupped the younger girl’s pussy.

The fabric was wet. Nancy smiled to herself, reveling in the thought that she was the one who had made this little girl all wet. Of course, her own underwear was just as damp, if not more so, and her clit was demanding attention. She was as turned on as she’d ever been, but it wasn’t her own sex that she was most interested in at that moment. Moving her hand, she used the tip of her middle finger to apply pressure up Cass’s slit and to her clit. Nancy had no sooner touched that sensitive spot than her cousin’s pelvis thrust upward, her body stiffening as she gripped the sofa cushion tight. Holy crap! She’d made Cass come with just a touch!

She was feeling very proud of herself at that moment, and watching her little cousin climax was such a turn-on. When Cass finally came down from her orgasmic high and turned to look at her, Nancy gave her a big smile, then turned her attention back to the movie for appearances’ sake. She had no intention of stopping their game, though, continuing to trace little circles over Cass’s clit with a finger. She wondered as they sat there if Cass would be brave enough to return the touch. She hoped she would, and her clit most assuredly hoped so as well! Soon enough, Nancy had her answer when a hand timidly touched her thigh. It moved slowly at first, not traveling far from where it had landed, but soon Cass became bolder and her hand journeyed closer and closer to Nancy’s wanting pussy.

Nancy held her breath in anticipation. It would only be a matter of seconds before she felt her younger cousin’s hand on her sex. But just as it was about to happen, the sound of the family room door opening and someone descending the stairs made them jump. Quickly, they both withdrew their hands and adjusted their position on the sofa.

“Is the movie almost over, girls? It’s getting late,” Nancy’s mom asked.

“Just about, Mom. Five minutes or so,” Nancy replied.

“Okay then.” Her mom picked up the tray with the empty popcorn bowl and glasses. “Goodnight, girls,” she said, then headed back up the stairs.

The close call had given Nancy a bit of a scare. Cass probably felt the same, judging by the very uncomfortable look on her face. What a way to ruin the moment.

In any case, the movie was ending now, anyway. Nancy stood as the credits began to roll and switched off the TV. “Night, you two,” she said with a stretch and a yawn, then headed off to her room, deeply frustrated that their fun had been cut short right at that crucial moment.


Nancy pulled off her clothes as soon as her door was closed. Naked, she sat on the bed and looked at her stuffed fuck buddy. She was wet and horny as hell. Of that, there was no doubt. The memories of what had happened on the sofa with Cass swirled through her mind, fueling her horniness. She could rub one out, let her bear make her come then drift off to sleep. But she didn’t. It took some effort, though, but she could guess that Cass was probably in the same state, and that presented the enticing possibility of them carrying on with their play.

Flopping back on the bed, Nancy stared at the ceiling, contemplating how to proceed. She lay there for quite a while thinking, as she mindlessly toyed with her clit. Could she simply go to Cass and ask her if she wanted to come to her bed and have sex? No. She couldn’t be that direct. Besides, it was probably too late now, and Cass wouldn’t feel like it anymore, or she could be sound asleep already.

“Fuck me,” she whispered. Disappointment washed over her, quelling any desire to masturbate.

Nancy stood and pulled on her underwear and a sleep shirt, then headed to the bathroom. When she had finished, she stepped into the hall and found herself peering into the family room, where Cass and Debbie were sleeping. The light from the bathroom was just enough to show that Cass was in fact awake and looking in her direction.

Nancy’s heart rate quickened at the realization that she still had an opportunity. Without giving it any more thought, she crossed the room and knelt next to Cass.

“Can’t sleep?” she whispered.

“Not really.”

“Is it because of what happened? Did I upset you? Scare you?”

“Yes, it’s that, but you didn’t upset me or scare me.” She was barely able to make out Cass’s smile. “I really liked what happened.”

“Oh?” Nancy paused for a long moment, trying to find the right thing to say. Her heart pounded in her chest. “I can’t sleep either…because of that.” She glanced over at where Debbie was sleeping, not wanting to wake her sister up. “Do you want to come to my room and…um…talk?”

Cass didn’t respond immediately, and Nancy feared she had said the wrong thing and tried to backpedal.

“It’s okay if you don’t,” she said as she stood.

“I do,” Cass was quick to reply this time.



When Cass was out from under the covers, Nancy took her hand and promptly led her down the hall to her room.

Closing her bedroom door, Nancy crawled onto the bed and lay down on her side, then patted a spot next to her. Quickly, the younger girl joined her, stretching out in the same manner. They lay there, facing each other, resting on elbows, remaining silent for several moments. Nancy smiled, knowing she would need to make the first move. Casually, she reached over and caressed Cass’s upper arm.

“I’m glad you liked what happened. I did, too,” Nancy said softly, then chuckled. “I didn’t mean for it to go that far, though. To make you come.”

Cass blushed and had to look away. “I…I…didn’t mind at all,” she stammered. “I was kinda hoping you would touch me…like that.”

“Yeah? Has anyone ever touched you like that before?” Nancy asked.

“No. No one.”

Nancy’s hand wandered from Cass’s shoulder to her hip. The excitement inside her grew, knowing she would be Cass’s first, if things went that way.

“Do you touch yourself? Your pussy?” she asked and continued before Cass could respond. “I do it most nights, but it feels so much better when someone else does it.”

Cass gave her a funny look and Nancy wondered what the girl might be thinking.

“What?” Nancy said, one eyebrow raised. “Didn’t my touching you feel better than doing it yourself?”

“Yeah,” Cass admitted, chuckling. The blush returned to her cheeks.

Deciding to make her move, Nancy scooted a bit closer, her hand now running the length of the girl’s thigh, and leaned in close. “I’d like to kiss you now. Would that be…okay?”

Cass slowly nodded, eyes locked with Nancy’s, unblinking.

Leaning forward, Nancy parted her lips slightly and brushed against Cass’s. Her cousin’s lips were soft and warm, but her mouth remained closed. Clearly, Nancy would have to lead. She brought her hand to the back of Cass’s head and lightly tangled her fingers in the girl’s hair. Slipping her tongue out, she teased Cass’s lips with it.

A low moan escaped Cass’s throat, and she opened her mouth to welcome Nancy. Soon, their tongues were dancing and twirling together, Cass quickly on her way to becoming a great kisser.

When they paused for breath, Nancy gently pushed Cass onto her back. She trailed her hand across her cousin’s shoulder, her chest, down to the hem of her shirt. “Can I take this off you?” she asked, tugging at the garment.

Cass suddenly looked nervous. She brought a hand to her belly, pinning her shirt in place.

Sensing her cousin’s reluctance, Nancy flashed a reassuring smile. She was perfectly happy to lead by example. Sitting up, she swiftly pulled her top off, then lay back, lifted her hips, and peeled off her panties. She posed for a moment, feeling like the sexiest girl in the world as Cass stared in awe at her naked body. Excited tingles spread over her skin as she watched the girl’s eyes, first drawn to her breasts, then down to the trimmed patch of curls just above her slit.

As much as she relished the attention, Nancy was also dying to see her cousin in all her nude glory. “How about now?” she asked, reaching again for the shirt.

“Okay,” Cass whispered, sounding still a little shy, but more decisive now. She took her hand away and sat up, allowing Nancy to pull her top off.

Nancy gave Cass a soft push so that she lay back down, then began caressing her flat chest, pausing at a nipple and playing with it for a moment. Her mouth suddenly dry, she had to swallow before she could speak. “You’re very sexy,” she said. She almost couldn’t believe that she had this little beauty in her bed, and seemingly amenable to all the dirty things she had in mind.

Cass raised an eyebrow. “Sexy? I don’t have any boobs yet.”

“You will one day, and yes, you’re sexy,” Nancy replied as she leaned down and softly kissed a nipple. She sucked on it gently and let her tongue explore the tiny peak, delighting in how it felt in her mouth, and in Cass’s groans in response.

She slid a hand down across Cass’s belly and cupped her panty-clad pussy, just like she had done on the sofa. Cass immediately pushed her hips up in reaction.

“Mmm, you’re wet,” Nancy cooed, “I’ll need to take these off you, too.”

Cass lifted herself up onto her elbows to watch as Nancy gently pulled the underwear down her legs then threw it aside. Nancy couldn’t help grinning as she studied her young cousin’s body, now as naked as she was. Her gaze was inevitably drawn to Cass’s smooth exposed pussy, looking as delicious as can be.

She felt Cass tremble as she pushed the girl’s thighs apart, and glanced up at her. “You okay?”

At Cass’s nod, Nancy began caressing her inner thighs, slowly moving her hand up over the smooth skin until she reached the younger girl’s pussy. She took a few seconds to admire her prize close up. She’d been lusting after it ever since Cass got here, and now she could finally give in to her heart’s desire.

Nancy grazed Cass’s clit with her thumb, smiling as her cousin’s whole body jerked in response. She toyed with the sensitive bud for just a moment or two, not wanting to make Cass come too soon. Tracing a line down through the slick folds with a finger, she circled the entrance before letting it slip inside the snug vagina.

Cass fell back onto the bed, moaning and clutching fistfuls of sheets. Nancy grinned. She knew from earlier that Cass could come very quickly, and she was pretty sure the girl wasn’t too far off now. Her own pussy was demanding attention as well—God, she couldn’t be more turned on—but first things first. She adjusted her position to bring her face down to Cass’s sweet pussy. Nancy began licking from entrance to clit, explored her folds with gusto, then dipped into her vagina as far as she could. It was wonderful, the smooth walls warm and wet around her tongue, the taste erotic. A couple of thrusts with her tongue then she went back up to Cass’s clit. Just a few flicks were all it took to drive Cass wild, pushing her hips up as Nancy sucked on her sensitive clit, her fingers tangling in Nancy’s hair to hold her in place.

When Cass went rigid, Nancy held her tight. She gently kissed and licked Cass’s sex, the girl moaning with a hand over her mouth, until finally Cass relaxed and released her hair. Nancy crawled up beside her cousin and they exchanged a sweet kiss, wrapping their arms around each other.

“Are you okay?” Nancy asked softly.

“Yeah. Nobody’s ever…”

“Licked you?” Nancy finished the sentence for her. “Did you like it?”

Cass nodded vigorously. “Uh-huh.”

Nancy grinned. Fooling around with her little cousin was just as hot as she’d imagined, if not more so! Now, she was the one desperately needing release, though. Rolling onto her back, she spread her legs, pulling Cass on top of her so that the younger girl’s legs fell between her own. Grabbing Cass’s butt, Nancy pulled her close, grinding their pelvises together.

“Roll your hips, rub your pussy on mine,” Nancy whispered as she began to do the same.

Cass did as asked, a little awkwardly at first, but soon found a rhythm that worked for them both. Wonderful sensations coursed through Nancy as their movements quickened. She moaned, her hands digging into Cass’s butt cheeks, urgently pulling her in.

Their juice-slickened pussies mashed together. Nancy’s clit throbbed with pleasure, needing more and more. Cass’s hands gripped Nancy’s shoulders, and she buried her face into the crook of Nancy’s neck as she thrust wildly.

“Don’t stop,” Nancy panted, “I’m gonna come.”

The feeling of Cass on top of her, grinding her pussy against hers was beyond hot. They were both panting and grunting now. Nancy held tight to that cute little ass, and her orgasm hit just a few seconds later. Her whole body stiffened, and she buried her face into Cass’s shoulder, crying out her release. A couple more thrusts and Cass was sent over the precipice too, joining her in ecstasy.

They lay still for a time, their rapid breathing the only sound in the room. Nancy held Cass as the girl rested on top of her, listening to her breath slowly returning to normal. She felt a small hand reach out and caress one of her breasts, playing with the stiff nipple. Nancy’s eyes fluttered open, and she made a sleepy noise but didn’t protest.

She watched as Cass adjusted her position and hesitantly brushed her lips across a nipple. Nancy sucked in a breath, the post-climax daze instantly evaporating. She remained still, curious about what her cousin would do. Cass kissed her nipple some more, then slipped out her tongue to give it a few licks, sending renewed pleasure through Nancy’s body. She moaned, resting a hand on the back of Cass’s head.

“That feels nice,” Nancy said huskily, “don’t stop. Do what you want to me.”

Nancy had just had a mind-numbing orgasm, but a twinge from her clit told her that her body was ready for more. Besides, Cass had come, what, three times this evening already? What a horny little thing her cousin turned out to be!

She felt Cass slide a hand down her side and over her belly, pausing for a moment to play with her curls. Nancy bit her lip in anticipation, until finally the hand slipped further down to her sensitive pussy, the fingers splaying into a V to spread and tease her labia.

“Yes!” Nancy hissed.

Cass stroked up and down her slit for several moments. Nancy’s breath rasped as she quivered beneath Cass’s touch. Finding her entrance, the girl slipped her middle finger in and pushed in deep, eliciting a groan from Nancy. It felt so damn good, but she wanted more. As if reading her mind, Cass slipped a second finger in and began pumping. Nancy thrust her hips up to meet Cass’s movements.

“Faster,” Nancy croaked. Catching her cousin’s hand, she guided her to the quicker pace she craved.

Nancy clutched the bed sheets as Cass finger fucked her with vigor, surrendering to the ever-growing pleasure. Just a minute or two of this, and she was sure Cass was going to make her come. But then the fingers suddenly withdrew from her needy pussy.

Nancy stared at her cousin in disbelief. “No,” she whimpered, shaking her head, “don’t stop.”

Cass met her gaze with determination. “I want to lick you,” she said, her shyness gone.

Nancy’s heart rate, already hammering after what Cass had been doing to her, kicked up another notch. “Oh…okay. But only if you want to,” she panted.

“I do.” Cass knelt between Nancy’s legs, her face only a couple of inches from her pussy. She paused for a moment to examine it.

Cass’s breath on Nancy’s sex was sweet torture, and it took the girl an agonizingly long time to get started—or so it seemed to Nancy, turned on as she was—but finally, the tip of a tongue grazed her folds, hesitated for a second, then pushed in.

Yes! Nancy exulted, her nerves on fire. After the slow start, Cass was now eagerly exploring her cunt, and Nancy purred appreciatively. When Cass found the entrance to her vagina and probed it, she felt her muscles contract around the invading tongue. Nancy squirmed, enjoying the delicious sensation for a moment. But as good as that felt, she yearned to have Cass on her clit even more. Reaching out, she gently guided her cousin to the right spot and gasped loudly when Cass began to play with her swollen bud.

“God, yes,” Nancy moaned

That seemed to encourage Cass, who decided to take the sensitive clit between her lips and suck on it. Nancy moaned again, louder, as Cass began to switch between licking and sucking her pussy. Nancy’s hips bucked on their own and her fingers tightened in Cass’s hair. The waves of pleasure crested higher and higher until once again, Nancy was consumed by a tremendous orgasm.

“Yes, yes, yes…Fuuck!” Nancy had to fight to keep her voice low. She held Cass’s head in place as she pushed her pelvis up in the girl’s face, her body quivering and jerking for long moments before finally relaxing.

Once she could move again, Nancy beckoned Cass to come up then kissed her passionately. “That was…wow!” she said with a broad grin. “Are you sure you’ve never done that before?”

“No. Never.”

“Well, you’re a natural.”

“You’re pretty good at it too,” Cass said with a giggle.

Nancy smiled mischievously. “Practice makes perfect, I guess,” she replied, then pushed Cass onto her back, slipping a hand between her legs as she kissed her again.



Nancy watched the pale pre-dawn light chase away the darkness as she replayed in her mind the wonderfully naughty things she and Cass had done the night before. After another round of orgasms, they had pulled the blankets over themselves and drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms. Nancy knew they couldn’t remain in bed like this much longer, so she gently nudged Cass’s shoulder. When the younger girl rolled onto her back and looked up at her, she was smiling brightly, probably thinking about the same things Nancy was.

“Good morning,” Nancy said.

“Morning,” Cass yawned, “what time is it?”


She snuggled into Nancy and closed her eyes. “Let’s go back to sleep then.”

Nancy chuckled and wrapped her in an embrace. “I would love to, but we can’t. You need to go back to your own bed before Debbie or anyone else wakes up.”

“Do I have to?” Cass whined into her neck.

“Yes,” she said. “The last thing we want is to get caught.”

“You’re right, I guess.” Reluctantly Cass pulled away and stretched. She threw the blankets back, but before she could get up, Nancy pushed her mouth against hers for one last, slow kiss. Cass melted in her arms, eagerly returning the kiss, even moaning into her mouth.

Nancy pulled away. “By the sound of that moan, you better get going. We don’t have time for another round.” She chuckled and pointed to the bedroom door.

Cass swatted her arm playfully and pouted. “You’re mean.”

“We still have tonight,” she said with a flirty wiggle of her eyebrows.

Cass beamed at the suggestion. “Okay then. See ya later.” She quickly gathered her panties and nightshirt then dressed before slipping out of Nancy’s bedroom.

Sighing contently, Nancy stretched and pulled the covers up around herself. She lay there thinking about what had happened that night, about all the delicious things she’d done with her cousin. It had been awesome. Maybe even better than what she and Debbie did when they were home alone. Not that her fun with her sister was lacking by any sense of the imagination. But with Cass, it just seemed…more special somehow. Of course, she’d never tell Debbie that. In fact, she wondered what Debbie would think if she knew what had happened between her and Cass. Nancy laughed softly. She’d probably want to play, too.

The idea of Debbie joining them stirred up not only some erotic images in her head, but also her libido. She rolled onto her side and spied her stuffed bear staring back at her knowingly as thoughts of Cass and Debbie exploring each other with tongues and fingers flashed in her mind.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” she whispered to the bear. Pulling the covers back she hopped out of bed just long enough to grab the bear from its spot. Instead of mounting it, as usual, she lay on her back and spread her legs. Nancy touched herself, running a finger through her folds. She was sticky with evidence of her earlier lovemaking. Her entrance, though, was dripping with a fresh pool of arousal. She drew some to her clit, making small circles with her fingers. After a moment, Nancy took the bear by the head and rubbed its furry face against her pussy, adjusting as needed until the plastic nose found its mark. Moaning softly, she knew she wouldn’t last long.


“Girls, your father and I are going to the city to visit the Hendersons today. Their daughter will be there and I can’t wait to meet her newborn!  We’ll be gone most of the day, so I trust you three can behave and not get into any trouble while we’re out?” Nancy and Debbie’s mother asked later that morning as they sat at the breakfast table.

“Uh-huh,” the three girls said in unison as they nodded. Nancy didn’t miss the sly little smile that crossed her sister’s lips just then. Cass must have seen it too, because her cheeks were turning pink.

Their mother narrowed her eyes and studied them with suspicion for a moment. “Good,” she said, not sounding entirely convinced of their sincerity. “Now, finish up. I want to clean up the mess before we leave.


Their parent’s car had no sooner pulled out of the driveway than Debbie came bounding down the steps to the family room.

“They’re gone!” Debbie announced as she pulled her T-shirt off. She wasn’t wearing anything else underneath.

Nancy and Cass turned toward her from where they were sitting together on the sofa. More precisely, Nancy was sitting on the sofa with Cass sitting sideways on her lap. They had been kissing and caressing each other.

“What are you doing?” Nancy asked her little sister, raising an eyebrow. Not that she really needed to ask. She knew exactly what Debbie was thinking, and the thought made her pussy even wetter than it already was.

“Getting naked,” she said with an implied duh! “We’re gonna have sex, right? The three of us.”

Nancy swallowed. “Um…” she said, glancing at Cass. Her cousin looked shocked by Debbie’s bluntness, but her mouth soon pulled into a grin as she looked at the naked 8-year-old.

“You do stuff with your sister? Like what we did?” The question was directed at Nancy, but Cass never took her eyes off Debbie, who had begun diddling herself while she waited for the older girls.

Nancy nodded slowly, her heart rate speeding up from both fear and excitement. She wasn’t too worried that Cass would tell on them, since she’d have to tell on herself as well. But what if Cass was turned off by two sisters fooling around, or if Debbie was too young for her? “Well…yeah. Um, sometimes.”

“I kinda figured that.” Cass stood and took a couple of steps toward Debbie. “She said something about you being good at licking pussy earlier this morning, and that we”—she pointed at the three of them— “could have fun together later.”

“Oh, she did, did she?” Nancy said, the unease fading away. “You’re okay with that, then? Debbie and me…”

Cass shrugged. “Yeah. Whatever,” she said then pushed her pants down her legs.

That had gone way better than Nancy had feared. And now it sounded like they were in for a wild time. “Let’s go to my room, then,” she said, grinning. “And bring your clothes, just in case we need to get dressed in a hurry.”

The naked girls scooped up their clothes and all three of them headed to the bedroom. Debbie and Cass climbed onto the bed as Nancy paused to shut the door. They watched her, each with a wide smile on her face, Debbie already caressing Cass’s leg.

The two of them looked so damn sexy sitting there. Nancy could feel her arousal boiling over. If sex with one of these girls was already amazing, what would it be like with the two of them at once?

“Are you going to get naked too?” Cass asked.

“Huh? Oh, yeah.” Nancy chuckled and quickly undressed.

“How do we do it with three people?” Debbie asked as Nancy sat at the foot of the bed.

“I’m not sure,” Nancy said, “I’ve never done a threesome before. Why don’t you two start with some kissing or something.”

“Okay!” Debbie replied eagerly, turning to face Cass.

As the two young girls’ mouths met, Nancy instinctively licked her own lips. The kiss was tentative at first, then grew in passion as the pair became comfortable with each other. Cass was the first to bring her hands up to caress the back of her partner, then as if by unspoken agreement, they fell back onto the bed, Cass on her back with Debbie on top. They continued to kiss as Cass’s hands roamed, not stopping until they were cupping Debbie’s cute ass.

Nancy smiled as she watched. Her clit throbbed, demanding attention. Nancy touched herself, gently toying with the hyper-sensitive bud, but not going all out just yet. As nice as an orgasm would be, she didn’t want to rush things. She was enjoying the show so far, like something out of her wildest dreams, and was eager to see where things would go.

A groan drew Nancy’s attention back to the action. She wasn’t sure which girl had made it. Debbie was moving against Cass now, rocking and thrusting her hips. Cass’s eyes were closed, her lips parted. She still held firm to Debbie’s ass, pulling the younger girl down with each thrust, grinding their pussies together.

Nancy adjusted her position for a better view. The lovers’ movements and breathing had quickened, and the erotic sounds of grunts and moans filled the air. Nancy pinched at a nipple with one hand and fingered herself with the other as she watched. Damn this was hot, and she couldn’t wait to join in.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Debbie squealed. Her small body shuddered then stilled. A moment later, she rolled off her cousin and onto the bed.

“That was a quick come,” Nancy said with a chuckle. “You must’ve been really horny.”

“I was horny as soon as Mom said they were going out for the day.”

“I bet.” Nancy knew just how easily her little sister could become aroused. “But I don’t think Cass came. Did you, Cass?” Nancy continued turning her attention to her cousin.

Cass’s skin was flushed, either from embarrassment at the question, or simply arousal. Maybe both. “No, but that’s okay,” she replied.

“No, it’s not,” Nancy huffed. “Deb, you need to finish what you started.”

Debbie opened her eyes and, without further prompting, rolled back on top of Cass. But instead of rubbing their pussies together again, Debbie slid downward until her face was where her pussy had been.

“Oh my!” Cass gasped when Debbie’s tongue eagerly moved the length of her slick folds.

“Slow down, Deb. We have lots of time,” Nancy said. Leaning in, she kissed Cass, quickly slipping her tongue past the younger girl’s lips. Cass moaned into her mouth, though likely more from the actions of Debbie’s tongue than Nancy’s.

Cass seemed to be having trouble concentrating on the kiss, though, so Nancy withdrew and instead kissed her way down to her chest. Even though her cousin had yet to develop breasts, her little nipples still became delightfully stiff when Nancy teased them with her tongue. As she sucked on one, she tilted her head slightly to keep an eye on what Debbie was doing. The way that her sister was positioning her arm, she could be about to do only one thing. When Cass’s body jerked and she raised her hips, moaning loudly, Nancy knew she had guessed right. Debbie had pushed one or more fingers in Cass’s pussy.

Her little sister began pumping her arm while she kept sucking on the cunt before her. Nancy’s own pussy was throbbing as she watched Debbie fingering their cousin—surely one of the hottest things she’d ever seen. With one hand, she gave her clit some attention while she ran the other down her sister’s smooth back, over her ass, then between her butt cheeks. Taken by a deliciously naughty idea, she found the 8-year-old’s pucker, circled it for a moment, then pushed a fingertip inside.

Debbie’s head shot up from between Cass’s thighs. “What are you—”

“No! Don’t stop!” Cass’s plea cut her off.

Debbie hesitated for just a second, then gave Nancy a grin and returned to her cousin’s waiting pussy. Nancy eyed her finger, a knuckle deep in her sister’s ass. This was going to be one hell of a sexy day, and why not make it as wild as possible? She decided she needed to probe the girl’s ass a little deeper. But first she’d need something to ease the process. Debbie’s vagina proved to be an abundant source of slick arousal that quickly coated Nancy’s finger. Satisfied that it was now sufficiently lubed, she returned to Debbie’s bum and once again pushed a fingertip inside.

A twitch of her hips and a muffled grunt were Debbie’s only response to the intrusion into her ass. Nancy slowly pushed deeper, making Debbie groan into Cass’s pussy, which in turn caused Cass to moan and shudder. With the full length of her finger in Debbie’s rectum, Nancy pulled back slightly then slid back in. Debbie bucked, pushing back against Nancy’s finger but never taking her mouth from Cass’s cunt. She kept eagerly lapping and fingering her cousin’s pussy, as if driven on by what Nancy was doing to her.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Cass cried out as her orgasm gripped her.

Debbie’s ass clenched around Nancy’s finger as her body began to shake, seemingly hitting her own climax in chain reaction. When her little sister relaxed, Nancy carefully withdrew, and Debbie rolled onto her back beside Cass.

“Your finger was so far up my bum!” Debbie exclaimed.

“Did you like it?” Nancy asked. She smiled at Cass, who was now looking at her in wide-eyed disbelief.

“Yeah. It felt weird at first, but in a good way. And then it made me come,” Debbie said.

Finding her voice, Cass asked, “You fingered her ass?”

Nancy nodded. “Yeah. I mean. I’ve fingered my own. Haven’t you?”


Moving to Cass’s other side, Nancy kissed her and caressed her belly. “You want to try?”

“Eww! No thanks,” Cass replied as she scrunched up her nose.

“That’s okay. How about another orgasm? Would you like that?” Nancy’s hand slid to Cass’s pussy and explored her wetness.

Cass grinned. “Always.”

“How about you, Deb? Think you can handle a third?”

Debbie nodded enthusiastically. “Uh-huh!”

“Good. You can sit on her face since you like doing that so much.”

“Sit where?” Cass asked.

“It’ll be great. You’ll see.” Nancy gave Cass another quick kiss then shuffled down to position herself where Debbie had been moments before. Cass’s pussy glistened with arousal and saliva, smelling sweet and beckoning Nancy to taste. And taste she did, with great zeal!

As Nancy sucked her cousin’s clit, Cass was doing the same to Debbie. The youngest girl was straddling Cass’s face, bracing herself against the wall as she rolled her hips. The sounds Cass and Debbie made as their pussies were licked and sucked only served to intensify Nancy’s own lustful need. It occurred to her that both of her young lovers had come at least once, but she hadn’t yet. She needed to do something about that.

Getting to her knees, Nancy positioned herself somewhat awkwardly between Cass’s legs, pushing their pussies together. Debbie looked back over her shoulder and smiled when Nancy gripped her hips for support. Nancy began moving against Cass, and electric jolts of immense pleasure shot from her core. Cass must have felt it as well, as a muffled groan came from between Debbie’s legs.

Nancy matched her sister’s rhythm, one of them humping Cass’s pussy, the other her mouth. Soon, all three of them were panting and moaning. Within moments, a wave of pure bliss crashed over Nancy, leaving her whole body shaking from the long-awaited orgasm. Loud cries from Cass, then Debbie, told her that the girls’ climaxes were not far behind hers.

She fell off Cass, taking Debbie with her, and lay there panting for a while as several aftershocks raked her body. She held her sister tight and could feel Debbie twitching from her own fading orgasm.

“Oh, wow,” Cass said with a ragged breath. “That was wild.”

Debbie nodded. “You did an awesome job licking my pussy, Cass. I had a real good come.”

Cass chuckled. “I’m happy you liked it.”

“Now,” Cass said, rolling onto her side and facing Debbie, “I think you and me need to give Nancy a good come or two more, ‘cause we’ve had a few already and she only had the one.”

“Okay!” Debbie agreed happily.

The two girls moved quickly, pushing Nancy’s legs wide and lying side by side between them. Cass pushed two fingers into Nancy’s vagina, pumping her fingers as she and Debbie took turns eagerly licking and sucking.

Nancy gripped the blanket tight and threw her head back, crying out as the two fingers plunged deep into her needy sex. The tag-team assault on her cunt was intense, and despite having just come, she wasn’t sure how long she would last. It turned out to be not very long at all, as within moments, her second orgasm of the day rushed over her. She bucked and stiffened before falling back onto the bed.

Soon, Debbie and Cass were by her side again and she kissed each of them. They all rested for some time, holding each other, at ease in comfortable silence. They still had lots of time and Nancy had every intention of pleasuring both her sister and cousin again. But for now, they were content to just cuddle, if only for a little while.

The End


Sweet Poppy, Chapter 14

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Go here for a guide to the women and girls who populate “Sweet Poppy.” To get a thumbnail summary of the plot, please check out the Chapter Links.

by Joe Dornish

Emma Cornish and I got out of the pool and walked hand in hand over to the jacuzzi, leaving her daughter Beth and Kiki snogging in the shallow end. Mum saw us and blew us a kiss, we laughed and blew them right back to her. With a saucy wink, she returned to kissing Mia.

The floodgates had opened, and in the short time it took us to walk around the pool everyone seemed to be kissing and making out. Climbing into the jacuzzi, I switched the bubbles on and we seated ourselves side by side. I nestled into her, and Emma wrapped an arm around me.

Much as I loved lesbian sex, it was even more exciting when I got a chance to be with someone for the first time. And it felt deliciously wicked to get hot and heavy with a woman who was close to Mum’s age, maybe because it was something we weren’t at all supposed to be doing. That might have been why thinking about my girlfriend Mia making love to Mum turned me on something fierce.

Emma gave a happy sigh. “You’re a very affectionate bunch.”

“Well, we like to, you know, have fun,” I said. She was about to speak when I quickly added, “With girls, though… only girls!”

Emma laughed. “It’s okay, little one, I knew what you meant. We’re gay too, my daughter and I.”

By then, I was practically quivering with the need to do more than just talk. “Um, can I kiss you?” I asked. “Please?”

She cupped my face in her soft, warm hands. “You are so beautiful, and you ask so sweetly… how could I say no?”

Taking that as a yes, I closed my eyes and moved in. Our lips met and I felt that familiar tingle in my pussy as our tongues engaged in a hot, sexy dance. We were sitting at a slightly awkward angle, though, so I broke off the kiss.

“Are you okay?” she asked me.

“Yeah, just a bit uncomfortable, I need to…”

Her eyes widened in alarm. “Oh, darling, I’m sorry… am I taking things too fast? We can just chat if you like, that’s fine…”

I kissed Emma to stop her from panicking, then said, “No, no, everything’s great. I meant that the way I’m sitting is uncomfortable.” Giving her a big smile, I added, “I’ve got an idea.”

I got up and straddled her lap, so close that our bodies were touching. In fact, my pussy was pressed against Emma’s tummy. Wrapping both arms around her neck, I asked her, “Is this okay?”

She rolled her eyes. “‘Is this okay,’ she says! Yes, honey, it’s very much okay.”

We kissed and made out in the jacuzzi for a while, letting our hands wander over each other’s bodies. I was playing with her wonderful big boobs while she was feeling my bottom. Then she slipped a hand down my tummy until it was between my legs, her fingers exploring me.

“That feels good,” I told her.

“My goodness, you’ve got a sexy little body.”

I giggled. “Thanks!”

“Poppy, this might sound like a silly question… but you have had sex with a woman before, right?”

I nodded. “Uh-huh. Girls too. How about you?”

“Ha! Good answer. For me, it’s yes to both.”

“Do you have sex with Beth?”

“Yes. My daughter and I have been lovers since she was eight.”

“Cool! I have sex with Mummy, and my sister Lilly, too.”

“Really? That sounds very hot. How old is Lilly?”

“She’s seven.”

“Oh, my! I’d love to see you two together.”

“We can do that.”

“It’s wonderful, how keen you are. Er, perhaps I should ask your mum first, though, before we do any more.”

I burst out laughing. Emma gave me a puzzled look. “What?”

“I don’t think you need to worry about getting permission. Look behind you.”

While we had been talking and kissing, all the others had been breaking off into pairs or groups to fuck. I got off her lap so Emma could see for herself.

When she turned around, her face was a picture. Mind you, I couldn’t blame her. It was a fantastic sight, one of those things that get permanently burned in your memory.

“Oh, my,” she said. Her daughter Beth was on the edge of the pool, her legs dangling in the water. Kiki had her mouth glued to the girl’s slit – and by the look on Beth’s face, she was having a wonderful time of it.

Emma was kneeling on the bench type thing in the jacuzzi, her bum just above the bubbling water. Slipping a hand between her legs, I began to rub her pussy, thrilled to feel her legs open slightly in response. “God, I love seeing my daughter with another woman,” she said.

“Beth’s in good hands. Kiki is a very generous lover,” I told her, remembering how Mum had said the same thing about Nicole.

“I see that she is.” She glanced around, taking in everything. “Goodness me… take a look at what the little ones are up to over there!”

I fucking love my little sister. A couple of weeks ago, Lilly was an irritating kid; now she was a sexy little girl who enjoyed lesbian lovemaking every bit as much as Mum and me. Did she change, somehow? I wondered. Or did I?

Anyhow, Lilly and Evie had climbed out of the pool and moved to the patio. Evie was stretched out on one of the loungers, while Lilly was kneeling above her friend’s face getting licked. The look on my sister’s face was so blissful that it made me warm all over, and Evie was clearly having a wonderful time. Having tasted Lilly’s pussy myself, I knew exactly how she felt.

Mum and Mia had also emerged from the pool. They were standing near the edge, water dripping from their bare bodies as they shared a passionate kiss. Mia’s head was tilted back, and she was sucking my mother’s tongue. I watched Mum fondle Mia’s bum, then touch her bottom hole. When they finally drew apart, a blushing Mia whispered something, then she and Mum headed toward the house. Mia could be a little shy, so I figured Mum had picked up on that and was taking her up to one of the bedrooms for some privacy.

When they passed by us, Mia and I waved at each other, and when I gave her the thumbs up she giggled and did the same. Seeing us, Mum gave a thumbs up to Emma, who returned it with a snicker. I gave a wistful sigh as Mum disappeared with my girlfriend. It would’ve been so awesome to watch them make love. Oh, well… some other time.

Nicole, Lottie and Henri were still in the pool, closely grouped together and caught up in some serious making out. I couldn’t see what was going on beneath the water, but the way the girls were moving and the looks on their faces told me plenty.

In the meantime, I was relaxing in a jacuzzi with a sexy older woman who was very willing to let me make love to her. I slipped two fingers into Emma’s cunt, and she clutched the side of the tub for support, biting her lip.

I was happy to be right where I was – probing Emma’s vagina, drinking in the view of cute girls fucking.

“Have you, um, slept with everyone here?” she asked me.

“No… I’ve not had sex with Nicole, Evie or Lottie yet.”

“You surprise me. A little firework like you… I figured you’d have shagged the lot by now.”

“Well, the thing is, our families have only been, um…” I momentarily lost my train of thought, distracted by Emma’s pussy. She was so hot and juicy!


I was trying to decide if it was okay for me to say ‘fucking’. “Yeah, intimate… just since yesterday. I totally want to do sex with all of them, though.”

Emma smiled. “I’ve no doubt.”

We watched Kiki get out of the pool and seat herself next to Beth. They were having a quiet conversation, holding hands.

I turned to Emma. “Shall we get out now? Maybe cuddle up on one of the loungers?”

“You read my mind,” she said, then kissed me.

As we climbed from the jacuzzi, Kiki and Beth padded over to us, still hand in hand.

“Having fun, you two?” Kiki asked.

“Indeed we are,” said Emma. “Looks like you girls are enjoying yourselves as well.”

Kiki laughed. “Oh, I intend to enjoy your delightful daughter a whole lot more than this. We’re going into my room now, where I can have Beth all to myself. Just so you know, I intend to ravish her completely.” She was giddy, brimming with excitement.

Beth said, “Mummy, I really like it here! Everyone is lovely, ‘specially Kiki.”

“I know!” Emma exclaimed, giving her daughter a brief hug. “They’re all wonderful. Have fun with Kiki,  sweetheart. I’ll be with Poppy if you need me, okay?”


We said goodbye, then watched them walk off together, Beth had a cute butt that I couldn’t wait to bury my face in. I could see why Kiki wanted her so much.

“Shall we?” said Emma, pointing towards a nearby lounger.

The loungers at Kiki’s are huge, great wooden things with thick padding and enough room for us to nestle together. We laid down on our sides, then spent a while chatting and swapping kisses. I’d occasionally nibble on her breasts, and she let her hands wander over me, paying extra attention to my bum.

Emma wanted to know about the first time I ever had lesbian sex, so I told her all about the hot weekend I had with Mum, Kiki and Henri, then about how I got my sister Lilly into bed with me a few days later. She was surprised to learn that I was still sort of new to this.

Emma told me that she and her daughter had been fucking properly for several years. She’d always known herself to be gay, and came up with the idea of raising a daughter to be her lover when she was at university. I asked how she made that happen, and Emma told me the whole story.

First, she got a male friend to make her pregnant. Luckily, the first try had resulted in a girl. Then, while little Beth was growing up, Emma practised a nudist lifestyle while behind closed doors. She’d also made certain that their relationship was very physical, giving her daughter kisses and cuddles whenever she wanted, gradually becoming more and more sexual about it as time passed. Emma had taught Beth to kiss with their tongues when she was five, then touched her child between the legs for the first time at the age of seven, finally making love to her for real on Beth’s eighth birthday.

“I know I haven’t been doing this very long, but it sure seems like there are lots of mums and daughters who have sex together!” I told her.

“Ha! I wish it were true, pumpkin… wouldn’t that be fun! No, I’m afraid very few indulge as we do. I will say that those of us who make love to our little girls are… how can I put it? More in tune to other women who are like us. When I met Nicole, it wasn’t long before I suspected that she was intimate with her daughters. I think it was… oh, my.”

Emma paused in mid-thought because I’d just begun to play with her clit. Since we’d moved to the lounger, I’d only been playing with that lovely pubic hair and lightly touching her pussy. She opened her legs for me, and I ran my fingers along her pussy opening and over her clit a few more times.

“Oh shit, Poppy… mmmm, yes, keep touching me there, that’s my clitoris.”

“I know where it is,” I flicked it gently a few times to show her I meant business. “I just like to tease.”

“Ooh, you little devil.”

My middle finger slipped easily inside her dripping wet cunt. I felt around for her G-spot, like Mum had taught me, and with my palm turned upwards I moved my finger up and toward me and touched her there. Emma immediately tensed up – yeah, that was the spot. Now that I knew where it was, I withdrew my finger and began to rub her clit again.

Emma moaned. “God help me, I’m being tortured.”

“Okay, no more of that. I’ll make you come now. Well, pretty soon.”

She patted my arm. “Good girl.”

Deciding that I wanted to get her off with my mouth, I kissed my way down Emma’s tummy, quickly shifting about so that I was lying on my tummy between her legs. I couldn’t resist teasing my new lover just a little bit more, pausing to lick the insides of her thighs.

Emma’s plump lips were spread open, revealing the flushed pinkness of her vagina. With a deep breath, I took in the musky aroma and sighed. Then I ran my tongue up her pussy until it touched her clit, which I licked very lightly with the tip of my tongue.

“Jesus God help me, that feels so bloody good!”

She clutched my head with shaking hands as I continued to slowly lick and tease her clit. Slipping first one then two fingers inside, I started fucking her, slowly at first.

As I began to pick up speed, I took Emma’s clitoris between my lips to suck. When I did that, she let go completely, moaning and groaning so loudly that I found myself wondering if the others could hear her. By then we were the only ones left in the pool area.

My hand and tongue moved in time, getting faster and faster until Emma’s pussy was making loud squishy sounds. She was raving now, blurting out stuff like ‘Yes, more, harder!’ and ‘Fuck me, little girl, eat my cunt!’ which I loved. Dirty talk, Mum called it, I was enjoying that kind of thing more and more all the time, making me wonder if I should start saying rude things when I came. I’ll have to ask Mum about that, I decided. Maybe I should start keeping a notebook, so I can write down cool dirty stuff to say when I get fucked.

“Oh shit… oh, Poppy, I’m gonna come… d-don’t stop, please don’t!”

I had no intention of stopping, quite the opposite. Well, I did stop fucking her with my fingers, but only because I went for her G-spot instead. I rubbed it with my finger in a sort of ‘come here’ motion that worked well on Mum when I used it on her. It did the trick for Emma, too – she went off like it was Guy Fawkes Day. Her arms and legs were flailing about as she arched her back and bucked around, but I didn’t slow down. I kept her coming with my mouth and hand as long as I could. She was panting and sweating and shouting ‘Fuck!’ over and over. It was more exciting than I can say, making this sexy woman come so hard.

I slowed down my thrusts as Emma’s climax subsided. When I withdrew from her she whimpered like a puppy, barely able to move. I licked her strong but savoury juice from my fingers, then crawled up the lounger to cuddle with my newest lover.

We laid together in silence for a while, just sharing a nice close moment while we rested. My head was resting on her ample chest and I couldn’t resist playing with her boobs.

Once she’d recovered her breath, Emma murmured, “You like my tits?”

“Yeah, almost as much as you like my bum.”

“You noticed that, did you?”

“Yeah. It’s nice, though. I like having my bum played with.”

“I’ve got to admit, nothing in this world excites me like the bare bottom of a little girl… and yours, my love, is absolutely flawless.” Emma was stroking my bum cheek, then I felt her fingers gliding through the crack to touch my anus. She ran her finger lightly around the taut rosebud. “Poppy, my sweet… when you say you like having your bum played with, do you mean here?”

“Erm, not really. I meant like stroking my bum cheeks and stuff. But one time, I did have a finger inside my bottom.”

“Oh, was that at the doctor’s?”

I laughed. “No, I meant while having sex, silly. It happened when Mum, Kiki, Henri and I all fucked at the same time when the lights were out. It was pitch dark and you couldn’t see who was doing what. It was totally awesome. Anyway, someone was licking my pussy, then they put a finger into my bum. I was a bit surprised, but it did feel nice. I know Mum likes it when Lilly and I do it to her.”

“Hmmm, it sounds like you had a smashing time. So, er… would you like me to do that to you? Touch you inside your bum, I mean?”

I thought about it for a few seconds and said, “Um, maybe we can try it, and if I don’t like it we can stop?”

She reached out to cup my face. “Poppy, sweetie… you know we can always stop whenever you want, right?”

“You sound like my mum. Yeah, I know we can stop, Mum taught me all about it, it’s called consent.”

“What a clever girl… and good on your mummy, too. She’s quite right about that.”

“Ha-ha… okay, then, I give you consent to play with my bum.” That made me giggle. ”I’ve never said that to anyone before!”

Emma put her finger in her mouth and moistened it, then reached for my arse, placing the tip against my rosebud. I was expecting her to push it in but she just sort of massaged me there instead. It felt funny, but nice. She sucked on her finger again, then slowly slipped the tip in my bumhole. It entered easily, and I let out a little, “Ooooh.”

“How does that feel?”

“Um, good. You can put it in further if you like.”

She entered me up to the middle knuckle and wiggled it about.

“Oh, that’s… oh yeah, that feels lovely.

Just then the door opened, and Henri came over to us – still naked, of course. Emma nearly pulled away, as if she’d been caught doing something she shouldn’t have.

“No, no! Don’t take your finger out!” I exclaimed. She froze in mid-motion, but didn’t have time to reply as Henri joined us.

“Hey, Henri,” I said.

“Hi, guys. Having fun?” she asked us.

“Lots,” said Emma. “Poppy just gave me one hell of an orgasm.”

“She has a gift for sex, this girl,” said Henri, bending to kiss my cheek.

I blushed and, not knowing what else to say, blurted out what was on my mind right then. “Emma and I were just seeing if I like having my bum played with. Look, she’s got her finger in there!”

Emma blushed a bit as Henri looked at my bum and said, “Okay, that’s really fucking hot. You’ve got to let me do that to you sometime, Poppy. Before you leave this house, if I have anything to say about it.”

“Sounds great!” I said, beaming.

“Anyway, the reason I’m here is that I need to steal you two away.”

“Oh, but I haven’t returned the favour!” Emma protested. “Poor Poppy hasn’t come yet.”

“Oh, it’s okay,” I told her. “I’ll come plenty of times before this party ends! Anyhow, Mum taught me you don’t have to give to receive.”

That made Emma smile. “Your mother has taught you well, young lady. Still, I owe you one great big orgasm, and you can cash that in anytime.”

“Ha-ha! Oh, I totally will.”

“Where did you want to steal us to, Henri?”

“I’ll keep Poppy’s destination a secret for the moment… but as for you, there are two little girls tucked up in the spare room who would very much like to, and I quote, ‘get special kisses from the new lady’.”

“Well, let’s not make them wait,” Emma replied. “From what I know of little girls, they tend to get impatient.”

We went from the pool into the main room, following Henri to the hallway that led to the bedrooms. The door of the first one was open to reveal Lilly and Evie, both lying on the bed. They had their legs spread wide and were casually masturbating one another. It was cute, yet intensely erotic at the same time.

The girls blushed when they saw us standing there, gawping at them. Emma tentatively took a step inside the room. They both giggled, then a bashful Evie nudged Lilly, who spoke. “Um, would you like to have special kisses and stuff with us…?”

Evie nudged Lilly again, more firmly this time. My sister frowned, then remembered something, “Oh, yeah, um, it’s okay if you don’t want to.”

I’m sure the girls would’ve been devastated if Emma had turned them down, but that wasn’t about to happen. “I’d be delighted to join you,” she murmured, sitting on the edge of the bed. “Now, why don’t you gorgeous creatures show me what this ‘special kissing’ is all about.”

“Okay!” Lilly exclaimed. She quickly clambered into Emma’s lap, while little Evie knelt behind the older woman. “Here’s what it’s like,” my sister said, then she gave Emma a luscious kiss that immediately grew hot and eager.

“And this!” Evie added. She began to nuzzle Emma’s neck and shoulders, reaching around to fondle the woman’s full, luscious breasts.

I was enthralled, but Henri took my hand and said, “Come on, let’s leave them to it. Someone else is waiting for you in the master bedroom.” She pointed at the door, kissed me, then wandered off in the other direction, probably seeking out her own mum and Beth for more fun and games.

I made my way down to the big bedroom, then opened the door, Nicole was lying on the bed, snuggling with her daughter Lottie. Both of them were still nude, of course.

“Care to join us?” Lottie asked.

“Yes, yes and yes again!” I said, already making my way over to the bed.


Maybe it was all about loving lesbian sex so much… perhaps it was because the idea of incest between women and girls got me so incredibly hot. Then again, maybe it had something to do with how dangerous it was, someone my age having sex with grown women and underage girls. Whatever it is, I have to say that fucking a mother and her daughter at the same time is one amazing experience. Especially the first time, when I did it with Nicole and Lottie.

As soon as I climbed onto the bed, they practically fell on me! I had hands and mouths kissing, licking and touching what felt like every part of me, while simply I knelt there and enjoyed it. Lottie’s mouth was on my nipples, her fingers toying with my pussy. As for Nicole, she was behind me, kissing my neck and shoulders and caressing my bum.

It was lovely, but before very long I wanted to play, too. So I let my hands wander over Lottie’s body. Moments later, I was kissing and sucking her small, pert breasts and fingering her dripping pussy as my new lovers continued to fondle me.

With her finger massaging the entrance to my vagina, Lottie pushed the tip inside just a little, then asked me, “Is this okay?”

“Uh-huh,” I replied with a quick nod. ”You can finger me. I like it.”

“Mmm, yeah? And what about this cute little bumhole of yours?” asked Nicole, whose finger was suddenly pressing on my rosebud.

“Emma just had her finger in my arse. It felt really nice… but it was the first time I’ve done that properly.”

“Don’t worry, gorgeous. We’ll look after you,” Nicole said, then she gently penetrated my bum while Lottie wriggled her finger into my pussy. It was marvellous, kneeling there while mother and daughter probed my tight little-girl holes, each of them kissing me in turn.

What I liked about having sex with Nicole and Lottie was that they knew what they wanted and were happy to take it. I felt like a much-loved doll, shared between two excited children. They soon had me on my back, where Lottie spread my thighs wide and began to lick me, while Nicole knelt above my face and lowered her pussy to my waiting mouth.

“Lick my cunt… there’s a good girl,” she said.

To this day, I absolutely love the view of a pussy hovering just inches above my face – wet, fragrant, open and waiting to be tasted. Nicole had a well-trimmed brown bush and prominent pink inner labia that were a delight to lick and suck on. Her scent was strong and savoury, and she tasted delicious.

By that point, I’d had sex with enough partners to have noticed how amazingly different vaginas could be, and had begun to study each one closely, appreciating what made it beautiful. Before then, the sheer thrill of making love was all I needed. I’d noticed that adult women had mature, developed labia and folds, and they tasted and smelt stronger – something that I quickly grew to love. Kids like Lilly, Mia and me had small puffy slits, with nearly everything hidden away, and tasted sweeter, with a lighter aroma. Each one different, every one beautiful.

I pleasured Nicole until she came in buckets in my mouth – on my face, too! – and after we shared her flavour with a few heated tongue kisses, she swapped places with her daughter.

Lottie’s pussy was not only delicious, it was interesting. At fifteen, she was nearing the end of puberty and had small pink inner labia that barely poked through her puffy outer lips. Her sex was at a sort of halfway point in development, somewhere between my pussy and Nicole’s, I reckon that if you’d seen close-up pictures of the three of us down there, you’d know right away which was the child, the teen and the adult.

That day, my bum seemed to be especially popular. Mum and daughter both licked and fingered my rosebud, usually while the other was tending to my pussy. They were very careful and tender with my bottom at first, then did it harder once it was clear that I could handle it. Anal play was yet another new experience, reminding me that I still had a lot to learn about the joys of lesbian sex.

I played with their bums too, which turned out to be lots of fun. I’d already put my finger in Mummy’s arse a few times and even licked it a little, but I went much further with Nicole and Lottie. Not only did I push my middle finger all the way into their bottoms, I also licked and kissed them there. I even managed to get my tongue inside their holes, which they both loved. I couldn’t wait to try rimming with Mia. That’s what you call licking someone’s arse, Mum told me later.

After years of being lovers, Lottie and Nicole each knew what the other liked, which only made the sex hotter. I was happy being moved about and arranging myself where they wanted me, and enjoyed pleasing them immensely. The dirty talk was great, too. Lottie would say something like, “Mum, I want to see you finger Poppy’s arse again while she licks my cunt,” then later Nicole would come out with, “I want to see you two fuck, pussy on pussy. Poppy, fuck my little girl, fuck her hard.” When she said that, Lottie and I got into position and tribbed like mad while she watched us and masturbated.

If I had thought of something I fancied doing I might have asked, but nothing came to mind. Nicole and Lottie had so many great ideas that it wasn’t necessary. Mind you, I certainly wasn’t being shy or reserved. I swore and talked dirty too – that day, my favourite rude word became cunt. I’d never said it before, though Mummy did sometimes, so I felt super naughty telling Nicole, “Lick my cunt.”

There was no lovemaking, just hot, sweaty fucking right from the start. My pussy had never been used so roughly before, and I loved every minute. It was a very different kind of sex, something I’d experienced only briefly with Mum and the others, but never so intense as what I did with Nicole and Lottie that day. When Mum asked me what it was like, I had a hard time putting it into words. I was only ten, after all! Now, it’s much easier for me to describe the feelings I have when sex gets hot, wild and unrestrained.

Near my old house there was a park, with a long steep hill. I used to lie at the top facing sideways down the hill. Then Mum and Lilly would all give me a shove and I’d roll down the slope. About halfway down I’d build up such momentum that I couldn’t stop, just had to keep everything tucked in and enjoy the ride. It was scary as hell, but thrilling too. That’s what it felt like with Nicole and Lottie. From the moment Henri practically delivered me to them, I was swept away in a torrent of raw lust. It was the first time I’d ever been taken in a forceful way without someone asking if I was okay every five minutes.

There’s a lot to be said for sweet, gentle lovemaking. Honestly, it’s still my favourite way to have sex. But there are times when a crazy passion takes hold of me, and that’s when I need to fuck and be fucked like an animal in heat.

By the time we were done, I had long since lost count of how many times I’d gotten off. Double digits, at least. No idea of the time, either, which was fast becoming the normal state of things for me. We laid down together, with me cuddling up to Nicole and resting my head on her lovely soft boobs. Lottie snuggled up behind me, her warm body fitting right into mine. It was double cuddle bliss, but I was so exhausted I fell asleep right away.

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Unaccompanied Minor, Book Two, Chapter 10

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WARNING!: Dear Readers, near the end of this chapter you will find a link to a deleted scene. Both Trish and I felt it was important to write this scene, but in order to be compliant with the rules and regulations of Juicy Secrets in regards to heterosexual sex scenes, I chose to remove it from the chapter and hide it in a dark and dusty corner of our archives with the above-mentioned link as the only portal to it.

Rest assured though, that this chapter reads as well without the scene as it does with it, so do not feel obligated to read the deleted scene if you wish not to.

Amanda Lynn


By Amanda Lynn

Soft moans drew Trish from her sleep. She opened one eye to take a look, though she already knew what she would see. The cousins were well into their early morning sex play, with Gabby on top grinding her hips into Kat. It was no secret that those two loved to start their day with some sexy fun.

Trish smiled and closed her eyes again. She knew sleep wouldn’t come but that was okay. The arm draped around her waist moved, the hand sliding up to cup her breast. Soft kisses on her neck soon followed.

She sighed contentedly. Monica’s body was snuggled up behind her. Soft breasts pushed against Trish’s back. She’d been exhausted when they’d finally gone to bed the night before, and they had slept like this until morning, with Monica the big spoon and Trish the little.

After her afternoon of mind-blowing sex with Keesha, Trish had met up with the gang just as they arrived at the dining hall. Monica and Gabby knew that she’d been with Kat for the hike, but naturally had no idea of her tumble into the mud hole. So, when Kat made a playful jab about Trish not looking like a mud monster anymore, it sparked many questions from the other two girls.

“You should have seen her,” Kat said with a snort. “She was covered in mud from head to toe. I don’t think there was a clean spot on her.”

Trish blushed and explained how she took the fall then returned to camp to shower and change.

After they had piled food on their plates and carried their trays to a table, Gabby said, “Wait, I thought the showers were out of order all day today?”

Trish looked up from her plate of pasta. Three pairs of eyes were peering at her questioningly. She smiled and tilted her head from one side to the other. “Maybe not all the showers…”

“And what does that mean?” Monica asked.

Trish grinned. “Ask me later when we’re alone in the cabin.”

The three friends exchanged puzzled glances then looked back at Trish. Gabby opened her mouth as if to protest but seemed to think better of it. They finally all nodded in silent agreement, then returned to their meals and a different conversation.

When the cabin door closed later that evening, Trish knew all eyes would be on her, expecting answers to the shower question. So she told them. She told them every detail of what had happened between her and Keesha. In the shower, and on the bed. And by the time she’d finished the story, each girl in her audience was trying hard not to show her heightened state of arousal.

“Well, holy crap!” Gabby said, “She fucked your ass? And you came?”

Trish nodded. A blush climbed up her neck, but she grinned brightly at each of them. Monica wore an astonished expression, but she flashed what Trish was sure was a genuine smile, which was a relief. Even though Monica had reassured her that she was okay with Trish exploring sex with others, Trish still felt a bit guilty when she chose to act upon it.

Gabby stood and peeled off her shirt. “I don’t know about you guys, but that little tale has got me all hot and horny. Anyone else wanna get naughty?” She swung the shirt around and gyrated her hips, pointing at each of her friends in turn as she did her best stripper act.

Kat called up a song on her phone for Gabby to perform to, and they all laughed and clapped, shouting catcalls as she stripped. It didn’t take much for the rest of them to get caught up in the moment, and soon, they were all stripping. As they danced around, it became more suggestive, more erotic. Soon, hands were roaming over bodies. Breasts were squeezed and nipples were pinched, asses grabbed, and pussies teased.

Trish had thought she’d had enough sex for one day, but… Well, almost enough. She pulled Monica into an embrace and kissed her with ardor.

“I want you,” was all she said as she pushed Monica down onto the bed. Trish crawled on top of her stepsister and made love to her. She didn’t care about her own release—she’d had plenty of that in the afternoon. She simply wanted to give pleasure, to show Monica just how much she meant to her. Trish gave her stepsister a couple of toe-curling orgasms, as had been her plan, but Monica wouldn’t let the favor go unreturned. After all the day’s sex, Trish was surprised at the intensity of her climax, coming just as hard as she had with Keesha. There was just something special about Monica that really got her going. Finally, beyond spent, Trish had settled into Monica’s arms and they had drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

Trish had to admit that Kat and Gabby had the right idea with their morning fun. She wasn’t sure if it was the finger that was teasing her clit or the muffled sounds of orgasm from across the room that triggered her own, but it sure was a nice way to wake up. She moaned softly into her pillow as a pleasant warmth washed over her. She lay there, eyes closed and content, not caring about anything else at that moment. That is until the banging of drawers drew her from her climax-induced torpor.

“Where in the fuck…”

Trish squinted through one eye in the direction of the curse. She was rewarded with a view of Kat’s naked ass. The girl was rummaging through her chest of drawers looking for… something. Trish had no idea what could be important enough to warrant all this agitation—not to mention the noise.

“What are you looking for?” Gabby asked as she stretched, then yawned.

“My favorite panties! You know. The pink ones with the swirly pattern,” Kat whined while making a twisty motion in the air with her finger.

“Oh, yeah! I remember those. They’re cute,” Gabby said, pulling on her underwear. “Maybe there was a panty raid last night while we slept and we missed it.”

“Panty raid? Like what? Someone sneaks in and steals our panties?” Trish asked. She and Monica were out of bed now and gathering up their things for a quick trip to the shower before breakfast.

“Pretty much, yeah. But I kinda doubt that’s what happened here,” Monica said with a chuckle.

“Ah-ha!” Kat announced triumphantly, waving the pair of wayward panties in the air. “Found them!”

“I rest my case.” Monica grinned.

With Kat’s panties secured, the four friends made their way to the showers. After placing their belongings on benches, they stripped down, then picked the first four showerheads on the adjacent wall.

“I was thinking,” Kat said as she lathered up, “it’s the last full day of camp and Trish here hasn’t even been properly initiated yet.”

“Ya know, you’re right,” Gabby said as she dipped her head under the spray.

Trish glanced from Kat and Gabby on her right to Monica on her left, who was nodding and grinning mischievously, strangely enough. Initiated? What the hell did that mean? If she were Spider-Man, her Spidey senses would probably be tingling right now.

“Initiated?” Trish asked.

“I agree. There should be some sort of initiation,” Monica added, seemingly ignoring Trish and her question.

“What do ya think it should be?” Gabby asked.

“I’m not sure. Something daring, for sure,” Kat replied.

“Yeah, but not too hard,” Monica added.

“But do you think she’d even do it?” Gabby said.

“I don’t know. What do you think, Monica?” Kat asked.

“Not sure. Maybe?”

Trish’s head felt like it was on a swivel as she shifted her gaze from one friend to the next as they spoke. “Hey! I’m standing right here.”

They all looked her way. Kat tilted her head from one side to the other as if sizing her up, then turned off her shower and strolled over to the bench for her towel. “Do you think you could handle an initiation, Trish?” she asked as she casually dried herself.

“What sort of initiation?” Trish replied as she and the others also grabbed their towels to dry off.

“Nuh-uh.” Gabby wagged a finger. “Not until you agree to follow through with it.”

“That’s the way it works,” Monica said with a shrug when Trish gave her a questioning look.

“Doesn’t really seem fair,” Trish protested.

“So, will ya do it? Or are you going to chicken out?” Kat asked teasingly.

Trish frowned as she dressed. She could say no, but then they would think she was chicken, and she couldn’t have that. Besides, whatever initiation they dreamt up couldn’t be that bad. Could it?

“I don’t like it. But okay. I’ll do it,” Trish said reluctantly.

“Good!” Kat said, “This is what I was thinking.” She paused as she pulled on her top. “Gabby mentioned a panty raid earlier, so let’s send Trish on one.”

“Yeah, great idea!” Gabby said.

“You want me to take someone’s panties?” Trish asked. Technically, she would be stealing the panties, but the thrill at the thought of doing it and getting away overrode that detail.

“Not just anyone’s,” Kat said, grabbing her stuff and leading them all toward the door, “you need to get us a pair of panties from the Barbies.”

Trish’s step faltered. “What?” Whose they were shouldn’t make a difference. Panties were panties. But nabbing them from one of the Barbies seemed like it was extra risky for some reason.

“Yup, the Barbies,” Kat confirmed.

“Maybe doing it during lunch would be the best time. They’ll be busy eating, so less chance of getting caught,” Monica suggested

Trish nodded. Monica was probably right. She would wait until she saw the Barbies in the dining hall, then she could sneak out, go to their cabin, search the first set of drawers she came upon, grab the panties, and get out. Easy peasy. “Okay,” Trish agreed, “lunchtime it is.”


The morning zipped by and the closer the clock came to noon, the tighter the knots in Trish’s stomach became. She was excited, but also so nervous that the usually wonderful aroma of lunchtime in the dining hall made her nauseous.

Trish and her friends chose a table close to the door. Monica, Kat, and Gabby ate while Trish picked at her food. She glanced from the door to the table where the Barbies typically sat, wondering when the blondes would arrive. A hand touched hers and she glanced up. Monica gave her a squeeze and smiled.

“Relax, Trish. It’ll be fine,” Monica reassured her.

“I know. Just a little nervous, I guess.”

“If you don’t want to…”

“No. I do.” Trish gave Monica her best smile.

“Well, then it’s showtime,” Monica said, nodding toward the door as all four of the Barbies entered.

Trish eyed them and swallowed. “Okay, wish me luck,” she said as she stood.

“You got this,” Monica said.

“Good luck,” Gabby and Kat said in unison.

Once outside, Trish stopped for a second, took a deep breath, and looked around for any potential witnesses. She dashed across the compound to cabin 10, pausing at the door. One more glance around then she pushed the door open and stepped inside.

Closing the door behind her, she let out a breath. The layout of the cabin was the same as hers, no surprise there. The tops of the dressers were cluttered with makeup and other beauty items, and several articles of clothing lay strewn about on the beds and floor. Not the neatest of girls. They were probably used to having a maid or someone like that to pick up after them. She began creeping forward on tiptoes, before realizing how ridiculous that was. Snorting at her own silliness, she hurried over to the first chest of drawers and pulled open the top one.

Bingo! This drawer contained several pairs of bikini briefs, along with boy shorts and socks. She snatched up a pair of bikini briefs and turned to go… then paused. She should hurry out, she knew that, but curiosity got the better of her. She had no idea whose panties she had just taken, and it didn’t really matter, but secretly, she wanted to get a pair of Alexis’ underwear. Something about that particular Barbie had sparked her interest. It could have been the smile during their brief encounter at the beach, or maybe it was just that she’d looked particularly sexy when Trish saw her naked with Veronica. Either way, she wanted Alexis’ panties. Maybe if she looked through all the dressers, she could figure out whose was whose.

Trish placed the underwear on top of the dresser and moved on. Her next searches revealed much the same contents. Generic girls’ underwear. When she reached the last chest of drawers, though, she just knew it belonged to Alexis. Mainly because there was a family photo of the girl with two adults, her parents most likely, in a gold frame on top of it. Also, “To Alexis. Love, Mom and Dad” was engraved at the bottom.

“Jackpot!” she whispered then pulled open the drawer and peered in. The collection of panties and socks were like that of the other girls in the cabin, though Alexis did seem to have a few sexier frilly pairs. She reached in to take the pink silky ones when her fingers encountered something hard hidden under the pile of underwear. Curious, she pushed the clothes aside and her eyes went wide at what she saw.

The mystery object was long and purple and shaped like a… penis. “Oh. My. God,” Trish whispered. She snatched up the pink panties and shoved them into her pocket, then pulled the item from the drawer. She held the dildo in both hands, studying it. Trish wrapped a hand around its girth and slowly stroked it up and down, feeling the bumps and ridges that closely mimicked that of an actual human penis. Would Kat’s brother feel like this? she wondered.

The sound of a throat being cleared behind her made Trish jump. Whirling around, she stared in wide-eyed disbelief at the owner of the panties peeking out of her pocket and the purple sex toy she’d hurriedly hid behind her back.

Alexis stood just inside the doorway, frowning, her arms crossed over her chest. Her eyes were narrow slits that seemed to bore into Trish.

“What the fuck are you doing in my cabin!” Alexis looked Trish up and down, her gaze stopping on the bit of frilly pink material sticking from Trish’s pocket. “And is that my underwear?” She pointed at the panties.

“I… um… I…” Trish stammered. Her heart pounded in her chest and she suddenly felt ill.

Alexis closed the distance between them and snatched the underwear from Trish. “And what are you hiding behind your back?” she demanded.

Trish swallowed, hesitant to reveal the sex toy. But she’d been caught and there was no escaping it. Slowly, Trish brought her arm forward and held up the dildo while lowering her gaze to the floor. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to…” she mumbled.

“Oh my God! You little perv!” Alexis said, snatching the dildo from Trish’s hand.

Trish snapped her head up to meet the blonde’s eyes. “Me? It’s your dildo!” she challenged indignantly. Up close, she noticed just how pretty this Barbie was. Alexis’s blonde hair was pulled back in a cute ponytail and her big blue eyes shone despite her current mood. Or maybe because of it. As scary as she was, the girl looked hot when angry.

Alexis opened her mouth to retort but apparently couldn’t think of anything. “Fine,” she finally huffed, pushing past Trish to place the dildo and panties back in the drawer then closing it none too gently.

Trish stood rooted to her spot, unsure whether she should run or not. The panic and sick feeling in her stomach were fading away. When Alexis turned back to Trish, she didn’t appear to be as upset as she’d been a moment ago. Hopefully, that was a good sign.

“So,” Alexis said, “you said you didn’t mean to. You didn’t mean to what? Walk into my cabin and rummage through my drawers and shove my panties in your pocket?”

“No… yes… I mean…” Trish took a breath and released it. “My friends dared me to take a pair of panties from one of you guys. Said it was an initiation.” Trish explained, using air quotes on the last word. She wasn’t going to mention that she intentionally sought out Alexis’ undies. “I accidentally found the dildo. I was just looking at it ‘cause I’ve never seen one before when you walked in.”

Alexis pondered that for a moment and simply said, “I see.” She went to the bed and sat down. “Usually, initiations are done at the beginning of camp, ya know.”

“I guess,” Trish replied.

Alexis looked up at Trish and smiled at her. “Say, what’s your name?”


“I’m Alexis, but you probably knew that, seeing how you were swiping my panties.”

“Yeah, and the picture kinda gave it away, too,” Trish said and pointed at the framed photo.

The pretty blonde laughed and nodded. “You’re in the cabin with that Kat girl, right?”

“Uh-huh,” she replied, feeling much more relaxed now.

“Is it true she’s doing her brother?” Alexis asked matter-of-factly.

Trish was taken aback. That was kind of a strange question to be asking, and one she didn’t feel comfortable answering. “Um, I wouldn’t know,” Trish replied even though she did know better. “I only met her at the beginning of camp.”

“Right.” Alexis didn’t speak again for several moments, seeming lost in thought. “Trish, you’re not going to tell anyone about the dildo, are you? Like any of the counselors or anything.”

Trish quirked an eyebrow. That was a strange thing to say considering the naughtiness Alexis and the other Barbies were up to with Veronica. “Sure, but—”

“Good. I mean, I’m sure most of us girls are having sex here at camp, but probably not with…” Alexis pointed toward the drawer with the dildo, “you know.”


“Have you been getting any, Trish?” Alexis asked softly.

“Huh?” Trish replied, the question taking her by surprise. She felt the blush climb up her neck when Alexis placed two fingers in the shape of a V in front of her mouth and flicked her tongue up and down between them, the meaning crystal clear.

Trish smiled shyly and nodded. “Um, yeah, I guess,” she said, not sure why she even answered.

“You guess? I’d think you’d know if you were. But anyway, I’ll take that as a yes.” Alexis chuckled then went to her dresser drawer and took out the pink panties from earlier.

Trish watched in fascination as Alexis went back to where she had been sitting and pushed her shorts and underwear down. Her breath caught and her eyes went wide as she stared at Alexis’ slit. It was nearly bald except for a small square patch of blonde hair on her mons. What the hell was happening? Alexis freed the garments from her sneaker-clad feet and tossed them on the bed. Next, she slipped on the pink panties that Trish had intended to swipe earlier.

With the sexy undies in place, Alexis slinked over to Trish. “Can I tell you a little secret?”

“S-sure.” Trish’s heart rate had picked up again and she felt a familiar tingle between her legs.

“I think you’re really cute. As a matter of fact, I’ve kinda had the hots for you since camp started.”

Trish stared at Alexis, unblinking for several seconds before she finally found her voice. “Really?” she asked in total disbelief. She hadn’t harbored the slightest idea that Alexis even knew she was alive, and now she was completely baffled that the girl seemed to be interested in her. “Seriously?”

“Uh-huh.” Alexis gently took Trish by the arm and sat her down on the bed. “Here’s what I was thinking. I’ll give you my panties for your initiation, but… Wouldn’t it be more interesting if you gave your friends a pair of wet ones that had a naughty little story to go along with them?” Alexis grinned down at her and waggled her eyebrows.

“Um, okay,” Trish said as she sat eye level with the sexy blonde’s panty-covered sex. Was this going where she thought it was? Her pussy thought so if the dampness she felt was any indication.

Alexis took Trish’s hand and rubbed the palm over her sex. “See, I’m not wet yet,” she said, letting Trish’s hand go and getting to her knees. “But if you were to let me eat that pretty little cunt of yours, I’d get super wet. Whaddya say?”

The jolt that shot from her core at those words made Trish jerk. Did Alexis just say that? She wanted to lick Trish’s pussy. Holy crap! Should she let her? The idea sure was tempting, but Trish didn’t know Alexis at all. Then again, she hadn’t known Daisy very well either, or even Kat for that matter, before they’d had sex. Alexis was definitely hot and Trish probably wouldn’t get another chance like this. She was just about to agree, but before the words were even out of her mouth, she felt Alexis already pulling down her shorts—and her panties along with them!

Trish watched Alexis push her legs apart, her excitement growing by the second. The pretty blonde wasted no time before diving in. Trish gasped at the first swipe of Alexis’s tongue, then she let herself fall back on the bed as the next few flicks drew a long moan from her lips.

Alexis licked and sucked and licked some more. Her tongue swirled around, chased Trish’s clit, plunged into her opening. After several minutes of heavenly torment, a finger pushed deep inside Trish, making her hips buck in response.

Alexis then moved onto the bed beside Trish and kissed her. Their tongues danced together for a long moment while Alexis’s hand kept pushing Trish’s pleasure to greater heights.

“Finger me, too. Finish me off,” Alexis panted.

Trish moved into a better position, quickly finding Alexis’ panties, and shoving her hand inside. Alexis was wet now. So very wet. Finding the blonde’s clit, she began to rub.

“No,” Alexis moaned, “finger fuck me.”

Trish obeyed, slipping two fingers into Alexis’ sopping cunt and pumping them fast and deep. It was such a turn-on to make this girl, normally so composed and full of herself, cry out in ecstasy—which only added to Trish’s rapidly building climax. Soon, they were fucking each other in rhythm, matching stroke for stroke, both of them hot, sweaty, and breathing hard. Then, within moments, they were both carried away by an intense orgasm.

They collapsed, panting and boneless. It took a while before either had the strength to move. It was Alexis who was the first to rise. She stood and peeled off the now sufficiently soaked panties and held them out. She looked both silly and sexy, standing there in a tee-shirt, sneakers, and nothing else. “There, I think these will impress your friends.” Alexis’s grin was wide, and Trish couldn’t help but smile back.

Trish stood up as well and accepted the undies. “Thanks,” she said, “for these and… um, the orgasm.” She gave Alexis a quick kiss on the lips then found her shorts and pulled them on.

“My pleasure. It’s a pity we didn’t hook up earlier. I think you’d like my roomies. I’m sure they would’ve enjoyed you.” Alexis gave her a mischievous grin as she put her own clothes back on.

Trish wasn’t sure what to make of that statement. Picturing herself being part of the sex film with the Barbies and Veronica, she smiled at Alexis as she folded the pink panties and slipped them into her pocket. “Yeah, too bad. It could’ve been fun.”

They stood in awkward silence for a moment. “Well, I should get going,” Trish added. “My friends are probably wondering what happened to me.”

“Right. Sure. See ya at the bonfire tonight, then?” Alexis offered as Trish made her way to the door.

“Yeah, tonight.” Trish gave a quick wave then made her way outside, where she walked right into Brittany, Mercedes, and Tiffany. The other three Barbies stopped and stared at her with suspicious eyes, but Trish, still coming down off the orgasm-induced high, was in too good of a mood to be worried about what they thought. She smiled at them, gave another friendly wave then headed back to cabin 7.

Trish’s stomach growled as she entered the cabin. She was now regretting her earlier decision to skip lunch. Not surprisingly, Monica, Kat, and Gabby were waiting for her.

“Well, it’s about time,” Kat said, “we were starting to think you walked to the nearest Walmart to buy a pair of panties.”

Trish and the other girls laughed. True enough, she had been gone a lot longer than she should have been, but it had definitely been worth it. Moving to where the girls sat on the beds, Trish pulled the panties from her pocket and held them up for all to see. “Ta-da!” she said triumphantly.

Kat was the first to take them from her. Trish grinned as she watched her friend inspect Alexis’s panties, running a finger and thumb over the crotch material. She rubbed those fingers together and looked up at Trish, puzzled. “These are wet.” Kat held the pink panties to her face and took a sniff. She pulled them away, studied them some more, then smelled them again before handing them to Gabby, who repeated the process.

“They are wet!” Gabby confirmed, then gave them to Monica in turn for her inspection.

“And they smell like…” Monica took another sniff, “pussy.”

Trish’s grin grew even bigger as all three of her friends looked at her questioningly. Then she got distracted when she spied a plastic-wrapped sandwich on a nearby dresser. “Oh, is that for me?” she asked, abruptly changing the subject.

Monica grabbed the sandwich but held it out of arm’s reach. “Yes, but not before you explain about these,” she said, holding up the panties.

“What?” Trish said playfully. “You asked for panties and that’s what I got.”

“Unless whoever these belong to came in them moments before you put them in your pocket, they shouldn’t be this wet or smell this strong,” Gabby pointed out.

Trish shrugged. “That sounds about right. Now can I have the sandwich, please? I’m starving.”

“Okay,” Monica said, “but we want the details of what exactly happened.”

The three girls listened, mouths agape, as Trish explained around bites of sandwich the events that led to her getting Alexis’ freshly cum-soaked panties.

“I think we may have created a monster,” Monica said jokingly to Kat and Gabby afterward.

“Hey now,” Trish protested, tossing her crumpled sandwich wrapper at Monica.

They all laughed then headed outside to meet up with the other campers. There were some fun activities, camp clean-up, and a barbeque planned before the big bonfire that would end their last night at Camp Witchatic.


The main area of the camp was a hive of activity and laughter filled the air. Some girls were tossing softballs and frisbees around while others waited for the next batch of hotdogs and hamburgers to be ready. Two large barbeques had been set up outside the dining hall, and Veronica and the other counselors were preparing the food, the aroma of hots and hams wafting across the campground.

Keesha stood behind the table with condiments and greeted Trish with a warm smile when she approached. They exchanged a few words in hushed tones, the lifeguard hinting at the fun they’d had in her cabin the other day and subtly eluding to a possible encore. When Trish blushed, Keesha chuckled and gave her a playful wink before moving on to help the next girl in line.

A few minutes later, Trish popped the last of her hotdog into her mouth and wiped her face with a napkin. “These were awesome,” Trish said to Monica as she tossed her napkin into the trash.

“Yeah, they really were,” Monica agreed.

“Hi, Trish. Hi, Monica,” a familiar voice greeted them.

They turned as Daisy and another girl approached. Trish had seen this other girl around but didn’t know much about her other than the fact that she was one of Daisy’s cabinmates and her name was Julie. “Hi, guys,” Trish and Monica both replied.

“Julie, this is Trish and her step-sister, Monica. The ones I told you about,” Daisy said in way of introduction. Julie’s face lit up upon hearing that and gave them a bright smile.

“I’ve been teaching Julie about the camp nickname, if you know what I mean,” Daisy said in a whisper.

Trish chuckled. “That’s awesome. Welcome to the club, Julie.”

Julie immediately blushed bright red. “T-thanks.”

“Julie just told me that her family bought a new house only a couple of blocks from my place. They’ll be moving in at the end of the month, and Julie will be going to my school in the fall!” Daisy said excitedly.

“Even better!” Trish said. “You two will be able to have all sorts of naughty fun, then.”

Daisy and Julie giggled and seemed to vibrate with excitement. “Well, we’re gonna go get some hotdogs before they’re all gone,” Daisy said, then with a wave, they were gone.

Gabby and Kat jogged over and joined them. “You guys wanna toss the frisbee around for a bit?” Gabby asked, holding up the red plastic disk.

“Sure, let’s go,” Monica replied.

As they headed toward an open area suitable for their game, they passed Alexis and crew standing nearby. Trish gave a friendly wave, which Alexis returned as she headed toward them.

“Hey there,” Alexis said in greeting.

“Hi,” Trish replied. The other six girls exchanged inquisitive looks and small smiles but said nothing.

“These are your cabin mates?” Alexis asked.

“Uh-huh. This is Monica, Gabby, and Kat,” Trish pointed to each girl as she introduced them. She noticed all four of the blondes looking Kat up and down from head to toe and wondered if they were doing it consciously or not.

Alexis grinned. “Yes, I definitely think the eight of us could have had some fun together. It’s really too bad camp is over, huh?” Before Trish could reply, Alexis glanced over to where the barbecues were. “Oh, Veronica is waving us over. Gotta go. It was nice running into you again, Trish.” And with that, the four blondes hurried off.

“What the fuck was that?” Kat huffed. “The way they looked at me. I felt like a piece of meat.”

“I’m not sure,” Trish fibbed. She was quite sure it was because of Kat’s rumored incestuous activities with her brother. “I wouldn’t worry about it, though. Now let’s go toss that frisbee around.”

They had been at it for a while when Kat stopped and pulled her phone from her pocket. She looked at it for a minute then put it away and hurried over to Trish.

“My brother is at the boathouse, setting up. Are you still interested in doing this?” Kat asked.

Trish’s stomach flip-flopped with nervous excitement. She glanced at Monica and Gabby, who had joined them. “Yeah, I’m ready,” she said. Trish saw a concerned look on Monica’s face and wondered if she was having second thoughts about it.

“You’re going to be there the whole time, right?” Monica asked Kat.

“The whole time, yes.”

“And you’ll make sure he stops if Trish tells him to?” Monica continued.

Kat nodded. “You have my word. Trish will be in complete control.”

“And he’ll wear a condom?”

Kat chuckled. “Yes, Monica,” she said, her tone growing indulgent. “He has condoms and I have condoms, so no worries.”

Trish was touched by Monica’s concern for her wellbeing. She watched Monica study Kat for a moment longer, then finally her stepsister turned to her and smiled.

“Okay then. Have fun, and remember you can stop anytime.”

Trish grinned. “Thanks, Monica. I’m glad you’re looking out for me,” she said, giving Monica’s arm a squeeze. “Okay, Kat. Lead the way.”


About an hour after they’d left, Trish and Kat snuck back into the camp area, keeping an eye out for anyone who might grow suspicious of their whereabouts. But the counselors were busy setting up the pile of logs and kindling for the bonfire that would start as soon as it was dusk, so no one paid them any attention. Tables had also been set up close by with fixings for S’mores.

Trish noticed Monica and Gabby chatting with a group of girls, but as soon as she caught Monica’s eye, her stepsister hurried over to meet her.

“Hey there,” Monica said hesitantly, “how’d it go?”

Trish shrugged. “It was okay. I mean, it felt pretty weird at first, but… it did get a lot better. Mark, Kat’s brother, was nice and made sure everything was okay and stuff. Kat was there the whole time, too, and joined in.”

“He didn’t hurt you, though. Right?” Monica asked.

“No. He got a bit rough at one point when we did it doggy style, but it was nothing I couldn’t handle,” Trish explained.

“Are you sure?”

Trish laughed. “Honestly, Monica. You’ve been rougher.”

Monica gave her a look then laughed, too. “So… do you think you’ll want to do that again?”

“Not sure. I was curious and I’m glad I did it. It was fun, but… y’know, overall, I’d say girls are better. I think I might stick with ‘em.”

They exchanged grins, then linked arms and strolled over to where Gabby and Kat were standing. Soon the bonfire would start, and they would all sing songs and eat their fill of S’mores. Trish had told Monica the truth about sticking to girls, but her time with Mark and Kat would be something she would never forget.

Being their last night at camp, Trish and her friends returned to their cabin later than usual. The ensuing group sex was tame for them, mostly kissing and petting, as Trish was still spent from earlier. Monica and Gabby were a bit more energetic but slowed things down after they’d each come. Soon, they pulled apart and went to their usual beds: Kat and Gabby in one, and Trish curled up in Monica’s arms in the other.


The next morning, they were all allowed to sleep in a bit longer. After breakfast, the campers turned in their bedclothes then waited in their cabins for a quick inspection for any damages that may have happened during their stay.

Afterward, the counselors gathered everyone together for a last goodbye and to give each of them a framed souvenir camp photo, taken on their second day there. Once farewells to new friends had been said and eyes had been dried, they boarded their busses for the trip home.

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Unaccompanied Minor, Book Two, Chapter 3

  • Posted on April 19, 2021 at 2:00 pm

By Amanda Lynn

With her morning orgasm a pleasant memory, Trish sat up and rested her back against the headboard. The cool air touched her bare chest and tickled her nipples back to attention. Trish glanced down at her naked torso and grinned at the tiny mounds that were developing into boobs. She couldn’t wait to show Monica.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow was the day. She would be flying to Edmonton for a four-week visit at her dad and stepmom’s place. But best of all, tomorrow night, Monica would be teasing and playing with Trish’s tiny boobs with her mouth. Trish groaned at the thought as a flash of pleasure shot from her core. She had stuff she needed to get done today, and she should be getting up…  But instead, Trish slipped a hand under the sheet and touched herself again. Another little jolt. Yeah, she had time to rub out one more come.

Trish played with herself, and the pressure grew. She thought about seeing Monica tomorrow. About touching her naked body, sucking her nipples, and licking that beautiful pussy. She was close. So close, in fact, that when there came a knock on the door, its meaning didn’t register. And then everything seemed to move in slow motion. Trish turned her head and watched the door open, as her mother stepped inside.

For the longest moment, her thoughts jumbled. The endorphin levels in her brain were in control, and they didn’t care about a spectator this close to orgasm. Fortunately—or not—the endorphins were countered by a sudden rush of adrenaline, replacing her desire to orgasm with a desire to hide.

Trish grabbed the sheet that she had pushed down to her knees and yanked it up to her chin. She felt a warm flush on her cheeks, but it was now from embarrassment rather than arousal. She stared, horrified, at her mother, who stood like a statue, eyes wide and mouth hanging open, still gripping the doorknob.

Neither of them spoke. Trish’s heart pounded in her chest as she sat there, her knees pulled to her chest. When her lip started to quiver and tears rolled down her cheek, her mother’s expression softened. The shocked surprise changed to caring and understanding.

Stacey moved quickly to the bed and sat beside Trish, pulling her into a warm hug. “Oh, sweetie. Don’t cry.”

Her mother’s voice was soft, and her embrace comforting. They stayed like that for a few moments, her mother gently rocking them back and forth. Then Stacey pulled back, and Trish looked up and saw the smile on her face. It made her feel better.

“Are you okay?” Stacey asked.

Trish nodded then looked away. “I… I’m sorry,” she said.

Her mother’s fingers gently lifted her chin back up, and Trish met her eyes. “You have nothing to be sorry for, sweetheart. I’m the one who’s sorry. I shouldn’t have just walked in like that. I knocked, but I should have waited for you to say it was okay. I didn’t mean to embarrass you like I did.”

“You’re…you’re not mad?” Trish sniffed.

“No, my sweet girl. I’m not mad. You did nothing wrong.”

Stacey shifted on the bed and took a breath then slowly released it. Something moved across her face that Trish couldn’t read. She watched her mother intently as she glanced from her to the window and back.

“Mom. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, baby.” She sighed again. “I’ve wanted to have a talk with you about something, and now seems like as good a time as any.”

“About what, Mom?”

“About sex, Trish.”

The heat rose to her face again, and she wanted to pull the sheet up over her head and hide. Her mother’s soft chuckle and a reassuring hand on her knee helped her relax.

“I’ll try not to embarrass you too much, sweetheart, but it is important.” Stacey gave her a playful wink then continued. “You know how babies are made, right? Penis and vagina, sperm, and eggs?”

“Moooom!” She may have been naive when it came to sex, but she did understand the basic mechanics of it.

“Okay, okay.” Stacey held a hand up. “I had to be sure.”

Trish listened as her mother talked about masturbation, explained about birth control, and discussed the risks inherent in unprotected sex.

“Do you have any questions so far, honey?” her mother asked.

She had been a little uncomfortable at first, listening to her mother talk about masturbation. But when Stacey had explained that she had started masturbating when she was younger than Trish was now and that she still did it, Trish relaxed. The rest of the information she found interesting, though a bit scary.

“No. I don’t think so,” Trish replied honestly.

“Okay.” Stacey paused for a moment. “Do you know what homosexuality is?”

Trish eyed her mother for a second. “Yes. Isn’t that when a girl likes having sex with other girls, or a boy likes having sex with other boys?”

“Well, there is more to it than that, but you’re close enough for now. When two girls like each other that way, they typically identify as lesbian. When it’s two boys, they are said to be gay, even though that word can refer to both sexes.” Stacey waved a hand as she seemed to realize she was straying from the point she wanted to make. “Anyway, I want to make sure that you understand that it’s perfectly normal and natural to want to be with someone of the same sex.”

“Yes, Mom. I knew that already.” Trish replied, wondering what her mother was getting at.

“And I will love you no matter who you choose to be with. Okay?”

“Okay…” Trish was starting to freak a bit. Where was this coming from?

“Trish, I know about you and Cindy.”

Her heart leaped into her throat, and a wave of panic washed through her. “What do you mean? What do you know about?” Trish squeaked.

“Relax, Trish. It’s alright. I know you two had sex, and it’s okay.” Her mother gave her another reassuring smile.

“How…How do you know?” Trish’s stomach turned.

“It was an accident. I overheard you two the morning after your birthday.” Stacey shrugged and explained about being in the garden at the time.

“Oh man,” Trish groaned. “I’m sorry. But, really, you’re not mad?”

Stacey held her eyes for a moment. “I should be. And had it been a boy, I probably would have gone nuclear on him.” She chuckled and shook her head. “But… and this stays between you and me… I was a bit younger than you when I had lesbian sex for the first time.”

What? What was her mother saying? Was she telling Trish that she was a lesbian, or, what was that other term? Bi? Trish found this mind-blowing. Wow! She shook her head and looked at her mother. “Really? You like girls? But you married dad, had me.”

“That’s a story for another day. Getting back to you and Cindy, though. I’m not mad because I was young once, just like you, and had a girlfriend, too. Also, you’ve known Cindy for a long time. She’s a good girl, and I like her. I’m not worried about you getting yourself into any trouble… medically speaking.” Stacey winked at her.

Wow. This was so not how Trish had expected her morning to go. It was nuts. Her mother had given her permission to have sex with her best friend. Wow.

A thought occurred to her then. “Should I tell Cindy that you know about us?”

Her mother blushed. “No need. She already knows.”

“What! Really? How? Why didn’t she tell me?” Trish sputtered.

Trish listened as her mom explained about walking in on a naked Cindy, much like she had just done with Trish. How Stacey had talked with her and told her she knew and asked Cindy not to tell Trish before Stacey had a chance to.

“She was lying naked on the bed the whole time you talked?” Trish asked in disbelief.

Stacey nodded. “I think she was too scared to move.”

“You could have left the room,” Trish said incredulously. Strangely, though, the thought of her mother sitting there with a naked Cindy was a turn on. She couldn’t help but wonder if her mother had looked at Cindy’s body or maybe even touched her while they talked. A little jolt shot from her core. Trish would most definitely be talking to Cindy about this.

Stacey shrugged. “Yes, maybe I should have. She looked so worried. I had to let her know it was okay. And there was something else about it…”

“Something else?” Trish cocked her head, not understanding.

“Mmm.” Stacey nodded and looked away for a moment. “Cindy looked so cute lying there. It reminded me of when I was that age. Of the fun, I had with other girls.” She sighed. “I know it was wrong of me, but I couldn’t help myself.”

Her mother looked at her sheepishly, her cheeks turning scarlet. Trish felt her arousal grow as she pictured the scene. “Did you… want to have sex with her?” she asked in a soft voice, trying her best not to sound accusing.

Stacey paused for a moment. “If I had been 12-years-old. Maybe.”

Trish swallowed. She looked at her mother, letting her eyes wander. The tank top Stacey was wearing hugged her body and accentuated her breasts. It dipped low in the front, exposing a small hint of cleavage. Trish thought back to when she had walked in on Gwen, naked in the bathroom, and Gwen had let her touch her breasts. She wondered what her mother’s, slightly smaller ones, would feel like.

“Do I remind you of those other girls?” Trish asked hesitantly, then instantly wished she hadn’t.

Stacey didn’t say anything for a long while as she sat and picked at a fingernail. Finally, she looked up and caught Trish’s eyes. “Probably? I haven’t seen you naked since you started bathing on your own, and then just a few minutes ago…” Stacey gestured to the door. “When I walked in on you, I was surprised, and you moved so fast that I didn’t get a good look.”

“Oh.” Trish sounded disappointed. She was still sitting against the headboard, knees, and bedsheet at her chin.

“Scoot down and lay flat,” Stacey instructed.

Trish raised an eyebrow in question but complied with the request. She lay with her head on her pillow and her arms at her side. Butterflies were having a field day in her belly, and she felt the wetness well up between her legs. She swallowed again and watched her mother intently as she pinched the top of the sheet and gently pulled it down Trish’s body. Her skin prickled at the cool air of the room. Her shoulders, her collarbones came into view, then her tiny boobs with nipples that were already stiff. She felt her mother’s eyes on them and saw the grin that formed on her face.

Trish was nervous and excited. She didn’t know what her mother was going to do. Look at her, of course… but what else? She felt a little pang of disappointment when Stacey let the sheet rest just below her belly button, keeping the rest of Trish’s body hidden from view.

Stacey didn’t say anything, just smiled and brushed a few strands of hair from Trish’s face. Her finger traced a line over her forehead, across a cheekbone, and down to her lips. She drew a breath, not realizing she had been holding it when Stacey’s finger moved gently over her bottom lip.

“You are beautiful, sweetheart,” Stacey said. She leaned in and softly kissed Trish’s forehead, nose, then her lips. It wasn’t a sensual or sexual kiss—just a soft, gentle one. Still, Trish’s heart pounded in her chest. Her mother continued, tracing her finger down her neck, across her collarbone, then down her sternum. Stacey stopped and studied the small mounds on her chest for a painfully long moment.

“You’re becoming a young woman, Trish.” To Trish’s surprise, she caressed a nipple with her thumb. Trish twitched and unwittingly let out a soft moan. Stacey stopped and looked up at her. “They’re sensitive, aren’t they?”

Trish could only nod. Her voice failed her. What was happening? She was finding it harder to breathe. Her mother was touching her boobs, and it felt weird but also wonderful. Trish wondered—no, she hoped her mother wouldn’t stop her exploration. Hoped she would continue downward.

Trish soon realized she wouldn’t be disappointed when Stacey leaned in once again, only this time she didn’t kiss Trish on the lips, but instead on her nipple. Trish groaned again. Oh God. The pressure building between her legs was becoming unbearable. She balled her fists and gave a silent thank you when her mom pulled the rest of the sheet from her body. Stacey’s fingers moved across her belly to the nest of fine hair on her mons. She studied it for a moment and ran her fingers to her inner thigh. Trish felt her mother’s hand press against the opposite leg, and obediently she spread them open.

She watched her mother lick her lips at the same moment as she felt the gentle touch of a finger brush her folds. Stacey withdrew her hand, studied the wetness on it, and looked back at Trish. “You’re so wet,” Stacey said as if it was a surprise.

Trish nodded. “Please, Mom. Don’t stop. I’m gonna come.” Trish wasn’t sure where the bravery to confess her need to her mother had come from. Her plea seemed to startle Stacey, who suddenly had a confused look on her face, as if coming out of a trance. She looked at her sticky finger, down to her daughter’s sopping pussy, then up to Trish’s face.

“I can’t, sweetheart. It’s not right. I shouldn’t…”

“But, Mom. It feels so good. Please…” Trish whined. She was confused and a bit hurt.

“No, baby. I can’t.” Trish let her mother take her hand and place it on Trish’s throbbing clit. “You’ll have to finish yourself,” she said with a quiver in her voice.

“Mom?” she croaked.

“It’s okay, baby. Go ahead.”

If Trish had been confused before, she was even more so now. Her pussy still needed attention despite the turn of events. Trish began to rub, and the pressure built and peaked at once. The orgasm flashed through her body like a wildfire. She arched her back and cried out, twitching with each aftershock. When she could breathe again, she opened her eyes. Her mother was still there, a hand on her thigh.

“Are you okay, baby?” Stacey asked in a motherly tone.

“Yeah.” Trish smiled at her. Her mother may not have made her come, but she was there, and her touch had led to a great orgasm.

“Baby, I’m sorry. I don’t know what got into me.” Stacey did look remorseful, and it made Trish sad. “I shouldn’t have done that. Touched you like that, it was wrong.”

Trish sat up and hugged her mother. “Why is it wrong if it feels so good, and it’s something we both want? If you’re worried about someone finding out, I won’t tell. You can trust me.”

They sat quietly for a few moments, holding each other. Stacey slowly rubbed her back, and Trish loved the feel of her mother’s hands caressing her skin. Stacey pulled back after a moment and smiled at Trish.

Stacey’s eyes were soft, and her voice gentle. “Sweetheart, I do trust you, but that’s not it, and it’s not because you’re so young. It’s because you’re my daughter. Even if you were an adult, it wouldn’t be right. Please understand that.”

“Okay, Mom. I’m sorry.”

“You have absolutely nothing to be sorry for, baby.” Stacey pulled her into another hug and kissed her forehead. “Now, I am going to make breakfast. You go hop in the shower.”

“Pancakes?” Trish asked. She was still feeling disappointed and a bit confused but happy that her mother wasn’t angry with her for the whole sex-with-Cindy thing. Trish gave her mother a bright smile when she agreed to her choice of breakfast.

Once her mother had left and shut the door behind her, Trish looked down at her naked body. Her nipples were still erect, and the wetness of her pussy had left a visible spot on the sheet under her. Trish giggled, and she wondered what Monica would think about all this. Then another naughty thought occurred to her: What would have happened if Gwen had been the one to walk in on her, rather than her mother? As a pleasant warmth grew between her legs, she grabbed her robe and headed for the bathroom.


It was early afternoon when the doorbell rang. Trish jumped up from the sofa and rushed to the door, anxiously opening it. Cindy stood there, a small overnight bag in her hand. She wore a sleeveless light blue crop top, striped shorts, and a pair of sandals. Her smile was as big and bright as the one Trish knew she wore. Today would be the last time they’d see one another for the next four weeks. It would also be the last chance they would have to have sex, so they planned on spending the day—and night!—together. Tomorrow, Stacey would be taking Trish to the airport, and Cindy would tag along to say goodbye.

“Hey,” Trish said, holding the door open for Cindy as she let her eyes roam her best friend’s body.

“Hi, ya!” Cindy moved close and glanced around. Not seeing Stacey, she leaned in and kissed Trish square on the lips. “I can’t wait to get you naked tonight.” Cindy flashed her a mischievous grin.

Trish chuckled. “We have a few minutes. Mom just ran to the store to get something she forgot.” She grabbed Cindy’s hand and pulled her to the bedroom. Once there, Trish closed the door then led Cindy to the bed, pushing her onto her back and following her down. She quickly found Cindy’s mouth and kissed her, slowly at first, then more heatedly when Cindy’s thigh pressed between her legs.

Moaning against her friend’s mouth, Trish felt her excitement shoot up in a hurry. She wanted to keep things going at least a little longer, so she broke the kiss and moved down Cindy’s body, stopping for just a second to play with her tongue around her friend’s belly button.

Cindy giggled and panted. “Trish… that… tickles.”

Trish knelt on the floor, and with one quick movement, she pulled Cindy’s shorts and panties down and off. Cindy gasped, pushing herself up onto her elbows to watch what was about to happen. Trish smiled up at her wickedly as she pushed apart her friend’s legs—something she’d been thinking about since the talk with her mother. She knew their time was short before Stacey returned, so foreplay was not a possibility. She pushed a finger into Cindy and took her clit into her mouth. Cindy bucked in return, crying out. Trish sucked and licked, swirling her tongue around the sensitive bud.

Her tongue moved down through the folds, playing with and caressing the now wet flesh. Trish pulled her finger out and at once replaced it with her tongue. God, Cindy tasted good. Trish swirled and dipped her tongue as Cindy pushed her hips against her, pleading.

“Please, Trish. Don’t stop.” Cindy was breathing hard, whining for release.

Cindy’s fingers tangled in her hair, directing her back to her clit. Trish obliged, fingering Cindy’s vagina rapidly while taking her clit into her mouth once again. The result was nearly immediate. Cindy cried out. Her body stiffened for a moment then she collapsed. Trish stayed with her, removing her fingers but continuing to lick her tenderly until Cindy pulled her away.

She crawled up Cindy’s body and lay beside her, watching her friend as she pushed the hair from her face.

“Holy fuck,” Cindy whispered.

Trish smiled at her. “I’m glad you liked it.”

“Can I do you now?”

Trish unbuttoned her jeans then took Cindy’s hand, pushing it into her pants. She knew she wouldn’t last long, as turned on as she was, and once Cindy’s fingers found her throbbing clit, her orgasm built quickly. It only took Cindy slipping a finger inside for her to come hard. Trish squeezed her eyes shut and clamped Cindy’s hand between her legs as she rode out the waves of pleasure that tore through her.

They rested for a few moments afterward, as Trish caught her breath and recovered from the powerful orgasm. “Mom and I talked this morning,” she said casually after a minute or two. “She told me about hearing us the morning after my birthday.” Trish smiled when Cindy’s cheeks turned a light shade of pink. “And she told me that you already knew.”

“I… um…” Cindy stammered.

Trish chuckled “It’s okay. I know she asked you not to say anything.”

“Oh, okay. You’re not mad at me then?”

“Not at all,” Trish said as she buttoned up her pants. She stood and gathered Cindy’s shorts, handing them to her. “Did it feel weird, laying there naked while mom talked to you?”

Cindy blushed deeper. “Kinda,” she said, pulling on her shorts. “It was also… kind of a turn-on. I know, that sounds crazy.”

I bet it was, Trish thought. “She wants to have sex with you, ya know,” she said matter-of-factly, then laughed at the shocked look on Cindy’s face. “Okay, maybe that’s not entirely true. The 12-year-old her wants to screw you.”

“You’ll need to explain that,” Cindy croaked, looking very confused now.

Trish sat back on the bed and explained what her mother had said about Cindy being naked and reminding her of her youth, and that had she been 12 again, she would have fucked Cindy.

Cindy sat quietly beside her, listening, a smile climbing her face. “Wow,” she said when Trish finished. “Can I tell you something? But you have to promise not to get mad.”

Trish raised an eyebrow. “Okay.”

Cindy hesitated, biting her bottom lip. “Well, when your mom was talking to me, her hand was on my leg, rubbing it…”

“And…” Trish prompted.

Cindy swallowed. “When she stood to leave… I don’t know if it was an accident or not, but when she stood to leave, her hand brushed against my pussy.” Cindy’s face flushed red as she looked up at Trish then away. “It made me come.”

Trish stared at her for a moment, thinking about what had happened between herself and her mother that morning. Her mother had made her come too. Not directly, but she did, nonetheless. “Are you okay with it, Cindy? Are you mad at my mom?”

Cindy shook her head. “No. It was kinda exciting. I never felt uncomfortable or in any danger. It was a bit weird, I guess, but weird in a good way. You know what I mean?”

Oh yeah, she knew, she wondered if she should tell Cindy about what happened between her and her mother. No, she wasn’t ready to go there yet. Trish smiled instead. “Yeah, I think I do.” She took Cindy’s chin, turning her head, then kissed her. “And no, I’m not mad.”

Cindy smiled and kissed her back. Trish pulled her in close, and their tongues met, but before it had a chance to become heated, they heard the front door open. Pulling apart, they looked at each other and giggled.

“We should head downstairs,” Trish said.

“Yeah, you’re probably right.”

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Greenfield Tales, Chapter 5

  • Posted on January 18, 2021 at 3:46 pm

By JB West

For helpful information about this story’s main characters, please consult The Girls and Women of Greenfield Tales

Part 1 – The Truth

After a moment that felt like an eternity, Rachel and Deena broke their kiss, then came together in a loving embrace. As they held one another, Deena felt Rachel’s frame quiver, soon realizing that the woman was laughing.

In fact, Rachel was experiencing a joy such as she’d never known before. Her body felt light — almost weightless, like every burden she’d been carrying on her shoulders had suddenly been lifted from her. A warm, giddy feeling suffused every inch of her body, the entirety of her mind, the length and breadth of her soul. And the only way Rachel could express it was to laugh.

Rachel pulled away from Deena, arms still wrapped around the young woman’s waist as she looked into the eyes of her new love. Yes, love. Rachel could feel it and knew it was real. It scarcely seemed possible, as she’d only met Deena for the first time a day ago, but Rachel didn’t really care. She was in love with Deena and didn’t intend to deny it. In fact, she wanted to shout it from the mountain tops, wanted everyone everywhere to know her true feelings for Deena. Instead, she leaned in and placed a light, affectionate kiss on the lips of her new love, then turned her head to look at Cassidy.

“What did you do to me?” Rachel asked, unable to stop smiling.

“It’s hard to explain,” Cassidy replied. She glanced over at Kim, who was obviously just as curious as her sister about what had been done to them.

“A few minutes ago I was a — a mess of embarrassment and guilt — now, I can barely even remember what that felt like,” Rachel said, more serious now but still smiling. “How did you do it?”

“Whatever you did, it was amazing,” Kim chimed in. “I was crying my eyes out, the grief and guilt were killing me. But you made it go away like, like that!” She snapped her fingers.

Cassidy looked from one sister to the other. She wanted to say something, anything but was uncertain how to begin. Deena reached over, took Cassidy’s hand, and gave it a reassuring squeeze. “It’s okay,” she said. “You can tell them.”

Meeting Deena’s loving gaze, Cassidy was reminded for the millionth time why she loved her so intensely. She interlaced her fingers with Deena’s, holding her lover’s hand tightly. Cassidy knew that no matter what happened, no matter how Kim and Rachel reacted, Deena would be there for her.

Taking a moment to collect her thoughts, Cassidy began. “I’ve asked both of you to trust me and be honest about your feelings,” she said, looking at Kim, then Rachel. “Now I’m going to do the same for you. I’m about to tell you something that only three other people in the world know. I’m going to share my secret.”

Rachel and Kim both sat up a little straighter. They could tell from the change in Cassidy’s demeanor and the tone of her voice that this was a serious matter. This young woman had done something to alter their minds, the way they perceived and reacted to the world around them. They knew that fundamental aspects of who they were had been changed, but didn’t understand how.

“I call it ‘The Buzz’.” Cassidy began. “I was a young girl when I first noticed it. Somewhere around the ages of your girls, actually. It was faint at first, hardly noticeable, but as time went by the intensity of the sound increased.”

She felt Deena squeeze her hand again, urging her on.

“It was always there in the back of my head, a buzzing sound that wouldn’t go away. It wasn’t painful, nor did it cause headaches or anything like that. But the droning sound was always there. Inescapable.”

Cassidy noticed that Rachel and Kim both wore looks of concern — a natural reaction from any mother to a child in distress, she decided. Rachel reached out to place her hand on Cassidy’s knee in a gesture of support.

“I complained to my parents about it, of course.” Cassidy continued. “At first, I think, they assumed I was playing some kind of game, talking about some imaginary noise in my head… but they soon realized that I was telling the truth. I would wake up in the night from the buzzing. I’d be distracted in school, unable to concentrate. Sometimes, when people talked to me, I couldn’t hear them because of the noise in my head.”

Cassidy started to tear up as she recalled how traumatic it had been — the fear, the confusion, the sense that something was horribly wrong with her. Those feelings were hard for her now, and had almost overwhelmed her as a girl.

“My parents took me to doctors, and they all pronounced me in excellent health, but the buzzing continued. I saw a brain specialist who ran test after test, eventually concluding that there was nothing wrong with me, just like all the others. Then there was a parade of psychiatrists and psychologists. I guess my mom and dad figured that if there was nothing wrong with me physically, I had to have a mental disorder.”

Kim felt a single tear escape her eye and run down her face.

“The breakthrough came on the day of my ninth birthday,” Cassidy said before briefly pausing to take a steadying breath.

“I should tell you that I come from a wealthy family. Not rich, wealthy. When people refer to “old money,” they’re talking about people like my family. In the world in which I grew up, a child’s birthday party was not just a child’s birthday party, it was a social event. So, that day, everyone was there — my friends, yeah, but also dozens of grownups who I didn’t even know, society climbers and my dad’s business associates.” She rolled her eyes.

“I woke up that morning from “The Buzz,” and all day it had been getting louder, more intense. When the guests started arriving I could barely hear a thing, the buzzing was so strong. And by the time the party was in full swing, my mood had soured so much that I didn’t even want to be there. Oh, there were pony rides, and a stage magician and party favors galore, but I couldn’t enjoy any of it. As I wandered through the grounds, all these fucking strangers would stop me to wish me a happy birthday. I knew they were only there to curry favor with my parents, and I hated them for it.”

Cassidy paused. Rachel and Kim were both listening intently while Deena just smiled. She knew the story well, and this next part was her favorite.

“Finally the noise in my head had gotten so bad and my mood so dark that I just stopped in my tracks and stood there, in the middle of a sea of people. I could hear them all talking, but the words were drowned out by the buzzing. I knew I couldn’t do anything about that, and didn’t even bother to try. I just wanted it to stop. I wanted them to stop. So I closed my eyes, drew in a huge breath, and then at the top of my lungs, shouted, “SHUT UP!”

Rachel and Kim were fascinated, caught up in the story. Deena was laughing to herself.

“Suddenly, the world went quiet. The people were all silent, unable to speak and confused as to why. Some of them, well, most of them started to panic. They didn’t know what was happening, nobody did, but try as they might, they couldn’t utter a single sound. I was confused too, at first, but then I noticed that the buzzing was gone. It was gone! I could hear and think clearly for the first time in years. It was the happiest I’d ever been.” A huge smile broke across Cassidy’s face.

Cassidy’s happiness was contagious. Rachel clapped her hands together and squealed. “Yes!” As for Kim, she took Cassidy’s hand in hers and squeezed it tightly, giving the younger woman one of the biggest and brightest smiles imaginable.

God damn, Cassidy mused. She’s so lovely.

Cassidy felt Deena squeeze her other hand as Rachel placed her hand back on Cassidy’s knee. She could feel the love and support of her new friends, reassured that she’d made the right choice in trusting Rachel and Kim with her secret.

“I didn’t know how it happened. I mean, to this day, I still don’t know exactly how it works, but I understood right away, that somehow, I’d tapped into this power inside me and used it to silence all the partygoers.”

“Wait, wait,” Rachel interrupted, “are you saying that all those people were never able to talk again?”

“No,” Cassidy said. “I just needed them to be quiet for a little while. After a few minutes, everyone regained their voices and the party was back to normal. It’s funny, though —  no one said anything about it, then or ever again. I think the shock of what happened caused everyone to put it out of their minds… or maybe I somehow caused them to forget it had happened. I don’t know for sure.”

“So, are you some kind of psychic or something?” Kim asked. “Can you read thoughts?” The prospect seemed to make her uneasy.

“No,” Cassidy said, giving Kim’s hand a squeeze. “I can’t tell what you’re thinking. Like I said, I don’t understand how it works, but I do know my capabilities and limitations. And I won’t be poking around inside your head without your permission.”

Kim still had some concerns. “So what can you do?”

“Yes,” Rachel added. “That’s what I was wondering. What can you do… and what exactly did you do to us?”

Cassidy took a deep breath, knowing that she’d come to the real make-or-break moment with the sisters. Any possibility of maintaining and building on her newfound friendships, not to mention the possibility of further sexual exploits with Kim and Rachel — it all hinged on how she answered their questions and, more importantly, how they reacted.

“I’ll answer the second question first. What I did to you…” Cassidy paused to steady herself, still feeling incredibly nervous. “It’s hard to explain, but in the simplest terms, I changed or rewrote or…rebuilt the way your minds work. It’s difficult to put into words. When I’m connected to another person’s mind, I experience it in a visual and tactile way, but once I’m back outside I can only think of it in an emotional context.”

“Like a dream, then?” Kim asked.

Cassidy slowly nodded. She could tell from Kim’s expression that she was confused, but doing her best to understand.

“For you, Kim, I smoothed over your feelings of guilt,” Cassidy said, squeezing Kim’s hand. “And you, Rachel…” she continued, turning to the other sister, “I wanted you to be able to let out your true feelings, without the fear of embarrassment or shame.”

Cassidy glanced over at Deena who gave her lover a quick wink, her way of letting Cassidy know that she was proud of her.

“And, well, this was a little selfish of me, but I did tell you that I’d be honest.” Cassidy took another deep breath. “I could tell that you both have an attraction to other women, but it’s hidden, kept secret. I… I took away the mental barriers that you use to restrain those desires, especially the guilt.

“From now on, if either of you feels a certain… hunger to be with another woman, you’ll find it much easier to act on that desire.” Cassidy smiled. “And you won’t be ashamed of yourself the next morning.”

Rachel and Kim exchanged a glance, then let it linger. Kim had always thought of her older sister as beautiful, but now, she saw her as sexy, too. The recognition of this caused Kim to flush and avert her eyes, another crack appearing on the wall of her inhibition.

Kim’s reaction registered in a big way with Rachel. In fact, she found it incredibly hot. It turned her on to know that her baby sister thought she was desirable. And I feel the same way about her, she realized, remembering how she’d responded earlier in the hot tub while watching Kim explore lesbian sex for the first time. My own sister. How can this be happening? And yet… it doesn’t feel wrong. Not at all.

“I understand that you might believe that I lied to you, even violated you,” Cassidy continued. “And if you want, I can undo what I did. I can restore your minds to the way they were before.”

Rachel whipped her head around to stare at Cassidy. “Don’t you dare,” she said, laughing out loud. “I’ve never felt better in my life. I feel so free. So alive.”

Cassidy felt a wave of relief race through her. She smiled at Kim, who was still flushed from her realizations about her sister. Their eyes met, and Kim shyly whispered, “Cassidy… would you please kiss me?”

Still holding Kim’s hand, Cassidy drew her close. Kim gasped in awe, then their mouths met in a long, sensuous kiss. A lover’s kiss. Kim felt herself melt inside as Cassidy’s tongue darted between her parted lips. She felt a wellspring of emotions surge through her body, but grief or guilt were not among them.

Cassidy and Kim broke their kiss, grinning sheepishly when they noticed that Deena and Rachel were admiring their erotic display. Kim was still nude, and Cassidy was only wearing the pair of skimpy panties she’d had on in the hot tub. These were still slightly damp and clinging snugly to her shapely ass.

Deena and Rachel were seated side by side, holding hands. Rachel’s other hand was tucked between her legs, the crotch of her bikini bottoms pulled to the side, a finger tracing a light circle around her clit.

Kim noticed what Rachel was doing, and felt herself blush again. This time, though, she allowed her gaze to linger instead of turning away. She noticed the small tuft of pubic hair that Rachel kept neatly trimmed and decided that it accentuated the top of her sister’s mound quite nicely.

Kim’s hand found its way down to her own smooth-shaven pubic area, then went lower still. Taking her clit between two fingers, she began to gently manipulate the stiff little nub. A jolt of electricity ran through her body, a small moan escaped her lips.

Cassidy and Deena exchanged smiles. Apparently, the sisters were not only fine with what Cassidy had done, they were ready and willing to explore their new sexuality even further. Still watching each other, the two lovers began to masturbate, each slipping a hand down the front of her panties. Soon enough, all four women were fingering their cunts, or teasing their aching clits.

With her other hand, Deena reached over and deftly undid the tie on the back of Rachel’s bikini top. This freed her generous breasts, which swayed back and forth as Rachel continued to assault her clitoris. Rachel, in turn, reached out to unclasp Deena’s bra. Deena let the garment fall away from her body, exposing her breasts and a visibly erect pair of nipples.

Cassidy wriggled out of her panties without slowing the tempo of her fingers as they plunged in and out of her vagina. Deena soon followed suit. Rachel yanked at the ties on the side of her bikini bottoms to undo them, then and flung the sodden piece of material across the room, landing at the opening of the door, which was slightly ajar.

Now all four women were nude. They continued to masturbate, each looking from one to the other, four sets of eyes darting around from woman to woman to woman, taking in all the sexy sights. The only sounds were heavy breathing and slick fingers dipping in and out of wet pussies.

Deena could feel herself drawing close to orgasm, but she didn’t want to come yet, at least not this way. She caught Cassidy’s eye, then an unspoken conversation took place between the two lovers, ending in a nod of agreement.

Pausing their finger play, Deena and Cassidy turned to face the sisters, Deena looking at Rachel, Cassidy at Kim.

“So,” Deena began, “you two have decided you want to experience lesbian sex… is that right?” Rachel and Kim continued to play with themselves, but their attention was focused on the women in front of them.

“I’m definitely ready to try it,” Rachel said. “It’s as if I’ve wanted this my whole life, only I… I never knew it!”

Kim just nodded her head, still feeling somewhat shy, but never taking her eyes off Cassidy.

“That makes me very happy,” Cassidy said. “I thought you both might’ve been mad at me after what I did.” She could read naked desire in Kim’s gaze, and it almost overwhelmed her. The realization that this luscious single mom wanted Cassidy to be her lesbian mentor caused another wave of excitement to rush through her body.

“It makes me happy, too,” Deena said. “You know why? Because now we get to teach you two what it means to be a lesbian.” Seeing a flicker of pure lust cross Rachel’s face, Deena returned the look, slowly licking her lips.

“Do you want to learn now?” Cassidy asked the sisters. They both nodded without hesitation. “Then lie down,” she said, gently easing Kim down onto the bed, while Deena did the same with Rachel.

“Get comfy, ladies,” Deena said. “You two are about to have the night of your lives.”


Part 2 – Discovery

Emily loved spending time with her younger cousin Katie. The two girls were as close as sisters, and sometimes it felt more like they were siblings than cousins. Emily would have loved for that to be true since she liked Katie far more than her own brother Sam.

So when Rachel had told her that they’d be staying with Aunt Kim and Katie for a few days, Emily literally jumped for joy. Both girls had, they were that excited.

But in truth, there was one little thing that Emily didn’t like about being with Katie. When they slept in the same bed, the younger girl would always end up hogging the covers and sometimes she’d even kick Emily in her sleep.

And that’s exactly what had happened this night, Emily woke up from a hard kick to her shin. As soon as she was fully conscious, she felt a chill creep over her. At first, she tried to take some of the blankets back from Katie, but the girl had a tight grip on them. Emily decided it would be easier to fetch another blanket from the linen closet in the hallway than to try to get her half of this one back.

Climbing out of bed, Emily padded out to the hallway. That’s when she noticed that the light was on in her Aunt Kim’s bedroom, through the double doors, which were slightly ajar. Emily also heard some weird noises coming from the room, noises that sounded like someone who was hurting. Maybe Aunt Kim isn’t feeling well, she thought. Rachel had told her the reason they were staying over for a few days was to make sure that her aunt was okay after the accident. Emily figured that since everyone else was probably asleep, she should check on Aunt Kim, maybe get her some aspirin if she needed it.

Emily continued down the hall which was dimly illuminated by the faint light coming from her aunt’s bedroom, moving slowly and quietly. Despite having a good reason to be up, she suspected that, if discovered, she might get in trouble for being out of bed.

Emily paused as she walked past the door to the guest room. There was no light coming from under the door, no sound from the other side, so her mother had to be asleep.

As the child approached the double doors, she heard a voice that wasn’t her aunt’s — or her mother’s. It took her a second to place it, then she recognized it as belonging to Deena.

Emily was confused. What was Deena still doing here so late at night… and why was she in Aunt Kim’s bedroom? Drawing near, she peered through the opening and saw something incredible.

Her aunt and mother were both seated on the bed, completely naked, heads and shoulders against the wide headboard of the king-size bed, pillows stuffed under their lower backs. They were looking at each other and holding hands. Their legs were spread wide apart, but Emily couldn’t see much else because Cassidy and Deena, both nude as well, were blocking her view. Their faces were buried between the thighs of her aunt and her mother. On the other hand, Emily had an excellent view of Cassidy’s and Deena’s bare bottoms and private parts.

At the tender age of eight, Emily wasn’t super knowledgeable about sex, but she understood enough to know that that’s exactly what she was witnessing. She wanted a closer look but instinctively knew better than to let herself be seen. This is private stuff, Emily thought. I’d get in big trouble for sure. Mommy would ground me for a month, I bet.

Suddenly she noticed something on the floor, in the opening between the double doors — a piece of multicolored fabric. Reaching down to pick it up, Emily immediately recognized the bottom half of her mother’s bikini. It was damp, and there was an intriguing scent to the material.

As she continued to observe the grownups’ sex play, Emily held the garment up to her nose and inhaled deeply. The aroma was a mixture of chlorine, sweat, and something else Emily couldn’t quite identify. She took another whiff. It was a musky yet sweet scent. Emily thought about it for a second and decided she liked it. She breathed it in again. The scent made her feel weird, a small flutter in her tummy. Another deep breath. This time the flutter traveled down to her private area, tickling from the inside. Emily was about to inhale again when her mother cried out.

“Oh, yes! Right there,” Rachel gasped. “That feels so… fucking good!” Emily could tell that her Mommy was really enjoying what Deena was doing to her.

The little girl continued to watch the ongoing sex fest, transfixed by the sight, her Mommy and Aunt Kim were both breathing very hard. Her mother’s free hand rested on the back of Deena’s head, holding it in place between her legs. Her aunt was using her free hand to fondle her breasts, occasionally squeezing the fleshy pink nipples. The two women had their eyes closed, and whenever either of them said anything, it usually included a naughty word or two. They were also moaning and sighing a lot. Sometimes their expressions made it look as if they were in pain, but Emily instinctively knew that wasn’t the case.

After a moment, Emily shifted her attention to Cassidy and Deena. She couldn’t see their faces or what they were doing exactly but liked looking at their private parts. Emily had seen her mommy naked a few times, but she’d never seen a woman’s vagina like this. She’d inspected her own once, with a hand mirror, but these looked very different, gaping open slightly and glistening with wetness.

Almost without thinking, Emily brought the bikini bottoms to her nose again and inhaled deeply. The smell made her feel giddy, lightheaded. She didn’t know it was the aroma of her mother’s cunt, just that she loved it. Emily continued to stare at Cassidy’s and Deena’s asses and their juicy slits, watching them bob up and down and sway from side to side as the two women continued to do sexy stuff to her mother and aunt, all the while breathing in Rachel’s scent over and over, the fluttery feeling building up inside her with each fragrant whiff.

Much as she longed to keep watching, Emily knew that she was pushing her luck, standing at the door for this long. She was about to drop the swimsuit back on the floor where she’d found it and then sneak back to bed when she heard her mother give a wild cry.

Rachel’s mouth was slack, her face flushed, eyes glazed over. “Oh, fuck, I’m c-coming,” she gasped, turning to look at her sister. The women’s eyes met.

“Oh my God, Rachel… me too!”

“Kim, please… please kiss me,” Rachel pleaded.

Their mouths came together… and Emily’s mouth dropped as she watched her mom and aunt kiss like they were in love. Crazy in love. She could see their tongues darting back and forth as her Aunt Kim started to grope her mother’s breasts. A wave of heat surged through Emily as she imagined what it would be like to get kissed like that.

Soon, however, the two women were having a hard time keeping their lips in contact as gasps of delight kept escaping, their bodies overflowing with the good feelings that Deena and Cassidy were giving them. They didn’t give up, though, bringing their mouths together again and again between moans and cries.

Rachel was bucking her hips wildly, but somehow Deena kept licking between her legs. Kim, on the other hand, pushed Cassidy away, unable to endure the pleasure any longer, then turned on her side to face her sister, kissing her even harder than before.

Emily realized that her hand had drifted down below her waist and was hovering over her private area. She was in a nightie with panties on underneath and could feel the warmth radiating from between her legs as her hand started to lightly explore.

Emily had only become aware of the concept of masturbation a few months earlier when a couple of fourth-grade girls had told her and her friends all about it. Emily hadn’t tried touching herself yet; in fact, she was kind of scared to, but she wondered if it would give her the same awesome feelings that her mom and aunt seemed to be having.

Pressing lightly against her mound, Emily felt a small ticklish twinge in her belly. She held the bikini to her nose again and inhaled deeply. The heady scent, combined with the lovely touches she was giving herself, felt wonderful, like nothing she’d ever experienced.

Hungering for more, Emily inhaled her mother’s fragrance again, then gave her slit an experimental rub, touching her tiny clitoris in the process. The immediate shock of pleasure that Emily felt caused her to gasp in delight. Dropping the bikini bottoms to the floor, she clapped a hand over her mouth to muffle her cry. Wow, those girls were right, she thought. This feeling is the best!

That was when she noticed that the sounds from the bedroom had grown considerably quieter. Emily figured that the grownups must be done having sex, and that if she lingered, someone would eventually notice her in the doorway. Stepping back into the darkness, Emily crept back down the hallway to Katie’s room.

Once inside, Emily carefully and quietly closed the door. She didn’t want to wake Katie and have to explain why she was up and about. Thankfully, while Emily had been gone, Katie had rolled over, freeing her grip on the blanket. Emily slipped back under the covers, settled in, and closed her eyes.

Emily desperately wanted to fall back to sleep, but the scene from her aunt’s bedroom kept playing out over and over again in her head. The sound of passionate moans and sighs. Her view of Cassidy’s and Deena’s vaginas, how pretty they were. The rich, intoxicating scent of her Mommy’s bikini bottoms. All of these both thrilled and confused the eight-year-old. But most of all, she kept thinking about the way her Mommy and Aunt Kim had kissed. Again, Emily wondered what it would be like to kiss someone that way.

Turning her head slightly, Emily peered over at Katie, the girl who she often wished could be her sister and imagined the possibility of sharing that experience with her. The idea made Emily quiver and before she knew it, the child was touching herself again. She let her fingers lightly dance over the thin cotton of her panties, but she soon drifted off, a smile on her lips and naughty thoughts in her head.

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Birds in Flight, Chapter 2

  • Posted on December 18, 2020 at 3:15 pm

by Girl Lover

During the following week, Jill and Linda spent much of their time together. Wendy and Tracy continued to sneer and make fun of their friendship at school, but less often than before. Linda wasn’t so frightened with Jill around, and Jill refused to let the insults of these former friends get to her… so Wendy and Tracy were gradually losing interest in bullying them.

As they walked to or from school, Jill often took Linda’s hand in her own. Linda never asked about that, to Jill’s relief, and it soon seemed as if the girl enjoyed it just as much as she did.

By Friday, Jill knew she was in love. Those thoughts of kissing Linda had blossomed into fantasies that unsettled her. And how could she feel that way about such a young girl? Though it bewildered her, she couldn’t deny her heart. In bed at night, she would picture Linda, imagining the child. Her smile. Her arms. Her legs. Her body. Soon she was imagining herself undressing the young girl. Touching her. Making love to her.

Jill ached to tell Linda how she felt, but didn’t know how to do it, what words to say. All she could do was wait for the right moment.

As they walked home after school, Jill took Linda’s hand in hers. “How was school today?” she asked.

“Oh, okay,” Linda answered. “I hafta memorize all the states and capitals this weekend.”

“I could help you with that tomorrow,” Jill offered.

“Oh, that would be great!”

Jill pursed her lips, then shyly said, “I’d like to spend the night with you again.”

“Really?!” Linda gushed, “Oh Emma would love that!”

“I was… kind of wanting it to be just us. Without Emma. And tomorrow, we can all do something together.”

“Just me and you?” Linda asked.

Jill nodded, her pulse racing. Please, please say yes.

Linda thought for a second then replied, “Okay.”


That night, Jill spread the sleeping bag on the floor of Linda and Emma’s hidey-hole and waited. She was too nervous to focus on anything. She’d told her parents that she was spending the night with Wendy, because otherwise, they might wonder why she wanted to share a bed with a ten-year-old girl.

Linda wasn’t there yet; she was tucking Emma in back inside the trailer. Emma didn’t like having to sleep alone, but Linda sang to her while rubbing her back until the child finally fell asleep. Then Linda quietly crawled out the window, hastened over to the stand of trees to her secret place, and joined Jill inside.

Jill had made up her mind that she was going to tell Linda how she felt, but was incredibly nervous about it. I’ve never even been in love before, she told herself. Not until now. 

As Linda came in, she saw Jill sitting on the edge of the mattress waiting. Noticing how quiet her friend was, Linda sat beside her. “What’s the matter, Jill?”

Her brow furrowed, Jill quietly said, “I… I need to tell you something.”

Linda grew anxious, “What?”

Jill turned to face the young girl, her fear clearly showing, then suddenly leaned in, kissing Linda before she realized it.

Jill pulled away and, upon seeing the shocked look on Linda’s face, her heart fell and the most dismal feeling came over her. “I — I’m so sorry!” she blurted. “I shouldn’t have done that.”

Leaping to her feet, eyes filling with tears, Jill stumbled toward the door, intending to flee, but then she heard Linda call, “Don’t go.” Jill slowly turned around to stare at the little girl.

“Please don’t go,” Linda repeated. “I liked it.”

Relief washed over Jill as she struggled to catch her breath. Coming back over to join Linda, Jill whispered, “You did?”

Linda nodded. “Is that what you wanted to tell me?”

“Yes,” Jill said, adding quietly in a broken voice, “I’m… I’m in love with you.” Caught up in the passion of the moment, she felt more tears coming.

Linda’s face broke out in a huge grin. “Really?!”

Jill grinned back nervously, “Um, yeah.”

“I love you, too,” Linda said. “I’ve always…” She fell silent.

Jill raised an eyebrow, then took the child’s hands, “Do you maybe want to kiss some more?”

“Could we?” the girl asked excitedly.

“We have all night.” Jill quickly unrolled the sleeping bag, sat down on it and took the little girl in her arms, kissing her again. This time she made the kiss a playful one, nibbling gently at Linda’s lips.

Linda was completely still at first, then tried to copy what Jill was doing, though it seemed to come awkwardly to her. Jill lay back on the bed, drawing Linda down alongside her as they continued to kiss.

Finally, Linda broke away, gasping for air, “H-how do you hold your breath for so long?”

Jill chuckled. “Breathe through your nose, silly.”

She embraced the child again, kissing her passionately as she began to touch Linda’s body. Unable to resist, Jill slipped her hands beneath Linda’s shirt, caressing the ten-year-old’s bare skin.

Linda shivered, giggling, “That tickles.”

Her fingers slowly sliding along Linda’s side, Jill murmured, “You’re really soft. I like touching you.” Her fingers ran across Linda’s prepubescent breasts which were just beginning to blossom. “I want to do more than just kiss,” Jill said, her voice a husky whisper, “I want to see you.”

“Wh-what do you mean?” Linda asked.

“I want to see you without this on.” She tugged at Linda’s shirt.

The little girl’s eyes widened at the remark. “You mean…naked?!”

Jill nodded, sitting up, pulling off her own shirt and reaching behind to unclasp her bra, grinning all the while at Linda. As Linda stared at Jill as if she’d lost her mind, Jill continued to undress, pulling off her pants and panties, tossing everything on the floor.

Now nude, Jill reclined on the bed, letting Linda gawk at her bare body. “Take yours off,” she said.

Linda shook her head, clearly worried, “I — I don’t want anybody to see.”

“It’s just us,” Jill whispered reassuringly as she took hold of the hem of Linda’s shirt and slowly lifted it. “Let me see you.”

“Please… I can’t.” The little girl’s voice was barely a whisper.

“It’s okay,” Jill reassured her as she removed the shirt, not understanding why Linda seemed so agitated — that is, until the child was topless, and Jill saw the red welts covering her chest and arms.

For a few seconds, Jill stared in shock, unable to speak. Linda quickly hunched over, wrapping both arms around her chest in a futile effort to cover herself. Oh, my God, Jill thought. Who did that to her?

Realizing she was upsetting Linda with her staring, Jill quickly composed herself and pulled the sleeping bag flap over both of them. “It’s okay. You don’t have to be embarrassed,” Jill whispered, “You are a beautiful girl, you know”

That took Linda by surprise. She looked up at Jill, “Really?”

“Yes,” Jill’s hands slid down the child’s body, pulling down her skirt and panties.

“What are we g-going to do now?” Linda asked, a tremor in her voice.

“We’re entering a new world.”

“What kind of world?”

Jill stroked the girl’s hair, drawing close to kiss her before she answered. “One we make for ourselves.”

She climbed on top of Linda, who stared in awe at Jill, losing herself and her fears in the older girl’s eyes. She was still covering herself, but Jill gently moved her arms away, revealing the child’s barely budding breasts.

“They’re beautiful,” Jill sighed.

“You don’t think they look weird, then?” Linda asked, frowning.

Jill shook her head. “No,” she said, bending down to place a kiss on each one. It was getting especially warm beneath the blanket, so she pushed it to one side, uncovering their bare bodies.

Studying the older girl’s nudity with interest, Linda noticed Jill’s vulva and said, “Hey, you got hair on yours!”

Jill laughed, “You will too, when you’re older.”

“Um… can I feel it?”

“Of course.” Lying back, Jill spread her legs apart, letting Linda see everything. Nibbling nervously on her lower lip, the child reached out to touch the dark curls.

“It’s soft,” Linda murmured, her fingers moving lower. Jill moaned as the girl’s fingers brushed the moist flesh of her cunt. Linda’s eyes widened in surprise. “Omigosh, you’re wet!” she gasped, quickly taking her hand away. “D-did you pee yourself?”

“That’s not pee,” Jill replied, all smiles. “It’s… well, when a girl gets sexually excited, she gets all juicy down there.” She touched Linda’s cheek. “You make me feel that way, y’know. It makes me want to make love to you for real.”

“Really?” Linda whispered, gazing worshipfully at Jill. “Um… I don’t know how to…”

“I’ll show you.” She drew the little girl into her arms, kissing her. Linda tensed for a moment, then melted into Jill, whimpering as she returned the kiss. Their excitement began to build as they rubbed their bodies together. Almost instinctively, Jill pressed her sex against Linda’s leg.

Shit, this feels good, Jill thought. She couldn’t help but thrust harder, and then Linda was feeling it too, her smooth slit rubbing against Jill’s thigh.

Linda giggled at the funny face Jill was making in her lustful frenzy, but Jill was beyond caring, completely focused on how turned on she was, pumping her hips in a hard, steady rhythm. Her panting became more forceful, and soon a steady stream of profanity began to escape her lips. “Fuck, yes, oh yes! I — I’m fucking you, Linda. I’m fucking you. Oh, God, your cunt f-feels so good, so fucking warm and n-nice against my leg, oh yes, yes! Fuck me back, lover, fuck me like I’m fucking you…”.

Linda’s eyes widened at the torrent of obscenity flowing from Jill’s lips, then she simply forgot to be shocked as the older girl’s movements began to feel better and better. Her breath caught as an intense, almost painful rush of pleasure surged through her, rose to an unimaginable peak, then died away.

She lay quietly, gasping for air, then her eyes slowly fluttered open. Jill, propped up on one elbow, was grinning at her.

“Wh-what…happened?” Linda finally managed to say.

“You just had your very first orgasm,” Jill replied.

“That was…wow,” Linda mumbled, suddenly yawning before she added, “Can you…” Her eyes drifted shut, then popped open. She spoke again. “Can you…”

That was as far as she got, though. Her eyes closed once more. Soon, Jill heard a soft snore coming from her lips. Linda was asleep.

Carefully pulling the sleeping bag flap over them both, Jill embraced Linda, holding her close. For the longest while, she watched her sleep, in awe of how much in love she was with this little girl.

She tenderly kissed Linda’s forehead, then shivered as she noticed the red welts on the child’s chest. Tomorrow, she would have to figure out what to do about this. If she called the police and they arrested her mom, Linda could end up in a foster home somewhere far off and Jill might never see her again.

I’ve got to do something about this. I’ve got to! But what?


When Linda opened her eyes, she saw the sunlight peering through the cracks in the walls of their makeshift bedroom. She looked to her left and saw Jill sleeping beside her, the older girl’s hand resting on her chest. She felt their bare skin touch, and just like that, everything came back to her. In disbelief, she peeked inside the sleeping bag and saw that, sure enough, both of them were naked.

Looking up, she saw Jill watching her, wearing a nonchalant smile. A surprised squeak came from Linda and she quickly said, “Hi.”

“Hi,” Jill coolly replied, her finger casually circling Linda’s nipple inside the sleeping bag.

“Did last night really happen?” Linda whispered.

“Yep.” Jill’s smile grew even broader, her eyes sparkling.

“I really liked it.”

“Me too.” Jill rolled on top of her, stroking her face.

“Could we…do it some more?” asked Linda.

“We can,” Jill said, then gently kissed her….


Startled, Jill and Linda whipped around to see Emma standing in the doorway, her arms folded.

Both girls quickly jerked away from each other as a red-faced Linda sputtered, “We’re… we were… just telling secrets.”

“Uh-uh,” Emma objected proudly, “Y’all were kissing!”

“Well, we’re… just practicing, for when we have boyfriends,” Linda tried again as Jill watched her, amused.

“No, you weren’t,” Emma countered with a wicked grin, “Y’all were kissing for real! You don’t have no clothes on, neither!”

Jill glanced at herself, then at Linda. Sure enough, the sleeping bag hadn’t quite been unable to conceal their nudity, Oh, hell, she thought. I sure hope little sister can keep her mouth shut.

“Emma!” Linda cried despairingly, “leave us alone! Go… do something.”

The child frowned. “I don’t have anything to do!”

“Well, go away and… and do nothing somewhere else!”

Emma skipped away, giving the lovers a backward glance as she sang, “Jill and Linda, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G…” Her voice grew faint, then she was gone.

Jill scooted back over to press herself against Linda, wrapping her arms around the girl. “Is there anything you want to do today?” she asked.

Linda shook her head, “I just want to stay here with you.”

In the mood for more lovemaking, Jill kissed Linda’s neck, lightly nibbling her earlobe.



“Can you do that thing again?”

“What thing?” Jill mumbled, her face still buried in Linda’s neck.

“That… thing you did last night.”

Jill sat up “Oh, you liked that?” she teased. Linda gave a little nervous titter. Jill reached out to touch the little girl’s bare slit. “You like this?” Linda nodded. “How much do you like it?”

“A l-lot.”

“What about when I do this?” Jill slowly, carefully slipped a finger into Linda’s vagina. Linda gave a little gasp, the breath catching in her throat as Jill’s finger moved slowly back and forth. Jill pressed her thumb against the child’s clit, getting an even bigger gasp, and continued to pleasure her for a minute, then asked, “Does this feel good?”

“Y-y-yeah…Oh, yeah…” Linda stammered.

“Do you want me to stop?”

“N-n-no… no…” Jill found the little girl’s awed reaction to be amazingly erotic, turning her on more she’d ever been before. She held Linda close, kissing her every now and then.

“That feels so nice,” Linda whispered, then opened her eyes, gazing up at Jill. “I’ve never been in love before. Have you?”

“Yeah, a couple of times.”

Startled, Linda gave Jill a worried look. “With who?”

Jill shrugged. “Well, there were a couple of boys when I was in eighth grade, and one when I was a sophomore… and then there was Jake over the summer.”

“And you were in love with all of them?”

“Don’t be jealous, sweetie. I’m older than you, and I was pretty popular. Besides, I still thought I liked boys back then.”

“But now… you’re in love with me?” She wrapped both arms around Jill, staring wide-eyed at the older girl.

“I am.” She gave Linda a gentle kiss. ”Those guys… they were special, yeah, but it wasn’t like this.” She smiled at the sad-eyed little girl. “I love you, Linda.”

Linda snuggled into her. “I — I love you too.”

They laid there a while, then Jill said, “I need to pee.”

“Me too. And I’m hungry.”

Jill crawled out of the sleeping bag and put on her clothes, while Linda did the same. Stepping out of the ramshackle room, Jill headed towards the trailer, but Linda stopped her. “We can walk down the street to the gas station to use the bathroom there.”

Jill turned around, “Why go all the way over there when we can just use the bathroom in your trailer?”

“The people at the gas station don’t mind.”

“But your trailer’s right here,” Jill protested.

“We can’t.”

Jill narrowed her gaze. “Why not?”

“We — we just can’t!” Linda pleaded.

Jill thought of the welts she’d seen on Linda’s body. Folding her arms, she transfixed the girl with a knowing look. “Linda… I know that your mom is hitting you.”

Linda’s face paled as her eyes widened with alarm. She took a few steps back, “She’s n-not hitting me!”

“I saw the marks on your body.”

“No! You… you’re wrong!”

“Please, Linda… I want to help you.”

“My mama’s good! She loves me!” On the verge of tears, Linda turned and ran toward the trailer, crying, “She would never hit me!”

“Linda!” But the child wouldn’t listen, quickly running inside the trailer and closing the door.

Jill stared at the trailer for a moment, then slowly approached it. Taking a deep breath, she knocked on the door.

A few seconds later, it was opened, but not by Linda. A large, disheveled woman stood in the doorway, the stench of her body odor and alcohol on her breath sharp in the morning air.

“The fuck d’ya want?!” the woman loudly slurred.

“I — I want to see Linda.” Jill’s normally bold tone was caught off guard, and she was unusually meek before this menacing woman.

“Who’re you?” the woman slightly swayed as if she might fall over.

“My name’s Jill…”

The woman didn’t wait for her to finish, slamming the door shut. Jill went over to Linda’s window and quietly knocked, but no one answered. Inside, she clearly heard the woman yell, then Linda cried out in pain.

Now furious, Jill ran back to the door and pounded hard. It was yanked open and the woman snarled, “Get outta here ‘fore I call the cops!” The door slammed again.

How could everything have gone so wrong so fast? Jill wondered. It seemed as if she had asked herself that same question not too long ago. Not knowing what else to do, she glumly set off for home.

On the way, Jill’s phone beeped. Checking it, she saw that her mom had texted her. COME HOME NOW. WE NEED TO TALK.


As Jill walked in the door, she saw both of her parents waiting. She wasn’t sure what it was about, but from the grim expressions on her parents’ faces, she knew it wasn’t good.

Her father spoke first, an icy edge to his voice “Do you know a ten-year-old girl named Linda?”

Jill nodded, suddenly numb with horror. Oh, God… they found out about us.

“Her mother just called. She told me that you forced yourself on her little girl last night… and that you hit her several times.”

Jill’s cheeks paled. “I never hit her!” she cried. “Her mom did that.”

Her mother spoke.  “Who is this girl, anyhow? You told us you were spending the night with Wendy.”

“She–she’s my friend…”

“Why would this woman say you forced yourself on her daughter?”

“I didn’t. I only…” At that instant, Jill realized that she’d said too much.

Her father took a step forward, his eyes narrowing suspiciously, “You only what?”

“We were…” The looks from her parents were playing havoc with her thinking, and in a moment of panic, she blurted out, “I kissed her.”

For what seemed an eternity, no one spoke. Jill knew that she had just sealed her fate. Finally, Mom’s voice broke the deathly silence,  wincing as if she had been struck, “Jill…?”

“It wasn’t a bad thing,” Jill mumbled. “She wanted me to. We… we’re in love.”

“In love…with a ten year-old?!”

“It’s not wrong. You don’t understand–”

Enough!” her father thundered, “My God… you kissed a child! And a girl, at that! What have you become? One of those filthy perverts we hear about in the news? You’re molesting little girls now?”

“I’m not, I’m not! I love Linda. I would never molest her!”

“I don’t want to hear another word!” her father roared. “I know what caused all of this. It’s that school you’re going to! Filling your head with corruption and filth! I should have taken you out of there when they started teaching sex education, but your mother talked me out of it. Well, no more! You’re going to a good Christian school. And you will learn right from wrong!” He pointed toward the door. “Go to your room, young lady. You aren’t setting foot out of this house until you start school again.”

Sick at heart, Jill rose on shaking legs and made her way down the hall.

And that was the end of it. For the rest of the weekend, Jill was confined to her bedroom except for meals, and a couple of hours after dinner when she was expected to read the Bible aloud to her parents. Her phone and computer were taken away, and her mother made arrangements for her to be transferred to St Paul Lutheran School. Jill knew that she would never see Linda again.


Monday morning. A miserable Jill looked out the car window at the drab white limestone building as her mother pulled into the parking lot of St. Paul Lutheran School. Neither Jill nor her parents had spoken a word to each other that morning.

As the car stopped, Jill stepped out, clutching her backpack tightly to her chest. She trudged behind as her mother walked briskly up to the front door and into the lobby. Ahead, a tall older woman with dark, blond hair pulled back into a bun, greeted them. “Why, hello, Margaret!”

“Good morning, Helen!”

Helen Slimp, the school’s headmaster, looked disdainfully at Jill. “And this is…?”

Her mother turned to look at Jill, who was staring at her feet, “This is Jill.”

“Ah… yes. I’ll take her to Miss Lange’s room right away.”

“Thank you, Helen. Jill…” Jill didn’t respond. “I’ll be here at four o’clock sharp to pick you up.” Without another word, she turned and left.

Jill followed Mrs Slimp through the hall until she stopped before a door, then opened it. A few dozen girls stared at her, as did the teacher, a sharp-faced woman with her hair done up in a tight bun.

“Miss Lange… this is our new student, Jill.”

“Yes, Headmaster.” Mrs Slimp left, then Miss Lange pointed to an empty desk, “Take your seat.”

Jill sat down, and life at her new school began.

She quickly learned that the other students had found out about her — nothing very specific, just that she’d gotten in big trouble for doing something perverted. It made the situation even worse; now all kinds of weird rumors were flying around, and no one was willing to be her friend.

At four o’clock, her mother was there to pick her up, driving home without a word, then Jill spent the rest of the evening doing her homework and reading the Bible aloud to her parents.

The following day was the same, except that at one point she was cornered by a couple of girls who gleefully informed Jill that God hated her, and she was sure to burn in hellfire for all eternity.

That night as she laid in bed, Jill thought of Linda, of how much she loved her. Linda’s a prisoner too, just like me. The more she thought about their situation, the angrier she got. I’m not going to live my life like this, she thought, her jaw clenched in determination.

Making a decision, she began to sketch out a plan in her mind.


Once she was sure that her parents were asleep, Jill quietly opened the window of her bedroom and carefully climbed out. Soon, she was walking the dark, silent streets of the neighborhood, on her way to the poor side of town where Linda lived. It had been over three days since she’d seen the girl. What worried her most was that she didn’t know if Linda even wanted to talk to her. She might even hate me now, Jill told herself.

Coming up to the trailer, Jill took a deep breath, then quietly knocked on the window.

The curtain drew back slightly and Emma’s pixieish face appeared. Her eyes widened, and she turned to hiss, “It’s Jill!”

An instant later, Linda appeared beside Emma.  She had clearly lost weight, and looked as if she hadn’t slept for days.

She scrambled to lift the window, “Jill! You came back, you actually came back! Oh, God, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean for you to leave! I got you in bad trouble, huh? I’m so, so sorry.  I — I thought I’d n-never see you again!” Tears were streaming down her face.

Jill reached in and tried her best to hug Linda, then kissed her. “I’m sorry too. I didn’t mean to say that about your mom.”

Linda pulled away, gazing mournfully at Jill, “No, you were right. I just wanted so bad to have a real mom like everyone else. I was scared of what you would think of me if you knew about her.”

“Listen, Linda… do you remember the other night, when you asked what we were doing?”

Linda nodded, “You said we were entering a new world.”

“One we make ourselves. Well, we’re about to do that for real. I’m going to get us out of here.”

The girl’s eyes widened. “What do you mean?”

“We’re going to leave here and live our own lives.”

Jill waited as the enormity of that sank in for Linda. “Leave?” Jill nodded. “When? How?”

“I don’t know yet. I’m still trying to work out the details.”

Emma pushed her way beside Linda, blurting out, “I want to go!”

Linda turned to her, “Don’t worry, Em, I’m not going to leave you behind.”

“Once I get everything set up, I’ll come get you both,” Jill said. “Pack anything you want to take, because we won’t be coming back.”

Linda wiped her eyes, “I love you, Jill.”

“I know. I love you too. Okay, I’ve gotta get home.” Giving the girl one last kiss, she began to run, turning back to wave at the girls before the darkness swallowed her.


By Wednesday, Jill had learned the routines at her school and kept her eyes open to everything around, searching for one of two things she needed to put her plan into effect. That afternoon, she saw a teacher go into a small office that wasn’t occupied. And right there on the old wooden desk was exactly what she was looking for: a telephone.

Pretending to leaf through a spiral notebook, she watched the woman rummage through the desk, then emerge with a box of paper clips. The teacher left the office, absently pulling the door closed, and Jill allowed herself to smile for the first time in days.

During lunch hour, Jill asked to be excused to the restroom, then quickly went down the hall, darted into the office and closed the door. She dialed, waiting anxiously as the line rang.

Finally, the phone picked up. “Hello?”

“Gramma? It’s me, Jill.”

“Jill! Are you all right?”

“No. Everything’s messed up. I…I can’t live here anymore. I need to leave.”

“Can you tell me what’s going on?”

“No. It’s too complicated and will take too long. Um, I fell in love with a girl.”

“Oh, my. You don’t have to say anything else… I can just imagine what your father had to say about that. Jill, if you feel that you need to leave, you’ll always have a home here. But how can you get all the way to Montana?”

“I don’t know, but I’ll figure it out. Thank you, Gramma. I have to go now.”

Jill hung up, slipped out of the office and hastened back to the cafeteria. Now that Step One was taken care of, she needed to access the internet in the library for Step Two. Her class went to the library every afternoon and, while there, Jill settled in front of a computer in the corner searching craigslist for a cheap car.

She only had a half-hour to look, but after about twenty minutes, she managed to find a vehicle in good condition. It was a fifteen-year-old station wagon, but all that mattered was that it worked and she was able to afford it. She quickly emailed the seller that she wanted to make the purchase, then logged off just as her class began lining up to leave.

As school was letting out, Jill went to the gym to ask the coach if she could volunteer to straighten up the equipment room after school the next day. “It’s really messy in there,” she said.

The coach was only too happy to accept the offer. When Jill’s mother arrived to pick her up, the coach explained that Jill would be lending her a hand the following afternoon. Jill’s mom agreed, and said that she’d pick her daughter up at five.

Jill’s plan was now in place. All she had to do was make it happen.


The next day in the library, Jill checked her email and saw that the man with the car for sale had replied with his phone number and address. Writing these down, she waited until school let out, then quickly slipped into the empty office and called the man to tell him that she was on her way over to buy it. She had one hour to make the purchase before her mother arrived at five.

Leaving the school, she went to the corner and caught a bus, which she took to the bank. She’d had an account for a couple of years since she first started working in the summer. Jill withdrew all her money, almost two thousand dollars.

Catching the bus again, Jill rode to a stop about two blocks from the man’s address. Getting off the bus, she ran down the street until she found the house she wanted. She knocked on the door, and a kind-looking elderly man answered.

“Hi, I’m Jill. Um, I emailed you about buying your car…?”

The old man squinted at her, “Ah, yes.” Emerging from indoors, he trudged around the side of the house, Jill close behind, and pointed at a station wagon that had certainly seen better days. “This is it. A far cry from a Lexus, but it’ll get you where you’re going.” He took out a key, climbed inside and started it up. The engine sounded good, at least. “The oil’s been changed, and it has a tankful of gas.”

Reaching into her pocket, Jill quickly produced the money, “Here you go. Fifteen hundred dollars.”

They shook hands, and Jill got in. “Take care of yourself,” the man told her, then looked up at the dark clouds on the horizon. “Looks like a storm’s coming.”

Jill looked at the gathering clouds, then quietly said, “I know.”

Once she was on the road, Jill drove to McCallum School, then left the car at the far end of the parking lot, where it wouldn’t be noticed.

By then it was getting dangerously late, so Jill used some of her cash to take a cab back to St Paul to meet her mom. She made it with two minutes to spare.


The next morning, she took a last long look at her father before she left the house. Though her feelings for him over the past week now verged on hatred, she still felt a certain sadness, knowing that she was never going to see him or her mother again.

The ride to the school was silent, as usual. Life at home had been cold and empty during the past week, in stark contrast to the joy and liveliness that Jill’s family used to share.

As Jill stepped out of the car, she gazed at her mom for a few seconds, saying a silent goodbye, then closed the door and trudged towards the school doors as her mom drove away. She continued to walk past the doors instead of going inside, then ducked around the corner of the building, out of sight of everyone. Taking a deep breath, Jill ran across the grassy field towards the road.

She caught the bus to McCallum, where she got into the waiting station wagon. With trembling hands, Jill slid the key into the ignition, fired up the engine and exited the parking lot, driving slowly so as not to attract attention.

Her first stop was at Wal-Mart, where she picked up food and a few other supplies that they were sure to need. Then she set off for Linda’s trailer. Parking where the car couldn’t be seen, she ran over to the girls’ window and tapped gently.

Emma’s excited face appeared, then the child eagerly pushed the window up. Before Jill could say anything, Emma pushed a worn duffel bag into her arms, then started climbing out. Jill caught her and helped her to the ground, then Linda began wriggling her way out. Jill helped her too… and once on the ground, wrapped both arms tightly around her little lover, holding Linda close.

“C’mon! Before Mom wakes up!” Emma hissed.

Taking the girls’ hands in hers, Jill hurried to where the car was parked. Linda got into the passenger seat as Emma pushed her bag into the back seat and climbed in next to it.

Jill checked the time, knowing that by then, the school would have noticed that she wasn’t there and would have phoned her parents.

She turned to Linda. “Are you ready to start our new life together?”

Linda nodded, wiping her eyes as Emma excitedly exclaimed, “Yeah!”

Her eyes still tearing, Linda told Jill, “I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

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Knuckle Ridge, Chapter 9

  • Posted on November 14, 2020 at 3:07 pm

by Purple Les

Early Friday morning, Sheriff Masters was seated under the overhang roof just outside his office on the boardwalk. It had only been light out for a couple of hours, but it was already clear that the day would be a hot one. His pipe was lit, its stem clamped between his jaws as he perused the latest edition of the Knuckle Ridge Clarion. As always, young Freddie had brought him a copy right away. “Best read it careful, sheriff,” the boy said with a grin before turning to run back to the Clarion office. “I think the ink’s still wet!”

“Much obliged, son,” Gus had replied. Now he was on the last page, taking the occasional draw on his pipe, glancing out at the street every now and then.

When he heard the rumble of the morning stage as it came in, Gus immediately folded his newspaper and put it to one side, watching the vehicle approach. It came to a stop before the coach office, and he studied the passengers carefully as they disembarked.

Pausing to relight his pipe, he saw Jack from the coach office point in his direction. A man was following Jack’s finger with his eyes. Gus leaned back in his chair as he took a deep draw, observing the stranger as he drew near.

The man put Gus in mind of a bulldog, wearing a suit and walking upright. Hell, that’s what The Kid said about him, he recalled. Like a bulldog, won’t let nothin’ go.

As the man came closer Gus could see he was maybe five foot and a few inches, almost as wide as he was tall. He wore a charcoal gray suit with a matching vest, bottle-green necktie and a derby hat, with a white shirt and collar that was still impeccably white, despite the dusty stage ride. He carried a black leather valise, and wore black shoes.

Under a large, hooked nose, the man’s ruddy face was adorned by a handlebar mustache, waxed and upturned at the ends. His double chin hung over his shirt collar, covering part of the knot of his tie. The man’s blue eyes were small shiny jewels set beneath bushy eyebrows.

The man halted on the boardwalk in front of Gus’s chair, put down the valise that was in his right hand and extended that pudgy paw to the sheriff.

In a voice that sounded like a bear who had learned to talk, the man said, “I’m Detective Mort Farnum with the Pinkerton Agency. Would you be Sheriff Gus Masters?”

Slowly rising, Gus nearly towered over the man standing before him, and he wasn’t especially tall to begin with. He gripped Farnum’s hand, surprised to find it firm, dry and strong.

“How d’ye do, Detective Farnum. Yes, I’m Sheriff Masters.” Gus replied. “How can I help you?”

A mostly unseen smile appeared beneath Mort’s mustache. “Is there somewhere we could speak privately, Sheriff?”

Turning to open the office door, Gus motioned the detective inside, then followed.

“Care for some coffee, Detective Farnum?” Gus asked. “It’s still hot.”

“Yes, thank you. And call me Mort.”

“And Gus is fine with me,” Sheriff Masters said as he filled a mug with hot coffee, then set it near the far edge of his desk. “Have a seat,” he added, gesturing at the nearby chair.

Carefully seating himself — the chair squeaking as if in protest at the man’s sheer bulk — Mort Farnum reached for the cup and sipped from it. Nodding appreciatively, he began to speak. “A week or so back, I was in Louisiana on assignment, where I got forwarded a telegram from the Tequila Kid about these three certain parties who happened to be in this area. I sent a reply to inform her that all three were wanted criminals, and that she was to arrest them, if she was able. I’m here now to take them into my custody… or apprehend them myself.”

Tilting back slightly in his chair, Gus said, “Well now, Mort, the only prisoner I’ve got in the cells is Jessica Sinclair.”

Mort’s eyes widened in surprise, “Why, that’s amazing! I figured that she’d be the one who was still on the loose. She’s notorious, sheriff, and twisted as a bent corkscrew. It’s a great accomplishment on your part, getting that one behind bars.”

“Well, the Tequila Kid deserves most of the credit for the capture,” Gus said. “You’re right to call the Sinclair woman a bad ‘un, though. Hell, she committed four murders in my jurisdiction. Anyhow, you don’t have to worry about her. This afternoon a U.S. Marshal will be here to collect her. She’ll be goin’ to Austin on the mornin’ train, where she’ll stand trial.” He took out his pipe and tobacco pouch. “Never heard tell of a woman bein’ sentenced to hang in these parts… but I reckon she’ll be the first.”

“I’d say you’re correct about that,” Mort replied with a nod. “We’ve got her down for at least eight murders that we know of, and that’s before your four.”

Packing the bowl of his pipe with tobacco, then tamping it down, Gus said, “Now, about this Yves De Bries fella you’ve come for…”

Mort leaned forward, his eyes riveted on the sheriff.

“He’s one of the four men murdered by Jessica Sinclair. They planted his remains in our cemetery, close to a week ago. If you want him, you can make arrangements to have the body exhumed.” Striking a match on the top of his desk, Gus lit his pipe and took a deep pull.

“I will do just that, Gus.” Mort said, “And what of Maggie McGill? Or maybe you know her as Lady Jane Wyeth-Boton. She travels with what she claims is a servant girl, but it’s actually her daughter.”

Gus blew a large cloud of smoke toward the ceiling, then said, “For that, you’ll need to find The Kid and ask her.”

Draining his coffee mug, Mort set it on the desk, reaching for his valise as he stood. “Fair enough, sheriff. Any idea where I’d find her?”

Gus shook his head. “No. But it ain’t too big a town.” Gus took a drag on his pipe and asked, “You have De Bries, though… why even bother with the mother and daughter? There’s no warrants on ‘em in the States.”

“Normally, I wouldn’t bother,” Mort said, “However, Scotland Yard in Great Britain has provided our agency with extradition papers for Maggie and Gracie McGill, so they’re to be brought in.” He shrugged. “It’s my job.”

After conferring with Gus over lodgings in town, Mort Farnum carried his grip up the street and checked in to the Smith House. After a quiet lunch, he began his search for The Kid.


The Tequila Kid spent the main part of her day keeping track of where Mort Farnum was and avoiding him. First she dropped by the stage office to ask a favor of Jack.

“I don’t know, Kid,” Jack muttered, an uneasy expression on his ruddy face. “I take pride in always treatin’ everyone square. Now you’re askin’ me to deceive a representative of the law.”

“You won’t get in trouble, Jack,” The Kid replied. “Besides, you do kinda owe me one. Didn’t I find Bob and Roy’s killer, and bring back them gold certificates?”

“All right, Kid, all right,” Jack sighed, his face turning even redder. “I’ll have a talk with the boys afore they leave in the mornin’.”

“Don’t you worry none, Jack,” The Kid said with a smile. “It’ll all go just fine.”

As Jack watched The Kid walk away, he thought, Lord God, what am I gettin’ myself into?


The Kid’s next stop was at the livery stable. After she explained what she needed, Nate looked worried and Mac seemed more confused than usual.

“I dunno, Kid,” Nate said at last.

“Now, Nate, it couldn’t be more simple. You just say that one little thing.”

“I don’t like messin’ with the law none, Kid. Even if he ain’t from these parts,” Nate insisted.

“Well… reckon I understand,” The Kid said with a sigh. “I guess it’s too much to ask, even from a friend.” She turned and started to walk away.

Mac gave Nate a disappointed look. Nate noticed, a deep frown creasing his dark visage. Pursing his lips, he took a deep breath, mumbled, “Hell fire.” Then he called out, “Hold on there, Kid!”

She turned around, gazing expectantly at Nate. He glared at her, then his features softened. “Fine,” he said, shaking his head. “We’ll do it.”

The Kid broke into a big smile that made Nate almost glad he’d changed his mind. “I ‘preciate that, Nate,” she said, returning to join him and Mac.

“Just tell it to me again, what it is you need me to do,” Nate said.

The Kid explained, then gave the large black man a pat on the shoulder. “Don’t you worry one little bit. It’ll go just fine.” With that, she turned to go.

As The Kid left the stable, Mac grinned. “You done good, Nate.”

Nate didn’t smile back, just yanked Mac’s hat off and flung it to the ground. “God damn it all,” he scowled. “Why in hell do I listen to her… or to you?”

“Cause you’re a right fella,” Mac replied, his cheerful visage undimmed.

“More like a damn fool,” Nate grumbled, bending to pick up the battered hat, brushing it off before he placed it back on the old man’s head. “C’mon, Mac… let’s go muck out them stalls.”


When the afternoon train roared into the station, Sheriff Masters was there to meet it.

The first passenger to disembark was Marshal Zebadiah Russel, his deputy Frank Tanner, and jail matron Ada Kelly. Gus had to admit that Marshal Russel cut a fine figure, with his height of six foot two and his professional demeanor. He was near Gus’s age of thirty-eight. Deputy Tanner was young but seemed able enough, an affable fellow with bright red hair, closer to Gus’s height and size. Ada Kelly was a hatchet-faced woman of around forty, about five foot tall and a hundred and sixty pounds, dressed completely in black.

Gus escorted the trio to the Ridge Hotel, where they would eat and retire for the day. Around six o’clock the following morning, Deputy Tanner would take up position in the mail car of the morning train, where Jessica Sinclair would be held during the journey back to Austin. Meanwhile, Marshal Russel and Ada Kelly would be at the sheriff’s office, preparing the prisoner for her trip. Sheriff Masters would accompany them to the train.

And that’ll be all she wrote, Gus told himself. Gotta admit, I’ll be glad to see the last of that woman. He’d tangled with more than a few scofflaws since putting on the sheriff’s badge, but that Jess Sinclair unsettled him something fierce.


Earlier that same day, Andromeda Purdy had paid a visit to the Ridge Hotel, where she spoke with Ed at the front desk, finally persuading him to go along with The Kid’s plan. Hastening up the stairs to the room where  Maggie and Gracie McGill were waiting, Ann then let them out the back door of the hotel and through back ways and alleys to her house. Though the former Lady Jane had been most reluctant to leave most of their things behind, Ann explained why it was crucial to only bring one suitcase with them.

Finally safe and secure at Ann’s house, Andromeda made tea for them all. Once seated with their cups, Ann spoke. “I know that you’ve already shared your story with The Kid, but she hasn’t told me anything of it. Might I ask the details of your husband’s death… if it’s not too painful?”

Unsure of how to respond, Maggie glanced at her daughter. “She should know, since she’s risking so much for us, Mummy,” Gracie said.

Maggie gave a thoughtful nod. “Very well then, Ann, I’ll tell you… I only hope you won’t think the worst of me.” She took a sip of tea, then replaced the cup in its saucer with a melancholy sigh.

“First, I should say that at first, my husband and I had a… a blissful marriage. When I gave birth to Gracie, our family was complete, and Kenneth and I were the proud parents of a lovely little girl.” She smiled at Gracie, who smiled back, blushing slightly.

Maggie went on to tell of the injustice her husband suffered at his place of employment, and of the hardships that followed. Soon, her story came to the evening of Kenneth’s death, and Maggie fell silent for a moment, staring at a handkerchief she clutched in her trembling hands.

Suddenly Gracie spoke up, “It was all my fault, Miss Purdy.”

“No!” Maggie immediately said, her eyes flashing. “It wasn’t your fault, I’ve told you that!” Hugging the child to her, she resumed the story. “It happened like this. Kenneth was frantic for more gin, but had no money, and there was nothing of ours left to pawn. He was quite out of his mind, shaking as if he had a fever. His plan was to… to force me to lie with another man, to g-get the money he needed.” Now on the verge of tears, Maggie fought to control her emotion, to keep talking. “I refused, and that sent Kenneth into a blind rage. He was beating me, ripping at my clothes. Gracie tried to pull him off me, and he struck her a hard blow, knocking her to the floor.” Her jaw tightened. “Even at his worst, he’d never hit our child before.

“I managed to get to my feet and told Gracie to run away, to fetch help. I suppose that for Kenneth, it was the last straw. He snatched up a knife and came at me. There was murder in his eyes, I saw it plain as day. I would be dead now if Gracie hadn’t hit Kenneth on the head with the tea kettle. But…” There was a tremor in her voice. “He fell… and in the falling, impaled himself on the knife.”

“Oh, dear,” Andromeda whispered.

Maggie looked up, meeting Ann’s gaze. “I’m afraid that I wasn’t completely truthful with The Kid. When I told her this story, I left Gracie out of it, told her that I hit Kenneth with the kettle.” She sighed. “I didn’t want to lie, but I had to protect my daughter.“ Bending down, she kissed the crown of Gracie’s head, then gave Ann a sad smile. “I know now that I can trust you and The Kid, so there need be no more falsehoods between us.”

Drawing little Gracie into her lap, Maggie continued her story, how she went to the police to inform them of the death of her husband and was arrested for his murder. “I did have one piece of luck,” she said. “Before I left, I asked my downstairs neighbors, the Fitzwickers, to look after Gracie while I was out. God bless them, they took my daughter in when I was in custody, kept her safe.”

“They were kind to me,” Gracie said. “Their little girl died when she was five.”

“When the police found the mark from the kettle on Kenneth’s head,” Maggie said, “there was no hope left for me — I was blamed for his death. Of course, I couldn’t tell them that it was Gracie who struck the blow. She had saved my life, and I was determined to save hers.”

“I wanted to tell what really happened,” Gracie declared. “But Mum made me swear on the family Bible that I never would.”

“Soon after that, they put me on trial,” said Maggie. “I tried to explain that Kenneth had the horrors, that he meant to kill me with the knife, but…” She shook her head. “The prosecutor for the Crown told the jury that the worst sin a wife could commit was to raise a hand to her husband, that I’d committed a crime against God. I knew they meant to have me hang… so when the chance arose for me to escape, I seized it.”

Ann nodded. “The Kid told me about how you made your escape from the police.”

“Yes, then I managed to get word to Mrs Fitzwicker, who brought Gracie to me. Two days later, we fled to America.” She fell silent, stroking her daughter’s hair. “On the voyage, I met a woman named Sophie LaForge, who befriended me. Once she learned that I was without much in the way of money, she made a proposal. She’d worked with another woman as a medium, pretending to talk to dead spirits for those who would pay dearly to speak to them. Like us, she was fleeing the law. Sophie’s partner had betrayed her for a man, and shopped her to the police.

“Sophie was looking for a new partner, and suggested that I join her. I was hesitant, as you can imagine, but in the end, she persuaded me. After all, I had no idea how I was to make my way in America. I’d never worked before, you see, and had a child to provide for.”

“This Sophie,” Ann said, stroking her chin thoughtfully, “she showed you how to do seances?”

Maggie nodded. “She taught me all the tricks of the trade. How to get information, to ask the right questions, how to establish the proper atmosphere, how to create a diversion.” She paused, looking away. “That wasn’t all she taught me, though. Sophie saw the… the loneliness that I felt. How long it was since I had been touched by a loving hand.” Her eyes meeting Ann’s, she continued. “She taught me the pleasures that women can share between them. We became lovers. I won’t keep that a secret from you, Ann… or The Kid.”

“Thank you,” Ann replied, her heart beating faster. “What happened to Sophie?”

Parting her lips to speak, Maggie hesitated. Gracie spoke up. “She caught a fever.”

“It happened about halfway through our passage,” Maggie said. “I don’t know what caused it. She suffered terribly, couldn’t hold anything down. After three days, Sophie died.”

“Oh, dear,” Ann said.

“But I had the knowledge that she passed on to me, and decided that we would make use of it,” Maggie continued. “I taught Gracie to partner with me. She had always been a clever child who loved to pretend, and liked to use different voices. I realized that her age could work to our advantage. A medium with a pretty little girl would be more likely to inspire trust.”

“I didn’t want to… it seemed wicked,“ Gracie said. “but Mummy made me see that we had to earn our bread somehow. She was afraid that we might have to take jobs in a factory, or a mill.”

“How did you end up working with Count Cousiourac?” Ann asked.

“Oh, him,” Maggie sighed. She told the story of Yves DeBries, how he had latched onto them, threatening to have Maggie exposed as a murderer on the run unless they cut him in for the lion’s share of their takings.

“My, my!” Ann exclaimed. “I always did feel ill at ease around that man. Now I see why.”

“Mummy,” Gracie said, peering up at her mother. “You didn’t tell the whole story. Not the part about us.” Taking Maggie’s hand, she brought it to her lips.

“No,” Maggie admitted. “I suppose that we ought to. Do you want to tell it?”

Gracie nodded. “Yes, please.” Turning to Ann, she said. “You see, Miss Purdy, I knew my mother was… coupling with Miss LaForge. She tried to hide it from me, that they were lovers, but I figured it out soon enough. Mummy and I always shared a bed; she never made me sleep at night by myself. They would slip away during the day to — to do things together.

“After Miss LaForge died, I could tell that Mummy was sad and lonely. When we were in bed at night, she held me close, sometimes until morning. I loved when she did that… but it hurt me to see her so unhappy. That was when I knew that I really wanted to — to be more to Mummy than just her little girl. I wanted to give her the same good feelings that Miss LaForge did… and for her to love me the same way.” Gracie gazed up at her mother with adoring eyes. “Now you, Mummy. Tell Miss Purdy about that night, when we…” Suddenly shy, the child fell silent.

“It was nearly two weeks before we reached New York,” Maggie began. “Gracie was already in bed, while I was writing in my journal. Then I undressed, got into my nightshirt, and joined my daughter… only to discover, when I took her in my arms, that she was completely naked beneath the blanket.”

“Oh, my,” Ann said. Her pulse was racing, and she felt quite warm underneath her dress.

“As you can imagine, I was astonished — but even more so when Gracie kissed me! I was too taken aback to respond, and that was when my daughter spoke her mind, saying she loved me, and longed for us to… to share the same pleasures that I had enjoyed with Sophie.” Her cheeks had flushed to a darker hue of pink. “I must admit that, when cuddling with Gracie on those previous nights, the feeling of her body against mine left me… somewhat lightheaded. And very aroused.”

“I think I knew that, somehow,” Gracie added.

“Under ordinary circumstances, I would not have given into my desire, I think,” Maggie said, “but Gracie was such a lovely child, and felt so good in my arms…” She gave a blissful sigh. “Then, knowing that she wanted me that same way… well, I succumbed to her charms, as they say, and we kissed again. Then my daughter undressed me, and we made love.”

“It was perfect,” the child said. “Some things I didn’t know how to do, but Mummy showed me. And after it was over, I smiled at her, kissed her hand and said, ‘Now I am yours, forever and ever’.”

Maggie gazed down at her little girl. “Since then, I have shared my bed with other women… so has Gracie, actually. But we always have each other. She is the love of my life.”

“And I never want that to stop.” Gracie added, smiling as she rested her head on Maggie’s knee.


As evening came, a few drovers rode into town. Looking to see how much they could drink and whore and gamble before their pay ran out, they were mostly harmless cowpokes letting off steam after weeks on the trail. On occasion they would brawl in the street, or fire their guns into the air.

Gus, Jigs, and Rick kept an occasional eye on them, but Gus was mostly concerned with the prisoner locked in his back cell. Tomorrow mornin’ can’t come too soon for me, he thought. Don’t reckon I can set easy until the Sinclair woman is on that train and gone.

He was sitting at the small table in his office oiling his gun when Mort Farnum entered. Seating himself across from Gus, the stout man announced, “Sheriff, I have been unable to locate The Kid.”

Gus nodded. “Can’t say I’m surprised. She sure can make herself scarce when she puts her mind to it.”

“Nonetheless,” Mort continued, “I have been talking to some of the people of the town.”

Gus took out his pipe and filled it with a generous pinch of Burley from his tobacco pouch. Mort Farnum frowned… then with a small shrug, took a cigar from his coat pocket and lit it up.

As Gus applied a match to the bowl and took a deep draw, Mort continued. “I went to the Ridge Hotel, only to discover that Maggie McGill has already checked out. She had a small mountain of luggage in the lobby. A desk clerk — Ed, I believe his name is — told me the bags would be going to the stage depot.” Pausing to puff at his stogie, he sat back in his chair. “I think Mrs McGill will try to leave on the morning stage.”

“Sounds reasonable,” Gus said. “But what about the train?”

Mort shook his head, saying, “No, I don’t believe she’d risk it. There’ll be too much attention there because of Jessica Sinclair.” Suddenly leaning forward, he added, “I think Mrs McGill and her daughter are with The Kid right now, hiding out at the home of a Miss Andromeda Purdy.”

Gus was silent, the pipe stem held in his strong jaw as he finished loading his gun. Examining it with a nod, he slid the weapon into its holster.

“Sheriff Masters,” Mort said gruffly, “I must ask you to lead me to this Miss Purdy’s home, so I can take the woman and child into my custody tonight.”

Taking the pipe from his mouth, Gus frowned, then tapped out the bowl on the heel of his boot.

“I reckon I’m obliged to do as you ask, but it’s your show, Mort,” Gus said.

They both rose and stepped outside. Gus looked up and down the noisy street. It was dark now, though there were lanterns on the fronts of buildings to provide a bit of illumination, with a few oil lamps spilling light onto the street and boardwalk from inside windows and open doors.

Seeing Jigs, Gus waved him over. “Keep an eye on things here, Jigs. I’ll be with Detective Farnum here for a spell. Have yourself some coffee — I think it’s still hot.”

“Okay, Gus,” the long-limbed deputy replied. Stepping into the office, he turned to watch Gus and that East Coast private eye walk into the darkness.

Ten minutes later, Gus knocked on the front door of Ann Purdy’s house. As they waited for a response, Gus observed the flower bed of yellow, red and orange marigolds that lined the front walk of Ann’s house. They looked lovely in the soft light from the lantern that glowed by the door, beneath the covered porch where Gus and Mort waited.

The front door opened, and The Tequila Kid stood in the doorway, smiling.

“Howdy, Gus.” The Kid said. Noticing who was with him, The Kid enthused, “Well, I’ll be. If it ain’t Mort Farnum! I recollect I still owe you a drink, Mort. How ‘bout I get my hat and we all head over to the Broken Horn, catch up on old times?”

Mort squared his shoulders. “You do owe me a drink, Kid. But right now, I am here on business.”

“What sort of business?” The Kid inquired, wearing a puzzled expression.

“I believe you are harboring a wanted fugitive here in this house. Maggie McGill Hopkins is wanted for murder in England, and I am here to take her and her child into custody to be extradited back to their homeland, so she can face trial,” Mort growled. “Per the telegram I sent you.” He paused, sizing The Kid up. “Could it be that you are holding Mrs Hopkins for me, rather than aiding and abetting a fugitive?”

“Shucks now, Mort,” The Kid said in a honeyed voice. “Her husband died by accident by his own hand, and the little girl sure didn’t have nothin’ to do with it. The way I hear it, that Hopkins feller attacked his wife and daughter with intent to kill. Maggie McGill Hopkins was just defendin’ her little girl.”

“That is for a judge and jury in England to decide, not me,” Mort fired back, “I have my job to do.”

The Kid stood a little straighter and said, “Why don’t you let me buy you that drink, Mort? They ain’t here anyways.”

“Then,” Mort countered, “You won’t mind me coming in to take a look around…?”

“No, I don’t mind,” The Kid said.

As Mort and Gus took a step forward to enter the house, The Kid put the palms of her hands flat against each man’s chest, stopping them in their tracks.

With a slight edge to her voice, The Kid said, “I don’t mind… if you got a search warrant, that is. Do you?”

Gus stepped back, and Mort frowned as he looked up at The Kid. “I can get one.”

“You go ahead and do that, then. I reckon Judge Nels should be back from his fishin’ trip by Monday,” The Kid said smugly.

Mort’s face grew red, and he pointed a stubby but well-manicured finger at The Kid. Just as he was about to speak, a delicious aroma wafted through the door, then Ann Purdy appeared beside The Kid in the doorway. Ann’s jaw was no longer swollen, but four long scabs from Jessica Sinclair’s nails still showed on her face.

Using a dish towel to hold a hot fry pan with cornbread in it, Ann smiled at the sheriff, saying, “Gus! What a pleasant surprise.”

Gus removed his hat, saying, “Good evenin’, Miss Ann. This is Detective Mort Farnum.”

Mort removed his hat, giving a polite nod of his head, and Ann said, “Pleased to meet you, Mr Farnum. I just took this out of the oven. Won’t you both please come in? I’ve got coffee brewing, and I must say that The Kid makes the best cornbread you’ll ever taste.”

The Kid frowned at Ann, saying, “Mort here, he thinks that Lady Jane gal is hidin’ out here with her little girl.”

Ann laughed brightly. “That’s ridiculous. I’m sure they’d be at Mrs Ruggles’ estate if they were anywhere.”

As she spoke those words, The Kid gave Ann a kick to her ankle, suddenly scowling.

Glancing at The Kid, Ann whispered, “Oh, dear,” pressing a hand to her lips.

A barely perceived smile spread under Mort Farnum’s big mustache. Putting his hat back on, he gave a brief bow. “Thank you ever so much, Miss Purdy. It was a pleasure meeting you.” With that, he turned to leave. Gus followed, taking one last longing look at that steaming pan of cornbread.

As the two men walked away, they could hear The Kid’s angry voice, saying, “Damn it all, Andromeda Henrietta Purdy… how in hell could a woman smart as you be such a fool?”

When they reached the edge of town, Gus turned to Farnum and said, “Well, Mort, I reckon you got this matter well in hand, so if it’s the same to you, I’ll be headin’ back to my office. Got that prisoner to keep an eye on.“

The detective extended a hand. “I’m obliged to you, Gus.” They shook.

“Have a pleasant evenin’, Mort,” Sheriff Masters replied.

“The same to you, sir,” Farnum replied, and set off in the direction of the livery stable at a brisk pace.

Gus watched as the pudgy man vanished into the night. Shaking his head, he headed the other way, in the direction of his office.

Once he arrived at the stable, Farnum rented the red hammerhead roan, getting directions to the Ruggles estate from Nate before riding away. Short and stout as he was. Mort was an odd sight on horseback, but he rode with practiced skill.


Ann waited several minutes after Gus and the detective stranger had left, then climbed the stairs to her bedroom. She gently tapped on the door, then opened it, smiling at the frightened woman and child. “They’ve gone, ladies,” she said, “Now come down and eat with us.”

A very relieved Maggie and Gracie followed Ann downstairs to the kitchen, where The Kid was pouring the coffee. Looking up, she said, “Sit you down and tuck in — the food’s still warm.”

As they ate the delicious cornbread, The Kid said, “That trick we run on Detective Farnum… that’ll keep him out of our hair for the rest of the night.”

“Thank you for that — both of you,” Maggie said.

“Now, once you two get to San Francisco,” The Kid said, taking out a folded piece of paper, “I want you to look up a Miss Holly Mayflower. I had Ann write up this here letter for you to take to her. Holly runs a specialty house. She’s a mighty good woman, and I feel sure she’d give you a job there.” She handed the paper to Ann. “Read this for us?”

The Kid had dictated the letter to Ann earlier in the day. Ann offered to clean up the grammar, but The Kid refused. “I want her to know for sure that it’s from me.”

“Believe me, she’ll know,” Ann countered, rolling her eyes.

Now she read it out loud to the others. “Hey, Holly. This here is The Kid. Hope you’re well, miss you. I ain’t coming there to work in your fancy house yet, on account of I’m still with the Texas Rangers. The gal with this letter is Maggie McGill and her daughter Gracie. They have a secret, that they are also lovers. I recollect you told me once that a mother and her girl who took pleasure together could make you rich. So here they are. They are good friends of mine, so don’t you cheat them none. Don’t ask Maggie to do the deed with any man unless she wants. Most of all, make sure they keep their hands off of little Gracie. Hope to see you again someday. Your old pal, The Tequila Kid.”

Under her name was The Kid’s outline drawing of a raven.

Slipping the letter into an addressed envelope, Ann handed it to Maggie. The Kid said, “Well, what do you think?”

“How much would we make?” Maggie asked.

The Kid shrugged. “Maybe a thousand or so dollars in a month. I don’t rightly know.”

“Oh, Mummy,” Gracie said as she helped herself to another piece of warm cornbread, “We’d be rich. And we’d be getting paid for doing what we love anyway.”

“Yes, I suppose so,” Maggie said thoughtfully as she looked at her daughter.

“I was thinkin’, though,” The Kid said slowly, “since I’m sayin’ how good a show you’d do, maybe you should give me and Ann a sample.”

Ann blushed. “You shouldn’t ask that of our guests, Kid.”

“Well, now, Ann,” The Kid said, “me, I already seen ‘em together. But I think you should have a look, too. Y’know, to make sure they’re as lovely a sight as I figured.”

Ann’s hands trembled and her voice shook as she stared at the floor. “I’m sure that’s not necessary, Kid.”

“Well, we got a few hours to kill here. Don’t no one seem sleepy yet.” The Kid countered.

Still eating her slice of cornbread, Gracie said, “I think it’s a splendid idea. Don’t you think so, Mummy?”

“Don’t speak with your mouth full, dear.” Maggie said. “And yes, I think it’s a marvelous idea.” She reached out to touch Ann’s chin, forcing her blushing face upward, looking into her eyes. “I think Miss Purdy is rather shy. But tell us truly, Ann… wouldn’t you like to see Gracie and me make love?”

Ann nodded her head, somehow managing to say, “Yes. I — I would like that, very much.”

“Well, it’s settled, then,” The Kid said.

Gracie jumped to her feet, crying, “Yippee!” The adults all stared at the child, who sheepishly added, “I thought… well, that’s how one expresses joy in these parts, is it not?”

Everyone laughed. Rising from her seat, The Kid murmured, “I reckon we’re done with supper.”

No one spoke, but the air seemed to crackle with excitement as they filed up the stairs to Ann’s bedroom. Once inside, The Kid lit the lamp on the nightstand. The drapes were already drawn. There were two chairs in the bedroom, and Maggie silently directed The Kid and Ann to sit in them.

While Maggie slowly undressed, Gracie gave The Kid a long, wet kiss. Ann’s head swiveled back and forth — watching Maggie strip, then her lover and the child kissing, then back to Maggie again. Gracie had unbuttoned The Kid’s shirt and was teasing her nipples, cooing with delight as she watched them stiffen to the touch.

Glancing back at Maggie, Ann saw that the older woman was now nude, a hand moving between her spread thighs while she watched her daughter fondle The Kid’s tits.

Slowly withdrawing two fingers from her vagina, Maggie proffered them to the child. “Gracie, dear, come taste your mummy’s cunt.”

Gracie broke away from The Kid, crossed the room to where her mother sat, and took the glistening fingers into her mouth, making a big show of sucking them clean, then turned to Ann with a smile.

Ann’s eyes widened in wonder as Gracie approached, then drifted shut again as the child kissed her, slipping her tongue between the woman’s parted lips. Ann whimpered as she returned Gracie’s tender kiss, tasting the little girl’s mother on her tongue.

Then she felt Gracie’s hands, touching her breasts through the blouse she wore. Breaking their kiss, Ann moaned, “Oh, sweet child…”

“Do you want to see Mummy undress me?” Gracie whispered, nuzzling Ann’s ear.

“I — I do, yes,” Ann replied. Her heart was racing. The secret fantasy she’d held onto for so long, her dream of making love to a little girl — was it really about to happen?

Leaving a kiss on Ann’s cheek, Gracie returned to her mother. “Mummy,” she said, “I want to be naked, so Miss Purdy can see all of me. Will you take my clothes off?”

“I will, my love,” Maggie said, smiling at her daughter.

The Kid quickly shucked her own clothes as she and Ann watched Maggie unfasten the hooks at the back of Gracie’s dress. Now nude, The Kid padded over to Ann and began to strip her lover. Gracie watched as Ann’s beautiful body was slowly revealed, licking her lips in anticipation of the pleasures they would all soon share.

Ann was beside herself, trembling with helpless desire as she watched Maggie slowly remove her little girl’s clothes, pausing to caress and kiss Gracie’s body as, bit by bit, it was laid bare.

Now all four of them were naked, and the air in the small bedroom was thick with the scent of female lust.

Maggie laid back on the bed with her thighs spread wide, tugging at her nipples. Ann began to touch herself, giving her pussy what it begged for as she stared at the little naked girl standing before her, displaying everything she had.

The sight was even lovelier than she’d expected. The flowing black hair against the soft white skin. Her bright blue eyes, framed by dark eyelashes. Those full red lips,that put Ann in mind of a child from a Dickens novel. The merest hint of breasts, capped by erect, rosy nipples. Those long coltish legs, and that beautiful bare vulva.

But somehow, what thrilled Ann most was the smile on Gracie’s face, a smile that said, You can have me. Right here. Right now. She could practically hear the child speak the words.

“Now… show our friends how you pleasure a woman with your mouth, Gracie,” Maggie instructed her little girl, placing a hand just above her cunt.

Pausing to blow Ann a kiss, turned to join her mother on the bed. Lying between Maggie’s spread legs, the eleven-year-old buried her mouth in the dark blonde curls and began to lick. It was a wondrous sight, this child making love to a woman… but Ann’s attention soon shifted to Gracie’s bottom, which wriggled a bit as  she ground her sex into the bed.

“Turn around, love,” Maggie said. “Mummy wants a taste of you, too.”

Shifting around, Gracie turned her body about so that she was straddling her mother’s chest, then started licking her from the other direction.

“She loves it when I do this to her,” Maggie said, smiling at Ann. Cupping her daughter’s buttocks, she lifted her head from the pillow, gently spread the girl’s cheeks apart and began to ream her bottom hole, bathing the dark cleft with long, slow swipes of her tongue.

Maggie couldn’t keep her head raised like that for very long, though, and had to stop. Lying back down, she began to pleasure Gracie with her fingers, lovingly stroking the little girl’s bare slit.

Lost in the lewd scene playing out before her, Ann actually flinched when The Kid touched her arm. “Oh!” she gasped; then, seeing who it was, her cheeks flushed bright pink. “Oh, my,” she whispered.

“Let’s get closer,” The Kid said, helping Ann up from the chair. “Get us a good look.”

Obediently following her lover, Ann was soon standing beside the bed, gazing wide-eyed at the genuinely moving sight of a mother and daughter, joyfully sharing their bodies. A soft moan escaped her lips as she watched Gracie moving three fingers in and out of Maggie’s hole, the girl’s lips glued to the woman’s swollen clit.

Poor Ann was quivering from head to toe with unspent desire. From her new vantage point, she could reach out and touch the incestuous lovers if she cared to. The sounds of mouths and fingers toying with wet flesh made sweet music, and the thick, intoxicating smell of cunt filled Ann’s head, making her dizzy.

The Kid spoke. “Don’t know about you, Ann, but I kinda feel like joinin’ this here party.” Bending down, she licked Gracie’s butthole, slipping a hand beneath the moaning girl to grope at Maggie’s tits.

Ann had to sit back down before she swooned, overwhelmed by the vision of this wicked tableau. God forgive me, she thought… but if this isn’t heaven, it’s as close as I’ll ever be to seeing it in this life.

The Kid fell to her knees beside the bed, frantically rubbing at her clitoris. “Shit!” she gasped, “I — I’m gonna come.” An instant later, she gave a hoarse cry, her lean frame shaking, teeth bared as she spent. Her drawn-out moan dwindled to a whimper, and The Kid lost her balance, falling onto her ass with a thud. She winced at first — then relaxed, lying down on the oaken floor with a blissful smile on her lips. Gracie giggled, then turned her full attention back to her mother’s pussy. Down below, Maggie continued to love the little girl with slow, lingering strokes of her tongue.

It was all too much for Ann, who suddenly found herself coming without warning, even with both hands resting on her knees. It left her dazed and panting for breath, but she kept watching Maggie and Gracie as they made love, determined to see it all.

Struggling to her feet, The Kid tottered over to the bed and bent to claim Maggie’s mouth in a penetrating kiss, tasting Gracie on her lips. Now they were both masturbating the child.

Seconds later, Gracie gave a muffled cry into her mother’s cunt as the two women brought her off. She paused to take a deep breath, then delved between Maggie’s thighs again, licking at the sodden flesh for all she was worth.

Ann watched in awe as the eleven-year-old girl drove her mother to orgasm, Maggie moaning and writhing while The Kid continued to kiss her. Finally breaking away from The Kid, she twisted away from her daughter’s mouth, panting, “That’s enough, Gracie.” Her voice trailed into a whisper. “My, that was lovely…”

Ann felt certain that little Gracie had to be exhausted from her lovemaking. Instead, the child all but leaped from the bed, hurried over to where Ann sat and claimed the startled woman’s mouth in a heated tongue kiss, all the while toying with her bare breasts.

Suddenly Gracie broke away, gazing deep into Ann’s wide-open eyes. “Miss Purdy,” she said, her voice like sweet music, “May I lick your fanny now? I want to make you come on my face, like Mummy just did.”

The Kid sat on the bed with Maggie, observing the rapt expression on Ann’s face, her body pulsing with excitement. My sweetheart’s dream is finally comin’ true, she thought. And I’m gettin’ to see it happen.

“You want to lick me?” Ann breathed, resting a hand on her upper chest. Even as she spoke, Gracie knelt before her and was gently parting Ann’s legs.

“Yes… yes I do,” Gracie affirmed, “More than anything.”

Ann smiled down at the eager angelic face that was beaming up at her. “I would love that, Gracie.”

With those words, Gracie leaned forward and took a long slow lick, her tongue bathing the length of her new lover’s vulva. “Oh… oh, my,” Ann sighed, sinking back into the chair.

Gracie looked up. “You taste divine, Miss Purdy.” she said, then buried her mouth in Ann’s bush and began to feast on the older woman, just as she had done for Maggie.

Gently placing both hands on Gracie’s head, Ann lifted her feet and placed them on the edges of the chair, giving this exquisite child full access to her hot, wet cunt. No question about it — this little girl knew how to use her mouth, tongue and lips on a woman. Ann shook her head in wild abandon, her long hair coming undone to fall loose around her shoulders.

“Enjoy it, Ann,” Maggie said. “I assure you, my daughter loves nothing better than making a woman spend in her face.”

Rising from the bed, The Kid moved over to where Ann sat. She bent down to cup her lover’s breasts, taking hold of the taut nipples and lightly pinching them, Nuzzling her ear, The Kid whispered, “Go on, Ann. Do it now. Come for us.”

With a loud wail, Ann did just that, bathing the little girl’s face with her fluids. But Grace refused to stop,  keeping up her efforts until Ann reached a second orgasm that was even more frenzied than the first.

Please s-stop!” Ann gasped as she pushed at Gracie’s head. “No more. I can’t bear any more pleasure. Oh, what a dear girl you are.” Clumsily dragging the child into her arms, she began to kiss and lick her own nectar from Gracie’s lips and chin.

Gathering up her clothes, The Kid said, “I had me a fine old time… but shucks, I got to go check up on things in town.” Dipping her head, she kissed Ann and Gracie in turn, then said, “Just one thing I need you to do, Ann.”

Ann looked up at The Kid, confused. “What’s that?”

“You oughta return the favor to Gracie… make her come, too.” She winked at Ann, then exited the room, blowing a kiss to Maggie before she closed the door.

Downstairs, The Kid washed up with the well water in the bucket, then quickly dressed. She put on her gun belt and Bowie knife… then as an afterthought, put on the gadget with the derringer.

She made her way into town, being careful to stay in the shadows and out of sight as much as she could. Nearing the livery stable, she saw a visibly fuming Mort Farnum ride in on one of Nate’s horses. Glancing up at the fading stars, The Kid touched the ring on its chain beneath her shirt.


Mac had stayed up that night in the stable, while Nate slept on the pallet he kept in his office. Mac spent the time whittling, taking an occasional pull from his bottle. He’d spent the past few weeks carving the head of an Indian chief, and was putting the final touches on the face.

He was squinting at it, trying to figure out if the nose was even on both sides, when that detective — Farnum, or Barnum, or whatever his handle was — came in leading the hammerhead roan, a grim expression on his face.

Placing his work to the side, Mac struggled to his feet. “Did ye have a good ride, then?” he asked.

Mort frowned as handed over the reins of the horse to Mac. “What’s open this time of night?”

“Well, th’ bars are closin’ soon, if they ain’t already. But if it’s food ye want, the Highland Cafe stays open all th’ time.”

The bulky man turned and stalked away without a word. Mac watched him go, shrugged, then patted the horse’s neck, speaking soothing words as he led her to a stall.

At the Cafe, Farnum ordered breakfast and coffee. Waiting for his meal to arrive, he brooded about the time he’d wasted at the Ruggles estate.

After looking the place over for a while, he’d finally gone to the door and knocked. A pompous butler had admitted him, then guided Farnum to a sitting room where he’d been left to cool his heels for nearly an hour before Mrs Ruggles, a crotchety old woman with a bandaged eye, bothered to put in an appearance.

It hadn’t gone well. He explained the circumstances of the case, and Mrs Ruggles told him in no uncertain terms that he was clearly after the wrong woman, who hadn’t been in her home for more than a week anyhow. Then she called him a blithering idiot, and ordered him to leave. The stiff-necked butler had shown Farnum out, the man’s lip curled in a sneer of disdain.

Mort’s reverie was interrupted by the arrival of his breakfast. With a sigh, he sprinkled his eggs with pepper, then tucked in. That Tequila Kid made a fool of me, he reflected, spearing a sausage with his fork.

In spite of it all, Mort had to grin wryly, shaking his head at how neatly he’d been taken in. That woman always knows how to put a burr in my britches… but damn it all, she’s got more sand than any man I’ve ever known.


Back at Andromeda’s house, Gracie was stretched out on the bed, smiling blissfully as Ann kissed, licked and touched every inch of the little girl’s body, savoring her like a good wine. Maggie was seated in the chair, gently stroking her slit as she enjoyed the show.

Soon, though, Gracie was whimpering, her need at fever pitch. “Please, Miss Ann,” she entreated, ”oh, please release me from this — this heavenly agony.”

Moistening her lips, Ann slowly drew toward the child’s smooth sex, breathing in the musky, yet delicate scent. She gazed at its bare beauty, drawn to it like a moth to the flame. Moving closer still, Ann extended her tongue, then trailed the tip of it through the sweet pink cleft, licking from the bottom to the top, ending with a tiny flick of Gracie’s clit.

A sweet shiver raced through the girl’s slender frame. “Oh, yes… oh, yes. That’s wonderful. Please d-don’t stop what you’re doing to me, Miss Purdy.” Gracie begged. “I — I love you!”

Taking another, deeper lick, Ann paused to sample the flavor of Gracie’s nectar. Mmmm, it’s divine. Just the way The Kid told me a little girl would taste. Parting her lips, she pressed her open mouth into the child’s vulva, covering it completely — then began to suck at the rosy flesh, not wanting to lose a drop. Like eating a ripe peach, she thought, but so much better.

Suddenly Andromeda felt two fingers slide into her cunt, then heard Maggie say, “Goodness me, Ann! I’d say that licking my daughter has made you wet all over again.”

I never stopped being wet, not for an instant, Ann thought, but she was too busy to reply. As she probed Gracie’s juicy treasure with her tongue, Ann slipped a finger between the eleven-year-old’s buttocks, seeking the tight little rosebud, then eased the length of it into her young lover’s anus.

Gracie seized up, going stiff for a few heartbeats, then her body shuddered and thrashed while she came, all the while informing every divine power in heaven of the rapture she felt. Her voice rose into a scream, she gave a violent jerk — then the child collapsed, lying limp and spent, bathed in perspiration.

Ann and Maggie stretched on either side of the panting girl, kissing and caressing her as she came down from the throes of ecstasy. Finally the three lovers were still, nestled together. A welcome hint of breeze drifted in through the open window, cooling their bodies.

Andromeda was drifting between wakefulness and sleep when she heard the downstairs clock chime the hour. Reluctantly sitting up, she stretched her achy limbs.

“Come… we can’t sleep,” she murmured to the others. “We have to wash up and get ourselves dressed, so we can get you to your ride out of town.”


Laying his knife and fork aside, Mort Farnum took out his pocket watch and examined it. A quarter to six. He paid for his breakfast and left the cafe, slowly making his way toward the depot. The stage left at six, and he intended to take Maggie McGill and her child into custody when they showed up to catch it.

At six sharp, Mort was pacing restlessly, glancing again and again at his watch, wondering where the stage was. Eight minutes later, he burst into the depot office, glaring at the ruddy man seated behind the counter.

“Why is the stage late, sir?” Mort demanded.

Jack’s face was redder than normal as he answered, “Why, it’s not one bit late. In fact, it went out early this mornin’ — left here at five-thirty.”

“Five-thirty!” Mort roared, banging his fist on the desk. “It left early? For what reason?”

Jack scratched his head. “Well, everyone was here. We had all the passengers and their baggage and the mail, so the drivers just figured they’d get an early start. Everyone was in agreement, so they left.”

A growl issued from the stocky man’s throat. “And was there a woman and little girl on board?”

“What, you mean Lady Wyeth-Boton and little Gracie? Yep, they were on board.” Jack answered. “Were you lookin’ for ‘em?”

In response, Mort turned and barrelled through the doorway, moving as fast as his bulk would permit until he reached the livery.

Mac had just taken a shot of whiskey and was putting the pint bottle back into his pocket when Farnum hastened into the stable. “I need a horse right now,” he bellowed, gasping for breath.

“Ye need another horse?” Mac asked, scratching his chin.

“Yes! Yes! Saddle one up for me! Now! Time is of the essence!”

As Mac prepared a horse for Mort, working as slowly as he dared, the seething detective asked, “Did a woman and girl take a horse from here?”

“Sure did.” Mac answered. “It was two horses, though.”

“This morning?”

“Naw, it was last night.”

“Tell me about it!” Mort ordered.

“That Lady Wyeth-Button woman, she rented a couple saddled horses and tied ‘em to the back of a buggy. She come back later with the buggy, but not them two horses,” Mac replied, reciting everything he’d been told to say.

“Didn’t you think that odd?” Mort asked.

Mac simply shrugged. “Naw. I don’t find nothin’ odd in this town.” He offered the reins of the saddled horse to Mort.

Quickly mounting up, Mort jammed his hat down, jerked at the reins, and was off. He rode at full speed, headed out of town in the direction the stage would have gone.


A half hour earlier, Marshal Russel and Ada Kelly walked into Sheriff Masters’ office. They exchanged greetings, and Russel said, “Deputy Tanner is waiting in the mail car of the train. The train departs at seven. Miss Kelly and I will get the prisoner ready now.”

Gus handed Russel the cell keys and put on his gun belt as he watched the marshal and Matron Kelly enter, closing the heavy wooden door behind them. Russel came back out moments later and had some coffee with Gus while Ada Kelly got Jessica Sinclair ready to go.

Suddenly they heard Ada call, “Marshal Russel, can you come here for a moment?”

The marshal got up and went through the heavy door, closing it behind him — then stopped cold in his tracks at what he saw. The cell door was open. Jessica Sinclair stood with a sharp object against Ada Kelly’s throat. A thin rivulet of red dripped down the neck of the terrified matron.

“Take off your gun belt, set it there on that stool and then step into the cell.” Jessica said softly, with a hard edge to her voice. “Make one false move, and I’ll cut this woman’s throat.”

With a clenched jaw, Russel did as he was told. Jessica backed out of the cell holding Ada, then shoved the woman into the cell. Drawing Russel’s gun from its holster, she tossed the sharpened spoon aside.

A coiled length of rope hung from a hook on a nearby wall. Brandishing the gun, Jessica took the rope down and tossed it to Ada. “Tie him up,” she said, pointing at Russel. Once she had, Jessica quickly tied up Ada, then locked them both in the cell.

She smiled at her captives. “Not a word,” she said, holding a finger to her lips, then leaned back against the wall to wait.


Back in the office, a frowning Gus said, “Hey, Jigs. Go see what’s holdin’ them up in there.”

Jigs opened the heavy door and went inside, then reappeared seconds later. Gus went pale as he saw his deputy stumbling back out, Jessica Sinclair holding a gun on him.

“Take off your gun belt, Sheriff,” Jessie ordered.

Gus removed it and slowly set it down on the table.

“Now open up that safe, or this man dies here and now,” Sinclair said, fixing the sheriff with her icy gaze.

“Don’t do it, Gus!” Jigs bellowed, “I’d rather die than let this bitch walk outta here.”

Jessie brought the gun butt down hard on the top of Jigs’ head, and he crumpled to the floor.

“Just cause he’s knocked out doesn’t mean I won’t shoot him, sheriff,” Jessie said. “Now get that safe open. I believe you’ve got something in there that belongs to me.” She gave a brief, screechy laugh, then her mouth went hard and cold again.

With a defeated sigh, Gus squatted down and began to turn the tumblers of the safe.


The Tequila Kid passed by the train station, where she introduced herself to Deputy Tanner. “I’m sure glad to see you, Kid,” Tanner said, pushing his hat back. “Can you go over to the sheriff’s office, see what’s takin’ them so damn long gettin’ the prisoner here?”

“Sure thing, Frank,” The Kid answered, and hurried into the street just in time to see Mort Farnum fly past on one of Nate’s horses, riding as if the hounds of hell were nipping at his heels.

Taking the back way to the sheriff’s office, The Kid cautiously approached, keeping her eyes and ears open for anything out of the ordinary. Sure enough, she heard something odd coming from the barred windows of the jail cells.

Taking a running jump, The Kid seized the bars, then hauled herself up to peer inside, feeling the blood drain from her face as she saw Marshal Russel and the matron lady, tied up and helpless in Jessie Sinclair’s cell.

“Thank God you’re here!” Russel whispered, then quickly filled The Kid in on what had happened.

Hanging on with one hand, The Kid took off her gun belt and slid it between the bars on the window, letting it drop to the floor. Then she tossed down her Bowie knife as well.

Though her wrists were beginning to ache, she managed to pull herself back up once more to look through the window. “Try and cut yourselves free,” she gasped. “If Sinclair comes back in, you’re armed now.” With that, The Kid let go of the bars and dropped to the ground. She paused for a few seconds to massage her wrists, then advanced around the building, headed for the front door.

As she drew closer, her anger steadily mounted, along with her determination to put an end to this, one way of the other. It didn’t matter that Jessie Sinclair was a cold-blooded killer, or that The Kid had just given up her guns. She had to act.

The Kid came in just as Gus laid the bundle of gold certificates on the table, next to his gun belt.

Jessie’s eyes lit up as The Kid crossed the threshold, “Perfect timing, bitch,” she said, in a voice that sounded almost friendly, though the hideous smile she wore belied her calm tone. “Didn’t even come armed, did you? Aw, isn’t that a shame. Now I get to kill you both.”

“You won’t get away,” The Kid said.

Jessie snorted. “Hell, I’ll just grab a horse off the street and be out of town in five minutes. With those drovers firing their guns all night, no one will even notice a few more shots.” She giggled.

Suddenly Gus lunged toward his gun on the table, and the pistol in Jessie’s hand spat out a burst of fire and roared. The sheriff’s head snapped back as the slug smashed into his body, then he collapsed in a heap on the floor. A haze of gunsmoke hung in the air.

Picking up the bundle of gold certificates with her free hand, Jessie hugged them to her chest, briefly closing her eyes. “Mine,” she whispered. “Mine.”

The Kid extended her right arm straight out. The cardsharp’s device flicked the derringer into her hand, the gun’s hammer already pulled back.

Jessie only sneered. “That bluff won’t work again, you stupid cunt.” She began to raise her gun.

Dang, The Kid thought. I can’t remember if I reloaded it or not. It’s a two-shot derringer, but I ain’t sure if there’s one bullet or two or none at all in it.

Pulling the trigger, The Kid felt sick when she heard the gun give an empty click.

Jessie slowly pulled the hammer back — taking her time, savoring the moment. “Time to die,” she said.

The Kid cocked the derringer, squeezing the trigger as Jessie’s gun roared once more.


Detective Mort Farnum could see the stage ahead of him. Even in the cloud of dust, he was able to detect the shape of baggage tied to the top. Leaning forward in the saddle, he lashed his horse hard until it pulled in front of the stage, then rode a hundred yards or so ahead before stopping the animal in the middle of the road, raising his hands.

The drivers brought the stage to a stop. One was a young man, not much older than a boy, who was holding the reins, then an older man brandishing a shotgun. “We got no valuables in the strongbox, mister,” the man growled, taking aim. “Now clear this road, or I’ll cut you down where you sit.”

“My name’s Farnum, and I’m a detective with the Pinkertons,” Mort declared, fixing the man with a frosty stare. “I have reason to believe that a wanted fugitive is riding this stage.”

The man and the boy exchanged glances, then laughed. “Do you, now?” the man replied. “Well, take you a look inside.” Without turning his head, he addressed the boy. “Hiram, get you down and open the door for this fella.”

Hiram climbed down, and the man’s eyes narrowed as he studied the stout detective. “No sudden moves from you, mind. My trigger finger’s feelin’ a mite anxious of late.”

Dismounting the horse, Mort folded his arms as he waited for the boy. Hiram shambled over, pausing to spit on the ground before he took hold of the handle and opened the passenger door of the stage.

There was an old man and woman sitting there. No one else. “What we stoppin’ fer?” the woman asked.

“Wasn’t there a woman and girl on board?” Mort bellowed, glaring up at the man with the shotgun.

The man slowly nodded. “Yep, there was.”

Fighting to keep his anger under control, Mort asked, “Well, where are they now?”

“Oh, they got off, ‘bout a mile back,” the man said.

“Got off?” Mort yelled. “What d’you mean, got off?”

The younger man spoke. “They had a couple horses, all saddled up an’ ready. The lady had us stop, then she and the little girl mounted up and rode off west.” He peered up at his companion. “You sure it was a mile back, Charlie? Seems to me it was ‘bout half a mile.”

“Weren’t we near that stand of barrel cactus?” Charlie replied. “That’s more like a mile. An’ I thought they rode due east.”

Yanking his hat off, Mort dashed it to the ground and stood stone still for a long moment, grinding his teeth. Finally he bent to pick up the now battered derby and clapped it on his head, then got back on the horse and rode off, headed back the way he’d come.

Hiram clambered back up top, then he and Charlie watched as the fat man vanished into the distance. They smiled at each other and shook hands. Taking up the reins, Hiram got the horses moving.

Putting his shotgun aside, Charlie said, “Well, that worked just like The Kid figgered it would. Reckon she’ll be pleased… and we just made us ten bucks apiece!” He gave a satisfied chuckle.

On the way back to Knuckle Ridge, Mort studied both sides of the road, but found no evidence of horse tracks. Finally, a mile before reaching town, he gave up.


Jigs jerked awake, sputtering from the water that had been thrown in his face. As he slowly hoisted himself up, groaning and holding his head, the dazed deputy spied Gus lying on the floor near the safe in a pool of blood.

“Shit!” he gasped, then turned at the sound of a door opening, the heavy wooden one that led to the cells. Jigs fumbled for his gun, but only found an empty holster. His eyes widened in alarm, then he sighed with relief to see The Kid emerge, Marshal Russel and Ada Kelly close behind. The side of The Kid’s shirt was torn and bloody.

“Jigs!” The Kid snapped, “Since you ain’t dead after all, get up and help us carry Gus over to Doc Johnson’s. I think there’s still some life in him yet.” She looked at the still body on the floor, her eyes filling with tears. “There’s gotta be life in him.”

As Jigs scrambled to his feet, still wincing in pain, he saw Jessica Sinclair, stretched out on the floor. Her eyes were wide open along with her mouth, giving a very surprised expression to the woman’s pale face.

In the center of the woman’s forehead was a small neat hole, a drying trickle of blood beneath it. Under the head was a spreading puddle of crimson.

Jigs moved to join the others, already standing around Gus. Carefully lifting the sheriff’s limp body, they carried him out the door, bound for the doctor’s office.


As Doc Johnson washed the blood off his hands, his wife Alice finished bandaging Gus’s wound.

“He lost a lot of blood, but he’ll pull through all right. The bullet missed his vitals,” Doc Johnson said. “Reckon you got him here just in time. Now let me take a gander at that wound in your side, Kid.”

“I just got my ribs creased, Doc,” The Kid replied. “I think you best check Jigs’ skull first.”

Shaking his head, the doctor went over to where Jigs sat, saying, “Alice, take a look at The Kid there for me.”

After Alice bathed the wound in The Kid’s side, she closed it with two stitches, then removed the stitch from the bridge of The Kid’s nose. With a wry smile, Alice said, “One out, two in.”

The Kid was just shrugging back into her shirt when Mort Farnum entered the doctor’s office, having heard what had happened upon his return to town. He was dismayed at the sight of Gus, but Doc Johnson was quick to assure him that Sheriff Masters was going to pull through.

“And how about you, Kid?” Farnum asked, strolling over to where she sat.

“I’ll live, I reckon. You catch that McGill woman?”

“No, I did not,” Mort replied. “She and her daughter got away. Took the stage a few miles out of town, then had horses waiting for them. No idea where they rode to from there, but I’ve chased those two as much as I intend to. I’ll be leaving town on the afternoon stage.”

“Well, don’t feel too bad, Mort,” The Kid said. “At least that dead man Yves De Bries didn’t get away.”

Mort Farnum seemed about to say something sharp, then thought better of it. Instead, he jabbed a pudgy finger in the direction of The Kid and gruffly said, “You still owe me a drink.” Then he turned and left.


Gracie McGill watched the scenery as it rolled past the train window. “Mummy? When will we get to San Francisco?”

“A week or so,” Maggie answered her daughter. Right now, we’re almost to Austin. There, we catch another train to Denver, and then we take one that goes straight to California.”

Gracie nodded. “And we don’t have to do seances ever again… do we?”

“No, darling,” Maggie replied, taking Gracie’s small hand in hers. “That awful Sinclair woman took the money we made from Mrs Ruggles when she killed the Count, but The Kid got it all back for us, all two thousand dollars. Along with what we earn at Miss Mayflower’s establishment, We’ll be able to travel to Australia in style, and have plenty left over.”

“Will I like Auntie Grace and my cousins, do you think?”

Maggie smiled, bending to kiss her child’s head. “Oh, I’m certain you will. My little sister Grace is a wonderful woman — that’s why I named you after her. I know she’ll love you to bits. The last time I saw her girls was, oh, seven years ago, but they were adorable.” She paused to think. “Ruth should be thirteen or so, Kate ten, and little Lucy… she must be at least eight by now.” She paused, leaning in close to murmur, “You know, Grace tells me that where they live is very private, and the girls often run around completely naked.”

“My goodness!” a blushing Gracie exclaimed, very much liking the idea of going nude with three other girls. “Um, does Auntie Grace like to be naked, too…?”

“She didn’t mention that in her letter,” Maggie said, “but if not, perhaps I could persuade her to try it. If you and her girls are spending your time in the altogether, I’ll certainly want to join in!”

Gracie sighed happily, nestling against her mother.


Two train cars behind the coach that Maggie and Gracie rode in, there rested a pine box that held the mortal remains of Jessica Sinclair, wrapped in canvas. Once the train reached Austin, Marshal Russel and Deputy Tanner would remove the box from the mail car. From there, it would be transferred to Jessica’s final resting place.


Andromeda Purdy exited the train platform, having bid a warm farewell to the McGills, watching the old 84 chugging down the tracks until it vanished in the distance.

As she left the station, Ann ran into Jack, who told her about the gunplay at the jail. Alarmed, she hastened to the doctor’s office to check on Gus, and was relieved to find the sheriff awake and able to speak with her. The Kid had already left.

When Ann heard about The Kid’s wound, she immediately set off for home. As she passed the telegraph office, Josh called out, “Miss Purdy?” from behind the counter.

When she entered, he told her, “Got a telegram for The Kid, and it looks important. Will you’ll be seein’ her anytime soon?”

“Oh, I expect I will,” she said, then read the wire’s contents. “Actually, Josh, I want to send a reply to this.”

Josh reached for his pad. “What’ll it be?”

“Just let them know The Kid was wounded in the line of duty, and is unable to travel,” Ann answered.

“I did hear about that. She’s not bad hurt though — right?”

“No, indeed. Just a scratch, I’ve been told.”

Josh’s fingers flew as he tapped out Ann’s reply. “Well, you give her my best. Um, that’ll be a buck twenty-five.”


Fifteen minutes later, Ann entered her house to find The Kid sound asleep on the sofa, only wearing her Levi Strauss denim pants. Ann watched her lover’s bare breasts move up and down as she breathed. The gold wedding ring on its chain shone against The Kid’s skin. On the young woman’s right side, a bandage covered her ribs. Two shot glasses had been placed on the coffee table; both had been filled with tequila.

The telegram was still in Ann’s right hand. She glanced at it again.


Folding the paper into quarters, Ann slipped it into the pocket of her skirt. She picked up one of the shot glasses and drained its contents with a swallow. She refilled it, then sat down in her rocking chair, watching The Kid sleep.

I know her all too well, Ann reasoned. If I tell her about this, The Kid will saddle up and ride off to Austin tonight, never mind her wound.

She smiled to herself. I’ll simply forget I have this telegram for a few days. Austin is thick with Texas Rangers… let one of them take that so-called urgent mission. I want my avenging angel all to myself for a little while longer.

The End


Hidden in the Snow, Chapter 5

  • Posted on August 3, 2020 at 2:21 pm

by Funtoppings

That night, Julie had an exquisitely lucid dream.

She was walking through a thick, snow-covered forest, alone and lost. It was very reminiscent of the wooded pathway which leads to the lodge, only with a subtle Grimm Brothers quality to it. She looked down and saw the pale skin of her bare breasts, with both of her nipples pointing straight into the shadows of the forest. It wasn’t just her breasts that were exposed; she could also see her uncovered belly and legs; even her nether regions were exposed for all to see.

She covered herself with both hands and looked around. Was anybody watching her? Were there any eyes lurking behind the trees, snow and shadows? Of course not, she was alone and knew it. She allowed her hands to drop, leaving her body uncovered. But it felt fine, even nice. There was a thrilling aspect of walking naked outdoors, yet still in complete control. So she continued walking, trotting barefoot over tiny pebbles, twigs and bits of frozen leaf; and while she could feel them stinging the bottoms of her feet, there was no pain, as is often the case with dreams. Long, tall trees provided her with endless shade, which never made the temperature feel cool, but just right.

Where was she? She did not know. She cried Helloooo! and no voice answered. She was very alone, yet felt  fantastically free and exhilarated. Then she smiled as she walked through her private enchanted forest, like a princess in a fairy tale.

Suddenly, she saw a lake in the distance. The sun glistened beautifully above the surface of the water.

Sun, there is the sun! she thought triumphantly.

She ran towards it excited, her breasts joyfully bouncing with each step she took. Once she reached the edge of the lake, she realized that she was not alone anymore. Aunt Krystal, Cousin Bailey and her mother were all there, in the lake.

They were naked as well.

The sisters were hugging and kissing passionately, the shallow water inches above their ankles. Young Bailey danced in circles around them, singing, laughing; her breasts swaying from side to side. It was a beautiful sight, reminding Julie of a painting of nymphs from the Greek mythology she had once seen.

Then, before Julie’s eyes could absorb the entire magnificent picture, the lake swallowed everything up and a new painting was magically drawn.

Bailey and Julie’s mother were sprawled in the shallow water, their bodies facing one another, legs entwined; one crotch vigorously rubbing the other. The water rippled around their moving bodies, splashing over them.

Krystal was watching from a short distance, masturbating. Her fingers, with nails dyed a fiery red, rubbed her clit in swift circular motions. Both her nipples were overwhelmingly stiff, which was very noticeable under the sun’s golden light.

Julie swallowed hard. She watched them with hungry eyes as wonderful sensations claimed her body; the kind that made her knees weaken.

Bailey and her mother locked lips, their legs still tangled together. Krystal, still rubbing her pussy, finally saw that Julie was there. She stared at Julie in a way that no aunt has ever looked at her niece before. It made Julie feel like prey being watched.

“Are you wet down there?” Aunt Krystal asked.


“You know we’re here all alone, don’t you?”


“That means no one can hear us, bother us or know about us.”

“No one.”

Julie’s eyes dropped to the tiny pink knob peeking between her aunt’s fingers; the swollen clit looking more lucid than anything. The smell of sex was now thick in the room. Wait, what room? 

“Wake up, Julie.”

Julie was anxious and ready to be touched. The orgasms of the previous night were long forgotten, her craving for a new sexual endeavor grown tenfold.

“Wake up, sugar.”

Julie opened her eyes, trembling slightly. Krystal was in the room. She was sitting on a chair in front of Julie, completely naked, with one leg resting on the nightstand and the other on the bed; two of her fingers were rubbing against her slit.

“Well, good morning there, sugar. Your mom is in the shower, but I think she’s just about done.”

Julie quickly turned to her right to see that it was true, her mother’s side of the bed was vacant. Steam and a mixture of sweet fragrances escaped from the shower.

“You can go in as soon as she gets out.”

Finally, Julie became aware of this absurd situation; she was nude, and so was her aunt, who was casually masturbating in front of her, fingernails dyed a deep red, like a warning sign. She clutched the blanket tightly against her chest. No matter what had transpired the night before, she still couldn’t hide the shock from her face.

“I hope I’m not coming on too strong,” Krystal said, as her fingers played between her legs. “But after hearing you last night… you know, with your mom and Bai… I thought: why waste time? We are officially snowed in for today, and by God, we can make the best of it.”

Julie sensed wetness in her own nether regions; a memento from her powerful dream.

“I dreamed about you,” she said in a low voice.

Krystal smiled. “And I about you.”

“Things… they’re going to be different from now on, I guess. Aren’t they?”

“Well,” Krystal laughed, her large breasts trembled as she did it, “they certainly won’t be the same. But they don’t have to be too different. See it as… an extra layer of flavor in the family relationship.” She moved her fingers from her pussy to her mouth and smeared the juices on her lips. “And it’s a good flavor, sugar. Real good.”

Julie’s hold on her blanket loosened. Her dreams were still fresh in her head, her heart still pumped fiercely from the pleasures of the night before. She was very wet and very willing to accept her new reality.

Just then Debra stepped out of the adjoined shower-room, a towel wrapped around her body. Julie jumped out of bed, grabbed her mother by the back of her head, pulled her closely and planted a big good-morning kiss on her lips.

“I’ll be out of the shower in ten minutes,” she said and winked.

“Well, hop to it, sweet cheeks,” It was Bailey’s voice. She was standing at the doorway wearing that oversized high school jersey, but nothing more. In her left hand she held a red suitcase. The bag of tricks, Julie thought. “Come on, Jules. We won’t wait for you all fuckin’ day.”

“Hey, language!”

“Sorry, Mom.”

Eight minutes later, Julie stepped out of the shower and peeked into the bedroom. The sight she saw on her mother’s bed was one so depraved that, for a moment, she was sure the nice little cabin in Stowe would self implode; it would crumble to dust and ashes, struck down by a merciless god as a house of sin. And what glorious sin it was.

First, there were two sisters having sex with each other. One of them, a gorgeous blonde, who worked at selling real-estate Mondays till Fridays, was wearing a strap-on and wildly fucking the other sister, a feral dark haired woman who ran a sleepy Long-Island bookstore. And above the bookstore owner’s face was the body of a beautiful and vivacious young angel; that body belonged to her daughter.

Julie watched in awe as the daughter dragged her crotch across her mother’s loving tongue, and though she had crossed the same line with her own mother, it was still a very overwhelming image.

The blonde’s hands reached forward, grabbing her niece’s large breasts, squeezing them between her fingers.

“They’re amazing, aren’t they?” Julie asked her mother.

“They sure are,” Debra answered without ever taking her eyes off the fleshy orbs that she had captured.

Bailey turned her head to Julie, her eyes a little glazed. “Come. Join us,” she said, then shuddered as her mother’s tongue slid into her pussy.

Julie climbed onto the queen sized bed and, for the following hour and a half, she and her closest of kin engaged in the most extravagant acts of lesbian sex.

“Open your legs for me, sugar! Let me taste my sweet little niece,” her aunt growled at one point, while her mother, to the right, was riding a thick purple cock, strapped to her cousin Bailey’s waist.

Julie never really watched porn. She stumbled upon it a few times — it was hard not to on the internet – and there was that one time when Audra showed her a video on her laptop of a big breasted blonde girl doing the mailman, and that’s only because the blonde girl looked so much like Diana Bradley, another student who  they both hated. But she was certain that no porn film could ever depict the debauchery, passion, thrills and sexual ecstasy that she shared with the women in her family on that day.

“Oh my God, you’re… ohhhh…” Julie was stretched out on her back, Aunt Krystal’s head buried between her thighs. She finally understood what Bailey meant; the way she spoke of sex with her mother as this unimaginable pleasure ride. Krystal was working her tongue in a skilled, magical way. It was better than she’d had it with Bailey, even better than her mother. When her first orgasm came, it was so powerful she could feel it build in the core of her body and then explode like a supernova, radiating through every limb.

They were constantly swapping partners: mothers with daughters, sister with sister, cousin with cousin, aunts and nieces. Every mouth tasted every lip, every breast was caressed by every hand. By the time they finished they could tell each other apart purely by taste.

“Can someone please do me with that strap-on? I can take it!” Julie said, determination settled on her face.

“Why, of course you can, and you will,” Krystal giggled. “Who said otherwise?”

“Oh, Mom did…” Julie said in a mock pout.


Debra was on the floor with Bailey, where they had spread a thick blanket on the hard wood. They were giving each other the same scissoring action that Julie remembered from her dream.

“All I said was… ah…” Debra’s words were cut off, as young Bailey frantically thrust against her crotch with every ounce of her youthful vigor. “I said she was too… oofff. Oh, yeah…”

“You see?” Krystal said, laughing. “She’s cool with it.”

It was the leather harness strap-on with the blushing pink dildo, the one Julie had seen Aunt Krystal use on her daughter their first night on the lodge… the one she had used on her own mother. Once the toy was fixed on her aunt, Julie felt that hollow void throbbing between her legs once more, aching to be filled.

“On your hands and knees, like a puppy,” Krystal ordered, and lightly tapped Julie on her buttocks.

Julie complied without a trace of hesitation. Like a puppy, she thought, presenting her flawless ass to her aunt in the most inviting manner. If any of her former boyfriends tried speaking that way to her, she would either laugh derisively or kick him in the sack. But when her aunt asked her to do it, she couldn’t ignore the excitement rushing through her spine; it was a genuine thrill.

Krystal grabbed the head of the cock and rubbed it lightly across Julie’s slit. She teased the engorged clit, watching her niece jerk and pant with restless anticipation.

Then, holding Julie tightly by her waist, she thrust forward — and Julie moaned so loudly she could hear the birds flitting from the roof of the cabin. Krystal quickly withdrew, and before Julie had a chance to catch her breath, pressed forward again.

Debra and Bailey rose to their feet, their eyes fixed upon the lovers on the bed. They slowly paced around the two, mesmerized by what was happening before them, as if someone put life into a fantasy they once had.

Krystal, her dark hair matted with sweat, rocked her pelvis back and forth, driving the dildo in and out of Julie. The sound of her hips slapping against her niece’s buttocks was overpowered only by the unrestrained cries of pleasure that escaped from Julie. And those cries — those husky, guttural, cries, so strange to hear coming from this young angel — only served as fuel for Krystal’s lust.

“Take it, babe! Take it like a big girl!”

Julie clawed at the bedspread, her head ablaze with white heat. She was unable to register so much pleasure, unable to keep up with her aunt’s maddening pace. The cock plunged into her again and again, gaining speed until it was moving as fast as her racing heart. Every time it entered, it massaged every nerve, every tissue, every muscle in her body. And every time it withdrew, her very being cried for it to return. Julie cried for it.

“Are you enjoying it, love?” Her mother’s voice, heard from somewhere in space. Then Mom’s lips were nuzzling her cheek.

“God, her cunt is so juicy!” That was Bailey’s voice, also issuing from somewhere. At that moment, nothing was tangible for Julie, nothing. Well, except for her imminent orgasm — that was very real.

More kisses fell on her lips, others on her neck and shoulders. From behind came another hard thrust, and another, and another. Fingers pulled on her left nipple, twirling it, massaging its stiffness. A mouth enveloped around her right nipple, sucking it. Hands and lips and shadows of her three lovers, all of them, surrounded her until they became one. It was like some mythical being, its six hands caressing her every inch, its three mouths nourishing on every opening in her body. Eventually, the warm hand of pleasure took Julie into its tight grip, and she was swept away by the powerful waves of climax.

Krystal fell over backwards, landing on her ass. The shaft attached to her crotch, streaked with fluids, had been propelled out of Julie in the throes of her orgasm.

Finally, all three of them hearkened to the sight of the young woman, who was trembling helplessly on the bed as an unremitting stream of orgasms attacked her, one after the other. Julie pressed a hand to her chest, feeling her heart pump vigorously under her palm; she was sure it would never return to its normal pace. Her other hand fell between her legs, pressing against her crotch, rubbing her still-throbbing clit. Hot juices seeped between her fingers and ran along the curves of her thighs, finally reaching the bed sheet, where a dark pool had formed.

“Julie,” Debra said; her voice a whisper. “Honey, are you okay?”

With her eyes closed, Julie slowly raised her hand and Debra grasped it with her own.

“I’m fine, Mommy,” she giggled and kissed her mother’s fingers.”Never been better.”


As the day wore on, the snow fell even harder. Stowe had become a ghost town; its streets, save from a few brave troopers, were utterly deserted. It wasn’t anyone’s idea of a holiday, especially for those far-traveled vacationers who were missing an entire day of schussing down the slopes. But they all found different ways to cope with their compulsory confinement.

In one lodge, a mile away from our Quartet, a family of six were sitting by a fireplace and playing Scrabble. Another lodge, a bigger one that was made for large parties, hosted a group of thirty-three people, all over the age of sixty. There was karaoke, bingo and liquor, lots of liquor. There was even a marriage proposal in a tiny cabin at the foot of Mount Mansfield.

Every house on Stowe kept itself busy in a variety of ways; ways that you could write about in one of those fluff newspaper articles under headlines such as: “What Were You Doing During the Big Storm?”

But there was one house you couldn’t write about, a house and a family whose story would be considered too obscene for any newspaper. It was the story of a young woman who, in the span of one day, had completely changed her outlook on life. It was a day where the final bits of useless morality quickly disappeared like the greenery under the snow. A day where four women, all with the same blood rushing through their veins, had succumbed to the powerful will of the carnal beast that resided within them.

Even after Julie had her unforgettable orgasm, all four women still had sex on their minds. And so, the orgy never stopped. They went at it for hours; once in a while stopping to eat, drink and refuel, then commencing with their pleasures, fired by a renewed lust.

By midday, when the sun was barely peeking behind silver clouds, the four women had curled up next to the living room’s fireplace, a giant warm blanket covering their bare bodies. For a long stretch of time, the small fire was the only one making conversation in the room, while Julie and her family lounged in utter stillness and watched the white tongues of flames rise high inside the dark chamber.

Bailey was first to break the silence. “I’ve never had so much sex in one day.”

“You and me both, kiddo,” Krystal added.

“I never had so much sex in a lifetime,” Julie said, which made all of them giggle.

Debra squirmed a little under the blanket.”I feel a little embarrassed, even saying this,” she said in a low voice. “But…”

“You’re in the mood for more?” Krystal interjected.

Debra flushed. “What? Wait… how did you…”

“Oh, come on, Debra.” Krystal lightly squeezed her sister’s bare knee. “I know you better than anyone. I can feel it on your skin; you’re still hungry for more… and as a matter of fact, me too.”

“Jesus, I’m halfway passed out over here, and you two are ready for round twelve,” Julie said, astonished. “And I’m the younger one! If anything, I should be twice as vigorous.”

“I’m more worn out than all of you, and I’m the youngest!” Bailey said. Then she added, “Hey, maybe this age thing works in reverse when it comes to fucking.”

Krystal rose to her feet. “It doesn’t work in reverse,” she said, standing naked in front of the mantle, while the other women followed her with their eyes. “Having hours of really, really amazing sex takes its toll on you, that’s true for all of us. The only big difference is that you, Jules, and even you, Bai, were experiencing a quick shift from sexual innocence to a sexual crescendo. It’s quite big, quite overpowering; even for me.”

Julie nodded. She listened to what her aunt had said, but mostly she was just staring at her. It felt strange to experience such a quick surge of sexual awakening, but there it was: Julie, simply by looking at Krystal’s nude, pleasure-giving body, was once again hankering for more. She placed a hand between her legs, squeezing it tightly against the growing heat, and when her eyes locked with Krystal’s, her body involuntarily shook.

“I feel like your appetite has returned, sugar,” Krystal told Julie, and gave a soft, red-lipped smile that was fraught with hidden intentions.

Julie threw the heavy blanket behind her and stood. All eyes in the room were on her as she slowly walked towards the unclad Krystal.

“You know, you were so good to me earlier,” Julie breathed in Krystal’s ear, whilst her hand quietly slipped between her aunt’s legs, “that I thought maybe I should reciprocate.”

Krystal bit her bottom lip as she felt her young niece’s fingers twirling inside of her. It only took a few seconds before the dark-haired woman reached climax, coating the loving fingers inside of her with warm female fluids. When Julie tried to pull out, Krystal grabbed her by the wrist, and guided her wet fingers an inch further between her legs, towards that tight hole between her buttocks.

“Put your finger in my ass,” Krystal whispered in her ear.

Debra was enthralled as she watched her daughter and sister. The amazing sight presented before her was driving her wild. The way those two beautiful naked bodies were so gracefully complemented by the golden light coming from the fireplace… it was a picture that her eyes wanted to swallow whole.

Bailey, too, had risen her feet. She knew her mother was going to ask her to go upstairs any second now, to fetch something very important… something to get the party started all over again.

Julie inserted her finger inside Krystal’s nether opening, which she found to be much tighter inside than her aunt’s cunt had been.

“Oh, yes…” Krystal’s body shivered in what felt like a million hot needles teasing her skin, as that finger worked itself deeper into her rectum. Her carnal beast was now fully awakened and it was ready to feast. She grabbed Julie by the back of her head and planted a passionate open mouth kiss on her lips.

Debra took a deep, powerful breath, and her lungs filled with the room’s air, sounds and odors. All her life she had dreamt of unfathomable pleasures, ones that even her own mind couldn’t conjure up. Yet on that day, at that moment, nothing was unimaginable, no fantasy was beyond reach; all she had to do was reach out and seize it. Almost without noticing, she had cupped her left breast with her hand, squeezing it until her nipple ached and her pussy dripped.

“Bailey,” Krystal called for her daughter mid-kiss. “I need you to go upstairs, honey, and bring me–”

“The lube. The King. I know,” Bailey said with a smile as she exited.

She knows me so well, Krystal thought, as she watched her daughter’s adorable bare ass ascend to the second landing and disappear into the hallways.

Julie, her finger still wedged tightly inside her aunt’s asshole, cocked an eyebrow at Krystal. “The lube? The king?”

Krystal touched Julie’s cheek and smiled, looking straight into those ocean-blue eyes with an expression that read: Soon you will know. 


For a moment, Julie allowed herself to look outside the window, where the outer world was waiting. The snow had finally ceased and, according to the TV news, the roads would be cleared for travel come morning. Tomorrow, Julie realized, she would drive home, back to her school, back to her friends, back to her life. But it wouldn’t be her old life, not anymore. As Krystal herself had put it best: it’s life with an added flavor. The good kind. And Julie knew there was so much to look forward to, so much ahead.

And when she did look ahead, she saw her mother, Debra, lying on top of the coffee-table with legs spread wide apart; and between those legs was Cousin Bailey, with yet another store-bought strap-on fixed to her waist. Debra was running her fingers through Bailey’s long hazel-colored hair, while the two were exchanging a long and uninterrupted kiss. All the while, Bailey’s pelvis rocked up and down as the gleaming metal cock she wore thrust deeper and faster inside the older woman, whose entire body seemed to glow with pleasure.

Next to them was Krystal. She stood with her back turned to Julie, her body slightly bent forward as she crouched over the sofa’s armrest. She was waiting for Julie, waiting for her and for the massive black dildo that they’d strapped to her waist — The Black King.

At first, Julie was a bit taken aback when Krystal announced what she wanted. Anal? Sure, Krystal seemed to enjoy having my finger in there, but this… this monstrosity they strapped around my waist, it’s something completely different. 

One thing she’d learned about the woman in her family over the course of this vacation, is that they are highly sexual and adventurous individuals, which is the same truth she’d learned about herself.

Anal? she thought again. This time there was a tiny smile forming on her lips, as her small hands wrapped around the thick phallus that jutted from the thong-like harness she wore. Sure, Aunt Krystal. I’ll do this one for you. And for me. 

Julie started by rubbing the toy’s head across her aunt’s opening, wanting to get an idea of how tight the fit would be. However, she was quite surprised when the bulbous head slipped inside Krystal’s rectum almost instantly, and with ease.

“Um, is this okay?” Julie said, startled.

“It’s okay, sugar.” Krystal said calmly. “The toy’s all lubed up, I’m all lubed up. Just go for it.” She paused and then added: “Start off easy, but then… then you can go hard. Don’t be afraid to go hard, sweetie.”

Julie looked down at the cock-shaped toy that was slowly disappearing inside of Krystal’s anus, and she realized — now more than ever — that we live in a world of infinite pleasures; some you could relate to, some you couldn’t.

This is Krystal’s pleasure. 

Grasping Krystal by her pelvis, Julie pushed the dildo further and deeper inside. The older woman moaned as her knees slowly buckled, yet she kept herself steady by holding on to the sofa’s armrest.

In the background, the youngest and oldest of the four lovers were tearing the room apart with their unruly passion. Cries of ecstasy issued from Debra’s throat to fill the room. Julie’s face was a mixture of jealousy and astonishment as she watched her eighteen-year-old cousin forcefully fucking her mother.

Debra’s breasts heaved up and down, her body flushed with different shades of red. “D-don’t ever stop,” she barely managed to gasp, while Bailey drove the cock inside her with yet another relentless thrust.

Don’t be afraid to go hard, sweetie. 

That was the point where Julie’s initial concern gave way to lust. She began to quicken her pace, and with each stroke the black dildo moved more smoothly. When she thrust forward, she was greeted with a hard moan, and when she pushed backward, a soft sigh.

“You seem to, uh, enjoy this,” Julie said, breathing hard. Her words were accompanied by a harder thrust, which was then followed by a loud moan.

Krystal, clawing at the sofa’s fabric with one hand, feverishly rubbing her clit with the other, tried to speak, but couldn’t muster the strength to do so.

“It’s okay, you don’t, have to, say anything,” Julie panted, exertion causing her to speak in quick snatches. Her words were accompanied by the harsh sound of her pelvis smacking against her aunt’s buttocks. “I can, see you’re, you’re lovin’ it!”

And as her mother reached her tumultuous climax just a few feet away, Julie reached her own type of orgasm; the type of orgasm you achieve when you’re in complete control of a body other than your own. And it was very obvious to Julie that Krystal’s body was under her control. She remembered the first time she saw Bailey and Krystal fuck; how lewd it had seemed to her at the time, how raw and animalistic the sex had been. Now she relished in the lewdness of the act; it was an experience both liberating and electrifying. Even her nipples were so stiff they ached, and her pussy was dripping down her inner thights from the pure excitement she felt.

The Black King was now plunging in and out of Krystal’s ass hard and fast. The older woman was moaning in a deep, harsh voice that seemed to issue from the very core of her. Finally, her knees gave out and she collapsed on the floor. Julie, with the dildo still lodged inside her aunt, fell along with her.

Debra and Bailey, still lying in each other’s arms, breathing heavily and bathed in sweat, watched Krystal and Julie recover from their own ecstasy. For most of this vacation, Krystal felt like the conductor of what had become a four-piece sexual orchestra, yet at that moment everyone in the room knew that Julie was in charge. While on the floor, she continued to rock her hips and work the Black King in and out of Krystal’s slippery rectum, driving the bookshop owner to the thin edges of paradise and beyond.

Bailey easily recognized the dazed, yet blissful expression on her mother’s face — the gaping mouth, the flared nostrils, the sleepy eyes, like the color of skies before the rainbow.

Eventually Krystal’s orgasm came like a force of nature. She shuddered and spasmed all over the black rod that still probed her so deliciously on the inside.

The others all gathered around Krystal; even Julie, who finally freed her aunt from the pleasures of the King, withdrawing with a slurping sound. They watched the woman, whose hunger for sex had driven the entire family down a one-way road of lust, slowly fade away in the throes of orgasm. They all laid down on the thick carpet to nestle against her sweating body, the four lovers coming together in one giant pile of damp flesh and weary limbs.

When the first few stars appeared in the night sky, they were still bunched together on the floor.


When the morning came, the party of four left the lodge in haste. Nobody really wanted to say goodbye, especially after the experiences of the day before, but there was city traffic and airport scheduling to take into consideration.

Once again, Julie spent the car ride looking at fellow vacationers in passing cars as they headed back home as well. What stories do they have to tell? she wondered. What experiences and memories were born on their trips? 

A little smile played on her face because she knew no one, not a single person in any of those cars, would be able to top her story. Not a single one of them could fathom the experiences she had and the memories that she was left to cherish.

As she looked ahead, she saw Krystal’s reflection in the driver’s rear view mirror, as her aunt took her eyes off the road for a second, just in time to give her a smile and a wink. Her mother, sitting in the passenger’s seat, smiled at her as well and blew a small kiss in Julie’s direction.

Bailey was dozing peacefully next to Julie. As she slept, her fingers were interlocked with those of her cousin… and that was the memory that resonated with Julie the most. She came to the trip loving her family, but left it in love with them.

She was returning home a new person, knowing that whatever she experienced, whatever she felt, it was not the end, but merely the beginning of her adventure.

Outside the window, she saw the white-silvery snow melting from the tree crowns, and everything around her turned to green.

The End


Ripples, Chapter 22

  • Posted on February 19, 2020 at 4:50 pm

by Sapphmore and  JetBoy

For a detailed list of the many characters in this story, check out The Women and Girls of Ripples


Rachel was making her best bedroom eyes at Alice, her lover’s twelve-year-old daughter, waiting for a response to her invitation.

Alice was puzzled, unsure of what Rachel was referring to when she’d spoken of having a “present” for her that needed to be opened — at least, until the woman went on to add, “Come here, you little minx, and unwrap me.”

Quickly cottoning on to her meaning, Alice’s eyes were drawn to the zipper at the top of Rachel’s dress. She moved off the sofa, followed by five pairs of expectant eyes, then walked around the coffee table towards the sexy brunette, finally kneeling in front of her.

Her eyes locked on Rachel’s, Alice reached up to take hold of the zipper, pulling it very slowly downwards, parting the stretchy material to expose the tanned skin. Her eyes gradually lowered, taking in the woman’s full, crimson-smeared lips as Rachel’s tongue tip ran sensuously over them.

The swelling of Rachel’s breasts gradually came into view; breasts Alice had admired for some time. Lower and lower she tugged the zipper, down over the flat, toned tummy, exposing a black lace band around Rachel’s waist that momentarily puzzled the young girl. Moments later, Alice was rewarded with the sight of a freshly shaven pubis, smooth and inviting, with prominent lips already shiny from arousal.

As she pulled the zipper the last few inches and spread each half of Rachel’s dress to one side, Alice’s face lit up as she saw that her mum’s lover was wearing sheer black stockings held up by a garter belt and suspenders. She ran her hands over the sheer nylon, static from the material making her fingertips tingle.

Her eyes were drawn back to the juncture of Rachel’s taut thighs, to the beckoning vagina framed by the garter belt above, the black lacy bands of the stocking tops below, and the straps of the suspenders on each side — a stunning work of erotic art made flesh.

As if they’d just been given a secret password, the black-clad thighs slowly parted, exposing the fiery pink interior of Auntie Rachel’s cunt. Alice extended a hand to touch, but stopped a couple of inches away. She looked up into the older woman’s eyes and saw hunger. It made her smile.

Rachel was breathing more heavily, her body tensed to explode like a powder keg awaiting the approaching fuse. The reward she’d denied herself so far, with considerable difficulty, was so near — yet agonizingly far. Her jaw tightened. She’s tormenting me, the little bitch. Well, she bloody well won’t get me to beg for it.

Alice knew all too well that Rachel was gagging for her touch, but she still held back — partly to be in control of the moment, partly just to be cheeky. Without breaking her locked gaze, she eased a single finger into the heated cauldron of the older woman’s vagina, immediately causing Rachel to start, a whimper like a sad puppy escaping her lips.

Moving that finger around in a tight circle, Alice then added a second, careful not to touch Auntie Rachel’s clitoris. She slid her twinned fingers deeper, about an inch or so, then abruptly withdrew them both. Bringing that hand to her mouth, Alice closed her eyes to savour this new scent before sensually sucking the sticky fluids from them.

For all her apparent confidence, at that particular moment Rachel was a sodden bundle of nerves. Jessica’s daughter was driving her mental with lust. She’d built up a barrowload of sexual tension over the last few weeks, just from listening to Jessica’s tales of coupling with the girl… and now the moment of truth had arrived. She was about to have sex with another woman’s daughter, her lover’s daughter; her lover’s underage daughter.

Oh, she’d done the same with her own preteen girls, but that seemed to her to be more in the nature of an attempt to teach her daughters the skills they needed for a fulfilling sex life. And if I got something out of it too, so much the better. With Alice, there would be no lessons to give, nothing to learn. The act she was about to engage in with Jessica’s child was solely about pleasure.

Really, it’s about fucking, Rachel told herself. Alice may only be twelve, but that’s what she wants — to fuck. And by Jesus, so do I.

Unable to restrain herself for one more bloody second, Rachel leaned forward and seized Alice by the arm, pulling her in, claiming the girl’s mouth with hers. Alice responded immediately — and their tongues sparred and tangled as the kiss deepened. Finally breaking apart, Rachel fell on Alice again, covering the young girl’s face and neck with smears of crimson lipstick.

Suddenly dipping her head, Alice took one of Rachel’s large, stiffened nipples into her mouth, rolling her tongue around the engorged tip. She sucked, then bit it, thrilled to hear the woman moan in response. Alice repeated this with the other breast, then began to slowly kiss a pathway down Rachel’s body, pausing to lovingly nuzzle her belly.

Reaching the smooth pudenda and protruding vaginal lips, Alice chose to tease the older woman again — starting her tonguing at the bottom, bathing the slit with quick upward strokes but stopping short just before she reached the clitoris. Instead, she slipped her tongue inside Rachel’s steaming vagina, plunging it in and out a few times before making her big move, suddenly lunging for the prominent bud, sucking it between her lips.

This longed-for but unexpected move caused Rachel to cry out loud — and the others, even though they were all still watching, started at the sound. Only Alice failed to react, enthralled as she was by the warmth and tangy flavor of her new lover’s cunt. She licked, slurped and sucked at the warm flesh, alternating between bathing the vaginal opening with long swipes of the tongue, gulping down Rachel’s copious flow of pussy nectar and tormenting the woman’s clit.

“Oh,” Rachel whimpered, staring at nothing at all through pleasure-glazed eyes. “Oh, fuck, Alice! D-don’t stop!” She was slouched back on the sofa, mauling her breasts.

Jess stood up for long enough to shrug off the dress she wore, impatiently discarding it with the flick of a foot. Now fully nude, she sat back down next to Rachel and Alice, tucking a hand between her thighs as she eagerly watched her daughter going down on her partner.

Across the coffee table, the trio of naked young girls stared in awe at the intensity of Alice’s oral attack. Bella was feeling a little jealous of her mother; her stunning body, the erotic allure of the nylons encasing her legs, the stiletto heels that she still wore and the fact that her own best friend — my girlfriend, she corrected herself — is licking my mum!

But that didn’t stop Bella from toying with her own pussy while she watched. She’d just begun to stimulate her clitoris when Katie interrupted. “Hey, Bella… since my sister is doing it with your mum, I think you ought to do it with ours!”

As Bella turned to stare at Katie, shocked by her suggestion, the younger girl grabbed her hand and tugged at it, trying to get her to stand. Bella felt her cheeks getting hot all over again as she looked over at Jessica, who was rubbing her pussy with one hand, fondling a breast with the other.

“She wants you to,“ Katie murmured.

Cindy rose to her feet. “Can I do stuff with you too, Auntie Jess? Pretty please?”

Jess gazed lovingly at Bella, then Cindy. All she said was, “Yes.”

Katie was about to pull at Bella’s arm again, but it wasn’t necessary. The older girl was slowly moving toward her mum’s lover, an eager Cindy close behind. They drew closer, then Bella paused, still feeling a little unsure. Jess spoke again. “Yes, please. Both of you.” She slowly parted her legs, giving Rachel’s daughters a good look at everything.

Bella carefully knelt between Jessica’s thighs, the girl’s heart galloping in her chest at the sight of the woman’s cunt. It was lovely; juicy pink flesh adorned with auburn curls.

Cindy climbed onto the sofa to kneel next to Auntie Jess, who smiled and opened her arms to the child. The ten-year-old crawled into her embrace, and Jessica gently kissed her on the lips — once, twice, three times. On the fourth kiss, Cindy thrust her tongue into the woman’s mouth, and Jess quickly responded, meeting the probing organ with her own.

Looking down at Bella, Katie urged her on. “Go on, lick her. You’ll love it!”

Still feeling a hint of unwanted nervousness, the dark-haired girl turned to look at her mother, who was gazing dreamily at the ceiling. Then Bella glanced at Alice, who looked at her with pleasure-glazed eyes, her mouth still fastened to Rachel’s hairless slit. Those eyes seemed to say, C’mon, Bel… don’t you want to do what I’m doing? 

Bella returned to the vision of Jessica’s neatly-trimmed sex. Filled with new resolve, thinking, Yes… yes, this is what I want, she dipped her head, her tongue emerging to taste.

The first lick was tentative, but as soon as Bella sampled the unfamiliar yet compelling flavours of the older woman’s cunt, that elusive lust returned with a vengeance. Breathing deeply of the rich, musky aroma, she applied herself to the task with gusto — burying her lips in the heated flesh, then probing into the dripping hole with her tongue, eliciting a deep moan from Auntie Jess.

Cindy was resting in Jessica’s arms, cradled by the woman, sucking her nipple like a baby would. Jess had a hand between the little girl’s legs, trailing a finger up and down Cindy’s smooth, bare vagina.

Seeing everything progressing nicely between Auntie Rachel’s daughters and her mum, Katie gave a satisfied nod, then shifted her attention to the other end of the sofa, where her big sister was still hard at work. She paused for a moment to look down at Alice greedily sucking on Rachel’s cunt, then at Rachel herself, whose eyes were closed, head lolling back.

Feeling an irresistible impulse, Katie bent to kiss the older brunette. Startled from her sensual reverie, Rachel smiled at her lover’s child. “Hello, Katie,” she breathed, then peered over at the other sofa, noticing that it had been deserted. Looking to her right, she saw both her daughters, busy satisfying Jess.

She reached out to feel for, then take Jessica’s hand, giving it an affectionate squeeze. Jess squeezed back, opening her eyes to exchange a loving look with her partner. No words were needed.

Rachel turned back to Katie, who kissed her again, this time with a probing tongue and a hand roving over her breasts. As their tongues duelled, Rachel blindly groped around with her left arm, seeking the warm, wet cleft between Katie’s legs. The nine-year-old widened her stance, giving the woman full access to her treasures, and sighs of pleasure mingled in the kiss they shared. After a moment or two, Katie broke away, bending down to shower affection upon Auntie Rachel’s breasts.

Between them, Jessica’s daughters spurred Rachel towards her long-awaited orgasm. She found herself growing increasingly short of breath as Alice, sensing that the woman’s release was near, increased the pressure and speed of her licking, interspersed with hard finger thrusts.

It was Katie who finally triggered Rachel’s climax, though, lightly biting her nipple at exactly the right time. It sent a shockwave through the brunette’s quivering frame, wrenching a loud moan from her throat that caused the threesome at the other end of the couch to look up from their pleasures.

Rachel shuddered, then went iron-rigid as ecstasy gripped her, rising to a peak that she accompanied with a  small scream before going limp, sinking back into the embrace of the sofa’s thick cushions. Alice sat back and licked her lips, then looked up, exchanging grins with her younger sister.

As the pounding waves of her climax gradually subsided, Rachel realized that Alice and Katie were trying to guide her into a full slouching position, with her bum hanging off the sofa. Quickly figuring out what they wanted, Rachel slid down until she was lying almost flat, supported by her high heels. Her pulse throbbed in anticipation, hoping that she was about to finally get a taste of her lover’s eldest daughter.

Sure enough, Alice got onto the sofa, turning her arse to straddle Rachel before seating herself on the woman’s face.

Watching her prize descend, Rachel lifted her head to meet it, impatient to delve into the hot cunt of the twelve-year-old nymphet. She hummed happily as contact was made, her tongue taking that first sweet lick. She bathed the lightly-furred slit with a few swipes, then began to explore — mopping up the luscious nectar, kissing the vaginal crease, sucking on Alice’s clitoris. The girl mewled with delight, rocking back and forth as her liquid sugar coated the woman’s lips and cheeks.

Seeing Katie now standing beside her, Alice gave the girl a quick nod, the signal for their next surprise. Katie nodded back, then quietly hastened to the living room door, the others too occupied to notice. She reached the bottom of the stairs, then looked up to see a very patient, very naked Poppy peering through the banister at the hot sex action taking place on the sofa, one hand fiddling with her smooth slit.

Katie beckoned her down and, as Poppy reached a step that put her head on a level with Katie’s, the nine-year-old kissed, then hugged her little sister, whispering, “Sorry you had to wait so long, Pops… but it’ll be worth it, I promise. You’ve been very, very good, and now it’s time for you to have a treat.”

She led the seven-year-old into the lounge on tiptoe. As she entered the room, the movement caught Bella’s eye and she looked up, eyes going wide in shock. She was about to call out Poppy’s name when Katie quickly raised a cautionary finger to her lips. Bella looked up at Jessica, curious as to how she would react, surprised to see her smile and silently mouth the words, “Hello, sweetheart,” as her youngest child drew near. Poppy just grinned, giving her mum a bashful little wave.

Katie led Poppy over where Auntie Rachel was slumped back on the sofa and pointed between the older woman’s parted thighs, nodding in encouragement. Going down on her knees, Poppy studied this unfamiliar vagina — something similar to Mum’s, but smooth and hairless like hers.

Fascinated, the seven-year-old reached out to run a finger along the slit, then lightly brushed the inflamed clitoris, causing Rachel to jerk her hips. Pleased with the reaction, Poppy eased a couple of fingers into the creamy tunnel, then dipped down to suck the large nub between her lips, flicking it with her tongue the way that Alice had taught her on the night before.

Bella was mesmerised by the sight of this little girl who was going down on her mother’s cunt — Poppy clearly had at least some experience at lesbian sex, but with none of the timidity that she herself had to deal with. It’s like I’m scared of being gay, Bella told herself. The idea of it, anyhow.

Before she could ponder this further, Jessica touched her cheek and whispered, “Don’t stop, Bella dear. That pretty mouth of yours feels so, so lovely.”

“Oh!” a startled Bella replied. “Oh, yeah.” She quickly returned to licking, determined this time to make Auntie Jess come in a big way before she’d take her mouth away from this beautiful pussy.

Jess settled back into the plush sofa to enjoy that blissful feeling of pleasure slowly building inside, as if her body was being filled with liquid sunshine. Cindy was still licking and sucking at her nipples. Facing the other way, she was oblivious to Poppy’s presence.

Such a blissful feeling, Jessica thought, being naked and completely open, loved by two little girls. She was gradually moving closer to climax, and used all her willpower to hold it off — not wanting to miss that thrilling moment when Rachel discovered who was really going down on her.

As she continued to lick Alice’s slit, Rachel savoured the joyful warmth of a young girl’s mouth on her own sex — Katie’s mouth, she assumed, fairly certain that her own daughters were still pleasuring Jess.

For Rachel, the biggest surprise of the evening thus far was the change manifested in nine-year-old Katie. From the painfully bashful little girl she had been, Jessica’s middle daughter had matured into a confident little firework in a matter of two weeks, every bit as sexual a creature as her older sister. And now, Rachel told herself, I’m reaping the bounty.

She was well on the way to a shattering climax when that lovely mouth unexpectedly withdrew from her pussy — but this was quickly replaced by another sensation, as the fingers that had been steadily pumping in and out of her sodden cunt seemed to grow in thickness. Rachel was puzzled at first, then a wave of excitement rushed through her when she realised what was happening.

Oh my God, I’m being fisted by a nine-year-old child. This is fucking amazing.

With the small hand now moving about inside, making slight movements in and out as well as twisting to and fro, that warm mouth found Rachel’s clit once more. As the incredible feelings built up through her body — only faster this time — she went absolutely bloody wild on Alice’s now dripping pussy, licking and sucking at the rosy flesh like a woman possessed.

This caused Alice to rock forward and back on Rachel’s face, which then resulted in the woman’s tongue slipping into the crack of the teen’s arse. Fine with me, Rachel thought, and adjusted her position so as to shower affection on Alice’s rosebud, bathing the puckered cleft with long, deep licks.

This took Alice over the edge — and her cry of ecstasy thrilled Rachel so much that, coupled with the hand filling her vagina and the lips nursing at her clit, it was enough to trigger her own orgasm.

Unable to restrain herself, Jess gave into her own climax, fingers tangled in Bella’s hair as she held the child’s face to her spasming pussy.

Rachel’s moans, somewhat muffled by Alice’s sex, sounded so strange to Cindy that she raised her face from Auntie Jessica’s titties, than peered back over her shoulder to see what was happening. The first thing she noticed was Alice hunkered over her mum’s head, trembling helplessly, caught up in good feelings.

Looking down further, Cindy saw a little girl pumping an arm in and out of Mummy’s vagina. Her eyes widened as she realized who it was. “Poppy!” she squealed.

In the midst of her orgasmic bliss, Rachel was certain that she heard Cindy call out Poppy’s name. Bloody hell — did we wake her up? Is Poppy watching this? she wondered, as Alice dismounted her face.

As Rachel turned sideways to look at Jess, she saw three pairs of eyes looking back, except that only one pair was actually looking at her. The other two sets, belonging to her daughters, were staring at the little minx who had just gotten her off. Turning back to thank Katie, she spied the young girl kneeling on the floor nearby, only not between her legs… or even close enough to have a hand buried in her cunt.

Alarmed, Rachel looked down, only to be greeted by a sight that took her completely by surprise. “Poppy!” she cried.

The flame-haired cherub was wearing nothing but a big smile. “Hello, Auntie Rachel. Did I do okay?”

Rachel whipped round to see Jess, who was trying to suppress a laugh, then turned back to Poppy. “How… when?” she whispered, suddenly feeling very lightheaded.

The child chose to answer. “Ali and Kat, they showed me how… then Mummy joined in.”

“It was a couple of days ago,” Jess said. “Alice and Katie thought it was wrong to leave their sister out, and suggested that they teach her, then let me catch them. After you and I talked about it, I couldn’t get it out of my mind, the idea of making love to my littlest angel… so I agreed. I’m sure you can guess what happened next. And now,” she shrugged, “here we are.”

“Mummy said it would be fun to surprise you,” Poppy giggled, “so I sat on the stairs and watched till Katie came and got me.”

Rachel smiled at the child, so small there between her knees. “Well, little one, you did better than okay; that was wonderful. Come here and get a thank-you kiss.”

Rachel opened her arms, then realised that Poppy’s hand was still inside her, just as the seven-year-old began to rise, but was restrained by the grip of Auntie Rachel’s cunt.

The child paused; pondered the situation. Recalling how Mummy had told her to be extra special careful when removing her hand from inside a lady, she slowly twisted and tugged, withdrawing her hand out of the very warm and very opening of her mum’s girlfriend — causing an involuntary jerk to race through Rachel’s frame, just before a wet sucking sound signalled to Poppy that her hand was free.

Poppy climbed up into Rachel’s lap, then sat astride her thighs and tilted her face upward, waiting to be kissed. When Rachel’s lips first met hers, it was almost chaste, the sort of kiss one gives to a child relative. But Poppy had other ideas and thrust her tongue into Auntie Rachel’s mouth, taking the woman by surprise. But she recovered quickly enough, and their kiss soon grew deep and hungry.

Alice and Bella had moved back to the opposite sofa and were gently cuddling and kissing with no need for sexual release — they were content to warm themselves in the afterglow, blissfully content in their newfound closeness. Their younger sisters had been hugging and kissing each other, too, but now they moved over to join the other girls, each sitting next to her own big sister. Gently drawing apart, Alice and Bella turned to their siblings to share the same kind of affection.

As Poppy leaned back against the front of the sofa, happy to have joined the fun at last, Jess moved close to Rachel and they drifted into a loving embrace, watched with interest by the newest member of their now expanded lesbian family.

Noticing her youngest child, Jessica reached out for the child’s hand, guiding Poppy to her until their lips met in a kiss. As an afterthought, realising that she had yet to taste her grownup lover thus far that evening, she brought Poppy’s fingers to her mouth and sucked on her fingers, causing the little girl to giggle.

Rachel had picked up a magazine from the end table and was fanning herself. “Well, this has turned into quite a night of surprises.”

“Yes, hasn’t it?” agreed Jess, looking over at her daughters, both of whom sported wide grins.

“And actually, Jess, I have a little surprise of my own. Alice, can you be a love and fetch my bag from the hallway?”

Intrigued, Alice jumped up and almost skipped out of the room, returning a few seconds later with the bag that Rachel had brought with her and placed on the floor of the entrance hall. “Here y’go!”

Rachel nodded. “Go on, then… open it.”

Unhooking the clasp that held the bag shut, Alice peered inside to see another bag, this one made of cloth. She reached inside to pull that one out, then nudged the larger bag out of the way. She undid a drawstring and peered inside, not quite sure what she was looking at.

“What is it?” Katie asked.

Alice responded. “I’m not sure; it looks like… oh, cool!”

Reaching inside, she pulled out a tangle of leather straps, from which a large life-like silicone penis dangled, and held it up for all to see. Alice had seen women using similar contraptions before in some of the lesbian videos she’d watched online, but the other girls were puzzled by the device.

Rachel enlightened them. “It’s called a strap-on… something a woman can use to fuck another woman. I have other sex toys like this, and we’ll play with them another day, but I thought we might find a use for this one tonight.”

Jess looked concerned. “Um, Rach, that looks like it’s too big for the girls…”

“Oh, I wasn’t thinking about using it on one of them, although I have a few smaller ones at home that would be quite suitable for our little angels. No, I was thinking of having one of the girls use it on us. The question is, who wants to be first–”

“Me!” Alice blurted, excitement in her voice.

“Now, how on earth did I guess you’d say that?” Rachel asked, laughing.

Alice cracked a wide grin. “Cos I like doing wild sex stuff! How do you put it on, Aunt Rachel?”

Rachel sat forward and stood up, shrugging off her open dress and tossing it into a nearby armchair. “Come here, sweetheart.”

Alice handed her the sex toy, and Rachel arranged the leather straps to form two loops. “Here, step into these.” Putting a hand on the woman’s shoulder, the thirteen-year-old lifted each leg in turn to put her feet through the loops. Rachel pulled the straps up to Alice’s waist and fed another between her legs to pass it through a small loop at the back, pulling on others to tighten the straps.

As she stood back, Alice swivelled her hips from side to side, making the appendage swing lewdly, to wide-eyed stares and a few giggles from the girls. Jutting from the body of a twelve-year-old, the silicone cock looked even bigger than it was.

“So Jess, how do you fancy being well and truly fucked by your own daughter?” asked Rachel.

Jessica nibbled at her lower lip. “I… I’m not sure about this.”

Please, Mum,” begged Alice. “I’d love to fuck you.”

Rachel folded her arms, gazing evenly at her friend. “Come on, Jess, you know you want to.” She glanced over at the youngsters, all perched on the sofa. “What do you say, girls?”

Katie, Cindy and Poppy cried, “Yeah!” in unison.

Bella hesitated, then came out with a soft, “Yes,” feeling a twinge of jealousy that Alice wouldn’t be using the toy on her. Then again, it did seem rather big. Someday, she promised herself, the idea of being fucked by Alice making her shiver with excitement.

“I guess it’s unanimous. I think we need a little more room, though. Here, girls, let’s move this coffee table out of the way.” Katie and Cindy went to the other end of the table and helped Rachel shift it from between the two sofas.

“Okay, let’s have some fun,” Rachel said, extending a hand. Jess thought for a moment before reaching out to her lover. Rachel helped a dazed Jess rise, pulled her in for a brief but very ardent kiss, then led her to the end of the sofa.

“Bend over the arm,” she instructed Jess, who gave her a confused look. “You need to be in the right position and height for Alice to take you.”

“Oh,” Jess said, then slowly complied, draping herself over the thick roll arm and supporting herself with both hands, looking back at her daughter.

“Okay, Alice, you can’t just shove it in, we need to use lube or make her wet.”

Alice made a puzzled face. “Lube?”

“Lubrication,” Rachel replied. “It’s a gel that makes penetration easier. Comes in a bottle or tube. Actually, forget about lube — let’s just make your mum wet the fun way.” She arched an eyebrow at the other girls. “Any volunteers?”

“Let Poppy do it!” piped Katie.

“What a good idea.” She smiled at little Poppy. “Come here darling, I have a job for you.”

“Sure!” the child said, and eagerly skipped over to join Jess and Alice.

“Okay, munchkin, I need you to make your mum nice and wet with that sweet little tongue of yours, so Alice can go into her.” She added, “Jess, spread your legs apart a little.”

Poppy knelt behind her mother, placing both hands on Jessica’s bum cheeks. Carefully spreading them open, she pushed her face into the split and began to lick.

Jess moaned, overwhelmed by the intrusion of her daughter’s lovely warm tongue, pushing her arse back to urge the girl on. She noticed that Katie and Cindy had drifted over from the other sofa to watch Poppy go down on her. Looking sideways, she saw that Bella was still sitting on the opposite sofa, one hand caressing her slit. Jess smiled at her, then squeezed her eyes shut as Poppy licked at her clitoris.

Rachel turned to Alice, pointing down at the fake cock. “Now let’s get that ready.” Going down on her knees, she took the length of it into her mouth. When she was satisfied it was moist enough, Rachel stood up and kissed Alice, then bent inspect Poppy’s handiwork. “Okay, Poppy, that looks nice and juicy. Let your sister in now.” Alice moved towards her mother. “For starters, just ease the tip inside your mum’s cunt, then  move your hips back and forth. Go slowly at first. As you feel it getting easier, push deeper.”

Clutching the fake cock in her right hand, Alice carefully placed the head against the opening and slipped it in, thrilled to hear her mother inhale sharply. She followed Rachel’s instructions, urging the toy deeper, spurred on by sounds of obvious enjoyment.

Soon she had penetrated her mum up to the hilt, and that was when Jess finally spoke. “Oh fuck, yes. Fuck me sweetheart, go on. Do it harder, I can take it!”

Within a minute or so, Alice had a brisk, steady rhythm going, her belly slapping against Mum’s arse with each stroke. Loving the feeling of power it gave her, she thrust hard and deep, lost in the lewdness of it all. Fucking her. Fucking my own mum. It’s so good, the best!

Feeling quite satisfied with the scene she’d just set up, Rachel was ready for more action herself. She moved to where Jess was bent over the sofa and laid down on her back — one foot propped up on the back cushion, the other resting on the floor as she presented her cunt to her lover.

Jess took a deep breath, savouring the rich scent of a woman in heat — an aroma that had quickly become one of her favorites. Licking her lips, she moved forward until Rachel’s thighs were framing her face, then covered the smooth, glistening cleft with her mouth, licking into the vaginal opening.

Rachel moaned, her upper half sinking into the plush sofa cushions, then looked across to where Bella sat, pleased to see that her once shy daughter seemed to have finally shed her remaining inhibitions.

Noticing Poppy out of the corner of her eye. Rachel smiled at the naked little girl. “Poppy, sweetheart… why don’t you come over here? I want to thank you properly for the way you licked me earlier.”

“Yes, Auntie Rachel,” the child obediently cooed.

As the seven-year-old moved toward her, Rachel glanced over at Katie and Cindy, who were watching Alice fuck her mum. “Girls,” she chided, “I’m sure you can find something better to do than that.” With a tilt of her head, she indicated Bella, who was still fondling herself.

Both girls grinned, the two of them padding over to join Bella on the other sofa. Katie practically dove between the older girl’s legs, replacing Bella’s hand with her eager tongue, while Cindy gave her a lustful kiss, then bent to nuzzle her sister’s breasts.

The youngest member of their extended family now at her side, Rachel said, “I want to taste you now, my sweet… come up here and sit on your auntie’s face.” With a delighted squeal, The little girl bounded onto the sofa and straddled Rachel’s mouth, eager to claim her reward.

As words were replaced by heavy breathing, moans and the liquid sounds of lovemaking, no one heard the key turn in the front door, nor did anyone notice the door to the living room swing inwards.

A woman stood in the entrance, eyes wide as she took in the scene before her. “Oh my God… what are you people doing?”

Still perched atop Rachel’s face, Poppy saw her first. “Auntie Laura!” she gasped.

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