Queen of the Pirates, Chapter 3

  • Posted on October 30, 2022 at 2:43 pm

by kinkys_sis and kinkychic


The shout from the maintop interrupted my breakfast. “Sail away – starboard quarter!”

By the time I reached the deck, the captain had his glass trained on the ship. It was only about a mile and a half distant. “Buggeration, it’s him! We didn’t fool him. Chambers, have you ever seen a ship like that before?”

The mate studied her for an age. “Can’t say I have, Captain. Strangest ship I ever saw. She does look to be very well armed, though, sir.”

Davy came up and peered over the side, a deep frown of concentration on his face. “I needs to talk to the cap’ain,” he said.

“Bosun, we’re busy right now,” the mate said. “Can’t it wait?”

“I think I knows that ship, sir.”

The captain spun around. “Speak your mind then, man.”

“I seen ’er once, see. She’s a square-rig like us, but huge, only one I ever saw like ’er, I only seen ’er the once. ’Twas the Whydah, Sir.” Davy wasn’t used to speaking directly to the captain, and it seemed to leave him rather tongue-tied.

The captain put his glass back to his eye. “By God, I think you’re right. Captain’s Black Sam, Samuel Bellamy. Well done, Bosun.”

He turned to the mate. “I still think that if the wind holds we could outrun him, but I wonder if we need to.”

Even as he spoke there was a sudden lull. The sails flapped, and the mate began yelling orders. “On the braces, lads – sharp as you like!” Once more, the canvas tightened, but our speed over the water was greatly reduced. The Whydah was clearly closing. Any chance of outrunning her was now gone.

“Take in the foresails and topsails,” the captain called. “Shorten the mainsails, and run up the black colours.” The topmen handlers rushed aloft, looking none too happy to be shortening sail with a potential foe so close, especially one that looked to have many more guns than we did.

Our speed dropped off as the flag went up. It was a black, with an outline of a mermaid in the centre. Would anyone recognise it? I wondered. We were hardly famous.

Then I saw the flag of the other ship – the traditional skull and crossbones. So we were both pirates. That could mean anything.

The ships came within hailing distance. Our captain had obviously decided to defer to the other, as he spoke first. “Captain LaFarge of the Siren at your service,” he called. “Do I have the honour of addressing Captain Bellamy?”

“Aye, you do,” came the reply. “Should I know you, LaFarge?”

I noticed the absence of the word “captain”. That was not a good sign.

“No reason at all why you should, but I know you, and how you took that ship. Quite remarkable, sir, if I may say.”

There was a long pause before Bellamy shouted again. “Would you be joining me aboard, Captain LaFarge? Take a glass with me while we discuss our situation.”

“I would be most honoured, sir,” our captain answered.

He addressed the mate. “If anything untoward happens, be ready to hoist sails and fly. Don’t let them see, but get everything ready. If there’s any wind, of course.”

The mate didn’t ask the obvious question, but simply answered, “Aye, sir. I understand.”

Davy, as bosun, took the helm of our small cutter as it was rowed across the low swell of the waves. From the deck of the Siren we watched the captain climb the ladder that had been lowered for him. He approached the eminent man waiting to receive him. They shook hands, then disappeared below.

And so we lay there, rocking on the calm sea, with not a puff of wind to be felt. It seemed forever before we saw any movement. At last, the two commanders reappeared. They shook hands in farewell as our cutter was waved back alongside.

I desperately wished I could hear what the captain said to the first mate after he climbed back aboard, but I knew Davy would tell me later.

It transpired that they had struck a deal. We would continue our journey, then meet up later with the Whydah off the coast of Massachusetts, near to Rhode Island. There we would join forces in attacking American shipping. Bellamy had said that if we let him down and broke our word, he’d find us and exact his revenge.

I mentioned to Davy that the Whydah was a peculiar-looking ship, like nothing I’d ever seen. He told me she was a converted galley that had been built for both sail and oars. And she had been a slaver. Bellamy had captured her after a three-day chase when the Whydah was on her maiden voyage. Her firepower was massive, with something like sixty cannon after Bellamy had added many to her original twenty-eight.

Four days later, we approached the island of Barbuda. We now carried the minimum of sail, just sufficient to maintain steerage way. Barbuda was probably the most dangerous island in the Caribbean, surrounded by sharp coral reefs that could rip out the bottom out of a ship, and none of them charted.

Lookouts were posted, both at the bowsprit and high up the mast. Our leadsman cast his line, calling out the depth and the nature of the bottom. Slowly, we edged closer to port.

The crew let out a collective sigh when the anchor was let go. We had arrived unscathed. Within minutes, the jolly boat was on its way to shore, no doubt conveying letters demanding ransom for our hostages. These would be sent on to the governor aboard a fast sloop.

The negotiations were a drawn-out affair. I couldn’t imagine what was taking so long. I wondered whether the governor actually wanted to pay anything for the safe return of his wife and daughter, but in the end, it was settled. It had taken nearly two weeks. I didn’t complain, as I got to spend more time with my lovers.

The farewells, while we were still below, were the worst moment of my young life. I felt as though my heart would never be whole again.

I followed mother and daughter across the deck to the boat. At the last moment, Marianna turned and ran towards me, flinging her arms around my neck. “You will look for me when you are able? However long it takes, I will wait.” She kissed me full on the lips, and then ran. She was sobbing as she reached the ladder.

Fighting back tears, I gave a final wave and turned away. All at once, the men were shouting and cheering. Some clapped me on the back. Others tousled my hair. “You lucky, dirty little bastard,” I heard one say. Well, of course – they had no inkling of my true nature. So far as they knew, the voyage had made me a man.

Then, from the corner of my eye, I saw Davy, standing near the mainmast, away from the knot of men, peering at me with narrowed eyes. A grin spread slowly across his face, and he nodded mysteriously.

We never did find the Whydah. Although we searched for weeks, we failed to catch any sight of her. During the course of our search, we barely survived the worst storm I would ever experience. The damage we suffered was terrible, but survive we did.

Some months later we heard the Whydah had been lost in that same storm. She had gone aground somewhere off Rhode Island. There were only two survivors, and Captain Bellamy was not one of them.


Two years later

I was brimming with excitement. Of all the places I most wanted to see, New Providence stood near the top of the list. It was the talk of all the pirates, the only place you were safe from the law. And here we were, gliding into the harbour.

The captain had the men stand by the guns, which were primed and ready to fire. The order puzzled me, till the first mate explained there were rumours of unrest among the pirates. We couldn’t be sure who might be in control, and it was wise to be prepared.

Davy told me why Nassau had for so long been a safe haven for pirates. The harbour was spacious enough to accommodate many ships, but too shallow for any larger naval vessels to enter. What government there had been had collapsed, and now the pirates ruled.

Never had I seen so many ships. There must have been well over a hundred, although most were fairly small. It was immediately obvious where the main pirate fleet was anchored.

The captain pointed. “See there, Bren. That’s Queen Anne’s Revenge, Blackbeard’s ship. Not sure who the others are. Could be almost anyone with all that’s been going on of late. We’ll find out soon enough, I reckon.”

Nobody seemed to pay us any attention as we manoeuvred into our berth. The Siren swung around with the tide as the anchor took hold. Until we could be certain we were welcome, the captain kept us on one anchor. Once he knew how things stood, he would decide whether to drop another.

The lookout, way up high, called down. “No sign of anything moving at the fort, Captain.”

I scanned the larger ships quickly with my telescope. A few were taking stock of us, but more out of curiosity, it seemed, than suspicion. I had my own gear now – a spyglass, a sextant, and some other oddments I needed for navigation. They had been quite easy to come by, with the number of ships we had waylaid.

Davy said that the fort was manned by pirates from the Flying Gang, a sort of consortium that ruled Nassau by a set of laws drawn from the Pirate Code. We were not members of this consortium, and we might not be welcome.

The first mate shouted for the lookout to watch for another ten minutes before coming down. Then he ordered two boats be readied to go ashore. “You and the bosun go and find out what the provisioning situation is,” he said to me. “Take your time and have a look around. Keep your eyes and ears open. See if you can get a feel for whatever’s going on.”

I had become a sort of unofficial second mate, although I never gave orders. My abilities with writing and mathmaticals had convinced the captain to gradually give me more responsibility. I was a quick learner, and he clearly enjoyed teaching me the ways to handle a ship. At this point I could set a course and read a chart, and I was getting the feel of which sails to set when, and how. I wasn’t quite proficient yet, but I observed the process carefully when the captain or first mate gave their orders.

I loved the sea. I loved the ship. It was as if she were alive, and I could understand her moods. We had an understanding, the Siren and I.

My legs were unsteady when I walked with Davy along the rather sad excuse for a jetty. “This ’ere island ’as got a wobble, lad.” He said. It had been months since we’d last set foot on dry land.

Nassau could not be called a proper town. There were few buildings, and the permanent residents numbered only a few hundred, yet more than two thousand sailors and merchants sought refuge there at any one time. The place was a patchwork of tents and tarpaulins, with the occasional wooden shack jutting up from overall jumble.

I couldn’t believe the sheer number of people, some rushing about their business, others drinking and gambling. Most were probably from the ships. Others perhaps were hoping to find a berth on one.

Davy gave me a prod. “Now you be stickin’ close, lad. Be many wrong uns ’ere abouts.”

I gazed about, fascinated by the sights, the noise and the smells from the many food vendors’ pots and grills. Then a massive blow hit me on the back, and I went crashing to the ground. Even as I rolled, my sword was in my hand and flashing through the air.

The clash of steel on steel came as my blade was blocked mere inches from my assailant’s throat. It was Davy whose sword had saved the man’s life. I was astonished when he laughed as he lay on the ground. Slowly he pushed himself to his feet and dusted off his clothes.

Davy held out a hand, helping me up. “’Twas but a mishap,” he said. “The bloke tripped in a rut.”

The man was still laughing, and I thought he must be tetched in the head. His manner of dress suggested that could well be the truth. He wore the oddest array of colours I had ever seen.

He stopped laughing and waved a hand. That’s when I realised there was someone else behind me. Someone brandishing an evil-looking blade. The face was hidden beneath a well-worn, wide-brimmed hat, but the hair and the slightness of build suggested this was a woman.

“Do relax, my dearest Anne,” said the man in motley. “The boy was right to act, and he was very fast, I must say.” He turned back to me and gave a small bow. “Jack Rackham at your service. I must apologise for my clumsy ways. No harm done, I trust?”

Feeling rather foolish, I tucked my sword in my belt as Rackham turned to Davy. “And you sir, you just saved two lives with your presence of mind. I would have been dead, and so would the lad.” He pointed at the woman. “May I introduce my partner in crime, Anne Bonny. – Oh, do put that dangerous thing away, love.”

It was Davy’s turn to laugh. “This ’ere, lad, be Calico Jack, an’ ’ere’s Missy Anne Bonny. You’d be famous if you killed ’im, but dead famous ain’t good.”

It was a short walk to the tavern, where Jack had invited us to join him and Anne for a drink. I wasn’t happy at entering a tavern again. Long-buried memories jostled back into my mind. Davy understood and gently touched my shoulder. “I knows, lad. Best bein’ faced.”

But as soon as we entered, I saw how different this place was from the hole where Davy had found me. Scantily clad girls were all over the place. Some were white, others black, but all were quite pretty. Some were sitting on the men’s laps, their breasts and other intimate parts being openly fondled. I’d never seen the like.

“Don’t be lookin’ so open-mouthed, lad. ’Tis only a brothel. Your chance to go an’ be ’avin’ some fun. You’s got plenty to spend.” Either the oaf had forgotten I was a girl, or he was remembering Marianna’s farewell kiss on deck.

Anne was sitting next to me when a girl with astonishing breasts attempted to plant herself in my lap. “Fuck off, Wendy,” Anne said to her.

The girl laughed. “What, you fancyin’ the young’un then, Anne?”

I looked intently into my glass, aware that Anne was leaning closer. “How old are you, girl?”

I choked on my wine at her question, then froze as she squeezed my thigh. Her hand went on up my arm and felt my muscles. She continued quite loudly, but there was so much noise around us no one else could hear. “Fourteen? That’s my guess. So, a girl dressed as a boy. Boys are supposed to fuck. You wanna maybe you and I go fuck?”

I didn’t know where to look, but I noticed that Jack was grinning. I thought he was about to speak, but just at that moment our captain appeared at the table.

“Ah, Bren, I wondered where you had got to. I’ve a task for you. We will be needing more men, I want you to be making a few enquiries. Pass the word, let it be known that I want skilled hands. If you need me, I’ll be at the fort to meet with Hornigold and a few others.” He paused and looked at Anne. “Mind, there’s no hurry if you have other things to do for a while.” He was laughing as he walked away.

Anne saw my nervous glance at Jack. “Don’t you worry ’bout ’im,” she assured me. “’E don’t mind, as long as I have it on with a girl. Might even wanna join us. Whad’ya say, my lovely?” She reached for the jug and refilled my glass. “Drink up, sweetheart, for no one knows what tomorrow might bring,”

The girl, Wendy, had turned her attentions to Davy. Her large breasts looked tiny in his massive hands. He paid me no mind, and Jack had run off after the captain.

Maybe it was the wine, or maybe the sight of all the whores had reminded me of how much I longed for Marianna. but I found myself holding Anne’s hand, unresisting, as she led me up the stairs.

I still hadn’t seen much of her face, and nothing of her shape, which was hidden by the flowing cape she wore. She closed the door behind us, threw her hat aside, and tossed her head to shake out her hair. She was quite pretty, and no more than about twenty-five.

“I can see you wonderin’, an’ why not? I like men and women, but I ain’t ever ’ad such a young girl,” she said. “I ain’t ever thought about it, but I saw it in you. If I’m right, you’re missin’ a woman’s love. If I’m wrong you can go, I won’t stop you, but … fuck, girl. You want me to beg?”

My only answer was to unbuckle my belt. My sword clattered to the floor. Anne grinned and began to undo her clothes. Her eyes never left me, following my hand as I untucked my shirt. My bandage fell away, which drew a gasp from her. “I knew it – beautiful little tits,” she said. The last of her clothes fell to the floor, and she held her arms out to me. “Come to me, sweetheart. Let’s you and me fuck up a storm.”

At one time, I might have been shocked at her words, but two years at sea had coarsened my sensibilities, and my crewmates had been even freer with their language since they decided I’d conquered our young Spanish captive. Besides, I really needed to fuck.

Anne couldn’t have been more different from Marianna and her mother. Her way of love was hard. Hell, it was brutal. “Stop playing,” she commanded more than once. “Hurt me.” Or something similar. It was unsettling at first, but as my pent up needs took over, I joined the battle with gusto.

Once she bit the side of my breast enough to draw blood. “Bitch!” I said, and slapped her face more fiercely than I meant to, drawing a bit of blood myself with my nails.

It made her laugh. “Oh yes, I found a tiger. Now get your paw in my cunt, girl.”

It was a bruising encounter, and yet … strangely calming, the way prizefighters must feel after they’ve battered one another senseless in the ring. And when we were through, she turned gentle, purring like a kitten and drawing me to her for a short, soft kiss. “I could easily love you, my young boy-girl. But soon you’ll be sailing away. Perhaps one day our paths will cross once again. Will you come to me again?”

We washed and dressed before heading back downstairs. There was no sign of Davy. I hoped he was enjoying himself.

Anne laid a hand on my shoulder. “You’re needin’ men, your captain said. Come, I’ll take you to where the best can be ’ad.”

As we walked, I asked where her strange accent came from. It was new to me. “I hail from God’s country of Ireland,” she said.

The crowds on the street gave her a wide berth as they passed. It seemed she was a lady to be feared. It was clear that no one would bother me in any way.

It soon transpired that most knew of the Siren, and there were many, mostly exaggerated, stories of our exploits. In no time, I had twenty experienced hands ready to join us. Now, all I needed was the first mate to give his approval.

I looked about and saw Davy coming towards me. God, he looked cheerful. “Best fuck I ever ’ad, but I says that ever’ time,” he told me.

“Er, Davy, may we get back to work now? I need you to fetch the mate.Tell him I’ve got twenty good men ready to sign.” He went ambling off to find one of our boats.

Later that day, I learned that Hornigold had wanted us to join his fleet. The captain declined, saying he owned the Siren, and he wasn’t about to sign it away. Any consortium captain could be voted out at any time, and a new one put in his place. Captain LaFarge saw no advantage in such an arrangement.

There were, however, no hard feelings. That wasn’t Hornigold’s way. We were invited to stay in Nassau as long as we wished, and we laid over five days, which gave us time to carry out a few needed repairs and properly re-provision the ship.

I had one further bout with Anne, though I got a shock when Calico Jack walked in. He clearly expected to join us. But what he got was both of us telling him to fuck off.

On to Chapter Four!


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  1. Sticky says:

    Love these adventure tales with a little sex thrown in. I keep checking the webpage frequently for updates. Your writing is awesome. Please keep going.

  2. Kim & Sue says:

    Great chapter yet again. We gave it 5 hearts just for the word ‘buggeration’. time does fly, but that’s okay. More good action in the story and the sex.

    Good job by both writers and editor.

  3. kacey says:

    “If you’d fought like a man, you would’nt be about to die like a dog!!” You can take the girl out of Ireland!! Rest Easy, Miss Bonny; And yourself, Mary Read.

    • kinkychic says:

      Kacey is getting a bit ahead of the story with that quote, it’s what she said when Calico Jack was hanged. Way to go yet.

      Glad you are enjoying it so far.

      • kacey says:

        I listen to Karliene’s “The Legend of Anne Bonny” ALOT, so am kind of familiar with her story. 😊

        • kinkys_sis says:

          We are doing the background research for a possible sequel. We have solved the mystery of what finally happened to Anne, or at least, our heroines have.

  4. Erocritique says:

    .It makes me happy to think that in times as brutal as those depicted, lovers of all stripes could still find moments of unbridled pleasure. It gives me hope that in the midst of the current brutality plaguing many parts of the world, lovers of all stripes are still finding those moments. Another completely captivating chapter from the Kinkys & Co. A sincere Thank You to all who contributed to this story’s appearance here.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • kinkychic says:

      I know what you mean. Other than a … oops, I almost gave some of the story away then!

      Plenty more fun and frolics to come.

      • Tim says:

        As has already been said, a great story with some hot sex thrown in. What more could we want, except maybe more hot sex; even more reason to look forward to the next chapter!

        Thanks as always. You’ve set the bar high with your other stories, and this new series certainly doesn’t disappoint@

  5. Carol Anne says:

    Wow that was so hot, I loved that we got a bit of info about pirates too. Sad that Bren lost her lovers but she found another in Anne. Was surprised that Anne knew right off and that Calico Jack didn’t give it away when he came to fuck them both. Looking forward to the next chapter.

  6. kinkychic says:

    Hands up anyone who saw the image in the clouds in the illustration.

    • sue says:

      Well you can’t miss the skull and cross bones, but some of the clouds look like people to me, but wasn’t sure if it was just me. You know how cloud watching can be.

  7. Tim says:

    Yes,I saw the skull etc, very good, but should I be seeing more I wonder?

  8. kinkychic says:

    @sue. @Tim

    No, I don’t think there’s anything more.

  9. No One says:

    Hmm… well, I like how this is developing, with time moving forward as Bren comes into her own as a pirate (and perhaps on her way to become the queen from the title?), but I do feel like the time skip in this chapter was rather sudden, abruptly severing the ongoing plot lines. It seemed like the story was building up for the return of the hostages to be a major element, but then it’s just glossed over. Likewise, there was this whole thing with the ship following them, and then a deal is made with another pirate captain… all to conclude with a quick mention of “oh, actually there was a storm and nothing happened.” Some of these plot elements might return in the future, I suppose, but the way things were quickly wrapped up felt rushed.

    I mentioned in a previous comment that I wished that the sex scene between Bren and her two lovers had been longer, but this goes doubly so if that’s all the time they have together on the page (for now?). That relationship is the emotional core of this part of the story, and it could have used more development, both in bed and out of it. I thought we’d have time for that, but it quickly fast-forwarded to a tearful goodbye.

    The sex scenes in general are a bit… timid, for lack of a better term? Like Bren’s encounter with Anne Bonny in this chapter was summarized in a couple paragraphs. Why gloss over the juicy bits? This *is* a sex story after all, the erotic scenes should have plenty of page time. Of course, we don’t need all the details all the time (for instance, Bren, Marianna and her mom had sex many times over those few days, and we don’t need a separate scene for each), but with a new partner and a different kind of experience for our protagonist? It seems like an odd decision to spare the details.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I definitely appreciate that the story isn’t all about the sex. I look forward to seeing where Bren’s adventures take her, and as said before, I absolutely love all the piratey flavor you put in the story. Sorry if this all seems overly critical, I hope it’s taken as constructive. Rest assured that I wouldn’t bother going into such details about my issues with the story if I didn’t think it had tremendous potential.

    • kinkychic says:

      Don’t worry, we don’t take you wrong, your comments are welcome.

      The Whydah, Black Sam, and its demise are factual.

      I do take your point on the brevity of the sex scenes. Please understand that the story was originally intended to be published all in one go. It likely read quite differently when in its entirety. However, the sex gets very hot in Chapter Five.

      On reflection, you are right, the Anne Bonny encounter deserved a bit more detail.

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