Sweet Poppy Character Guide

  • Posted on January 20, 1800 at 3:56 pm




Ages stated are at the beginning of the story (Sept 2008) AGE HAIR EYES
The Webb Family      
Mum: Heather 29 Dark Brown Brown
Daughter: Poppy 10 Dark Brown Brown
Daughter: Lilly 7 Dark Brown Brown
The Cavendish-Brown Family      
Mum: Corine (Kiki) 34 Dark Blonde Blue
Daughter: Henri 14 Blonde Blue
The Buckly Family      
Mum: Nicole 35 Light Brown Brown
Daughter: Charlotte (Lottie) 15 Light Brown Brown
Daughter: Mia 11 Light Brown Grey
Daughter: Evie 7 Light Brown Hazel
Former Au Pair: Celeste 21 Dark brown Dark black
The Cornish Family      
Mum: Emma 30 Red Bright Green
Daughter: Elizabeth (Beth) 12 Red Bright Green
Sister/Aunt: Christina 28 Red Blue
Twin Daughters of Christina: Lola & Lexi 5 Red Blue

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