Greenfield Tales, Chapter 5

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By JB West

For helpful information about this story’s main characters, please consult The Girls and Women of Greenfield Tales

Part 1 – The Truth

After a moment that felt like an eternity, Rachel and Deena broke their kiss, then came together in a loving embrace. As they held one another, Deena felt Rachel’s frame quiver, soon realizing that the woman was laughing.

In fact, Rachel was experiencing a joy such as she’d never known before. Her body felt light — almost weightless, like every burden she’d been carrying on her shoulders had suddenly been lifted from her. A warm, giddy feeling suffused every inch of her body, the entirety of her mind, the length and breadth of her soul. And the only way Rachel could express it was to laugh.

Rachel pulled away from Deena, arms still wrapped around the young woman’s waist as she looked into the eyes of her new love. Yes, love. Rachel could feel it and knew it was real. It scarcely seemed possible, as she’d only met Deena for the first time a day ago, but Rachel didn’t really care. She was in love with Deena and didn’t intend to deny it. In fact, she wanted to shout it from the mountain tops, wanted everyone everywhere to know her true feelings for Deena. Instead, she leaned in and placed a light, affectionate kiss on the lips of her new love, then turned her head to look at Cassidy.

“What did you do to me?” Rachel asked, unable to stop smiling.

“It’s hard to explain,” Cassidy replied. She glanced over at Kim, who was obviously just as curious as her sister about what had been done to them.

“A few minutes ago I was a — a mess of embarrassment and guilt — now, I can barely even remember what that felt like,” Rachel said, more serious now but still smiling. “How did you do it?”

“Whatever you did, it was amazing,” Kim chimed in. “I was crying my eyes out, the grief and guilt were killing me. But you made it go away like, like that!” She snapped her fingers.

Cassidy looked from one sister to the other. She wanted to say something, anything but was uncertain how to begin. Deena reached over, took Cassidy’s hand, and gave it a reassuring squeeze. “It’s okay,” she said. “You can tell them.”

Meeting Deena’s loving gaze, Cassidy was reminded for the millionth time why she loved her so intensely. She interlaced her fingers with Deena’s, holding her lover’s hand tightly. Cassidy knew that no matter what happened, no matter how Kim and Rachel reacted, Deena would be there for her.

Taking a moment to collect her thoughts, Cassidy began. “I’ve asked both of you to trust me and be honest about your feelings,” she said, looking at Kim, then Rachel. “Now I’m going to do the same for you. I’m about to tell you something that only three other people in the world know. I’m going to share my secret.”

Rachel and Kim both sat up a little straighter. They could tell from the change in Cassidy’s demeanor and the tone of her voice that this was a serious matter. This young woman had done something to alter their minds, the way they perceived and reacted to the world around them. They knew that fundamental aspects of who they were had been changed, but didn’t understand how.

“I call it ‘The Buzz’.” Cassidy began. “I was a young girl when I first noticed it. Somewhere around the ages of your girls, actually. It was faint at first, hardly noticeable, but as time went by the intensity of the sound increased.”

She felt Deena squeeze her hand again, urging her on.

“It was always there in the back of my head, a buzzing sound that wouldn’t go away. It wasn’t painful, nor did it cause headaches or anything like that. But the droning sound was always there. Inescapable.”

Cassidy noticed that Rachel and Kim both wore looks of concern — a natural reaction from any mother to a child in distress, she decided. Rachel reached out to place her hand on Cassidy’s knee in a gesture of support.

“I complained to my parents about it, of course.” Cassidy continued. “At first, I think, they assumed I was playing some kind of game, talking about some imaginary noise in my head… but they soon realized that I was telling the truth. I would wake up in the night from the buzzing. I’d be distracted in school, unable to concentrate. Sometimes, when people talked to me, I couldn’t hear them because of the noise in my head.”

Cassidy started to tear up as she recalled how traumatic it had been — the fear, the confusion, the sense that something was horribly wrong with her. Those feelings were hard for her now, and had almost overwhelmed her as a girl.

“My parents took me to doctors, and they all pronounced me in excellent health, but the buzzing continued. I saw a brain specialist who ran test after test, eventually concluding that there was nothing wrong with me, just like all the others. Then there was a parade of psychiatrists and psychologists. I guess my mom and dad figured that if there was nothing wrong with me physically, I had to have a mental disorder.”

Kim felt a single tear escape her eye and run down her face.

“The breakthrough came on the day of my ninth birthday,” Cassidy said before briefly pausing to take a steadying breath.

“I should tell you that I come from a wealthy family. Not rich, wealthy. When people refer to “old money,” they’re talking about people like my family. In the world in which I grew up, a child’s birthday party was not just a child’s birthday party, it was a social event. So, that day, everyone was there — my friends, yeah, but also dozens of grownups who I didn’t even know, society climbers and my dad’s business associates.” She rolled her eyes.

“I woke up that morning from “The Buzz,” and all day it had been getting louder, more intense. When the guests started arriving I could barely hear a thing, the buzzing was so strong. And by the time the party was in full swing, my mood had soured so much that I didn’t even want to be there. Oh, there were pony rides, and a stage magician and party favors galore, but I couldn’t enjoy any of it. As I wandered through the grounds, all these fucking strangers would stop me to wish me a happy birthday. I knew they were only there to curry favor with my parents, and I hated them for it.”

Cassidy paused. Rachel and Kim were both listening intently while Deena just smiled. She knew the story well, and this next part was her favorite.

“Finally the noise in my head had gotten so bad and my mood so dark that I just stopped in my tracks and stood there, in the middle of a sea of people. I could hear them all talking, but the words were drowned out by the buzzing. I knew I couldn’t do anything about that, and didn’t even bother to try. I just wanted it to stop. I wanted them to stop. So I closed my eyes, drew in a huge breath, and then at the top of my lungs, shouted, “SHUT UP!”

Rachel and Kim were fascinated, caught up in the story. Deena was laughing to herself.

“Suddenly, the world went quiet. The people were all silent, unable to speak and confused as to why. Some of them, well, most of them started to panic. They didn’t know what was happening, nobody did, but try as they might, they couldn’t utter a single sound. I was confused too, at first, but then I noticed that the buzzing was gone. It was gone! I could hear and think clearly for the first time in years. It was the happiest I’d ever been.” A huge smile broke across Cassidy’s face.

Cassidy’s happiness was contagious. Rachel clapped her hands together and squealed. “Yes!” As for Kim, she took Cassidy’s hand in hers and squeezed it tightly, giving the younger woman one of the biggest and brightest smiles imaginable.

God damn, Cassidy mused. She’s so lovely.

Cassidy felt Deena squeeze her other hand as Rachel placed her hand back on Cassidy’s knee. She could feel the love and support of her new friends, reassured that she’d made the right choice in trusting Rachel and Kim with her secret.

“I didn’t know how it happened. I mean, to this day, I still don’t know exactly how it works, but I understood right away, that somehow, I’d tapped into this power inside me and used it to silence all the partygoers.”

“Wait, wait,” Rachel interrupted, “are you saying that all those people were never able to talk again?”

“No,” Cassidy said. “I just needed them to be quiet for a little while. After a few minutes, everyone regained their voices and the party was back to normal. It’s funny, though —  no one said anything about it, then or ever again. I think the shock of what happened caused everyone to put it out of their minds… or maybe I somehow caused them to forget it had happened. I don’t know for sure.”

“So, are you some kind of psychic or something?” Kim asked. “Can you read thoughts?” The prospect seemed to make her uneasy.

“No,” Cassidy said, giving Kim’s hand a squeeze. “I can’t tell what you’re thinking. Like I said, I don’t understand how it works, but I do know my capabilities and limitations. And I won’t be poking around inside your head without your permission.”

Kim still had some concerns. “So what can you do?”

“Yes,” Rachel added. “That’s what I was wondering. What can you do… and what exactly did you do to us?”

Cassidy took a deep breath, knowing that she’d come to the real make-or-break moment with the sisters. Any possibility of maintaining and building on her newfound friendships, not to mention the possibility of further sexual exploits with Kim and Rachel — it all hinged on how she answered their questions and, more importantly, how they reacted.

“I’ll answer the second question first. What I did to you…” Cassidy paused to steady herself, still feeling incredibly nervous. “It’s hard to explain, but in the simplest terms, I changed or rewrote or…rebuilt the way your minds work. It’s difficult to put into words. When I’m connected to another person’s mind, I experience it in a visual and tactile way, but once I’m back outside I can only think of it in an emotional context.”

“Like a dream, then?” Kim asked.

Cassidy slowly nodded. She could tell from Kim’s expression that she was confused, but doing her best to understand.

“For you, Kim, I smoothed over your feelings of guilt,” Cassidy said, squeezing Kim’s hand. “And you, Rachel…” she continued, turning to the other sister, “I wanted you to be able to let out your true feelings, without the fear of embarrassment or shame.”

Cassidy glanced over at Deena who gave her lover a quick wink, her way of letting Cassidy know that she was proud of her.

“And, well, this was a little selfish of me, but I did tell you that I’d be honest.” Cassidy took another deep breath. “I could tell that you both have an attraction to other women, but it’s hidden, kept secret. I… I took away the mental barriers that you use to restrain those desires, especially the guilt.

“From now on, if either of you feels a certain… hunger to be with another woman, you’ll find it much easier to act on that desire.” Cassidy smiled. “And you won’t be ashamed of yourself the next morning.”

Rachel and Kim exchanged a glance, then let it linger. Kim had always thought of her older sister as beautiful, but now, she saw her as sexy, too. The recognition of this caused Kim to flush and avert her eyes, another crack appearing on the wall of her inhibition.

Kim’s reaction registered in a big way with Rachel. In fact, she found it incredibly hot. It turned her on to know that her baby sister thought she was desirable. And I feel the same way about her, she realized, remembering how she’d responded earlier in the hot tub while watching Kim explore lesbian sex for the first time. My own sister. How can this be happening? And yet… it doesn’t feel wrong. Not at all.

“I understand that you might believe that I lied to you, even violated you,” Cassidy continued. “And if you want, I can undo what I did. I can restore your minds to the way they were before.”

Rachel whipped her head around to stare at Cassidy. “Don’t you dare,” she said, laughing out loud. “I’ve never felt better in my life. I feel so free. So alive.”

Cassidy felt a wave of relief race through her. She smiled at Kim, who was still flushed from her realizations about her sister. Their eyes met, and Kim shyly whispered, “Cassidy… would you please kiss me?”

Still holding Kim’s hand, Cassidy drew her close. Kim gasped in awe, then their mouths met in a long, sensuous kiss. A lover’s kiss. Kim felt herself melt inside as Cassidy’s tongue darted between her parted lips. She felt a wellspring of emotions surge through her body, but grief or guilt were not among them.

Cassidy and Kim broke their kiss, grinning sheepishly when they noticed that Deena and Rachel were admiring their erotic display. Kim was still nude, and Cassidy was only wearing the pair of skimpy panties she’d had on in the hot tub. These were still slightly damp and clinging snugly to her shapely ass.

Deena and Rachel were seated side by side, holding hands. Rachel’s other hand was tucked between her legs, the crotch of her bikini bottoms pulled to the side, a finger tracing a light circle around her clit.

Kim noticed what Rachel was doing, and felt herself blush again. This time, though, she allowed her gaze to linger instead of turning away. She noticed the small tuft of pubic hair that Rachel kept neatly trimmed and decided that it accentuated the top of her sister’s mound quite nicely.

Kim’s hand found its way down to her own smooth-shaven pubic area, then went lower still. Taking her clit between two fingers, she began to gently manipulate the stiff little nub. A jolt of electricity ran through her body, a small moan escaped her lips.

Cassidy and Deena exchanged smiles. Apparently, the sisters were not only fine with what Cassidy had done, they were ready and willing to explore their new sexuality even further. Still watching each other, the two lovers began to masturbate, each slipping a hand down the front of her panties. Soon enough, all four women were fingering their cunts, or teasing their aching clits.

With her other hand, Deena reached over and deftly undid the tie on the back of Rachel’s bikini top. This freed her generous breasts, which swayed back and forth as Rachel continued to assault her clitoris. Rachel, in turn, reached out to unclasp Deena’s bra. Deena let the garment fall away from her body, exposing her breasts and a visibly erect pair of nipples.

Cassidy wriggled out of her panties without slowing the tempo of her fingers as they plunged in and out of her vagina. Deena soon followed suit. Rachel yanked at the ties on the side of her bikini bottoms to undo them, then and flung the sodden piece of material across the room, landing at the opening of the door, which was slightly ajar.

Now all four women were nude. They continued to masturbate, each looking from one to the other, four sets of eyes darting around from woman to woman to woman, taking in all the sexy sights. The only sounds were heavy breathing and slick fingers dipping in and out of wet pussies.

Deena could feel herself drawing close to orgasm, but she didn’t want to come yet, at least not this way. She caught Cassidy’s eye, then an unspoken conversation took place between the two lovers, ending in a nod of agreement.

Pausing their finger play, Deena and Cassidy turned to face the sisters, Deena looking at Rachel, Cassidy at Kim.

“So,” Deena began, “you two have decided you want to experience lesbian sex… is that right?” Rachel and Kim continued to play with themselves, but their attention was focused on the women in front of them.

“I’m definitely ready to try it,” Rachel said. “It’s as if I’ve wanted this my whole life, only I… I never knew it!”

Kim just nodded her head, still feeling somewhat shy, but never taking her eyes off Cassidy.

“That makes me very happy,” Cassidy said. “I thought you both might’ve been mad at me after what I did.” She could read naked desire in Kim’s gaze, and it almost overwhelmed her. The realization that this luscious single mom wanted Cassidy to be her lesbian mentor caused another wave of excitement to rush through her body.

“It makes me happy, too,” Deena said. “You know why? Because now we get to teach you two what it means to be a lesbian.” Seeing a flicker of pure lust cross Rachel’s face, Deena returned the look, slowly licking her lips.

“Do you want to learn now?” Cassidy asked the sisters. They both nodded without hesitation. “Then lie down,” she said, gently easing Kim down onto the bed, while Deena did the same with Rachel.

“Get comfy, ladies,” Deena said. “You two are about to have the night of your lives.”


Part 2 – Discovery

Emily loved spending time with her younger cousin Katie. The two girls were as close as sisters, and sometimes it felt more like they were siblings than cousins. Emily would have loved for that to be true since she liked Katie far more than her own brother Sam.

So when Rachel had told her that they’d be staying with Aunt Kim and Katie for a few days, Emily literally jumped for joy. Both girls had, they were that excited.

But in truth, there was one little thing that Emily didn’t like about being with Katie. When they slept in the same bed, the younger girl would always end up hogging the covers and sometimes she’d even kick Emily in her sleep.

And that’s exactly what had happened this night, Emily woke up from a hard kick to her shin. As soon as she was fully conscious, she felt a chill creep over her. At first, she tried to take some of the blankets back from Katie, but the girl had a tight grip on them. Emily decided it would be easier to fetch another blanket from the linen closet in the hallway than to try to get her half of this one back.

Climbing out of bed, Emily padded out to the hallway. That’s when she noticed that the light was on in her Aunt Kim’s bedroom, through the double doors, which were slightly ajar. Emily also heard some weird noises coming from the room, noises that sounded like someone who was hurting. Maybe Aunt Kim isn’t feeling well, she thought. Rachel had told her the reason they were staying over for a few days was to make sure that her aunt was okay after the accident. Emily figured that since everyone else was probably asleep, she should check on Aunt Kim, maybe get her some aspirin if she needed it.

Emily continued down the hall which was dimly illuminated by the faint light coming from her aunt’s bedroom, moving slowly and quietly. Despite having a good reason to be up, she suspected that, if discovered, she might get in trouble for being out of bed.

Emily paused as she walked past the door to the guest room. There was no light coming from under the door, no sound from the other side, so her mother had to be asleep.

As the child approached the double doors, she heard a voice that wasn’t her aunt’s — or her mother’s. It took her a second to place it, then she recognized it as belonging to Deena.

Emily was confused. What was Deena still doing here so late at night… and why was she in Aunt Kim’s bedroom? Drawing near, she peered through the opening and saw something incredible.

Her aunt and mother were both seated on the bed, completely naked, heads and shoulders against the wide headboard of the king-size bed, pillows stuffed under their lower backs. They were looking at each other and holding hands. Their legs were spread wide apart, but Emily couldn’t see much else because Cassidy and Deena, both nude as well, were blocking her view. Their faces were buried between the thighs of her aunt and her mother. On the other hand, Emily had an excellent view of Cassidy’s and Deena’s bare bottoms and private parts.

At the tender age of eight, Emily wasn’t super knowledgeable about sex, but she understood enough to know that that’s exactly what she was witnessing. She wanted a closer look but instinctively knew better than to let herself be seen. This is private stuff, Emily thought. I’d get in big trouble for sure. Mommy would ground me for a month, I bet.

Suddenly she noticed something on the floor, in the opening between the double doors — a piece of multicolored fabric. Reaching down to pick it up, Emily immediately recognized the bottom half of her mother’s bikini. It was damp, and there was an intriguing scent to the material.

As she continued to observe the grownups’ sex play, Emily held the garment up to her nose and inhaled deeply. The aroma was a mixture of chlorine, sweat, and something else Emily couldn’t quite identify. She took another whiff. It was a musky yet sweet scent. Emily thought about it for a second and decided she liked it. She breathed it in again. The scent made her feel weird, a small flutter in her tummy. Another deep breath. This time the flutter traveled down to her private area, tickling from the inside. Emily was about to inhale again when her mother cried out.

“Oh, yes! Right there,” Rachel gasped. “That feels so… fucking good!” Emily could tell that her Mommy was really enjoying what Deena was doing to her.

The little girl continued to watch the ongoing sex fest, transfixed by the sight, her Mommy and Aunt Kim were both breathing very hard. Her mother’s free hand rested on the back of Deena’s head, holding it in place between her legs. Her aunt was using her free hand to fondle her breasts, occasionally squeezing the fleshy pink nipples. The two women had their eyes closed, and whenever either of them said anything, it usually included a naughty word or two. They were also moaning and sighing a lot. Sometimes their expressions made it look as if they were in pain, but Emily instinctively knew that wasn’t the case.

After a moment, Emily shifted her attention to Cassidy and Deena. She couldn’t see their faces or what they were doing exactly but liked looking at their private parts. Emily had seen her mommy naked a few times, but she’d never seen a woman’s vagina like this. She’d inspected her own once, with a hand mirror, but these looked very different, gaping open slightly and glistening with wetness.

Almost without thinking, Emily brought the bikini bottoms to her nose again and inhaled deeply. The smell made her feel giddy, lightheaded. She didn’t know it was the aroma of her mother’s cunt, just that she loved it. Emily continued to stare at Cassidy’s and Deena’s asses and their juicy slits, watching them bob up and down and sway from side to side as the two women continued to do sexy stuff to her mother and aunt, all the while breathing in Rachel’s scent over and over, the fluttery feeling building up inside her with each fragrant whiff.

Much as she longed to keep watching, Emily knew that she was pushing her luck, standing at the door for this long. She was about to drop the swimsuit back on the floor where she’d found it and then sneak back to bed when she heard her mother give a wild cry.

Rachel’s mouth was slack, her face flushed, eyes glazed over. “Oh, fuck, I’m c-coming,” she gasped, turning to look at her sister. The women’s eyes met.

“Oh my God, Rachel… me too!”

“Kim, please… please kiss me,” Rachel pleaded.

Their mouths came together… and Emily’s mouth dropped as she watched her mom and aunt kiss like they were in love. Crazy in love. She could see their tongues darting back and forth as her Aunt Kim started to grope her mother’s breasts. A wave of heat surged through Emily as she imagined what it would be like to get kissed like that.

Soon, however, the two women were having a hard time keeping their lips in contact as gasps of delight kept escaping, their bodies overflowing with the good feelings that Deena and Cassidy were giving them. They didn’t give up, though, bringing their mouths together again and again between moans and cries.

Rachel was bucking her hips wildly, but somehow Deena kept licking between her legs. Kim, on the other hand, pushed Cassidy away, unable to endure the pleasure any longer, then turned on her side to face her sister, kissing her even harder than before.

Emily realized that her hand had drifted down below her waist and was hovering over her private area. She was in a nightie with panties on underneath and could feel the warmth radiating from between her legs as her hand started to lightly explore.

Emily had only become aware of the concept of masturbation a few months earlier when a couple of fourth-grade girls had told her and her friends all about it. Emily hadn’t tried touching herself yet; in fact, she was kind of scared to, but she wondered if it would give her the same awesome feelings that her mom and aunt seemed to be having.

Pressing lightly against her mound, Emily felt a small ticklish twinge in her belly. She held the bikini to her nose again and inhaled deeply. The heady scent, combined with the lovely touches she was giving herself, felt wonderful, like nothing she’d ever experienced.

Hungering for more, Emily inhaled her mother’s fragrance again, then gave her slit an experimental rub, touching her tiny clitoris in the process. The immediate shock of pleasure that Emily felt caused her to gasp in delight. Dropping the bikini bottoms to the floor, she clapped a hand over her mouth to muffle her cry. Wow, those girls were right, she thought. This feeling is the best!

That was when she noticed that the sounds from the bedroom had grown considerably quieter. Emily figured that the grownups must be done having sex, and that if she lingered, someone would eventually notice her in the doorway. Stepping back into the darkness, Emily crept back down the hallway to Katie’s room.

Once inside, Emily carefully and quietly closed the door. She didn’t want to wake Katie and have to explain why she was up and about. Thankfully, while Emily had been gone, Katie had rolled over, freeing her grip on the blanket. Emily slipped back under the covers, settled in, and closed her eyes.

Emily desperately wanted to fall back to sleep, but the scene from her aunt’s bedroom kept playing out over and over again in her head. The sound of passionate moans and sighs. Her view of Cassidy’s and Deena’s vaginas, how pretty they were. The rich, intoxicating scent of her Mommy’s bikini bottoms. All of these both thrilled and confused the eight-year-old. But most of all, she kept thinking about the way her Mommy and Aunt Kim had kissed. Again, Emily wondered what it would be like to kiss someone that way.

Turning her head slightly, Emily peered over at Katie, the girl who she often wished could be her sister and imagined the possibility of sharing that experience with her. The idea made Emily quiver and before she knew it, the child was touching herself again. She let her fingers lightly dance over the thin cotton of her panties, but she soon drifted off, a smile on her lips and naughty thoughts in her head.

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