Greenfield Tales, Chapter 6

  • Posted on February 7, 2021 at 1:54 pm

By JB West

Part 1 – Revelations

For helpful information about this story’s main characters, please consult The Girls and Women of Greenfield Tales

As soon as her senses returned and her body ceased shaking, Kim’s eyes fluttered open and she realized she was still kissing her sister, Rachel’s tongue sparring playfully with her own. It suddenly struck Kim just how much she’d missed kissing another person and the warm feeling of intimacy that she derived from it since the death of her husband. And somehow, even though she was kissing her own sister like a lover, it felt completely natural and right.

Suddenly, Rachel broke away with a choked cry as another orgasm rocked her body. Glancing down, Kim saw that Deena’s mouth was still firmly fastened to her sister’s pussy. The sight caused a renewed wave of lust and desire to wash over and through her. Even though she’d just enjoyed her second orgasm of the night, Kim found herself hungering for another.

She and her sister were still holding hands. Fully knowing that she was about to cross a line, Kim guided Rachel’s fingers to her pussy and began to masturbate, using her sister’s hand as a makeshift sex toy. She used two of Rachel’s fingers to squeeze her clit while she tapped the hard little nub with her index finger, causing shock after shock of pleasure to race up and down her slender frame. Looking over at Rachel, Kim saw that she was staring down at their hands, her expression a mix of awe and lust.

Rachel was startled at first by her sister’s bold move, but it only took a few seconds for her desire to flare up again, bright and hot. Eager to explore Kim’s body, she pushed her sister’s hand aside and plunged two fingers into her dripping cunt.

Once inside, Rachel aggressively pumped her fingers in and out of Kim’s slick hole, using her thumb to trace hard circles around Kim’s swollen clit.

It only took about a minute for Kim’s orgasm to take hold, a sob escaping her lips as she surrendered herself to ecstasy once again. A torrent of hot, thick juices flowed from her cunt, coating Rachel’s fingers, then her hand.

Rachel continued to fuck Kim, trying to coax every last drop of sweet nectar from her sister’s vagina. Kim did her best to assist, thrusting her hips onto Rachel’s plunging fingers, causing them to penetrate her even deeper.

Soon, it became too much for Kim to take. “S-stop!” she blurted, clutching at her sister’s wrist. “I… I can’t any more…” Her eyes widened as Rachel slowly withdrew her fingers, then Kim sank into the sodden bedsheets with a blissful sigh.

Rachel studied her fingers, still wet from Kim’s pussy, holding her hand up and seeing how they glistened in the dim light. Then, without a thought, Rachel took two fingers into her mouth. She purred with delight as she sucked them, tasting her younger sister’s essence for the first time and loving it.

Sidling up next to Rachel, Deena joined in, licking the juices from the rest of her hand. Their lips brushed, and soon the two women were joined in a passionate kiss, savoring the rich flavor of Kim’s pussy on each other’s mouth and tongue.

The moment was broken when Cassidy moaned, “Oh, fucking hell!” The others all turned to look. She was kneeling at the foot of the bed, watching the scene play out before her, rubbing slow, languid circles around her own clit, clearly on the edge of orgasm.

The sight revitalized Kim in a flash. Sitting up, she crawled over to Cassidy, knelt in front of her and took one of the young lesbian’s hard nipples into her mouth.

Kim had never sucked on another woman’s breast before but quickly realized that she loved doing it. The feel of her tongue circling the erect bud, the softness and weight of Cassidy’s breast as she fondled it, the light sigh of pleasure that her actions elicited…. Kim enjoyed all of it, but knew she wanted more.

Reaching down between Cassidy’s legs, Kim replaced the younger woman’s hand with her own. This was another thing that she’d never done before, but Kim had enough experience at masturbation that she felt confident in her ability to please Cassidy. She started off slow, then quickly increased the tempo of her fingers, plunging them in and out of her new lover’s cunt.

Glancing up from Cassidy’s breast, Kim felt a surge of warmth flow through her body when she saw Cassidy was smiling down at her. Suddenly hungering to taste those lips, Kim raised her head, drawing close to capture them with her own.

The kiss was long, soft, and affectionate — one of the most romantic experiences of Kim’s life. It was only later that she recognized this as the moment she fell in love with Cassidy.

After breaking the kiss, the two women embraced. Holding one another close, they started to laugh, caught up in a mood of purest joy. Cassidy spun around and fell backwards onto the bed, pulling Kim with her.  Now stretched out on top of Cassidy, Kim could feel their bare breasts pressed together, the nipples kissing. A deep heat was rising up between her legs where her clit was rubbing against Cassidy’s thigh.

They continued to make love, running their hands all over each other’s bodies and swapping heated kisses, while Rachel and Deena watched from the other side of the bed, fingering each other’s pussies. Wanting to take things further, Deena mimicked Cassidy and flopped back on the bed, beckoning Rachel to join her.

The moment was magical, and all four women were caught up in the ecstasy of it. There was so much to enjoy: the warmth and softness of another woman’s body, her tender lips and hot breath, exploring hands both hesitant and urgent, and of course the sweet flavors of sweat and pussy. These things and more had all of them very turned on indeed — especially the sisters, who were sampling these delights for the first time.

Glancing over at the others, Deena saw that Kim was busy playing with Cassidy’s tits, alternating between each one, lovingly kissing, licking and gently biting her new lover’s erect nipples. As for Rachel, she was nuzzling Deena’s neck, placing soft kisses up and down the length of it, from beneath the jaw to the soft spot between her collar bones.

Deena loved every bit of it, but wanted more. She needed more. Without a word, she gently nudged Rachel’s shoulder while spreading her legs apart.

Rachel quickly understood what Deena was asking for. She was a little nervous, but also quite excited at the prospect of going down on her new lover and eating pussy for the first time. She’d been tempted to experiment with other girls once or twice back in college, but never could summon up the nerve to go for it. Now, her mouth was watering at the very thought.

Kneeling between Deena’s open legs, Rachel took in the lovely sight of another woman’s open and leaking cunt for the very first time in her life. Deena’s labia were not big, but not small either, the inner folds a dusky rose hue. Her clit was rather large, already peeking from under its hood. The inside of her vagina was a dark reddish color and, as Rachel parted the lips to peer inside, a single drop of fluid trickled out and ran down the side of Deena’s ass and onto the bed.

Rachel leaned in to cover Deena’s pussy with her mouth, licking and sucking at the juicy flesh. Her lips and chin were soon dripping with the woman’s nectar, and she absolutely loved it. But at the same time, it left her with a feeling of regret. She thought back to her college days and all the girls that she easily could have had as lovers. All those fresh young girls with their pretty pussies, there for her to taste. The realization of those missed opportunities made her feel a little bit sad.

Rachel found herself wondering where all those girls were today. Were any of them actually lesbians? Could any of them be eating the delicious pussy of a hot female lover of her own right then, the way she was? Rachel imagined what it would have been like, her college friends caught up in an all-girl orgy with her at the center of it. A sea of fresh young pussy, all for me.

Suddenly, Deena started to come, and Rachel snapped back to reality. Her mouth was flooded with a woman’s juices, and the taste was incredible. That’s when Rachel knew for certain that her sexuality had been forever altered. She still loved her husband and knew that she still wanted to be with him, but she was no longer able to deny her desire for sex with other women.

Rachel felt as if she could have stayed where she was forever, eating Deena’s pussy, savoring her new lover’s honey. She was already dreaming of their next sexual encounter, hoping to fuck this cute lesbian again and again. But even that wasn’t enough to satisfy her. She wanted to go down on Cassidy as well and she longed to explore every kind of forbidden sex with her little sister Kim.

And then the wildest, most twisted desire of all flashed in Rachel’s mind. She felt an unexpected urge to taste the pussy of her own little girl, her eight-year-old daughter Emily.

For a brief, crazy instant in her consciousness, Deena’s pussy turned into Emily’s bare slit, and the warm fluids that coated her lips and chin were the sweet essence of her beautiful, innocent child.

That image drove Rachel crazy. As if possessed, she reached behind herself and jammed three fingers into her hot, juicy hole with a single brutal thrust. She came instantly, screaming into Deena’s still convulsing pussy.

Meanwhile, Kim and Cassidy had worked themselves into a position where they were seated on the bed facing each other, their legs entwined, rocking their hips and rubbing their pussies together while sharing passionate kisses. When they heard Rachel’s outburst, they momentarily paused in their rhythmic movements to look over at the other women.

The sight of Deena and Rachel coming together elicited an immediate response. Kim and Cassidy began grinding their pussies again, only now with greater fervor, exploring one another everywhere their hands and mouths could reach. Their breathing became fast and ragged, and soon enough they orgasmed simultaneously. They held each other tightly, feeling waves of pleasure running through their joined bodies.

For Kim, the experience was life-changing. She’d never before felt such passion and closeness with another person. Sex with her husband had always been good, but even the most passionate and loving moments with him couldn’t compare to what she was feeling in this moment with Cassidy. It was a whole new understanding of what sex was and could be. The revelation excited her and Kim knew she had to explore it further.

Their appetites sated, at least for the moment, the four women stretched out on the bed and relaxed together. Kim and Rachel were facing each other while being spooned by their new lovers. The room was silent for a few minutes as each woman basked in the afterglow of the incredible sex they had just shared.

Kim and Rachel were downright giddy, what with the new thoughts and emotions that were racing through their heads. Gazing into each other’s eyes, an unspoken thought passed between them: that going forward, they would not, could not, ever let their innermost desires be denied again.


Part 2 – Morning Delights

Katie woke up the next morning feeling refreshed and lively. As she opened her eyes and saw the sleeping form of Emily next to her, she smiled. She was about to rouse her cousin, but then noticed that Emily was smiling too. She must be having a good dream, Katie thought, and decided to let her cousin doze.

Slipping out of bed, Katie quietly exited the room. She was feeling very hungry and decided to go down to the kitchen for a bowl of cereal and a glass of orange juice. Katie usually awakened before her mother and would fix herself something to eat, so she was taken aback to find her Mommy already up and making breakfast.

As Katie entered the kitchen, she also saw Rachel standing at the counter, slicing up fresh fruit while Kim was mixing up batter for pancakes. But what really surprised Katie was seeing Cassidy seated at the dining table, sipping a cup of coffee.

“G’morning,” Katie said, padding over to the table.

“Good morning, sweetie,” Kim said.

“Good morning, Katie,” Cassidy said, beaming a big bright smile at the girl.

Wandering over to the refrigerator, Katie got out the bottle of orange juice, then took a glass from the dish rack and filled it. “Anyone else want some?” she asked, holding the bottle up for all to see.

“No thank you, hon,” Kim replied, “we’ve already got coffee.”

As Katie took a seat at the table with Cassidy, she noticed that someone was missing. “Where’s Deena?” she asked, her disappointed tone evident in her voice.

“Deena had to go to work early this morning,” Cassidy said. “She left a couple of hours ago.”

Katie let that thought settle in her head, then asked another insightful question. “So, you stayed over last night?”

Cassidy blushed a bit, but answered, “Yes. We ended up… uh… staying up kind of late, talking, you know… and we got too tired to go home. Your mother was nice enough to let us sleepover.” Her eyes met Kim’s, and the two women exchanged a knowing look.

“No fair!” Katie protested. “I wanted to stay up late too, but you made us go to bed!” she added, shooting a disapproving look at her mother and aunt.

The three women chuckled a bit at the child’s outburst, but only Rachel felt herself blush, thinking about the things she would’ve liked to have done with Katie and Emily last night, if the girls had been there while the grownups were making love. It didn’t help that her little niece looked so utterly scrumptious right then, barefoot and wearing a tiny nightie over her pink panties.

Cassidy placed a hand on Katie’s shoulder, giving it a light squeeze. “Maybe we can have another sleepover some time, if your mom is okay with it”  she said. “We could watch a movie, eat popcorn and play some silly games.” The young lesbian knew exactly what kind of games she wanted to play with Katie, that thought causing a light flutter in her belly.

Katie looked over at her mother with pleading eyes. “Can we do that, Mommy? Can we have another sleepover? Pretty please?”

Kim drifted over to the table, still holding the mixing bowl, gently whisking the contents. “Maybe, sweetie,” she said, then bent down to kiss the top of her daughter’s head. “If you’re really good and promise to do all your chores this week without complaining, then I don’t see why not.”

Clapping her hands together, Katie squealed, “Yay! I love sleepovers.” She started bouncing up and down in her chair. “When can we do it? When can we?”

Rachel was watching her niece, imagining the child naked and lying between her thighs. That sweet little mouth, glued to Auntie Rachel’s cunt, her tongue licking me up and down… She shivered, picturing it.

“I don’t know,” Kim said, realizing that she didn’t have a clue when she would be able to see Cassidy again. “We’ll have to figure out a time when Cassidy and Deena are both available. And I’m sure that you’ll want to include Emily and Aunt Rachel too.”

“Yeah.” Katie agreed. “So, probably not tonight, huh?” A small frown passed over the girl’s face.

“No, not tonight, sweetie,” Kim said. Her sense of disappointment was just as real as Katie’s.

The idea of another sleepover with the girls involved made Cassidy’s heart race. “Well, Deena has the day off on Wednesday, so maybe… Tuesday night? If no one has anything they need to do the next day, we could stay up really late and have lots of fun.” Cassidy looked up at Kim and gave her a quick wink.

“Oh yes! Please, Mommy?” Katie gushed. “Can we please do it Tuesday night? Please.”

Kim thought about it for a second. She was just as eager as Katie for another night with Cassidy and Deena, so the decision was an easy one. “Yes, we can have a sleepover on Tuesday,” Kim said. “But remember, you need to be on good behavior and do all your chores.”

Just then, Rachel approached. Cassidy noticed that she looked flushed and had a thin sheen of sweat on her forehead. All the dirty thoughts that had been racing through Rachel’s head were clearly having a physical effect on her.

“And you can start by going upstairs and getting Emily out of bed.” Rachel said. “Breakfast will be ready in a few minutes, and if we let her that girl would sleep the whole day away.”

Katie jumped up and raced out of the kitchen, thrilled to share the good news with Emily. She knew that her cousin liked having sleepovers too, and would be just as excited as she was.

She ran up the stairs and burst into her bedroom only to find that Emily was already up. It was a curious scene though, Emily was awake, but her eyes were closed. Her nightgown was hiked up around her waist and she had a hand down inside her panties, moving it back and forth. Emily hadn’t noticed Katie enter the room, lost in the new and exciting feelings she was experiencing.

Katie watched her cousin rub herself for a few moments, then decided that Emily must be masturbating.

A few weeks earlier, Katie had come across the word “masturbation” in a magazine article. Katie didn’t know what it meant, so, as usual, she looked it up and had been astonished by the very idea of a person being able to get good feelings from touching their private parts.

This line of inquiry led the six-year-old down a rabbit hole of sexual discovery. She learned a lot of new things that day, but didn’t get a lot of it, and she was downright dismayed by the whole idea of sexual reproduction. She understood the need for it, but couldn’t understand why any girl would ever allow a boy to do that to her. All the boys she knew from kindergarten were weird and gross. Then and there, Katie vowed that she would never do sex stuff with a boy.

The idea of masturbation made much more sense to her. Katie tried it that very night in bed and, while it did feel kind of good, the act didn’t really live up to her expectations. She hadn’t given the idea of masturbation or sex much thought since then. But now, watching Emily touching herself down there, all those ideas and thoughts came rushing back.

Katie wasn’t able to put her feelings in that moment into words, but there was something about watching her cute cousin play with herself that made Katie feel warm and funny inside. It was a lot like the feeling she’d had when Deena hugged her.

As she watched Emily touch herself, Katie reached down and began to tentatively caress her own privates through the thin cotton of her nightie and panties. Unlike her previous attempt at masturbation, this time Katie felt a warm feeling well up inside and grow stronger with each tender touch. Reaching beneath her nightgown, Katie pressed all four fingers against the front of her panties, and a jolt of pleasure surged through her body.

A soft cry escaped Katie’s lips, breaking Emily out of her trance.

Startled, Emily looked up and saw her cousin standing there, quickly turning away before she could register the fact that Katie was also masturbating.

Yanking her hand from her panties, Emily rolled over, completely covering herself with the heavy blanket, mortified that she’d been caught playing with herself. She lay there silently for a few moments, then felt Katie crawl up onto the bed and sit beside her.

Katie placed a hand on the blanket-covered lump and lightly shook it. “Hey, sleepyhead. Time to wake up.” Emily just lay there not moving, barely breathing.

“Breakfast is ready, and our moms want us to come and eat,” Katie said as she continued to lightly shake Emily’s concealed form. “I also have some good news, and a big surprise for you.”

“What?” Emily’s muffled voice said from beneath the blanket.

“Well, our moms said that if we’re good, we can have another sleepover on Tuesday night!” Katie exclaimed.

That was good news. Emily turned over, peeking through the blankets just enough to see Katie’s smiling face.

“And,” Katie continued, her eyes wide with excitement, “Deena and Cassidy will be here too!”

Emily knew her cousin well enough to know when she was fibbing and when she was telling the truth. Now, beside herself with excitement, she sat up and embraced Katie.The two girls hugged for a long while, rocking back and forth and laughing.

Emily then drew away from Katie, while still holding her about the waist. “You gotta promise that you won’t tell my mom what you saw me doing,” she said, a worried expression on her face.

Katie looked at her cousin, a coy smile forming. “What? Sleeping? Why would she care about that?” She began to laugh, and a relieved Emily joined in.

“So, as long as we behave, we can have another sleepover?” Emily asked. “With Cassidy and Deena here?”

Katie nodded. “Yeah! How cool is that?”

“Wow! That really is good news… and a big surprise,” Emily said.

Katie took Emily’s hand, leading her cousin out of bed. “That’s not the surprise, silly,” she said. “Follow me.” Hand in hand, the two little girls scampered into the hallway.

For as long as she could remember, Katie had adored Emily. In fact, she had something of a crush on her cousin, even if she was really too young to know what that meant. What she did know, was that she felt differently around her cousin than she did around other girls… and she was fairly certain that Emily felt the same way about her, even if they had never admitted it to each other.

Katie also knew that she had those kinds of feelings for Deena, too. It was pretty obvious to her and Emily —  they’d even talked and giggled about it while in the pool the day before.

What Katie didn’t know is that it was also pretty obvious to all the women. The way Katie had fawned over Deena the day before made it hard for anyone not to realize that Katie really, really liked the woman. Rachel and Kim had good-naturedly teased Deena a bit about it, but Deena was secretly thrilled that Katie liked her so much, considering her own helpless desire for the child.

But Katie knew something the others didn’t: that Emily had a huge crush of her own on Cassidy. Emily was always rather guarded with her emotions, so her feelings towards Cassidy weren’t obvious, but Katie knew. To her, Emily’s feelings were as plain as day, so she took genuine delight in the surprise she had yet to reveal to her cousin — that Cassidy had actually stayed the night, and hadn’t left yet..

As the two girls entered the kitchen Katie was watching Emily closely, eager to see her reaction. When Emily saw Cassidy sitting at the table her face turned red and she let out a startled squeak. She longed to race over to Cassidy and hug her; instead, she hurried over to the counter where the jug of orange juice was sitting and poured herself a glass.

Emily was feeling very awkward right then, and it wasn’t just because of Cassidy’s presence. When she saw her mother and Aunt Kim, it immediately reminded her of the sex things she’d seen them doing the night before. That made it hard for Emily to make eye contact with any of the adults.

Cassidy had noticed Emily’s reaction and smiled to herself. She was fully aware of the little girl’s feelings towards her and had recognized them just as easily as she’d recognized Katie’s crush on Deena.

Turning to her daughter, Rachel bent down to give Emily a good morning hug, their embrace lingering a bit longer than usual. Rachel was enjoying the feel of the child’s small body in her arms when she noticed that Emily was flushed and perspiring a bit. Like any mother would, she held her hand against the girl’s forehead, checking for signs of illness. “Are you feeling okay, sweetheart?” she murmured.

When she realized what her mother was doing, Emily hastened to explain, coming up with a little white lie on the spot. “I’m okay, Mommy… just kind of hot. The blanket was real heavy, and I got all twisted up in it while I was sleeping.”

Rachel accepted Emily’s story but her motherly intuition told her there was more going on than the little girl was telling her. She was about to ask Emily another question when Kim interrupted her train of thought.

“Who wants pancakes… and how many?” Kim asked, brandishing a spatula in one hand.

“Two for me, please,” Emily said, turning to look at her aunt but not making eye contact. “Um… can I eat out on the patio?”

“Yeah, can we?” Katie chimed in excitedly. “And I will also have two pancakes.”

Rachel, having forgotten the question she was about to ask, responded to the girls. “Yes, you can eat outside if you want.” Emily breathed a sigh of relief. She didn’t think she could handle sitting at the table with the women, not after what she’d seen them doing just a few hours ago. When she closed her eyes, Emily could still picture all of them naked, and that made her feel quivery and strange inside.

Kim made up two plates of food, pancakes with syrup and a few slices of fruit on each, then handed them to the girls. “Don’t forget your juice,” she said with a wink.

Rachel stood by the sliding glass door, watching Emily and Katie as they made their way to the patio table. As the girls entered into the bright morning sunlight, she could clearly see the silhouettes of their young bodies through the thin material of the nighties they still wore. The sight made her gasp under her breath and a few very naughty, very unsettling thoughts ran through her head.

It was too much for her — she needed to get away, to have some time to herself. “I’m not very hungry,” Rachel said to Kim and Cassidy. “I think I’m going to go shower and get dressed.”

Rachel hurried out of the kitchen, the others watching her go. Kim just shrugged and began serving up breakfast for Cassidy and herself. Cassidy, on the other hand, had gotten the same glimpse of the girls as Rachel, and knew exactly why the woman was so flustered. She was already thinking about what a fun and exciting situation this was shaping up to be.

Rachel made her way directly to the guest bathroom, where she quickly stripped out of the shorts and tank top she was wearing. Removing her panties, she wasn’t at all surprised to see how damp they were. She slipped them off, then dipped a finger into her juicy hole, drawing out a thick dollop of cream. Sucking the finger into her mouth, she sampled the flavor, deciding that her pussy tasted every bit as good as Deena’s or Kim’s.

Rachel turned the water on to a lukewarm temperature, then climbed into the shower, immediately sliding a hand between her legs. She started to rub fast, furious circles around her clit with her right hand while vigorously probing the depths of her pussy with two fingers of the left.

In her mind’s eye she visualized Katie and Emily engaged in a sixty-nine, the two little girls eagerly licking each other’s baby-smooth slits. The scene then morphed into the image of Deena and Cassidy, in the same position as the girls, but now Kim was standing over them, frantically masturbating, her pussy gushing like a waterfall over the two lesbian lovers. Rachel found herself aching to taste her sister’s juices again, this time directly from Kim’s cunt. Instead, she settled for sucking her own essence from her sloppy fingers.

Rachel started to picture her college friends again. She tried to imagine what they’d looked like in the nude. What their pussies were like, the aromas and flavors. She wondered how many of these women now had little girls of their own, adorable nymphs with sweet bare pussies just waiting to be licked and sucked.

Realizing that she was about to come, Rachel conjured up an even wilder fantasy. She imagined herself lying in the center of a room filled with pillows and cushions, surrounded by sexy women and cute girls of all ages who were lovingly caressing her and each other. In every direction she looked, Rachel saw a dripping pussy, a stiff-nippled breast, a succulent mouth, or a beautifully contoured ass just begging to be spanked.

Now Deena was eating her out, while Emily and Katie sucked her nipples, purring like kittens. Cassidy kneeling behind the girls, using a hand on each to gently fondle their fresh, young slits. And Kim was perched on her face, riding it. Rachel’s heart swelled with love for her sister as she feasted on Kim’s cunt, the thick, warm nectar trickling down her cheeks.

Rachel’s face tilted up to face the flowing water as she came. Her body jerked and shook under the stream of the shower, every drop of water like a tongue of fire on her sensitive skin. Her knees buckled and she slumped against the tiled wall, sliding down until she was seated on the floor. She clamped a hand over her mouth to keep her cries of ecstasy from being heard, the same hand that had just been mauling her pussy. Once she’d regained her breath, Rachel sucked those wet fingers into her mouth, enjoying the intoxicating flavor of her own juices.

Eventually, she took a deep breath and stood up to continue her shower. She washed herself well, making sure that she was clean down below, then turned off the water and exited the shower stall. She paused to study herself in the bathroom mirror, and for the first time in a long while, realized that she was sexy. She actually found herself getting turned on again by the sight of her own nude body.

Taking both breasts in her hands, Rachel gently tweaked her nipples. Two small jolts of pleasure surged down to her pussy, and she shivered. She glanced at her reflection once more, smiled and softly said, “Tuesday night is going to be interesting.”


Part 3 – The First Question

Taking the last bite of her breakfast, Cassidy laid her fork down, then glanced up to see Kim staring, clearly wanting to ask a question. As the two women made eye contact, Kim quickly looked away, embarrassed to have been caught.

Cassidy scooted her chair over so that she was sitting right next to Kim, then rested her hand on the blushing woman’s thigh. “You know,” she began, “I don’t think we’ve said ‘good morning’ properly yet.”

With that, Cassidy leaned in and gave Kim a tender kiss on the cheek while lightly running her fingers up and down the inside of Kim’s thigh. Kim sighed blissfully, a little shiver running through her body.

“G-g-good morning.” Kim stammered. She longed to return Cassidy’s kiss but suddenly felt self-conscious and had to glance away, irked by her own lack of courage. Now she was looking through the sliding glass door at Katie and Emily, who were still eating their breakfast at the patio table, chatting avidly between bites. Their legs were dangling from the edges of the chairs, feet not quite touching the tiled surface. A light giggle drifted in on the morning breeze.

It often seemed as if the very sight of her little girl was enough to make Kim’s heart soar. Though her marriage had been a happy one, she’d never known how intense her love could be until Katie was born. She adored Emily, too, and enjoyed having her over almost as much as Katie did.

Watching the girls now, she marveled anew at their youthful beauty. It comes so naturally to them, she thought.

“They’re adorable, aren’t they?” Cassidy said.

“Yes,” Kim said, turning back to Cassidy. “Yes, they are.”

“Almost as adorable as you.” Cassidy leaned in and placed a small peck on Kim’s lips. Kim’s face turned red and she had to look away again. Cassidy chuckled but took Kim’s hands in hers. “Sorry. I’m not trying to make you feel awkward, honestly.”

Kim knew she was acting like a silly schoolgirl with a helpless crush. She gave a nervous laugh, then looked up at Cassidy. “No, I’m sorry. It’s just…”

Her voice trailed off as, once again, she was momentarily stunned by the look of desire she so clearly read in Cassidy’s eyes. She desperately wanted to respond to the woman’s affection, but couldn’t quite bring herself to do so.

Feeling the frustration, Kim stood and walked over to the doorway, leaned against the frame, and watched the girls. They were talking animatedly about something, but Kim was too far away and the girls were speaking too softly for her to understand what they were saying. Once again, she mused on what delightful children she and Rachel had, and felt a sudden longing to take them in her arms.

Kim felt Cassidy move up behind and wrap both arms around her waist. “What’s going on in that pretty head of yours?” the younger woman asked.

Cassidy rested her chin on Kim’s shoulder, their heads touching, and Kim took Cassidy’s hands in hers. They stood without moving for a moment, each enjoying the warmth of the other’s body. Breathing in unison, their hearts beating in matched time, it felt as if the two women had become one. Kim held Cassidy’s arms tightly against her body, shivering with a renewed desire for the young lesbian. She contemplated turning to kiss the woman, but first, there was something she needed to know.

“Last night,” Kim started, “I asked you what you could do… with your power. You never answered.” She gave a shaky laugh. “I guess we got…uh, distracted.”

“That’s one word for it,” Cassidy purred, her lips brushing Kim’s ear. “But now you’d like an answer, right?”

“Yes.” Kim said.

Suddenly feeling nervous, Cassidy took a deep breath. Deena was the only other person who knew what Cassidy was fully capable of, and there was a reason for that. If the world found out about her abilities, it would throw her life into utter chaos and could quite possibly end with her death. Cassidy felt certain that she could trust Kim, but was still hesitant to say the truth out loud. Bracing herself, she finally spoke.

“You’ve already experienced one of the uses of my power first hand: the ability to enter another person’s mind and reorganize it. I can do that with the consent of the other person like I did with you and Rachel, or I can force my way in. I don’t like doing that, though. It hurts like hell and leaves me feeling like I have the world’s worst hangover.”

Cassidy continued. “I’ve only ever used my power like that twice. And both times were in life-or-death situations. Once to save Deena’s life, once to save my own.”

Kim turned around to face Cassidy. It was plain to see from the expression on her face that whatever memories had just surfaced in Cassidy’s mind were anything but pleasant. Kim drew Cassidy into an embrace, holding her close. She wanted to ask about what had happened back then, but decided that it would be best to let Cassidy share those secrets in her own time.

Instead, Kim took a different approach. “But what about the time at your birthday party? All those people whose minds you controlled?”

“That wasn’t the same. I didn’t enter anyone’s head.” Cassidy said. “It was more like a mass suggestion, a quick command that wore off within minutes. What I did inside your mind is permanent, unless I change it. That’s up to you, of course.”

Cassidy could tell that Kim was giving serious thought to what she’d just said. A permanent change. It was a difficult concept to handle, and she fully expected Kim to have many more questions.

Suddenly, Cassidy caught a glimpse of motion outside on the patio and realized that Katie and Emily were walking towards them. She quickly let go of Kim and stepped away. At first, Kim was confused, but when the door slid open and the girls barged inside, she realized why Cassidy had broken their embrace so abruptly.

Katie and Emily were discussing the latest episode of their favorite cartoon and failed to notice that Kim and Cassidy had been holding each other. The girls walked over to the sink with their plates and cutlery, quickly rinsing them off before loading everything into the dishwasher.

That accomplished, Katie turned to her mother. “Mom, can we watch cartoons?” she asked.

“Not right now, sweetheart,” Kim said. “You two need to go take showers, and then get dressed. We have to take Cassidy home, then we’re going to the farmer’s market. We need to get there early, before all the good stuff is gone.”

“Ugh.” Katie rolled her eyes. “I hate grocery shopping.”

“Well, I guess we don’t have to buy food… or snacks and treats for the slumber party,” Kim said, knowing exactly how the girls would respond to that.

“Treats?” Katie and Emily replied in unison, their eyes widening.

“Yes. If you girls get cleaned up and dressed right away, you can each pick out one treat to have for the party.” Kim had planned to do that for the girls anyway, but figured using it to motivate them couldn’t hurt. Cheering their good fortune, Katie and Emily scampered out of the kitchen.

“And don’t forget to brush your teeth!” Kim called after them.

Cassidy and Kim listened as the girls noisily banged their way up the stairs. Then they looked at each other and laughed, touched by the young girls’ exuberance.

The two women fell silent, caught up in each other’s eyes. Almost without thinking, Kim reached out for Cassidy and they came together, their mouths meeting in a passionate kiss. They broke apart after a minute, but remained in an embrace.

Her lips touching Kim’s cheek, Cassidy said, “There’s still one more use of my power that I need to tell you about.”

Kim drew back a bit, her arms still linked with Cassidy’s. She didn’t say anything, but from her expression, Cassidy could tell that Kim was eager to hear what her new lover wanted to share.

Cassidy cleared her throat. “It’s kind of hard to explain. I guess all of this is, really.” Again, Kim didn’t speak, just waited expectantly.

“I guess… you could say that I’m empathic.”

“And what does that mean, exactly?”

“I can feel and interpret the emotions of people around me. I can tell just by focusing on a person whether they’re happy or sad or angry. Whether they’re bored or excited. Or even sexually excited.” Cassidy let that statement linger, hoping that Kim would catch her drift.

It took a second, but then the full meaning of Cassidy’s words hit Kim like a ton of bricks. “So you mean, you… you… you can sense what I’m feeling right now.” Her cheeks flushed a dark pink.

“Yes,” Cassidy said. “But there’s no need to feel embarrassed. I know what you’re feeling… and frankly, I’m feeling it too.”

Cassidy trailed her hands down Kim’s body, letting the right rest on the small of Kim’s back while the left briefly hovered over her belly. Her eyes locked with those of the dazed single mother, then Cassidy slipped her hand past the waistband of Kim’s running shorts and into her panties. Quickly locating Kim’s clit, she began to trace tiny circles around it with a fingertip. Kim let out a small groan, her eyes drifting shut.

Cassidy increased the pressure of her finger and started to rub harder and faster, causing jolts of pleasure to race through Kim’s body. Kim desperately needed to come, but also knew that Katie or Emily could come back downstairs at any moment. The idea of being caught by the girls was mortifying to her, yet also strangely exciting. It wasn’t the smartest thing she’d ever done, allowing herself to be masturbated by another woman in her own kitchen, especially when her little girl was just upstairs — but damn it, the thrill was worth it and then some.

Kim’s moans grew louder, and Cassidy had to silence her with a kiss. Cassidy then slipped her finger into Kim’s vagina and fucked it in and out several times, coating it with cream, before withdrawing it. Now, slick with Kim’s juices, Cassidy used her finger to lubricate Kim’s pulsating clit.

“If the emotions are strong enough, I don’t even need to focus. I can just feel them,” Cassidy said, as she increased the tempo of her fingers.

Kim could feel hot juices ooze from her aching pussy as that familiar warmth began to build in her womanly core. She began working her hips in rhythm with Cassidy’s flexing wrist, marveling at the shockwaves of delight that each movement sent rippling through her. Another few seconds and Kim would be ready to explode.

Cassidy continued her explanation. “That ability I have… to sense feelings… It’s how I knew that Rachel wanted Deena to kiss her in the hot tub last night. It’s how I knew that you wanted me to make love to you. It’s how I knew that Emily was standing at the bedroom door last night watching us… watching you and Rachel climax together.”

Kim’s eyes opened wide at Cassidy’s revelation. She was shocked to learn that Emily had spied on them. She saw me with Rachel, Kim thought. God, my own sister. How on earth do you explain something like that to a child?

At the same time, Kim found herself highly aroused by the thought. She wondered what had it felt like for the child, watching her mother and aunt in the throes of passion? Had it scared her? Confused her? Excited her?

Cassidy must have been reading Kim’s feelings again, because then she said, “Emily was so turned on by what she saw, the sights and sounds of women making love… Actually, I’m fairly certain that she was touching herself while she watched. And she stayed turned on, too — right until she fell asleep, snuggled up to your cute little girl.” Having planted the image she wanted in Kim’s mind, Cassidy suddenly plunged two fingers into the older woman’s cunt.

Kim immediately started to come. Her knees became weak and her body was convulsing so intensely that she almost fell over. Only Cassidy’s quick reactions saved Kim from another tumble in her kitchen. Dazed and dizzy, the woman managed to take a few steps over to the dining table, where she collapsed into a chair, gulping for breath.

But even in the midst of orgasmic afterglow, some unsettling questions had elbowed their way into Kim’s consciousness. Did Emily tell Katie about what she saw us doing? Does my little girl know that I had sex with her new grownup friends… and her Auntie Rachel? 

She felt a twinge of panic, but then Cassidy was holding her, tenderly kissing her neck and cooing soft, reassuring words. With a blissful sigh, Kim relaxed into the arms of her new lesbian lover, joyfully surrendering to her.

On to Chapter Seven!


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