Unaccompanied Minor, Book Two, Chapter 4

  • Posted on April 26, 2021 at 2:39 pm

By Amanda Lynn

The ground fell away as the Airbus climbed into the cloudless Ontario sky. Trish watched the CN Tower become smaller and vanish from sight as the plane banked and adjusted its course. She was in a good mood. Excited to be heading to Edmonton and four weeks of summer fun with Monica. She wondered how long she would have to wait after getting to her father’s house before she would be able to pull Monica’s clothes off her and fuck her silly.

The thought sent a tingle up her spine. She squeezed her thighs together, surprised at how quickly the thought had aroused her, especially since Cindy had given her the most wonderful orgasm only a few hours before.

When they had said good night to Stacey and gone to Trish’s room the night before, they didn’t sleep. They undressed each other and climbed into bed. They kissed and touched, caressed, and explored. They were gentle and took their time bringing each other to orgasm. Then, resting for but a moment, they began again, this time with more passion, fucking each other to more earth-moving climaxes. Though both the girls did their best to avoid making noise, Trish was sure her mother must have heard their muffled moans on several occasions.

The next morning, Trish was woken an hour before the alarm clock went off by a tongue on her nipple and a finger on her clit. She moaned softly, not opening her eyes, and wondered if there was any better way to start the day. Cindy’s mouth soon found her pussy, still tender from their lovemaking the night before, and quickly made her come.

Stacey gave them a knowing smirk when they walked into the kitchen an hour or so later. The blush Trish saw on Cindy’s face matched the heat she felt on her own. But Stacey never said anything about what she might have overheard the night before or earlier that morning, which Trish was thankful for. They chatted as they ate, Stacey rambling off a list of items and asking Trish if she had packed them, Trish replying yes mom to each and rolling her eyes.

One thing Trish had noticed that morning were the glances that had passed between Cindy and Stacey. She’d wondered if there was anything to them. Would either one try to act upon what they had shared in Trish’s bedroom a few days before?

The ding of the seatbelt sign being turned off drew Trish’s attention, and she breathed a happy sigh. She pulled her small carry-on bag from under the seat and retrieved her earphones. Plugging them into the jack on the armrest, she found a movie on the seatback display in front of her and settled back into her seat to enjoy the flight.


Once Trish’s plane was safely away, Stacey and Cindy headed for home. The 30-minute drive passed mostly in companionable silence. Stacey stole glances at Cindy. The smooth skin of her bare legs, the way her tight shorts were defining her crotch, her small breasts that pushed against the snug fabric of her tee-shirt. Stacey felt a nervous excitement pulling at her belly. She recognized the feeling, and it usually happened when she was about to get laid.

Stacey gave herself a mental shake. As cute and sexy as Cindy was, she wasn’t going to have sex with a 12-year-old. She thought back to the morning after Trish’s birthday, seeing Cindy lying naked on the bed and caressing her leg. She must have been out of her mind to do that, but the sight of the sexy young girl and the sounds she had heard Cindy and Trish making… Damn, it had been such a turn-on. Touching Cindy had made her so wet, and the bonus of accidentally brushing against her pussy and watching her come had been too much. When the girls had left the house, Stacey had dashed to her bedroom, spending a good hour there giving herself several powerful orgasms of her own.

Now off the highway, Stacey tried to keep her mind on her driving. Traveling the few blocks to Cindy’s street, she was about to make the turn, in a rush to drop Cindy off so she could get home and take care of the throbbing need between her legs.

Cindy spoke up. “We need to go to your place first. My overnight bag is still there.”

Stacey cursed to herself, took a breath, and drove past Cindy’s street. “Sure, not a problem,” she replied. It wasn’t, really. Cindy lived just a block away, so she could grab her bag and walk the short distance. Stacey could wait the extra couple of minutes to get herself off.

They pulled into the driveway a moment later. Stacey let them in, and Cindy kicked off her sneakers before heading upstairs to Trish’s room. Stacey went to the kitchen and poured herself a glass of wine and stood at the counter, sipping it. She thought about the tingle of excitement that she had felt when they left the airport, the cute girl who had sat beside her in the car, and just how wet her pussy was right now. Then another thought occurred to her; she was alone in the house with Cindy. No one else around. Did she dare try something? No! She couldn’t. Could she?

“Fuck me.” She drew out the words in a whispered voice. It had been many years since she’d had the taste of pre-teen pussy on her tongue. It would be so easy to let go of her common sense and give in to her lust for the sexy little redhead that was upstairs. She took another sip of wine. It seemed to be taking a long time for Cindy to retrieve her bag. She was about to call out, but Cindy beat her to it.

“Stacey, could you come here please?”

Stacey raised an eyebrow and set down her glass. What the hell? She climbed the stairs and entered Trish’s room. There was no one there. Cindy’s bag was sitting on the end of the bed, all zipped up and ready to go. “Where are you?” she called.

“In your room,” came the reply.

Why the hell would she be in there? Stacey turned and walked the few feet to her room. At the doorway, she froze, not believing what her eyes were seeing. Cindy was lying on her side on the bed, facing Stacey, propped up on one elbow. Her other hand rested on her thigh. Oh, and she was completely naked. She wore a smile and nothing else.

“Cindy. What are you…? This isn’t right. You need to get dressed,” she sputtered. Stacey was saying the words, but she didn’t feel that way. She looked up and down the pre-teen’s body as her heart pounded. Heat pooled in her abdomen and lower. A war was raging inside her now, one between her brain and her libido. Her brain was losing.

Cindy didn’t move. Instead, she let her hand travel up and down her side. Her fingertips caressed the naked skin. “Trish said you wanted to have sex with me.”

Her voice was soft and innocent, but alarmingly seductive. Stacey shuddered, trying hard to keep control. Jesus, this little girl knew how to push the right buttons. “If I was 12, yes. But this is different.” Stacey croaked; her mouth had gone dry.

Cindy slowly stood and moved toward her. She smiled sweetly, and Stacey’s resolve melted even faster. “Don’t you think I’m pretty? I think you are.”

“I do. Very pretty, but that’s not the…” She couldn’t finish. Cindy had moved in close, and she gently cupped Stacey’s breasts. The sensation sent a bolt of pleasure straight to her core, and a moan forced itself past her lips. “We can’t. Someone might find out.” Her voice was barely audible, and she wondered if Cindy had even heard her.

“No one is going to find out,” the girl said as if replying to a silly question from a child. “I’m not going to tell anyone. Are you?”

Stacey shook her head, instinctively. She looked down at Cindy’s hands and watched them unbutton her blouse, then pull it loose from her pants. Once free, Cindy pushed it off her shoulders and let it fall, then she quickly removed her bra. When Cindy took a nipple into her mouth, Stacey gasped, and any reservations she had disappeared. They had the house to themselves. No one was going to catch them. Yeah, she was going to have sex with this little minx, and she was going to enjoy it without worry. Regret may follow in the aftermath, but that was a thought for later. Right now, she was going to live out this fantasy.

While Cindy’s tongue played with her hardened nipple, her hands were making short work of Stacey’s pants, undoing the button, and pulling down the zipper. She pushed both pants and underwear over her hips until they fell on their own. Stacey followed when Cindy took her hands and walked backward toward the bed. When they fell upon it, Stacey found the young girl’s mouth with hers. They kissed. The first one tentative and unsure but quickly followed by a deeper, more passionate one. Their mouths moved, and lips parted. Tongues soon danced, and they moaned together. Fear still wrestled with Stacey, fear of getting found out, but she realized then that that fear, that sense of danger, made it all the more exciting.

She pulled back and looked down at Cindy. The girl’s eyes sparkled, and she wore a playful smirk. Stacey kissed a line down Cindy’s body. Over her jaw, down her neck, across the flawless skin of her collar bone. She kissed a nipple and played with it, using her tongue to draw wet, lazy circles around it. Cindy was breathing harder now, her chest rising and falling. Stacey didn’t want to wait any longer. There was something she had wanted, she realized, something she had wanted ever since that morning encounter in Trish’s room. She continued her downward trek, forcing herself to move slowly, planting fiery kisses from Cindy’s sternum to her belly button, then to her mons.

Adjusting her position on the bed, she pushed Cindy’s legs apart. There it was, only inches from her face. Smooth, nearly hairless. Shades of pink and red from arousal. Juices glistened, and Stacey breathed in the scent of the pre-teen sex. She moved closer, kissing Cindy’s inner thighs. Soft and slow. The girl shuddered, and a moan escaped from above. Stacey smiled and placed a sweet kiss on her clit, holding her mouth there. Cindy jerked slightly and whimpered.

This is heaven, Stacey thought. She moved her tongue, chasing the small bud with tiny circles. The girl jumped at the contact. Her hips pushed upward, looking for more. Stacey put a hand on Cindy’s belly, holding her steady. With the other, she found Cindy’s entrance and pushed a finger in.

Stacey had expected resistance there, but if Cindy had had a hymen, it was gone. She pushed in all the way, and Cindy arched again, crying out.

“Are you okay, sweetie?”

“Yes,” Cindy replied with a ragged breath. “Don’t stop. Please.”

Stacey returned to the girl’s clit and sucked on it as she slowly fingered her pussy. She let her tongue travel down through the slick folds and back again. God, she tasted so good. Stacey feasted on the pussy and noted the tightness as her finger moved rhythmically inside the young girl. As Cindy writhed beneath her, she had a quick flash of Trish lying naked before her. What would she taste like? Would she be as sweet as Cindy? Would she be able to have sex with her daughter as easily as this? Before she could analyze these thoughts, Cindy stiffened.

“Yes! Yes! Fuuuuck!” she cried out.

Stacey stayed with her, gently licking her, slowing the movement of her finger when Cindy’s muscles clamped around it. When Cindy stopped twitching from the aftershocks, Stacey withdrew her finger and moved up beside her.

Cindy groaned softly. “Oh, wow. That was awesome.” She turned her head to look at Stacey.

Stacey couldn’t help but smile back at the huge grin on the girl’s face. She stroked Cindy’s cheek and pushed the hair from her eyes. “I’m glad you liked it. Thank you for letting me do that.”

“I should be thanking you,” Cindy said with a giggle, then she rolled onto her side and kissed Stacey.

Pulling Cindy in close, Stacey quickly drew her into a deeper kiss. Her hand caressed down the girl’s back, resting on the smooth rise of her ass. She felt Cindy’s hand then, moving between them. She sucked a breath when the girl’s hand found her pussy and explored her folds.

“Umm,” Cindy hummed against her mouth. “You’re soaked.” She pulled back and looked into Stacey’s eyes. “Do you want me to eat you?”

Stacey blinked, and she searched the girl’s face. Was she serious? Of course, Stacey wanted nothing more than to get eaten by this sweet young thing, but was Cindy asking because she wanted to, or did she think she had to? Stacey smiled and gave the ass cheek in her hand a squeeze.

“I do,” she said, “but only if you want to. I don’t want you doing anything that makes you uncomfortable.”

Cindy grinned happily and moved to kneel by Stacey’s calves. “Oh, I do!” There was excitement in her voice, and she licked her lips as she pushed at Stacey’s legs to spread them.

Stacey’s excitement was building sharply, too. Her nerves had already been on fire, but seeing the enthusiasm from this child made her already-wet pussy throb in anticipation. Stacey rolled onto her back and eagerly spread her legs. She was glad she’d taken the time to tidy up her pubic area during her bath the night before.

She watched as Cindy knelt there, staring at her slit as if admiring a piece of art. God, she really needed Cindy to touch her now, though, to do something to quell her need. Stacey’s hips rolled on their own, hoping to entice Cindy forward. It must have worked, because Cindy shuffled closer and placed a finger on Stacey’s clit.

As a loud groan escaped her lips, Stacey pushed her hips up again, a flash of pleasure racing through her. Cindy giggled and played with her clit some more. She ran her finger up and down her folds again and again before pushing two fingers into her entrance.

“That’s it, Cindy. Don’t stop,” Stacey panted.

Cindy continued to pump her fingers into her wetness, and when she moved in and took Stacey’s clit into her mouth, Stacey thought for sure she was going to come right then. She balled up the sheets in her fists and forced herself to hold off. She wanted to enjoy as much of Cindy’s mouth on her slit as she could. The girl’s tongue moved in circles and swipes, around her clit, over it, through her folds… all over her pussy, driving her crazy.

Stacey was finding it harder and harder to delay the inevitable. She was breathing hard as the waves of pleasure crashed into her. When she could no longer stand the torment, she placed a hand on the back of Cindy’s head, holding her mouth on her clit, and let it happen.

Her world exploded. Bright lights erupted behind her eyes, and intense pleasure she had not felt in a long time shot through her body. Stacey stiffened, her hips raised off the bed, and she cried out. The second orgasm followed at once, not as intense as the first but just as pleasurable. Cindy was still licking, and she had to push the girl away, not sure she could stand a third orgasm.

“Holy crap, Cindy,” Stacey said when she was finally able to speak again. Cindy had moved beside her and lay with her head on Stacey’s shoulder.

“Did I do good?” Cindy asked softly.

“Good? You were fucking amazing!” Stacey replied, and Cindy giggled.

“Thanks. Do you think we could do this again sometime?” There was a shyness in the way Cindy asked the question, and it made Stacey tingle. That shyness reminded her that she was living out a fantasy, an exciting yet dangerous fantasy.

She pulled Cindy in close and kissed her. “I would like that,” she whispered.

“Me too.”

They lay still, resting for a while longer. Thoughts of their lovemaking played in Stacey’s mind. She thought about Trish and wondered what would happen when she got home in a month. This thing with Cindy would have to stop. Unless, somehow, she could involve Trish. No! No! That couldn’t happen. But Trish had wanted to be touched by her that morning. Stacey’s head was swimming with wild thoughts of Trish and Cindy and herself, their bodies tangled together. Stacey pushed the idea aside as the touch of Cindy’s hand on her breast brought her back. Passions reigniting, they enjoyed each other’s kisses and caresses, coming once more before Cindy needed to get home.


Trish dropped her suitcase and fell face-first onto the bed in Monica’s room. “Why do plane flights feel so long?” she moaned into the pillow. Trish heard Monica giggle as the bed sagged a little more on either side of her. She felt rather than saw her stepsister straddle her hips and rest her butt on Trish’s and then knead her shoulders. Trish moaned again, this time from the pleasure that instantly coursed through her from the long-missed touch. Man, it felt good to feel Monica’s hands on her body again.

After a few moments, Monica’s hands moved down her back then up her ribs to her shoulders again. Little tingles flashed over her skin as Monica’s fingers brushed against the sides of her small breasts. Trish tried to twist her body, and Monica lifted her butt a bit to let her roll onto her back.

Trish smiled up at her stepsister.“I’ve missed you,” she said softly.

Monica grinned and caressed Trish’s shoulders. “I’ve missed you too.”

Trish giggled at the momentary look of surprise on Monica’s face when her hands found breasts that were noticeably larger than the last time Trish had been here. “I told you they would get bigger.” Monica gave her a wink, then uncoiled her body and lay flat on top of Trish.

Someone must have cranked up the heat in the room because Trish was on fire. Monica’s hand was fondling her breast through the thin tee-shirt, and her mouth fused with Trish’s. As they kissed, they explored each other’s mouths with their tongues. God, this felt good. Her breathing was growing ragged, and Monica was rolling her hips now, causing their pussies to rub together in a most enjoyable way, even through their shorts. She could feel the pressure building low in her belly.

“You’re gonna make me come,” Trish said between breaths.

Monica didn’t stop but instead increased her tempo. Trish groaned again. She wrapped her arms around Monica and held on, matching her thrusts, grinding their pussies together. The incredible sex she’d had with Cindy that morning all but faded from her memory. Sex with Monica, even if it was quick and dirty while still fully clothed, felt so much better and so right.

A scorching kiss came just in time to muffle the cry that tried to escape as her orgasm consumed her. Every nerve was on fire, and the pleasure was further enhanced as Monica pushed against her pussy several more times before her own orgasm hit.

They lay in a heap, panting and sharing soft kisses. They didn’t move and didn’t speak for the longest while. Finally, Monica slid to the side so that she had just an arm and leg draped over Trish.

“Wow,” Trish giggled. “That was wild.”

“What can I say? I missed you.” Monica beamed. “Just wait until tonight, and I have you naked.”

Trish felt her pussy clench at the suggestion. She wasn’t sure if she could wait that long. “Yeah?”

“I’m dying to see those boobs of yours.” Monica put her hand on one and thumbed the nipple through the shirt.

“Umm,” Trish purred approvingly at the sensation. “Is that all you want to do? Just look?”

Monica opened her mouth to reply, but the sound of a knock interrupted her. The girls sat up as the door opened. Gwen stood in the doorway and looked at them for a moment as a small smirk appeared on her lips.

“If you two have finished saying hello. You can wash up for supper.” She winked, then turned and left the room.

Trish felt the heat of a blush crawling up her face, but she giggled along with Monica. She wondered if Gwen would want a repeat of what had happened in the bathroom during spring break, or maybe go even further this time. The idea excited her, and as she and Monica made their way to the bathroom to wash and then went downstairs, she let the idea of some sort of sexual experience with Gwen play at the back of her mind.

Walking into the dining room, the girls inhaled the pleasant aroma of spaghetti sauce and garlic bread. Trish eyed the plates of pasta that Gwen set down, one at her usual spot, the other at Monica’s.

“There’s plenty more if you girls want seconds. But save room for dessert, I made lemon meringue pie,” Gwen said and turned to get two more plates of spaghetti from the kitchen.

“Yum!” Trish exclaimed. “I love lemon meringue.”

“Me too,” Jason said as he joined the girls at the table, tousling Trish’s hair as he passed. “Hungry, Pumpkin?”

Trish nodded. “Starved. I had a sandwich on the plane, but it wasn’t enough.” She sat, and when Gwen joined them, placing a large basket of garlic bread on the table, she dug in.

“I bet you’re happy that school’s out for the year,” Jason said after they had all eaten a few forkfuls and complimented Gwen on how good it tasted.

“Yeah. It’s nice not having to get up so early,” Trish replied with a giggle.

“I agree,” Monica said.

Jason laughed and plucked a slice of garlic bread from the basket. “I’m sorry I won’t be able to do much with you before you two head off to camp, but I’m working nights for the next little while.”

“That’s okay, Dad. I understand,” she said and took a drink from her glass. “You’ll be back on day shift after camp, though, right?”

“Should be, sweetheart.”

Trish had never been to a summer camp before, and she was excited at the idea. Monica had called her not long after Trish had returned home after spring break, asking if she would want to go while she was visiting in July. She had said yes at once when she learned it was an all-girl camp on a lake, and that Gabby and her cousin would be going as well.

When they had finished their supper, Gwen served everyone a piece of the pie. Trish regretted eating that third slice of bread now, but there was no way she was going to refuse this dessert. With her belly filled, Trish joined Monica on the sofa, and the four of them chatted and played card games for the rest of the evening. Trish was anxious to get upstairs and finally be alone with Monica, but she was also glad the delay gave her time to digest her supper.

It was past 10 when Monica closed the bedroom door. She turned and gave Trish a naughty smile that made her heart race. She met Monica in the middle of the room, and they wrapped their arms around each other’s waist. Trish gazed into her stepsister’s eyes for just a moment, not saying a word. She didn’t need to, as Monica’s eyes reflected exactly what Trish was feeling. Slowly, deliberately, she leaned in and kissed her.

Monica moaned softly as the kiss deepened in a hurry. Their hands roamed, and tongues explored. Trish found the hem of Monica’s shirt and slipped her hands underneath, stroking the hot skin beneath. They kissed hungrily, the bodies pressed together, and Trish groaned with pleasure as her sex ground against Monica’s thigh. It wouldn’t take much to get her off like this, but they’d already had one orgasm while dressed today, and that’s not what she wanted now.

Trish broke the kiss and stepped back, yanking her tee-shirt over her head. “Let’s get naked,” she said, her voice husky. Monica grinned and followed her lead. Shirts, pants, and underwear soon lay discarded on the floor. Monica’s gaze fell to Trish’s small breasts, and she cupped them as she moved closer.

“Oh, wow,” she whispered. “They’re so cute, so soft.”

Trish breathed a sharp gasp when Monica lowered her head and took one hardened nipple into her mouth. She sucked for a second, and Trish felt tingles of pleasure shoot straight to her clit. Her stepsister’s tongue explored the areola, swirling in small circles over the pebbled flesh. Monica moved to the other nipple and repeated the action before straightening and kissing Trish.

“They’re wonderful. Now, I want to taste you,” Monica said, guiding her towards the bed.

At Monica’s words, Trish felt the juices flow between her legs. She fell back on the bed with Monica on top of her. Monica kissed her again, nipping at her lip before moving downward. She moved along her jaw, down her neck, and between her boobs, placing open-mouthed kisses as she went.

Trish was on fire. Her hips moved up on their own as Monica moved lower. She gripped Monica’s hair in one hand when her stepsister’s mouth found her clit. “Oh, God, yeah,” she moaned softly. She felt the smile against her pussy, and then the tongue. She bucked as Monica licked up and down her slit, moving quickly and pressing hard against her soaked center. Trish was panting, biting her lip to keep from calling out. She gripped the blanket tight and forced her hips up once again when Monica sucked on her throbbing clit. As the pressure built low in her abdomen, Trish didn’t think she could hold out much longer.

She whimpered at the sudden loss of contact when Monica pulled away. Her momentary disappointment turned to surprise as Monica roughly pushed Trish’s knees to her ears.

“Hold your legs up,” Monica commanded.

Trish obeyed without question, and Monica took her place on the floor once more. Trish felt exposed and excited, lying on her back with her legs drawn up this way. She wondered what Monica had in store for her.

In less than a heartbeat, she had her answer. One finger, then two, pushed into her opening and twisted around inside. Trish grunted with each thrust, then she whimpered again, this time at the sensation of Monica’s tongue on her pucker. Jesus, she felt dirty but also so very fucking aroused.

“Oh, fuck!” She gasped as Monica pushed a goo-covered finger into her ass. Her body began to tremble. Never had anyone stuck anything up her bum. It was a bit uncomfortable at first, but as Monica worked her finger in and her muscles relaxed, it became very pleasurable. Fingering Trish’s tight asshole, Monica tongued her entrance. It took but a second for the sensations from Monica’s finger and tongue to push Trish over the edge. She let her legs fall over Monica’s shoulders as her body stiffened and shook. Wave after wave of pleasure washed over her as Monica continued to move inside her. Then the movements slowed and Trish relaxed, settling onto the bed. Her stepsister gently withdrew and lay beside her.

“God, I’ve missed you,” Trish whispered, turning her head to face Monica. Monica’s eyes sparkled, and Trish could see the desire in them. Monica kissed her softly as she played with Trish’s nipple, tracing circles around it.

“You’ve missed me or missed the sex?” Monica asked playfully.

Trish poked Monica in the ribs. “Both.” She rolled over and lay on top of Monica and Monica spread her legs, their wetness pressing together. God, it felt so good to feel Monica’s body against hers. Trish groaned as Monica’s hands found her ass and pulled them together, lifting her pelvis and grinding into Trish’s sex. She had missed Monica, and not just for the sex, though that was awesome, too.

“Maybe you need to get a girlfriend to play with between visits,” Monica said.

Trish pushed away and slid down Monica’s body. “Maybe I have,” she said and took a nipple into her mouth.

“Oh? Who?” Monica panted.

Trish kissed her way down to Monica’s hips. “Cindy,” she said, “but I don’t want to talk about her right now. There’s something else I’d rather be doing with my mouth.” She grinned up at her stepsister then took Monica’s clit into her mouth.

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