Hidden in the Snow, Chapter 5

  • Posted on August 3, 2020 at 2:21 pm

by Funtoppings

That night, Julie had an exquisitely lucid dream.

She was walking through a thick, snow-covered forest, alone and lost. It was very reminiscent of the wooded pathway which leads to the lodge, only with a subtle Grimm Brothers quality to it. She looked down and saw the pale skin of her bare breasts, with both of her nipples pointing straight into the shadows of the forest. It wasn’t just her breasts that were exposed; she could also see her uncovered belly and legs; even her nether regions were exposed for all to see.

She covered herself with both hands and looked around. Was anybody watching her? Were there any eyes lurking behind the trees, snow and shadows? Of course not, she was alone and knew it. She allowed her hands to drop, leaving her body uncovered. But it felt fine, even nice. There was a thrilling aspect of walking naked outdoors, yet still in complete control. So she continued walking, trotting barefoot over tiny pebbles, twigs and bits of frozen leaf; and while she could feel them stinging the bottoms of her feet, there was no pain, as is often the case with dreams. Long, tall trees provided her with endless shade, which never made the temperature feel cool, but just right.

Where was she? She did not know. She cried Helloooo! and no voice answered. She was very alone, yet felt  fantastically free and exhilarated. Then she smiled as she walked through her private enchanted forest, like a princess in a fairy tale.

Suddenly, she saw a lake in the distance. The sun glistened beautifully above the surface of the water.

Sun, there is the sun! she thought triumphantly.

She ran towards it excited, her breasts joyfully bouncing with each step she took. Once she reached the edge of the lake, she realized that she was not alone anymore. Aunt Krystal, Cousin Bailey and her mother were all there, in the lake.

They were naked as well.

The sisters were hugging and kissing passionately, the shallow water inches above their ankles. Young Bailey danced in circles around them, singing, laughing; her breasts swaying from side to side. It was a beautiful sight, reminding Julie of a painting of nymphs from the Greek mythology she had once seen.

Then, before Julie’s eyes could absorb the entire magnificent picture, the lake swallowed everything up and a new painting was magically drawn.

Bailey and Julie’s mother were sprawled in the shallow water, their bodies facing one another, legs entwined; one crotch vigorously rubbing the other. The water rippled around their moving bodies, splashing over them.

Krystal was watching from a short distance, masturbating. Her fingers, with nails dyed a fiery red, rubbed her clit in swift circular motions. Both her nipples were overwhelmingly stiff, which was very noticeable under the sun’s golden light.

Julie swallowed hard. She watched them with hungry eyes as wonderful sensations claimed her body; the kind that made her knees weaken.

Bailey and her mother locked lips, their legs still tangled together. Krystal, still rubbing her pussy, finally saw that Julie was there. She stared at Julie in a way that no aunt has ever looked at her niece before. It made Julie feel like prey being watched.

“Are you wet down there?” Aunt Krystal asked.


“You know we’re here all alone, don’t you?”


“That means no one can hear us, bother us or know about us.”

“No one.”

Julie’s eyes dropped to the tiny pink knob peeking between her aunt’s fingers; the swollen clit looking more lucid than anything. The smell of sex was now thick in the room. Wait, what room? 

“Wake up, Julie.”

Julie was anxious and ready to be touched. The orgasms of the previous night were long forgotten, her craving for a new sexual endeavor grown tenfold.

“Wake up, sugar.”

Julie opened her eyes, trembling slightly. Krystal was in the room. She was sitting on a chair in front of Julie, completely naked, with one leg resting on the nightstand and the other on the bed; two of her fingers were rubbing against her slit.

“Well, good morning there, sugar. Your mom is in the shower, but I think she’s just about done.”

Julie quickly turned to her right to see that it was true, her mother’s side of the bed was vacant. Steam and a mixture of sweet fragrances escaped from the shower.

“You can go in as soon as she gets out.”

Finally, Julie became aware of this absurd situation; she was nude, and so was her aunt, who was casually masturbating in front of her, fingernails dyed a deep red, like a warning sign. She clutched the blanket tightly against her chest. No matter what had transpired the night before, she still couldn’t hide the shock from her face.

“I hope I’m not coming on too strong,” Krystal said, as her fingers played between her legs. “But after hearing you last night… you know, with your mom and Bai… I thought: why waste time? We are officially snowed in for today, and by God, we can make the best of it.”

Julie sensed wetness in her own nether regions; a memento from her powerful dream.

“I dreamed about you,” she said in a low voice.

Krystal smiled. “And I about you.”

“Things… they’re going to be different from now on, I guess. Aren’t they?”

“Well,” Krystal laughed, her large breasts trembled as she did it, “they certainly won’t be the same. But they don’t have to be too different. See it as… an extra layer of flavor in the family relationship.” She moved her fingers from her pussy to her mouth and smeared the juices on her lips. “And it’s a good flavor, sugar. Real good.”

Julie’s hold on her blanket loosened. Her dreams were still fresh in her head, her heart still pumped fiercely from the pleasures of the night before. She was very wet and very willing to accept her new reality.

Just then Debra stepped out of the adjoined shower-room, a towel wrapped around her body. Julie jumped out of bed, grabbed her mother by the back of her head, pulled her closely and planted a big good-morning kiss on her lips.

“I’ll be out of the shower in ten minutes,” she said and winked.

“Well, hop to it, sweet cheeks,” It was Bailey’s voice. She was standing at the doorway wearing that oversized high school jersey, but nothing more. In her left hand she held a red suitcase. The bag of tricks, Julie thought. “Come on, Jules. We won’t wait for you all fuckin’ day.”

“Hey, language!”

“Sorry, Mom.”

Eight minutes later, Julie stepped out of the shower and peeked into the bedroom. The sight she saw on her mother’s bed was one so depraved that, for a moment, she was sure the nice little cabin in Stowe would self implode; it would crumble to dust and ashes, struck down by a merciless god as a house of sin. And what glorious sin it was.

First, there were two sisters having sex with each other. One of them, a gorgeous blonde, who worked at selling real-estate Mondays till Fridays, was wearing a strap-on and wildly fucking the other sister, a feral dark haired woman who ran a sleepy Long-Island bookstore. And above the bookstore owner’s face was the body of a beautiful and vivacious young angel; that body belonged to her daughter.

Julie watched in awe as the daughter dragged her crotch across her mother’s loving tongue, and though she had crossed the same line with her own mother, it was still a very overwhelming image.

The blonde’s hands reached forward, grabbing her niece’s large breasts, squeezing them between her fingers.

“They’re amazing, aren’t they?” Julie asked her mother.

“They sure are,” Debra answered without ever taking her eyes off the fleshy orbs that she had captured.

Bailey turned her head to Julie, her eyes a little glazed. “Come. Join us,” she said, then shuddered as her mother’s tongue slid into her pussy.

Julie climbed onto the queen sized bed and, for the following hour and a half, she and her closest of kin engaged in the most extravagant acts of lesbian sex.

“Open your legs for me, sugar! Let me taste my sweet little niece,” her aunt growled at one point, while her mother, to the right, was riding a thick purple cock, strapped to her cousin Bailey’s waist.

Julie never really watched porn. She stumbled upon it a few times — it was hard not to on the internet – and there was that one time when Audra showed her a video on her laptop of a big breasted blonde girl doing the mailman, and that’s only because the blonde girl looked so much like Diana Bradley, another student who  they both hated. But she was certain that no porn film could ever depict the debauchery, passion, thrills and sexual ecstasy that she shared with the women in her family on that day.

“Oh my God, you’re… ohhhh…” Julie was stretched out on her back, Aunt Krystal’s head buried between her thighs. She finally understood what Bailey meant; the way she spoke of sex with her mother as this unimaginable pleasure ride. Krystal was working her tongue in a skilled, magical way. It was better than she’d had it with Bailey, even better than her mother. When her first orgasm came, it was so powerful she could feel it build in the core of her body and then explode like a supernova, radiating through every limb.

They were constantly swapping partners: mothers with daughters, sister with sister, cousin with cousin, aunts and nieces. Every mouth tasted every lip, every breast was caressed by every hand. By the time they finished they could tell each other apart purely by taste.

“Can someone please do me with that strap-on? I can take it!” Julie said, determination settled on her face.

“Why, of course you can, and you will,” Krystal giggled. “Who said otherwise?”

“Oh, Mom did…” Julie said in a mock pout.


Debra was on the floor with Bailey, where they had spread a thick blanket on the hard wood. They were giving each other the same scissoring action that Julie remembered from her dream.

“All I said was… ah…” Debra’s words were cut off, as young Bailey frantically thrust against her crotch with every ounce of her youthful vigor. “I said she was too… oofff. Oh, yeah…”

“You see?” Krystal said, laughing. “She’s cool with it.”

It was the leather harness strap-on with the blushing pink dildo, the one Julie had seen Aunt Krystal use on her daughter their first night on the lodge… the one she had used on her own mother. Once the toy was fixed on her aunt, Julie felt that hollow void throbbing between her legs once more, aching to be filled.

“On your hands and knees, like a puppy,” Krystal ordered, and lightly tapped Julie on her buttocks.

Julie complied without a trace of hesitation. Like a puppy, she thought, presenting her flawless ass to her aunt in the most inviting manner. If any of her former boyfriends tried speaking that way to her, she would either laugh derisively or kick him in the sack. But when her aunt asked her to do it, she couldn’t ignore the excitement rushing through her spine; it was a genuine thrill.

Krystal grabbed the head of the cock and rubbed it lightly across Julie’s slit. She teased the engorged clit, watching her niece jerk and pant with restless anticipation.

Then, holding Julie tightly by her waist, she thrust forward — and Julie moaned so loudly she could hear the birds flitting from the roof of the cabin. Krystal quickly withdrew, and before Julie had a chance to catch her breath, pressed forward again.

Debra and Bailey rose to their feet, their eyes fixed upon the lovers on the bed. They slowly paced around the two, mesmerized by what was happening before them, as if someone put life into a fantasy they once had.

Krystal, her dark hair matted with sweat, rocked her pelvis back and forth, driving the dildo in and out of Julie. The sound of her hips slapping against her niece’s buttocks was overpowered only by the unrestrained cries of pleasure that escaped from Julie. And those cries — those husky, guttural, cries, so strange to hear coming from this young angel — only served as fuel for Krystal’s lust.

“Take it, babe! Take it like a big girl!”

Julie clawed at the bedspread, her head ablaze with white heat. She was unable to register so much pleasure, unable to keep up with her aunt’s maddening pace. The cock plunged into her again and again, gaining speed until it was moving as fast as her racing heart. Every time it entered, it massaged every nerve, every tissue, every muscle in her body. And every time it withdrew, her very being cried for it to return. Julie cried for it.

“Are you enjoying it, love?” Her mother’s voice, heard from somewhere in space. Then Mom’s lips were nuzzling her cheek.

“God, her cunt is so juicy!” That was Bailey’s voice, also issuing from somewhere. At that moment, nothing was tangible for Julie, nothing. Well, except for her imminent orgasm — that was very real.

More kisses fell on her lips, others on her neck and shoulders. From behind came another hard thrust, and another, and another. Fingers pulled on her left nipple, twirling it, massaging its stiffness. A mouth enveloped around her right nipple, sucking it. Hands and lips and shadows of her three lovers, all of them, surrounded her until they became one. It was like some mythical being, its six hands caressing her every inch, its three mouths nourishing on every opening in her body. Eventually, the warm hand of pleasure took Julie into its tight grip, and she was swept away by the powerful waves of climax.

Krystal fell over backwards, landing on her ass. The shaft attached to her crotch, streaked with fluids, had been propelled out of Julie in the throes of her orgasm.

Finally, all three of them hearkened to the sight of the young woman, who was trembling helplessly on the bed as an unremitting stream of orgasms attacked her, one after the other. Julie pressed a hand to her chest, feeling her heart pump vigorously under her palm; she was sure it would never return to its normal pace. Her other hand fell between her legs, pressing against her crotch, rubbing her still-throbbing clit. Hot juices seeped between her fingers and ran along the curves of her thighs, finally reaching the bed sheet, where a dark pool had formed.

“Julie,” Debra said; her voice a whisper. “Honey, are you okay?”

With her eyes closed, Julie slowly raised her hand and Debra grasped it with her own.

“I’m fine, Mommy,” she giggled and kissed her mother’s fingers.”Never been better.”


As the day wore on, the snow fell even harder. Stowe had become a ghost town; its streets, save from a few brave troopers, were utterly deserted. It wasn’t anyone’s idea of a holiday, especially for those far-traveled vacationers who were missing an entire day of schussing down the slopes. But they all found different ways to cope with their compulsory confinement.

In one lodge, a mile away from our Quartet, a family of six were sitting by a fireplace and playing Scrabble. Another lodge, a bigger one that was made for large parties, hosted a group of thirty-three people, all over the age of sixty. There was karaoke, bingo and liquor, lots of liquor. There was even a marriage proposal in a tiny cabin at the foot of Mount Mansfield.

Every house on Stowe kept itself busy in a variety of ways; ways that you could write about in one of those fluff newspaper articles under headlines such as: “What Were You Doing During the Big Storm?”

But there was one house you couldn’t write about, a house and a family whose story would be considered too obscene for any newspaper. It was the story of a young woman who, in the span of one day, had completely changed her outlook on life. It was a day where the final bits of useless morality quickly disappeared like the greenery under the snow. A day where four women, all with the same blood rushing through their veins, had succumbed to the powerful will of the carnal beast that resided within them.

Even after Julie had her unforgettable orgasm, all four women still had sex on their minds. And so, the orgy never stopped. They went at it for hours; once in a while stopping to eat, drink and refuel, then commencing with their pleasures, fired by a renewed lust.

By midday, when the sun was barely peeking behind silver clouds, the four women had curled up next to the living room’s fireplace, a giant warm blanket covering their bare bodies. For a long stretch of time, the small fire was the only one making conversation in the room, while Julie and her family lounged in utter stillness and watched the white tongues of flames rise high inside the dark chamber.

Bailey was first to break the silence. “I’ve never had so much sex in one day.”

“You and me both, kiddo,” Krystal added.

“I never had so much sex in a lifetime,” Julie said, which made all of them giggle.

Debra squirmed a little under the blanket.”I feel a little embarrassed, even saying this,” she said in a low voice. “But…”

“You’re in the mood for more?” Krystal interjected.

Debra flushed. “What? Wait… how did you…”

“Oh, come on, Debra.” Krystal lightly squeezed her sister’s bare knee. “I know you better than anyone. I can feel it on your skin; you’re still hungry for more… and as a matter of fact, me too.”

“Jesus, I’m halfway passed out over here, and you two are ready for round twelve,” Julie said, astonished. “And I’m the younger one! If anything, I should be twice as vigorous.”

“I’m more worn out than all of you, and I’m the youngest!” Bailey said. Then she added, “Hey, maybe this age thing works in reverse when it comes to fucking.”

Krystal rose to her feet. “It doesn’t work in reverse,” she said, standing naked in front of the mantle, while the other women followed her with their eyes. “Having hours of really, really amazing sex takes its toll on you, that’s true for all of us. The only big difference is that you, Jules, and even you, Bai, were experiencing a quick shift from sexual innocence to a sexual crescendo. It’s quite big, quite overpowering; even for me.”

Julie nodded. She listened to what her aunt had said, but mostly she was just staring at her. It felt strange to experience such a quick surge of sexual awakening, but there it was: Julie, simply by looking at Krystal’s nude, pleasure-giving body, was once again hankering for more. She placed a hand between her legs, squeezing it tightly against the growing heat, and when her eyes locked with Krystal’s, her body involuntarily shook.

“I feel like your appetite has returned, sugar,” Krystal told Julie, and gave a soft, red-lipped smile that was fraught with hidden intentions.

Julie threw the heavy blanket behind her and stood. All eyes in the room were on her as she slowly walked towards the unclad Krystal.

“You know, you were so good to me earlier,” Julie breathed in Krystal’s ear, whilst her hand quietly slipped between her aunt’s legs, “that I thought maybe I should reciprocate.”

Krystal bit her bottom lip as she felt her young niece’s fingers twirling inside of her. It only took a few seconds before the dark-haired woman reached climax, coating the loving fingers inside of her with warm female fluids. When Julie tried to pull out, Krystal grabbed her by the wrist, and guided her wet fingers an inch further between her legs, towards that tight hole between her buttocks.

“Put your finger in my ass,” Krystal whispered in her ear.

Debra was enthralled as she watched her daughter and sister. The amazing sight presented before her was driving her wild. The way those two beautiful naked bodies were so gracefully complemented by the golden light coming from the fireplace… it was a picture that her eyes wanted to swallow whole.

Bailey, too, had risen her feet. She knew her mother was going to ask her to go upstairs any second now, to fetch something very important… something to get the party started all over again.

Julie inserted her finger inside Krystal’s nether opening, which she found to be much tighter inside than her aunt’s cunt had been.

“Oh, yes…” Krystal’s body shivered in what felt like a million hot needles teasing her skin, as that finger worked itself deeper into her rectum. Her carnal beast was now fully awakened and it was ready to feast. She grabbed Julie by the back of her head and planted a passionate open mouth kiss on her lips.

Debra took a deep, powerful breath, and her lungs filled with the room’s air, sounds and odors. All her life she had dreamt of unfathomable pleasures, ones that even her own mind couldn’t conjure up. Yet on that day, at that moment, nothing was unimaginable, no fantasy was beyond reach; all she had to do was reach out and seize it. Almost without noticing, she had cupped her left breast with her hand, squeezing it until her nipple ached and her pussy dripped.

“Bailey,” Krystal called for her daughter mid-kiss. “I need you to go upstairs, honey, and bring me–”

“The lube. The King. I know,” Bailey said with a smile as she exited.

She knows me so well, Krystal thought, as she watched her daughter’s adorable bare ass ascend to the second landing and disappear into the hallways.

Julie, her finger still wedged tightly inside her aunt’s asshole, cocked an eyebrow at Krystal. “The lube? The king?”

Krystal touched Julie’s cheek and smiled, looking straight into those ocean-blue eyes with an expression that read: Soon you will know. 


For a moment, Julie allowed herself to look outside the window, where the outer world was waiting. The snow had finally ceased and, according to the TV news, the roads would be cleared for travel come morning. Tomorrow, Julie realized, she would drive home, back to her school, back to her friends, back to her life. But it wouldn’t be her old life, not anymore. As Krystal herself had put it best: it’s life with an added flavor. The good kind. And Julie knew there was so much to look forward to, so much ahead.

And when she did look ahead, she saw her mother, Debra, lying on top of the coffee-table with legs spread wide apart; and between those legs was Cousin Bailey, with yet another store-bought strap-on fixed to her waist. Debra was running her fingers through Bailey’s long hazel-colored hair, while the two were exchanging a long and uninterrupted kiss. All the while, Bailey’s pelvis rocked up and down as the gleaming metal cock she wore thrust deeper and faster inside the older woman, whose entire body seemed to glow with pleasure.

Next to them was Krystal. She stood with her back turned to Julie, her body slightly bent forward as she crouched over the sofa’s armrest. She was waiting for Julie, waiting for her and for the massive black dildo that they’d strapped to her waist — The Black King.

At first, Julie was a bit taken aback when Krystal announced what she wanted. Anal? Sure, Krystal seemed to enjoy having my finger in there, but this… this monstrosity they strapped around my waist, it’s something completely different. 

One thing she’d learned about the woman in her family over the course of this vacation, is that they are highly sexual and adventurous individuals, which is the same truth she’d learned about herself.

Anal? she thought again. This time there was a tiny smile forming on her lips, as her small hands wrapped around the thick phallus that jutted from the thong-like harness she wore. Sure, Aunt Krystal. I’ll do this one for you. And for me. 

Julie started by rubbing the toy’s head across her aunt’s opening, wanting to get an idea of how tight the fit would be. However, she was quite surprised when the bulbous head slipped inside Krystal’s rectum almost instantly, and with ease.

“Um, is this okay?” Julie said, startled.

“It’s okay, sugar.” Krystal said calmly. “The toy’s all lubed up, I’m all lubed up. Just go for it.” She paused and then added: “Start off easy, but then… then you can go hard. Don’t be afraid to go hard, sweetie.”

Julie looked down at the cock-shaped toy that was slowly disappearing inside of Krystal’s anus, and she realized — now more than ever — that we live in a world of infinite pleasures; some you could relate to, some you couldn’t.

This is Krystal’s pleasure. 

Grasping Krystal by her pelvis, Julie pushed the dildo further and deeper inside. The older woman moaned as her knees slowly buckled, yet she kept herself steady by holding on to the sofa’s armrest.

In the background, the youngest and oldest of the four lovers were tearing the room apart with their unruly passion. Cries of ecstasy issued from Debra’s throat to fill the room. Julie’s face was a mixture of jealousy and astonishment as she watched her eighteen-year-old cousin forcefully fucking her mother.

Debra’s breasts heaved up and down, her body flushed with different shades of red. “D-don’t ever stop,” she barely managed to gasp, while Bailey drove the cock inside her with yet another relentless thrust.

Don’t be afraid to go hard, sweetie. 

That was the point where Julie’s initial concern gave way to lust. She began to quicken her pace, and with each stroke the black dildo moved more smoothly. When she thrust forward, she was greeted with a hard moan, and when she pushed backward, a soft sigh.

“You seem to, uh, enjoy this,” Julie said, breathing hard. Her words were accompanied by a harder thrust, which was then followed by a loud moan.

Krystal, clawing at the sofa’s fabric with one hand, feverishly rubbing her clit with the other, tried to speak, but couldn’t muster the strength to do so.

“It’s okay, you don’t, have to, say anything,” Julie panted, exertion causing her to speak in quick snatches. Her words were accompanied by the harsh sound of her pelvis smacking against her aunt’s buttocks. “I can, see you’re, you’re lovin’ it!”

And as her mother reached her tumultuous climax just a few feet away, Julie reached her own type of orgasm; the type of orgasm you achieve when you’re in complete control of a body other than your own. And it was very obvious to Julie that Krystal’s body was under her control. She remembered the first time she saw Bailey and Krystal fuck; how lewd it had seemed to her at the time, how raw and animalistic the sex had been. Now she relished in the lewdness of the act; it was an experience both liberating and electrifying. Even her nipples were so stiff they ached, and her pussy was dripping down her inner thights from the pure excitement she felt.

The Black King was now plunging in and out of Krystal’s ass hard and fast. The older woman was moaning in a deep, harsh voice that seemed to issue from the very core of her. Finally, her knees gave out and she collapsed on the floor. Julie, with the dildo still lodged inside her aunt, fell along with her.

Debra and Bailey, still lying in each other’s arms, breathing heavily and bathed in sweat, watched Krystal and Julie recover from their own ecstasy. For most of this vacation, Krystal felt like the conductor of what had become a four-piece sexual orchestra, yet at that moment everyone in the room knew that Julie was in charge. While on the floor, she continued to rock her hips and work the Black King in and out of Krystal’s slippery rectum, driving the bookshop owner to the thin edges of paradise and beyond.

Bailey easily recognized the dazed, yet blissful expression on her mother’s face — the gaping mouth, the flared nostrils, the sleepy eyes, like the color of skies before the rainbow.

Eventually Krystal’s orgasm came like a force of nature. She shuddered and spasmed all over the black rod that still probed her so deliciously on the inside.

The others all gathered around Krystal; even Julie, who finally freed her aunt from the pleasures of the King, withdrawing with a slurping sound. They watched the woman, whose hunger for sex had driven the entire family down a one-way road of lust, slowly fade away in the throes of orgasm. They all laid down on the thick carpet to nestle against her sweating body, the four lovers coming together in one giant pile of damp flesh and weary limbs.

When the first few stars appeared in the night sky, they were still bunched together on the floor.


When the morning came, the party of four left the lodge in haste. Nobody really wanted to say goodbye, especially after the experiences of the day before, but there was city traffic and airport scheduling to take into consideration.

Once again, Julie spent the car ride looking at fellow vacationers in passing cars as they headed back home as well. What stories do they have to tell? she wondered. What experiences and memories were born on their trips? 

A little smile played on her face because she knew no one, not a single person in any of those cars, would be able to top her story. Not a single one of them could fathom the experiences she had and the memories that she was left to cherish.

As she looked ahead, she saw Krystal’s reflection in the driver’s rear view mirror, as her aunt took her eyes off the road for a second, just in time to give her a smile and a wink. Her mother, sitting in the passenger’s seat, smiled at her as well and blew a small kiss in Julie’s direction.

Bailey was dozing peacefully next to Julie. As she slept, her fingers were interlocked with those of her cousin… and that was the memory that resonated with Julie the most. She came to the trip loving her family, but left it in love with them.

She was returning home a new person, knowing that whatever she experienced, whatever she felt, it was not the end, but merely the beginning of her adventure.

Outside the window, she saw the white-silvery snow melting from the tree crowns, and everything around her turned to green.

The End


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  1. Quinlan says:

    Awww, it’s over. A great story overall. Erotic and passionate. I’m always saying this about my favorites stories, but it bears repeating, a sequel would be very welcome, Funtoppings.

  2. kim says:

    well done, Funtoppings. Though we aren’t much in to toys, it was so well done that we found it a turn on to read about it in the context of the story.

    From Julie’s dream at the start to her thoughts of future family fun at the end. As it reads toward the end,

    She came to the trip loving her family, but left it in love with them.

    We recall Julie’s misgivings about lesbian incest at the beginning if the story and love how it’s so changed by the end of your story. Sorry to see it all end, but a perfect ending.

    Kim & Sue

  3. Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglaia says:

    OMG! what a great ending chapter, to an even greater story!!!

    I agree with Kim & Sue about the toy thing, but it worked so well in this chapter.
    Loved the opening scenario, Greek mythology references to Julie’s dream, were so “dreamy” for lack of a better word…
    And the sex!, WOW!….I just had to come before the time the ‘King” was called for! Such awesome descriptions of uninhibited lesbian passion, as this one of many delectable passages reveals:

    “They were constantly swapping partners: mothers and daughters, sister with sister, cousin with cousin, aunts and nieces.
    Every mouth tasted every lip, every breast was caressed by every hand. by the time they finished they could tell each other apart purely by taste.”

    Mmm, so delicious!

    A most fitting ending, Funtoppings.thank you for a wonderful tale of lust..and love.

    looking forward for your next adventure…


  4. David says:

    Very erotic ending to a very erotic story Funtoppings. Sorry to see it end but look forward to more of you submissions!

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