Sweet Poppy, Chapter 14

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by Joe Dornish

Emma Cornish and I got out of the pool and walked hand in hand over to the jacuzzi, leaving her daughter Beth and Kiki snogging in the shallow end. Mum saw us and blew us a kiss, we laughed and blew them right back to her. With a saucy wink, she returned to kissing Mia.

The floodgates had opened, and in the short time it took us to walk around the pool everyone seemed to be kissing and making out. Climbing into the jacuzzi, I switched the bubbles on and we seated ourselves side by side. I nestled into her, and Emma wrapped an arm around me.

Much as I loved lesbian sex, it was even more exciting when I got a chance to be with someone for the first time. And it felt deliciously wicked to get hot and heavy with a woman who was close to Mum’s age, maybe because it was something we weren’t at all supposed to be doing. That might have been why thinking about my girlfriend Mia making love to Mum turned me on something fierce.

Emma gave a happy sigh. “You’re a very affectionate bunch.”

“Well, we like to, you know, have fun,” I said. She was about to speak when I quickly added, “With girls, though… only girls!”

Emma laughed. “It’s okay, little one, I knew what you meant. We’re gay too, my daughter and I.”

By then, I was practically quivering with the need to do more than just talk. “Um, can I kiss you?” I asked. “Please?”

She cupped my face in her soft, warm hands. “You are so beautiful, and you ask so sweetly… how could I say no?”

Taking that as a yes, I closed my eyes and moved in. Our lips met and I felt that familiar tingle in my pussy as our tongues engaged in a hot, sexy dance. We were sitting at a slightly awkward angle, though, so I broke off the kiss.

“Are you okay?” she asked me.

“Yeah, just a bit uncomfortable, I need to…”

Her eyes widened in alarm. “Oh, darling, I’m sorry… am I taking things too fast? We can just chat if you like, that’s fine…”

I kissed Emma to stop her from panicking, then said, “No, no, everything’s great. I meant that the way I’m sitting is uncomfortable.” Giving her a big smile, I added, “I’ve got an idea.”

I got up and straddled her lap, so close that our bodies were touching. In fact, my pussy was pressed against Emma’s tummy. Wrapping both arms around her neck, I asked her, “Is this okay?”

She rolled her eyes. “‘Is this okay,’ she says! Yes, honey, it’s very much okay.”

We kissed and made out in the jacuzzi for a while, letting our hands wander over each other’s bodies. I was playing with her wonderful big boobs while she was feeling my bottom. Then she slipped a hand down my tummy until it was between my legs, her fingers exploring me.

“That feels good,” I told her.

“My goodness, you’ve got a sexy little body.”

I giggled. “Thanks!”

“Poppy, this might sound like a silly question… but you have had sex with a woman before, right?”

I nodded. “Uh-huh. Girls too. How about you?”

“Ha! Good answer. For me, it’s yes to both.”

“Do you have sex with Beth?”

“Yes. My daughter and I have been lovers since she was eight.”

“Cool! I have sex with Mummy, and my sister Lilly, too.”

“Really? That sounds very hot. How old is Lilly?”

“She’s seven.”

“Oh, my! I’d love to see you two together.”

“We can do that.”

“It’s wonderful, how keen you are. Er, perhaps I should ask your mum first, though, before we do any more.”

I burst out laughing. Emma gave me a puzzled look. “What?”

“I don’t think you need to worry about getting permission. Look behind you.”

While we had been talking and kissing, all the others had been breaking off into pairs or groups to fuck. I got off her lap so Emma could see for herself.

When she turned around, her face was a picture. Mind you, I couldn’t blame her. It was a fantastic sight, one of those things that get permanently burned in your memory.

“Oh, my,” she said. Her daughter Beth was on the edge of the pool, her legs dangling in the water. Kiki had her mouth glued to the girl’s slit – and by the look on Beth’s face, she was having a wonderful time of it.

Emma was kneeling on the bench type thing in the jacuzzi, her bum just above the bubbling water. Slipping a hand between her legs, I began to rub her pussy, thrilled to feel her legs open slightly in response. “God, I love seeing my daughter with another woman,” she said.

“Beth’s in good hands. Kiki is a very generous lover,” I told her, remembering how Mum had said the same thing about Nicole.

“I see that she is.” She glanced around, taking in everything. “Goodness me… take a look at what the little ones are up to over there!”

I fucking love my little sister. A couple of weeks ago, Lilly was an irritating kid; now she was a sexy little girl who enjoyed lesbian lovemaking every bit as much as Mum and me. Did she change, somehow? I wondered. Or did I?

Anyhow, Lilly and Evie had climbed out of the pool and moved to the patio. Evie was stretched out on one of the loungers, while Lilly was kneeling above her friend’s face getting licked. The look on my sister’s face was so blissful that it made me warm all over, and Evie was clearly having a wonderful time. Having tasted Lilly’s pussy myself, I knew exactly how she felt.

Mum and Mia had also emerged from the pool. They were standing near the edge, water dripping from their bare bodies as they shared a passionate kiss. Mia’s head was tilted back, and she was sucking my mother’s tongue. I watched Mum fondle Mia’s bum, then touch her bottom hole. When they finally drew apart, a blushing Mia whispered something, then she and Mum headed toward the house. Mia could be a little shy, so I figured Mum had picked up on that and was taking her up to one of the bedrooms for some privacy.

When they passed by us, Mia and I waved at each other, and when I gave her the thumbs up she giggled and did the same. Seeing us, Mum gave a thumbs up to Emma, who returned it with a snicker. I gave a wistful sigh as Mum disappeared with my girlfriend. It would’ve been so awesome to watch them make love. Oh, well… some other time.

Nicole, Lottie and Henri were still in the pool, closely grouped together and caught up in some serious making out. I couldn’t see what was going on beneath the water, but the way the girls were moving and the looks on their faces told me plenty.

In the meantime, I was relaxing in a jacuzzi with a sexy older woman who was very willing to let me make love to her. I slipped two fingers into Emma’s cunt, and she clutched the side of the tub for support, biting her lip.

I was happy to be right where I was – probing Emma’s vagina, drinking in the view of cute girls fucking.

“Have you, um, slept with everyone here?” she asked me.

“No… I’ve not had sex with Nicole, Evie or Lottie yet.”

“You surprise me. A little firework like you… I figured you’d have shagged the lot by now.”

“Well, the thing is, our families have only been, um…” I momentarily lost my train of thought, distracted by Emma’s pussy. She was so hot and juicy!


I was trying to decide if it was okay for me to say ‘fucking’. “Yeah, intimate… just since yesterday. I totally want to do sex with all of them, though.”

Emma smiled. “I’ve no doubt.”

We watched Kiki get out of the pool and seat herself next to Beth. They were having a quiet conversation, holding hands.

I turned to Emma. “Shall we get out now? Maybe cuddle up on one of the loungers?”

“You read my mind,” she said, then kissed me.

As we climbed from the jacuzzi, Kiki and Beth padded over to us, still hand in hand.

“Having fun, you two?” Kiki asked.

“Indeed we are,” said Emma. “Looks like you girls are enjoying yourselves as well.”

Kiki laughed. “Oh, I intend to enjoy your delightful daughter a whole lot more than this. We’re going into my room now, where I can have Beth all to myself. Just so you know, I intend to ravish her completely.” She was giddy, brimming with excitement.

Beth said, “Mummy, I really like it here! Everyone is lovely, ‘specially Kiki.”

“I know!” Emma exclaimed, giving her daughter a brief hug. “They’re all wonderful. Have fun with Kiki,  sweetheart. I’ll be with Poppy if you need me, okay?”


We said goodbye, then watched them walk off together, Beth had a cute butt that I couldn’t wait to bury my face in. I could see why Kiki wanted her so much.

“Shall we?” said Emma, pointing towards a nearby lounger.

The loungers at Kiki’s are huge, great wooden things with thick padding and enough room for us to nestle together. We laid down on our sides, then spent a while chatting and swapping kisses. I’d occasionally nibble on her breasts, and she let her hands wander over me, paying extra attention to my bum.

Emma wanted to know about the first time I ever had lesbian sex, so I told her all about the hot weekend I had with Mum, Kiki and Henri, then about how I got my sister Lilly into bed with me a few days later. She was surprised to learn that I was still sort of new to this.

Emma told me that she and her daughter had been fucking properly for several years. She’d always known herself to be gay, and came up with the idea of raising a daughter to be her lover when she was at university. I asked how she made that happen, and Emma told me the whole story.

First, she got a male friend to make her pregnant. Luckily, the first try had resulted in a girl. Then, while little Beth was growing up, Emma practised a nudist lifestyle while behind closed doors. She’d also made certain that their relationship was very physical, giving her daughter kisses and cuddles whenever she wanted, gradually becoming more and more sexual about it as time passed. Emma had taught Beth to kiss with their tongues when she was five, then touched her child between the legs for the first time at the age of seven, finally making love to her for real on Beth’s eighth birthday.

“I know I haven’t been doing this very long, but it sure seems like there are lots of mums and daughters who have sex together!” I told her.

“Ha! I wish it were true, pumpkin… wouldn’t that be fun! No, I’m afraid very few indulge as we do. I will say that those of us who make love to our little girls are… how can I put it? More in tune to other women who are like us. When I met Nicole, it wasn’t long before I suspected that she was intimate with her daughters. I think it was… oh, my.”

Emma paused in mid-thought because I’d just begun to play with her clit. Since we’d moved to the lounger, I’d only been playing with that lovely pubic hair and lightly touching her pussy. She opened her legs for me, and I ran my fingers along her pussy opening and over her clit a few more times.

“Oh shit, Poppy… mmmm, yes, keep touching me there, that’s my clitoris.”

“I know where it is,” I flicked it gently a few times to show her I meant business. “I just like to tease.”

“Ooh, you little devil.”

My middle finger slipped easily inside her dripping wet cunt. I felt around for her G-spot, like Mum had taught me, and with my palm turned upwards I moved my finger up and toward me and touched her there. Emma immediately tensed up – yeah, that was the spot. Now that I knew where it was, I withdrew my finger and began to rub her clit again.

Emma moaned. “God help me, I’m being tortured.”

“Okay, no more of that. I’ll make you come now. Well, pretty soon.”

She patted my arm. “Good girl.”

Deciding that I wanted to get her off with my mouth, I kissed my way down Emma’s tummy, quickly shifting about so that I was lying on my tummy between her legs. I couldn’t resist teasing my new lover just a little bit more, pausing to lick the insides of her thighs.

Emma’s plump lips were spread open, revealing the flushed pinkness of her vagina. With a deep breath, I took in the musky aroma and sighed. Then I ran my tongue up her pussy until it touched her clit, which I licked very lightly with the tip of my tongue.

“Jesus God help me, that feels so bloody good!”

She clutched my head with shaking hands as I continued to slowly lick and tease her clit. Slipping first one then two fingers inside, I started fucking her, slowly at first.

As I began to pick up speed, I took Emma’s clitoris between my lips to suck. When I did that, she let go completely, moaning and groaning so loudly that I found myself wondering if the others could hear her. By then we were the only ones left in the pool area.

My hand and tongue moved in time, getting faster and faster until Emma’s pussy was making loud squishy sounds. She was raving now, blurting out stuff like ‘Yes, more, harder!’ and ‘Fuck me, little girl, eat my cunt!’ which I loved. Dirty talk, Mum called it, I was enjoying that kind of thing more and more all the time, making me wonder if I should start saying rude things when I came. I’ll have to ask Mum about that, I decided. Maybe I should start keeping a notebook, so I can write down cool dirty stuff to say when I get fucked.

“Oh shit… oh, Poppy, I’m gonna come… d-don’t stop, please don’t!”

I had no intention of stopping, quite the opposite. Well, I did stop fucking her with my fingers, but only because I went for her G-spot instead. I rubbed it with my finger in a sort of ‘come here’ motion that worked well on Mum when I used it on her. It did the trick for Emma, too – she went off like it was Guy Fawkes Day. Her arms and legs were flailing about as she arched her back and bucked around, but I didn’t slow down. I kept her coming with my mouth and hand as long as I could. She was panting and sweating and shouting ‘Fuck!’ over and over. It was more exciting than I can say, making this sexy woman come so hard.

I slowed down my thrusts as Emma’s climax subsided. When I withdrew from her she whimpered like a puppy, barely able to move. I licked her strong but savoury juice from my fingers, then crawled up the lounger to cuddle with my newest lover.

We laid together in silence for a while, just sharing a nice close moment while we rested. My head was resting on her ample chest and I couldn’t resist playing with her boobs.

Once she’d recovered her breath, Emma murmured, “You like my tits?”

“Yeah, almost as much as you like my bum.”

“You noticed that, did you?”

“Yeah. It’s nice, though. I like having my bum played with.”

“I’ve got to admit, nothing in this world excites me like the bare bottom of a little girl… and yours, my love, is absolutely flawless.” Emma was stroking my bum cheek, then I felt her fingers gliding through the crack to touch my anus. She ran her finger lightly around the taut rosebud. “Poppy, my sweet… when you say you like having your bum played with, do you mean here?”

“Erm, not really. I meant like stroking my bum cheeks and stuff. But one time, I did have a finger inside my bottom.”

“Oh, was that at the doctor’s?”

I laughed. “No, I meant while having sex, silly. It happened when Mum, Kiki, Henri and I all fucked at the same time when the lights were out. It was pitch dark and you couldn’t see who was doing what. It was totally awesome. Anyway, someone was licking my pussy, then they put a finger into my bum. I was a bit surprised, but it did feel nice. I know Mum likes it when Lilly and I do it to her.”

“Hmmm, it sounds like you had a smashing time. So, er… would you like me to do that to you? Touch you inside your bum, I mean?”

I thought about it for a few seconds and said, “Um, maybe we can try it, and if I don’t like it we can stop?”

She reached out to cup my face. “Poppy, sweetie… you know we can always stop whenever you want, right?”

“You sound like my mum. Yeah, I know we can stop, Mum taught me all about it, it’s called consent.”

“What a clever girl… and good on your mummy, too. She’s quite right about that.”

“Ha-ha… okay, then, I give you consent to play with my bum.” That made me giggle. ”I’ve never said that to anyone before!”

Emma put her finger in her mouth and moistened it, then reached for my arse, placing the tip against my rosebud. I was expecting her to push it in but she just sort of massaged me there instead. It felt funny, but nice. She sucked on her finger again, then slowly slipped the tip in my bumhole. It entered easily, and I let out a little, “Ooooh.”

“How does that feel?”

“Um, good. You can put it in further if you like.”

She entered me up to the middle knuckle and wiggled it about.

“Oh, that’s… oh yeah, that feels lovely.

Just then the door opened, and Henri came over to us – still naked, of course. Emma nearly pulled away, as if she’d been caught doing something she shouldn’t have.

“No, no! Don’t take your finger out!” I exclaimed. She froze in mid-motion, but didn’t have time to reply as Henri joined us.

“Hey, Henri,” I said.

“Hi, guys. Having fun?” she asked us.

“Lots,” said Emma. “Poppy just gave me one hell of an orgasm.”

“She has a gift for sex, this girl,” said Henri, bending to kiss my cheek.

I blushed and, not knowing what else to say, blurted out what was on my mind right then. “Emma and I were just seeing if I like having my bum played with. Look, she’s got her finger in there!”

Emma blushed a bit as Henri looked at my bum and said, “Okay, that’s really fucking hot. You’ve got to let me do that to you sometime, Poppy. Before you leave this house, if I have anything to say about it.”

“Sounds great!” I said, beaming.

“Anyway, the reason I’m here is that I need to steal you two away.”

“Oh, but I haven’t returned the favour!” Emma protested. “Poor Poppy hasn’t come yet.”

“Oh, it’s okay,” I told her. “I’ll come plenty of times before this party ends! Anyhow, Mum taught me you don’t have to give to receive.”

That made Emma smile. “Your mother has taught you well, young lady. Still, I owe you one great big orgasm, and you can cash that in anytime.”

“Ha-ha! Oh, I totally will.”

“Where did you want to steal us to, Henri?”

“I’ll keep Poppy’s destination a secret for the moment… but as for you, there are two little girls tucked up in the spare room who would very much like to, and I quote, ‘get special kisses from the new lady’.”

“Well, let’s not make them wait,” Emma replied. “From what I know of little girls, they tend to get impatient.”

We went from the pool into the main room, following Henri to the hallway that led to the bedrooms. The door of the first one was open to reveal Lilly and Evie, both lying on the bed. They had their legs spread wide and were casually masturbating one another. It was cute, yet intensely erotic at the same time.

The girls blushed when they saw us standing there, gawping at them. Emma tentatively took a step inside the room. They both giggled, then a bashful Evie nudged Lilly, who spoke. “Um, would you like to have special kisses and stuff with us…?”

Evie nudged Lilly again, more firmly this time. My sister frowned, then remembered something, “Oh, yeah, um, it’s okay if you don’t want to.”

I’m sure the girls would’ve been devastated if Emma had turned them down, but that wasn’t about to happen. “I’d be delighted to join you,” she murmured, sitting on the edge of the bed. “Now, why don’t you gorgeous creatures show me what this ‘special kissing’ is all about.”

“Okay!” Lilly exclaimed. She quickly clambered into Emma’s lap, while little Evie knelt behind the older woman. “Here’s what it’s like,” my sister said, then she gave Emma a luscious kiss that immediately grew hot and eager.

“And this!” Evie added. She began to nuzzle Emma’s neck and shoulders, reaching around to fondle the woman’s full, luscious breasts.

I was enthralled, but Henri took my hand and said, “Come on, let’s leave them to it. Someone else is waiting for you in the master bedroom.” She pointed at the door, kissed me, then wandered off in the other direction, probably seeking out her own mum and Beth for more fun and games.

I made my way down to the big bedroom, then opened the door, Nicole was lying on the bed, snuggling with her daughter Lottie. Both of them were still nude, of course.

“Care to join us?” Lottie asked.

“Yes, yes and yes again!” I said, already making my way over to the bed.


Maybe it was all about loving lesbian sex so much… perhaps it was because the idea of incest between women and girls got me so incredibly hot. Then again, maybe it had something to do with how dangerous it was, someone my age having sex with grown women and underage girls. Whatever it is, I have to say that fucking a mother and her daughter at the same time is one amazing experience. Especially the first time, when I did it with Nicole and Lottie.

As soon as I climbed onto the bed, they practically fell on me! I had hands and mouths kissing, licking and touching what felt like every part of me, while simply I knelt there and enjoyed it. Lottie’s mouth was on my nipples, her fingers toying with my pussy. As for Nicole, she was behind me, kissing my neck and shoulders and caressing my bum.

It was lovely, but before very long I wanted to play, too. So I let my hands wander over Lottie’s body. Moments later, I was kissing and sucking her small, pert breasts and fingering her dripping pussy as my new lovers continued to fondle me.

With her finger massaging the entrance to my vagina, Lottie pushed the tip inside just a little, then asked me, “Is this okay?”

“Uh-huh,” I replied with a quick nod. ”You can finger me. I like it.”

“Mmm, yeah? And what about this cute little bumhole of yours?” asked Nicole, whose finger was suddenly pressing on my rosebud.

“Emma just had her finger in my arse. It felt really nice… but it was the first time I’ve done that properly.”

“Don’t worry, gorgeous. We’ll look after you,” Nicole said, then she gently penetrated my bum while Lottie wriggled her finger into my pussy. It was marvellous, kneeling there while mother and daughter probed my tight little-girl holes, each of them kissing me in turn.

What I liked about having sex with Nicole and Lottie was that they knew what they wanted and were happy to take it. I felt like a much-loved doll, shared between two excited children. They soon had me on my back, where Lottie spread my thighs wide and began to lick me, while Nicole knelt above my face and lowered her pussy to my waiting mouth.

“Lick my cunt… there’s a good girl,” she said.

To this day, I absolutely love the view of a pussy hovering just inches above my face – wet, fragrant, open and waiting to be tasted. Nicole had a well-trimmed brown bush and prominent pink inner labia that were a delight to lick and suck on. Her scent was strong and savoury, and she tasted delicious.

By that point, I’d had sex with enough partners to have noticed how amazingly different vaginas could be, and had begun to study each one closely, appreciating what made it beautiful. Before then, the sheer thrill of making love was all I needed. I’d noticed that adult women had mature, developed labia and folds, and they tasted and smelt stronger – something that I quickly grew to love. Kids like Lilly, Mia and me had small puffy slits, with nearly everything hidden away, and tasted sweeter, with a lighter aroma. Each one different, every one beautiful.

I pleasured Nicole until she came in buckets in my mouth – on my face, too! – and after we shared her flavour with a few heated tongue kisses, she swapped places with her daughter.

Lottie’s pussy was not only delicious, it was interesting. At fifteen, she was nearing the end of puberty and had small pink inner labia that barely poked through her puffy outer lips. Her sex was at a sort of halfway point in development, somewhere between my pussy and Nicole’s, I reckon that if you’d seen close-up pictures of the three of us down there, you’d know right away which was the child, the teen and the adult.

That day, my bum seemed to be especially popular. Mum and daughter both licked and fingered my rosebud, usually while the other was tending to my pussy. They were very careful and tender with my bottom at first, then did it harder once it was clear that I could handle it. Anal play was yet another new experience, reminding me that I still had a lot to learn about the joys of lesbian sex.

I played with their bums too, which turned out to be lots of fun. I’d already put my finger in Mummy’s arse a few times and even licked it a little, but I went much further with Nicole and Lottie. Not only did I push my middle finger all the way into their bottoms, I also licked and kissed them there. I even managed to get my tongue inside their holes, which they both loved. I couldn’t wait to try rimming with Mia. That’s what you call licking someone’s arse, Mum told me later.

After years of being lovers, Lottie and Nicole each knew what the other liked, which only made the sex hotter. I was happy being moved about and arranging myself where they wanted me, and enjoyed pleasing them immensely. The dirty talk was great, too. Lottie would say something like, “Mum, I want to see you finger Poppy’s arse again while she licks my cunt,” then later Nicole would come out with, “I want to see you two fuck, pussy on pussy. Poppy, fuck my little girl, fuck her hard.” When she said that, Lottie and I got into position and tribbed like mad while she watched us and masturbated.

If I had thought of something I fancied doing I might have asked, but nothing came to mind. Nicole and Lottie had so many great ideas that it wasn’t necessary. Mind you, I certainly wasn’t being shy or reserved. I swore and talked dirty too – that day, my favourite rude word became cunt. I’d never said it before, though Mummy did sometimes, so I felt super naughty telling Nicole, “Lick my cunt.”

There was no lovemaking, just hot, sweaty fucking right from the start. My pussy had never been used so roughly before, and I loved every minute. It was a very different kind of sex, something I’d experienced only briefly with Mum and the others, but never so intense as what I did with Nicole and Lottie that day. When Mum asked me what it was like, I had a hard time putting it into words. I was only ten, after all! Now, it’s much easier for me to describe the feelings I have when sex gets hot, wild and unrestrained.

Near my old house there was a park, with a long steep hill. I used to lie at the top facing sideways down the hill. Then Mum and Lilly would all give me a shove and I’d roll down the slope. About halfway down I’d build up such momentum that I couldn’t stop, just had to keep everything tucked in and enjoy the ride. It was scary as hell, but thrilling too. That’s what it felt like with Nicole and Lottie. From the moment Henri practically delivered me to them, I was swept away in a torrent of raw lust. It was the first time I’d ever been taken in a forceful way without someone asking if I was okay every five minutes.

There’s a lot to be said for sweet, gentle lovemaking. Honestly, it’s still my favourite way to have sex. But there are times when a crazy passion takes hold of me, and that’s when I need to fuck and be fucked like an animal in heat.

By the time we were done, I had long since lost count of how many times I’d gotten off. Double digits, at least. No idea of the time, either, which was fast becoming the normal state of things for me. We laid down together, with me cuddling up to Nicole and resting my head on her lovely soft boobs. Lottie snuggled up behind me, her warm body fitting right into mine. It was double cuddle bliss, but I was so exhausted I fell asleep right away.

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