Sweet Poppy, Chapter 15

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by Joe Dornish

I was awakened by someone moving around on the bed. When I squinted through blurry eyes, Lottie had gotten up – off to the bathroom, most likely. I was still snuggled up to Nicole.

“Mmmm, that was a lovely nap,” I sighed, trailing off onto a yawn. “How long was I asleep?”

Nicole’s fingers brushed my cheek. “Not long, only about twenty minutes.”

“Gosh, it always feels longer.”

“I know what you mean. Time does funny things when you are in the throes of passion.”

I looked around for a clock. “What time is it, anyway?”

“Nearly seven.”

“I’m feeling hungry,” I said, sitting up and stretching.

“Me too,” said Lottie, returning from the bathroom.

I climbed out of bed. “Come on, then… let’s see if anyone else is ready to eat!”

The others were way ahead of us. Kiki and Mum were in the kitchen, Henri, Mia, Emma and Beth were at the dining table, Lilly and Evie were cuddling by the fire. Everyone was naked, or nearly so.

When we went into the kitchen, Mum smiled and gave me a warm hug. “How’s my baby girl? Did you have fun?”

“Loads of fun! Nicole and Lottie are brilliant, and fucking them was awesome.”

“High praise indeed, coming from our young prodigy. I’d like to experience this awesome fucking myself, and soon,” said Kiki. I love her direct approach, spoken in that soft, posh accent as if she could get away with saying anything. It’s awesome to hear Kiki swear, too; she uses rude words with such class.

That’s easily arranged,” Nicole said, gently touching Kiki’s arm. “Perhaps after we’ve eaten, we can… get together?”

“With Henri, too!” exclaimed Lottie, grinning at Kiki’s daughter, who blushed quite charmingly. “I’ve been wanting to do sex with her for… for ages!”

“I’d like that,” Henri replied. “And I’ve been crushing on you, too, something fierce.”

It’s a lovely plan, my darlings,” said Kiki. “Now, let’s get ourselves fed, then I can have my wicked way with you. I was going to do a sit-down dinner for everyone, but the kids were hungry so I’ve done them nuggets and chips. It seemed best to just lay out an impromptu buffet, then we can all just pick at it as and when we like.” With everyone likely to be disappearing here and there in random groups and pairs to fuck, this made perfect sense to me.

Kiki’s last-minute buffet was incredible. There were lots of fancy cheeses, sliced meats and fresh bread hot from the oven. She’d also made a huge tossed salad, along with cold chicken, prawns and the nuggets and chips that she’d already mentioned.

I got myself a plate and loaded it up, then joined the others at the table. Mum came over and sat with us, while Lottie and Nicole ate in the kitchen and chatted with Kiki while she fussed over the food. Not long after I sat down Evie and Lilly finished and ran off giggling, hand in hand. That left Mum, Mia and me at the table.

I looked from one to the other. “So come on then… how’d you two get on? I’m dying to know.”

Mia broke into a huge grin. “You were right, Poppy… your Mum is a great lover.”

“I can see why you keep this one all to yourself,” Mum told me, briefly touching her lips to Mia’s hand. “Such a sexy little minx! I already want to be with her again.”

“Me too,” chuckled a bashful Mia. They shared an adoring glance then came together in a tender kiss. I was delighted to see they’d got on so well, and was imagining what it would be like to share a bed with them both. How could that be anything but delightful?

“How about you?” Mia asked. “What was it like with Mum and Lottie?”

I rolled my eyes. “Oh my God… it was soooo good.”

Unable and unwilling to contain my excitement, I told them all about what happened with Nicole and Lottie and how mind-blowing it was. Then we swapped stories of what we’d been up to since then.

Mia had been busy, to say the least. After spending quite a long time with my mum she had a threesome with Henri and Kiki, and then had sex with Beth on the rug while some of the others watched. While she was resting, Mum got into a wild little orgy with Emma, Beth and Nicole. I wasn’t surprised to hear that Mum went straight from there to a one to one session with sexy seven-year-old Evie, spreading the girl out in front of the fireplace and going down on her for everyone to see. Mum’s face lit up like the North Star when she described it to us. No question, she was smitten with that little girl.

After everyone had eaten or at least nibbled on something, we gathered in the living area around the fire. In addition to the two large sofas, there were plenty of bean bags and large cushions on the floor. I was sitting between Mum and Kiki on one sofa with Henri sort of lying at our feet. Nicole, Lottie and Emma were on the other sofa, Beth and Mia were on bean bags and Evie and Lilly were lying on two cushions on the floor.

There was lots of chatter about the wonderful day we’d all had so far – especially from the Buckly and Cornish families, since it was their first time at Kiki’s. Beth was quite chatty, and it felt especially nice to see her opening up. She was usually quite shy and hardly spoke while at school, but now she was happily nattering away with everyone. I suppose fucking a bunch of women and girls you’ve only just met will tend to bring you out of your shell a bit.

I was listening to Kiki talking about a restaurant in Paris, and got distracted when I heard Lilly say, “What, now? Hee hee, okay!”

I looked over my shoulder in time to see Evie stretch out on her back. Lilly got on top of her and they arranged themselves in a sixty-nine, licking each other in front of everyone.

“My word, those two are sexy little minxes, aren’t they?” sighed Emma. She was in a position to know, having enjoyed some quality time with the both of them earlier.

“Aren’t they just,” answered Kiki, opening her legs as she began to masturbate.

Soon everyone else was touching their pussy while they watched the little ones make love on the plush carpet. I had one leg hooked over Mum’s and the other over Kiki’s as I rubbed myself. Honestly, masturbating along with everyone else turned me on every bit as much as the sight of Evie and my baby sister licking each other’s pussies.

Kiki and Mum both came quickly, but I wanted to save my orgasm for a bit. so I fingered my slit very gently while I watched the others. Beth got off next, followed by Mia, then both Evie and Lilly came in each other’s mouths. When they sat up and came together in a passionate kiss, everyone cheered and applauded.

“What a wonderful show! Thank you, girls,” said Kiki.

Lilly got to her feet. “Um, Kiki… I need to go to the toilet. D’you want to come with me again?”

“Yes, please,” Kiki said. She took my sister by the hand and they left the room, all smiles.

I was pretty sure that at some point in the afternoon, Kiki had played with Lilly while she peed. And since Lilly had just invited her along to the toilet again, she must have enjoyed it.

I leaned in and whispered to Mum, “Kiki touched my pussy in the loo while I was peeing.”

Mum said, “I know, sweetie. She checked with me first to make sure it was okay. Did you enjoy it?”

“It was fun. I mean, it wasn’t enough to make me come or anything, but Kiki looked like she enjoyed it.”

That made her laugh. “Kiki enjoyed it a lot more than she let on, believe you me. Watersports aren’t really my thing or Henri’s, but when Kiki’s in the mood we’ll usually indulge her… because she enjoys it, also because we love her so much.”

“Does she only play with you on the toilet? Or do you do other stuff, too?”

“Kiki does love to touch us, yes… but what she really likes is when we pee on her.”

“What? How? I mean, doesn’t the bed get all messed up?” I had so many questions I didn’t know where to start.

Mum giggled. “No, silly, we use the bathroom. Kiki lies down in the tub or kneels on the tiles, then Henri and I stand above her and we just… let it go.”

“Um… which part of her do you pee on?”

“All over, but she especially likes it on her face and in her mouth.”

I was shocked… yet also intrigued. Once again, I realised how much I still had to learn about being a lesbian. “That’s so mad. Maybe I’ll try it sometime.”

“She’ll be pleased to hear that.”

“Does Kiki come when you wee on her?”

“Sometimes she brings herself off with this waterproof vibrator,” Mum said, “but for her, watersports isn’t just about having orgasms, it’s something she genuinely enjoys.”

I sort of knew about vibrators; what they were and how you used one, but I’d never heard Mum mention anything about them before. “Er, Mum… do you ever use a vibrator?”

“I certainly do. I’ve used other kinds of sex toys, too. You know, I’m a bit surprised that you’ve not asked me about that kind of thing before.”

“Wait, wait – you have sex toys of your own?”

“Of course.”

“Why do I not know about this? Is it a secret?”

Mum took my hand, gave it a squeeze. “It’s not a secret, sweetheart, but I’ve deliberately held off introducing them to you and your sister for the moment. Poppy, there are lots of sexual things you and Lilly have yet to experience. I’ll discuss them with you girls when I think you’re ready, or when you express an interest. Like I did when we introduced you to the pleasures of exhibitionism. It was something you discovered on your own, so I was happy to help you explore it.”

“Can you help me explore sex toys, then? Um, I’m expressing an interest right now!”

“If you want to, sweetie, then yes… but let’s save that for another day, okay?”

“Okay, then.” I gave her a tender kiss and said, “Love ya, Mum.”

“I love you too, sweetie. Oh, and just to give you a heads-up, Kiki will probably ask you to pee on her sometime. You don’t have to if you’d rather not. She won’t be disappointed if you say no.”

“She’d be very disappointed if I said no, I bet. But if she asks me, I’ll try it. I mean, peeing on Kiki’s tits has got to be more fun than doing it in a boring old toilet, right?”

“Ha! That’s one way of looking at it, I suppose…”

Mum broke off, her attention caught by Nicole, who was telling Emma about how Mia used to put on little music performances in their living room when she was younger. With a laugh, Mum said, “I remember when Lilly and Poppy used to put on little dance routines they copied from pop groups. Now look what they’re up to!”

“Oh, how things have changed, eh?” a laughing Nicole said, shaking her head. “Still, I think I prefer this kind of show better.” There were murmurs of agreement around the room.

“That gives me an idea,” said Henri, who then jumped up and jogged off towards the bathroom, perhaps needing to check something with her mum, who was still in there with my sister.

“I love the way Henri’s boobs jiggle about when she moves,” I said aloud without meaning to.

“They’re lovely, aren’t they?” sighed Emma.

“Well, yours are amazing. I hope mine come in like that.”

Everyone agreed with me that Emma’s breasts were awesome. Her slim frame made their shape look even more impressive. My eyes kept being drawn to them.

“I think yours have been growing a bit recently,” said Mum, reaching out to caress one. “Yes, it’s definitely a bit more developed.”

I giggled. “Maybe it’s all the sex I’ve been having that’s made them grow.”

Everyone chuckled, then little Evie piped up. “Then mine should be huge by now!”

That was enough to send us all into fits of laughter, though I was tempted to stand up, go over to where Evie sat and say, Want to see if we can both make ours bigger? Then, if she was willing, I’d go down on her right there, in front of everyone. I had yet to make love to Evie, and the sight of her childish body aroused me just as much as Emma’s full, womanly one.

While I was looking at Evie and having naughty thoughts about what I wanted to do to her, Henri, Kiki and Lilly had returned to join the party. Kiki clapped her hands briefly and said, “Can the grown-ups have a quick conflab in the kitchen, please? You too, Henri.”

She turned and walked away, and the adults followed her to the kitchen. They were out of hearing range, but still in plain view as they huddled round and started discussing something.

“What’s that all about, d’you suppose?” asked Lilly.

“I’m not sure,” I said.

Lottie giggled, “They’re probably deciding how they want to fuck us next… you know, who gets who.”

“God, I hope so. I’m totally ready for more!” said Mia with a big grin, which had us laughing all over again.

The adults came back over to us and sat down, except Henri, who went into the part of the house where the bedrooms are.

“We’ve got a surprise for you, girls,” Kiki said. We waited for her to explain, but she just smiled and added, “You’ll see in a moment.”

Henri returned a few seconds later with a handful of DVDs, holding them so we couldn’t see what they were. Cartoons, maybe? I didn’t mind watching a movie or something, but I’d have much preferred more sex.

Kiki took one of the DVDs and held it up, and I felt a prickle of excitement when I saw two naked ladies on the box. She said, “Who would like to watch some very hot lesbian porn?”

Lilly and Evie looked confused, Lottie shouted “Yes!” straight away, Beth and Mia grinned and nodded. Me, I thought about it for a second, then said, “Sure, why not?”

I knew what porn was, I just hadn’t seen very much of it. There was a short clip on this girl’s phone that she was letting the other girls see at school when we were hanging out on the playground – but that had a man and a lady doing it, so I didn’t watch for long. I’d never really looked into internet porn, maybe because by the time I was past just liking girls and into lesbian sex, I was already exploring those things with Mum.

But now, the idea of watching girls fuck along with my friends, family and lovers seemed like a great way to relax after all the sex we’d had. Anyhow, my pussy was a bit sore by then, so taking a break felt like a smart move.

Mum was showing Evie and Lilly the DVD case, telling them what to expect when we watched it. The way the girls were grinning told me all I needed to know.

We got ourselves arranged – some of us sprawled out on the carpet, some of us on the furniture. I sat next to Mum, who took my hand in hers. Henri put the disk in the player and, after a few menu options, the first film started.

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  1. Kim & Sue says:

    Thank you, Joe. This chapter was just what we needed when we needed it most. So good to get away briefly to this wonderful orgy’s continued orgasms and ours too. Well told story.

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    I must confess that I found the opening paragraphs too twee – rather silly. But still I went on to enjoy the story.

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