Sweet Poppy, Chapter 16

  • Posted on April 10, 2022 at 2:53 pm

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by Joe Dornish

There we were, a party gathering of girls and women – all of us gay, all completely naked, unwinding after an afternoon of non-stop sex by watching lesbian porn. Reading those words now, I guess the whole situation seems kind of funny, but at the time it was quite exciting. I’d already seen everyone in the room having sex, even if I hadn’t yet fucked them all myself… but somehow, I’d not gotten around to investigating porn yet.

Mom, the other grownups and Henri were occupying the two sofas, while the rest of us were seated or sprawled out on the carpet, mostly using these big, colourful cushions that were strewn about. The young ones sat cross-legged in front of the TV as if they were about to watch a Disney movie.

Of course, what we got was anything but family entertainment. When the opening credits of the film rolled along with footage of a gorgeous naked girl fingering herself I got butterflies in my tummy,  and my pussy started to throb.

The film was called The Rendezvous. The plot barely existed, but it was about a bunch of insanely sexy married women who carried out lesbian relationships in secret. They were sneaking out without their husbands – in one case, parents – intent on meeting up with their female lovers. There was six of these women, and I’d have happily fucked any or all of them.

I shifted about and got more comfortable by leaning back against the front of the sofa, between Mum’s spread legs, where I immediately began to play with myself. Some of the others had already started, including Kiki, who slipped down from her place on the couch to sit next to me. She was using her right hand to masturbate and, without looking away from the screen, casually reached over with her left to play with my pussy. Even left-handed, Kiki knew how to make me feel incredible.

The movie settled into a pattern or sorts where two of the ladies would get together, undress and then fuck. I don’t know if Mum’s mention of sex toys earlier was a coincidence or if she did it deliberately, but there were a few shocked looks from me, Mia, Lilly and Evie when this sexy brunette with an impressive set of boobs took out a huge dildo when she was with a blonde teenage girl.

“Oh, wow… is she going to put that inside her?” asked Lilly.

“Yes, sweetie,” Mum replied.

I was amazed, thinking there was no way that slip of a girl could take something so big into her vagina. Any other time I’d have thought Mum was joking, but she never jokes about sex stuff like that.

Sure enough, the massive dildo went pretty much all the way inside the girl. And the brunette woman didn’t go easy either. Oh, she took it easy going in, but then she was plunging it in and out really hard and fast. If I hadn’t seen it for myself, I wouldn’t have believed it. The blonde girl looked like she was loving it, too – she was screaming, “Oh God, yes! Fuck me, fuck me!” as she came. I had an orgasm soon after that. It was so intense that I accidentally kicked Henri who was lying in front of me, lost in her own ecstasy.

As the film continued, it got into sex toys in a big way, different types of dildos and vibrators used in various combinations between the lesbian lovers. I was particularly interested in the double ended dildo, because you could rub pussies while you were fucking. I was picturing using one of those with Mia when I came for the second time.

Joining Mum on the sofa, I asked her loads of questions about the film, and she answered them all as best she could. I was disappointed to learn that the women weren’t real-life lovers, but professional actresses who in all likelihood just met that day and were faking orgasms for the camera. Mum said she would seek out some real-life lesbian stuff on the internet for me, but that I wasn’t to look myself as there were lots of things there that I wouldn’t want to see. I knew she meant naked men, penises and such. She was right, I didn’t want to see any of that, just the nice girly stuff.

Mum told me that some dildos are made to look like real cocks and some aren‘t. Most men are nowhere near as big as the dildos in the films, she explained. Apparently a few really are that big, but it’s rare. It didn’t matter to me – I wasn’t the slightest bit interested in real penises, large or small.

As for using a dildo myself, I decided that I had to think about that. I mean, it looked like a man’s willy… but it’s not part of a real man, just plastic. I pondered the idea. If I put a fake penis inside me, does that mean I’m not really a lesbian? I knew Mum would say it didn’t matter, I should do what I want. Still, it was the first thing I’d come across involving sex that made me stop and think. Until then, I’d happily thrown myself headfirst into every new opportunity that arose, but my gay identity meant so much to me that I didn’t want to do anything that might compromise it.

I was also curious as to whether a dildo could actually fit inside my vagina. Obviously, I couldn’t take one the size of that monster the blonde teen in the film had been fucked by, but Mum assured me that sex toys came in all kind of lengths and thicknesses. “We’ll shop online and find something that’s just right for a girl your age,” she told me.

When Lilly heard that, she broke away from kissing Evie and gave Mum her best puppy-dog gaze. “What about me, Mum? Can I have a sex toy, too?”

Everyone laughed, and my sister blushed a little, but Mum said, “Of course, sweetie.”

“Cool!” Lilly squealed, then went right back to kissing Evie. Funny thing – the two littlest girls at the party were the ones who seemed the least interested in the porn film. I guess that to them, sex itself was still such a magical, wondrous thing that you didn’t need to watch two strangers doing it on a TV screen.

I was beginning to feel the same way, actually. The women on the TV were sexy and I was learning a lot from watching them, but my attention was getting drawn back into the room. There was already kissing and touching going on, and I could feel the sexual tension going up a notch. It was clear that the lovemaking on the screen was putting us in the mood for more than just masturbating.

The little ones were cuddling when Mum caught Evie’s eye. She patted her lap with both hands, then Evie eagerly hopped up and crawled into my mother’s waiting arms. When Kiki saw that, she crooked a finger at Lilly, who climbed right into her lap. I wasn’t sure, but I didn’t think they’d had sex yet. I’d no doubt that Kiki was about to put that right, though.

Having Evie next to me on Mum’s lap was the perfect opportunity for me to make love to this adorable girl of seven for the first time. After that, the only person in the room I’d not fucked yet was Beth. Not that I was keeping track or anything, but I hoped to have it off with every female there at least once before turning in for the evening.

Evie may have been a child, but she was no fool. She knew what Mum wanted, and had both legs spread wide apart, putting her pussy on full display. Licking her fingers, Mum gently teased Evie’s nipples, making her wriggle about and squeal with delight.

I had to be part of this. First I gave Mum a deep, passionate kiss, then did the same to Evie, seeking out her tongue with mine. It was incredible. From the first time I’d made out with my younger sister, I knew that kissing little girls was the absolute best, and Evie was even better at it than Lilly.

Finally breaking away, I started touching Evie, stroking her legs and tummy. When I got a bit lower down, I paused in mid-caress. “Um, Evie… is it okay if I touch your pussy?”

“Uh-huh,” she replied, giving me an angelic smile.

I looked across the room to Nicole, and when her eyes met mine I mouthed the words, ‘Is this okay?’ and placed my hand on Evie’s mound. She replied with a nod and a wink.

“Well done, sweetie,” Mum said.

The cleft of Evie’s slit was warm, moist and silky smooth. She was leaning back into Mum, half in a daze as I fondled her. I wanted to do more than touch, though.

Leaning in to nuzzle her neck, I whispered, “Um, Evie, would it be okay if I licked your pussy? I’d like to make you come.”

Evie gave me a happy smile. “Yes, please! I love being licked. Lilly is ‘specially good at it.”

It made me feel warm inside, knowing she and Lilly were so into each other. How many girls were lucky enough to have an honest-to-goodness lover at the age of seven?

Mum shifted about a little bit, giving me easy access to Evie’s cunt. I intended to be down there for some time, so I grabbed a cushion and slipped it under my knees.

The sight of that bare pink pussy and its heady scent made my mouth water, but just as I was about to lean in and take that first lick. I felt a tap on my shoulder.

I looked around to see Beth sitting next to me. “Hey, Poppy, can I lay my head down here?” she said, patting the cushion I’d just put on the floor.

I was confused. What was she asking for? “Um…”

I guess Beth could see I was a bit confused. She quickly added, “You know, so I can lick your pussy while you’re, um, doing it to Evie.”

“Oh, sure! Sorry, I’m with you now. Um, yeah, I’d love to sit on your face!”

Beth quickly arranged herself on the cushion, getting ready to taste me. So that was that. I hadn’t even kissed the girl, and there I was looking down at those gorgeous green eyes and that pretty red hair. She smiled sweetly as I lowered myself to her open mouth, then went to work on me with an eager tongue.

In the meantime, Mum had placed Evie perfectly so the girl’s vagina was positioned just above hers. I hadn’t realised I’d be able to reach both so easily. Two sweet lovers for me to kiss and lick – what fun!

When I first began to have sex with my sister Lilly, Mum told me to be extra careful fingering her because she was so young. I assumed the same advice applied to Evie, so I just teased the entrance of her hole with my tongue and fingers, concentrating on her clit. But I could finger fuck Mum as hard and deep as I liked. What a wonderful experience that was – pleasing my mother and a little girl at the same time, all the while having my own cunt seen to by a dead sexy twelve-year-old. I felt like the Queen of All Lesbians.

Beth certainly knew what she was doing down there… of course, she’d eaten pussy many times before. She attacked my clit with her tongue, keeping a constant, unrelenting rhythm going that seemed to beat in my head like a dance record. It wasn’t easy, but I tried to focus my attention on Evie, who was sharing a deep tongue kiss with Mum. That got me especially hot, watching my mother make love to a little girl.

I continued to go down on Evie and Mum – switching from one pussy to the other, pleasuring them with my fingers or my mouth. Before very long, Evie came. She was panting and moaning, her body shivering as if she was having some kind of fit. It was something to see.

I got her off just in time, too, because Beth’s efforts between my legs were doing my head in. I couldn’t keep licking anymore, could barely think. Resting my cheek on Evie’s tummy, I gasped my way through a real wall-shaker of an orgasm. I was grinding down hard on Beth’s face, sweating so much that I had to have been dripping all over Evie. She didn’t seem to mind, though. In fact, she was cradling my head in her little arms, whispering sweet things like, “You’re so nice, so pretty. I love you, Poppy…”

Luckily, Beth stopped fucking me before I went stark raving mental, though it was a close thing. Once she’d withdrawn and I got my breath back, I glanced over my shoulder and realised that Kiki was behind Beth, licking her bumhole. Lilly was stretched out on the carpet with Kiki straddling her face.

The others weren’t idle either. Henri, Mia, Lottie, Nicole and Emma were all down on the floor having an orgy of their own. Emma seemed to be in the middle of what was a sweaty tangle of bodies, each participant licking, kissing, stroking and clawing at whatever available body part they could reach.

Looking up from Beth’s arse, Kiki twisted round for a look at the action, then turned back to us with a big smile. “Well, ladies,” she said, “why don’t we turn these two little sex parties into a big one?”

Everyone liked this idea, so we moved to join the others on the floor. I went for the nearest pussy at hand, which was Lottie’s. She had Mia riding her face and Henri was sort of lying on her, so there was no way she could know it was me down there. As I got to work on Lottie, someone’s tongue appeared between my legs. I could have moved to see who it was, but I liked not knowing – it felt naughtier that way.

The all-out sexfest of four mums, two teens and five little girls went on for a long while. Every now and then I’d take a break and catch my breath before diving back in. Others did the same, and odd little conversations broke out here and there. In one such break, I was talking to Henri while everyone else was fucking in front of us.

“Can I ask you something?” I asked. She was seated, and I was lying with my head in her lap.

“You know you can ask me anything you want, love.”

“Do you use sex toys?”

“Oh, of course.”

“Which ones?”

“Depends on my mood. For the most part, I prefer fingers and tongues, that’s so much more intimate. I’ve got a little bullet vibrator that’s a lot of fun. It’s waterproof, so I can use it in the shower.” I wasn’t sure what she meant, so Henri told me what a bullet vibrator was and how it worked.

I wanted to know more, though. “Do you ever use dildos?”

“Yeah, occasionally.”

“What, the really big ones?”

“Well, I’ve tried the bigger ones… but honestly, I prefer something smaller. Rabbits are a lot of fun. If your mum lets you pick out a toy for yourself, that’s the one you should go for.” Another explanation followed, this time about rabbit vibrators and how they worked.

I was still thinking about how it would be to get penetrated for real, though. “Do you think I might be able to use a dildo?”

Henri clucked her tongue. “Poppy, you really need to ask your mum about that.”

“Oh, I’ve spoken to Mum… she said we’d talk about it at the right time. I was just curious if you thought one would actually, you know, fit inside me.”

“You’re very young, Poppy, maybe too young. Fingers and tongues are fine, but you should be careful – the bigger stuff might injure you. But, if your mum is there and you go slow, you could take something small and see how it feels, then work your way up.”

At that point Evie caught my eye, having just returned from a quick trip to the loo. Now that she was back, Henri and I got her down on the floor and we rejoined the orgy. I positioned Evie so that I could get my mouth on her cunt, then thrust my bum out, giving Henri access to both my holes.

When I ran my tongue along Evie’s slit I could taste where the little girl hadn’t wiped herself properly. Far from being disgusted, I thought of Kiki and how much she would have enjoyed it. I can’t say it gave me a massive craving to have someone pee in my mouth, the way Kiki sometimes did – but it didn’t completely turn me off, either.

After I made Evie come, she and Lilly were both utterly knackered. Lilly climbed onto the sofa, Evie joined her, and they nestled together, soon falling asleep. Mum and Nicole carried the girls to the spare room and tucked them in, then our little sex party got cracking again.

However, the intensity had diminished somewhat – it became more loving, less frenzied. More people were resting and snacking than actually fucking, and before long we settled down into groups and pairs that were cuddled up together. It wasn’t cold at all, mind you – for such a big space, Kiki’s living room was very nicely heated, especially with the fire blazing nearby. Still, to make us feel even cosier Kiki opened this big storage ottoman, took out a bunch of super soft fluffy blankets and passed them round. She put on some soft music called bossa nova that I liked a lot, then offered to make everyone hot chocolate, but we all insisted she sit down and relax with us.

We were all in a delightfully mellow mood, our minds and bodies warmed by the afterglow of all the yummy orgasms we’d shared. I was nestled under a blanket with Mia, telling her about Kiki and how much she enjoyed watersports. Mia had never done anything like that, but didn’t think it was at all odd.

“Do you think your mum has ever tried it?” I asked her. “Or Lottie?”

“Getting peed on? Hmmm… I don’t know. They’ve never told me about anything like that. I can ask, if you like.”

I was just about to reply, but then I heard Kiki say, “Poppy darling, when is your birthday?”

“Next month… the eleventh,” I replied.

Kiki’s eyes widened. “November the eleventh? That’s Remembrance Sunday.”

“Um, what’s that about?” Mia asked. “Something important, but I can’t remember.”

I turned to Mia. “It’s the day they pay tribute, you know, say thanks to the soldiers who fought in the big wars. They lay poppies at memorials and people wear them and stuff.”

“Oh yeah, that’s it. Mum always buys us poppies that day,” said Mia.

I had to laugh. “When I was little, every time I saw people wearing them, I thought they were doing it for me, ‘cos it was my birthday. I got so upset when Mum told me what they were really for!”

“Aw, that’s cute,” said Nicole.

Mum spoke up. “Poppy was born just before 11 AM and stayed quiet for the three-minute silence, then she started screaming her lungs out! After that, I couldn’t think of a better name to give her.”

“Well, it’s only, let’s see… less than four weeks away,” Kiki said. “Have you got anything planned?”

“We’ve not spoken about it much, have we, sweetie?”

“Not really. I’m not sure what I want to do that day, really.”

“So you’ll be turning eleven, on the eleventh day of the eleventh month… and there are eleven of us here right now. Spooky, huh?” said Lottie.

“Bloody hell… That’s mad, it is!” I exclaimed, perhaps a little carried away.

“The Mad Eleven,” Kiki said. “That’s us, isn’t it? A gang of crazy lesbians.”

“And M-A-D, that stands for mothers and daughters!” Mia exclaimed. She loved to do word puzzles in her spare time, so figuring out something like that was second nature to her.

“Oh bravo, girls! That’s it. Henceforth we shall be known as the MAD Eleven,” said Kiki. “Tomorrow we’ll have a group photo, and I’ll get it framed.”

“Will we be naked in the photo?” I asked.

“No sweetie, we’ll have to wear clothes,” said Mum. “We might end up in a lot of trouble if anyone saw something like that.”

Then Kiki said, “I don’t see why we can’t pose nude, Heather. I’ll print it out myself, and I’ve got a spare frame that’ll be just perfect. I’ll hang it in my bedroom. I can’t imagine anyone I don’t trust ever being invited in there.”

“Well, I’m up for it,” said Emma, “I’ve got two pictures in my bedroom of Beth and me, from when we were naked on the beach in Portugal last year.”

“Oh, hell… why not?” said Mum.

I was thrilled to bits. We were all going to be in a naked photo together! There were a few concerns expressed around the room about wobbly bits and stretch marks, but everyone seemed keen on the idea.

“What’s that up there? Is it a guitar case?” Mia asked Kiki, pointing up to the small mezzanine floor above the kitchen. A set of spiral stairs led up to an open area with a rail for safety. There was a PC up there with a small desk and comfy chair, also a sofa. Henri sometimes went there to play video games, but otherwise they didn’t use that space very much. And yes, tucked away in the corner was a dark shape that looked a lot like a guitar case.

“Yes, it’s an acoustic guitar,” answered Kiki.

Mia seemed very interested. “Do you play, then?”

“No,” Kiki replied with a shake of the head. “I thought Henri might want to learn, but she never took to it.”

“Um… can I have a look at it, please?”

“Of course.” Kiki went upstairs to fetch the case, then brought it down. “Do you play?” she asked, handing the case to Mia.

“Uh-huh,” Mia said calmly as she withdrew the guitar. Resting it on her bare thighs, she plucked at a few strings. Even to my untrained ear, it didn’t sound right. But she fiddled with the little peg things on the end as she kept testing the strings, and it gradually began to sound more like music.

Nicole was smiling from ear to ear, “Mia would never tell you thIs, but she’s very talented; she loves to play and sing. Will you please do a song for us, baby?”

Mia made a face. “Aw, Mum… I’m okay with playing, but don’t ask me to sing.”

“But you’ve got such a lovely voice, and we’re all friends here,” Nicole said.

Mia didn’t respond, just continued to adjust the strings. I knew she had a good voice, because we’d sing along to our favourite songs in my bedroom. I’d not heard her play before, though.

Nicole turned to me, all smiles. “Poppy, maybe if you ask Mia to, she might sing for us.” Mia shot her mum a dirty look when she said that.

On one hand, I didn’t want to embarrass my girlfriend… but on the other hand, I really did want to hear her sing. “Please Mia, for me?” I said. “Just one little song?” I was being as flirty with her as I was able, even fluttering my eyelashes. Unable to remain grumpy, Mia began to giggle in spite of herself.

“Okay, okay, you win,” she finally said. “There is one song I’ve been working on. I’ve never played it to anyone before because, well, erm… anyhow, here it is. It’s dedicated to Poppy.”

“To me?” I wasn’t expecting that.

She smiled, “I know you like the song, too. It’s ‘Chasing Cars’.”

“By Snow Patrol?” Mum asked.

Mia nodded and started playing. She was nude, of course, sitting cross-legged with the fire roaring away behind her and all of us gathered around. I had a front-row seat right in front of her. The guitar looked huge against her thin frame as she deftly plucked away at the strings. I stared at her in awe, surprised by how good Mia was at this – not just passable but really, really good.

I’d heard the song many times before, and like most people had sung along with the chorus without really giving much thought to what the lyrics meant. Now Mia, my love, was singing these beautiful words to me and they took on a new significance. And her voice was positively angelic. My heart was melting fast and I was desperately trying to keep it together, but I knew I’d be crying soon.

Then she sang the second verse, all the while looking at me with her beautiful grey eyes.

I don’t quite know
How to say
How I feel
Those three words
Are said too much
They’re not enough
If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

Well, that was me gone. The dam burst and I began to cry. Lottie put her arm around me, and when I looked at her she was crying too. We all sang the last chorus together and when it ended Mia put the guitar down and fell into my arms, tears rolling down her cheeks.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the room; all the others were clapping and cheering as we knelt there naked, sobbing into each other’s arms and whispering ‘I love you,’ between gasps of breath.

“That was so beautiful… thank you,” I told her when we’d calmed down a bit.

Mia gave a little shrug. “I already liked the song, but then one day I heard it on the radio and it made me think of you, so I learned it. Gosh, when you started crying, I didn’t think I’d make it to the end!”

“You were so brilliant! I want to hear it again – not now, but another time.” Right after we make love, I was thinking.

“It’s your song… you can hear it whenever you like,” she said, then we kissed.

Mia’s song seemed to put a period on the evening’s festivities. After that, Mum stood up and stretched, then some of the others did the same, gathering up their things. I didn’t feel like moving, so Mia and I curled up under the blanket and proceeded to say ‘I love you’ to each other at least a hundred times.

“Let’s sleep here by the fire tonight,” she told me.

I loved the idea, so we got all the beanbags and cushions and a couple of blankets and made a nice snug little den before the hearth. Lottie and Henri liked the idea, and they nestled together on one of the sofas. I guess Mum was in the mood for more time with the little ones, because she spirited Lilly and Evie off to one of the guest rooms. Kiki chose to spend the night with Beth in the master bedroom, and Emma took Nicole by the hand and led her off to share the bed in Henri’s room. (That’s actually more of a spare room, as Henri mostly sleeps with her mum.)

Mia dozed off fairly quickly, but I laid awake for a few minutes longer, thinking about the wonderful day I’d had. There were so many special memories to savour, but I decided that being sung to by Mia and lying with her by the fire right then was the best part. I’d never felt so loved or in love before.


Lilly and Evie woke us up painfully early the next day. When they scampered into the living room shrieking with laughter, Lottie threw a cushion at them and told them, “Bugger off, for fuck’s sake,” then pulled the blanket over herself and Henri. That was a foolhardy move, because the little ones decided to make a game of it. Screaming even louder, they threw the cushion straight back at the older girls, along with a couple of pillows they snatched from the cosy nest Mia and I had built.

It wasn’t long before a pillow fight broke out, which thrilled Lilly and Evie no end… and soon enough, the rest of us were caught up in the skirmish. Turns out it’s awfully thrilling, waking up to a pillow fight with a bunch of beautiful naked girls. Eventually we were all out of breath, so Mia and I crawled back under the blankets, where the little ones joined us, while Henri and Lottie climbed back onto the sofa, where they lay in each other’s arms. We put cartoons on the telly and snuggled until the rest of the house woke up.

Nicole and Emma both had to leave straight after breakfast, so everyone got showered and ready for the nude group photo before we ate. You’d have thought the queen was coming to tea, the way everyone was fussing over their hair and make-up. I was satisfied with a shower and running a brush through my hair.

Once we were ready, Henri set the camera up on her iPhone with a timer. We grouped ourselves by the fireplace, the girls sitting and kneeling in front of the adults and Lottie. We were laughing and giggling, thrilled to be posing naked.

“Gosh, this feels awfully naughty,” said a grinning Kiki, as if she was reading my mind.

Henri hit the timer, then ran back, knelt down and said, “Everyone say ‘PUSSY!’” Which we all did, amidst raucous laughter.

Not satisfied with her first effort, Henri took two more before she got the right shot, with all of us chanting ‘pussy’ each time. When Henri declared the last shot to be satisfactory, we all gathered around the phone to see how we looked. It was a marvellous photo, all those adults and teens and kids, naked and smiling, clearly having a wonderful time.

For safety’s sake we agreed that there should only be one copy of the picture, which Kiki would keep in her home. She would print the photo herself, then delete the image from her daughter’s phone.

“Where will you hang it?” asked Emma.

“In the bedroom, I think – I’m not sure. I’m going to put a little bit underneath that says ‘The MAD Eleven’. If anyone sees it, which they won’t, I’ll just say we’re part of Emma’s naturist club.”

“That would work,” Emma said. “They’ve got nude group portraits on the wall of the clubhouse at the naturist retreat Beth and I go to.”

All too soon, it was time for Emma, Nicole and their daughters to leave. Mum said we were in no rush, though, so we stayed with Kiki and Henri. It felt very weird, half of us naked and the other half fully dressed. Lilly cried when Evie left, which set Mum off, and the rest of us also shed a few tears. Promises were made that the MAD Eleven club would meet again soon.

Once the goodbyes were said and our party reduced to five, we went out to the jacuzzi to relax. Naturally, the chatter was mostly about the previous night and how amazing it had been. There were no complaints, not a single one. We all agreed, the party had been a stonking success.

Kiki turned to me. “So what are we going to do about your birthday, young lady?”

“I’m not really sure.”

“Oh, come now… you ate my cunt half a dozen times last night, and now you’re being bashful? Tell us what you’d like to do, darling. I can see it in your face, you’ve got something of an idea.”

Honestly, I wasn’t being shy – I had no idea what I wanted to do for my birthday. Kiki was being bossy but in a funny way, so I played along, curious as to where this was leading. “Erm, see what in my face?” I said, then fluttered my eyelashes, putting on what I hoped was a sexy pout.

Kiki guffawed with glee. “Ha! There, you see? The sexy wolf in the cute sheep’s clothing. Watch out for that one,” she said to Lilly, then winked. My sister seemed to take her literally and looked my way, her eyes warm with desire.

“My darling Poppy,” Kiki continued, “if you really can’t see the obvious solution, then I’ll point it out. We’ll  have a party here with the MAD Eleven, and have loads of sexy fun spoiling the birthday girl.”

I replied “Okay. First, I’m a complete tosser for not thinking of that myself. Second, OH MY GOD, are you SERIOUS? Yes, absolutely YES!” Then I remembered my manners. “Um… please!” I added with a big cheesy grin.

Kiki chuckled. “Now, that sounds like a vote of confidence. What do you think, Heather?”

“Oh… I suspect Poppy would throttle me if I dared to say no. Seriously though, it’s a great idea. You have to let me pay though. I insist.”

This should be interesting,” laughed Henri, “but you may as well forget it, Heather. Mum never lets anyone else pay!”

Kiki gave her daughter a sharp look, but didn’t reply. “Heather, I’m not taking your money for a few trifling drinks and some nibbles. Henri and I are delighted that you and your girls are part of our lives. Truth is, if it wasn’t Poppy’s birthday I would have invited the lot of you over anyway. I’m already looking forward to getting our little fuck club together again.”

“She’s got you there, Mum,” I chipped in.

Mum sighed. “I’m not going to win here, am I?” Everyone shook their heads. “Then I’ll concede defeat, but at least let’s call it your birthday present to Poppy, okay?

“Those are acceptable terms, darling,” Kiki said, giving Mum’s thigh a squeeze.

“Can I maybe have my birthday party here?” Lilly asked.

“Oh, honey, it’s a long way off and…” Mum began, but Kiki was having none of it and cut her off.

“Lilly, darling… of course you can have your party here. Have a think about what you’d like, and we’ll throw the best bash you ever saw.” Then she gave my sister a big sloppy kiss.

Lily eagerly responded, her tongue flickering between Kiki’s parted lips. When they finally broke apart, she declared, “I already know what I want.”

“Oh, what’s that?”

Spreading her arms wide, Lily cried, “I want a pussy party!” then burst into giggles.

“HA! Then a pussy party you shall have, my love! Oh, you wonderful child, come here. I have to play with you some more.” Lilly crawled into Kiki’s lap and they cuddled and kissed for a bit. It was very sweet to watch. For a grownup, Kiki is incredibly playful.

“My apologies…” she continued, tickling Lilly’s pussy with two fingers, which made my little sister squeal and giggle. “This little minx is distracting me. Now where were we… ah yes, Poppy’s party. Any ideas on a theme, young lady?”

“Erm, not really. I’ve not had a birthday party since I was very little.”

“How about making it fancy dress?” said Henri.

That’s not a bad idea,” said Mum.

“Hmmm, interesting. Your young lady likes to be on display, does she not?” said Kiki in that deliciously posh voice of hers.

“Poppy does have a bit of an exhibitionist streak in her, yes. So… what did you have in mind?”

Kiki gave me a mischievous look, then told Mum. “I’ll speak to you about this when the birthday girl can’t hear us. Basically, there’s a little prep work you’ll need to do.”

“I’m intrigued,” said Mum.

I spoke up. “Me too! You mean that’s it – I won’t know any more about my birthday until it happens?”

“Yup,” said Kiki, quite smugly.

“Damn. That’s tough!” said Henri with a chuckle.

I slumped back, pressing the back of my hand to my forehead. “Ooouugghh… I’m going to die of curiosity before we ever get to my birthday,” I moaned, putting on a big fake pout. The truth was that I didn’t really want to know at all. I adore being surprised.

Then Lilly did the sweetest thing. Getting out of Kiki’s lap, she came over and gave me a big hug and a kiss. “If you don’t know what’s going to happen,” she told me, “then I won’t know either.”

“Aw, yeah. Thanks, sis! We can pester Mum about it together, you and me!”

“YEAH! We can lick her pussy until she screams, and not stop licking till she tells us the secret!” We all burst out laughing when she said that.

Shaking her head, Mum said, “God help me, I’m doomed.” Then everyone laughed again.

It was just one of the great memories I took from that weekend. The five of us started making dirty jokes, coming up with all these hot ways we could drive Mum crazy until she told us what Kiki was planning for my party. Of course, all the chatter about sex started to work its wicked magic on us, and soon we were all in the mood to fuck.

This time, I went straight for my sister. All I’d done with her during the party was swap a few heated kisses, and the time seemed right to make up for that. Hoisting her up onto the edge of the jacuzzi, I burrowed between Lilly’s thighs and started right in, licking her smooth slit.

“Oh, God… I love you, Poppy,” she moaned.

Mum must’ve wanted in on the hot incest action, because I soon heard her behind me, whispering, “Oh, my precious little girls.” Then I felt her touch my pussy.

“Want to fuck, Mum?” Henri said.

“Oh, always, dearest – always,” Kiki replied, then I could hear a bit of splashing as the two lovers came together.

My mother’s finger was buried in my cunt – moving around in little circles, which she knew I loved. Then she pressed her face between the cheeks of my arse and licked my bumhole.

I was working hard to make Lilly come, but I wanted a quick glimpse of what Henri and Kiki were up to, so I replaced my mouth with my fingers for a few seconds, just long enough to see that mother and daughter had climbed out of the large tub and were stretched out on the tiles, grinding their pussies together. I watched them for a few seconds, then got back to going down on Lilly.

Just in time, too – because seconds later, my baby sister cried out, a shudder convulsing her body as she came. I fastened my mouth to Lilly, drinking the nectar from her pretty pink flower.

All of a sudden I felt something inside like a little storm, churned up by Mum’s finger – and just like that, I was caught up in an orgasm of my own. Somehow Mum managed to keep licking my arse, even though I had a hard time keeping still. I finally had to beg her to stop.

My sister and I exchanged knowing looks once we’d broken apart, then without a word, we both attacked Mum. We got her out of the tub and down on the tiles and went to work. Lilly slid her hand into Mum’s cunt and fucked her hard, while I nursed on her clit. I occasionally stole glances at Kiki and Henri, who were now licking each other.

Lilly and I had our mother screaming like she’d gone totally mental. She even fainted for a few seconds, but returned to us before we had the chance to panic. Then the three of us got to watch as Henri, then Kiki got each other off, then shared wet, pussy-flavoured kisses.

It was a full half-hour before any resemblance of normality returned to our little party. Normal, she says. I wonder, is there anyone on the planet who thinks that what we’re doing is normal? Actually, I hope there are lots… because we are the happiest people I know, so we must be doing something right.


In the coming days, Lilly began to regret the rash decision she’d made, to be left out of the preparations for my birthday party. She was half-crazed with curiosity and using all sorts of tricks on Mum to find out what was going on, most of them sexual. But Mum stood firm, no matter how mercilessly my sister teased her. “You did a wonderful thing for your sister,” she said, “and I’m going to see that you stick to it.”

Truth be told, Lilly wasn’t very good at teasing. Don’t get me wrong, she knew how to get Mum hot and bothered. It’s just that in the process, she’d become so aroused herself that Mum always got to fuck her anyway. It got to where my sister and my mother were making love nearly every day. Whenever I caught them at it, I’d usually strip off and join in the fun. Needless to say, there was an awful lot of sex taking place in our home.

Me, I didn’t bother Mum about my birthday plans, or what Kiki had in store for the occasion. I knew whatever they came up with would be brilliant, so it suited me just fine to wait for the surprise.

A few days after our big sex party, Henri and I were having lunch together at school. It was Friday, so Mia was in music class. Beth came bouncing over, brimming over with the joys of life. Honestly, if she was any cuter she’d turn into a Disney princess, complete with bluebirds fluttering round her head.

“Well, you look happy,” I said, which had to be the understatement of the year.

Surprised, she glanced at Henri. “Haven’t you told her?”

“Nope, I thought you’d like to,” Henri said, wearing a mysterious smile.

I looked from one to the other. “What’s going on?”

“Oh, only the best thing in the whole world!” Beth exclaimed, pressing a hand to her heart. “Kiki’s taking me away for the weekend!”

“Fuck me! Just the two of you?”

“Uh-huh… we leave tonight! She’s picking me up after school and we’re driving to Bath. She’s booked us a hotel suite! Can you believe it?”

Henri was grinning. “It seems that Mother has fallen head over heels for our red-headed angel here. Beth, I’ve stayed in that suite with Mum before. Trust me, you are going to have the best time ever.”

It was easy to tell from Beth’s flushed cheeks and shining eyes that Kiki wasn’t the only one who was in love. I took her hand and squeezed it. “Oh, Beth, I’m so pleased for you! Kiki is wonderful, and I can see why you’re so excited. And being whisked away right after school, too! Awesome!”

Henri and I were thrilled for Beth, while she could barely contain herself. We spent the rest of the lunch break trying to calm her down, before some nosy teacher noticed and decided to investigate.


The relationships forged between the members of the MAD Eleven were deep and immediate. We felt an affinity with each other, all part of a sisterhood that shared a secret, intimate bond. And even if you were a child like me, it didn’t mean that you were taken less seriously. Sure, the adults looked after the best interests of the youngsters, but we were free to speak our minds and the grownups let us have a voice.

That same Friday night Kiki took Beth off for their romantic weekend, Mum would do something that proved she really did take me seriously… as a daughter and as a lover.

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