Ripples, Chapter 23

  • Posted on March 18, 2020 at 3:23 pm

by Sapphmore and  JetBoy

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The first emotion to hit Jessica’s sister Laura when she entered the room was a surge of sexual excitement at what she saw: a writhing cluster of nude female bodies. It brought back sweet memories of the university pyjama parties where Laura had finally decided that she preferred Venus to Mars.

The second emotion was one of surprise, as Laura realised that some of the participants in this sapphic free-for-all were decidedly underage.

The third was utter shock when it struck Laura that three of the youngsters were her nieces, two were the daughters of Jessica’s next door neighbour, and the girls’ respective mothers were very much a part of the lesbian orgy.

Alice was engrossed in fucking her mum, watching the flesh-coloured shaft that jutted so proudly from her waist as she drove in and out of Jessica’s hungry cunt. She didn’t notice as the copper-haired, pony-tailed Lara Croft lookalike in denim shorts entered the room just behind her.

Rachel didn’t see Laura or hear her stunned cry of surprise, as her ears were covered by Poppy’s thighs while she continued to impale the little girl’s sweet pussy with her stiffened tongue.

Jessica failed to hear her sister’s voice or Poppy calling out her aunt’s name, because her body had chosen that particular moment to go off in a real knee-trembler of an orgasm, a hoarse cry of rapture breaking from Jess as she came.

It was the first full vaginal penetration she’d had since that steamy post-party evening with Rachel, who’d taken Jess with the same strap-on cock that Alice was currently sporting. Using it to fuck me, Jess told herself. My own daughter. My God, this is the wildest thing I’ve ever done.

When her mum cried out in ecstasy, Alice raised her head to see her little sister climb off Auntie Rachel’s face, wearing a panicked expression. Then, in her peripheral vision, she saw the three girls on the other sofa scrambling to disentangle from one another, snatching at sofa cushions and pillows to cover themselves, staring at something behind her.

Uh-oh, Alice thought — but before she could look back over her shoulder, Mum said, “Fuck, Alice, that was bloody amazing…“ Alice saw Rachel sit up with a surprised look on her face — like the others, staring in the direction of the door.

Heart pounding — and not just from exertion — the twelve-year-old slowly looked around.

“I’m sure it was, sis.”

Jess snapped her head around at the familiar voice, mouth going slack at the sight of her younger sister Laura, arms folded, standing in the doorway.

What the fuck…? Jessica could only stare. Laura was supposed to be on a magazine assignment in Eastern Europe, investigating swingers’ parties or something equally sordid.

A small, agonizing eternity later, Jessica managed to summon up the ability to speak. “Laura, what — what are you doing here?”

Laura gazed evenly at her older sibling. “Well, at the moment, I’m watching my big sister being fucked by my underage niece in the middle of a lesbian orgy with her children, her best friend and her best friend’s daughters. Am I summing this up correctly?”

“I — I can explain.” But can I? she wondered.

“Oh, this I’ve got to hear. I think I’ve just found my next big story. I can see the headline now, ‘Lesbian Incest Ring Discovered in Leafy Suburbia.’ I might even get a documentary out of it.”

“What? No, you can’t. For God’s sake, Laura — let’s discuss this like adults.”

Laura slowly shook her head. “I’m finding it difficult to have an adult conversation with my sister while she has a latex cock buried in her vagina. Especially when that particular latex cock is fastened around her twelve-year-old daughter’s waist.”

Jess turned to look behind her, almost surprised at the sight. “Alice, can you…”

Alice looked down as though only just noticing what she was up to, and began to extricate the fake cock from her mother, causing an involuntary and quite inappropriate moan from Jess, and undisguised wide-eyed amazement from Laura at the phallus her niece was sporting — which was ridiculously large in comparison with the young girl’s build.

Alice turned to face her aunt. Normally, she would rush to hug her, but realised that might not be such a good idea at present. Instead she simply said, “Hello, Aunt Laura,” without a trace of fear in her voice.

“Hello, Alice. It seems as if some, er, rather significant changes have taken place in this house since I’ve been away.”

“Yeah… I guess they have,” Alice said with a small nod.

Jess was relieved that Alice had refrained from making some clever remark, but the fact that she stood facing Laura without covering her nudity or trying to hide the contraption between her legs… well, that didn’t exactly help things.

Laura turned to the two women who were now grabbing for their clothes — gazing evenly at Rachel, whose figure she’d always envied; and sometimes looked upon with desire. “Oh, where are my manners? Hello, Rachel, nice to… see you again.” Her eyes travelled up and down the woman’s voluptuous body.

“Hello, Laura. Jess, do you want me and the girls to leave?”

Jessica considered the question for only a second. “No, we’re together now, and we’ll face this together.”

Rachel felt a surge of love, mixed with fear about what might happen next, but Jessica’s words were enough to stiffen her resolve.

Jessica turned to the girls who, except for Alice, were nestled together on the opposite sofa, concealing their nudity as best they could. “Girls, I think you’d better go upstairs while we talk.”

As Bella, Katie, Cindy and Poppy all scrambled to gather their clothes while still trying to cover themselves, Jess turned to Alice, who had also bent to pick up her discarded garments — presenting her backside to Aunt Laura, who couldn’t help but glance down, then quickly averted her eyes, checking that no one had seen her looking. Did Alice do that deliberately? she wondered.

Looking down at the now somewhat obscene apparatus dangling from her daughter’s hips, still glistening with her wetness, Jessica said, “Alice, I think you’d better leave that here, don’t you?” In her mind, Jess had a fleeting image of Alice using it on her girlfriend Bella.

“Ooops! Um, okay, Mum.” The teen began to fumble with the harness.

“Let me, sweetheart.” Zipping up her dress, Rachel moved to where Alice stood and squatted down to unbuckle the straps, then padded over to deposit the toy on the coffee table, resisting an impulse to take it in her mouth for a taste of Jessica’s cunt.

Barely able to meet her sister’s even gaze, Jess turned to her lover. “Rach, can you please get the girls sorted upstairs? I’ll make us some tea.”

Rachel glanced at Laura, who was looking at her in a funny kind of way, before she ushered the five girls towards the door, all of whom briefly looked at Laura before scooting out of the room. They all hastened up the stairs, except for Alice, who seemed reluctant to leave.

Once upstairs, Alice urged the other girls into her room. “Let’s all hang out in here, okay?”

“Listen,” Rachel said, “You girls need to stay put for the time being.”

“Are we in trouble, Mum?” Bella asked.

“Honey, I’m sure everything will be okay. Now just stay here.”

Rachel gently closed the door, standing for a moment to catch her breath, wondering if her optimism was completely misguided. With a sigh, she made her way downstairs.

The girls all sat on the bed, still trying to dress — except for Alice, who decided to remain naked. Bella’s new confidence had evaporated, and she now reverted to her timid, worried self. “What is she going to do, Ali? Will she report our mums to the police?”

“What? No, I’m sure she wouldn’t do anything like that. She loves us and wouldn’t do anything to get Mum in trouble… or break us up. I’m sure everything will be okay, once our mums explain.”

Bella didn’t reply, but a look of doubt was evident on her face, and the younger girls shared that look. Alice reached out to take Bella’s hand, then extended her other arm to gather their siblings together for a group hug. The girls moved into a silent circle of comfort, interrupted only by the smallest voice asking, “Are we in trouble, Ali?”

Alice shrugged, not really sure if she believed what she’d told the others. She was sorely tempted to creep along the landing to try and hear what was being said downstairs, but thought it best to remain with her sisters.

Downstairs, Jess had gone into the kitchen, followed by her sister. Laura paused at the door to look back on the remains of the interrupted orgy, noticing two pairs of discarded panties lying on the floor by one of the sofas and the latex prick her niece had used on Jess lying among the everyday items on the coffee table. Turning away, she made her way into the kitchen, where her sister was busy getting the teacups, milk and sugar ready while the kettle heated.

Laura seated herself on one of the high stools just as Rachel entered. The shapely brunette moved round the central island counter to help Jess, her high heels clicking on the tiled floor. When the kettle was hot, Jess poured the steaming water into a china teapot, her eyes averted from her sister’s gaze as Laura glanced from one woman to the other; no one speaking. After less than a minute, too soon for the tea to have properly steeped, Jess poured the amber liquid into the china cups.

It was Laura who finally broke the silence. “So… how long has this been going on?”

Jess took a deep breath and began. “Only a few weeks… Rachel and me, that is. The only person I’ve told is my assistant Caterina, and we’re both officially coming out to our employees on Monday. We planned to tell you, mum and Aunt Adele when the three of you were back.”

Laura’s face showed no hint of what she was thinking. “Including the little matter of having sex with your underage children…?”

Jess shook her head. “I mean about me and Rachel being together. I hadn’t actually thought about the rest, other than knowing we had to keep it a secret. I suppose I pushed it aside and hoped no one would ever find out.” She gave a shaky laugh. “Guess that didn’t work out very well.”

“How did it start, then?”

Jess took a sip of tea, then a deep breath. “You know, it’s been three years now since Mark left. I’ve hardly had a date since then, and the few men I did go out with were a complete waste of time. Well, a few weeks ago, Rachel and I were talking about my nonexistent love life, and we decided to have a girly night in — you know, a chick-flick and wine. Only the movie Rachel brought was, er… well, it was a porno DVD, but one that only featured women. With other women.”

Laura studied Rachel, feeling certain that she’d been the one who had turned her straitlaced sister. There’s no way Jess suddenly started watching lesbo porn and having sex with women. Not without encouragement.

“Anyway, one thing led to another, and we started making out. Just heavy kissing, nothing more than that. What I didn’t know at the time was that Alice saw us kissing… and later that night she watched me as I was, well, touching myself, watching Rachel’s DVD. She was peeking through my bedroom door.”

“Did you catch her at it?”

Jess shook her head. “No… she kept quiet — and at that moment, I only had eyes for the TV screen. That DVD had me hotter than a bloody pistol. I think that’s when I really began to wonder if I might be gay. The next day, Alice asked me flat-out if I was, and said that she’d seen me kiss Rachel. I told her that… that I wasn’t sure.

“So the next evening, Alice came into my room, wearing nothing but an old shirt; one of her father’s. She said that she’d been having thoughts about girls herself. Then… well, to make a long story short, she told me that if I wanted to have sex with her, she was willing.”

“She didn’t.” Laura breathed.

Rachel said, “I believe those are the exact two words I used when Jess told me about that.”

“I suppose Alice felt that she’d gone too far with that,” Jessica said. “She got very unhappy with herself, and tried to pretend the whole thing was a silly joke. I didn’t think it was right for her to feel so ashamed, so I… I told her the truth — that I’d had those kinds of thoughts about her, too.”

Did you, then? Christ almighty.” Laura shook her head in disbelief. “How did Alice respond to that?”

“Surprised,” Jess said, “but she got over that right away. “In fact, Alice asked me if I would kiss her. Really kiss her.”

Laura seemed dazed by this revelation. “What — what did you do?”

“Oh, I said no, of course, but she was so… well, you know how headstrong Alice can be. I think she gets it from you. I’m not blaming her in any way, absolutely not. It’s entirely my fault, I should have been firmer and given her a definite no, I realize that. It’s just that honestly, she did put forth a compelling case, and in the end, I… I thought it would be better to give her what she wanted than have her kissing some spotty boy who only cared about getting into her knicks.”

“Wait, wait,” Laura protested. “Much as I admire your good intentions, are you telling me that you had no desire to kiss Alice? You weren’t tempted by your daughter, not even a little?”

Jessica made a face, looking at the floor. “Oh, hell…” She sighed heavily, then said, “You always could see right through me, couldn’t you, baby sister? You’re right, of course — I didn’t want to feel that way, but… yeah, I was aroused by her.” She raised her head, forcing herself to make eye contact with Laura. “In fact, the morning after Rachel and I first kissed, I went into Alice’s room to wake her up — and when I pulled the covers down, she was… completely naked underneath. I couldn’t help myself; I had to look. My God, she was lovely…” She paused, then added, “I suppose it didn’t help that one of the scenes on that lesbian DVD of Rachel’s was about a mother making love to her daughter. Seeing that… well, I couldn’t keep myself from thinking about, about being with Alice that way. I’m not saying I wanted to have sex with her, just that the idea popped into my head.”

Laura slowly nodded. “So when she asked you to kiss her…?”

“I was shocked at first, what mother wouldn’t have been? But damn it all… Alice had that old shirt fastened so low that I kept getting glimpses of her breasts, and it got obvious very quickly that she wasn’t wearing knickers. This, mind you, while she was telling me about looking at other girls in the shower after gym and getting turned on.

“Then she got behind me and started rubbing my shoulders, then I felt her lips touching my neck… and I don’t know how it happened, but we were kissing like lovers. Oh, Laura, I can’t begin to tell you how sweet, how beautiful, how good it was!” She hesitated, then simply came out with it. “I couldn’t say no to Alice, to what she wanted. We made love, and it was incredible.”

“I see,” said Laura.

Jess waited for her sister to say more, then shrugged and resumed the story. “About a week later, Rachel and I had real sex for the first time… and the night after that, I slept with Alice again.”

She decided to leave out the matter of Alice catching her with Sally and that later dalliance with her young blonde employee, thinking it might not be the best time to throw that at her sister.

Laura’s face still gave nothing away as she looked up at her sister. “I’m really happy you have someone, Jess, and the fact it’s a woman is obviously fine by me. Hell, I can even see why you might teach Alice about kissing; I used to practice with my friends and fancied some of their mums. But how do you go from that to having sex with all your daughters… and Rachel’s girls?” She shifted her gaze to Rachel. “Guess I ought to be asking you the same question.”

Jess thought for a moment. “To be really honest, I don’t really know for sure. I suppose that we ended up talking ourselves into the idea.”

“Well, it was something I’d already been thinking about,” Rachel said. “Bella was asking me questions about masturbation, I decided to show her how, and we ended up doing it together.” She shrugged. “For a few weeks afterward, I kept thinking about how I wanted to show her more.”

Jessica picked up the thread of the story. “I ended up telling Rachel about what I’d done with Alice, we discussed it, and somehow we came to the conclusion that it sort of made sense that mums should teach their daughters about sex, even sex between girls… then we asked ourselves, why shouldn’t we take a hands-on approach to it?”

Before Laura could counter with a pointed reply, Jessica quickly continued. “Mind you, I didn’t make a definite decision to get Katie or Poppy involved.”

“Well, I thought she should,” Rachel said. “The night I made love to my Bella for the first time, Cindy caught us naked and in bed together. I decided to be honest with her about what we’d done… and do you know, the very first thing she asked me was if I would teach her about sex, too!” Reaching out for Jessica’s hand, she took it in hers. “I didn’t think that Jess should exclude any of her girls from the chance to experience love.”

“Well, in my case, it was Alice who really made it happen,” Jessica said. “See, I had to go to a meeting one evening and left her in charge.” She paused. “When I got home, I caught Alice having sex with Katie. I already knew she liked girls, but I thought that when she experimented, it would be with a friend of hers, like Bella.

“Well, it was quite a scene… poor Katie was terrified! I made sure she hadn’t been forced into anything, then sat her down and told her about me and Rachel. That calmed her down — but of course, Alice couldn’t leave things at that. I still suspect that she set the whole scene up, hoping for me to catch them. Next thing I know, she’s making out with Katie right in front of me. I watched them, and it was beautiful and… well, I had to join in.” She glanced at Rachel, who gave her hand a reassuring squeeze.

“So how did Poppy get involved?” demanded Laura. “You decided that you might as well complete the set?”

Jess looked hurt. “That’s not fair, damn it. I never intended any of this to happen, it wasn’t planned. I was lonely, things just got out of hand. I gave in. If you’d seen them that night, you would have done the same, I promise you. Why, the morning after, Alice and Katie crept into my room and made love to me again. Look, apart from one sleepover when I was twelve, I’d never even kissed a female until a few weeks ago!”

Now irked, she pointed an accusing finger at her younger sibling. “Listen, Laura… you may know what it’s like to have sex with women, but you can’t even begin to understand what I’ve been going through. First admitting to myself I might be gay, then finding out I’m in love with my best friend, then letting my twelve-year-old daughter convince me that I needed to have sex with her, and her little sisters!”

Realising that her tone had grown harsh, Jessica took a breath to steady herself, then spoke more softly. “So tonight, we got together to talk to our daughters about Rachel and me and our two families becoming one. Ask the girls tomorrow; they’ll confirm everything I’ve said. Sure, most people would say that we were bloody awful mothers… but I’m finding it harder and harder to give a toss what they think.”

“She’s right, Laura,” Rachel said. “I know that society thinks it’s a crime, but sharing pleasure with my daughters was the most wonderful experience. It’s made us closer than ever.”

“It did,” Jess agreed. “I know that we have to keep what we do secret, and I’m reconciled to that… but by Christ, I refuse to feel ashamed of what I’ve got with my children.”

Laura sat silently for what seemed an age, finally saying, “I… I need to think about this. I’ve been travelling all day and I’m positively knackered.”

“Are you going to tell Social Services on us? Or the police?” asked Jess, tensing slightly as she waited for her sister’s response.

Laura made a dismissive gesture. “Of course not! Listen, whatever has gone on, you’re still my sister, and I love you and the girls. Right now, though, this is all too much for me to absorb. I need to sleep on it.”

“The spare room is free. I’ll get you some bedding.” Jess quietly said, then left the room, heading upstairs.

When she was out of earshot, Rachel spoke up again. “Listen, Laura, Jess and I are in love… and I love her girls as much as if they were my own. Neither of us would do anything to hurt them. Alice and Bella have been experimenting with each other for some time, longer than me and Jess. I suspected something was going on but while my daughter is… was, very shy, Alice knew she liked girls. And once Jessica and I had made love to them, I believed that we should get their younger sisters involved.

“We’re determined to protect the girls, and made damn certain that they understand what we’re doing isn’t to be discussed outside the family. But they are willing participants, all of them, and happy about it. Please think carefully about this. I know Jess wouldn’t want to fall out with you, so if you say we must stop being intimate with our daughters, we will… but Jess and I are still going to be lovers, and Bella and Alice probably will, too. I’d even go as far as to say that the other three will feel left out if we can’t make love to them anymore. In fact, they’ll likely look elsewhere for sex, and who knows where that may lead. All I’m asking is that you trust us.”

Laura rubbed her face with both hands; partly from exhaustion, partly confusion. “This is all too much for me right now. Give me time to think. I promise not to hit you guys with any ultimatums just yet. Okay?”

Just then, Jess returned. “Your room is ready, the one at the end of the landing. There are clean towels in the big bathroom if you want a shower.” She looked from Laura to Rachel, who shrugged to indicate she had no idea what else to do or say.

Slowly rising to her feet, Jessica’s sister got up and tottered into the hall to pick up a small bag. Looking back at the two women, she said, “We’ll talk more about this in the morning,” and mounted the stairs.

Jess and Rachel exchanged a glance, then drifted together in a hug. As they broke apart, Rachel asked, “What do you think she’ll do? She’s your sister… and apparently gay as well, which came as something as a surprise. I can’t believe you never told me about that!”

“Bisexual, actually, but she’s always preferred women. Honestly, Rach, I don’t know how this will play out. I’m sure she won’t tell the authorities, but she might force us to stop with the girls… or even tell my mother.”

“I suppose there’s nothing we can do about it now. Let’s go to bed, and face the music in the morning.“

Jess cupped Rachel’s face in her hands and gently kissed her. “You’re right. We’ll talk to the girls first, though. They’re probably worried sick.”

She briefly considered washing up the cups and teapot, but settled for a quick rinse and placing everything in the sink. A bit of washing up left over is nothing, compared to what we might be confronted with tomorrow.

She turned off the lights, made sure the front door was locked, then both women went upstairs.

Rachel pointed to Alice’s door, and they quietly opened it and slipped inside. Glancing back toward the spare room, Jess heard the shower running. Good, we won’t be interrupted.

The girls were all still in the same room, and looked up apprensively when their mothers entered.

Alice spoke first. “What did Aunt Laura say?”

Both women sat on the crowded bed, their respective daughters quickly snuggling in close. “Not a lot, really,” Jess said. “She’s not going to tell the authorities about us, but apart from that, I’m not sure. I put her up in the guest room. We’re going to talk in the morning.” She sighed. “I guess she might want to talk to you girls, to make sure we haven’t forced you into anything.”

Katie spoke up. “Don’t worry, Mum, we’ll tell her it’s okay… and that we wanted to do stuff with you. And with Auntie Rachel, too.”

Smiling lovingly at the girl, Jess reached out to pat her daughter’s knee.

“What about you two,” Rachel asked, an arm wrapped around each of her daughters. “Are you okay?”

“I’m okay, I guess,” Cindy piped up.

But Bella had a worried look etched on her face. “But… but what if she does tell someone?”

“Honey, I’m sure she won’t. She’s been with women too, so it’s not like she is shocked at that. It’s just the part about mums and daughters making love that she’s struggling with.”

“Aunt Laura’s a lesbian?” Katie exclaimed, then turned to her sister. “Did you know that, Ali?”

Alice nodded. “Yeah, she told me a long time ago, when I asked her why she never has boyfriends. Then, a few months ago, I told her I might like girls.”

Now Jess was the one looking surprised. “You spoke to Laura about being gay? Why didn’t you come to me? For that matter, why didn’t she tell me about you?”

“Um, cause I asked her not to. Sorry, Mum. I didn’t know if you’d be mad or not.”

A look of concern crossed Jessica’s face. “You haven’t… done anything with her, have you?”

Alice was quick to respond. “No, Mum. She just explained why she liked women more than men. She said that maybe I could be gay, but I had to make my own mind up about that. And she gave me a hug when we were done talking, but that was all.”

“Okay,” Jess replied. Now, girls, I think it’s time for all of us to turn in for the evening. And by that, I mean go to sleep… no hanky-panky. I don’t want Laura to get awakened by the sound of girls having sex.” She glanced around at the others, thinking about the sleeping arrangements for the night. Bella, you can sleep with Alice, we’ll put Cindy with Katie. Poppy, you can bunk down with me and Rachel.”

Katie jumped in. “Oh, Mum, let Poppy share with me and Cindy, there’s tons of room! I promise we’ll be good.”

Jess studied her youngest, then slowly nodded. “Fine, but keep the noise down and don’t stay up for very long. Now come on, all of you — get ready for bed.”

Everyone rose and dispersed — Jess heading to Katie’s room through the bathroom, followed by the three youngest, while Bella and Alice remained behind to straighten the bedsheets before they turned in. Only Rachel remained where she was, calling out, “Aren’t you forgetting something, girls?”

Katie, Cindy and Poppy realised as one what she meant, and promptly came back to kiss Rachel goodnight before returning to Katie’s room.

Jess fought her desire as she watched the girls quickly undress, then crawl naked beneath the duvet, with Poppy sandwiched between the older girls. She bent down to give each one a goodnight kiss — only not her usual peck on the forehead, as Katie pulled her mother down to join their mouths and tongues for a brief French snog, which was copied by her little sister Poppy, then Cindy, who smiled and said, “Night-night, Mum,” which made Jessica very happy.

The others giggled and echoed, “Night-night, Mum.”.

“Goodnight, girls.” said Jess. “I love you all.” She exited through the bathroom, pulling the door shut behind.

As Jessica returned to Alice’s room, she was greeted by the sight of Rachel bent over the bed, the short dress riding up over her shapely bum and exposing her stocking tops. Another inch and I’ll see her minge, she thought with a smile.

Rachel was exchanging a lustful kiss with Alice. Gently breaking away, she lovingly touched the tip of the girl’s nose, then moved to the other side of the bed to where Bella lay. “Goodnight, sweetheart,” she whispered, then mother and daughter came together in an ardent kiss of their own. Jess felt a spark of sexual heat flare within her as she watched their tongues flick back and forth.

Moving to the opposite side of the bed, she leaned down to kiss Alice first, losing herself in the softness of her daughter’s sweet mouth, then stepped around the bed to where Rachel’s child waited. Their lips and tongues met and mingled, then she caressed Bella’s cheek. “You know, what with our unexpected visitor, I never got the chance to thank you for how beautifully you made love to me, Bella. I’m looking forward to being with you again… when I’ll get the chance to lick you!”

Bella beamed with delight, happy that she had pleased Alice’s mum, realising that she’d developed a bit of a crush on the lovely redhead.

The two women looked at each other across the bed, exchanging contented smiles. Despite the uncertainty of the morning to come, the evening had truly merged the two families into one. Whispering “Goodnight,” to the girls, Rachel and Jess departed from the room.

Once the door had closed, Alice and Bella turned to face each other.

“Do you really think it will be okay with your aunt?” Bella asked. “Now that we’re proper girlfriends, I don’t want to stop. And I want to keep doing stuff with my mum and sister — and yours, too.”

Alice snuggled closer to Bella, wrapping an arm round her. “I’m not very worried, no. Auntie Laura is really cool. She’s always treated me like a grown-up — a bit like a big sister, really. I think she was just surprised by what we were doing.” She paused to mull things over. “Y’know, maybe she won’t be so weirded out by us making love with our mums, not once she’s had time to think about it.”

“Well, she is gay, right?” said Bella. “Who knows, maybe we could make her want to join us!”

“Why not? I mean, where else is she gonna find a whole bunch of girls that like having loads of sex, who are as totally hot as us?”

“Ooh, yeah! Do — do you really think that could happen?”

Alice pondered the question. “Y’know, Auntie Laura got an awfully good look at all of us while we were naked and doing sex. Sure, she was shocked, but now she’s gonna be thinking a lot about what she saw… and I bet it makes her totally hot!” Seizing Bella around the waist, she rolled onto her back, pulling the squealing teen on top. “In fact,” Alice continued, “I wouldn’t be surprised if Auntie Laura wanks herself silly before she goes to sleep.”

“Hmmm… wanna sneak down the hall and see?”

Alice thought about that, then shook her head. ‘Better not. She’d be mad if she caught us… and Mum would blow a gasket! Anyhow,” she added, wriggling deliciously against her nude lover, “I’m way too comfy here with you.”

Bella giggled, the warmth and softness of Alice’s body pushing her concerns aside.

They began to swap tender kisses, hands gently exploring bare skin. Although her mum had more or less ordered them not to make love, for once Alice was content to simply cuddle.


Over In Katie’s room, the three younger girls giggled quietly under the duvet, delighted with their new sleeping arrangements. They took turns giving playful little kisses to each other and toying with nipples, but as they started to become aroused, the giggling stopped and the breathing deepened.

Before they could make the move into full-on sex, Katie said, “Y’know, I think we should talk to my Auntie Laura in the morning, and tell her that our mums didn’t make us do anything with them… ‘cos I bet that’s what she’s afraid of. Then, we’ll tell her how we want to be one big family, and do lots of stuff like we did tonight.”

Cindy considered Katie’s suggestion, then asked, “Do you think we can get her not to tell anyone?”

A distant expression appeared on Katie’s face, as though she was trying to work out a tricky homework question. “Well, if we ask her the right way.”

“But, um… what is the right way?” said Poppy.

Katie suddenly grinned. “Hmmm… think I might’ve just figured that out.” She stretched herself, settling down in the blankets. “C’mon, let’s get to sleep. I’ll tell you in the morning.”


At the end of the hallway, Jess closed her bedroom door and leaned back against it, letting out a deep sigh. Rachel turned and sat on the bed, reaching down to slip off her shoes. Leaning back on her arms, she looked over at Jess. “Well, isn’t this turning into a night of surprises.”

Pushing away from the door, Jess walked over to the bed, stopping in front of Rachel. The brunette looked up at her lover, then laid back on the bed, taking hold of the zipper at the top of the dress and slowly drawing it down, as far as her hand could go. Jessica took over, tugging at the zipper until the dress was open and Rachel’s sex fully exposed.

Straightening up, Jess proceeded to casually unbutton her own dress, finally letting it drop to the floor. All the while Rachel watched, sliding a hand between her legs to trail two fingers up and down through the lust-slickened lips of her vagina.

Jess began to mirror Rachel’s actions while remaining on her feet. Before long, both women had brought themselves to gentle, almost silent climax, with only the in and out of their breathing to accompany their shared pleasure.

“Ahhhh… lovely. Christ, I needed that,” Rachel sighed, pausing to suck on her glistening fingers. She sat up for just long enough to shimmy out of her open dress, threw it on the floor, then relaxed into the sheets, slowly parting her thighs. “Well, don’t just stand there, woman. My door’s open — come in and stay for a while.”

Jess climbed onto the bed and knelt above her lover, then lowered her body until she was on top of Rachel, planting gentle kisses on the brunette’s mouth and neck.

They both tensed slightly as the bathroom door opened down the hall — then a couple of seconds later, the guest room door closed.

Jess looked at Rachel. “Much as I’d enjoy making love with you, I think we ought to get some sleep before we face Laura in the morning.”

Sitting up, Rachel swung her legs down to the floor, then began to roll down the hold-up stockings she wore. but was stopped by Jess, who touched her shoulder. “No, leave those on. I rather like how they feel against my skin.”

Jess turned to switch off the main light, and both women slipped under the covers. Rachel snuggled into Jessica’s arms, draping a nylon-clad leg over her shins. “This is nice,” she whispered. Our first night together as a proper couple.”

They briefly kissed, then closed their eyes. Sleep soon followed.


Laura had just dried herself after a quick shower and let her hair down, shaking it out before brushing it — thirty strokes on each side, as always. Shrugging out of the terrycloth bathrobe Jess had left for her, she  dropped it by the side of the bed within easy reach. She couldn’t be bothered to dig through her crammed suitcase for nightwear, so she slipped nude beneath the duvet.

Laura Clark was three years younger than her sister Jessica. She’d never given much thought to the idea of marriage and 2.4 children, much preferring the independence her job as a journalist provided. In truth, she’d discarded the idea of ever settling down with any man long ago. There had been a few men at certain junctures in her life, but far too often, her preference for strong, assertive guys ended up sabotaging relationships before they’d even begun. Inevitably, those kinds of men ended up becoming possessive or controlling.

For the last five-plus years, Laura had found herself sleeping exclusively with women, as she did back in her uni days. Women accepted these liaisons for what they were; mutual fun and satisfaction. But now, after several years of bed-hopping, she was giving serious thought to settling into something more long term.

Her job enabled her to travel all over the UK, America and Europe, but she sometimes managed to wangle assignments to more far-flung and exotic places in search of a story. Having cut her teeth in the everyday vanilla world of newspapers and magazines, one particular series of articles she wrote on high-ranking European officials claiming expenses for high class escorts sent her career on a different path. These days, Laura mostly sought out stories that delved into the bizarre world of sexual aberrations.

Lying on her back and staring up at the ceiling, Laura was finding it hard to sleep, despite her accumulated fatigue from the day’s travel. She struggled not to dwell on the situation she had stumbled into, the kinky activities her sister was indulging in with her own kids. Instead, she focused on the assignment she’d just finished, although that hardly took her mind off tonight’s unexpected welcome home.

She’d been gone nearly two months, travelling around Europe following the happening trend of lesbian sex parties. Swinger gatherings had been around for years, but more recently there was a rise in events catering to the high-profile rich and beautiful; those willing to fork out for expensive memberships, almost as a badge of status, to more upmarket events in exotic and expensive venues. The women who attended these parties all seemed to swing both ways, even if some of them started out as exclusively straight.

It seemed only logical that the next big thing would be women-only sex parties that catered to successful females. Not usually the rich or famous, but women with resources who were looking for something different and casual, or those who were too shy to date women in public.

From her interviews with the organisers, hostesses and members who were willing to talk, Laura learned that some of these women were married; some happily, some unfulfilled. Others didn’t have the time or the inclination for relationships with men, while some craved sexual satisfaction without the uncertainty of online dating. A growing number of these women were first-timers, women who had been with men all their lives and wanted something more. These parties were intended to be safe, discreet environments where secrets were kept, and the organisers took extraordinary measures to ensure that.

Laura recalled one particular event, held in a large walled mansion in an affluent area of Paris. She had to guarantee anonymity, and the photos and video footage she took had to be vetted to ensure that no identities were compromised. These would be edited later, with only a couple of pictures and brief video clips used as part of the storyline.

She had been watching from the corner of a large high-ceilinged room ringed with works of art and expensive furniture, dressed somewhat more glamorously than usual in order to blend in. All the attendees had been advised of her presence in advance, and were offered ornate masks to wear if they wished.

Laura noticed that one of the women kept glancing at her as she sat in a darkened corner with a glass of champagne; she didn’t appear to be one of the hostesses. The woman seemed to be in her forties but, she suspected, was actually somewhat older. Laura had often gravitated towards more mature women, and something about this one piqued her interest, not just because she was attractive and elegant.

It was pretty obvious that the woman was new to the sex party experience, judging by her reluctance to engage anyone, but it didn’t take long for a hostess to spot her and start a conversation. The woman was dressed in a shiny satin bottle-green dress, while the hostess had been wearing a little scarlet wrap-over number. Laura watched as the younger blonde hostess, clearly in her early twenties, flirted with the dark-haired newcomer, laughing and easing her towards others to bring her into the group activities, occasionally touching her arm, hand or back.

The attendees mingled in the soft lighting and danced to the sensuous beat of bossa nova, punctuated by occasional peals of laughter. It was the job of the hostesses, some of whom were soon stripped off to their elegant lingerie, to make the women feel special, but many of the more experienced guests liked to convert new members to the lifestyle, relishing the challenge. These “newbies” were often easy to spot, wandering around the mansion with an air of awe and uncertainty.

About an hour into the event, women began to pair up, with some couples electing to add a third or fourth participant. This often started with close dancing, bodies grinding together, hands roaming, kisses swapped. Gradually these couples or groups moved over to plush sofas that ringed the room, or disappeared to one of the many prepared bedrooms for more private pleasures.

Laura saw the blonde hostess whisper something to the woman, who nodded, then whispered back. As they drifted towards the door, both women glanced back at Laura and smiled, then exited the room. Intrigued, she slowly ambled to the doorway, just in time to see the pair slowly mounting a grand spiral staircase. As they reached the next floor, the women looked down at her, then went through an open door.

Hastily climbing the stairs, Laura paused outside the same door, her pulse racing. She had watched women fuck at these parties before, even witnessed her first lesbian orgy with more females than she could count at an especially wild bash in Holland. This time, she felt as if something else was about to happen — that for the first time, she was ready to participate.

Laura had managed to remain detached and aloof at the other all-woman parties she’d covered, difficult though it had been to maintain her journalistic veneer. It crossed her mind that it had been a long time since she’d had any sex, much less with a strange woman at a party. Now, she felt ready to let her hair down.

The door of the room was slightly ajar. Deciding to see where this took her, she nudged it further open and saw both women embracing by the bed. The young blonde was taking the lead, kissing the older woman and caressing her body. They turned as Laura took a cautious step into the room, and the younger one moved behind the older one, resting her chin on her new lover’s shoulder.

“Allo,” she said in a strong French accent. “My friend here, she hopes you will join us.”

Laura hadn’t responded at first; despite her arousal, she suddenly felt apprehensive about becoming part of the story she was covering — didn’t it fly in the face of her responsibility as a reporter? But Christ almighty, it’s been sodding ages since I’ve had it off…

Her mind was made up when the blonde reached round the mature woman to tug at the sash holding her dress together, kissing her neck and shoulder as the garment slipped down to pool on the thick carpet, revealing fancy lingerie that matched the woman’s dress and nude hold-up stockings. The young blonde raised one hand to cup the older woman’s breast, stroking the nipple through the bra while the other hand delved into the lacy panties, eliciting a moan from the woman, her legs buckling slightly.

Moving into the room, Laura closed the door behind her, the standard code for ‘private party – do not disturb’. The blonde reached out to Laura, who moved towards the pair, offering her hand to be taken and drawn in. The hostess guided her close to the older woman, pausing to pluck Laura’s glass away, placing it on the night table.

As Laura gazed into the woman’s hazel eyes, the blonde moved behind her, kissing her neck, then unzipping her dress to let it fall next to the other. Laura was glad she’d at least worn a bra and knickers that matched, even if they weren’t exactly Victoria’s Secret.

The older woman hesitated, not sure what to do at first, then grabbed Laura’s face, attempting to kiss her in a sudden move that made Laura start.

The woman stepped back. “I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to do that. I’m… I’m a bit new at this.” Her accent was pure Sloane Ranger.

Regretting her startled reaction, Laura hastened to reassure the blushing woman. “It’s okay. I rather thought you might be.”

“Oh, you’re English, too.”

“Yes. Listen, I’m sorry for pulling away; it’s just that, well, it was a bit sudden. Let’s try again, shall we?” With that, Laura slowly brought her hands to the woman’s face in the same manner and pulled her in until their lips met. The woman allowed herself to be kissed at first, but gradually began to respond until they broke apart a minute later. The woman was breathing heavily, a wild look in her eyes. Laura suspected that at that instant, she herself looked much the same.

The blonde’s voice interrupted them. “I think you have known the pleasures of a woman’s body, oui?”

Laura and the woman turned to see that she had taken off her dress and now lay on the bed, leaning back against some cushions, nude but for a black corset that exposed her breasts, and sheer stockings held up  with garter straps.

“Um, yeah,” Laura replied. “I have.”.

The blonde gave her a sultry smile. “Perhaps then, you will help me to teach our new friend. She wishes to have love from a woman. You and me, we show her how to fuck.”

Setting aside her reason for being there, Laura gently guided the dazed newcomer over to the bed and into the welcoming arms of the hostess. She paused to undress down to her panties, then joined them.

What followed was a night of unbridled pleasure, the likes of which the mature woman had never known. Laura and the blonde had made love to her in every way imaginable — alternating positions, one at each end, both orally pleasuring her, then giving her the first taste of a woman. At some point, the hostess had produced two strap-ons of different sizes, which they used to fill both her holes, causing the woman to scream and thrash wildly, nearly throwing the lot of them onto the carpet when she came. Then they soothed her ravaged openings, the hostess going down on her while Laura tongued her anus.

After two hours of wild abandon, their strength finally gave out, and the three lovers slept in a warm tangle of arms and legs. In the morning, the woman produced a card and gave it to Laura, telling her, “Last night was marvelous… everything I’d imagined and more. If you are ever in London, be sure to call me.” Giving Laura a brief but ardent kiss, she said her goodbyes and left.

Remembering that time, visualising the three of them caught up in the heat of lust, Laura threw back the bedclothes and quietly masturbated. But as her pleasure swelled, the film in her head switched abruptly to the scene she’d interrupted a short while ago.

Upon opening the door, Laura had first seen three very young girls engaged in lovemaking, one of them her niece Katie. Before the shock of that had fully penetrated her consciousness, she saw her sister Jessica a few feet away, getting done from behind by her teen daughter Alice.

It wasn’t just the two of them, either. While Jess was getting fucked, she also was feasting on the cunt of her best friend, whose name Laura couldn’t summon up right then. But what stunned her most of all was the sight of her youngest niece, seven-year-old Poppy — stark naked, like all the others, and riding the mouth of Jessica’s mate. Rachel, that’s her name.

Out of the whole lewd scene, what etched itself most indelibly on Laura’s mind was the expression on Poppy’s face. The little girl’s eyes were closed, her mouth open, and she wore a look of ecstasy that could only be described as sexual — not at all what one expected to see from a child of seven. It was indescribably beautiful, yet obscene at the same time, Laura thought, and that was when Poppy opened her eyes, realized that her aunt was watching them and cried out in astonishment.

Before she could stop the scene from playing in her head, or at least switch it over to something less dangerous, Laura’s arousal overtook her free will and she went off in a frenzied orgasm. She quickly clapped her free hand over her mouth, attempting to muffle any sounds. Her pleasure crested, then slowly waned, and she finally allowed herself to relax.

As she got her breathing back under control, Laura listened, hoping for silence. Nothing. Good.

Turning onto her side, she closed her eyes, tiredness finally overcoming her. She did feel a twinge of concern at having gotten off in such a big way while picturing… that. What she’d seen her sister and Rachel doing with their kids.

There was something thrilling about it, Laura had to admit. In fact, the incest angle didn’t disturb her that much. Ever since recognising her own attraction to girls at the age of fifteen, she had indulged in the occasional fantasy of sex with her big sister — in fact, she had fingered herself to a climax while thinking about Jessica just a few weeks ago.

But making love to your children when they’re as young as hers… that’s going too far, damn it. She yawned. Oh, well, tomorrow’s another day. I’ll have it out with Jess then. 

Settling in, Laura soon drifted into slumber.

Outside the door, a figure crouched, alert and listening. Once the noise had subsided after the muffled sounds of a climax, she waited for another minute or two, then crept back down the hallway to her bedroom.

Off to Chapter 24!


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