Ripples, Chapter 1

  • Posted on September 28, 2018 at 12:51 pm

by Sapphmore and  JetBoy

Note from Sapphmore: This is the first story of any kind I’ve written since school (now a distant memory) and certainly not the type of story suitable for an English exam.  In case it isn’t obvious from my prose, I am English. I live in the green and pleasant land of the English countryside, oh and I’m a man, all of which will probably be obvious when you read my story.

Like most men with a pulse, I found long ago that lesbian porn ‘floated my boat’ more than any other. However, about six years ago I came across (no pun intended) written erotica via sites like ASSTR, Nifty, Literotica etc, and in time found Leslita and the now-defunct Loliwood (which had some great fiction, although there were too many stories of male domination over young girls for my liking), before finding the Holy Grail that is Juicy Secrets.

After considerable procrastination, I finally plucked up the nerve to submit a story. I soon discovered that writing erotica is a far cry from writing reports and, although I am quite proud of my command of the English language, when it came to dialogue and an engaging story, that was somewhat lacking. Luckily for me, Jetboy took pity on me and set about trying to make me into an author (it may be some time, but I’m trying). The result so far is this first story of a seed that germinates slowly and puts a mother on the path to enlightenment.

I hope you like it.

Note from JetBoy: When Sapphmore sent “Ripples” my way, I was mightily impressed with the result, especially seeing as it’s his debut as an erotic author. I told him that I’d be delighted to serve as his editor, then jumped right in.

As I began to do my usual editing routine, I found myself coming up with ideas to expand the story and flesh out the characters, including the additions of new scenes and dialogue. Sapphmore gave me carte blanche to run wild with his prose, and our excitement grew as we tossed thoughts back and forth. We soon reached the conclusion that “Ripples,” had evolved into a joint effort, and Sapphmore generously elected to have my name accompany his as co-author.

Anyhow, enough explanation — on to the erotica! Do enjoy.


Chapter 1

The woman stared back, as though she was trying to see behind her eyes. Her long red hair was a mess, but despite that and her lack of makeup, it would be hard to dispute her beauty. The woman’s face started to blur; the steam from the tap was beginning to cloud the image.

Jessica Matthews wiped the mirror and carried on getting ready for work, but still continued the silent dialogue with her reflection. She wondered why the woman staring back at her looked so forlorn, given that she owned a very successful business, could and did turn heads wherever she went, had plenty of friends and, best of all, three adorable daughters who were surely destined to break more than a few hearts when they ripened into womanhood. The only thing missing in her life was a loving husband.

There had been one, and they had been blissfully happy for a few years as Jess raised the girls, three flawless miniature versions of herself. (She could hear them now, running around and jostling for control of the main bathroom.) Jessica and Mark had been university sweethearts who went on to marry, just as everyone expected they would. Both worked hard in their respective careers, but his had taken a different path three years earlier, when the tech company Mark worked for asked him to take charge of an overseas office.

That’s when her perfect world fell apart. Jessica had no wish to leave the thriving Oxfordshire town where she’d been born and grown into womanhood, or give up her job. The girls loved their school, and her mum and younger sister lived within close reach — not to mention dozens of friends. Why give up their happy lives and start over again in another country?

Then came the real shock. Mark made it clear that if she didn’t want to go, he was sure to find someone who would appreciate the opportunities such a move could bring. That’s when the penny dropped, and Jessica realised that he already had someone in mind for a life partner — and she’d been relegated to the back-up, not his first choice.

The divorce was swift and merciless. Three months later, Mark was shipping out to the USA after making arrangements for the settlement and ongoing maintenance of the girls.

Jess and her daughters had taken it badly at first, but in the months that followed, the girls managed to come to terms with it — perhaps realising that, on the rare occasions when their father wasn’t working, he was off on a business trip, so they hadn’t actually seen much of him anyway. Jessica made up for his absence by putting aside even more time for them, so before very long mother and daughters had become their own version of the Four Musketeers, an inseparable force to be reckoned with.

A crash stirred Jessica from her reverie and she went downstairs to the kitchen. She glanced around and saw three faces turn to her as she entered the room.

“It’s okay, Mum. A bowl just slipped from my hand,” said her eldest daughter, Alice.

She was twelve years old, going on twenty-one, and had the rich blonde hair of her father. The middle sister  Katie, age nine, was more of a mix of both parents, with wavy strawberry blonde tresses. Then there was Poppy, who at seven had long, deep red hair that clearly came from her mother’s side.

The younger girls seemed relieved that Alice had jumped to their defence, as they’d clearly been squabbling over the same cereal bowl. It was typical of their older sibling to take the heat for them. She was fiercely protective of her little sisters, like a surrogate nanny, and Jessica knew all too well that she’d be lost without Alice’s steadying influence.

She gave the girls a look of amused disbelief, then grabbed a brush and cleared up the mess, her earlier confrontation with the Jessica in the mirror now forgotten.


An hour later, Jessica had dropped the girls off at school and was just arriving at work, parking in the small lot next to her store.

Jessica owned a ladies fashion shop in a thriving town a few miles outside the city of Oxford which, due to her hard work and talent, she had made very successful. This was later helped by the legacy from her Father, who had died five years earlier. That, along with her divorce settlement, had allowed her to expand the business.

What set her clothing shop apart from so many others was the choice she’d made to diversify her stock into many different styles. She catered for the “ladies who lunch” (as she called the cream of Oxfordshire Society wives), as well as older women with traditional tastes and even young millenials and teens who sought out the latest and flashiest trends. No matter who entered the store, Jess did her best to carry something to suit their taste — and if a customer couldn’t find anything they wanted in stock, she also had contacts for custom-made couture.

That day, after a busy couple of hours on the job, Jessica dropped into the tea rooms across the road for a coffee and light lunch. It was owned by one of her best friends, who lived on the same street in a picturesque village just a ten-minute drive out of town.

Rachel Thomas was a dark-haired 37 year-old beauty, also divorced, with two daughters — Bella, twelve, and Cindy, ten — who were close friends with Jessica’s older girls. Jess and Rachel had met at some school function and bonded almost immediately.

As Jess entered the tea room, Rachel’s business partner Charlotte Coleman gave her a warm welcome, then asked what she fancied for lunch. She was close to Jessica’s age at 35, but looked much younger, mostly because she was tiny with short blonde hair that made her look like a pixie. This sometimes led people to underestimate her, but Charlotte was smart, determined and, when needed, tough as nails.

Taking a brief glance at that day’s lunch menu, Jess gave Charlotte her order, then joined Rachel, who was seated in a quiet corner. They exchanged greetings, then began to chat, quickly getting up to speed on each other’s lives.

Not long after their orders arrived, Rachel began a new topic of conversation, one that Jess hadn’t been expecting. Setting her tea cup to one side, she studied her friend. “So tell me, Jessica —  when were you last out on a date?”

Jessica’s fork paused in mid-motion. “You mean a real date, with a man?”

“Whoever. And yes, I mean a real date.”

Jess pondered, sighed. “Almost a year ago.”

“That long?” Rachel said, clearly surprised. “I knew it had been awhile, but…”

“Listen, between my job and looking after the girls, I don’t have time to play the romance circuit — or the energy, for that matter. Also, I’m not ready to bring someone new into the family.”

“Well, I hope you’ve at least had a bit of casual sex.”

“Oh, a couple of times since Mark left,” Jessica said with a shrug. “In all honesty, though, I think I only did it out of frustration… or maybe to prove to myself that I’ve still got what it takes.”

At that last remark, Rachel shook her head in disbelief. “Are you serious? You’re only thirty-eight and still bloody gorgeous! I know lots of men who would fall at your feet for a date.” She smiled. “A few women, too.”

Jess stared at Rachel. “Excuse me? What do you mean, a few women?”

“Why on earth should that seem odd to you?” Rachel replied. “Don’t tell me you’ve never at least thought about having it off with another woman. Didn’t you practice kissing with any of your friends when you were at school?”

“Of course not!” Jessica responded, rather too quickly — suddenly turning her attention to cutting up bits of her chicken filet. “I had boys to practice with, thank you very much.” Then she paused, gazing thoughtfully at her friend. “I suppose you’ve kissed lots of girls, have you? Rachel Thomas, is all this… this talk about my romantic life just your way of telling me that you’re considering batting for the other side?”

Rachel only grinned. “Well, I wouldn’t say I’d kissed lots of girls, but I did practice with my best friend at a couple of sleepovers… and I even had a bit of a fling with a roommate when I was at university.” She paused, making a face. “Mind you, considering the quality of the men around here, I wouldn’t half mind a night of passion with a sexy lady. Nowadays, I have to settle for a bit of five-finger shuffle, or my trusty toys.”

Jessica opened her mouth to speak, then went quiet. This whole conversation was making her feel slightly uncomfortable. Thankfully, Rachel seemed to notice, and dropped the subject.

Glancing at her watch, Jessica realised that it was later than she’d thought. “Oh, damn, got to get back — I’ve a mountain of invoices to slog through.” She rose from her seat. “Thanks for lunch, Rachel. Drop by the shop sometime, and I’ll treat you to a new sweater. We’ve just got in some lovely ones, pure Argentinian wool.”

“I’ll take you up on that,” said Rachel, walking her friend to the entrance.

Then, just as Jessica was about to leave, Rachel placed a hand on her arm. “Listen, Jess, why don’t I get a babysitter and pop over tonight? We’ll make a girls’ night out of it. I’ll bring a couple of chick flicks and a bottle of Chablis.”

Jessica was taken aback — but a moment’s reflection convinced her that Rachel’s idea was a good one. God knows, it’s been awhile since I’ve had some real “me” time, she told herself. “Sounds great!” she replied with a nod and a smile. “Make it around ten o’clock or so, and you can say hello to the girls before they turn in.”

“It’s a date, then,” Rachel said. “Your first in a year, is it? I feel honored.” With that, she gave Jess a warm hug and a peck on the cheek, murmuring, “See you tonight.”

“Um, yes — see you,” Jess murmured, the little bell on the door tinkling as she opened it to depart.

Back at work, the afternoon was a little quieter than usual. As Jessica was going through those invoices, her mind kept drifting back to what Rachel had said about kissing other girls, and she wondered why she’d withheld the truth from her friend.

In fact, Jess had kissed her good friend Abigail — at a sleepover, back when she was twelve. It had happened during a game of Truth or Dare, a challenge made by their mutual chum Liz, who added, “And it’s gotta be the real thing, you guys — tongues and everything!”

She’d gone into the kiss thinking the whole thing was silly, a giggle, but the softness of Abby’s mouth caught Jess by surprise. Then her friend’s warm, wet tongue parted her lips, timidly seeking entrance — and just like that, her heart began to race. Without a second thought, Jess brought her own tongue into play, and suddenly the two girls were kissing for real.

Years later, Jess sat behind her desk, toying with the pen in her hand as the memory came back, clear and stark. She’d felt hot and cold at the same time, and found herself wanting to wrap both arms around the girl and hold her close, so that their bodies were touching. Instead, she pulled away with a nervous giggle. Abby had also laughed, though Jess could tell that her friend had liked the kiss too.

The Truth or Dare game ended there, the girls agreeing that it was late, time to settle down for the night. But sleep was a long time coming for Jess.

Unwanted questions assailed her. Why had she enjoyed kissing Abby so much? Did it mean that she liked girls? Had the others sensed her feelings? That last one scared Jess the most. She remembered how Liz often referred to a certain teacher as a “lezza.” What if she thought I was like that? Jess wondered. The very idea had terrified her.

I’ll just have to make sure that I never do anything like that again, she decided, and finally managed to fall asleep.

Back in the here and now, Jess thought about her frightened adolescent self, and how there had been a certain distance between her and Abigail after that night. The crazy thing is, she mused, I’d swear that’s still the hottest, most thrilling kiss I’ve ever had. With a twelve-year-old girl, no less!

With a sigh, she put her thoughts to one side and got back to work.

When it was time to pick up the girls, she said goodbye to the staff, then had a quick chat with her shop manager. Caterina Lombardi was a 37-year-old Italian with a voluptuous figure, rich dark eyes and a bright smile. Her Mediterranean accent gave her an air of mystery, and she was hugely popular with the customers. Jessica knew full well how lucky she was to have her. Sometimes she wondered why the woman had never gone into the fashion business for herself, but Cat always insisted that she loved working for Jess.

Jessica picked up her daughters, then made a quick stop at the grocery on the way home. On arrival, the girls raced upstairs to change out of their school clothes and get started on their homework, while Jess swapped her high heels for comfy slippers and began to prepare the evening meal. An hour later, the family came together at the dinner table, where they enjoyed plates of spaghetti and discussed what kind of days they’d had.

Just before 10 o’clock, there was a knock on her door. When Jess opened it there was Rachel, wearing a short summer dress. Katie and Poppy had already gone to bed and Alice was just on her way upstairs, but she paused to give “Aunt Rachel” a cheery hello and a hug before making her exit.

Jess brought out two glasses and a tray of nibbles she’d had ready, then she and Rachel seated themselves on the sofa. After opening and pouring the wine, they started to chat, both women carefully skirting around the subject of sex — at least, until Rachel reached for her purse with a knowing smile. Reaching in, she produced a couple of DVDs with a flourish, both of them in plain white boxes. “These have been knocking around for awhile in the back of my wardrobe. To me, they’re pretty hot… let’s see what you think.”

“Pretty hot? What on earth?” Jess asked, puzzled. “You told me you were bringing chick flicks, Rachel.”

Rachel laughed. “Well… these are chick flicks, sort of. You’ll see.” Opening a case, she plucked the DVD from inside, then rose to her feet. “Go ahead and turn it on — I’ll put this in.” Shrugging, Jess aimed the remote, switching on the TV and DVD player. Rachel inserted the disc, then rejoined her friend on the sofa.

As soon as the title Girls Who Love Girls #35 came up, Jessica knew exactly what kind of chicks Rachel had meant. “Oh, my God, Rachel!” she gasped, then gave a nervous giggle. “Um… are you trying to convert me or something?”

Rachel just laughed. “Who, me?” she said, then sipped her wine.

Absently taking a throw pillow into her lap, Jess settled back, her pulse throbbing. Ever since lunch with Rachel, her thoughts had been drifting again and again to the idea of sex between women. A couple of hours earlier while chopping tomatoes and onions for her spaghetti sauce, Jessica found herself wondering if she could even summon up the nerve to enter a lesbian bar, much less hook up with a female stranger.

Standing there at the cutting board, Jess had decided that although it was an interesting notion — and goodness knows, her last few encounters with men had been anything but inspiring — she would have to put a lot more thought into it before exploring the possibility of making love with a woman.

And now she was watching a lesbian sex film with one of her best friends, who had more or less admitted to being bisexual earlier in the day.

Is Rachel planning to make a move on me? she wondered. Then a second, more unsettling question made itself known: If she did, how would I respond?

She stole a glance at her friend, imagining her as a potential sex partner. Jess had to admit that a woman like Rachel would be the kind of lover she would want: thick, luxurious dark red hair, hazel eyes and a full, womanly body that was built for comfort. I bet she’d feel really nice in a cuddle, Jess thought.

On the screen, two blonde women were seated on a bed, having a conversation that Jess wasn’t even listening to — but when one leaned in and kissed the other, her attention was riveted. The kiss quickly grew hot and eager, then the two lovers began to undress.

Jessica couldn’t help but be aroused by the sight, but didn’t want it to show. Trying to make it seem casual, she said, “They aren’t really blonde, are they?”

“Those two?” Rachel said with a disdainful snort. “Not bloody likely. I can practically smell the L’Oréal Paris‎ from here!” She paused, studying the women as they stripped out of the last of their clothing. “Mind you, they are damn sexy, aren’t they?”

“Yes,” Jess replied, not knowing what else to say.

She and Rachel were silent as they continued to watch the lesbian sex unfolding on the screen, steadily growing more explicit. By then the lovers were in a sixty-nine, mouths feasting on each other’s shaved slits. Suddenly the scene changed, and there were two different women on the screen, walking down a hallway hand in hand. Feeling somewhat confused, Jess glanced at her friend.

“This disc is all clips from different movies,” Rachel said. “No real plot to speak of, just non-stop sex.”

Jessica shifted her attention back to the action. Like in the previous scene, these women were kissing. They were just as attractive as the first two but looked much less like porn stars, so the lovemaking was far more convincing, their kisses especially hot. By the scene’s end, Jessica was feeling increasingly  aroused.

The next clip on the disc featured two women in their late thirties or older, seducing a teenage babysitter. Actually, the so-called babysitter was at least twenty-five herself, made up to look more like a high school girl. Not that Jess minded — the sex itself was still sizzling hot!

After awhile, she surreptitiously glanced over at Rachel, and was shocked to see that she had pulled the skirt she wore up to expose her thighs and a pair of lacy knickers, cupping the crotch with her free hand. Taking a longer look, Jess saw that Rachel was making small movements with her index finger, stroking the cleft of her vagina. Her heart jumped a beat when she noticed that the front of her friend’s panties was visibly damp.

Suddenly embarrassed, Jessica turned back to the TV screen just in time to see a stunning brunette shove several fingers into a trimmed auburn pussy, then bend down to tease her lover’s clit with a flickering tongue. Jesus sodding Christ, she thought, this is amazing! The few bits of straight porn she’d seen before had left her cold, but these lesbian scenes were something else again.

Jess was getting very turned on. Without thinking, she slipped a hand down the front of her loose fitting tracksuit, using the pillow in her lap for cover. She’d gone without panties, and was astonished by how wet her pussy was. She began to slowly trail her middle finger up and down her slit and through the close-trimmed patch of auburn pubes, now matted with her fluids. Without effort, that finger slid easily into her vagina, then curved as she probed increasingly deeper, using her thumb to make tiny circles round the inflamed nubbin of her clitoris.

She was staring at the lusty sex action on the TV, at times briefly closing her eyes when ripples of ecstasy surged through her — then, suddenly, Jess felt something touching her hand. She started, opening her eyes to see Rachel, very close to her and with one hand joining Jessica’s inside the tracksuit, pressing between her thighs.

Shocked, Jess started to move away, but Rachel stopped her with a smile and a shake of the head, whispering, “Just go with it, love… let me help.”

She joined her fingers to Jessie’s and began to touch her friend’s dripping minge, exploring the warm, wet flesh. Then with a single abrupt thrust, she plunged her fingers alongside Jessica’s into the juicy hole.

A violent shudder shook Jessica — then Rachel suddenly leaned in and kissed her, forcing her tongue between Jessica’s parted lips. A stunned Jess froze at first, then began to respond as if she’d been waiting her whole life for this kiss. Maybe I was, she thought.

Their tongues engaged in a lustful duel as the two friends drew even closer, pressing their bodies together. There was an urgency and passion to this kiss that Jess, and indeed Rachel, had very rarely felt with anyone.

They kissed for a long, lovely while — then, without warning, Jess climaxed with more intensity than she had in years, with such a gush of fluids that she wasn’t completely sure she hadn’t pissed herself.

As her ecstasy subsided and finally dimmed, Rachel planted a gentle kiss on Jessica’s lips and said, “There. Now you’ve practiced with a girl.” She sat back on the sofa, grinning like the cat who’d gotten the cream.

Struggling to compose herself, Jess absently wiped her wet hand on the tracksuit. “Oh, my goodness, that was… that was so…” Unable to summon the words to describe her feelings, she fell silent.

Rachel seemed to understand, and patted Jessica’s arm.

“Um… we should probably call it a night,” Jess mumbled. “I had a bit too much to drink… and I’m up early tomorrow morning.”

Rachel slowly rose to her feet. “Yeah, I’d better get back and sort out the babysitter.” Jess gave her a quizzical look, then Rachel added, “So she can get home, I mean.”

As Rachel straightened her clothes, Jess ejected the DVD and placed it back in the case, then switched off the TV. “Here’s your disc,” she said, holding it in an extended hand.

“You hang onto that,” Rachel said with a smile. “I’ve got more at home. Watch the whole thing — you’ll pick up a few good ideas for next time.”

Jess felt her face grow hot. “Rachel! You are so bad.”

“I prefer to be called ‘fun-loving’, but I’ll settle,” Rachel said, reaching for her purse. “Thanks for having me over, Jess.”

“Thanks for the company… and the entertainment,” Jessica replied. “I — I had a really good time.”

As they made their way to the front door, Rachel turned to Jess and said, “It’s about time we had a girly night out. How about getting a couple of our mates together and making a proper evening of it — y’know, a few dozen drinks and some unrestrained dancing?”

Still feeling somewhat dazed, Jess replied, “Oh, sure. Sounds great. I’ll, er, make some calls in the week, spread the word.”

As she opened the door to let Rachel out, they paused to glance at each other. Unable to resist the sudden impulse she felt, Jess suddenly put her hands to her friend’s face, drew close and gently kissed her, then said, “Thanks again, love. Have to admit, I needed that.”

Rachel just responded with, “I know,” and a wink. With a squeeze of her friend’s hand, she stepped into the night, crossing the road to her house.

As Jessica closed the door and turned around, she thought she caught a movement in her peripheral vision, but put it down to the wine. Shaking her head to clear it, she collected wine glasses and the serving platter.

As she moved into the kitchen, a small figure darted further back into the dark and froze.

Minutes earlier, Alice had gotten out of bed to get some water and heard strange noises downstairs, so she crept quietly down a few steps to investigate. She hadn’t been able to see much, as her position was behind the sofa where her mum and Rachel were sitting, but she saw enough to know that they were kissing.

That was startling enough, but then Alice glanced at the TV, her eyes going even wider as she took in a scene from Rachel’s lesbian DVD. A beautiful naked lady with red hair was stretched out on her back, and another dark-haired lady who wore only knickers was licking between her legs.

Alice’s mouth hung slack at the sight. She knew what lesbians were, of course, and had seen two women kiss each other in a grownup movie that Mum had allowed her to watch. But that was a far cry from watching her own mother making out with another woman — or the hardcore lesbian sex that was unfolding on the television screen.

Thinking about it, Alice decided that she liked the idea of Mum being girlfriends with Aunt Rachel. Her feelings about the few men that her mother had dated since Dad left ranged from indifference to active dislike. Guess Mum didn’t like them much either, the twelve-year-old told herself, ‘cause she didn’t go out with any of them but a time or two.

Her attention shifted back to the TV screen. The two lovers, now both completely naked, were in each other’s arms and sharing passionate kisses. Alice’s heart throbbed at the sight. Have Mum and Aunt Rachel done stuff like that, with all their clothes off?

The whole scene made her feel funny inside — wanting something, but what? Maybe to see more of what was happening on the sofa. Were they doing more than just kissing? She could tell that they still had their tops on, at least.

Alice kept stealing glances at the TV, but her main focus was now on Mum and her friend. Girlfriend, I mean. The urge to see everything had the girl scowling in sudden frustration. What are they up to? Are they touching each other? Damn it, I want to know!

Her thoughts were interrupted when Mum broke the kiss with Aunt Rachel and threw her head back, crying out loud. She was trembling, and her eyes were squeezed shut.

Oh my God, Alice realised, a hand flying to her mouth. Mum’s having an orgasm! They have to be doing more than just kissing, lots more! With a shiver of excitement, she wondered if Aunt Rachel was touching her mum down there.

Alice had figured out how to masturbate a few months earlier. It felt nice when she touched herself, and she did usually manage to come… though what was happening to Mum right then seemed a lot more intense. Maybe it gets better the more you do it, Alice decided. I’ll be doing it tonight, that’s for sure!

Her attention was riveted to the sofa, the antics on the TV screen all but forgotten. She wondered what Aunt Rachel and Mum would do now. Maybe they’ll get undressed, she told herself, the thought making her heart race even faster.

But instead, Mum called it a night, saying she had to get up early the next morning. Alice was surprised by how disappointed it made her feel, the show ending so abruptly. Mum even turned off the movie — though Aunt Rachel then told Mum that she could hang onto the DVD for a few days.

That thrilled Alice. Maybe she’ll leave it someplace where I can find it, she thought.

Before she knew it, Aunt Rachel had left — and Alice suddenly realised that she’d missed her best chance for a safe getaway. Mum was in the kitchen, too close by for the girl to make her move.

But then Jessica came out of the kitchen, hesitated and went into the lounge. She picked something up from the coffee table, an object Alice recognised as Aunt Rachel’s DVD. When Jess turned to switch off the light, Alice raced up the stairs as quickly as she dared, hastening into her bedroom. Leaving the door slightly open, she listened.

She heard Mum go into her room, but also saw that she didn’t turn off the light right away. Within a couple of minutes, she heard sounds similar to those coming from the TV earlier. Oh, wow — she’s watching it some more!

The temptation to resume her spying was much too powerful to resist. Alice crept out to the hallway and moved near to her mother’s bedroom door. Luckily, Mum hadn’t quite shut it all the way.

Carry on to Chapter Two!


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