Ripples, Chapter 28

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Note from JetBoy: It’s been a long while since the appearance of the last chapter, mostly due to the avalanche of stories I’m still slogging through for Juicy Secrets. Thus, we feel that a brief refresher is called for. (To get a superior summary of the first 27 chapters, please see the Ripples Chapter Links.)

Divorced mother Jessica has found a new identity as a lesbian, becoming the lover of her friend Rachel, as well as her three daughters Alice (12), Katie (9), and Poppy (7). At the same time, Rachel found sexual intimacy with her own girls Bella (12) and Cindy (10), and they have all recently decided to come together as one big incestuous family. Jessica’s younger sister Laura caught them in the act, got seduced later by the three youngest daughters, and is struggling with her feelings about the whole affair. 

In the early chapters of this story, while just beginning to question her sexuality, Jess had her first full-on lesbian experience with her teenage employee Sally, while Rachel enjoyed a steamy encounter with her babysitter Millie. A few weeks later, Jess and Rachel got the idea of fixing these two girls up with each other, and have just planned a day to make that happen.

Recently, Jess took her daughters to visit an acquaintance, Stella, for an afternoon barbecue. Stella’s twin daughters Sienna and Lacey (both fourteen) flirted shamelessly with Jessica and her girls, while Stella and Jessica’s eldest daughter Alice seemed to realize a powerful attraction for one another. 

As it transpires, Stella is a member of a secret society of local women who enjoy lesbian sex — especially with younger girls, including their own daughters. Now that Jess has officially come out, Stella and Blanche (another acquaintance) are toying with the notion of bringing Jess into the fold. And that, dear friends, is where our saga picks up the thread…


For a detailed list of the many characters in this story, check out The Women and Girls of Ripples


By Sapphmore &  JetBoy

Jessica eased the car into her parking space behind the shop, emerged from the vehicle, and entered through the secure rear door, catching sight of Caterina, who was switching on the lights and checking the premises.

“Morning, Cat,” she called out.

Caterina turned to her, all smiles. “Hi, Jess. Have a good weekend?”

I surely did, Jess thought. Filled from end to end with hot, sweaty lesbian sex. “Yes, indeed,” she replied. “We went to Willett’s with Rachel and the girls, and on Sunday my daughters and I had lunch at Stella’s. Oh, and on Friday night, my sister Laura came back from her latest assignment. She hadn’t phoned ahead, so it was quite the surprise!” Jess chose to omit the fact that Laura had caught both families in the midst of an orgy.

“Hmmm. Sounds like at least someone had a fun-packed weekend.”

Jess frowned. “Oh, dear. I’m guessing that means you didn’t, then?”

“It was okay, I suppose, just not very exciting. Fiorella and I went shopping in Oxford; she’s growing up so fast, you know. I suppose she’ll soon be spending more time with her friends. Then on Sunday, she and I went for a walk along the river and had lunch outside at the Trout.” She paused, shrugged. “It’s just that, like I said when you and I talked a little while back… oh, I don’t know. It just seems like I’m — I’m missing out.”

Jess recalled the lunch she had with Rachel at that very same pub, followed by the furious fuck they’d enjoyed afterwards in the back of the car. “Have you given any more thought to what I said, Cat — about maybe trying the other side of the fence, dating a woman?”

Though no one else was around to overhear, Cat leaned forward to speak in a conspiratorial tone. “You know, I have to admit that after what you told me about what it’s like to be with a woman, I’ve been giving it a lot of thought. In fact, the other night, I got on my computer, googled ‘lesbians’, and got over a million results!” She began to blush. “I was brought up in the south of Italy by a very old-fashioned family, so… well, there’s a lot of things that I never got exposed to as a girl.”

“Okay… so did you like what you found?”

Cat smiled shyly. “I can’t believe I’m telling you this, but I did check out some of the videos. Most of them were very interesting, but then I watched one with a teenage girl seducing her mother’s friend. Oh, Jess, it was so hot! I — I couldn’t help myself, I started looking at others like that. Anyway, I must have got a bit um, excited, if you know what I mean…”

“Oh, I do,” Jessica purred. “Those are the clips I like best when I’m having a fiddle.”

“Well, I, er… yes. That’s exactly what I was doing. So I had a hand down in my knickers, and the next thing I know, Fiorella is outside my room calling me, asking if I’m okay! I didn’t think I was making any noise, but I must have done. Luckily, my daughter always knocks, so I had time to close the laptop and told her I had a cramp in my leg.”

“A cramp?”

“I was improvising! It was the best excuse I could come up with. So then Fi came in and pulled the quilt back, grabbed my leg and started stretching it for me. Thank Christ I hadn’t got round to taking my knickers off! Anyhow, I don’t know if she noticed that I was a bit, you know, excited, but she did give me a funny look as she left.”

Picturing that scene reminded Jess of the time Alice had spied on her while she watched the mother-daughter sex scene on the DVD Rachel had loaned her, back before she’d even had done more than kiss another woman. Suddenly, an image of Cat’s daughter Fiorella popped into her head. She was a carbon copy of her mother, with the same long black wavy hair and Mediterranean skin. A vision of the two of them naked and making love had her tingling all over..

Cat continued, oblivious of where Jessica’s mind was going. “The trouble is, now I can’t get that video out of my head! I nearly crashed the bloody car the other day, just because I saw some young woman in the street who reminded me of the girl in the video.” She sighed heavily. “The worst part? She couldn’t have been much older than my daughter.”

“Sounds like you’ve got it bad, girl. My advice is to get out there and explore these feelings. Have you thought about checking out a lesbian dating site?”

“Mmm, I’m not sure about that. I couldn’t go on a date with anyone without at least meeting her first and getting to know her, especially since I’m completely new at this. If it was like you and Rachel, I mean someone I already knew… well, perhaps. Then again, the only lesbians I know are you and Rachel.”

Jess briefly considered letting Cat know that Stella was gay, but dismissed the idea just as quickly. I don’t dare nudge her in Stel’s direction. She and the twins would eat her alive. I’m still not quite certain that I’m ready for them!

She took another tack. “You know that club we all went to a couple of weeks ago? They probably have other ladies-only nights. Rachel and I would be happy to go with you to lend moral support. After all, that was the night she and I got together. You’re a damned attractive lady, Cat, and I’m sure there’s another woman out there who’d love to, er, ring your bell.” They shared a laugh, then Jess added, “Give it some thought, anyhow.”

In fact, Jess was already giving thought to the possibility of scheming with Rachel to entice Caterina into bed and ring her bell themselves. She and her lover had enjoyed their daughters together, but had yet to share a hot, juicy fuck with another woman. I probably oughtn’t to get sexually involved with my store manager, but still…

Caterina was about to respond, but a quick rap on the door brought assistant manager Ella breezing in with a cheery greeting. Giving Cat a quick wink, Jess exchanged brief accounts of the shop’s weekend activities, then went up to her office. She switched on her computer and was about to make an espresso when she heard Cat and Ella go into their shared office. It occurred to her that this was as good a time as any to reveal her newfound sexuality to Ella.

Making her way next door, Jessica tapped on the door, then entered. “Hi, Ella… can I have a quick word? I have something to tell you. Cat already knows about it.” She took a deep breath, then charged ahead. This might come as a bit of a surprise, but the fact is, I’ve recently started a serious relationship.”

“Good!” Ella declared. “It’s about bloody time. I mean, when was the last time you had a proper date? You’ve not mentioned any new guy for ages, so I hope this one realises how damn lucky he is.”

Jess poked her tongue out and grinned. “Well, that isn’t the surprise, and I still won’t be mentioning any guy, as my new lover happens to be named Rachel.”

“Come again? Wait, are you talking about the same…?”

“Yes, Rachel… as in my best friend.”

“Whoa. What, so you decided to cast your net wider? How long has this been going on, then?”

“Our first time was the night we went to that club in Oxford. Rachel and I both decided we were fed up with men and, well, it just felt right. Our daughters are already friends, and they’re all really happy about it, so we’ve decided to make it official.” She paused. “Which is why I’m telling you now.”

Emerging from behind her desk, Ella stood in front of Jess, arms folded. “The important question for me is this: when should I buy a new hat for the wedding?” She threw both arms around Jess as a smiling Caterina looked on. “I’m really happy for you… and it’s about time someone made an honest woman of Rachel.”

Jessica raised both hands in protest. “Steady on, we’ve only just got together.”

“Well, you’re not getting any younger.”

“Bloody cheek. I’m not much older than you!” The three women shared a laugh.

At that moment, they heard someone bounding up the stairs, then Bridget came into view in the doorway on her way to the staff room. Seeing the three women looking, she paused in mid-step. “Um… what’s up?”

Jess spoke. “Actually, Bridget, can you come in for a moment?”

Although Sally was Jessica’s youngest employee at sixteen, she was a student and only worked part-time. Jessica’s youngest full-time staff member was twenty-two-year-old Bridget.

Bridget was the opposite of Sally, with long black hair to Sally’s blonde tresses. She didn’t possess the generous bust of the younger girl, but her body was lithe and athletic. As she entered, dressed in body-hugging black leggings and top, Jess recalled how she’d stolen more than a few glances at Bridget after discovering her true sexuality, admiring the girl’s feline grace as she moved. She’d given her the job a couple of years ago, largely because she liked her edgy style, and encouraged her to put ideas forward on the latest trends in her age group. She was great with the teens and younger women, with the sales record to prove it.

Seeing a look of concern in Bridget’s eyes, Jess allayed her fears. “Don’t worry; it’s not bad news. I just wanted to tell you that I’m in a relationship with Rachel, from the cafe across the road. We’re a couple now.”

Bridget responded with a simple, “Cool. So, does that mean you’re converting the shop to gay women only? Maybe start carrying sex toys?” Her tone was serious, but the twinkle in her eyes made it clear that she was joking.

Jess gave an amused snort. “Well, the lesbian trade does appear to be a growing demographic in this area, but… no.”

“So you’ll have to buy your clit massager without an employee discount,” Ella said.

“Sod that for a start,” Bridget replied, “the sex shop on Melbray Street wants fifty bloody quid. So… you and Rachel, eh? Well, she is a pretty hot babe. Anyone for coffee? I’m gonna make some.” With that she breezed out the door, and the three women all glanced at each other and burst into laughter.


Around lunchtime, Sally arrived for her afternoon shift. Jess looked for an opportune moment to break the news to her and eventually saw her go past the office door towards the store room. Quickly rising from her chair, Jill followed after, calling, “Hi, Sally, how are you?”

On hearing Jessica’s voice, Sally swivelled round from the shelf, holding several pairs of black tights. “Hi. Jessica. Is everything okay?”

“Yes, I just wanted a word.”

“Um, okay.” The teen stood attentively, waiting for her employer to speak.

Jess had checked Cat’s office as she passed to make sure it was empty; now she peered through the door to ensure that no one was coming up the stairs. Turning back to the teenage girl, she lowered her voice. “So, Sally… do you remember when we made love?” She saw the girl’s eyes light up, probably from the memory, perhaps a little in anticipation of what her boss was about to say.

“Yes,” Sally whispered.

“I told you at the time that I wasn’t really experienced at that kind of thing. My first real lesbian experience was with you… though there was another woman who I’d done some pretty intense kissing with. Since then I’ve become involved in a full time relationship with her.”

Sally’s face clearly registered disappointment as she sat back on a small table. “Oh,” was all she said.

“It’s Rachel Thomas.”

Sally now looked puzzled. “I didn’t know she was gay.”

“Well, she wasn’t, not at the time — just curious, the same as me. We realised that we had feelings for each other, and now we’re a couple. I know you were hoping that we could get together again… and honestly, what we had was fantastic. But Sally, it’s really best that you find someone your own age.”

By then, Sally was staring down at her shoes. “Well, I know I’m too young for you,” she mumbled, “and I get that we c-can’t be in a real relationship. It’s just that — well, it’s hard to find other girls like me.” She sighed. “I am happy for you and Rachel… but I can’t help but feel sorry that we can’t be together again.”

“Well, you never know,” Jess murmured.

At that, Sally’s bowed head shot up and a spark of interest came back to her eyes. Then she frowned. “But you’re with Rachel.”

“Yes, I am… and you should find someone your own age, honestly. In fact, I’d like to discuss that with you in greater detail. Are you able to come to my house this Wednesday morning around ten o’clock?”

As if by magic, Sally had become her buoyant self again. “Oh, of course, Jessica, I can. That would be really nice… and congratulations to you and Rachel!”

Hearing her name called from below, Sally jumped up and gave Jess a clumsy hug, rushed to the door — then stopped abruptly, turning back to grab the packages of tights before dashing down the stairs.

Returning to her office, Jess phoned Rachel to ask how her employees had taken the news.

“I only told Charlotte and Maria, not the other girls. They didn’t seem very surprised to find out I’m gay, but when I told them you were my partner, they didn’t believe it!” She chuckled. “I don’t know what that says about me.”

“Hmmm… they probably think I could do better,” Jess said.

“Ha bloody ha. So Maria asked if it had anything to do with the night out we’d had at the club, and when I told her it did, she figured they must put something special in the drinks. Then she said that maybe we should plan another girls’ night out. I suspect she might be up for a little lez action herself. So… how did it go on your end? Are you officially out and proud?”

Jess told Rachel about her various conversations. “I wasn’t looking forward to telling Sally. She was hoping we’d get together again, after all.”

“Can’t say I blame her. Did your little invitation perk her up, I hope…?”

Indeed it did. Our Wednesday tea party is on. I have to say, I’m really looking forward to it… and believe me, you are going to love playing with her.”

“And you’ll enjoy Millie. That girl was quite the firework, once she got heated up. It was all finger action, so I never did get to taste her… and believe you me, I very much intend to make up for that!

They continued to make small talk until Jess heard someone in the background call for Rachel.

“Hell’s bells. Sorry, Jess, I have to go. Although considering what we’ve got planned for Wednesday, I don’t know how I’m going to focus on the job. See you, sugarpuss!”

“Love you too.”

As soon Jessica set her phone down, it trilled again. She picked it up without looking at the display, assuming it was Rachel. “Forgot something?”

“Sorry?” Not Rachel. Jess recognised the voice right away, though.

“Stella, sorry. I just got off the phone with Rachel and thought she was calling back. We’ve both just told some of our employees about us being a couple. Listen, thanks again for the lovely lunch yesterday. The girls had a marvellous time.”

“Yes, the twins were quite taken with your daughters. As was I, actually. They’re beautiful… just like their mother.”

There was a silky, seductive tone to Stella’s voice that made Jess feel lightheaded. She imagined the woman seated before her now, eyes smouldering with desire, wearing the smile of someone who’d just had her cake and eaten it.

Before Jess could summon a reply, Stella continued. “No doubt you’re wondering why I called. Do you recall when we were talking about our children and what avenues they wish to pursue when they’re older, and you mentioned that Alice was especially interested in art?”

Jessica had a very distinct idea of where this little chat was headed. “I do, yes.”

“Well, it just occurred to me that Alice might like to spend a day in the gallery on Saturday, to get a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes. I know she’s a bit young to do that, but it’s just one friend looking after another friend’s daughter. I’ll take good care of her, teach her a few things about art and the business… then that evening, I’ll take her home with me, and she can have a sleepover with Sienna and Lacey. I believe they’ve already extended an open invitation to her.”

Jessica had to smile. “That’s very kind of you, Stella, I’m sure she’d love to. I won’t be in the shop that day, but I’ll drop Alice off at the gallery first thing. Thanks.”

“Oh, it’ll be my pleasure,” Stella cooed. I’m sure it will, thought Jess. “I’ll bring her back late Sunday afternoon, if that’s okay.”

“That’s perfect, Stel. See you Saturday.”

Jess thought about messaging Alice, but didn’t want her distracted at school, so she decided to tell her when she got home. She’ll be thrilled, that much I know. But she’s got to be careful… we’ve got so many secrets to keep.


Wednesday arrived without much in the way of drama or excitement. It won’t stay that way for much longer, Jess thought, a knowing smile on her lips as she reached for the car keys.

After dropping the girls off at school, Jess hastened back home, then texted Rachel to suggest that they dress for all-out seduction.

Her lover immediately replied, Don’t I always?

Jess had a shower, resisting the urge to masturbate as she thought of what lay ahead. She decided to wear something from her shop’s newest collection of lingerie; a sheer black see-through bustier decorated with tiny pink roses, almost cupless with suspender straps, to which she attached lace-top black stockings. Slipping into the matching lace panties, she paused to appraise herself in the mirror.

Pleased with the result, Jess selected a short lace dress from her closet, then hesitated. Thinking it over, she decided that it might look odd, visiting Rachel’s in such a provocative dress at this time of day. And if I display this much leg, it might give Sally the wrong idea. Instead, she opted for the full business ensemble with a long pencil skirt and long-sleeved white blouse. To complete the illusion, she tied her long red hair in a ponytail. And though it was likely to get smudged very soon, she chose to apply a deep scarlet lipstick.

The doorbell rang. Looking at the clock on her bedside table, Jess saw it was only just a quarter to ten. Taking a final glance in the mirror, she went downstairs to greet her guest.

Sally was wearing a short floral dress that hugged her curvaceous body, supported by straps that didn’t seem quite up to the job. Jess knew then that she’d been right about Sally’s expectations. On any other day, she wouldn’t hesitate to lead the sweet teen upstairs and ravish every bit of her luscious body. Right then, however, Jess had other, more exciting plans for the girl.

Sally, on the other hand, had half-expected Jessica to be dressed more casually, maybe even in a dressing gown. Seeing her done up as if she was about to attend a business meeting left Sally feeling a little deflated, but she managed a smile. “Hi, Jessica. I’m not too early, am I?”

“No, not at all, come in. Take a seat; I just have to finish something upstairs. I’ll only be a minute.” She ushered Sally into the lounge, then left the room and hurried upstairs. Once in her room she closed the door, then phoned Rachel.

“Is she there?” Rachel asked right away.

“Just got here,” Jess replied. “How about Millie?”

“Not yet, but she’s still got time — Oh, wait, there’s the doorbell now! Okay, this is it. Give me a couple of minutes, then you two come over. Looks like Operation Blind Date is a go!”

Jess laughed. “Roger that,” she said, but Rachel had already hung up.

Returning to the lounge, Jess seated herself across from the girl. “So… how’s school going?”

Sally filled Jess in on her latest exams, mentioned how much she was looking forward to the holidays, then asked about extra hours at the shop.

After assuring the teen that she would welcome the extra help over summer, Jess looked at the clock, then stood up. “Okay, now we’re going to step out for awhile.”

Sally looked up in surprise. “Step out? I thought we were going to…”

“I have something for you, but it’s not here. Come with me.”

The girl dutifully followed Jess into the hallway, where Jess picked up her bag and keys and slipped into killer four-inch heels to complete the look. Making her way to the front door, she opened it, then gestured for Sally to go ahead.

As Jess closed and locked the door, a puzzled Sally headed towards the car in the driveway.

Jessica shook her head. “We won’t need the car.”

Looking even more confused, the shapely blonde followed Jess down the path to the road. She was still unaware of where they were going until Jessica entered the gate of the house almost opposite, striding up the path to the door where she rang the bell.

Sally was about to ask whose home this was when the door opened to reveal Rachel Thomas, the woman who Jessica had said was now her lover. She stood smiling broadly, dressed in a knee length wrap-over dress that was cinched at the side by a large sash belt.

Frowning slightly, Sally looked from one woman to the other. “Ms Thomas? I — I don’t understand what… why are we here? I mean, why do you need me here?”

Jess kissed Rachel lightly on the lips, instantly sparking a touch of jealousy in the teen, then turned back to Sally. “Patience, sweetheart, you’ll see.”

As Sally stepped into the house, Rachel put a hand on her shoulder in reassurance.

“Hello, Sally, lovely to see you again. Please come in… and it’s Rachel, by the way.”

Now in something of a daze, thoughts started running through Sally’s head, but too quick and jumbled to arrange in any kind of explanation for why Jessica had brought her there.

Shutting the door, Rachel ushered her guests towards the lounge. “Please, take a seat. Can I get you anything to drink — espresso, cappuccino, juice?”

“Um, I’ll have juice, I guess,” Sally mumbled, trying not to be obvious about how ill at ease she felt.

“An espresso would be divine,” Jess said.

As Sally looked around for somewhere to sit, she noticed that there was someone already in the room, seated on a long leather sofa. It was a girl with short blonde hair, someone she recognized from school, wearing a short corduroy skirt with a blue top. It was an unusual look for her; Sally couldn’t recall ever seeing her in anything but jeans and t-shirts.

Rachel indicated with a gesture that Sally should join the other girl on the sofa, then asked with a smile, “Do you two know each other?”

Millie spoke first, turning to the newcomer, who had just seated herself a couple of feet away. “Yeh, sort of; mostly we’re in different classes but we’ve got some lessons together. It’s Sally, right?”

“Yes, Sally Hughes; and you’re, um… Millie?”

“Yeh, Millie Collins.” She turned to Jess. “Hi, Ms Matthews… how are your kids?”

“Oh, grown up quite a lot since you last saw them. You can call me Jessica, by the way.” Glancing at the others, she added, “Millie used to look after the girls for me, some evenings.”

Millie looked around the room. “Are we, er, havin’ some kind of party, then?”

“You might say that,” Rachel replied with a nod. “Jess, can you lend a hand with the drinks?” She smiled at the girls. “You two, just relax and have a nice chat. We’ll be back in a tick.”

Exiting the room, the women went down the hall to the kitchen. Rachel had already prepared coffee; now she switched on the machine. Once it began to gurgle, she stepped out of her heels, then motioned for Jess to follow her. Together, they crept back down the hall to pause within earshot of the lounge.

Inside, the two sixteen-year-olds had sat quietly at first, stealing the occasional glance at one another, but as the women drew near they heard Sally speak.

“Did… did Rachel tell you why she invited you over? And did she mention that Jessica and I were coming?”

“No, I only got here a minute before you. I have no idea what’s goin’ on.”

Sally lowered her voice to a murmur. “Um, Millie, can I ask you something personal?” When the teen didn’t respond, Sally took it as a prompt to continue. “Are you, um… do you… do you like girls?”

Millie’s face reddened slightly and she began to nibble her lower lip, unprepared at the abruptness of the question; indeed, wondering why a girl she hardly knew would even ask something like that. Unable to think of a way to evade the subject, she risked a quick look at Sally — then saw something there that reassured her, made her want to admit the truth.

Averting her eyes, Millie took a steadying breath, then said, “I… think so. I’ve only done it once, but, yeh, it was real nice. I think maybe I even wanna get a girlfriend but, uh, I’m not sure how to, y’know, make that happen.” She gave a shaky laugh, then froze, suddenly wondering if she’d said too much. Slowly raising her head, she studied Sally, thought about it for a moment. “Why’d you ask me that? Do you, maybe… d’you like girls, too?”

“Yeah, I’m gay,” Sally replied with a nod, somehow managing to sound much calmer than she really was. “I figured it out when I was, oh, eleven or twelve.”

“Holy fuck, that’s young!” Millie exclaimed. “How old were you when you, y’know, done it the first time?”

In spite of herself, Sally had to smile. “Honestly, I’ve not ‘done it’ much more than you. My first time was a couple of weeks ago. That was just making out, but the next time, we made love properly.”

“Was it good? Good as you wanted, I mean?”

“Better,” Sally replied with a firm nod. “Much better.”

Sally brooded for a moment, then spoke again. “Er, can I ask you somethin’ now?”


Millie was already speaking softly, but now she lowered her voice to a whisper. “You said you had it off for the first time a couple weeks ago. Was it, um, with Ms Matthews? Um, Jessica, I mean.”

Taking a furtive peek at the door, Sally turned back. “Yeah, it was. Wait a minute — was it Rachel that you did it with?”

Millie’s eyes widened. “Yeh, it was.” She stared at Sally. “What d’ya think they’re up to, then?”

“I… I don’t know!” This little morning get-together suddenly seemed very strange, but Sally couldn’t deny the excitement that she felt.

Parting her lips to speak, Millie froze when they heard the heels of the two women clacking on the oak floor, followed by Rachel and Jess entering the room, the latter bearing a tray. Placing it on the coffee table, Jessica sat demurely opposite the girls in a cuddle chair, the tight pencil skirt restricting her movements a bit.

Rachel deftly slipped in by her lover’s side. She passed glasses of grape juice over to the girls, then poured espresso from the silver pot into two tiny white cups, using a little spoon to add sugar from a glazed china bowl.

Pushing a plate towards the girls, Rachel urged. “You simply must try these Cantucci biscuits. My chef Maria adds pistachio and cranberries to the original Italian recipe. They’re delicious — but mind your teeth, they’re very crunchy.”

As Jess and Rachel sipped their strong black brew as if at a typical morning kaffeeklatsch, the two girls raised their glasses and drank, unable to maintain eye contact with the glamorous women who sat opposite.

Finally Rachel broke the awkward silence. “So, you must both be doing your GCSEs. What are your favourite subjects?”

The girls shared a quick glance at one another, then Sally responded. “Err, art, I suppose. But I like languages as well, so I’m doing French and Italian. I want to get into the fashion industry, so I thought it would be best to know those.”

“Very sensible. Tell me, how do you find working for Jess?”

“Oh, it’s great. I’ve learned so much from her!” She saw a wry smile cross Jessica’s lips at that, which made her blush.

If Rachel noticed, she pretended not to. “Millie,” she said, turning to the other girl, “I think you’ve told me before that your main interest is science.”

“Oh, yeh,” the teen answered, then gave a brief laugh. “S’pose that makes me a bit of a geek, really.”

Taking another sip from her cup, Jessica set it down in the saucer, then gave both girls a big smile. “I expect that by now, you two must be wondering what we’re up to; why we’ve asked you here today.”

There was a momentary silence, until at last Sally mumbled, “Well, yeah, we are.”

“Fair enough,” Rachel said. “But before we explain, I must apologise for neglecting you, Millie. I know that you wanted the two of us to get together again, but lately, my life’s been a bit of a whirlwind. What I have to tell you next is the reason why. You see, Jessica and I are now lovers — actually, more than that, we’re a couple. Sally already knows, because Jess told her employees about it yesterday, as I did mine.”

“Oh,” Millie said. “Um, yeah, that’s great, Rachel.” Her words were sincere, but the girl couldn’t quite conceal a hint of disappointment. “Congrats to you both an’ all.”

“Thank you. Now, about why we’re having this little soirée.” She paused. “Girls, you both recently had your very first sexual experience with a woman… with Jess and myself, to be specific. Sally, you shared pleasure with Jessica, and I made love to you where you’re seated now, Millie.”

At that pronouncement, both girls registered signs of dismay, but Rachel shook her head. “Now, now, ladies — you’ve no reason to feel embarrassed. We’re all adults here; we ought to be able to discuss such things.”

“I didn’t know you knew,” Sally said to Rachel, nervously playing with her fingers. “Um, are you mad about that?”

Jess shook her head. “Sally…” she began.

“Because I d-didn’t even know that you and Jessica were–”

“Sally!” Jess repeated, louder this time, and the flustered girl fell silent. “It’s okay, I promise. Rachel is anything but upset with you. In fact,” she continued with a knowing smile, “she’s downright grateful — and so am I.”

“She’s right,” Rachel said. “And because we’re grateful, Jess and I want to do something nice for the two of you.”

That caught the girls’ interest. Exchanging a quick look between them, they waited to hear more.

“First, I’ve a question for you both, though I’m fairly certain of the answer: do you want to keep having sex with girls… or women?”

There was a moment’s silence, then Sally spoke. “Well, um, I do… but I already know I’m gay.”

Rachel and Jess shifted their attention to a pink-faced Millie who mumbled, “I — I want to try it again, sure.”

“Just as we thought,” Rachel continued with a nod. “Here’s the thing, however. It can be awfully difficult for girls your age to find, er, other lesbians. You’re too young to go to clubs, or to join dating sites — the reputable ones, anyhow.”

Jessica spoke up. “And in a quiet town like this, you can’t be completely open about what you want on social media. If the gossips and bullies at your school discover that you like girls, they’ll make your lives a misery — although I suspect many of them would be acting out of pure jealousy, lovely as you two are. So how do you find that certain special someone?”

“And that,” Rachel said, “that is how Jess and I came up with the idea of setting you girls up with each other.” She let that last sentence sink in, observing the startled reaction from the girls.

Millie and Sally stole a quick peek at one another, then turned back to the women, a mixture of confusion, nervousness and disbelief written on their faces… but also, it was clear to see, a certain measure of interest.

Now Sally spoke. “But — but we don’t know each other, not really.”

Jess quickly responded. “Which is why we invited you both here today… to get acquainted.”

The girls exchanged another look, as if each expected the other to respond with some sort of argument. Sensing their uncertainty, Rachel knew she had to act quickly before one or both of the girls lost their nerve and fled.

“Look at it this way,” she began. ”Imagine you’re at a big party, one where there are loads of people you’ve not met before. Wouldn’t you love to get to know an attractive, interesting girl you could have some fun with? Imagine sneaking into an upstairs bathroom with a cute stranger, locking the door and messing about with her. Sounds enticing, doesn’t it? My point is that you don’t have to know a girl at all to have a good time. It’s not as if we’re suggesting you two get married.”

“We’re not even asking you to fuck!” Jess exclaimed, amused by the girls’ surprised reaction to that last word. “That said, we’d have no objection if you both chose to strip off and do the deed right here and now.” She paused to give the blushing teens a saucy wink. “No, all we’re asking is for you to at least consider the possibility of exploring your desires with one another. That’s not so unreasonable, is it? We’re offering you an opportunity to be with a girl your own age. At the same time, Rachel and I are here to guide you, like, um…” She searched for the right word.

“Tutors,” Rachel offered.

“Just so. We can encourage you, teach you everything we’ve learned about how to please a woman, even…” she gestured around the room, “give you a place where you can be together when you want.” And conjure up some sexy fun for Rachel and me, she silently added.

The teenagers exchanged yet another look — this time long and searching, as if sharing the question, What do you think? both unsure of the answer. At the same time, each girl was casting an appraising eye over the other, considering her as a potential lover.

Millie’s thoughts were filled with images of Jessica and this very pretty blonde, naked and entwined in a passionate embrace. Wonder why Jess never made a move on me, back when I was looking after her kids? she wondered. Maybe she didn’t know she was gay yet. Still, I can see why she’d have it off with this Sally girl… she’s pretty hot. Fucking hell, the tits on her!

As for Sally, she’d been feeling glum about losing out on the chance to see and touch and love the luscious body of her boss again. Now, checking out the elfin girl next to her, she began to see other possibilities, feeling a definite prickle of interest. She did have nice eyes… and a pretty mouth.

Giving Millie a shy smile, Sally shrugged as if to say, Well, what have we got to lose?

Reading Sally’s demeanour, Millie realised that this girl was on the verge of agreeing to go to bed with her, possibly right then. It was too much for her. Yes, she was very much open to trying lesbian sex again, but the idea of being set up this way was unsettling. Beneath Milllie’s brash, rough-hewn exterior, there still lurked traces of the timid little girl that she once was.

Turning back to face Rachel, Millie shook her head. “I — I’m not sure about this.”

Carefully rising, Rachel moved round the coffee table to sit beside the short-haired blonde, giving Jess a quick sideways nod to indicate that she should follow her lead. Jessica did just that, moving over to the sofa to seat herself next to Sally.

Rachel placed a hand on Millie’s knee, which instantly quickened the girl’s pulse, and spoke to her in a calm, soothing tone. “Millie, sweetheart, you enjoyed our little lovemaking session, didn’t you? I know that you did… and I can also see how badly you want to feel that kind of pleasure again. Well, here’s a chance to make that happen. I think Sally is interested, so where’s the harm in giving it a try? Believe me, you’ve barely scratched the surface of what two girls can do together!”

Jess took up the mantle. “Think of it as extra-curricular education. You can practice together, and perhaps now and again, you can show us what you’ve learned.” She let that sink in, noting how that last suggestion had captured Sally’s attention, then continued. “I think you two would make a lovely couple, but if for some reason it doesn’t work out… well, at least you’ll have the experience, and you’ll be that much more comfortable with the next girl you’re with. Will you think about it, at least?”

Jessica noticed that the girls were glancing one way, then the other as she and Rachel spoke in turn, as if following a tennis ball from one side of the court to the other.

Sally was first to reply. “So… how would this work, exactly? We use one of the bedrooms while you both, um, do something else?” In truth, she had a hunch that the women had a very different scheme in mind, and wanted to make them admit it out loud.

Rachel smiled, her eyes briefly meeting Jessica’s. “Well, no, that’s not exactly what we had in mind. In fact, we were thinking of something a bit more… hands on, so to speak.”

“Precisely,” Jess added. “Rachel and I do understand that intimacy can be awkward, when it’s your first time with someone new… so we thought it would be better to give you a bit of guidance along the way.”

This time Millie spoke up, staring at Rachel in disbelief. “You mean… we d-do this in front of you?”

Rachel gave the teen’s thigh a reassuring pat. “How else are we going to help you learn how to make love properly? With a few helpful hints from Jess and me, you girls will be incredible together. And what better time than the present?” She paused for dramatic effect, then said, “Sally, Millie… I think you ought to give each other a kiss.”

The girls looked at each other for the umpteenth time, struggling with this new development.

Millie had been longing to see Rachel again ever since that incredible night when the beautiful divorcee had touched her until she came. On returning home afterward, she’d listened for her parents to go to bed, waiting impatiently until she finally heard her dad start to snore, then masturbated in a frenzy, her head filled with images of sexy women.

But after several weeks had gone by, Millie figured that Rachel had gone back on her promise of a repeat session. Now there she was, asking her to kiss someone else, a girl she barely knew. At least she’s pretty, Millie told herself.

Sally, too, had ached for the chance to make love with Jessica again — and like Millie, had begun to wonder if it ever would happen. Then, out of the blue, her boss had dropped the bombshell about being lovers with Rachel. So much for that, Sally had assumed, but now these women were making a very intriguing offer: the possibility of engaging in sex play with a cute girl her own age, along with a tantalising hint that Jess and Rachel might join in.

Absently nibbling her lower lip, Sally thought it over. The idea of being part of a lesbian orgy was a bit scary, true… but also incredibly exciting. If I pass this chance by, she realised, I’ll spend the rest of my life wondering what I missed. In the span of a heartbeat, she made a decision.

But as she parted her lips to speak, Rachel said, “We can see that you’re both still a bit shy, so perhaps we should help you along.”

With that, Rachel rose from her chair, two steps taking her to where her lover sat. Bending down, she gave Jess a hungry kiss. Their mouths met in a gentle but ardent mingling of lips and tongues, growing increasingly passionate. The girls could only stare in disbelief as Jessica thrust a hand beneath Rachel’s skirt to cup her partner’s vulva.

After thirty seconds that seemed to last much longer than that, they slowly parted, and Rachel straightened herself to smile at the girls. “See, nothing to be afraid of,” she cooed, “Now let’s try something else.”

Advancing toward Millie, she knelt before the seated teen, reaching out to caress her cheek, then leaned forward to kiss the girl. Millie froze for a moment, then moaned as Rachel’s tongue slipped between her parted lips.

For Millie, it was an awakening, an epiphany. She remembered all over again how good it had been to kiss this gorgeous older woman. Suddenly oblivious of the others, she closed her eyes and sank into the sexual euphoria she’d dreamed of since that night. But to Millie’s surprised dismay, those sweet, hot lips withdrew just as she’d begun to suck on Rachel’s tongue. Her eyes snapped open to see the woman giving her an affectionate smile. The sight made her cunt throb.

Jess was now seated next to Sally, “How about you, love?” she murmured, reaching for the shapely teen. “Surely you’re not too shy for a kiss.” She slid a hand to the back of the girl’s neck, drawing her close — but unlike Millie, Sally responded immediately, claiming Jessica’s mouth with hers, eager to recapture the pleasure she’d experienced several weeks ago.

When their kiss finally broke, Rachel’s voice brought Sally back to the here and now. “See, that wasn’t so difficult. Now… why don’t you try it with each other?”

The girls turned so that they were face to face, their eyes meeting for a moment before they leaned in to lightly brush their lips together, parting after just a few seconds. They exchanged another glance, then shy smiles. Millie gave a nervous laugh, then Sally’s mouth met hers again. This time, the kiss lingered.

The room seemed to hum with anticipation as Jess and Rachel anxiously watched, silently urging the girls on. They drew close again, and this time Sally’s tongue emerged to tease Millie’s mouth. The short-haired blonde moaned, her lips parting in surrender..

Rachel and Jessica exchanged satisfied nods as the two blondes melted into an embrace, their tongues twin flames coming together in a fiery dance of lust. Letting them find their own pace, Rachel waited until Millie began to touch her new partner, then gently returned her hand to the girl’s knee.

Millie gave a small jerk as she felt that hand make contact. She knew who it belonged to, but refused to break away from Sally. She was amazed at how good a kisser the girl was, especially compared to Mick, the boyfriend she’d promptly ditched after that incredible evening with Rachel. Blokes just aren’t as good at this kind of thing, she told herself. Now completely absorbed in the delights of her partner’s pretty mouth, Millie barely registered the hand that was slowly creeping beneath her skirt.

Rachel was tempted to go all the way and caress Millie through the front of her knickers; instead, she contented herself with gently raking her fingernails down the teen’s incredibly soft inner thigh.

That got Millie’s attention — and she broke away from Sally with a gasp, turning to stare at the older woman in disbelief. Christ in heaven… is she gonna rub me off right here on her sofa? Right then, Millie was trying to decide if she even had a problem with that.

Sally didn’t bother waiting for Millie to get back to kissing her. Instead, she dipped down and pressed her lips to the girl’s neck, nuzzling the warm skin. God, she smells good. She licked a pathway up to Millie’s ear, then nibbled at the lobe.

Millie didn’t know whether she was coming, going or sitting still. Rachel was gazing at her with undisguised lust, the woman’s fingers tracing lovely patterns on her thighs. And whatever Sally was doing — at that instant, trailing kisses down to her throat and beyond, then taking a playful nip where Millie’s neck met her shoulder — felt absolutely wonderful. The teen’s heart was pounding wildly, her knickers wet enough to wring out like a damp flannel.

Observing the scene, Jess felt raw desire coil and uncoil beneath her belly like a nest of snakes. Clearly, it was time to get involved herself. First, she reached out to touch Sally’s breasts — gently fondling the fleshy globes, then using two fingers to circle a nipple through the girl’s top. Soon she was rewarded with a hardening bud that Jess rolled between her index finger and thumb.

By then, Sally was bent forward, kissing Millie’s now-bared shoulder, and Jessica seized the opportunity to dip down and lightly trace Sally’s exposed spine with the tip of her tongue. Pleased with the shiver she felt ripple through the young girl’s body, Jess paused in her seduction to see how Millie was doing.

It was a most promising sight, hinting at more savoury pleasures to come. The pixie-like teen was dreamy-eyed, mouth ajar as Sally adorned her with kisses, while Rachel caressed the girl’s bare thighs. Millie’s skirt had crept up high enough that Jess was getting the occasional tantalising glimpse of her knickers.

On an impulse, she removed her hand from Sally’s breast and reached out to run her fingers over Millie’s chest, surprised and thrilled to realise that the girl had left off her bra. Seeking out a nipple, Jessica teased it to stiffness, just as she’d done to Sally.

“Oh,” Millie whimpered. “Oh, yes.” Meanwhile, Sally’s lips were approaching hers again. When their mouths met, Millie clumsily seized the young blonde’s face with both hands and kissed her schoolmate long and deep.

Jess looked up at Rachel, who gave a small nod. Time to kick this up a notch.

Touching Millie’s shoulder, Rachel said, “Well, now, I’d say that you two have warmed up quite nicely.”

On hearing Rachel’s voice, the girls parted, both breathing heavily and staring at each other in disbelief,  clearly surprised at how they’d lost themselves in the moment.

“However… I think it’s time to take this party somewhere a little more comfortable.” She rose. “Follow me, ladies.” Taking Millie’s hand, she guided the dazed girl to her feet, while Jess did the same for Sally.

Rachel advanced into the hallway, then began to mount the stairs, leading Millie along. Sally followed close behind, and Jess brought up the rear, moistening her lips as she ogled the girls from behind, her pulse racing as she anticipated exploring the treasures that lurked beneath their skirts. Can’t wait to see  Millie stripped off to those sexy knickers, she told herself.

As they entered the bedroom, Rachel indicated that the girls should seat themselves at the foot of the king size bed. They did so, then Rachel took a couple of steps back and sat on the chaise longue. Jess joined her.

Gazing warmly at the girls, Rachel said, “So, would I be right in assuming you’d like to continue your education?”

Both girls were unable to speak, but after a quick peek at each other, they managed to nod in assent.

“Wonderful.” Rachel languidly stretched out on the chaise, propping herself on an elbow. “You can start by undressing each other.”

It took the girls a few heartbeats to digest Rachel’s words. Sally was tingling with excitement, ready to get down and dirty with this sweet, shy blonde — but then she paused, waiting for Millie’s reaction. We shouldn’t go through with this if she isn’t ready to do more…

Indeed, Millie was feeling tense, uncertain about this entire scenario. Kissing a girl she barely knew was one thing, but stripping naked and fucking that same girl in front of an audience… well, that was another kettle of fish, wasn’t it?

On the other hand, she had enjoyed the kissing, and was very much into going further with Sally. Sure, having these ladies watching is kinda weird… but they’re both pretty nice. It’s not like we’re performing for a bunch of sleazy tossers in a gent’s club. 

Besides — if I back out now, it’ll look like I’m scared. Okay, yeah, I am scared, a little. But I don’t have to let it stop me from doing something big and exciting and new, do I?. 

Summoning up her courage, Millie gave Sally a bashful smile, accompanied by a tiny nod.

Sally reached out for her new friend’s hand and gave it a squeeze. She stood, guiding Millie to her feet, and they faced one another, hand in hand.

Over on the chaise longue, Rachel and Jess watched, excitement dancing in their eyes. This was the moment of truth, when the girls would either come together as lovers or lose their nerve.

The more confident of the two, Sally was first to make a move, reaching out to grasp the hem of Millie’s t-shirt and giving it a gentle tug. Millie froze for an instant, then lifted her arms. Her face was briefly hidden as Sally pulled the cotton top upwards and off, Millie bending forward to assist.

Straightening up, her bare breasts now on view, Millie was about to cross both arms to conceal them — then she forced herself to stop, clenching her fists nervously before she managed to relax them by her side. Taking a deep breath, she reached for the clasp on the front of her skirt.

“No, dear,” Rachel said, interrupting the girl. “I said undress each other. Let Sally do it.”

Millie dropped her hands and looked to Sally, who moved forward and knelt before the girl, pausing to feast her eyes on a pair of breasts that were much smaller than hers, but utterly flawless. She licked her lips, imagining what it would be like to feel Millie’s nipples stiffen in her mouth. Reaching out to unfasten the teen’s skirt, she slowly drew the zipper down until she was able to tug the skirt to Millie’s feet.

Sally’s head swam as she stared at Millie’s knickers, now just inches from her face, the girl’s pubic triangle barely visible through the thin material. Taking hold of the elastic, she pulled them down, then Millie lifted each foot in turn and stepped out of her panties, moving back so Sally could gather up the discarded clothes and pile them on a nearby chair.

Gazing at the nude teen’s vulva, thrilled to spy a hint of wetness there, Sally reached out to toy with the close-trimmed thatch of blonde curls for a moment, then rose to her feet. Giving Millie a bashful smile, she stepped out of her shoes and said, “Now me…”

Millie glanced sideways at Rachel, who nodded, so she took a half step forward to stand before Sally and looked down at the dress the long-haired blonde was wearing, trying to figure out how to remove it before realising that there must be a zipper at the back. She considered moving behind Sally but instead chose to reach round under the girl’s arms, feeling for the zip clasp. This brought her bare breasts into contact with the soft cushion of Sally’s more generous chest, and their lips were close enough to touch. Unable to resist, Millie paused to place a brief but tender kiss on her partner’s mouth.

As she found the zipper, Millie slowly drew it down until she reached the cleft of Sally’s bum. Reaching back around to the front, she took hold of the dress at the shoulders. Sally helped by moving her arms forward, allowing the top half to slip off. Millie tugged it down to the girl’s waist to expose her generous breasts, barely restrained by a pale pink bra.

She already knew that Sally possessed a much fuller figure, but even then, Millie was amazed by just how large her breasts were, glancing down at her own chest with a pang of jealousy. Wanting to see more, she again reached around Sally’s back to unclasp the bra, then stripped it away.

“Bloody hell,” Millie said, awed by the sight of the full, creamy globes, capped with pert nipples that seemed to swell before her eyes. No doubt about it, they were impressive. Even Rachel, who possessed assets most other women coveted, reacted with a sharp intake of breath, causing Jess to chuckle.

Regaining her composure, Millie returned to the task at hand, dropping to her knees to work Sally’s dress down to her feet, followed by the matching pink panties, revealing a neatly shaved vagina. She drew closer, staring at the schoolgirl’s smooth slit. Looking up, she blushed when she saw Sally’s smile. “I’ve… I’ve never seen one up this close before,” Millie mumbled.

Reaching out to touch the slender girl’s cheek, Sally moved her feet further apart as if offering her cunt to Millie, who shivered with excitement at the shapely blonde’s boldness. She moistened her lips, perhaps thinking about what Sally might taste like, then slowly stood.

The two girls, both nude but for the pink and white striped socks Sally still wore, turned to the women, awaiting further instructions.

Rachel nodded approvingly. “Very nice. Now, I want you both to undress Jessica.” She turned to face her lover, indicating with a gesture for her to join the action.

Ready for some special attention, Jessica got to her feet and stood before the blonde teens as if she was a high priestess, with Sally and Millie as young acolytes, preparing her for a ceremony. She reached behind and released her red tresses, shaking her head so that they spilled over her shoulders, causing the girls to marvel at the statuesque woman, her height accentuated by the stylish heels she wore.

Sally advanced first, reaching for the buttons of her employer’s blouse. As she started to slowly undo them, Millie dropped to her knees and reached for the sides of Jessica’s snug pencil skirt. Unable to locate the zip, she drew closer, practically hugging the older woman as she reached round her, feeling for some way, any way to unfasten the skirt, brushing Jessica’s shapely bum with both hands as she searched.

Suddenly aware that her cheek was resting against Jessica’s crotch, Millie nervously glanced up to see the beautiful redhead looking down at her, a knowing smile on her lips. Just then, she finally got hold of the zipper, which she undid with a single steady tug, then slid the clinging material of the skirt down to the older woman’s ankles — making a swishing sound as her sheer stockings were revealed. Their black lace made a striking contrast with Jessica’s pale legs.

Millie took a moment to admire those legs, reflecting on how utterly luscious they looked, how much she’d like to caress, even kiss them. Wow, she told herself, I guess I really am queer. She’d been wondering about that, ever since the night Rachel had fondled her to orgasm. Now Millie knew that it was true, she preferred girls and women to boys. And you know what? I’m totally cool with that. 

She looked up at Jess just as Sally removed the woman’s blouse, then draped it over the back of a nearby chair. Both girls paused, feasting on the sight of Jess in the sexy underthings she’d chosen so carefully — the beautifully adorned black bodice, with half cups that revealed and accentuated her  breasts in a most enticing way; the filmy silken panties, through which the woman’s vulva could easily be discerned; the thigh-high nylons, their darkness contrasting nicely with Jessica’s pale skin.

Fuck me, she’s gorgeous, Millie thought. Biting her lip, she tentatively reached up to tug at the elastic of the near-transparent panties, easing them down Jessica’s legs. The second time I’m doing this today, she realised, resisting a sudden impulse to laugh.

Jess placed a hand on Millie’s shoulder to maintain her balance, lifting each foot in turn so the crouching teen could slip those sodden knickers past her stilettos and off. That accomplished, Jess lifted each foot in turn, reaching back to slip out of her heels, which she carelessly tossed into the nearest corner..

Millie stared as if hypnotised at Jessica’s shaved-smooth vagina, breathing in the thick perfume of the woman’s damp panties, clutched tightly in her left hand. She’d always loved her own intimate scent, and Jess smelled lovely, too — somehow familiar, but tantalisingly different. Feeling a sudden urge to touch, Millie reached out, sliding the palm of her right hand along the inside of Jessica’s creamy thigh, eliciting a brief, low moan from the elegant redhead.

Jess reached down to hook a finger under Millie’s chin to indicate she should stand, and bending down, gave the girl a tender kiss on the mouth, then turned to do the same for Sally, who was about to remove Jessica’s sheer bodice from Jess.

Rachel stopped her with a raised hand, though. “I think we’ll leave that on. It’s so sexy, don’t you think?” Pushing herself up, she sashayed over to join the others. “Now it’s my turn.”

Jess yielded her spot, pausing to scoop up her blouse from the floor, dropping it over the back of the chaise before seating herself where her lover had just been. Out of habit, she began to cross her legs, but instead chose to place both heels on the floor and spread her thighs open, putting her cunt on full display.

Now Rachel was standing in front of the girls, waiting to be stripped off. There was no visible fastener on the dress, but Millie was on the side where the sash was tied so she grasped the end and gave it a gentle tug. As the bow unravelled with a swish, the dress fell open to reveal bare skin. Their eyes meeting, Sally and Millie each took hold of the dress and pushed it off Rachel’s shoulders. The smooth material slipped free and dropped to the floor, leaving her completely nude except for hold-up stockings similar to Jessica’s, only Rachel’s were snowy white. These looked especially impressive against her tanned skin.

Sally stepped back for a better look, grinning at what she saw. She was impressed by the womanly body of Jessica’s lover, but Millie was floored by how hot she was. That first night, she hadn’t seen Rachel fully nude, just her pussy when she pulled her skirt up to masturbate.

Like Jess had done, Rachel leaned in to lightly kiss each girl in turn, then padded back over to sit next to her partner. “Okay, ladies… I think it’s time for you to get on the bed.” As the dazed girls meekly moved to obey, Jess reached out to clasp Rachel’s hand.

Seating themselves on the bed, one on each side, Sally and Millie turned to the two women, awaiting further instructions.

“Before you two start playing around with each other,” Rachel began, “Jess and I wanted to give you a little demonstration of sorts, to get your juices flowing.” She grinned. “Pay close attention, now — this will be covered in exams.” Turning to Jess, she reached out to stroke her lover’s breast, then bent her head to give the swollen nipple a flick of the tongue.

“Oh, Rachel,” Jess moaned, her head gently swaying. “Kiss me…”

Rachel quickly moved in, claiming Jessica’s mouth in a torrid French kiss as she slipped a hand between her lover’s thighs. Jess responded by hooking a leg over the arm of the chaise, spreading herself wide open so Millie and Sally could see everything.

As the girls gaped at this lewd display, Rachel lifted a hand to her mouth and made a big show of licking her middle finger, then reached down to dip it between the folds of Jessica’s labia. She slid it up and down a few times before wriggling it inside, still gazing evenly at the naked blondes sitting on her bed. She felt the very air crackle with sexual heat as she worked her hand back and forth, the liquid sound of cunt and finger clearly audible with each stroke.

Seizing a thick handful of Rachel’s hair, Jess pulled her in for another heated kiss, so caught up in being fingered that she momentarily forgot about their audience, actually pouting a bit when her lover broke away. Turning back to face the girls, Rachel withdrew her fingers from Jessica’s vagina, lifted them to her lips and slowly licked each one clean.

Flashing a wicked smile at the eager teens, Rachel continued her mischief. “Would you like a taste of our cunts now?… Don’t answer that — I can see that you do. You’ll have to earn that privilege, though. For now, we want to see the two of you get better acquainted.” She sat back, snuggling with Jess as they settled in, awaiting the show.

The girls swivelled round to look at each other, Millie’s cheeks flushing slightly when she saw Sally’s hungry, feral smile. They began to move toward one another, drawing closer until the nude blondes were on their knees, face to face. “You’re so pretty,” Sally whispered. “I really want to do this with you.”

“S-so do I!” Millie blurted, nearly shivering with excitement. She reached out, extending a finger to lightly tease Sally’s left nipple, then opened her hand like a blossoming flower. She cradled the creamy orb, as if weighing it in her palm — then did the same with the right breast, marvelling at how small her hands seemed by comparison.

In response, Sally touched Millie’s face. “Kiss them for me?” she said.

With a thoughtful nod, Millie bent down to nuzzle the tip of Sally’s breast, then took the nipple into her mouth, sucking it lovingly. After lavishing attention on that one, she switched to the other. Parting her lips, Millie playfully circled the swollen bud with a darting tongue.

Sally gasped with delight, hugging the girl’s face to her chest. Then she abruptly pulled Millie upright and kissed her with a passion that seemed to raise the bedroom’s temperature by ten degrees. Millie immediately reacted, meeting and matching her partner’s ardor.

Moaning into the kiss, Sally began to touch Millie, caressing her trim body. Slipping a hand between them, she let it trail down to Millie’s tummy — then lower still, slipping between the girl’s thighs until it was cupping her vulva. Sally used the palm to tease the mewling blonde for a few heartbeats, then dipped a finger into the cleft of her cunt.

This sudden intrusion caused the less experienced Millie to jerk violently, almost severing their kiss — or she might have done, but Sally held her in place, and Millie quickly fell back into the ecstasy of the moment, letting herself be taken.

As Sally slid her finger up and down through Millie’s labia, the girl’s sex grew increasingly slick, enough for Jess and Rachel to perceive its wetness from where they sat. After a few more strokes, Sally penetrated Millie as deeply as their position allowed. She curved her fingers inside the vagina to stimulate her partner’s G-spot, a move she’d found and studied at a lesbian sex how-to website.

Millie’s slender frame jerked again, this time breaking their kiss. “Fuck!” she cried, throwing her head back. She might have collapsed in a sodden heap, but Sally had wrapped her right arm round the teen’s back, keeping her from falling away.

Staring approvingly at Sally, Rachel whispered, “My, she’s a spirited little minx, isn’t she?”

“I’d guess that she’s learned a few new tricks since last time,” Jess softly replied.

Having caught her breath, Millie was now taking a more active role in the lovemaking. Her hands explored Sally as if she was searching for something, then she grinned with pleasure when she found the teen’s fleshy vulva, which was well and truly dripping with hot, thick juices. Eager to return the same incredible feelings she’d been given, Millie thrust two fingers into Sally’s buttery tunnel.

“Ohhh… oh, m-my God,” Sally groaned, clutching at her new lover with one arm. The other arm was busy, her finger still wriggling about in Millie’s vagina.

Jess and Rachel watched the girls couple, finding it increasingly difficult to restrain themselves from joining the hot, sweaty fray. Millie and Sally were lost to the outside world, caught up in the push and pull of their crazed fuck. The girls’ movements had become increasingly frantic, their bodies grinding together as if they meant to strike sparks, hands almost a blur as they mauled each other’s pussies.

Suddenly Millie emitted a hoarse scream, the girl’s eyes wide in disbelief as her orgasm kicked in. Sally stared at the wailing girl, then an instant later, she was coming as well. They clung to each other throughout, their bodies bumping together as though they were fighting. Eventually, their climaxes began to subside, but the girls remained where they were — still kneeling, still embraced, motionless but for the occasional shiver and the rise and fall of their chests as they struggled to breathe.

After a long silence, Sally drew back far enough for the two lovers to share an awed look, then they came together in a gentle kiss of thanks. Upon parting, the girls looked round to where Jess and Rachel sat, both of them breaking into pleased grins when it registered that the women were busy pleasuring themselves.

“Look at that,” Sally cooed. “I guess they liked watching us, huh?”

“Yeh,” Millie replied, then brushed Sally’s cheek with her lips, adding, “Me, I fuckin’ loved it!”

Sally turned back to her new friend, and their mouths drifted together again. The kiss was tender but eager, hinting at more sensual delights to follow.

“Nicely done, ladies!” Rachel said, now perched on the chaise’s edge. Neither she nor Jess had wanted to reach climax just yet, so they were no longer masturbating. Jessica was sitting back, thighs spread far apart, sucking the wetness from her fingers.

The girls gazed expectantly at their audience, waiting for whatever was going to happen next. This time it was Jess who took the reins. Sitting up straight, languidly stretching her arms, she spoke. “Well, girls, that little entrée seems to have warmed you up quite nicely. Shall we proceed to the main course?”

She rose and slowly approached the girls, with Rachel close behind. The two women climbed onto the bed, each selecting a younger partner. Taking Sally in her arms, Jessica gave the girl a sweet kiss that quickly caught fire, while Rachel renewed her acquaintance with Millie, exploring the teen’s mouth with a playful tongue. Dazed though the girls still were, they were quick to respond, happy to be with their adult lovers once more.

But before the girls could fully immerse themselves in the heat of the moment, Jess and Rachel pulled back, pausing to exchange a quick glance. Rachel nodded, her message understood without the need for words. Turning to Millie, Jess crooked a finger, beckoning the cute blonde to her side. Sally read Jessica’s intentions without being told and sidled over to Rachel.

Once again, deep kisses were traded, this time with first-time partners. Jessica and Rachel let their kisses linger, taking pleasure in the sweetness of the young girls’ mouths.

Millie was in heaven — or as close to it as she ever had been. Fuck me — women really do kiss much nicer than blokes. So soft, like velvet.

Eventually, she and Jess drifted apart, and Rachel broke with Sally, pausing to leave an extra kiss on her button nose. Giving Sally an adoring smile, she addressed the girl in a sultry, almost hypnotic tone. “Mmmm… that was very nice, sweetheart. Jessica must have really enjoyed fucking you, and I’m looking forward to sampling your delights myself. But right now, your new friend could use a spot of help.” She placed a hand on Millie’s thigh. “You see, when she and I had our fun a few weeks ago, I’m sorry to say that we never got round to licking each other. I think it would help Millie very much if you gave her a demonstration on how to go down on a woman. Would you do that for her? Perhaps if you did it to Jess, and we let Millie watch… yes, I think that would be best.”

“Yeah, sure, that — that sounds good.” Sally was thrilled at getting a chance to explore Jessica again, but didn’t want to be completely obvious about it.

“Well, I think it’s a marvelous idea,” Jessica declared, stretching out on the bed — legs spread, knees up, her cunt on full display. “Ready when you are, love.”

Sally got herself into position, prostrating herself before Jess as if in worship. The blissful expression she wore only added to the illusion.

“Millie, why don’t you sit here and watch with me?” Rachel murmured. “Once Jess has had hers, then it will be your turn.” Placing two pillows upright against the headboard, she sat back against them, then patted the bed, gesturing for Millie to nestle between her legs. As the others looked on, the slim teen complied, leaning back into Rachel, who wrapped both arms around her — one on the waist, just below her small but perfectly formed breasts, the other resting along the girl’s thigh.

Sally turned back to Jessica — but the woman was now sitting up, tapping a finger against her teeth.

“Actually, let’s do this a different way, Sally,” Jess said after a moment’s reflection. Getting up on her knees, she continued. “I think Millie will get a better view of what you’re doing if you lie on your back instead. I’ll straddle your face, and you can lick me from below.”

Sally quickly stretched out, her head close to the edge of the bed. As she lay looking up at Jess, the redhead carefully straddled her, edging forward until her cunt was positioned directly over Sally’s mouth, then spread her labia open with two fingers to expose the glistening pink interior of the vagina.

The supine girl stared hungrily at the juicy flesh, wet and waiting for the caress of her tongue. Lifting her head, Sally reached up to clutch the back of Jessica’s nylon-encased thighs with both hands, giving the girl the leverage she needed. Parting her lips, she moved in for the kill.

Her first lick was a slow one, allowing Sally to fully savour the sharp, tangy taste of the only vagina she’d ever sampled, other than her own. The flavour triggered happy memories of their first time together, and she found herself licking harder, deeper, determined not to lose a drop of Jessica’s essence..

Millie was mesmerised by the spectacle of women making love, so different from her own brief experience with Rachel — yet with the same warmth and intimacy she remembered from that night. Despite her age, she hadn’t been exposed to much porn; certainly, she’d never watched anything involving lesbians. Why would she? She’d never given much thought to girls having sex with other girls, despite seeing the odd kiss between women on TV.

But since that evening with Rachel, her thoughts had returned again and again to the possibility that she might be gay. The idea unnerved her, true enough — but at the same time, she was taking a lot more notice of other girls at school, even longing for Rachel to ask her to babysit again.

Now she was naked and in bed with three other women, watching two of them fuck. Her body was on fire, the heat mounting with each passing second. Almost forgetting that Rachel was seated behind her, Millie was quickly reminded of that fact when she felt the sexy older woman nuzzling her neck and ears, along with the moist, sticky contact of their skin as her temperature continued to rise. She fought to stay focused on the lurid scene playing out before her. Sally was still licking Jessica, the girl’s tongue trailing through the dripping cleft over and over again.

But when Rachel cupped one of her breasts, Millie lost that visual contact, briefly closing her eyes. Then she felt Rachel’s other hand, burrowing between her legs. A finger teased her clitoris, slowly traced the crease of the vagina downward. Suddenly that finger hooked upwards into Millie’s cunt, forcing the startled teen back against Rachel’s breasts.

Gently grasping Millie’s chin, Rachel turned the girl round, guiding their mouths together in a lust-filled kiss. From the corner of her eye, she saw Jess reach down to knead Sally’s breasts. Even flat on her back, those tits are amazing, Rachel mused, longing to get her own hands on them. She broke away from the kiss, briefly taking Millie’s lower lip between her teeth to give it a playful bite.

Now Jessica was toying with Sally’s nipple, rolling it between thumb and index finger, giving it a tug, then repeating the act on the other breast. She felt, rather than heard, a low moan from Sally.

Millie had returned to the sex show, her attention riveted to Jess as she rode Sally’s tongue. In the meantime, Rachel continued to pleasure her, fondling both breasts with one hand while the other remained tucked between Millie’s thighs, two fingers teasing her clitoris.

As they continued to watch, Jess leaned forward, grasping the headboard to support herself as she reached between her pupil’s legs, which Sally spread further apart as she felt the woman’s hand sliding down her belly. Her cunt was amply lubricated, so Jessica could easily plunge a finger into the creamy tunnel, then immediately add another.

She went to work, alternating between pumping her fingers in and out of the girl’s vagina and flicking at the clit with her thumb. As Sally’s nectar began to flow copiously, oozing down to her anus, Jess quickly used the warm, thick fluid to coat her ring finger, which she placed against the moaning teen’s nether hole before pushing it inside.

Millie watched, fascinated by the sheer lewdness of the act as she saw Jessica’s finger wriggle deeper into Sally’s rectum. The grinning redhead had one more card to play, though. Lowering herself until she was stretched out on top of Sally, only reversed, Jess pressed her mouth into the buxom blonde’s cunt. She lapped, kissed and sucked the sodden flesh, pulling the clitoris between her lips while finger-fucking both the teen’s holes. Sally writhed and bucked beneath her, still licking Jessica’s shaved slit as best she could.

Millie was now squirming against Rachel, who had maintained enough control to keep the girl’s climax bubbling under the surface. She ceased the movement of her tormenting fingers and, her lips brushing Millie’s ear, whispered, “Would you like to lick Sally’s cunt?”

The wide-eyed girl twisted round to peer at Rachel. Chewing at her lower lip, she managed a nod.

Rachel shook her head. “Tell me. Say the words.”

Millie turned to glance at Jess and Sally, both caught up in their frenzied sixty-nine, then looked back at the older woman whose arms encircled her body. Her voice barely audible, Millie spoke. “I want to…”

“You want to… what?”

This time Millie managed to say it, but louder than she intended to. “I want to lick Sally’s cunt!”

At the sound of Millie’s voice, Jess looked up — first into her lover’s eyes, then at Millie, who shivered when she saw how the redhead’s perfectly applied lipstick had been smeared around her mouth, melted in the bubbling volcano of Sally’s pussy.

Rachel smiled. “So you shall, love.” She released Millie from her embrace.

A smiling Jess beckoned for the girl to approach; then as Millie edged forward, bracing herself to take her first plunge into cunnilingus, Jess displayed the fingers that had been stirring Sally’s pot, offering them to Millie. Fixed upon that outstretched hand, now coated down to the knuckles with wetness, the teen drew forward, lips parting — but before she could take those glistening fingers into her mouth, Jess took them away, shaking her head. “Wait for it… “ she murmured.

Millie straightened, studying Jessica’s expression, and did just as the woman asked: she waited.

“Good girl,” Jess said. She reached out, painting the mouth of the motionless blonde with Sally’s fluids. Finally withdrawing her hand, she appraised Millie’s face as if it was a work of art, then nodded. “There. Now you can taste her.”

Millie took a calming breath, her tongue emerging to sample the essence of female sex that adorned her lips and chin. She moaned as the flavour made itself known, her eyes drifting shut as she enjoyed it.

Reaching down from her perch atop Sally’s busy mouth, Jess spread the girl’s cunt open as if putting it on display, revealing the inflamed clitoris. Her eyes met Millie’s. All for you, she seemed to say. I just gave you a taste… lovely, wasn’t it? Now, try it straight from the pot.

The teen drew closer, breathing in the rich aroma of pussy that perfumed the air, that made her mouth water in anticipation. Lowering herself between Sally’s spread legs, parted her lips, extended her tongue, and took one long, slow lick — then another. With a helpless whimper, Millie covered the shaved slit with her mouth, sucking at it as if she meant to drain her lover dry.

I’m doing it! she told herself, giddy with glee. I’m goin’ down on a girl, and it’s fuckin’ awesome! It was, too. Millie hadn’t known what to expect from the experience, but now knew that she loved eating pussy, loved it!

Copying Jess, she eased a finger into Sally’s juicy hole, thankful that she’d trimmed her nails the day before. Don’t wanna scratch the inside of this pretty pussy. It entered the girl so easily that Millie quickly elected to add another. That accomplished, she began to fuck Sally, pumping her fingers in and out at a steady tempo, then got back to licking the shapely blonde. As she grew more confident, Millie varied her oral technique, just like she’d seen Jessica do — licking and sucking the girl’s slit, dipping her tongue inside, nibbling at the prominent labia, nursing at the clitoris to make her partner’s body jerk and twitch. It’s like she’s a guitar, and I’m playin’ her. Makin’ some pretty music, too.

Jess, her attention returned once more to riding Sally’s mouth, shifted forward to offer her anus to the girl, hoping she’d take the hint, Sally complied without hesitation, and a long, low moan escaped Jessica’s lips as the pretty blonde began to rim her. Opening her eyes, saw Rachel caught up in self-pleasure, mauling her cunt as she watched the mini-orgy taking place a couple of feet away.

It was an amazing experience, seeing her lover getting down and dirty with two succulent teenage girls. This worked out even better than I hoped, Rachel thought, and the afternoon’s still young. What’ll we get up to next?

Suddenly feeling the urge to participate, Rachel got up on all fours, positioned herself behind Millie and bent to nuzzle the girl’s raised bum, then began to lick her pussy, tenderly at first. But this restraint soon gave way, and she attacked the sweet little peach with gusto, the sticky fluids coating her mouth and chin as if she was really feasting on a piece of fruit.

Beneath the onslaught, Sally was barely able to tell which she liked best — feeling the hot, busy mouth between her legs, or the joy she took in servicing Jessica’s holes. Millie’s first attempt at giving oral was clumsy, but the girl’s eagerness more than made up for that. Sally felt a jolt of pleasure every time Millie’s tongue or lips teased her clitoris, each jolt inching her closer to the brink of ecstasy.

The sight of Millie’s anus seemed to beckon Rachel, and she was quick to heed the call, licking a pathway up to the crack of the girl’s arse. Stiffening her tongue, she probed at the taut rosebud.

Millie gasped into Sally’s pussy, shocked at the very idea of being licked back there, a place she’d never considered as a source of erotic delight. She couldn’t deny that it felt lovely, though. Then she felt Rachel’s finger ease its way into her vagina, and her head swam. She began to rock forward and back, driven by the act of licking and the things Rachel was doing to her.

Millie’s movements made it difficult for Rachel to maintain contact between her tongue and the girl’s nether hole, so she raised her head. Twisting her hand around, she placed the tip of her thumb against Millie’s anus — her index finger still lodged in the slender blonde’s cunt — and pressed into the taut pucker until she penetrated the rectum. Millie cried out, her voice muffled by Sally’s mons.

Jess had been fighting to delay her climax, but when she made eye contact with Rachel at the same instant that Sally’s tongue brushed her clit, the dam burst, and a mighty wave of rapture enveloped her.  Releasing what felt like a torrent of nectar into Sally’s mouth, she pitched forward onto her hands on either side of the blonde, bringing her face to within inches of Millie. Jess struggled to focus through the heart-stopping rush of her orgasm, feeling a sudden urge to watch the short-haired teen up close as she ate Sally’s cunt.

Millie failed to notice Jessica’s nearness at first, too caught up in the thrill of sex. She was going down on Sally like a woman possessed, the raw need she felt overwhelming any sense of finesse. It was clear that Sally was very close to coming, too — the girl’s legs were quivering almost violently, and her muffled moans were getting louder. Okay, then. If she’s about to get off, I’m gonna really make her feel it. Homing in on the inflamed clit, Millie took it between her lips to suck.

That was the final nudge that sent Sally over the precipice, her body immediately seizing up. She bucked violently, dislodging Millie’s mouth from its work. But Millie, determined to make her partner’s orgasm a real banger, was quick to respond. Thrusting her free hand between Sally’s legs, she managed to find the clitoral nub with her fingers, manipulating it as best she could. Meanwhile, her fingers were still sheathed in the Sally’s pussy, so Millie began to thrust them in and out, fucking the girl harder and faster than before.

True, her efforts were clumsy — she was still a complete novice at this, after all! — but thankfully, they seemed to be paying off. Jess had dismounted Sally’s face in the aftermath of her own orgasm, and the dazed, disbelieving expression that the panting teen wore only confirmed the sheer bliss she was experiencing. Her eyes were glazed, her mouth slack, hands balled into tight fists. Finally, unable to take any more but unable to speak, Sally wrenched herself away and slowly rolled onto her side, still gasping for air.

Feeling short of breath herself, Millie slowly raised her head to see Jessica’s face just inches away. The young blonde was wide-eyed with wonder, surprised by what she’d just done and the reaction it had caused — and all but overwhelmed with her own rising pleasure, since Rachel was still trailing her tongue through the crack of Millie’s bum.

Gazing at the flushed teen, Jess was quick to note the evidence of wet pussy that adorned Millie’s lips, cheeks and chin. She reached out to guide the girl’s face to hers, claiming her mouth in a lover’s kiss, purring with pleasure at the familiar taste of Sally’s essence.

Rachel watched them kiss, deciding that the time was right to bring Millie off. She’d been centering her attention on the girl’s anus for the time being, not wanting her to come until Sally was done. Now it’s time for our Millie to get a treat. Seeking and finding the young blonde’s clit, she carefully took it between finger and thumb, then gave it a tweak.

Millie burst into climax on the spot, shaking violently as feelings of euphoria suffused her body with an intensity she’d never come close to achieving with her own fingers. “Oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God,” she babbled, her head resting on Jessica’s shoulder.

Carrying the teen through the arc of her orgasm, Rachel finally withdrew when she sensed that Millie had had enough. Sure enough, Millie had just enough strength to crawl toward an unoccupied space on the bed, then she collapsed there, lying within arm’s reach of Sally.

Rachel looked down at the exhausted teen, tiny twitches still punctuating her deep breaths. Somehow, she seemed lovelier than ever. Reaching down to her vulva, Rachel masturbated for a few seconds. Despite being desperate to come herself, she was unable to resist the sight of Millie’s sodden cunt. After all this, I’ve still not had a good taste of her. Moving to prostrate herself before the girl, she studied the moist slit, now mere inches from her lips. She let her eyes drift shut, then closed the distance to take her first luscious lick. Mindful of the momentous orgasm the girl had just experienced, she took care to be gentle, soothing Millie rather than stimulating her. Mmmm, divine. 

On the opposite side of the bed, Jess stood up to take a long, luxurious stretch, then looked down at Sally, a satisfied smile on her lips. The gorgeous blonde’s long hair was draped over the side of the bed and touching the floor, her face glazed with sweat and pussy.

As her breathing returned to something close to normal, Sally opened her eyes to see Jess standing above her. She tilted her head a little for a glimpse of the redhead’s quim, then at the rivulets of fluid that coated the inside of those creamy thighs. As her gaze travelled upward to meet Jessica’s, the woman bent down to kiss her deeply but briefly before pulling away.

“Thank you, sweetheart,” Jess said. “That was wonderful. I’ve a feeling that you and Millie are going to be very happy together.”

Hearing Jess speak, Rachel took one last lick of Millie’s pussy, then rose on unsteady legs. She leaned over to kiss the winded blonde. Millie responded but remained flat on her back, still too overcome to move.

Her face inches from the girl’s, Rachel said, “So, love, did you enjoy that?”

Gathering just enough energy to respond, Millie breathed. “It was… unbelievable. Sex with girls… wow, it’s even better than I thought. Miles better!” Rolling sideways, she turned to Sally, their eyes meeting. “I really, really like doing stuff with you, Sally. So, um, how was I? Did I do an okay job?”

Moving closer, Sally draped her arm over Millie, beaming at the smaller girl. “Oh, yes… you were way better than okay.” She paused, her expression suddenly bashful. “So, Millie — would you like to be my girlfriend?”

Millie threw both arms round Sally and hugged her tightly. “Yes, please!” They held each other for a long, lovely moment, then came together in a tender kiss.

“Well, I must say that for your first time, you did very well indeed — both of you.”

Everyone turned at the sound of Rachel’s voice. She was standing coquettishly with one hand on her hip, the other holding up an assortment of leather straps, from which dangled a bright fluorescent pink penis adorned with ridges.

“However,” she continued, “before this party goes any further, I think it’s about time someone sorted me out. I’ve not come yet, after all. Anyone here in the mood to fuck me with this?”

Sally’s hand shot up.

Currently in the works, intended to appear someday: Chapter Twenty-Nine!


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