Ripples, Chapter 27

  • Posted on January 1, 2021 at 3:57 pm

Note from Sapphmore: It’s been quite a while since chapter 26 was posted. Some time back, JetBoy had lamented the dearth of new stories, but suddenly his prayers were answered and a flood of new material and more chapters for some excellent series arrived from the blue fairy, so as his hands were rather full (as no doubt some of yours are with the hot stories presented here for your delectation), I took the opportunity to take a break from “Ripples” and write the first part of a new short story (which is also in JetBoy’s now overflowing Christmas hamper). When I finally got back to “Ripples,” I got a bit carried away and the first draft of Chapter 27 ended up twice as long as normal, then three times as long when I decided to write a second draft.

The good news is we split it into two parts, so now Chapter 28 in the editing pot as well. I hope you find them both worth the wait. 


Note from JetBoy: It’s been a long while since the appearance of the last chapter, mostly due to the avalanche of stories I’ve received for JS in these pandemic-filled days. Thus, we feel that a brief refresher is called for. (To get a superior summary of the first 26 chapters, please see the Ripples Chapter Links for this story.)

Divorced mother Jessica has found a new identity as a lesbian, becoming the lover of her friend Rachel, as well as her three daughters Alice (12), Katie (9), and Poppy (7). At the same time, Rachel found sexual intimacy with her own girls Bella (12) and Cindy (10), and they have all recently come together as one big incestuous family. Jessica’s younger sister Laura caught them in the act, got seduced later by the three youngest daughters, and is struggling with her feelings about the whole affair. 

In the early chapters of this story, while just beginning to question her sexuality, Jess had her first full-on lesbian experience with her teenage employee Sally, while Rachel enjoyed a steamy encounter with her babysitter Millie. A few weeks later, Jess and Rachel got the idea of fixing these two girls up with each other, and have recently planned a day to make that happen.

Just before this chapter begins, Jess took her daughters to visit an acquaintance, Stella, for an afternoon barbecue. Stella’s twin daughters Sienna and Lacey (both 14) flirted shamelessly with Jessica and her girls, while Stella and Alice seemed to realize a powerful attraction for one another. 

And that’s where we left things, noble readers. Read on for more. Oh, and have a very happy New Year.


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By Sapphmore &  JetBoy

As her naked daughters shared a heated French kiss, Stella Morrison was on the phone with her good friend and occasional lover Blanche Turner, describing the very interesting afternoon she’d just had with Jessica Matthews and her three daughters. She passed along the news of Jessica coming out as a lesbian, then told Blanche about the lewd antics her twins Lacey and Sienna had gotten up to with the guests.

First, Sienna had flashed her cunt at Jess, getting the woman quite flustered. Then she and Lacey had taken Jessica’s daughters upstairs, where they engaged in some very flirtatious behaviour that included playful kisses, caresses and casual nudity. Many young girls would’ve been completely unsettled, even frightened by the twins’ naughty games; needless to say, Alice, Katie and Poppy were anything but.

“I’d lay odds that Jessica’s daughters are indulging in some kind of sex play with each other,” Stella said, idly toying with her cunt as Sienna all but threw Lacey on the sofa, then eagerly mounted her twin. “My girls are certain of it. Jess is now openly gay, and she’s clearly turned on by underage girls. Worth further investigation. wouldn’t you say?”

“Oh, absolutely,” Blanche replied. “In fact, this explains something I noticed the last time I saw Jess.”

“Such as…?”

“It happened a few weeks ago, at the birthday sleepover I hosted for Savannah and Annabelle. I hadn’t seen Jessica for a while, so I suggested she pick up her youngsters a bit early, then she and I could have a chat. She was quite engrossed watching the girls on the climbing frame and seemed rather flustered — excited, even — when some of the younger ones flashed their underwear while hanging upside down. Especially my Annabelle, who wasn’t wearing knickers at the time. I got the very distinct feeling that Jess was aroused by the sight.”

“That’s how she behaved when Sienna flashed her. So… does Annabelle often go round without undies?”

Blanche laughed. “I asked her to put on a pair for the party, but I’m fairly sure that they ended up in the pocket of Grace, my secretary — you’ll recall how attracted she is to little girls, yes? Well, Grace is particularly smitten by my eight-year-old, and likes to spirit her away for naughty games. I suspect that she makes love to Annabelle more often than I do.”

“Can’t say I blame her — your Annabelle is an adorable child. Well, Blanche, it seems our Jessica has been hiding her light under a bushel. And her daughters… oh, my. The way that Alice, her oldest, was checking me out, it was positively sinful. She asked me if she might drop by some time to use the hot tub, but I’ve no doubt she had much more than that in mind.”

“Hmmm. All of this sounds quite intriguing, and I’ll need to give careful thought to it. Jess will have to be vetted thoroughly, of course. Mind you, as a successful businesswoman, Jess would be a definite asset to our ranks. In fact, I offered to help her open a second store.”

Stella nodded. “Just as you helped me, Blanche, with your European connections. I’ll be forever grateful for that.”

“Well, that’s what the Society was set up to do, after all — help members achieve their aspirations, in business and in pleasure. Jessica seems like a worthy candidate, but we can’t take it for granted that the relationship she has with her daughters is anything other than maternal. If she’s sexually intimate with them, we need to know that for certain.”

Stella was watching the twins fuck on the sofa, her free hand buried inside the flimsy panties she wore, a finger teasing her clit. Figuring it would be rude to Blanche if she lost control in the middle of the conversation, she was struggling against the urge to get herself off then and there..

Finally looking away from her daughters, Stella focused her attention on the call — and just like that, an idea popped into her head. “Um, Blanche? I think… yes, I just might have a solution.”

“What did you have in mind?”

“Jess clearly has a thing for my girls, and if they came on to her in a big way, she’d find it very difficult to resist. She and Rachel are in a committed relationship, but they’re also… how did she put it? ‘Open to new experiences’, I believe. I’m almost certain that my daughters could get Jess into bed. Then we’d know if she’s willing to indulge herself with underage girls… and how she feels about incest. You know how amazing it is to watch Lacey and Sienna fuck.”

“Indeed I do, Stella… indeed I do.” Blanche gave a blissful sigh, as if she, too, was masturbating. “But now that you mention Rachel, it’s got me wondering about her, too. If her relationship with Jessica is as close as you say, it would be awfully difficult for Jess to be intimate with her daughters and keep it a secret. If we’re going with the assumption that Jessica is one of us, we also have to consider the possibility that Rachel not only knows, but maybe a part of it. In fact, she could be sexually involved with her own girls. Which might even mean that they’re all having it off.”

“That hadn’t occurred to me, Blanche! Oh, my, what an utterly delicious possibility.”

“Yes, very. All we need is some way to find out if it’s really happening.”

Now circling the opening of her cunt with two fingers, Stella pondered the matter. “I’ve got an idea.”

Blanche chuckled. “Another cunning plan? Do tell.”

“This one involves sex, too. I told you how Jessica’s eldest girl Alice was looking at me today… believe you me, there was no mistaking what was on her mind. Before she left with her mum, my girls invited her to drop by for a sleepover some time, and she loved the idea.

“I’m meeting up with Jess soon, so I could offer to let Alice spend a day with me at the gallery — it seems that she’s interested in art — then suggest that she stay over for the night with Sienna and Lacey. I’ve no doubt that Alice will be happy to participate in any sexy games my girls suggest, and I can ‘accidentally’ catch them in the act.

“If Jess is having sex with Alice and her sisters, she’ll have made it clear how important it is to keep that a secret… but children are children, and as I’ve found out time and time again with the twins, they can often be careless about that kind of thing. Once we’ve worked their magic on Alice, I feel sure that we can uncover the truth about Jess and her family. Perhaps Rachel and her girls, too.”

“Ooooh, you dirty bitch. That sounds like a worthwhile plan, Stella, not to mention a lovely time for you and your daughters. You seem to have this in hand, but don’t forget our own need for discretion. If Alice has no secrets of her own, it will be especially important that she keeps yours. Well, good luck to you, love. Let’s speak again when you have news.”

“No fear. You’ll hear from me the instant I know anything.”

“Excellent. Until then, goodbye, Stella.”

“Goodbye, Blanche.”

Setting her cell phone to one side, Stella returned her full attention to the twins, who were wrapped up in a sixty-nine, too busy feasting on pussy to notice she’d ended the call. She watched them for a minute, cupping a breast, then rolling a nipple between her fingers through the thin kaftan. The other hand was still tucked in her panties, steadily releasing the tension she’d been building up. Two fingers were buried in her dripping cunt, the thumb rubbing at her clitoris.

Quickly bringing that hand to her mouth, Stella smeared her lips with the warm, thick nectar of her lust, then stuffed it back into her knickers, frantically masturbating until her long-delayed orgasm hit like a thunderclap. She cried out in rapture, and the girls paused in their lovemaking to look up.

With a dreamy smile, Stella was sucking the wetness from her fingers. Once she’d cleaned them of all traces of honey, she gazed lovingly at her daughters. “Girls, I have a couple of tasks for you, and I think you’re going to enjoy them both.”

“What’s that, Mum?” Lacy said, resting her cheek on Sienna’s soft thigh.

“You’re going to have some fun with the Matthews ladies. First, I want you two to pay a little visit to Jessica’s shop, somewhere around closing time, and ask for some, shall we say, special attention.”

“Ooohhh… I like how this sounds,” Lacy said.

“If things work out as they ought, you’ll have Jess all to yourself, and… well, I don’t think I need to tell you what to do then. Give her the full treatment.”

“Oh, yeah — we’ll have her screaming for mercy!” squealed Sienna, teasing a finger into her sister’s slit.

“Before that happens, though, you’re going to have that sleepover with Alice. And once the three of you are naked and between the sheets, you’ll be getting a surprise visit from Mummy.”

Sienna was already nodding her head. “And then we’ll all fuck, right?”

“If Alice is willing, yes.”

“Cool!” Lacy exclaimed. “It’s been way too long since we’ve shared another girl. So… when’s it gonna happen?”

“We’’ll get into the logistics of it later,” said Stella, sitting up and stretching. ”First, we need to take this little sex party upstairs. Your mum needs some attention.”

The grinning twins disentangled themselves, got to their feet and raced up the staircase, giggling all the way. Stella paused to admire the lithe, elegant bodies of her nude daughters, then followed them.


Upon arriving home, Jess set her purse and keys down, then announced, “Okay, girls — before you get involved in anything else, change out of those dresses and into whatever you’re sleeping in tonight.”

Her daughters raced upstairs, with Jess bringing up the rear. She went into her room and undressed, selecting a long t-shirt and soft lounge pants. As she closed the wardrobe door, she saw herself in the mirror and, looking down, noticed a dark patch of wetness on the front of her panties. Reaching down to touch the damp spot, she brought the fragrance of it to her nose, closing her eyes.

Breathing in the scent of her arousal brought back lewd memories of Stella’s twins… particularly that glimpse she’d gotten of Sienna’s cunt when the little vixen had flashed her.

Jessica quickly tugged her knickers down and off, immediately covering her nose and mouth with them. Although it was her own familiar scent, it was enough to summon up images of Lacey and Sienna. Trailing the other hand down the length of her body, she cupped her vulva, caressing it a few times before slipping two fingers inside.

Jess pictured Sienna the way she was seated while they ate, opening her legs to expose herself… only in this version, the teen pulled the skirt she wore even higher, then slowly traced the cleft of her pussy with a finger. She did it as lewdly as possible, her eyes never leaving Jessica’s.

The fantasy had Jessica quivering with reawakened lust — a girl of fourteen, putting on a literal sex show. For me, she told herself. She wants to be licked, wants my mouth on her.

Bringing Lacey into the imagined action, Jess had the other twin reach over her sister’s shoulders and slip her hands inside Sienna’s flimsy vest, then push the straps off both shoulders to bare her breasts. Cupping the ivory globes, Lacey bent down to kiss her sister. Their tongues flickered back and forth like flames.

A slamming door suddenly broke Jessica’s reverie. Her fantasy vanished like mist, the spell broken.

Sighing, she withdrew her finger, then sucked it clean of her juices. Shrugging into the t-shirt, Jess was about to put on the lounge pants, but paused, finally laying them to one side. They’ll just end up damp anyway… I might as well go without. She decided to go downstairs to make a cup of tea.

A few minutes later, Alice entered the kitchen and was greeted with an enticing sight: a glimpse of her mum’s cunt as Jessica was bending over to put a used tea bag in the food bin under the sink.

Accidental or not, it was an invitation that the twelve-year-old was helpless to resist. Quietly padding forward, she ran a finger through the moist crease, causing Jess to leap up in surprise.

Turning quickly round, she leaned back against the sink, clutching at her breasts. There was her eldest daughter, now stripped off to a tank-top and knickers.

“Alice! You nearly gave me a bloody heart attack, creeping up like that.”

Grinning widely, Alice grabbed the hem of Jessica’s t-shirt, hoisting it up far enough to expose her mum’s nudity. “Sorry, Mum,” she said, though her dancing eyes made it clear that she wasn’t sorry at all. “Looks like you’re in the mood for a little fun.”

With that, she repeated the caress, her fingers toying with the rosy flesh of her mum’s pussy. This drew a sharp intake of breath from Jess, who reached back to find the worktop and steady herself against it. Loving the idea of taking control, Alice began to masturbate her mother, eyes fixed on Jessica’s face, waiting for the woman’s resolve to falter. Give in, Mum. Don’t hold back; let me have you.

When Jessica’s eyes drifted shut, Alice thrust two fingers into her mum’s vagina, curving them to hook upwards. A few days earlier, while indulging in foreplay prior to a heated round of sex, Jess had taught her daughter about the G-spot — where to find it, how to stimulate it — and Alice had already worked the move into her lovemaking repertoire.

A rush of pleasure suffused Jess, and she rose up on her toes. But before she could draw another breath, Alice had abruptly withdrawn those probing fingers and brought them to her mouth, tasting her mum’s essence with an exaggerated mewl of delight.

“That wasn’t fair, young lady,” Jess said, fixing her daughter with a stern glare. “First you come on to me while I’m not looking, then you turn into a little tease. One of these days, that behaviour will get you into big trouble.”

Alice flashed a smile of victory, then threw both arms around her mum’s neck, pulling the woman in for a messy kiss. Using her tongue, the teen gave Jessica a taste of her own cunt.

Just as Jessica was about to give in to temptation, hoist her daughter onto the worktop and take her on the spot, Alice broke away. “What was it you were going to tell me about the twins, Mum?”

Now frustrated, vowing to teach this little minx a lesson, Jess whispered, “Keep your voice down. I don’t want your sisters hearing this… not just yet, anyhow.” Turning to retrieve her tea cup, she sat down at the breakfast bar, followed by Alice.

“It was a few weeks ago, just after you and I made love that first time. Lacey and Sienna came into the shop, looking for a dress for a party or something. Anyway, they were standing there in their underwear, holding up different outfits and asking my opinion, but they were clearly teasing and flirting with me. I know I should have just walked away, but there’s just… something about them. Christ, I couldn’t help but look!”

“I know exactly what you mean, Mum,” Alice replied with a vigorous nod. Jess gave her daughter an inquisitive look. “I’ll tell you after. Go on, finish the story. Did they show you their naughty bits?”

“They just stopped short of it, I’d say. Anyhow, Stella showed up, only they carried on flirting with me, even touching themselves. One of them actually told their mum that I’d been sneaking peeks at their underwear, but Stella didn’t react at all.

“So, after I left the changing area, I realised I’d dropped something and went back — and that’s when I overheard Stella telling the twins to be more careful in public, then they insisted that I was checking them out. But what really threw me for a loop was when Stel told her girls she didn’t blame them for having a crush on me, and how much she loved to see her girls in pretty lingerie.”

By then, Alice was all but bouncing up and down with excitement. “You see, Mum? They’re all having it off together. It’s so obvious!”

“We can’t be certain of that, sweetheart. Stella did tell me that she only dates women now… but it’s a long way from being gay to having sex with her daughters.”

Alice shook her head impatiently. “I’m sure of it, Mum. Wait until I tell you what happened upstairs — and what I saw there!”

“I’m all ears, love,” Jess murmured. Actually, the sight of Alice in skimpy underthings was playing hell with her concentration. The girl’s nipples were clearly outlined through the thin fabric, and her lovely legs were sliding together in a most provocative manner. Picturing herself kneeling before Alice and kissing a pathway up her soft inner thighs, Jessica shivered.

Alice didn’t seem to notice, already caught up in her story. “So first, they showed us round the house, including Stella’s room, which was very interesting. She’s got two of those strap-on thingies like Rachel has — they were lying on the floor, next to her bed. But think about this, Mum: why would she be using them both? I think it’s ‘cos Lacey and Sienna are shagging her.

“Then, when we went into Lacey’s room, I noticed something else weird — her bed looked as if it hadn’t been slept in for — for weeks! And if the twins aren’t sleeping in their rooms, then…?”

“Interesting,” Jess murmured, musing on the possibility that Alice was right. A crazy notion, but it did make a kind of sense.

Alice continued. “Once we were in the room and the door was shut, Lacey wanted to model some of her outfits for us – and they have a lot of them, huge closets full. She stripped off right away, too — and guess what, she was totally naked under her skirt and vest!”

Jessica’s head spun as she recalled the glimpse she’d had of Sienna’s cunt a few hours ago, when the girl had knowingly flashed her on the patio. The way she smiled at me… 

“Lacey tried one dress on and asked if I wanted to feel it on her, only Katie and Poppy beat me to it. Lacey was surprised at the way they touched her, I noticed that! I was kinda worried they were going to get carried away with it, and I’d have to make them stop. Then Lacey got me to try the dress on myself, but because underwear shows up through it, she said to take everything off.”

“What was Sienna up to while this was going on?” Jess managed to ask. Her heart was pounding.

“Oh, she’d gone over to her own room to get a dress… but she got naked, too, soon as she got back. Then they both helped me adjust that dress of Lacey’s that I’d put on — and practically felt me up while they did it, too.”

“My, my. What happened next?”

“Well, that was when Stella called us down for dessert. But when Kat and Pops left the room, I took off the dress — and while I was standing there totally starkers, the twins both hugged me, so I was pressed between them. Lacey kissed me on the mouth and Sienna kissed my neck, then they invited me to come spend the night some time. It was easy to tell what they really want.”

“What did you say?”

“Nothing, really. I was a bit surprised, so I just said that it sounded okay.”

Pausing for a moment, Jess finally said, “If you’re right about them — and I’m starting to think that you are — we still have to be especially careful, sweetie. This would be the first time you’d have sex with someone outside our new family, and I’m not sure how I feel about that. At the end of the day, you’re still only twelve years old… and I’m supposed to protect you.”

“Mu-um,” Alice sighed, rolling her eyes heavenward, “I’m not a little kid anymore. They aren’t going to put me in a massive iron pot with carrots and onions and make Irish stew. Lacey and Sienna want to fuck. And yeah, if their mum wants to join in, I’d be into that. Wouldn’t you?”

“Well, sure… but it’s not that simple, sweetie. What if they want to use one of those strap-ons on you? If that happens, say no. It should be me the first time; I’d make sure you didn’t get hurt.”

“I’ll be fine, Mum. Anyhow, you don’t have to worry about them putting something inside me, long as it’s not big. That boat’s already sailed.”

Seeing the questioning look on her mother’s face, Alice continued. “Um, I sort of took care of that a few days ago. I did it with the handle of my hairbrush.”

Jessica winced. “Alice… you shouldn’t have done that! You might’ve injured yourself, or got an infection. Please tell me, at least, that you cleaned it first.”

“Don’t worry, Mum, I did some research first and was very careful.”

“Still, you ought to have come to me for that,” Jess said, frowning.

Suspecting that her mother’s feelings might be hurt, Alice wrapped both arms around Jessica’s neck, whispering, “Don’t be unhappy, Mum. I just wanted to get it over with, so we wouldn’t have to worry about it hurting the first time you fuck me with Rachel’s strappy. When that happens, I want it to be perfect.”

“Fair enough,” Jess replied, her smile restored. “I’ll ask Rachel to bring one with her the next time she comes over. You’re not ready for that monster she uses on me, but I’m sure she has something a bit more, er, modestly sized. Enough about that, though — we were discussing Stella and the twins. If I let you go to their so-called ‘sleepover,’ you’ve got to be careful not to give our secret away. What will you tell them if they start asking you intimate questions?”

“Well, if Lacey and Sienna are having sex with their mum, they’re hardly going to be bent out of shape by what we do. Anyway, I can just tell them that I’m happy you and Rachel got together, then Bella and I decided we wanted to be lesbians, too.”

Jessica mulled it over. Just then, they heard Katie and Poppy coming downstairs. “Let me think about this,” Jess told Alice, keeping her voice low. “I’ll need to call Rachel later and get her take on things. This affects her as well.”


Later that evening, after a light supper, the girls were passing the time in their rooms, just like a normal family. Jess picked up her mobile, shut the living room door and dialed Rachel’s number.

Rachel picked up on the first ring. “Hello?”

“Hi, love.”

“Ahh, darling… I was hoping you’d call. How long have you been back from Stella’s?”

“A couple of hours or so.”

“Before I forget, are we still on for our little matchmaking session for Millie and Sally?”

“This Wednesday, right? I’ll speak to Sally tomorrow after I’ve told some of the girls about us, then let you know for sure.”

“Fantastic. If she says yes, bring her round to mine around ten. I’ve spoken to Millie; she’ll be there. Would you be up for a threesome with her if Sally can’t make it?”

“Well… yes, of course. But are you sure that Millie would be open to that kind of thing?”

“Actually, I’m not. Worth a try, though, I’d say.”

Jessica had to laugh. “Rachel Thomas, you are a threat to civilized society.”

“And I love you, my sweet. So — how was lunch at Stella’s? Did you tell her about us?”

“Oh, yes… and as you can imagine, she was very surprised about me being a lesbian and that you’re my partner, but not so much that you were a lezzie. Something about secrets you two exchanged over a few glasses of wine. Did you know she’s gay herself, then?”

“Now you mention it, I do recall her mentioning something about that a while back. We were swapping stories of our sexual exploits, and when I told her I’d had some girl-on-girl fun with my husband, she said she’d been with women herself.”

“Well now, Stella’s only dating women, and it seems she’s held a bit of a candle for me. Even said I should give her a call, if we ever break up.”

“Hmmph. I do hope you put her straight.”

“Oh, better than that. I told her we’re in a serious relationship, but hinted that you and I might be interested in a bit of wicked fun on the side. I’m pretty sure she got the message. Was that okay?”

Rachel laughed. “Do you have to ask?”

“Listen, there’s something I need to discuss with you.”

“Ooh, this sounds serious. Don’t tell me — you made out with Stella.”

“Rachel, this really is serious.”

“Sorry, love. Is anything wrong?”

“Depends on your definition of ‘wrong’. I think there’s a strong possibility that Stella is having sex with her daughters.” Jess let the statement sink in.

“Shut the front door! The twins? What makes you think that? I mean, how did it come up?”

“Actually, it was Alice who worked it out. While I was telling Stella about us, the youngsters all went upstairs, to try on clothes or something. Sienna and Lacey gave the girls the grand tour. Along the way, Alice saw some things that made her suspicious, like two strap-ons in Stella’s room. Also, she told me that the twins’ beds don’t look as if they’re being used.”

“Hmmm. Interesting, all of it… but a long way from hard evidence.”

“Well, not when Stella’s a lesbian, and you factor in a few other things.”

By then, Rachel was beside herself with curiosity. “What other things?”

“I’m coming to it, woman. Well, I never mentioned this before, as it never came up, but back when you and I first started seeing each other, I overheard her talking to the girls about me in the shop, just after I’d had a good look at Sienna and Lacey in their underthings. I brushed it off at the time, but now it all makes sense. I can tell you that after they left, I went up to my office, locked the door and frigged myself silly.”

“You randy cow! Crikey, they must have had quite the effect on you.”

“You have no idea.” Jess recounted the episode in the changing area, then the twins’ antics at Stella’s, especially when Sienna had put her cunt on full display. “I have to say, I was finding it really hard not to react. There’s no way Stella didn’t know what they were up to. In fact, I think she was enjoying seeing me squirm.”

“I suppose you could be right, but it’s still not positive proof.”

“Maybe not, but it seems the twins made a move on Alice, they’ve given her an open invitation to a sleepover, and she reckons they plan on doing a lot more than making popcorn and watching Frozen. She’s adamant that they’re having it off with their mum, and I have to say, I’m pretty convinced.”

“Fuck me! What are the chances of other women like us being in the same town? Hell, in the same bloody county?”

“I know, I know. The thing is, if I let Alice stay over, what if Stella gets involved? Alice told me that Katie and Poppy got a bit touchy-feely with Lacey, but they weren’t around when the twins kissed her. I worry that Stella and hers might put two and two together, and work out that my daughters have some experience with each other.”

“They kissed Alice? Wow, I’d like to have seen that.”

“Rach, for Christ’s sake, focus. Here’s the thing: Alice said if they ask, she’ll tell them about being Bella’s girlfriend, but that might result in more questions.”

“Do you think she can keep our secret?”

“That’s what I asked her… then she pointed out that they can hardly pass judgment on us if they’re doing the same thing.”

“Sounds like Alice is the one with her head screwed on. Listen, what’s the worst that could happen if they have the same kind of arrangement as us? More potential lovers? Can’t see much of a downside there!”

“Trust you to think of that. I suppose we’ll just have to let it play out.”

“Exactly… and now I’ve got all these sexy images dancing about in my head, I’ll have to change my mind about the girls sleeping in their own beds tonight.”

“You really are insatiable, Rachel Thomas… but then, that’s one of the things I love about you. Actually, I’m giving serious thought to doing the same thing.”

“Why fight it, babe? Go show your girls a good time. G’night. Love you.”

“Love you, too. Night, Rach.”

After hanging up, Jess dried and put away the dishes, wiped down the kitchen and restlessly pottered around with no real purpose. She looked around, trying to find other tasks to do, then stopped and stared at the large kitchen clock, finally muttering, “Fuck it.”

Although it was only 8 PM, she locked up, turned off the porch lights and mounted the stairs. In the hallway, she hesitated before entering her room. Lifting the t-shirt over her head and letting it fall to the carpet, Jess stood naked for a moment, feeling her excitement grow.

She was about to call out to the girls when she heard a faint moan — one that Jess immediately associated with sex. Slipping into the hallway, she paused to listen at Alice’s door, but only heard her daughter humming along to barely audible music issuing through her earphones.

Her attention captured by another low moan, Jessica looked down the hallway. Walking quietly in that direction, she saw that Katie’s door was wide open, the room clearly empty. Jess continued towards Poppy’s room, which was set further along the L-shaped landing. The door was ajar just a couple of inches, and Jess slowly widened the gap enough to look inside.

What Jessica saw thrilled and delighted her. Katie was stretched out on Poppy’s bed, knees up, thighs parted, Kneeling before her big sister, Poppy had her mouth fastened to Katie’s cunt and a finger steadily twisting in and out of the older girl’s arse.

Jess had to smile. That’s our Popstar… so totally in love with bum holes.

It was true. Seven-year-old Poppy had taken to lesbian sex like she’d been born to it, and her particular obsession was for arses. She liked to look at them, fondle them, kiss them… but most of all, she loved to rim, would do it for as long as you liked. And if her tongue was elsewhere, Poppy was sure to have her finger buried in your rectum — just like she did now, with Katie.

Jess reached for the doorknob, ready to enter the room and join her children on the bed — then hesitated. Something about the scene was so perfect that she was reluctant to disrupt it. So Jess watched instead, overwhelmed with simple joy at the sight of her cherubs losing themselves in sisterly love.

Tracing her cunt, Jess gently caressed the length of it before dipping her finger inside. With the other hand she reached around to probe at her rosebud, pressing at the tight hole until she gained entry. This accomplished, Jess began to fuck herself in both holes while she stared at the girls.

Moments later, Katie shuddered in helpless ecstasy then went rigid, a tiny mewl of pleasure escaping her lips before she relaxed into the sheets with a blissful sigh. Withdrawing her finger from Katie’s bum, Poppy sat back on her haunches, studying her sister with the satisfied expression of a pupil who’d just been awarded a gold star for her work.

Katie’s chest rose up and down, but her breathing soon returned to normal. Smiling at her sister, she extended both arms to the little girl. Without hesitation, Poppy fell into Katie’s embrace, lowering her thin frame until she was lying on top of her sibling. Their mouths drifted together and they kissed lovingly, swapping tongues as the kiss grew increasingly heated.

Finally, Katie broke away. “I want to taste you now,” she said, urging her baby sister upwards.

“Okay,” Poppy replied. Raising herself into a kneeling position, she carefully crawled toward the headboard, taking hold of it as she carefully straddled Katie’s face, then lowered herself until her bare slit was almost brushing the older girl’s mouth. Jess watched in awe as Katie lifted her head from the pillow to take the first lick, her tongue slowly caressing Poppy’s cunt.

“Ohhhhh,” the child whimpered, “I love you, Katie.”

The sight had Jessica misty-eyed, on the verge of tears. It’s so beautiful, this love my girls have for one another… so perfect. How could anyone think that it’s wrong?

She longed to enter, to be a part of this exquisite moment, but still couldn’t bring herself to break the mood that her youngest daughters had created..


Whipping around, her heart pounding, Jess saw Alice peering out of her room at the other end of the hallway. Quickly putting a finger to her lips to silence the girl, Jess turned back to Poppy’s door, cautiously pulling it shut.

Jessica crept down the hall to a puzzled Alice. Taking her eldest daughter’s arm, she gently but firmly guided the girl into her own room, then shut the door.

Speaking in a low tone, Alice asked, “Mum, what’s going on? What’s going on in Poppy’s room? And, um… why are you naked?”

”I was getting ready for bed when I heard something from the hallway. That’s what I was watching. Your sisters are making love.”

Alice grinned excitedly. “Well, that sounds like fun. Why aren’t you in there?”

“Well, for one, they looked so beautiful I didn’t want to disturb them,” Jess replied. “And secondly, I want to make love to you. We’ve not been together for a while, just the two of us… and I want to make up for it now.” She returned her daughter’s grin. “Plus, after everything that happened today, and what I just saw, my cunt’s on fire… so let’s fuck.”

Before Alice could react to her mother’s lewd talk, Jess reached out to take the girl’s face in her hands, followed by a deep, probing kiss, its urgency a stark contrast to the gentle kisses she’d seen her youngest girls share. It took her daughter’s breath away.

In fact, Alice had recovered just enough to embrace her mother’s bare body when Jess broke away, snatching at the hem of the t-shirt Alice liked to sleep in. She lifted it up as her daughter raised both arms, enabling Jessica to slip the garment completely off. Before Alice could brush her bangs to one side, Jess was already kneeling, pulling down the twelve-year-old’s short pyjama bottoms. She was pleased to see that her daughter had gone without knickers.

The instant Alice stepped out of her pj’s, Jessica gave her a push, so that she fell back on the bed, legs dangling over the side. Her mum knelt on the floor, roughly shoving Alice’s knees apart, then all but diving between them. Licking her lips, she dipped down to claim her daughter’s cunt with a ravenous kiss, thrusting her tongue into the creamy opening.

Alice was over the moon with excitement. This was a side to her mum that she hadn’t explored; raw hunger replacing her usual tender affection. In bed, Jess didn’t exactly treat her daughters like china dolls, but always did keep in mind that, after all, they were still children, so lovemaking with the girls tended to be gentle and loving, even playful.

Now, though, Alice could tell that her mother was feeling especially randy, in the mood for something more rough-and-tumble. And it thrilled her, the idea of being taken and used by a lust-filled adult lover. Especially when it’s Mum, she told herself.

On another day, Alice would have wondered where this abandon was coming from, but now she knew full well that her mum’s heated fervor had been fired, then stoked to a white-hot inferno by memories of the twins.

Her own giddy thoughts also turned to Stella’s daughters, and the strong possibility that she would be the filling in a Sienna-and-Lacey sandwich very soon. Appealing as that notion was, the possibility of having their mother Stella join in the fun was far more inviting. I’ve got to make that sleepover happen soon, Alice told herself.

Her reverie was interrupted as her mother’s tongue flicked at her engorged clitoris. Mum was taking these deep, luscious licks, bathing her vulva with each stroke. “Oh, Mum,” Alice whimpered, “I love you s-so much…”

Caught up in a wild whirl of animal desire, Jess began to drill her stiffened tongue into Alice’s cunt, seeking the young girl’s ambrosia, then slurping it down. The liquid sounds of cunnilingus filled the room, the perfect score to accompany their forbidden love.

While Alice writhed beneath her mother, Jess shifted her focus once more to the girl’s clitoris, taking the sensitive nubbin between her lips to suck as she replaced her tongue with one finger, then two. And since Alice’s hymen had been done away with, Jessica was able to really fuck her daughter, penetrating the twelve-year-old right up to the third knuckle. “Yes, Mum, yes!” her child panted, angling her hips to take those probing fingers even deeper.

After maintaining a steady pistoning rhythm for a few dozen strokes, Jess quickly withdrew her fingers. Alice made a tiny mew of protest, but silenced herself when Mum gripped both her thighs and pressed them back until they touched the girl’s breasts.

Oh, God, Alice thought. Is Mum going to…

She was. Jessica licked lustfully at her daughter’s anus, now flavored with the sweet essence of Alice’s vagina, her tongue pushing at the pulsing hole until it managed to gain entry. Once the rosebud was well lubricated, Jess drew back, quickly sliding her thumb into the girl’s rectum, then wriggled the index and middle fingers back into Alice’s vagina.

Now Jessica was in both her daughter’s holes, her hand positioned as if she was gripping a bowling ball. As for Alice, she was beside herself. Each tiny movement Mum made caused her eyes to roll wildly.

Satisfied with the result, Jess returned her oral attention to her daughter’s clitoris, sucking it like a straw as she began to move her hand around, massaging the walls of Alice’s vagina.

It was mere seconds before Alice lost the fight to stave off her orgasm. She clutched both knees to her chest with white-knuckled hands as her body trembled, a long, keening cry escaping her mouth.

Jessica glanced up at the sound, but didn’t stop pleasuring her daughter until she felt Alice seize up almost violently, then go limp, losing the grip on her legs as she slowly relaxed into the sex-dampened sheets.

Carefully extricating her fingers from the panting girl, then sitting back to catch her own breath, Jess felt a rush of surprise at the ferocity that she’d just directed at her daughter. Recalling the frenzied strap-on fuck she’d given Rachel in the shower just yesterday morning — Christ, that seems like a bloody month ago! — Jessica began to wonder all over again if she was developing a real dominant streak.

She stretched out alongside her daughter so that their faces were nearly touching, waiting until Alice opened her eyes. A look passed between them, a shared bond and the understanding that maternal love had, for a few moments, at least, been replaced by pure animal heat. Alice somehow gathered the strength to wrap both arms around her mum as Jess dipped her head to kiss the girl, this time with the gentle brushing of lips.

As they broke the loving kiss, Alice spoke first. “Wow, Mum, that was… intense.”

Jess felt her cheeks grow hot. “I — I’m sorry about that, sweetheart. Lost control of myself, didn’t I?”

“Don’t you dare apologise for that, Mum. I mean, you’ve never been that wild with me before, but… oh, hell, it was fantastic!”

“Watching your sisters got me all warmed up,” Jess said with a shrug. “I was tempted to join them, but then realised that… well, sometimes we need the time to be with just one person. We don’t always have to make it a huge family orgy.”

Alice narrowed her eyes. “Are you sure that’s all it was, Mum? I mean, you weren’t thinking about the twins again, by any chance…?”

“You know, for a kid, you’re far too smart. I won’t deny that those two got to me in a big way.”

“You’re not the only one — to think about them, I mean. So, Mum… I was thinking how I’d really like to do the sleepover thing with Lacey and Sienna, if they ask. I promise to keep our family thing secret. And if something does happen, you’ll get to hear all about it. So, um… can I, please?”

Jess studied her daughter for a moment, finally nodding her head. “All right, love. I won’t say that I’m not a bit worried about how this will turn out… but you’ve proven yourself level-headed enough to be trusted. Do you want to ring up the twins, or wait for them to call you?”

Alice went from serious to elated in an instant. “Oh, I can’t wait — I’ll ring them.” She hugged her mother tightly. “Thanks, Mum. If this turns out the way I hope, you’ll get to fuck Lacey and Sienna too. We all will. And Stella, let’s not forget her. Oooh, I’m all over shivery, just thinking about it!”

Seeing the mischievous smile on Alice’s face, Jess had a flash of inspiration. “You know, there was a reason of sorts for what I did to you just now; I was preparing you for more. I think it’s time that Mummy showed you something new.”

Rolling away from her daughter, Jess sat on the edge of the bed and opened her bedside drawer, rummaging beneath her underwear. Alice watched from behind, curious what her mum was looking for, her eyes widening in astonishment when Jess held up a white plastic vibrator for her to see.

“I know it doesn’t look very real, like Rachel’s — and believe me, she has a whole treasure chest full of sex toys — but it should do for now to get you used to something being inside you.”

Alice was grinning. “I’m game if you are, Mum.”

Jessica’s handheld sex toy couldn’t really compare with the large, flexible latex strap-on that Rachel owned, but that would’ve been far too large to use on Alice anyway. This would do quite nicely for getting Alice better acquainted with penetration, and it satisfied Jessica’s desire to be first to fuck her daughter. At the same time, she made a mental note to ask Rachel to take her shopping for a more varied collection of toys. Some for the girls, too, she thought.

Turning back to the bedside table, Jess reached into the drawer again and took out a small bottle, using her thumb to flick the lid open. She glanced up at a curious Alice. “It’s lubricant, sweetheart. You remember Rachel mentioning it, that night we all got together? I know you’re probably wet enough already, but we want to be extra careful not to hurt you inside. Here, lie back for me.”

Alice scooted eagerly to the head of the bed and stretched out, opening her legs. “Hold on,” Jess said, putting the bottle down on the cabinet and reaching for a pillow. “Lift your bum.” The girl obeyed, and Jess slipped the pillow beneath her. “This gives me a better angle to fuck you with, you see.”

“Cool,” Alice murmured, her eyes dancing with excitement.

Reaching for the bottle, Jessica squirted a small amount of the clear liquid onto the vibrator, then a few drops on Alice’s pussy before thumbing the bottle closed and dropping it back in the drawer. Jess smeared the lubricant around and over the white vibrator, briefly reflecting that she wouldn’t ever be handling a real penis like this again.

Turning to Alice, Jess began to spread the thick fluid along her daughter’s labia, pausing to give the clit a playful flick, making Alice jerk. When her fingers were gliding easily over the slippery flesh, Jess carefully slipped two into the girl, twisting them round to coat the inner walls as thoroughly as she could.

“Oh, fuck, Mum!” Alice gasped, rolling her hips along with Jessica’s touch.

Kneeling between her daughter’s spread legs, Jess ran the vibrator up and down the outside of Alice’s cunt until it moved smoothly, finally touching it to the stiffening clitoris.

Jess hesitated, gazing into her daughter’s eyes. “Are you ready, darling?”

Alice took a deep breath, then nodded.

Twisting the base of the tube just a fraction, giving silent thanks that she’d recently replaced the batteries, Jessica held it against Alice’s clit. The dull buzzing of the sex toy was accompanied by vibrations that the twelve-year-old hadn’t quite prepared for, causing her outstretched legs to twitch.

Jess rotated the vibrator as she eased the toy into Alice, cautiously working it in and out, going a little deeper with each stroke until half of the white cylinder had disappeared into the vagina. “How’s that, love?” she asked her daughter. “It’s not hurting, is it?”

Alice was biting her lip, her breath now deeper. She gave her head a quick shake. “No, Mum, it’s fine. You c-can go in some more.”

“Okay, but don’t be afraid to stop me if you need to.” Satisfied that her daughter was enjoying this, she continued to slide the toy in and out until more than three-quarters of it had vanished, and she felt a slight resistance inside, though Jess kept twisting it to make penetration easier.

As Jessica built up a steady rhythm, the girl’s reactions grew stronger. Alice was clutching at the bedclothes, alternating between whimpering and hissed intakes of breath.

Much as she loved using the vibrator on her daughter, Jessica was beginning to wish that she had quick access to the contents of Rachel’s play chest, longing to buckle into a strap-on and fuck Alice like a real lover. Soon, she promised herself. There are so many lovely games for me and my girls to play, so many delights we have yet to try. We’ll enjoy them all. 

Her own cunt was begging for attention, but she couldn’t think about that right then, To take her mind off the heat between her thighs, Jess bent down and began to pleasure Alice orally, nursing at the girl’s clit as she continued to fuck her breathing in the intoxicating scent of her daughter. Of all the pussies I’ve smelled since becoming gay, I like hers best.

As she lost herself in the potent aroma, Jessica heard her bedroom door open — and turned to see two naked angels standing in the doorway.

“Mummy… what are you doing with Ali?” asked Poppy.

“Hello, munchkin. My, it looked like you two were having fun earlier. What I’m doing here is… well, I’ve decided your sister is old enough to try something a bit more grown-up.”

Katie frowned. “You saw us? How come you didn’t come in?”

“Well, sweetheart, everyone needs a little privacy now and then, and you both looked so sweet together that I didn’t want to interrupt.” A moan from Alice reminded Jess that she’d momentarily neglected the task at hand. “Oops! Sorry, darling, I got a bit distracted just now.”

Turning back to her two youngest, she urged, “Don’t just stand there, girls — come on in and join the fun!” then returned to pleasuring Alice.

Katie and Poppy skipped over to the bed, kneeling one on each side of their older sister, watching agog for a moment as their mother continued the gentle twisting thrusts of the white cylinder into Alice’s cunt.

Once convinced that Alice could take what she had to give with no pain or discomfort, Jess increased the tempo of her thrusts, but still maintained a sense of control that would’ve been thrown out the window if she’d been doing this to a grown woman.

As the girls watched their big sister with wide-eyed admiration, and perhaps a little jealousy, Jess interrupted their reverie. “Poppy, darling? Mummy needs some attention. Why don’t you lick me, like you were doing with Katie? She loved it, I could tell.”

The little flame-haired nymph grinned and scampered behind Jessica, immediately parting the woman’s pale and shapely bum cheeks to delve between them. Setting about her task with relish, she licked into the musky cleft of Mum’s cunt, which was already dripping with nectar.

Katie was next to get in on the action. As her sexpot little sister licked and slurped at their mum, who was occupied with fucking Alice, Katie selected her own point of entry. Moving up the bed, she drew level with Alice, who seemed all but oblivious to her presence. The twelve-year-old’s head was squashed back into the pillow, eyes squeezed tightly shut. Her arms were outstretched, hands gripping the quilt on either side as if she was afraid it might somehow escape. Katie bent her head to take Alice’s nipple between her lips to suck while reaching out to tease the other, rolling it between her fingers.

Glancing downward, the nine-year-old took note of the position Alice was in with the pillow raising her pelvis. This gave Katie a view of her big sister’s pussy lips, which spread open with each thrust of the vibrator. From this angle, she could also see Alice’s engorged clitoris, which gave her a lovely idea. Katie put a finger in her mouth to moisten it, then reached down to touch the tiny knob of flesh, gently taking it between finger and thumb, the way Alice had taught her when she’d learned to masturbate.

Satisfied, Katie turned back to find Alice watching her, the older girl dreamy-eyed with pleasure. Feeling a surge of helpless love for her big sister, Katie moved closer, and their mouths met in a kiss. It was sweet and gentle at first, but as Alice drew nearer to climax, her kissIng grew more ardent — and Katie’s passion quickly mounted in response, their tongues engaging in a frantic dance.

Out of breath, Katie finally broke away, only to be fixed by a pleading look from her big sister. “Let me lick you, Katie,” Alice panted. “I w-want your pussy.”

Katie withdrew her fingers from Alice’s clit, their mum quickly bending down to replace them with her lips as the younger sister moved to straddle Alice’s face. Facing the wall, she grabbed the bedstead for support and lowered her cunt to her older sibling’s open mouth.

Alice began to coax the nectar from her sister’s slit with long swipes of the tongue, eager not to waste a drop. She could feel Katie riding her face, rocking forward and back. Reaching around to clutch the young girl’s thighs, Alice licked deeper, probing Katie’s vagina, tongue-fucking her.

Poppy, still kneeling behind Jess, had shifted her oral activity to Mummy’s anus, licking through the dark pink cleft again and again. She’d penetrated her mother’s cunt with two fingers at first, soon adding a third, then a fourth. Mummy’s juices were flowing freely, dripping from the little girl’s hand with each thrust.

The child’s tongue was getting a bit sore, though — Poppy had licked Katie’s holes just a few minutes ago, after all. So the seven-year-old raised her head, carefully placed the thumb of her free hand against Mummy’s bumhole, and slid it deep into the snug orifice with a single smooth stroke.

Jessica moaned when her rectum was penetrated, momentarily pausing in her own fucking of Alice. Catching her breath, she resumed the task, working the plastic vibrator in and out of her eldest girl’s vagina.

Alice’s ecstasy really was something to see, Jess reflected. Her daughter was mewling in ecstasy, her body arching with each stroke.

It sparked off a very intriguing image. Jess pictured herself on all fours, being taken by Katie and Alice at the same time, each of them sporting a strap-on cock, fucking her in both holes. Jess had yet to experience that particular bit of kink, and the thought of enjoying such a lewd act with her daughters was too enticing for words. And while they’re fucking my cunt and arse, I’ll have Poppy stand in front of me so I can lick that pretty smooth slit of hers. She made a mental note to park that idea for future reference.

With Poppy’s efforts making it increasingly difficult to maintain concentration, Jess finally gave in to her orgasm, jerking almost violently as her cunt and rectum gripped the little girl’s fingers. Once more,  the hand that was sliding the vibrator into Alice froze in mid-motion, Jessica’s fist tightening around the toy as the storm raged and roared inside her, finally dwindling.

Sensing that Mummy was done, Poppy carefully withdrew from her mum, bringing those fingers to her mouth to taste.

Once Jessica’s head ceased its spinning, she turned to her youngest daughter. “Come round here, Poppy darling.”

“Okay!” The grinning seven-year-old crawled over to join her mum, who sat back, releasing her grip on the plastic cylinder. Alice continued to lick Katie, still getting pleasure from the toy’s muted vibrations.

Placing a hand on the back of Poppy’s neck, Jessica drew her little girl in for a brief tongue kiss. “Thank you, sweetheart,” she murmured. “You made me feel wonderful. How’d you like to take over from me here? You’ll get to make your sister come.”

Poppy peered down at the vibrator, still partially sheathed in Alice’s cunt, then looked back up at her mum. “Um, how do I do it?” she asked, her expression uncertain.

Jess gave her child a loving smile. “It’s easy — just go slowly at first, twist it round as you push it in and out, and try not to go too deep.”

Moving to one side, she let Poppy take over. The little girl stretched out on her belly between Alice’s thighs, propped up on her left elbow. She wrapped her right hand round the toy, then started in surprise at its vibrations. Clutching it firmly, she tentatively copied what she’d seen her mum do. With each stroke, she grew more confident, soon building up a steady rhythm.

Katie was looking over her shoulder, watching her little sister fuck Alice, feeling a pang of jealousy that the honour hadn’t fallen to her. Looks like a lot of fun, she thought, watching the plastic shaft move in and out. We’ve got to get Mum to get us one of those. A flash of excitement went through Katie as she imagined taking the length of it herself. Unable to tear her eyes from the sight, even though it made her position slightly awkward, she increased the rocking of her hips, really riding her older sister’s face.

Alice got the idea right away and began licking Katie with an even greater fervor, her tongue sweeping from the nine-year-old’s clitoris to the crease of her buttocks. Hungry for more, she drew her younger sister down further, burrowing her mouth into Katie’s vagina as if she intended to swallow the girl whole.

Katie was staggered by the lovely things Alice’s hot, feasting mouth was doing to her cunt. Oh hell, that feels so good so good! She had to participate, to do something for her wonderful big sister. Raising herself up, Katie turned around as quickly as she could, then carefully settled back down on Alice’s mouth, pausing a moment for the licking to resume. Reaching out, Katie began to toy with her older sibling’s clit.

By then, Jess had caught her breath and was watching the lurid scene before her with growing desire, languorously teasing her own clitoris. Her longing for pussy had yet to be fully slaked, so she reached out for Poppy.

Jess slowly manoeuvred the little girl onto her side, so she was supporting herself on one arm while fucking Alice with the other. Raising one of her child’s thin legs, Jessica draped it over her neck, which gave her full access to Poppy’s bare slit. Carefully prising the tiny labia apart with her fingertips, she dipped her head and began to lick at the sweet morsel of her youngest daughter.

The bedroom was filled with the signs and sounds of rising arousal — especially from Alice, who had been fighting to draw her climax out for as long as possible. When Poppy gave the vibrator a sudden twist of its knob, the toy’s power ramped up to full, and Alice went off in an explosive orgasm. Her body jerked so hard that it caught the others by surprise. Poppy snatched her hand away, thinking she’d hurt her sister.

Jess and Poppy stared as Alice thrashed about like a landed fish, but Katie was distracted by her older sister’s muffled scream of ecstasy, which had nowhere to go but through her cunt. It was a dizzying rush of pleasure that, coupled with Alice’s violent bucking, nearly threw the younger girl off, but Alice clutched Katie’s thighs as if for dear life, holding her sister just steady enough.

As her orgasm began to ebb, Alice centred her attention on Katie, taking the girl’s clit between her humming lips to suckle. Katie cried out as her big sister’s tongue rapidly strummed at the tender nub of flesh, her body bowing forward as she reached release.

Dazed, no longer able to remain upright, Katie slumped down until her cheek was resting on Alice’s thigh. Alice continued to lick her younger sister’s cunt, but gently now, soothing the sensitive flesh.

Poppy and Jessica looked at the spent lovers, then at each other. “Did I do that?” the child asked.

Jess laughed, affectionately mussing Poppy’s hair. “You certainly did, little one.” Reaching out to switch off the vibrator, she slowly extracted it from Alice’s vagina. It emerged with a moist sound, followed by a trickle of fluid. The sight proved too enticing for Jessica to resist, so she took the tip of the sex toy into her mouth, rolling her tongue around its shaft.

Poppy looked on with interest. “Can I have some?”

Realising she had licked the vibrator clean of her oldest daughter’s essence, Jess made a face. “Sorry, love, I got a bit greedy, but there’s plenty to be had straight from the pot.” She pointed to Alice’s glistening cunt. “Just be gentle… your sister’s probably a bit tender down there.”

Poppy rolled onto her tummy, then burrowed between her big sister’s spread thighs. The slightly raised angle of Alice’s hips meant that the juices leaking from her cunt took a few seconds longer to drip down onto the pillow beneath her bum. In fact, they had pooled a little around Alice’s anus. Extending her tongue, Poppy licked from the bottom up, then slurped noisily as though she was enjoying a melting ice lolly.

This renewed attention to her pussy caused Alice to shudder, then stir from her mellow euphoria with a deep, blissful sigh. Katie raised her head up at the sound, smiling as she saw Poppy’s unruly mop of red hair between her big sister’s thighs. She dismounted Alice’s face, then knelt next to her. The smiles they exchanged held more than simple gratitude for the pleasure each had given the other.

Katie bent down to kiss her spent sister. Their tongues met, and the girls shared Katie’s honey, the warm, thick nectar that Alice had so desperately thirsted for, still smeared on the twelve-year-old’s lips.

As Poppy soothed Alice’s vulva with the soft caress of her tongue, Jessica crawled up to lie alongside her eldest daughter, who was still kissing Katie.

On seeing her mother, Katie broke away from Alice and looked up. “Hey, Mum.”

Jess leaned in and kissed Katie, allowing it to get passionate, then said, “Kat, darling, why don’t you use that lovely tongue of yours on Poppy? I started her off, but didn’t quite finish.”

“Righto, Mum!” Katie chirped. Moving down the bed, she stopped to watch Poppy licking Alice and decided to assist in the effort, joining her tongue to her sister’s. She traced Alice’s slit a few times, met Poppy in a brief but heated kiss, then moved down further to lie between Poppy’s legs, drawing in to kiss her youngest sibling’s baby-smooth slit.

Jessica gently stroked Alice’s cheek. “How did you enjoy your first fuck, love?”

Alice reached up to fling both arms around her mum, like a child who’d just been told she could have a puppy. “It was amazing, Mum. Thank you, thank you.”

“It was my pleasure, sweetheart, believe me. I think we can start using sex toys more often, although I’ve only got the one we just used. Time for a visit to the adult bookstore, I think. I’ll get something for each of you”

Their conversation was interrupted by a squeal from Poppy as Katie’s hungry mouth feasted on her, supplemented by a fingertip in the child’s tiny bumhole. She rolled onto her back, pressing Katie’s face between her legs with both hands. She moaned, then wailed, “Oh! OH! Ooooooooohhh!” Gasping once, then again, Poppy finally wilted into the blanket, her eyes drifting shut.

The four lovers rested, quiet but for the sound of heavy breathing, until that faded into silence. After a moment, Katie spoke. “Mum, when can I try this?” she said, brandishing the sticky vibrator.

“Not for a couple of years yet, darling, and certainly not one that size, at least at first. Although I don’t suppose there’s any harm in using it another way.”

Seeing the puzzled look on Katie’s face, Jess pushed herself up. “Here, I’ll show you.”

Her own curiosity awakened, Alice sat up to watch, propping herself against the headboard. Poppy turned onto her side for a better view, still dreamy-eyed from her last climax.

“Lie down, Kat, with your legs open,” Jessica said. As the nine-year-old did so, Jess slipped the vibrator into her mouth, getting it moist before she placed it lengthways against the cleft of Katie’s sex. She trailed the tip up and down, then touched it to her daughter’s clitoris, eliciting a small jerk from Katie.

“Does that feel nice?” Jess asked.

“Um, sure,” Katie replied.

“Ready for more?”

Katie nodded in assent, and Jess turned the dial at the base. The toy began to buzz, and Katie jerked as if she’d been electrocuted. “Whoa! That’s — that’s strong.”

Alice responded as she moved towards Katie. “You’re not kidding! And when it’s inside you, oh, wow, it feels even better! I’d still rather have someone using their mouth or fingers on me, but I did really like it. Can I have a go using it on Kat, Mum?”

Jess passed the vibrator to Alice. “Now listen, girls, and I mean really listen. It’s very important that you don’t put anything inside your vagina — or each other’s, for that matter — until I say it’s okay. And when you use your fingers, be careful to keep your nails trimmed, so no one gets a scratch inside. If you have an accident and get hurt inside, you might need to go to hospital, and questions will be asked. You girls know that I’ll get in serious trouble if anyone finds out what we’re doing, so I need you to promise you’ll do as I say.”

All three girls assured Jess they would. “Okay then, let’s get back to the lesson. Alice, you can use it on Katie, but only on the outside of her pussy. The knob on the bottom controls the speed, and it’s best to start slow and build up.”

Alice moved between Katie’s legs and recommenced what her mum had started, rolling the buzzing wand around her sister’s labia and teasing her clit as Katie gasped and writhed, caught up in these new sensations. Feeling wicked; Alice pressed the tip against Katie’s rosebud and bent to use her mouth on the girl’s clitoris instead. It didn’t take long for Katie to come.

As Jess watched, her desire began to smoulder once more. When her daughters all came together in a three-way kiss, she picked up the discarded sex toy and announced, “All right girls… who wants to fuck Mummy with this?”

Three arms shot into the air.


The narrow column of morning sunlight that peeped through the curtains revealed a tangle of bodies strewn across Jessica’s bed, the quilt only partially covering their nudity. Pausing to stretch and yawn, Jess glanced left and right to see her two eldest daughters dozing peacefully, each with an arm across the other’s body. Katie’s hand was still cupping one of her breasts.

She recalled the previous night’s activities; how lovely the evening had been. She and the girls had tried multiple sexual combinations, with each one, at some point, being the recipient of a three-on-one attack of tongues and fingers.

Searching around for her baby girl, she lifted her head to see Poppy asleep between her legs, the child’s head resting on her thigh. The warm breath from Poppy’s open mouth caused little ripples to flow through her close-trimmed pubes, almost like a musical instrument being played.

Eventually, after what seemed like hours of lovemaking, mother and daughters had all succumbed to exhaustion and fallen asleep where they were.

One at a time, Jess roused her daughters with a nudge to each. “Come on girls, time to get up.”

Katie stirred first. “Do we have to?”

“Yes, it’s a school day, remember? Only have a couple more weeks to go before the summer holidays.”

“Ooooohhh… can’t we stay in bed a bit longer? We could have some fun.”

“I think we had more than enough of that last night, young lady. Now scoot, I need to get to work.”

Katie reluctantly rolled over and slid off the bed, trudging slowly to the door. Alice was next to stir, and for a change didn’t argue with her mum, almost sleepwalking behind her sister. Poppy took a little more rousing and, as she opened her eyes, was greeted with the sight of her mother’s vagina, mere inches from her face. Unable to resist, she reached out to stroke the fleshy lips. Almost like a kitten, she drew forward and licked at the rosy flesh of Mummy’s cunt.

For a few moments, Jess revelled in the attention, marvelling how one so young could have grown so skilled in the art of lovemaking. She was sorely tempted to let her baby girl continue, but remembered that she’d made plans to leave for work early, intending to speak to her employees about the new relationship she had with Rachel.

Jessica gently touched Poppy’s cheek. The child looked up at her mum as though just realising she was there. “H’lo, Mummy,” she whispered.

Such a wondrous sight, Jess thought. “Come on… sweetheart. Much as I’d love to let you carry on, it’s time for school.”

Poppy slowly crawled up her mother’s body, planting a sleepy kiss on her lips before rolling off the bed, setting off toward the bedroom door. Observing the flawless bum of her little girl as she exited, Jessica could only bask in contentment.


Ninety minutes later, as she drove the four miles of rolling hills that led into town, Jess realised that she hadn’t given much thought as to how she was going to tell her employees about her relationship with Rachel, or even who she would tell. At the end of the day, Jessica’s sex life was her own business, but some of her employees were close friends, and deserved to know the truth. As well as her manager Caterina, who already knew, she had six other employees: her assistant manager Ella, Bridget, three mothers who worked part-time flexible hours to fit with child care, plus Sally.

Sally! Christ, I hadn’t thought about how she’ll react to the news. 

Jess realised she would need to play it carefully with the young girl. Although she’d urged the teen to look for someone her own age after their last sexual encounter, she knew that the smitten teen was hoping for another tryst with her.

Still, if all goes as planned on Wednesday, Sally could have the best of both worlds… and Rachel and I just might have two more playmates. 

A thoughtful smile formed on Jessica’s face as she continued down the twisting road to her shop.

Coming within a reasonable time frame (shorter than this part took, anyhow): Chapter Twenty-Eight!



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      Wow, what praise, and to think after the first draft I wasn’t very happy with it, but after a conflab with my writing partner (and of course the very long re-write), I got the groove on and then we can always rely on Jetboy to throw in that extra spice.
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