Greenfield Tales, Chapter 1

  • Posted on November 10, 2020 at 3:44 pm

By JB West

Note from JetBoy: A new story from a new author. I was uncertain what to make of this one at first… now, several chapters down the line, I can’t wait to see where he takes the plot next. This story takes time to build, but do stick with it — the payoff is worth it and then some. Welcome to Juicy Secrets. JB!


For helpful information about this story’s main characters, please consult The Girls and Women of Greenfield Tales

Part 1 – Mommy Fell Down

Our story begins in June, on one of those beautiful summer evenings when the heat of the day finally subsides, causing a slight chill to creep into the air.

Six-year-old Katie Connors was seated on the floor of her living room, enjoying the cool breeze that was lightly blowing into the room through the screened-in back door of the house. Having just finished their meal, she would have normally been in the kitchen helping her mother clean up, but this evening Katie had asked her mother if she could go finish coloring since their dinner had interrupted the page she’d been working on. As there was very little to clean up and because Katie had asked so politely, her mother told her she could.

Katie was just finishing up the red of a ladybug’s shell when she heard her mother yelp, then the crash of a plate breaking on the hardwood floor of the kitchen. That sound was immediately followed by a loud bang and a thump.

Dropping her crayon, Katie jumped up and ran to the kitchen to see what had happened. Her mother was lying in the middle of the floor, next to the open dishwasher. There were pieces of broken ceramic strewn all across the hardwood, and a small pool of blood was starting to collect on the floor under her mother’s head. The blood was pouring out of a huge gash on her forehead.

Katie rushed to her mother’s side.

“Mommy?” she said, gently shaking her mother’s shoulder. There was no response. Her mother was unconscious but breathing.

Katie knew exactly what she needed to do, because she had been taught how to respond to an emergency by both her mother and Mrs. Brody, her kindergarten teacher. She quickly located her mother’s cell phone on the countertop and punched in the code to unlock it. 01-23-14, Katie’s birthday. She then dialed 9-1-1.

“9-1-1, what’s your emergency?” said the woman on the other end of the call.

“M-Mommy fell down!” Katie cried into the phone as tears began to stream down her cheeks.

“Your mother had an accident?”

“Yes. Her head is bleeding really bad and — and she won’t wake up.”

The operator quickly sent out an alert to the town’s emergency services, then returned to the little girl, speaking to her in a comforting voice. She had four children of her own, all grown, and knew how to soothe a distraught child. “Sweetheart, can you tell me your name, please?”

“My n-name is Katie.”

“All right, Katie. Are there any other grownups there with you besides your mom?”


“All right. Katie, can you tell me your address?” The operator had the cell phone’s GPS data, but needed to confirm the address to make sure the first responders went to the correct place.

“Um, 416 Eagle Ridge Lane,” Katie replied. “In Greenfield.”

The operator forwarded this new information to the paramedics and police who would be handling the call.

“Okay So, Katie, do you have any paper towels or some kind of cloth nearby that you can use to help slow your mother’s bleeding?”

Looking around the kitchen, Katie saw a dishcloth lying next to the sink. She grabbed it and knelt down next to her mother. She couldn’t tell very easily where her mother was bleeding from, as the whole top of her head seemed to be covered in blood, but she remembered the gash she’d seen and gently laid the cloth across her mother’s forehead and applied pressure to the wound.

Katie was a very smart little girl who knew what to do in this type of emergency. She had read in a book about a similar situation where a man had gotten his leg caught in an animal trap. The author of the novel had written a rather detailed passage explaining how, after the man freed himself, he had stopped the bleeding and treated the wound. At the time, Katie thought it was really gross, and wondered why anybody would ever describe something like that in such detail. Now she was thankful for that book because it was helping her help her mommy.

“Katie? Did you find a towel or anything?” the operator asked, breaking Katie’s train of thought.

“Yes. I’m holding a towel over the cut, but it’s still bleeding really bad… and she’s still not waking up!”

“That’s okay, sweetheart. Just keep holding it there. It will really help your mom a lot.”

At that moment Katie realized that she was sobbing. And that made her cry much harder. There she was, sitting on the floor next to her unconscious mother, holding a cloth to her bleeding head with one hand, clutching the phone to her ear with the other.

Katie was smart enough to grasp the severity of the situation and knew that remaining calm was better than panicking. Still, she was only six years old and had never been in a situation like this before. A million scary questions started to run through her mind. Would her mom be okay? What if she wasn’t? What if she died? Who would take care of her? Where would she go? With each question, Katie’s fear grew more intense. Even though the operator was still on the line, talking to her in a gentle voice, Katie was no longer paying attention. It was only the sound of the siren coming from outside that snapped the child out of her darkening thoughts.

Springing to her feet, Katie raced to the front door opening it wide. A man and a woman were quickly advancing up the front walk, both dressed in the blue uniforms of the local fire department’s emergency services. The man was carrying a large bag, while the woman held what looked like a folded up canvas lawn chair. The woman hurried to Katie’s side.

“Where’s your mom, honey?” she asked. Katie led them to the kitchen and the EMTs got to work.

Katie just stood back, still crying, and watched. She was still in shock over the whole situation, but a part of her found it fascinating. She’d never seen emergency workers doing their jobs up close before. She watched intently, taking in all their actions, paying close attention to the technical terms they were using. She didn’t understand much, but made a mental note to investigate it all when she had the chance.

That’s when Katie felt the presence of another person behind her. She turned around, looked up and saw another woman, this one in a police officer’s uniform. Katie had been taught that in an emergency the first thing you should do is call 9-1-1, but after that you should find a grownup to help you, preferably a parent, teacher or police officer.

The officer looked down at Katie and smiled, then pulled a handkerchief out of her back pocket, knelt next to the child and began to dab her tears away.

“You must be Katie,” she said.

Katie sniffled and nodded her head.

“I’m Officer Dean,” the officer continued. “But you can call me Deena if you’d like.”

Katie scrunched up her nose. “That’s a weird nickname.”

“It’s not a nickname. My first name is Deena. I’m Officer Deena Dean.” She smiled at Katie and gave her a quick wink.

For some reason, Katie thought this was kind of funny and snickered a little bit, although she was still mostly crying. Officer Dean then stood up, placing a hand on Katie’s shoulder, and carefully guided the child into the living room. Deena walked her over to the couch, avoiding the crayons and coloring book which were still spread out all over the floor.

“Mind if I borrow this, Katie?” Gently taking the cell phone from the little girl’s hand, she held it to her ear.

“Shelby? Hey, it’s Deena… Yeah, everything’s good here. Bob and Michelle are attending to Ms. Connors right now… Uh-huh, Katie’s okay. She’s right here with me. Hey, thanks for staying on the line with her… Oh, for sure I will… Yes… Okay, talk to ya later. Bye.”

Officer Dean placed the phone on the arm of the couch, then seated herself next to the little girl. Once again, she used her handkerchief to dab away Katie’s tears, but the child had already stopped crying. The initial shock of the situation had worn off, and now there were nice people helping her and Mommy.

Folding up her handkerchief, Deena laid it on Katie’s lap and smiled at her. She then reached behind the girl and started to lightly rub small circles on her back. This had a very calming effect on Katie. It was the same thing Mommy would do to her whenever she was upset about something. Deena continued to stroke the young girl’s back while whispering soothing words to the child. The light massage was helping Katie to relax, exactly the effect that Deena had hoped for.

Just then, the man in the kitchen called out, “Hey, Deena — we’re coming out now. Can you get the front door?”

Officer Dean stood up and moved to the entrance, opening the interior door all the way, then stepping outside and holding the storm door open as wide as possible. Katie glanced back to see the EMTs come out of the kitchen, carrying her mother on a canvas and aluminum frame stretcher. A large blood-soaked bandage was wrapped around the woman’s head, partially obscuring her face. She was still unconscious, and one of her arms hung limply, dangling off the side of the stretcher.

Seconds later, the child’s mother had been carried through the living room and out to the ambulance. Katie tried to follow, but Officer Dean took her by the arm.

“Sweetie, they have to take your mom to the hospital now. We’ll follow in a few minutes, but it’s best we not get in their way. We don’t want to slow them down, right?”

Katie looked up at Deena and nodded. Instead, she watched as the EMTs loaded her mother into the back of the ambulance. The woman stayed in the back with her, while the man climbed out and closed the doors, then ran around to the driver’s side. A few seconds later, the siren started up and the ambulance did a quick U-turn and sped away down the street. Katie and officer Dean watched the vehicle until it reached the end of the street and turned the corner, disappearing from view.

Across the street, Katie saw her friend Angela standing with her mother near the end of their driveway. The girl waved, but Katie was too stricken to respond, and just turned around and walked back inside. Officer Dean followed her back to the couch, and they both sat down.

“Katie?” Deena asked softly. The girl looked up at her. “When will your dad be home?”

“I don’t have one. He’d died when I was little.”


Deena looked around the room. Upon entering the house, she’d noticed a family portrait on the wall. A very handsome couple with a young girl, maybe two or three years old, in the woman’s arms. But then she noticed that it was the only photo of the man in the room. All of the other photos were either pictures of Katie on her own, or with her mother.

“Do you have any relatives nearby… or maybe a neighbor who takes care of you when your mom goes out?”

Katie thought about it for a second, then said, “Aunt Rachel, I guess.”

Deena picked up the phone from where she’d left it. “This is your mom’s phone, right?”


“Do you know the code to unlock it?”

The little girl nodded. “Zero, one, two, three, one, four.” She smiled shyly. “My birthday.”

Officer Dean entered the code and the phone unlocked. She did a quick scan of the contacts list and saw an entry for Rachel Hayes. She showed it to Katie.

“Is this your aunt?” Deena asked. Katie nodded again.

Officer Dean selected the entry and the phone dialed. On the fourth ring a woman answered.

“Hey, Kim. What’s up?” This was immediately followed by the sound of a child screaming in the background. “Hold on a sec, Kim.” Then, though somewhat muffled, Deena heard, “Samuel Henry Hayes, you be quiet. I’m on the phone.” There was a small scuffling noise, followed by what sounded like a door banging shut. “Hey, sis, sorry about that. Boys will be boys. So, what’s up?”

“Um, hello. Am I speaking with Rachel Hayes?”

“Uhh… yes. Who is this?”

“My name is Officer Dean. I’m with the Greenfield Police Department.”

“Oh, what, did Kim lose her phone again? I swear, that’s gotta be like the fifth one in two years.”

“No, ma’am. I’m calling to inform you that your sister has been in an accident and–”

“What? Oh my God! Is she — is she okay?”

“Yes. Yes. She’s alive. She was unconscious, but breathing on her own. They’re taking her to the hospital now.”

“Oh, okay. Thank God.” There was a sigh of relief, followed by a brief pause. “Wait — where is Katie? Was she hurt, too?”

“She’s perfectly fine. Here, hold on a second.” Deena switched on the speakerphone. ”Say hi, Katie.”

“Hi, Aunt Rachel.”

“Oh, Katie, thank goodness. You’re really okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. I was scared, but I’m not hurt or anything. Mommy fell down in the kitchen and hit her head really bad, and she was bleeding all over the place and she wouldn’t wake up.”

“Oh, Katie.” The woman’s voice broke a bit. “So, you’re all right, then.”


“She was really brave,” Deena chimed in. “The 9-1-1 operator said that she may very well have saved her mother’s life because of her quick response.” Katie hadn’t thought about that. The idea that she’d saved her mommy’s life was too much for her to process right then. She almost started crying again, but didn’t have any tears left.

“Well, Katie has always been such a wonderful little girl. So smart and kind. I’m not surprised at all that she’s brave as well.” Katie smiled and blushed to hear such lavish praise from the two women. For a moment, she almost forgot to feel worried.

Officer Dean was speaking again, “I’m going to be taking Katie to the hospital soon so she can be with her mom. I can wait with her for as long as needed, but…”

“Oh, of course, I’ll be there as soon as I can. Um, where did they take Kim to…?”

“She’ll be at Saint Luke’s Hospital,” Deena said.

“The one just off the highway, right?”

“That’s the one. We’re going to head over there now. We’ll probably be in the ER, but if you can’t find us I’ll have your sister’s phone with me so you can call.”

“Sounds good. It will probably take me, oh, about an hour to get there. I live up in the city.”

“Just take your time and don’t rush. I’ll stay with Katie until you arrive. We don’t need another accident in your family tonight.”

“Yes, I agree.” Rachel said. “Thank you, Officer…uh…”


“Yes, Officer Dean. Thank you for everything. I’ll see you both soon.” Click.

Deena put the phone in her pocket, then she and Katie did a quick walk-through of the house to make sure all the windows were closed and the exterior doors locked. Katie picked up her coloring book and crayons while Deena inspected the kitchen. She had been at accident scenes that were far bloodier, but she knew that Katie ought not to see this.

She quickly closed and locked the back door, then quickly swept up the pieces of broken plate and threw away the discarded medical supplies and waste. She didn’t have the time to clean up all the blood, but wiped the worst of it away with a sponge she found in the sink. She noticed Ms. Connor’s purse while in the kitchen and grabbed it to bring along, figuring that the woman would need her things when she woke up, especially her ID and insurance card. There was a set of keys in the purse, which Deena used to lock up the house before she set off for the hospital in her squad car, little Katie alongside in the passenger’s seat.


Part 2 – A Day Off

At that moment across town, a young woman named Cassidy Page was sitting in her living room perusing social media feeds on her phone. It seemed to be a pretty slow news day, and none of her friends had posted anything all that interesting. She glanced up at the television, which she’d turned on about half an hour earlier. There was an ad for an insurance company, the one with the talking animal who wants to convince you that his company has the best, yet somehow the cheapest plan available. Cassidy rolled her eyes, then glanced back down at her phone. Realizing that she’d already checked everything worth checking, she tossed it onto the empty seat beside her with a sigh.

After sitting there for a couple of minutes watching the TV without really paying attention, Cassidy noticed that her hand had inadvertently wandered between her legs. She was tracing the seam of her denim cutoffs and, not too coincidentally, the line of her slit.

This, of course, did not surprise Cassidy. Even as a young girl, she’d always found herself touching that special place whenever her mind wandered. Some girls might tap their toes in a steady rhythm. Some girls might play with their hair, twirling it around a finger. Some girls might chew on their fingernails. But Cassidy’s habit was a wandering hand that always seemed to end up in that same place.

She let herself enjoy the sensation for a few moments longer, then she pulled her hand away. She wanted to get off, but not on her own. She wanted sex. She wanted to feel another person’s skin on hers. Another person’s hot breath and dirty words whispered into her ear. Her body explored in every way imaginable. She wanted to fuck, and wouldn’t be satisfied with less. So she denied herself immediate gratification in favor of waiting for what she knew would be a mind-blowing orgasm at the hands of her lover.

In fact, Cassidy had woken up horny and had been feeling the itch all day. The night before, she’d gone out to dinner and a concert in the city with a group of friends. Her plan had been to cap off the night with some wild sex, but the evening had gotten away from her when she drank too much, then indulged in a few too many hits from a joint that got passed around at the show. She ended up so out of it that when they arrived home, her fiancée had to carry her in from the car and put her to bed. All Cassidy got was a chaste kiss on the lips and a few tender words before she passed out for the night.

Upon waking in the morning she found that her fiancée had already left for work. On her bedside table she saw a glass of water and a bottle of aspirin. There was also a note:

Take two of these and call me when you wake up. Doctor’s orders. I love you.

Cassidy smiled as she read the note, then winced as she noticed the pounding in her head. Shaking two tablets from the bottle, she washed them down with a big gulp of water. She needed to pee, but instead she rolled over and went back to sleep.

When she woke again, a glance at the bedside clock told her that it was almost noon. She had a number of small errands that needed doing, but decided that even though she was feeling somewhat better, she would rather just hang out around the house and have a lazy day.

Cassidy got out of bed, took a shower, had a pee and slipped into her bikini. She figured she could lie out in the sun, work on her tan and maybe read another few chapters of the trashy romance novel that she’d been working her way through. She grabbed a banana from the fruit bowl, always good for a hangover, and poured herself a glass of orange juice. She thought about it for a second, then grabbed the vodka from the freezer and poured a shot’s worth into her OJ. A little hair of the dog was also good for a rough morning after, at least she thought so.

Heading through the sliding door and into the back yard, Cassidy sat down in her lounge chair next to the pool. That’s when she noticed her next door neighbor, Mr. Withers, looking at her as he trimmed the hedge that ran along the property line. He raised his hand and tilted it to the side a bit, his way of saying hello. She returned the gesture.

“Hi, Mr. Withers. How ya doin’ today?” Cassidy called.

He bowed slightly. “I’m doing very well. How’re you?”

“Ugh. Not so great.”

A look of concern crossed his face, “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Anything I can do to help? Maybe get Marianne to whip you up a batch of chicken soup?”

Cassidy chuckled a little bit at that. “No, you don’t need to do that. I’m not really sick. Just a slight case of the, um, bottle flu.”

Now it was Mr. Withers’ turn to chuckle. “Aw, you’re young. You should be fine in no time.” He then motioned at the small table beside her. “That glass of juice and the banana should help.”

Grinning, Cassidy picked up the glass and held it out like she was making a toast. “It’s a Screwdriver,” she said, taking a big sip.

Mr. Withers let out a big guffaw and gave her a thumbs up. “Even better.” He stood there for a second, smiling at her, then said, “Well, give us a call if you do need anything. We should be home all day.”

Just then Cassidy realized that she had forgotten to call her fiancée. Quickly standing up, she said, “Oh, wow. I just remembered that I need to make a phone call. Thanks for the offer.”

Right before she turned to go inside, Cassidy caught Mr. Withers giving her a quick up-and-down look, pausing briefly at her chest. She suspected that he was probably checking out her ass as she walked away, so she gave her hips a quick little wiggle. She wasn’t attracted to Mr. Withers, not at all, but he was a pretty nice guy even if he liked to sneak peeks at her and her girlfriends whenever they hung out around the pool. She figured that giving him something to think about while in bed with his wife was the neighborly thing to do.

Back indoors, she found her phone and hit the link to her fiancée’s number. There was no answer. Probably busy with work, she decided, and sent a quick text instead:

thanks 4 the meds doc. luv u lots. XOXOX

She wandered back outside and climbed back onto her lounge chair, noticing that Mr. Withers was no longer in his yard. Picking up her book, Cassidy started to read.

Truth be told, the book was fairly terrible, but she’d always had a soft spot for bad romance novels. She actually liked them more if they had a ludicrous plot and cheesy dialogue. The more serious they were, the less inclined she was to read them through to the end. Basically, she just wanted to read about shallow but good-looking people having hot sex. This book had plenty of that, and she loved it.

She read for a couple of hours, occasionally letting her free hand rest on her bikini clad pussy, giving it light caresses and teasing her clit every now and then. She also pinched and lightly twisted her nipples a few times, making them all but visible through the fabric of her bikini top, like little tents. She knew that if Mr. Withers happened to see her in this state, he’d probably have a tent of his own to worry about. That thought made her giggle. Before long, however, the combination of the booze and the hot afternoon sun worked their combined magic on her, and she fell soundly asleep.

Waking for the third time that day, Cassidy checked her phone, surprised to see that it was about a quarter after six. Thankfully, it looked as though some late afternoon clouds had rolled in, blocking out the sun and sparing her from a bad burn. She also noticed that she’d just missed a call a few minutes earlier, and that her text had been returned.

Feeling better? I hope so. I had an
emergency come up at work and might be
late tonight. Don’t wait up. Love you lots.

Gathering up her things, Cassidy went inside. The temperature had cooled considerably and she felt a slight chill, so she slipped into her favorite pair of cutoffs and one of her fiancée’s t-shirts. Flopping down on the couch, she turned on the TV to see if there was anything about the “emergency” on the news. Probably not. She lived in a quiet town which wasn’t really interesting enough for the local news stations out of the city to give much coverage to. Picking up her phone, she started scrolling through her social media. Nothing there, either. Oh, well — I’ll hear all about it later… and if not, it probably wasn’t that big a deal.


Part 3 – Trouble

Arriving at the hospital, Rachel Hayes quickly found a parking spot for her Range Rover, and ran for the entrance of the ER, all but dragging her daughter Emily behind. She hadn’t intended to bring the child along, but the girl had pleaded to be allowed to go with her, until she was on the verge of crying. Emily and Katie were only two years apart and very close, almost like sisters. Rachel didn’t have time to argue with her daughter so she quickly conceded to Emily’s wishes and agreed to let her come along.

Rachel had been in a hurry while trying to get herself and Emily ready to leave the house on such short notice and had forgotten to grab her purse. Her wallet and phone were in the bag so she had no choice but to to double back and retrieve it. So now, nearly two hours after she’d received the call from the Greenfield police, Rachel and her daughter finally made it to the hospital. Rachel inquired at the ER reception desk about her sister and was told to take a seat, that someone would be with them before too long.

The wait felt like hours, but was really only ten minutes. Rachel was glancing up at the clock on the wall when she heard a voice address her from behind. “Mrs. Hayes?”

Quickly standing, Rachel turned and looked into the face of a boy. Well, that’s what she thought for a brief moment. On second look he was obviously an adult, but Rachel suspected that he couldn’t be more than twenty — a volunteer from the local college, she decided, perhaps an orderly. “Yes. I’m Mrs. Hayes.”

The man smiled, extending a hand “Hi. I’m Doctor Malcolm. I’ve been taking care of your sister.” That was when Rachel noticed the I.D. badge clipped to the breast pocket of his scrubs.

Rudolf Malcolm M.D.
Emergency Medicine

She shook his hand, suddenly feeling like she was on the bad end of a terrible prank, that soon she would find out that there had been no accident and that all this had been done at her expense. The doctor then looked down at Emily and held out his hand to shake hers. “And you must be Emily. Katie’s told me all about you. She’ll be really happy to see you.”

“Uh… Doctor? Can you tell me how she is?” Rachel asked.

“Follow me. We can talk while we walk.” Dr. Malcolm led them through the double wide swinging doors that led beyond the waiting area, pausing briefly to administer a fair amount of hand sanitizer from a wall-mounted dispenser. Rachel and Emily each got a dollop as well.

“You sister is doing quite nicely,” the doctor began, glancing back over his shoulder at Rachel as he led mother and daughter down the brightly lit corridor. “She regained consciousness in the ambulance on the way here. She’s been alert and responsive to all our questions. She knows who she is. She knows two plus two, and could tell me how many fingers I was holding up.” Dr. Malcolm raised two fingers, making a peace sign. “However… she did hit her head pretty hard. We took her in for a CT scan and we’re still waiting on the results. The good news is that she doesn’t appear to have fractured her skull or any other bones when she fell, and the CT will be able to tell us if there are other brain injuries or any bleeding that we need to address.”

The doctor then led them into a room. Kim was sitting up in the bed, dressed in a hospital gown with an I.V. and heart monitor connected to her body, a large bandage wrapped around her head. She was smiling and cuddling Katie, who was sitting on the bed next to her. Standing near the foot of the bed was a female police officer — the woman she’d spoken to earlier on the phone, Rachel assumed.

As Dr. Malcolm led Rachel and Emily into the room, Kim smiled hugely. “Look who’s here!” she said to her daughter.

When Katie looked up and saw her aunt and cousin, she immediately hopped off the bed, ran over to where they stood and hugged them both. She didn’t know why, but for some reason it made her start crying all over again. In spite of doing her very best to be brave, she’d begun to sob during the ride to the hospital when worry and fear had crept back in. It took Deena several minutes to calm her down after that. Then she cried when she was brought in to see her mother for the first time since the ambulance took her away. But those were happy tears, and it only took Kim a few seconds to banish them with a hug, a kiss and the soothing words that a mother knows how to say.

Now Katie was weeping again and couldn’t stop. Rachel and Emily held the child close and gently rocked her to and fro. Rachel looked over at her sister, who had tears of her own welling up in her eyes. Sniffling, Kim held out her hand and motioned to her to come over. Rachel joined her sister, taking Kim’s hand in hers as she stood next to the bed.

“I think she’s just really tired.” Kim said. “Exhausted.”

Rachel looked down at her sister and mouthed the words “I love you.” Kim did the same, then squeezed her sister’s hand. The two women looked back at their daughters, who were holding each other, Katie’s sobs coming less frequently, then dissipating altogether.

Rachel then noticed that Dr. Malcolm had slipped out of the room, perhaps because he felt awkward being in such an intimate situation, or maybe he had other patients to check on. Officer Dean, however, was still standing in the corner of the room down by the foot of the bed, looking as if she felt a bit uncertain about being there. Rachel caught her eye.

“Officer… Dean, was it?” Rachel asked.

“Yes, ma’am.” Deena replied.

“I’m sorry. I’m so bad with names. Never forget a face, though.” And that was true. While she didn’t have a photographic memory, Rachel was quite adept at recognizing and remembering people by their faces, even if she’d only met them once.

“Don’t worry about it. It’s been a stressful day for you, I’m sure. I’m just glad I was able to help the little bit that I could,” Deena said.

“Little bit? There’s nothing little about it. You’re a hero.” Rachel said.

“All I did was make a phone call and keep Katie company for a while.” Deena protested.

“No, that’s not all you did.” Rachel drew close to Deena, looked the younger woman in the eye and said, “You protected my niece when she was vulnerable, kept her company when she needed it. You could have dumped her on one of these nurses here, but you didn’t. You are a hero. At least in my book.”

“Mine too.” Kim said.

“Mine three!” Katie chirped, her tears forgotten.

“Yeah,” said Emily.

The two little girls rushed over to Deena, each one wrapping her arms around one of the woman’s thighs, hugging her tightly. Deena’s face immediately turned red, and for the first time that evening, she felt a little teary herself.

Reaching down, she gently caressed the back of each girl’s head. They looked up at her and smiled. That’s when Deena knew she was in trouble.

On to Chapter Two!


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    Very promising, with females only around. Please hurry with following chapters.Dave.

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    Seems inspired by a story in the UK of a little girl calling Emergency when her pregnant Mom fell down the stairs. Though, I thought it was going in the direction of the 911 operator getting with the girl at a later date.

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