Season of Goodwill

  • Posted on December 25, 2022 at 12:51 am

When frequent contributor Karin Halle sent this story my way, I knew we had to run it for our Christmas post. I broke records getting it edited and polished, so you good people could have an extra measure of Yuletide cheer. Thanks to Karin for writing it, to Amanda for posting it, and to all of you for being there to enjoy it. Happy Holidays! Yrs, JetBoy

by Karin Halle

With Christmas Day falling on the next Wednesday, George Helm’s timing could hardly have been worse – or more insensitive.

The Friday before, the accounting firm that employed him had closed down for the season. The next day, mere days before Christmas, George had informed his wife Anita that he was leaving her for a woman he’d met through his job.

His clothes and a few personal possessions had already been packed and put aside in an upstairs closet, ready and waiting for him to make a quick departure.

His announcement led to a major fight, complete with a great deal of shouting. At least there was no violence, other than the throwing of assorted household objects. The noise was, however, sufficiently loud that the neighbours were alarmed, and one of them, acting out of concern, had called the police.

The police appeared on the scene, but determined that no crime had been committed – neither George nor Anita was in danger, and the husband would soon be leaving anyhow. So the officers settled for giving a warning and referring the couple to a marriage counsellor, then they left. Actually, George managed to make his exit before the police did.

The entire shocking scene had by then become a neighbourhood spectacle, and quickly became the focal point of local gossip.

The following day, Anita received a visit from Maureen Carstairs, who lived across the street. She was concerned for Anita and wanted to make sure she was okay. She even invited Anita to join her and the family on Wednesday for Christmas dinner.

Anita assured her neighbour that she was doing well enough, considering her circumstances. “I appreciate the invite, Maureen… but I’d really prefer to have a quiet evening on my own.”

On Christmas Eve, Maureen’s fourteen-year-old daughter Josie came knocking.

“Hi, Ms. Helm,” the girl said when Anita answered the door. “How are you?”

“Doing as well as can be expected,” the woman replied with a shrug. She was wearing sweatpants and a snug t-shirt without a bra. Josie found herself stealing the occasional glance at the woman’s full breasts.

“Y’know, Mum really did mean it when she asked you to come for Christmas dinner, Ms. Helm,” she said.

“I know she did, honey, and I really do appreciate it. But… I’m just not in the mood for celebrating,” Anita patiently explained.

“We always have lots of people – we’re a big family. And they’re really nice… well, most of them.”

“All the more reason not to go, truth be told. I don’t feel very much like socialising either. I’m not even going to visit my parents – it’s just best for me to be on my own right now. You can understand that, I’m sure.”

Josie did understand, so after exchanging a few remarks about nothing much, she went home. Still, she couldn’t help but feel sad for her neighbour. She’s such a beautiful woman, too. Can’t imagine what her husband was thinking, walking out like that.

Early Christmas Day, the Carstairs family began to gather. Josie’s parents each had several siblings, so Josie had quite a few cousins. They were all older than her – some even married, with small children.

Maureen had plenty of help to prepare the dinner, so Josie wasn’t needed in the kitchen. She had no desire to join the clusters of grownups, who were discussing things that didn’t interest her, and she was even less inclined to mingle with the kids, who seemed to be everywhere she turned. The day was hot, house was crowded, it was incredibly noisy, and the atmosphere was quickly becoming stifling. Especially since Josie was the only teenager present.

Her mind kept drifting to Ms. Helm, on her own for the holiday. It’s not right, she told herself. No one should be completely on their own for Christmas. Maybe… maybe I could do something about that. 

In truth, Josie was feeling overwhelmed by the festivities in her own home, suddenly in need of a quiet refuge. Then again, she’d been thinking about how good Ms. Helm had looked in that t-shirt. Wonder what she’s wearing today?

Making a decision, she wandered to the kitchen where her mother and two aunts were busy piling food onto serving plates.

“Mum,” she began, “There’s lots of food, isn’t there? I mean, more than we need. We’ll have heaps left over, won’t we?”

“Yes, honey,” Maureen confirmed.

“So, Mum, I was wondering… wouldn’t it be good if I took some to Ms. Helm? I don’t like the idea of her being there by herself. Not on Christmas. I thought too, that… maybe I could stay over and eat with her. If she’s okay with that, I mean. You wouldn’t mind, would you? Me not being here, I mean. After all, there’s so many people around that nobody will even notice I’m missing!”

Maureen broke into an enormous smile. “I think that’s extremely thoughtful of you, darling. Of course you can!” Fetching a number of plastic storage containers, she began heaping food into them.

Josie left the house shortly after, carrying two shopping bags laden with portions from their holiday feast. No one had noticed her exit through the back door, and she was fairly certain she wouldn’t be missed by anyone. Maybe Uncle Simon, she thought, but I won’t miss him. Always patting me on the leg, touching my arms… She shuddered.

When she knocked on the door of the Helm house, no one answered. She knocked again, loudly, but once again there was no response. She’s got to be here, Josie told herself.  Preparing to go round to the back door, she paused in mid-step upon hearing movement inside the house.

An instant later, the door swung open. “Sorry to make you wait,” Ms. Helm said. “To tell the truth, I was lounging around in my knickers, so I grabbed something to put on.” She touched the lapel of her satin dressing gown.

Josie chose not to comment, but Ms. Helm’s revelation definitely caught her interest. She’d always thought of her neighbour as an attractive woman, and the idea that she wore nothing but panties under the colourful satin robe gave Josie a fluttery feeling in her tummy. She briefly wondered what kind of panties Ms. Helm had on. If she didn’t tie that robe too tightly, maybe I’ll get to see them for myself, she thought.

Suddenly it struck the teen that Ms. Helm was patiently waiting for her to explain why she was there. Omigosh, I’m staring at her like an idiot! It took a few seconds to drag her focus back to the reason for her visit.

“Ms. Helm… I don’t think anybody should be alone on Christmas,” Josie said. Thankfully, she’d rehearsed what she wanted to say on the way over. “I know you said you didn’t want to come to our place, so I thought it might be okay if I came to yours. And look! I’ve brought you dinner!” She held up one of the bags. “Merry Christmas.”

Anita didn’t even try to hide the tears welling in her eyes. “Oh, my goodness… that is so kind of you! I can’t say no this time, can I?” She beamed at the teenager. “Come in, please. And, and Merry Christmas to you, Josie.”

That smile touched Josie in an unexpected way. She’d always thought of Ms. Helm as pretty, but the way her face was lit up now took the woman to a whole new realm of beauty. The sight made her feel warm all over.

Following her neighbour inside, Josie mused, I wonder what it would be like to kiss her, then nearly gasped out loud. You shouldn’t think that! she admonished herself. But Pandora’s box had been opened, the idea planted in her head… and now Ms. Helm was giving her that smile again.

Thinking back, Josie realised that Ms. Helm hadn’t looked so happy, or so young, in quite a long while. Months, in fact. I guess she really was having marriage problems.

With the tension replaced by that dazzling smile and those laughing eyes, the years seemed to have melted from Ms. Helm’s face. As they made their way into the kitchen, Josie tried to work out how old the woman was. Let’s see. Mum’s forty-two and Ms. Helm… what, about ten years younger than that? So she’ll be in her early thirties, then.

Delving into the two bags, she took the containers out and opened them on the dining room table. Meanwhile, Anita set out plates and cutlery, then got a bottle of sparkling wine from the fridge, along with two glasses.

“So, what’s on the menu, Josie?”

“Everything!” the teen proudly announced. “Three cold roasted meats – beef, pork and lamb – plus potato salad and coleslaw. There’s hot stuff too: vegetables, baked bread and sausages. Um, let’s see – tomatoes, lettuce, fruit… and there’s two desserts: pumpkin pie and a chocolate cake roll.”

Anita had to laugh. “Goodness me! How many will be joining us tonight?”

Josie took in the sheer size of their feast, then turned to Anita with a shy grin. “Well, you’ll have plenty of leftovers for tomorrow.”

“Then you’ll have to come over tomorrow too, and help me eat them.” As Anita spoke, she opened the wine and filled the glasses, then set one before her guest.

“Mum doesn’t let me have a full glass,” Josie explained. “You know, because I’m fourteen.”

“Okay,” Anita said thoughtfully, “But what do you think? Can you handle a full glass?”

The teenager beamed. “Yes, I can, Ms. Helm. Thank you.”

“Doing all this for me proves that you’re not a child, so if you say it’s okay with you, it’s fine by me.”

“Thank you for treating me like a grown up, Ms. Helm.”

“Oh, and Josie… it’s not Helm any more. I won’t be using that name again. I’m going back to my maiden name, Tobin. You’ll be the first one to call me that in six years. Though now that we’re friends, you ought to call me Anita.”

Her chest swelling with pride, Josie said, “Thank you, Anita.”

Having a whole glass of wine, being treated as a friend by a grownup, especially one as beautiful as Ms. Helm… Josie’s day was getting better all the time.

They sat down together. “A toast to Christmas! And to friendship,” Anita declared, raising her glass high.

“To Christmas… and friendship,” Josie murmured, then they clinked glasses.

Friendship. The very word seemed to warm her soul. This was shaping up to be the best holiday meal she’d ever had. Just looking into Ms. Helm’s – Anita’s eyes made Josie feel good.

Over dinner they engaged in pleasant conversation. When Anita asked Josie about school, her questions were sincere, and she seemed to be genuinely interested in the teen’s personal life. For her part, Josie did her best to converse in a mature manner, wanting to make a good impression.

Neither of them was surprised that there was plenty of food left, even after they were both full.

“I told you, you’ll have to help me finish it off tomorrow,” Anita said again as they put the leftovers into the refrigerator. “That’ll be okay with your mum, won’t it? Tell her I’ll send her containers back when they’re empty.”

A little wine remained in the bottle, so Anita shared it out between them. They took their glasses into the living room and sat on the couch, relaxing together in a blissful silence.

Then Josie asked, “Do you think you’ll ever get married again, Anita?” As soon as the words left her mouth, she felt awful for being so insensitive.

“No fear!” Anita exclaimed, making a face. “It was the best thing that could’ve happened to me, losing that cunt!” When she saw the shocked look on Josie’s face, the woman quickly added, “Sorry, love. I shouldn’t say things like that around you.” Then she chuckled. “Which isn’t to say he doesn’t deserve it, mind.”

“Oh… it’s okay,” Josie replied. “I know that word, though if Mum or Dad ever heard me use it I’d get a tan on my backside.” She giggled, then cheekily added, “On my arse, I should say!”

Anita had to laugh at that. “You watch your language, young lady,” she said, wagging a finger at Josie, “or it’ll be me tanning your arse!”

The awkward moment now past, Anita answered the question. “Getting married again isn’t something I care to think about right now. In fact, I’m making it official: men are off my list for… well, maybe for good.” Then she shook her head. “Oh, don’t listen to me, Josie. Just because I had a bad experience, you oughtn’t to let that put you off boys.”

“No worries,” Josie replied. “Actually, I’m not much into boys anyway. Most of my friends are boy crazy, but I’m not.”

“Oh? Girls then?”

For a moment, Josie considered how she should answer, then finally replied, “I don’t know… I’ve never even been kissed, so it’s all kind of new to me. Maybe I need time to sort my feelings out.”

I probably do like girls, though, Josie told herself, knowing she was being evasive with Anita. Then again, she’d never told anyone about these occasional thoughts she had – not even her best friend, and definitely not her mum.

Reaching out, Anita lightly touched the girl’s hand. “Listen… I know how difficult it can be to be open about things like sex with your parents. I just want you to know that if you ever need someone to talk to when it comes to, well, personal matters… well, my door will always be open.”

Josie was taken aback at first, then she felt a warm surge of affection for Anita that left her glowing inside. She suspected that at least some of that warmth was from the wine they’d drunk, but didn’t let that throw her.

Still, the woman’s question nagged at her. Josie had never allowed herself to dwell for long on the topic of her sexuality, figuring she was too young to decide anyway. There were a few boys she thought of as attractive, but what about all the cute girls she knew? It’s so confusing! 

A sudden impulse to share these feelings proved too strong to resist. Clearing her throat, she spoke up.

“You’re right. There are things I’d like to talk about, y’know, with a grownup… and I like that you don’t, um, treat me like a little kid. So, you really don’t mind if I…?”

Anita gave Josie’s hand an affectionate squeeze. “Not at all, love.” She studied the girl thoughtfully. “This is something to do with sex, then?”

“Yeah,” Josie replied with a nod. “The thing is, I haven’t put much thought into, um, how I feel when it comes to sex. Mostly I think of girls when I… when I… well, you know.” She felt her face grow warm, but fought to ignore it.

“Touch yourself? There’s no need to be embarrassed about that, Josie. Bloody hell, It’s the only kind of sex I have these days!”

Josie still felt a bit awkward, but part of that was due to the nearness of this beautiful woman, the frank conversation they were having… and a growing interest she felt in Anita. My gosh, do I have a crush on her? 

Then it occurred to her, as if for the first time, that she always thought about girls when she masturbated. It seemed perfectly obvious… yet somehow, hadn’t registered in her conscious mind. Did I honestly never notice? Or was I ignoring it, pretending that wasn’t really me? Two and two were beginning to add up.

Out of nowhere, she recalled an incident from a few weeks ago. She’d thought nothing of it at the time, but now…

She was sitting on the front porch reading, and across the street Anita was watering her front yard. Josie remembered that she’d forgotten about her book, watching as her neighbour, wearing tight shorts and a tank top, tended to her lawn.

And then, there was how she always seemed to admire the bodies of the more mature girls while they were getting undressed for gym class. At the time, she assumed it was all about anticipation of when her own frame would develop into a more womanly shape. Now, she suspected that her interest meant something more.

It was becoming increasingly obvious – two plus two equalled four.

When her focus returned to the present, she looked at Anita closely, trying to pick up the thread of their conversation. It had only been a few seconds, so she caught the gist of it right away.

Anita was talking about masturbation. “It’s perfectly normal – even good for you, I think,” she was saying. “I remember being your age. You’re what, fourteen? I’m thirty-one, and I get myself off nearly every night.”

That lodged a compelling image in Josie’s mind: the very lovely Ms. Helm, naked and spread out, eyes closed and mouth slack as she fingered her slit. Does she have hair down there, or does she shave? Josie wondered. Either way, imagining it gave her a deliciously shivery feeling, one that seemed to throb inside her knickers.

“For the last three years I was with that cunt George,” Anita continued, “he barely touched me. And when we did fuck – well, it was nothing like making love, that’s for certain. He was just stimulating his cock, and I was working off my frustration. Suppose I should have taken that as a sign.” She sighed.

Unbeknownst to Anita, the front of her robe had parted, revealing just enough of her breasts to steal Josie’s breath away.

Her pulse raced. Oh, God… it’s more than a crush, way more! I want to do things with her. Sex things.

Now that she’d finally teased out the question of her preference for females, Josie ached to do something about it… and the sight of Anita only kindled this newfound desire, coaxing it into a roaring inferno.

Staring down at her hands, Anita was oblivious of the effect her half-dressed state had on Josie. “Don’t get me wrong – I’m happy to be rid of George, and I know how to make myself feel good… it’s just having a lover that I miss. Someone to hold me, to make me feel special. Like I matter.”

At that, Josie had to speak up. “You do matter, Anita!” she protested. “I think that you’re… an amazing person, and you deserve to be happy.”

Surprised by the teen’s outburst, Anita glanced up, her surprise growing when she saw the warmth in Josie’s eyes. “Well… thank you. That’s very sweet.” She smiled, but it was tinged with a hint of sadness. Looking down at her glass, which had been empty for quite some time, she murmured, “I think, maybe… yeah, I’ll open another bottle.”

Don’t let her, Josie told herself. Something about Anita’s vulnerability encouraged her, though the wine she’d drunk also did its part to loosen the teen’s inhibitions. The time felt right for a bold move.

She shook her head. “Anita, no. “You don’t want more wine.” Reaching out, she placed a trembling hand on the woman’s knee. “There’s something else you need,” she continued, struggling to keep her voice calm and steady. “Something nice. Something special.”

Anita stared at her fourteen-year-old guest, struggling to work out what she was getting at. Is she honestly asking me to… no, that can’t be what she means! 

But it was. The girl’s craving was practically written on her face. God, when was the last time anyone looked at me that way…? She couldn’t help but feel a twinge of arousal, in spite of herself.

“Oh, no, sweetie,” Anita said, shaking her head. “We – we can’t do that!”

Josie only drifted closer. “We’re friends, right? Well, friends look out for each other, and care for each other. And I care about you. A lot!”

“I think you’ve had too much to drink, young lady,” Anita said, fixing the girl with a stern look.

“I’m not drunk,” Josie protested. “I’m doing this because I want to.”

“What about this, then: you’re only fourteen, and – and I’m not gay!”

“Yeah, but you’re frustrated, and – and I’m excited! Anyhow, just ‘cause you do sex with a girl, that doesn’t make you gay,” Josie replied, folding her arms. She was putting on a bit of a front to conceal her nervousness, but something inside kept her going, insisting that yes, this was the right thing to do.

On the verge of a sharp retort, the woman took a deep breath, then sighed instead. “Look, Josie,” she said, “It’s sweet of you to, to offer me this… but let’s face it, there are a lot of reasons why we shouldn’t m-make love.”

She’s thinking about it, Josie told herself. I bet she really wants to, but she’s scared.

I know why we should,” the girl countered. “You said you miss having someone to hold, someone who can make you feel wanted. Why can’t I be the one to do that?” She gazed into Anita’s blue eyes, watching them widen as the woman recognized her desire. “We… we could teach each other.”

Anita fixed her with a curious look. “Is this something you’ve, um, been thinking about, sweetie? I mean, I’ve got to ask… is that why you came over today?”

It took Josie a few seconds to get Anita’s meaning – then she gasped, horrified. “Oh, gosh, no! That’s not it at all! Please don’t think that. Ms. Helm!”

Startled by the girl’s outburst, Anita quickly raised a hand. “Sorry, love. Shouldn’t have said that. And it’s Anita, remember… not Ms. Helm, please.”

Josie made a face. “Oops! Sorry, I forgot.”

“No offence taken.” She studied Josie thoughtfully. “So, let’s talk about this. Why don’t you tell me what you’re thinking. Help me understand, because…” She gestured helplessly. “Because I’m having a hard time, um, processing it.”

Josie took a deep breath. “I said I didn’t know before… but that’s not true. Actually, I’m pretty sure I like girls,” she said, trapping both hands between her knees. “No, I know I do. I used to think I liked some boys… but that was pretending, trying to make myself think I wasn’t really gay.” She looked up at Anita. “I am gay, though,” she said, then gave a shaky laugh. “I – I kinda just figured it out.”

“Well, there’s nothing wrong with that,” Anita pointed out, “but shouldn’t you be putting the moves on, I don’t know, some cute girl who goes to your school? Why in God’s name would you want sex with me? I’m practically middle aged!”

“Cause you’re beautiful,” Josie murmured. “I like you a lot. And… and cause I really want to see you in just your knickers.” She giggled when the woman noticed her parted robe and quickly pulled it closed, then fixed her once more with that needful gaze. “But mostly, I want to make you happy, Anita. It’s not right that you’re feeling lonely on Christmas. Won’t you let me help with that?”

Anita stared at the girl in disbelief, her body throbbing like an idling engine. She’d always defined herself as straight, but had long entertained occasional fantasies of sex with another woman. And since George’s departure, she had toyed more than once with the notion of visiting a lesbian bar and letting herself get picked up.

Now the opportunity to realise this hidden desire was within Anita’s grasp… only not with a woman, but a girl of fourteen! How was she expected to respond to that?

But she’s so sweet, so beautiful. And she wants me. In lots of ways, Josie could be the perfect lover. 

In spite of herself, Anita began to picture the girl naked… then began to wonder what it would be to touch her.

Sensing that Anita might be on the verge of giving in, Josie eased a hand beneath the hem of the woman’s robe, returning it to her warm, bare thigh.

Anita meant to push the teen’s hand away, then hesitated. Damn it all, anyway. I shouldn’t let this happen, but I… I like having her touch me! She sighed heavily. “Oh, Josie… what am I going to do with you?”

“You could kiss me,” the girl replied. “I’d like that… I’d like it a lot. Will you, Anita?”

She was going to refuse, telling Josie this wasn’t a good idea, the girl was only fourteen, too young to know what she really wanted… but somehow, Anita found herself moving closer until their mouths met. Closing her eyes, she drifted into the kiss

Josie had never really kissed anyone before, but she’d paid close attention to her friends when they discussed their experiences with boys, and quickly learned that slow, sensual kissing was the way to go, at least to start with. You’ll probably only get one chance to get this right, she told herself, so make it count!

As for Anita, it had been years since she’d experienced genuine passion – with her ex or anyone else. So when Josie kissed her, it was like coming home to a beautiful place she’d desperately missed. In spite of herself, she began to respond, allowing her lips to part slightly… and that was when Josie brought her tongue into play, kissing her neighbour like a lover.

Anita was giddy, overwhelmed and utterly smitten. No man had ever kissed her so sweetly, especially not her prick of an ex-husband. It sent her soul soaring. A whimpering sound seemed to be filling her ears, and she was less surprised than she might have been to recognise it as coming from her own throat.

Unable to say no to Josie’s precious gift, Anita returned the girl’s affection, her own tongue joining in this loving duet. As their kiss deepened, she could feel the gusset of her knickers growing hot and damp.

When she felt a hand slip between her thighs to touch her sodden panties, Anita felt a twinge of panic. “Josie!” she gasped. “You – you shouldn’t…”

But when Josie made no response, Anita wondered if she’d even spoken in the first place. Or maybe I didn’t really want her to hear me? After all, would it be so terrible if she let the girl have her way?

Then Josie wriggled a finger beneath the leg of her knickers – and just like that, Anita’s capacity to resist vanished like smoke as, for the first time in so very long, she knew the touch of a lover. Without another word, she lay back and simply let things happen to her.

In marked contrast, Josie was holding her breath. She was venturing into an unfamiliar world – a world in which even adults made mistakes. She’d never done anything sexual with another person, never touched anyone that way but herself.

Yet she was now seducing a grownup, a woman practically old enough to be her mum!

Josie was astounded, not least by her own bravery. Where had it come from, the courage she’d drawn on to touch Anita between the legs like this? She still wasn’t sure. They were doing sexy kissing, and it just happened. And now that she was playing with the woman’s pussy for real, Josie wasn’t about to stop.

The woman’s panties, though – those were an inconvenience, thwarting Josie’s efforts to touch her lover the way she wanted.

Taking a deep breath, Josie began tugging at them with her free hand, the urgency she felt making her clumsy. Only when Anita raised her hips was the teen able to get the sodden panties down and off.

Once Anita had cast the offending garment aside with a flick off her foot, Josie took in the sight of a woman’s sex up close for the first time. It was breathtaking, a vision of fleshy beauty tucked between supple thighs.

Unlike the neat cleft of Josie’s sex, the lips of Anita’s cunt were slightly parted and glistening inside. The girl leaned closer, nostrils flaring as she breathed in the heady aroma. So strong… like nothing I’ve ever smelled. I like it, though.

Their pubes were very different, she noticed. Josie was immensely proud of the patch of feather-light hair that adorned her vulva, while Anita shaved hers to a narrow strip in the centre. What hair the woman had was darker; coarser. Josie’s was so fine and fair that her pale skin was visible through the sparse tuft.

Captivated by what she saw, the teen got down on her knees, leaning in for a better look.

Anita opened her eyes, wondering why Josie had stopped touching her, then gasped when she saw the girl kneeling before her. By then, she was desperate for release.

“Oh, yes, sweetie – kiss me there, please!” she begged. “That wanker George never would do it to me.”

At a loss, Josie stared at Anita, unsure what the woman meant. “Um…”

Anita realised she’d misinterpreted the teen’s movement. “Oh! Er, never mind.” Her cheeks were flushed. “It doesn’t matter, honestly.” Bloody hell, I’ve gone and put my foot in it.

But to Josie, it did matter, quite a lot. Especially since she now had an inkling of what her partner needed so badly. “No, no… If you want me to do anything for you that Mr. Helm wouldn’t, then I will. I want to.”

I love you, Anita, she longed to add, but thought it best to keep that bit to herself.

“You really want to… to go down on me?” Anita asked.

Instead of replying, Josie seemed confused. “Uh… go down? What’s that?”

Anita felt a sudden impulse to giggle, but managed to hold it in. I’ve got to remember, she’s still only fourteen. “We’re talking about oral, sweetheart. Oral sex.”

“Oh,” the teen replied. “I sort of know about that… it’s just, well, I don’t exactly know how to do it. I mean, I’ve not even had a real kiss until just now!”

In fact, the extent of her knowledge concerning oral sex was limited to a theoretical understanding of what was involved in a blowjob. One guy had asked if she wanted to know how to give one, and she’d told him to get knotted. Licking a woman, on the other hand… it shouldn’t be all that difficult, but what if I do it wrong anyhow?

Recognising the uncertainty in Josie’s eyes, Anita hastened to assure the girl. “Don’t worry, sweetie… it’s pretty simple, actually. You just use your mouth on my pussy. No matter what you do, I guarantee it will make me feel wonderful. But, um, only if you want to, of course.”

Josie nodded eagerly. “Oh, yes… I do!” Her words showed conviction, but then she faltered. “Just so I know, you mean… kiss you there and stuff, right?”

“That’s right. Anything you can do with your mouth, or your tongue or your lips or your teeth.”

Teeth?” Josie echoed, uncertain once again. That sounded pretty extreme.

“Sure. A little playful nibbling can be fun, as long as you don’t bite too hard. Kiss, suck, lick, bite – whatever. Just be gentle, and your partner should enjoy it, or else they’ll tell you that they don’t like it.”

Sitting back on her haunches, Josie said quite clearly, “I want to eat you, Anita, and, and anything else that you’d like. ‘Cos I want to give you pleasure, and make you happy.”

“In that case,” Anita told her, “I’ll make it easy for you.” She raised both knees to her chest, giving the girl unobstructed access, along with an amazing view of both her holes.

Josie absently moistened her lips, throbbing from head to toe with renewed arousal as she drew closer to Anita’s juicy cunt.

Cunt. She said the word to herself for the first time, caught up in the lush beauty of a woman’s sex. This was fast becoming more to her than just making Anita feel good… she felt a growing urge to bury her mouth in the heated flesh, feel its wetness coat her lips as she lost herself in the earthy scent.

Without another thought, Josie burrowed between her lover’s legs, seeking out the womanly centre. She was immediately rewarded by Anita’s ecstatic cry. “Oh m-my God! Yes, sweetheart, YES!”

Starting with a few open-mouthed kisses, Josie soon hungered for more. She quickly moved on to licking, bathing the woman’s rosy cleft with long swipes of the tongue.

“Oh, fuck,” Anita whimpered. “Th-that’s so good…”

The flavour of pussy was unusual but intriguing, and Josie soon decided she loved it. Fastening her mouth to the warm, wet opening, she feasted on Anita’s nectar, taking an occasional greedy lick.

It was perhaps the most thrilling sexual experience of Anita’s life, certainly the wildest. The teen’s tongue was circling the opening of her vagina to dizzying effect.

By then, Anita was keyed up beyond belief, desperate to come. She didn’t want to hurry Josie along, not exactly… but the need for release was becoming almost unbearable.

“S-sweetie,” the woman stammered, touching the teen’s head with quivering hands, “I need you to, to do s-something for me.” Before Josie could reply, Anita spread her labial folds open to reveal the inflamed nubbin of her clitoris. “Lick me right here, p-please?”

Applying her tongue to Anita’s clit, Josie strummed it with lightning-fast flicks, smiling when she heard her lover’s passionate moan. Wonder what she’d do if I sucked it? she asked herself, then resolved to find out. She closed her lips around the tiny bud and nursed it like a nipple, which resulted in a long, drawn-out cry from Anita’s throat. Yes! Josie exulted.

Now knowing for certain that she was on the right track, Josie went for broke, determined to give Anita the release she needed so badly. She carefully put her teeth to the little organ, then gave it a gentle squeeze.

Anita moaned again, louder this time – and the teen shifted her lower jaw sideways, running her incisors over the sensitive tissue.

The result was explosive. Anita’s body went iron-rigid and she wailed, “Jesus Christ, YES!” Her arms and legs began to shiver, then a violent jerk ripped through her once, twice, three times.

A small surge of fluid flowed into Josie’s mouth, an instant before the panting woman clumsily pushed her face away.

Anita was in no condition to speak for a couple of minutes, but she managed to pull Josie close to hug and kiss her, sobbing all the while.

Although she felt reasonably certain of the answer, Josie asked anyway. “Did I do it right, Anita?”

Wiping a few tears away, Anita gave the teenager a warm smile, “Oh… it was wonderful, Josie. You did a perfect job.” Still sniffling a bit, she added, “Are you sure you’ve never made love to a woman before?”

“No, never,” Josie replied, her cheeks flushed with pride. “Really, I just… tried different stuff.”

“Can I do it to you?”

The teenager gaped at her adult friend, caught off guard. Not trusting herself to speak, she gave a quick nod.

“So… you’ll let me take your clothes off? I’d love to see you naked, sweetheart.”

Now unable even to nod, Josie stood immobile, her eyes huge.

It was all the answer Anita needed. She began by removing Josie’s t-shirt, which was decorated with images of Santa Claus and Christmas trees, then paused to admire the girl’s willowy form.

Josie bit her lip as the clasp of her bra was unfastened, worried that Anita might be underwhelmed by the modest size of her chest. This concern proved to be unfounded when the woman gently cupped the fourteen-year-old’s left breast, pausing to tease the nipple with her thumb.

At the woman’s touch, Josie drew in a sharp breath, then whispered, “Oh… oh yes, Anita…”

After awakening in an especially festive mood that same morning, Josie had chosen to wear a pair of fire-engine red shorts. Now Anita was sliding them down her hips, leaving the girl in nothing but panties. Then those were being removed as well. Josie felt a sudden twinge of uncertainty, wondering whether or not Anita would approve of her unshaved vulva. She hesitantly asked, “Is it okay? Um, that I don’t shave down there?”

“You’re absolutely perfect, precious.” Josie watched Anita’s hand as the older woman lightly stroked her  pubis, then she closed her eyes, overwhelmed by how lovely it felt… so much better than when she did herself. She heard Anita whisper, “My God, it’s so soft… like down. Sweetie, you are exquisite.”

Josie’s only remaining concern was whether her legs might buckle under her. Fortunately, that worry was resolved when Anita gently laid her down on the sofa.

The teen then found herself being positioned by her lover – upper back on the cushions, hips raised up and across the arm of the sofa. Her left leg rested on the back of the couch; the right foot touched the floor. Now Anita was on her knees before Josie, slowly drawing closer to the girl’s sex, now open and fully exposed.

The first touch of a woman’s tongue elicited a squeal from the fourteen-year-old. Anita paused to sample and savour the taste of a young girl, then moved in for more. Josie moaned, biting at a knuckle as she experienced oral sex for the first time.

Anita was surprised by how natural it felt to go down on a girl. She worked slowly but deliberately, starting with the girl’s engorged labia. Her tongue slipped between the folds to tease the dripping interior – then on impulse, she gently closed her teeth on one lip to give it a playful tug.

“Oh!” Josie gasped, a shiver racing through her thin frame.

Changing tactics again, Anita used the tip of her tongue to toy with the teen’s slit – licking around the entrance, then darting inside the vagina, probing as deep as she could go.

“Mmmmm, yes, yes!” Josie was sailing close to the edge, clearly on the brink of something massive… and Anita was determined to make the girl’s orgasm one she would never, ever forget. So she took the tiny pearl of the clitoris between her lips, attacking it with lightning-fast flicks of the tongue.

A strangled cry broke from Josie’s throat, and she cried, “Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh m-my GOD!”

To the fourteen-year-old, it was like plunging into an ocean of glittering stars. She felt massive, enormous, inhabited by universes. She’s loving me, Josie told herself, hardly able to believe her good fortune. This beautiful lady is making love to me.

The sensations continued to rise, rocketing through Josie until it seemed she was on the verge of screaming. It was ecstatic and frightening in equal measure, though the scary bits only made the experience more of a thrill.

Then Anita started nibbling at her clit… and Josie’s world vanished in a burst of dazzling white light.

The girl thrashed wildly about as she came – beyond speech, beyond thought, beyond anything but the moment’s rapture. Anita continued to suck at Josie’s cunt, filling her mouth with the liquid sugar of a young girl. She had to hold on tightly, though, lest the teen shake her off.

Josie was absolutely staggered. Her mind was barely functioning – it seemed to be starved of both blood and oxygen. When her orgasm hit one final unimaginable peak, she drifted into a state that was not quite sleep, but a warm, blissful haze.

Sitting back, Anita licked her lips, then she crawled onto the sofa with Josie, taking the dazed girl into her arms.

Josie nestled into the woman, resting a cheek against a soft, comforting breast. “I love you, Anita,” she whispered.

“I… I love you too,” Anita replied. Her heart began to pound as the truth of those words sank in. Oh, no, she thought. What in God’s name have you got yourself into now, woman?

After a moment, she finally shrugged. I didn’t ask for this… but now Josie’s here and in my arms, and all’s right with the world. She touched her lips to the girl’s forehead, cuddling her close.

They lay together for a long while until, after glancing at the clock, Anita murmured, “Sweet thing, I think it’s about time you got dressed and went back to your folks. You don’t want anyone to come looking for you.”

With a sigh, Josie sat up and stretched. “S’pose you’re right…”

The two lovers slowly stood, gathered up the scattered clothing and quietly dressed… not without a few wistful looks as their bare bodies were covered once more.

Drifting toward the front door, Josie timidly asked, “Anita, can we please do this again sometime? It was wonderful, so, so wonderful!”

Anita chuckled. “Well, we didn’t get through all the food you brought, after all. You’ll have to come back tomorrow for leftovers. Because there’s more we can share.” She rested a hand on the girl’s bum. “Lots more.”

Before Josie opened the door, they came together for one last passionate kiss. “Good night, sweetie,” Anita said.

“Good night, Anita,” the girl replied. She gave the woman’s hand a quick squeeze, then made her way into the night.

Anita watched Josie disappear into the darkness. She closed the door and leaned back against it, smiling hugely and hugging herself.

Walking home, Josie dwelled on the pleasures she’d experienced. More than that, she thought about the new world that had just opened for her.

Why’d it take me so long to figure out I was a lesbian? she wondered. After her time with Anita, it couldn’t be more obvious. Now she hungered to immerse herself in the experience, to know everything about love between women.

Anita, too – she said she wanted more. And she’s just as new to this as I am. Wow, that’ll be so cool… starting from the same place, learning what to do together.

As she reached the front door of her home and heard the hubbub of family and friends inside, her heart was soaring.

Best. Christmas. EVER.

The End


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  1. pcnad says:

    Thanks for the Xmas Eve present!

    I really appreciate your efforts with this site; hope you keep it up as long as possible. This is one of the few remaining places for fiction of this type.
    Merry Xmas!

  2. Karin Halle says:

    As always, my great appreciation to JetBoy. His additions and deletions, his tweaking and tinkering with the text, give us the story as you see it here. In his words, “the plot grabbed hold of me and wouldn’t let go.” I am truly grateful to have JB polishing my work.

    To all involved in JS – the readers, the writers, those who keep the site active… Season’s Greetings!

  3. NC Bright says:

    Thank you for sharing this story. I just hope we find out what happens with all those ” leftovers” do not want to waste anything.

  4. mollymom says:

    “when Josie kissed her, it was like coming home to a beautiful place she’d desperately missed” – omg!!

  5. Pensive says:

    Just discovered this site and a butt overwhelmed tbh. Many thanks to writers and commentators. I need to lie down,now…..

  6. Steven says:

    I hope this is not the end of this story it needs telling

  7. Aidanmoore24 says:

    Excellent story, that gets the heart a pumping and the mind a racing. Yummy Christmas tale.

  8. TwatluvinCD says:

    Please, Please continue on so we can find out what Anita has in store for Josie’s bum, so hot, would love more of how much stronger older pussy smell’s than the young teens.
    Well Done,

    Thank You

  9. Clit Licker says:

    Well done, Karin – a fantastic Christmas treat. Please, please continue this hot story.

  10. Swampthing says:

    I agree with everyone else that continuing the story would be a wonderful idea. I haven’t gone through the submission and editing process on JS yet so it might be a lot to accomplish in a short amount of time, but continuing the story on New Years’ Eve might be a good idea. If Josie’s parents were going out for the night it would give her a reason to spend the night at Anita’s. Regardless, it was a wonderful Christmas gift to give us. Thank you.

  11. Brian C. says:

    A beautiful, life affirming story; with some very hot sensual sex play to boot. Excellent piece of Christmas-themed erotica.

  12. Carol Anne says:

    A beautiful, well written first time story Karin! Anita’s deprived body finally giving in to Josie’s advances and curiosity to be with an older woman was very erotic. Thanks for bringing it to life in your story. I understand this was a one time short story but I, like some of the others, would love to see more about these two.

  13. C. Cat says:

    I hope this is the first of many stories we get to read here. Well done.

  14. Rachael Yukey says:

    Ok, picture this if you will. A slender brunette in her middle 30s, alone in the house for the first time in three days, stretched on the couch wearing nothing but a Santa hat. The curtains are drawn, the only illumination the glow of the Christmas tree lights. In one hand is her phone, the webpage open to this story. The fingers of her other hand, still sticky, gently massage her labia as she comes down from the mind-blowing orgasm that overtook her as Josie’s climax unfolded upon the page.

    Picture it well, because that’s exactly my position at exactly this moment in time. Thanks much to the author and editor; I needed that!

  15. Karin Halle says:

    Thank you to all those readers who take the time to read and vote, and especially to those who take the trouble to post a comment.

    I take inspiration from suggestions for sequels to some of my stories and want to let you know what I am working on. Requests for a sequel to ‘Season of Goodwill’ have been taken on board, and a follow up to ‘Street Story’ is well underway, as is ‘Louise’s Portfolio’, the next installment of ‘By Invitation Only’. There is another comment that has inspired me as well.

    I am so, so grateful for your support, and for letting me know what you would like to see.

    Hopefully some of these efforts will be good enough to find their way onto JS in due course.

    Again my appreciation to you all, and to the JS team.

    • Erocritique says:

      A very nice collaboration between you and JetBoy. As constructive advice: I would have built a minimum of a relationship between the main characters before “the main event”: A paragraph or two where Josie “casually” went over too Anita’s house over the course of several weeks before Christmas to help with the lawn mowing, etc, after Anita’s “husband” left. The building of romantic / sexual tension would have benefited, as well as the overall believability of the narrative. I would say the lack of foundation building is a common theme in your stories. JMTCW.

  16. Burns says:

    i agree with everyone else….please don’t drop this tale!…it would be a shame to never again get to hang with these wonderful characters you’ve created!….this is destined to one day be regarded as a Holiday Classic!!….speaking to all here at this wonderful site, i’m raising a glass to y’all’s yule!!!….

  17. Philip says:

    Great story, great build up and conclusion. Wish you would write a folowuo of the next day and beyond

  18. jenselstein says:

    thank you for sharing i enjoyed it

  19. Craw2519 says:

    Lovely story, had me excited all the way through. Great writing, one of the best stories have read in a while. It would certainly be nice to see where the story could go.
    Keep up the good work, everybody at JS. Your the best site around.

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