The Tutor

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A savory offering from a new author. Be sure to leave a comment if you enjoy it, and perhaps he’ll give us another. Welcome aboard, Christoff! — JetBoy

by Christoff

It wasn’t what I’d wanted, being stuck at home — especially my mum’s home. When I planned out what to do after finishing my teaching degree, it was all about travel. New countries, distant beaches, interesting people and all sorts of thrilling possibilities. Yet, there I was, in Mum’s front room, cursing the pandemic and feeling sorry for myself.

Things had eased up a bit since the beginning of the lockdown, but foreign travel was still definitely off the agenda — at least the way that I wanted to do it, taking in as many countries as I could afford. It had been too late to apply for any teaching jobs for September, so I’d have to keep an eye out for January. Most likely, it would be almost a year until there was much for me to choose from.

I could tell I was getting on Mum’s nerves, but being the saint that she is, she hid it well. I still felt guilty, though. I mean, here I was, a young woman of twenty-one, living at home with no social life to speak of. To be honest, I think I was cramping her style!

One afternoon, Mum came into the front room and sat down next to me. I braced for the heart-to-heart talk that I assumed was about to take place. Bless her, she meant well, but there was only so many of those I could take.

As it turned out, that wasn’t what she wanted at all.

“I was just talking to Carol next door,” she said. “As her Hannah is homeschooling while the schools are closed, she was wondering if you wouldn’t mind helping her out with a spot of tutoring.”

I knew that Carol worked full time, and it takes the most dedicated of children to work effectively under their own steam. There were going to be a lot of kids with serious catching up to do, once the schools reopened.

“What kind of help does Hannah need?” I asked.

“Just keep her focused and on task, I think,” Mum replied. “Her school is sending out all the work each day, so she just needs a bit of direction. Oh, and Carol said she’d pay you. Won’t be much, I shouldn’t think, but better than nothing.”

I mulled it over. To be honest, I didn’t really remember Hannah, not having seen her since finishing Uni. In fact, the last time I saw her properly was probably a year ago, and that memory was hazy at best. Still, I didn’t have anything better to do with my time.

“Yeah, okay, why not. Tell her I’m game. Shall we say tomorrow morning at nine?”

“Okay, perfect,” Mum replied. “I’ll let Carol know.”

Next morning, I rang the bell next door and was greeted by a smiling Carol.

“Thank you so much for this, Emily. You really are a life saver. Hannah’s a great kid, she just needs to be kept on track with her school work. She’s looking forward to working with you.”

“I’m sure we’ll be fine,” I replied. “Where is Hannah?”

“She’s just getting ready; be down in a minute. I’ve got to dash, so set yourself up at the kitchen table.” She snatched up her purse and car keys. “Okay, then, I’ll catch you later. Thanks again, I’m really grateful!”

“No problem. Don’t work too hard.”

After the front door closed, I made my way to the kitchen and sat down at the large pine table. I wasn’t sure what to expect, so I was a little nervous as Hannah came down the stairs. “Hi,” I heard her say, and turned to greet her.

When I opened my mouth to reply, the words nearly stuck in my throat.

As I said, I hadn’t seen Hannah for quite a while, but the girl I saw before me wasn’t at all what I’d expected. Somehow I had it in my head that she was still a skinny little eight-year-old, all gap-toothed smile and knobbly knees. In the back of my mind, I remembered Mum saying she was a couple of months short of her thirteenth birthday, but it obviously hadn’t registered.

The Hannah now standing before me was about 5’6″, slim and firm with wavy blonde hair just below shoulder length, flashing me a dazzling smile — no space between those perfect teeth. She was dressed, to my surprise, in her school uniform. White shirt and tie, a black pencil skirt to mid-thigh and black ankle socks.

After what seemed like an age I managed to stammer out a “Hi,” and she came over to the table and sat next to me.

“Thanks for doing this,” she said. “It’s really nice of you.”

“You’re welcome,” I replied before adding, “Can I just ask… why are you wearing the school uniform at home?”

She shrugged. “Oh, it just helps me focus, so there’s not so much of a difference between doing school work and being at home. The school suggested it, actually.” She grinned. “Also, I figured as long as you were going to be tutoring me, I ought to dress the part.”

I was suddenly aware that my mouth was dry and it felt like I was staring, so I made an excuse to fetch us both some water before we got started. As I took the pitcher from the refrigerator and filled the glasses, my mind drifted back ten years to my first year at secondary school when the nagging feeling of being different cemented itself in me. When being around all those girls at various stages of development made it clear to me that I was gay.

All the pubescent crushes, the disappointments and occasional joys came rushing back as I brought our glasses to the table and handed one to this twelve-year-old beauty before me. She smiled, and I felt quite lightheaded, thinking, It’s going to be a very long, very distracting couple of weeks.

As the day progressed, it became clear that Hannah was actually pretty self-sufficient, and I began to wonder whether her mum’s concerns were more reflective of her own anxieties than Hannah’s. Her school was assigning her some very challenging work, but she seemed to have it well in hand. My role seemed to be limited to keeping her from getting distracted, providing refreshments and occasionally helping out with some of the particularly tough stuff.

This allowed me ample time to drink in the view of this stunning young girl. I realised pretty quickly that she had a quality that truly set her apart. I’d spent plenty of time with girls her age while working towards my degree, but none were quite like her. Everything about Hannah was an intoxicating combination of innocence and maturity. Though not quite a woman, somehow it seemed like she’d been one for years.

Physically she was slight, yet shapely, and her face was girlish but beautiful. The angle she was sitting at in relation to me meant that I could see pretty much all of her – and each time she shifted position, her skirt rode up just a tantalising few millimetres to reveal a little more of her slim, elegant legs.

I assumed Hannah was so engrossed in her work that she hadn’t noticed my wandering eyes, but not long before we finished for the day, there was the briefest moment of recognition. Looking back on it now, I think it was the turning point. It lasted a couple of seconds at most, but from then on everything between us was different.

It happened when Hannah moved in her chair like before – only this time, her skirt rode up further than it had thus far, enough to give me a glimpse of her baby blue panties. I nearly gasped out loud, but managed to choke it back. I did make a sound, though, and that caused her to glance up at me.

She reached down instinctively to readjust her skirt, then paused when she noticed where my eyes had been. I’d looked away as quickly as I could, but she knew. She knew. I could feel my cheeks get hot at the realisation that the little girl next door had just sussed that I’d been checking her out.

And then something completely unexpected happened. She gave the briefest of smiles and got back to her work, leaving her skirt exactly as it was.

I was at a complete loss, didn’t know how to respond. Could Hannah be making fun of me? Was she trying to tease? Or… did she honestly want me to see her knickers?

At any rate, I felt as if I’d given too much of myself away to this girl… so I kept my eyes up, looking anywhere but between her legs. If this was some sort of prank on Hannah’s part, I wouldn’t get caught up in it.

Not long after that, we finished with the day’s work. After I’d gone through what we’d covered, I packed up my shoulder bag and told Hannah, “Okay, then – I’ll be back tomorrow morning.”

“I’m looking forward to it,” she said just before letting me out, then smiled as she closed the door behind me.

“Bloody hell,” I whispered. Taking a deep breath to calm myself, I made my way back next door, to home and safety.

That night, I brought myself to orgasm three times before drifting into a hazy slumber.


The next morning, I approached Hannah’s house, feeling a mixture of apprehension and excitement. Hannah’s mum had phoned the previous evening to thank me again for helping her out. She also said that her daughter seemed really happy with the arrangement and, because of that, Carol was going to return to normal working hours, which meant I wouldn’t be seeing her in the mornings.

I wasn’t sure how to feel about this new development. Perhaps I was subconsciously hoping that seeing her mum every day might snap me out.of the spell that Hannah seemed to be working on me. I hadn’t slept brilliantly the night before, with all sorts of thoughts and longings buzzing around my head, many of them inappropriate at best.

Despite all the contradictory feelings I was wrestling with, I decided to dress differently that day. Instead of the jeans and t-shirt I’d worn for our first session, I went for a skirt and a fitted jumper with formal shoes. If I was going to be her teacher, I ought to look more like one. That’s what I told myself, anyhow.

Hannah opened the door and, before even greeting me, said, “Wow, Emily, you look amazing today!”

“You mean I looked terrible yesterday?” I replied.

“Ha, ha, no,” she laughed. “You’d look amazing in anything.”

“Oh, erm, thanks, I’m sure you would too,” I almost stammered. I could feel a reddening in my cheeks. Fucking hell, I scolded myself, could you possibly be any more lame?

She gave me that little smile again and turned towards the kitchen. As I closed the door and followed, I realised that whilst she was still wearing her school uniform, she’d switched skirts. This one was somewhat shorter than yesterday’s. I couldn’t help but think, There’s absolutely no way she could wear that to school. Which could mean only one thing… she’d worn it for me.

As Hannah led me to the kitchen I couldn’t help but study her figure. Her bottom was perfect, and those legs… oh my, those legs. The sight took me back to an occasional girlfriend I’d had at university. I’d called round to see her one evening, and she too had worn a skirt as short as Hannahs. On that occasion, I hadn’t let her get as far as a couple of metres before pressing up behind and reaching round to run my hands up the front of the skirt, one hand delving into her knickers. She had been twenty and Hannah was twelve, but I was fighting a powerful urge to do the same. Luckily the corridor was short, and we reached the kitchen before I could lose control.

We resumed our places from yesterday, but I quickly noticed a subtle change. Hannah had changed the angle of her chair. Now she was directly facing me, and nothing of her was hidden by the table. She was also sitting slightly differently, more openly. It was going to be almost impossible for me to peek under that sexy skirt without her noticing.

An exciting thought popped into my head… was she inviting me to look?

Hannah got started on her schoolwork with me carrying on in my support role, but it was hard to concentrate on anything beyond the intoxicating twelve-year-old seated in front of me. Just like yesterday, her skirt rode up a little each time she shifted in her chair. And because her skirt was so short to begin with, I was getting a good look at the inside of Hannah’s thighs. I wanted to fall to my knees before her, press my lips to that unimaginable softness.

About midway through the morning, Hannah was obviously feeling a little uncomfortable from sitting on a hard kitchen chair and leaned back, stretching her arms and legs. That caused her skirt to ride up high enough to reveal everything. The very tops of her firm thighs and, in between, the tight white fabric of her knickers. I was transfixed by the sight, my mouth hanging open. I slowly dragged my eyes away from Hannah’s crotch and up to her face, only to find her smiling.

“I love the way you look at me,” she said, her voice almost a whisper.

As Hannah spoke she reached down and tugged the skirt up and over her hips, raising herself up from the chair as she did so and spreading her legs. Now she was completely on display.

The knickers she wore summed her up completely. Plain white and cotton, the kind you’d expect a girl of twelve to wear, but trimmed with a subtle lace pattern around the top. They were snug enough to show the outline of her labia beneath.

I felt myself mouthing the words, “Oh my God.”

Nervously licking my lips, I raised my head again to meet Hannah’s amused gaze.

She smiled again, cocked her head slowly to one side and murmured, “Well, you’ve seen mine…”

I could scarcely breathe. Even this far down the rabbit hole, what was left of my rational side was screaming at me that this was a bad idea that could go wrong in at least a dozen different ways. But my rationality was fast evaporating, as if I was being driven by some outside force.

Slowly lifting myself a few centimetres from the chair, I grasped the hem of my skirt. As I slowly hoisted it up, I noted with no small satisfaction that it was Hannah’s turn to be transfixed by what she saw. Underneath the skirt, I wore a black thong. Not overtly sexy as such, but certainly skimpier than what Hannah was wearing and sheer enough to expose my pussy.

Hannah scooted her chair towards me, close enough for her to slide her left knee between mine. Slowly extending a hand, she rested it on my left thigh, then began to slide it upward, never breaking her gaze, looking me intently in the eye. Once she’d reached the top of my thigh, she hesitated, perhaps feeling a bit unsure of herself.

Sensing she needed some encouragement, I reached up to stroke Hannah’s cheek, then gently guided her towards me until our lips brushed. It was the briefest of kisses if it could be called one at all, but it seemed to rejuvenate her, and she moved her hand to the front of my thong.

I couldn’t help but let out a small gasp, and Hannah flashed her killer smile, her confidence renewed. As she pressed her hand against my vulva, I leaned in and this time, as we drew together, I opened my mouth slightly and traced her lower lip with the tip of my tongue. She was quick to take the hint, and soon our tongues were mingling deliciously, caught up in a sexy dance. Hannah began to stroke me through the thin material of my thong.

The kiss was so intense, it was inevitable that we’d have to break to catch our breath. As our eyes met again, my underage lover removed her hand and stood up. Reaching for my hands, she grasped them in hers and pulled me to my feet.

“Come on,” she said and started for the stairs.

I meekly followed, but once we reached the top I stopped, then turned Hannah to face me. “Are you sure about this?” I said.

That smile again – then she pulled me into her room.

In the back of my mind, I was acutely aware that I was in the bedroom of a twelve-year-old girl, and this was only going to end in one way, with the two of us in bed together, having lesbian sex. I suppose that realisation should have sent me running for the hills, but this was no ordinary girl of twelve. She had more allure than any person I’d ever met, let alone ever slept with. She was utterly irresistible. More than that, she knew what she wanted and was determined to have it. The idea of refusing her didn’t even seem like an option.

Feeling a sudden wave of lust, I took Hannah in my arms, claiming her mouth in a kiss. Once again, we two were locked in an all-encompassing embrace – tongues mingling, our hands beginning to roam, a heat building between my thighs that had to be dealt with. I eased her towards the bed until, sensing where she was, she let herself fall back onto it, her legs spread wide.

Lying down alongside, I nuzzled her neck whilst reaching over to start unbuttoning her school shirt. Once I’d released two or three buttons, I was able to reach in and cup Hannah’s breast. It felt perfect to me, no bigger than my hand but firm and perky, the nipple stiffening to my touch.

I swung a leg over Hannah to straddle her, then ran both hands up her torso until I reached her bra. It was white and lace-trimmed, clearly matching her knickers. Gently tugging it up to bare her budding breasts, I bent down to take a nipple into my mouth, gently sucking to make it stiffen. I shifted from the left breast to the right and back again, lightly biting each one in turn. Glancing up at Hannah’s face, I saw her eyes closed and her mouth open, the girl’s face radiant with happiness.

Eager to sample more of her delights, I drifted downward, kissing a path across her tummy, stopping just briefly to tease her navel with a flick of tongue while I reached down to lift her skirt up above her knickers. Hannah was struggling out of her bra, which she tugged out from beneath her shirt and threw to one side.

I traced a line of butterfly kisses up one thigh and then, passing over her sodden knickers, I kissed my way up the other. But I couldn’t wait any longer and, pulling the gusset to one side with my fingers, I drew my tongue from the bottom of her beautiful wet cleft, up through her labia, across the opening to her vagina, then gave her clit a playful lick. She let out the most sensual moan I’d ever heard, earthy and passionate.

Kneeling up, I grasped the waistband of Hannah’s knickers, then pulled them down and off. I sat back, taking a moment to savour the view. Her school shirt was wide open to reveal small but perfect breasts, her school tie nestled between them. The skirt was bunched up around her waist, leaving her naked from the waist down apart from coal-black ankle socks. I couldn’t imagine a more erotic sight.

This time, I started my kisses just above Hannah’s knee, leaving a line of them up her inner thigh with an occasional lick to excite her. I loved the smell, the softness, the slightly salty flavour of her skin. Looking up, I saw that Hannah had raised herself onto her elbows in order to watch me. Her face was a picture of lust and passion, a sight that spurred my own desire higher until there was nothing I could do but return to her sweet young pussy. She had a truly lovely sex, topped by the merest blush of soft blonde down.

I’d intended to take my time making love to Hannah, but the sheer eroticism of the situation was doing my head in – I had to have her now.

Bringing a finger up to gently explore Hannah’s vaginal opening, I began to tease her clitoris with the tip of my tongue. Within seconds, she was rocking her head back and forth, her breath gone ragged and shallow. I knew she was close, and sensed that she did, too. Hannah was clutching at the covers and arching her back, raising that cute bum up from the bed.

Determined that Hannah’s orgasm was going to be one for the record books, I took her clit between my lips to suck, meanwhile inching my finger into what proved to be a very snug vagina. I only managed to insert the tip, but it was enough to send my twelve-year-old lover over the edge.

Those powerful thighs clamped the sides of my head as Hanneh cried, “Oh… oh, God!” Her ecstasy seemed to go on forever but probably lasted less than a minute before she went limp as a dishrag.

I crawled up to stretch out next to her. I wanted a kiss but held back, knowing that my lips and chin were coated with her juices. With an older partner, I wouldn’t have hesitated, but I didn’t know about how a girl of twelve would feel about tasting her own pussy. I needn’t have worried, though – as soon as Hannah opened her eyes, she crushed her mouth to mine in a fierce tongue kiss. Finally breaking away, she lay back, sampling the flavour from her lips.

Finally sated, she whispered, “I’ve never felt anything so good. Is that what sex is always like?”

“With the right person, yeah,” I replied.

She kissed me again, but this time Hannah reached down to grab the bottom of my jumper. Pulling it up and over my head, she gasped as she realised that I wasn’t wearing a bra. My boobs were barely bigger than hers, and she immediately drew a moan from me by cupping them, running her thumbs over my nipples.

Clumsily getting herself into a kneeling position, she shoved me back onto the bed and bent down to kiss my breasts, sealing her mouth over each nipple in turn. I could feel her tie dragging over my belly, a reminder if I needed one that this was a schoolgirl making me squirm and gasp. Her hand trailed down my side to find the zip on my skirt, pulling it down with a single tug. Lifting her mouth from my breast, she nuzzled my stomach as she wriggled the skirt down my legs and off, leaving me in my thong.

Hannah was possessed by a fierce passion that seemed out of character for a girl so young. She sought out my pussy without a moment’s hesitation, sucking at it through the soaked material of my underwear. Hooking her finger under the edge of the thong, she yanked it to one side, then fastened her sweet lips to my clit to suck for a few divine seconds. I cried out, already on the edge of release. But she immediately changed tactics, running her tongue down through my labia to the vaginal opening, then back to my clit.

I was positively gobsmacked. Hannah might’ve been a mere girl of twelve, but she seemed to instinctively know how to pleasure a woman. I’d had my share of female lovers while at university, but none of them went down on me with the enthusiasm that she brought to it.

Lifting her hand from my hip, she brought a finger into play, placing it at the entrance of my cunt to replace her tongue. With the briefest of glimpses up at me, she slid that finger inside with one steady stroke. That was enough to send all the sexual tension of the last twenty-four hours raging through me like an earthquake.

I came like an animal in heat. Hannah kept her lips locked to my clit as I bucked and gasped until the waves of ecstasy finally abated.

She crept her way back up my body and kissed me passionately, allowing me to taste my juices on her tongue and lips.

I was still overwhelmed with an intense hunger for my twelve-year-old lover, and she gave me a quizzical look as I put both hands on her waist and urged her to move further up the bed. “Trust me,” I breathed as I guided her into the position I wanted. Hannah inched her way forward, clearly wondering what I was up to, but as her knees came to rest on either side of my head, the penny seemed to drop, and she eagerly lowered her pussy to my mouth, her thighs brushing my ears.

I looked up, marvelling at this wondrous vision. Hannah’s school shirt was wide open, the tie still in place, that cute skirt still bunched around her waist as she offered her cunt to me. The sight fired my lust like never before, drove me to new heights of passion.

I pressed my mouth to Hannah’s slit in a lover’s kiss, thrusting my tongue deep into her and rolling it around. Determined to make her orgasm one for the record books, I used my thumb to tease the nub of Hannah’s clit while I went down on her. She responded just as I’d hoped, her head lolling back, lips parting for a moan to escape.

There was one more trick in my bag. With my left hand, I reached around to fondle my young lover’s pert, beautiful bottom. Finding the cleft between her buttocks, I trailed a finger through it, finally resting the tip against Hannah’s tight, puckered hole. I gently pressed my way inside, glancing up to see her eyes widen in surprise.

I continued to tongue-fuck her vagina, my right hand still working her clit as my middle finger entered Hannah’s rectum in one slow, steady stroke.

“Oh, God! Hannah cried. I’m – I’m…”

She didn’t finish that sentence. Instead, she reached down to clutch my head, her fingernails biting into me as she came. I’d never seen a lover so lost in ecstasy, before or since. It wasn’t enough to make me stop, though – I kept making love to Hannah until she gasped, “Stop, I c-can’t… no more, please!”

I withdrew, and she flopped sideways onto the bed, completely spent. We lay quietly for a few minutes, her arm draped across my body, our breathing taking a little time to return to normal.

Finally, Hannah propped herself up on one elbow and looked at me. “Wow,” she said.

“Wow indeed,” I replied, fanning myself.

“I could really do with some water,” she said. “You?”

I nodded; she rolled off the bed and onto her feet. She unzipped and removed her skirt, then pulled off her tie and shrugged the unbuttoned shirt from her shoulders to the floor. I studied her lithe young body as she padded from the room, completely naked apart from her ankle socks. Her flawless bottom moved gracefully, almost inviting me to follow. I was too wiped out to move, though.

She returned a couple of minutes later, a bottle of water in each hand. This time I was able to admire her from the front. Hannah’s delicately featured face, freckled and fresh, was still slightly flushed as she smiled at me.

My God, she was perfect. Those small but perfect breasts, still sporting erect nipples, her barely-there blonde pubes, which did nothing to conceal that beautiful pussy I’d just been intimate with. And those lithe, lovely legs… seriously, Hannah was a girl lover’s wet dream.

She joined me on the bed, and we slaked our thirst with the ice-cold water. Hannah pressed her bare body against mine as we cuddled, kissing my neck. I couldn’t have been happier.

After a few minutes, a thought I’d had earlier bounced back into my head.

“Hannah,” I asked, “how long until the end of term?”

“Four weeks,” she replied with a smile.

I smiled back. After all, we both knew that she would also have a lot of catching up to do after the summer holidays…

The End


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  1. Quinlan says:

    This was delightful.

  2. krissie says:

    Enjoyable who knows what lays over the garden fence right next door . Thank you Christoff

  3. Sapphmore says:

    It would be criminal not to have at least one more chapter, preferably a couple. The possibilities just ran riot in my head. This is crying out for Hannah’s mum to come home early.

  4. Fertilegirl says:

    Sexy story but also conforms to nature. A young girl and a woman are natural together. I like that the woman only momentarily hesitates then decides to follow nature. I would love to know where the little girl learned to love like a woman.

  5. NC Bright says:

    Very enjoyable, Thanks for sharing hope to see more of this to see where it goes from here. Thanks again.

  6. Tim and Litka says:

    Agree completely with Sapphmore.
    Another chapter with mum joining would be a wonderful progression.
    But great story anyway. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Christoff says:

    Thank you for your kind comments and to JetBoy for his polishing skills. I have sometimes bubbling!

  8. Christoff says:

    “Some ideas” bubbling 🤣

  9. Moldwarp says:

    This is an amazing story so this cannot be your first time of writing, is it? I loved the pace of the interactions and the way you built the tension was brilliant!
    I do hope we see a lot more from you, please ….

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    Very hot and erotic story Christoff. Well written and detailed and kept my attention till the end. Thanks to you and JetBoy for publishing this great story. So looking forward to reading more of your work!

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    That is a superb story with a very realistic portrayal of characters & incredibly hot too! Can’t wait to read more from you.

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    Hey there, Christoff!

    What a coincidence seeing your reply to my comment on Latchmore House today, because I just read your story yesterday, finally. Sorry about the delay, I know I said I’d read it months ago.

    This was a lovely little tale. Simple and to the point, but also quite well-written. While very short stories like this often focus solely on the sex, I appreciate that you spent time to give us insight into Emily’s feelings and nervousness, making her feel a bit more real.

    I guess I would have liked just a little more details about the two girls’ backgrounds, though. Was Emily attracted to young girls before this? We could assume so, with how quickly she fell under Hannah’s charm, but a quick aside about how she discovered such attractions, or about fantasies she’d had, would have been interesting. And then there’s Hannah, who certainly wasted no time in assertively seducing an older girl, and who seemed to take the sex very much in stride… but then her “Is that what sex is always like?” makes us think that this was her first time? One wonders what kind of experiences she’s had to lead to this. Though maybe it was intentionally kept mysterious.

    In any case, this was a fun read, well done! I’m looking forward to what other tales you might cook up in the future.

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