My Sister’s Trap

  • Posted on May 16, 2023 at 2:38 pm

by kinkys_sis and kinkychic

When I open my eyes I can see this girl staring back at me. She’s sexy as fuck. The few clothes she’s still wearing are in total disarray, and her panties are exposed.

I lie there looking. I want to touch her but I’m scared she’ll run away. My eyes try to focus on those tiny panties and what they hide. Oh my God, she’s so hot lying in front of me like that!

My senses are becoming aroused. What would she do if I touched myself right now? I reach my hand downwards. She copies my movements. So she wants to play as well.

I watch her hand disappear into the top of her panties. I can see the bulge of her knuckles moving through the thin material, right where her pussy would be.

My fingers separate my labia. It feels so good when they slide into the warm, slippery wetness.

The girl is watching me, just as I’m watching her. She has a silly grin, but I don’t care because she’s fucking herself in front of me and that’s all that matters right now. I delve deeper, moving my fingers faster and faster, fascinated as she does the same.

My phone’s lying next to me on the floor. I wonder if she would let me take a picture of her. I’ll go slowly. She’ll see what I’m doing, and if she wants to stop me she can. She’s so into playing with herself maybe she won’t even notice.

I switch to the camera. It’s tricky trying to do it one-handed but I have no intention of taking my other hand out of my knickers. I keep the phone low, resting it on the floor, then click. She doesn’t seem to care. She’s too busy with her own pussy. This is so fucking hot.

My panties are becoming a nuisance so I push them down. So much better.

She takes hers off too. Her hand is poised at a slight angle above her pussy, like she wants to give me the clearest view possible. Two of her fingers are pumping in and out. I can see the way she glistens as she spreads her juices everywhere.

My phone clicks again. I hope I’ve caught the spread of her pussy lips and the way her clit pokes into view.

I reach for my own clit, rolling it between two fingers, the sensations causing me to close my eyes. I force them open again. I don’t want to stop looking at her.

I’m close to coming. She looks like she’s ready too. I want us to watch each other as we climax. Somehow I manage to click the camera once more, capturing her as she reaches orgasm.

We both lay there on the floor breathing heavily, gazing at one another’s spent bodies. When I smile, so does the girl in the large swivel mirror. I’ve always liked watching myself masturbate.

I’m stiff and cold. I don’t know how I ended up on the floor. I drank so much last night. There’s always a price to pay for that the next morning.

Slowly I get to my knees and lean against the bed to let the nausea pass. I don’t want to be on the floor anymore – it’s cold and hard, but my bed is warm and soft.

I manage to crawl beneath the duvet. I still have my clothes on, but I’ll worry about that later.

When I close my eyes the room spins.

I still feel horny.

I can’t help thinking about Jess.


It’d been a couple of weeks ago when I’d last visited my older sister. She’d gone out with friends and I was asked to look after Jess, my twelve-year-old niece. At eighteen, I was closer in age to my niece than I was my sister, and the two of us always had fun spending time with each other.

That particular day we played on her Xbox. Jess was so much better than me at video games, but in my defence, I had been a bit distracted.

Jess had a carefree way of lying on her tummy as she played. She would swing her legs about in excitement, her short skirt riding up and giving me constant views of her panty-clad arse from my place on her bed. At first it didn’t particularly register, but after a while I found myself sneaking a peek at her flashing knickers whenever I could.

Things didn’t improve when we went downstairs to have a bite of lunch. Jess sat cross-legged opposite me on the sofa, skirt rucked up round her waist.. She seemed oblivious to the display she was treating me to, but I was more than aware. I thought I could even see a little damp patch directly in the middle of her crotch.

I was unnerved to realise I was actually getting turned on by a twelve-year-old girl, and my own niece at that.

I took a bite of my sandwich and glanced up at Jess. She had a little smirk on her face, eyes sparkling mischievously. Did she know what she was doing to me? Was she doing it on purpose?

I felt myself flush, and looked away guiltily.

“What’s up, Becks?” my niece cooed. “I thought you enjoyed looking. You’ve been doing it all morning, after all.”

“W-what?” I stammered. “I wasn’t—”

Jess cut me off. “It doesn’t bother me, actually. I mean, my sexy auntie can’t stop herself looking up my skirt? How cool is that?”

I had no idea how to respond. I knew it was my job to take control of the situation but I simply wasn’t prepared for a scenario like this. I just couldn’t stop blushing. I began to wish my sister would hurry up and come home so I could get out of there.

Jess touched the front of her panties. “Oops, I got a bit wet down there. Must be ’cause you were looking. I bet you’re wet, as well, after staring at my knicks all afternoon.” She began brushing her fingers across the damp patch.

I was frozen to the spot, unable to speak or move. My eyes were locked onto her fingers as she rubbed herself, unable to look away. How the fuck was I being seduced by my twelve-year-old niece?

Her voice had lost some of its playfulness when she said to me, “Why don’t you do what I’m doing? I know you want to, I can see it in your face. I’d like it if you did.”

Still in a daze, I felt my hands pulling up my skirt. The tip of Jess’s tongue was trapped between her lips in anticipation, like she was about to unwrap a birthday present. I saw her eyes go wide when my panties came into view, and she began rubbing herself faster. The damp spot on her own knickers was getting bigger, but who was I to judge? – mine were soaked through as well. Without thinking, I eased the crotch aside and went straight for my pussy.

Jess let out a delighted gasp, then pulled her own knickers to one side.

A surge of lust washed over me at the sight of that gorgeous tight slit. “Open your pussy for me, Jess. I want to see inside,” I heard myself say as I spread my labia apart. “Look, like this.”

She gave another gasp, then her face lit up with a huge grin. She dipped two fingers inside her firm lips and prised them open. I could see deep inside now, the dark prick of her pee hole, the little pink swell of her clitoris.

I brought two fingers up to my own nub. “Rub yourself here, just like I’m doing.”

Now we were both strumming away keenly. I knew this must be a spot she’d never considered before, judging by the look of total surprise on her face. That look soon gave way to intense concentration as her eyes shuttered to mere slits, not quite closed but almost.

“Have you made yourself come before, Jess?” I asked, unsure if she’d know what I meant.

“I… I think so, kinda, just a bit,” she replied absentmindedly. “I’ll probably know in a minute. I never felt like this before.”

A faint voice in the back of my mind had another go at persuading me to stop this madness. What the fuck are you doing? How could you let this happen? I really should have listened to that voice, but I don’t think I was capable of stopping, even if I’d wanted to.

Jess was rubbing herself furiously, suddenly going stiff. Her legs pistoned off the edge of the sofa, hips bucking wildly. “Becks!” she wailed. “It… it’s happening!”

I’d never seen anything so fucking sexy in all my life. Just watching my twelve-year-old niece in the throes of a bonafide orgasm right in front of me was enough to tip me over the edge. Both of us had our eyes glued to each other’s pussy as we climaxed together.

I’d always had doubts that squirting was a real phenomenon, that it was anything more than porn movie theatrics or the product of overenthusiastic writers. But now I was witness to distinct little spurts from Jess as she came, the fluid trickling down her legs and onto the sofa.

She sat there exhausted, chest heaving, hand still clamped between her thighs. I got up and approached the couch, covering her hand with mine as I knelt on the floor. My other hand caressed her cheek. “Hey, clever girl. That was so hot. Did that ever happen to you before?”

Jess shook her head. “Not like that.”

“Okay. If you were in any doubt – that was definitely an orgasm.”

She gave me a big grin. “You’ve always been my favourite aunt. But now you’re even more special!”

The two of us laughed together. “We just shared something pretty amazing. I’m not sure we should have, but we did.” I leaned into her, sweeping the hair from her face. “Would you mind if I gave you a little kiss, just to kind of seal the deal?”

Jess sat up straight, her hands coming to rest upon my shoulders. “You really want to kiss me? Oh my God, yes please!”

Her lips smacked against mine enthusiastically. It was pretty awkward as kisses went, but it was also completely wonderful. When we’d finished, Jess clung to me tightly. “Becks, you’re amazing!”

I untangled myself and rose to my feet. “I think we’ve got a little cleaning up to do before your mum gets home,” I said, gesturing at the wet patch on the sofa.

She suddenly became aware of the mess she’d made. A hand went to her mouth in horror. “Oh, God, did I pee? I’m so sorry!”

“What on earth are you apologising for?” I asked with a chuckle. “It was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.”


I’m still aroused. I can’t sleep. I remember the pics I took of myself and pick my phone up to scroll through them. They’re fucking hot, if I do say so – sorta nasty and slutty.

A drunken thought enters my head before I can stop it: I bet Jess would like to see them.

I have her number.

I compose a chaotic, badly spelt message that ends with, Don’t forget to delete, will you? After hesitating a moment, then deciding it’s definitely a brilliant idea to send my twelve-year-old niece pictures of her aunt masturbating, I press send. There. Done.

Somehow I manage to set my alarm, then sleep finally takes me.

When it goes off several hours later I nearly smash it to bits as it rattles my brain with its awful noise. I lay there holding my head. Never again.

My phone pings. “Fuck off…” I groan, but pick it up anyway to see who’s texting me at this time of the morning.

It’s from Jess.

My heart skips, then sinks a little. I’ve just remembered what I sent her last night. “Oh, Christ.”

The message simply reads: WOW! XXXXXXX, but there’s an attachment with it. I open it up and find myself gawping at a close-up of my niece’s pussy. Before I can fully absorb this, my phone pings again.

I’m all warm down there thinking about you XXXXX.

Suddenly the phone rings, making me jump out of my skin. I feel a surge of guilty panic, but then see the caller is Jess. “Hi, sexy,” I tell her, the words out of my mouth before I can stop them. “I like your pic.”

“I like yours too,” she replies. “I wanted to ask you something, Becks.”


“When we were watching each other that day, did you… did you want to touch me?”

I hesitate before answering. We’d just been looking. That’s all it was – looking. But the line was thin and it would be so easy to cross. Why pretend otherwise?

“Yeah. I did. Would you have let me, Jess? Would you have wanted me to?”

“I never thought about it before that day,” she tells me earnestly. “But I’m thinking about it a lot now. I’d definitely let you. I keep looking at your pics and wondering what it’d be like to touch you, and have you touching me the same way.” A short pause on the end of the line. “Do you think we might… Are we gonna do that?”

“I think we might.” We shouldn’t, though. God knows, we shouldn’t. “Fuck… I really do want to touch you, Jess.”

Ten minutes later I’m in the shower trying to wash my hangover and arousal away. Ten minutes after that I’m beginning to feel I’ve arrived back in the real world. Down in the kitchen I drink coffee and nibble on a piece of toast.


Two weeks later, and I still hadn’t found an opportunity to get together with Jess – at least not when her mum wasn’t around – but we’d exchanged a few more pics. She loved to capture herself fucking her pussy and pulling her little clit. I still hoped we’d find the time to be alone one day, but I was content with the picture sharing, and at least I’d managed to bury my feelings of guilt.

I was in my room scrolling through the pics of Jess again – and thinking about sticking a hand down my panties – when the door swung open and in marched my eleven-year-old sister Lucy. The little shit hadn’t bothered to knock, and she was well aware I didn’t allow that. I quickly clicked my phone screen off. “What the fuck, Luce! You’re supposed to knock.”

“Yeah, I know,” she replied haughtily. “But it’s important, and I’m not taking no for an answer.”

Cheeky little bitch. I was about to tell her to piss off, but she stuck her hands on her hips and gave me a devious smirk. “You and me are gonna play a game. First, you’re gonna show me your pussy. And that’s just for starters!”

I couldn’t believe what I’d just heard. I sat there with my mouth hung open for a moment before I managed to find some words. “Now you really can fuck off, and be quick about it! Go! Now!”

My brat of a sister just stood there smirking at me. “Nope. You’re gonna show me. Then you’re gonna look at mine. And I’m not going anywhere until you agree.”

I was dumbfounded. What the hell had come over her? She’d always been an obnoxious little squirt, but to burst into my room and say something like that to me… I had no idea what to make of it. I hadn’t even considered that she might be interested in sex yet. And who taught her to use the word pussy?

I looked her over, trying to make sense of the situation. Maybe the pictures of Jess, and the thought of masturbating to them, had suddenly caused me to see my younger sister in a new light. It came as quite a surprise. I couldn’t find a chance to get together with Jess, but maybe…

Lucy was gorgeous, actually, but that wasn’t the point. There was no way she was talking to me like that. “You wanna tell me why you think you can speak to me that way? Why don’t you go and play with your teddy or something?”

Lucy’s grin grew inexplicably wider. “Actually, Teddy does feel nice to play with. He knows what I want. Now you’re gonna know, too.”

She’s gone completely mental, I thought, but before I could reply she pulled out her phone. “Maybe I should show you these before you say anything else.”

Everything became clear in an instant.

The pics! Of course. Jess must have sent Lucy my pics. The two of them were aunt and niece, but being almost the same age, they were more like best friends. And best friends shared everything.

I’d just lost all my bargaining chips in one fell swoop. My stomach lurched. This was a nightmare.

“Don’t look so worried, sis,” Lucy chuckled gleefully, scrolling through the pics of me and Jess while I looked on in horror. “This is gonna be fun! Nobody else has to see them. Well… not if you do as I say. Think about it like this: If you like Jess’s pussy so much, you’ll probably like mine too, won’t you? And my pussy’s much easier to get at. Sorta… closer to home, y’know?”

I was caught in her trap and we both knew it. My little sister was telling me she wanted us to have sex – demanding it, in fact – and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it.

Resigned to my fate, I let my eyes travel down her body again, and felt an all-too familiar tingle between my legs. Despite the uncomfortable situation I found myself in, or maybe because of it, I was actually beginning to get turned on, considering my sister sexually for the first time. It’s not as if I had much of a choice.

Lucy must have seen something change in my expression. She slowly began to lift her skirt. The first glimpse of her panties came into view, then more of them were revealed as she raised her skirt even higher, holding the hem with one hand while the other grasped the waistband of her knickers and tugged them down her legs.

I held my breath as my sister’s mound came into view, a few wispy hairs sprinkled on otherwise bare skin, a neat little slit intersecting each beautiful segment of labia. When her panties fell to her ankles she stepped out of them, spreading her feet apart a little so I could see clearly.

I looked up to see her confident grin had faltered somewhat. There was vulnerability there now, as if she was seeking my approval. As if she were saying, Please like me, sis.

“Luce…” I murmured, my anger at her intrusion and subsequent blackmailing all but forgotten. “It’s beautiful. You’re beautiful.”

Her smile returned. “So… now it’s your turn, okay? Just like you did with Jess.”

I stood up and twisted my skirt round so I could undo the fastener. It fell to the floor and I stepped out of it. As I reached for my skimpy panties Lucy stopped me. “No, wait. Do a spin for me! I wanna see how sexy you look.”

Feeling a bit embarrassed, I did as she asked, turning slowly on my heels until she cried, “Stop!”

I peered over my shoulder and saw her ogling my arse. “Wow. Jess was right – you do have the sexiest bum.” She was gently rubbing her pussy lips, teasing at them with the tips of her fingers. “Okay, keep facing that way and take your panties off.”

She’s got an arse fixation, I thought. A flush of excitement pulsed through me at the thought. I bent forward as I lowered my knickers, deliberately keeping hold of them all the way down to my ankles. If she wanted to see my bum, that’s exactly what the conniving little imp was gonna get.

I heard her gasp and knew she could see my arsehole, and most likely the lips of my pussy too. I was kind of getting into this now, content to just stand there for a while, bent over at the hips. “You like?”

I caught sight of her through my legs. Her fingers had slipped inside her pussy lips and were rubbing more urgently now.

“Can I stand up now, Luce? The blood’s rushing to my head.”

Lucy grunted some sound of affirmation, and as I straightened I lifted my top over my head in one swift movement. When I turned back to her I was naked and horny as fuck. The look of complete awe on my sister’s face pleased me. She didn’t seem to know where to look first, her eyes roving from my pussy to my tits and then back again.

“Okay, little sis,” I said. “You started this game. Now it’s time to let me see you.”

Lucy peered down at herself shyly. “I don’t have boobs like you do, though… only small ones. You probably won’t like them.”

I gave her a chuckle. “Trust me, I absolutely love little budding titties. Come on, show me.”

She pulled her t-shirt over her head and then stood awkwardly, that worried look back again.

I walked towards her. “Luce, they’re fucking divine.” My hands enclosed the soft peaks. They were bigger than I’d expected; I was surprised she hadn’t started wearing a training bra. She stood there still while I touched them, peering down at my fingers as they brushed back and forth. “Why don’t you feel mine too, baby sis?” I cooed.

She brought her hands to my chest, tentatively placing them on my bigger breasts. I let her touch and explore at her own pace while I watched her nipples awaken, my fingers encouraging them to stiffen and grow. Her titties reminded me of little pointed cones.

Then she was pinching and flicking at my own stiffening nipples. “Shall we… do you want to kiss me?” I asked her.

She gazed into my eyes, then gave a little nod. Ever so slowly, I drew closer, my eyes never leaving hers. We let our lips brush lightly together, before pulling away for a brief moment. Lucy leaned towards me as my arms encircled her, pulling her into my embrace. Our lips came together a second time. It was a better kiss than the one I’d had with Jess. I wondered if she’d been practising with someone.

I let myself drown in my sister’s kiss, surrendering to my growing lust. I grasped her bum with both hands, pulling her hard against my naked body, lifting her up so her pussy was adjacent to mine, nipples brushing against my breasts. And then my hips were moving, our mounds rubbing, grinding together.

I could feel Lucy’s chest starting to heave as she clutched at my back. Her fingers snaked down and settled on my arse, and it was just too much for me – I had to have her. Breaking the kiss, I lowered my sister to the floor and crooned, “Come over here.”

I lay down on my bed, pulling Lucy with me. For a while we just lay there facing one another. “I kinda think you just stitched me up, little sister, but I’m glad you did. Now lay back. I’m gonna give you what you want.”

She did as I asked. I gave her another kiss before nuzzling my way down her neck, then further still until I reached her barely-there breasts. Lucy peered down at me as my lips enclosed a nipple, her mouth forming an ecstatic O. She gave a little shiver when I touched her pussy, tracing a path round its tightly shaped contours with my finger.

I carefully eased my way inside her, and for the first time I was exploring a pussy that wasn’t my own. The fact that it was my sister’s pussy made the deed all the more exciting. I felt her legs moving apart for me. When I glanced down I saw how wet she was, her need clearly as great as mine.

As my finger probed the tight hole, Lucy’s breathing took on a more laboured note and she began to wriggle about. I took her other nipple into my mouth, and she grasped at my hair, little keening noises emerging from her lips. I glanced up at her. It was plain to see she was enjoying every second of this.

When my thumb found her clitoris and brought it to life, Lucy gave a squeal of delight, her hips pushing up to meet my hand, desperate for the heightened contact.

Suddenly I realised I wanted her clit between my lips.

Not knowing what I intended, Lucy tried to stop me pulling away from her chest. On my way down, I kissed her tummy but didn’t linger. I couldn’t wait any longer.

I stretched out between her thighs, hesitating a moment. Everything we’d done so far could perhaps be forgiven as simply fooling around. Going down on my own little sister, though, had an undeniable finality to it. I wouldn’t be able to take it back.

But the sight of her glistening pink clit peeking out at me was too hard to resist. I finally trapped it between my lips. Lucy responded with a gasp that trailed off into a moan. I gently kissed the little nub, then followed that with a flick of the tongue. God, she tasted delicious – a clean, refined tang that fed my lust, yet still left me wanting more.

While I sucked her clit, I slipped another finger into her pussy, then began to work them in and out. I fucked her soft and slow at first, her juices and my saliva lubricating the tight hole.

“B-Becks…” Lucy murmured. “I… I think I’m gonna come…”

I mumbled a reply into her pussy. “I know you are, love. I want to see.”

Her hips jerked, thighs gripping my head as she lifted her knees. Then she was still for a brief moment, body pressed against mine, the tremors becoming stronger as she came. I fucked faster and licked harder as Lucy’s frantic wails filled the bedroom.

I was ecstatic. It was hard to believe an eleven-year-old could ever come so intensely, and it was me – her big sister – who’d made her do it. She was gasping for breath, her body limp.

I moved up and kissed her on the cheek. “Happy, now that you got what you wanted?”

Lucy was smiling at me, little tears teasing the corners of her eyes. I kissed them away and she whispered with trembling lips, “I didn’t know it would be so amazing.” She took my face in her hands. “I’m sorry for being such a brat, Becks. I thought about just asking, but I knew you’d get angry and say no, so I used the pics you sent Jess to make you do what I wanted. Do you hate me?”

I kissed her again, this time on the mouth. “How could I possibly hate you? Yeah, I suppose I should be bloody livid that you tried blackmailing me, but, well… I’m not, okay?”

Lucy looked incredibly relieved to hear that. “Can I ask you something? You don’t have to answer.”

“Sure, okay.”

“Have you been with many girls? You seem to know what you’re doing.”

“Would you believe me if I told you that you’re the first girl I’ve properly been with?”

That seemed to surprise her. “Really? Well, if I’m your first, you did an awesome job. I never made myself come like that, ever.” As an afterthought she added, “I suppose you’re my first, too.”

“I suppose so,” I agreed.

I decided it was okay I’d sent those pics after all, but reminded myself they still needed to be deleted – from my phone and Jess’s.

Jess… I wonder how she’d feel about Lucy and me. Not jealous, hopefully. She’d be coming over for a sleepover at the weekend, so the three of us could discuss it then.

I get the feeling we won’t be doing much talking, I thought.

The End



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  1. Dom Inus says:

    I bet your sister knows too – this could be a fun story 🙂

  2. Tim says:

    Oh wow, what a great, sexy, arousing, and cum inducing story. Up there with your very very best!
    Now I can’t stop thinking about Jess finding out, maybe exchanging pussy pics from both sisters, and most definitely not wanting to be left out!
    Part 2 perhaps, or am I just being greedy?
    Thanks ladies, you never fail!!😀

  3. Kim & Sue says:

    Yum! We fell right in to this trap ourselves, and didn’t want to escape. But we ultimately found a very sweet release.

    Thanks for a perfectly hot erotic tale.

  4. Clit Licker says:

    Mmmm….so hot! I wonder where you two got the idea from…!

  5. Powertenor246 says:

    Good day Kinky Duo!

    I really feel that this story has serious feet. It could go places. Very hot places. Like, hotter than Death Valley in August! PLEASE POST A SECOND CHAPTER, TYVM!! The possibility of a threesome has me all knotted up. Yikes!!!

  6. Katejn90 says:

    Oh wow!
    Thank you Kinky Sisters
    What a beautiful story, I’m suitably excited, lol. I do enjoy a close family.
    I really hope that there is so much more to this deliciously naughty tale.
    Love you both

  7. kinkys_sis says:

    Once again, such lovely comments.

    We didn’t intend a follow-up but perhaps we will give it some thought. Most writers will know what I mean though, when I say… we are already immersed in other things. So much to write… so many ideas… but, so little time.

    The follow-up for Pirate Queen is now with JJ but it’s not imminent for posting… other things in the pipeline.

    PS. A special thanks to Kate, a friend from long ago. About five years, I think.

  8. Cam52000 says:

    Im so happy that you both have continued your writing as its as good as its ever been, I hope you are both well and safe and life is treating you both well.
    From an old friend Cam
    P.S. Good to see Kates name again

  9. Clit Licker says:

    A lovely story, as always. Thank you, girls.

  10. Erocritique says:

    I was wondering where the story was going with the title being what it was, and then was surprised by the rather jarring revelation of Lucy’s nefarious plan. The narrative went right up to the edge of non-consent, but then tastefully receded with Lucy’s rather touching vulnerable and uncertain behavior as the intimate action proceeded. From then on it was pure kinky, sexy, taboo goodness. I agree with the others that this story is tailor made for a sequel. – But that goes for all of the sisters kinky’s stories. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. Carol Anne says:

    Beautiful story Kinkys,you two work together so well and you always make me so wet! hehehe I know you have other work you are working on but I agree that this is definitely sequel material! Keep up the good work ladies.

  12. Jacqueline Jillinghoff says:

    It was the title the kept me hooked, wondering just what trouble this hapless drunk was getting into. Very creative setup, and as usual with the kinky sisters, it’s the little ones who are the real cougars. And this time the story doesn’t get in the way of the sex. 😉

  13. JetBoy says:

    Oops! I was running late the night I posted this, and completely neglected to mention to thank JS author extraordinaire BlueJean for editing the story. Many thanks, noble sir… and apologies for not giving credit where credit is due.

    Thanks as well to the Sisters Kinky for another great story. Stay tuned for more from our favorite sexy siblings!

  14. sue says:

    We read, we cum, and then…but this is so good to come back to again, and read, and cum,

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