My Amazing Mum, Part One

  • Posted on September 20, 2019 at 2:28 pm

By Misty Meadow

I’m in my bedroom, admiring myself in the wall-to-wall mirror that comprises the doors of my closet. All I’ve got on is my underwear, consisting of a white cotton vest and knickers. The vest, unlike the usual tank-top style that little girls wear, has a neckline shaped like an inverted W with narrow shoulder straps and a thin trimming of lace. It looks like it was made for girls with boobs, but mine haven’t grown in yet. My knickers are perfectly ordinary full cut white briefs, with that scalloped elastic round the legs that make them look so different from, say, a bikini bottom. One time, I tried on a thong that belonged to a sleepover friend (it was early morning and she hadn’t yet awakened) and went into my mum’s room to show her. She was sitting on the end of her bed in a baby-doll nightie that was open all the way down the front.

Mum laughed when she saw me. “So you like to wear another girl’s knickers, Misty? Oh, that’s so fucking precious!” She uses adult language around me without a second thought.

“Do I look sexy?”

“Any little girl looks sexy in their undies… but I’m sorry, darling, those look slutty.”

“But I thought you liked sluts,” I pouted.

“When they’re grown up. You’re sexy enough without having to try too hard. Stick to nice white knickers until you’re a bit older.”

I was disappointed — but on the other hand, the thong wasn’t comfortable; it felt like I was sitting on a clothesline. Anyway, I always try to please Mum, and if she likes me to dress like a little girl, then I’m happy to wear my plain knickers for her.

Mum continued. “I’d rather you borrowed my knickers than wear an ugly thong. You can help yourself to them, you know. Any time you like.” You might imagine they’d be too big for me, but Mum is ultra-petite; her dad was really short. Mine was big, I guess, because I’m tall for my age, so her knickers fit me fine. One time I sneaked into her room and tried on a pair of see-through panties and, yes, they fit. I looked totally hot in them, too.

“Take that thong off,” Mum said, and I pushed it down to ring my ankles, then straightened up, posing for her. She stared at me, naked from the waist down, then smiled. “Now that’s a sexy look!”

“I’m too young to look sexy,” I mumbled, making a face.

“Rubbish. Look, you have sexual feelings, don’t you?”

I always tell Mum everything; we have no secrets. “Well… I feel little tingles down in my tummy when I touch myself in bed at night.”

She smiles. “Touching your cunt, are you? You’re old enough to look sexy, then.” She picked up the thong, held it to her face and took a deep breath. “Too bad, I can’t smell anything.” I had to laugh.

The great thing about Mum that she shares everything with me, holding nothing back. Although I’m still only eleven, she’s told me all about sex, particularly sex between women. She’s gay herself, which made me wonder how she became a mother. One day, she finally explained that to me. It seems that she was date raped at a party when she was fourteen, and I was the outcome. Now, she’s twenty-five and amazingly beautiful, as slender and elegant as a supermodel. Mum’s name is Jo, by the way.

Looking at my reflection in the mirror, I can imagine how she might find me sexy. I do have a pretty face, though I look younger than eleven. My dark eyes are big and my little nose is upturned. My lips are deliciously kissable and my black hair, worn in two plaits, hangs almost down to my waist. I turn from side to side, studying my body. I can’t call it my “figure,” exactly, as it has no real shape. My chest is as flat as a boy’s. Still, if Mum likes the way I look, I’m not going to complain.

Just then, the door opens and Mum comes in, stark naked but for a towel around her neck. “Breakfast will be ready in about fifteen minutes, after I shower,” she says. Standing behind me, Mum puts her hands on my shoulders. “Admiring yourself, huh? There’s a lot to admire. Every time I see you, you seem to get sexier.”

My face lights up; I love being called sexy! It makes me feel grown-up. I lean back against my mother, feeling her breasts pressing against me. She’s only five foot four, and I’m just two inches shorter.

“Aw, Mum, you always say that.”

“I mean it.”

“Mums don’t go around saying their daughters are sexy. It sounds incestuous.”

Incestuous? Where did you learn that word?”

“On the internet.” Mum lets me surf whatever I want on the net, even porn.

“Hmm. Well, since you seem to know what incest is, I think it’s time that I tell you something about myself, something you didn’t know.” Mum takes a deep breath, then comes out with it. “You see, your grandmother loved me in a very special way. As a daughter, yes, but she loved me in a physical sense, too.” She pauses again, then added, “I often think about you like that… being with my sweet little girl, sharing good feelings. Just like my mother did with me.”

I’m astonished! “You mean you and Gran were…?”

“I expect it will come as a shock to you, but yes, we were having sex.”

I don’t know whether to be horrified, intrigued or aroused. It’s hard to get my head around, the idea of Mum and Gran being lovers.

Wait, wait — did Mum just say that she thinks about loving me that way? I was too stunned to speak, or even move.

Mum didn’t seem to notice, just continued to speak.  “Your Gran liked seeing me in nothing but my undies, and I liked to let her look.” She reaches around my waist, takes hold of the elastic of my knickers and pulls upwards. The fabric is stretched tightly over my vulva, and Mum grins with delight. “Look, a perfect camel toe! That’s the name for it, by the way.” She leaned in close to get a better view. “I like camel toes. I think a girl should show off the shape of her cunt whenever appropriate.”

I managed to get my voice back. “Like when?”

“When you and I are alone,” she whispers in my ear, “and when I need to be reminded of what I must have looked like to Gran. Even when I was fully clothed, she’d try to look up my dress, and I gave her lots of opportunities. One thing I loved to do was raise the bottom of my skirt to clean my glasses, revealing the front of my knickers. They were always white, just like yours.” She sighed, lost in sweet memories. “Today, they’d call my mum a child molester, but I never felt like I was being harmed in any way. I loved her attention, her hugs, her caresses, even when her hands went places they weren’t supposed to.”

“She touched your kitty?” I ask, incredulously.

“Yes, my cunt. She couldn’t get enough of it. Sometimes, we’d get completely naked together and she’d touch me all over. She liked to stroke my whole body with these… feather-like brushes of her fingertips. It made me shiver in a really nice way.”

Picturing it, I feel a tremor of excitement. “Didn’t that freak you out?”

“No, not a bit. She was always hugging and kissing me,  and we used to give each other massages, so it was just a short leap to touching me sexually. Other kids mightn’t have tolerated it, but to me, it was just another way for Mum to tell me how much she loved me.”

“Did you touch her cunt?”

“What do you think? Of course I did, and she didn’t have to ask me, either. She was usually dripping wet, too. Your grandmother was obsessed with pleasure, with making love. I take after her, and I’d wager that you too, darling.” Mum releases the elastic of my knickers with a snap, then brings her palms up to my chest. “Still no boobs, huh? I’m glad.” She caresses me as though they’d grown, teasing my nipples.

“Glad?” I’m aghast. “But I want tits like yours, Mummy, nice little firm ones that don’t need a bra, with big brown nipples.”

“For your friends to play with?” she chuckles.

“My friends aren’t like that,” I sigh. “All they talk about is stupid boys. It’s so bloody boring!”

I’ll play with your titties, then.” She’s joking, I think. Perhaps. “How do you feel about me, y’know, growing hair down there?” It’s a silly question, because she sees me naked all the time so she knows my cunt is bald as an egg. Nevertheless, I invite her to look.

Just like that, Mum slides my knickers down to mid-thigh, and we gaze at my reflection in the mirror. “Look at your cunt,” she murmurs in my ear. “See how puffy your mound is? Like a ripe peach.”

“Yeah, but I don’t have any lips like you do.” I call them elephant ears. They’re huge and pinkish brown and her clit protrudes from the top. Mum lets me look at her cunt anytime I want. She seems to enjoy showing it to me. I can understand that, because right now, I’m loving the feeling of her gaze on my treasure.

“Don’t be in a hurry to grow up,” my mum tells me.” You’ll never be sexier than you are now.” She leans back on the bed, propped up on her elbows.

As I turn to stare at her cunt, Mum stretches out, spreading her legs wide apart in a shameless gesture of invitation. “Why don’t you take a picture of me, Misty? Just like this.” Her cunt is shaved, but today I can see a hint of stubble; that’s not good. I go to fetch my phone, then use it to record this amazing pose.

I bring it up on the screen, then Mum and I look at it together.

“Now, that’s sexy,” I exclaim, “way more sexy than I am, anyhow.”

“No, no. Tell you what, let’s compare. I’ll take a shot of you. Get naked.”

I bring my feet together, which allows my knickers to fall to the floor, then step out of them as I lift my vest over my head. She gets up and I take her place on the bed, lying just as she was, my legs spread wide.

The flash goes off. She gazes at my phone, then displays it to me. “See? You’re fucking hot, young lady! Much lovelier than me.” I don’t agree, but I’m not going to argue.

Handing my phone back to me, Mum bends to scoop my knickers up from the floor. “Were you wearing these all night, then?”

“Yeah,” I admit. She immediately holds them to her face, inhaling deeply. I give a nervous laugh. “Oh, Mummy, that’s so dirty!”

“I’m a dirty girl,” she asserts. “A knicker sniffer. It’s not that uncommon; all my girlfriends do it.”

I take my still-warm undies from Mum’s hands and smell them for myself. There’s a faint aroma, like how my finger smells when I do myself in bed at night. It’s actually sort of nice. “Hmmm… not bad,” I say.

“That’s my girl!” she says, looking proud. “I’ll make a lesbian of you yet.” I like to think I’m one already, but I don’t exactly love any girls yet, only my mum.

“Come on, Misty,” she says. “Let’s take a shower together.”

Oooh, yes, I love showering with Mum! Her skin is like alabaster, I think to myself. I’m not exactly sure what alabaster looks like, but it has a nice sound to it.

In the bathroom she sits on the loo, relieving herself. I like it when she lets me watch her pee; it’s so intimate. I always let her watch me, too — always leaving the bathroom door open, smiling at her when she walks past and pauses to look.

“Your Gran used to drink my pee, you know,” she announces.

“What?” I’m aghast. “That sounds awful!”

“It’s an acquired taste. When you grow up, you should try it. My mum would let me pee on her in the bathtub. We called it a golden shower, or watersports. Lots of lesbians love it.” Is she making that up just to be funny? I find it hard to believe.

Her stream ends, and Mum wipes herself, then slides her bum to the front of the toilet seat and leans back. “Care to shave my cunt, darling?”

I can only stare, my heart racing. Shave Mum? Right then, I can’t think of anything I’d rather do. “Okay, sure,” I answer, trying to seem much calmer than I really am.

Reaching over for a bright orange tube of shaving cream, she hands it to me. “Use this,” she says. “Put some in the palm of your hand, then spread it all over my cunt.”

My heart is racing even faster than before. Although I’ve spent what probably adds up to hours looking at Mum’s naughty bits when she eagerly shows them off to me, I’ve never actually touched her there. No time like the present, I think, squirting a dollop of the shaving cream into my hand. Kneeling before my mother, I reach out to touch between her legs.

She watches as I apply the stuff. “Put plenty on… more than that, darling… that’s it, now shave me. Put your finger over my clit, so you don’t accidentally cut it.” I’m getting more excited with every second. Mum’s clitoris seems bigger than usual, so I wonder: is she getting aroused from my touch? God, I hope so!

Using Mum’s razor, I carefully shave her whole pubic area, from the tops of her thighs to her mound, then wipe the excess cream off with a washcloth. “Okay, all done,” I finally say.

“Check to make sure it’s nice and smooth,” she says.

I run my hand all over Mum’s vulva, and it seems pretty well shaved to me. “It… it feels fine,” I mumble. God, I can’t believe that I’m actually getting to touch my mother between her legs. She feels warm and nice down there, too.

“I think you missed a bit, darling. Why don’t you shave me once more?” I glance up and into her twinkling eyes, knowing that she’s just making an excuse for me to touch her again.

I repeat the task — adding more cream, wiping the razor, squeezing Mum’s lips between my fingers to keep them clear while I shave her, then use the damp washcloth to bathe away the foam. Once more, I press my hand to her cunt, feeling all over. It’s perfect, but I’m not ready to stop touching my mother.

“Thank you, my darling. That was fun, wasn’t it?” I nod my head vigorously. “When you grow hair down there, will you let me shave it off?”

“Absolutely!” I affirm.

“Gran used to let me shave her. It was one of the ways she showed how much she loved me.”

I longed to know more. “What else did you do?”

“She liked to run her hand up the inside of my thigh until her fingers were under my knickers, pressing against my cunt. She’d ask me to stand in front of her and lift my dress to show the undies I wore… if I happened to be wearing any, that is. I was about ten when she first did that to me, touched my cunt.”

“Ten! That’s even younger than me!”

“Oh, yes, and I was every bit as cute as you are. She just couldn’t help herself. We liked to take showers together, and she would lather my body up with suds, then stood behind me, soaping my flat chest, teasing my nipples with her fingers. Then her hands slid down my tummy till she was rubbing my sweet little cunt, back when it looked just like yours does now. The first time my mother ever made me come, that’s how she did it.

“After that, Mum touched me that way every day for months. Then one afternoon while we were in the shower, I decided I wanted to do those things to her. I got behind and reached round to put soap all over her titties… and that felt so lovely that I just had to reach down and do her cunt as well. Mum said, ‘Put your fingers in me, my darling,’ and that’s how I learned how to masturbate. Not on my own, but from doing it to my mother.”

“It’s hard to believe,” I say, though I can picture it perfectly in my head.

“Don’t think of her as you remember her. Your gran was in her late forties when she died and still quite sexy, but I’m speaking of when she looked more like I do now.”

“So… she was sexy like you, Mummy?”

“Like us, my darling.”

“I need to pee,” I tell her.

She gives me a long look as she sits, leaning back, her legs parted. “Okay, so straddle me.” She slides her bum to the back of the seat. “Stand with your legs either side of my thighs and pee between my legs into the bowl.”

This is going to be so much fun. I position myself carefully, hold my cunt open with my fingertips, and pee, but I was a bit too close to Mum, and splashed her belly. “Oops! Sorry.”

“It’s okay. I like being peed on, really. Go on, do it again.” This time, my stream hits the area I just shaved, flows down over her lips and into the loo. Mum is grinning hugely. “This is deliciously dirty,” she says. “We’re having our own golden shower.”

My stream wavers, wetting the inside of her thighs. “How’s that?”

Mum she smiles up at me, adoration on her face. “Oh, Misty, my darling little girl. You’re getting me so excited! Next time, let’s do it in the shower and you can pee on my tits.”

I laugh, but now the idea doesn’t seem quite so strange. If Mum wants to do it, I’m perfectly willing. “Sure, Mum.”

“Now let’s get cleaned up.”

We step into the shower and I adjust the water temperature. Mum squirts bath gel on her hands, stands behind me and lathers my shoulders, my back and my bum cheeks, slipping a hand right between my legs to stroke my cunt. Then, with another shot of gel, she reaches around me and does my chest.

“Can I do to you what Gran did to me?” she whispers in my ear.

“Yes!” I cry, excitedly. “Wash my cunt, Mum. Do what Gran did, I want you to!”

With one arm around my waist, Mum slides a soapy hand down over my tummy, pressing it between my legs. This is the first time she’s ever touched my cunt, though I’ve been wanting her to do something like this for ages.

Her finger trails through my slit, and a warm glow spreads through my tummy, then into my entire body. It’s like nothing I’ve ever felt before. Okay, maybe something like when I touch myself I’m in bed, but a hundred times more thrilling. I think the word for how I feel might be “lust.”

I lean back against my mother, her breasts against my back, spreading my feet apart to give her better access. A choked cry escapes my lips when Mum’s middle finger penetrates me, about an inch or so. My knees are so weak that I can hardly stand.

“Are you okay, Misty?” she whispers.

“Yes, Mummy! Do it to me!” I cry. Taking hold of her wrist, I drive her finger deeper, all the way into my cunt. She rolls it around a bit, then inserts another. Before I know it, she’s thrusting them in and out, her arm churning like a piston. I’m being fingered by my own mother, and I don’t care if it’s wrong, because I’m fucking loving it!

“My darling sexy girl,” she murmurs, “you’re making me so happy. I love you with all my heart!”

That’s when it happens. I come in a surge of ecstasy, waves of heat licking through my abdomen, spreading to all parts of my body. I slump and nearly swoon, but Mum’s strong arm around my waist keeps me from falling. I can hear myself making all kinds of loud sounds, like those lesbians on the internet videos I watch, but my cries aren’t faked.

I’m blown to smithereens and carried up to heaven, then I slowly condense and drift back down to earth.

Mum kisses my neck, then turns me round to face her. “Did you come?”

I smile and nod. “It was awesome, Mummy. Like nothing like anything I’ve ever felt before. Like I was on fire!”

“I knew you were aroused, because your cunt was so wet when my fingers went into you.”

“Oh, I was turned on from earlier in the bedroom,” I say, “when you were looking at my cunt and letting me look at yours, and also on the loo when we played our pee game.”

The shower has rinsed all the soap from our bodies, so we step out and towel each other off, our hands lingering in what once were forbidden places, but now are new territory to be further explored. Casting the big Turkish towel to one side, Mum takes my hand and leads me into her bedroom.

I flop onto her bed, lying back with my feet on the floor, giving her a good look at me. She never seems to tire of the sight. Mum looks between my legs for a long while, then sighs. “One day, after you reach puberty and grow tits and hair, your world will open up and you’ll discover boys, and I’ll lose you, Misty.”

“No, not boys, Mummy, girls! I’m gonna be a lesbian, like you.”

She smiles. “Oh, I hope so, I really do! And you’ll be ready for them. I want to teach you everything I know about sex between girls, but I never want to forget how erotic you look right now.” Mum studied my nude body. “Misty, may I take a few pictures of you?”

“Like this?” My heart leaps. “In the nude?”

“Completely naked, with those lovely slender legs parted in invitation, yes. Where’s my phone…? Oh, it’s downstairs. Don’t move, I’ll be back in a sec.”

As soon as she leaves the room, I leap to my feet and open the top drawer of her dresser where she keeps her knickers. Rifling through them, I find a skimpy pair of transparent nylon ones that are split from the waist in the front down and up to the waist at the back. Wow, crotchless knickers! I’ve seen ones like this on the internet. I step into them, then look at myself in the mirror, pulling the gap at the front open. Now this looks sexy, much better than that awful thong.

Coming back into the room, Mum pauses in mid-motion at the sight of me, then grins. “Shit! I was saving those as a surprise for you, but now that you’ve found them I think I should’ve worn them earlier. They do set off your sweet little cunt quite deliciously.”

“I’m delicious? Sounds like you wanna eat me, Mummy.” I’m perfectly aware of the double meaning of the word “eat”. Lesbians on the internet write a lot about doing oral sex, after all.

She gave a thoughtful nod. “You know, that’s what I said to my mum one day when she was giving me a massage. She stroked and rubbed my back and my bum, then rolled me over and ran her hands all over my tummy and thighs — and every few seconds, her fingers would brush my cunt. I could feel myself getting wet.

“Imagine it. I was eleven, just like you, a couple of years from being a woman. I had my legs spread wide apart, and my cunt was juicy as it could be, so I wasn’t too surprised when Mum got down between my thighs, pressed her lips to me and began to lick.

“It felt so amazing that I almost peed myself. She licked me so nicely, like those lesbian videos you love to watch, that I don’t have to describe it in detail. I’ll just say that Mum sent me to heaven with her mouth. She made me come within minutes! It was my very first orgasm, and I’ll remember it as long as I live. Afterward, she held me in her arms, and I cried tears of happiness.” She falls silent, lost in thought, then snaps back into the moment. “Anyway, let’s take a picture.”

She aims her phone at me and the flash goes off, then she sits beside me to show me the shot. There I am, a preteen nymphet on my back wearing crotchless knickers with my legs spread wide, quite deliberately flaunting my cunt for the camera — and anyone who wants to look at the picture, for that matter.

“Wow!” I breathe. “That’s so dirty – in a good way, I mean.”

Mum sits beside me, puts an arm around my shoulder and looks at the screen. “Yes, you’re my dirty little girl, my darling little minx!” I giggle. “My shameless little exhibitionist, so willing to expose her most intimate parts to her mummy. The dirtier you are, the more I love you, Misty.”

I snuggle into her. “I love you too, Mummy. Can I take a picture of you now?”

Without a word, she goes over to the dresser and sits on it with one foot up, the other on the floor, her cunt lewdly displayed. She gives the phone a “come-and-get-me” look as I take the picture.

“Now I want one of you in these knickers,” I say, slipping them off and handing them to her. Mum pulls them on and sits on the chair, her feet up on the seat so that not only is her cunt on show, her bum hole is, too. I take another picture, and it looks even more wicked than the first.

“Back in a sec,” she says, darting out room, reappearing seconds later with a pair of my white cotton knickers. “I got these from the laundry hamper. You wore them yesterday.” As she holds them up to her face and inhales, I’m on my knees before her, tugging the crotchless ones down her legs. She hands me mine and I hold them open for Mum to step into, pulling them all the way up to her hips.

We stand side by side in front of the mirror, admiring each other. She looks like an older version of me with tits. I aim the phone, turn off the flash, and touch the shutter icon. There’s enough light for the camera to catch everything in perfect detail. Just like me, she’s displaying a prominent camel toe.

Mum presses a palm against her mound. “I’m thinking about how your cunt was in these knickers all day, and now mine is there. This is so fucking erotic!” She’s weird, but I still love her.

She starts a little dance. “Two little girls from school are we,” she sings to the tune of Gilbert and Sullivan, “two little girls from school.”

I laugh. “We should be on the stage, huh?”

For a moment I picture us both in an auditorium with a huge audience of gay girls as we perform naked for them. It makes my tummy tingle.

“Maybe I could be a stripper when I grow up. Do they have strippers in lesbian bars?”

“I’m not sure; I’ve never seen one, but they do have quite a few gay girls in the audience in strip clubs. Hell, every female stripper I’ve ever known was a dyke.”

“But there’d be men at those places, right? No, thank you! I’m a girl’s girl.”

“I want you to lie down at the top of the bed now, sweetie.” I do so and Mum sits beside me, takes one of my pigtails and ties it to one of the vertical brass rails at the head of the bed, using a simple thumb knot, then does the same with the other. From her closet, she produces a belt from one of her bathrobes and ties my wrists to the bar across the top. Gripping my feet, she lifts my legs up and ties my ankles to the bar, closer to the center. Now my shoulders and upper back are on the bed and my bum high up in the air, both my holes now on full display.

I feel so deliciously exposed and vulnerable as Mum takes a picture of me. “Oh, this is one for the ages!” she declares, showing me the screen. Such a sexy sight, it makes me shiver.

Heart racing with excitement, I nervously moisten my lips. “What are you going to do to me, Mummy?”

“What would you like me to do?” she fires back.

“Um… you could spank me.”

Mum shakes her head. “That can wait. I have plans for spanking you later.”

That gets me thinking. “How ‘bout this: we can pretend you’ve kidnapped me and taken me to your secret lair where you sexually molest little girls. Do whatever you like to me, anything at all. You could lick my cunt and bum hole. You could tickle my pussy with your vibrator.” Mum’s eyes widened slightly. “Yeah, I know you’ve got one; I found it on the shelf in your closet. You could put it inside me; I’d love that!”

She grinned, joining me in my wild fantasy. “Oh, I’ve got more than one. I could fuck both your holes at the same time. You’re too young to be fisted, but I’d love to try that on you when you’re older. I could straddle your body and pee all over you… but no, that’d involve too much dirty laundry, forget that.”

“I know! You could pinch your nipples until they’re nice and hard, then push one into my cunt!”

“What a vivid imagination you’ve got, my love. Hold on, though, I’ve got an even better idea.” From the small cupboard at the bottom of the bedside table, she brings out a bottle of wine and a glass. Taking a towel from her closet, she folds it in half and slides it under my bum. She uncorks the bottle, places the top between my cunt lips, then upends it. Little bubbles rise in the bottle as the liquid flows into me and when it starts to leak, she quickly removes the bottle, bends down and clamps her lips to my cunt, sucking the wine out.

Once Mum has emptied me, she sits back and, in the pompous voice of a wine connoisseur, says, “Ah, yes, a cheeky, fruity little number. Promiscuous, yet with a hint of autumn decadence.” I laugh, in spite of how incredibly aroused I am. She’s never put her mouth on me like that before!

She pours wine into my cunt and drinks again. Filling me a third time, she presses the wineglass against my perineum and lets the dark red liquid trickle into it. Holding it to my lips she whispers, “For you, my sweet,” and tilts it to fill my mouth. To be honest, it just tastes like wine, but thinking about where it’s been is the thrilling part.

“Delicious!” I affirm, licking my lips. “Can I drink from you now, Mummy? Please?”

“Later, my love. You’ll be spending a lot of time with your face in my cunt, I promise… but right now, I want to show you how good it feels to have your pussy eaten.”

Waves of pure love sweep through me, and I feel my heart hammering in my chest. At last, at long last, all those fantasies I’ve had about my mother are going to come true.

Mum sets the bottle aside and presses her lips to my cunt once more — only this time, she pushes her tongue into me, then licks my slit up and down. Her tongue flicks at the little bump of my clit which, though still immature, throbs in response.

I want to stroke Mum’s hair, but I’m immobilised, too filled with emotion to move. She reaches up and places her hands on each side of my rib cage, using her thumbs to stroke my nipples. Small as they are, they stiffen instantly. I feel hot and cold at the same time — how can that be?

Taking her hands away from my chest, Mum carefully opens my cunt, gazing at the wetness inside. I can see the hunger in her eyes, and it’s nearly enough to make me come right then, though I somehow manage not to. I want to make this last.

With one arm, Mum gropes for the phone on the bedside table, her eyes never leaving me. Once it’s in her grasp, she brings it between my legs and takes a picture from about six inches away.

Even though I’m aroused like never before, I feel my thighs beginning to cramp, straining against the awkward position that Mum has me bound in.

“You need to untie me, Mummy.” I tell her. She frees my bindings and unties my pigtails and I sit up, rubbing my wrists. She shows me the last picture. There I am, my little girl’s cunt spread wide, the pink cavern open for all to see.

“When I download this to my computer,” Mum says, “it’s gonna look awesome on the sixty-inch TV. Think of it, a five-foot wide image of my little girl’s cunt on the wall. What a terrific dinner conversation piece.” My eyes light up. “I’m joking, kiddo.”

I wish she weren’t. “I wouldn’t mind, Mummy. I’d be proud.” She smiles. I stand and stretch, loosening my limbs as I look at her. She’s still wearing my white knickers, which are now soaking wet between her legs. I can smell the sharp aroma of sex on the air; she must be as turned on as I am.

“You mentioned something about fisting?” I say. I’m familiar with the concept, thanks to internet videos. Does Mum want me to do that to her? I wonder.

“Let’s take a break, darling. It’s nearly dinner time.” My face must have fallen, because Mum takes me in her arms and hugs me. “Oh, my love, don’t pout. There’ll be plenty of opportunities for us to do naughty things together, stuff that your Gran and I did that I haven’t told you about. Go and get dressed and I’ll see you downstairs.”

In my room, I take out a clean vest and knickers and look once more into the mirror, seeing the same little girl who stood there earlier. I might look the same, young, sweet and innocent, but I’ve changed. I’m a girl who has sex with her own mother! Am I some kind of freak? Is Mum one, given her lust for me, her own eleven-year-old child?

Whatever, I don’t care. I love her and I’m going to express my love in every way possible. Because I know that’s what makes her happy, and I want that more than anything.

On to Part Two!


9 Comments on My Amazing Mum, Part One

  1. Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglia says:

    Oh-my-God!..that was so fucking HOT!..had to stop twice to regain my composure( and use my towel!!!) what a tour-De-force of Mother-Daughter incest sex! soooo DELICIOUSLY wicked!

    Whew!…okay, where was I?..oh yes, what a great beginning chapter, Misty Meadows!
    loved how Misty became so aroused by the words & deeds her Mum said & did with her from telling her how sexy she looked to relating how her gran was intimate with her also…And the pee scenario was brilliant! so HOT!

    Can’t hardly wait for the next burning sexy chapter, Misty…Thanks so much for this one!
    ( I’ll just have to reread this one a couple of times, to really get the “feel” of it! )


  2. Misty Meadow says:

    Thanks, E,T&A, glad you enjoyed it. Five more chapters to cum. If you’d like to read more of my stories, go to, click on ‘authors’ and look for my name.

    • Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglia says:

      Thank You, Misty! will do just that, soon!
      P.S.- Loved the accompanying pic with this really set the tone so well!

  3. Jay Denton says:

    I’ll do that too Misty, loved this opening chapter a lot. It’s givwn me a few ideas for when I have a daughter of my own.

  4. Tim and Litka says:

    Oh wow Misty, we both loved that so much, and needless to say we both came too! It’s so special reading the story together, we both adore love a d sex between mum and daughter, and you describe it so well. Can’t wait for part 2 now.
    Thanks Misty, absolutely wonderful!!!

  5. collie says:

    Wow, I would have thought this was great even as a standalone, and now you tell us there are five more chapters? I can’t wait!

  6. sue says:

    Yes, Misty, a very hot and rousing story and we are looking forward to more.

    I might look the same, young, sweet and innocent, but I’ve changed. I’m a girl who has sex with her own mother! Am I some kind of freak? Is Mum one, given her lust for me, her own eleven-year-old child?

    Whatever, I don’t care. I love her and I’m going to express my love in every way possible. Because I know that’s what makes her happy

    Kim and Sue

    • Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglia says:

      Hey Sue!
      love that telling passage from the story that you’ve referenced here!
      Misty may only be eleven years old, and a bit of a wild child, and her sexual awakenings are certainly on a fast track, but her thoughts convey to us readers that she loves her Mum so much that she wants to do whatever it takes to make Mum happy!( and by proxy, us,too!)…what a good daughter indeed!


  7. David says:

    WOW, what an erotic story. I have always love mother/daughter stories.
    Very well written and detailed, and seeing the picture at the beginning really got me going fast. Wish I had a 60 inch tv and a close up picture. MMMMMM Love your work Misty and look forward to Part Two!

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