Street Story

  • Posted on September 15, 2022 at 5:02 pm

by Karin Halle

It was a part of the city that was best avoided, but that’s where I found myself early one morning. An old friend from college had been in town overnight, in between flights from who-knows-where to someplace else. We’d spent the night catching up – in fact, we caught up three or four times. Her hotel was in this cruddy precinct that just happened to be near the airport. And it met all our requirements – namely, low rates, four walls and a bed that wasn’t too uncomfortable. Now, looking forward to getting some sleep, I was heading to where my car was parked. And I was hurrying – like I said, it was a sketchy neighbourhood, no place for a woman of thirty-one to be after hours.

Turning a corner, I was confronted by a very disturbing scene — a grown man was shoving and berating a young girl. While he was nicely dressed, the girl was utterly dishevelled. Her clothes — skimpy shorts and a tube-top — were shabby, her hair was unkempt and she wore tarty make-up.

Although I didn’t know what was going on, there was no way I was going to let this guy bully a mere kid.

They were near the kerb, so I walked close to the wall, as far away as I could get. The guy turned and glared at me, but seeing that I was pressing myself against the wall as I passed behind, he turned back to the girl. He was a tough guy who didn’t see me as a threat.

That was when I moved. When I was directly behind him, I spun on one foot in a pirouette and drove the edge of my hand into his throat…hard.

He spluttered and clutched at his throat, his eyes bugging out.

Using the remaining momentum from my spin, I drove my shoulder into his belly and, marshalling all the strength in my legs, pushed forward. The impact shoved him backwards, and he staggered back and crashed into the wall, my shoulder still in his abdomen. His impact against the wall drove the breath from him, and he sank to the footpath, gasping and choking.

Turning to face the girl, I found her staring at the scene with a bewildered expression, as if she was trying to figure out what she’d just seen.

Seizing her hand, I began to tow the girl along the street. She neither yielded nor resisted, just let herself be led along.

When we reached my car, I bundled her inside, then asked, “Where to?”

She looked blankly at me, and I wondered for a second if perhaps she didn’t speak English. However, she repeated my words – she understood the language, but seemed to be having trouble parsing what I meant.

I hastened to get behind the wheel. Not that I was concerned about the bully, mind you – he wouldn’t be breathing steadily yet, let alone be able to rise to his feet. Nevertheless, I was anxious to be gone.

Hoping for a more useful answer, I asked, “Where do you live?”

“Um… at Benny’s.” Her reply made me wonder if she had a learning disability.

Although I felt certain I knew the answer already, I asked anyway – “Benny? That’s the creep back there?”

“Yeah.” I waited for more, but she was silent.

My next attempt to get something helpful from my dull passenger was spoken clearly and slowly – “Where’s home? Where does your family live?”

“On the west coast.” She paused. “I can’t go home. Things are bad there.”

With a sigh, I started the car, put it in gear and drove off.

Finally, after we’d been on the road for about five minutes, I asked her name.

At least this question received a meaningful reply. “I’m Macy.” She extended a hand.

Of course, I couldn’t shake the hand she offered – I was on the highway. So I simply replied, “I’m Helen.”

“Thank you, Helen. For the help – and for caring.”

Before then, I didn’t even know that I had maternal instincts. At thirty-one, I was currently unattached, and gay. The notion of caring for a kid was alien to me. And yet, I did care. Looking back on it now, I admit that I may also have felt some illicit attraction to Macy, due to her age, but honestly, that wasn’t important to me. Leaving this kid to fend for herself simply wasn’t an option.

“So who’s Benny? Is he your boyfriend, or something?”

An emphatic shake of the head. “No. He looks after me.”

“Yeah, I saw how well he looks after you,” I observed. She didn’t pick up on my sarcasm. “What was all that fuss about, then?”

“He thought I was holding out on him.”

At long last I was getting the picture.  “That’s no excuse to hit you,” I muttered.

The girl fumbled inside the rolled material of her top, carefully extracting two fifty-dollar bills. “Well, actually, I did keep this.”

“That’s still no excuse!” I fell silent for a bit, then asked, “How much does he take from what you earn?”

“Oh, it’s his money. I work for him. He pays me wages.”

It was a good thing that I had my hands on the steering wheel, or I might have been tempted to throttle her. “And how much does he pay you as ‘wages’?”

“Well, after I pay for my room and meals and stuff, he gives me twenty-five dollars a week.”

I grasped the steering wheel tightly, still feeling the urge to grab this ridiculous girl round the neck and give her a good hard shake. However, an idea was beginning to form. “When was the last time you slept in a bed, Macy – I mean, a real bed?”

For the first time, her face showed sadness. “At home,” she whispered.

“I’ve got a spare room,” I announced, “and the day off.”

A hint of light appeared in her eyes, and I got a glimpse of the real girl beneath that numb exterior. “Really?”


A short while later I was showing Macy my spare room. I had to move some clutter, but at last she had a bed to sleep in. I shoved stuff into the closet, shut the closet door and turned around.

She was standing in the doorway to my spare bedroom – her room – stark naked.

“That – that’s not why I brought you here,” I stammered.

Her face showed the same look of incomprehension as it had before, when I took her away from Benny.

Before I could say any more, I saw something that took the whole of my attention. I stepped closer, to get a better look.

What I saw shocked me. Just above Macy’s left breast was a bruise – large and ugly. And recent. It had a twin, below the breast and further around, more toward her side.

“Oh, no,” I gasped. “No, no, no!” She was too young to be treated like that. And being so petite, she was virtually defenceless. The paleness of her skin made the injuries look even worse than they were. Then I noticed, on her right arm, marks that could only be made by the tight grip of a strong hand.

“Are there any more?” I asked, praying that there weren’t.

Without a word, Macy turned to show me her back.

Another massive and hideous bruise was visible, right on the shoulder blade.

But there was something else – something even more appalling. The poor kid’s buttocks were criss-crossed by a series of barely healed welts, obvious signs that she’d been struck with a cane or whip or something similar. And they were nearly healed by now… those marks would have been literally running with blood when they were made. God, how it must have hurt!

“Oh Christ, you poor little thing!” Tears ran freely, and I repeated, “You poor little thing!” hugging her thin body to mine. She didn’t say a word, just stood there and let me hold her.

After a moment, I’d regained control of myself. “Come on,” I said. Giving her no opportunity to reply, I simply scooped the girl up in my arms and carried her into the bathroom.

While the tub was filling with water, I checked some bottles in the cabinet over the vanity, selecting one containing crystals. Most of the crystals went into the water, along with Macy.

As she sat down in the water, Macy tried to stir up the water, with no result. “Is this supposed to be bubble bath?” she said, frowning. “It’s not very good.”

“That’s because it isn’t bubble bath. Those are crystals that dissolve in the water and help to repair muscles. Do you feel the water tingling?”

Macy was thoughtful for a split second, then giggled and sank down in the tub. She squirmed about and chirped, “Yeah! It does! Wow!”

Kneeling next to the tub, I turned off the water, then sprinkled some of the crystals onto a wet washcloth, which I applied the cloth directly to the fierce bruise on her back, rubbing very gently in a circular motion. After a while, I repeated the treatment with the bruises on her side and chest.

Macy submerged herself in the water – an easy achievement for such a small girl in a large tub. Raising her legs from the water, she rested her heels on the edge of the tub.

In that position, I had a clear view directly between her legs. I wasn’t trying to look, but I couldn’t fail to see her pussy. Macy had no pubes that I could see, so I assumed that she shaved herself bare. She looked so lovely displaying herself that way, and I felt a twitch of arousal that immediately made me feel ashamed. I didn’t know whether she’d noticed me looking, but I quickly turned away and fetched fresh towels. I let Macy soak for a while, to absorb more of the healing waters into her abused flesh.

I finally helped her step out of the tub, then gently patted her down with the towel. While drying her, I checked the bruises, telling myself that they seemed a little less ugly than they had been.

Once Macy was dry, I dusted her body with a mixture of powdered herbs, also intended to assist with the body’s healing processes. Finally, I adorned her with a fine mist of citrus spray.

Macy waved her hand to indicate the various treatments I had applied to her. “What is all this stuff? Where’d you get it?”

“I’m a naturopath,” I replied. “Sort of a doctor. These are the kinds of medicines I work with.”

Looking around the room as I put my things away, she finally asked, “Why are you doing this? Being so nice to me?” Her big brown eyes seemed to peer into my soul.

“I – I’m not sure,” I confessed. Macy didn’t reply, just gazed at me. “Okay, look, I’m gay… but I’m not into little girls!”

She remained silent – I hadn’t exactly answered her question, after all. When I spoke again, it was as much for my benefit as it was for hers.

“I just can’t bear to think of you being used like that. Not at your age.” I paused. “The world’s a shitty enough place.”

Macy nodded, thinking over what I’d said. I was looking elsewhere and didn’t see her face when she asked, “So… you’re not gonna jump me?” There was a lightness in her voice, but I still had to look back at the girl to figure out whether she was being serious or not.

A big grin on her face gave me my answer, so I knew I didn’t have to be too serious myself. “Oh, not right away,” I assured her. “But in the future, well, um… who knows?” I gave a nervous laugh, and we both smiled.

I hung up the damp towel I’d used to dry Macy and wrapped the other one around her. Then, picking the girl up, I carried her to the second bedroom – her room, now.

I put Macy down on the bed, and she wriggled about like a caterpillar emerging from a cocoon, then stretched out on the bed, casting the towel away.

As she had done in the bath, she spread her legs. This time Macy made it obvious that she wanted me to look… and I didn’t bother pretending I wasn’t.

She was making me feel all hot and crazy inside. Once again I was captured by her bare beauty. So young, so lovely…

That led to another thought. Almost afraid to ask, I said, “Macy… how old are you?”

She opened her mouth to answer, but she must have breathed out first, because she seemed to physically shrink and her voice was barely there when she said, “Thirteen.”

To judge from how slightly built she was, I wouldn’t have been at all surprised if she had been even younger.

Folding my arms, I asked, “How long have you been on the game?”

That hit a nerve, one that was even more sensitive. She avoided looking at me as she mumbled, “Too long.”

For a minute or so we were silent, but there was one thing I wanted to tell her. Eventually I said, “I don’t want to hear about it. At least not now. Okay? You’re out of it, so let’s leave that part of the story behind for the time being. Is that okay?”

The hurt lingered in her eyes, but she gave me a sad smile and nodded. “That’s fine by me.”

“Good,” I told her.

“Thanks,” Macy said. “I do appreciate this, really. S’pose I’m not used to people being so nice.”

I didn’t know what to say to that, so I kept silent.

Then she gave me a shy smile. “Now are you going to jump me?” Concern must have been written on my face, because she added, “I’d like you to, really… long as you’re gentle.”

Oh, God, the urge to strip off and join Macy on the bed was like an ache inside. Just the sight of her sweet pink slit… and she had such a pretty mouth. I couldn’t help wondering what they both tasted like.

Still, it seemed wrong to have sex with such a young girl, even if she did claim to want it. “Maybe you should just rest. I’ll bet you’re tired. And I’m sure you’re still sore.”

A smirk on her face, Macy’s jumped up from the bed and padded, naked, into the living room. There she stood on one leg and stretched the other out in front of her horizontally, before doing a forward flip into a standing position without even touching the floor with her hands.

It was an amazing exhibition – at least it was to me. “What are you… a dancer?”

A wide smile appeared on her face, broad but obviously part of the show. She raised both arms over her head in a kind of salute, then leapt into the air and spread her legs in a full split before landing on her feet. Without touching the floor for more than a second, she was in the air again, this time kicking one leg straight out in front, the other straight out behind. On landing, her knees hardly bent at all.

I could hardly believe my eyes. “You’re… you’re amazing!” I exclaimed.

“Gymnastics,” she informed me. She wasn’t even breathing heavily!

“You’re very good. You must’ve been some kind of champion.”

She shrugged. “I was good, and could have been really great… but then I hurt my shoulder. I can’t put any weight on it now, which means I can’t do any of the inverted positions – no vault, no bars, no beam. Even most of the floor work. Which meant the end of gymnastics.” Macy drew nearer, once more wearing that bashful smile. “So unless you want me to stand on my hands, I think I would really like to make love to you. I need someone to hold me… to kiss me.” She paused. “Please?”

My ability to show restraint was never strong, and Macy was doing everything she could to tempt me. Racing back to the bedroom, she did a kind of roll onto the bed, twisting in the air so that she landed on her back, legs spread wide apart. I stood trembling in the entranceway. Her eyes met mine.

It was as if she was presenting her sex to me, saying You can have this.

With that, my resistance completely gave way. It would have taken a far, far stronger woman than I was to refuse this bewitching creature. I had to have her.

As quickly as I could, I stripped off my clothes and climbed onto the bed. Prostrating myself between Macy’s thighs, I placed a delicate kiss on her labia, then licked it a few times. She tasted wonderful.

“Oh, yeah… I love that,” she moaned.

I could’ve gone down on Macy for hours, but felt the need to kiss her mouth, to show her that I wanted more than her pussy. Nuzzling my way up her thin body, I paused just enough to lick each nipple, then we were face to face.

My kiss wasn’t hungry or heated, but gentle; affectionate. There was no need to hurry things – we could get wild later. Her lips were cool, soft and moist, utterly delicious. When my tongue ran over her lips, she parted her lips so that our tongues lightly touched. But that touch was electric.

Feeling Macy’s growing passion, I opened my mouth to accept her tongue. She gave me a French kiss that made my head spin, then those luscious lips were caressing my neck.

“Oh, Macy… you’re so sweet,” I whispered.

Suddenly she stopped and looked at me – stared, actually.

“Macy’s gone,” she finally declared. “She doesn’t exist anymore. Maybe she did once, but not now. From now on, I’m…. Elspeth!”

I grinned. “That’s pretty. Why Elspeth?”

“She’s a teacher,” she said wistfully. “I had her a few years ago. I loved her…” the memory faded instantly, and she gave me a nervous glance. “Not the way I love you, though! We didn’t do sex or anything.” She gave a sigh. “I wanted to kiss her… but I was too scared.”

“It’s okay, honey,” I replied, patting her shoulder. “You can love lots of people, but be in love with only one.”

Her smile returned, and in a quiet voice, she said, “Y’know something, Helen? Elspeth’s never made love before. She’s still a virgin. Will you please be her first – my first, I mean?”

“Oh, darling… that’s the loveliest thing I’ve ever heard. I’d be happy to do that for you.”

“She’s not, um, intact, though,” Elspeth added. “Maybe she tore it sometime. One day long ago.”

“In a previous life, perhaps,” I suggested, making my young lover beam with joy.

Our lovemaking was slow and gentle. I’d asked her what she liked to do in bed, if there was anything in particular that she especially enjoyed. Her only condition was entirely reasonable. “No rough stuff, okay? I’ve had way too much of that.”

She didn’t need to tell me. Elspeth looked so fragile that I couldn’t help but worry that I might break her. In addition to being very slight in build, she was waif-thin as well. It was easy to guess that Benny hadn’t been feeding her well.

Or his other girls, for that matter. I felt sure he ran other girls apart from Elspeth / Macy. I found myself wishing I’d hit him even harder… with a few swift kicks added for good measure.

Pushing thoughts of that wanker to one side, I continued to pleasure Elspeth – kissing her all over, sucking her tongue, licking her nipples, fondling her bum. I ran my tongue from her ankles to her inner thighs, until she was squirming with the need for release.

Her labia were engorged, but still pressed together like those of a little girl. Nothing of her inner lips was visible, nor was her clitoris.

I tenderly kissed her vulva, then delicately spread it open with my fingers. The pink interior of her vagina was open and glistening with her wetness, so I put my mouth there and sucked. My reward was a trickle of her nectar, which I savoured as if it was the finest wine.

I was reluctant to enter her with my fingers too soon. She had, in my opinion, already been penetrated far too often – and every time had been rape, even if she had been a willing party. Instead I kissed and licked Elspeth’s slit, and toyed with her labia.

Her head was rocking from side to side on the pillow, her breath ragged. Suddenly she shivered, a choked gasp escaping her throat. Knowing what was about to happen, I slipped a finger into her vagina and curled it back, seeking her g-spot.

I found it, too. No sooner had I pressed my fingertip against the tissue than her belly trembled and she began to come. A long, drawn out “aah” came from her mouth that quickly built into a squeal, and her sweet essence flowed once more. I drank down every drop.

I eased off until her climax began to abate, then massaged that special place again. In no time, she was coming once more.

When I withdrew from her, she whispered “Sooo nice…” then almost immediately drifted into slumber. I took a moment to study the peaceful expression she wore. For the first time, Elspeth really looked like the little girl she once was.

I’d yet to get off myself, but right then, it didn’t seem so very important. Reaching to switch off the lamp on my night table, I drew the dozing child into my arms, cuddling her as I fell asleep.


By the time we woke up, it was the middle of the afternoon. We’d been asleep for over ten hours. I guess she and I had really needed the rest. After all, Macy had worked the streets the previous night, and my occasional girlfriend and I had been working each other.

I ran another bath for Macy – Elspeth, that is – and she was delighted to be pampered once more. Another healing treatment with the crystals and the bruises showed considerable improvement. I was pleased with her progress.

Less satisfactory were the weals on her poor backside. I wanted to count the ugly marks, yet I didn’t want to know how many there were. I had no real treatment for those — kissing them better, with tears dripping from my face, was no help whatsoever. I did it anyway. Only time could help those to heal – I didn’t mention it to Elspeth, but I feared that there would be permanent marks on those pale buttocks.

I tried rubbing them with an aloe vera cream from my collection – even if it didn’t help to actually heal the welts, it might at least soothe them. She knelt on the bed, bent forward so as to rest her head on her arms, her arse raised for me to apply the ointment. As I rubbed her cheeks, they spread to reveal the cleft and the little pink star hidden there. Her slit was also displayed, the entrance to Elspeth’s vagina slightly open.

It was such an appealing sight… in fact, it was irresistible.

Pausing in my rubbing of her bum, I slipped my hand between the girl’s legs to finger her from behind.

Elspeth sighed, already wet. I reached around with my free hand so I could touch her clit while I explored her cunt. As her wetness coated my fingers, I felt an impulse too powerful to refuse.

I coated my thumb in her slick fluids and, when it was sufficiently moist, pressed it against the star between her buttocks. She squeaked in surprise, then pushed back against my hand. I could feel the strong ring of muscle begin to yield, and as my thumb started to slip into her rectum, I eased two fingers into her vagina, gripping her as if she was a bowling ball.

Slowly working my digits in and out, I fell into a steady rhythm – my thumb pressing deep into her anus, then retreating as I slid my fingers into her cunt. Then the fingers withdrew while the thumb entered. At the same time, I was playing with her clit.

Elspeth didn’t have to wait long for her climax to hit. With a growl, she pushed back against my loving invasion, driving my thumb even deeper into her anus. As ecstasy gripped the girl, her body jerked hard, then trembled like she was freezing cold. I kept my thumb still, concentrating on stimulating her pussy.

She moaned loudly as she shuddered though several peaks, finally slumping forward, exhausted.

Elspeth lay still for so long that I figured she had fallen asleep, but I was happy just to get another glimpse at her when she was relaxed and peaceful. I sat contentedly on the floor at the foot of the bed, gazing at my new lover.

However, I’d been mistaken. Elspeth hadn’t fallen asleep, she was catching her breath. Rolling onto her back, she said, “That’s twice you’re got me off, and I haven’t done a thing for you yet. I owe you.”

I shook my head. “You’re wrong, darling. You owe me nothing. Nothing at all. I’ve taken so much pleasure from loving you, and treating your hurts. And from watching you come. You had such a happy look on your face, just now… it made me feel good.”

She pouted a bit. “You have to let me. I can make you feel even better than that. Please?” She actually rose to her knees on the bed, both hands clasped before her.

That excitement was returning, dragging my lust along for the ride. This thirteen-year-old girl was begging to fuck me!

Please, Helen. It isn’t fair if you don’t let me. I want to fuck you, honest I do! Please let me. Pretty please?”

Won over by her sincerity, I reached out to Elspeth. With a gleeful squeal, she wrapped her thin arms around my neck, then hoisted herself up to wrap both legs round my waist. I fell back onto the bed with her on top. She kissed me before I could speak, sucking my tongue into her mouth.

As we kissed, I could feel the heat of her sex, pressed into my tummy. It was warm and wet, proof of my young lover’s excitement. Grasping Elspeth’s buttocks, I raised her just a bit, shifting her body so that juicy slit was sliding against me. I lowered her, then lifted again.

“Oh, my God… that feels lovely,” she whimpered.

My belly was teasing Elspeth’s clit as I gently worked her body into mine. She sighed into my mouth, then moved her hips forward to increase the pressure.

Suddenly she pulled away, breaking that lovely contact, giving her head a defiant shake. “No! That’s not what I want now. It’s my turn. I’m s’posed to be fucking you!”

As much as I was looking forward to being taken by this eager nymphet, I wasn’t yet finished with her.

In order to stifle any further protests she might make, I shifted her weight in my hand – an easy task – and repositioned one hand. Satisfied that it was correctly aligned, I extended my index finger and slid it into Elspeth’s arsehole.

She squirmed, and I went back to what I’d been doing – working her tiny body against mine.

“Oh, fuck… you bitch. You’re gonna make me come again!” she protested.

“I hope so!” I told her. Pushing upward with my finger, I penetrated her rectum even further. “Do it. Come for me again, Elspeth. One more time. I want you to.”

She only needed that much encouragement. I was giving her plenty of stimulation, and she was still on fire from everything we’d already done.

“Arghh,” she growled, bucking against me. I ground into the girl, wanting to feel her dew on my bare skin when she exploded for the third or fourth time. Seconds later, a fervent, “Oh, fuck!” exploded from Elspeth’s lips as she came.

While she was caught up in ecstasy, I quickly extracted my finger from Elspeth’s bum and rolled her onto her back, scrambling between the girl’s thighs. I pressed my mouth into the fiery pink flesh and sucked, slaking my thirst for the fine, sweet wine that flowed from my new lover.

I felt Elspeth’s hands snatch at my leg, and instinctively understood what she wanted. Quickly shifting my body round, I swung a leg over the girl’s face and lowered my cunt to her parted lips.

I already knew that Elspeth had experienced lesbian sex at some point, but found myself astonished by how  skilled she was at pleasing a woman. Her tongue was a hot, slippery snake, gliding up and down through the folds of my labia. Just as I was beginning to tremble with the approach of my release, she found my hard clit, taking it between her lips to lick and suck and flick with quick swipes of her tongue tip… oh, my God

Seconds later, I began to come.

I was knocked off my fundament by the strength of that orgasm. In fact, I’m not sure I ever climaxed that hard in my life. It’s not for me to make a lot of noise when I get off – but that time, I screamed.

A little later, as we snuggled lovingly into each other, I told her just how right she’d been about her talents as a sex partner.

Without missing a beat, she boasted, “I told you so. Next time I tell you it’s my turn to fuck you, you’re not gonna stop me, are you?”

“No way,” I assured her. “I know you’re new at fucking but believe me, you’re a natural at making love.”

She nodded thoughtfully. “It’s something I learned about in a past life… before I was Elspeth.” A wistful sigh escaped her lips.

I reached up to cup her face in my hands. “Listen, sweetheart, I can’t make those bad times go away… but if you really want a new life, there’s one right here, waiting for you to step into it.”

“Wh-what are you saying…?” she asked me in a small voice, suddenly looking as if she was ten years old instead of thirteen. The bold nymphet was now a vulnerable young girl.

“Stay with me,” I said. “This can be your home… and we can be lovers, if you want. I’ll take care of you. Just think – it’s a chance for you to be, well, a girl again.”

Elspeth stared at me, her brow furrowed slightly. Then a tear ran down her cheek, and she began to cry.

“Oh, sweetie…” I began, but she buried her face in my chest, sobbing helplessly.

I held her closely, patting her back, whispering, “It’s okay, my love… let it out.” We gently rocked from side to side as she wept.

After a while, Elspeth was quiet. Raising a tear-stained face to mine, she spoke. “Does that m-mean that, from now on, you’re g-gonna be, like, my mum?”

I felt myself fall into those yearning eyes. “Is that what you want, angel?”

She thought for a moment, then slowly nodded. “I – I think so. See, I’ve not had a real mum for… oh, gosh, for ages.” She sniffled, then hesitantly added, “Um… is that okay?”

I pondered the idea. Was it okay? And I immediately decided that yes, it was.

Placing a tiny kiss on her pert little nose, I said, “It feels right to me, too… but I’d be more than just your mother, right? We’d still be lovers.”

A bashful smile, a hint of crimson in her cheeks. Elspeth responded, “I’d like that.”

Her lips found mine, and we came together in a kiss that positively glowed with affection. She rolled onto her back, pulling me on top of her, and once again, this young girl and I were caught up in a helpless rush of shared desire.

And when Elspeth knelt before me and pressed her mouth into my womanly centre, I gave myself over without hesitation to the pure, shining rapture of love.

A daughter’s love.

The End


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    I love stories like this when they’re done relly well. – This story was done exceptionally well. Hopefully we will be able to drop in on Elspeth amd Helen sonetime in the future.- Just to see how things are progressing…… Encore!!!!! Encore!!!!!

  3. Karin Halle says:

    My deepest appreciation to Jetboy for reworking the prose and for his editing skills generally, all of which work to improve the finished product. Thank you, my friend.

  4. NC BRIGHT says:

    I enjoyed the story but I would have like to have known more about the girl how she ended up with that man. To me there was not enough information about her.

  5. Jennifer says:

    WOW, I just loved this story. the feeling of emotions draws you right in. There has to be more Chapters to this wonderfully written story.

    • Russell says:

      Exactly. wll said Jennifer.
      I totally agree. there HAS to be more. Scroll down and see my comment, where I suggested a few directions it could go. Preferably all of them.

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    I agree completely with Jennifer. A lovely story full if emotion.
    And yes, we really need to have a follow up, especially as they are now mum and daughter.
    Just great writing thanks!

  7. Kim & Sue says:

    Once again, Karin, you’ve given us a different offbeat, yet very intriguing story. Thanks for writing it.

  8. Russell says:

    well written, love the emotion and the detail.
    May be this story can grow into something more. Going backwards AND forward in time. Alternate between telling the story of how she came to be in her situation. And also going on to say how she and her new mom explored more with each other, and became a team as they “rescued” more girls, both those from her “past” as well as those who they travelled to rescue from similar situations in other cities. And, along the way, they also met other adult women who were on a similar mission of making sure girls are not manipulated by pimps and traffickers.
    Just an idea.
    Thank you for a great story. One I am sure many of us will read more than a few times.

    ps. my email and wickr are on the database, would love to hear from some of you all.
    happy reading and _____ (smile)

  9. Esiskazi says:

    While I like the story in general, the reasoning behind the Elspeth name and the viewpoint character continually noting their attraction to girls fell flat to me.

    I think this story premise would have worked better as a slow burner with the girl gaining trust in the woman and the woman discovering a previously non existent attraction.

    So yes, well written as a whole, but it just goes too fast for me.

  10. Keiko says:

    i loved loved loved the story and the love and sensuality it has… thank you for sharing this beautiful gem

  11. Karin Halle says:

    Inspired by your comments that you want to hear more about these characters, I am currently putting some ideas together. Hopefully the ideas will become a story, and the resulting story will meet the high standards of Juicy Secrets.

    There are also some developments being planned for Louise and her lovers (from ‘By Invitation Only’).

    The comments you leave mean the world to me… and to all writers, I feel certain.

    Thank you all so much.

  12. Jack says:

    A beautiful story! Definitely hoping to hear more! Thank you!

  13. David says:

    Sweet, hot and erotic. I loved this story. A young girl with a hard life with no fault of her own, finds a woman that loves her unconditionally.
    Great job Karin and I look forward to reading coming or cumming stories from you.

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