Sisters Do What Sisters Do

  • Posted on September 28, 2022 at 4:01 pm


by Allison Collier

Julie Tyler, twenty-two years old, sat propped up in her bed with one leg hanging off the side, idly smoking a cigarette and reading a book on her phone. Julie was a stocky, fit young woman with a round, all-knowing face, a sharp-angled bob of jet-black hair with dark blue highlights, thick athletic thighs and big, fleshy tits. She sat on top of the covers in a tight white tank top and navy-blue lace panties. The window was open. It was a cool summer evening for a change, and already getting dark.

Someone knocked on her bedroom door – two soft knocks spaced far apart.

Julie placed her cigarette in the ashtray clip and let the hand with the phone fall gently onto the bed.


The door, already slightly ajar, received a meek poke and drifted open into the room. Standing in the doorway was Julie’s nine-year-old sister Emily, a tallish kid with lanky arms and legs and long brown hair, dressed in Minecraft pajamas. She inched into the room a few timid, silly steps.

“What’s up, buttercup?” Julie said.


“Back for more?” Julie said. She and Emily had spent some time earlier playing a video game in the den.

“Um, Mom is staying at Rick’s tonight…”

Julie shifted and crossed her legs on the bed. She raised her eyebrows and blinked, then picked up the cigarette from the ashtray and took a drag. Emily stuck out a barefoot and tapped the carpet in a few places with her toes. Her toenails were painted robin’s-egg blue.

“Uh-huh?” Julie said, exhaling a stream of smoke.

Emily tossed her hair back and cocked her head to one side, trying to balance on one foot with both arms out. “What’re you doin’?” she said.

Julie gave Emily a quizzical look, then took a deep breath. She loved this part. “Reading. Just, like, hangin’ out, buddy.”

“Are you busy and stuff?” Emily said. She put her foot down and allowed it to slide across the floor until her legs were spread far apart. Her hands went behind her back.

“Nah, why?” Julie narrowed her eyes. “Whatcha got goin’ on in that noggin, Em?”

Emily bit her lip, weighing a decision, then made up her mind.

“Can you, um, ya know, do the thing tonight?”

Julie looked her kid sister up and down. She took a last drag from her cigarette, then crushed it out in the ashtray. “Ohhh I don’t know-ww,” she said in a sing-song voice.

“Oh, no, that’s okay,” Emily said. She looked a little crestfallen.

Sooo sweet, Julie thought. She raised a hand to one side of her mouth and whispered, “I didn’t hear the magic word.”

Emily came right back to life, her face and limbs bristling with renewed energy. She clasped her hands as if in prayer, holding them to her chin, and her eyes became humongous pools of brown. “Please!?”

Julie waited a beat while she stared into her sister’s begging face, then smacked the tops of her own pale thighs, ready to get to work. “Sure,” she said. ”Dry or slippery?”

“Slippery,” Emily said, hopping up and down in place.

“Get the stuff. It’s back in the closet.”

Emily ripped open the closet door and fell down hard on her bony knees, gathering up what she needed in her noodle-thin arms. Julie stood up and stretched.

The nine-year-old stood up and closed the closet door with her pint-sized butt, her tongue hanging out of her mouth. In her arms, she held ‘the stuff:’ a massive towel that fit almost completely over the bed, a squat jar filled with clear liquid, and a few other items they likely wouldn’t get to that night.

She dropped it all at the foot of Julie’s bed, then began to spread the towel methodically over the mattress. Julie watched her do it with the hint of a smirk, then went around the room to close the bedroom door and shut the window, bringing the shades down and drawing them. When Emily had finished arranging the towel, she stood still and locked eyes with her sister across the bed. Julie addressed her matter-of-factly.

“Okay. So.”

Emily’s face was bright and alert. Excited. Waiting. Julie continued.

“Why… don’t we tell anyone about this?”

“’Cause sisters have secrets, and if you break the secrets you can’t be sisters anymore.”

“Right. And why do we do it?” Julie raised her head high and looked down at Emily, waiting to approve of her answer.

“Because relaxing is better when you do it together, and we need to relax.”


“And ‘cause it feels really, really good, and — ”

They both finished the sentence together: “ — there’s nothing wrong with that.”

They shook their heads in agreement with that statement. Julie crossed her arms in thought. Emily did the same.

“Is there a single, solitary bad part on a girl’s body?” Julie asked.

Emily shook her head furiously before the question was even finished. “Absolutely not.”

“A dirty part? A part you should feel bad about?”


Julie nodded, holding Emily’s stare. She let the moment linger a bit too long, making Emily wait like a dog expecting a treat. Suddenly, she flicked a thumb toward the ceiling and made a loud wshhht sound.

That was the signal. Emily’s head dropped as she hurriedly unbuttoned her pajama top and let it slide off her arms. Then she dropped the bottoms to the floor and playfully kicked them away. She wasn’t wearing panties.

Horny little twerp, Julie thought with a chuckle.

Julie circled around the bed, beholding the nine-year-old’s petite, naked body. It was the indescribable thrill of a lifetime, every single time.

Emily had been the tallest girl in her third-grade class that past year, but she showed no other signs of becoming a young woman. Not even close. She was still a string bean with skin just a shade darker than her older sister’s. Her chest was flat, her arms had no muscle, her hips were sharp and her legs were long and lean. Her prepubescent pussy was hardly anything at all, like a half-forgotten anatomical detail on an oversize doll. Julie had noticed that its lips were becoming slightly thicker, which caused her to sigh with nostalgia for the old days of just under a year ago.

“Can I turn on our lights?” Emily said.

“Hold on. Lemme get a good look ‘atcha.”

Julie whirled an index finger in a spiral. Emily obediently tippy-toed around in a slow spin. Her butt had gained an ounce or two of plumpness that summer, but it was still a child’s pert, scrumptious ass. When she came all the way back around, Julie kept her eyes fixed on Emily’s mesmerizing lower half while she pulled off her own clothes. Just like clockwork, when her milky tits flopped down out of her shirt — not without a dash of dramatic embellishment — Emily’s eyes went wide in a hazy dream.

Julie stepped daintily out of her panties and inspected herself. Her pubic hair was trimmed to a thin black line, hardly anything at all. She sashayed a little as she took a few steps, putting her curvy feminine wonders on display for the slender little girl who gazed at her in open-mouthed, hypnotized awe.

As Julie approached, Emily hooked her hair back behind her elfin ears and smiled warmly at her big sister, her role model, her idol. Reaching out to clasp hands, they looked into each other’s eyes.

Ready?” Julie whispered.

“Yep,” Emily said in a small voice.

What happened next was a kind of rehearsed call and response that Julie had made up. Emily spoke first and Julie spoke second. It went like this:

Emily   /   Julie

“I love you”   /   “And I love you”

“Sisters do”   /   “What sisters do”

“You do my thing”   /   “Every time”

“And if I want to”   /   “You do mine”

When it finished, they hugged tightly, rocking from side to side. Julie kissed the top of her kid sister’s head while they embraced, her bare tits mashed against Emily’s upper chest and neck. She closed her eyes and caressed her sister’s impossibly soft back, letting the intoxicating girly scent of Emily’s shampooed hair fill her head.

After a few moments they pulled away and held hands again, staring deep into each other’s souls.

“I love you so much,” Julie said. “Sooo much.”

“I love you, too,” Emily said. She closed her eyes and imitated Julie. “Sooo much.”

Emily’s brilliant eyes reappeared. Her face was an ear-to-ear smile. The kid was going to pop if they didn’t get started soon.

“Go ahead,” Julie said, and she nodded toward the lamp.

Emily dashed around to the other side of the bed and crouched down on one knee. On the floor was a power strip. She flicked its switch, and strands of off-white Christmas lights blinked on around the room. Then, shooting up from the floor, she turned off the lamp on the nightstand, and Julie’s bedroom became an enchanting, magical fairyland aglow in all the pinpoints of light, like their own private fort.

It was darker now, but cozy — and very comforting.

“C’mere,” Julie said.

She opened the jar and placed it on the desk that stood along one side of the room. Emily came back around to stand before her and raised her arms. Julie dunked both hands into the full jar, one after the other, and brought them out dripping with coconut oil. Then she plunked them on Emily’s chest and slid them around, getting her sister’s body good and oily.

Cherishing the moment, Julie made sure to take her time. She moved her hands over Emily’s shoulders and arms and down her long, slender back. When that was finished, she crouched down and coated Emily’s lower half, rubbing the oil into her stomach and hips, then up and down each wiry leg. When she stood up to get more oil, Emily let her hands slide casually down over Julie’s tits.

Can’t wait, huh? Julie thought. My naughty little sister. Gonna be a slut just like your big sis.

“Do you think I’ll have big boobies?” Emily asked.

Julie got more oil from the jar and knelt down to finish Emily’s legs.

“I think so,” Julie said, almost done with Emily’s thighs. “Me and mom have ‘em. Ready?”

“Mm-hmm,” Emily said.

Julie looked up at her, then slathered coconut oil all over Emily’s pussy and butt. Just routine stuff. Emily lurched to the side at the sudden sensory overload, then righted herself.

“You okay?” Julie said. She stood up and wiped both hands on her sides.

Emily nodded.

“Too much?”

Emily shook her head.

“Okay, now me. Help or watch? You watched last time.”

“Help,” Emily said, nodding enthusiastically.

They took turns dipping their hands into the jar and began oiling Julie’s body together. Emily got down on her knees and did Julie’s lower legs, and Julie got to work coating most of her upper body. She left her tits alone, and when Emily stood up, having completed her task down below, Julie jiggled them a bit for effect. “Keep goin’,” she said.

Emily licked her lips and got more oil. She raised her hands like a cat about to pounce, then cupped them over Julie’s breasts. Emily was in heaven. She squeezed and massaged her sister’s tits for much longer than it took to properly oil them. Julie watched for a moment, then shut her eyes, enjoying the sensation of the child’s silky fingers.

“Music?” Julie said.

“’Kay,” Emily said in a croak.

Emily begrudgingly took her hands away, then Julie spun around to retrieve her phone. As she connected it to the Bluetooth speaker on the desk, she felt two small hands clutch her ass, massaging and bouncing the cheeks. “Hold on, hold on,” Julie said, laughing.

She selected one of the Spotify playlists she liked to use for their special times together, then pressed play.

Low, dulcet beats of calming electronic music pulsed through the speakers, the kind you might hear at an upscale spa or massage parlor. She turned the volume down a notch, then set her phone on the desk and turned back around.

Emily stood still, waiting. Glistening. Ready to play.

They drifted together in a loving embrace as the low ambient music surrounded them. At full height, Emily came almost up to Julie’s collarbone. Their lower bodies pressed together, slipping and sliding over the slick coats of oil, and they let their hands and arms glide over each other’s wet skin.

“I love you more than anything in the world,” Julie said, her voice soothing and low. She reached up and smoothed some hair away from Emily’s angelic face, then slid a hand down her bare back. “I would do anything for you. I would die for you. There is nothing as close as sisters.”

“Nothing,” Emily said. Another rehearsed part of their private ritual.

Emily’s chin grazed one of Julie’s nipples. They swayed leisurely from side to side, in unison with the music.

“We’re gonna be naughty,” Julie said.


“What kind of naughty?”

“Sister-naughty,” Emily said, and she smiled a dazzling, mischievous smile.


Good-naughty,” Emily said, correcting herself but unable to suppress a giggle.

“And what does good-naughty mean?”

“It means you’re… kinda being bad, but you like it. You really like it.”

Julie smiled approvingly and nodded. She waited a moment, then continued.

“What does bad-naughty mean?”

“It means you’re scared and you want to escape.”

“Good,” Julie said.

A long, comfortable silence passed as they looked into each other’s sparkling eyes.

“Cannn I kiss you?” Julie said. It sounded less like a question and more like Heeere we go.

“Yeh,” Emily said with a puff of breath, just a ghost of a whisper if it was even a word.

Emily turned her face up, her eyes jammed shut and her lips open expectantly. Julie smiled wide, then closed her own eyes and bent down. Their lips met.

From Julie’s diary entry, dated May 12th (about three months prior): 

Dear Diary,

Making out with a little girl is like nothing else ever. Emily doesn’t know what to do with any part of her body while we’re kissing, and we’ve been kissing since before Valentine’s Day. It takes my breath away. Her body sort of tenses up, her hands lose their grip, and her tongue just kind of goes all over the place. Her teeth and tongue are so small, and her breath is hot and sweet. She’s getting better at responding to my lips with hers, but I think that takes all of her puny brain to do and everything else gets kind of forgotten. She makes these faint animal-ish yummy noises and she tries to stand up on her toes if we’re standing. My heart.

They stood there kissing for a while, their bodies pressed together. Growing impatient for more, Emily began to instinctively hump Julie’s leg. Julie stroked Emily’s back and butt while they kissed, and as they began to rock again, she cupped her hands beneath Emily’s haunches and raised her up. Emily wrapped both legs around her sister’s waist as Julie sat back onto the bed.

The girls continued to squish their oiled bodies together as Emily straddled Julie’s lap. Julie’s hands roamed over her sister’s back, shoulders and arms as Emily wiggled around, pressing herself against Julie’s slippery tits.

Julie gently broke away from their kiss. Her eyes still closed, Emily placed her hands on Julie’s chest.

“I’m gonna put a finger on your butthole, okay?” Julie said. “Just on the outside.”

“Uh-huh,” Emily said.

“And… why am I gonna do that?” Julie said.

“Cause it’s… my favorite.”

Julie was unable to contain a devious smirk. “Stick out your tongue, Em.”

Julie slid her fingers into Emily’s buttcrack. Emily stuck her tongue way out, and Julie began swirling her own tongue around with it. One of her fingers found Emily’s tiny oiled asshole and began circling the tight, velvety rim. It flexed with a squishy wink.

Emily’s nine-year-old asshole was, in fact, how they’d gotten started down this particular road in the first place, though that had actually been when Emily was almost nine. Playing with it and hearing the sounds Emily made when it was stimulated had become Julie’s obsession.

The little girl whimpered into her big sister’s mouth. If Julie wasn’t as wet as a lake already, she was now.

“Oopth,” Emily said. She retracted her tongue and swallowed. “I drooled on accident. Sorry.”

“Well we’re wet anyway, ya goof.”

“Heh, yeah.”

They hugged tightly, their heads resting on each other’s shoulders. Emily let her hands drift down Julie’s sides, stroking them tenderly but absentmindedly. Julie brought that very special finger up to her nose and sniffed. All she could smell was coconut oil.

Good fucking girl, she thought. She’s cleaning up before she even asks now.

“Can I play with your you-know-whats?” Emily said.

Julie broke out of their hug and held Emily before her at arm’s length like a kid who’d just landed herself in trouble.

“My whatty-whats?

No response.

“What are they called, dude?” Julie said.

Emily gave a shit-eating half-grin and nodded towards Julie’s chest. “Those right there, those things.”

Julie yanked her close and, trying not to giggle, attempted to speak fake-tough through clenched teeth.

What. Are. They. Called?

Emily was about to burst out laughing, but instead she did something else. Suddenly, she lunged out and licked Julie’s lips and nose.

“You little shrimp!” Julie cried.

She tossed Emily off of her and onto the bed. Emily erupted into uncontrollable hysterics. Julie got on all fours above her sister and began to lick her slender, oiled body in random places. Emily wiggled and jerked around, laughing and almost unable to breathe.

From whatever unintentional Pavlovian conditioning they had put themselves through, Emily’s wondrous child laughter drove Julie into a primal sexual frenzy. They rolled around for a few minutes, but Julie couldn’t hold back any longer. It was time.

“All right,” Julie said, trying to catch her breath. “Are you still feeling good-naughty?”

“Yeah,” Emily said, still laughing. It rapidly died off as Julie held still and Emily realized what was coming. They had kissed and hugged, so now it was time to move on.

“Your turn, Em,” Julie said. “You say it.”

Emily sucked her lips into her mouth, smoothed her hands on her sides and bounced a little, hyping herself up to say the words. She popped her lips back out and swallowed.

“We’re gonna have sex now,” she said.

Wet warmth bloomed in Julie’s pussy. Her mouth went dry. She couldn’t decide which was hotter: getting her to say it, or getting her to do it.

“Right,” Julie said. “And soon I’ll do the thing.”

Julie was now propped on her elbow next to Emily, her tits hanging down to one side. Emily cupped them and squeezed them, massaging them and playing with their heft as Julie ran her free hand over Emily’s oiled skin. She had decided to start slowly.

Emily played with Julie’s tits for a minute or two, then slowly stretched her arms over her head. She very much looked forward to this part, especially when she was covered in oil.

The adult took control. Julie rolled Emily onto her side so they were spooning, and she began to run her hands and legs more fervently all over the girl’s dainty body, grinding her pubic mound against Emily’s ass. She licked her sister’s neck, only this time neither girl laughed. Emily calmly closed her eyes, allowing herself to be bathed in nice, perverse affection.

Julie, a full-figured twenty-two-year-old woman with a college degree, made love to her nine-year-old sister. She had sex with a child. It was taboo. It was forbidden. It was wrong. It was obscene.

It was divine.

The music thrummed along and the Christmas lights twinkled in the inviting glow. Julie kissed her little sister everywhere, from her face to her toes and almost every place in between. She turned Emily’s body over and around to get what she wanted. She licked. She sucked. She groped. She savored every luscious inch. She slid her oiled hands down Emily’s skinny arms and legs, listening to the secret child-sounds she made that no one else on Earth would ever know.

Julie had worked very hard for very long to be able to do what she was doing. After so many months of biding her time, after so many nights taking baby steps in the right direction, Julie had gotten Emily comfortable enough to allow her to gorge, and she absolutely could not get enough.

A gluttonous mania briefly engulfed her. She sloppily indulged her senses in the sumptuous girl, giving entirely new meaning to the phrase adults often say to young children: I could eat you all up.

For Emily, it was all part of some magnificent show starring her own body, where every part of her got showered with attention. She hadn’t felt ‘bad-naughty’ about what she and her sister were doing for a long time. She knew Julie truly loved her and wanted to give her this thing that no one else possibly could. Emily gave something like it to herself sometimes, but that wasn’t nearly as good.

Julie rolled the little girl on top of her so they were face to face, and Emily began to mindlessly hump Julie’s left thigh. Their mouths came together for a tender moment, then Emily sat up as if in some kind of sleepy trance. Her eyes were half shut and her mouth hung open. Her hands played lazily with Julie’s tits while Julie held her up by her armpits and watched, trying to etch the image into her memory so she would never, ever forget.

Emily drooled again, a thick goopy line coasting down and landing on her own tight stomach. Julie caught some with her hand and brought it to her mouth. Emily didn’t notice — what was left of her attention was focused on Julie’s chest. Her brown hair hung all around her face as her head tilted forward. She looked like a preteen sexual automaton, gyrating and rocking back and forth.

Julie jammed one hand down to her own pussy to masturbate, then stopped herself.

It was nearly time to do the thing.

“Okay, Em, come on,” Julie said, trying to catch her breath. She shifted Emily off her leg so the automaton was on her hands and knees on the bed, then crawled around behind her. “Em-girl. Em. You still with me?”

“Yup,” Emily said. She shook her head like a dog shaking off water, then looked back at Julie, who was positioned behind her butt.

“I’m gonna try something I haven’t done before, okay?” Julie said, attempting to make it sound as safe and normal as possible.

“Okay,” Emily said.

“You know how… when I do the thing with my tongue on your puss?”


“I’m gonna do that on your butthole. I think you’ll totally like it. Wanna try?”

Emily looked down at her hands and pondered. She seemed confused. Julie let her deal with it for a moment. Then Emily glanced back toward Julie, but didn’t make eye contact.

“Isn’t that, like…“ she said, trailing off. “But, um…”

“I promise it’s really, really great.”

Emily thought some more. “Are you sure that’s… okay?”

Totes sure,” Julie said. She spoke with infinite patience and caring.

“What if it’s… um… bad-naughty, though?”

“Then I’ll stop.”

From Julie’s vantage point behind Emily’s upright ass, she could see everything. Emily squeezed her asshole shut, then relaxed it.

“Do you like it?” Emily said.

“You mean when I do it, or when someone does it to me?”

“Um, when someone else does it.”

“I love love love it!”

That did it. Emily seemed to instantly recharge. She braced herself and waited for Julie to engage.

“And can we do the upside down thing after that?” Emily said. She meant sixty-nining.

“Is that how you wanna do the thing tonight?”

“Yeah, it’s so super fun.”

“Well okay then.”

Julie had waited a long time to try this on her little sister. She had learned a lot about Emily in the past nine months. She had learned that of all the boundaries she’d carefully attempted to push past, playing with Emily’s asshole was the trickiest, even though that had been where it all started. She was determined to gain more access to it. For Julie, it was the final treasure. Emily’s hymen could wait.

Well, here you go, Jay-girl, Julie told herself. Congratulations! You get to eat a little kid’s ass.

Emily glanced back. Her big sister knelt behind her with her head bent down below Emily’s waist and butt. Emily’s eyes grew wide, then she turned away.

Julie dove in. She held Emily’s bony waist and gave her perfect pink asshole one quick lick. Then, she listened.

Emily was silent. Motionless.

Julie licked again, then swirled her tongue around the soft rim. Emily’s asshole was wet and clean. Julie wanted a few more magical seconds with it before checking to see if her sister wanted to stop. She pushed inside with the tip of her tongue, but Emily’s puckered sphincter was closed for business.

Juilie pulled back, keeping her hands planted on Emily’s waist. “What do you think?” she said.

Emily’s eyes were closed, and her brow was furrowed. “Um, I think it’s nice,” she said, almost whispering. “Like when you do it to the other place – err, I mean, to my puss.”

To Julie, it sounded like there was a ‘but’ coming.

“Yeah? Want me to do it some more?”

“How do I… ya know… tell if it feels bad-naughty again?”

Julie swallowed. This was a delicate moment, and she really, really wanted to keep going. She crept up and knelt next to her beloved sister. Emily responded by pushing her knees back and lying on her stomach with her feet in the air. She turned to look up, and Julie spoke reassuring words.

“If you want me to stop, if you’re scared, if you feel really bad like a bad guy, any reason at all,” Julie said. “If you don’t like it, I don’t do it. That’s forever.”

Emily propped herself up on her elbows and looked around the room, deliberating. Julie stroked her beautiful slender back with a few fingers and let her think.

“Do you remember the first time I licked your puss?” Julie said.

“I know. I thought it was gonna be bad-naughty.”

“Yup, and now you know it’s totes not.”

The music continued to pulse gracefully. Julie shifted slightly and lengthened her strokes on Emily’s back.

“Nowadays,” Julie said, “you know — like you told me one time — you even get excited when you think about it at school. When you’re in the bathroom.”

Suddenly, Emily’s expression brightened. “Oh, can I tell you about a TikTok thing from today?” she said.

“Yeah! What happened?”

Julie settled in, eager to hear the story. She knew from experience that this was good news. Emily was probably just trying to get the courage to say she wanted Julie to go on eating her asshole, but it felt weird at the moment and she had to distract herself with something unrelated before she came back to it. It had happened most recently a few weeks before, when Julie had gotten her to try on some mini-fishnet stockings she’d ordered online. Emily had ended up loving how it felt to wear them, but did the same thing before she came out and said so: started talking about something else.

Emily rolled onto her back and burst into an animated story that involved some of her friends from school. It was altogether adorable and childish, and it made Julie soaking wet.

When Emily was done, she climbed back onto her hands and knees on the bed and stretched like a cat.

“Okay,” she said.

“Okay what?” Julie said.

“I’m ready for… ya know, what you… said, err, I mean… what you were, uh, doing.”

Julie didn’t risk asking any more questions. The moment had come for her to eat nine-year-old ass, and she had brought a ravenous appetite. She promptly guided Emily’s ass back to her mouth and began to feed like a hungry animal: wet and smacky.

Emily moaned a real, honest-to-goodness moan of pleasure. It gave Julie goosebumps. Her sister had only ever moaned like that a few times in their nine months of doing what they’d been doing. Julie kept her tongue square on Emily’s clenched, satiny hole and tried to wriggle it inside. Emily pressed back against it, and then, for just a split second, her asshole instinctively relaxed.

The very tip of Julie’s tongue slipped into the nine-year-old’s tight anal cavity, finding a paradise of soft, warm flesh. She tried to push harder. It took all of her tongue’s reserve energy.

Then Emily began to gently bounce.

Jesus Christ, Julie thought. She wants more!

By this point in their relationship, Julie had successfully inserted her index finger into Emily’s asshole up to the first knuckle, but she’d done it only once, stopping immediately when she sensed that Emily did not want it. And yet she knew for a fact — had known since November 18th of the previous year — that her angelic sister, Emily Susan Tyler, had been secretly exploring her own butt big time.

It certainly seemed to be Emily’s most private body place. Until now. Another sacred boundary was melting away. It was finally happening.

Julie’s tongue pushed and prodded, and Emily’s supple wet butt cheeks danced on her face. It was one of those times when Julie wished she could break the promise she’d made to herself: that she would never, ever film what they did together. She wished she could see what this looked like from another point of view.

Emily began to grunt with each bounce, and the bounces got heavier and harder. She was essentially fucking Julie’s fat tongue with her ass. The grunts came huffing deeply out of her throat, and it didn’t seem she was even aware of doing it.

Julie pressed her tongue into her kid sister’s asshole with all the energy she could summon, but she was gradually losing strength. She could just imagine what Emily looked like up there: eyes jammed shut, mouth wide open, hair swinging back and forth with each thrust.

After what felt to Julie like a very long time, her tongue just died like a slug at the end of its sluggy life. Her neck hurt and her arms were giving out. She often sacrificed body and soul for these sisterly sessions. She had to — she just didn’t know when they might abruptly cease for good.

Julie drew back from Emily’s ass, and she took in the view: Emily hadn’t caught up yet. She was still rocking on an imaginary tongue, looking just as Julie had imagined her. A dollop of drool spilled from Emily’s slack mouth onto the towel. Julie sat up and enjoyed the show for five or six glorious seconds.

This was something that Dr. Julie, Amateur Child Psychologist, had discovered about kids in the midst of her new relationship with Emily. It seemed that when children got involved in something sexual with a highly trusted other person that felt very, very good, they mentally disappeared into a kind of foggy animal state. On one occasion, Emily had peed a little while Julie had been playing with her microscopic candy clit, and it hadn’t seemed like Emily had even noticed. It was like some variation on sleepwalking. Julie guessed that the broad field of child psychology knew nothing about this state, probably because no child psychologist in history had ever taken the time to very gradually, comfortably, lovingly sexualize a nine-year-old child the way she had.

She thought of herself as a pioneer, the explorer of a frontier that just might have never been crossed before in human history. Through sheer luck, meticulous consideration, tireless patience, and a dash of creativity, she had come into possession of knowledge she could never share with anyone, except perhaps under a pen name on some little-known child erotica site on the Web, disguised as a work of fiction. What she had in her sacred possession, however fleeting it might turn out to be, was the rarest, most decadent, most unattainable delicacy known to all human existence: sublime sexual access to a willing, innocent, beautiful and charming child.

An exhausted Emily flopped down on the bed, and Julie stretched her jaw a few times. The music still played, pulsing soothingly in hushed tones. Julie moved into position upside down next to Emily, tipped the little girl over to face her, lifted one of Emily’s legs, and began to lick her smooth, nondescript preteen slit.

Julie preferred to have sex with her sister without oil. She liked to taste and smell the delicious little girl, especially if she had just come flying into the house, dirty and sweaty from playing outside. Emily loved the feeling of the oil on her skin, though, and they hardly ever did anything sexual without it.

Emily’s body tensed as it always did when Julie ate her pussy. Then Julie felt a weak hand try to lift one of her own legs. She cocked that leg up, and Emily moved in to lick, her pointy, tiny tongue flicking haphazardly across Julie’s labia. Julie had tried to teach Emily to focus on certain parts, but they weren’t quite there yet.

She brought Emily’s long, slender upright leg down until it rested against Julie’s ear, framing her face between the younger girl’s soft inner thighs. She found Emily’s hidden clit and tenderly moved it up and down with the tip of her tongue, then began lapping at her entire pussy. It didn’t last long. Julie just couldn’t get her tongue and jaw to stop screaming with soreness.

“Em, I gotta take a rest, kid,” she said.

“Okay,” Emily said from down between her legs.

Julie took a deep breath and rolled onto her back. “I’m still gonna do the thing, don’t worry.”

“I know,” Emily said. “I’m already getting really twirly.”

Uhhh I’m sorry, Julie thought. What was that little chestnut?

“Sorry, Em, what’s up? You’re really what?”

“Um, like, just how it feels,” she said.

Julie sat up and rearranged herself so she was on her side. Emily, still on her back, rested both hands on her stomach like an otter and looked up at her sister, whose head now loomed over hers.

“But… what did you call it?”

“Twirly…” she said, suspicious of Julie’s curiosity.

“Did you get that from somewhere? That word.”


“Oh,” Julie said. This was a special thing. A special, precious gift. “Well, what does it mean, dude?”

“Like, cause the thing almost happened. It… me and my puss and stuff… got all twirly, like I was gonna… come, and stuff.”

Oh my fucking God, little girl,” Julie whispered. She said it to herself, under her breath, but Emily heard it anyway.

It appeared that Emily had coined her own little word for being close to orgasm. In the aftermath of this discovery, Julie felt compelled to bring her to climax immediately. She scooped her gorgeous young sister into her arms from behind and lifted her up so their legs were sprawled over the towel and their shoulders rested on the pillows, spooning.

Emily knew the time had come. She let herself get picked up. Her big sister was strong.

Julie slipped her right arm under Emily’s, bringing her closer, then with her left reached down past the little girl’s tummy. Two fingers found Emily’s pubic mound and sank into the soft slit. Emily looked down and watched her do it, then pressed her back against Julie’s tits and reached around Julie’s neck to grip the pillow in anticipation of the approaching ride.

Emily lifted her head slightly, gazing into Julie’s eyes. Their lips brushed together, and Emily was helpless. Julie played her body with the singular devoted fire of a virtuoso. Her woman’s curves moved in sultry rhythm against Emily’s scrawny frame. Her full lips devoured Emily’s small child lips. Her thick tongue snaked inside Emily’s small child mouth. Her experienced hands did things to Emily a child’s hands never could.

Everything intensified. Emily’s body grew rigid as a washboard, and her thin legs bowed out and stiffened. Their lips separated. Julie carefully rolled onto her back so Emily was mostly on top, her butt resting on Julie’s pussy. She masturbated her little sister with care and skill — gently at first, but with increasing ferocity, faster and harder than she had ever done it before. A fleshy, percussive sound rose into the hum of the soft music. The girl in her arms was her object, her toy, and she used the toy to her liking.

It didn’t take long for Julie to finally do the thing.

The rigid, trembling little girl reached the border of her orgasm and bucked her hips into the air towards the dim ceiling of their cozy sister sex chamber. Julie held Emily up by her clenched ass, grasping her tightly as she went on vigorously fingering her clitty.

The lustrous shine of the Christmas lights on Emily’s glossy skin cascaded down her lithe, thin torso and appendages as she strained outward as if being electrocuted. Her back arched and her hands tightened into white-knuckled fists. Her right eye squinted closed and her left eye rolled back into her head. Her pretty mouth contorted into a twisted shape she had no control over.

Julie applied the final touch. With Emily’s raised arm still gripping the pillow, Julie lifted her a little more so she had full access to her hairless armpit. As she fingered her sister’s quivering pussy, she placed her tongue on Emily’s underarm and began giving it great big licks. The reaction was instantaneous and explosive.

Emily came.

She yelped once, twice, then began to convulse. Her delicate frame was not built to withstand the superheated orgasm Julie had taught it to have. This wasn’t some kind of nice-feeling joyride a little girl would take all by her lonesome, humping her pillows and plush toys in the middle of the secret night. This was an overwhelming eruption of numbing, rattling ecstasy.

Emily breathed hard and loud over the music — huhhh, huhhh, huhhh. She fought to keep her flailing legs and feet from slipping on the mattress as her taut body was wracked with wave after wave of devastating pleasure. Julie refused to relent, keeping the pressure on and the speed up. Her wrist felt like it would break from the frantic effort.

The orgasming toy began to collapse from exhaustion, her stomach shuddering and her chest heaving violently, and Julie knew it was time to let go. This was her greatest performance yet, and she didn’t want it to end, but she also didn’t want to do any lasting damage.

She knew from experience that the second she stopped and let Emily slide down onto the bed, her sister would have already passed out, her sexually shorted-out nervous system awash in fuzzy, sleepy bliss.

Julie kissed her sweet sister on her sweaty cheek, then released her fingers and shifted the spent girl’s body onto the mattress.

Emily was gone.

Cords of muscle along Emily’s legs flexed and relaxed, then her body simply quit. She slumped on the bed like a sack of sand and slept.

Julie knew she had maybe eight minutes. It was her turn.

She reached over to the nightstand and grabbed her gear with one hand. She deftly pushed the pink plug into her asshole with a hushed grunt — it didn’t need any lube, not with Julie’s trained hole fully oiled. With her other hand, she activated the small oval-shaped vibrator, one she had found in online reviews to be particularly quiet.

Julie crept on her knees down to Emily’s open legs, pushed one of them out farther, then scooted up between them. She bent over with her plump ass in the air, pressed the vibrator into her swollen clit, grabbed one of her tits with the other hand and pressed her chin down onto the bed, just inches away from Emily’s immaculate child goodies.

She mashed the sex toy into her pussy, taking in the sight of her little sister’s succulent miniature parts. With a desperate sigh, she gently pressed her lips and nose and chin into Emily’s cunny as she brought herself to a searing, blinding climax. It took all of her remaining willpower not to cry out at the whole-body surge. She flicked the vibrator away onto the floor and diddled her clit quickly and expertly with her slippery fingers, riding it as long as she could. After several toe-curling spasms, a few remaining jolts of hot orgasm flashed through her thick legs and strong arms, and she was done.

She plopped down flat on the bed, her nose mere centimeters from Emily’s creamy slit. A merciful blackness enshrouded her mind, and for a brief moment, she napped. Heaven.


As always, Emily woke up just minutes after her orgasm coma set in, and she sprang up, swinging her legs off the bed. She stood up with her hands on her hips, ready to jump around. Ready to run a marathon. Ready to climb onto the roof of the house and do a few dance numbers. It was another unique phenomenon of the frontier.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m comin’,” Julie said.

Emily bounded from the room, bursting with newfound vibrancy. Julie slunk off the comfy, enticing bed and fumbled around getting dressed. She was still covered in a semi-absorbed layer of oil, but felt too tired to clean it off.

When she’d tugged some jean shorts halfway up her legs, Emily came pounding back into the room dressed in sweatpants, a hooded sweatshirt and sneakers.

“Ready yet?” Emily said.

Julie, her disheveled hair hanging down as she attempted the impossible — getting her feet into a pair of Vans slip-ons — looked up into her crazy kid sister’s bright face and smiled.

“Gettin’ there,” she said.

The big sister and the little sister did what they normally did after one of their special times together, especially when they were home alone. They shot out of the house with the moon and the stars above them and walked three short blocks to the playground in a nearby park. It was hard for Julie to get moving, but she always found the strength to make the trip. She knew that Emily had a lot of energy to burn after orgasms.

While they walked, they held hands, swinging them and talking. Emily chattered about some YouTube channel, and Julie checked her phone — there were no new text messages.

This was pretty normal — Julie didn’t have much of a social life anymore. Her whole existence revolved around working, then hanging around in case Emily came looking for sex. She kept herself busy in the meantime, but didn’t mind the isolation at all.

Julie understood that you only have so much time with kids. Before you knew it, they were all grown up.

When they got to the playground it was deserted, as it usually was at that time of night. The only light came from the surrounding streetlamps, which sent an ethereal yellow radiance through the big, bushy trees.

Emily gazed off into the distance. The breeze lifted a few strands of hair from her ear.

“Jule, can, um…”

“Yeah? What’s up, buttercup?” She put her phone into her pocket and looked longingly at her sister.

“Can you, like, be my… girlfriend?”

It was the first time Emily had ever asked anything like it, but Julie didn’t flinch. She had the answer in a nanosecond.

“Em, I’m your sister. I’ll always be your girlfriend. No matter what.”

Emily hugged her briefly with a tight little squeeze, gave her a cute little kiss on the chin, then skipped off in long strides, searching for something to climb.

“I’m in love with you,” Julie whispered out into the world for no one else to hear.

The End


Allison Collier is a quaint queer living in a quaint town doing quaint things. Currently, she is (supposed to be) hard at work on a longer story in our niche genre called ‘The Little Girls of Lakeside.’ You can find what she’s written so far by visiting her page at Archive of Our Own.


37 Comments on Sisters Do What Sisters Do

  1. Allison Collier says:

    Oh my god I am so on cloud nine right now! I am thrilled – THRILLED – to present this story to you, my first here on Juicy. Please please please forgive me; I’d like to post a not-so-short note about this piece:

    Two years ago, when the pandemic shut everything down, life offered me an opportunity to get a little crazy and try something I had daydreamed about for so long. I read a lot and always have, but I’d never really written before.

    Late each night, after my then-girlfriend went to bed, I began the ultra-secret, breathless process of writing preteen erotica. I’d been carrying around the seed of a story for years, a story about two little girls who like to take their clothes off after school and play, and I started mapping it out and putting it on the screen in front of me at long last. I found out that it’s one thing to read it, and another thing entirely to actually create it yourself, not to mention risking everything to post it somewhere for anyone on Earth to freakin’ find.

    I’m sure some of you felt some of these things: it is terrifying and amazing and insane and strangely cathartic and an unbelievable turn-on when you first begin, when you first put some of these sentences together with your own fingertips. I went through a LOT of different emotions after beginning, not all of them wonderful. It can be a lonely, revealing process, but in the end it’s worth all that turmoil.

    I’ve read Leslita for a looong time, and JS since I found it a few years ago. I sent a sample of my early work to JetBoy and hoped for the best. That sample has now blossomed into a multi-chapter story called ‘The Little Girls of Lakeside,’ which can be found on Ao3 (Archive of Our Own). It’s an immense work in progress (cough pain in the ass cough) which I hope to finish by the end of… oh I don’t know, my life? It just keeps growing, and I’ve stopped trying to control it.

    JB and I corresponded for some time in ‘Lakeside’s early genesis. At one point, on one very paranoid night (or rather, early morning) I drunkenly freaked out and nearly deleted it all, irrationally scared of the consequences of eventually being doxxed and having my life ruined by these words. Time went by. When I finally calmed down and came to terms with my new secret life and with everything I had learned about myself and my deepest hidden desires, I reached out to him again. He began to edit, and I was thrilled.

    Eventually, however, after much deliberation, he decided that without comprehensive fundamental changes, ‘Lakeside’ just wasn’t right for JS–it was too slow of a burn, with too little erotic content at the beginning, a really invasive voice that I did end up cutting out, and too much disruption to the conventional language of erotic writing when it ultimately reached its crescendo. I understand completely; he has a brand to serve, and this is his and a few others’ carefully cultivated collection. He works tirelessly in its name. No really: tirelessly. He has all of my respect and admiration.

    When the heartbreak settled, there was an empty feeling. I needed to fill it. I needed to offer at least one thing to this site that I love. I wanted to give something of myself to the community. This story, ‘Sisters Do What Sisters Do,’ was composed last fall specifically to try and fill that void. I meant it to be sort of a concentrated distillation of certain aspects of ‘Lakeside,’ so you might find a few similarities or shared themes here and there. Maybe it’s not really distilled – maybe these elements are just my style. I’m still learning so much about the secret me.

    After JB accepted it, he and I took off with the edits. I could go on and on about a lot of those – the action all had to make flawless logistical sense, for instance, and the diary entry was a minor sticking point, among others. In light of his recent post about commenting on behalf of the writers and about the work that goes into each story and chapter, and in my own hopes of perhaps starting a trend of authors including a bit of their editing process for the site in their posts’ comments, I’d like to highlight one little example of that hard work. I don’t think it’ll blow anyone’s mind – it’s a small example for sure – but for readers it might be kind of neat.

    This short discussion, from June, was over the use of a single word, ‘again,’ and its possible replacement with the word ‘though’ in Emily’s spoken line, “How do I… ya know… tell if it feels bad-naughty again?” It is representative of the gauntlet of scrutiny with which JB puts each piece through – he would closely analyze a few paragraphs at a time every week or so, and we would spend some time here and there shooting comments and suggestions to each other until that segment was more or less complete. It went like this:

    [JB: When did it feel “bad-naughty” before? Emily was worried that it might, but never indicated that it did.]

    [Me: She’s asking Julie to reiterate the whole ‘bad-naughty’ / ‘good-naughty’ distinction again. I’ve noticed that this use of ‘again’ is specific in the speech of kids around her age, at least in the US.]

    That’s just for one single word. JB usually lets you get your way if you fight for it, but he’ll highlight everything he’d like to highlight anyway. He made plenty of suggestions that I thought improved things, and a lot of suggestions that I didn’t, or at least took some time to accept. In my opinion, he’s very gracious and fair if you can stand your ground, if you can back up your choices with good reasoning. I’d just like to say that I’m pretty stubborn sometimes, and I publicly apologize to JB for all the trouble.

    Now that the story has been published on this site, the part of me that once despaired has been healed, and I feel fulfilled. I feel great! My one little story getting into this great archive – to me it feels like having one of your sketches hung in a museum or something.

    My other, longer story is very important to me, it was my first, but this one is much more personal for… many reasons. JetBoy and I truly took the effing thing apart word by word and painstakingly put it back together (bickered over minutiae until he wanted to poke me in the eye) over the course of maybe eight months, then went through it again and feverishly tweaked a whole bunch more just in the last week. I am really proud to say that I think we crafted the greatest version of this story we possibly could. I wrote it, but this final version could only be the product of an effective collaboration like we had. Thanks, JetBoy.

    If you’re very curious and maybe a little bored, you can read my original unedited version on Ao3 – I toyed with making it exclusive to JS, but after JB’s recent post, I think it could be valuable as a point of comparison, so I’m leaving it there. I’ll be responding to any and all comments here, so do your worst / say hey / ask me whatever you want! Jesus this ended up being long-winded.

    I put my heart into writing this story. I hope you enjoyed your time with these two girls, and from the bottom of my heart, whoever and whatever you are, I really hope you came. A lot!

    Miss Allison Collier

    PS – If you’d like to check out my in-progress looong story, ‘The Little Girls of Lakeside,’ please go straight to this page: That reading order explains how there are actually a few ways to begin the story, and a few ways (eventually) to read it, too. It’s a whole stupid thing. But I think it’s fun!

    PPS – If you’d like to listen to the exact playlist Julie and Emily listen to while they do what they do here, it seems to be a moderately popular one on Spotify (no affiliation with me, my work, or this site):

    >>>‘Ambient Lofi Beats’ by user: james.young<<<

    Find this playlist and hit random – that's what Julie did.

    • Kim & Sue says:

      Well didn’t we get very carried away from this story when we went to ‘The Little Girls of Lakeside,’

      We made it up to chapter 4 there before we couldn’t read anymore as we’d come very much. So a read of this story must now wait a day or so.

  2. JD Handy says:

    Miss Allison,
    I must say that your abilities are just fine. I have worked as both an editor and technical writer, and have taught both composition and creative writing. You would be far out on the right side of the curve in any of them. Your stable narrative voice and the delightful hedonism of your characters only enhances the strong dialog. I love that Emily makes up her own term for how she feels, and why not? Didn’t we all feel “twirly” once in a while when we were just starting out on our own journey of sexual discovery?
    Thank you for a lovely “growing up loving” and “coming of age” story.


    • Allison Collier says:

      I’m so happy you liked it! Thanks for all the praise. Like I said up there, it was a team effort in the end. I feel like we really talked about everything there was to talk about in refining it. The word Emily makes up actually comes from a real-life young person I knew, but of course it did not have any kind of sexual meaning in any way. I did used to feel twirly! I remember it so vividly. I think that’s why… I like this kind of erotica???

      Thanks for letting me know what you thought!

      • Gretchen says:

        Allison is one of the most talented writers I’ve ever encountered in this genre. So erotic and descriptive! I’m a huge fan of Lakeside and can’t wait for a new chapter there as well.

  3. Quinlan says:

    Very nice. So nice, I’ll check what else you’ve written.

    • Allison Collier says:

      That’s the best compliment I can get! Thanks Quinlan, I’m so glad you took the time to read it, and that you enjoyed it!

  4. Raspberry says:

    May I just say, this story ticked so many of my boxes that I’m left speechless over how much I like this one. Such a beautiful and sexy story. Fantastic!

    Lakeside is also amazing, I always look forward to the next update!

  5. Allison Collier says:

    Thanks for the praise, Raspberry! Hey, I tried to tick off quite a few boxes with this one, so that’s great to hear!

    As for Lakeside: I’M SORRY!!!! I’m getting back into things after some time away. I promise the new chapter will be up in a few weeks, as well as the first entry in a side miniseries I’m working on chronicling some Badgo adventures. Keep a lookout for those.

  6. Tam says:

    That was…sublime! Wow! I loved the pace. I loved the sensuality. I loved the detail (I felt like I was in the room watching). The story itself was highly sexual, but the level of care you took in writing it made it that much more. Really well done and I am so looking forward to reading more of your work (as soon as I recover from the multiple “twirlies” I just experienced :P)

    • Allison says:

      It’s very kind of you to say, Tam. I’m glad you enjoyed the detail. It was very important to me that the reader feel that this story really rang true. As I reread it myself I need to be able to picture everything in my mind vividly. I think that comes from reading a lot of non-erotic short fiction. We worked hard, so I’m glad you got something out of it! My Lakeside stories, lacking an editor, aren’t nearly as worked over.

  7. Eloquent delinquent says:

    Luscious, loving, and exquisitely naughty, I can tell how this story’s been polished to a high sheen since the last time I saw it. Beyond all the secret taboo delights of what these sisters do, is my favorite part – how they do it. The way you convey their intimacy, building happy consent right alongside their excitement, makes the story as tender and thrilling as it is. This is great work and I’m so happy to see it here!

    Silly aside – I liked the inclusion of your playlist to accompany their encounter, but I’d already soundtracked it in my mind with this:

    • Allison Collier says:

      Thanks, El. We’ve talked a lot about this one, did you think any of my changes took away from how it originally felt?

      Also, I made out with–gasp–a boy to a Daft Punk album once in college! I’m not the biggest fan but that song is pretty hot for sure.

  8. Kayci says:

    I am a bad reader here, I don’t often leave comments, but this tale was… intoxicating. Well written, VERY sexy. I loved everything about it, and I cannot wait to feast on anything else you write in the future!

    • Allison Collier says:

      You can totally read a ton more that I’ve written over at , though my other longer story isn’t nearly as intense and overtly, like, hedonistic as this one is. It’s mainly about little girls with other little girls, so it’s slow and kind of gentle, though hahaha, they do eventually GO there. Thanks for reading and thanks for the kind words!

  9. Sid says:

    I was already a fan of Lakeside. It is so nice to see you here and read more of your incredible writing!

    • Allison Collier says:

      I’m so embarrassed that Lakeside hasn’t been updated in sooo long. I promise I’m getting back into writing it. I promise! Thanks for reading, Sid.

  10. Sara says:

    Wow, what a great story. Thanks so much for sharing this. Loved every word of it. XOXO

    • Allison Collier says:

      Thanks Sara. It makes me very, very unbelievably happy to share this with an audience who truly appreciates this kind of story, however small that audience might be. It makes it all worthwhile! I’m glad you loved every word of it. I know JetBoy will love to see that lol

  11. Rosie says:

    I found this spoke to me at such a deep level. I would have loved to have had an older sister teach me how to please a woman.

    Thank you for the kind email as well – I have now replied 🙂

  12. Kelly says:

    I enjoyed this story alot Allison! While I don’t participate in “rear” play much I find it interesting because of it’s naughtiness. Combined with some filthy talk it was just right.

    • Allison Collier says:

      Trust me you’re not alone Kelly. I mean I once was in a serious relationship with a girl who didn’t even want to TALK about… the rear, as you put it haha. Let alone let me do anything with it!!! I also have a bunch of friends who are not about it. So that’s perfectly normal. Yeah, I think for most people it’s very much the naughtiness factor that makes it so hot. That’s super true for me. My current flame is all about the butt, so much so that it kind of takes away from how naughty it should be, but hey, I’ll take it. I’m glad you liked the story, I hope I didn’t go TMI right there lol. Thanks for commenting!

  13. kim says:

    a reader of both “lakeside” and “sisters do” on Ao3 and would strongly suggest go check them out i thoroughly enjoyed them, i would have contacted you to offer feedback but have nothing to do with g mail so now i can say ” bravo great stories”

    • Allison Collier says:

      Kim I’m so glad to have you as a fan. If it’s any help, I can also communicate through the Literotica board. But then again I’m not too particular. Sorry I do gmail!

  14. Carol Anne says:

    Oh Allison, I loved this story. So erotic and well written and detailed. I have a younger sister and there were times I wanted her so bad, just as Julie wanted Emily. I want to think it would of been just like this if I would of approached her. Thanks for giving me something to fantasize about how it might have been with me. Oh and thanks for the fantastic orgasm too.

    • Allison Collier says:

      You’re so so so welcome, Carol! How far apart in age were you and your sister? When she was a little girl, was she hot? I mean, I guess that’s really a rhetorical question lol. I’m very glad I could provide a fantasy for you that you could relate to like that. That’s what I’m here for!

      • Carol Anne says:

        She was 4 years younger then me Allison and yes to me she was very hot! hehehe Thanks for being here for me and the others.

  15. Bryan says:

    This was fantastic so so hot came so hard

  16. Olivia M says:

    Allison, I cannot tell you how amazing this story. An absolutely wonderful read from start to finish. Beautiful character work, delightful action. It is, hands down, some of the best erotica I’ve ever read. Thank you so much for submitting it, and I very much look forward to reading more from you.

    • Allison Collier says:

      Well, you CAN read more from me! I write other erotica in this genre at , and I think you miiight enjoy a long story I did at Literotica under a different pen name called The Christmas In July Luau:

      Olivia, I don’t know how many people out there I truly wrote this for, but it seems like you’re one of them. Really, thank you so much for reading, for noticing and for taking a moment to comment. I put all the attention to detail I could into every sentence, every word choice (thanks, JetBoy). For someone to find that so worthy of their time is the greatest reward. It’s the only reward we really have in this distant corner of the internet. Please, check out my Ao3! Check out Lakeside!

      • Sapphmore says:

        Loved the Literotica bio. Strangely, one bit that stood out (aside from the plethora of kinky likes) was the liking of craft beer – I thought that was only a Brit thing.
        I’d already downloaded your other stories by please post some more tales to JS.

  17. Mirza says:

    Really great story. Enjoyed it so much … wish there was even more. Thank you so much for writing it and posting it here.

    • Allison Collier says:

      Thanks for reading, Mirza! Wow that’s a really cool name. I have toyed with continuing this story; I mapped out four! more parts, from all over their timeline. But I wonder if just this alone is so much better off without anything else. I like to think that perhaps I’ve told Julie and Emily’s whole story through one short slice of it, and that’s kind of neat. Who knows. Maybe one day.

  18. JetBoy says:

    It’s my turn to offer thanks to Allison for her infinite patience through the editing process of this story. She had very strong ideas about what she wanted, and we did disagree frequently, but we also got used to each other’s working methods as time passed. (I never insisted on any change, mind you… my policy is that the author always has final say on what goes into their story.) Anyhow, I’m well pleased with the final result, and look forward to a new submission from Allison someday.

    If you liked this, please do check out Allison’s other works at the link she provides.

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