The Latchmore Fairies, Chapter 1

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Note from JetBoy: As the Head Editing Jockey of this site, one of my favorite duties is introducing new writers to our public… and let’s face it, we’ve hosted the debuts of some great ones. Here’s the first offering from an author who has what I fully expect to be a dazzling future at Juicy Secrets. See if you agree.


by C. Cat

“Ms. Collins, do you have a minute?” Caroline Scott, the owner of the ballet school, smiled at Amanda as she gestured toward her office. It seemed that she had some good news to share.

“Sure,” Amanda said, then glanced down at her eleven-year-old daughter Katie. “Get changed and pack up your things while I talk to Ms. Caroline, okay?”

“Okay, Mum,” Katie replied as she darted off, more in a mood to play with her friends than get ready to leave.

As her daughter scampered away, Amanda took a moment to enjoy the sight of a room filled with young girls in leotards and tights. She particularly loved the way those outfits showed the contours of their tight little bottoms, blossoming breasts, and slender legs. She wondered if some of these girls had the same erotic longings for their classmates, teachers, and maybe even their friends’ mothers that she’d felt at their age.

She let her gaze linger as long as she could before Caroline noticed, but as discreet as she tried to be, the ballet instructor recognized the signs. The extra heartbeat that passed before Amanda turned away from the young girls, her brief distracted look, the shake of the head to clear her thoughts, and the lingering trace of a smile all confirmed Caroline’s suspicions. The sight of these underage girls gave Katie’s mother the same erotic thrill that she felt herself. Interesting, she thought.

Caroline was also fairly certain that her Katie was a budding lesbian. It wasn’t as easy to tell with little girls; they were only just starting to sort out their feelings, and to make it even trickier, most females had crushes on other girls at that tender age. Caroline was a careful observer, though, and noticed subtle differences in how Katie acted around pretty girls. The child might not have a clear sense of it yet herself, but the attraction was clearly there.

“Katie is doing very well in class,” Caroline began. “In fact, an opportunity has come up that I’d like to recommend to her – if you agree, of course. Have you heard of Latchmore House?”

Amanda broke into a delighted smile. “Oh, absolutely! Katie and I love to go there.”

Latchmore House was an old Victorian estate just outside the city, a popular tourist destination known for its spectacular gardens. An heiress named Anna Latchmore had founded it over a hundred years earlier with the intention of creating a magical place for children to explore and learn, particularly young girls. To this day, many believe it was his acquaintance with Anna and a visit to Latchmore that inspired J.M. Barrie to create the character of Peter Pan. Some even say that the tradition of Peter being played by a girl onstage began as his tribute to Anna.

Anna’s daughter Charlotte inherited the property along with her father’s business interests while still a young girl. She never married or had children of her own, which led to speculation about her sexuality, but those sorts of rumours have always followed independent and successful women. What is clear is that, soon after Anna’s death, Charlotte Latchmore took on her mother’s vision with every bit as much dedication as she applied to her father’s business.

She was highly successful at both and, by the time she passed away in the early Eighties, had amassed a considerable fortune, expanded the gardens, and endowed a private girls’ school. Almost the entirety of the Latchmore estate went to a foundation that would ensure her mother’s dream would endure.

“Well, then,” Caroline continued, “You must have encountered the Latchmore Fairies.”

“Oh, yes. Katie adores them,” Amanda said, neglecting to mention that she was quite taken with them herself.

Something that made the gardens particularly magical was the chance that you might catch a glimpse of beautiful girls with diaphanous fairy wings, dancing and playing in the gardens. Some lucky little girls were even approached by the fairies, who would invite them to play. Even when girls grew out of believing in Santa of the Easter Bunny, many would still cling to their belief in the Latchmore Fairies, especially after seeing them in person.

Over the years, the fairies became a large part of the garden’s mythology. Even when none were seen, a little girl might walk by a patch of flowers and spot a little gift left behind, wrapped in a leaf or flower petals. Inside, there would be something like a polished stone, a pretty little acorn, a pebble of coloured glass, or an exquisitely shaped bit of wood, always accompanied by a cryptic note from the fairies — something of a cross between a fortune cookie and a horoscope — that, according to the legend, had a special meaning for the girl who found it.

These things and more made Latchmore House a rite of passage for young girls. All were welcome, too, no matter their place in the world. Anna refused to charge admission, determined that no child would miss the chance to visit the gardens just because their family was poor. A generous portion of her estate was set aside to assure that this would always be the case.

“I don’t know how much you know about the fairies,” Caroline went on. “They’re all part of a society at the foundation’s school — more like a sorority, really. As a former fairy myself, I’m able to nominate someone for a scholarship, and I think Katie is just the type of girl they’re looking for. Do you think she’d be interested in attending the school… and perhaps, one day, becoming a fairy?”

“I… I think she’d say it was a dream come true,” a dazed Amanda replied.

A scholarship to a top private school, along with the possibility of her daughter becoming a Latchmore Fairy? What a marvellous opportunity, Amanda thought. Katie will be over the moon!

Amanda was also feeling a different kind of thrill, one she kept to herself. She pictured a younger Caroline capering about the forest, scantily clad in a little fairy outfit. It was a powerfully erotic image, one that gave her butterflies in the tummy.

Ever the careful observer, Caroline noted a new glint in Amanda’s eyes as they chatted about Latchmore, especially when she mentioned having been a fairy herself. This only served to confirm her suspicions about the woman’s sexual tastes. Oh, yes, Katie’s mother is absolutely into young girls, she decided.

“Well then, I’ll go ahead and forward my recommendation…” Caroline hesitated for a moment. “And if you have questions about the school – or anything else, really,” she added with an inviting smile, “I’d love to have a drink with you sometime…”

Amanda hadn’t dated since Katie was born, but she wasn’t so oblivious as to miss the dance instructor’s meaning. She’d been thinking it might be time to pursue a relationship again, and Caroline had been in her thoughts more than a few times in that regard. She was a few years older, maybe in her late thirties, with a fit and petite body that would be the envy of many younger women, and an air of confidence and grace that Amanda couldn’t get enough of. If there was anything that excited her as much as pretty little girls, it was strong, beautiful women.

Trying not to seem too eager, Amanda nodded. “I’d really like that. I’m sure we’ll have a lot to talk about… and honestly, it’s been much too long since I had some girl time.”

It also occurred to her that if she was planning to date other women – especially if one of them was Katie’s teacher – she needed to sit down with her daughter sometime soon and tell the girl that she was a lesbian.

Caroline gave Amanda a dazzling smile. “Well, then, I’ll call you sometime and we can set a date.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”


That night, as her fingers slipped between her legs, Amanda was still thinking about Caroline. In the past, she’d fantasised about being one of the woman’s students, having the ballet teacher touch her body as she helped her into different positions. Now though, her thoughts drifted to Caroline as a little schoolgirl, dressed in her fairy outfit. Could I have seen her there when I was younger?

Maybe she was there that time Aunt Eileen took me to Latchmore. God, I still remember that day and how utterly wonderful it was, thanks to that one special fairy…

That particular outing had been one of the defining moments of Amanda’s life. Whenever Latchmore crossed her mind, she wondered if that was what fairy stories meant when they told of doors to other worlds.

It was just after her ninth birthday, the day Aunt Eileen took Amanda to a special party at the estate. At her first sight of the fairies, she was instantly smitten. They had to be the most beautiful girls in the whole wide world, she decided, unable to keep herself from staring at them. The day got even better, though, when one of the girls — a fairy named Emily — picked her to dance.

Her joy was boundless as she capered and pranced with Emily, convinced that this particular angel was the loveliest of them all. Just holding hands with her made Amanda tingle from head to toe.

Once they were giddy and out of breath, Emily spirited her away to a small private alcove with a statue of what looked like a Greek goddess dancing with a fairy. They seated themselves side by side, and Emily began to tell a story.

Amanda didn’t remember much of the tale at the time, but later learned that it was about the goddess Hebe and a nymph creating ambrosia, a special nectar that brought eternal youth to the drinker. She did her best to pay attention to the story, but being in the presence of such a pretty girl was simply too distracting. Just the sweet scent of her fairy friend made Amanda light-headed.

As Emily spoke, Amanda’s eyes were drawn to the girl’s long, slim legs. They looked so smooth and soft that she found herself longing to touch them. Then Emily shifted slightly, and Amanda gasped.

Pausing in the telling of her story, Emily smiled. “What’s the matter, my sweet?”

“You – you’re not wearing panties!” Amanda exclaimed, then instantly blushed, embarrassed to have said that out loud.

For a moment she was afraid Emily would be upset, possibly even run away. In fact, she didn’t seem to mind at all. The fairy smiled sweetly and put a finger to Amanda’s mouth in a shushing gesture.

“Let’s keep that our little secret,” she said.

Making no effort to cover herself, Emily then spread her legs even wider. That gave Amanda a perfect view that no one else could see. Her heart raced as she drank in the sight of the girl’s bare sex – the first she’d ever seen, besides hers.

“Do you like looking at me?” Emily asked.

“Uh-huh,” Amanda replied, enthralled by the little girl’s nakedness. Shy as she was, she managed to add, “You’re very p-pretty.”

“You’re a very pretty girl too… and I bet your kitty is even nicer than mine,” Emily spoke in a huskier voice, slipping a hand between her legs. As her new friend watched, she explored the cleft of her sex with two fingers. “I like to touch mine sometimes, especially right here on my clitty.” She glanced up. “Do you do that, too?”

She’d never admitted it to anyone before, but Amanda couldn’t bring herself to tell Emily a lie. Slowly nodding, she whispered, “It feels good.”

Emily giggled. “It does, doesn’t it? Tell me, do you know what an orgasm is?”

Amanda shook her head. She couldn’t remember ever having heard the word.

Emily’s smile seemed to get brighter. “Tonight, when you go to bed, I want you to take your panties off, then  touch your kitty just like this.” She let her fingers trace long strokes up her slit, pausing each time to make little circles around her clitoris. “If you close your eyes and think of me while you do this, you’ll get a special surprise. Will you do that for me?”

Amanda nodded again, but her eyes remained locked on what her fairy friend was doing.

Emily slowly trailed the tips of her fingers up and down the outside of her vagina, just lightly touching herself. Soon, though, she pressed her fingers between the engorged labia and began to stroke the pink interior with a slow, steady rhythm. Very soon, her sex was glistening with wetness.

Amanda trembled as she watched Emily slide a finger inside her kitty. First up to one knuckle, then another, then all the way inside. She’d always been afraid to put anything into herself like that, but it was obvious that the girl absolutely loved it.

Emily was breathing hard and fast, then a low moan escaped her lips before she gasped, “Yes… oh, fuck, yes! Watch me, Amanda. Watch me f-fuck myself”

Shocked to hear her fairy use that word, it suddenly occurred to Amanda that this was the kind of thing that got girls in trouble, big trouble. It made her nervous, but not nearly enough to frighten her away. Instead, she squeezed her thighs together as her own panties began to moisten. She was too shy to touch herself down there, the way Emily was, but she really wanted to. Even if it was wicked.

Now Emily was moving faster, pumping two fingers deep inside her hole, making sticky wet noises with each stroke. While one hand worked her opening the other was rubbing her clit.

“Uhhh, yes! Fuck, YES!” was all Emily could get out before her breath grew too ragged to speak. The only sounds the girl could make were tiny cries of joy. Her feelings of pleasure seemed to grow more and more intense, then with one last cry of “Yes!” Emily’s body went totally rigid for a few heartbeats, then started to shiver violently.

After what seemed like a long time, Emily relaxed, took a long, deep breath, then let it out in a satisfied sigh. Amanda had never seen anything like it before. Was that an orgasm? she wondered.

Emily sat quietly for a little while, regaining her breath, but she didn’t move to cover herself. Instead, she took those now wet, sticky fingers from between her legs and put them in her mouth, purring with pleasure as she sucked them clean.

What’s that taste like? Amanda wondered. Looks like Emily really enjoys it…

As if reading her mind, Emily looked up at Amanda, then down at her kitty, then back up at Amanda. She spread her thighs even further apart, causing her slit to open slightly.

“It tastes lovely, you know,” Emily murmured. “Would you like to try it? Go ahead, I don’t mind.”

Amanda nervously moistened her lips as she realised what the fairy was inviting her to do: touch the private bits of another girl. She loved the idea – yet it also frightened her. She felt a sudden impulse to run away, but forced herself to remain right where she was. Even at her tender age, Amanda knew that if she passed this chance by, it would be to her lifelong regret.

Go ahead, touch her there. She wants you to. 

Still struggling with her shyness, Amanda hesitantly reached out until she found the wet warmth of Emily’s sex, then let two fingers explore, coating them with the older girl’s creamy honey. She brought them to her mouth and took a cautious lick, then took each finger into her mouth to suck, just like Emily had done.

She’d never tasted anything like it before – not exactly sweet, but there was something about the flavour that she liked quite a lot. Would Emily let me have some more? Amanda wondered.

But before she could bring herself to ask, a bell rang somewhere.

Emily sighed. “I’m sorry, dearest… but it’s time for us to go back.” She rose to her feet, straightened her skirt, then took Amanda by the hand.

Their hands remained clasped as the girls made their way back to the park entrance, where Amanda’s aunt Eileen was seated, patiently waiting for her niece.

Goodbyes were exchanged, then when the fairy was hugging Amanda, she whispered in the younger girl’s ear, “Don’t forget about touching yourself tonight. I’ll be thinking about you and doing the same thing.” With that, Emily gave her new friend a warm kiss on the cheek.

Eileen watched the girls embrace, feeling enormously pleased at how the day had turned out. She knew without having to ask that this had been a wondrous experience for Amanda, perhaps even as lovely as her own trip to Latchmore as a little girl.

As for Amanda, it no longer mattered to her whether Emily was a real fairy or not. What counted for much more was the new kind of magic the girl had taught her. All the way home, the nine-year-old was focussed on remembering how to touch her kitty that special way, eager for the surprise Emily had promised her.

I mustn’t tell anyone about this, even Mum, she told herself. It’s bad luck to give away fairy secrets.


Later that night, while Aunt Eileen and her mum were downstairs talking, Amanda crawled into bed and slid her panties down, then decided to take them off completely, along with her nightie. She’d never slept naked before, and the naughtiness of it thrilled her.

Amanda pictured Emily, her fairy, with her beautiful face, flowing auburn hair, and slender body sitting beside her on the bed. She tried to imagine Emily reaching out to take her hand, their fingers intertwining, and offer to show her just where to touch. She could almost hear the fairy’s soft voice saying, You’re such a sweet little girl, Amanda, and so pretty… I’d love to help you get your surprise.

Spreading her legs, she felt Emily guide her hand as she began to touch herself. She was gentle at first, almost tickling. Her fingers slid across her tummy, down her legs, then with long strokes up and down her inner thighs until those lovely butterfly feelings started, only stronger this time.

From there, Amanda moved to the outside of her kitty – touching lightly, then doing it a little bit harder. She remembered touching Emily, how soft and nice the girl felt down there. Would Emily like to touch me that way? she wondered.

As she caressed herself, Amanda quickly noticed how tiny differences in pressure or the rhythm of her strokes completely changed how it felt. She experimented with touch, working to learn what she liked best.

Letting a finger slide between her lips, she trailed it down to her little hole. Even if it wasn’t as wet and juicy as Emily’s, her kitty was moist enough to make the task an easy one. It’s working so far, she thought.

Once her fingers were coated with juices, she brought them to her lips, sampling the thick, rich flavour. The taste wasn’t exactly like Emily’s, but she liked it every bit as much.

Reaching back between her legs, Amanda circled her opening for a few moments, then carefully eased a finger inside the warmth of her vagina. She didn’t feel ready to add another, not just yet. She withdrew her finger almost completely but for the tip, then slid it back in, penetrating herself with a slow, steady stroke. It felt good, a rippling surge of pleasure that awakened in her tummy, then flowed outward.

Bringing the other hand into play, she coated those fingers in her fluids, then began to explore her vulva – first around the hole, gradually moving higher. She’d always avoided contact with what Emily referred to as her clitty. The few times she brushed against that bit, it gave her something similar to an electric shock. It wasn’t as bad as getting shocked for real, like that time she was playing with her daddy’s reading lamp,  but the intensity of it had always unnerved Amanda.

This time, though, she was determined to feel all of it, no matter what. It’s my fairy surprise, she reminded herself. Emily wouldn’t ask me to do anything that hurts. 

Bracing herself, she let her fingers wander a little higher, almost yanking her hand away when she felt the first jolt. She managed not to, though. Okay, it’s still kind of scary, but Emily would want me to be brave, right? Besides, it’s more like a nice feeling, just really, really strong.

Amanda gave her clitoris a tiny flick, her eyes going wide at how amazing it felt. The lightest of caresses was enough to make her whole body quiver. She experimented with different kinds of touch, soon figuring out that what she liked best was to press down on the tiny bump and rub it in little circles.

She pictured Emily touching her this way and, with that beautiful image in her mind, a surge of pleasure rolled through her body. She nearly cried out loud, but just barely managed to stifle it in time. She was on the edge of something amazing and knew it was her surprise.

It wasn’t scary anymore. Amanda wanted it now, more than ever. She just had to keep rubbing herself in the right place. A few more strokes of her fingers were all it took, then it happened. Her body convulsed with wave after wave of pure ecstasy, the entire universe collapsing into this one bright moment. Was this really happening, or was lost in some beautiful dream?

Eventually, she could breathe again. Her sex was still pulsing, but too sensitive to touch, so she settled for gently resting both hands on her vulva. A great sense of peace filled the girl – in fact, Amanda couldn’t recall ever being so relaxed in her life, so perfectly at home in her own body.

Amanda was proud of what she’d done, and hoped that somehow Emily knew how wonderful the fairy’s gift had been for her. She was going to touch herself tonight and think about me, she remembered. Wish we could’ve done it together.

She lay quietly for a long while, then finally opened her eyes. Amanda yelped at what she saw, her thin frame jerking violently.

Aunt Eileen was standing next to her bed in powder-blue pyjamas, gazing down at her niece. And there Amanda was, spread out on the bed completely naked, touching her kitty with both hands.

She knew she was in trouble. Covering herself as best she could, she sat up, tears welling in her eyes. “I – I’m so s-sorry,” Amanda stammered. “Please don’t tell Mummy!”

Seating herself on the edge of the bed, Eileen drew her niece into a comforting embrace. “Don’t worry, little one,” she murmured. “It’s okay. This can be our secret if you want, but you have nothing to be sorry about.”

“You… you’re not mad?”

Eileen smiled. “Not at all, love. In fact, I’m happy for you… it means you’re becoming a woman.”

“Really?” She nestled deeper into her aunt’s arms, resting her cheek against the woman’s generous breast. Her tears were forgotten, swallowed up by the love she felt.

“Of course, little one. We all touch ourselves, you know. Perhaps it was wrong for me to have watched, but it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.” She gave the girl a little tickle under her chin. “Was that your first orgasm?”

Now that she knew what the word meant, Amanda felt a renewed sense of pride. “Uh-huh.”

“Did you enjoy it, then?”

“Oh, sooooo much!” Amanda squealed. “It was the, the best thing ever!”

Eileen nodded, tenderly stroking her niece’s bare back. “You’re a very lucky girl, Manda. I had to wait a lot longer for my first orgasm.”

“So you do it too, huh?”

“Almost every night,” Aunt Eileen said, then whispered, “All big girls do. Even your mum.”

“Mummy does?” Amanda giggled to hear that secret. She loved the idea of it – her mother and her aunt, pleasuring themselves just as she had. “So… are they always that good?”

“Orgasms are almost always good…” Still cradling the nude little girl in her arms, she gave Amanda a playful kiss on the nose. “But with a little practice, you can make them amazing.”

Amanda hugged her aunt tightly. It felt so good to hold her. Auntie Eileen’s body was different from that of Emily, but she loved it. Warm and soft in all the right places and as comfy as her old teddy bear, and warmer, nicer smelling. And she had lovely titties, the biggest the nine-year-old had ever seen. Even before she reached puberty, Amanda had dreamed of having breasts like Eileen’s when she grew up.

As she snuggled with her aunt, that tingling feeling began to make itself known again. That’s when Amanda got a very interesting idea…

“I don’t mind you watching me,” Amanda said. “Did you really think it was beautiful?”

Gazing into the little girl’s eyes, Eileen murmured, “I think you are beautiful, sweetie.”

“Auntie?” Amanda said, suddenly looking away. She could feel herself blush. “Can I ask you to, um, do something for me?”

“You can ask me anything, love.” Eileen’s hands were resting on Amanda’s hips.

“Could I m-maybe watch you touch yourself sometime? So I can, um, learn how to do it better? I mean… Well, you got to watch me, right?”

The woman gave a thoughtful nod. “You know, that does seem fair.” Bending down, she gave the girl a kiss.

Amanda’s heart began to throb when the kiss lingered, Aunt Eileen’s mouth soft as a whisper against hers. Then the woman’s lips parted, and those tender kisses began to travel – touching the corner of Amanda’s mouth, her lower lip, then dipping down to caress her chin.

Lost in this impossibly sweet kiss, the child failed to notice right away that Aunt Eileen’s hands had slipped down to cradle her bare bottom, but she reacted with an astonished cry when the older woman fondled her there, fingertips edging teasingly close to the cleft of her bum.

Amanda had no idea why her own aunt was kissing and touching her that way, but she loved it too much to care. Somehow, it seemed as if she’d always wanted something like this without even knowing. It felt so good, so right.

Now Auntie Eileen’s mouth had returned to hers, only this time her tongue had emerged to play. Amanda gasped in awe, her lips parting – and that soft, sweet tongue dipped into the girl’s mouth for an instant.

What’s happening? Amanda asked herself, dizzy with excitement. She didn’t know, but it was wonderful, even more than the delights she’d sampled with her fairy. Suddenly, she imagined kissing Emily this way, and a rush of warmth surged through her slender frame.

That chain of thought was interrupted when her aunt broke away to smile down at her niece. Amanda gaped back – unable to summon up words, much less voice them.

“So, little one… you’ve learned how to give yourself pleasure,” Eileen began. “Now, you need to know how to share pleasure… to experience those good feelings with someone else.”

That delicious warmth in Amanda’s tummy had returned, even stronger this time – as if the orgasm she’d given herself moments ago had never happened. “S-someone else…?” she whispered.

Her aunt nodded. “Like that adorable little fairy you were with today… what was her name?”

“Um, Emily.”

“Emily, that’s right. Imagine her making love to you – touching your body, kissing your pretty mouth… wouldn’t you like to know how to give her those same nice feelings?”

Lost in her aunt’s warm, friendly eyes, Amanda only knew one possible answer. “Yes,” she answered, “yes, I do!”

That smile again. “I can teach you, love,” Eileen murmured. “If you want me to.”

Amanda began to nod before the woman had finished speaking. “Yes, auntie, please!” the nine-year-old blurted. “Teach me everything. I – I want to know!”

Without another word, Eileen gently untangled herself from their embrace. She rose to her feet, then began to unbutton her pyjama top.

As she watched her aunt undress, Amanda’s hand found its way between her thighs, though she wasn’t conscious of it at first. Her sex was pulsing with need, and she applied pressure there with three fingers. A shaky sigh escaped the girl’s lips when Eileen slipped out of the top, baring her breasts.

Letting the garment fall to the carpet, Amanda’s aunt reached for the waistband of her pyjama bottoms. She pushed them over her shapely hips, then they slid down to ring her ankles. She wore no panties, and her pubic thatch was thick and full.

Amanda was now masturbating, thighs closed around her busy fingers.

Eileen stepped out of the bottoms, then did a slow pirouette, putting herself on display for her niece. She drew closer to the bed, pausing to observe Amanda’s excitement.

“Got room in there for me?” she said, casually rolling a nipple between finger and thumb.

Seizing the top edge of the quilt, Amanda wriggled underneath while scooting over to the left side of the bed. Once in place, the grinning girl held the heavy blanket up in open invitation. “Lots of room!” she said.

“Why, thank you, love,” Eileen murmured, climbing inside. She took the naked little girl into her arms, and they nestled together.

“I love you, Auntie Eileen,” Amanda breathed.

“I love you, little one,” Eileen replied. “And I’m going to show you how much.” Lightly tracing the child’s lips with a finger, she moved in to claim Amanda’s mouth in a kiss.

On to Chapter Two!


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