The Latchmore Fairies, Chapter 2

  • Posted on May 18, 2022 at 3:02 pm

by C. Cat

A brief recap: Single mother and secret lesbian Amanda receives some wonderful news from Caroline, the dance instructor for her eleven-year-old daughter Katie. She informs Amanda that Katie is being considered as a fairy for Latchmore House, a magical kingdom of sorts for young girls.  Upon arriving home, Amanda reminisces over her own first visit to Latchmore, where she engaged in some very heavy flirtation with a pretty fairy named Emily. That night, young Amanda masturbated while thinking of Emily — only to be caught in the act by her Aunt Eileen, who offers to teach her niece more about lovely things girls can do in bed together.

This new chapter takes us back to the present.


It was the day after Amanda got the good news about the possibility of her little girl Katie becoming one of the Latchmore Fairies. She’d just arrived home from work when the ringtone sounded on her cell phone, and when the name Caroline Scott appeared on the caller ID, she felt a rush of giddy anticipation.

“Caroline!” she answered, trying to get the butterflies in her tummy under control as she took a nearby chair. “So lovely to hear from you. I was just thinking about the chat we had yesterday.”

“Ah, so was I. Listen, I mentioned getting coffee with you sometime… now, I’m calling to see if we could make it a dinner date instead — say Lucia’s, this Friday?”

A dinner date? Yes, yes, yes! Amanda gazed heavenward, giving silent thanks. She suspected Caroline was interested in more than food, so this promised to be an exciting new experience. Her few lesbian encounters had all been spur-of-the-moment hookups — she’d never actually been on a date with a woman before.

“Dinner sounds wonderful. And actually, I’ve always wanted to try Lucia’s.” She felt giddy as a schoolgirl being asked to the prom.

“Oh, you’ll love it. The food is to die for… and it’s got a very romantic atmosphere. How about I pick you up at five o’clock?”

“Sounds perfect. I can’t wait.”

Amanda was beaming as they said their goodbyes, the itch of desire already building inside her. She hadn’t even noticed that, at some point during the call, Katie had entered the room and picked up on the gist of her conversation.

“You have a date?” the eleven-year-old said with a delighted grin, clearly hungry for the details. Mum hadn’t ever dated, not for as long as Katie could remember.

“Yes, I do. Is that okay?”

“Are you kidding? Yes, of course! That’s so cool! Um, is he anyone I know?”

“I’ll tell you all about it,” Amanda said, “but it might take a while. Why don’t I call out for pizza, then we can change out of these clothes and have the rest of the night to chat?”

“Yay – pizza!” Katie cheered.

After dinner, mother and daughter were in their pyjamas and seated together on the couch. Amanda wore a red satin pair that felt very soft against her skin and a matching robe. Katie was wearing her favourite pink flannel pyjamas that were beginning to thin with wear, but she refused to throw them away.

“Is this talk going to be about sex?” Katie said with a precocious smile. “’Cause Meghan told me she just had that talk with her mum.”

“I think this might be a bit different from what you expect… but yes, part of it is going to be about sex. If you’re uncomfortable, or if you have questions you need to ask, let me know, okay?”

“Sure, Mummy.” Katie said, sitting up straight with her legs folded. “Anything you want to talk about, I’m ready.”

Earlier that day, Amanda had looked online for advice on how best to come out to your children. While it did encourage her to read that most children were accepting when it came to having gay parents, nothing else she found there was especially helpful. Finally, she decided to simply tell Katie the truth and hope for the best.

Taking a deep breath, she began. “You asked if you knew the person I’m going out with, Katie. Well, you do, and actually, it’s a ‘she’. I have a date with your dance instructor, Caroline.”

That caught Katie by surprise, as Amanda knew it would. The girl sat quietly, processing what she’d been told. Amanda waited for the girl’s reaction. She doesn’t seem upset or disgusted — that’s a good sign.

Finally, Katie looked up at her mother. “It’s like a real date? Like with, y’know, kissing and – and stuff?”

Amanda slowly nodded. “Yes, a real date. We haven’t kissed yet, but I want to.”

“That means you, er… you like girls?”

“That’s one of the things I wanted to talk about, dearest. It’s true, I only like girls… well, women. I don’t know if there is a better way to say it, but I’m a lesbian.”

Katie frowned. “But… you and Daddy… Did you change your mind and decide you like girls more?”

“No, I always liked girls. I guess I was just afraid of what people would think so I tried to fit in and hide my feelings. I suppose it sounds dumb now, but I thought if I pretended long enough, I might be able to prefer men. That never happened, of course. I did care for your father, and I’m so, so thankful we had you… but my relationship with him was never really what you’d call romantic.”

Katie understood that. Even though she was very young when her parents divorced, she’d always had a sense that their marriage was never a very happy one. “Does this mean you aren’t afraid now?”

Amanda gave her daughter a wistful smile. “Oh, I’m still afraid… Mostly I was scared you’d be upset, but you’re growing up and deserve to know the truth. I don’t want to keep secrets from you anymore.”

Drawing closer, Katie gave her mother a very tight hug. “I’m not upset, Mummy. I love you, and I want you to be happy.”

“I love you too, baby girl.”

Katie did have other questions, though; she was just uncertain how to put them into words. Finally, she looked up at her mother and hesitantly spoke. “So, um, you want to have girl sex with Ms. Scott, right?”

Amanda took a deep breath. She wasn’t used to discussing such things like this and was a little surprised that her daughter wanted to know such things. Still, she was determined to be honest, come what may. “Oh  Caroline and I would need to decide together what we did with one another… but yes, having sex is certainly something I would want in a relationship with Caroline.”

“That’s what I don’t understand. See, Becca from my class has two mommies. I saw them kiss once, but Becca says they sleep together and even do sex things. I guess I’ve been wondering about that. I mean, like… I kinda know how a boy puts his thing in a girl to make babies — they showed us a video about that in school — but how do you do girl sex?”

Folding her arms, Amanda pondered her daughter’s question for a moment before she answered. “The thing to keep in mind is that sex isn’t just for making babies — at least it ought not to be. It’s more about sharing yourself with a lover, giving her something special that brings you closer together.

“But to answer your question, there’s quite a lot two girls can do when they make love – kissing, touching and… well, some other really special things.”

“Okay, I think I understand,” Katie said before drifting off in thought again. She felt like asking more about those ‘special things’, but sensed that her mum might not want to answer.

“I guess I do have another question,” she said a moment later. “You say you always liked girls, but how did you know you really liked them?”

Rubbing her chin thoughtfully, Amanda finally shrugged. “I don’t know if there is one way to be sure, to be honest. I know that beautiful women make me all tingly inside, and I’ve never felt that way with a man. Back when I was your age, every time I ever fell in love, it was always with a girl.” She gave a shaky laugh. “I had an awful lot of helpless crushes in those days.”

Katie was staring down at her hands as if avoiding her mother’s gaze. “Er… can I ask one more thing?”

“You don’t need permission to ask me questions, baby girl. Fire away.”

“Is it okay if… if I’m a lesbian? ‘Cause I kinda feel the same way. Um, about girls.”

This possibility had never occurred to Amanda, and it caught her by surprise. Guess I’m not the only one who’s been keeping a secret.

Taking the girl’s hands, she said, “Oh, dearest… it’s perfectly okay for you to like girls. I know it can be confusing while you’re figuring things out for yourself, but know that you’ll always, always have my love and support. No matter what.”

“Oh, Mum!” Katie threw both arms around her mother, hugging her tightly as she began to tear up.

“Now, now,” Amanda murmured, gently patting her sniffling daughter’s back. “What’s this about? There’s no need to cry, love.” She nuzzled Katie’s sweet-smelling hair, rocking the girl from side to side. “So tell me… when did you first start having these feelings?”

“I’ve known for… oh, a long time. I just didn’t know how to tell you.” Raising her head, Katie gave Amanda a bashful smile. “Guess I could’ve said something a whole lot sooner, huh?”

“Well, I shouldn’t have waited as long as I did to tell you I was gay,” Amanda replied. She gave her daughter a squeeze. “Let’s make a promise – right here, right now. No more secrets between us, okay?”

Katie pondered the idea. “So… if I kissed a girl, or, y’know, did stuff with her… I could tell you about it? And you wouldn’t get mad, or tell me I wasn’t old enough?”

“No, I wouldn’t.”

“And when you do sex things with Ms. Scott… can I ask you about that? The stuff you guys do together?”

Amanda raised her hands. “Hold on, hold on. I haven’t even kissed her yet!”

“Yeah, but if you do…” Katie was sporting a wicked grin.

“Hmmm… well, I’ll have to think about that. She’s your instructor, after all, so I’m not sure that would be fair to her.” Noticing her daughter’s pout, she added, “Tell you what – if we do have sex, I’ll tell you that, but I’m not sure it would be right to get into the intimate details.”

“I guess that’s okay,” said Katie. “But no more secrets, right? Can we pinky swear on it?”

“Fair enough.” Amanda extended her little finger and linked it with Katie’s. They both tugged.


Later that night, after tucking Katie in, Amanda went back to her room and undressed, then ran herself a hot bath. While relaxing in the steamy water, she thought about their talk.

She’d spent many nights fantasizing about young girls, thinking about how special it would be to give a cute preteen her first lesbian experiences. Now, she couldn’t help but imagine what her daughter’s first time would be like. Would she find a friend to practice kissing with, then allow things to develop naturally from there? Or might she have a special unexpected encounter, like Amanda’s first time with her sweet fairy Emily?

Maybe Katie’s first time will be at Latchmore, too, Amanda told herself. The idea thrilled her, made her cunt throb.

She pictured a little auburn-haired fairy with deep, dark eyes, just like Emily’s had been… but this enticing creature is holding hands with her daughter, who is now a fairy herself. The two of them slip away, off to a  private place in the garden. There, the girls turn to face each other, and Emily leans in to steal a kiss.

Amanda pressed two fingers to her lips, trying to imagine what Katie would feel as that little girl’s soft mouth touches hers.

Letting her fingers slowly trace a pathway down her body, Amanda pictured the fairies gently touching each other. Soon her fingers slipped between her parted thighs while the fantasy drifted to a vision of Katie, tucked up in her bed.

Maybe this new Emily would sneak into Katie’s room at night – slipping into bed, caressing her body, then moving in to kiss her. At first it will just be touching and kissing. Katie’s body is tingling from head to toe, and she is already eager for more. But Emily won’t rush her, not for their first time. Nor will she allow Katie to touch herself, either. Emily wants to be the one to make my little girl come.

Emily’s long, lingering strokes come closer and closer to Katie’s knickers, but much as Katie arches her back and squirms, she doesn’t get that special contact she longs for. Soon she is begging Emily, Touch me there, please please touch me there.

Slowly and methodically, the teasing and seduction continues. Emily straddles the whimpering girl’s chest, until her pussy nearly t Katie’s mouth. She spreads her lips apart, fully exposing everything she has to her new lover.

Look how wet you’re making me, Emily says as she trails a finger up and down through her honey-glazed slit. Would you like me to make your pussy nice and juicy like this?

Yes! Yes, please! Katie begs.

Emily reaches back to touch Katie, but she’s not yet done with her teasing. Slipping her hand inside the eleven-year-old’s panties, she allows her fingers to graze Katie’s still-smooth slit.

Katie moans as the tip of Emily’s finger barely eases its way into her vagina. She thrusts her hips forward to take more of it inside, but Emily draws back, refusing to be rushed. Feeling the little girl grow moist, she carefully fondles Katie’s pudenda until her fingers are coated with the thick, warm nectar.

Withdrawing her hand, Emily holds it up to breathe in Katie’s scent. You smell lovely, she says, then takes a finger into her mouth to taste.

She samples the flavour, then smiles. Mmmm… Katie, I’m going to love licking your pussy, Emily says with a smile. Would you like to taste mine now?

Katie is practically bouncing on the bed, beside herself with excitement. Yes, I would!

Spreading her own cunt with her free hand, Emily reaches down with her wet fingers to stir Katie’s juices together with her own. You know, we’re going to rub our pussies together, she says, and all our juices will get mixed together, just like I’m doing now.

Emily returns the index finger to her mouth, tastes it again. It’s even yummier now! she declares, then reaches for more of Katie’s honey. Once again she presses it between her legs, sighing blissfully at how lovely that feels, then gazes into Katie’s eager eyes. Ready for your first taste of pussy?.

Yes… please let me lick you! the little girl gasps, now frantic in the face of her desperate need.

Emily pauses, pretending to consider it, then shifts her hips forward towards Katie’s waiting mouth.

Use your tongue on me, Katie, she says. Make me come in your face.

Amanda felt her orgasm rising inside as she pumped two fingers deep inside with one hand, furiously rubbing her clit with the other.

She pictured her little girl with her almost flat chest, tiny waist, and strong slender legs, going down on a Latchmore Fairy, her own little lesbian lover. It was so naughty and wrong, masturbating to thoughts of her daughter, but the fantasy was far too compelling to deny.

She wanted to be there to see it happen, to watch Katie enjoy her first lesbian fuck. More than that, she wanted to join them. She pictured her child with legs spread wide, whispering, It’s okay, Mummy… you can taste me. I want you to.

I would do it, yes! Amanda thought. I would lick Katie’s pretty pussy. Just as Aunt Eileen used to lick mine.

With that vision exploding in her mind, she was battered by a convulsive orgasm, the most intense she’d had in years. Her body jerked and shuddered, each breath hissing through clenched teeth. Finally, with a choked gasp, she went limp.

For several minutes afterward, Amanda lay trembling, thinking about what she’d done – and what it meant.

Little did she know that at the very same time, Katie was thinking about her.


For nearly a week after that evening Amanda and Katie went without discussing sex. Even so, the topic was never far from their minds. This became apparent when the two of them went clothes shopping in preparation for Amanda’s date with her daughter’s teacher.

It took them a while to settle on the right outfit. They agreed that it had to be something sexy, “and sort of naughty, but not too naughty,” Katie insisted. They ended up choosing a simple black dress with a spaghetti strap top, empire waist, and a skirt that came to just above her knees. The look was a bit more youthful than Amanda would normally wear, but Katie insisted it was perfect. The right shoes were harder to find — Amanda wanted something that looked nice but would also be comfortable enough if they went somewhere to dance. In the end, they found a pair of three-inch strappy heels that fit the bill.

Amanda had a notion to go without a bra or panties, but didn’t have the nerve to make such a brazen move on a first date. It didn’t matter anyway, because Katie all but dragged her into Victoria’s Secret.

The salesgirl looked to be about seventeen, and was as pretty as could be with very large breasts that were snugly contained by a tight yellow sweater. She introduced herself as Jordan.

Amanda liked her cheerful smile and the cute little bounce she had when she talked that made those firm breasts jiggle. She instantly felt tongue-tied. Not only was she worried that Jordan would notice her obvious attraction, there was also the nervousness she felt about shopping for sexy underwear with her preteen daughter — what on earth would this girl think?

Noticing her mother hesitate, Katie quickly spoke up. “My mum is going out on a first date on Friday. She hasn’t dated in a while, so we want to get her something really special.” Feeling an elfin impulse, she added, “You know – in case she gets to take her dress off.”

Katie,” Amanda protested, “I’m sure Jordan isn’t interested in my social life.”

“Oh, it’s okay,” the salesgirl replied, a knowing twinkle in her eye. “For what it’s worth, I hope you get lucky on Friday,” Her eyes travelled up and down Amanda’s body. “Though from what I see, I’d say that your date is the lucky one.”

“She is,” said Katie, nodding her head, “but Mum’s lucky too, ‘cos they’re both really hot!”

Amanda was on the verge of scolding her daughter, but then noticed that Jordan wasn’t at all thrown by the revelation that her customer was preparing for a date with another woman. In fact, her smile only deepened.

“Well, in that case,” Jordan cooed, “I suppose we should get started.” She reached out to Katie. “Want to help me find something for your mum?”

Katie seized the outstretched hand, and they were off. From that moment on, Amanda was just along for the ride while Katie and Jordan searched the store.

As her daughter and the salesgirl pored through the lingerie, Amanda noticed that Jordan was paying quite a bit of attention to Katie… almost as if she was attracted to her. Sure enough, the older girl was stealing glances at Katie’s bare legs, which were nicely displayed in a pair of cute blue shorts. Meanwhile, it didn’t escape Amanda’s notice that her daughter seemed equally smitten by Jordan, taking a very obvious interest in the teen’s breasts.

This only heightened Amanda’s own arousal. She found herself drifting into a fantasy in which she and Katie undressed this sexy shopgirl and took her together, right there on the floor.

In the midst of their flirtation, Jordan and Katie finally picked out what they agreed was an ideal choice. “Believe me,” said Jordan, “you can not go wrong with a lacy black bra and matching panties on a first date. If this doesn’t get your lady hot, she’s only pretending to be into women!”

Once Amanda agreed with the purchase, Jordan studied Katie thoughtfully. “By the way, as long as you’re here… has Katie been fitted for a bra yet?”

That caught Amanda off guard. Christ almighty, she’s a bold one. Still, she couldn’t deny that the thought of this older girl examining a half-naked Katie excited her in a big way. Her panties were positively sodden.

“No, she never has,” Amanda slowly said, trying to make it sound casual in the face of her mounting heat. “That seems like an excellent idea to me. What do you say, Katie?”

Katie nodded eagerly. “Yeah… I’d love to!”

Quickly producing her pink measuring tape, Jordan escorted Katie to the changing room, turning to give Amanda a saucy wink just before she disappeared behind the curtain.

After a few trips in and out to select items for Katie to try on, she and Jordan had assembled a very nice collection of bralettes and other assorted pieces Amanda’s daughter. In the end, it turned out to be an expensive trip, but Katie was all smiles when they left the store.

“Oh, my goodness!” the eleven-year-old gushed as they walked through the mall, fanning herself with one hand. “That girl was so hot!”

“I thought so, too,” Amanda said. “It looked like she was flirting with you, too.”

“I know, right? Anyway, that’s what it felt like. When we were in the changing room and I took my shirt off, I told her I was a little embarrassed, ‘cause I hardly have anything at all up top — not like her. She said not to worry, that hers were about the same at my age… and even if they don’t get big, lots of people prefer smaller ones anyhow. She even touched me there — it could have been an accident, but I don’t think so.”

“That sounds less like flirting…” Amanda said, “and more like she was hitting on you.”

Katie halted in her tracks. “No way! Maybe we should go back!”

She said it like a joke, but Amanda was now certain that Katie wanted to experience lesbian sex with her new friend. “We’ll go shopping there again soon, dearest. It’ll give you a chance to get to know her better.”

In the meantime, she intended to hold on to the business card Jordan had slipped into the bag with their purchases. I wouldn’t mind having a piece of that teen dream myself.

Neither of them said very much until later, on the drive back home. Katie was deep in thought, looking as if she wanted to ask something.

Eventually, Amanda spoke. “What’s up, dearest?”

“Oh, I was just thinking about another question I had… you know, about, sex stuff?”

“I told you, love – you can always ask me anything. Even about sex. Especially about sex!”

Katie giggled. “Well, okay. Um, I wanted to know more about touching yourself. Down there, y’know?”

“It’s called masturbation. It’s healthy and normal, and there’s nothing bad about it.”

“Really? That’s what I wanted to ask about. See, Leah’s mum caught her doing that, and she told her it was dirty and wrong — she even made Leah tell her dad what she did, and then she got grounded. But Becca said both her mums told her it was totally natural, and everybody does it.”

“I think Becca’s mothers are right, and no one should feel guilty about masturbating… but unfortunately, there are a lot of people who think like Leah’s mom. Still, it’s not just what I think that counts here — how do you feel about it?”

“Umm… well, sometimes when I see a pretty girl – y’know, like Jordan – I get this feeling down there, and it kinda makes me want to do it… touch myself. So, it’s okay if I do that… as long as it’s, um, in private?”

Amanda gave her child a big smile. “Of course it is. That’s a special part about growing up, one you should enjoy.”

Leaning in close, Katie wrapped both arms around Amanda. “You’re the best mom ever.”

“Easy there, youngster!” Amanda laughed. “I’m driving here!”

As soon as they arrived home, Katie parked the bag with her new underthings on the sofa, then rushed upstairs to her room. It wasn’t hard to imagine what she was up to, and Amanda wanted nothing more than to take a peek, even though she knew better than to violate the girl’s privacy. Even so, she knew the image of her daughter masturbating to thoughts of Jordan would be part of her own fantasies that night.

Coming soon: Chapter Three!


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  1. Erocritique says:

    A nice follow-up to chapter 1. The plot seems to be deviating from the original premise a bit, but some extra backstory is always nice. I’m guessing that Amanda’s date with Caroline will set the stage for Katie’s initiation into the Latchmore Fairies. It will be interesting to see how the next chapter moves the story forward. Keep up the good work C. Cat and Co.

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    Yes, strongly agree with other comments, and this toward the end has me going,

    “I told you, love – you can always ask me anything. Even about sex. Especially about sex!”

    Katie giggled. “Well, okay. Um, I wanted to know more about touching yourself. Down there, y’know?”

    “It’s called masturbation. It’s healthy and normal, and there’s nothing bad about it.”

    “Really? That’s what I wanted to ask about.

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