The Latchmore Fairies, Chapter 3

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A brief recap: Single mother and secret lesbian Amanda receives wonderful news from Caroline, the dance instructor for her eleven-year-old daughter Katie. She informs Amanda that Katie is being considered as a fairy for Latchmore House, a magical kingdom of sorts for young girls.  Amanda gets more good news the following day, when Caroline asks her on a date. That evening, Amanda finally comes out to her daughter, only to be surprised (and secretly thrilled) when Katie admits that she likes girls herself. Later that night, Amanda masturbates to thoughts of Katie. The following day, mother and daughter go shopping for something sexy for Amanda to wear on her date, and encounter a cute Victoria’s Secret salesgirl named Jordan who flirts with them both. Got that? Now read on…


by C. Cat

Amanda came home from work early on Friday, leaving plenty of time to get ready for her dinner date with Caroline. Her daughter Katie was spending the night with a friend, so Amanda had the house to herself.

She took a shower and, after toweling off, paused to study her nude body in the mirror, pleased with what she saw. Caroline may be more fit, she thought, but I’ve still got what it takes to turn a woman’s head.

Turning around slowly, Amanda peered over her shoulder. Her ass was somewhat less tight as it had been in college, but weekly gym visits kept her legs toned, and so far there wasn’t a trace of cellulite. She had a nice trim waist and flat tummy that made her breasts seem larger than they were. Okay, she wasn’t as generously endowed as Jordan, the Victoria’s Secret salesgirl she’d met the day before, but Amanda was satisfied enough with what she had.

Jordan... Amanda’s thoughts drifted to the teenager from the mall, to her tight body and ample tits. Wouldn’t it be fun to invite her to a sleepover? she mused. Katie thought she was hot, too. Okay, that’s something I may have to get used to – me and my daughter wanting for the same woman… or girl. Remembering the fantasy she’d had about teaming up with her little girl to fuck Jordan, she felt a twinge of arousal.

Climbing onto her bed, Amanda stretched out, slipping a hand between her legs to spread her cunt open. Touching herself, she pictured her daughter and the salesgirl, naked and sharing sweet kisses. What if I asked Jordan to babysit one night? she thought.

Just before leaving, she could ask Jordan to give Katie a bath, to make sure her little girl was squeaky clean before putting her to bed. Jordan would want to do a very thorough job, and Katie would be sure to help.

After undressing Katie and putting her in the tub, Jordan wouldn’t want to get her top wet while washing the girl, so that would have to come off. At that point, didn’t it make sense for her to undress and get in the bath with Katie?

Soon then the two girls would be lathering each other. Jordan would take extra care to soap Katie’s budding tits before gently rinsing them clean, then working her way lower. Surely she wouldn’t want to use a rough washcloth on the girl’s delicate nether parts, so she would deploy her fingers instead.

Before very long, Katie would be close to coming, but Jordan wouldn’t let things move too fast. Instead, she’d withdraw her hand with a special smile, telling Katie, Don’t worry, love… we’re nowhere near done having a good time, then shower the sweet eleven-year-old off before carefully toweling her dry.

Back in the bedroom, Katie would jump under the covers without bothering with pyjamas, then ask Jordan for a kiss… a request the luscious teen would be only too happy to honour. The kiss would begin innocently, but both girls already knew they wanted more, much more. Soon it would become more passionate, and their tongues would meet and spar playfully as they began to caress and explore each others’ bodies.

Katie wouldn’t be able to resist the opportunity to fondle Jordan’s tits, and the teen would let the younger girl do as she liked. Maybe she would even straddle Katie and bring those full, creamy breasts to her daughter’s mouth, offering her a taut nipple. By then, Katie’s slit would surely be wet, and her excitement so intense that she’d have to caress herself, – toying with her clit, steadily getting closer and closer to an orgasm.

Of course, Jordan wouldn’t let her new lover come without being a part of it; she would lower her lips to Katie’s pussy and lick her tiny clit until the younger girl cried out, overwhelmed by ecstasy.

As her own climax approached, Amanda pictured her preteen daughter, naked, thighs spread wide, on the verge of coming in the face of an older girl… and a rush of warmth surged through her body. At first she tried to dismiss it as just part of her wicked fantasy, but couldn’t deny the truth. She wanted Katie too.

I suppose it had to happen, she reflected. I’ve lusted after young girls ever since I was old enough to feel desire. How can I resist someone as luscious as Katie, even if she is my own child?

Amanda drifted easily into the fantasy: slowly drawing closer to her daughter’s glistening slit, lips parting for an intimate mother’s kiss. She thought how soft those tender petals must feel as she slipped her tongue between them, letting the rich flavour of cunt fill her mouth. I want to look up and see the desire in Katie’s eyes, hear my baby girl whisper, “I love you, Mummy,” when my tongue grazes her clit…

With that image fixed in her mind, Amanda began to shake with the tremors of a powerful orgasm. She couldn’t help but cry out, “Ohhh… Katie!” as the wave came crashing down, then tugged her this way and that..

Dazed and exhausted, her body glowing as if she’d drunk liquid sunshine, Amanda wondered if it was possible that Katie shared these same forbidden desires. Could she want me too? Is my baby girl dreaming of sweet, sexy games with Mummy? One way or another, she had to find out.

She was still thinking of Katie as she slipped on the bra and panties her daughter and Jordan had selected on her visit to Victoria’s Secret. Admiring herself in the mirror, she had to admit that they’d made a good choice. It was provocative without being cheap or slutty, and the bikini-style panties complimented the curves of her hips and her ass perfectly. The dress was a nice choice, too. It had been a bit more expensive than what she usually bought, but hugged her body in an absolutely sinful way.

It’s kind of amazing that my own eleven-year-old could pick out something this perfect, Amanda thought, idly cupping her breasts. She didn’t just choose something cute or trendy, the way most girls her age would’ve done. This outfit makes me look downright desirable… sexy, even. That didn’t seem like an accident — Katie must have been paying closer attention to her body than she ever noticed.

That wasn’t the only hint that Katie was thinking about her mother in a sexual way. Amanda had planned on hiring a sitter for the night, but then Katie’s friend Becca suddenly invited her to spend the night. Which meant that Amanda had no need to come home early — or, indeed, come home at all — from her date with Caroline.

Katie must really be counting on me getting into some hot sex action with her teacher, Amanda decided. I wonder if that idea excites her? 

Once again, her wicked imagination flashed on a thrilling image: a nude Katie rubbing her slit, lost in a vision of Mummy and Miss Scott fucking.

Without noticing at first, Amanda pressed a hand against the rise of her vulva. Catching herself, she made a face. Save that sex energy for your date, girl. Shaking her head to clear it, she took a seat at her vanity to apply a few light touches of makeup, added a hint of scent behind each ear, then went downstairs to wait for Caroline.

At two minutes before 5:00 PM, the doorbell rang. Taking a deep breath, Amanda rose to answer.

Caroline was looking absolutely radiant, her hair loose and flowing down to her shoulders. She wore a black leather a-line skirt, ankle boots, and a low cut blue knit top that looked soft enough to be cashmere. It was also obvious from the outline of her nipples through the material that she’d decided to go braless. It was an amazingly sexy combination, a far cry from the tights Amanda was used to seeing Caroline wear.

“You look marvellous,” Caroline said as she eyed Amanda, looking her up and down.

“Thanks, but the credit goes to Katie for picking out the dress,” Amanda said before adding with a laugh, “She said I was absolutely prohibited from wearing my ‘mom clothes’ on a date.” Pausing to check out Caroline again, she added, “I like her taste, but I’ll never look as gorgeous as you do.”

“Don’t be silly – you’re beautiful,” Caroline said as she gave her a hug and a soft but sweet kiss. They exchanged shy smiles, then Amanda picked up her purse and keys before the two women made their exit, arm in arm.

Once they arrived at the restaurant, Amanda felt a sudden pang of nerves. As much as she’d accepted her identity as a lesbian, a lifetime of concealing her sexuality had lingering effects. As they advanced toward the door she almost panicked, thinking about the heads turning and the hushed whispers directed at her.

Detecting her tension, Caroline gave Amanda’s hand a firm squeeze. “Don’t worry,” she said, “Just walk in with your head held high. I’m proud to have you as my date.”

Amanda was still a bit uncomfortable as they made their way inside, but she felt increasingly excited too. By putting herself in Caroline’s hands, her submissive side experienced that sweet rush that came when she yielded her control to another. She wasn’t sure what was going to happen that evening, but trusted Caroline to take care of her.

As it so often happens, her worries were much worse than the reality. A few heads turned as they were shown to their table, but as far as Amanda could tell most of the looks were of approval, perhaps even envy.

The restaurant was every bit as appealing as she’d heard. It occupied the first floor of a Victorian mansion, the upper floors of which had been converted into a bed and breakfast. As a result, the floor plan was broken up into cosy little rooms rather than one big open space and, by arriving early, they had a room all to themselves.

When the server came to take their drink order, Amanda caught a little sparkle in the woman’s eye when she understood that the two women were more than just friends. She wasn’t sure, but thought Caroline even gave a little wink when she ordered a bottle of Chianti for her and “my date.” That intrigued the server at the very least, and the service was the most attentive she’d ever had.

Once their drinks were served, Caroline leaned in and asked, “So, I take it Katie is happy with the idea of us dating?”

“Yes, ecstatic. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised. Funny, but our conversation about it was a lot harder for me than for her…”

Caroline nodded as Amanda continued. “I know Katie likes you, and she’s always been very open minded… I didn’t think she would get upset when I told her I was gay. Sure enough, it didn’t faze her at all — she had a lot of questions, though!”

“She’s such a smart girl… I’d be surprised if she didn’t ask a lot of questions.”

“Katie always was a curious child. She asked me about when I first realised I liked girls, and how I knew it wasn’t just a phase… Of course she asked about me and her dad too. It gave me the chance to open up to her about some very personal things. It felt so good to be able to share with her.”

“That’s wonderful. I’ve no doubt that it brought you two even closer.”

“Oh, it did, even more than I even expected. When I told her about always knowing I was a lesbian, but being too scared to admit it, Katie ended up coming out to me!”

Caroline’s eyes widened in apparent surprise. “Katie is gay?” I knew it! she told herself.

“Well, she admitted to ‘liking girls,’ Amanda replied with a shrug. “I don’t think she’s done anything with another girl, not yet.” She laughed. “I wouldn’t be surprised if she had a crush on her friend Becca – you know, the cute little redhead from your class…”

“The one with the two mums,” Caroline finished. “And you’re right – that one is adorable!” She reached out to take Amanda’s hand. “So, tell me… how do you feel about your daughter being a lesbian?”

Very, very aroused, Amanda thought, but instead she said, “Oh, I’m happy about it. Katie’s at the age where I expected to start worrying about boys. If being gay spares her from getting involved with the sort of spotty gits that I had to contend with…” She shuddered. “Frankly, I think she’s lucky.”

“I do, too,” said Caroline, “Know why? ‘Cos she’s got an incredible mum.”

Caroline’s beaming smile showed how delighted she was. As a girl, she’d struggled with the pain of her own mother refusing to accept her. Knowing Katie could come out and be loved filled her with joy.

Their conversation continued on that happy note, then flowed from topic to topic as they learned more about each other. They both felt a steadily growing sexual urge, but it wasn’t something either of them felt the need to talk about, not just yet.

Amanda didn’t know if all lesbian dates were like this, but she liked it quite a lot. The men she’d dated seemed to treat going to dinner as a box they had to check off to get her into bed. With Caroline, it felt very different… more like foreplay. They both knew they would end up making love that evening, but neither of them felt the need to rush. Instead they were spending quality time together, letting the energy between them grow — knowing that when it did happen, the sex would be all the better for it.

As they finished their desserts and drank the last of their wine, the cute young server brought the check directly to Caroline. Amanda reached for her purse, but Caroline would have none of it. “I asked you out, so this is my treat. If you want to pay for dinner, ask me out sometime.”

“How about breakfast tomorrow morning?” Amanda murmured, giving her companion a knowing smile.


Caroline lived in a townhouse on a tree-lined street in an older, gentrified part of town. It looked expensive without being flashy, filled with comfortable but high-quality furniture and an impressive collection of original art. What stood out the most was a number of framed photographs of gorgeous young ballerinas — some in performance costumes, some in tights and leotards. While it would be easy to dismiss these as innocent mementos of former students, Amanda noticed that these images were all unmistakably sexy.

She was instantly drawn to one picture in particular. An adorable young girl, maybe nine or ten, in a pink leotard without tights was sitting cross-legged in the studio. The girl was positioned so the fabric of her outfit hugged her mound, creating a visible camel toe. Thrilling as that was, what really captured Amanda’s heart was the expression on the girl’s face. She had an eager sparkle in her eyes, as if waiting for a very special treat.

“I love that photo,” Caroline said as she embraced Amanda from behind. “Beautiful, isn’t she?”

“Yes, very.” Amanda began – then paused, not sure how else to respond.

“It’s more than that, isn’t it?” Caroline whispered, “She’s incredibly sexy… and she knows it, too.”

As Caroline spoke, she allowed her hands to slip down over Amanda’s hips until they rested on her bare legs. “You know, sometimes I think about her when I’m touching myself. Wouldn’t you just love to hold her in your arms? To kiss that pretty little mouth?”

Amanda knew that she ought to deny her true feelings, but found herself unable to lie to Caroline. “Yes… she whispered. “Yes, I would.” The words slipped out, astonishing her as she spoke them. Yet somehow, it felt right to speak honestly to this woman. She’d always been terrified of what people would think if they knew of her sexual attraction to young girls, but with Caroline she felt safe.

Amanda turned around in Caroline’s arms, their mouths meeting in a kiss that quickly grew hot and hungry. She shared passionate kisses before, but never like this. It was both tender and fierce, their tongues flickering like twin flames. As they embraced, the energy between them seemed to flow back and forth like a conversation expressing their desire.

As they kissed, Amanda felt Caroline’s hands slip around to cup her ass, then pull her closer until they were grinding their cunts through layers of clothing. Amanda was desperate to be naked with her new lover, and she moaned into their kiss when she felt Caroline slowly unzipping her dress. She let the silky fabric slip from her shoulders and fall to the floor, leaving her in that lacy black bra and panties.

Caroline stood back, licking her lips as she took in the sight of Amanda’s body. “You’re absolutely delicious, It’s a shame we didn’t do this sooner.” Taking Amanda by the hand, she led her to the bedroom.

Once there, they paused to slip out of their shoes, then drifted together, their mouths meeting again. This time, Caroline deftly unhooked Amanda’s bra and let it fall to the carpet. As they continued to kiss, Amanda felt her own taut nipples rubbing against Caroline’s cashmere top, building an almost electric sensation that buzzed and throbbed through her body. Sometime during the kiss she also felt her panties sliding down. These fell to encircle Amanda’s ankles, leaving her naked.

Now it was Amanda’s turn to undress Caroline. With fingers made clumsy by desire, she found the clasp of that little skirt and unhooked it, watching the garment unwrap from Caroline’s body as it dropped to the floor. Expecting to see a pair of sexy knickers, she felt a sudden jolt of excitement at the sight of her lover’s shaved vulva.

It was too much for Amanda to take – her lust raged and snarled inside like a caged beast. All but shoving Caroline back onto the bed, she pushed the cashmere top up to reveal her partner’s breasts, licking her lips as she imagined how it would feel to suck those swollen nipples.

Caroline’s taut dancer’s body was spread out and open, her big dark eyes making it more than clear that she was ready to be taken. Amanda suddenly thought of the little ballerina in the picture. When that shot was taken, was there some woman close by, prepared to make love to that little girl, just as she intended to do with Caroline? I certainly hope so, she thought.

Amanda knelt between those parted legs, letting her hands glide up and down them before leaning in to kiss Caroline’s left thigh. Delighted by its softness, she began to nuzzle a path upwards, gradually heading for the treasure nestled in between.

As lovely as those legs were, the years of dancing had left every muscle toned and well-defined. Amanda longed to feel those legs wrapped around her, to feel them squeeze her head.

Now her lips were an inch or two from Caroline’s sex. She paused for a moment to appreciate its delicate, yet earthy scent. Her daughter’s teacher had an absolutely gorgeous cunt, a pink-hued flower that made Amanda’s mouth water.

Oh, yes, she thought, it’s been much too long. And I had no idea how badly I needed this. Not until now.

As she eased Caroline’s legs further apart, the slit opened slightly to reveal juicy pink flesh inside, dripping honey. Leaning in, she extended her tongue to taste.

Caroline shivered, letting out an explosive gasp as Amanda’s tongue slipped between her lips and gently probed her vagina – exploring the soft folds, working down to her womanly core.

“Yes!” Caroline cried. “Do it! Fuck me with your tongue!”

Amanda drew out the teasing a little while longer as she licked around the opening, then plunged her tongue inside again. As she began to thrust in and out, her thumb found Caroline’s clit, which she stroked in tiny circular motions.

By then, Caroline was writhing in ecstasy, but Amanda wasn’t done. With her free hand, she reached lower to cup her partner’s arse, then probed between the cheeks to find the taut rosebud before slowly pressing a finger inside.

“Yes! Fuck! Oh, yes!” Caroline ranted, her body arching up from the bed. She was trembling on the cusp of  release.

Amanda soon had one finger working in and out of Caroline’s ass like a piston while the other hand worked its magic on her clit. All the while, she continued to pleasure the woman’s sex with long, deep licks.

Finally, with one deep guttural moan, Caroline began to convulse as the wave of a powerful orgasm crashed over her. Even as she tossed and turned in ecstasy, Amanda kept pleasuring her, sucking Caroline’s clit between her lips and assaulting it with her tongue. Before the first orgasm had even run its course, a second one had begun.

This time Caroline didn’t even have the strength to moan and just lay there shaking helplessly as the wave continued, then finally receded. When her eyes fluttered open, Amanda was gently licking her clean.

“Now it’s your turn,” Caroline said, raising herself up on both elbows. “Sit on my face. I want to taste you.”

Saying farewell to her new lover’s pussy with a kiss, Amanda moved to straddle Caroline, then lowered herself to the dancer’s open mouth.

It felt divine. Amanda had to lean forward and grip the headboard for support as Caroline worked her tongue in and out, gulping down her honey, then she began to lick Amanda’s vaginal opening, giving her clitoris a tiny flick of the tongue with each stroke.

Finally, Caroline centred her attention on the clit, and a choked cry escaped Amanda’s throat. It felt like a band of warmth coiled around her clit that alternated between suction and pressure. Then that awesome feeling was compounded when she felt one finger slide up into her vaginal core, while another pushed past the sphincter and deep into her rectum.

Amanda could barely discern one sensation from another as Caroline’s fingers and tongue worked to make her giddy with pleasure. She sensed her orgasm in the distance, welcomed its approach.

Then suddenly, Caroline pulled away, wriggling out from beneath Amanda and onto her knees. “Let’s rub pussies!” she panted. “I want to fuck you, lover.”

Amanda was somewhat dazed, but allowed Caroline to shift her about until she was lying on the bed, her thighs forked apart. Caroline quickly arranged herself until their cunts were kissing, then reached down to grasp Amanda’s bum, drawing her in. They both shivered at how lovely it felt, then began to move against one another in a slow rhythm that soon began to speed up.

Amanda was in ecstasy, torn between wanting the feeling to last forever and desperate for relief while Caroline kept grinding harder and faster.

Soon she heard Caroline gasp, then that trailed off into a long, low moan. As Amanda was riding on the very edge, she realised that her lover was getting close herself. I just need to hold on a moment longer… just a few more seconds… oh God, oh God, I can’t–

The shuddering jolt of orgasm hit her just an instant before Caroline let out her own choked cry of release. They remained locked together, joined in ecstasy, thrashing about on the bed until Amanda’s strength gave out and she went limp, barely conscious of Caroline collapsing next to her before she passed out.


Amanda awakened in Caroline’s arms, surprised to see the light of morning through the blinds.

Rather than stir, she took a moment to savour the sensual caress of another woman’s soft skin against her own. How could I have gone so long without this? she asked herself. Recalling the pleasures they had shared the night before, she felt a familiar tingle begin in her centre. Growing increasingly aroused, but not wanting to wake her new lover, she began to fondle her slit.

Sensing motion beside her, Caroline slowly drifted into consciousness. “G’morning, love,” she said, then lightly nibbled Amanda’s earlobe. Her hands were already busy, caressing wherever she could reach.

“Mmmm…” was all Amanda could say as she continued to masturbate..

By comparison to the night before, her orgasm was almost gentle, but making herself come in Caroline’s arms make it extra special.

They drifted together in a tender kiss, then Caroline said, “Don’t know about you, but I’m dying for a hot shower. Care to join me?”

“Lead the way,” Amanda replied with a grin.

After a delightful romp in the shower and another orgasm apiece, the two lovers took turns towelling each other off. Dropping the towel and padding back to the bedroom, Caroline opened her armoire and selected a little silk romper. Handing it to Amanda, she said, “I think this should fit,” then picked out another for herself.

It was a little short and her larger breasts pressed against the thin fabric to reveal the clear outline of her nipples, but Amanda certainly didn’t mind.

Before long, the two were nestled together in a love seat, relaxed and drinking coffee. Feeling happy and content, Amanda’s thoughts drifted to other matters.

“I was wondering,” she said, “Will Katie coming out as gay be a problem with the Latchmore Fairies?”

Caroline took her by the hand. “It won’t be a problem at all. In fact, you could say it’s ideal.”

“What? Really?”

“Yes. It’s not something the outside world has ever heard about, though. You see, Anna and Charlotte Latchmore knew — from first-hand experience, actually — the challenges girls like Katie would face. You could say that the idea of the Fairies was conceived with girls like your daughter in mind.”

“So…” Amanda paused to collect her thoughts. “When you recommended my daughter for the Latchmore scholarship… you knew she was a lesbian?”

“I strongly suspected it, but didn’t know for sure.” Caroline smiled. “I’m seldom wrong, though.”

In retrospect, Amanda had seen the signs herself, but hasn’t recognised them for what they were. When her daughter’s friends mooned over boys, Katie always seemed indifferent at best. On the other hand, she’d formed attachments to other girls that were surprisingly intense… and after seeing a couple of the Harry Potter films, Katie had developed a genuine obsession with Emma Watson, plastering the walls of her bedroom with as many images of the girl as she could find.

It was no surprise, Amanda decided, that someone who worked with as many youngsters as Caroline would be quick to notice that Katie’s interest in other girls ran deeper than it seemed. Moreover, this revelation shed some light on her own memories of Latchmore House.

Caroline must have noticed something in Amanda’s eyes. “Maybe I should have said something to you sooner. I hope it’s okay that I didn’t…?”

Amanda shook her head. “No, I understand. I might not have been ready to accept it if you’d told me this a week ago. Anyway, it’s not that… Listen, what you just said got me thinking. You know, I had my very first sexual experience at Latchmore.”

Caroline’s eyes widened. “Really? Will you tell me about it?”

So Amanda shared the story of how the fairy named Emily masturbated for her that day in the gardens, then offered her the first taste of a girl’s ambrosia. She spoke of that same evening, of how she followed Emily’s instructions to bring herself to orgasm. However, Amanda chose to leave out the part where Aunt Eileen caught her masturbating, then made love to her. Some other time, she decided.

All the while, Caroline listened with rapt attention. “Wow,” she said, “I wish I’d been there to see that! Honestly, I mightn’t have been all that far away when it happened. If it’s the same Emily I’m thinking of, she was just a couple years ahead of me.” With a knowing grin, Caroline added, “She was an amazing lover, by the way.”

“I… I wondered if you might know her,” Amanda murmured, feeling a sharp jolt of arousal. “It also made me think about what you said about Katie… Does that sort of thing happen a lot at Latchmore, then? Um, girls being with other girls?”

Caroline paused, thinking for a moment before she spoke. “Well, you’ll get all the details before Katie joins, but I think there are some things I can share.

“Anna and Charlotte had some specific ideas about how to help girls — and the fairies in particular — so they became strong, confident, and independent women. If you think about it, almost all the rules that society has to keep women in ‘their place’ are about sex and morality. Let’s just say that the fairies are encouraged to break a lot of those rules, as long as it’s safe and consensual.”

Amanda certainly couldn’t argue with that. After all, she herself had ended up in an unhappy marriage by blindly following society’s rules, and wanted something better for Katie. Could Latchmore House hold the key to that brighter life?

Still, she had lingering concerns. “So, if Katie joins… will she have to…?”

Caroline was already shaking her head. “No, no. Your daughter won’t have to do anything she doesn’t want to — no one will pressure her there. But there’s no point being in denial, either. Katie is a curious girl who is just learning about her sexuality, and she’s surely hungering to know more. No one is going to stop her from experimenting, so all you can do is make sure she’s safe and loved. Latchmore House will give her that.”

Amanda nodded, thinking about the fairies… but also about the way her own love for Katie was growing and changing.

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