The Latchmore Fairies, Chapter 4

  • Posted on August 4, 2022 at 2:37 pm

A brief recap: Single mother and secret lesbian Amanda receives wonderful news from Caroline, the dance instructor for her eleven-year-old daughter Katie. She informs Amanda that Katie is being considered as a fairy for Latchmore House, a magical kingdom of sorts for young girls.  Amanda gets more good news the following day, when Caroline asks her on a date. That evening, Amanda finally comes out to her daughter, only to be surprised (and secretly thrilled) when Katie admits that she likes girls herself. Amanda’s date with Caroline is a rousing success. They make passionate love and share some secrets, including a mutual attraction to young girls. Now read on…


by C. Cat

On Monday morning, Amanda received a call from Cindy Franklin, Head Mistress of Latchmore House. She was very interested in meeting both Amanda and her little girl Katie.

“I’d especially like to give Katie a chance to meet and get to know the other girls,” Ms. Franklin said. “That’s the best way to see if your daughter would do well as one of the Latchmore Fairies. Mind you, I’ve heard some very glowing praise for Katie, so I’ve no doubt that she’d be a good fit. Can we pencil you in for an appointment this Saturday afternoon?”

Amanda readily agreed, smiling to herself at the thought of what it meant to be a “good fit,” in light of her talk with Caroline about her experiences as a fairy. That’s when she’d learned that Latchmore House had always been run by lesbians, women who encouraged their fairies to find love and pleasure with other girls.

Katie was thrilled to learn that they had free tickets for a tea party at Latchmore on the weekend. She’d visited there before, but never for a special event like this where the fairies were guaranteed to be there. Amanda hadn’t yet told Katie that she might be offered the chance to become a fairy herself — that had been arranged as a special surprise.

The weather was beautiful when they arrived. After checking in, they sat outside near a fountain with a group, mostly mothers and younger daughters. There, tea and sandwiches were served. Afterward, as trays of little cakes were brought out, there was a murmur from the crowd – some of the girls had spotted the fairies capering in the woods.

The fairies were shy at first, disappearing when they were spotted. Soon they were a little bolder, staying longer and even waving at the onlookers. Before very long, the little girls were calling to the fairies, pleading with them to come out and play.

Eventually, some of the fairies who had instruments gathered together and began to play a lilting melody. Other fairies gradually came dancing out of the forest, coming together in a circle.

As they moved around the circle, every now and then one of the fairies would break off and choose a little girl from the crowd to join them. They would have the girls follow along with simple steps, and soon almost all of the youngsters were dancing.

Amanda felt a warmth growing inside as she watched the little girls caper in their pretty sundresses. She especially appreciated the girls with shorter skirts, the kind that put their bare legs on display. As the dance continued, Amanda noticed that the fairies seemed to be encouraging the girls to spin around, so their skirts would rise up for an occasional glimpse of their knickers.

As Katie danced with the others, several of the fairies gave her especially bright smiles. Some of them even winked at her. She thought they were all beautiful, but it wasn’t just their faces she noticed. Instead, she was transfixed by the skimpy material of the fairies’ dresses, which displayed their lithe bodies to delicious effect. Right from the start she felt butterflies in her tummy. They’re all so… so sexy! She couldn’t help but picture herself undressing them, touching them, even kissing them all over. The very idea made her shiver.

When the music stopped, everyone cheered. The fairies then quickly seated themselves in a distant circle around one of their own number, an adorable blonde who began to sing a folk song in her sweet, clear soprano. Some of the girls, Katie included, slowly wandered back to join their mothers as they listened. Everyone was silent, enraptured by the young fairy’s beautiful song.

Katie’s eyes were drawn to one little redheaded fairy with bright green eyes. The way she was sitting, Katie could see right up her skirt. Glancing around nervously, she quickly realised that no one else had noticed but her. It felt wrong to stare, but the sight was much too compelling. Katie looked again, wishing she could see even more.

Then the girl shifted, and Katie barely managed to stop herself from gasping out loud. She could see everything now, and there were no panties to block her view — just the bare beauty of the girl’s cunny.

Katie’s heart was pounding frantically, and she felt warm all over. Common sense told her to look away, but she just couldn’t. It’s so pretty! She wanted to touch herself, right there in front of everyone.

Though still a girl of eleven who had only recently admitted to herself she was gay, Katie had actually known the truth for much longer. Even so, her experience with girls was very limited. She’d practised kissing a few times with some girls at summer camp, but felt obliged to pretend she was only rehearsing for kissing boys when she was older. Admitting her real feelings to any of the girls she knew didn’t seem possible — she was much too bashful.

What Katie lacked in experience, she made up with a vivid imagination. After the conversation with her mother about her preference for girls, she’d been thinking more and more about lesbian sex. Most of her fantasies were about girls her age, particularly when they had long slender legs, tight little bottoms, and were just beginning to grow breasts. Whenever she got scolded for being distracted in school or dance class, thinking of girls like that was usually the reason.

But she liked older women, too. Although partial to those on the petite side, she absolutely loved women with nice big boobs. There was just something about a slim woman with breasts that seemed a little too big for her body — just like Jordan from the mall and, she recently realised, her own mother. At first Katie felt guilty about thinking about her mum that way, but had to admit she was dead sexy.

Drifting off into an idle fantasy of the little redheaded fairy, Katie forgot that she was still staring. So when she glanced up, she got a shock — the girl’s big green eyes were locked on hers! There was no hiding what she was looking at, or what she was thinking, so Katie braced herself for what would happen next. Would the girl get upset, even make a scene?

In fact, nothing like that happened. The girl just smiled, showing her braces. Then, almost imperceptibly, she spread her knees a little wider before giving Katie a nod of approval.

Omigosh, Katie marvelled. She… she wants me to look!

More than that, the flush in the redhead’s cheeks and what appeared to be a hint of wetness between her legs made it clear: she was excited, too.

Katie felt the ache in that special spot as it cried out for attention. She squeezed her thighs together and shifted her body a bit, but that wasn’t enough. She desperately needed to touch herself.

Wondering if she ought to excuse herself for a trip to the toilet, Katie was so caught up in the moment that she failed to notice two other fairies who had drifted up behind her. Her fingers were within inches of her throbbing sex when she heard a noise behind her and flinched. Before she knew what was what, one of the fairies had bent to whisper in her ear. “Would you like to come and play with us?”

Had they noticed anything? Kate hadn’t quite touched herself yet, but the way she’d started and the guilty expression on her face must’ve been obvious. She took a breath to calm herself, then looked to her mother for permission. If Mum could tell what Katie had just been thinking, she didn’t let on.

Amanda gave her daughter a warm smile. “Go ahead, sweetheart, I’m sure they have a lot to show you.”

“We do,” the fairies said in unison. Each took one of Katie’s hands and helped the girl to her feet, then led her down a nearby path.

As the fairies took her with them, Katie noticed that most of the other girls had also been taken aside. A few were jumping and spinning about with a couple of fairies; some, like herself, were being guided into the woods; and one little girl was seated with her fairy in a shady spot, eyes wide as she listened to a story.


Amanda watched as the fairies wandered away with Katie, briefly admiring their cute little bums, already imagining what lovely games the three of them might play together. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they made love to her? she mused. I can’t imagine a nicer introduction to sex.

Once the trio had disappeared into the forest, Amanda shifted her attention to the remaining girls. In particular, there was one especially lovely redheaded fairy seated close by. My God… she’s absolutely perfect! She pictured herself reaching under that snug-fitting dress and slipping the girl’s panties off, then burrowing between those silken thighs. Tracing that sweet pink slit with my tongue, capturing the taste of her, savouring it… 

A woman’s voice suddenly broke into Amanda’s wicked reverie, making her jump. “They are beautiful, aren’t they?”

Swivelling around to see an unfamiliar woman standing over her, Amanda blurted, “What? Oh, yes, I s-suppose.” Taking a deep breath, she struggled to compose herself, painfully aware of her flushed cheeks.

“My apologies. I didn’t mean to startle you,” the woman said. She extended a hand. “I’m Cindy Franklin.”

Taking Ms. Franklin’s hand, Amanda replied, “Oh, yes… um, Amanda Peters. I’m Katie’s mum.”

Cindy Franklin was absolutely gorgeous. She wore a yellow sundress with a low-cut neckline, a cinched waist that accented her trim figure, and a skirt that stopped a couple inches above the knees showing off her long athletic legs. Her blonde hair seemed to sparkle in the sun. Even though she must have been a few years older than Amanda, she had the sort of rosy skin that made it impossible to guess her age.

Ms. Franklin nodded. “Yes, I thought that was you. I’m so glad you and your daughter could join us today. I hope Katie is having a good time!”

“Thank you, Ms. Franklin. Um, yes, she’s having a lovely time. She just left a moment ago with a pair of your fairies.”

“Please, call me Cindy. Yes, that was Piper and Melissa. I asked them to show her around… I hope that’s okay. You see, I wanted to have a chance for the two of us to chat.”

By then, Amanda would have followed her anywhere. “Absolutely.”

“Let’s take a stroll, then. The gardens are beautiful, after all.” Taking her hand again, Cindy helped Amanda to stand, and they set off.

Amanda didn’t let go, either. Cindy’s grasp was warm and comforting, like a mummy holding her little girl’s hand. She’d often fantasised about finding a woman who made her feel like a young girl, and something about Cindy made her feel secure and looked after. A flush of warmth ran through her body as she imagined what it might be like to love this kind, strong woman.

As for Cindy, she found herself to be quite attracted to Amanda. When her close friend and former Latchmore fairy Caroline had nominated Amanda’s daughter Katie to be a fairy herself, she’d let Cindy know that the girl’s mother was as sweet and genuine as she was beautiful. Cindy had to agree, already hoping that she and Amanda might become friends, hopefully lovers. The woman had a sweet submissive side that made Cindy want to possess her and care for her.

It was clear to see Amanda was attracted to her too, but desire alone wasn’t always enough. Most young girls quickly adapted to the unique culture of Latchmore House, but women who had grown up with the baggage of society sometimes had a much more difficult time adjusting to the Latchmore way.

If Amanda was to be brought into their circle, Cindy needed to know how close to the edge the woman was willing to go. That meant pushing her a little more than she might expect.

“May I ask you something… personal?” Cindy said as she led Amanda to a bench in a quiet green bower, where they seated themselves. She rested a hand on the younger woman’s knee.

Amanda nodded. “Yes. Anything.” She felt a renewed twinge of excitement. Could Cindy be interested in her as more than just the mother of a potential recruit?

“Just before I introduced myself, you were looking at a little redheaded girl. What were you thinking at that moment?”

A pang of fear surged through Amanda. She saw me looking? She knows? Oh my God, oh my GOD.

Before there was even time to think, Amanda was speaking, trying to shield herself. “Um, I was just, uh, thinking how pretty…”

“No,” Cindy cut her off calmly, but with an edge to her voice. “She is pretty, yes… but you and I both know it was more than that. At Latchmore, we are always open and honest with our sisters. It’s our way. I want the next words you speak to be the truth, Amanda. The truth.”

Sisters. The word hung in the air for a moment. At first it seemed out of place, but then her thoughts fell together like pieces of a puzzle. She already knows the answer, Amanda told herself, now she’s trying to find out if I trust her. Maybe even more than a sister would.

Common sense told Amanda to deny her feelings. That was the voice she always listened to… and she was well acquainted with the guilt and shame that fed it. But at the same time, there was something about Cindy that she responded to, that made her want to be honest about her desires.

Can I really tell her this… the one secret I’ve never shared with anyone, not even a lover?

It was an enormous gamble, one Amanda suddenly knew she wanted to take.

“I…” she started to speak, but her voice cracked. Staring down at her restless hands, she tried again. “I… really did think she was pretty, yes… But you’re right, there was more to it. I thought she was sexy, too… and that excited me.” Now that she’s begun, the words flowed more freely. “I was imagining what it would be like to – to take her knickers off. To take all her clothes off. I w-wanted to lick her pussy… to find out what she tastes like.”

Bracing herself for Cindy’s response, Amanda raised her head, made eye contact. To her enormous awe and relief, the woman was smiling.

Cindy opened her arms and Amanda fell into them, hugging her new friend as she began to cry.

“Good girl,” Cindy said, cradling the sobbing Amanda to her. “Thank you for being brave, sweetheart. I know that was hard, but it’s important that you and I be honest with each other.”

Amanda wept quietly for a little while, finally calming herself. Gently breaking away, she sat up straight. “Oh, hell,” she muttered, quickly withdrawing a tissue and wiping her face. “I’m sure I look perfectly awful now…”

“Not at all,” said Cindy, carefully placing her hand on the younger woman’s upper thigh. “You’re lovelier than ever.”

Amanda turned to look at Cindy, unable to speak. Tears were still in her eyes, but Cindy also saw desire. Leaning in, she kissed Amanda on the mouth.

The kiss was gentle, sensual. They both enjoyed the lingering pace, not so much passionate as warm and filled with affection. When they broke apart, they paused to gaze into each other’s eyes.

“Caroline told me quite a lot about you, but I didn’t expect you to be this special.” Cindy whispered as she stroked Amanda’s hair. “I hope this is the start of something more.”

“I… I’d like that, too.”

“You understand that things are different here. We follow our own rules when it comes to relationships.”

“Caroline told me a few things about that… I’m sure that I have a lot to learn, though.”

Cindy’s hand trailed from down from Amanda’s hair, pausing to caress her neck. “Then you came to the right teacher,” she said, playfully tapping her new friend on the nose like she was a cute little schoolgirl, “and I have just the thing for your first lesson.”

Rising from the bench, Cindy took Amanda by the hand and led her down the path.

Soon they came upon an old building that was once a carriage house, but had long since been renovated. Cindy led Amanda to an office on the second floor, but didn’t take her inside. Instead, she had Amanda sit on a bench out front.

“If you wouldn’t mind waiting for a few minutes, I have to make some arrangements.”

“Of course,” Amanda said, eager to please her new teacher.

Sitting on the bench, she started to feel a little like a schoolgirl who’d been summoned to the principal’s office. She was a little nervous about what Cindy might be planning, but that just excited her all the more.

After about ten minutes, Cindy called out to her. Like an obedient girl, Amanda entered and stood before Cindy’s desk, hands clasped before her.

Rising from behind the desk, Cindy came over to Amanda, then began to circle her. It felt as if she was being inspected, even appraised. Strangely enough, she found herself turned on by it. Unsure how to respond, Amanda chose to remain silent, looking forward.

“Are you ready to begin?” Cindy whispered in her ear as she brought her body closer to Amanda’s.

“I am,” Amanda said, struggling to keep calm as she felt a hand slide up her leg, then slowly lift the skirt of her sundress.

She was already wet with excitement, unable to stifle a whimper as Cindy patted her panty-covered ass. “First, these knickers have to go. Take them off, then hold your skirt up.”

Amanda dutifully obeyed, pushing the sodden panties down, then letting them fall to ring her ankles. Taking hold of the skirt, she hoisted it to her waist, putting her sex on full display. She’d always been a fairly modest woman, never one for flaunting her nudity, but she now found herself thrilled by the sheer lewdness of what she was up to now: standing before another woman, showing her cunt off like a wicked child.

“Very pretty,” Cindy said, still examining her, “I love your shaved pussy.”

“Thank you, Miss Cindy,” Amanda said. It didn’t seem right to call a teacher by her first name alone.

Cindy stood face to face with Amanda. “Do you understand that always being honest with your sisters – even if it feels uncomfortable to you — is our most important rule?”

“I understand, Miss Cindy.”

“That’s what we’re going to practice now,” Cindy said. Placing a hand on Amanda’s shoulder, she gently turned the woman around.

Amanda’s eyes went wide when she saw a third person standing there: the little redheaded fairy from the garden.

“Amanda, this is Rayne. Rayne, this is Katie’s mum, Amanda. I think she has something she needs to tell you. It’s about what she was thinking when she saw you earlier today.”

A jolt of panic hit Amanda, harder than it had the first time she was asked to share her true thoughts. Telling Cindy was one thing, but could she admit her deepest, darkest desire to a little girl?

She was frightened, yes… but in addition to the fear, she knew excitement. After all, isn’t this what I’ve dreamed of for ages?

In her shock, she almost forgot she was standing in front of the girl with her skirt held high, panties at her feet. By the time she noticed, it was too late to cover up. The look on Rayne’s face wasn’t one of surprise, though. In fact the girl, who couldn’t have been a day over twelve, was staring at Amanda’s pussy with a distinct hunger in her eyes.

Feeling helpless and exposed, Amanda had no choice but to be honest.

“I… I was looking at you in the garden today and thought about how sexy and beautiful you looked. I imagined what it would be like to kiss you, undress you, and caress your body. I wanted to touch you everywhere, then spread your legs and, and lick you until you came. Then I wanted you to… to do the same to me.”

“Did you feel like masturbating when you were watching her?” Cindy asked. She was now seated in a plush accent chair.

“I did.”

Cindy turned to the girl. “What do you think about that?”

Rayne grinned. “I’m glad she likes me like that. I think she’s sexy, too.”

“Would you like to watch while Amanda makes herself come?”

The little girl nodded eagerly. “Yes, please!”

“You heard the girl,” Cindy told Amanda. “Touch your cunt. Come for her.”

Amanda was still in a mild state of shock, but she couldn’t deny the hunger she felt for the little girl, as well as her desire to please Cindy. Perching on the edge of the desk, she spread her legs apart to give Rayne a good view.

Running two fingers up and down her slit, she watched Rayne carefully, imagining that it was the girl who was touching her there. Drifting back into her fantasy from earlier, Amanda pictured herself slipping off the little girl’s fairy dress, caressing her bare body, bending to lick and suckle the tips of her budding breasts. Her excitement grew as she imagined kneeling before Rayne, nuzzling her slit. Was she silky smooth down there, or might she have a sprinkling of pubic down that matched the bright red of her hair?

It was easy to see that Rayne was becoming aroused, too. She slid a hand down each thigh, finally grasping the hem of her skirt. Instead of lifting it, though, she slowly spread her knees. Inch by inch, the young girl allowed more of her slender legs and inner thighs to be seen.

The little vixen, Amanda thought. She’s teasing me!

As if Rayne could read her mind, she gave the skirt an unexpected jerk, yanking it up to her chest.

Amanda gasped, her head spinning like a crazed carousel at what she saw. Beneath the dress, the little girl was completely naked. The sight of Rayne’s pretty pink cunny made her mouth water.

“Tell Amanda how old you are, child,” Cindy murmured.

“I just turned eleven. Just like Katie, ‘cept she’s a month older.”

Cindy studied Amanda thoughtfully. “Know something, Rayne? I’ve got a very distinct feeling that Katie’s mummy wants to lick her little girl’s cunt, just like she wants to lick yours. Am I right, Amanda?”

By that point, Amanda was pumping two fingers deep into her vagina while using the other hand to work her clitoris. She was short of breath, but still managed to gasp, “Yes, oh God, yes. I want to, to m-make love to my daughter.” She was revelling in her lewdness, suddenly eager to reveal her most dangerous secrets.

“I’d like to see you do that,” Rayne said, still holding her dress high, then she gave a slight pout. “Wish my mum would make love to me. She wants to, I can tell… guess she’s too scared.”

Cindy stroked her chin. “Your mother’s gay, isn’t she?” Rayne nodded. “She’s certainly a lovely woman. I’ll be sure to spend some time with her on our next Parents Day. We’ll have a nice chin wag, just us two. Who knows… maybe we can make your dream come true.”

“That would be so, so awesome!” Rayne exclaimed, slipping a hand between her thin thighs.

“What about Katie?” Cindy purred – stealing a glance at Amanda, who was still frantically masturbating. “You had a good look at her when we were in the grove… how would you like to lick that sweet little girl?”

Rayne was toying with her slit. “Oohhh, I’d love to. Can Miss Amanda also be there? That’s what I’d really like – to fuck Katie and her mummy!”

Hearing this girl of eleven voice her hot, forbidden fantasy proved too much for Amanda. She cried, “Yes! Oh, yes!” as the first wave of ecstasy came crashing down, shuddering helplessly as she continued to pleasure herself.

Once the storm of her orgasm had dwindled, she felt a rush of guilt. Not only had she masturbated in front of a child, she’d confessed her lustful desire for Katie. My God… what have I done? What’s wrong with me? Tears welled up in her eyes, and she was unable to stifle a choked sob.

Cindy seemed about to comfort her, but Rayne reacted first, hastening over to give Amanda a hug. “Don’t cry, Miss Amanda,” the girl said, “We were just having nice feelings. I like you… and I ‘specially liked watching you! I hope we can do more, lots more.”

Cupping the girl’s face, Amanda touched her lips to Rayne’s forehead, then gave her a tender kiss on the mouth. “Bless you, sweet child,” she whispered. She settled back on the desk’s edge, brushing tears away with the back of her hand.

“Miss Cindy?” Rayne said. “I think I know how to make her feel better.” She whispered something in the woman’s ear.

“A capital idea!” Cindy exclaimed. She hugged the young girl, who quickly tugged her fairy dress down and off, tossing it aside. Now she was completely nude. “Amanda, why don’t you join Rayne on the couch. She has a treat for you.”

Those awkward feelings of shame seemed to evaporate like morning mist as Amanda pushed herself up from the desktop, then advanced toward the naked eleven-year-old, already tingling with anticipation. Mere moments after her last orgasm, she was yearning for more.

Throwing both arms around Amanda’s neck, Rayne kissed her. This kiss was considerably more heated, the girl’s tongue darting between the woman’s parted lips. Amanda was quick to match Rayne’s passion with her own, hugging the child’s bare body to her clothed one.

When she finally pulled away, a hungry-eyed Rayne said. “You’ll need to lay down.” She pointed to the couch. “I want to take a pony ride on your face.” Then she giggled, which made her seem even younger.

Pausing to step out of her shoes, then shrug out of her dress and bra, Amanda stretched out on the red velvet sofa. Ready. Waiting.

Rayne straddled her older lover’s face, that tantalisingly bare cunt nearly brushing from Amanda’s lips, She  could feel its warmth.

“Put your tongue inside me,” the girl instructed as she lowered herself.

As Rayne’s sex drew closer, Amanda let her tongue slip inside the moist opening and moved it around a bit, tasting a little girl for the very first time. The flavour was clean, tart and utterly luscious, like some juicy, ripe fruit she’d never tried before.

A moan could be heard from above. “Ohhhh… you’re a good pony,” Rayne sighed as she began to rock her hips back and forth. Amanda simply had to reach up and squeeze those darling little buttocks, feeling them clench and release as the girl moved against her.

“That’s it,” Cindy said, a breathy quality to her voice. “Fuck her face, Rayne.”

Those words seemed to make everything real. I’m going down on a little girl, an astonished Amanda told herself. The same age as my daughter. I wanted something like this for so long, and now it’s happening. She felt the silky softness of the girl’s thighs framing her cheeks, and drove her tongue in further. Take me, Rayne. Take me, make me yours. Be my lover.

She could see the girl swaying, her eyes closed, mouth gone slack. Then she noticed that Rayne had a hand between her legs, playing with her clit as Amanda continued to lick.

That perky little bottom seemed to fit her hands perfectly. She cupped it, explored its roundness, let her fingers trail through the cleft of Rayne’s arse. An approving hum from the child let Amanda know she was on the right track.

Finding the taut rosebud with the tip of her index finger, she pressed inward. Rayne inhaled sharply when Amanda penetrated her rectum, right up to the third knuckle. The ease with which she’d achieved entry told her that Rayne had done this before. The cry that broke from the girl’s throat told Amanda that she loved it.

A heartbeat later, she felt the girl’s body go tense. The world held its breath for the briefest eternity, then those thin but powerful thighs clamped around Amanda’s head as Rayne shrieked out, gobsmacked by a frenzied orgasm that seemed to go on forever – or at least until she cried, “Stop, p-please stop!”

Dazed and winded, Rayne slumped against the back cushions of the sofa when Amanda stopped licking her. It took a few moments for the eleven-year-old to recover, but she had unfinished business with her grownup partner. Finally catching her breath, she climbed down, kneeling next to where Amanda lay.

Thank you, Miss Amanda,” Rayne gave her a kiss, pausing to sample her own juices from the woman’s coated lips. “Now it’s my turn.”

Moving down to the end of the couch, the cute redhead pushed Amanda’s legs wide apart, looking up at her with those pretty green eyes and a smile, then bent down to give the woman’s juicy slit a long lick. The touch of Rayne’s tongue made Amanda squirm with delight. “Christ almighty,” she moaned.

As Rayne’s skilled tongue worked its magic, Amanda raised her hips, encouraging the girl to suck her clit, or at least probe deeper into the vaginal opening. But Rayne refused to be rushed, focused as she was on licking curlicues through the folds of Amanda’s labia. It felt lovely, but those feather-light flicks of the tongue were more of a tease than a release. She seemed so happy, too – all cute and playful, as if she was having fun with her Barbie dolls instead of performing oral sex on a grown woman.

Just when Amanda was on the verge of screaming, Rayne abruptly switched tactics, plunging deep into her new lover’s core, licking out all of the honey she could gulp down.

God, she’s good at this, Amanda told herself, bracing herself for the coming storm. She could feel it massing inside, building into something enormous. Here it comes here it comes here it comes

But just as she was set to go off like a firework, Rayne pulled away, raising her head. Amanda stared at the girl in disbelief. What the actual fuck…?

“I love the taste of your pussy, Miss Amanda… I bet Katie will love it just as much!” she declared, then lunged forward, taking the woman’s clitoris between her lips to suck.

It didn’t take more than a few flicks of Rayne’s tongue to push Amanda over the edge. “Ohhh, yes, YES! J-just like that! Oh, GOD!” she wailed, then gave herself up to the moment’s ecstasy. All she could do was let it happen, ride the wave wherever it took her. She drifted for a while, then the motion ceased.

After a long while, her eyes fluttered open to see a smiling Rayne, perched on the arm of the sofa. “That was really nice, Miss Amanda. I hope we can do it again. Maybe Katie will be playing with us next time!”

These words warmed Amanda’s heart. “I hope so, love. We’ll see,” she said, extending her arms to the  girl. Rayne crawled into her embrace, and the two shared a gentle but passion-filled kiss, their tongues engaging in a slow dance.

I’m tasting my cunt on a little girl’s mouth, Amanda thought. How amazing is that?

Rayne’s lips and chin were still moist when she hopped up. “I need to go now, but I know we’ll meet again,” she said, taking Amanda’s hand. “I love you.” And with that, she hastened from the room, pausing to snatch up her fairy dress along the way.

“I… I love you too,” Amanda whispered. But the child was already gone.

She sat up; glanced about. Her heart skipped a beat at the sight of Cindy, who was still seated in the accent chair. Now, however, the older woman was nude from the waist down, her legs open.

Lazily stroking her slit, Cindy smiled. “My, that was an impressive show! Watching you and Rayne got me all hot and juicy, and now I’m in need of relief. I think you need to come over here and pleasure me.” She spread her thighs even wider, causing her vagina to open slightly.

“Yes, Miss Cindy,” Amanda said, happy for the opportunity to serve her new mentor.

Soon she was kneeling between Cindy’s legs, licking a pathway through the droplets of wetness on the woman’s inner thighs before gently circling the opening with the tip of her tongue.

“Lovely,” Cindy breathed. “You’ll fit in very nicely at Latchmore, my dear.”

Using finger and thumb to open her teacher’s cunt, Amanda probed deep inside the fiery pinkness, far as her tongue could reach.

She heard a contented sigh from Cindy, who went on to say, “By the way, Rayne has a rather naughty idea in mind – one I’m sure you’ll like.” She was stroking Amanda’s hair.

“Mmm?” Amanda said between licks.

“Soon as she sees your daughter, Rayne plans to give her a big, messy kiss… just so Katie will taste your pussy on her lips. Think of that! She’ll know what Rayne has been up to, she just won’t know who with!” Cindy chuckled. “Can you imagine what your little girl will think when she finds out the truth?”

It was a scheme that couldn’t fail to excite Amanda. She began to lick Cindy more aggressively, burying her mouth in the wet, pungent flesh.

“That’s – oh, yessss, that’s it,” Cindy said. “Mmmmm, such a good, obedient girl…”

Amanda was surprised at how Cindy’s praise – Miss Cindy, she reminded herself – made her glow inside. Determined to make her teacher genuinely happy, she paused briefly to lick her lips before moving on to the tiny bud of the woman’s clit, taking it between her lips to suck.

Moments later, Miss Cindy was gasping in ecstasy. Her fingers were tangled in Amanda’s blonde tresses as she came, her honey flowing into the younger woman’s mouth.

On to Chapter Five!


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      This kind of reminds me of the bugaboo many have against using substitute words for “said” — you know, like drawled, blurted, maintained, murmured, stated, hissed, snorted, declared, etc. I used to deploy words like those all the time until reading an interview with Elmore Leonard (an author I enjoy immensely), where he mentioned hating that kind of thing, and how he only ever went with the old reliable “said.”

      I thought he made a good point, but found going with “said” 100% of the time was, well, kinda boring. So I still use those substitutes, but much more sparingly.

      As for No One’s view, I mostly agree, but also find that sometimes it is okay to switch the perspective in a scene, especially if there are lots of big, complicated feelings getting bandied about.

      But hey, if we agreed all the time, literature would be deadly dull. Different strokes for different folks, after all. Next time, let’s debate the Oxford comma. (I’m opposed.)

      • No One says:

        Oh, it’s certainly possible to use an omniscient narrator who knows everyone’s thoughts and feelings. That’s usually a somewhat more distant perspective, though, in that we’re not seeing the world through the eyes of the character, even though we can know what they’re thinking and feeling.

        That’s not the style used here, though. The second part, for instance, is clearly written from Amanda’s point of view (a “third person limited” narrative voice, as it’s called). Everything is filtered through Amanda’s perspective, as she perceives it. Rayne and Cindy’s behavior and reactions are depicted as Amanda sees them, without additional insight that Amanda wouldn’t be privy to. All of it EXCEPT for three little paragraphs that are suddenly from Cindy’s point-of-view (the “As for Cindy…” part), and that’s what feels really jarring. I understand that C. Cat most likely just wanted to give a little perspective into Cindy’s actions, but I would argue that it’s better if the reader wonders what she’s up to, just like Amanda does. The focus should be on the main character’s emotions and development. What Amanda thinks Cindy’s motivation might be, and how she feels about it, is more important than what that motivation actually is.

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