Alison’s Adventures – The Beach

  • Posted on March 18, 2022 at 3:14 pm

 By kinkys_sis

       Edited by:  Jacqueline Jillinghoff – Thank you.

I stood on the station platform, silently fuming at myself. I’d just missed my train, which now meant a fifteen-minute wait. It wasn’t that I was in any particular hurry, it was just that I hated waiting.

My eyes weren’t focused on anything, but suddenly, some stupid girl was walking straight at me. She was busy looking at her phone, her fingers a blur. I made to get out of her path, but then; her face! Shit, she was fucking gorgeous.

I stood my ground and waited as she got closer. Would she notice that she was about to run into me?

At the last second, she halted, a breath away. She looked up in surprise. “Oh! I’m sorry,” she blurted, waving her phone. “It was kinda important.”

I was in shock. How could anyone be so beautiful? At least, not people you met. You only saw girls like her on magazine covers and such.

Her eyes took on a sparkle, an awareness of her effect. God, those eyes. I melted.

“I really am sorry,” she murmured, then with a smile she turned and walked past.

She was young, but her age seemed impossible to tell. Thirteen? Sixteen? Shit, I didn’t care. If instant love was possible, this was it.

I glanced around, but I couldn’t spot her. She must be somewhere. She couldn’t have disappeared.

I heard clicks, although, for a moment, they didn’t register. A glance behind and there she was. Her phone tilted up, then another click.

Was it possible? She was actually taking pics of me?

I should have felt annoyed at this invasion of my privacy. Instead, I felt flattered. Why would this young angel want my pic? Me, in my forties, certainly past my prime, even though my friends tell me that I am still attractive.

I took a peek over my shoulder. This time she was waiting for me to look. Her eyes gripped mine, and again that smile. My thighs clenched involuntarily, my thoughts in a whirl. How could this child have such an effect on me?

I tore my eyes away after she took one more pic of me, facing her this time. I floundered. What should I do? It was then that I felt the dribble. Fuck, I was wetting myself over her.

I felt my lust rising. Two could play this game. Reaching behind, I hiked up my dress and adjusted my thong. All the time her phone clicked away.

It was then that the train pulled in. The girl walked past, flashing another dazzling smile. “Thank you,” she said and slipped onto the train.

I shook myself before following. It was my train too.

In seconds, I saw her, she was still watching me. Was it a questioning look this time? My feet seemed to have a mind of their own, I found myself pushing my way through the crowded carriage toward her.

The closer I got, the faster my heart beat. What the fuck would I say? This was all beyond my experience.

But she led. “Hi, I’m Bee. You didn’t mind? I mean like, taking your pic? When I almost bumped into you, when our eyes first met … well, I just wanted to remember how you looked.”

“Er, Alison. Pleased, I’m sure. But I … I don’t understand, I’m old enough to be your mother. Why would you want to remember me?”

“Huh! Age — poof! — who cares? You’re beautiful, especially your eyes, pools of magic that drew me in.” She laughed, a wonderful tinkly sound. “See, I’m a writer and I come out with crap like that.”

A writer?” I stupidly echoed. “You’re so young. What do you write, poems or something?”

God, her laugh, this time sultry and sexy. “I write erotica … lesbian erotica actually. I wanted to remember you for my next character. I’ve never used an Asian in my stories before. Can I guess? Chinese-American, right?”

Was I becoming some kind of an idiot? “Erotica? You mean sex stories? And yes, we originate from China.”

A shockwave ran through me when her hand lifted and brushed my arm. “Yes, that’s exactly what I mean.” Her grin widened at my reaction. “I have this effect on some people, and I can see you’re one. Hope you don’t mind.”

“But you’re only …”

She interrupted me. “I’m what, too young? I’m thirteen according to the calendar, but I’m light-years older when it comes to sex.” She trailed a finger up my arm. “You feel it, don’t you? Don’t deny, Alison.”

“Thirteen? I could get shot for my thoughts. If I told you I’m wet, would you know what I mean?”

She leaned close and whispered. “Your cunt is leaking because of me.” She laughed at my shock. I never used swear words like that. How could this girl know such things?

She got even closer, her warm breath on my ear. “So is mine.” Three words, and I almost came. She pressed on. “Your lovely ass — I’m dying to probe it.”

If I was shocked before, I was in total disarray now. My body screamed out for her, but I also felt terror, terror at being caught with a juvenile. I knew I should back away before it was too late.

She read my mind. “Oh Auntie, you look flustered. Are you okay?” Her fingers still traced, sympathetically, but also sexually.

Understanding dawned. She was giving me a way to be with her, in public at least. “Where are you going, Bee?”

“To the beach. We have a small villa on the seafront. I’m going there today, my sister perhaps tomorrow. And you, Auntie, where are you going?” Her hand was almost at the top of my arm. As she dropped it, a finger trailed along the side of my breast. An electric-like shock hit my nerves, and my nipples erupted. Her eyes sparkled when she saw them.

Was she inviting me to join her? Or perhaps she was just playing. But, I answered her question. “I’ve been to visit my mother-in-law, now I’m on my way home, next stop actually.”

“So, if I asked for you to join me, to come to the villa, would you?”

My thoughts tumbled head over heels as I looked at her. Her long, very long hair, the shape of barely budding breasts. Her emerging figure belied her age. She was ravishingly beautiful. But I was drawn back to her model’s face and magnetic eyes. That was where her true beauty was. Then her parted lips drew my gaze, and for the first time, I saw how utterly kissable they were. Fuck, what do I do?

She understood my struggle. “Auntie Alison, please come to the beach, have some fun, just a swim, a glass of wine maybe. You can leave when you want … or you can stay. I’d like you to stay.”

I found my hand now being held. “Really, Bee? You really want me to come?”

She laughed. “Oh yes, I want you to come all right.”

“But I don’t have anything with me, no costume, toiletries, in fact, nothing.”

“You’re not saying no, which means you will come. We won’t need costumes. The rest we can sort out.” She leaned forward and hugged me. “I do so hope you will … Auntie.”

It felt as though my body heat had risen by several degrees. No costumes? I put my arms around her, pulling her close. Nobody was paying us the slightest attention. We were just two people standing in a crowd. Then the side of her hip pressed between my legs, the rocking of the train did the rest.

Through a haze, I heard her. “Come for me, Auntie, come for Bee.”

We had reached the city outskirts. The majority of passengers exited the train. Only one couple was left, up at the far end of the carriage, and they were facing away from us.

I was about to suggest we should sit. But, even as the doors slammed shut, Bee grabbed my hand and pulled it under her skirt. “Feel my panties, Auntie. See how wet I am.”

It was true, her knickers were soaking. I had succumbed to this girl, I was hers. Oddly, she was the one in control. I began to run my fingers across her front, feeling her slit through the thin wet material.

She purred like a kitten, pressing herself at my fingers. “You can fuck my pussy, Auntie. We’ve got time.”

The crotch of her knickers was easily moved aside. I found her bare flesh, slick and slippery. Her heat felt as though it would burn my fingers. I trembled at the forbidden touch, but there was no turning back. This wondrous young beauty had ensnared me.

I sensed that she needed more than one finger, and I slid them into her, meeting her urgent thrust. She muttered in my ear. “Fuck yes.” Then she bit my neck. My fleeting thought was of vampires, but I didn’t care.

Her lips came around until she could force them on mine. A kiss filled with passion and urgency in its demands.

Never did I remember being so captivated and thrilled. I wanted to please her. I had to please her.

My tongue twinned with hers, her saliva feeding me when I sucked. Her eyes remained open, boring deep into mine. I imagined they gleamed. She knew I was utterly hers.

I was conscious of time, the next station, so I fucked her hard, my fingers a blur as they pumped her pussy. Her juices ran, coating my hand.

Her vagina clamped, and she grew taller as she rose on the balls of her feet. She broke the kiss and pulled me tight, as again, her lips fastened on my neck. I felt a stab of pain from her teeth as suddenly her whole body went rigid, pressing hard against me.

I held her ass, taking her weight when the trembling began. She shook more and more. I had never witnessed an orgasm that seemed to go on and on for so long.

She pulled her face back to stare at me again, the shaking still wracking her body. Her face contorted, almost a snarl. Slowly, she came down as her face relaxed back to its normal beauty.

I gazed at her in wonder, until. “Bee, never — what the fuck was that?”

Now, she smiled. “Oh, that’s just me. When someone really attracts me, turns me on, that’s how I come.”

The train began to slow. I pulled her to me and gave her a quick kiss. “I think I’ll stay. Shall we sit?”

She held my hand and pulled my head onto her shoulder. I sat beside her, trying to understand. How did a woman of my age and supposed experience come to feel that I was the submissive one to a thirteen-year-old? Yet, somehow, it felt comfortable.

We arrived at our destination … Colinda Beach, a handful besides us left the train. “Bee, I need to go and pay my excess fare. I’ll be quick.”

For the benefit of the railway official standing on the platform, she said, “Okay, Auntie, I’ll wait here.”

The guy in the ticket office was an asshole. He insisted he had to charge me double the normal fair as I had failed to purchase the correct ticket. My voice rose, protesting that I had voluntarily come to pay.

Bee appeared. “Is there a problem, Auntie?”

The ticket guy looked at her. “Hello, Bee, haven’t seen you in a while.”

“Hi, Bob, may I introduce my aunt? She’s come down for the weekend.”

He gave me a puzzled look, my ethnicity obviously tripping him. “Aunt by marriage,” I explained.

Now, he smiled, “Well, that’s different then.” He tore up my ticket and threw it in the trash. “You have a nice weekend, folks.”

What a nice guy after all.

Outside the station, she told me, “It’s twenty minutes from here, but it’s a lovely walk.”

I gave her a “humph,” then waved at the cab driver sitting on the wall. The cab ride only took three minutes.

Bee told the driver to stop, as we had arrived at a gorgeous little villa. It was set at least a hundred yards from its nearest neighbour. From the rear, I could see that the front veranda faced straight onto the sand.

“Oh my, Bee, it’s beautiful. What a stunning place.”

She grinned. “I knew you’d like it, come on, let’s get it opened up and get us a cold drink.”

I followed behind her, down the side path. For the first time, I properly saw her ass. Fuck, I was already creaming my knickers again.

A key was produced from her bag, and a moment later, she held the door open for me. The room looked homely, nice, and comfortable, not simply a holiday chalet.

I helped Bee open the windows and shutters, and the cool breeze quickly cleared the stuffiness. There were two bedrooms, both with large double beds, though one had an extra single. I paused to admire the decor of one of the rooms. Bee grinned. “Yes, this is my room, but shall we come back to that, let’s have a drink.”

The wine cooler was well stocked. I saw at least twenty bottles, quite aside from the rack of reds. Bee saw my astonished look. “Oh, we’re not drunks. My mother likes to impress.”

In reply to her question, I told her any light white would suit me just fine. She didn’t hesitate but pulled out a Pinot Grigio. It wasn’t a wine I knew. A minute later I was savouring a delicious glass of wine. “Italian, — do you like it?” Bee asked.

“It’s wonderful. It seems that you know your wine as well as everything else.”

She brushed it off with a shrug. “I’m part Italian. I grew up with wine.”

I almost laughed at the way she’d said it. Grew up, at thirteen? The thought died in my mind. She wasn’t a child. God no. But quite what she was, I had no idea.

She had seen my expression. “Don’t worry, Alison. Please accept me as I am, not what you think I should be.”

Bee put her wine on the table in the centre of the room. “Would you like to swim or …” she glanced back at the bedroom … ” or would you like to fuck?”

There was little doubt that this girl was nothing but direct. “I’d love a swim, but …”

“Poof, costumes, I told you, it doesn’t matter here.” With that, she lifted her top.

Oh God, so beautiful. Small budding breasts, dark puffy areolas surmounted by pert nipples. “You’re staring,” she laughed, before wriggling her skirt down.

I followed her lead and soon stood naked in front of her. Bee simply grinned for a moment as her eyes travelled up and down. “I knew it,” she said, “Fucking gorgeous.” Her eyes lingered at my boobs. “Nice, not much bigger than mine.” She gave her sexy laugh. “And your nipples — they grow big just as fast as mine do.”

I followed her out onto the veranda nervously, but there wasn’t a soul in sight. She grabbed my hand. “Come on. Let’s get in.”

We ran across shimmering yellow sand, a little hot underfoot. The water was wonderful — no shock of cold. It felt so warm.

For the first time, Bee laughed more like a happy young teenager, a lovely infectious laugh. Then she dived and disappeared. Of course, I guessed what was coming and she didn’t let me down. I felt her fingers grab my ankles, before sliding up my legs.

I jumped in surprise when her mouth clamped to my pussy, and I felt her tongue take a quick poke between my lips.

She surfaced in front and pulled me into an embrace. Our lips met as our breasts pressed, her nipples as hard as mine. She pushed me toward the water’s edge.

Control forgotten, our hands roamed each other, pinching, squeezing and caressing. In unison, we found each other’s clits and collapsed into the roiling water. Our legs wrapped around one and other, hands trapped between. We rolled in the surf and we fucked. A wonderful, exhilarating fuck. She kissed like someone possessed, while lust overwhelmed me, my need as powerful as hers.

I felt her grip harder and knew she was getting close. I let myself go, striving to match her. Our fingers curled inside, our palms rubbing our nubs. She pulled away from our kiss, and once again, I saw that look, the fire in her eyes. I knew she was there.

We humped and rolled, I heard her scream, and my voice joined hers. “God, fuck me, Bee.”

We held each other as we spasmed into glorious orgasms.

We lay together, oblivious to the world. Then I heard her whisper. “You fuck nice, Alison. I’m so pleased you decided to come and stay.” She jerked her head back. “You are staying?”

It was my turn to laugh. “Just you try and stop me. Can I rinse the sand out of my ass, now? It’s rather gritty.”

“No, you can’t. That’s my job.”

Laughing together, we rinsed each other, before, hand in hand, we walked back up the beach.

I had never showered with another person before. Now here I was, with this gorgeous girl, who couldn’t keep her hands off me, and I certainly didn’t mind.

In a matter of only minutes, she had me right on edge again. Fingers deep inside my pussy. But when she forced her soapy finger into my ass, I was lost.

I struggled to keep myself from collapsing, I’d already come twice this morning, my normal weekly rate. Now, I was being fucked again, back and front. Then, when she bit my thigh, my orgasm erupted, a volcano blowing its top. I grabbed the taps for support as my legs trembled.

Bee rose and put her arms around me, softly stroking as she kissed. “Fuck, Alison, you come so beautifully. This is going to be the best visit yet.”

In a daze, I reached for her small breasts, but she smacked my hands away with a laugh. “Not yet, lover. Let’s get dry and have something to eat, we have all day after all. Then there’s the night as well.”

When we entered the kitchen, I saw lunch spread on the island. In answer to my inquiring look, Bee explained, “This was delivered this morning. It’s all lovely and fresh. We have an arrangement with a deli, they can let themselves in.

I hadn’t realised just how starved I was. I’d only had a light breakfast, never mind being fucked three times. I was ravenous.

Gorgeous crab and mayo sandwiches were washed down with more of the lovely crisp Pinot.

I would normally have felt uneasy sitting naked outdoors, but here we were, completely nude on the veranda, and it seemed so right.

I couldn’t keep my eyes off her, she must have been the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen and yet, here she was with me. I found it so hard to believe. How had it happened? Why me?

Bee dazzled me with a smile. “You’re still wondering, aren’t you? There really is no need, I wanted you as soon as I saw you. A beautiful lady, not the young girls I’m used to, I had to try. You didn’t know it, but I set my trap right from the off, and you walked straight into it. You don’t mind, do you?”

How could I mind? How many women of my age ever get an opportunity like this? Besides, I was already in love with her.

I put my plate down and held out my hand. “Come and sit on my lap, Bee.” She giggled, but came straight to me.

Her beautiful little bum nestled into my thighs. I saw her glance at my neck before she leaned and kissed me where it was still a little sore. After several kisses, she whispered. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know that I’d bitten you so hard. It’s a really bad habit of mine.”

“It’s okay, Bee, I don’t mind if you eat me all up.”

She laughed again. God, I could listen to her laughter and never tire of it. “Really?” she said as she wriggled her bum, forcing my legs apart. She slipped down between my thighs to kneel in front of me. Her hands grabbed hold of my ass and pulled me forwards.

She delicately spread my pussy open, then looked back up with a smile. “Such nice lips you have — and lookie here.” She was pushing my hood up, leaning her face near.

I felt her breath coming closer, and then bliss. Her lips kissed me right where it mattered. I doubted that I could possibly come again, but the feeling was wonderful. All I knew was that I wanted her there.

I had no idea what to expect, not from a little girl, but she soon showed me that she was no newcomer to eating pussy. In no time, my clit was on fire, responding to her lips and tongue. Then her fingers, where they now seemed to belong, slowly stroked in and out.

Feeling that familiar rush course through my body, I knew I would come again. I opened my eyes and found hers fixed on my face. It was those liquid pools again. I could happily drown in them.

Lifting myself off the chair, I forced my hips to her, as I started to shake. “Bee, oh God, love me, Bee.”

Then I was coming. My body convulsed like never before, spasms of sheer pleasure wracking me. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from hers, this goddess of love.

I fell back into the chair. “Bee, stop. For God’s sake stop. No more, my love.”

She took one final long lick, then came up to me, pushing her tongue into my mouth. I tasted my come just before our lips touched — a long, slow, tender kiss.

The sudden clapping shocked us both. I snapped my head around. “What the fuck? You perving on us or something? Fuck off.”

Bee began to laugh, then put a finger to my lips. She looked at the girl, chiding. “Sis, like she says, what the fuck? You’re not due until tomorrow. I wasn’t expecting you, not yet.”

The newcomer laughed again. “I can see that. So who’s the dishy lady? Gonna tell?”

“Alison, meet my sister, Maria,” she said and gave me a quick kiss. “It’s all cool, lover, you’ll see.”

She turned to her sister. “Now piss off for a minute. Go get yourself some wine.”

I watched another gorgeous ass wiggle its way indoors. My mind went into overdrive … the possibilities, oh God.

I looked at Bee. “Is she anything like you? She’s certainly as beautiful as you.”

Bee laughed. “Nah, she’s not a sex freak like me. She’s sorta more normal.”

She must have seen my disappointment. “Oh, don’t you worry, she still fucks good — real good.”

“You don’t mean … you and her?”

“Yup, we fuck. Don’t all sisters?”

Bee had managed to shock me several times, but now, my God, what a pair! I really was glad I had decided to come. This could be a very hot weekend.

We kissed for a little longer, then Bee said. “Come on, I’ll introduce you properly.”

I followed her back into the villa. Maria, with her back to us, was busy getting herself something to eat. But what grabbed my attention was that she was also as naked as us.

From the rear, she hardly looked any different from Bee. Maybe her legs were more muscled, and her hair wasn’t quite as long.

When she turned to face us, though, I saw the differences. Gorgeous high boobs, not large, but oh so pert. The muscles so clearly defined on her stomach, she had to be an athlete.

However, the main attention-grabber was her pussy. Fuck. Whereas Bee still had a young girl’s slit, Maria had lips, beautiful lips below a shiny hairless mound.

Maria inquired wryly. “So?”

I was speechless, dumbstruck. Maria walked toward me, then glanced at Bee. “May I?” In a heartbeat, her lips were on mine, her arms pulling me close. The kiss was far more tender than Bee’s, less sultry, but just as wonderful.

She broke the kiss and turned to Bee. “Got a kiss for sis?”

I watched the pair, they kissed like true lovers, hands exploring and caressing everywhere. Never had I seen such an erotic display.

Bee’s arm reached toward me, beckoning. Then it was a three-way cuddle, two pairs of lips on mine, tongues flicking between one and the other. I followed their lead and let my hands roam, fondling two amazing asses.

It was Maria who broke the cuddle. “As much fun as this is, I need to eat, guys. In or out?”

Feeling somewhat braver now, I suggested. “Our glasses are still outside. Shall we take the bottle?”

Maria had demanded to know the story. Where had Bee found me? Bee recounted the details of our meeting and what had followed. She included every sexy detail. Normally, this would have made me want to hide, but the way Bee told it, I felt rather proud. It was also, I noticed, making me very wet again.

It was obvious they were lovers. Their flirting never ceased. The nice thing, though, was how they included me. Their free and easy manner soon had me relaxed and enjoying myself. Maria had clearly accepted me and the fact that I was staying.

I couldn’t help wondering what bedtime would bring. There were plenty of beds, but there were three of us. As Bee’s guest, it was only logical that I would stay with her. But then I realised that Maria had come here not expecting to find me. It would have been her and Bee together. Which really only left one solution … oh my God, was it possible? The three of us together?

The afternoon was spent in endless chatter, with sexual innuendo casually thrown in. We swam some more, or rather, played naughty underwater games. I was never quite sure exactly whose fingers were delving into me. There came a moment when we stood together, each had a finger in an ass, a pussy rubbing a thigh. A three-way standing trib, exchanging kisses as we humped.

It was Bee — who else? — who said, “This is lovely, but the bed would be better.” Although I was very close, I knew she was right. I almost came right then at the thought of the three of us on the bed.

My legs struggled in the fine sand as arm-in-arm, we made our way back up the beach.

Inside the villa, I reached for a towel, but Bee snatched it away. “No need, I want to fuck.” Then she tugged me along.

Bee threw me onto the bed before the two beautiful girls descended on me. Someone’s lips covered mine. A hand mashed my tits. Another pair of lips fastened onto my pussy as hands lifted my ass from the bed. Then, a finger, — God two — pushed inside and began fucking me.

Whereas in the water, I had been so close, now I didn’t want to come, not yet. The pleasure these two me gave, fuck — I wanted it to last forever.

Two things occurred at the same moment. Teeth bit a nipple. Another set bit my clit. It was too much. I went over the edge. Waves of pure ecstasy engulfed me, shook my whole body like never before. The orgasm, so mind-blowingly intense, confounding my will to think. I rode the wave, on and on.

Lips caressed my face as my vision cleared. I saw my lovers, now kissing each other, their cheeks resting on mine.

My arms struggled to move, but somehow, I reached and hugged them to me. As their passion increased, saliva dribbled from their lips, I sucked it in and savoured them both.

Maria broke away and straddled Bee’s face. She beckoned to me. I didn’t understand at first but she helped me into position, kneeling in front of her with my ass backed into her stomach. Then she pushed me down.

As my mouth fell on Bee’s inviting slit, my ass rose in the air. Maria pressed her tongue against my rear entrance. Instinctively, I lifted my hips higher.

I had never before had a tongue in my ass, and I wouldn’t have imagined it possible. But getting fingered in the water earlier must have prepared me. I felt the wonder of her tongue sliding in. A soft and beautiful ass-fuck began.

As I wrapped Bee’s beautiful little button between my lips, a thought crossed my mind. I was sucking a thirteen year old’s clit. Yesterday, it would have seemed impossible, yet here I was. I wanted to love and please her after everything she had given me.

My years of experience came into play. Very quickly, I felt Bee pushing herself at me. Her legs lifted high, allowing me to tuck my arms through and push her legs toward her body.

My saliva joined the juice flowing from her, a small stream running down and coating her small bum hole. I knew why she had raised her legs, an invitation I gladly accepted.

I licked her clit harder with long, sweeping strokes. Below, my fingers pressed her star and slipped in deep. No virgin ass, this. Inflamed, I fucked her, and the little vixen immediately rocked to meet my thrusts.

Maria’s hands gripped my thighs, fingernails digging in. I sensed they were both very close. Could I come again?

Bee must have sensed it too, for she began rubbing my clit harder. As Maria’s tongue stopped moving, still buried deep, Bee ground her clit into my mouth. I sucked forcefully and soon felt her tremble, then saw the squirt in front of my eyes, the first time I’d ever witnessed this.

Bee stopped moving, yet the bed still shook. It was Maria, who shrieked. Both sisters had come.

Maria fell to the side, dragging me with her, her tongue still buried in my ass. I felt Bee moving, then lips pressed to my clit. Urgent sucks and licks — she knew I hadn’t come.

Maria’s tongue resumed its fuck. Bee’s lips worked harder, then curled fingers searched my pussy. The shouting — “Yes, there!” — was my own, and then I was coming.

We lay there, the three of us, completely spent. I marvelled at how many times I had come in just one day. It seemed almost impossible.

Later, we sat, still naked, around a campfire, as the sunset in a golden halo over the sea. Nothing but the crackle and sparks of our fire mixed with the whisper of the waves on the sand. We each had a bottle of Bud, which we slowly sipped.

Bee pointed along the beach. “Maria,” she said. I saw the twinkle of lights from the verandah of a villa further along the beach.

Maria climbed to her feet. “See you guys, maybe tomorrow.”

I gave Bee a puzzled look. She grinned and told me, “She’s hoping it’s Jenny. If it is, she won’t be back. Just you and me, lover. Do you mind?”

My heart skipped. Yes, of course, I liked Maria, but to be alone again with my Bee … “Is it okay if I say I like it better this way?”

She smiled her beautiful smile. “Another marshmallow?”

The End


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  1. Rebecca says:

    So…So sweet. It had me totally soaking wet from beginning to end!!!

  2. Tim and Litka says:

    Lovely sexy story, very erotic and arousing.
    We loved it thanks, especially the sex between the sisters.
    Thanks for writing, and for the editing too of course!

  3. David says:

    Great story kinkys_sis, well written and detail and very erotic. Thanks for submitting it and sharing it with us. Seeing The End at the end of the story was sad to see, but maybe there will be a sequel!

  4. kinkychic says:

    Of all my sister’s stories, this is one of my favourites.

    I edited first and then Jacqueline, but still I can see two or three mistakes. For example, it says ‘I’ in one place where it should say ‘she’. I was itching to correct it but it’s not possible on here.

    Sis never wrote a sequel to this story, but she has written other Alison’s Adventures.

  5. Jay Denton says:

    Wow, that was sooo good. What I wouldn’t give to meet someone like Bee in real life
    Great story beautifully told, thanx. Xx

  6. aido says:

    That was a super hot story. I’m rock hard.

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