Unaccompanied Minor, Book Two, Chapter 6

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By Amanda Lynn

Gwen had no sooner shifted the car into park at the local community center than Trish and Monica scrambled from the back seat and dashed to the trunk, anxiously waiting for it to pop open. When it did, the girls eagerly grabbed their suitcases.

“Slow down, girls,” Gwen said with a chuckle as she closed the trunk and hurried to catch up to them. “The bus isn’t going to leave without you.”

The girls glanced over their shoulders at her but didn’t slow their pace. This was too exciting. The first day of their adventures at Camp Witchatic. Trish thought that Camp Lick-a-Clit sounded like a much better name if it lived up to the reputation Monica had told her about.

Approaching the bus, they saw several girls milling about, chatting, and carrying on. All of them wore the same black shorts and a yellow tee-shirt with the camp crest, the same as the ones worn by Trish and Monica. The adults, mostly women and likely the mothers of the excited girls, stood off to one side, talking among themselves, probably anxious for the bus to pull away and provide them with a break from the kids.

Trish, Monica, and Gwen were greeted by an older woman carrying a clipboard. She wore the same black shorts, but her yellow top was a polo shirt with the camp crest embroidered on the pocket with STAFF above it.

“Hi, I’m Veronica, one of the camp counselors,” the woman said, holding out her hand to Gwen.

“Hi, Veronica. I’m Gwen and this is Monica and Trish.”

“Hello, girls.” Veronica scanned her clipboard and made marks as she spoke. “Monica, check. Trish, check. You can take your bags around the side of the bus and Greg will load them for you. Feel free to hang out with the other girls until it’s time to board. Gwen, there is coffee and tea over where the other parents are.”

“Thank you, Veronica. I think I will take you up on that offer. Coffee would hit the spot.”

As Gwen headed for the coffee, Trish and Monica handed off their bags to Greg and made their way to where the other girls were congregated. Trish searched the faces as they got near but didn’t have to wait long to find who she was looking for.

“Monica! Trish!” a voice called out as two girls broke from the crowd and hurried toward them. Trish’s smile widened as she instantly recognized Gabby. The newcomer gave each of them a friendly hug as she bounced excitedly on her toes.

Trish couldn’t help but bounce a little herself, getting caught up in the excitement. She turned her attention to the brunette on Gabby’s right—Kat, she assumed—just in time to catch the girl checking her out. Trish grinned as Kat’s cheeks turned red.

Trish liked what she saw. Kat was pretty attractive, a bit taller than Gabby, wearing her brown hair short. Maybe not quite as fit as Gabby or Monica, but definitely cute nonetheless. She had to wonder if Kat found her attractive as well.

“Oh, right. You two haven’t met,” Gabby said. “Kat, this is Trish, Monica’s stepsister. Trish, my cousin Kat.”

Kat stepped a bit closer and smiled. “Hi. Gabby’s told me a lot about you.”

“Oh?” Trish shot Gabby a questioning look.

“Nothing bad.” Kat laughed. “But I’m looking forward to getting to know you better.”

Trish swallowed and wondered exactly what that meant. Had Gabby told her about the sex they’d had? Maybe Kat was looking to join in on some of their fun. “I guess that’s fair. Monica’s told me about you, too.”

Kat grinned. “Then this is going to be a fun-filled summer camp, I think.” Kat touched Trish’s forearm, sending a shiver of excitement through her. Yes, it would be—and Trish couldn’t wait for it to get started.

Trish and Kat chatted, getting to know one another better, while Monica and Gabby caught up with the goings-on since the last time they spoke. During the conversation, Trish noticed four girls standing together away from the rest of them. It wasn’t that peculiar, but the four were taller than most and each one had long bleach blonde hair. They wore the same camp tee-shirt and shorts that showed off their tanned arms and legs.

“Who are they?” Trish nodded toward the blondes.

Kat followed Trish’s gaze and snorted. “You mean the Barbie Bunch?”

“The what?”

“The Barbie Bunch. ‘Cause they look like Barbie dolls, right? Got the combined IQ of one, too.” Kat brought her attention back to Trish. “The one with her back to us is Alexis. She’s the ringleader. The other three, from left to right, are Tiffany, Mercedes, and Brittany.” Kat spoke the names with a hint of disdain. “They all have wealthy parents and they know it. Bunch of stuck-up bitches if you ask me.”

Trish hadn’t taken her eyes from the four as Kat talked but turned to face her when a question came to mind. “If they’re so rich, why would they be coming to this camp? Isn’t there a rich kids’ camp somewhere?”

Kat laughed. “Beats the hell outta me. Maybe their parents just wanted to get away from them for a while, so they unloaded them on us poor folk.” Kat paused for a moment, glancing back at the Barbies. “Luckily, this will be their last summer at this camp. All of them will turn 15 before next summer and will have aged out of this place.”

“I guess I’ll keep my distance from them, then,” Trish said. It was true that she wouldn’t go out of her way to interact with the Barbies, but she decided to reserve judgment until she at least got to know them a little more.

“Wise choice.”

“Campers, can I have your attention, please?” Veronica’s voice boomed above the chatter of the kids and parents alike. When the voices quieted, Veronica spoke again. “We are ready to depart now. Please say your goodbyes to your parents and board the bus in an orderly fashion.”

The gaggle of girls dispersed quickly. Trish and Monica found Gwen and the three embraced. Gwen kissed each girl on the cheek and whispered. “You two have a good time at Camp Lick-a-Clit.”

Both girls laughed. “How do you know that name?” Monica asked.

Gwen chuckled. “I’ve heard it before and I know about the myth, girls. You’ll have to let me know if it’s true.” She winked and guided them toward the bus. “Now go have a blast and I’ll see you when you get back.”

“Okay, Mom. We will. Love you,” Monica called as she and Trish dashed for the bus.

The line at the bus door was short but it moved far too slowly for Trish’s liking. She hoped that she would be able to sit with Monica, or at least Gabby or Kat, and not a stranger. As they boarded the bus, the noise of thirty-plus girls laughing, yelling, and carrying on was deafening. Moving down the aisle, she caught sight of Gabby in a seat by herself near the back and Kat alone in the seat directly behind Gabby. Gabby scooted back to sit with Kat, allowing Trish and Monica to sit together when they got near.

“Window or aisle?” Monica asked, stopping at their row.

Trish smiled, happy to have the choice, and quickly slipped into the seat without a word. She had always believed a window seat was a far better option than sitting at the aisle, where all you get to see are heads.

“Guess that answers that.” Monica chuckled as she sat.

A few minutes later, Greg and Veronica boarded the bus. Greg climbed behind the wheel and closed the door while Veronica stood at the first row of seats and called for quiet. The noise quickly subsided, and Veronica went over the rules to be followed while the bus was in motion, such as remaining in the seats and keeping the noise down to not distract the driver.

“One last thing,” Veronica said, gripping the back of the seat in front of her as the bus pulled away. “When we arrive at Camp Witchatic, you will directly head to the dining hall for your cabin assignments. After which, you will get your bags, put them in your cabin then return to the dining hall for a meet and greet with the rest of the camp staff. Any questions?”

No one responded and Veronica nodded. “Okay. Then sit back and enjoy the trip,” she said and sat in her seat.

Trish and Monica turned in their seats, chatting the trip away with Gabby and Kat. Trish was surprised at how quickly time had flown by when she glanced out the window as the bus made a turn and saw the big Camp Witchatic sign at the entrance. A few moments later, the bus came to a stop and Veronica stood.

“Okay, girls. The dining hall is the big building to your left as you get off the bus. Please make your way there,” she said before stepping out.

As she got off the bus, Trish noticed ten identical log cabins that sat in a semi-circle around a large fire pit surrounded by benches crafted from large logs that had been halved. Monica and Gabby were next to step off the bus and join her. Trish was turning to go to the dining hall when Kat joined them. Someone seemed to catch the girl’s attention and she pulled them aside.

“Hang on, guys. Come with me,” Kat said and headed off in the other direction.

Not understanding, Trish looked from Monica to Gabby. Both girls seemed confused as well but followed Kat, who was already a few meters ahead. An older boy wearing a similar camp outfit as the girls, just in a different color, was carrying a clipboard and walking in their direction. Kat stopped in front of him and pointed at the clipboard, asking something that Trish couldn’t quite make out.

“Who’s that?” Trish asked.

“That’s Billy Green. His mom is the camp director,” Gabby said.

“I thought this camp was all girls,” Trish said, eyeing the boy.

“It is. He’s like 15 or 16 and works at the boys’ camp farther down the lake. They already had their orientation day, so his mom makes him help her out here during ours.”

“Oh, okay,” Trish said as they caught up to Kat.

“Come on, Billy. You can tell us now,” Kat pleaded.

“You can wait the five minutes for me to get to the dining hall.” Billy gave her a stern look and tried to move past.

Kat stepped left to block him. “Please.” She pushed out her bottom lip and pouted.

Billy exhaled loudly. “Fine.” He scanned the clipboard. “Kat, you and Gabby are in cabin 7.”

“With Monica and Trish. Right?”

Billy looked back at the paper and shook his head. “No. You two are with Sylvia and Casey.”

Trish felt her stomach sink. She had figured the four of them would be bunking together in the same cabin. That way they would be able to stay up and chat—and do other things—after lights out.

“That’s no good, Billy.” Kat stepped closer to the boy. “The four of us need to be in the same cabin.”

“The bunks have been assigned. I’m sorry, but there’s nothing I can do about it.” He didn’t sound sorry in the least.

“What if I agree to do that thing you like?” Kat said in a low voice as she reached out and cupped the boy’s crotch and massaged it slowly.

Trish’s eyes went wide, and she saw Billy visibly swallow as his skin flushed red. Kat continued to stroke until Billy found his voice again.

“You… you promise?” he croaked. When Kat nodded, he pulled the pencil from the clipboard and quickly made some edits on the page. “Okay. You, Gabby, Monica, and Trish are in cabin 7.”

“Good,” Kat said. “Find me behind the girls’ shower after the meet and greet.” Kat stepped back after one more stroke of the very noticeable bulge in Billy’s shorts.

Aware of his arousal, Billy’s blush deepened, and he covered himself with the clipboard before rushing off toward the dining hall. The girls laughed as they made their way in the same direction.

The dining hall looked exactly as Trish had expected it would. It was a large room with rows of tables and bench seating. At the far end of the hall was the serving line with its racks of plastic trays and containers for utensils. It reminded her of the cafeteria at her school back home. They sat at the first empty table and waited as Billy, who seemed to have gotten his boner under control, read off the room assignments. As he read out the names for cabin 7, he happened to glance at the table where Kat sat, which much to his dismay, triggered the bulge in his shorts to reappear. The girls who were sitting nearest him got an eyeful and broke into fits of giggles.

After retrieving their bags, Trish and Monica walked side by side along the gravel pathway, with Kat and Gabby a few paces ahead. Trish touched Monica’s arm to slow her and put some more space between them and the other girls.

“What did Kat mean when she told Billy she would do that thing he liked if he put us in the same cabin?” Trish asked.

Monica looked at her and smiled. “She’s going to blow him.”

“Oh,” she said. Then as the wheels inside her brain turned, the light bulb came on. “Oh!” She was louder than she intended and slapped a hand over her mouth when Gabby and Kat gave her a questioning glance over their shoulders. Trish felt the heat climb her face.

“She’d really do that?” Trish whispered.

“Yeah.” Monica shrugged like it was no big thing. “Kat likes both boys and girls, and from what Gabby has told me, she’s done that with a few guys to get what she wants.”

“Wow.” She found herself watching Kat as they continued along. Trish had so many questions bouncing around in her head. She wondered if Kat would answer them if she asked.

Cabin 7, like all the others, was an A-frame design with the exterior walls made of logs. Stepping in revealed a surprisingly spacious interior. The space was well lit with a good-sized window on each wall except for the one with the door. There was a bunk bed against the wall on the right and another on the opposite side. At the head and foot of each bunk sat a chest of drawers, one for each girl. Four small writing desks and a larger round table with four chairs filled the rest of the space. Though the cabin looked cozy and inviting, the feature that caught Trish’s eye was the bottom bunks. They were large enough that two people could easily sleep, or do other things, in them.

“I bet those top bunks won’t see much use,” Kat said, apparently reading Trish’s thoughts.

“You’re such a perv,” Gabby teased. They all laughed and claimed a chest of drawers, dropping their suitcases nearby before heading back to the dining hall.

Trish and crew took a spot at one of the tables as soon as they arrived. Some girls were already there while the rest filtered in a short time later. An older woman called for their attention once everyone was seated.

“Hello, girls, I am Kate Green, the camp director. I, along with our counselors,” she motioned to the four younger women standing off to the side, “want to welcome you to Camp Witchatic.” Kate smiled brightly as the girls cheered. “First off,” she continued, “let me introduce you to your counselors.”

All eyes turned to the other four women. Trish’s smile widened when she noticed a familiar face that she hadn’t seen since her last visit during spring break. The last time she had seen her, the young woman had been completely naked in the showers at the public pool. Trish’s heart skipped when the dark-skinned beauty caught her looking and gave her a smile and a wink.

“This is Veronica,” Kate said as the first counselor took a spot beside her and waved. “You know this already as you met her on the bus ride here. What you may not know is that she is my right-hand woman, and she is the camp nurse. Any cuts, scrapes, bumps, or bruises…come see her. Veronica will also be overseeing the daily activities and making sure everybody is where they need to be.”

Kate continued by introducing Kim and Rita, two 18-year-old students who would be helping Veronica with all the tasks of keeping the campers busy and entertained. “And lastly we have Keesha. She is our lifeguard and she will be leading the water-related activities.” Keesha waved and Trish squeezed her thighs together, wondering if she would get to see Keesha naked again. After all, the last time they’d met at the pool, the hot lifeguard had dropped a not-so-subtle hint that she’d be open to the idea.

After Veronica and Keesha each said a few words, Kate finished with a list of camp rules. They were common sense things mostly and not that restrictive. A tour of the camp and all its amenities was next, followed by a few ice-breaking activities for the girls to get to know one another that lasted until supper. Trish wasn’t surprised when Kat snuck off at the beginning of the tour only to join them again fifteen minutes later. The rest of the evening was theirs until sundown when a big campfire was planned. There would be wieners and marshmallows to roast, and all the fixings to make S’mores. Trish couldn’t wait.


“That was fun,” Gabby said as she plopped down on one of the bottom bunks. Kat flopped down beside her as Trish and Monica sat on the opposite bunk. Trish watched the other girls with anxious anticipation, wondering if the evening was going to end now, or…

Then Kat spoke and Trish knew they were on the same page. “Yeah, it was. But I think we need to burn off some of that chocolate we ate.” She looked at each of them with a mischievous grin.

“Oh? And how do you suggest we do that?” Monica asked.

“Well, I was thinking we should all get better acquainted. Or reacquainted.”

“Was there someone in particular that you wanted to get acquainted with?” Monica used air quotes around “acquainted.”

“The new girl,” Kat said matter-of-factly, looking directly at Trish.

Trish’s eyebrows shot up. “Me?” She pointed at herself.

Kat nodded. “Uh-huh. I know Gabby and Monica, but not you. So, you’re the new girl,” she explained as she moved across the space and switched spots with Monica. Sitting, Kat rested a hand on Trish’s knee.

“Well, I know Monica and Gabby, too. So, maybe that makes you the new girl,” Trish countered.

Kat considered this for a moment as she let her hand caress Trish’s leg. “You have a point, I guess.” She turned slightly to face Trish. “But I live here and see them regularly, so I win by default.”

Before Trish could respond, Kat leaned in and kissed her. Trish’s eyes widened but she didn’t resist. This was kind of what she’d hoped would happen tonight, after all. Kat’s lips were soft, and the kiss was slow and gentle. Her hands moved on instinct; one moving to Kat’s hip, the other to the back of her neck. She closed her eyes and parted her lips, inviting Kat to explore her mouth if she wished. The girl took her up on that offer, wrapping her arms around Trish and pulling her close for a deeper kiss. Trish moaned against her mouth and felt the wetness already pooling between her legs. When Kat pulled back, she whimpered, yearning for more.

“I guess that settles that, then,” Gabby said.

“Yup. It’s you and me tonight,” Monica replied. She put an arm around Gabby’s waist. “Not that I’m complaining.”

A knock at the door interrupted them. Each pair put a bit of space between them before the door opened. Counselor Kim stepped inside giving them a friendly smile. “Hi, girls,” she said, then placed a sheet of paper on a clipboard that was hanging on the wall by the door. “Here is your schedule for tomorrow. A new one will be posted each day around supper time from now on.”

“Cool,” Monica said, taking the clipboard from its hook to read the schedule.

“Okay, girls. Lights out in ten minutes. Have a good night,” Kim said as she left.

Monica turned on the reading lights that were attached to the underside of the top bunks then turned off the main light while Trish hung the clipboard back on its hook. The reading lights bathed the lower bunks and floor between them in a soft warm glow that was reminiscent of candlelight.

“Mmm, this is cozy,” Kat cooed, taking Trish by the hand and leading her back to the bunk.

Trish followed without question, her stomach flip-flopping as nervous excitement coursed through her. She knew what was going to happen, and even though she’d only met Kat this morning, the girl didn’t feel like a stranger. With what Monica and Gabby had told her and from her conversations with Kat during the day, she knew enough. But there was something else about Kat that piqued her curiosity. Kat had greater knowledge of sex. She’d been with a boy and, if Trish was being honest with herself, she found that intriguing.

Before they even had a chance to sit down, Kat had her arms wrapped around Trish’s waist. She didn’t waste any time slipping her hands under Trish’s shirt, caressing her back. The sensation of warm hands on her bare skin felt good but not quite as good as the soft lips that pressed against hers. Trish mirrored Kat’s movements, delighting in the warm skin under her fingers. Their tongues danced and the rest of the world faded away. Even her interest in what Monica and Gabby were doing on the other bed a couple of meters away was soon forgotten. As the kiss grew more urgent, so did the need building between Trish’s legs. She wanted—no, needed—to get Kat out of her clothes and onto the bed. Tugging up on Kat’s shirt was the signal for the other girl to do the same with hers. Both of them began pulling off the other’s clothing as fast as they could until they stood completely naked beside the bed.

The dim lights broke the shadows of the room and played across their bodies. Trish took a moment to take in Kat’s exposed flesh, from the roundness of her breasts to the patch of brown hair above her pussy. She absently licked her lips as she devoured Kat with her eyes, thrilled at knowing that Kat was doing the same.

A moan from the left drew Trish’s attention to the other bunk, where Monica was lying partially on Gabby, a finger in the blonde’s pussy and her mouth on a nipple. Trish felt her arousal flow at the sight.

A hand on her breast brought her attention firmly back to her own partner. Her boobs were tiny compared to Kat’s, but the girl didn’t seem to mind. On the contrary, Kat looked just as turned on. Her hungry mouth caught Trish’s and they kissed passionately as they tumbled onto the bed.

Trish felt Kat’s knee pushing between her legs, and she spread them to let her in. A bolt of pleasure tore through her as her clit pressed against her partner’s thigh. Kat’s mouth replaced the hand on her breast and Trish’s heart rate went into overdrive. She arched her back and rolled her hips as Kat slipped a hand between the two of them to find Trish’s throbbing clit. Kat rolled it between two fingers for a second, then slid down to dip inside Trish’s pussy and draw wetness back up.

“Oh god, Kat.”

“Mmm, you like that?” Kat asked as she took the other nipple into her mouth. Kat’s fingers moved from her clit to her entrance and back again, never staying in one place long.

The familiar pressure low in her abdomen grew and Trish knew she would orgasm soon. She clutched the blankets tight and thrust her hips upward, looking for the right contact to send her over the edge. Kat seemed to have sensed her need and increased the pressure on Trish’s clit at just the right time. A second later, the orgasm washed over her. Trish gasped and shuddered with each jolt of pleasure, arching her back. And then, she had no sooner settled back onto the bed than the wonderful fingers that had brought her to climax were replaced with a soft kiss and a gentle lick.

“Kat! What are you–?” Trish’s words failed as Kat sucked her overly sensitive clit into her mouth. Lights flashed behind her eyes and she bucked against the exquisite agony that was rocking her world. It only took seconds before an even more powerful orgasm shook her, sending wave after wave of pleasure throughout her body, seemingly without end. She thought she might have passed out for a moment, because when she finally opened her eyes, Kat was lying beside her, placing little kisses on her lips.

“Holy crap,” Trish said, her voice low and shaky.

“You like?” Kat chuckled.

“Oh yeah.” Trish gave her a quick kiss then rolled Kat onto her back and straddled her hips. “My turn now.” She gave Kat a mischievous grin and cupped her breasts.

Kat closed her eyes and breathed a soft moan. Trish massaged the soft mounds of flesh beneath her hands, tracing circles around the stiff peaks of her nipples with her thumbs. As she played, she was aware of Kat’s hips gently rocking beneath her, demanding more. Pinching the nipples between her thumbs and forefingers, she twisted them, making her partner gasp.

“Fuck, yeah.” Kat pushed her chest out and groaned.

As she continued to tease the girl’s sexy tits, Trish was becoming more and more aroused by Kat’s pussy grinding against her, even though it was nowhere near her clit. She had to move and return the favor to Kat before she got lost in her own pleasure again. That would only be fair, after all. Trish slid down Kat’s body and pushed her legs apart. The pussy before her was swollen and pink and its wetness glistened whenever it caught the subdued lighting. Trish licked her lips. Not wanting to wait any longer, she flattened herself on the bed, and with a slow and deliberate stroke, ran her tongue the entire length of the girl’s sex, savoring the tangy taste and intoxicating scent of her juices.

Kat jerked, letting out a loud gasp. She tangled her fingers in Trish’s hair and held on. Trish didn’t need guidance; she knew exactly what to do. At the top of that first stroke, she swirled her tongue around the stiff clit, playing with it, tormenting Kat who writhed under her. Trish winced when Kat pulled her hair a little but didn’t complain. She continued, flicking her prize with her tongue for a few more moments before sucking it into her mouth. Kat whimpered then gasped again when Trish pushed two fingers deep inside her very wet core. Trish smiled against the quivering pussy, pleased that she had made this girl, who was more experienced than her by a long shot, so damn wet.

Trish started slowly at first, pumping her fingers into the soaked pussy. But as Kat grunted and rolled her hips, pushing her pelvis skyward, Trish increased the tempo to meet what Kat seemed to need. As her fingers pistoned in and out, she licked and sucked on lips and clit, driving Kat to the edge. It only took a moment or two longer until Kat stiffened, and a strangled cry escaped her lips. Trish stayed with her, gently licking and slowing her hand movements until Kat finally relaxed and pushed her away, unable to take any more.

“Holy fucking God, girl!” Kat said between breaths as she pulled Trish up to her. “Where did you learn to eat a cunt like that?”

Trish couldn’t help but blush at the language, glad that the dim light hid the fact. She shrugged and looked over to where Monica and Gabby were snuggled together, watching them with big shit-eating grins on their faces. “Those two,” Trish said. Her blush deepened, knowing that the two girls had been watching them fuck, but she was also proud that Kat thought she had done so well.

Kat and Trish crawled under the covers and cuddled while Monica and Gabby did the same in their bunk. The four of them talked quietly for a while longer about the fun days ahead, doing camp stuff together… and the nights as well, doing other things together that would be even more fun.

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  1. DAGO says:

    I know this all a coming-of-age story about a young (possible gay) girl and her exploration into her sexuality. I just want to say that while I like the different people she’s been with, from her friend Cindy, to her stepmother and stepsister, to Gabby and now Kat. I do feel weird whenever she sleeps with other people that aren’t Gwen and Monika. Like she’s cheating on Monika even though they’re not exclusive (as of yet). Maybe they can become more exclusive once Trish understand monogamy and understands her feelings for Monika go beyond her respect and awe of her step-sibling.

  2. David says:

    Another great chapter Amanda, loved the build up and all the camp stuff before they got to important business that first night! Love your detail, I can picture them so easy as I read your stories. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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    Love this story. I’m hoping there are many devoted to the camp experience.!!

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    What a “campy” chapter 😉
    Seriously though, I really appreciated the authenticity of the summer camp rituals, and the sexy shenanigans our four happy (and horny) campers got up to.

    The introduction of “The Barbies” into the narrative has added a nice bit of tension, and I’m extremely curious to see how that storyline plays out. Kat is also a wildcard, and it seems like she may be the one who will most significantly challenge Trish’s sexual boundaries at camp. I had also wondered how Keesha would be re-introduced to the story, and the role of camp lifeguard was a perfect segue.

    All in all, another smart and sexy chapter.

    Great stuff Amanda!!!

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    Wonderful once again Amanda. You really put the details in that make the story come alive. One would almost have to think there is some past experiences that you draw from for your amazing story. 😘

    Love everything. Looking forward to much much more.

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    Another really hot chapter, Amanda!

    this story is becoming so well detailed and the fun at Camp “Lick-a-Clit” is amazing, our intrepid Trish is getting some extraordinary “hands on” sexual experiences with her many happy camper friends, as this, the almost last sentence recalls:

    …”Holy fucking God, girl!” Kat said between breaths as she pulled Trish up to her. “Where did you learn to eat a cunt like that?”

    …She shrugged and looked over to where Monica and Gabby were snuggled together, watching them with big shit eating grins on their faces. ” Those two.” Trish said.

    Oh,yeah! so damn good!, I could picture in my mind, how happy & proud Trish was as she acknowledged her step sis, Monica.

    And as Erocritique mentioned, what an excellent way to get the lovely Keesha back into the story…wonder what sexy fun she & Trish will encounter?!


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    mmmm loving it

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