The Girls on the Train

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Author Unknown

I’d had a long shift at the hairdressing salon, and when the tube train arrived, I sank gratefully into my seat. It had been a scorching hot day, but I thankfully there were only a couple of girls in the compartment and the air-conditioning was working, so it wasn’t too stuffy in there.
I stole a look at the girls; one was about fifteen, the other ten, maybe eleven years old. They were clearly sisters. The younger girl saw me looking and gave me the sweetest smile, enough to make me shiver.
I’d better explain. I’m a lesbian and always have been, but I’m also a woman with a deep, dark secret: my passion for young, even underage girls. No one knew of my hidden desires, and I’d never had a chance to make them happen. Strong as my passion was, I was far too timid to make a move on a little girl. Still, at least I could watch them and fantasize.
I relaxed into my seat, rummaged in my bag and got out a book out to read for the journey, but I couldn’t concentrate on it. I kept on stealing glances at the two girls. I noticed the elder one occasionally glancing in my direction, so I smiled at her and she smiled back at me, then they went on talking in whispers to each other.
After about ten minutes the tube train pulled into another station and a guy got on. He was wearing a long raincoat buttoned right up to his neck. What a weirdo, I thought, dressed like that in this heat. He must be melting in that coat.
The train pulled away from the station and he remained standing by the door. There was something vaguely unsettling about him. I glanced at the two girls and, judging by the looks on their faces, they felt the same way.
As soon as the train entered the tunnel the guy started to rummage around in the pockets of his raincoat, I was actually starting to get nervous because we were the only passengers in the compartment.
He moved to stand in front of the two girls, studying the map of the underground system on the wall. Then suddenly the younger girl’s eyes went as big as saucers, and the older girl tried to shuffle along in her seat as if she was trying to get away from something.
“Is everything okay?” I asked them.
They guy suddenly spun round… the front of his raincoat was open and his cock was out, and he was rapidly stroking it.
I didn’t even think about what I was doing. I grabbed my bag, stood up and drove it hard between that creep’s legs. I had a couple of heavy books in there, so it knocked the wind right out of him.
He doubled over, then turned round and stumbled away, his face ashen. He fumbled the door open and fell into the corridor, landing flat on his face. He picked himself up and shambled away, fast as he was able, which wasn’t very. .
I went over to the girls. They were both shaking and the older one had both arms round her sister, hugging her. Moving over onto the seat opposite them, I asked, “Are you okay? There’s nothing to be frightened of any more, he’s gone.”
The older girl looked at me, and I was startled to see that she wasn’t shaking with fright, but laughter. “Oh, I’ve seen him before,” she said in a lovely French accent. “He’s always doing that.” Her expression changed to one of concern as she turned to her little sister. “Poor Angelique… this is the first time that she has seen him.” She gave a little giggle and went on, “That was so funny, the way you got rid of him, I think he was even more scared than Angelique.”
“Is she your sister?” I asked.
“Yes. We are on our way home from visiting a friend.”
“I’m happy to have been of some help. Um… my name is Jackie.” I awkwardly held out my hand.
She took my hand in hers, giving me a dazzling smile, “I am Sophia. It is good that you were here, Jackie.” Her hand felt cool in mine and her grip was firm, I had to force myself to let go.
I patted little Angelique, who was still trembling, on her knee. “It’s fine now, sweetheart. He’s gone, and I don’t think he’ll be bothering you again.”
Angelique turned towards me and there were tears in her eyes; the poor child had gotten quite a scare. I scooted over, sat next to the girl and put my arm around her shoulder, hugging her to me, trying to reassure her as best I could. She snuggled up to me and laid her head on my shoulder, while Sophia smiled at me as if to say, Everything’s going to be all right now. Her arm was twined around her baby sister’s shoulder from the opposite side and I could feel the back of her hand touching the side of my breast. I wasn’t certain, but I thought I could feel that hand move, pressing against me.
I glanced at her. Sophia’s eyes were half-closed and her bottom lip was caught between her teeth. Looking down, I realised I could see down the front of her t-shirt. God, she was showing off a nice bit of cleavage, her breasts rising and falling — and since she wasn’t wearing a bra, the shape of her nipples could be easily seen through the her top.
I couldn’t believe it; she seemed to be getting turned on, which had a very similar effect on me. My heart skipped a beat when Angelique snuggled closer to me, wrapping an arm around my waist.
My hormones started to get the better of me, so I shifted position slightly, causing my breast to rub lightly upon Sophia’s hand. This time I was certain — she pressed back against my breast. I stole a glance at her, my pulse racing crazily at what I saw in this young teenager’s eyes.
Without breaking my gaze from Sophia’s I planted a light kiss on the top of Angelique’s head. She surprised me by turning her face to mine, kissing me softly on the cheek. She whispered, “Thank you for making that man go away. He was horrible.”
“That’s perfectly fine, darling,” I smiled and kissed her on the top of her head again. “You don’t have to worry about him anymore.”
I extended my arm over Sophia’s shoulder to hug both girls to me. This time there was a definite move by Sophia’s hand — I could feel her fingers brushing against my nipple. I looked at her again; she was staring at her own hand as it pressed against my breast. She teased my nipple again, and a whimper escaped my lips. My panties were starting to get very damp, and I was praying that no one else entered the carriage for the rest of the journey.
Then Sophia kissed her sister on the cheek, then Angelique turned her head and their lips met and they began to kiss with a quickly growing passion. I stared at them open-mouthed. This wasn’t a sisterly kiss; it was full mouth-to-mouth contact, their tongues flickering back and forth.
When I felt Angelique’s hand start to stroke my side through my dress, my mouth went dry and my insides turned to liquid.
Sophia whispered something to her sister in French and I heard my name mentioned, making me wish that I’d taken more notice of my language lessons at school. Angelique nodded, and they both turned to look at me, strange smiles on their faces.
Then Angelique stood up and sat down on the seat opposite while her sister edged along the seat so she was sitting right next to me. Sophia brought her mouth close to my ear, her warm breath caressing my face, and whispered in her delightful French accent, “We wish to thank you properly for what you did. You are a very beautiful woman, and you make I and my sister, how do you say it… hot.”
She then kissed me lightly on the corner of my mouth and I felt a tingle, almost like an electric shock, go right through my body. I glanced at her little sister out of the corner of my eye; Angelique was watching us intently. God! This was getting out of control; my heart was beating so fast I thought it was going to burst.
I knew that the right thing to do at that moment was to grab my bag and flee; take myself out of this crazy, very dangerous situation. It was too much for me to resist, though. I hungered for this lovely young girls, ached to lose myself in their sweet embrace.
I wrapped both arms around Sophia and leaned back against the window, pulling her along with me, I had no control over my body anymore. I was going to have this sweet young teen — and her little sister, if the child was willing.
We kissed full on the mouth and I felt her tongue slip between my lips, searching out my own tongue. Still kissing me passionately, her hand started to undo the buttons of my dress, then it slipped inside, cupping the curve of my breast, then fondling it. My nipples were so hard they were almost sore.
Slowly I began to caress her back and sides, and she moaned into my mouth as her hand found its way beneath the cup of my bra. I felt her fingers rolling my nipple between them, then cried out loud as she gave it a playful pinch.
Almost involuntarily, I moved my hand around to her chest, cupping her breast in my palm. She moaned again, pushing herself against me, squirming her way between my thighs.
I’d almost forgotten about Sophia’s little sister; all I could think of was what she this luscious French teen doing to me, her tongue in my mouth and the feel of her hot young flesh beneath my exploring fingers.
By now, my dress was undone right down to my waist, although I couldn’t remember her unfastening any more buttons, and she pushed it aside to expose my bra. I felt a sense of loss when Sophia removed her mouth from mine, but when she started to kiss my neck, then the upper curve of my breast, I stopped her just long enough to struggle out that silly bra and drop it to the compartment floor.
Dipping her head, Sophia took my nipple into her sweet mouth, I cradled her head and held her to my chest, urging her onwards, My mind was in a whirl — I was being seduced by a fifteen-year-old girl and her even younger sister. My breathing became ragged as she took my nipple in her mouth and began to suckle me, her other hand moving to my other breast and gently rolling the stiffened bud between her fingers. This girl was experienced far beyond her years.
I relaxed further and looked across at Angelique, she was almost reclined on the seat watching us, and her hand was beneath the hem of her skirt. My God, this child was masturbating, rubbing her slit through her yellow underpants. She moistened her lips with her tongue and smiled, then slid off her seat and knelt on the floor beside me.
While Sophia lightly nibbled the tip of my breast, Angelique fastened her mouth over the other nipple and began to suck it. I placed my hands on the backs of the two girls’ heads, stroking their hair as they made love to me.
In a mood to explore, I ran one hand down little Angelique’s back and fondled her taut bottom, caressing it. She allowed her legs to part slightly, so I trailed a finger down the crack of her ass until it touched her anus.  She squealed into my breast as I toyed with the tight pucker, then slid down to her baby-smooth sex.
When I teased the opening of Angelique’s vagina, she opened her legs even further to grant me access. She was almost as wet down there as I was. The little girl gasped again when my finger slipped smoothly into her tight little cunt.
Then I felt two hands slowly start to run up both my inner legs as lightly as butterflies, making the muscles in my thighs quiver. My body throbbed with helpless lust as those hands made their way higher. I closed my eyes, letting Sophia take me.
I felt a hand lightly touch the front of my panties, it begin to rub me there and my legs opened without a thought. Then that hand was joined by another slightly larger hand and a finger worked its way inside the leg of my panties, seeking and finding my cunt.
Angelique lifted her face from my nipple to my lips and kissed me, her tongue insinuating itself into my mouth and searching out my own tongue. My head spun as I kissed this little girl like a lover.
I felt my panties being pulled to one side, and spread my legs wider. One hand begin to rub my clitoris, while the other ran a finger up and down my pussy lips before slowly easing its way inside. I was kissing Angelique and moaning into her mouth, so close to coming.
I lay back fully on the seat with one hand between Angelique’s legs, my finger slowly working its way in and out of her cunt, surrendering completely to these two girls — who, I realized, were both masturbating me at the same time. Sophia began to finger-fuck me in earnest, while her sister was rubbing my clit.
My breathing became ragged as an orgasm welled up inside me, soon spilling over. Tearing my mouth from Angelique’s, I shuddered and cried out loud as it hit me. It was as if my whole body had been transformed into pure white light.
Then I felt Sophia’s warm mouth cover my pussy, her tongue replacing her finger inside me, licking me and sucking, tasting and drinking down my womanly essence.
We lay in a tangle of flesh until my orgasm began to subside. My breathing slowly began to return to normal and I said to Angelique, “Wow darling, that was just incredible… where did you learn to do that?”
She giggled and replied, “My sister and I, this is how we are… ever since I can remember. Sophia and I, we are in love, and we like to play with pretty ladies like you.”
Just then the tube train slowed down and started to pull into a station, Sophia quickly stood and said, “Oh no, this is where we get off!”
I just lay on the seat, not caring if anyone got on the train or not, as the two young girls gave me one last quick kiss and disappeared through the doors. I’ve traveled that route dozens of times since then, but I haven’t seen the two girls again, much to my regret.
Still, I haven’t given up hope of running into Sophia and Angelique someday. I want to make love to them next time, to taste their juicy cunts and give them the same pleasure they gave me.
The End

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  1. Milanov says:

    Funny story)) Did Jackie not want to imagine two sisters and their mother??))

  2. David says:

    Thanks to the Unknown Author for a very erotic and well written story. The thought of those two pleasuring Jackie is very hot.

  3. Tim says:

    Erotic,arousing, and very well written. I can’t help thinking though that the train must have been going very slowly, or there as a very long gap between stations for all that to take place lol. But who cares, great story. Thanks for posting!

  4. Bryan says:

    Very hot

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