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Little Flirt

  • Posted on March 18, 2021 at 3:39 pm

Author Unknown

Found this one ages ago, no idea where. I reread it a few days ago and found it worthy of sharing with you good people (after shining it up a bit). Do enjoy. — JetBoy


I stared at her beautiful face, the way I usually do when I see a pretty little girl when I’m shopping, walking along the sidewalk or in a store when a family comes in with a young cutie in tow.

Almost always, these girls turn away from my gaze. Which allows me to continue to stare without them knowing. Admire them and dream about them without their knowing. On rare occasions, they might glance at me a second time, but the result is still the same: they quickly turn away from my gaze.

If a mother catches me ogling their daughters — and they sometimes do — I always remark how pretty the girl is, which of course is the truth, and the mother is nearly always flattered.

This night, though, was different. I was dining alone in a neighborhood Chinese restaurant, had just laid my chopsticks to one side when I spied her. My God, she was exquisite. A pulse began to throb between my thighs, one that would have to be dealt with soon.

Then I got an unexpected surprise. This little girl returned my look with such an intensity that this time, I was the one who turned away first, embarrassed to have been caught out.

But I soon looked again, unable to resist temptation — and there she was, still staring at me. And she was so lovely, so flawless. I wanted to drink her in with my eyes. Let me absorb all of her, let her possess me.

Flirting with the eyes is very much an adult game, but what this girl was doing was definitely that, no mistake. She forced me to look away a second time, to scope out her mother and her older sister as I did to see if there was a clue in their faces that would explain her behavior. But no, they seemed perfectly normal, and oblivious of what the girl was up to.

The third time I looked, she was still staring at me. Only now she was smiling, a twinkle in her eye. Was that a wink I saw? No, couldn’t have been.

She was ten, maybe eleven. Just the age I prefer. It’s just tucked between things, isn’t it? Childhood is behind them. The hormone-induced, petulant teen years are ahead of them. Sometimes they’ve commenced puberty by then, but typically not. If their breasts have begun to form, there usually isn’t any body hair yet. I prefer it that way. The mound still smooth and bare, the chest only beginning to bud.

This time, as our gaze held, we were fully engaged. I wasn’t letting up. I needed to soak her in to keep me steady. Another victim of my secret life. I’m like a vampire that way. Needing the blood of another in order to stay alive.

She wanted me, this little girl, as much as I wanted her. But how could she? How could she know? Was she taught to stare down someone staring at her in? No, I didn’t think so. She was too circumspect. I saw her glance occasionally at her sister, who was across from her, and to the left at her mother who, if she’d been paying attention, would have caught us.

I don’t know how I knew it, but I did: this child of ten, maybe eleven, was already into girls. Maybe women. Perhaps especially women.


I had a little girl once, all to myself. It was ten years ago, back when I was in my twenties. I was employed as a nanny for an extended period of time.

Going into it, I didn’t even know I liked little girls. Oh, I knew I liked girls, or at least most of the time. Guys were okay too, at least back then. I wasn’t a complete lesbian at the time, but I soon would be.

This little girl and I would be inseparable for months, I knew that much when I took the job. I had no other responsibilities other than looking after her, and the parents were going to be out of the country. Needless to say, the thought of sex with my young charge never entered my mind. My mind was on how I could sneak girls into the house for a little hot fun without her knowing.

In the end, it was the little girl that seduced me. She was ten and, as it turned out, her own mother had taken advantage of the child’s innocence to serve their own needs. Now that Mommy was away, my little pixie decided that I was to be her new lover.

What she had in this relationship with her mother took some getting used to, as I came to understand what had become routine for her, what kinds of sexual things she needed to be happy.

Nearly every night after hours, Mommy would visit her bedroom, wearing nothing but a quickly discarded nightie. Daddy had typically turned in earlier; an older, very busy business man that had married Mommy when she was young and beautiful, a trophy. As an infant, she had breastfed my little girl in the nursery instead of bringing her into the master bedroom. Since there wasn’t any particular compelling reason to return to her husband’s bed, at least during the week, Mommy often didn’t. There was a full-sized bed in the nursery and she usually bunked there overnight.

As my little girl got old enough to graduate out of her crib and into that bed, Mommy was usually still there, spending the night with her little girl. The evening ritual of nursing, which was no longer necessary, was continued anyhow, supplemented with additional comforting activities that involved the mouth and the hands and being naked. Soon enough, these pleasurable games became rituals in and of themselves, Mother and daughter would fall asleep in each other’s arms, skin to skin, sharing caresses and sweet kisses.

It must have been emotionally wrenching, the business obligation that took Mommy away from that. It certainly was for my little girl. What was the mother to do, though? She was an equal partner in her husband’s business, and was obliged to join him for a six-month stay in Bahrain while a crucial deal was being hammered out. She knew that taking her daughter along would have been an ordeal for the child. So she stayed with me, the nanny, and we muddled along nicely — some might say, even thrived.

In the end, I more or less picked up where Mommy left off, and the little girl settled into a routine that was as anxiety-free and comforting as the one she’d before her parents had to leave.

Our bedtime ritual would begin with a bath or a shower. At her age, a shower was more useful, but sometimes she would insist on a bath so we could share the tub. We showered together too, but in the tub we could cuddle, be close. I could hold her between my legs. She could lean back against my chest.

After drying off each other with large, fluffy towels we would hold hands and padded naked into her room. Climbing into bed together, there was a chapter or two of whatever book we were enjoying at the time, taking turns reading to each other. And when the book was laid to rest for the evening, it was time for making love.

My little girl would roll onto me, cupping a breast in her hands and taking the nipple into her mouth. She would stretch her legs out straight, putting a knee on either side of one leg, then press her girlish center into my thigh, humping me.

The first time she did that, it was magical. I could feel the warmth of her smooth mound on my leg as she rode me. Even after I began to expect it as something we did every night, the pressure of her vulva against my thigh and her sweet hot mouth nursing from my nipple never failed to arouse me.

After nursing, my little girl would wrap her little arms around my neck and our lips would meet. Small pecks at first, but our kissing soon grew increasingly heated. If I rocked my hips up — and I was often instructed to, pulling my heels up to my bottom — our pussies would touch. We would gently stimulate each other this way, our tongues meeting, mingling.

Then my little girl would bring her smooth sex up to my mouth for me to love. Butterfly kisses to begin, of course, gentle enough to almost seem innocent. But shortly, the child would be grinding her slit into my face, wanting, expecting, desiring more direct contact, my lips on hers. I sought out her tiny clitoris and sucked it into my mouth.

It was bliss. My little girl, writhing on top of me, her juices flowing freely. I would often touch myself while I drank from her. Did Mommy touch herself then, while she kissed her baby girl’s cunt? I don’t know, I never asked. How could she have resisted the urge?

The little girl would pleasure herself on my face for quite awhile, until she came for me. Nothing tentative about it. She knew what she wanted, and wasn’t afraid to take it.

Like this little one I was checking out a few years later, sitting just beyond me at a nearby table. Something tells me that her personality is much the same as my former lover of ten.

She was staring at me, ogling me. I could feel my panties growing wet as her eyes so intently met mine. I wondered if there would be a puddle left behind in my seat when I arose.

Where is your bathroom? I asked a waiter — but slowly enough so that the little girl could read my lips. She said the same thing to her mother, who got up to let her out. I let the girl pass and was only a step behind her.

We were going the wrong way, though. I knew it, but she didn’t. She’d walked toward me, the restroom was the other way. But I could do nothing but follow her. I couldn’t give us away by correcting her. How would I know that she was going to the bathroom if I hadn’t been watching her so intently? Of course, where else would a girl her age be going? To the bar?


The last thing Mommy taught my little girl was how to pleasure her in return. The last barrier crossed. The taboos of lesbianism, incest and pedophilia fully mingled. Fully fulfilled. Taking pleasure from your daughter, pleasure that you might have found elsewhere but didn’t.

How it began. Can I do that to you, Mommy? Can I kiss you there, Mommy? 

Will you do this for me, honey? Can I show you what I like, little one?

My little girl would dismount my face and lower herself to my middle. She would part my labia, knowing where to find my clit without poking and probing around. She was always gentle with me. No lover had ever treated me so well. So considerate of my sensibilities. Her hands so soft, her mouth so skilled, her lips so sensuous, her tongue so engaging.

After licking me for a while, she would swivel her body around. She knew just when I was satisfied enough to want access to her sweet holes again. God, her cunt was so juicy… and even for a little girl, her aroma was intoxicating. I licked from the back forward and when I got to her anus, I moistened it with a few swipes of the tongue, then carefully inserted a finger. Once I was probing my little girl’s rectum, I clamped my lips onto her clit. She sucked on mine expertly. We came in waves, she and I.

Every night I was with her it was the same. We were insatiable, the two of us, drunk on one another.


We were headed to the bar, the little one and I. My intention was to set us going in the right direction with as little embarrassment and fuss as possible. Once we were far enough away from her family’s table, our conspiracy would not be revealed.

The bathroom is the other way. 

Oh. How come you didn’t you say so before? 

Just because. I thought maybe we would walk this way awhile, so it would seem neither one of us knew where we were going. 

I still don’t — but I’ll follow you. Do we have to go back by my mom and sister? 

No. It’s that way, but let’s go to the bar so that we can pretend we asked directions.

Good plan. Already a full blown conspiracy — and I didn’t even know this girl, did I?


My little girl and I would snuggle as we recovered from our exertions, struggling for breath. I think of how much pleasure we derived from one another. Night after night. Was it worse or better for her because I wasn’t her mother? Weren’t we just two strangers who had become lovers? Might she think of me as her mother? These thoughts of mine, and many more like them, would remain unspoken forever. Drifting off, we would sleep soundly in each other’s arms.

The morning would bring a new day filled with child carrying, child entertainment, child functions like school and sports and birthday parties. The night time would repeat itself, over and over again. Was it too much responsibility for a girl so young? She never complained. Was it too much responsibility for me? Never.


Luckily we were the only ones in the bathroom when we finally got there.

You’re very pretty, she said. I couldn’t stop looking at you. 

You are very pretty too, I replied, and I couldn’t stop looking at you either. 

We faced the mirrors in the bathroom, each staring at the other — a reflection instead of the real thing, with nothing to protect ourselves from what might happen next. What I wanted to happen next. What did she want? She was so young. But my little girl had been young, too.


What happened with me and my little one? Her mother returned. Earlier than expected. Earlier than we both expected.

What have you two been up to? What stories has my little one told you? 

Not only stories, Mommy. We acted them out. 

Oh, you did? 

Yes, and we still do. Every night. 

Oh, you do? Well, I’m back now. 

What should we do so that we don’t make a mess of this? I wanted to know.

We’ll be together for awhile. The three of us. We owe it to her. You owe it to me. 

I owe it to you? You started this, I just pretended to be you. It wasn’t easy at first, now it’s impossible to imagine life without it.

You’ll just have to deal with that. She’s my daughter, you know. 

Yes, of course I know, she learned from you. 

I learned from her.

The three of us were lovers for several months. I had learned how to love little girls from the daughter and I applied what I’d learned to her mother. We were incredibly happy, the three of us.


My new friend and I entered a stall together. She pulled her jeans and panties down. I squatted before her. She leaned forward and brought her lips to mine. The kiss was soft at first, but my head spun when the tip of her tongue shyly slipped into my mouth. The next thing I knew, we were kissing like lovers. My pulse was racing as we finally parted.

How do you know how to do that, honey? 

From when my mother kissed me. 

Like that? 

Well, maybe not like that, but I felt like kissing you like that. 

She stood up, but left her pants down around her ankles. I picked up my skirt and pulled down my panties before I sat down. As I did, she touched me and touched herself.

How do you know about all of this? 

I just do, why? 

Because you’re so young. 

I talk to my friends. I touch myself — masturbate, Mommy calls it. I read stuff on the internet.

We kissed again. I touched her. She moaned, grinding her smooth sex against my hand.

It was too much for me to resist. I lifted her up, setting her bare bottom down on the toilet seat. Kneeling before her, I burrowed between those thin thighs, nuzzling this lovely child’s slit. My tongue emerged to take a lick, and she shivered.

I wanted to make love to her for hours, but minutes were all we had. So I went down on my little girl lover, using everything I know to bring her off quickly. Once she was warmed up and whimpering with pleasure, I sought out her clitoris, gently nibbling at the tiny pearl.

With an astonished gasp she was coming, squeezing my face between her thighs, gripping my head with both hands. I kept the good feelings coursing through her, the tart honey of the child’s climax flowing down my throat like wine. I was drunk on this luscious nymphet, drinking from her until she pleaded for me to stop.

I rose from aching knees, leaned to kiss the rosebud of her mouth. She returned my kiss joyously, tasting herself on my lips and liking it. Our tongues entwined, Our tongues entwined, and we moaned together.

She wanted to pleasure me, to return the pleasure I’d shown her. I felt her hands fumbling for the clasp of my skirt. I stopped her, though. This place was much too dangerous for our lovemaking. She was disappointed, but understood.

I nibbled at her ear. How do I reach you? How do I talk to you again? 

She whispered her email address.

We kissed again, still touching each other intimately. One additional moment and it would have been beyond my ability to control it, to end it. I would have had to steal away with her. Maybe that would have been the best thing for both of us. But we didn’t. We pulled ourselves together, kissed one more time, even more passionately this time, and left the restroom.

I’ll write you tonight, I whispered as she walked ahead of me to our respective tables.

She mouthed the words I love you as she got back to her seat beside her mother, then gave me a sweet smile.

The End


Love Letter

  • Posted on March 8, 2021 at 4:08 pm

by Rachael Ross

{Original source and posting date unknown}

I was fourteen when my life changed forever.

I walked home from school then, since Our Lady of Lourdes wasn’t really that far from the house we lived in. Especially if I cut across the junior college campus, that saved a good 15 minutes. There were bathrooms there too, near the running track the college had, and I’d found that convenient on more than one occasion. The only thing was the restroom wasn’t really clean, there was a lot of graffiti on the walls, really dirty stuff that I sort of understood, well enough to know it was nasty anyway.

But it was kind of neat too, strange as that sounds. Mostly there were just little crudely drawn pictures of dicks and stuff, but there were messages too. Someone had spray-painted the left-most stall door with ‘DYKES ONLY’ and inside that one I’d found the most messages. They said things like ‘Friday night 9 pm – Gloria’ and ‘Golden Girl 342-1872 leave a message’… and a dozen more. Some were obviously old, some very new, but I never knew for sure if they were really real, you know? I mean, who would leave their phone number on a bathroom wall? And why? I was just fourteen, an only child, and a Catholic schoolgirl to boot; I tended towards innocence to say the least.

On this particular day, however, all that was to change dramatically. I was cutting across the track and decided to use the restroom, and get a drink of water from the fountain that was just outside the bathroom door. There was rarely anyone around, except on weekends, just one or two people who might be jogging and this day was no different.

But there was one girl who was just sitting on the bleachers nearby, not reading or anything, just sitting there like she was waiting for someone. I was aware of her watching me as I crossed the track infield slowly, unable to help but walk towards her since she was just a few feet from the bathrooms anyway.

I’ve always felt kind of awkward socially and things like getting close to strangers always sort of messes me up a little, especially back then when I was trying to grow in so many different ways. I wasn’t always comfortable with my body, even though people told me I was pretty. I was even less comfortable with thoughts and feelings sometimes. So maybe you can understand why I didn’t want to look at the woman who was looking at me, but I didn’t want to look away either. Or maybe it seems silly, but what can I say?

That’s what I was feeling as this woman, and she was at least 18, probably older than that even, stared at me. I figured she was a student at the college, and I sort of looked at her, but mostly I just looked at my feet. I had a little fear of tripping too, since that would make me feel like a total idiot.

She was tall, or so it seemed to me as she sat there. A lot taller than my five feet nothing, I’d bet. And blonde, with sort of fine straight long hair that she parted in the middle. I’m Amerasian, brown skin, black hair, brown eyes… sort of a little nose and almond eyes, but not a flat moon face or anything, thank God. She was wearing shorts, cutoff jeans all faded and frayed, and a plain white t-shirt.

I could see her skin was pretty pale and wondered if she worried about getting a sunburn. It was September, but still pretty warm. It’s the best time of year in Seattle, really. I wasn’t going to burn, not with my complexion, even though my skirt was pretty short. It was last year’s, but I hadn’t really grown that much, just a couple inches over the summer. I hadn’t really noticed at all, although my Daddy had told me I needed to get a couple new skirts or I’d give him a heart attack. I figured he was just teasing me, though he was deathly afraid I’d get a boyfriend.

I avoided eye contact with the woman as I walked past her, hugging a couple library books stuffed in my little backpack to my small but recently budding breasts. They were just lumps really and I didn’t even bother wearing a bra beneath the white cotton of my blouse since a blazer was part of the uniform anyway. But I’d left my blazer in my locker since it was so warm outside. My nipples were very dark though and I’d been regretting it all the while I walked, but especially as I walked by the woman on the bleachers. She was still looking at me, I could tell from the corner of my eye, and I thought maybe she even smiled a little, but I couldn’t be sure since I didn’t want to look. I just stopped to get a drink before I went in to use the bathroom.

As soon as I bent over and started drinking I realized that my short skirt had ridden up pretty high in the back. I could feel it but it would have been even more embarrassing to do anything about it like jerk my body upright again, which was my first instinct. Instead, I vaguely hoped the woman hadn’t noticed, since all she had to do was turn her head and she could have seen my white panty-clad butt easily. Probably she didn’t even see, I told myself. But I was blushing furiously as I quickly finished drinking and moved as casually as I could, pretending like nothing was wrong. I totally ignored her, fearing that I’d see her laughing at me, and pushed my way into the ladies restroom, blinking hard and wondering why I felt so stupid all the time.

I put my backpack on one of the sinks and went into the leftmost stall, the one I usually used. None of them locked, or anything, but at least the door on that one would wedge itself into place and stay closed. I pulled my panties down until they slid by themselves down around my ankles and pulled up my skirt, bunching it around my narrow hips, and glanced at the toilet seat, which appeared barely clean enough to use. But I really needed to go, so barely was good enough for me.

I’d just sat down when I heard the door open and soft flop-flopping of sandals walking in. It had to be that girl, I realized. I suddenly forgot all about peeing. I dreaded the sound my urine would make as it hit the water in the toilet bowl. It would be embarrassing for some reason, although I’d never had a fear of using a public bathroom before.

This time was different, though and I didn’t understand it at all. This strange young woman had made me feel uncomfortable ever since I’d seen her. Not for any particular reason other than that she’d been watching me, looking at me. I was suddenly certain that she’d seen my butt when I’d bent over to get a drink, and now she was in the bathroom with me. Why?

“Hey?” I heard her voice and it made me frown. “You shouldn’t leave your books out here, someone might take them.” Her voice was soft, sort of melodic, kind of sing-song. I thought maybe she was teasing me; it had that friendly, almost intimate texture.

I didn’t say anything. I didn’t even breathe. I just sat there on the toilet, holding my skirt around my tummy with my arms crossed, my knees together and my feet side by side on the floor, with my panties, puddled around my ankles.

“Helloooo…” she sang softly, definitely teasing me, I thought. She seemed to giggle a little. “What are you doing in there?”

“Huh?” I managed to say in barely a whisper, but it sounded loud to me.

“Are you going number one? Or number two?” Her voice was coming from just on the other side of the stall door. I was sure she was standing there and if I’d bent down just a little more I probably could have seen her feet under the door.

“Um…” It was like I had to think about it. “Number one.” I managed to answer as if it were any kind of her business at all.

“Cool!” The door pushed open and I was horrified to see her standing there, smiling at me. “Can I watch?”

“What?” This was so far beyond the realm of possibility that I had a hard time believing it was really happening. Nobody had ever done this to anyone before, I was sure of it. In my experience, limited as it was, public bathrooms were like invisibility booths. Except at school, I mean, but you know what I’m talking about. People, strangers, don’t talk to you there! They don’t look at you while you’re doing it!

I had no idea what to do. My mind was a total blank and I couldn’t even think to move. I just stared up at her in shock.

“Shhh.” She was smiling and stepping inside, taking up what precious little personal space I had left. Our legs were almost touching, me as I sat there, her standing in the much too small stall. She managed to close the door behind her, leaning back against it, and it had happened so fast I barely knew what she was doing until it was done.

“Uh, what?” That was the best I could manage in the way of protest.

“I’ll let you watch me, too.” She was undoing her shorts, peeling them down her long white legs quickly and I realized she had no panties on at all.

I’d never known a girl who didn’t wear panties before. That dumb thought asserted itself bluntly, and I stared at her pussy as she exposed herself completely to me. She’d shaved herself completely so that she was smooth and pink and my mouth was suddenly dry. I had just a little patch of hair, barely worth noticing, growing just above my slit. I’d been so happy with that sign of my budding maturity, and now here was a full-grown woman who had shaved all hers off!

Her pussy looked like mine, sort of, except mine was a little darker. My lips were small and thin, the little button of my clitoris barely noticeable except once in awhile if I’d been washing myself, or riding my bike for a long time. It felt good then, when it seemed to grow a bit, and I’d heard some girls at school talking about rubbing it, but I’d never done that.

This woman, though, her pussy looked fat, her lips were more pinkish on the outside and bulged out just a little. I could see her clitoris, her button; it sort of looked like the tip of an eraser. I stared at it as the woman reached down, putting her fingers on each side of her sex, thrusting her hips forward a little more.

“Do you like it?” she breathed, “Take a good look. Closer… get closer,” she demanded, and I complied, not knowing why.

I was leaning forward until I could smell her, sort of a musky, sweaty smell. “Yeah, baby girl… right there.” And she moved one of her hands to my face, stroking my cheek. I jerked slightly away, but her fingers slid around behind my head.

“What are you doing?” I whispered, my voice barely audible, even to me. For some reason, I was letting this strange girl take control of me. I couldn’t resist this, my first overtly sexual experience of my life. I was yielding, pliant, and dare I say it? — even willing, wanting to let her direct me.

“You’re so pretty,” she was saying, ignoring my question and pulling my head gently, but forcefully until my nose was almost touching the soft pale swell of her sex. “So pretty… kiss me there… kiss me!” She used both hands to cradle my head as I was bent over, my mouth suddenly finding itself pressed to the uppermost cleft of the woman’s vagina.

“I… I don’t want to…” I was trying to say, but maybe I did. I couldn’t tell. My heart was beating faster and my tummy churned, like I was sick, but not physically, just emotionally. I wasn’t supposed to be doing this.

“Yes, you do… come on.” I was already touching her skin with my face, with my lips. Her hand was strong behind my head and I shivered a little and I was as scared as I’ve ever been in my life. But not of her, I was just afraid of what we were doing.

And I didn’t know what we were doing. I’d never even heard of such a thing, not even in the most dirty talk I’d ever heard at school. I’d been protected all my life, sheltered by my parents and now, here in some public toilet, a stranger was introducing me to sex.

I felt the warmth of her skin on my face, the softness of her, the sweet and musk scent of her body filling my nose. I instinctively brought up my arms, my hands, trying to push her away as I felt a sudden attack of guilt. This had to be wrong, whatever it was. She was a girl, this was a bathroom and I was supposed to be alone.

But I wasn’t pushing hard enough, if at all, because when my hands touched her smooth warm skin I jerked them away. I was moving my face, trying to turn my head, but she was holding me, balanced on that toilet, just a frightened girl. I could feel her moving too, so that her pussy moved too, across my mouth and cheeks. I felt her clit touch my nose, like it was tickling me.

“It’s okay… kiss it… open your mouth, lick my pussy,” the girl kept saying and I felt like I was going to cry and I finally did touch her more with my hands, pressing my palms to her thighs, but I wasn’t fighting her. It felt good to be held, can you understand what I mean? She was holding my head in her hands, forcing me, but gently, not hurting me, and it was confusing. I wanted to be close to someone, maybe like that, I wasn’t sure, but I liked it. Part of me, a small part really didn’t mind that she was touching me and even pushing her sex in my face.

I’d never had a boyfriend, never been kissed, never had anyone who wanted to hold me like that and touch me. It was overwhelming me, like a rush, like love almost — or at least what I imagined love must be like. I was scared, guilty, and excited all at once.

I heard her voice, soft and gentle and I found myself doing what she wanted. I opened my mouth, just a little and she rewarded me with a sigh, her soft plump slit sliding down across my lower lip, pulling it down and out and then her hard little clitoris was there.

“Kiss it… kiss it for me, sweetie,” she sighed and I did what she wanted, digging my short fingernails into her skin as I kissed the woman’s clitoris. “Oh, suck it… you can do that. Just suck it a little bit…”

I was flying, like I do in my dreams sometimes, feeling weightless and dizzy and I didn’t know how to suck it, but I did. I put my lips together and I felt the hard little nub of her clit between them. It was like sucking the tip of my little finger, sort of, no bigger than that and I just sucked it like a straw for half a minute. I didn’t know if I was doing it okay or not, but she must have liked it. The woman was massaging my head, my scalp, playing her fingers in my hair and not holding me at all anymore. I was sucking her all by myself.

“Now,” she breathed, “… lick it for me, use your tongue… all over… lick me, baby girl.”

I did it, feeling like I was doing it to myself, which was really weird. My sex was throbbing and I’d forgotten all about peeing. I was wet down there, but it was something else. I was on fire and my boobs were growing, my nipples hurt, really hurt a lot and I wanted to hurt them back. I wanted to pinch them because that seemed like it would make them feel better for some reason. But all I did was hold the woman’s legs and I licked her pussy.

Slowly at first, just a little in case it was gross. But it wasn’t; it didn’t really taste like very much at all at first, but then it did, when she moved a little and my tongue was in her, only a fraction of an inch maybe, but inside her and I could taste her all of a sudden so strong it made me jerk my head a little. It was like my tongue was numb almost or burning, like acid from an orange, or too much soda. It was tangy and strong and the woman caught me, pulling my mouth back.

“Don’t stop… please, don’t stop.” She was moving more now — up and down, standing on tiptoe sometimes, and my head moved to follow her. I tasted more of her and there was a lot of her juice suddenly, and I had to swallow it. She was moaning and then holding me so tight I couldn’t breathe. It was like I had her whole sex in my mouth and she was digging her fingers in my hair, grinding her pussy into my face.

“I’m coming… oh God yessss…!” she hissed, and the sound echoed through the bathroom. I was seized with fear as she went stiff, just freezing for a second, and then started moving wildly. There was a lot of wetness all of a sudden, like a little flood and her sex took on a new and even stronger flavor if that was possible. I swallowed hard, choking for air as I tried to breathe, and I was hot and humid and sticky all over. There’s no words for it really, I’d never had an orgasm in my life and here I was swallowing the nectar of this stranger’s orgasm, drinking it almost eagerly.

The woman relaxed her grip on me slowly and it was like she was shrinking a little, getting smaller as I panted for air. I was wet, my whole face covered with wetness. It had spilled down my neck and the collar and front of my blouse was damp and stained. I glanced down to see my nipples dark and hard and plainly visible now. I’d been sweating and my whole body was sticky and flushed.

“Ummmpph…” She surprised me when she kissed me. I hadn’t even been looking at the woman, but her hand was still on my neck and she pulled my mouth to hers as she leaned down.

I’d never experienced a real kiss before and I was dazzled by the sensation of her warm, wet tongue in my mouth, wiggling around, touching and caressing me. I wouldn’t have tried to stop her, even if I could have. It was a kiss, a real one, and it was the best thing I’d ever felt in my life up until then. I didn’t have the wits to kiss her back, or do anything but sit there, shaking with adrenaline. I was beyond everything now, guilt and fear, I couldn’t even remember those. I was just there, just doing what she wanted.

When she touched my breasts I almost melted, my whole body just sagging against that welcome pressure. I wanted more and I let her hold me up, her hand squeezing my tender flesh. She was kissing my cheeks and chin, and licking at my face like an animal, tasting herself and then returning to my mouth, sharing it with me.

When she moved her hand down between my legs I didn’t do anything but spread them for her. She wanted to touch me, and I wanted it too.

“Your turn. Come for me…” she was whispering and I nodded, I think, or something. Maybe I even tried to speak, but I couldn’t even breathe and she was kissing me hard, her fingers touching my little sex, rubbing my slit, playing across my tiny clitoris.

I was throbbing all over, but especially down between my legs. My clit felt huge, ten times bigger than normal, bigger than me even, bigger than anything anywhere. It was all I could think about and I was squirming on the toilet seat, kicking a little with my legs as if I might find some purchase to press my sex harder against the woman and her fingers.

She opened my cunt easily and I realized I was soaked down there, not just a little wet, but well and truly soaked. I felt her finger curling inside, slowly, tickling me as it slid deep into my virgin sex until I could feel her touching something else. It hurt, just a little, like a pinch.

“Shhh.” She pulled her mouth away, letting us both breathe hard for a moment and her eyes were so bright, even in that dim and dirty light, they were like magnets and I stared back until she was kissing me again, her left arm sliding down my back, pulling me against her body and I felt that pinch again. She pushed her finger inside me hard, cupping my sex in the rest of her hand as if she could lift me from where I sat.

I felt a flash of pain, just a lightning jolt of fire inside me and I made a muffled sobbing sound and it was gone, just like that, leaving me with an ache really, another sensation beneath the others.

She didn’t move her hand after that, not for a long minute, maybe two, she just kept her hand against my pussy, her long thin finger pressed stiffly inside me. She’d broken my hymen, taken my virginity, so quickly I’d barely noticed and the pain hadn’t been so terrible at all. It was there, but I still felt good too. I was rocking my hips, sucking her tongue. I was close to something, something big and soft and warm, lurking inside. It was trembling in my blood, aching to come out and I groaned into the woman’s mouth as she started moving her hand.

She was coaxing me to come for her, rubbing my sex gently, moving that one finger inside me slowly, but deliberately, pressing it here and there, occasionally it hurt, but mostly it didn’t and I never wanted it to end. Never, ever in a million years, and especially when I felt my body surrender finally.

I had my first orgasm.

It was like my body had been turned inside out. I arched my back, pushing down against the pressure on my sex, moaning and shutting my eyes so tightly that it made me cry. I had my arms around the woman, I’d been holding her all the while, but now I was hugging her, clutching at her. I was rocked with spasms of pleasure that bewildered my inexperienced body. My mind was numb and hopelessly confused. I was coming hard and it was beautiful.

“Are you okay?” The woman was asking me. She was breathing hard, like I was, and her pretty face was red and she was smiling.

“I think so,” I whispered. My eyes were wet and I stared as she pulled her hand away from my sex, wincing slightly at a small bit of discomfort when she eased her finger from my slit.

“Do you want me to kiss it?” she asked. She was looking at me and then she looked at her hand and so did I, both of us seeing small smears of blood on her finger.

“I’m bleeding,” I said softly and I looked down, as if I might see something, but I couldn’t. There were some small drops of blood in the toilet bowl, but not a lot and they were already dissolving away.

“It’s okay, sweetie… you’re fine. Here, I’ll kiss it… make it feel better.” She was kneeling down on the dirty floor, not caring at all that she was going to be putting her face almost in the toilet bowl.

I felt a little touch of my fear returning and a lot of the guilt. The pleasure was fading, the excitement that had filled me and pushed all of my doubts away, was going. I wanted to get away suddenly and it seemed unfair or something. I still felt good, but it was like panic, almost, and I had to fight the urge to get up and run.

She was in front of me, pulling my hips forward, coaxing me to lean back a little. She kissed my pussy, gently and softly and her hands were on my legs, on my tummy, sliding up under my blouse to feel my bare skin.

“It’s okay… I won’t hurt you again,” she was telling me. “I just want to make you feel better.”

I closed my eyes, not wanting to see her pretty white face as she kissed my sex. Her lips were soft and moist, like her breath, and it did feel good. I was tense and stiff and I had to remember to breathe, but it felt nice and I did finally open my eyes.

She was licking and kissing me, playing with my clitoris and making it throb again. She was pushing the tip of her tongue between my lips, inside my pussy just a little bit, feeling the tightness there and tasting my recent orgasm — tainted with my virginal blood.

I swallowed hard and gnawed at my lower lip, my face filled with distress I think, more than pleasure, but only because I was concentrating so hard. I wanted it to feel good again, like before, but it was different now. I couldn’t lose the fear. I’d done something wrong, I thought, I’d changed and it frightened me. I wasn’t a virgin anymore. I didn’t know what that meant, it was impossible to know right then, but I knew it meant something.

She kissed me for five minutes, I think, a long time and I felt warm and my tummy was tight, but I was too scared and maybe she knew it.

“You’re going to be okay, I promise.” She told me, kneeling up with her back straight so that her head was almost level with mine. “I’m Jennifer, I’m your friend now, right?”

I nodded, but I didn’t say anything. I just watched her eyes, wanting to believe her, wishing she were really my friend, but I felt so little right then.

She was between my still spread legs, her arms around my body loosely, and she pulled me closer, kissing my mouth softly and then standing up. I watched her pull up her shorts and she gave me a last look and a gentle smile before she left the stall, pulling it closed behind her. I listened to her footsteps as she left the bathroom and when I knew I was alone once more I let out the breath I’d been holding.

I reached for the toilet paper, wadding a small handful and dabbing it against my sex carefully. I was a little sore, but it wasn’t bad. Just tender really and there was just a little blood on the toilet paper. I used more, pressing it deeper and finding more blood, but pretty soon there was hardly any at all. And I’d been thinking, trying to understand what we’d done. It had felt good. She said she was my friend.

“Jennifer,” I said out loud, just whispering it for my own ears.

I got up, pulling up my panties carefully and I felt my pussy protest inside like I had a sharp cramp when I moved too quickly. That could have been in my head, though, since I kind of wanted it to hurt. It reminded me of her, of the woman, every time I felt it and I didn’t want to lose her. I mean, I didn’t have anything else but my memory and I already couldn’t remember some stuff, especially when she’d taken my virginity. It was all like a dream, the little pain was real.

I washed my hands and face in the sink and thought about her. I kept thinking about her and I would be thinking about her. All that night and the next day and the day after. I’d think about her until I could see her again. I’d talk to her when I saw her again.

I felt stupid and dumb for having been so awkward in her presence, just like a little kid. I could have talked to her, but I didn’t. I didn’t even tell her my name. I felt my heart like it was too tight, being squeezed, and my stomach was hollow. What if I never saw her again? I was more frightened of that than I’d been by what we’d done.

I couldn’t bear that, the idea that I wouldn’t get to tell her my name. I wanted to talk to her and touch her, just one more time. I wanted to say I was sorry because I didn’t know what we were doing. I wanted to promise her that I’d do it better next time. I wanted to tell her I loved her.

I picked up my book bag and unzipped it. Finding a pen, I went back into the stall and started writing.

The End


Guilty Love

  • Posted on February 22, 2021 at 1:38 pm

by Xarth

{ This story was originally posted at Literotica in February 2012 }

Things should have changed after being away from home for the better part of a year, that’s what I thought anyway. My first year at university had been different certainly, but not in the sort of grand life-changing way I had hoped for. Returning home at the end of the school year I found everything pretty much the same. I may as well not have bothered.

As sisters, and only about a year and a half apart, I grew up sharing a room with Lindsay. That hadn’t changed either and even now as I lay in my bed staring at the ceiling I could hear her soft breathing from across the room. I turned my head to look at her but couldn’t make out much more than an undefined mound where her blanket covered her. To think one of the biggest problems in my life was sleeping in the same room as me.

It sounded terrible when I thought of it that way. It wasn’t like Lindsay had done anything to deserve being labeled as a problem, even just in my mind. She was as good a sister as I could have asked for and I wouldn’t have traded her for anything. I just wished I could fix whatever was wrong with me.

Sighing heavily, and knowing I was better off staying put, I swung my feet off the side of my bed and stood up. I had taken to sleeping naked while I was away, but in acknowledgment of my return home I settled for stripping down to my underwear. Clad in my bra and panties, I crossed the room to stand beside my little sister’s sleeping form.

Only her head was visible sticking out from under the blanket that covered the rest of her body. Now that I was closer I could make out the features on her face, or at least half of her face. In the months I’d been at university she had turned eighteen and, if anything, she looked even more adorable than when I left.

I didn’t know when my bizarre and frustrating obsession had started but it must have been related to us sleeping in the same room. The thing was that as cute as Lindsay could be during the day, the effect was somehow even stronger when she slept. The sheer look of tranquility and contentment that she held was enough to render me helpless.

“Perfect,” I whispered under my breath.

That was the only word I’d come up that came close to describing how she looked to me. Watching her now I saw that same face, the one that had driven me crazy. A little older perhaps but no less perfect than before.

I’d hoped that some distance between us would help, that not seeing her for so many months would make me realize that I didn’t really feel anything more than a love for my little sister. Unfortunately, the feelings were stronger now, and many of them were definitely unsisterly.

I reached down to grasp the top of Lindsay’s blanket and tugged it gently away from her shoulder before stopping myself. I’d always managed to keep from actually doing anything more than looking before and that’s how it needed to stay. She didn’t need to know how messed up I was, she didn’t deserve to have to deal with my issues. They were for me alone.

For several long moments, I stood there, blanket still in hand. Slowly I pulled it farther down her body until I reached her waist. I was losing the battle, or maybe winning. Always hard to keep score on internal struggles. I was still just looking, I told myself, I was just getting the blanket out of the way. It wasn’t really anything I hadn’t seen before.

Soon Lindsay’s blanket was piled up at the base of the mattress and her entire beautiful form lay before me. She was lying mostly on her stomach with her head turned toward me. She had on a t-shirt and pajama pants as usual, the same I always used to wear to bed too. I noticed that her shirt had pulled up a little as she slept, exposing maybe an inch or two of skin on her back.

It was weird how interesting skin could be at times. It was constantly visible on other people; their hands or arms or faces, yet sometimes it was different. In the right places or on the right people it turned from an everyday sight to something more fascinating than the greatest work of art. The small patch on my sister’s back wasn’t quite that amazing, but it was still enough to draw my attention.

My hand went to the gap between her shirt and pants without even bothering to ask permission from my brain. I let my palm lay flat on her back for a moment before jerking it away. Now I was going too far, crossing a line I had always managed to avoid in the past. And yet, it felt so good.

Feeling guilty even before I touched her again I returned my hand to Lindsay’s back, pushing the hem of her shirt up a little as I spread my fingers out. I slowly ran my hand up her spine to about the midpoint between her waist and neck before sliding it back to its starting position. Having pulled her shirt up some I wondered just how far I could get away with. It couldn’t come off, not without actually moving her, and I didn’t think she’d sleep through that.

Taking hold of the bottom of my sister’s shirt on either side of her body I carefully tugged it upward. It was caught between her stomach and the mattress where she lay on it but I still managed to get it up to almost the level of her breasts.

I paused as I considered the possibilities, then slipped my fingers under the bunched-up edge of Lindsay’s shirt. Only the side of her breast was available to me without rolling her over and it really wasn’t enough to get much of a feel, but it was more the idea of what I was doing anyway. It was so wrong in so many ways and so very, very exhilarating.

My heart was pounding and my hesitation was disappearing as my hormones took over. I’d still feel bad in the morning and I’d wish I hadn’t done any of this, but I couldn’t stop.

I turned my attention downward to the yet untouched pyjama pants that covered my little sister’s lower half. They were loose, meant for comfort, and I decided I could probably get away with a similar process as I’d done to her shirt. Her legs were lying apart slightly, spreading wide enough that I wouldn’t be able to get her waistband past her knees without pushing them together. That was okay though, I could still get it down far enough for my purposes.

I ended up only pulling Lindsay’s bottoms down to just below her butt where I stopped and just stared. I’d seen her in her underwear or swimsuit plenty of times, and I had a fair idea what she looked like anyway, but still. Like every part of her body, it seemed to fit, not too big or too small but just perfectly curved. Why did my sister have to be so goddamn amazing?

My level of arousal was getting too high and, despite knowing I should retreat to my bed first, I gave in and slipped a hand into my panties. My pussy was so wet already I could feel the moisture that had soaked into the front of panties against my knuckles. For a few minutes, I simply played with myself, trying to satisfy my urges enough to regain some control. My fingers sank easily into my sodden pussy and I wished momentarily for my vibrator but couldn’t force myself to move from where I was to get it.

Finally, I wrenched my hand away and took a couple of deep breaths trying to calm down. If all I wanted to do was masturbate I could do that from the relative safety of my bed. I should get my sister’s clothes straightened out and return to my side of the room.


I couldn’t resist. Lindsay’s bare butt was right there, begging to be touched. As far as I had gone already, I might as well go a little further.

With a slight tremble, I lowered my hand onto her perfectly smooth ass and almost immediately my instincts took over again. I couldn’t keep my already pussy-lubricated fingers from diving back in, this time with the addition of my palm mashing against my clit.

I was rubbing my sister’s butt dangerously hard and tried to reign myself in from giving her a full-on massage. That she still slept was probably using up my quota of luck for the year. Nevertheless, the sensation of actually feeling her this way was overriding most of my ability to form coherent thoughts. All I cared about was coming, and coming soon.

My wrist was going to hate me in the morning, but then I’d hate myself in the morning too so nothing special there. Somehow I continued to move my arm faster, plunge my fingers deeper and harder inside me until finally, that familiar feeling started building deep within me. I don’t think I’d ever been so glad to achieve orgasm in my life, and certainly, it had never felt so amazing.

Somehow I avoided making more than a small whimpering noise while I came. I wasn’t usually a screamer anyway but I certainly could have been this time.

I pulled my hand out of my panties finally, finding it as wet as I expected. Lacking anything at hand to wipe my fingers off with I resorted to sucking them clean as best I could. I really didn’t mind the taste but it wasn’t anything special enough that I went out of my way to lick myself off that way most of the time.

As soon as I finished with my hand I started on getting Lindsay re-clothed. Her shirt was easy enough but her bottoms took a little more effort to pull back, particularly with my sense of caution coming back. Lastly, I pulled her blanket back up and made sure she was tucked in snugly as memories came back to me of taking care of her like this in more innocent times. Back when I was the sister Lindsay deserved.

I sighed and stood up, not yet taking my eyes off of my sister. There were no easy options, no way to make sure she was happy. If she found out my secret, if I left, even if I tried to talk to her, it could all go so badly. I was stuck with simply trying to pretend things were normal and hope that I could control myself better in the future. I’d been doing so well until tonight.

“I’m sorry,” I whispered even though I knew she couldn’t hear me.

Since my panties were pretty much soaked and would become increasingly uncomfortable I slid them off before collapsing on my bed. I thought I would be up a while thinking and worrying but instead, I felt sleep claiming me almost as soon as I got settled in. That orgasm took more out of me than I thought.


“Andrea! Hey c’mon, time to get up!”

I grumbled and only cracked open one eye to see who was waking me up so early in the morning. Or maybe not so early, the sun had already brightened the room and I could hear the background noises of activity downstairs. It must have just felt earlier than it was due to my lack of sleep last night.

Lindsay was standing beside my bed, almost bouncing in frustration as I refused to move. After a few seconds, she jumped on my bed and started shaking my shoulder vigorously.

“What?” I croaked.

“Come on, Mom’s making pancakes and bacon and she says I can’t have any until I get you up,” Lindsay said.

As sleepy as I still was, I knew better than to stand between my sister and the prospect of her favorite breakfast.

“All right, all right,” I said. “I need to get dressed first, though.”

Maybe Lindsay had forgotten my choice of sleepwear these days, maybe it was something else. Either way, she only clued in what I meant when I sat up and let my blanket fall away from my chest to reveal my bra. In one swift motion, she was off my bed and digging through my shirt drawer.

“I forgot you don’t wear much to bed these days,” she said. “How about just a long shirt? You still have some, right?”

“There should be a blue one there that would do. On the left-hand side, I think.”

She really had no idea what happened last night, for her it was business as usual. A small pang of guilt hit me as I watched her from my bed and remembered what she looked like with her pajama pants pulled halfway down her legs. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected though, maybe because I wasn’t really focused yet.

Lindsay soon held her hand up in triumph and tossed me the balled-up shirt. It was one of the few night-shirts I still possessed since I didn’t wear them to bed anymore, but they still came in handy every now and then. I pulled it on while still sitting down and let the hem fall down past my waist when I stood up, thus hiding just how naked my lower half was.

With me following close behind my sister made her way happily down to the breakfast table. She was acting so normal, and that was a really good sign as far as I was concerned. It meant I hadn’t ruined anything yet.

I just had to make sure it stayed that way.


For a few days I actually managed to avoid any further ill-advised actions. The images of Lindsay’s body burned into my brain were enough to keep me reasonably happy and to keep my thoughts off of any more exploration. I was however masturbating more than usual, particularly throughout the daytime, in an attempt to keep my hormones in check. This tended to leave me less horny at night when I was most likely to slip up.

I didn’t completely stop getting myself off while in bed or anything. It was just such a convenient time, already lying down and relaxed as I was. I usually waited until I was sure Lindsay was asleep of course, not that she would necessarily mind if she knew what I was doing. The thing was that even if she was cool with knowing I masturbated, it could still lead to awkward areas of discussion between us that I would rather avoid. Safer just not to be caught.

Unfortunately, one night it just wasn’t working for me. It happened sometimes that I just couldn’t reach orgasm and, while not a huge problem in some ways, it did tend to leave me sexually frustrated. That was not really a state I wanted to be in given my current circumstances.

I’d tried various techniques from gently finger-fucking my pussy to frantically rubbing my clit until my wrist got tired. I even stumbled out of bed long enough to grab my vibrator which usually did the trick. All I got for my efforts was sore and increasingly annoyed.

The worst part was I knew exactly what I could do to get the stimulation I needed. My sister was snoring softly in her bed and definitely asleep enough for my purposes by now. It would kind of defeat the whole point of what I’d been doing, it seemed that my plan may in fact have backfired on me. I’d unintentionally worked myself up instead of calming down and I was left without many options. When I thought about it I really only had two choices; give in and take advantage of my sister again or restrain myself and suffer through a long and possibly sleepless night.

Maybe if I could just distract myself with something I would drift off. I could probably go down into the living room and put the TV on quiet enough that I wouldn’t wake anyone. It might mean falling asleep on the couch but that wasn’t really a bad trade-off compared to not sleeping at all.

I didn’t even make it off my bed before pausing, barely having thrown off my covers and swung my feet onto the floor. TV wasn’t what I wanted. What I wanted was lying directly across from me.

Almost in a trance I stood and walked over to Lindsay’s bed. I’d gotten away with it once, I probably could again. Even as I made the arguments in my head I knew I was in trouble. I was trying to rationalize and I wasn’t resisting very well either. Is this how it was going to be, easier every time until something finally went wrong?

Lindsay actually had a corner of her blanket tucked under her arm which took a little bit of prying loose but I soon had it piled up at her feet. I wondered if she had taken after me and started sleeping in her underwear whether that would have made things easier or harder on me. Idle musings weren’t getting me anywhere though, and as long as I was going to go through with this again I should probably be as quick as possible.

With my recently gained experience, I found it much easier getting my sister’s pajama pants partway down her legs than last time. Partly that was because I wasn’t quite as worried about her waking up since I was a little more familiar with her tolerances. If she had been on her back I might have gone for her shirt too, but it didn’t seem worth the effort with her lying on her stomach again.

As with last time the sight of my sister’s naked ass was enough to nearly hypnotize me. This was what I needed. I moved my hands simultaneously; one to my pussy and the other to Lindsay’s butt, stroking both of them eagerly. It was kind of like a sexy coordination test.

With all the futility of my efforts so far I was glad to feel the increased arousal provided by my unwitting sister and to sense that it was working. I wasn’t yet near orgasm but it would come, somehow I knew it would.

It wasn’t long before my exploring fingers tracing Lindsay’s skin led me to notice a change in her position. She was mostly lying the same she had been last time but with subtle differences. Notably I discovered that I had better access as I slid my hand farther down between her legs. I didn’t go too far at first but I started to wonder if I could actually get to her pussy.

I shouldn’t of course, I should just be happy with what I had. Already I had gone much too far and pushing more was just…

Actually, there really wasn’t any reason I could think of why it would be any worse. I was already completely fucked, figuratively speaking, if I got caught. How exactly were the consequences going to get any worse?

Slowly and very carefully I slid my hand between Lindsay’s legs. It took me a second or two to actually realize when I was touching her pussy since it seemed to be completely smooth. I kept my pussy shaved pretty much constantly just because I liked the feel when I was playing with myself, but I never even considered that my sister might do the same.

I ended up not being able to get entirely underneath her, but far enough at least that I could almost cup her pussy in my palm. It was such a high touching her where I was, more so even than her ass had provided. My long awaited orgasm was fast approaching and happily concentrated on achieving it as fast as I possibly could.

If I had been a little calmer I might have seen the warning signs of my sister waking up.


I heard my name spoken in a confused voice and for half a second I was just as confused where it had come from. Then I understood and I experienced a moment of absolute, pure terror.

“Lindsay?” I said, knowing full well it was even before my lips could move.

My mind was racing through possibilities but there really was no way to disguise what I was doing. Caught with my hand down my panties? That was doable. Caught with my other hand on her pussy? Completely fucked.

“I’m sorry,” I said, repeating what I had whispered to her the last time. “I’m sorry. I’m just….”

I couldn’t even think of anything else to say, what else was there? I pulled my arms back to my body, hugging myself as if it could bring some comfort. I was shaking all over and I felt very close to tears. Even though I had gone through the risks in my head previously I was completely unprepared for the reality of having to face them.

I couldn’t decide what to do, whether to run and just get as far away as I could or maybe just curl up in a ball and close my eyes. It didn’t really matter though since I was frozen in place and couldn’t seem to gain any kind of motor control.

“It’s okay, Andrea,” Lindsay said.

She had pulled her pajama bottoms back into place and sat up, allowing me to see her face more clearly. It was still unreadable to me in my state but I was pretty sure I already knew what she would be thinking. She reached out to me and I flinched away.

“No, it’s not,” I said, shaking my head. “It’s not going t-to be… it just isn’t.”

Even before I finished Lindsay’s hands were on me, pulling me toward her until her arms could wrap around me. It was such a bizarre thing for her to hold me that way given how she should be acting. Whatever that might mean I didn’t really think about it. Mostly I just cried.

The tears had been waiting and once they started I couldn’t stop them. I still didn’t know how to face my sister, yet I felt safe in her arms. It was exactly the way I’d held her when she was sad or scared, and now our positions were reversed. Maybe it was those memories that made some part of me think she could somehow protect me from… her.

My sense of time was not functioning particularly well but we sat there long enough for me to make a sizable damp spot on the front of Lindsay’s shirt. Even when I stopped crying I just stayed where I was, afraid to break the moment.

“You feel better?” Lindsay asked eventually.

“A little,” I admitted. “How come you aren’t mad?” Maybe I shouldn’t have been so blunt, but she was confusing the hell out of me.

“Do you want me to be?”

“I just mean… you know what I was doing, right?”

I couldn’t imagine that she didn’t. She was my baby sister and all, but she couldn’t possibly be that naive.

“I think so,” she said. “Andrea, if it had been me instead of you, would you be mad at me?”

“No,” I replied without even thinking. “But that’s–”

“Different? How exactly? I wish you would have talked to me, but I’m not going to be mad at you.”

“I couldn’t talk to you,” I said quietly. “Couldn’t tell anyone.”

“I know, I probably wouldn’t have either. I just wish is all.”

Lindsay was stroking my hair gently, soothingly, and I was slowly calming down. I was still confused about her reaction, but she wasn’t angry or anything and that had to be a good sign. For the first time in a long while I felt real hope that our relationship might actually be okay, that it wouldn’t be either based on secrets or nonexistent.

She had a point too about our positions being reversed. Even if I didn’t feel the way I did about her I knew that I wouldn’t have been upset, not really. I loved her and it would take something much, much worse to change that. It was certainly possible that she felt the same.

“You’re taking this all really well,” I said, pointing out the obvious. “Better than I am.”

“Not as well as you think,” she said. “I mean, I’m okay. I just… You were always there when I needed you, you know? Always. This is the first time you needed me, I could see it.”

I reluctantly pulled myself away from the comfort of her embrace and finally looked at her for real. She was still doing her best to hide it but now that I could focus I noticed the confusion and the worry. She was being strong for me, pretending that she could handle it. Just like I had done when she had boy problems or thought she was going to fail a class; I hadn’t really known what to do, only that she needed to believe it would be okay. Had she picked it up from me or was it instinctive?

“I’m sorry,” I said, for different reasons this time.

I slipped back into her arms, hugging her back this time and letting our bodies press together. Without letting go, we laid down on the bed, sharing Lindsay’s pillow and simply holding each other for a while.

“So how long have you…” she started, maybe just to break the silence.

“I don’t know, really. At some point, I just felt something different. Probably while watching you sleep at some point… you look even more beautiful when you’re sleeping.”

Lindsay smiled but also looked a little embarrassed at the compliment. She looked so adorable.

“So what happens now?” she asked.

“I don’t know. I never expected anything like this, never prepared for it. It’s up to you, I guess. If you want me to give you more space or anything, I understand.”

“Does that mean you’re not going to want to touch me anymore?”

I’d purposefully skirted around that issue, and hadn’t expected her to bring it up. My little sister was surprising me.

“I want to, Lin,” I said honestly. “But I know it has to be weird for you. I tried my best not to, and I did pretty well for a while. Maybe it’ll be easier now.”

“Maybe,” she agreed, sounding thoughtful. “What if… what if I let you?”

“Really!?” I tried not to sound too excited at the idea but didn’t really succeed. “I mean, I don’t want to make you do anything you don’t want.”

“You wouldn’t be forcing me, it’s my choice. I think I want to at least try it. For you.”

She looked deeply into my eyes as she said the last words and I could see the love behind them. She would do this for me just as I would help her when she needed it. A range of emotions flooded through me and I wanted so badly to kiss her. I held myself back and instead touched her cheek softly, feeling reassured when she didn’t try to jerk away.

“Tell me to stop anytime if you don’t feel comfortable,” I told her.

She shook her head slightly as if to tell me that she wouldn’t need to. Hopefully, she was right.

I moved in slowly, giving her plenty of time to react if she chose. When our faces were only a couple inches apart she actually leaned toward me a little, much to my delight. Then our lips met, just barely brushing together at first.

Lindsay was nervous, as I had known she would be, but once she got over the initial shock she seemed to settle in a little bit. She even started to respond a little to the movement of my lips. It wasn’t her first time kissing someone, and maybe it was partly just an automatic response, but I wanted to believe that maybe she was enjoying it.

Finally, I pulled away from her, not wanting to overwhelm her too soon. We studied each other’s faces as we tried to get our breathing under control, seeking some clue to what the other was thinking. She didn’t say anything immediately but at least she didn’t look freaked out by the experience.

Without waiting long enough for her to speak I leaned in to kiss Lindsay again, this time a bit more aggressively. When I took her bottom lip gently between my teeth I could swear I heard a small noise of pleasure from deep in her throat.

“That actually felt kinda nice,” she said as we took another break.

“Good, I don’t want you to hate this.”

“I wouldn’t hate it, I just wasn’t sure that I’d like it.”

“Well…” I paused for a second, trying to figure out how best to make my offer. “If you want to try more stuff to see if you like it, I’d pretty much give you full access.”

“What do you mean?”

I wasn’t sure how to explain it any better; my ability to form complex sentences was not at peak performance. Instead I took her wrist and guided her hand to cup my breast over the thin material of my bra.

“You said you’d let me try things with you, I’m saying pretty much the same to you I guess,” I said. “Only I’m a lot more sure that I’ll like it.”

Lindsay looked unsure but her hand didn’t move when I let go of her arm. It could be that she had a lesbian streak in her just as I did, but maybe I was hoping for too much.

Her fingers shifted a little after a moment, only barely noticeablee, but I also sensed her relaxing as she adjusted to the idea of touching my breast. I wondered if she could feel my nipple through my bra, I guessed she could, given how well I could feel her palm.

Not wanting to scare her off but also wanting to offer her more, I reached behind my back and unhooked my bra. It stayed mostly in place, mostly because Lindsay was effectively holding it there, but it would come off easily if she wanted it to. She really didn’t seem to know what she wanted however, and looked at me helplessly.

“I don’t know what to do,” she said.

“Whatever you want baby, do what you feel like doing. Nothing bad’s going to happen.”

“I know, it’s just so new.”

Despite my reassurance she remained paralyzed in indecision, her hand on my chest the only point of contact between us. As little activity as there was, I was drawn to every breath she took and every small movement of her fingers. I wanted more from her, I wanted to feel her exploring my body. I wanted her to make that choice. Until she did I couldn’t rush her, not without risking everything.

Finally, agonizingly slowly, her fingertips closed around the very top of my bra. I held perfectly still as she pulled it away and let it fall onto the mattress, leaving me topless in front of her.

“They’re beautiful,” she breathed.

“You think so?”

I was happy she’d said that, for a couple of reasons. One, if she liked seeing me naked it was a good sign of things to come. Two, despite my apparent confidence, there was always an irrational fear that when I let someone see my body, they’d be disappointed. No one had been yet, but that didn’t mean I could make that particular worry go away.

“Yeah, they’re so round and nice. Bigger than mine, too.”

Lindsay ducked her head a little as she said that and placed one of her hands on each of my breasts. I almost let it go since she was finally touching me the way I wanted her to, getting comfortable with our new closeness. I knew she was only trying to distract me though and hoping I wouldn’t notice her own insecurity.

“Lin, you don’t have to worry about your body, you know,” I said. “Not with me. I’m your sister and the last person who should be looking at you that way, but I did anyway. A lot. I haven’t seen you naked yet, not fully, but you really don’t have to worry.”

She didn’t say anything for a minute and wouldn’t meet my eyes, but she didn’t stop playing with my breasts either. Maybe it helped that her mind was on something else and she wasn’t thinking about what she was doing.

Whatever the case, her inexpert caresses felt amazing and I didn’t want her to stop. Her lack of experience might even have made it feel better in some ways, giving our intimacy a kind of innocence that wouldn’t exist if she’d been actively trying to make me feel good. I tried to commit every detail to memory since it would most likely be very difficult to replicate in the future.

“Do you want to?” she asked. “I mean, do you want to see me… naked?”

“Of course I do, I’d love to. When you’re ready, though.”

She was spending a lot of time appearing to be lost in thought. It made sense given the sheer amount of things she had to process, but I wished she would give me more of an idea exactly what she was thinking about.

I gasped as she pinched my nipple and she looked up at me startled, afraid she’d hurt me. I only smiled and guided her hands back where she’d pulled away. Usually I wasn’t really into having my nipples handled roughly, but for the sake of my sister’s learning I didn’t mind. She didn’t even pinch them again, sticking mostly with rubbing them and looking a couple times like she might actually lick one. She never got quite that bold, though.

After a while she sat up and stretched her arm out where she’d been laying on it. Her eyes stayed on my body as she did so, traveling from my neck down to my legs. I rolled onto my back and spread my legs a little to give her the best view I could and basked in the appreciative expression on her face. I didn’t enjoy having her look at me as much as I did looking at her or anything, but it was still nice.

“Andrea?” she said.


“I think I’m okay with… letting you see me and all…”

“What is it?” I prompted, trying to drag out whatever she was going to say before trailing off.

“Could I maybe see you first? I mean, you know.”

All I had on was my panties, and with her eyes constantly glancing over to that small area between my legs I felt pretty sure that I did know what she meant.

“Of course you can. Anything you want, Lin.”

Lindsay waited a moment as if expecting me to take my panties off for her. When I didn’t move at all I think she clued in and shifted to kneel next to my hip. She reached down with both hands to my waist and very gingerly took hold of my panties on either side. Visibly holding her breath she slowly pulled them down my legs.

I raised my butt off the mattress a little at first, then lifted my legs in order to make the task as easy as possible for my sister. She almost stopped when my pussy was revealed but continued all the way down and over my feet. She seemed torn for a second or two about what to do with my panties and settled for simply dropping them at the foot of the bed.

Lindsay crawled between my legs, her eyes wide and her features set in a look of wonder. She touched my inner thigh gently and I opened my legs wider for her. Her fingertips trailed across my skin toward my pussy but didn’t quite make it there.

“It’s beautiful,” she said. “It’s so smooth. It looks like mine.”

“We’re sisters, no reason they wouldn’t look the same.”

“I know, I guess I just didn’t know that you….”

“Kept mine shaved, too?” I finished for her.

“Yeah,” she said.

“I like how it looks, and how it feels. Makes me feel sexier when I’m masturbating.”

A look of… something crossed her face as the mention of masturbation.

“You masturbate, don’t you?” I asked, just to be sure.

“Yes! I mean, yeah, I do,” she said, seemingly embarrassed at how defensive she sounded. “But we never, you know, talked about it. Made me think about how much stuff we’re doing now, stuff we never did before.”

“We can stop if you want. Call it a night, and see how you feel tomorrow.”

“No, that’s okay. It’s only when I think about it I start getting overwhelmed. When I’m just going along, when I’m not thinking about it, what we’re doing feels good.”

“You’re worried about what it all means. You don’t know how it’s going to change things,” I said, not bothering to form it as a question. I knew what she meant about being overwhelmed, I’d been there.

“Something like that.” She nodded and gave me a weak smile. “And I know I could make some of the problems go away just by pretending this never happened, but I don’t want to. This feels different from anything I’ve ever done Andrea. This feels right.”

“Are you sure it’s not just ’cause you’ve never been with a girl before?”

What the hell did I say that for? Why would I try to discourage her line of thinking when it was going so well? I knew the answer even before I could finish formulating the questions. It was because, regardless of what I’d done or what would happen, I was still her big sister. I wanted her to be happy even if that meant a sacrifice on my part. This whole situation was my fault to start with.

“Maybe a little, I don’t know,” Lindsay said. “But I don’t think it’s that simple. I can’t explain it, not really, except that I want us to be closer than we were, like we are now. I just don’t know exactly what that’s going to be,” she finished apologetically.

“Whatever it is, we can do it together, it’s not something you have to deal with on your own.”

“I know, that’s part of why you’re different. That and you’re soft and warm and you’re not focused completely on getting off as soon you start getting undressed.”

“You’re only half right on that last one,” I said.

“No, I mean you’re giving me time to adjust and everything. I know you’re probably worked up and everything right now, but you’ve still been thinking about me.”

“Speaking of being worked up, no pressure or anything but if you don’t touch me again soon I’m probably going to have to do it myself.”

“You look like you need it,” Lindsay agreed. She looked purposefully at my pussy even though I couldn’t see it without sitting up. “You’re very, uh, wet.”

“I’m not surprised.”

Lindsay hesitantly reached down and placed her hand just above my pussy. It became clear pretty quickly that she really didn’t know what to do, mostly she just traced her fingers around my pussy lips. Occasionally she would get close enough to get some of my juices on her fingers and I could feel them being spread across my skin.

Eventually she did look up at me pleadingly, having realized what I already knew. It was one thing to get yourself off, but that didn’t necessarily translate to knowing what to do with someone else.

“See if you can get a couple fingers in me,” I whispered.

I wouldn’t normally start with that except that I really needed as much stimulation as I could get. I really hoped I’d be able to guide her well enough because if she couldn’t make me come relatively soon I was just going to get hornier until I was an absolute wreck.

My sister was still nervous but she followed my request and got her first two fingers in my pussy with very little difficulty. I was wet enough that it didn’t take much in the way of skill. She giggled in surprise at how easily they went in while I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling. I wasn’t exactly filled up but it would do.

Without having to be told, Lindsay started moving her hand back and forth, thrusting her fingers inside me. She was slow at first as she adjusted to the idea of what she was doing, but actually built up to a decent speed. It wasn’t quite as fast as I needed, though.

“Harder,” I urged. “Don’t worry about hurting me.”


I moaned softly as she started finger-fucking me properly, driving her fingers in as far as they would go before pulling them back. Not that it was a complicated task, but my sister was actually doing quite well once she got past her hesitations. It made me wonder what it would be like once she got completely comfortable with me.

“Do you want me to rub your clit too?” Lindsay asked. “I usually like to, but I don’t know if you…”

“Oh god, yes. Please baby.”

That was one advantage to girls, they didn’t have to be taught everything like guys sometimes did. Even when they were new to it.

With the new double assault on my pussy and clit I finally had that feeling I’d been waiting for. My orgasm was building and, provided Lindsay kept up her current pace, would hit me soon.

“Don’t stop,” I begged. “Please don’t stop.”

She looked amazed at the effect she was having on me, probably not used to having anyone wriggling around in ecstasy at the mere touch of her fingers.

I was having a hard time keeping still, except that I knew thrashing around might dislodge her and I didn’t want that. My hips seemed to have a mind of their own and I gripped the sheets tightly to try and get my movements under control.

Then all thoughts of self-control vanished in an instant as I came. It was so intense, so massive, like nothing I’d ever felt before. All I felt was pleasure through my entire body, only barely aware of Lindsay’s continued stimulation.

I did eventually come down from my high, my eyes finally able to focus on things once more. The first thing I saw was my sister leaning over me looking concerned.

“Was I too loud?” I asked, noticing as I did that my throat was drier than I expected.  I had the vague impression that I’d screamed at some point.

“Only a little, I don’t think you were loud enough to wake anyone.”

“Good. You think you could get me some water?”

“Okay. Um, are you all right though? You weren’t responding for a couple seconds there and I didn’t know what to think.”

I smiled in an attempt to show that I was fine, but I’m not sure it convinced her. “There’s nothing wrong, babe. I was just feeling really, really good. You were amazing.”

There was a visible surge of pride on her face at the compliment and she seemed reassured enough to leave the room. She was only gone a minute or two before returning with a glass of water for me.

“Thanks,” I said, sitting up to take the glass from her.

“You’re welcome.”

I drank a third of the water in a couple large swallows, then sipped at it as my thirst diminished.

“So you’re probably tired now,” Lindsay said. “Probably ready to go to sleep.”

She was fidgeting with her hands and I got the definite impression that she was hoping I’d say I wasn’t.

“Kinda, I am a little drained. Lindsay…” I paused for a second and tried to figure out how to say what I wanted. After a moment I gave up and just went for it. “I know you’re maybe not ready for this, but do you want me to take care of you now? Because I don’t think I could ever be tired enough to say no to that.”

She nodded without quite meeting my eyes. “I’m so worked up, Andrea. I never… I don’t remember feeling like this before.”

Setting the mostly empty water glass on the nightstand beside the bed, I shifted closer to my sister. I pulled her to me and gently kissed her until I felt some of the stiffness leave her.

“You don’t have to worry about that, anything like that,” I said. “I know what you’re experiencing better than anyone.”

“I know, I want you to. I just got scared at how badly I wanted it.”

“Why? Were you scared this whole time?”

“No. It’s only when I realized how much you’re affecting me, how much I want that to continue. Andrea, what if it doesn’t? What if everything changes?”

I guess I should have expected Lindsay to freak out at some point, she had enough to deal with. I almost freaked out too,not immediately knowing what to do but wanting so badly to help. She looked like she might cry, and I didn’t know if I could handle seeing her that way.

“Listen, things are going to change, things always change. But I promise that the important things aren’t. I’m not ever going to stop loving you as my sister, and as more if you let me. If anyone tries to get between us, they’ll have to drag me away kicking and screaming.”

Lindsay managed a small half-smile for me, but didn’t seem entirely convinced.

“What about when you get tired of me?” she asked, trying to make it sound like a joke.

“Lin, I’ve known you for eighteen years now. You’re my little sister, not someone I just met. I thought two semesters away would help and they didn’t, I only wanted you more. I won’t ever stop loving you, baby, not for anything.”

I barely had a chance to finish before she tackled me, locking her arms around me tightly. “I love you, too,” she whispered in my ear.

We hugged for long enough for me to remember I was naked, and for sexual feelings to gradually replace the emotional ones I’d started out with. I wanted to be able to make her feel as good as she did for me and hopefully to leave any lingering problems until later.

Moving slowly I began to lift the bottom of Lindsay’s shirt. When I was about halfway up her body she raised her arms above her shoulders, giving me silent permission. I had a little difficulty getting the neck past her head and had to shift my grip, but soon had her topless in front of me.

I kissed her passionately, letting our naked breasts press together as we embraced. As had been the case pretty much the whole time she let me take the lead, only now I could actually use it to full effect. Not yet breaking our kiss I guided her backward until she was lying down underneath me.

As soon I got her settled I went for her bottoms. She again responded to my non-verbal requests and helped me to remove her pajama pants, leaving her completely naked.

This was where I had to be somewhat careful, since being naked in front of someone for the first time is usually a bit scary. Particularly when you’re not quite certain how they’ll react but desperately want them to like what they see.

“So beautiful,” I breathed, not exaggerating even slightly.

Lindsay squirmed in a mixture of pleasure and embarrassment but didn’t say anything. She clutched her hands nervously in front of her and I had to pull them apart in order to get access to her breasts. I gently kissed each one before sucking one of her nipples between my lips.

“Are you sure they’re not too small?” she asked.

“Baby, how many times do I have to tell you that you’re absolutely perfect?”

“At least twice a day.”

I looked up at her, surprise evident on my face. “Was that an actual joke I heard?”

“Maybe.” She shrugged but the little grin on her face gave her away.

“Okay, I can handle that.” I crawled up farther along her body and kissed her lovingly. “You’re perfect, you’re my beautiful little sister and I love every single part of you. How’s that?”

I didn’t give her a chance to answer and instead kissed her again, completely cutting off anything she might have tried to say. She responded eagerly and met my tongue midway between our mouths with her own. I stroked one of her breasts with my hand as our tongues wrestled playfully.

One of my legs was between hers and she started humping against it, craving her own release but not wanting to say so. I knew what she needed though and I’d take care of it.

“I guess you’re also my horny little sister, aren’t you?” I said.

“Please, Andrea,” she begged non-specifically.

“Don’t worry baby, I got it.”

I had to position myself so that my head was more or less at the level of her hips. Her pussy was, like mine had been, already more than ready for me. She even seemed to be dripping onto the bed slightly before I so much as touched her most intimate place.

I started by running my fingers up and down her pussy lips, trailing my middle finger directly along her wet slit. Lindsay moaned and rocked her hips toward me impatiently as she waited for me to get on with it. Smiling to myself I pushed a single finger into her accepting entrance. It was tight, but not to the point of slowing me down very much.

“Is that okay, Lin?” I asked.

“Uh-huh,” she replied simply.

She was squeezing one of her breasts rhythmically, but I’m not certain she was fully aware of it. Her attention seemed to be mainly on me and what I was doing.

Instead of sliding another finger in and more or less repeating what she’d done to me, I turned my focus to her clit. I had a better idea what I was doing and was pretty sure finesse was the way to go at this point. She was turned on enough that I didn’t have to worry about building her up, I just needed to release all that sexual energy inside her.

I leaned in close and let my tongue dart out to flick against her sensitive clit. I made sure to pay attention to her reactions every time I licked her as I worked out what she responded best to. Some other time I could spend hours teasing her if I wanted, right now I was only interested in making her come fast and hard.

A pattern of long, forceful licks interspersed with sucking briefly on her clit was what I settled on. My sister’s moans had intensified and I knew the stimulation on her clit and pussy would soon have her coming on my finger. I didn’t even stop long enough to remind her not to be too loud, not wanting to let up the pressure for a second.

My efforts were soon rewarded as I brought Lindsay to orgasm. Her pussy did its best to crush my finger and her moans became dangerously loud before she clamped her pillow down over her face. I kept my tongue pressed against her clit until she calmed down and I sensed her body relaxing.

She lay on her back panting as I climbed up next to her and pulled the covers up over the both of us. I only barely got us settled in before she rolled over and curled up in my arms, burying her head against my shoulder.


“Yeah, baby,” I whispered.

“I love you.”

“I know, I love you too.”

That was effectively the end of our short conversation. I didn’t know how long it was before Lindsay’s breathing changed to signal she was asleep, but I continued to lie awake, holding her long after. The night had turned out so much better than I could ever have hoped and I didn’t really want it to end, even though I was exhausted. The only reason I was willing to surrender to sleep at all was that I wanted to be able to wake up with my sister, to have as much of the day together as possible.

There would be more problems, I had no illusions otherwise. I didn’t worry about them, though, couldn’t bring myself to care. I had my sister now, in every way, and as long as we were together nothing else mattered.

The End


This is Love, Part One

  • Posted on September 9, 2020 at 2:39 pm

By Jan Vincent

I found out very early on, sometime around when I was twelve, that I liked girls far more than boys. Girls were always so alluring, so nice and sweet and smooth. As I am a brunette myself, fair-headed, blue-eyed girls with long, athletic legs were and are my ultimate object of desire. That doesn’t mean I hate men or boys or anything like that. It’s just my sexual libido, and my personal interest revolves around women, with a few very rare exceptions.

I’ve thought long and hard why I am who I am. I dislike labels like “gay,” and “lesbian,” because I hate to be pigeonholed, but I have to use those labels so that people know what I want and, more importantly, what I don’t want from life. I don’t go to “women’s bars” or openly gay meetings or parades. If people do not know me well, they usually think I’m straight as an arrow, because most of my friends are basically hetero. The way I dress doesn’t give away what gender I like to share my bed with. I’ve been called a “lipstick lesbian” even though I rarely put makeup on except for professionally, when I have to, or socially, when I feel like it.

I have a really nice family. I have two wonderful parents, the best you could ask for. They’ve always been there for me, in particular when I needed them most. They are strict and religious, but also generous and sweet toward my sister Lisa and me.

Lisa is and has always been my best friend. She is two years my senior. When we were kids, we fought like most siblings. My mother told me that we used to scratch and bite each other when we were really young, but we eventually grew out of it without much pressure from the adults surrounding us. During our teen years, we really began to bond. It was not an overnight event. It just happened, little by little, in a crescendo of mutual understanding, respect and even admiration.

Lisa is one of the most beautiful girls I know. I don’t just mean in the physical sense. I mean she can be excruciatingly drop-dead gorgeous, sweet and intelligent and aware of other people’s needs. She inherited our parents’ urge to help others when they needed it. Her personality makes everybody smile, including me, and that’s why she was popular as a babysitter during her late teens.

I lost count of the guys who were in love with Lisa in middle and high school, but because our parents were so strict she was not allowed to date. That doesn’t mean that my sister wouldn’t kiss a boy or two, but going out at night with one was out of the question.

I’ve been asked if I was ever jealous of my sister’s popularity. In a way I was, because I craved attention too, but I looked up to her too much to focus on any negative feelings I may have nurtured during that period of our lives. I guess, inadvertently, our parents’ strictness made our bond stronger. We covered for each other on a fairly regular basis.

Lisa once saved my life when we were visiting relatives. We were playing tag near the pool and when one of my cousins tried to tag me I flinched to the side, slipped and fell into the shallow water, hitting my head against the bottom of the pool. I blacked out and would have drowned if it weren’t for Lisa, who immediately jumped into the water and pulled me out, I was told. Fortunately Aunt Missy was a nurse, and told my sister to lay me flat on the ground and keep me from moving. I could have a spinal injury, my aunt said, and any movement could make things far worse. I was rushed into the hospital where she worked and was diagnosed with a mild concussion. I was told I’d been lucky. I could have become paralyzed for the rest of my life, but thanks to Lisa, I was fine in no time.

It was during my recovery that I began to realize how much Lisa meant to me. I could see how worried she was. She felt guilty because playing tag near the pool had been her idea. She stayed with me, calling the nurses whenever I needed something, holding my hand. I guess I fell in love with her a little bit during that time.

From that moment on, Lisa and I were truly inseparable. We did everything together, including hanging out with her friends. She said she didn’t want to lose sight of me ever again, and how horrible it had been when. she thought I had broken my neck and was dead. She had nightmares about it, Lisa said. Sometimes she would come to my room at night just to check if I was breathing, and that made me love her even more.

When she turned eighteen and moved out of the house to attend an out-of-state college, I missed her terribly. My beloved sister was one thousand miles away, having the time of her life, and I couldn’t be with her. We called each other often, but that wasn’t nearly enough.

Looking back at this part of my life, I can see clearly all the signs of infatuation, but at that time I didn’t see it that way. The only thing I knew was that Lisa was my sister and I loved her to death, no matter what, and in my mind, it was normal for a girl my age to feel that way for her own sister, wasn’t it?

I only started questioning my feelings for Lisa a couple of years ago. It was summer break; the weather was warm and sunny, and we were sunbathing on the balcony of her college apartment. I had seen Lisa so many times in her bikini, but that day, for some unknown reason, I noticed the way her nipples strained against the soft cups of her sexy blacktop. It looked as though she was aroused, and my suspicions grew stronger as I noticed the way her hand caressed her left thigh.

That was when I really noticed how desirable my big sister had become. Her shapely body had filled out, especially in the chest and hips. She had a perm and her straight hair was now a luscious bundle of wavy, raven strands full of adorable ringlets that went past her shoulders and down to her midriff. I gasped, and totally against my will, felt my pussy growing damp.

I sat up on the lounger, my cheeks burning with shame. I felt so terribly guilty about my body’s reaction to Lisa’s beauty. Fortunately, my sister had dozed off and hadn’t noticed what had just happened to me. In that moment, my life changed.


I hadn’t planned to attend the same college as my sister, but a financial setback forced me to do so. After thirty years with the same company, my father was fired because he wasn’t as productive as he used to be, or so his boss claimed. He did get severance pay, but it wasn’t enough to keep paying the mortgage and cover tuition for the college I’d chosen.

To save money, Lisa suggested that I enroll at her college instead. Not only would the tuition fees be lower, but it would also give us the chance to room together. She said she would love to have me at her place rather than room with a total stranger, having done so during her freshman and sophomore years. My parents couldn’t be happier with Lisa’s suggestion.

So Lisa and I moved into a comfy off-campus two-bedroom apartment with a spacious, relatively private, sun-kissed balcony. Even though my classes wouldn’t start for a couple of weeks, Lisa convinced Mom and Dad to let me leave home early, because good apartments near the university weren’t easy to come by.

When our parents left after dropping me off, I could see the sense of relief in Lisa’s greenish eyes. She grinned at me and then sighed, which made her bangs flutter like a curtain in the wind. “Wow, I’m glad you’re here with me. We’re gonna have so much fun together.”

“You think?” I said, beaming like a fool.

“Oh, definitely,” she said, looking around at the half-open moving boxes with the U-Haul logo on them.

“And what about your boyfriend?”

She straightened herself up and looked at me with a half-amused, half-surprised look. “What boyfriend?”

“I thought Mom was right. That I was an excuse to get back to your boyfriend as soon as possible.”

Lisa smiled at me wickedly. “I don’t have a boyfriend, sis. At least not anymore.”

“What happened?”

“I caught him cheating on me.”

“Really? No way.”

“Yes, little sister. Men do cheat, y’know.”

“He must be crazy.”

“Why?” she asked, glancing at me for a moment while holding a few items she had taken out of a box, including a heavy-looking stone with the shape of a fish a friend had painted for her.


Because?” She stopped looking for a place for her fish, her attention totally fixed on me.

“Because I can’t understand why anyone would do such a thing to you. You’re so… amazing!”

Lisa laughed, tipping her head up. “You’re sweet, baby sis, but I guess he became a little discouraged when I told him straight out I was not going to have sex with him.”

Lisa had finally decided to put down the stonefish on a windowsill when I said, “So you never…”

She turned to me and grinned, putting her hands on her hips. “Nope. I’ve never had sex with a man if that’s what you’re asking.”

“So, you—”

“Yes, baby sis, technically I’m still a virgin, but not really.”

“What do you mean, not really? You’re either are or you’re not. You can’t be both.”

“I’m not gonna tell you any more. You may blab it all out to your friends and Mom will know about it.”

“I swear I won’t tell.”

“No, Annie, let it be.”


Despite my pleading, she refused to explain those words. I pestered Lisa to tell me her secret but to no avail.


Movies about college life are complete lies. In spite of the fact that I had a few days without classes, I was already feeling a little bit overwhelmed by the amount of work in front of me. My sister was a true blessing, explaining to me how to be a successful freshman both academically and socially.

One night, after a long, trying day, she invited me to go hang with some girls she knew.

“C’mon, let’s go out tonight. A couple of friends of mine just arrived. Wanna meet them?”

“No, not really. I feel a little bit tired. And—”


“To tell you the truth I want to relax, take a long bath, and then watch a movie at home. But you can go. I don’t mind.”

“Maybe you don’t, but I’m a little worried about you.”

“I’m fine. You said I would be, or did you lie to me like all the others?”

Lisa chuckled. “I don’t know what others you’re talking about, but I wasn’t lying to you. Think I’ll call my friends to say hello and stay home too.”

And so she did. I took the long bath I’d yearned for while she cooked dinner. I was relaxing with my eyes closed, enjoying this liquid cocoon made of warm water when she entered the bathroom. Because Lisa is a little bit of a romantic fool, she’d lit up scented candles and put them on the edges of the tub.

“So is that nice, or is that nice?” she asked, looking down at me with a grin, holding a glass of tequila. Although at the time she was only twenty, Lisa had friends who supplied her with all the booze she wanted.

Very nice,” I concurred with a nod. I glanced at her for a moment, then closed my eyes again.

“Hmm, I’m very tempted to join you in there.”

I opened my eyes and without really thinking I said, “Why don’t you?”

“Hmm, it’d be too crowded.”

“I’ll make room for you.” I pulled my legs up and held them to my body. “See? There’s plenty of room.”

“Are you serious?” She downed the rest of her drink with a quick movement of her head and then looked at me with a doubtful expression.

“Yeah, why not? C’mon, hop in. You’ve worked your butt off, now it’s your turn to relax.”

“Dinner’s ready. It’ll get cold if we take too long.”

“We won’t. C’mon.”

After some hesitation, Lisa smiled and giggled. It sounded as if the alcohol was already having an effect on her. “I won’t stay long, okay?” She put her empty glass down on the washbowl and began to tug off her baby pink summer dress. As she raised it past her head, I was surprised to see Lisa wasn’t wearing a bra, only matching pink panties thinly hemmed with lace.

I’d seen Lisa naked many times, but never had I seen her undressing to share a bath with me. The balcony episode was still fresh in my mind, and I started questioning my reasons for inviting Lisa in. Did I want to seduce her? Or just impress her? Why would I want to share a bath with her otherwise? Because we could? Because Mom and Dad were miles away and this was my twisted way of commemorating my newly gained freedom from parent surveillance?

Anyway, the idea of me seducing another girl didn’t even begin to make sense. Even though I kind of knew I liked girls more than boys, on a conscious level I’d never been interested in a specific girl before. After all, lesbianism was a mortal sin, I was told. And Lisa was my own sister to boot. If lesbianism were a sin, then incest would be far worse, right?

Without really noticing what I was doing, when Lisa hopped in the tub, my eyes fell on her mons, now devoid of the pink panties.

“What are you looking at?” she said, her hands on her hips, staring at me with a veiled smile.

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to.”

“Never seen a shaved pussy before?” Lisa asked in a teasing tone of voice I was so familiar with.

“Lisa, don’t be so—”

“Vulgar?” she completed. “You sound like Mom. You’re not her, so don’t.”

I got a little bit annoyed by her comparison. I didn’t find it fair and was about to say so when I felt Lisa’s legs touch the sides of my ribcage. “Sorry, there isn’t much space in here,” she said, giggling.

“That’s okay,” I said. “I don’t mind. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have invited you in.”

Silence fell between us, as she closed her eyes and rested her head against the soft edge of the tub. This allowed me to stare at her breasts—in particular, at her nipples, poking out of the water as though she was aroused. And it didn’t help that she had her legs open, both hands cupping her vulva beneath the water.

Out of the blue I decided to tease her and said, “Are you playing with yourself?”

Lisa opened her eyes—surprised at first, removing her hands from her crotch. She soon regained her composure, sitting up in the tub. “No, I wasn’t,” she said, widening her tentative smile into a grin. “Do you want me to?”

“No, of course n-not!” I was shocked at her suggestion. I pressed my own folded legs against my body. Despite my quick denial, I felt my labia open up just a little, that familiar throb returning.

I remembered the time my mother told me not to touch myself between my legs, as it was not proper or ladylike. I wasn’t even conscious of what I was doing when she swatted my hands away from my pleated skirt-covered crotch. I told Mom I wasn’t doing anything, but she didn’t believe me.

“Keep your hands next to you, not there,” Mom had said.

Lisa moved in the tub, one of her legs sliding against my side, making me snap out of childhood memories. I stared at her, returning her quizzical gaze. “I’m sorry if I embarrassed you,” she finally said. “I didn’t mean to. You know I was kidding, right?”

“I know, I just­…” I told her about Mom’s reaction to my unladylike position on the sofa.

“Oh, Annie, don’t worry. You know how Mom is. It’s the way she was brought up. Don’t pay attention when she goes on like that. I sure don’t.”

“You don’t?”

“No, not really. I do play with myself, you know. In fact, if I were alone in this tub, I’d probably do it right now.”

“But since when do you—”

“Since always.” My eyes widened, and she giggled. “Hey, I shocked you twice in a row! Sorry about that.”

“No, I’m not shocked.” It was true, I wasn’t. I was only a little bit breathless and surprised. I was learning a few things about my older sister I didn’t know. “Since always? What do you mean, since always?”

“Don’t worry so much about it. It’s just natural. I just do what my body wants and needs. It’s a great way to fall asleep.”

“But weren’t you worried that Mom—”

“No, I stopped paying attention to Mom’s worries and hang-ups about sex a long time ago. You should, too.”

Lisa and I lingered in that tub for a few minutes longer, talking about our shared childhood and the way our parents, especially Mom, had repressed our sexuality. The fact that Lisa had managed to set herself free from that conditioning was an amazing thing to me.

When we finally got out of the tub, I felt a strange mix of confusion, relief and disappointment. I could understand why I was confused and relieved, but I wasn’t sure why I was so disappointed. Or maybe I did know, but lied to myself about it.


A few days later, Lisa and I were invited to a welcome party for freshmen like me. I was nervous, but calmed down a little when my sister told me she knew a few people who would be there and she’d introduce me to them.

“What should I wear?” I asked Lisa, checking myself out in the closet mirror in her bedroom. “Jeans or a dress?”

“A dress, definitely,” she answered, trying on a short black dress that set off her pale skin, framed by that pitch-black hair. “The party will be next to the Student Union Hall, and because I belong to the USG, I have to dress up. So you should too.”

“USG? What’s that?”

“Undergraduate Student Government: It’s a guild of students for undergrads.”

“I didn’t know that. Since when?”

“Since last year. I won the election for Vice President. Now hurry up. You still don’t know lots of things about me. Live and learn.”

When I was about finished dressing, and as busy and fussy as I was, Lisa and I bumped against each other at the bathroom doorway. I took a step back and said. “Oops! Sorry.”

“No big deal,” she said, smiling at me.

For a few seconds, I could only stare at her. She looked… so absolutely perfect. The eyeliner around her eyes made their greenness stand out even more than usual. Her lips were covered with a patina of light pinkish gloss. And her black dress suited her to perfection, making her body look longer and slimmer.

For that short moment of awe and surprise, Lisa didn’t seem to be my sister anymore. She looked like an adorable stranger, a breathtaking woman, a vision of a fallen angel dressed to kill.

“What?” she asked. “Hello? Are you okay?”

I snapped out of my trance and said, “Sure, sorry. I’m not used to seeing you like this.”

“Is it too much, you think?”

“No, no, you look gorgeous.”

“You sure?” she said, cocking her head to the side, her smile turning slowly into a grin.

“Sure I’m sure,” I said, my nervousness increasing. I tugged at my dress, pulling it down a little.

“Okay. Thanks, Annie. You look pretty hot, too. So… are you ready?”

“No, I still need to comb my hair.”

“I’ll do it for you. Please, calm down and stop fussing with your dress. You’re gonna ruin it.”

Without a word of protest from me, I let Lisa guide me into the bathroom. Patiently, she began to untangle my hair with a brush. With a few strokes, her hands produced a miracle. She turned my disheveled head into something presentable.

“Wow, you’ve become so beautiful, little sis. We’re going to have so much fun, you and me. I can guarantee you that.”

I smiled into the mirror. Seeing Lisa so close to me, I was unable to stop a sudden, overwhelming surge of love for her. I turned and kissed my big sister on the cheek.

Lisa smiled at me, kissed me back, and we hugged. I whispered into her ear, “Lisa, I’m so happy to be here with you.”

“Me too,” she replied, her arms pulling me closer to her.

“I love you,” I said.

Lisa took a step back and looked at me. “I know, baby sis. I know you do. But c’mon now, let’s go. I want to party, party all night!”


When Lisa and I arrived at the party tent near the Student Union Hall, I saw many heads turn toward us. The fact that we came in holding hands—Lisa’s idea—was getting us more attention than I liked. I kept myself from pulling away, though.

A guy came out of the crowd and gave Lisa a hug. “So, how are you, girl?” he asked. “I haven’t seen you in ages.” And since Lisa was still holding my hand, he added, “And who’s this? Your new girlfriend?”

“Yeah, she is,” she said, grinning and sending me a glance that meant I should be quiet. I couldn’t help but gape stupidly at her.

“And does she have a name?” he said, eyeing me from head to toe.

“It’s Annie, she’s a freshman.”

The guy snickered. “Oh, you like them young.”

“Yeah,” she replied, nodding and squeezing my hand tighter, as if to assure me that it was all a big joke. “The younger the better, but up to a point.” Then she looked at me and said, “Come on, babe. Let me introduce you to other people I know.”

I followed her lead, blinking my eyes, confused and almost breathless. I didn’t understand what she was up to, and it distressed me.

When the guy no longer could hear us, I pulled her close and gave her a quizzical look. “Lisa, what on earth are you—”

“Just play along, sis,” she said. “Let them think you’re my new girlfriend.”

“Your girlfriend? But—” I wasn’t able to continue, though, before Lisa was enveloped by another pair of arms. This time it was a young woman, an attractive blonde wearing a tight red dress and a beaded evening shawl. The same questions were asked about my identity, and my sister told the same lie.

“She’s absolutely stunning,” the woman-in-red said. “And you look so much alike. If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were sisters.”

Hearing this, I removed my hand from Lisa’s, already beginning to panic a little. I wouldn’t have been so nervous if the circumstances had been different. I figured Lisa was probably pulling a practical joke on her friends, but somehow it didn’t feel that way to me. If I hadn’t secretly felt desire for my sister on two separate occasions, I would gladly play along like she’d asked. However, knowing that my conscience wasn’t clear on the matter, Lisa’s little prank hit too close to home.

As I began to move away, Lisa hurried after me and said, “I’m sorry, Annie. It’s a joke, just a stupid joke.”

“What is—listen, are you hazing me?” I said, turning to her, holding my shallow breath.

“No, I was hazing them.”

“Lisa, I—I don’t like this joke. Please stop saying we’re girlfriends.”

“Okay, okay. I’m sorry. I just thought—”


“It was a crazy idea I had when we took that bath together. I’m—” Lisa wasn’t able to finish her sentence. Once again, we were surrounded by Lisa’s friends. They hugged me too, saying, “Wow, Lisa knows how to choose her girlfriends. You look fantastic.” And that whirlwind of people took us to a low-lit corner where guys and girls leaned and sat on multicolored beanbags.

Despite the dim light, I could see that Lisa and I were the center of attention. I felt terribly uncomfortable and turned crimson every time I noticed the intent stare of curious faces. I wished to God that evening would end as soon as possible. To make matters worse, some of Lisa’s friends took her away from me, leaving me all alone and vulnerable.

Luckily, some drunk girl started doing a lewd dance, so everyone started paying attention to her instead. I slipped into a quiet corner and tried to be invisible. Finally, though, I couldn’t stand it anymore. I had to find my sister.

I looked for Lisa in the tent, but couldn’t find her. Eventually, I asked a bunch of loud partiers if they had seen Lisa and one of the guys said, “Yeah, she went to the bathroom.”

“And where is it?” I shouted over the booming music.

“In the Union building. Second door to the right.”

After asking twice where the main entrance of the building was, I managed to find the bathrooms. As I entered the girls’ room, I heard someone laughing out loud, obviously intoxicated.

“Hey, Lisa,” said a girl leaning on one of the sinks. “Your girlfriend’s here.” She gave me the once-over and smiled, blowing the smoke of her joint upwards. “Hey, checking if your squeeze is cheating on ya?”

“My girlfriend?” I heard Lisa say. I saw her come out of one of the stalls and then turn toward me. “Annie, how did you find me?”

I told her how, frowning, somewhat angry with her because she’d put me in such an awkward, humiliating position. I was being laughed at for no good reason.

After an embarrassing moment of silence, Lisa eventually said, “Annie, let me introduce you to my friends.” Pointing to the smoking girl, she added, “This is Kylie. And the girl in the stall is Mandy.”

Seeing Kylie’s smirk and the condescending way she looked at me, I became angry. On impulse, I decided to get into my role as Lisa’s lover. She’s pushed me too far, and I was going to get even.

I said, “And what were you doing with Mandy in the stall? I can’t trust you, can I? Why are you doing this to me? You tell me how much you need me, and now you cheat on me with her?”

Lisa took a step back, surprised at my outburst. “What…”

“If you don’t want me in your life anymore, just say it, but don’t you dare to deny you were cheating on me with her.” I emphasized the last two words, pointing at the girl in the stall.

“But Annie, it’s not what you think. We were—I was….”

I spun around, stalked out of the bathroom, and marched out of the building, grinning and proud of myself. The joke was supposed to be on me, was it? Well, I’d just turned the tables. I strode faster across the Student Union lawn.

“Annie, wait.” It was Lisa and she was running toward me. “Wait. Where are you going?”

“I’m going home.”

“So soon?” she said, panting and puffing as she stood in front of me. Her hair had gotten loose from the artsy bun I’d helped her with when we were getting ready.

“Yeah,” I said.

“What happened in there? What was the big idea?”

“You wanted me to be your girlfriend, so I reacted like one.”

“Annie, don’t go. Not just yet. I’m sorry if—”

“That’s fine. You have your fun. I… I’m just too tired right now. I want to go home.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Okay,” she said, then hugged me and kissed my cheek. “Be safe. And call me when you arrive home. I have to stay; otherwise, I’d go with you.”

“I know. Have fun. See you tomorrow.” And with that, I removed myself from her embrace and walked away. On the way home, I realized that I’d just had the most surreal evening of my life.


The next day was Saturday. Lisa and I were supposed to clean the apartment and do the laundry. I felt really tired and almost couldn’t get out of bed. With heavy eyelids and walking like a zombie, I managed to shamble into the bathroom. I washed my face, brushed my hair and made my way into the kitchen. To my surprise, Lisa was already dressed and fixing breakfast.

“Wow,” I said. “I didn’t know you were an early riser.”

“Well, I’m not… but today, for some reason, I wanted to wake up early and surprise you.”

“Are you trying to make amends for last night?”

Lisa stared at me with a contrite look. “I’m sorry. I didn’t want to make you feel bad. I just thought it was a cute joke, you know.”

I sat at the table while she served an extremely delicious-looking breakfast. The French toast smelled divine. “Nice of you to prepare breakfast for your little sister, or should I say, ‘girlfriend’?”

“I’m sorry,” said Lisa, reaching out for my hand across the table. She looked a little sad and nervous. Her hand was cold and trembled somewhat. “I didn’t know that would freak you out so much. It was a joke gone wrong. Can you forgive me?”

“Did you tell them the truth, or do your friends still think we’re a couple?”

Lisa looked down at her food and said, “Well, uh, not really.”

“What do you mean, not really? You either told them or you didn’t.”

“Well, I couldn’t.”

I searched for her eyes, but her long hair kept her face hidden from me. “Lisa, what’s going on? I don’t understand. I thought you had a boyfriend. I don’t get this, this story of you having a girlfriend. Why would they think you’d have a girlfriend instead of a boyfriend? And why me? Why would you choose me to take part in this cock-and-bull story? You know, Mom and Dad wouldn’t like this at all.”

Sudden panic appeared in her eyes. “You—you’re not going to tell them, are you?”

“Of course not. Calm down. I’ve never ratted you out. I’m not going to start now.”

“Well, you did once.”


“About Johnny.”

“That doesn’t count. I was—”

“Jealous, I know,” said Lisa, facing me, biting her lips.

“Jealous? No, I wasn’t jealous. I was worried about you. You were sneaking out in the middle of the night to be with him. He could’ve hurt you, you know. And he was a drug dealer, for God’s sake!”

“That’s what people said, but I’ve never seen him selling dope.”

“Of course not. He was trying to impress you. What would you expect?”

There was a moment of silence between us. We ate breakfast, our eyes avoiding each other. The truth was there to be caught and swept in, but we both had reasons to lie.

“Annie,” she finally said, staring at me. “I’ve been meaning to tell you something, but you’ve got to promise me you won’t tell anyone at home.”


“I—I like girls. It’s been that way since… since always. I know I’ve had my share of boyfriends, but I knew deep in my heart that—”

“You’re gay?” I said, completing and turning her sentence into a question.

“Yes, I can’t deny that. At least not to you.”

I was flabbergasted. “But—but that’s not possible.”

“Why not?” She frowned at me, becoming defensive.

There was a long pause before I could say: “Because I like girls too. Since always.”

On to Part Two!


The Gymnast

  • Posted on July 21, 2020 at 3:25 pm

by JT Ozman

{ This story was originally posted at Nifty in November 2005 }

My name is unimportant, but for the purpose of this telling, I’ll call myself Gina. The story I’m about to tell is important, though.

What has happened, what I’ve done, I can no longer keep hidden from myself if not to everyone else. I’m in my low thirties with long, almost platinum blond hair, attractive, female and a lesbian. I’m what most would call a lipstick lesbian. I’m feminine in all ways except for my attraction to women. Young women in general, young girls now in particular.

Usually, I confine my sexual hunting grounds to what would be socially acceptable locations. Nightclubs, bars on occasion, and social gatherings at the homes of friends with like-minded tastes. However, this one time I’m going to tell you about was different… and while the world as a whole might condemn me for it, I can’t lie and say that I wouldn’t do it again. If that means I’ll burn in hell, then bring on the gasoline and matches.

I am a former gymnast of Olympic ability, but on the way to the Olympics, a pulled hamstring right before team qualification sidelined me for good. It was the last chance for me to compete in that world gathering and it passed me by. I was good, very good. Good enough now to train young girl gymnasts in their climb to greatness.

One young girl in particular — and her name is Tanya.

Just the thought of her makes my heart race and my blood flush through my body, especially to my sex. It will be difficult to write this down without masturbating several times throughout the telling.

Tanya showed amazing grace and ability, and the power in her small frame was stupendous. The height that she would attain in the floor exercises was a wonder to behold. Her dismounts from the parallel bars were spectacular and she rarely missed sticking a landing. She was utterly fearless on the balance beam, her routine leaving me breathless. But her gymnastic skills were not the true reason for the quickening of my heartbeat whenever I saw her.

The first time I encountered Tanya, she had just finished her routine on the parallel bars and was walking away to speak with one of the team coaches. She was wearing a black leotard spotted with the white chalk that had rubbed off the bars. It was the chalk that drew my eyes to the mound of her pubis, making it even more pronounced to the view. She glanced down and casually brushed the chalk away… and my body twitched ever so slightly. She turned away from me and I could see that the material of her outfit had crept into the cleft of her bottom, revealing a little more of her that would be normally seen. With a quick, practiced move, she slipped her thumbs into the leg openings and pulled the leotard free. I heard my name spoken and jumped. I had been gawking at this young girl and was oblivious to the world.

“Hey, Gina, where are you?” It was Rachel, the head of the gymnastics club.

I laughed, “Outer Mongolia!” She put an arm around my shoulder and guided me along as we walked.

“Well, get back soon, because I have some star talent that I want you to meet… and share your expertise with, I hope.”

There was no hidden meaning in the phrase. If Rachel had any idea of my sexual orientation, she never let it slip, and I did nothing to hint at it myself. Besides, that was exactly why I was here. To help train young gymnasts.

Rachel clapped her hands smartly as she approached her class. “Girls, I want you to meet Gina.”

Five girls turned as one, proud smiles on their faces as they acknowledged my presence. And there was Tanya. Her eyes were bright with gray irises set inside a heart shaped face. Her hair was pulled back in a tight bun. She was the first to extend a hand in greeting and I hoped I didn’t appear too eager in taking it in mine. She was petite, as most of the girls in this sport were, with small, but noticeable breasts, and a beautiful compact body. It was right then, as I held her delicate hand, that I knew I wanted her. I would throw all caution aside to taste this delectable morsel.

I released her and my heart raced as her fingers slid away from mine. I quickly shook hands with all the other girls and introductions were made. Rachel lauded my abilities, warning them that I was an exacting taskmaster and would expect only their best efforts. And she was right. I worked up a sweat from those girls, as I think no other had before. They were eager, they hungered for a spot on an Olympic team and they did everything I asked of them. One of them more so than the others.

Tanya was constantly asking me questions about technique and how a particular move could be done more cleanly or precisely. I was happy to oblige her every request and assisted her in moves that would require placing my hands on her slender body. I was careful though and remained professional the entire time. I lusted for this child, but I am a committed trainer and business was the order of the day when business was required. There would be time, I told myself, and there would be opportunities.

As Mary Poppins said, “There is an element of fun, in every job to be done.” Or something to that effect, and this was no different except that the fun came unplanned and unexpected. I was observing Tanya on the balance beam while she was performing a simple pose, balancing on one foot while her leg extended behind her, the rest of her body forward, arms outstretched to the sides. She slipped and fell towards me. I’m still not sure if this was intentional or not, I never thought to ask, but I reached out to hold her up. She was too far along to stop and fell against me. In my effort to stop her, my hand slid down the inside of her leg to her crotch. It was warm and damp from her perspiration and my index finger pressed into the cleft of her sex.

I quickly pulled away and asked with a decidedly flustered sound in my voice if she was all right. Her face flushed as blood rushed to her cheeks. “Yes, yes I am,” she said breathlessly.

Several girls and coaches gathered around us and the team doctor did a quick examination of Tanya and pronounced her in good health. I breathed a sigh of release; I would have hated to see a young girl’s dream end in front of me. I placed my hands on her shoulders and asked again if she was all right. She said yes and quickly embraced me in a surprisingly strong hug. Her face pressed so firmly into one of my breasts that I thought for sure she could feel my nipple stiffen. Just as quickly she pulled away, smiling sweetly as she looked over her shoulder before entering the girls’ changing room.

The club had put me up in the local Holiday Inn, and as soon as I had locked my door I flopped back on the bed and began masturbating. I hadn’t even taken my running pants off, I was so inflamed! My fingers found the inflamed nubbin of the clitoris and went to work. It was stiff and felt more erect than ever. Who’d have thought a lesbian could be erect!

I saw Tanya and imagined her nude and glistening, her pale, creamy body against mine. As my fingers plunged into my slit, the squishing sounds of masturbation played counterpoint to the gentle creak of the motel bed.

And then I had my orgasm. God, it was beautiful, my body went stiff and then blessedly relaxed. I rolled on to my belly, fingers slowly plumbing my depths and realized I was whispering her name. “Tanya… Tanya… oh, sweet Tanya.”

I had to have her, to hold her, taste her, and have her taste me, have her slide her fingers into my cunt and fuck me silly! In place of her sweet quim I took my honey-coated fingers and without hesitation, slipped them into my mouth and imagined that it was her pussy I tasted. Before long my fevered mind brought my pussy to a boil and once again my hands massaged my sex into a gooey, glorious orgasmic mess before I drifted off to sleep.

The days went by without incident and the time I spent with these young girls would soon pass. I was impressed and proud of what we had accomplished in our short time together. Too short, I was sad to say. Tanya showed special promise that anyone could see, not just to my loving eyes, and we spent many professional moments together during the week.

It was torture for me to be so close to this delectable creature but I maintained my respectability amongst everyone. Oh, it’s not like I didn’t fantasize when she bent over at the waist and that cute little ass availed itself to me, and I could imagine those lovely thighs framing my ears. Or how she would react when I gently tweaked the nipples on her diminutive breasts.

I tried to devise ways for me to be alone with Tanya so I could seduce the child. The shower room offered possibilities but there were always others around. The image of Tanya’s body covered with soapy lather caused a twinge of delight between my legs whenever I pictured it.

It was coming to the end of my stay with the club. I was saddened, knowing I was to leave this wonderful collection of aspiring gymnasts, though I fully expected to see some of them in the upcoming summer Olympics. But of course, I was most saddened by the fact that I may never see my dear Tanya again or share the delights that females could enjoy together.

Then Providence struck.

I was scheduled to leave the day after tomorrow when Rachel asked a favor of me. She was to have given Tanya a private lesson the next day but had to go out of town to prepare for the next gymnastics meet and asked if I could take her place. Calmly, I replied that I wouldn’t mind at all. In my mind, though, I was screaming with delight!

“Are you okay?” Rachel asked, her face showing concern. I then realized that I needed to breathe!

I told Rachel I would be happy to help out. She gave me keys to the gym and explained how the alarm system worked and suggested that we keep the doors locked since we would be the only ones there in the morning. I listened very attentively and had her repeat everything twice. This was my opportunity and I was not about to let anything go wrong!

“Where do I pick her up?” I asked.

“Oh, her mom will bring her.” SHIT! Now, what am I going to do? “I hope you don’t mind watching her until we get back. Her mother is going with me tomorrow and her father won’t be coming home `till late in the day.”

My face flushed and grew heated with excitement. “No, not at all,” I croaked out.

“Are you feeling all right?” Rachel was really concerned now and almost insisted I see a doctor that day. Oh, I definitely would be seeing a doctor after tomorrow. For a sprained tongue and a sore clit, if things went as I wanted!

I arrived at the gym an hour earlier than Tanya was expected, to prepare my tender trap. The club gym had large storefront type windows so that passers-by could see the girls in action and encourage others to explore their possible talents. Fortunately, there were three back rooms for more private instruction so that a girl could practice without any distractions. These suited my purposes perfectly. I placed at least a dozen towels in each room to make cleaning up any sweat and… other secretions easy.

There was a knock on the door and I saw Tanya standing there, hair pulled back in her usual bun, eyes bright and a 10,000-watt smile.

My heart started racing and the blood flushed throughout my body. I was getting wet. I took a deep breath and forced down my feelings. It was like cornering a ferocious lion with a whip and chair that clawed towards the last shred of self-control within me. But I’ve used whips before, and not just the metaphorical type. The lioness would run free soon enough.

Her mother stood beside her, smiling and waving to me. I could see where Tanya inherited her pretty looks. She was gorgeous, about 33 or so with full lips and luscious curves. She was wearing stretch pants that defined her vulva, and a sweater that was filled with promises that would be passed on to her daughter. I quickly went to the door and let them both in.

“Hi, I’m Tanya’s mother, Elaine. It’s so nice to meet you. Tanya here constantly talks about how much you’ve taught her. Now if you could only help her with her school studies!”

“Mom!” cried Tanya, her face flushed with embarrassment.

“Sorry,” She pecked a kiss on the girl’s cheek. “I love you, sweetie.”

“I love you too, Mom,” and Tanya hugged her mother before the woman turned to leave.

“Have fun, you two!” the woman cheerfully cried as she departed. Oh, God, I thought.

I saw Rachel in the car, along with a girl of about ten or so, and waved to her. She waved back, a smile on her face. Shortly after that the car left the parking lot and we were alone.

I turned to Tanya. “Who was that in the car with your mom and Rachel?”

“Oh, that was my little sister Joy. She’s eleven.”

“How old are you, by the way?”

“I’ll be fourteen next month!” she chirped.

“You’ll have to give me your address so I can send you a birthday card. Well, let’s get started, shall we?” I put a friendly arm around her shoulder and I felt her arm wrap around my waist.

We started with the balance beam, Tanya’s weakest event. She quickly removed her warm-up suit and I felt that lioness slash at my resolve. She was wearing an all white leotard and it glowed against her ivory skin.

As she went through her warm-up routine I watched her carefully. Her ass was marvelous, tight twin globes stretching the material of her outfit. I was treated to a tasty view as Tanya began stretching by slightly spreading her legs and touching her forehead to one of her knees. I gazed at the swath of cloth that ran between her legs, concealing the jewel of her sex.

When she finished, she turned and announced she was ready. So much beauty in her small, almost prepubescent body. The seam of her leg openings disappeared into the crease of her thighs and her pubic mound became even more pronounced. I wanted to ravish her right then and there!

As she went through her routine I was no longer appraising her movements in a professional way, but as a woman in heat. Several of her moves were slow and deliberate, such as where she would do a handstand and slowly spread her legs, and I thought I could see the material of her crotch dip into the slit of her sex.

She righted herself up and balanced on one leg as the other stretched out behind her. At that moment she wobbled and I quickly went to her side. It was the same situation as the first time when she fell but now I had a good hold of her with one hand under her chest and the other holding her under the thigh inches from her crotch. I felt her chest expand in a deep breath as did mine and the muscle of her leg tensed.

“Relax,” I said and she nodded. Her eyes closed and she smiled slightly. I released her and stepped back to watch her complete her routine. She dismounted with a twist in the air and stuck the landing, lifting both hands high over her head causing her chest to thrust forward. She wore no bra beneath her outfit, and her nipples were quite visible through the thin material.

Tanya skipped over to me and hugged me tightly, thanking me for my help. We discussed her routine and I made a few suggestions to improve her style before we went to the uneven parallel bars.

The top bar was too high for her to reach, so I lifted her at the waist and she began her routine. She was trying out a new technique and was having difficulty, so she asked me to show her how it was done.

I was wearing jeans and a sweater and said that it was an inappropriate outfit for gymnastics.

“Just do it in your underwear,” she giggled, “no one will see you!”

Who’s trying to seduce who? I thought. But who was I to prevent a young girl’s quest for excellence? I nonchalantly began disrobing until all I had on was a lacy white bra that did little to conceal my nipples and a pair of white string bikini panties.

“I feel a little exposed,” I said and gave a nervous laugh.

Tanya giggled. “It’s just us girls!” But she seemed to be very interested in my outfit, all the same.

I jumped up to reach the bar and began the routine. As I transitioned from the high bar to the low bar I realized that it required me to spread my legs wide and it had to reveal the dark wet spot in my panties. Would she notice? What would she think?

I would find out soon enough because the second time I did it, Tanya had positioned herself right in front of the low bar. I came at her, legs spread wide again as I grabbed the low bar and collided into her, my pussy into her tummy. My legs instinctively wrapped around her as I released the bar and fell backward, pulling her down with me. Tanya shrieked with shock and amusement and clung to me for dear life.

We lay together, laughing hysterically and embracing each other, my legs still crossed behind her back. When we finally stopped and took a breath I asked, “Why were you standing in my path? What were you thinking, Tanya?”

“This,” was all she said and she kissed me on the mouth, then pulled back to see my reaction.

“Tell me again,” I whispered, and she closed her eyes, drawing close to me.

This time our lips were parted, and her tongue slipped into my mouth. I reached up to cup her face as my tongue reciprocated.

This girl was knowledgeable. My hands roamed over the back of her body down to that tight little girl ass. As I fondled her butt, she responded with increased fervor, pressing her mound aggressively into mine. The juices flowed from my pussy, transforming my panties into a sponge. As we kissed I felt a small hand reach between my legs and begin to massage the wet material, forcing it up into my hole.

I had to get this child naked as soon as possible. I had her stand up as I knelt in front of her, and pressed my mouth against her mound.

Heat emanated through the material and I could smell the scent of her pussy. I opened my mouth and tongued her through the cloth. She gasped and placed her hands on my head, gently drawing me into her as she moved her hips forward. I nuzzled her mound, hands moving to fondle her ass while I glued my mouth to her soaked crotch. Tanya ground her vulva into my face, her breathing deep and passionate, sweet moans passing from her lips. I pressed my tongue hard into her, so much that I swear I could feel the tip of her clit.

Suddenly Tanya’s body began to shake and spasm as an orgasm raced through her body. Her legs went slack and she collapsed to the floor breathing hard, mouth agape. I ran a caressing hand over her body, gently touching her budding breasts, lightly stroking her tummy before resting it between her thighs. She looked so beautiful, a vision of innocence and vice laid out before me. But I needed to taste her pussy, to feel my tongue in her vagina.

I straddled her lithe form, grasping the collar of her outfit and began removing it, leaving Tanya in only her gym panties. My hands flowed over her chest teasing the tips of her breasts. Tanya closed her eyes and arched her back, a rapturous expression on her face.

“You like that?” I whispered into her ear and ran my tongue along the ridges before slipping it inside. She moaned and reached for one of my breasts, cupping it in her small hand, kneading the flesh, seeking out the hard nipple. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

Parting my lips, I sucked one of her rosy pink nipples into my mouth. She slipped her hands into my hair, running her fingers through it, taking a handful to her face and inhaling deeply. I released the nipple and blew gently on it, seeing it stiffen before I switched to the other one before giving it a little bite. Her eyes flew open in surprise.

“It’s a love bite, honey,” I cooed.

“It hurt!” she laughed.

“Then let me make it feel better,” and I sucked it once again.

But I needed the distinctive taste of her pussy, so I kissed a trail down across her belly to her intoxicatingly wet panties. I licked the glistening wet spot on her belly from where my own soaked panties had rested. She giggled and said it tickled. I grabbed the elastic of her panties and she raised her butt off the mat, legs lifting into the air. I pulled Tanya’s underpants free and held the sodden crotch to my face, breathing deeply of the musky scent.

Finally, I tossed them aside and gazed at my ultimate prize: Tanya’s slit. It had the faint beginnings of pubic hair, bright red and curly, her labia glimmering with a patina of wetness. I knelt down between her legs and placed my hands on her vulva, parting the flesh to reveal the pinkest cunt I’d ever scene. Yes, I said cunt. It’s the best word to describe what I saw. In this context it was a beautiful word and an even more beautiful sight. The pink of her inner flesh was set off by her pale skin.

Heart racing, I lowered my face to her cunt, covering it completely with my mouth. Tanya reacted by lifting her hips, as if trying to fuck my mouth. I slipped my tongue into her as deep as I could go to taste the inside of that virgin vagina, drinking the copious fluids that emanated from her body. Her body writhed on the floor and I put all my talents to work eating her cunt. It wouldn’t be long before she would come again, and I concentrated on her clit, pursing my lips around the cute little nub, sucking intensely while the tip of my tongue flitted against the pink pearl with the speed of a hummingbird’s wing.

Suddenly her body convulsed and her lithe legs squeezed me in orgasmic delight. Her ass lifted up off the mat and she humped my face, coating it with a sticky sheen of vaginal secretions. What wasn’t on my face was quickly slurped up by my sucking mouth. Tanya’s jaw opened wide in a silent scream of ecstasy, her eyes screwed shut so tightly I thought they might never open again. Finally, she collapsed back onto the mat, her body limp as a dishrag.

“Fuck!” She gasped in that little girl voice. “My pussy… oh, God, my pussy…”

I moved my head up to meet hers, turned Tanya’s face to me and kissed her, our tongues swirling against each other. After a long, lovely while I broke away. “What about your pussy?”

She blushed, looked away from me for just a moment, then giggled. “Well, first of all, I can taste it on your lips!”

“And I can still taste you on my lips,” I replied, and to emphasize it I ran my tongue in a languid way over them. “Mmmmm… delicious! Didn’t you think so?”

“I don’t know,” she replied.

“Let me prove it,” and I gently probed her pussy with two fingers, then held them to my nose and sniffed them. “Mmmmm, nice.” She watched intently as I put both fingers in my mouth and sucked them clean. “As I said, delicious.”

She hesitated. “Can I have another taste?”

I stroked her face with my fingertips and gave her a peck on the lips. “Of course,” I whispered. Once again I reached between Tanya’s legs and probed her pussy, but this time I went deeper, gently pumping in and out. By now, her vagina was well lubricated, and my fingers slid easily into her body. I explored the vaginal walls and Tanya churned her hips to my motions, moaning softly. I had two fingers past the second knuckle inside her and opened them up into a V, twisting them inside until a third orgasm rippled through her.

As she recovered, I slid my fingers from her pussy. She shivered as they pulled free, glistening with wetness, and I brought them to her face. “Have a taste.”

She took them into her mouth. Her tongue slithered over every inch of my fingers until she had cleaned them of her own juice.

“It does taste good!” she exulted and buried her face in my shoulder. “I want to lick you now.”

“Anything for you, baby.” She started to get up but I gently pushed her back against the mat. “Let me,” I whispered.

I straddled her face with my blond-haired pussy. I don’t believe in shaving my bush — a neat trim, maybe, but that’s all. My pussy hair is naturally blond and is a beautiful sight, curling enticingly around my labia. I pulled my lips apart to reveal my throbbing clit.

“What do I do?” She asked.

“Anything you want, darling,” and I lowered my cunt to that pretty little face.

She didn’t need much instruction, though her technique was a bit frantic at first. I instructed her to slow down and to concentrate on my clitoris, occasionally slipping her tongue into my vagina.

“That’s good, baby,” I moaned as she found her rhythm. “Just like that.” She was eager to please and a fast learner, eagerly gulping down the flow from my cunt. It wasn’t long before I was thrusting my sex against her face, my essence flowing like a river into my lover’s open mouth.

Her hands reached up to my boobs, caressing and squeezing them, tugging at my stiff nipples. My hips thrust faster and faster until I exploded in a shuddering climax. I fell forward onto my hands, panting for breath. Finally I rolled onto my back, reaching down to cup my gooey vulva.

“Baby, you’re incredible,” I said.

She smiled as she licked my honey from her lips, then her fingers. I closed my eyes, and suddenly she was face down in my crotch, licking me all over again.

I didn’t resist — in fact, I had an idea. “Rub my pussy with your hand.”

“Like this?” she asked, touching me.

“Yeah, but make sure you get your hand really wet.” She rubbed every part of my sex until her hand was coated with my cream. “Now put your whole hand inside me,” I demanded.

Her eyes widened. “Are you sure?”

“Do it now!” I gasped. I was on fire and needed to be filled. Most women’s hands are too big to fist me, but I suspected that this little bear’s paw would be just right.

First, the tips of her fingers entered me, and there was a bit of resistance. Tanya hesitated, but I encouraged her to keep going… and before long she had her hand buried to the wrist in my cunt.

“Now make a fist, sweetie,” Such a wonderful feeling, to have a little girl’s hand inside me! Her fist was a hardball inside my vagina, and I told her to pump me with it, in and out.

Tanya started out slowly, cautiously, but as my passion increased she realized that I wanted her to go faster, harder, deeper.

“Fuck me, Tanya, fuck my pussy. Fuck me hard!”

She complied, her fist pistoning inside me. On the outstroke, her fist would stretch my pussy opening wider than any dildo I’d ever had. Then she would plunge back in until her knuckles touched my cervix. It was utterly magnificent. My climax was rapidly approaching and I had her stay deep inside and twist her hand as fast as possible.

“Oh, FUCK!” I screamed as I came. Tanya only kept going until I begged her to stop. My body was wracked with ecstasy, squeezing my lover’s hand as I quivered for several minutes.

Wet, sucking sounds were heard as Tanya pulled her hand out of my body. Her arm was coated with my wetness, right up to her elbow. Her face had a look of amazement at what had just transpired.

I smiled at her. “Thank you.”

She giggled. “You’re welcome!” She began to lick my juices off her arm, but I stopped her.

“Didn’t your mom teach you to share?” I teased, and we both licked her clean, pausing often to share heated kisses.

For the next several hours we enjoyed each other’s bodies in all kinds of lovely ways. We even found time to work on her routines, in the nude of course, with breaks for more than one session of oral pleasure.

However, all good things must come to an end, and this was no exception. We played a bit in the shower and her soapy body was just as much fun to play with I imagined it would be. As we dressed I held her still-fragrant panties. I wanted a souvenir.

“Can I keep these?” I asked with a sly grin.

“Sure,” she chirped, and I stuffed them in my purse. There would be many a night in the weeks to come when I would masturbate with these panties on my face.

“Can I have yours?” she asked.

I explained that I would love to give them to her, but we had to think about the possible consequences if her mother found them. She pouted, but I had a handkerchief embroidered with my initials that I used to wipe my pussy before handing it to her. She held it to her face and inhaled my scent.

Rachel and Tanya’s mom would be arriving soon, so we exchanged a few hot, hungry kisses while we waited. Finally, they arrived, and I bid my little angel farewell.


As promised, I sent Tanya a birthday card later that year. I didn’t write anything that might be suspicious, but her letters were as smutty and salacious as could be imagined.

One day I received a package and inside was a pair of panties that had obviously been masturbated in. They seemed a bit small for Tanya, but the accompanying letter explained that. She had recently seduced her younger sister Joy and described in explicitly delicious detail their incestuous sex games.

The panties smelled wonderful. I immediately planned to give another seminar in the near future… and Tanya promised that she would bring Joy to that one. I’m still tingling from head to toe, imagining those two exquisite young girls naked in my bed.

The End


Hidden in the Snow, Chapter 4

  • Posted on July 8, 2020 at 2:28 pm

by Funtoppings

Maybe for the first time since she was a little girl, Julie stood naked in front of her mother. Of course, she no longer possessed the body of a child.

She moved towards Debra, who was lying on the bed, reading a novel. The older woman looked up, her eyes widening in shock, the book slipping from her hands to land on the floor with a thud. In the dimly lit room, Julie’s mother appeared to be ten years younger than her actual age.

Debra gaped at her nude daughter as she drew closer. Julie was moving in dreamy slow-paced strides, like a model on a runway. Debra marveled at the young woman’s taut belly, the generous swell of her breasts, the strong slender legs… and between those legs, the neatly-trimmed triangle of her daughter’s pubes. And there was something else, something she spotted in Julie’s hands: a strap-on cock.

Now she saw it all, clear as day. Her daughter, her pride and joy, who was such a level-headed kid, and who had fled the room just an hour ago after Debra had made an ill-advised move on her, was moving naked in her direction, bearing a sex toy.

“Jules?” Debra whispered.

Julie slowly sat sideways on the bed, facing her mother. When their eyes met, it felt as if the rest of the world was moving at a different, much slower pace.

Reaching out, Julie stroked her mother’s cheek. Her touch was light and loving. “I’m sorry I stormed off on you earlier,” she said.

Debra took a deep breath.”No, it’s okay.” Once more, she drank in the sight of her daughter’s body. She might have pinched herself to make sure all of this was real, but Julie’s hand on her cheek provided a warmth that was unmistakably genuine. “But J-Julie, what are you… are you sure about this? l mean, what happened?”

“Bailey happened,” Julie said, smiling.


“Yes. I gather that you told her – or Aunt Krystal – about what happened between you and me earlier.”

“I did,” Debra said, still feeling very shameful. “I told Krystal; told her to leave you alone.” Her eyes flickered between Julie’s face and the strap-on in her daughter’s hand.

“And Krystal told Bailey the same thing. But it so happens,” Julie continued, raising her feet up on the bed, now completely facing her mother, “that Bailey doesn’t like to do a lot of listening. So she came down to the living room where I was, and then…” She playfully arched an eyebrow.

“And then?”

“Bailey and I — well, she helped me realize something.”


Julie replied by moving in, pressing her lips to her mother’s. It was a brief kiss, but one that spoke volumes.

They stared into each other’s eyes as the kiss still burned on their lips, knowing that their next step would change things between them forever. But the temptation, so great and powerful, proved too much to resist.

They kissed again. Later, Debra would wonder if she’d ever shared such a heart-turning, passionate kiss with her late husband as she had with Julie on that night. She knew that she never had. Julie wrapped both arms around her mother’s waist; the strap-on fell from her grasp, momentarily forgotten.

Finally, they separated, each taking a deep breath. Faded moonlight fell across their faces, spilling through the frigid window to create shadows that resembled broken glass. The silence in the room screamed to be broken, but neither could find words to break it with.

Debra’s eyes wandered over her daughter’s bare body. It was every but as lovely as she’d envisioned in her dreams (and fantasies) for so very long. The young nipples stood pink and proud, begging to be kissed.

“You look gorgeous,” Debra said in a small voice.

Julie replied by slowly guiding her mother’s body downward, until they were lying side by side, gazing at one another. Debra wore a smile of genuine joy.

Without breaking their eye contact, Julie seized her mother’s right hand and placed it on the growing heat between her legs.

“Now, where were we? I believe you were like this and… ohhhh…” A moan escaped her lips as Debra immediately began to caress her. “Oh, yes. And you were doing that…” Julie’s eyes closed, a bright smile appearing on her face.

Debra fondled her daughter’s pussy with the same intensity she used on herself when she’d masturbated to Julie’s model snapshots. She felt the young woman’s clit blossom under the ball of her middle finger. It felt like stroking a wet pearl.

“Oh, God!” Julie cried and buried her face in the pillow. Waves of pleasure rippled through her body as she came.

Debra rubbed her daughter’s slit until it was positively flowing with nectar. Julie moaned, lost in a frenzy as pleasure surged through her, contorting on the bed until her body was curled into a fetus position.

Drawing her hand back, Debra watched her pride and joy recover from the relentless orgasm she’d just given her. She licked her fingers, tasting her daughter for the first time; it was a flavor like no other.

Debra slid off the straps of her nightgown, letting it fall around her waist. She quickly wriggled out of the crimson garment. Sitting on her knees, with only a black-colored, sexy lace bra and a matching lace-waist pair of hip-huggers, she faced her young daughter who was looking up at her with big wonderful eyes. Debra thought at that moment that Julie’s face looked so innocent and young – like that of a child. She recalled seeing the same expression on her daughter’s face on the day she taught her how to tie her own shoes. The bunny goes over the hill, down the slope, and through the hole… 

Julie caressed her mother’s knee, hand still shaking from her orgasm.

“I always thought you were beautiful, Mom. I just wanted you to know that.”

Debra put a hand over her beating heart. “Telling you how beautiful you are… that’s hardly ground-breaking news.” She lightly shook her head and smiled. “People always complimented me on your beauty. But what I want you to know is what a wonderful person you are, and how proud you’ve always made me.”

Debra unclasped her bra and it fell by her knees, like a feather in a dream.

Julie placed both hands on her mother’s breasts. “May I?” she asked; her face was timid and precious as she spoke the words.

“Of course. Of course, you can, love.”

Debra drew closer to her daughter until she eventually mounted her; her open thighs tightly wrapped around Julie’s waist like a belt. Their crotches pushed against each other in perfect alignment. She leaned forward until one of her nipples was quickly stolen by Julie’s mouth. She wrapped a hand around her daughter’s head and allowed her to feed; just as when she had fed and nursed her as a child. And Julie was indeed nursing; she sucked hard at the nipple like a starving child.

Debra sighed with pleasure as the nipple grew rigid in the warmth of Julie’s mouth. Infused with pleasure, she leaned forward and kissed the top of her daughter’s head, breathing in the fragrance from her hair.

“Your nipples,” Julie beckoned and reviewed her work. “They grow hard and big, just like mine.”

“Your mother has very sensitive nipples. And by the looks of it, my daughter does too,” Debra said, and leaned forward, this time seeking a kiss.

Julie’s arms jerked to the sides as her tongue became once more a prisoner in her mother’s mouth. The right hand landed by the nightstand, almost knocking off her mother’s pair of reading glasses. Her left hand fumbled on the mattress until it gripped something long and hard. It was the strap-on.

“Mom…” Julie breathed, displaying the sex toy. “Can I use this on you? I mean… is it something you think you’ll like?” She put the strap-on between her breasts. The cock’s head suggestively pointed at her chin.

Debra looked at the toy, then looked at Julie. Her daughter’s eyes were big and innocent and young, very young. Then she looked again at the latex cock, and all that she could think of was: The bunny goes over the hill, down the slope, and through the hole. And that made her giggle.

A smile broke on Julie’s face as well. “What?” she puzzled.

“Oh, nothing, dear. You can use it on me, yes. I’d love it.”

Debra rolled off her daughter’s body and helped her with fastening the dildo harness. It was fairly easy; all she had to do was tuck on both sides of the leather strap, and it tightened around Julie’s waist. Unlike her daughter, this wasn’t the first time had Debra handled a strap-on, but it had been a very long while.

“Where’d you get this?” Debra asked while making final adjustments with the harness.

“From Bailey’s room.”

“Oh, I see… Krystal brought her bag of tricks.”

Julie laughed.”Yes, bag of tricks. That’s what I was thinking.”

Once the strap-on was securely fixed, Debra crawled back and sank down on the bed. She quickly got rid of her panties; a pair of hip-huggers she’d bought a week ago at a Victoria’s Secret store on her way back from the hair-salon. Back then, she frowned at the steep price when she saw it. Now, those panties were thrown to the other side of the room like some cheap rag.

Julie’s eyes devoured the glorious sight before her. She eagerly stroked the cock with her hand, as if she expected it to become alive under her fingers.

“Would you mind if…”


“Would you mind if I kissed you down there first?” Julie said shyly as she placed her left palm on top of her mother’s soft pubes.

Debra shivered at the touch. “I insist that you do,” she replied with a loving smile.

At that point, Julie slowly lowered her face until it reached a most peculiar position, one that few people get to experience twice in a lifetime. She was facing her mother’s open thighs, looking at the very opening through which she’d emerged into the world.

Her mind buzzed with thoughts and impressions. She was sound enough to realize that the sin she was about to commit was nothing short of madness, but she wanted it more than anything. Just the sight of her mother’s pussy open and wet, waiting to accept her mouth, caused a rising heat to sizzle in her own nether regions.

Julie inched closer. Mom’s cunt seemed to pulsate like a heart at the nearing shadow of her face. Soft curls of golden hair decorated the older woman’s sex. Now Julie was close enough to be captured by the rich aroma that wafted towards her face. Pressing forward, she rewarded Debra with a big wet kiss between her legs, the kind that was almost too embarrassing for a girl to give her mother on the cheek.

Debra’s legs wriggled and her pelvis shifted as the young woman’s mouth pressed into the warm, wet flesh.  Julie wrapped both hands firmly around her mother’s quivering thighs, trying to hold the woman steady. Of course, she knew that these movements equaled pleasure — and whatever she was doing to her mother, she was doing it right.

“Oh, God, baby…”

Julie trailed her tongue along the opening if her mother’s engorged sex. Her lips disappeared inside the open flaps of the labia, where juices percolated, sweet and steamy, flowing like medicine into her mouth.

Her mother responded with incoherent cries of joy and unrestrained shudders. These only intensified once Julie took the woman’s clit between her lips; flicking it with her tongue, she felt it swell to the size of a small pebble.

Debra trembled, lost in pleasure, fondling her naked body with both hands. She clutched the swell of her breasts, scissoring the nipples between her fingers.

“Oh yesss… just like that, my baby girl… lick my pussy,” Debra pleaded.

With a tongue rolling inside the dewy cleft of her mother, Julie felt the heat build between her own legs again.

“Okay, Julie. Okay, baby,” Debra whimpered with a voice that sounded new in Julie’s ears. “Now you can go into me… oh, God yes… fuck your mother!”

Julie sat up, buttocks resting on her heels, purring with delight as she licked the honey from her lips. At her crotch, the rubbery cock seemed both unyielding and cunning; its bulbous head pointed at her mother’s moist opening.

Debra lay prone on the mattress; her sunny hair plastered to her cheeks. Hot sweat covered every portion of her body and made her skin glisten in the muted light.

Clutching the cock in one hand, Julie slowly pushed several inches into the tight depths of her mother.

“Oh, yes. Ease it in to me, babe… there you go…” Again, Julie heard the voice of a woman who sounded very different from the mother she knew. It sounded more like the voice of a sex-starved lover. Her lover.

Debra whimpered as the cock slipped deeper into her vagina. An intense heat rapidly coursed through her veins and into the rest of her body; reaching hot and tingly all the way to the fingers and toes.

Julie’s cerulean eyes widened as she watched the cock disappear inside her mother; the dildo entered with exceptional ease, thanks to Debra’s wetness. As she thrust forward, a rhyme about a bunny hopped into her head. In her state of delirium all she could remember was: down the slope, and through the hole.

Debra’s heart raced at the sight of Julie penetrating her, the swollen labia parting as the shaft pushed deeper still. “Oh, yes, baby. Oh, yes, keep going.” Her eyes rolled in ecstasy, her body trembling from head to toe.

Julie rocked her pelvis, grabbing on to her mother’s thighs for leverage for that first stroke — and then, just as she’d visualized earlier in Bailey’s room; she was fucking her mother.

At first, her rhythm was slow; working the cock inside until it got swallowed and gone. Then she moved backwards and the dildo slid out, gleaming with a fresh coat of cream. After a few slow in-and-outs, her pace grew quicker and more rapid; as if thrusting in time with the drumming of her mother’s heart.

Debra cried out loud, giving full voice to her desire. Julie was fucking her with every little bit of youthful vigor she had. Her vagina seemed to feel every ridge and contour of the rubber shaft. The walls of her pussy canal were tightening, the muscles contracting. She bit her bottom lip hard as the cock head pressed against her g-spot, like a finger relentlessly tapping on a button.

“You’re about to come, Mommy?” Julie panted. Just like with her mother, she heard some unfamiliar new quality in her voice; she sounded lewd, even smutty. She said once more: “You gonna come, Mommy? You gonna come all over my cock?” Her pelvis bounced faster and harder.

Debra screamed as the thick rod drilled hard into her secrets. Raising her face, she caught a blurry glimpse of Julie, the young woman’s breasts heaving as her body continued to pump, driving that lovely cock in and out, in and out. The daughter she had once known had morphed into the sexual mistress that Debra had secretly longed for her to be.

When Julie raised her eyes to meet hers, it was all that Debra needed to drive her over the edge. Taking a deep breath, she felt a tidal wave wash over her body, and surrendered to it.

Knowing that her mother was coming, Julie kept fucking her, hard and deep as she could, until she sensed that the woman could take no more. Exhausted, Julie collapsed on top of her mother; the dildo buried up to the hilt inside the tight warmth of the older woman. Underneath, Debra was shivering through the aftershocks of her unremitting.

The young law student lay motionless, head pillowed on her mother’s breasts. She stared through the far window at the cold sliver of the moon as Debra slowly wrapped two still trembling arms around her. Julie hugged her mother back, and they fell into a relaxed embrace.

“Mom?” Julie finally spoke, her voice small.

Debra kissed the top of her lover’s head. “Yes, honey,” she breathed back. Her voice sounded far away; almost unreachable. She was still floating on the cloud of her orgasm.

“Will you do this for me? You know… fuck me like I did you?”

There was a moment of silence before Debra replied. “Honey, I don’t know. I’m afraid it’s too big for you. I don’t feel right about it. Not now at least.”

Julie pulled back a little from the comfort of Debra’s body and caught her mother’s gaze. “It’s not too big for Bailey,” she said, pouting a bit.

Debra smiled. Taking the young woman in her arms, she guided Julie back to the softness of her breasts.

“Believe me, sweetie, I’m going to do some amazing things to you.” She once again kissed the warmth of Julie’s head. “Just let me hold you like this for a little while so I can get my breath back. Then, I promise, I’m going to take good care of my little girl.”

Julie relaxed, a gentle smile appearing on her face. She snuggled deeper into her mother’s warmth, planting a soft kiss on the cleft between the older woman’s breasts. The leather harness was still fastened around her waist, and the rubber cock attached to it was still nestled inside her mother’s pussy.

For the first time in a long while, mother and daughter basked in perfect peace.


“Do you have any idea how many nights I’ve spent, dreaming of this moment?” Debra murmured, then planted a soft kiss on Julie’s tender labia.

Julie instantly gasped at the touch. “Really? You have?” She breathed in response.

“Yes. I hope it doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable. I mean… I’ve been having these thoughts about you for a while now.”

“No, it doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable at all. It makes me feel special.” Julie gave her mother’s hand a squeeze. “I should have never stormed out on you like I did. It was so mean of me.”

“You weren’t mean, honey. I was the one who was out of line. You have no idea how I cursed myself after you left the room. But looking at where it got us now…” Debra’s gaze dropped to her daughter’s pussy. “I’m glad I did what I did.”

“Me too,” Julie said. “Now start taking care of me like you promised!”

Drawing nearer, Debra buried her lips in Julie’s pubes, kissing her daughter’s sex for the first time. But not the last, she thought with a smile. She began to suck at the moist opening, nurturing herself on the essence of youth. The flow of warm juices was like a fantasy in her mouth.

Julie moaned without shame at her mother’s touch. Her cries rose into the ceiling and filled the room in a symphony of lust. She sensed herself becoming weaker and her sex growing wetter with each stroke of the woman’s tongue.

Debra pulled away from Julie’s warm cunt. “You taste delicious, sweetheart.” Her chin and lips gleamed with her daughter’s juices as she spoke.

Julie, the heat building up inside her like a shuddering volcano, barely acknowledged her mother’s flattery. Instead, she wriggled her pelvis towards her mother’s face, motioning for her to continue.

Debra used two fingers to expose Julie’s engorged clitoris. She gave the pink button one gentle flick with the tip of her tongue, then blew a warm puff of air over it, as if trying to ignite a small flame.

Julie melted into the mattress. She tried to reach for her clit – it was almost torture for it to remain untouched at that point – but Debra gently pushed her hands away.

“It’s my time,” she said. “Remember?”

“Y-yes, Mom,” Julie panted. Her consciousness was as fragile as the feeling in her knees. Strands of her long raven hair were plastered to her cheeks and across her eyes, nose and lips. Her entire body was filmed with sweat.

Debra inched closer to her daughter’s delicious cunt and captured the clit between her lips. She sucked hard on the inflamed nub, her nose resting against Julie’s pubic bone, her left hand traveling north on Julie’s body until she caught a nipple between thumb and index finger, twisting it into firmness.

Julie’s head tossed on the pillow, her clenched fists beating on the mattress, the back of her heels scraping against the bottom of the bed. She was losing herself in ecstasy; allowing unrestrained madness to wash over her, even if just for a short period of time.

Suddenly Debra pushed her index finger into her daughter’s tight opening. It caught Julie by surprise, and her muscles instantly tensed as if by reflex. Thankfully, she was well lubricated, and her mother’s finger easily slid all the way into the narrow passage of her vagina.

“God!” Julie cried, as there was a definite feeling of experiencing something divine. She felt the pressure of sweet release thunder inside her body, hot blood pumping through her veins. She could smell and taste her own orgasm, which was a few ticking seconds from exploding inside her.

Her mother’s fingers – yes, now there were two of them inside her – were moving at a faster, more aggressive pace. They stretched the walls of the vagina, delved inside as deep as they could possibly go, triggering all the right buttons in the process.

Julie’s moans mounted and increased until they reached an almost maniacal volume, undoubtedly heard all throughout the lodge. And as her mother was dining on her clit and fucking her into sweet oblivion, Julie felt the uplifting sensation of orgasm envelope every inch of her body. Time stood still in the room like the air in her lungs. Her head lifted from the pillow. Her hands clenched into white-knuckled fists.

She let out a guttural cry, howling her mother’s name as her cunt clenched like a hot fist, riding the most intense climax of her young life — then went limp as a discarded marionette, collapsing into the sodden sheets.

Alarmed, Debra drew back, as if she was trying to avoid being caught in the mouth of a fire. In front of her, Julie trembled in ecstasy’s aftermath.


No answer, just quivers.

The winter coldness, which had slipped out of the room sometime during the women’s first kiss, crept back inside just for a mere second and feathered it with its nightly chill. And then it was gone. Outside, the moon, looking like a half-eaten silver pie, shone over the mountains of Vermont with its familiar serenity and charm.

Inside the room, on a queen size bed that was crawling with passion, a woman’s hand caressed a silken young thigh.

“Julie? Sweetheart?”

“Yeah, Mom,” Julie finally said in a fragile, exhausted voice.

“I — that was… wow. It was intense.”

Julie drew in a long, deep breath. Her heart was slowly returning to its normal pace. She blinked twice, as if awakening from an elongated dream, gradually returning to a semblance of reality. “It was, yeah,” she replied. A minute later, she wouldn’t even remember speaking.

Debra moved to spoon her daughter from behind, wrapping warm, loving hands around the girl’s slender waist. Their burning bodies pressed snugly together.

The feeling of comfort and peace was so all-encompassing that mother and daughter soon found themselves slowly drifting into slumber. Debra was very close to surrendering to it when she heard Julie speak.


“Yes, love.”

“I hope this isn’t the last time I get to sleep next to you.”

Debra gave her daughter a gentle squeeze. “As long as I’m your mother, you can sleep next to me anytime.”

With that, the two lovers succumbed to the night.


Downstairs, Bailey had fallen asleep naked on the couch. The television was still showing a stream of old films when Krystal finally turned it off.

She knew that Bailey had gone on a mission of seduction earlier that night. Bailey didn’t come out and say it specifically, but once she found out that her cousin Julie had spied on them while they were having sex and their secret was out, there was a mischievous glint in her eyes that Krystal instantly recognized.

Krystal now knew that Bailey’s mission had been a successful one. Not only was her daughter completely nude and sleeping blissfully, but there were unmistakable sounds coming from her older sister’s room.

Wandering upstairs, Krystal picked up Bailey’s blanket, then came back down to cover her naked child. She planted a soft kiss on the top of the sleeping girl’s head.

Somehow, this kid hit a home run tonight, Krystal thought.

Krystal, who had never felt more aroused, ached for Bailey to be awake at that moment. Her entire body was hankering for sex. But not wanting to disturb her daughter, she chose to let the girl sleep.

Tomorrow, though, was a brave new day. And Krystal joyfully went upstairs – it felt more like floating, actually – and crawled into bed with a huge smile on her face. She’d come to vacation with one special lover… now she was about to conclude it by adding two more.

That thought alone was almost enough to make her come.

On to Part Five!


Hidden in the Snow, Chapter 3

  • Posted on June 20, 2020 at 4:02 pm

by Funtoppings

Only once, Julie recalled, had they experienced a snowstorm as horrible as this one. It was the Christmas family vacation circa ’04. Julie’s dad told her at the time that the two greatest comforts on a stormy night were central heating, and a TV with good reception. Tonight, Julie was enjoying both. Sure, the pictures on the screen were a little grainy and sometimes they faded out to snow and then snapped back even more muddled than before, but it was still watchable — even in Julie’s half-fuddled state.

“This one’s for you, Newmie,” Julie raised her champagne flute and toasted Paul Newman, who had one of his classics playing on the TCM channel.

On top of the coffee table was one of the champagne bottles Krystal had brought; it was nearly empty. Beside it was a wine bottle, taken out of the fridge with the cork-sealing foil still intact, now half drained. After an hour of solid drinking, Julie wasn’t feeling much sorrow anymore. It had been drowned by a sea of bubbles and the rich flavor of ripe Muscat grapes. The heat coming from the fireplace only added to her buzz.

She downed another glass and threw her head back on the couch. A weird drunken smile dawned on her face. Her eyelids were heavy, yet the rest of her body was so light it seemed to float. She didn’t even notice Bailey coming down the stairs.

The young eighteen-year-old wore black spandex shorts and a two-sizes-too-big high school jersey, which would have easily hidden any sign of a chest if it wasn’t for Bailey’s ample figure.

“Jules?” Bailey tentatively approached her cousin.

“Bailey!” Julie threw her hands up, excitement in her voice. “What up, cuz? Come on, sit, pour yourself a glass, don’t be shy now.”

Bailey sat next to her cousin. A line of concern delved between her eyebrows; it looked out of place on her young features.

“Hey, are you okay, Jules? You look kinda wasted.”

“Wasted?” Julie tucked her chin and snickered. “No, no, no, I’m pretty cool. I’m really cool, in fact.”

Bailey stared at her cousin, then glanced at the half-empty bottles on the table. She didn’t think Julie looked terribly sloshed, but it certainly sounded like sje was in good spirits, and Bailey was sure the alcohol had something to do with that. After all, how else could she explain Julie’s apparent eagerness to see her, after all that had happened in the past twenty-four hours?

Earlier in the day, around four o’clock in the afternoon, while Julie was looking for a nice quiet place to catch lunch, and Debra was pacing about and mulling over what had transpired in her sister’s bedroom, Krystal walked into Bailey’s room with one of her midday cravings, ready to be loved.

Bailey was used to it, and most of the times her mother didn’t even have to say explicitly that she wanted sex; it was plainly written in the glimmer of her eyes and wanting smile.

“The Black King?” Baileys had asked her mother, who stood at her doorstep in bra and panties, holding the black strap-on between her fingers.

“The Black King it is,” Krystal agreed with a grin.

“I’ll bring the lube.”

The Black King, otherwise known as the Anal-Only Dildo, was one of Krystal’s favorite toys in the pack. It was a large one, and Krystal never used it on her daughter. She felt Bailey was too young and inexperienced to experiment with anal penetration, especially from a device as big and unyielding as the Black King. She, however, absolutely loved it.

“I got something to tell you, Bai,” Krystal told her daughter as she crashed on the bed and removed her undergarments.”Your aunt Debra stopped by my room this morning. And, boy, did we have quite the talk…”

That was when Krystal told Bailey about Julie spying on them while they had sex, and how she’d gone on to tell her mother about it. Krystal also told her about the sexual encounter she’d shared with Debra.

And later on in the night, minutes after the date had changed on the calendar, Krystal brought to Bailey’s attention the fresh news of all that had just occurred between Julie and her mother. How in a moment of weakness — though Krystal could hardly blame her — Debra had tried to seduce Julie, which, unfortunately, had backfired in a big way. She then politely asked Bailey to spend the night in her room and refrain from going downstairs to talk to Julie, as per Debra’s request.

Bailey had only offered her mother a tight-lipped smile of agreement. Of course, she had no intention of leaving Julie on her own, letting her cousin stew in anger all night. Now they were sitting side by side.

“Hey, you know who else is cool?” Julie asked as she swayed in her seat.

Bailey paused, drew a nervous breath, and said “What? I mean, who?”

For a moment there, Bailey was positive that her cousin wasn’t going to answer her. Worse, she was sure that Julie was going to smack her instead. She wasn’t sure why she felt like that, but there was a slightly uneasy shift in Julie’s demeanor; it was like her sparkling sapphire eyes suddenly turned into ice pebbles.

“Why, Cool Hand Luke, of course!” Julie finally said, and burst into hysterical laughter.

Bailey politely smiled at her cousin like she would to a person going mad before her eyes. “Cool Hand… who?”

“Cool Hand Luke!” Julie pointed at the television. “Paul Newman? C’mon, it’s one of my all-time favorite movies!”

Glancing at the TV screen, Bailey was even more perplexed than before. She wasn’t sure who this Paul Newman fellow was, but she nodded, pretending to understand.

“Oh, you don’t even know good movies, Bai,” Julie waved her off. “All you watch is those ditzy comedy flicks. Unless, of course, you have your head tucked between your mother’s legs, in that case you probably can’t watch squat…”

And there it was — the underlying truth, coming from Julie’s mouth like a screaming bullet. A truth that poked such an enormous hole in the girl that something had to spill out.

Bailey quietly nodded. She’d felt a little timid before, but now that the bullet had been fired at her, she was perfectly fine, because she could live with the truth. And she’d come downstairs for a reason, so there was no holding back, not now.

“That’s right,” she said, “Mom and I have sex. I know you saw us. I’m not ashamed of it.”

“Fine with me,” Julie snorted as she picked up an empty glass. She studied its curves with her eyes. “I don’t care,” she added bleakly.

Bailey inched closer to Julie. “I know I’m just eighteen, and maybe not that experienced… but Christ, Jules, sex with a woman, especially an older woman? It’s… fucking incredible!” Her hand dropped on the bare portion of Julie’s thigh.

The twenty-two-year-old pretended not to notice, still staring vacantly at her empty glass. Inside, her heart was thumping wildly. Sweat had formed on her brow and hands. Even the alcohol buzz she had was slowly drifting away.

“I know what people think — mother and daughter being lovers, how wrong it is and how it’s… I don’t know, totally perverted. But you know what? Screw those people.” Bailey’s chestnut eyes blazed with excitement. “I have sex that is unimaginable to most people. I have friends who have sex; I read about it everywhere and no one… nothing that I’ve heard or read even comes close to what I feel when I have it with Mom. I have sex that is nothing short of a fantasy. I mean… it’s fucking out of this world, Jules!”

“Yeah… I bet,” Julie muttered into her glass.

Bailey leaned closer to her cousin. Her large breasts swayed under the loose shirt and grazed Julie’s arm. The young law student could tell that her cousin wasn’t wearing a bra underneath.

“Don’t you wanna know how it feels?” Bailey murmured, her breath warming Julie’s neck. “Forget what other people might think, forget everything. There’s nobody here but us girls. We are literally snowed in and hidden from society; it’s the perfect time and place for experiments. No one needs to know.”

Julie didn’t reply. She didn’t say anything, just kept staring through her glass. Her cousin’s hand was still on her thigh, only now it was moving back and forth. The sweet fragrance of coconut and honey emanated from the young girl’s long hazel hair and it enveloped Julie like the heat from the fireplace. She suddenly felt very sober and very immobile, as if trapped by Bailey’s words.

“Mom told me that your mom just made a move on you, and you totally blew her off. Now why on earth would you do that? Aunt Deb is so hot, so sexy. I’ll be honest, sometimes I masturbate while fantasizing about your mother. Hell, I fantasize about you, sweet cousin. I dream about us lying naked together, kissing each other — on the lips, and down there. I even dream of maybe fucking you with one of those big rubber toys that Mom brought. And then you could use it on me. Listen, Julie — I may be young, but I’m awesome in bed. No guy can give you an orgasm like I can. I promise you, after me, you’ll be swearing off men for life. Just give me one chance. What do you say, college girl? Feel like getting wild with me?”

Julie said nothing. She didn’t blow her cousin off, though, instead allowing Bailey‘s words to trickle into her consciousness and linger. And she was surprised to find herself honestly weighing the thought of giving in, of letting Bailey have her.

Bailey took the glass from Julie and put it aside on the table. She was no longer just rubbing Julie’s thigh, but massaging it in a very intimate and inviting manner. She’d come down for a reason, and that reason was about to unfold.

She drew closer, and even though Julie knew that a kiss was coming, she made no attempt to recoil — nor could she. Something in her had gone frozen, as if she’d been rendered motionless by a spell. Then Bailey’s lips were pressing against hers.

For the first few seconds, though it seemed much longer, the kiss was passionless and cold. Julie was stiff as a statue, her lips unwilling to cooperate. But then it changed — suddenly, Bailey’s tongue slipped between a cautious pair of lips, claiming Julie’s mouth as her own. Unable to stop herself, Julie inched her own tongue forward, suddenly wanting just a taste of her cousin’s mouth. A few seconds later, their mouths melted together and their wet tongues mingled with the type of passion that is reserved for first-time lovers. And this was Julie’s first time; her first truly romantic kiss with a female.

At that moment, she felt her heart growing larger with each noticeable thud. It felt like being reborn.

What am I doing? Julie thought. This is Bailey, my cousin. Hell, she’s always been more like my little sister! She questioned her sobriety; maybe she was drunker than she thought. But a calm voice in her head told her: You’re not drunk at all. And slowly she began to realize that the kiss felt wonderful, and that Bailey felt good in her mouth, just like she had imagined.

And she had imagined it; there was no point in denying it any longer. She had imagined kissing all of them since last night: Bailey, Krystal, but most of all, her mom. She spent the entire day trying to shake those thoughts, pretending she was appalled by them. But every time, her knees grew a little weaker, her heart pumped a little faster, and even her pussy became wetter.

“Mmmmm…” Bailey unlocked her lips from her cousin’s, and swept her tongue over her moist lower lip. “You taste like sweet wine, my child,” she said, giggling. Then she grabbed the lower hem of her jersey and took off her shirt, revealing that, sure enough, she wasn’t wearing a bra.

The sight would forever be treasured in Julie’s memory. Her cousin’s breasts were magnificent. Julie suspected that they were the kinds of things that men dream about at night. She was certainly no man, but felt aroused by the sight just the same.

“You like?” Bailey asked with a devilish smile, which made her look a little bit like her mother. She leaned forward and arched her back like a cat, those luscious breasts projecting proudly from her small, delicate frame.

The young law student was completely flustered. She wanted to do something to them, but was afraid to make a move.

Bailey read the hesitation on Julie’s face. “It’s okay, you can touch.” She seized Julie by the wrist, guiding the young woman’s hand to the swell of her bosom.

Julie’s excitement magnified at first touch. She marveled at the size of Bailey’s chest as her hands moved around the curvature of the breasts, caressing them with the lightness of a feather. Once again, she found herself amazed at how her cousin’s tiny body could support such a prodigious bust.

“It’s okay, Jules, you can suck them. I know you want to. Don’t think, just do it.” As if her words of encouragement weren’t enough, Bailey placed a hand on the back of Julie’s head, slowly drawing her close.

It only took a gentle graze of the nipple against Julie’s lip to make her suckle on Bailey’s breasts. Her tongue, suddenly feeling very invigorated, twirled around the already stiffening nipple in a clockwise direction. Bailey hummed in approval as Julie nursed like a hungry child drinking from her mother. Then the thought of doing the same thing to her mother crossed her mind; a thought which, an hour ago, would have completely unnerved her.

“God, you’re good at this,” Bailey said, then dipped down to plant a wet one on Julie’s lips. “Now let’s get you outta those clothes, cuz. I’m betting your pussy is, like, on fire right about now.”

Embarrassed, Julie felt her cheeks get warm. Bailey was right; her pussy was dripping by that point.

Bailey stripped Julie of her white camisole, then slipped off her pink shorts, leaving the young woman’s body in only a bright lacy bra and a snow-white pair of panties.

They were nearing the moment of truth and Julie recognized it, still feeling anxious. The air roared in her lungs, her muscles drew taut, anticipation sang in her veins. When Bailey grabbed at the waistband of the panties, Julie clutched both shaking hands around her cousin’s wrists in a final moment of indecision.

“C’mon, Jules, relax. I can see the wet spot in your panties from here. I can also see it in your eyes, how much you want it. Let me do this for you. And for me…”

“What if… what if someone comes downstairs?”

“Not gonna happen. Your mother still thinks you’re upset and she specifically asked me and Mom to stay upstairs tonight and let you be. Honestly.”

“Oh… so what exactly are you doing down here, then?”

Bailey grinned slyly. “You know me. I never listen.”

Julie smiled at that answer, then nodded in agreement. She released her cousin’s wrists, submitting to her forbidden desires.

Bailey swiftly stripped the panties from Julie’s body, unveiling her cousin’s cunt to her voracious gaze. She swallowed hard, her eyes widening at the glorious sight.

“Your pussy…” Bailey whispered, bending to administer a kiss fraught with lust and awe to the rosy flesh, as if it was the most coveted prize in the world. “It’s beautiful!” she said, and burrowed her face between Julie’s ivory thighs.

Julie writhed with pleasure on the couch. Bailey’s tongue swept through the cleft of her pussy, driving her into new realms of bliss. Once the tongue delved further inside, it wandered freely, blushing the narrow walls of Julie’s vagina.

Julie’s legs jerked until they eventually grew useless, just like the rest of her body. The shock of having her most lustful needs taken care of by her own cousin only added fire to the excitement she felt.

Bailey hummed happily as she worked her skilled tongue around inside Julie, who was moaning heartily by that point.

Briefly lifting her face, Bailey exclaimed, “God, Jules, you taste so freaking awesome!”

Julie couldn’t muster enough strength to reply. It was like a dream that is so fantastically amazing that you simply want to scream with joy, but your jaws are locked, your voice muted.

Then Bailey stopped licking her again. “Sorry, cuz,” she said, “but I’m not ready to make you come, not yet.” She crawled on top of Julie, until their faces were nearly touching.

Their young bodies, filmed with sweat, pressed against each other. They shared a look, one that was long and absorbing; Bailey through her large chestnut eyes and Julie through her bright sapphires. They studied each other’s faces as they were suddenly swept by memories of childhood: birthdays, holidays, playing with dolls, doing homework, going to the mall. And somehow it all came down to this moment, the two of them naked and vulnerable in each other’s arms.

Electric energy surged through their bodies as they studied one another. Bailey lowered her head and pressed her lips to Julie’s. This time they shared a much more drawn out and sultry kiss, and they only detached once they became breathless.

“You like the way you taste?” Bailey whispered.

Julie nodded. She had sampled the creamy new texture on Bailey’s tongue, and for the first time in her life was able to give a flavor to sex. She never imagined how sweet and wonderful her fluids tasted. Hopefully,  soon she would be able to taste Bailey as well. Just the thought of it made her mouth water.

Bailey continued kissing Julie — on the lips, on the chin, on her neck, going lower each time. Once she reached Julie’s chest, she kissed the black lace that covered her cousin’s shapely breasts. Then she bit the front clasp of the bra, tugged it with her seething teeth and growled.

“Are you mad?” Julie laughed heartily, a vibrating and infectious sound.

“A little bit,” Bailey smiled mischievously. She then unhooked the bra in a more reserved manner.

There was as much excitement in Bailey staring at her cousin’s bare breasts as there had been in Julie looking at hers. She’d always found Julie to have a perfectly sculpted body, and being able to see it unveiled for the first time in years was a gift she treasured.

Julie moaned with delight as her nipples hardened, changing to a much darker hue from the touch of her cousin’s warm mouth. It was a brand new territory of pleasure, one that she had never experienced. She hugged her cousin closely, realizing that she’d accepted this whole new reality of sex with a family member much more quickly than she would ever have imagined.

Bailey fondled Julie’s ivory cheek; there was love in her touch. “I want to taste your pussy again. Is it okay? Can I do it?”

Julie kissed her cousin’s loving hand. “Only if you’ll allow me to do the same for you.”

“Mmmm… I think we can arrange that,” Bailey said, still grinning that devious smile of hers. She stepped off the couch and rapidly removed her shorts and panties. Her pussy was smoothly shaven; the pink nether lips glistening even in the half-darkness of the dimly lit room.

Julie stared at her cousin’s nude figure, her eyes blazing, head reeling.  “I never…” She paused, struggling to finish her sentence.

“You never what?”

“I… I never imagined how… turned on I can get from seeing… you know, your p-pussy,” stuttered on the last word, which hadn’t been part of her regular vernacular before. Of course this wasn’t the same Julie as before. This was the new Julie.

Bailey ran a hand between her legs. “I know what you mean, sweet cousin. I still get turned on every time I see my mother’s pussy… and I feel the same way, looking at yours. ”

My mother’s pussy, Julie thought, as a sudden image of her mother popped inside her head. Her mother. Naked. The picture in her head was vividly sexy and exquisitely detailed. She could trace every curve and contour of the woman’s forty-eight-year-old body. Spot any fold or wrinkle on the skin. She could see Mom’s nipples, standing out prominently on her ripe breasts, begging to be licked and kissed. Her smoothly tanned tummy, gracefully pouched out a little at the waist. Below was her glorious mound, covered by a wealth of fine golden curls, each wisp of hair drenched with a powerful aroma of sex. Her rosy cunt lips peeking out from the golden patch, swollen and wet, ready to be caressed by Julie’s tongue. And as crazy, even downright perverted, it may have seemed in the past, she now saw herself going down on her own mother.

My God… I want her, Julie told herself. I really do.

“Make a little room for me,” Bailey’s voice echoed above Julie. She climbed on top of her cousin, arranging herself until each girl’s head was parallel with the other’s pussy.

Julie, momentarily lost in her fantasy world, snapped back into reality — as much as you can call this lustful new venture a reality. She peeked up and looked directly into her cousin’s pink ravine, its clit swollen and ready at the apex.

Her brain was reeling; so many things were happening so quickly. Her desires and wants swiftly transitioned into action, and she closed her eyes, parting her lips.

Then they began to lick each other.

Julie grabbed her cousin’s ass, squeezing each tight cheek between her fingers, trying to still the squirming pelvis above her face. The sweet scent of teen lust seemed to descend from the dampness and filter straight into her lungs. Before she could take it all in, she felt Bailey’s magical tongue once again sweeping over her pussy, then lips closing over her bulging clit.

The quivers started in her knees but quickly transitioned to her thighs and waist and torso. Her nipples ached with pleasure. She felt the orgasm building up inside like a whirlwind; that well-known feeling of impending release, only magnified into something much greater and much more overwhelming. The heat of sexual rapture conquered every fiber of her body.

In her moment of pleasure and self indulgence, the old Julie was able to shriek one final thought: It’s your cousin, Julie. Your cousin! It’s depraved. It’s wrong. It’s incest! But that cry was drowned by the growing voices of her lust. It was overpowered by the newer, bolder Julie, the Julie who only wanted to satisfy her own voracious appetite.

“Oh!” Bailey jerked as her own pussy was ravished by her cousin’s virgin mouth.

Julie vibrated with excitement as her tongue delved further into uncharted waters. The feeling was so powerful that she could only mourn the fact that she hadn’t been exposed to her mother’s lifestyle before, yet rejoice over the fact that it had finally caught up with her.

“Oh, fuck, Mommy! Fuck yes!” Bailey moaned excitedly as Julie’s mouth attacked her pussy. She wasn’t even aware that she’d cried out for her mother. It was a force of habit. But no one noticed and no one cared.

The long couch at the heart of the living room creaked as memories of sex were embedded within its frame. The fireplace hissed and crackled with aged oak, its glow shining beautifully over the two wet bodies.

“Ohhmmm… yeah… right there, baby! Right there!” Bailey frantically cried.

“Oh yes, yes… oh, fuck me…” Julie moaned as her clit throbbed in Bailey’s mouth.

Their orgasms came crashing down like a tidal wave, claiming both girls simultaneously. She shook and moaned, and finally lay still.

Julie smiled, knowing that she had truly found peace. She had made a choice — much like her mother and aunt had years ago — to walk a path. And it was a damn good path.

Bailey rolled off of Julie, trying to stand, but instead dropping onto the carpeted floor. Her lips glistened with her cousin’s juices. Her breathing grew shallow as her ecstasy slowly ebbed away.

Her body feeling like it had been poked with a thousand warm needles Julie peered down from the couch and saw her cousin collapsed on the floor, that devilish smile still on her lips. She wanted to say something, but her physical resources were exhausted. So she just laid there, gently stroking her pussy, drifting along the waves of her subsiding climax.

“Listen, Jules,” Bailey said in a low and husky voice. “How about me and you go upstairs and get ourselves more comfy? Let’s go up to my room, snuggle up in that big bed.”

Julie rolled on her side and tilted her head down. Her face hovered over Bailey’s.

“I would love to, sweetheart, but… I think I need to make a different visit first.”


Julie cocked her eyebrow at Bailey and tilted her head towards the upstairs landing.

Now Bailey got it. “Oh! You mean… your mother.”

Julie, her face pillowed over her folded arm, stared down at her nude cousin. “Seriously, how fucked up is that?”

“It’s not,” Bailey answered. “I told you; don’t get caught up in what other people think. Get caught up in what you think. And right now you’re thinking: Man, there’s a woman upstairs and I wanna get naked with her, and kiss her and taste her. You wanna fuck her! And y’know what; she’s upstairs thinking the exact same about you. And at the end of the day, you two and Mom and me will be the only ones to know about it. The only ones that really matter.”

Such simple truths she speaks, Julie thought. Simple and easy. Maybe it was time to look at the world, not through the eyes of a soon-to-be-lawyer, but through the eyes of someone who saw what she wanted and went for it. Bailey was a creature of impulse, with a heart that outweighed her brain. Maybe it was time to take a page from her book.

“You’re right.” Julie said, suddenly sitting up. Her mind was lucid, her decision had been made.

“Of course I am,” Bailey murmured with a smile.

Julie rose from the couch. Her legs felt wobbly, like the night before, when she caught her cousin and her aunt having sex. Now that memory felt like it happened to an older version of her, in a different universe.

She walked towards the stairwell, giving Bailey a good look atf her nude figure walking away. Her long sleek legs moved seductively across the hardwood. The dim light reflected beautifully off her taut skin. The well defined muscles on her peachy ass flexed and relaxed with each step she took.

“Hey, Jules.”

Her hand on the staircase’s steel handrail, Julie glanced over her shoulder. She saw Bailey’s bad-girl smile, peeking at her from behind the long couch.

“I dunno if you’re up for it, but in case you are — go to my bedroom and look under the covers before you pay your mom a visit.”

Julie’s lips parted; she was about to ask a question, but changed her mind. She glanced down at her body, realizing she was still nude. She realized the absurdity of sauntering around naked in the very house she had vacationed in ever since she was a child. Now she was about to walk into her mother’s room and do something that would very likely shatter any memory she had in this place to tiny bits and pieces. But she had already made peace with it. And as for the rest of society, as Bailey had put it so eloquently: screw those people. Screw them. And without even noticing, she was already standing at the top of the stairs.

The last time Julie saw her mother was in her bedroom, lying on the bed, wearing a very revealing crimson nightgown. Since then, more than an hour had passed. So much has happened in those sixty minutes, Julie thought.

She peeked inside her room and found it dark and empty. Her mother had clearly gone back to her own room. It’s long after midnight, Julie thought. She might have already gone to sleep. But somehow, she suspected otherwise. Somehow she knew her mother was awake.

Julie went into Bailey’s room first. She looked around, instantly noticing how the door to the adjoining shower-room was wide open. Sitting naked on Bailey’s bed, she could see the small window above the shower-room mirror that had started all of this. What she saw from that window still danced lucidly in her head: mother and daughter, playing into each other’s fantasies and dirty secrets. She remembered how watching them at first was like staring at two outsiders invading her own delicate reality. But very quickly, she’d begun to feel like the outsider who was looking in. And she remembered jealousy burning in her heart. Of course, she couldn’t forget that increasing feeling of arousal.

Maybe it was wrong to feel that way — or so least that voice in her head had insisted — but she had to be truthful with herself. And the truth was that watching Krystal and Bailey had gotten her hot, and she’d been thrilled when Mom had touched her. It was time to share her excitement with the others. What she had just done with Bailey was amazing; now she was ready for the next step — the ultimate step.

Look under the covers, Bailey had told her. She lifted the heavy blanket from the bed. Now what have you got under here, Bai? 

It didn’t take her long to notice. She drew closer to it, fixed on it with wide open eyes, felt her heart thumping. She looked at it; the first one she had ever seen in person. Its figure was harsh and unyielding. It looked like a medieval torture device, but she knew that it was anything but. In fact, just by studying its crude and purposeful shape, it breathed new and thrilling sensations into Julie’s pussy; a warm twinge between her legs like a deep, hollow void seeking fulfillment.

Julie picked up the impressively sized strap-on with both hands. She recognized the black leather harness, then glanced again at the small window in the shower-room. It was the same sex toy she’d seen Krystal using on Bailey. For no reason she could understand, Julie drew the rubber cock close to her nose and took a hearty whiff from it. There was a smell that she recognized, and liked.

She stood with the rubbery phallus in her hands, then positioned the toy over her pubic bone as if she was a man holding an erection. She licked her lips and slowly began to thrust her pelvis back and forth in a fucking motion.

I wonder if Mom would let me use this on her. She swept her tongue over her lips again. I wonder if she would use it on me. Her knees swayed forward, burying the cock in an imaginary cunt. Can I even take this thing inside me? It’s so damn… big! Then she began to imagine a voice, whispering in her ear. The sound came from her head, but it sounded a lot like her mother. Oh yes, you like that? I know you do. Then there was a climax and even Julie, who was only playing a pretending game, shuddered with excitement.

Julie knew then that she was completely committed to what she was about to do. And she had no doubt that it would be incredible.

On to Chapter Four!


Hidden in the Snow, Chapter 2

  • Posted on June 7, 2020 at 3:12 pm

by Funtoppings

(Previously in “Hidden in the Snow”: Julie is on a skiing vacation with her mother Debra, her aunt Krystal and cousin Bailey. They settle in for the evening, but when Julie gets up in the middle of the night, she is horrified to discover that Aunt Krystal and Bailey are having hot mother-daughter lesbian sex.)


After a minute, which felt like an eternity, of standing in front of her mother’s bedroom, contemplating and thinking about what she was going to say, Julie finally took a deep breath and tapped on the door.

“Mom, are you awake?”

“Yeah, honey. Come on in,” a voice uttered on the other end of the door.

It was early morning, quarter to eight the last time Julie checked the clock. She wasn’t sure how much she had slept, but it wasn’t a lot. She kept turning in bed most of the night, replaying those deplorable sights that she saw in Bailey’s room, chewing over how she should approach her mother about this.

Julie walked into her mother’s sunlit room. The window inside was wide open and a cool mountain breeze traveled inside, welcoming Julie with a cold kiss. A strong fragrance of lavender escaped from the shower, where Debra had just taken her morning bath.

Debra was sitting on the bed combing her wet hair. She was wearing her red cardigan sweater and a casual white skirt that ended just a few inches above her knees. The sunlight beamed beautifully off her clean golden hair. Once again, Julie found herself impressed by her mother’s well kept beauty. But it was a thought she would rather not have at that moment. It felt wrong.

“Jules, what are you doing up already? I thought you’ll be snoozing for at least another hour.”

“Yeah, well… I see you’re up early, too.”

“Oh, you know me, honey. I’m always the early-bird, already showered and everything. How was the night, you sleep okay?”

Julie opened her mouth to answer, then closed it immediately. She had an expression on her face as if her mother had asked her a trick math question, and she was trying to figure out the right answer in her head.

“You don’t look like you slept too well,” Debra jumped in before Julie could answer.

“No, I guess I didn’t,” Julie said wearily.

“You probably drank too much. Who am I kidding, I think I drank too much as well. You know your mother, kiddo, not much of a drinker.”

“Yeah… no, it’s not that.”

Debra put her comb aside and gave Julie a concerned look. She stood up looking wide eyed at her daughter. “What, what is it?”

Julie turned her head aside; she couldn’t say it and looked her mother straight in the eyes. She suddenly thought of how in a normal world, the next thing she was going to say to her mother was ‘I’m pregnant’ or ‘I’m getting married’, or even ‘Mom, I dropped out of school and joined a cult’. Anything was better than this. Of course this was not a normal world, not anymore. She woke up last night at 3:05 A.M to a new decadent and debauched world. The kind you read about in the papers. She knew it was time to share her insanity with the one person she trusted the most.

“I woke up in the middle of the night. I was thirsty as hell, had to go down to the kitchen to get some water.”

Debra listened carefully to her daughter. She was looking at her intently with squinted eyes, almost as if she was trying to decipher the image on a Magic Eye poster.

“Well, when I went into the hall, I heard noises coming out of Bailey’s room,” Julie continued. “I thought something was wrong and… I peeked into her room through the small window ouside.”

“What noises? What did you see?”

Julie took a deep breath and looked high above at the ceiling. Her mouth felt desert-dry. Warm tears were sizzling in her eyes.

“I saw Bailey… and I saw Aunt Krystal. And I swear to God I’m not lying, Mom, or telling a joke. But I saw Aunt Krystal and Bailey… on the bed… and they… they… they were naked. They were having sex.”


Sex, they were having sex,” Julie said again, chocked up. Tears crawled down her cheeks.

Debra sat stiffly on the bed, her eyes wide with shock, her jaw unlocked. Both her hands, drawn closely to her lap, were playing nervously with each other. Looking over at Julie, she saw the tears flow from her daughter’s eyes. She got up and went over to embrace her; gave her a hug, so cozy and warm with a mother’s love.

“Okay, don’t worry, Jules. I’ll talk to Krystal. I’ll see what’s going on,” She whispered softly in her daughter’s ear. “Just don’t you worry. I want you to go to your room, and try to get some sleep. I… I really don’t know what else to say… not until I speak with Krystal.”

“It’s just so fucked up, Mom. I don’t think I can ever look them in the eyes again. Not ever.”

“I understand, sweetheart,” Debra kissed her daughter on the cheek. She looked deep into Julie’s sapphire blue eyes. “Go to your room. Close the door. And try to get some sleep. I’ll check up on you later.”

“Okay,” Julie said softly. “I love you, Mom.”

“I love you too, honey. I love you too.”

Debra gave Julie a warm hug again. A dark shadow settled across her face as soon she rested her head on the teen’s shoulder. Julie quietly left the room, and Debra stared blankly at the door, left stunned by what her daughter had said.

But in a way, she was not completely surprised.

In fact, she was hardly surprised at all.


Thirty minutes after Julie had told of her shocking experience, Debra was still seated in her room, staring at the walls. She watched her own reflection on the big mirror and for some reason, rather inappropriately for that moment, wondered how desirable she still was.

She remembered a year ago, when Julie had come home with her boyfriend, Jason. It was the first time she met the young man. He was a tall, broad-shouldered, chiseled-chin type of a fellow. At one point, she served them cold drinks; both Julie and Jason were sitting on the white leather couches in the living room. As Debra brought down the tray of cold lemonades on the table, she could easily notice Jason glancing at her cleavage with hungry eyes.

Of course, she would never tell this to Julie. But still, it felt nice to be ogled, to be viewed as sexy. And she was sexy, at least according to her friends, her jogging buddies and the women at her hair salon. They were all very complimentary to her. Yet you never really know who’s telling the truth and who’s being nice to the poor bereaved woman, whose kids had already left her to potter about in an almost empty house.

Eventually, she stepped out of her room. She looked down the corridor at the small shadow peeking underneath Krystal’s door. She suddenly felt like one of those sheriffs in the old Westerns she used to watch as a child, just before they were about to enter a saloon full of dirty desperadoes.

This will either end nicely or in a shootout, she thought.

The air in the corridor was thick with morning stillness. Bailey was fast asleep in her room; her night, which was packed with a wild succession of orgasms, had induced a session of unthinkable and vivid dreams. Julie was also asleep. She’d found it much easier to drift off, once the burden of her secret had been shared with Mom.

Debra walked over to Krystal’s room and knocked on her door.

“Krystal, are you up?” No answer.

Debra paused, and then knocked again. “Kryst—”

The door opened. Krystal was wearing a bathrobe, one hand holding on the door knob, the other holding on the white towel wrapped around her hair. Beads of water glistened on her neck and above the hollow of her breasts.

“Good morning, good morning. I see you’re already up,” Krystal smiled wearily and gestured for Debra to come inside.

“Yeah, well you know me, always the—”

“Always the early bird,” Krystal smirked. “Yes, yes, I know.”

Krystal opened the curtains of her window, sweeping the room with great beams of sunlight. “Wow, beautiful day out,” she said and unwrapped the towel from her hair. “I guess we can enjoy it while it lasts, I heard we may be getting some snowstorms today.”

“Yeah, I heard it too,” Debra said.

Krystal swiftly walked to her closet, where she kept her unpacked vacation clothes. She studied each sweater and  pair of pants that she took out of the shelves, and then tossed them carelessly on top of her bed, creating a heap of clothes.

“Ugh. First thing I’m doing back home is buying an all new wardrobe for winter.” She then turned to Debra. “How you doing, hon? You had coffee already? If not, then wait for me. I’ll make us a fresh pot.”

Debra paused before she answered. She didn’t need a cup of coffee to get an adrenaline rush in her veins. Not this morning.

“No. Not yet.”

Krystal turned to Debra, she noticed some stiffness in her sister’s voice. “What’s up with you? You’re okay?”

Debra quietly walked over to the window at the far side of the room. There was a white wooden desk-chair bathing in the morning sunlight, and she sat in it. She looked outside the window at the silvery blue skies, searching far away into the heavens.

“Helloooo, Debra? Everything’s all right?”

“I don’t know. You tell me,” Debra replied solemnly, without taking her eyes off the window.

Krystal dropped the red sweater she was holding in her hands, and turned to her sister; a grave look on her face. “What? What do you mean?”

Debra, sitting with her back to Krystal, watched white clouds slowly drifting in the skies, mesmerized. She hesitated for just a second, but when she did finally speak, the words came out of her mouth like heavy bricks.

“My daughter told me that she woke up in the middle of the night. And she heard noises coming out of Bailey’s room.”

Krystal froze. Her eyes closed tightly.

“She saw you and Bailey inside,” there was a long pause before she continued. “She saw what you were doing.”


“How?” Debra said abruptly. “Really, Krystal? That’s the question? How?”

Krystal hung her head and said, “No. No, of course not. Oh God…”

After a brief moment of silence, Krystal walked over to Debra. She placed her hands on her sister’s shoulders, which became warm from sunlight, and gave them a light squeeze. Debra reacted with listless apathy to Krystal’s touch; she simply stared outside the window with bright eyes, looking far away into the distance.

“I didn’t mean for her to see it… I didn’t mean to—”

“So you have sex with your daughter?” Debra asked, her words cutting like a sharp knife.

Krystal’s grip tightened around her sister’s shoulders. “Yes,” she replied, her answer both honest and awful.

“How long have you been doing this?”

Krystal took a deep breath. Water began to drip from her soaked hair. There was such a bitter silence in the room she could actually hear each drop as it crashed on the hardwood floor.

“For a few months now,” she answered.

“I… I didn’t know you did that… with her…”

“Come on, sister. You know what type of family we came from. You know the deal. It shouldn’t come to you as that much of a surprise.”

Debra didn’t answer, but rather kept looking deep into the sunny blue skies, but it wasn’t the clouds she was looking at, not even the tremendous silhouette of Mount Mansfield peering up ahead in the distance. She was looking at her past — a few decades into her past.

While society always looked at inter-family relations as taboo and immoral, Krystal and Debra grew up in a house where such things were commonplace. Of course, they were also smart enough to know not to talk about it outside the confines of their home; it was the family secret.

It was their mother who suggested to both Debra and Krystal that they have sex for the first time. It was their mother who taught them that as long as they are mature enough to understand the implications of their doings, then there is no shame in sharing love with a close member of the family.

In her later years, Debra would look at her past with a small measure of regret of how she was brought up, but not with complete disdain. As far as she could tell, she and her sister were brought up in a loving home environment with gentle parents who were adored by both children and adults alike. Most important, though, was the fact that their parents never forced anything upon them, but only presented them with an option. They explained to them the ways of the family and would have gladly accepted whichever path the sisters chose to take. If they wanted to, Debra and Krystal could have refused. They could have easily been taken out of this close intimate circle. But they didn’t.

Krystal and Debra grew up in the same room, where they shared everything from clothes to personal secrets. They always had a loving relationship, but once they discovered the pleasures of sex with one another, their love flowered into something much greater.

“Come on, Deb. It’s been so long for me. I didn’t have any serious relationship with a man for over sixteen years.” Krystal said. Her hands were softly kneading Debra’s shoulders.

“You dated lots of men, Krystal. It was your decision not to remarry. It was only your decision. God knows you had options.”

“True. I’m not denying it. But I couldn’t remarry because I didn’t want to live in a lie. I didn’t want to wake up in bed every morning to a person that I knew… that I knew I could never love—”

“Don’t say it, Krystal.”

“—as much as I loved you.”

Suddenly, the vivid colors washed out of Debra’s world and grew sepia-toned. It was as if someone knocked her out of her seat and kicked her thirty years into the past. She could literally smell the fragrance of the freshly cut grass on the lawn outside the house she grew up in.

She remembered all the love that had been shared between her and Krystal. How they would have the most amazing sex; the type she was never able to duplicate — not with her husband, not with anyone. It was the perfect mixture of curious young love and the explosive nature of their raging hormones.

“And now I have my new love. Now I have Bailey,” Krystal said softly, still massaging Debra’s shoulders and neck. “Now that she’s old enough, she understands. She understands after all these years, why her mother was alone, and where her mother’s passion really lies. And the beautiful thing is — she wants to partake in all of this. She wants to.”

“Don’t you want Bailey to grow up — I don’t know — normal? Have a conventional life. Date boys. Marry a man?” Debra said, and briefly thought of Julie, holding her acceptance letter from Columbia, beaming with joy.

“Normal… we grew up normal, Debra. We both dated boys; we both got engaged; we both got married and had babies, and that was wonderful, I wouldn’t change anything about it. I offer my child the same options as we were offered. She is an adult. If and when the day comes that she wants to move out on her own and bring men to the house for me to meet, then I’ll support her all the way.”

“And if she’ll bring a woman?”

Debra couldn’t see it, but a mild smile broke on Krystal’s face.

“If she wants to bring a woman, then I’ll support it as well. In a way, I wouldn’t be surprised if Bailey turned out to be a lesbian…”

Debra understood. She had considered herself to be straight for the second half of her life, but her fondest sexual memories were with a woman; with Krystal.

“Does Bailey like it? Does she enjoy it, you know, like we did?”

There was a silvery glow in Krystal’s eyes. She slowly leaned closer to her sister; her naked breasts swaying under the fabric of her bathrobe.

“Oh, yes. She enjoys it,” Her voice dropped to a whisper. “We have the most amazing sex, Deb.”

Debra closed her eyes, and a series of images floated beneath the underside of her eyelids. All of the images were of her sister and young niece: naked; kissing; touching. Except from one image, that floated above all the rest like a drifting cloud in the sky. It was an image of Julie holding that acceptance letter; her eyes radiating.

“And your Julie… you can’t tell me you don’t fantasize about being with her, now can you?”

Debra shifted in her seat. “No… no, I don’t.” Her voice wavered with uncertainty.

“Come on, now…”  Krystal grinned. Her hands traveled from the base of Debra’s neck and slyly slithered down to the top of her cleavage line. “Don’t lie, sweetie. The thought of doing it with Julie has to have crossed your mind.”

Debra’s throat was arid; the breath stood frozen in her chest. At that moment she was thinking about Julie; her young, beautiful Julie.

“I bet it was never easy for you playing the role of The Mom when you have a child that is a living, breathing wet-dream; especially for someone with such a keen taste for women as you. Last night while we were watching the movie, it really dawned on me how amazingly beautiful your Julie is. Those mesmerizing blue eyes…”  Krystal’s words trailed off as she planted a wet kiss on Debra’s left cheek.

Suddenly Debra thought of eyes; almond shaped slanted eyes, almost catlike. She thought of eyes that were blue and deep as the summer skies, and that sparkled like bright midnight stars. And when those eyes stared at her, she could feel her spirit soar.

“And her beautiful soft lips; you had to dream about those lips…”  Krystal continued and kissed Debra again, this time on the groove of her neck.

In her mind, Debra imagined the kiss coming from a much younger mouth, glistering with moisture and innocence.

“And her breasts: so beautiful and mouthwatering. I imagine she has the pinkest nipples. Just wrapping your mouth around one of them, mmmm…” She nuzzled Debra’s neck.

Her hands slid down the cleavage of Debra’s cardigan and slipped underneath the bra. She cupped her sister’s breasts in her hands and squeezed them with such unrestrained passion that it caused her own nipples to stiffen from excitement.

It felt good to Debra as well. She closed her eyes, bathing in the sunlight and savoring the moment. Her heart was beating vigorously. Her nipples throbbed as her sister’s thumbs gently rubbed them. Her hands were clenched over her knees as shivers of desire raced through her frame.

“Her gorgeous, mouth watering, slender body…”  Krystal laid another wet kiss on the bottom of Debra’s chin.

“That round, firm ass…”

And another kiss fell on the corner of the mouth.

“Her creamy, delicate, moist pussy …”

This time, Krystal found her sister’s lips. They shared a long and sensuous kiss, like two lovers that were thrown into each other’s arms after years of separation… which in a way, they were.

Their tongues rolled against each other, both drenched and slippery with anticipation. Debra remembered when she was younger, kissing her sister for the very first time, how it had felt so innocent yet exhilarating, and today, thirty years later, the kiss still felt every bit as wonderful.

Krystal eventually broke the kiss, but gave Debra a coquettish smile, full of wicked intent, and Debra immediately knew where this was headed. And as her sister led her to the bed, Debra realized that she hadn’t felt so excited and happy for a long time.

“God, Deb, I’ve wanted this so much,” Krystal said as they both embraced and kissed on the bed. Underneath them were a crumpled sheet and a pile of clothes that didn’t matter to anyone.”I wanted to have you back in my arms for so long. My tongue never forgot the way you tasted.”

Krystal reached down, sliding a hand under Debra’s skirt and into her panties. She laced her fingers through a patch of curly hair until she found her older sister’s hidden treasure. Debra immediately retaliated with a moan and a sudden quiver of her hips.

“Oh, yes!” Krystal bubbled. “You’re practically dripping down there!”

Debra, who spent countless lonely nights fantasizing of fingers other than her own, strumming her clit and awarding her with orgasmic relief, shuddered at her sister’s touch. Her head was swimming as Krystal stroked between her legs.

Krystal finally took the hand away from her sister’s pussy. The fingers gleamed with a fresh coat of nectar. She guided them to Debra’s lips.

“Come on,” Krystal whispered.”Taste yourself.”

Debra, without much hesitation, snaked out her tongue and licked the fluids off her sister’s fingers. Not one to hold back on her own burning desires, Krystal pushed her tongue out as well and cleaned the remaining streaks of juice from her own fingers. Eventually, their tongues met and they exchanged a sloppy kiss.

“You taste amazing, sis,” Krystal whispered in her ear.

Debra looked at her sister with big eyes that burned with passion. Her pussy ached to be reintroduced — after so many years — to Krystal’s mouth. Her eyes grew even wider and hungrier once Krystal disrobed, revealing her clean, naked body.

Debra gazed at her sister, now completely exposed, and the most impure thoughts danced in her head. She hadn’t seen that body, in all its glory, for over twenty-five years. It was no longer the body of the nineteen-year-old she remembered, but that of a beautiful woman who had aged very well. Her tits were perfectly round and naturally big, only sagging a bit. She’d always felt a little jealous of how Krystal’s chest had blossomed so nicely, and while her own chest was hardly considered small, she still believed her sister had struck lucky in that department. Looking down, she saw a lush tuft of dark pubic hair, casually trimmed into a fuzzy triangle. She swallowed hard and licked her lips, craving for the feeling of that curly hair tickling her nose while she suckled on her sister’s moist labia.

“You look gorgeous, Krystal.”

Krystal smiled as she presented her breasts to her sister’s awaiting mouth. Debra enthusiastically played with the nipples, which grew like fresh berries as she sucked them.

Krystal rubbed feverishly between her legs; the stiffening sensation of her sensitive nipples had clicked a switch in her pussy. Now it felt wilder and more alive than ever. As Debra sucked on her nipples, Krystal thought she might orgasm from that stimulation alone. She almost surrendered to the pleasure, but her lips started to tingle and the need to finally taste her sister grew stronger.

“God, I want you!” Krystal cried. She unbuttoned Debra’s cardigan to expose her white lace bra, which quickly found itself tossed on the floor. Krystal latched onto her sister’s left nipple, sucking on it with the intensity of a wild animal, then switched to the other. The nerves in Debra’s breasts became a network of stimulation, rapidly sending signals of pleasure down to her vagina.

“Oh, Krystal… lick me down there. Please.”

Krystal grabbed the hem of Debra’s skirt and raised it above the waist area, exposing a pair of white lace panties, now accented by the forming of a large wet spot. She pressed her nose against her sister’s crotch and took a giant whiff.

“Mmmm… you smell terrific. Maybe I’ll just sit here all day and just smell you.” Krystal said teasingly, and buried her nose yet again at Debra’s crotch, pressing it hard against her clit.

“N-No… p-please… go down on me. I’m begging you!” Debra squirmed.

“Well, all right,” Krystal grinned slyly. She hooked her thumbs under the elastic waistband and rolled her sister’s panties down and off. Looking at the engorged lips of Debra’s pussy made her mouth water.

She thrust her head between her older sister’s legs, welcoming Debra back to a world of Sapphic thrills.

Debra shivered with ecstasy. Her uncontrollable moans grew louder and louder and gradually turned into guttural cries of insatiable pleasure. With the final thread of sanity in her head, it struck her that she might be overheard, so she crushed a pillow into her face, then released a stream of stifled cries.

Krystal, fired by her sister’s muffled moans, felt her own pussy dribbling warm fluids. She quickly began to finger herself.

Debra sensed her climax approaching as the walls of her pussy contracted over her sister’s tongue. She could feel sweet release pulsating in the veins in her neck and at the bottom of her feet. Her left toe vibrated uncontrollably, like a plucked guitar string. She tightened her grip on the pillow and burrowed her face even deeper against it,  bellowing at the top of her lungs.

In this deep reservoir of ecstasy, Debra envisioned her lover making love to her. She looked downwards and saw her lover nestled between her outspread thighs, resting a hand on her belly; licking her, nibbling her clit, nose pressing against her pubic bone. Everything around her lover became vividly whiter and brighter and heavenly. In her vision, she covered her lover’s hand with her own, and their fingers laced together. In the real world, she laced her fingers through empty air.

Then her lover’s face rose from between her legs to smile at her with perky lips that gleamed with her juices, a glowing nimbus surrounding her head. She saw her lover’s face; beautiful, angelic, silky, youthful.

It was Julie’s face. She saw her daughter, Julie. Her lover.

“Mmmmm… g-god, J-Julieeeee… ahhhh!” 

A jolt of electricity traveled down Debra’s body; ran from the core of her pussy all the way down to her toes. Krystal sat up and stared, warm fluids covering her mouth and chin as she watched her sister violently convulse in an unrelenting orgasm.

“Oh, God!” Debra shuddered, her entire body steamed like hot, wet velvet. This felt like the greatest orgasm she’d ever had in her life. Thrusting her arms out, she reached for Krystal, desperate for her embrace. Krystal smiled and crawled on top of her sister, feeling Debra’s slick, sweaty body vibrating under hers.


“Yesss…”  Debra whispered, waves of pleasure still coursing through her body.

“Did you just… ? Did you call out Julie’s name?”

Debra’s breasts heaved as she slowly regained her breath. Her thoughts were still cloudy and adrenaline still pumped chaotically in her veins. What is Krystal talking about? she wondered. Julie? I called out for Julie? Surely she’s mistaken.

“What? No. No, of course not.”

Krystal laughed as she held tighter against her sister and planted a wet kiss on her right cheek.  “Yes, you did,” she said, giggling. “You said Julie’s name. You thought of her when you came, didn’t you?”

Debra stared intently at the wooden planked ceiling and realized her sister was right; she was visualizing Julie in her head as a part of her fantasy; as her lover.

“Yes… yes, I guess I did,”  she said. Suddenly she realized that she had climaxed to the image of her daughter. And deep inside, she also knew that it wasn’t the first time she did so either. There were other times. “I’ve wanted her so badly…” she whispered.  “I can’t lie about it anymore. Not to myself, not to you.”

There had been many other times, in fact.

“You really want her?”

“I’ve pictured making love to her so many times.” Debra playfully caressed the length of her sister’s neck. She wondered what Julie’s skin would feel like.

Krystal rolled off her sister’s body and over to her side of the bed. The confession from her sister had instigated a tingling in her pussy that was rife with untamed excitement. Her left hand automatically traveled south.

“God, sometimes during the night,” Debra continued speaking, still engulfed in her memories, “when I’m all alone in the house. I’ll look at some of her photos — especially those sexy eight-by-tens she did when she modeled — and I would masturbate to them.”

“G-G-God, yesss…”  Krystal’s voice wavered. She closed her eyes and allowed Debra’s story to take shape in her head.

Debra suddenly grew aware of her sister’s self pleasure.  “Krystal?”

“Just keep talking to me, baby.” Her voice was shaky. “What do you want to do to your daughter?”

Realizing she was now playing the catalyst to her sister’s orgasm, Debra curled beside Krystal, drew close to her ear and whispered, “I want to fuck her.”

“Ahhhh… mmmm… Oh, Jesus…”

“I want. To fuck. My daughter.” She repeated it again, slower this time. It was strange how that string of words didn’t sound all that preposterous to her. It actually tuned in her ears quite nicely.

“Ohhhhhh…” Krystal whimpered. For a moment, Debra was sure she was also crying as a forceful orgasm swept her body from head to toe. Fluids seeped from her cunt, leaking onto the sheets.

Debra climbed on top of her sister in a sixty-nine, and each woman buried her face in a juicy pussy.

“Oh fuck, sis. I’m gonna come in your mouth!” Krystal growled.

Debra felt her body becoming useless as ecstasy suddenly swamped her all over again. “Me too, baby. Me t-too,” she gasped.

They climaxed in unison. Their bodies, tangled and entwined in a ball of limbs and sweat, quivered as the orgasm spun inside them like a hot tornado. They collapsed, each to their own side of the bed, both trying to regain a sense of placement. Then Debra cuddled next to her sister, and they both floated silently back to the here and now. For a long time, their breathing did the only talking.

Morning sunlight streamed through the windows and flooded every corner of the room. Debra stared blankly at the window, unable to remember the last time she’d felt so peaceful and satisfied.

“So… have you figured out what you’re gonna say to Julie?” Krystal broke the silence.

Debra kissed her sister on the shoulder and buried her cheek against that very same spot. “No, not really. I’m not really sure I’m going to say anything. At least not the full extent of it.”

“But, Deb—”

No, Krystal. I know what you have with Bailey is amazing and… and I envy you, I really mean it. But I don’t know if I’m ready at this stage to cross that border with Julie. I’m not sure how she’ll react at this point. I just… I just don’t know.”

Krystal wrapped a warm arm around Debra’s nude body and hugged her tightly.

“I understand, sweetie. I just wish… with all four of us here on vacation, far away from anyone we know, We could have so much fun…”

Debra knew that her sister was right.


“Okay, so the files should be waiting for you in your inbox, so just tell me if… h-hello? Hello?”

“I’m here. I can hear you just fine, Audra,” Julie told her roommate. But she still removed the cell phone from her ear and surveyed the screen. There was a weak signal.

“Oh, okay. Cause I’m hearing you totally shitty, Jule. Where the heck did you say this lodge is again? Like up in the fucking woods or something?”

“Something like that. This entire area is kind of secluded,” Julie said and stretched her feet on the bed.”I’m actually surprised I’m getting any phone signal at all.”

“So, how you been doin’ over there anyway? Did any skiing?”

“No. No skiing,” Julie told her roommate with a sigh.

“Oh… ? Why not? For God’s sakes, Jule, you’re on a skiing trip…”

“Yeah, I know. I skied yesterday. As for today, well…”

Julie’s voice trailed off into silence. She looked up at the silver moon, shining through her bedroom window. She searched for answers in its glow.

“Well… well, what?” Audra asked.

“Nah, it’s nothing serious. I kind of had a little… argument with my family.”

“What about?”

Julie wiped a light film of sweat from her forehead. The toes of her bare feet curled like talons. “It’s nothing, Audra. I — I really don’t wanna get into this. It’s really not that big a deal.” She closed her eyes, hoping Audra wouldn’t poke harder on this matter.

“Okay, babe, if you say so.” There was a silent pause, which Julie initially thought resulted from a bad connection, but eventually Audra’s voice emerged from the other side of the phone. “So, what did you do all day, then?”

After five minutes of talking the connection became unbearable and Julie had to end the conversation. She gave a long sigh as she placed the cell phone on the nightstand. It was good to talk to Audra. Granted, it wasn’t the smoothest conversation they’d ever had, but it was still nice to talk to a sane voice from back home. God knows, there weren’t a lot of sane voices at the lodge.

That thing that she saw the night before still haunted her memory; the images and sounds looped in the back of her mind like a never-ending motion picture. The lewd words coming out of her aunt’s mouth jingled in her ears throughout the day. Lick my pussy, baby… lick Momma’s pussy. Julie shuddered.

She approached the window in her room and looked outside at the shadowy coldness with a wan expression on her face. It was nearing midnight, winter snow was pouring down on Stowe, coming hard and heavy. The weather, which had started pleasantly warm and sunny, quickly deteriorated around midday to a maelstrom of whirling whiteness. At first, the skies became overcast with menacing silver clouds, followed by an unrelenting onslaught of pouring snow. Then the blizzards came, screaming and swirling, and taking on the snow with a mad flurry.

Julie remembered how earlier in the day, while she was eating a late lunch at a local café, she got a text message from her mom, telling her that she should probably return back to the lodge before the weather worsened. When she had taken a cab back home, the cab-driver, whose rough facial features looked as if they were carved by stone, was kind enough to give her his two cents on the matter.

“Yep, it looks like one heckuva shit-storm is heading our way. Pardon my French, Miss,” the driver had grumbled. Julie sat in the back seat and stared at the frozen road outside her window, grimacing.

She leaned forward, so he could hear her voice over the car engine.”Really, you think so?”

“You betcha. My boss — may he die a thousand deaths — called me off the graveyard shift I was s’posed to work tonight. Called off almost everyone from the station who was supposed to work tonight. And that sonovabitch don’t call off anyone — unless it’s somethin’ really bad, like this weather here. Again, pardon my French.”

Julie graciously smiled at him and leaned back in her seat.

Now, looking out through the window in her bedroom, she understood what he was talking about.

God, let this weather calm down by tomorrow, she prayed silently. I won’t be able to stay sequestered in this place for the whole day with Bailey and Aunt Krystal. I just won’t be. 

Then she heard a faint knock on the door.

Julie cautiously walked towards the door, moving barefooted over pinewood flooring. She paused for a moment, a wreath of air caught in her lungs.

“Who is it?” she asked tentatively.

“It’s me, honey,” her mother’s voice.

A sense of relief rushed through her body as she opened the door for her mom.

Debra walked in, wearing a beautiful crimson-colored stretch nightgown that ended a few inches above her knees and with a cleavage that left very little to the imagination. Her golden hair, showered and combed, fell neatly over her shoulders. She quickly entered and sat on the edge of Julie’s bed, softly tapping a nervous right fist against a sweaty left palm.

“So, Jules… we didn’t get to speak much today,” Debra said, looking down at her polished toenails.

“Yeah, I know. I guess I just had to get outta the house for a while. You know…”

Debra nodded, her lips tightening.

“So, Mom,” Julie took a step closer to her mother. “Did you talk to Aunt Krystal? You know, about last night?”

Debra nodded again, still peering down at her toes. “I did. I did, and…”  she raised her head to look at Julie, but froze when she met her eyes.

Dressed in a sexy white camisole and a low-cut pair of bright pink shorts, the twenty-two-year-old looked like she had just stepped out of one of Debra’s most salacious dreams. Her white top, cropped at the midriff, exposed her flat, taut tummy. Pink shorts covered the smallest amount of her shapely ass, revealing just a little skin from the bottom curves of her buttocks.

Debra followed the inseam of Julie’s shorts with her eyes; she studied the line, which curved around her daughter’s sleek thigh, and then stopped at the crotch, where the subtle protrusion of Julie’s nether lips seemed to be visible through the fabric.

Her beauty was almost mythical in the way it turned its appreciators into thoughtless, motionless statues. Like me, Debra thought.

“Mom?” Julie’s voice roused Debra from her reverie.

Debra’s dark eyes jumped at Julie. “Sweetie?”

“You were saying something?”

“Yes,” She cleared her throat. “Krystal — I did speak with her.”

Debra slid backwards on Julie’s bed, dragging her bum across the mattress, until she felt a large pillow cushioning her back. The lower hem of her dress got pulled up a bit, exposing a hint of her beautifully tanned thighs.

“Come, lie next to me. I want to talk to you,” she said, lightly patting a vacant spot beside her.

Julie stared at her mother, a storm of bewilderment settling across her face. Her lower lip was jutted out in a pout, its pink flesh glistering.

Debra saw that lip and wanted it. She longed to trace it with her tongue, then suck it into her mouth. She wanted to guide Julie’s pretty mouth down between her legs, and make it —

She blinked her eyes twice, and the lewd images vanished from her head. This is no time to get lost in such fantasies, she realized.

“Come on, sit,” Debra asked again. Julie slid next to her mother on the bed.

Debra inched closer to Julie and slowly began to run her fingers through her child’s dark raven hair.

“Listen, before I speak about your Aunt Krystal, there’s something I want to tell you about our family,” Debra paused and then added: “My family.”

Julie listened, a frown line delved between her eyebrows.

“My side of the family has always been more — oh, how do I put it — open towards the idea of inter-family relations.” She was lying so close to Julie that she could feel her daughter’s skin rippling with fresh goosebumps. She squeezed tighter against her and continued.

“Basically what this means is, we were doing things in our house, that were… Well, let’s say they weren’t things we were supposed to talk about, if you know what I mean.”

Julie’s face turned ivory white. “Things like, what I saw last night?” she asked faintly, surprised that her throat was able to make a sound.

Debra nodded. “It’s really hard to understand this — not unless you lived through it, and I’m actually not going to try to explain, but I just need you to know that for us, back then, it was perfectly normal.” She wrapped a warm arm around Julie’s shoulders. “Just like for you, growing up in a big wonderful house, having your own room, watching game shows every night as a family. That was your life. My life… it was different. Definitely different.” She paused, then added, “Sweetheart, I know how strange it sounds…”

Julie lay on the bed, her body feeling useless. Her mother was hugging her with one hand and stroking her hair with the other. A slew of emotions raged through her body, harder and faster than the snowstorm that raged outside.

“It sounds wrong, that’s what it sounds like, Mom,” Julie said through tears that were burning the back of her throat. “I know it’s not your fault, Mom, and that you were young, but there are laws against such things. I mean, it sounds like Gramma and Grampa totally took advantage of–”

“Shhh,” Debra said. “Your grandparents are long gone, and I don’t want you speaking badly of them.”

Debra moved even closer to Julie; she pressed her cheek against her daughter’s and felt tears lingering between them. “Regardless of right or wrong, there is no one at fault here. Not Gramma, not Grampa, not Krystal, not me. When we did what we did, both your aunt and I were old enough to make decisions on our own. We chose to… to walk a certain path.”

The more she heard, the more Julie felt like her body was sinking into the bed, like a bad dream where you’re trapped in quicksand. She wanted to hate her mother, yet found herself unable to do so. In a way, she admired her for coming forward with such a dark secret, which had been buried in her past for so long.

“And now, your aunt Krystal — and I swear to God I didn’t know it until today, when you told me — apparently, she had chosen to walk this very same path… only this time, with her daughter.”

Julie thought of Bailey. She was close to her, and knew her so well — or at least she thought so. Was Bailey just acting this all time? she wondered. Talking about boys; displaying acts of rebelliousness against her mother like every child. Is this all an act? 

The thoughts were jumbled in Julie’s head; they jumped from Bailey to Krystal to her mother and then back to Bailey. There was a deep silence in the room, and for a while the only noises that were heard were the faint groans coming from the lodge’s old foundations.

Debra let her hand rest on top of Julie’s exposed flat belly, and pressed her lips against the side of her child’s head, right above the ear, giving her a warm, motherly kiss.

Julie edged closer to her mother. Somewhere in this sea of emotions and feeling of being lost, she welcomed the warmness. She enjoyed her mother’s kiss; it felt like something ordinary and familiar in a moment that was fraught with unfamiliarity. And when her mother started to brush her hand across her tummy in warm, friendly circles, she was soothed even more.

“What are you thinking about, sweetie?” Debra breathed in Julie’s ear.

“Oh, I dunno. Nothing. Everything. I just don’t know what to think,” she said, soothed by the movements of Mom’s hand over her belly.

She noticed the lines across the fingers of her mother’s hand, and realized that the years take their toll on anyone or anything. Her mother — maybe once, a long time ago — was like Krystal. And even then, it was simply the result of her upbringing. But while Krystal had taken the lessons of her childhood and morphed them into a twisted sexual fantasy, using her daughter as a toy in her game, her mother had bravely decided to shake the shadows of her past, to walk a different, better path. And that path was why Julie had grown up like a normal girl, with the fondest childhood memories a person could ever ask for. She had her mother to thank for that.

“I love you, Mom,” Julie whispered.

“Now, that’s twice in one day that you said that,” Debra told her, smiling. “I’m going to start thinking that you really mean it.”

Julie giggled and wrapped her long legs around her mother’s. “I mean it. I love you. And that’s three times.”

Debra kissed her on the cheek. It was a big wet kiss that left a moist imprint on Julie’s rosy skin. “I love you too, honey.”

They both lay on the bed, nestled together. Julie’s legs were tangled with her mother’s, their cheekbones touching, their bodies exchanging pleasant and affectionate heat.

Debra brushed her left hand across her daughter’s smooth belly, then let it drift upward; sometimes sneaking a few fingers under the lower hem of the camisole, just beneath the valley of Julie’s breasts. And then sometimes it moved south; grazing over the belly button, then sweeping even lower.

The right hand toyed with Julie’s hair. The fingers grazed each lock of hair with a wealth of compassion, sending tiny waves of pleasure all the way down to her scalp.

“Mmmm…” Julie purred. Her eyes closed as she allowed the soothing sensations to take over her body.

She received another kiss from her mother — right above the lips, then yet another, an inch to the right.

The mature woman shifted her body even closer to her daughter.

Julie felt her mother’s breasts pressing against her arm, and she noticed how the nipples grew erect under the fabric of the woman’s gown, to the point they were poking her skin.

Their noses were almost touching. They inhaled and exhaled each other’s breath, creating a warm circulation of air between their bodies.

Debra’s left hand, feeling overly playful, traveled lower than ever before and now it was moving just a hint above the waistband of Julie’s pink shorts.

The twenty-two-year-old, who was known for her sharp mind and quick thinking among her school colleagues, was so beguiled by the feeling of comfort and delight that she didn’t even notice at first when her mother slipped a hand beneath the elastic of her shorts.

With a hand pressed against the soft fabric of Julie’s panties, right above her delicate mound, Debra lowered her lips to her daughter’s and hovered above them for a few precious moments.

Then Julie felt it.

The realization of it slowly trickled into her consciousness, like water from a wounded bucket. Her knees were the first to show signs of weakness but then it quickly transitioned to her entire legs, and arms, and neck, and before she sunk into that fragile point-of-no-return she realized that her mother was masturbating her. Then the woman, who had once fed her by the spoon, and taught her how to tie her tiny shoes, pressed her lips against Julie’s mouth and gave her a kiss.

Julie was close to surrendering to her mother’s touch. Her thighs squeezed together, and her pussy began to throb.

Why fight it? She wondered. Who would know? Who would tell? Is it so awful? It’s not. It’s wonderful. 

Her lips parted as a low moan escaped from her mouth, and it gave her mother a chance to deepen the kiss, her tongue easing between Julie’s lips.

But soon enough, a millisecond in real world time, a switch clicked in Julie’s head. For the first time, it struck her, exactly what was happening.

“What are you doing?” Julie gasped, and pushed her mother’s face away.

Frightened, Debra withdrew the hand away from her daughter’s shorts and clutched it tightly to her chest. The expression on her face was of shame and terror.

They both stared at each other, stunned and speechless. Julie’s eyes were wide and angry, her cheeks a feverish red. Debra watched her, frozen. Her high, rich color was gone. She tried to say she was sorry, she tried to apologize and explain, but Julie waved her off and headed straight to the door.

She clutched the doorknob and held the cold brass for a few seconds, contemplating. She looked back over her shoulder; a cold shadow crossing her face as she spoke.

“I’m going down to the living room,” she said coldly. “Don’t come after me. Don’t any of you come after me. I just… I don’t want to see you.”

“Julie, wait—”

But it was too late. Julie had already stormed out of the room.

Outside, snow flurries were still raging all over Stowe. Main streets were blocked and the forests were heavily powdered. It was very clear that the snow was there to stay.

And that means, for the next twenty four hours, your room is a sanctuary. So you’d better make the most of it.

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Hidden in the Snow, Chapter 1

  • Posted on May 23, 2020 at 3:41 pm

by funtoppings

{ This story was originally posted at Literotica in April 2014 }

“Hey, honey, did you girls fall asleep back there?”

Julie’s brain was clicking on and off, constantly switching between the darkness of sleep and the vivid lights of reality. She heard her mother’s voice reaching out to her in the background, but it sounded far away and faint, like the sleepy sound of waves breaking on the beach. Last thing she remembered was pulling out of the airport, her head resting against the car window, watching incoming and outgoing flights. And then her eyes just closed. She always enjoyed the soothing sensation that came with sleeping inside a moving vehicle: the icy glass squeezing against her cheek; the light vibrations absorbed through her temple; the way her teeth and car engine chattered in unison. It was almost orgasmic in a way.

How long have we been driving? Julie wondered dreamily. Ten minutes? An hour? Time and place were still a blur as she slowly detached from the realms of her dreams. When she opened her eyes, she was greeted with the sight of pale blue skies above the faded color of green. They were the colors of winter in Vermont.

“What… did you say something, Mom?” Julie asked with sleep still thick in her voice.

“I asked if you girls were asleep back there,” Debra replied, already knowing the answer was yes, by the sound of her daughter’s weary voice.

Julie slowly tilted her head to the left, her neck giving a soft popping sound as she turned. She saw Bailey, with her knitted ski hat pulled down all the way to the tip of her nose, sleeping next to her. Julie balled her hand into a fist and lightly punched Bailey on the shoulder. It was a soft whack; the kind that would only disrupt the lightest of sleepers. Bailey shrugged her shoulder, but otherwise kept on snoozing.

“Bailey’s asleep,” Julie said dully.

Krystal, the woman sitting at the driver’s seat, looked at the rearview mirror and smiled at the sight of her daughter Bailey, curled up in the back. Well, she was hardly a little girl anymore. After all, they had just celebrated her eighteenth birthday last May. Still, grown-up or not, Bailey was still her Little Hellraiser. Maybe now more than ever.

“How long ’till we get there?” Julie asked impatiently, wriggling her slender pelvis on the car seat while trying to shake that immense feeling of tiresomeness.

“About twenty more minutes or so,” her mom answered. “If we’re lucky.”

“If we’re lucky,” Krystal repeated. It was winter, and even worse, it was tourist season. It was a pretty calm day, weather-wise, so they weren’t expecting any closed roads, but both Debra and Krystal knew that once they reached Stowe the main roads would be clogged with out-of-towners.

Julie shifted her head back to the window. The snow was piling up at the shoulders of the road. The forest was draped with a thick blanket of white, looking like the polished cover of a Christmas poetry book. Birch trees stood erect along the route, frosty and naked of leaves. The skies above, gradually turning silver blue as the morning bled into the early noon hours.

Soon enough we’ll be at the lodge, Julie thought drowsily. No school, no papers, no exams, nothing except complete and utter relaxation. And with her eyes hypnotically mesmerized by the view, she began to sink into another deep sleep.

Making the trip up to Vermont has been a yearly tradition in Julie’s family for over a decade. Her father, back when he was alive, bought a beautiful timeshare unit at Stowe, and every year, usually a couple of weeks before Christmas, they would pack their bags and leave their home in Long Island in favor of the family trip.

Julie still remembers how every year without fail, Dad used to take down his old pair of skis from the attic. He would look at her with that big smile of his, standing tall and proud, telling her how much fun it would be at the slopes, though eventually, he would spend most of his time watching football back at the lodge or going to whatever husband-wife activities her mom signed them into.

Aunt Krystal, her mother’s younger sister, would usually join them on the trip. Krystal was the first of the two sisters to bury her husband. She was only married for three years, and her daughter Bailey was at the precious age of two when her husband was involved in a horrible car accident. Sixteen years had passed and Krystal never remarried.

Five years ago, Debra suffered the same terrible loss, as her own husband, Julie’s dad, suffered a deadly heart attack at the office. Much like her younger sister, Debra also remained a widow.

Julie was twenty-two years old; she recently began her second year at Columbia Law School.

“You’ll be one heck of a lawyer one day, Jules, I just know it,” Debra had told her the day she got the acceptance letter from Columbia. She softly caressed her daughter’s long raven hair, pride beaming out of her eyes. “And then maybe you could help your mom deal with some of these clients better than the brain-dead lawyers I have,” she told her, giggling.

“Don’t think you can afford me, Ma,” Julie fired back with a grin.

Debra pressed her hand over her chest and gasped for hair, acting as if she was hurt, only to burst out with a gale of laughter a second later. She was indeed very proud of her Little Jules, always had been.

The group of four women took an early morning flight from New York to Burlington International Airport in Vermont and from there they rented a Ford SUV, (“The big red one,” as Bailey childishly insisted) to drive it up to the family’s winter lodge in Stowe.

For the most part, it was a casual drive down Interstate 89. Krystal was behind the wheel and Debra was at the passenger seat beside her. The two sisters were mostly talking shop. Krystal was the owner of a large bookstore in Long Island and had recently launched an online version with much success. Debra has inherited her late husband’s real estate agency, where she once served as a founding partner and a secretary. Business-wise, the past five years, with Debra at the helm of the agency, had been some of the most thriving years the agency had ever known.

Every once in awhile Krystal and Debra would cut each other’s sentences and say: “We really shouldn’t talk about work while on vacation,” but that’s what the conversation always seemed to sway back to. In the backseat, the cousins, Julie and Bailey, were both napping, having snow-covered dreams. The girls grew up as close as sisters… and even though the age difference kept them apart a bit as they grew older, there was still a strong and undeniable bond between them.

Once they got up on Route 100, the narrow road began to overflow with cars. Vacationers of all sorts: families, young couples, students. They were all trying to beat the traffic and reach their designated vacation spot. By that point, all four were awake inside the vehicle; it was impossible to sleep with all the people honking at each other.

“Sweet Child O’ Mine,” by Guns N’ Roses blared out of the car radio with its soaring guitar riff intro.

“Oh, I love this song! Volume up, Ma!” Bailey cried out with excitement.

“Here you go,” Krystal inched the volume up a tick. “Sweet Child of Mine, to my sweet child.”

“Ugh. Lame, Mom. Really lame,” Bailey grimaced, then giggled.

Julie looked outside her window and cautiously observed the swarm of cars, trying to picture the life stories of its travelers, a hobby she had picked up from her adolescent years when going on long car-rides such as this.

On the right lane: a blue Sedan, with a family of five. The Man, supporting a thick mustache, maybe twenty-five-years out of date, was stone-faced, even though his three kids at the backseat seemed to be raising all kinds of hell. His wife sat motionless in her seat, fiddling lifelessly with her iPhone, paying no attention to the rambunctious pack at the rear. Julie unpleasantly smiled at the sight. I could see this becoming a great condom commercial, she thought humorously.

Next to them she saw a white Ford Fiesta, with a young couple in it. The young lady rested her head on her boyfriend’s shoulder while the two were waiting for the traffic to die down.

Probably a weekend of hot unadulterated sex waiting for those two, Julie thought. I bet once they reach their lodge they’ll be unzipping each other’s pants, even before the car engine cools off. I sure can’t blame them… 

She thought of Jason, her ex-boyfriend. It had been four months since they separated, and she hadn’t dated anyone since. Schoolwork was keeping her busy enough, so there was never any time to dwell on the fact that she lacked a partner in her life. But it always came down to moments like this, when she saw another young couple and the feeling of envy and deep longing crept up from the bottom of her throat to the side of her jaw.

She missed all the endearing aspects of having a boyfriend, but the thing she missed most of all was the sex, which was quite a surprise for her. She’d never been much of a sex fiend, not like most of the girls she knew at college; she discovered sex later than her friends, and when she did finally do it, it was never exquisitely unique or special. Just the basic stuff. But even that she missed — the basic. It was a feeling of emptiness that crawled from between her thighs and pulsed between her legs; a deep yearning for something hard and stiff, digging inside her and filling that tingling void.

Julie squirmed in her seat just from thinking about it. She pressed her thighs tightly together, ground her teeth and tried to mentally dump a cold bucket of water over her head.

In the background, Axel Rose was still singing about his sweet love, with his screeching, high-pitched voice.

Julie gave the young couple in the white Ford one last, somewhat resentful look.

Enjoy all your wonderful sex and titillating orgasms. That’s one thing I don’t need to be thinking about this weekend. 


“So Jules, how’s school going?” Bailey asked with an inquisitive look in her eyes.

The foursome had reached the lodge at 12:15 P.M. Both Bailey and Julie had each grabbed a random suitcase from the trunk of the car, carried it inside the lodge and dropped it on the hardwood floor almost as soon as they entered. And instead of helping their mothers with the rest of the luggage, they decided that crashing on the living room sofa was a much more welcoming choice. Both girls had their feet up on the couch and their arms tossed lifelessly to the sides, looking as exhausted as coal-miners after a long day of laboring in a stifling pit.

“School’s hard work,” Julie said. Her long legs stretched up on the couch. Her eyes were blank, looking at the wood-paneled ceiling. “It’s no cakewalk. But so far I manage.”

Bailey opened her mouth to reply, but then closed it immediately. Her eyes were thoughtful.

In those few moments of silence, Julie was able to survey the lodge. She had a lot of great memories there, enough to fill a few photo albums. She was about eleven years old when she had first come to the lodge. Since then she had been there every winter of her teen years, up until the moment her father passed away. They returned to make use of the place last winter, after a three year hiatus.

What Julie liked most was the peacefulness of the location. The house was buried deep within the secluded, forested area of Mt. Mansfield. By evening they were literally in the shadow of the mountains. The only way of getting to the lodge is by driving down a narrow dirt road lined with dense foliage and surrounded with wild shrubbery. With no other lodges or timeshares in the area, no one used the road except for them. As a child, Julie thought of it as a fairytale house. As an adult, she simply saw it as the perfect escape.

Once you passed the front door to enter the house, the feeling of tranquility and coziness immediately settled in. The interior of the lodge was designed carefully with Old World charm, giving the impression that you were not only miles away from home, but also years away. The floors were aged wood; the walls were honey-colored maple paneling, complete with a rustic finish. The living room was remarkably cozy, with a wood-burning fireplace at its focal point. The four double bedrooms were located on a second deck, easily reached by a small flight of stairs from the main living room.

“Well, you’re smart. I’m sure you’ll do just fine,” Bailey finally said. “Plus, you’re in college, how can you even concentrate with all these good lookin’ boys all over the place?”

Julie smirked and nodded lightly. “Yeah, I guess you’re right,” she told Bailey, not really buying into her own answer.

While there was a plethora of handsome and ambitious young men to choose from at Columbia, Julie also knew that Bailey’s mind depicted a much more optimistic picture of the dating scene. Moreover, since the separation from Jason, Julie had made the conscious decision of putting studying as her main priority. Most of her social life was on hold and her dating life was nonexistent. A lot of people looked at Julie as someone who was a little standoffish. It wasn’t because she was the only girl to skip parties, but she was perhaps the most noticeable one.

Prior to Columbia, Julie had a successful yet short-lived modeling career. One of the photographers described Julie’s looks as mysterious and enchanting, and he was utterly disappointed to find out that Julie decided to pursue her dreams of becoming a lawyer instead of a model. And unlike the rest of her peers, Julie had devoted the bulk of her time in university in actual studying.

“After all, that’s why we’re all here, isn’t it?” she had once told her roommate and best friend, Audra, after declining to go to yet another student-party.

“No, we’re here to snag some boys,” Audra told her with a steady voice. “Besides I’m sick of guys coming up to me, asking: ‘Hey, you’re roommates with that blue-eyed chick, right?'” She said in her best stoner voice. “‘How come we never see her at parties, duuude?'” and then took a drag from an imaginary doobie.

Julie burst out laughing. “These are the boys I’m missing? Potheads?”

“Hey! Today’s potheads are tomorrow’s leaders,” Audra snapped back, sounding almost serious before her laughter gusted out.

A gentle smile played on Julie’s face; not the one in Columbia but the one who was sitting with her cousin in the beautiful and picturesque town of Stowe. As hard as she studied, she still had some fond memories from school.

“How ’bout you, Bai, got any hot boys in your life?” Julie asked her cousin out of genuine interest. It had been much too long since they talked about such matters.

Bailey sat up straight on the couch. Her eyes were wide and very thoughtful.

“There was this boy… we dated for a while, but — you know, nothing too serious. It’s over by now, so… nothing that exciting on my front, I guess.”

Bailey still possessed a childlike quality in her voice, Julie realized. It was almost adorable in a way.

“Well don’t worry, Bai, you’re a beautiful kid. You’ll have no problem finding Mr. Right,” Julie said and shifted upwards on the couch, leaning on her elbows. Then she smirked and added, “Just give the boys a little flash of your tits, and they’ll come flocking in,” She said with a grin, gesturing with her head at the ample swell of Bailey’s breasts.

It was rather noticeable that Bailey had really developed in the last couple of years. Even under her thick turtleneck sweater, Julie could tell. In all honesty, Julie thought, there should be no problem for Bailey to snag a boy, as Audra would put it. Bailey had a cute round face with a pink button nose. Her hair, hazel brown, was long and straight all the way down to the small of her back. Even the way her ass and legs were featured so prominently in those tight jeans was enough proof that her young cousin had matured into an astonishing looking woman, one who would steal more than a few glances from men, if she wasn’t already.

“Screw you,” Bailey retaliated with half a grin and flipped Julie the bird. “You think it’s fun, walking around with these two fuckers?” She cupped her breasts, lifting them up almost to chin-level. When she moved her hands away they fell in a mesmerizing tumble under the thick fabric of her sweater, until eventually settling into the normal position. Julie was wide-eyed; she couldn’t shy away from noticing even if she tried.

“Probably mess up my game at the slopes, too…”  Bailey said in a low voice and looked down accusingly at her chest.

“Puh-leeze… don’t blame your suckiness at skiing on your boobs. Even without them, you got no game.”

“Oh!” Bailey’s mouth hung open in a shocked and rather comical expression. “You’ll eat your words, bitch.”

Debra and Krystal entered the lodge almost on cue. The cousins traded glances with one another in an awkward moment of silence, and then burst out with laughter. Their mothers, each carrying a few heavy bags at each hand, looked at each other perplexed, not sure what joke they’d just missed.

“Well I’m glad to see that at least your laughing muscles are working… and oh-please, don’t get off your sweet little asses and help your dear old moms with the luggage. We can handle it just fine,” Krystal told the girls as she made her way inside.

“We know, that’s why we stayed here,” Bailey drawled, slouching on the couch and throwing an amused look at Julie.

“You see these girls we have,” Krystal looked at her sister Debra, with half a smile, and dropped the heavy bags she was holding on the hardwood floor. “No respect for the parents.”

Debra nodded, but she was smiling.

Julie watched her mom as she stood at the doorway; her body was draped with sunlight, reflecting off the snow that was piled at the threshold of the cabin. Julie thought that her mom looked like a shiny angel at that moment. Debra wore a deep blue sweater-dress over a tight pair of jeans. Her golden hair was twisted into a bun, showcasing her swan-like neck. Julie wondered what she herself would look like in twenty-five years, hoping it would be at least half as good as her mother.

“Hey, honey, open a window or something so we can air out this place, would you?” Debra said, tugging on the neck of her sweater.

“Why? It’s fucking freezing in here, Aunt Deb.”

“Hey, language!” Krystal snapped at Bailey. “Plus, it’s not that cold. We could all use some mountain breeze.”

As Julie got up from the couch she noticed the bags they brought, tossed at the center of the room in a pile. One of them was her Swiss-Gear backpack, casually packed with warm clothes and necessities. She knew her mom brought two more suitcases, yet there were at least five more, so she figured her aunt and cousin brought the others.

“Sure you two brought enough luggage?” she mumbled humorously.

“Yeah, that’s because Mom brought a whole case full of booze,” Bailey said dryly.

A case full? Julie thought.

“You brought a case of liquor?” Her mom spoke out loud, as if she was reading the script in her mind.

Krystal laughed, a little uncomfortably. “Oh, Bailey exaggerates,” she said, flushed. “It’s just a wine bottle or two and a few champagnes for us girls. After all, we are on vacation.”

“You see, Mom? Why can’t you be cool like Aunt Krystal?” Julie said, teasingly.

And Krystal was indeed cool. Her mom would never think about bringing booze to the family trip. Hell, Julie could hardly remember the last time she saw her mother drink. Aunt Krystal bringing alcohol, on the other hand, came as no surprise. She had a much more brazen personality than her mother did, and that had definitely rubbed off on her daughter, who was as cheeky as they come.

Julie watched her aunt as the little guilty smile she wore over her face quickly faded, while she turned her head down and looked a little bit nervously at the pile of bags. It was strange, but for a fragment of a moment, Julie had a notion in her head that her aunt was hiding something more secretive in there. However, she quickly dismissed this idea. After all, it’s just Aunt Krystal, what on earth could she be hiding? 

“All right, all right, we’ll have a toast later on today,” Debra said, “but first let’s put the bags in the rooms, drinks in the freezer, food in the fridge. Come on let’s settle quickly, I want us to reach the slopes before sundown. Oh, and Jules, would you please crack a window before we all suffocate in here?”

An hour and a half later, they were skiing.


The cool night fell peacefully over Stowe.

An infinite number of stars stretched all over the dark skies like cold bits of diamonds.

Soft winter breeze whispered silently through tree crowns.

In the distance, the snow was creeping down the mountainsides in bright white stripes.

Inside Julie’s family lodge, the fireplace was burning, making a sequence of crisp crackling sounds. The voices emanating from the living room’s television were only secondary to the delirious laughter and babble of the four vacationers. Half-empty boxes of chocolate were tossed heedlessly all over the floor. Perched on the coffee-table were two open bottles; one of Merlot, the other of champagne.

It was movie night at the lodge. For the last hour the girls were watching a dopey comedy film, which Bailey brought on DVD, even though they all lost interest in actually watching the movie somewhere around the second round of drinks.

Julie looked into her champagne flute, watching the way the bubbles crawled up the side of the glass. She felt the heat from the fireplace tickling the tip of her nose. It seemed to her that no one in the room was particularly drunk, but everyone was in good spirits. Even her mother was on her second, going on a third glass of wine.

Krystal walked back from the fireplace, where she had just tossed a fresh log, and picked up her wine glass from the oval-shaped coffee table. Her dark hair was hanging wild and loose around her face and neck. Bright red lipstick accentuated her rounded lips. She was standing in front of the television, clad in jeans and a powder blue sweater, blocking the screen from everybody’s view. But it was well established that no one was watching the movie anyway. They were all too busy having what the women in Debra’s hair salon fondly called “Girls Talk.”

“So, Julie,” Krystal said, and took a sip from her wine. “What happened eventually with this Jason guy?”

A glass of wine was all it took for Debra to dish out all the juicy dirt on her daughter’s love life. She told Krystal and Bailey about Jason, whom Julie had dated for a period of six months before they broke up.

“I mean, it just didn’t work out, you know,” Julie replied, staring down at the drink in her hand. “We just butted heads way too often. I think when it was time to break up, we both kind of knew it.”

Krystal circled the table and walked over to the bark brown couch, where Julie was sitting. She took a seat right next to her; close enough so their thighs squeezed up against each other. She gave her an affectionate smile and tenderly stroked her hand over her niece’s lap.

“Well, that happens sometimes, sugar. Believe me when I tell you, you’re such a beautiful kid, you’ll find someone in no time. And a good one this time.”

Julie lightly nodded her head. The sweet fragrance from her aunt’s perfume was pleasantly engulfing her.

Bailey, who was sprawled on the couch beside Julie, brought a glass of champagne to her lips, paused, and then emptied it in one draught. She was looking at the TV, trying without success to flow the movie’s baffling plotline.

Krystal removed her hand from Julie’s thigh and placed it on top of her young niece’s head. She softly ran her hand down the length of the long raven hair. She pushed a strand of dark hair from Julie’s forehead and uncovered her brilliant blue eyes. They were almond-shaped slanted eyes, almost catlike. There were plenty of things people liked about Julie’s well-toned and athletic body, but it was always the eyes that people fell in love with.

“You really are beautiful, kid,” Krystal said again in a voice that sounded a lot like a whisper.

Julie, with her vision fixed on a pair of bubbles in her champagne glass, could tell that her aunt was looking intently into her eyes. She tried to avoid reciprocating her with a look in return. She wasn’t sure why, but it felt a little awkward to her. And why is that? she wondered. She certainly had no reason to feel this way.

Debra, sitting on the small mini-sofa next to them, observed them with solicitous eyes. She swirled the wine in her glass, and finished her drink with one big swig.

Julie closed her eyes and took a sip from her near empty glass of champagne. The close presence of her aunt felt strangely intimidating. When she finally spoke her voice gave a low croak.

“I know, Aunt Krystal. I’m none too worried. With all the school work I have to deal with these days, I really don’t concern myself too much about –”

Suddenly there was a weird tiny sound in the background.

“Ohh, fuckin’ shit!” Bailey cried, and cupped a hand over her nose and mouth.

“What was that?” Krystal turned alarmed to Bailey.

There was a hushed moment of silence, before Bailey suddenly laughed herself into hysterics, all the while squeezing and rubbing her nose with both hands.

Julie, Debra and Krystal all looked at each other with a dumb expression on their faces.

“I’m s-sorry I just… I snee-he-he… sneezed and…”  Bailey wiped tears with the heels of her hands as she laughed uncontrollably. “Bubbles… the bubbles… they crawled up m-ma-my nose!” she managed, her face turning red.

“Bubbles up your nose…”  Krystal said with a sigh of relief. “Jesus, Bailey, and I thought -”

Then Julie started laughing. It started as a small school-girl giggle but quickly turned into a full-fledged howl. She clutched her stomach with both hands, as she went off into gales of laughter.

Debra looked at the girls, both at the point of tears, and started chuckling herself. It was a little silly, she thought. Yet, it was impossible to resist. She buried her face under the palm of her hand as she felt her cheeks turning rosy-red, and her laughter getting stronger.

“Oh, you’re laughing too, Deb?” Krystal said, and a smile broke on her face as her laughing muscles began to loosen up.

“Ss-sorry,” Debra covered her mouth and tried to stifle her laughs, but it was a losing battle.

And then Krystal released a hearty chuckle, as if the laughing virus that spread all through the lodge finally reached up to her as well and bit her straight in the funny bone.

Ten minutes later, all four of them were still suffering from a severe case of the giggles.

Above them on the wall, the clock struck midnight, signaling the end of a long and tiresome day that seemed to stretch on forever.

When the movie’s end credits started rolling, it was a good enough sign for Julie to call it a night.

“Well, I’m beat.” She got up from the couch and stretched her arms far above her head, inducing a few crackling sounds from her bones. “I think I’ll turn in.”

“Yeah, I think we all are, honey,” Her mother said, also looking like a person in a dire need for a good night sleep.

Krystal was cleaning up the little mess they’d made, picking up chocolate boxes and candy foils from the floor. She seemed tired as well.

Julie looked at Bailey, already snoozing on the sofa. There was a tiny piece of chocolate crumb on the edge of her lip. They were all scarfing down chocolate bonbons while watching the movie, but Bailey, who was always the sugar junkie, was definitely eating more than the rest.

Julie noticed that Bailey’s cell phone, which Bailey fiddled around with earlier in the night, was placed precariously on top of her heaving breasts; going up and down with each breath she took. Even in her weary state, Julie was still impressed by how large her young cousin’s breasts had become.

I guess that’s the second thing she took from her mother, Julie thought. If the first thing was her brazen personality, then the second thing must be that enormous rack. Her mother also has that one. Her mother… my aunt… who told me how beautiful I was earlier tonight. And why, then, did I find it so strange; after all, she was only trying to make me feel better; that’s what family does. 

Julie shook her head as a large yawn forced itself out of her mouth, making her jaw click. She was done for the night.

“Good night, everybody,” she threw a heavy hand up in the air, and crawled her way up the stairs, and into her bedroom.

Outside, the night was quiet and uneventful; it was the complete antithesis of things to come.


When she first opened her eyes, Julie had the type of puzzlement that is typically common when waking in a foreign bedroom.

Then it all came to her an instant — she was in Vermont.

Spit traveled down her dry throat like sawdust. Two tiny hammers were beating on the sides of her temples. It was the fallout of the little drinking binge the girls had before she went to bed.

Although the room was very dark, enough starlight came in through the westward-facing window for Julie to see the foot of the bed, where her backpack was thrown on a small plastic chair. She remembered she kept a water bottle in there, yet when she reached for it she discovered it was empty.

“Oh, shoot,” she muttered in the darkness.

She grabbed her cell phone from the nightstand. It read: 3:05

Oh, wonderful. I barely had two fucking hours of sleep. 

She put her phone back on the nightstand, feeling more parched than ever. It was obvious to her that she needed to get some water before going back to sleep. Feeling heavy, she tossed her thick blanket aside, and replaced the warmness of her bed with the chill of night. She was wearing a black tank top that stretched across her chest and her skimpy pair of shorts. Immediately she felt a cold rush run through her body.

Cautiously she closed the bedroom door behind her.

The light in the hallway was turned on, draping the dark corridor with a dim orange glow.

Debra’s room was the one closest to her. Krystal’s and Bailey’s room were at the far end side of the corridor.

She quietly walked over to the stairwell, hoping not to wake up anybody, when she suddenly came to a halt.

There were audible noises coming out of one of the rooms on the far side. Moving a little closer, she was now positive there were sounds coming out of Bailey’s room.

But listening closely, she realized, they weren’t any sounds. When she did recognize the sounds she was hearing, her heart began to rattle in her chest. It sounded like cries of pleasure, it sounded like the meeting of flesh. It sounded like sex!

Julie frighteningly looked over her shoulder, much like a thief in the night, and made sure no one was watching her. The door of her mother’s bedroom was closed. She then looked further down the hall, to Krystal’s bedroom. Door also closed.

What in the hell? Who in hell she got in there? Her thoughts were frantic. She’s got a boy in her room? Who? She doesn’t know anyone here, does she? 

Julie carefully pressed her right ear against Bailey’s door, trying to get a better read of things. Maybe she was wrong, maybe she wasn’t hearing right. Maybe-

But those were moans she was hearing. Those were Bailey’s moans; the type of moans Julie used to make when she had sex with Jason. Secret moans of pleasure that no one was supposed to hear, except for you and the person you shared that private moment with. And that thought forced her to take a step back from the door.

I should go, I should leave. Go back inside my room, close the door, count my stupid sheep, and go to sleep. I’m not even thirsty anymore. I don’t want to hear it.

She took another step backwards, followed by another two.

She was very close to actually walking away, when she noticed something that sparked a flame inside her head.

The window… 

Between the second and third room (Julie’s room and Bailey’s) there was a small intersection that was about seven feet deep and four feet wide. A small, round, rustic table was placed between the walls to fill in the void. What did grab Julie’s attention was the fact that there seemed to be a small window high above, almost near the ceiling, looking into Bailey’s room.

Most likely the window looking into the adjoining shower-room, she thought.

If there was ever a risky thought, then it was the one crossing through Julie’s mind at that moment.

What if I… looked inside…? 

Spying on her cousin having sex; just the thought of it sounded grotesque in her head. She wasn’t really willing to see it.

The room is probably so dark I won’t see a thing even if I try… 

She looked at the small window again. Then she looked backwards over her shoulder, and then over each side, and then back to the window.

She pulled nervously on the edge of her shirt and contemplated her next move. There was some unexplained eagerness pinching her at the bottom of her toes, drawing her to that narrow alley in the corridor, under that fabled window.

A look. Just a quick look. I’ll see if she is okay, and then I’ll turn away. God, What if she met some stranger at the slopes today? What if it’s someone dangerous? 

As things began to rationalize in her head, Julie quickly found herself standing underneath that small window. It was high, too high to reach from a standing position. Thankfully, that old rustic table was there, and if it’s steady enough, it could give her a nice boost. Julie gave the table a little shake-test; it was old, and dusty, but it looked strong enough to hold her.

She climbed on top of it.

Julie grabbed the small curvy handle, which slides open the window-glass.

The window is looking into Bailey’s shower room. The only way I could look inside the bedroom was if she left the shower-room door open. The chances are too slim. I won’t see anything… 

With a shaky hand, Julie slid open the window. Her face was white and stiff like ivory.

The shower-room door was in fact open, and Julie got a clear view of the inside of the bedroom. There was no darkness to struggle with as a tiny night lamp provided a dim light all over the room. When she finally realized what she was seeing, all the color drained from her body.

It wasn’t a strange man she saw with Bailey, nor was it any other man.

Inside the room, on top of the twin-sized bed; she saw her aunt Krystal on her knees, her body naked and shiny of sweat, with a tight leather harness wrapped around her waist, and a blushing pink dildo attached at the crotch. Her child, Bailey, was under her, on her own hands and knees; her eyes shut, her mouth open. Krystal was rocking her hips and the phallic toy attached to her waist disappeared inside her daughter.

Julie watched the inconceivable act with total disbelief. Her heart hammered inside her chest, her eyes like hot marbles, her legs numb. She closed her eyes shut and turned her head away as if she saw an eclipse. Her wobbly legs almost lost balance on the table, and she had to spread both arms across the side of the walls to keep from falling. Cold sweat poured from her body.

It’s not real… I didn’t see that… no, no, no. it’s impossible. 

Her hand was pressed against the left wall of her chest, trying to keep her heart from bursting out. She took a deep breath, feeling uncontrollable shakes in her body as she inhaled, and turned to the window again.

If this was a dream, then it was a nightmare, and one that wouldn’t end, because inside the room the unfathomable act was still going on.

Krystal had her young and only daughter on her knees, like an animal, as she continually thrust her pelvis back and forth, shoving a big looking rubber cock in and out of her pussy. From time to time Krystal leaned forward and kissed the sweaty back of the young teen; her ample breasts falling on the small of Bailey’s back, her nipples, pink and raw, poking at her daughter’s tight skin.

Bailey balled her hands into two blood-red fists, grinding across her bedsheets. Her teeth nibbling at her pillowcase ferociously, spit foaming up at both sides of her lips. Her face was glowing with pleasure and intensity.

Astonished, Julie watched them with wide eyes. Her breath caught in her lungs, and her trembles grew stronger. She could feel her spine gradually morphing into slick rubber. It was a shocking sight. Obscene. But there were more feelings than just shock washing over her. Oh yes, much more. There was a growing appetite in her crotch that drooled at the sight, even if her brain forbade it from doing so. Some uncontrollable eagerness that swelled in her belly like a hot balloon, which made Julie feel that familiar pleasurable twinge in her pussy. That tingling void.

This is wrong, so wrong. This is… this is… the word was trapped in the deepest folders of her mind, almost refusing to get out. She felt repulsed, even thinking of that criminal word.

Inside the room, Bailey knelt in front of her mother’s spread thighs, giving oral pleasure to the pretend cock. Her mother, much like the most perverted male at a dimly lit brothel, raised her pelvis up and down; making sure her child’s throat accepted every inch of her member. Once the fellatio had ended, Bailey brought her lips to her mother’s and they exchanged a juicy kiss.

Seeing them kiss that way broke Julie’s spirit more than anything. It was the most lascivious act of love she could ever imagine seeing, and it came from the most disturbingly unlikely pair.

Bailey kissed her mother on the neck, licked her way down to her chest, and then settled her mouth on one of her breasts, sucking it. Krystal was moaning, it was clear, and Julie could hear her aunt’s heavy moans in a much more lucid way than she expected or wanted.

“Oh, yes… suck on it, baby… you’re wonderful…”  Krystal cooed.

You shouldn’t be looking at this, Julie. Damn it, walk away! Julie’s mind was at turmoil. She tried to fight it before the mental bruise in her head got any deeper.

“Lick my pussy, baby. You’re killing me here… lick Momma’s pussy!” Krystal cried with lust.

Julie, without notice, was slowly thrusting her hips against the wall. It was that tingle in her pussy that grew the more she saw. She had to relieve it.

Bailey stuffed her face between her mother’s legs. From her angle, Julie couldn’t see every lick and every nibble that Bailey gave her mother. But the story was well-written on Krystal’s face; her cheeks gleaming with lust, her eyes glazed with pleasure.

Bailey’s head bobbed up and down between her mother’s legs, her long hazel hair danced in the air with complete ecstasy.

Julie’s right hand, moving with a will of its own, snuck underneath her dainty panties, and started rubbing on the tender mound of her pussy. She felt her juices creaming over her fingers in an instant and filling the air with a biting fragrance of sex.

Bailey shifted her body and climbed over her mother’s face, sitting on it, riding it, grinding her pussy against the open mouth. Her back arched like a kitten in heat, her head tossed backwards. She was panting with pleasure. Both her gloriously large globes rose up; her erect nipples pointing at the ceiling.

Julie’s hand, tucked under her panties and sandwiched between the wall and her pussy, kept massaging her clit, more vigorously than before. Her eyes were wide, watching her cousin’s incredible bare breasts, which were inexplicably on her mind since day one of the trip.

Keep away from this, Julie! You are watching your aunt… and your cousin! For God’s sake, it’s Bailey! Bailey with her mother… you know what this is… they have a word for it… incest! This is incest!

The word repulsed her. Getting excited from watching it repulsed her. Too many things were happening way too fast. Incest is illegal, Julie; you know that better than anybody and you defiantly don’t need to be in your second year of Law School to know that. 

The women fondled and wrapped around each other, exchanging sweat and fluids. On the bed there was a plethora of different colored toys, only now becoming visible to Julie: Strap-ons, dildos, colorful rubber plugs, some already used, others waiting.

The girls obviously came prepared for a night — maybe nights — of sex.

The luggage! A light bulb clicked in Julie’s head. I knew there were too many bags, too many for such a short vacation. That’s the expression I read on Krystal’s face, she brought a bag full of… full of their toys… her filthy toys… to use on her own daughter.

It was too much for Julie, her eyes have drank too much of this freakish insanity. Unwillingly she detached her hand from her panties; sweet aroma ascending from her fingers. She slid the window shut with a shaky hand, and climbed off the table. Touching the floor, her legs felt wobbly and weak. Her head was spinning, the corridor became tapered and the walls seemed to be melting around here. She went quickly into her bedroom, closed the door behind her and dove under the covers.

Julie stared at the empty darkness of the room with a pallid face and crystal-glazed eyes. Her breath stood frozen in her throat.

“This is insane,” she muttered into the darkness.

The feeling of being unfulfilled still pinched between her slender legs. The raw images of Krystal fucking Bailey still lingered in her head. She was stunned at their act, yet she also envied their pleasure. It was way too long since she has been with a man and felt that type of orgasmic thrill. So busy and wrapped up with her studies, where even a night like this, lying on the bed and tending to her needs became a rarity.

And she was tending to her needs. Her hands, both of them, were eagerly rubbing at her clit. Her breath became heavier as she was reaching the point of orgasm. Inside her head she saw glowing images of her former boyfriend, Jason, his bulging penis working its way inside her.

“Oh, yes,” she bit her bottom lip.

Three fingers inside her now, and the image in her head began to shift. It was not a fleshy veiny cock she felt protruding her pussy, but a pink rubber one, impressive with size. And it was not Jason grunting above her, but the image of her aunt, with her large bouncing breasts, and her cold silvery sweat, circling around her puffy nipples.

Julie quivered, her slender pelvis rotating on the mattress, as she climaxed in the darkness, climaxed to the vision of her aunt doing ungodly acts to her pussy.

Her hands were still rubbing her clit as her body convulsed with post-orgasm aftershocks. The only sound in the room was of her heavy breathing.

She looked outside the window. The stars, glistening high above in the black skies, looked down at Julie. They appeared mean and accusing.

She pressed her head tight against the pillow and hoped to magically fall asleep and somehow wake up with a blank memory.

And in case she’d still remember by morning, she would have to tell. She would have to come forward to her mother with what she had seen. There’s no other way around it, she must approach her mother.

Even thinking of her mother felt strange. That word, mother, it became deformed, its value had changed. Krystal’s vile words echoed in her head. Lick my pussy, baby. Lick Momma’s pussy. That line played in her head over and over again, until Krystal’s voice eventually altered into Debra’s voice. It was a sick transition but an inevitable one as well. The word “momma” just sounded more natural coming from the mouth of her own mother.

What if it was my mother…? she wondered. What if instead of Bailey it would have been me? What if… 

For the next little while she tried to block this idea from her head, fighting this twisted notion as she would fight a rabid wolf trying to sink its diseased teeth into the fabrics of her imagination. Eventually, mental exhaustion put her to sleep.

Tomorrow morning was going to be an awful day for her. She planned to tell her mother everything she had seen, as unrealistic and lewd it may sound. Together they would figure out what was to be done with that repulsive duo — who she once considered her family, but never again.

From now on, her mother was her only family in Stowe.

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Prom Night

  • Posted on May 18, 2020 at 2:46 pm

Author Unknown

Lightly edited by JetBoy for Juicy Secrets

(I looked hither and yon for the original source of this story, with zero success. If any of you know, pass it on to us.)


When I was sixteen, I was an awkward, plain Jane of a girl. I spent most of my time with my nose in books, huge sweeping fantasy novels by Anne McCaffrey and Robert Jordan. I never dated, and never looked at boys, because boys never looked at me. My hair was brown and plain, stringy with neglect. My eyes were hidden behind huge, coke-bottle glasses. My figure was thin and gangly, and I usually clothed myself in baggy sweatshirts and jeans.

The time for my junior prom came, and my Mom heard about it through a friend of hers, whose own daughter was in my class. Mom asked if I was going, and I said no, because I didn’t have a date. In reality, I had no intention of going, even if someone had asked me. I couldn’t imagine what I’d do with myself at one of those things.

Then my Mom said something that completely stunned me. Her hands on her hips, she announced that she was taking me to the prom.

I protested, but she was adamant. She said it was time I got out of myself and learned to mingle with other people.

She took me to a beauty salon at nine o’clock the morning of the dance. If I was plain and awkward, my mother was the exact opposite. She’d divorced my dad when I was very young, preferring to raise me by herself. She paid very close attention to her figure, spending a lot of time at the health club working out. She dressed nice, and she always looked great. The beauty salon we went to that morning was her normal salon and she knew all the girls who worked there.

“Give her the works,” Mom ordered.

While two women went to work on me, Mom left to go shopping for dresses. They sculpted and painted my toenails, sanded all the rough spots off my feet. They smoothed my chewed fingernails, and put weird smelling creams all over my face. They even gave me a bikini wax which, let me tell you, was one embarrassing experience.

By the time Mom came back an hour later, I was a hundred percent prettier than I had been when I entered the place. My mom was astounded at first, then delighted.

After that, we took a mud bath. Sliding naked into the heavy mud was a strange experience, but Mom said it always made her feel rejuvenated and relaxed afterward. I have to admit she was right.

Then we got our hair done. The hairdresser put blond highlights in my plain hair, bathed it in conditioners and shampoos, and finally arranged it on top of my head in what he called a beehive.

Lastly, they did our makeup. When I finally got to see myself in the mirror, I was stunned at how much prettier I looked. When we left the salon, I actually felt like a woman instead of an awkward teenager. Mom paid with a credit card, and I didn’t even look at how much it all added up to. It had to be a small fortune.

We drove home, excited and nervous. It was four o’clock by now, and we had to get ready for the dance. Mom said she was taking me to a fancy dinner beforehand, and then we’d walk in to the dance and it would be like a bomb went off.

Only when I was home, in my room, did I get to see the dress Mom got for me. It was white mostly, with a yellow accent along the skirt. Spaghetti straps attached to the satin bodice, which was embroidered with little yellow butterflies. There were matching satin gloves, and cute shoes with a tiny little heel on them. Mom had bought me a white strapless bra, and a matching pair of panties.

Standing in front of the mirror after I’d dressed was like looking at the ugly duckling, finally changed into the swan. I looked amazing. Like someone in a beauty magazine, almost. It was the first time in my life I actually felt like a woman. I had to admit, I liked it.

Mom knocked on my door and asked if I was ready. I said I was and I made her count to three before she opened my door. When she flung the door open we got our first good looks at each other.

My. Mom. Looked. Gorgeous.

Her dress was black velvet and stopped at mid-calf. The bodice was gold lace. She had on five inch strappy heels and black hose. Her neck was clasped in a black choker. Her hair was perfect, her makeup was perfect.

She got a glimpse of me and a wave of emotions crossed her face. “My God,” she said. “You are an angel!” She was on the verge of tears, but didn’t want to ruin her makeup, so we laughed to break the tension. She kept looking me up and down, and I was embarrassed by her gaze… though it also made me feel all tingly and nice.

Finally, she reached for my hand. “Well,” she said, “are you ready for dinner?”

“Yes,” I said, dreamily.

Dinner was at a chic little bistro in the swank area of town. We walked in and heads turned. I was used to being the Invisible Girl, and had never had this many people paying attention to me in my entire life. I don’t remember what I had for dinner, I kept watching other people watching me and Mom, and loving, absolutely loving, all this attention. Again, Mom paid with her credit card, and I didn’t see how much she’d spent.

Then it was time for the dance.

We parked, and Mom reached into her handbag, pulling out a silvery flask. She unscrewed the lid and took a sip of what was inside. Then she looked at me, and offered me the flask.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Peppermint schnapps,” she said. “Just have a little. It’s soothing.”

The drink was warm and minty. It made me shiver, and I felt the heat sliding down my neck.

She giggled. “Just a little pick-me-up.”

Mom and I walked into the school gym, and we kept getting all these strange looks. After a few moments, I realized that the looks were people trying to figure out who the hell I was. The change I’d gone through in just the past day was incredible… I was no longer the same drab person as before.

I grabbed my Mom’s hand in my gloved one and said, “I want to thank you for doing all this.”

Again, her smile was filled with emotion. “Thanks for going along with me,” Mom said, once again looking me up and down. “Shall we dance?” she asked.

We danced with crazy abandon. Every now and then, people in my class would come up to me and say, “Oh my God, is that Angela?” They made such a fuss over me.

Mom and I held each other close as we danced. The music, some sexy R&B number, played in the background. Everywhere, couples clung to each other. The disco lights spun and flitted around the room, and the gym was like another world. I rested my head on my mother’s soft breast, and her hand moved up and down my back as we swayed back and forth.

“I can’t believe no one in this room asked you to the dance,” my mom said, gazing around the gym. She looked down at me, and deep into my eyes. “If I was one of the girls in this room, I’d be all over you.” She said this last under her breath, and I just barely heard it.

“What was that?” I asked.

“Nothing,” she told me. She paused, searching for the right words. Her mouth opening and closing as her eyes danced around. Finally, she spoke up. “It’s just that you’re an incredibly beautiful, incredibly desirable girl, and it breaks my heart to think that none of these people could see it.”

I blushed and looked away. God, it felt wonderful to be called “desirable,” even if it was by my mother. What was I saying? My mom was such a stunning woman that being referred to that way by her made it even better than if one of my classmates had said it.

Then Mom took a deep breath, held it for a moment, and then sighed it out. “Can I tell you a secret?” she said.


“I’m gay,” she said.


“I mean… a lesbian.”

“Wow,” I said, completely floored by this announcement. “For how long?” was the only thing I could think to ask.

“I don’t know,” she said. “Maybe forever. That’s why I divorced your father.”

“Well,” I said, “I’m happy, if you are. And I’m glad you could tell me about it.” By now, I was running on automatic. After this amazing day I’d had, my mom was coming out to me! I didn’t feel weird about it, though. To tell the truth, I was probably a little relieved. I’d never seen my mom date much, and if it was because she was interested in women, she might get out there and find herself someone she could be really happy with, now that she wasn’t keeping her sexuality a secret from me.

“Thanks for understanding,” she said. Then she looked at me thoughtfully. “So, you mean to tell me that none of the boys ever flirt with you?”

“No,” I said.

“You never catch them staring at you?”

I shook my head.

“Ever catch any girls checking you out when you’re changing for gym class?”

“No!” I blurted out. That was the worst part of my day. The last thing in the world I’d want to do while changing out of my clothes would be to make eye contact with anyone else in the room.

“And you never check any of them out?”

“Uh… no,” I said, with an uncomfortable laugh.

“Don’t you ever want to make love?”

“Mom!” Then I composed myself. “I… I suppose I do, but I always figured that kind of thing was, well, for other people.”

“It’s for everyone,” she told me with a smile.

We danced the entire evening. Finally, the prom was winding down… and I felt sorry to see it end.

“I have an idea,” Mom said. “Let’s go to a hotel tonight.”

“Okay,” I said. Wow… that sounded great!

“I mean, like the swankiest, poshest hotel in town. On the top floor.”

“Are you serious?” I asked. “You’ve already spent so much today!”

“It’s only money,” she said. “I’m having the best night of my life with my beautiful daughter, and I don’t want it to end. I want to get room service, and drink champagne. I want to sit in a bubble bath the size of a car.”

Laughing excitedly, I said, “That sounds good to me!”

We left the dance, and got into the car, heading downtown. We listened to loud music and laughed as she drove.

We arrived at the downtown Hilton, parked the car, and made our way to the front desk. The guy behind the counter gave us a strange look when Mom asked for a room, and especially when she said we didn’t have any bags to check, but he gave it to us without any hassle.

The bellboy accompanied us up to the room, on the thirtieth floor, and opened the room for us. Once the door was shut, Mom turned on the TV, flipped it to a music channel she liked, and grabbed me by the waist. “I want to keep dancing,” she told me.

I laughed as she twirled me around. I had never seen my Mom so happy. Maybe it was the relief of finally coming out of the closet, maybe it was my transformation from a frumpy geek, maybe it was a combination of those things. She held me close as we danced to a sexy slow number.

Then she stopped, her eyes gazing deep into mine. I was about to say something, but the look on Mom’s face transfixed me. Her face was slightly flushed, her eyes warm with love.

She tenderly put her hands on either side of my face. “Oh, baby… I’m going to do something I probably shouldn’t,” she whispered.

With that, she leaned in and kissed me. No big deal, she’d kissed me hundreds of times, right? But this was something more. The way she closed her eyes, and slowly leaned in, the way her lips lingered on mine, the way she parted her lips and teased mine with the tip of her tongue.

I pulled away from her, my heart suddenly throbbing… and she immediately withdrew from me. “Oh God, I’m sorry,” she gasped.

I didn’t know what to say. My mind was whirling. I had enjoyed my first real kiss, but it felt so weird that it had been with my mother.

“I knew I shouldn’t have done that,” she said. “I just felt so good, and you’re so g-gorgeous, and…” My lips still tingled from where she had kissed me. I put my finger to them, touching them lightly. It had felt wrong, but perhaps that’s what made it feel so right.

She staggered away, stricken. “Oh God, I’m a horrible mother. I want to make love to my own d-daughter. What’s the matter with me?”

Before she could say one more word I’d moved across the room and had thrown my arms around Mom, crushing my mouth to hers. This time I parted my lips, and our tongues met. My hands moved up and down her back. She moaned into our kiss, then ran her fingers through my hair.

I cannot explain the wanting I felt. It was like the past sixteen years of self-absorption that had been corked up inside me had just been freed. I realized that if anyone before her had shown me the slightest bit of interest, I would have been doing this with them. The fact that it was my mother made it all the more forbidden and dangerous… not to mention so sexy that I was trembling all over.

We both cooed and moaned as we kissed, hanging onto each other for dear life. Without even thinking about it, my hands slipped down Mom’s back to fondle her ass. And all the while, we kissed like passionate lovers.

Finally, we gently parted, staring at one another with hungry eyes. “I love you, Mom,” I whispered.

“I love you too, baby… more than anything. Are… are you sure you want this?” Mom asked, leading me toward the bed.

I breathed “Yes,” as I kissed her neck. “I should tell you, though. I’m a virgin.”

She laughed at this, drawing me back into her arms. Her laughter stopped abruptly, though, when I reached behind and unzipped my dress. I shrugged out of the straps and let it fall to the ground, leaving me in the white strapless bra and matching panties she’d bought for me earlier that day.

God, my entire world had changed since I woke up this morning. I’d been transformed from a geek into a lovely woman, I’d gone dancing for the first time… and now I was about to make love to my own mother.

Mom walked toward me, gathering her hair up above her head. “Help me out of my dress?” she said, turning around.

I unzipped her dress, and slid the straps of her shoulders. It fell away and she stood with her back to me for a while, dressed only in a pair of black silk panties. She hadn’t worn a bra. I let my hands roam over her sleek tummy, her gorgeous breasts. My hand slid down to the waistband of her panties, and I teased a finger inside.

She moaned and breathed as I explored her from behind. “I’ve wanted this for a long time,” she whispered. “Ever since I bought you your first training bra.” By now, my hand was inside her panties, my perfectly manicured fingernails teasing lightly at her trimmed bush. “I never thought I could get up the courage to ask you,” she breathed. I tickled her slit with a probing fingertip, amazed at how wet she was. “I guess that’s what tonight was all about… trying to get up the courage to make love to my daughter.”

“Mom… are you going to fuck me?” I asked, looking deeply into her brown eyes, “or stand there and talk all night?”

A wicked smile crossed her lips… and she suddenly shoved me onto the bed. I watched her slink out of her panties, and kick them across the room. She moved forward like a cat, her hands reaching for the waistband of my soaked panties, tugging them down and off. Placing a gentle kiss on my tummy, then trailing her way up my body, she reached behind me to undo my bra. She pulled it away, bending to take a diamond-hard nipple between her lips as she flung the bra across the room. I moaned as she suckled lovingly at the pink tip, then she raised her face to mine.

We kissed as our hands moved between one another’s thighs. Her fingers deftly explored my sex as my clumsy, inexperienced ones tried to mimic what she was doing. When she slipped a finger inside my pussy, it was the most delicious thing I had ever felt. I did the same to her, and we worked each other closer to climax.

Suddenly, she stopped, swiveling around to switch positions. She spread her legs wide and opened mine, scooting herself closer to me, pressing our wet pussies together. I gasped, practically seeing stars… that’s how good her cunt felt against mine.

We began to work our pussies together… slowly at first, then faster and faster. I liked this position. It felt more intimate, and allowed us to look into each other’s faces as our pleasure grew. Mom’s face was so beautiful as she moaned in delight, lost in the intoxicating heat of lesbian incest. We fucked one another hard and fast until I came hard, orgasms racking my body. I could hear Mom crying out as her own climax overcame her. We continued to push our pussies together until our pleasure rose to a near-unbearable peak… then our bodies collapsed together in a moist, sticky heap of sweet-smelling flesh.

Without giving me time to recover, Mom slid down off the bed, grabbing my legs and sliding me toward her. She spread my thighs, lowered her head to my pussy and hungrily licked me, her eyes never leaving mine. We knitted our fingers together as she lovingly ate me, her warm, wet tongue exploring every inch of my cunt. Soon, the rapture of orgasm consumed me yet again. I clenched my fists and writhed helplessly, overcome by pure pleasure.

I lay panting, dazed… but Mom climbed on top of me, hungry for more. I was too weak, too exhausted to go again, my Mom insatiable… but after we shared a few hot, wet kisses, I found myself eager for more lesbian loving.

I wanted her now… I wanted to lick her pussy like she had mine. I kissed my way down her body until I lay between her thighs and plunged my face into her crotch — licking, kissing, feasting at Mom’s juicy cunt. She was delicious. I ate her until she screamed with delight.

She taught me everything about making love to a woman that night… where to go and what to do, when to lick and when to bite. I was surprised when she rolled me over and licked my anus… then I was loving it, relishing the feeling of my own mother’s tongue sliding through the crack of my ass. While she rimmed me, Mom slipped a hand between my legs, teasing my clit until I came a third time. As soon as I recovered, I got her up on all fours and licked her asshole, just like she had mine.

We fucked again and again… newfound lovers who couldn’t get enough of one another. I remember wishing that Mom had one of those pricks that women fasten to themselves to use on other women, because I would have gladly given my virginity to her.

When I shyly told Mom that, she smiled and said that she had a strap-on cock at home, and that she would put it on and give me my first fuck the next time we made love. In my mind, I was already planning to get her in bed the very next night…

Finally, our sexual hunger utterly sated, we nestled together, blissfully content. I was so happy that I nearly cried. After years of self-imposed loneliness, I had found the love of my life… a partner with whom I could share my heart, my soul, my body. Someone who would join me in exploring all the sexual pleasures that had always seemed forever out of reach to the awkward girl I had once been.

She was my mother, the person who gave birth to me, had raised me into womanhood. And now, she was more than my parent, much more.

Eventually, we fell asleep, happily entangled in each other’s arms.

The End