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My Lonely Mother, Part One

  • Posted on March 26, 2020 at 2:55 pm

by Maverick

Tracked down by Sapphmore, reworked by JetBoy for Juicy Secrets

{ This story was originally posted at Sex4Stories in February 2018 }

Note from JetBoy: I might as well tell you up front: this is another two-part story where all the actual sex takes place in the second half. It’s one hell of a second half, though — so don’t pass the first chapter up. As a reward for your patience, I’ll post Part Two fairly soon. Many thanks to Sapphmore, our Site Story Detective, for finding this one!


Watching my mom fall deep into despair after her divorce was the most awful thing I’d ever seen. I wished with all my heart that I knew what to do to help her find happiness again.

Mom was a sweet woman who deserved far better. She’d been there for me my entire life. She’d been strict with me when I needed it, but never with anger. She convinced me I was special.

When I’d been five and thrown a mammoth tantrum over something incredibly important that I don’t even remember anymore, she’d carried me up to my room, still crying and struggling and calling her names, and explained through my hysteria she was declaring a time out. I was to remain in my room until I had spent two continuous hours with no loud noises. Any fresh outbursts and I would start over. She then quietly locked me in and went back downstairs while I continued caterwauling.

When I finally calmed down and had completed one hour of silence, she brought me a brownie, saying, “Well done, sweetheart, carry on.” When I’d completed the whole two hours, she came in, gave me a big hug and kisses all over my face, tickled me until I giggled, and took me out for ice cream! That was my very last tantrum.

In my freshman year of high school, when she’d grounded me for toilet papering the house of a girl who’d been bullying me, our evenings were spent together watching TV or playing Scrabble until she released me from ‘the joint’ a week early for good behavior, and started taking me to Karate class. A couple months later my bully ambushed me again, but ended up with good cause to apologize.

I could tell you dozens of stories about times Mom did everything she could to resolve situations that had caused me to act out in the first place. Even though I wasn’t always the sweet angel she said I was, she’d never struck me or done anything to me out of anger. Not once in eighteen years!

When I was sad, she offered me her shoulder and her ear and long cuddles. When I was angry, she asked me sympathetic questions and listened for as long as I needed and never offered suggestions until I’d talked myself out and asked for them. When I was good, she loved me and made me feel like the most wonderful girl in the world.

My father, the asshole that he was, had left Mom on December first for a woman only four years older than me… four fucking years!

It completely crushed Mom. Seeing her like that completely crushed me.

Mom was thirty-four and had never had a job, not marrying my father at eighteen. For the first several years of her marriage she’d insisted on going for a degree in English and had obtained her Bachelor’s diploma, but had never done anything with it. Instead, she’d always been a stay-at-home mom for me.

Dad made lots of money as a stockbroker, and insisted that his wife shouldn’t work. So she stayed home in a comfortable house, like a stereotypical housewife.

After the divorce, Mom had no idea what to do with herself. Thanks to his money and connections, Dad had achieved an amazingly quick separation: he’d wanted to retire and start traveling with his cradle-robbed sexpot. He’d easily gotten the divorce because Mom was too disheartened to put up much of a fight, and anyway, why fight to keep a man who no longer loved you?

At least he didn’t emerge from the split completely unscathed. Thanks to a perceptive judge, we got a very generous ruling on how much support Dad would have to provide. So money wouldn’t be a problem for Mom, but she felt cast adrift: what would she do with herself?

I was in my senior year of high school and would be leaving for college in less than a year. I knew that empty nest syndrome was going to hit her really hard. Dad and I had always been her entire life, and that heartless bastard had abandoned us both, but I didn’t miss him a bit. Hell, I was glad he was gone. He’d dumped Mom during the holiday season, which only made him a bigger dick than I’d already thought he was.

He was one of the reasons I was a lesbian.

Oh sure, sexual attraction was the main one, but my hatred for the way my dad had treated Mom my entire life had generalized itself into a very early dislike for men, thus boys, and at eighteen I was definitely one hundred percent gay. He didn’t make me into a lesbian, but he sure made it easier for me to accept that any great love in my life wouldn’t be packing a dick. Not a flesh-and-blood one, anyhow.

Mom didn’t know I was queer. I was perceived by her and by most people who knew me as a sweet, shy, nerdy young woman. I was far from that, but didn’t mind letting most people think I was. Shy around boys vs couldn’t care less about boys didn’t look so different from the outside. Either way I wasn’t dating any, or even flirting.

Few, besides my best friend and partner in crime Amanda, a still closeted athlete Brittany (I knew where her closet was, and visited her there regularly), my neighbor Mrs. Benson, my teacher Mrs. Walker, and a few other trusted souls had any clue that I was a lesbian.

I hadn’t originally planned on seducing Mom, but one thing led to another and… well, here’s the story of my craziest, most life-altering Valentine’s Day ever.

I came home from school, and although she smiled resolutely as she greeted me, it was obvious Mom had been crying… and it broke my heart all over again.

As always, I asked the stupid question, “Are you okay, Mom?”

“I’m fine, honey,” she answered like she always did, wiping away some streaks of evidence to the contrary, attempting to be casual about it. Today was Valentine’s Day, her first since Dad had left two months ago. She was obviously feeling especially sad about being alone on the Day of Love, while her ex-husband was drinking Mai Tais on the beaches of Hawaii with his new slut.

She was sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee, so I sat across the corner from her and looked into her eyes gently. “Mom, you know you can talk to me,” I said, letting her know I loved her and wasn’t buying any bull crap about her feeling fine. “I’m eighteen. I’m an adult. And he left me, too.”

This seemed to make Mom even sadder.

“I know, honey,” she nodded. “It’s just that… I don’t want to burden you with my troubles.”

“Mom, your troubles are my troubles, too,” I said, taking her hands in mine. “After all the things you’ve done for me my whole life, I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“It’s just… I don’t know, I’m still in denial mode,” Mom said.

I smiled, “I’ve moved on to angry mode.”

“I think I’m in a lot of modes,” she laughed. “Denial, anger, frustration…”

“Frustration?” I asked.

“Oh, nothing,” she said, quickly pulling her hands away and moving to the kitchen counter. I followed, of course.

“You can’t confide something you feel and then not explain,” I said.

“It’s just… personal, honey,” she said, avoiding eye contact.

“Personal, shmersonal! Mom, you can tell me anything,” I offered.

“It’s just…” she began and paused.

“It’s just what?” I asked.

“I feel like such a failure,” she admitted, although I could tell that wasn’t what she really meant.

I pulled Mom into a hug and said, “Mom, you’re not a failure. Dad is. He’s a failure as a husband, as a father and as a man.”

“Oh, honey,” Mom said, bursting into tears again.

“You deserve better than Dad,” I said. “He treated you like a slave.”

“I don’t know what I did wrong,” she wailed through her tears.

“All you did was love your family and get older,” I told her. “You’re better off without him. We are better off without him. Dad is an asshole!”

“Hannah!” Mom gasped.

“Mom, he is, and he always has been!”

“Hannah, please don’t speak about….”

I interrupted, now not only angry at him, but at my mom for trying to defend him, “Mom, be thankful he’s gone! He was a terrible insensitive husband and a useless father. It’s only thanks to you he was never a child-beater, too!”

“It was never that black and white,” she protested.

“Mom, enough!” I shouted, slamming my palm onto the counter, a technique my father had often used to get our undivided attention.

She looked at me in shock as I took her hand, leading her to the couch.

“Mom, stop defending him,” I said, not holding back my anger. “He’s an unfaithful, insensitive, arrogant prick of a man and we both deserve better,” I ranted so vehemently I could feel my face turning red.

“But he’s your father,” Mom pointed out.

“He’s my sperm donor,” I said. “No more, no less. Well, actually far less. Any damn fool can ejaculate into a woman’s cunt.”

“Hannah, language,” Mom scolded. Swearing is not something I usually do in front of my mother, or she in front of me.

“Sorry, Mom,” I softly said, putting a hand on her nylon-clad leg. “I just hate how he still makes you feel worthless. You’re a special woman, and you deserve to be treated like a goddess.”

“Oh, Hannah,” she smiled, suddenly close to shedding tears of a different kind. “I needed to hear that.”

“Mom, you’re a beautiful woman inside and out,” I continued, a sweet idea popping into my head. Maybe I could help her out of this funk!

“Thank you, honey,” she said, enjoying the compliments, while my hand slithered at a snail’s pace up her thigh.

“Where do you get these nylons? They’re super soft,” I said, knowing they were real silk and not some cheap brand.

“Some girls spend their money on shoes, I spend mine on stockings,” she replied, seemingly okay with me  caressing her legs.

“Good choice,” I approved. “They’re as soft as silk and really make those lovely legs of yours stand out.”

“Thank you, honey,” she smiled again. “Your father never seemed to notice.”

“His loss,” I said, moving my hand ever so slightly under her dress to discover she was actually wearing stockings and a garter. “Mom!” I asked, surprised. “This is some sexy stuff! Who are you wearing it for?”

“Myself,” she answered with a shy smile, allowing me to lift up her dress enough to admire her black lace garter.

I took her hands, pulled her up off the sofa and dropped to my knees.

Did part of me want to bury my face in my mother’s pussy?

God, yes. I wanted it badly and I knew she needed it badly, but a slow seduction was much better for my long-term goal.

Mom looked down at me, surprised. “Hannah, what are you doing?”

“Just taking a look at this lovely garter,” I said, which was partly true. I was also trying to see if Mom was shaved.

She was!

“Oh, I bought it online. I buy all my nylons and lingerie that way,” she said, standing there like a sexy mannequin as I traced my hand over the garter belt, resisting the temptation to touch her cute black panties… which looked more like a thong, actually.

“Are you wearing a thong. Mom?”

“Thongs are all I own,” she admitted.

“Mom, you are a complete enigma,” I said, as I took the risk and flicked my hands around to her ass to grab the thong and tug it out then snap it back into her ass.

“Hey!” she exclaimed, moving away slightly.

“Sorry,” I apologized again. “It’s just something we do in the change room to girls who wear thongs.”


“Yep,” I nodded. “Guys whip towels at each other’s asses, and we tug thongs.”

“Why?” she asked.

“I have no idea,” I answered.

“Weird,” she said, although she didn’t move any further away from me.

“Do you have any more of these sheer nylons?” I asked, an idea of how to seduce my mother slowly blossoming in my head.

“Quite a few,” she laughed. “It’s my shopping addiction.”

“Can I try on a pair?” I asked, standing up. “All I wear are these cheap ones.”

“Sure,” she said with a nod.

I took her hand. “Let’s go try some now.”

“Now?” she asked.

“I can’t think of a better way to cheer a girl up than by trying on clothes,” I said.

“Well, okay,” she said, following me, though probably trying to process how me trying clothes were going to cheer her up.

Just wait, Mommy dearest. If I have my way, you’ll be cheered up and then some.

I said, “Nothing puts me in a better mood than shopping, and shopping in my mom’s closet seems like the ultimate thrill.”

“What do I get out of this?” she asked playfully, catching the mood.

“Oh, I have some fashionable stuff you can try on,” I said, deciding I was going to play Barbie with my mom.

“Hey!” she objected as she realized I was being critical of her fashion choices.

“You dress like a housewife,” I pointed out.

“I am a housewife,” she countered. “Or was, anyway.”

“Exactly,” I nodded. “But as I’m learning this very afternoon, looks can be deceiving.”

“How so?” she asked, as she went to her dresser drawer and pulled out a few pairs of stockings, still in the package.

“Well, underneath your mother-goes-to-market clothes, you’re wearing some very hot lingerie,” I pointed out.

“I like wearing lace bras, garters and stockings underneath,” she said. “They make me feel sexy.”

“They make you look sexy, too, I imagine,” I complimented, “let’s see.” I reached around and unzipped her dress.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“I want to see your underwear,” I said. “Did you say lace bra?”

“But I’m your mother,” she protested.

“We’re both adults, Mom,” I reminded her. “I see girls completely naked almost every day.” I withheld the fact that we were naked so they could lick me, and vice versa.

“I guess,” she responded tentatively.

When she didn’t move away, I slipped the dress off her shoulders and down her torso to her hips. Stepping a foot back for a better view, I unveiled her sexy lingerie, and gasped — a little overdramatically, I suppose, “Holy shit, Mom! You have an amazing body!”

“Hannah!” she gasped, although clearly appreciating the compliment.

“Seriously,” I continued, knowing flattery worked wonders. That was doubly true for insecure women, at least from my experience. “You’ve got a better body than most high school girls.”

“You’re being silly,” she said, but didn’t move away as I finally dropped her dress to the floor. Taking a chance, I quickly unclasped her bra.

“My God, sweetie, what are you doing?” she said, surprised by my boldness.

Ignoring her protests, I tossed Mom’s bra onto the floor and quickly cupped her big, firm breasts. As she stood there shocked, I told her, “I got your eyes and your hair, but not these.”

“Hannah, I…” she began, but I interrupted her.

“Seriously, your breasts are so full and lovely, and mine are so small,” I pouted, then jerked my sweater off. “See?”

“You’re not wearing a bra,” she said, surprised.

Truth was, I’d left it at Amanda’s after a quickie fuck after school, but that information could remain hidden a little while longer as I continued my slow seduction. I played the insecurity card, cupping my 34B breasts. “I don’t need any bra for these.”

“Honey, trust me, yours are the perfect size,” she said.

“How so?” I asked, even though I wasn’t really insecure about my breasts. Truth was, they were almost the perfect size: not too big, not too small; as Goldilocks would say, just right.

She cupped her own tits and said, growing more comfortable about topless state, “These mamas are back-breakers.”

“I can imagine,” I nodded, knowing that was true for Elle, a big-breasted chubby but lively girl who had first introduced me to the world of cunnilingus at summer camp.

“You have an amazing body, too,” she said.

“Thanks,” I smiled, enjoying the compliment. After a pause I asked, as I walked to the bed where the packages all were, “So can I try on a pair of these fancy nylons?”

“Go ahead, honey,” she offered.

I looked at the wide array of packages. “You like variety.”

“I do,” she nodded, as I gazed at the selection of colors that included black, beige, mocha, white, tan, navy and red. “I treat my hosiery like I do my jewelry — as an accessory to enhance the entire package.”

“I couldn’t agree more,” I said, as I removed my skirt to reveal I also wasn’t wearing panties, just a pair of thigh-highs.

“You’re deceiving, too,” she said with a smirk.

“Like mother, like daughter,” I said, sliding one stocking down my leg and off.

“Do you usually go without panties?” she asked — not accusing, just curious.

“Sometimes,” I shrugged. “You?”

“Just thongs,” she answered.

“You should try going commando; it’s quite liberating,” I said. “In the winter you can feel Jack Frost nipping at your… you know.” I removed the other stocking.

“Since when did you start wearing thigh-highs?” Mom asked.

“Blame Amanda,” I answered, who was my best friend and the one I messed around with the most. She said she liked quick access to my pussy when she wanted a quick snack, and that could be just about anywhere —  in the cafeteria bathroom, in the car, at her house or mine, and once in an empty movie theater. Amanda said I had the sweetest pussy she’d ever tasted, and that her second home was between my legs.

“Blame her how?” Mom asked, as I selected the mocha pair, which was my favorite color, really enhancing my pale legs.

“She convinced me they were sexier and more comfortable than pantyhose,” I answered.

“I can’t argue with that,” Mom nodded, before adding, as I rolled up the first stocking in my hands, “but there is nothing sexier than stockings with a garter-belt.”

As I began putting the first stocking on my foot, I smiled, taking in the sexy sight of my mother in a thong, garter and stockings, and nothing else. “You’re certainly proof of that statement.”

“Oh, thanks,” Mom said, blushing slightly.

“God, these feel so sexy,” I said, in awe of how much softer they were than my usual nylons.

“They’re the only kind I wear now,” she replied.

As I pulled the stocking up my leg, I said, “Damn, I’m going to need a garter-belt for these, huh?”

“Hold on.” She went over to her top dresser drawer, shuffled through it for a second, then returned with a red one. “This will contrast nicely with those mocha stockings. They really set each other off.”

“You’re a lingerie guru,” I joked as I took the garter, something I’d never worn before.

I strapped it around my waist, then decided to take things a little further in the seduction of my mother. “Can you help me with this, Mom?” I asked, standing up.

“Sure, honey,” she said, getting down on her knees in front of me. Her face was now less than a foot away from my pussy. Can she smell how turned on I am? I wondered.

Mom attached the first clasp to the stocking as she explained, “Always take your time fastening these.”

“Okay,” I said. My heart throbbed at her touch, the warmth of her breath caressing my thigh. I did notice that Mom stole a glance at my pussy as she finished the front clasp.

She moved around back and fastened the clasp behind. Then Mom surprised me. Reaching out for the other stocking, she told me, “Sit on the edge of the bed and lift your foot.”

I wanted to say something flirtatious. Instead, like the little girl I no longer was, I did exactly as she said, leaning back on both elbows as I offered Mom my bare foot. Taking hold of it, Mom carefully slipped the sheer stocking on, then rolled it up my leg. “Now stand back up.”

I rose, then she did the other front clasp. This time, my mother definitely took a long, lingering look at my wet pussy. A wave of sexual heat surged through me as I got the crazy notion that my seduction might be working.

Mom moved around back once more, did that last clasp, then asked me, “Care to try on something kinda sexy?”

“You always said I should never say ‘kinda’,” I teased. My mother, with her English degree, had long taken serious issue with words like “kinda,” “sorta,” and “gotta.”

“Brat,” she playfully scolded me, going back to her dresser for another silken treasure.

“Just wanted you to know that I was listening all those years you corrected my speech, teach,” I said.

She returned with a red teddy and said, “Try this on.”

I grinned as I took it and, being very careful not to seem at all opposed to the idea, said, “Really? Now I feel like we’re playing Naughty Barbie.”

Mom laughed as I slipped into the sexy teddy. “This is getting a little out there; I admit that.”

“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours, eh? Okay, then, I’m dressing you next,” I replied, already knowing exactly what I was going to put on her.

Out of nowhere, Mom suddenly asked me, “By the way, what’s the name of Barbie’s mom?”

I thought about it, then shrugged. “No idea… you should Google it.” Funny thing — all those years of playing with Barbie dolls, and I couldn’t answer that simple question.

“You look amazing in that,” Mom said.

I thought about asking her, ‘Good enough to eat?’ but managed to restrain myself. Instead, I turned to the mirror and said, “Wow, I do look hot.” I struck a few poses, “It really showcases my assets.”

“It sure does,” she said, yet again peeking at my pussy, which was still in full view and very well hydrated.

Not for the first time, I wondered if Mom had ever experimented with women. Deciding it was time to reveal my sexual bias, I added, “Amanda will love me in this.”

“What?” she asked.

I repeated, “I’m sure Amanda will love me in this. She has a thing for nylons, and if I wear this outfit, she’ll be on her knees in no time.”

Mom stared at me silently — wheels turning, processing what I’d just said, trying to think of an alternative to the obvious.

Deciding to help her, I said, “Mom, you do know I’m a lesbian, right?”

“I, um, no,” she responded, still in shock.

“I blame my sperm donor,” I continued. “I saw how he treated someone as wonderful as you, realized that there are a lot more like him out there… and since then. I’ve never really been interested in guys.”

“That… well, it never occurred to me at all,” Mom said, still processing.

“What, that I like girls?” I asked, avoiding saying something crude like, I love licking pussy.

“Yeah,” she said, even as she glanced again at my ripe, juicy cunt. I was pretty sure she really liked what she saw, but didn’t want me to know that.

“I’m sorry to just spring this on you, Mom. Er… are you okay with it?” I suddenly felt a bit apprehensive. I’d always figured that Mom would be fine with me being gay, but her lack of response had me feeling insecure.

“Oh, honey,” she said, coming over and giving me a big reassuring hug, her large breasts pressing oh, so deliciously against mine, “of course I am.”

I hugged her back, feeling good again about where we were, and quickly returned to my objective: seducing her. “I tried guys a couple times, but I never got off with them.”

“Tell me about it!” she laughed.

“Girls,” I smiled, “on the other hand, get me off every time.”

“Hannah!” she said.

“Often multiple times,” I added, slyly offering her glimpses of the perks of a female lover.

I noticed that Mom’s nipples were erect, just like mine, and thought about how she’d been checking me out ever since I got naked — but subtly, as if she didn’t want me to know. Rather than seducing her, could I be awakening something in my mother that was already simmering beneath the surface?

My head swam as I considered it — the idea that Mom might already be visualizing me in a sexual way.

“Haven’t you ever at least thought about sex with another woman, Mom?”

“Oh, I had the, um, occasional crush on other girls when I was in high school,” she said, “but that was then. I’m too old to think about that kind of thing now.”

I rolled my eyes. “Mom, you’re only forty-two, for God’s sake.” I said, taking her hand, “and I’m about to make you look even younger.”

“Good luck with that,” my mother replied as I led her into my room.

“You’ll see.” Letting go of her hand, I said, “Wait here.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Mom responded with a cute smile, which made me wonder if she was secretly submissive. I knew a couple of women who were — and they always tried to hide it from the world, all the while offering sly hints to that effect. My first adult lover, the town librarian, had originally piqued my interest that way, calling me “Ms. Hannah,” whenever I saw her. One day she insisted on helping me seek out a certain book I was looking for, and I fucked her with my fingers right there in the stacks.

Was that what Mom wanted — to be taken by a strong, assertive lover? And was it possible that such a lover could be a woman?

More to the point: could I be that woman?

“Good girl,” I told my mother, giving her the response she would crave if she was truly submissive. She just smiled.

I selected a plaid skirt and a white blouse that I knew would be too tight for Mom, and brought them over to her.

“You want me to dress like a schoolgirl?” she asked, arching an eyebrow.

“You’re my Barbie mom, and you’ll wear whatever I tell you to,” I replied, though in a joking fashion, “Is that clear?”

“Fine!” she replied dramatically, taking the blouse. I could tell she was secretly excited at this sudden new direction our relationship was taking. She was enjoying the attention, but also the idea of her daughter taking charge.

I called her bluff. “Don’t ‘fine’ me. You like being my Barbie mom, don’t you?”

She laughed as she shrugged the blouse on, “You caught me.” We were both behaving in a playful way, like this was a big joke, but something about the moment felt very real. For the first time, it seemed like my sex fantasy of Mom was within my grasp.

“On that note,” I said, picking up my phone. “Let’s see what Barbie’s mom’s name really is.”

Mom was struggling to button the blouse. She pointed out the obvious, “This top is pretty tight.”

“Just button it up,” I said, as I googled barbie’s mom.

“So bossy,” she said, but did as she was told.

After a few more seconds I burst out laughing. “I don’t believe it!”

“What?” she asked, suddenly self-conscious.

“You really are my Barbie mom,” I said, noticing that her nipples were clearly outlined through the tight white blouse.

“What do you mean?” she asked, finishing the last button.

“Barbie’s mom’s name is Margaret,” I said. It was also my mother’s name.

“No way!” she exclaimed.

“See for yourself,” I said, handing her my phone.

“Well, I’ll be,” she said, standing before me in a too-tight blouse, a thong, and a garter belt with stockings. She looked absolutely scrumptious.

“Your tits really are a lot bigger than mine,” I said, openly staring at her upper half.

“Breasts,” she corrected.

“I like the word tits,” I said, feeling especially bold, “I also like the word pussy, and although many people are offended by it, my favorite word is cunt.”

Hannah!” Mom gasped. Funny; this seemed to shock her more than all the other revelations of the day.

Mother!” I fired back, then soldiered on, “When you and Dad fucked, what did you say — ‘Please push your willy in and out of my hoo-hah’?”

“Hannah, sweetheart — that’s too much,” Mom protested.

“No, you didn’t — you asked him to fuck your cunt,” I said, then added, “The wall between our bedrooms is pretty thin, Mom.”

“Oh my God!” Mom said, shocked by the realization that I’d heard her and Dad having sex.

“That’s usually what you said when you faked your orgasms, wasn’t it?” I asked.

“Hannah, stop,” she said, then shook her head. “I can’t believe you heard us.” Her cheeks were ruby red.

I shrugged, “Parents fuck. I get it. I mean, I was born and all. Plus, you were pretty loud.”

“I’m not sure I like this enlightened version of you,” Mom said, her cheeks still flushed.

“You will,” I told her.

Soon to come: Part Two!


Kate and Lisa, Part One

  • Posted on March 9, 2020 at 3:02 pm

By Haley Statton

Reworked by JetBoy for Juicy Secrets

{ This story was originally posted at Nifty in January 2004 }

Lisa sat quietly next to her mom as she thumbed through a magazine. The teen was a little nervous, never having been to a gynecologist before.

“You okay, honey?” Kate, her mother, asked placing a hand on her knee.

“I’m fine, Mom,” she replied, looking up from her reading.

Kate could see the concern on her daughter’s face. “Everything will be fine, sweetie. Dr. Mitchell is really great.”

Lisa managed a smile and nodded, glad her mother was with her. The two had always shared a strong relationship. She admired and envied her mom’s beauty and the certain confidence she exuded. Her mom would tell her how attractive she was, but the teen always felt self-conscious about her looks. In reality, she was growing into a beautiful woman. A fresh-faced girl of sixteen, she was now 5’5″ and had a sweet, slender figure.

Within a few minutes, the door across the sunlit office opened and a nurse in scrubs stepped out with a medical chart in her hand. “Lisa?” she called.

Lisa and her mother rose and followed her into the hall, passing open exam rooms. The nurse stopped before the last door and motioned them in.

“Go ahead and undress,” she said, handing Lisa a gown. “Then put this on, okay?”

“Okay,” Lisa said softly.

“The doctor will be in just a moment,” she finished with a smile and closed the door behind her.

Kate sat down on a chair as Lisa slipped her shoes from her feet. She had worn a pair of jeans and a tank top, which she tried to remove as quickly as she could. As the jeans fell to the floor, she stood in front of her mom in panties and her top. She felt a bit uncomfortable, but her mom just smiled sweetly.

Kate was always amazed to see what a gorgeous woman Lisa was becoming. The sight of her daughter’s beauty made her feel strangely light-headed.

“You’re really getting a great figure, honey,” she remarked.

“Yeah, right,” Lisa shot back. “I look like a boy,” indicating her small breasts.

“Oh… you do not,” her mother reassured.

“My body just looks… awkward,” Lisa sighed, gazing down at herself.

“It really doesn’t,” Kate protested. “You truly are beautiful, sweetie.”

It was nice to hear, but Lisa shrugged off her mom’s comments. Turning away, she slid her cotton panties off and wrapped the gown around her. Kate rose and stepped behind the girl. Brushing her shoulder length, blonde hair aside, Kate adeptly tied the thin straps of cloth at Lisa’s neck and then at her back. The flimsy gown draped off of the thin youth, barely covering her petite bottom.

Both women waited only a few moments more before the door opened and a young woman wearing a lab coat stepped in. Dr. Mitchell was about the same age as her mother, with brown hair pulled back in a ponytail and glasses.

“Hi, Dr. Mitchell,” Kate stated, rising from her seat to shake hands.

“Hello Kate,” she greeted, smiling. “And Lisa, it’s nice to meet you,” extending her hand to the girl. Lisa responded accordingly.

After the introduction, the doctor glanced briefly at the chart and set it on the counter.

“Lisa, I know this is your first visit, so I want to make you as comfortable as possible, okay?” Lisa smiled and nodded as Dr. Mitchell continued. “Kate, if it’s alright with you, I’d like to speak with Lisa alone for her first visit.”

“Oh sure,” Kate replied, bending down to get her purse. “See you later, honey,” she said, exiting the room.

Dr. Mitchell moved a stool over next to Lisa and raised it so both would be at the same level. “So… how are you feeling?” the young doctor asked. “Have you been stressed out a lot?”

The teen was silent for a minute. “Maybe a little.”

“What stresses you out? Friends, classes, boys?”

“Sometimes friends, I guess.” Lisa hadn’t really thought about it reflectively before.

“What stresses you out about your friends?”

“Well, it seems like they’re always talking about guys and sex. A lot of them have started to act differently. I kind of feel like I’m not relating to them.”

Carol nodded in understanding. “Do you ever talk to your mom about it?”

“Yeah, she’s the only person I really can talk to about a lot of personal things. She said she went through the same stuff too. She’s really cool,” Lisa smiled, “No matter how I’m feeling about myself, she always tells me how beautiful she thinks I am.”

“That’s great,” Carol replied. “It sounds like you two get along really well. It’s good that you have someone like her.”

“Yeah,” Lisa smiled.

“So… have you ever had a pelvic exam before?” Carol asked. Lisa shook her head. “It’s a pretty quick procedure. You’re going to put your feet up here in these stirrups and I’m going to feel inside you with my fingers.” Lisa laid back against the table. “Oh, and you should feel free to ask me anything. Everything we talk about stays in this room.” Carol placed Lisa’s feet up into the metal stirrups above the table. She folded back the flap of gown covering her and exposed the girl’s vulva, then placed her hands on Lisa’s thighs.

“It’s okay, Lisa,” she murmured stroking the girl’s legs, “You don’t have to worry, there’s nothing to be frightened of. Just try to relax. If you’re relaxed, it will go much easier.”

Lisa took a deep breath. She did like Carol and wanted to feel comfortable with her.

Carol placed some KY jelly on her fingers, rubbing them together to warm them. She placed her hands along Lisa’s inner thigh and allowed her thumb to rest on the teen’s genitals. Her finger began to run lightly up and down along the barely emerging pink, inner labia. Surprisingly, Lisa noticed that Carol’s touch was not unpleasant at all. In fact, the woman’s fingers felt kind of nice.

Slowly, Carol’s fingers slid inside the young girl’s vagina. Lisa could feel her pressing around inside her body. “So, Lisa… do you masturbate?” the doctor asked.

Lisa was a little embarrassed to say, “Yeah, sometimes.”

“That’s good. So you know where your clitoris is, then?” she replied, feeling under the girl’s clitoral hood with her thumb, pressing gently.

“Uh huh,” she mumbled affirmatively. Lisa had her eyes closed and was taking deep breaths to relax. As the doctor felt her, she began to feel light-headed. Carol’s fingers on her clit were making her tingle deliciously.

“So… do orgasms always, um, come from the clitoris?” Lisa quietly asked.

“Some women can also receive a good deal of stimulation from direct vaginal contact too,” Carol replied. She placed her thumb in Lisa’s vagina, then slipped her forefinger down to her anus. “This may feel a little strange, but it will only be a second.” Carol slipped her finger past the tight rim of her anus and pressed in for a moment. Lisa took a sharp breath. She’d never had anything inside her behind and the sensation caught her off guard.

The young doctor heard the girl’s reaction. She carefully started to retract her finger. “Does that hurt a little bit?”

“It’s okay, I was just surprised,” Lisa laughed a little at herself. The doctor pressed in briefly again and Lisa’s eyes widened. She had never felt such a crazy sensation before… but something about it felt REALLY good. She didn’t know what to make of it. Surprising herself, she said, “I’ve heard that some women enjoy anal sex… but then some of my friends say that it’s gross.”

Carol withdrew her finger. “Yes, some women do like it. The anus is a very sensitive area, and some women find either oral or digital stimulation to be extremely pleasurable,” the doctor smiled as she removed her gloves and throwing them away.

“Oral? You mean licking?” Lisa tried not to appear shocked by the idea.

“Oh, yes. Some women like that as foreplay before sex or before anal penetration. It’s always important to relax when experimenting with your anus. You can try sometime when you are masturbating to see if you like it.”

“You mean… put a finger inside?”

“Sometimes it feels good to just run a lubricated finger around the rim. If you like it, you can try inserting your finger also.”

“I hope you don’t think this is weird of me asking, but do you like that?” Lisa wasn’t sure if it was inappropriate of her to ask such a question.

Carol turned from the counter and smiled at the teen, “No, I don’t think it’s weird,” she replied and laughed a little before answering. “I actually do like it quite a bit.”

“Have you had anal sex before?” Lisa asked.

“I’m actually a lesbian,” Carol replied. “So I’ve never done it with a man, but I have had anal sex from another woman.”

“Oh,” Lisa was taken aback. “I wouldn’t have thought,” she stammered. “I mean you’re so pretty–” She stopped, her face red. “I’m sorry, that was stupid.”

Carol laughed. “It’s okay Lisa, I don’t normally tell that to my patients. And thank you,” responding to the compliment. “You’re very pretty too.”

A silence filled the room for a few moments. The doctor sat back down in front of Lisa.

“I don’t usually feel pretty,” she finally answered back.

Carol smiled. “I was very much like you when I was your age. It may not mean much to you now, but in time you’ll start to see how others find you attractive too… and that will make you feel like maybe you’ve been a little hard on yourself.”

Carol reached out and lowered the teen’s legs from the stirrups. Her hands remained on the tops of her thighs as they rested against the table again. She stroked the girl’s soft skin. Lisa’s heart began to beat faster. Carol’s hands felt so good…

“We’re all done,” Carol grinned as Lisa looked up at her. “Just as I suspected, you look just fine.”

“Thanks, Carol.” Lisa smiled back and raised herself up to a sitting position. She felt at ease with the doctor now.

“Well, it was nice meeting you, Lisa,” Carol stated, lifting her hands from the girl’s legs and rising to her feet. Lisa found herself transfixed by the older woman’s gaze. They stood silently for a moment, then embraced one another.

“You too,” Lisa whispered, her cheek against the doctor’s shoulder.

They broke their hug and stood awkwardly for another few seconds. “Okay, Lisa,” Carol said softly. “Feel free to call me if you have any questions, okay?” She gave Lisa a smile that made her feel lightheaded. “In fact, you can call me just to chat. I’d enjoy that.”

Lisa felt awkward all of a sudden and didn’t know what to do with her hands. “Okay,” she murmured, smiling shyly.

Carol patted her arm, picked up her chart and left the room. Lisa removed the gown and dressed in a bit of a daze. Once outside, she found her mother waiting in the main office.

“Well?” she asked, “Was everything all right? Did you like Dr. Mitchell?”

“Yeah, she’s really cool. I liked her a lot.”

“Good,” Kate responded, placing an arm around Lisa’s shoulders as they left the office.

Their car pulled up in the driveway. The two got out and ventured inside. Although it was only about 5 in the evening, the winter season meant it was nearly dark outside. Both women strolled up to their rooms and kicked off their shoes.

“I’m going to take a bath, honey,” Kate called from across the hall.

“Okay,” she called back.

“Do you want me to leave the water in the tub for you when I’m done?”

Lisa thought for a moment. “Sure.”

She thought about the visit with Carol. She was still thinking about her physician saying she was a lesbian. It was strange because if she’d known that before she went in, it probably would’ve made her uncomfortable… but somehow with the warmth she felt from Carol, she felt differently. She thought about what they’d talked about too… and how nice Carol’s touch had been… and how nice her eyes were.

Before long, she could hear her mom moving about in the bathroom. A few minutes later the door opened. Kate appeared at her daughter’s bedroom door.

“It’s all yours, honey,” she said, standing in her pale pastel robe.

Okay.” Lisa rose from her bed and walked into the bathroom, closed the door and undressed. Her mom had left a couple of lit candles next to the bathtub. Stepping into the warm water, Lisa sighed and lowered herself. It felt wonderful.

She washed herself all over with her mom’s scented soap. After rinsing, she sat back and relaxed for a moment… then slowly began to touch and caress her pussy. Lisa only masturbated occasionally, but all the talk about sex had left her feeling very aroused.

She ran her fingers across her labia, savoring the ripples of pleasure that flowed through her body. Sighing happily, she let her mind wander as she fondled herself.

Suddenly an image flashed into her mind: she was once again in Carol’s office, naked on the examining table, and a gently smiling Carol was touching her, fingers brushing her pussy, just the way Lisa liked to touch herself…

Shocked, Lisa quickly sat up in the tub, her eyes wide, startled at the turn her mind had unexpectedly taken. She had never fantasized about being touched by another woman before. The very idea seemed totally weird, yet… kind of interesting, too.

Slowly she lay back again, her hand drifting between her thighs once more. It’s just a harmless fantasy, she thought. What could it hurt to imagine…? She closed her eyes.

She pictured Carol, dressed as she had been earlier, standing next to the tub, gazing down at her, smiling, studying her body in the water. Then Carol removed her lab coat, dropping it to the floor, and reached for the top button of her shirt.

Lisa sighed pleasurably as she imagined Carol slowly undressing, eyes never leaving hers, pulling off her top and casting it aside. She wore no bra. Lisa felt herself growing more and more excited as she visualized the doctor’s bare breasts, heart pounding as the fantasy drew her in. She pictured Carol undoing the drawstring on her lab pants, tugging them and her panties to her feet and stepping out of them, then standing still for a moment, displaying her naked body to Lisa.

Lisa was fingering her pussy now, imagining Carol slowly climbing into the tub with her. She moaned softly, caressing her own breasts, pretending it was the beautiful young doctor who was touching her so intimately. Carol’s fingers were busy between Lisa’s legs as the young girl’s excitement grew.

Remembering what Carol had said about her anus, Lisa slid her other hand between her legs to her ass crack, lightly grazing the rim of her hole. She gasped as she slowly pushed her finger deep into her ass, imagining Carol doing it. The sensation was utterly incredible. Oh, God, she was so close… Lisa clearly saw the look of desire on Carol’s face as the older woman slowly leaned forward to kiss her, lips parting, eyes glazed…

That did it. Lisa shuddered violently as she exploded in the most intense orgasm she’d ever experienced. Her breath hissed through her gritted teeth as her busy fingers probed her openings, driving herself to peaks of pleasure she had never scaled. Finally she lay quietly, her body tingling sweetly from head to toe.

A moment later she sat up, hugging her knees to her chest, lost in thought. She had just masturbated, becoming more turned on than she could ever remember, while fantasizing about another woman!

Lisa was surprised… yet at the same time it explained so much. Why she had never been interested in boys like her friends were. Why she never had sexy fantasies about guys. She had always just assumed that she was simply not ready to think about that kind of thing… but now Lisa realized that she might actually like girls more.

Wow… I’m a lesbian? Bisexual, at least, she thought. Strangely enough, the notion didn’t even bother her. It just seems so… right, she told herself. So now what?

On to Part Two!


Triumph of the Muses

  • Posted on February 29, 2020 at 3:40 pm

by Jan Vincent

Reworked by JetBoy for Juicy Secrets

{ This story was originally posted at Nifty in July 2011 }

  1. Calliope

Apollo’s carriage had passed countless times from east to west, and my sisters and I were still on this deserted island, being punished by our hateful father Zeus. I had begged for mercy, to no avail. “It is my fault,” I cried. “I am the oldest of the Muses. I, Calliope, am responsible for my sisters’ misdeeds and no one else. Please, dear father, forgive us, because we have sinned against you.” Despite my sincerity, our father didn’t heed my plaints, my contrition, my pain.

We tried to conjure the help of Ares, as he was a mighty warrior, whose knowledge of the martial skills could deliver us from our undeserved prison. He didn’t heed us, though. He did not wish to enrage Zeus for a mere nine women who had disobeyed the Father of the Gods.

Hera would not help us either, as she had never looked upon us with a benevolent eye. Hera was indeed an irascible, jealous spouse. Hera had never forgiven her brother and husband to have slept with our mother Mnemosyne nine times. And nine times she gave forth a female child, one more beautiful than the other, with strands of gold covering her heads and clear eyes. Nine Muses to spur the mortals on to spawning poetry, songs and tragedies. Nine muses so the gods would seek laughter and knowledge of their dwellings in the sky. Nine muses to engrave humankind’s actions onto stone or papyrus, so that no one would forget past crimes or heroic deeds.

Our mother Mnemosyne was now a frail old woman who had never dared to question our father’s tyranny. Even the mortals were afraid of Zeus, building temples to appease him, while us Muses, the inspiration of gods and mortals alike, were forgotten and forsaken on this wretched island.

With nostalgia I remembered the days when my sisters Euterpe, Erato and Terpsichore sang Sappho’s poems, exulting the beauty of women, the love of women, the longing of women. They sang it not as seriously as the poems of the Great Poetess demanded. They sometimes mocked Sappho’s passion by declaring each other’s devotion to Aeolus, while the windy god blew them away with false promises of endless love. They were young and knew no better, I must add in their defense. In any case, youth should be careless and free, filled with joy and laughter, and indeed my sisters and I were all that and much more.

The island where the Minotaur had lived, before being slain by Theseus, was now ours alone. We still could see the labyrinth where the monster had dwelled and fed on young women to curb his appetite and spare the life of the island’s inhabitants. Since the Minotaur was no more, all the islanders had mysteriously disappeared as if that very place had been cursed by the gods. Too many crimes had been committed to placate the monster. Too many crimes had been carried out to justify the unjustifiable.

Nowadays only wild goats and boars could be seen wandering across the green pastures. Sheep, horses and donkeys seemed to have disappeared along with their wicked masters. Struck by hunger, Erato succeeded in improvising a bow, her green eyes filled with pure pride, showing us what she had done with a piece of wood and a string of her lyre. Many attempts after, she shot her first wild goat, making us jump for joy. We would starve no more. Even we Muses had to eat, or we would suffer the eternal ache of an empty stomach. I was sure that Zeus had planned it that way, to castigate us with starvation. We would not die of it, oh no. We were as immortal as he was. His goal was to make us suffer and endure a thousand deaths, crippling us, punishing us relentlessly till the end of days.

Indeed, our first days on the island were not simple. Melpomene would harangue us, reminding us that the life-paths of the gods were often tragic. She filled us with fear of what the future might have in store for us. It soon became obvious that to remain warm and well nourished was no simple task for nine young women used to the instant gratification of their needs when they lived under the roof of the Palace of the Gods. On this island we lacked Bacchus, who would bring us delicious wine; Artemis, who would offer us the bounty of her effortless hunting; the naiads, who would bathe us; the dryads, who would supply us with abundant firewood for the winter; and the other nymphs, our lovers and companions.

There was a time when we thought our situation was desperate. We all wished to be mortals, so we could find peace and cross the river Styx and meet the infernal Hades. But none of that came to pass.

Little by little our simple existence improved, our skills became sharper, our eyes quicker, our muscles stronger. We became fearless hunters, able to wield the swords and shoot the bows as any mortal man or hero. We learned how to weave our own chitons, himations and mantles. We learned how to bathe ourselves in the running streams. We now knew how Hephaestus produced fire — a lesson, taught by the dryads, which Clio had recorded in her scrolls.


  1. Clio

My scrolls… I am unable to remember how many times my sisters had poked fun at me every time I registered an adventure experienced, a lesson learned, a song sung.

“You should live,” said Thalia, “not write your life away.”

“It’s my life,” I replied, “and I will do as I please.”

“Come and dance with us, Clio,” said Terpsichore, while she waved her body in an erotic dance with her favorite nymph.

And I would steadfastly reply, “It’s my life, and I will do as I please.”

Now all my sisters, older and wiser, recognized the importance of my scrolls and exhorted me to continue my work. I noted down every change in our bodies and minds since we were expelled from Mount Olympus. I noted down when Thalia, our youngest sister, decided to walk and hunt naked. I noted down when Polyhymnia and Urania followed suit, saying that our chitons and himations were no longer needed.

“Wait till the winter,” I observed.

Euterpe turned to me and smiled. “Clio, you’re right, as always. But let them be. They are young and they will learn that for themselves.”

“Foolish they are, though,” I maintained. “Hunting naked… Such nonsense.”

“You utter those words, because you don’t know what love is.”

I looked at Erato, puzzled. “What do you mean? What love has to do with cavorting around naked?”

“Everything.” Erato kept grinning at me, as if she were mad.

“I still don’t understand.”

“That’s my point.”

“No, that’s not the point. Because I know what love is. I was in love once.”

“With whom?” asked my sister Melpomene with eager wide eyes.

“Ares,” I stated, blushing a little.

“Ares?” Melpomene said. “But he’s a man! How can you be in love with a man? Don’t you know that men only love young boys? And their toys?”

“Toys?” I was again mystified.

“Everything with pointed ends, like spears, penises and swords.”

“But you are a woman, and you do like fingers and the like.” Then I raised my hand, making my fingers move. “Don’t you see? Is that pointed enough?”

It was time for my sister Melpomene to gain color in her golden-tanned cheeks. “Yes, but that’s different.”

“How different?”

“Different. I like fingers and tongues, not penises and swords.”

Calliope, Erato and myself laughed at our sister’s remark. Melpomene could be amusing at times, in spite of her love for drama and tragedy.


  1. Euterpe

If my sister Clio was in love with an unattainable man, I certainly wasn’t. Although I don’t necessarily agree with Melpomene, I can understand her dislike of men. She had never met a sympathetic one, whereas I had. Hercules had always been my hero. I admired his virility, his courage and his strength. But he was a mortal, and goddesses were not supposed to mate with mortals. Zeus, our so jealous father, had forbidden us to approach mortals for our sexual needs. But he was so handsome and I was so in love with him that I couldn’t resist. We made love… and Zeus punished not only me but all my sisters, sending us to this island, where no wretched soul lived.

My love for Hercules diminished in strength before long. I forget how many times Apollo’s carriage crossed the sky from east to west while I waited for him at the beach, staring at the sea, my eyes oblivious to the waves and the sea birds that hovered above. Eventually I realized Hercules was not coming; I would not be rescued from my fate. I cried and cried and cried. My only solace were my sisters, who had never blamed me for our shared fate. Their love for me had always amazed me. It was pure, true and simple.

From time to time I would return to the beach with Erato and Terpsichore, my favorite sisters. We all loved music and poetry, so we would sit on the soft sand, and sang and played together. Despite Clio’s cautionary words, we had joined our younger sisters in their decision to walk around unclothed through the island. I felt free, unencumbered, and sexually daring. It was only a shame there was no one to share my sexual desire with. Or was there?

Unconsciously I had noticed how my sisters looked increasingly attractive with their tanned, vigorous yet feminine bodies. It was impossible not to, for they had forsaken their chitons for now. However, we had never considered anything sexual between us. It was normal enough for brothers and sisters to get married in the Palace of the Gods: Zeus and Hera, for one. But sex between sisters was unheard of, I thought. Or was I wrong?

This preoccupation made me seek Clio’s advice. Probably she could find an example of such love in her scrolls. On the other hand, Clio was known to be as prude as our mother’s archrival Hera… What to do? I wondered. Would she be horrified with me? Would she blame me for our fate this time, for being a wanton woman, who was unable to control her sexual hunger? Even if that meant to seek love with my own flesh and blood?

After a long while, for my body and soul ached so, I decided to unbosom myself to my wisest sister: Calliope. Grabbing her hand I made her come with me to the very beach where I had waited for Hercules senselessly.

Unlike our younger sisters and myself, Calliope was fully dressed with a clasp-fastened chiton, her long braided blond hair atop her head. Her serene face was intrigued, her lips set in an undefined smile.

“So, dear Euterpe,” she said, as she sat on the sand, “tell me what is on your mind.”

“I don’t know how to start.”

“Is this still about Hercules not coming?”

“No.” I shook my head. “Hercules is not coming. I know that now.”

Calliope crooked her head, widening her smile, more intrigued than ever. “So, what’s the problem then?”

“I was wondering if… Our father has punished us because I had sex with a mortal… But… he never… said anything about having sex with other gods.”

“No, he hasn’t,” she confirmed.

“Then…” I catch my breath, unable to go on.

“Then?” she said, arching up her eyebrows.

“What if I had sex with Erato… or Terpsichore? Would that be wrong? Would I be punished for this?”

As soon as I said these words, I panicked. Calliope’s smile was gone. She seemed terribly surprised. Minutes elapsed before she asked, “You want to have sex with Erato and Terpsichore?”

“I… I don’t know.”

“Have you talked to them about it?”

“No, I wanted to know what you thought of it.”

“But I am not Erato, or Terpsichore. You have to talk to them. Not me. I am not Mnemosyne or Zeus to tell you what to do. I am just your eldest sister.”

“But what do you think about it? Suppose that Clio comes to you and asks you if you would make love to her. Would you do it?”

“I don’t know,” she said, shaking her head gravely. “Everything we do with our lives is never black or white. It depends on the circumstances. Every word, every sigh, every glance, every look, every word, every body motion has a meaning. If it all falls into place, then that’s right. If not, then that’s wrong. So simple is that.”


  1. Melpomene

When I heard it I could not believe my ears. Euterpe wanted to have sex with Erato and Terpsichore! Astonishment filled my soul and my body. With a galloping heart I ran and looked for them. I had to tell them the news. I hated for them to know it from my mouth, but I was unable to resist the sweet temptation to tell them what consumed Euterpe. Euterpe, the one who said she would never lie with a woman… Euterpe, Hercules’ lover, the one to blame for our friendless, hopeless fate, wanted to have sex with Erato and Terpsichore!

At long last I found them on Euterpe’s beach, collecting shells and singing their songs of love and discovery.

“Melpomene!” they cried in unison, surprised by my apparent distress.

“Erato,” I puffed. “Terpsichore… You must know this…” And I told them what I witnessed, word by word, sigh by sigh.

Terpsichore’s eyes, as blue as the sky overhead, darkened for a moment into a greenish hue. Her delicate mouth opened, skeptic, nervous. “Melpomene, I know your love for scandal… I know this, for I had witnessed it so many times when we lived our eventless, dull lives on Mount Olympus. But what you’re saying is plainly ridiculous.”

“Believe me, it’s true. I heard it with my own ears.”

“Melpomene, I didn’t know you were partial to eavesdropping.”

I looked at my sister Erato and felt intense heat on my cheeks. She was not chastising me. She was smiling at me, with a teasingly slanted mouth. I had been caught, and she was making sure I was aware of that. Erato took a deep breath, looked back at the sea, and sighed.

Terpsichore’s hand slid on the naked shoulder of Erato. “Why did you sigh, sister?”

Erato bade her time before she was able to face us both. “I must say that Melpomene is right.”

“How so?” Terpsichore said, removing her hand from Erato’s shoulder at once.

“Didn’t you see her eyes when we danced with her? Didn’t you notice her eyes lingering on our breasts, our hips, our thighs? I knew her hunger. She is starving… starving for affection, because she is wounded… inside.”


“Unrequited love. The kind of love that hurts most.”


  1. Terpsichore

We left the beach and made our way back to the camp at a brisk pace. I was worried about my dear sister Erato, experiencing a confusing mix of jealousy and powerlessness. Erato and I had always been the closest of friends, but for the first time she had kept hidden the fact that she knew someone else yearned for her. I felt betrayed, deeply betrayed. At the Palace of the Gods there was no lover, no whisper we didn’t share. But now… could I trust her still? Could I?

I felt a hand holding my hand, slim fingers intertwining mine. “Terpsichore?”

“Yes?” said I, raising my head and facing my beloved sister Erato.

“Don’t be sad. It’ll be all right. Euterpe just needs a little loving, and then everything will turn out fine.”

Despite myself I smiled at her and gave her cheek a kiss, pressing my palm against hers.

“Come,” she said, springing forward, “let’s run.”

Melpomene, Erato and I tore up the hill, where our camp was situated, giggling and screaming and daring each other. That was the reason why I loved Erato so. After all, she sang of love, and nothing else but love, I reminded myself, as my heart hammered in my chest, leaving me dizzy and slightly distressed.

All of our sisters were back at the camp, a rare event at this Apollo’s carriage height, as it was too soon for our evening meal. Euterpe was the last one to face us, and then, to my great shock, I saw her eyes, sparkling with tears. I thought Apollo was playing tricks on my eyes, but eventually I had to give in and accept our fate, whatever that may be.

Erato knelt before Euterpe and hugged her lovingly. “Shh, sister. We’ll take care of you. We will love you and protect you, until you feel no pain, just joy in your heart.”

Euterpe embraced her, sobbing for the longest time. Speechless, we remained seated in a half circle, watching Apollo’s carriage approaching the sea’s divide, setting off their embracing silhouettes. Sometimes I felt I could not breathe, as I watched Euterpe sleeping quietly in our sister’s lap. The pain was gone for precious moments, too precious to be told.


  1. Erato

Tonight Euterpe and I made love for the first time. She kept her eyes shut, as if she didn’t want to let go of her pain. I kissed her disrobed body, which smelled and tasted like the sea we knew so well. My tongue found the smallest crevices, my hands searched for her nipples, my fingers for her gaping pleasure. Her wetness convinced me I was healing her, until her sobbing stopped. Silent she remained as I caressed her and cradled her in my arms, as if she had become more than a sister: a baby, my baby, my lover.

When Apollo’s carriage appeared in the east, I awoke, sensing her hands on my breasts, her head on my shoulder, her thigh between mine. I could feel her sex still moist, another proof that the healing had started.

When Euterpe woke I had her meal ready, which she accepted with a content smile. We didn’t talk, because no words were needed; it seemed as though my presence was enough to calm her down, to appease her still aching heart. Hand in hand we left the camp after seeing to our daily duties. I knew where she wanted to go, so I led her to her preferred beach. We hugged, feeling each other’s naked bodies, engulfed in each other’s hair, light as Apollo’s carriage and soft as sheep’s wool.

She kissed me with passion, her hands feeling my breasts with unmatched eagerness. Again I sensed her hunger as she wetted my breasts and my belly with her skilled tongue. She knelt on the sand, pressing me hard against her mouth so that her relentless tongue was able to invade me, rape me, and bring me to ecstasy.

I screamed my pleasure out, like a mad woman, a free spirit, naked to her appetite. I let myself fall to the sand and heaved a deep sigh. I looked at her lovely, pretty face, full of longing, longing for me, her sister, her lover. We held each other again until we rolled on the humid sand and a wave washed over us. She laughed, but didn’t let go of me, kissing me instead, her tongue searching mine in a game of hide and seek. I made love to her again and again, until her pain was gone, until she screamed my name with bliss in her eyes, her pleasure oozing in my fingers.



“Let’s stay like this forever.”

“Yes, let’s stay,” I agreed, burying my fingers deep in her, feeling her pulsating womb, until her body arched up again, her eyes went shut, and her mouth gaped to scream.

When she came down from Aphrodite’s embrace, she brought me to her arms and said, “I know what love is now.”



I kissed her and smiled, wondering whether she really did know what love was. Whether I did.


  1. Polyhymnia

“Euterpe’s and Erato’s union is unholy.”

“Why do you say that, Polyhymnia?”

I observed my sister Calliope and asked myself whether she had gone mad. “Isn’t that obvious?”

This time she really looked at me, actually seeing what I meant. “You’re too young to understand it.”

“I am not too young. I am older than any mortal who has ever walked on Terra, and you say that I am young.”

“For a goddess you are young. You’re not a mortal, so don’t behave like one.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Mortals are quick to judge and quick to punish. They seldom think, so busy are they with their own lives.”

“Zeus is a god and he has punished us… on account of Euterpe’s disobedience.”

“Our father is a god who has bedded many mortals… Only Zeus knows how many diseases he caught, but I think the deadliest of them all was fear itself.”


“Yes, fear. Fear of the unknown. And apparently he passed it on to you.”

“That is not true!” I protested, leaping to my feet. I ran, being overcome by intense anger. Calliope was not being fair. I was not as childish as she claimed. I hated her for it, and for having defended Euterpe and Erato. And I was not afraid. And I was not as Zeus, our merciless father… although I had been his favorite Muse.

“Polyhymnia!” I heard someone call. I came to a halt and searched for a face. I saw Urania and Thalia waving at me. They beckoned me to come closer and keep my silence.

“What?” I whispered, hunkering down where they knelt.

“Look,” said Urania, giggling.

I craned my neck and what I saw left me breathless. Erato and Euterpe were making love in a close-by field, where goats used to come and eat the tall green grass. I heard Euterpe moan Erato’s name, murmuring her love for our sister, the one who sang songs so the mortals could fall in love.

“They really are lovely together,” Thalia sighed.

“Yes, by the gods, they are, indeed,” said Urania with visible longing in her eyes. “They are two Virgos in one. I wished I were one of them, and feel what they feel for each other.”

“Do you wish that?” Thalia looked serious for once.

“Indeed. With all my heart. I think to be in love is the best thing a Muse can hope for, long for, pine for.”

“Even if that hurts you no end?” I said, a trifle disgusted with their desire.

“Yes,” Urania said. “If your heart doesn’t hurt, then your love is not pure enough. That is written in the sky. Look at the stars and you will see it.”

“I don’t understand,” I said, shaking my head.

Suddenly we fell silent. Erato’s beautiful face was drawn tight, as if in pain, as if in intense agony… But I knew better; she was in the arms of Aphrodite, feeling the goddess’ embrace. She exhaled deeply, then opened her shining, loving eyes, sitting up and covering Euterpe with gentle kisses.

Urania’s face, so similar to mine, turned to me and smiled graciously. She said, “Don’t worry, sister. One day you will.”


  1. Urania

Seeing Euterpe’s and Erato’s love for each other made me want the same. I wavered a long time before I had the courage, the nerve to go and tell them what I felt. I wanted them to teach me what they had learned with each other. It was true we had already been loved by the nymphs, but somehow I felt that the love of a Muse for another would be unlike any other love we had experienced.

Maybe because we had known each other since we were born… Maybe because we trusted each other with our lives… All I knew was that I did not know, nor did I comprehend this longing.

I looked for answers in the sky, but the stars and the planets remained silent. I knew Zeus had a hand in it. Even Ares, Aphrodite, and Hermes, so close to Apollo’s carriage, did not answer me. I cursed my hideous father. I cursed him with all my strength.

One day I saw Euterpe and Erato walking hand in hand through the fields, their naked bodies merging into one in a long embrace. Their long, resplendent hair becoming one as they kissed and felt each other’s breasts, while sighing against each other’s mouths. My whole body tingled, experiencing exquisite giddiness. I could no longer resist, and so I darted across the field and joined them, breathless.

“Urania!” They watched me as I closed in, my hands shaking, my legs weak.

“Sisters, forgive me. I love you both… so much. I want to learn. I want to feel the same.”

“Is that all, sister?” Erato asked with a mischievous smile.

“Yes! I swear!”

“Then come with us. We’ll teach you.”


  1. Thalia

“Avenged!” I cried. “We are avenged!”

“Avenged?” Clio asked, holding her scroll, where she set down our sisters’ lovemaking, describing in detail all the tongue-flicks and moans they were experiencing at each other’s hands.

“Don’t you see, Clio? We are happy now! Even on this god-forsaken island. We have each other, and Zeus’ punishment is actually a blessing.”

I shut my eyes, feeling another powerful wave of pleasure rushing over me. I gave an intense kiss to Urania’s mouth. Urania, my dearest sister, my so beautiful lover, who kept her very deft, very wet hand inside me.

And at that very moment, Zeus saw how wrong he had been. We had been stronger than his punishment, and our triumph over tyranny was as clear as the Greek sky.

He freed us from our destiny, allowing our return to Mount Olympus. We resumed our duties, and to this day we keep mortals and gods inspired till the end of all things.

This is our story. The Muses have spoken.

The End



Mommy Loves to Lick

  • Posted on February 24, 2020 at 3:57 pm

Author Unknown

Reworked by JetBoy for Juicy Secrets


Lori was watching television, taking a break from her housework. Her favorite program was on, a very steamy teen drama set in a small town high school.

The young mother squirmed and pressed her thighs together, sending a delicious glow through her damp pussy. A shudder ran through her body, causing her large, perfectly shaped breasts to rub deliciously against her thin shirt. Her nipples, already erect, burned with sudden desire.

She closed her eyes, letting her head fall back as the need in her grew to a fever pitch. She wanted to masturbate, but ruled it out. After all, her daughter Cindy was just outside and should be coming in any second for lunch.

She sighed, thinking back to one of her most memorable sexual experiences, one that happened when she was still in seventh grade. She had been fingering herself in a stall in the girl’s room when Sheri Loomis, a cute redhead in her class, quickly slid under the door of the stall she was seated in. Lori could only stare in horror at having been caught, but her fear turned to excitement when Sheri hoisted up her own skirt, slipped a hand into her panties, and began to masturbate, gazing into Lori’s eyes with a playful smile on her lips.

Within five minutes they were fingering each other and kissing deeply. Lori could still vividly remember the sensation of coming from Sheri’s touch. They were lovers for the next year or so, getting together whenever they were able to. God, the pleasures they had enjoyed back then…

Lori enjoyed men, too, but had always preferred women ever since that first time with Sheri. Actually, what she really preferred was girls. Something about teenage baby dykes drove her insane with lust. And lately, she had been finding herself indulging in lustful thoughts when she saw even younger girls, as young as twelve or thirteen.

It was too bad, really, there was no way to satisfy her forbidden desires, but at least she could fantasize. Except for that one fantasy so taboo, so frightening that she couldn’t even let herself think about it…

The back door slamming shook Lori from her reverie. Without noticing, she was teasing her nipple, her other hand knotted up against her lower belly, feeling the tingling nearness of her release. She was very close to coming.

Flustered, she tried to settle down, but the sweet ache continued to mount between her thighs. Luckily, Cindy had only come in to use the bathroom. She waited until her daughter had left, then fingered herself to a shivering orgasm.

She had drifted off again and jolted back to reality when she realized that Cindy was in the room… and shifted her hand from her mound as subtly as she could.

Cindy was a darling young girl whose body had already begun to shed her baby fat. Lori marveled at how quickly her little girl was growing up, how beautiful she was becoming… how desirable…

Enough! she told herself, squeezing her thighs together as if trying to bottle up her libido. Jesus Christ, I just masturbated, and the sight of Cindy has me worked up and tingling all over again. 

Cindy was standing there, twisting nervously, one hand tugging at the bottom of her shirt. She was on the cusp of womanhood, the slight curve of her hips barely detectable through the cute emerald-green shorts she wore.

“Mom, I feel kinda weird.”

“What’s wrong, baby? What feels weird?”

“Up here.” Cindy’s big eyes looked helplessly at her mother as she tugged harder at her shirt, stretching the material to make the outline of her nipples show. She wore no bra, and her babyish breasts were capped with erect buds. “My, um, boobs have been feeling all tingly and warm for a couple of weeks, Mom.”

Lori’s heart throbbed as she stared at her daughter’s nipples, clearly visible through the thin fabric.

“And now I’m feeling it down here, too!” Cindy exclaimed, gesturing to her crotch. “I was riding my bike just now, and it felt all, all tickly. I thought I had to pee, but I went to the bathroom and nothing happened!

Lori detected the frustration in her daughter’s plaintive voice, her excitement steadily growing. She knew what was bothering Cindy… and it was the same thing that was bothering her. Cindy was experiencing sexual arousal — for the first time, in her case — and she didn’t understand the changes taking place in her body. Probably the girl’s bicycle seat had chafed against the thin material of her shorts, stimulating her vagina.

Lori’s head spun as she idea of her daughter’s awakening sexuality burned in her brain. At that moment, the forbidden desires she had pushed away with increased vehemence over the last few weeks had her aching with a fierce need for the eleven-year-old girl standing before her.

Lori couldn’t ignore this craving anymore. She wanted her daughter. Wanted her naked body, her mouth. Her skin.

She knew full well that these feelings, this incestuous hunger, was wrong. But at the same time, she imagined how sweet Cindy’s introduction to love could be in the arms of her mother. The mother who adored her… who knew how to make her daughter feel special. How to make her feel loved. Surely it would be a better introduction to sex than being pawed by some dimwit teenage boy…

Her heart throbbing, Lori made a decision.

“Come here, Cindy,” she said softly, opening her arms.

Cindy moved into her mother’s embrace, standing between Lori’s spread knees. Lori gently stroked her daughter’s cheek. She let her hand drift slowly down Cindy’s neck, exploring the silky smooth skin of her child.

Cindy whimpered as Lori let her hand move down further, gently caressing her daughter’s upper chest. Cindy’s heart was pounding, and Lori could feel the rapid rise and fall of her chest.


“Shhhhh… honey, I think I know what’s happening to you.”

Lori dropped her hand further, feeling the gentle inward slope of Cindy’s abdomen, but not quite touching the youngster’s budding nipples. Cindy squirmed as Lori cupped the girl’s tight little bottom, to steady her.

“Take your shirt off, baby.”

Cindy pulled the shirt up over her head. She was naked above her low-riding shorts, her pretty face hidden as she struggled with the inside-out shirt.

Lori’s pussy tingled as she saw Cindy’s swollen nipples jutting proudly from her otherwise flat chest. Impulsively, Lori leaned close and kissed one puffy little bud, eliciting a soft squeal from her child.

“Is that where it feels strange, honey?”

“Yes, Mom! There… and other places, too…”

Lori became even more excited as she watched her half-naked little girl, seeing Cindy’s nipples turn an even darker hue of pink.

Cindy was very confused by all these new feelings, but when her mother kissed her nipple, the strange but wonderful sensations intensified, making her shiver deliciously.

“God, that feels so weird!”

“It’s all right, darling. This is the start of some very new, wonderful feelings that your body is beginning to experience.”

“A-are you sure?”

“Yes, baby, I’m sure. Just relax. I’ll show you.”

Cindy sighed, some of the tension leaving her. Lori held her daughter by the waist, nuzzling her delicate neck. Cindy trembled and wrapped her arms around Lori, enjoying her mother’s loving attention.

Lori raised her face to smile at Cindy. “Take your shorts and panties off, honey.”

Cindy steadied herself, a hand on Lori’s shoulder, as she squirmed out of the tight shorts, then slid her pink underpants down her slender thighs. Cindy had no hair on her pretty little pussy, Lori noticed, and her head spun with an even greater desire for her daughter.

Cindy watched intently as her mother gently touched her, stroking her soft skin, making her practically vibrate with powerful new feelings.

Lori’s panties were soaked and her breasts felt heavy, full. Her nipples throbbed as they brushed against the silky material of her top. Overwhelmed with need, she stopped caressing her daughter long enough to remove her own shirt. She wore no bra, and Cindy openly stared at her mother’s bare breasts.

“Mommy… will my boobs ever get as big as yours?”

“Oh, yes, Cindy… In a few years, they’ll be every bit as big as mine,” Lori murmured softly, as she drew her daughter to her, hugging the young girl close.

Lori savored the heat of Cindy’s naked body against her bare skin, running a long fingernail down her daughter’s narrow back, eliciting a shudder that made Lori’s breasts quiver. She let her hand drift lower, cupping a small ass cheek. Cindy reflexively pushed her hips forward, moulding herself to her mother’s half-naked body.

Lori brought her other hand to Cindy’s stiff nipple, pinching it gently, playfully. In response, Cindy hesitantly took her mother’s erect nipple between thumb and forefinger and squeezed it lightly, making Lori moan deep in her throat.

“Does that feel good, Mommy?”

“Ohhh… Cindy, baby,” Lori breathed, “yes, it does.”

Lori slipped a finger between Cindy’s succulent little ass cheeks, caressing the tight crack of her child’s bottom, feeling the heat rising there. Cindy shifted her stance, parting her legs slightly, and Lori slid her finger down further, following the sweet little crack until she felt the heat and, with a rising excitement, the dampness at Cindy’s bare slit.

Cindy trembled, thrusting reflexively against the exploring finger, at the same time pinching Lori’s hard nipple. Mother and daughter both cried out in sudden, unexpected pleasure.

Lori slipped to her knees before her daughter, settling her ass on her heels and kissing at Cindy’s soft tummy. The little girl was panting heavily now, and Lori had an uncontrollable desire to taste her pussy. And with the object of her deepest, darkest craving so near, nothing was going to stop her.

She held Cindy tightly, both hands fondling her daughter’s tight little ass as she dipped her head to lick at the girl’s sugary slit.

Cindy squealed, clutching at her mother’s head and thrusting her tingling pussy against her mother’s sucking mouth. Lori parted the tight lips of Cindy’s childish vagina, sliding her tongue deeper, probing… then withdrew to lick at her daughter’s labia, finding the tiny nubbin of her clitoris.

“OHH! Oh Mommymommymommymommy… mmmmmwhat’s happening to me?!”

“You’re going to come, angel… I’m going to make you come!” Lori gasped, in between licks of her daughter’s vagina.

“Oh! OH! Oh, Mommy!” sobbed Cindy. “I’m… I’m… I’M… I’M–”

Suddenly, Cindy’s body heaved and she started to cry wordlessly as her mother’s licking sent the little girl over the edge in her first orgasm. Low in her throat at first, then building until she was keening wordlessly as Lori licked and sucked at her pussy.

With each helpless thrust of Cindy’s hips and pulse of her girlish slit, Lori could taste more and more of her daughter’s delicious essence. Her own excitement was so intense that Lori began to come herself. She sobbed as the taste of her daughter’s pussy drove her climax to even greater heights, shaking and shivering with pleasure until she almost passed out.

“Ooooh, Mommy!” cooed Cindy softly, as she recovered, quivering slightly in her mother’s arms. “That was wonderful!”

“You liked it when I licked you like that, didn’t you, baby?”

“Yes, Mommy… yes, I did!”

Mother and daughter hugged tightly, luxuriating in the slippery feel of their bare skin sliding together. Lori’s lips and chin glistened, coated with Cindy’s sweetness. The young girl kissed her mother’s mouth, then licked her lips thoughtfully.

“Is that me? On your face, is that my… my, you know…?”

“Yes, sweetie, that’s the taste of your pussy on my lips. Do you like it? I know I do.”

“Oh, yes… I do like it, Mommy!”

“Want to taste some more?” Cindy nodded, her eyes wide. “Then kiss me again,” Lori breathed, closing her eyes.

Her head spun as she felt her daughter’s mouth shyly brush against hers. The sweet contact lingered for a few delicious seconds… then Lori allowed her tongue to tease Cindy’s lips, which parted slightly. Suddenly Cindy was purring with pleasure as her own mother was French kissing her, something she knew about, but had never experienced. Her own tongue flashed to life, almost before she was aware of it… and then mother and daughter were kissing like lovers.

After a long while, Cindy broke their kiss to softly ask, “Does your pussy taste like that, Mommy?”

“Yes, baby, it does,” Lori crooned.

“Mommy, I want to see you now. I want to see your pussy!”

“Oh, honey… I want you to see me, too. All of me.”

Lori rose to finish undressing, and Cindy stood and hugged her from behind. Lori felt her daughter’s arms reach around her to grasp her swaying breasts.

“Mmmmm, Mommy! I love your boobs. They’re so beautiful!”

Lori turned to face her daughter, bracing her hands on the counter. Cindy lowered her face and licked at one of Lori’s erect nipples, making her mother shiver with delight.

The room seemed suddenly warm, almost stifling as Lori stood, unresisting, while Cindy opened her mother’s shorts between loving licks at her nipples. When Cindy had Lori’s shorts and panties down to her knees, the older woman began to fondle herself. As Cindy watched closely, Lori let her own hand drift lower to her bushy auburn pubes, finding her moistened slit with eager fingers.

Seeing her daughter’s enraptured stare, Lori moved her hand away, giving Cindy a good look. The preteen girl let out a squeal of delight at the sight of her mother’s glistening pussy.

“Oh, Mommy! It’s so beautiful! I wanna lick your pussy and kiss it, the way you did mine!”

Cindy knelt before her mother, tugging Lori’s panties and shorts down to her feet. Stepping out of her remaining clothes, Lori felt the youngster’s warm breath on her pussy, and breathed “Oh, my angel…”

Cindy’s tongue licked a hot path along her mother’s sticky labia, and Lori cried out, “Oh yes, honey! Lick my pussy, baby.” Lori’s hips thrust against her child’s eager mouth, grinding against the young girl’s chin.

The child made happy, wet noises as she feasted on her mother’s dripping pussy, making Lori’s head spin. One hand bracing her body against the counter top, Lori’s other hand went to the back of her daughter’s head, gently guiding her hot licking mouth. She indicated her clitoris, gasping “Lick me here, honey, like I did for you.”

Cindy’s lips encircled her mother’s throbbing clit, and she sucked at it.

Lori moaned, “Ooooooh… now, Cindy! Oh, yes. You’re making me come! Oh! OH GOD! YESSSS!”

Young Cindy happily pleasured her mother, using the tip of her eager tongue to lick at her throbbing clitoris. Within seconds, Lori came in long, powerful torrents of pleasure as Cindy greedily sucked at her cunt.

It was as if her eleven-year-old daughter was born to make lesbian love. “Oh! Cindy!” Lori panted as she came, “y-you make my pussy feel so — oh! — so g-good!” Lori’s hips thrust hard as she felt each hot, wet lick of her daughter’s probing tongue. She watched through a blurred haze of pleasure as her daughter’s slim ass twisted enticingly with the pounding of her climax.

Finally, her knees weak, Lori gently pulled Cindy’s head back. “N-no more, honey,” she barely managed to get out.

The young girl stood before her mother, her mouth and chin glistening with Lori’s wetness. Her heart glowing with adoration, Lori raised herself up on one elbow and kissed her daughter full on the mouth, licking at Cindy’s lips.

“Did I make you feel good, Mommy?”

“Oh, honey… yes, you did!”

“I wanna do it again, Mommy!”

“What, honey? Lick my pussy again, or have me do it to you?”

“Both, Mommy! I wanna do it all again and again and again!”

“We will, baby. We’ll do it many more times, don’t you worry.” She drew Cindy into her embrace. “I love you, my darling daughter.”

Impulsively, Lori slipped her other hand down over Cindy’s succulent little ass cheeks… and the preteen girl giggled, pushing back against her mother’s hand.

“Cindy…?” began Lori, as a naughty idea crossed her mind. “Do you want to feel something else… something really nice?”

Wordlessly, Cindy nodded her head. Lori continued to stroke the soft, hot smoothness of her child’s bottom… then her fingers gently brushed their way between Cindy’s cheeks. She found her daughter’s tight little asshole and circled the hot, moist ring of her anus with her fingertip.

“Oh,” Cindy moaned softly, her heart pounding furiously as her mother touched her most intimate place. She was overwhelmed by the surprising new delights her body was discovering, happy that her mother loved her enough to share these things with her.

Suddenly the tip of Lori’s finger pushed its way into Cindy’s bottom hole, and the little girl gasped out loud. Slowly, slowly, Lori eased her finger into her daughter’s anus as deep as it would go.

Cindy’s head spun. She had never known how wonderful it felt to have something in her bottom… so tickly and nice! Then she panted in excitement, her mouth open wide as her mommy pulled that sweet finger out, but not quite all the way… and a cry burst from her lips as it slid back into her butt again, but a little faster this time. Now Mommy’s other hand was between her legs, touching her pussy some more!

Lori’s heart thrilled as Cindy moaned shakily, burying her face in a pillow, her childish body trembling as her mother began to fuck her ass, that wicked finger slowly pistoning in and out, in and out while her other hand played sweet games with her little girl’s sticky slit. “Oh, Mommy… oh, Mommy,” Cindy breathed into the pillow. “Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, OH — OH MOMMY!” She was screaming now.

Lori felt her daughter’s asshole grip her finger tightly, her eyes wide as she watched Cindy come. Lori had to hold her child steady as her hand continued to saw back and forth, pumping her probing digit in and out of Cindy’s anus, feeling the young girl’s thin frame buck and lurch backward as she cried out in ecstasy. Her fingers, still fiddling between her daughter’s trembling thighs, were moist with Cindy’s juices.

Finally Cindy lay on her side, breathing heavily, flushed from head to toe. Lori drew her into a warm embrace, and mother and daughter lay together, cuddling happily for a long while.

Cindy turned to gaze deeply into her mother’s eyes. “That was… so, so nice, Mommy,” she whispered. “I love you.”

Lori rested her forehead against Cindy’s and smiled at her daughter, her eyes glowing with adoration. “I love you too, angel,” she murmured, “so very much.”

Radiant with contentment, the two lovers snuggled close and gently sank into slumber.

The next morning was a school day, but before Cindy left for the bus stop, Lori promised her daughter that they would make love again. Sweet little Cindy was just learning about her sexuality, and Lori planned on teaching her more that very night. And there was so much still to teach her. After all, Cindy still hadn’t been fucked yet.

Lori gave her child a lingering kiss as she left for school, then padded to her room, slipped back into bed and gently fingered her pussy as she thought about the bottom drawer of her dresser and the delightful toys it contained. She shivered to one last satisfying climax as she pictured sweet little Cindy lying on her bed, thin legs pulled back and spread wide, exposing her pink, wet slit, ready for whatever sexy games her mommy wanted to play.

The End


The Gift

  • Posted on February 12, 2020 at 3:59 pm

By Author Unknown

Reworked by JetBoy for Juicy Secrets

No certain recollection of where I found the original of this, though I believe it’s from an erotic fiction pay-site that no longer exists. It’s the final part of a novel, the only part I liked enough to save… which probably means that it’s the only portion of the tale where the sex gets seriously hot. Incomplete though the story is, I felt that this closing scene was well worth sharing with you good people — a climax in every sense of the word! Do enjoy.


A woman, clad in long, flowing robes, sat upon the edge of a bed, gazing down at the tearful face of a girl who knelt before her, head in the woman’s lap.

“It’s too much, Sister Song,” eighteen-year-old Tanya sighed, averting her eyes from the penetrating ones of the High Priestess. “Please, just let me stay here at the castle. Let me live as one of you instead of this endless wandering. Let me surrender this… this thing inside me. I’m not strong enough to use it.”

Song, the High Priestess, stroked Tanya’s hair, holding her, rocking her. “But there is nowhere for you to go, Tanya. All your people are now gone. Except for you, dear child. You have been spared. No… selected. For something greater. You have the power. The Gift of Venus.”

Tanya looked at her, and closed her eyes tightly. “I don’t want this power,” she said, as if needing to explain. “Everything I had in life, all of those I cared about, everything I had to live for, all were taken from me. If I was the only one to be spared, then that only leaves me in utter isolation. It makes me lonely. I don’t want any of it.”

“And yet you have it,” Song said gently. “You cannot escape the power within you, any more than I can. Tanya, you can change this world! Venus has given you the ability to do just that. You can use her power to change the way people feel about each other. One life, one life at a time, you can bring light to us all. Bring Love back into a world from where it was driven away. You can give all of us hope.”

Tanya dabbed her eyes once, still held by Song, and looked the High Priestess in the eye. “If I could bring back my family, my friends, my home, by giving up this gift — I’d do it. Right now. I’d never even look back.”

Song nodded. “You’re not alone,” she said softly. “I wouldn’t be High Priestess if there hadn’t been great suffering and death to contend with. I can only take what I have and do what I must, to ease the pain that has consumed the world.” She tightened her grip. “But you… you can do more than I and all my sister priestesses can ever hope to do. You can stop the suffering. You can change people. Maybe we can go on, then, and live as if there were a tomorrow worth living for.”

Tanya shook her auburn locks. “I don’t know if it is worth living for.”

“Are you sure, Tanya?” Song whispered. “Venus favored you. Gave you a gift… a gift intended for a purpose. Can you say the future is not going to be better because you want it to be? Who else among us can?”

Tanya closed her eyes. She could feel her passion like a stoked and ready fire, there between her thighs, the heat waiting. “I don’t know. Somebody else. Somebody besides me.”

“But it is you, Tanya.” Song said softly. “What are you going to do about that?”

Tanya squeezed her eyes tight shut. The tears swelled out of them anyway. She felt her gift now, heavier than ever — heavier, more present, more insistent, more demanding. “What can I do about it?” she asked Song back. “Would you like to see?”

Song looked into her eyes with surprise. “I — yes. Yes,” she said firmly. “The Goddess has willed it. I am her Priestess. You are her gift. Thy will be done.”

“So be it.” Tanya took Song’s head in both hands and kissed her, hard. She let the energy of the Gift flow into her, full force. Tanya felt Song’s body respond, gradually at first… then the Priestess was embracing her with passion, her tongue a red ribbon in Tanya’s mouth. The Gift was as powerful as ever… and Song was caught in its enchanting spell.

Tanya broke their embrace and left Song sitting dazed, her nipples hardening, her newborn taste for the touch of a girl’s lips clearly written on her face. Tanya went to the open doorway and called out down the corridor. “MONDRA! Where are you? I need you!”

The thirteen-year-old maid hastened to obey, her little feet pattering on the stone floor. Entering the bedchamber, she curtsied quickly.


Tanya indicated Song. “Do you know who she is?”

Mondra’s beautiful blue eyes widened. “Yes,” she nodded. “She is High Priestess Song of the Temple of the Venus Incarnate.”

“Yes, that’s right. Did you know she wants to kiss you? To make love to you?”

“Milady?” the maid gasped.

Song, stunned, turned to look at Tanya… who now slipped out of her robe to stand naked in front of Mondra. The girl’s big blue eyes got bigger as they looked on the pale-skinned woman’s hard pink nipples, the gentle curve of her hips, the swelling of her auburn mound, the lips of her labia swollen and visible. “Have you ever loved a woman before, Mondra?”

Helpless, the maid looked up from Tanya’s body to meet her eyes, looking frightened, anguished. She quickly shook her head no.

“You will,” Tanya promised, and carefully put her arms around the girl, holding her close, touching noses. “You will,” she breathed, and let her moist lips close over Mondra’s.

She kissed the maid gently, but firmly, holding her close, her lips locked to the young girl’s sweet mouth but not forcing her, not tonguing her, not even squeezing her cute bottom. She only kissed the girl, and let the heat from her belly rise through her body, seep through her breasts, her belly, her cunt. Not doing anything but holding her close, and letting the Gift do the seducing for her.

Mondra made a single, dainty sound of surprise, of resistance, and her wide-open eyes looked helplessly into Tanya’s. Her arms slowly, slowly wrapped themselves around Tanya’s waist. It was fuel to the fire, and Tanya let that delicate little acknowledgement of Mondra’s arousal feed her own, build on it, grow it even larger. The urge to squeeze the girl’s ass, to force her tongue into Mondra’s mouth grew stronger. She could hardly keep from trembling to feel her heat rising, passing into the maid. How could she have resisted this for so long?

With a moan of lost caution, her eyes rolling, Mondra gripped Tanya tightly, grinding her hips into the naked woman’s groin, and the young girl’s tongue pushed into Tanya’s mouth with a passion that nearly matched her own. They kissed hotly, sucking and gasping, and Tanya squeezed the maid’s ass under her tight skirt… and yes, it was as pert and round as she’d dreamed. She dug her fingernails in and Mondra did the same to her, crushing her tits into Tanya’s and moaning oh, so deliciously.

She let her go so suddenly that Mondra gasped, sobbed, her hands closing on nothing. Tanya could feel the fire behind her eyes. “Undress,” she told the girl. “I want to see you naked.”

Mondra reached for her blouse and undid the top buttons rapidly, her fingers disappearing in lace. She reached behind her and untied her apron. She pulled her blouse open to reveal her budding breasts, unhindered by a bra. She peeled off the sleeves, scarcely pausing to undo them, unzipped her skirt and struggled to push it down her legs. She sat down heavily and yanked her panties off, hardly bothering to kick away her shoes.

Tanya watched Song taking in the sight of the young girl undressing, and suddenly stood before her. Song turned to look up at her, blue eyes dazed but hungry, and Tanya favored her with a quick tongue kiss and a glide of the palm across the woman’s breasts. Song tried to tongue kiss her back, but Tanya moved away, grinning.

“First, show me how much you want me,” Tanya purred. “Lick my pussy. Pleasure me, High Priestess.”

Song, eager, her hands trembling, slid out of her robe to kneel naked at the young woman’s feet, grasped Tanya’s hips as she leaned in close to gently kiss her pussy… then the High Priestess’ tongue emerged to lick.

“Mmmmmmm,” she moaned, her inexpert but eager tongue tracing Tanya’s labia. She buried her face between the teen’s legs, sucking at the copious flow of thick juices from Tanya’s sex… delicately at first, then hungrily, wanting more.

Song feasted on Tanya as if she would drink her, slipping her tongue deep into her cunt, licking her distended clit, pushing her legs further apart so that she might put her entire mouth on Tanya’s dewy flower. The High Priestess of Venus feasted on her wet pussy and Tanya put her pale hands into her short blonde hair, and caressed her head, moaning.

Behind her Mondra, naked now, pressed her body against Tanya’s, kissing the back of her neck, fondling her breasts. Mondra’s nipples brushed deliciously against her bare skin as the preteen girl licked and kissed her ear, moaning. “Oh God, I want this! I want it so bad!”

Tanya smiled. “Okay.”

And with that she quickly extricated herself from Song’s and Mondra’s embrace, nudging the young maid into the arms of the High Priestess.

Song swung her head toward Tanya, mouth open, staring at her questioningly.

“Go on,” Tanya smiled wickedly. “Kiss her.”

Song turned back to the naked girl in her arms, and she and Mondra stared at each other awkwardly for a brief moment. But the erotic force unleashed by the Gift was too great for them to withstand. The High Priestess leaned into the preteen girl, her mouth seeking Mondra’s. The girl’s lips parted, and soon the older woman was passionately kissing the younger, both moaning into each other’s mouths.

“Oh, God,” Song managed, tearing her lips away from Mondra’s to speak, “oh, God, it’s so good! So good!”

Tanya could feel every sensation they were experiencing, from Song’s bare body to Mondra’s, and she could feel it making her hotter yet, hot enough to feed the fire of both women and then some. She pressed herself into Mondra from behind, reaching down to cup the young girl’s ass as they continued to kiss like lovers.

“Yeah,” she moaned into Mondra’s ear, making her moan back. “Oh, yeah, kiss her. Give her your tongue.” She felt between her own legs, sank two fingers into her own pussy, knowing that they could feel her doing it. “That’s right, Mondra, kiss her. Then I want you to fuck her. Fuck her just like you want to fuck me.”

Mondra whimpered but did as she was told, her tongue plunging in and out of Song’s mouth as she kissed the High Priestess avidly. Tanya believed she had never before been made love to with such hunger as she saw between the woman and the child. Mmmm, so eager!

Song held the maid around the waist and kissed her passionately… then she crawled onto the bed, pulling Mondra’s naked body atop hers, then fell back with a gasp of delight as Mondra covered Song’s mouth with her own and the two women kissed anew.

Tanya moaned, fondling her breasts and fingering her cunt as she watched Mondra squirming so hotly on top of Song, who threw her white legs open as the maid madly forced her hips against the High Priestess’s open cunt. She wanted them to go even further, though her mouth wouldn’t form the words… but as if they had just then read her mind, Mondra pulled free of Song’s kiss to swing around, straddle Song’s head and press her hot wet cunt down into the High Priestess’s face.

Song purred with pleasure, happily nuzzling Mondra’s dripping pussy. Mondra’s eyes closed and she gasped as the High Priestess began to lick… then she lowered her own face between Song’s thighs to lap the blonde pussy waiting for her.

Tanya watched the spontaneous lesbian sixty-nine between Priestess and servant with intense pleasure. She could feel the couple on the bed, feel their passion, felt it coming off herself, and knew it was going through the house. It was probably beginning to affect all the other women as well.

The idea exciting her, she turned away from the passionate scene and padded, naked and barefoot, into the house. It was a big place. She had to concentrate very hard on not losing her way, or going someplace she shouldn’t. She had only a little time.

She stumbled into the master bedroom, where she wasn’t surprised to find Sister Fiola sitting on her own big bed, squeezing her breasts absently, pressing her thighs together under the book she had left open there. She looked up, startled, to see Tanya, stark naked in her doorway.

Tanya knew the sight of her nakedness was making Fiola even hotter. Both of them. She could sense Fiola’s anticipation, wonder, fear… and lust. She held out her hand, and Fiola willingly put hers into Tanya’s and let the woman draw her up and into her arms. She melted into a kiss with Tanya that surprised them both — with its suddenness, it’s unlooked-for sweetness, its delicate tracery of tongues. Their mouths glistened as they looked into each other’s dazed eyes.

“Quickly,” Tanya said softly, “bring your daughter to Song’s room.” She turned and ran to the door, then turned back to look at the dazed Fiola. “Now!”

Tanya made her way back from the bedroom and followed her nose to the kitchen. She wasn’t surprised to find Solan, the temple cook and Mondra’s mother, sitting spread-legged in a chair not far from the chopping block and the unfinished vegetables. Obviously affected by the sex spell that had enveloped the entire temple, she had hiked up her skirt and was happily masturbating, fingers squishing in her cunt. She looked up only when Tanya was close.

“Come with me,” Tanya breathed. She seized Solan’s hand and led her, almost pulling her out of the kitchen, back through the candlelit corridors, heading for Song’s bedroom.

Song was still on the bottom… Mondra, sweat-sheened, was on top of her, both women still deeply engaged in the act of mutual cunnilingus. As they entered the room Tanya saw Song’s body seize up, bucking wildly as she orgasmed into the young maid’s mouth.

Solan pressed both her hands to her mouth and gasped, “Mondra!”

Mondra’s hair flew back in a damp arc as she lifted her wet face from the pink-blonde pussy of the High Priestess, a look of horror on her thirteen-year-old face “Mama!”

Now, Tanya thought, THIS should be interesting…

Solan was too shocked to speak, her mouth open, hands shaking. She mutely turned to Tanya, her eyes wide and pleading for understanding. Rather than answer Mondra’s mother with words, Tanya swiftly pressed herself up against Solan and kissed her.

She struggled at first, but Tanya let the Gift flow, strong and sure, from her own body into Solan’s… letting the older woman feel the heat from her, from her daughter, and from the High Priestess, all flowing into her shapely, cozy-warm mother body. Solan tried to pull away, but then her struggle weakened, her protest turned into sighs, and she simply stopped fighting and let it happen.

Not enough, Tanya thought. Her pussy ached for more, and she felt as if it was an itch she had to scratch. She directed her need, her lust and her wanting all, all into Solan. I want you to want it! she thought. I want you to need it! Need it as badly as I do — I want your cunt to flow like mine, and I want you to want it so much you will want to make love to the High Priestess of Venus… and to your own daughter!

She was strong, Solan was… resisting the pull to lesbian love and desire with such fervor that Tanya was surprised and impressed. And stimulated; she knew now how sexy it was when the woman struggled. Solan stood against Tanya’s torrent of desire and did not yield easily, as her daughter had. A strong core in her resisted the notion of touching another woman, and as for desiring her beautiful, naked daughter, still in a lesbian embrace just ten feet away — never!

Tanya felt her Gift meet Solan’s resistance… and it only made her own lust more powerful. More focused. Oh, sweet, sweet mama, your unwillingness only makes me want to make you want it more. And more. Want it more… want it as much as I do. To kiss, to love another woman… to feel your pussy moistening at the sight, the touch, the feel and smell of my ripe, swelling breasts, my hot, luscious pussy, now open for you, begging for you to touch it. Touch me… there.

Solan sighed into Tanya’s mouth. Her body relaxed, as if she was surrendering to the hot wet kiss the woman was laying on her, but still she did not yield completely. Emboldened, and yet tantalized by her weakening will, Tanya pressed her harder. Kiss me, she almost breathed against Solan’s lips. Kiss me, sweet mother. Let me feel you surrender to your new lust.

Solan’s arms slowly snaked around Tanya’s waist, almost as if they were moving through lava, slow, hot, bringing deeper heat she could feel burning through her arms. Oh, and her tongue tip, her delicate little tongue tip, now brushing Tanya’s lips, oh yes… As if her love came not all at once, like a dam breaking, but slowly, slowly, a reservoir, vast and dark and hot, finally flowing over the top, the waters still rising, luminous now, her tongue seeking entrance, so softly, so tentatively.

Tanya wanted so badly to open her mouth now to Solan, to, let her in… but she resisted, now, letting Solan’s passion build. And build. You want me? Take me!

Solan’s arms tightened around Tanya’s body… hands closed on the globes of the young girl’s ass and squeezed. Hard enough to hurt — but, oh, god, when she squeezed, it made Tanya quiver with lust and need. It was hard to resist her, but she continued to do so… and was rewarded at last with Solan’s tongue forcing its way between her lips. Oh God, the woman’s mouth was so fucking hot

Solan held Tanya forcefully, tighter than a man would, and tongue-fucked her as if she had just discovered how sweet and lovely a woman’s mouth really was. Tanya moaned, unable to resist the tide of sweet fleshly hunger than surged from Solan now, made her kiss Tanya hungrily and — oh, GOD… slide her index finger deep into Tanya’s cunt from behind!

“Oh!” Tanya gasped as her head spun. She clutched Solan’s beautiful breasts and squeezed them, seeking her nipples, feeling how much the woman now wanted to be touched — touched deep inside, and loved, and made to love. Now a seething cauldron of desire for another woman, Solan probed Tanya’s vagina with her exploring finger as their mouths remained locked together, tongues entwining. Finally, gasping for breath, Tanya threw her head back and panted in ecstasy.

Solan’s mouth, unable to surrender contact with her new lover, trailed down to shower wet kisses on her neck, then down further to her breasts, sucking Tanya’s nipple into her hot mouth, making electricity sizzle through every fiber of the teenager’s body.

Tanya looked lovingly down at Solan’s face nursing at her breasts and thought, I want you bubbling over. I’m gonna turn up the heat on you, until you fuck me inside out… I want you to want me, want ANY woman, as much as you’ve ever wanted anything before.

Tanya stroked the cook’s damp curls and heard the deep satisfied purr that came from her. She licked her lips, bringing her mouth to the woman’s ear, flicking the lobe with her tongue, then whispering “Sweet Solan… I want you.”

Solan’s eyes shone. “I… I want you too,” she breathed, and drew Tanya into her arms again, hands on her back, pulling her into another wet, passionate kiss. Completely willing. Eager. Impatient, even.

“I want you naked,” Tanya breathed in her ear, kissing her.

“Yes,” Solan sobbed. “Yes! Oh, yes!” She fumbled for her apron strings.

Solan frantically undressed herself, and Tanya helped, touching and caressing the woman’s bare skin as it was revealed. Every touch and caress brought forth a little more from Solan, more heat, more impatience… more desire. Tanya fed Solan’s growing lust for lesbian sex with the power of the Gift — like blowing on a hot coal to make it burn all the more brightly. It was so much fun to feel her impatience, how eager Solan was to bare herself to Tanya, to her fingers, her knowing lips, her warm, wet tongue… yes, she was already anticipating it! Already she was feeling the hunger of a thousand new sensations a woman’s love could bring her, and she wanted it all!

Solan all but ripped her bra from her shoulders, then pushed down her panties. Her eyes locked on Tanya’s, she reached behind her head and undid her hair. She shook it out — and Tanya was delighted and aroused to see how long it was, how dark, how full. She couldn’t help reaching for it, to touch it — and Solan stepped into her arms, her mouth open and falling on Tanya’s, kissing her with a strength that took her breath away.

Tanya couldn’t stand it. “On the bed,” she gasped. “Oh, Solan, please — please lick me!”

Solan spun her around like a child and Tanya’s knees buckled as she fell on the bed. Solan was already kneeling before Tanya as she parted her thighs, lifting her feet high, exposing herself to Solan’s hungry gaze, lightly caressing her cleft. “I am yours,” Tanya husked. “Take me, any way you want.”

Solan seemed mesmerized by the teenage girl’s open pussy as she stroked Tanya’s lifted legs with her palms, slowly…. from ankle, to knee, over her knees, down her thighs, back up to her knees, down to her feet again, squeezing them, making Tanya thrill at her strength and gentleness. All the time gazing at the young woman’s open cunt… the auburn pubes, the moistened labia, the protruding and aching clitoris. Solan’s hands trailed up her legs again, over her knees — Tanya bit her lip — down, oh, down her soft inner thighs. Slowly lowering her face, she kissed Tanya’s pussy as tenderly as she had her mouth.

Tanya gasped, and Solan looked up at her, smiling, pleased with the reaction she had gotten. She bent down to kiss her younger lover’s sex again. The girl’s hips surged up, trying to capture Solan’s mouth, and the woman grinned, delighted.

Her eyes locked on Tanya’s, Solan parted her lips to place a wet, open-mouthed kiss on the teen girl’s pussy, then took Tanya’s flower in her mouth. Her tongue probed into the girl’s dewy opening, making her whimper. “Oh…”

It was all Tanya could do not to come right then. “Lick my pussy,” she told Solan, her voice dark and low. “Lick it, sweet angel. Oooh, YES, lover!”

And suddenly Solan ate at her cunt voraciously, lustily. Her tongue, oh… her tongue was sliding in and out of her pussy, touching her everywhere, flicking her clit, brushing her labia, dipping so far down inside her that it made her hips rock. Tanya was panting “Oh yes — yes, baby, make me come! Make me COME, sweet lover, OHHHHH!”

Solan’s strong hands stroked Tanya’s open legs, brushed her thighs. Then one hand slipped below to fondle the young girl’s bottom. Tanya inhaled sharply as she felt the cook’s finger toying with the crease of her ass… then cried out loud when Solan took Tanya’s clit between her lips and sucked the throbbing tip. She was shaking now, her breath rasping in her lungs. Suddenly Solan slid her finger deep into Tanya’s ass with a single smooth stroke.

She seized Solan’s head as she exploded in a frenzied orgasm, drawing the woman’s face deeper into her cunt. Solan was more than ready, her teeth nipping at Tanya’s clit. “Oh, GOD!” Tanya wailed, and ground herself on Solan’s face as she felt her climax build, and build, and build, until another orgasm took her, shook her, made her hips convulse, made her, made her, OH!

She screamed, her cunt drenching Solan’s face as she bucked like a wild stallion on the bed. Finally, panting, Tanya reached for Solan, pulled her up between her legs, enfolding her in a passionate embrace. They kissed deep and hard, breasts pressed firmly together. Tanya kissed Solan wildly until they both were gasping, tasting her cunt on the woman’s lips, sharing the flavor of it with her.

Tanya held Solan close, their bodies pleasurably entwined, her lips on the woman’s neck, Solan’s hand resting lightly on her breast… then she looked up to see Fiola, wide-eyed and enthralled, staring at them. She stood next to her daughter Rebekah, a darling girl of eleven whose eyes were big as saucers, her childish mouth open as she stared at Solan lying naked with Tanya… at Mondra kissing the High Priestess while fingering Song’s cunt. Almost unconsciously, the little girl pressed one hand against the budding breasts beneath her gown.

Tanya smiled to see them. As hard as she’d just come, her body and soul still craved more, and she knew that her hunger was feeding theirs. She could feel their shock, and their even deeper arousal, and it made Tanya even hotter than she’d been just minutes ago. “Hi,” she breathed to Fiola and Rebekah, her arms still entwined about Solan, feeling the cook’s kisses on her neck as she stroked the woman’s bare back. “I want you two to see something.”

She turned to Solan and kissed her sweetly, then extricated herself from the woman’s loving embrace. She shifted on the enormous bed, turning her attention to Song and Mondra. The High Priestess lay beneath the preteen girl, both women still kissing hungrily, their fingers working expertly in each other’s hot, wet cunts.

Tanya lowered her face to kiss Song’s breast, and the High Priestess moaned, turning towards her. “Did you enjoy making love to Mondra?” she asked softly. Song nodded, unable to speak.

Then Tanya looked at the flushed face of Mondra. “Do you like to touch the High Priestess’s pussy?” Nuzzling Song’s breasts, the young girl nodded. “Did you enjoy tasting her, making her come?” An even harder nod. Tanya smiled, her lips touching Mondra’s ear as she whispered “Want to take it to the next level…?”

Mondra, eyes suddenly fixed on her, licked her lips and nodded once more.

Tanya smiled. “Then let me show you something.” She turned to Mondra’s mother. “Solan, kneel up here.” She made room for the older woman to get onto the bed facing her daughter, hands pressed between her thighs.

Tanya knelt between naked mother and daughter on the bed, and enjoyed the way they looked at each other — hungry, aroused, uncertain, a little afraid, a little intrigued. Tanya smiled, reached between them, taking one of their breasts in each hand and stroking it. Mondra gasped, Solan sighed. Their nipples were alike, yet unalike… and Tanya loved to touch them both, feel their heat. The heat they had for her.

She turned to Mondra and kissed her, softly. The younger woman whimpered, but eagerly tongue-kissed her, and Tanya tasted Song’s cunt on her face. “You’re so beautiful,” she breathed into her mouth. “I want you so much.”

“I want you,” Mondra moaned back, closing her eyes.

Tanya turned to Solan now, heavy-lidded, moist-lipped. “Your daughter is so lovely,” she breathed to her mother. “I love kissing her. She kisses like you.” She pressed her wet lips to Solan’s. Her little squeak of protest only fed Tanya’s desire.

She licked her lips as she leaned back. “Mmm,” she turned to Mondra, “your mom’s got my pussy all over her face.” She turned her head, came closer. “Taste me…” Tanya kissed the young maid, and heard the same soft squeak from her. She could feel Mondra’s tongue lick her lips, purring with pleasure at Tanya’s flavor.

Tanya turned to look at Fiola, still clothed, clutching the shoulders of her daughter, both of them staring at Mondra and Solan on the bed with Tanya. Rebakah’s little mouth was open, her lips moist. The girl trembled at what she was watching. Trembled with anticipation… and desire.

Tanya turned back to Mondra and Solan, mother and daughter seated on the bed with her, and gave them each a sweet smile. She took one hand from each and placed them on her own breasts. She closed her eyes and arched her back when they both began to knead her large, hard-nippled tits.

They learned quickly. Their hands circled her breasts, not touching the nipples, just barely brushing them, making her sigh. She bit her lip as Mondra and Solan moved closer to her… then the hands of mother and daughter made contact.

She could feel the electricity between them as if it passed through her nipples. They were feeling their own first lesbian desire for her, and now their desire seemed to slowly encompass one another. Tanya felt how powerful their arousal was as she bit her lip harder, fighting the urge to bring the two together to kiss. She had to let events unfold on their own. If she made them go slow, get closer on their own — it would be oh, so much better. So much hotter.

She concentrated on the feeling of mother and daughter touching her breasts. Oh, now Solan used both her hands… and now, so did Mondra. They caressed, and stroked, and their fingers touched, glided over, interlaced, fell away, re-engaged… Tanya moaned to feel four hands fondling her now, mother and daughter stroking her breasts and each other’s hands at the same time. Drawing, slowly, closer. And closer…

Tanya cupped her breasts in her hands. “Lick them,” she breathed.

And Solan, then Mondra bent closer to kiss her pale skin, to lick the soft, warm flesh… then each took a nipple into a warm, wet mouth. “Oh yes,” Tanya moaned, as mother and daughter shared her. “Oh, yes, my sweet lovers. Your lips feel so good on my breasts. Mmmmmm.”

Their heads close together, mother and daughter each sucked one of Tanya’s nipples as she looked down on them. So alike they looked… yet, so different. Mondra so fresh, Solan so earthy and hungry. A delicate young girl and an experienced older woman, their lips on her flesh, her nipples in their hot mouths. She rolled her head back at the sensation of mother and daughter joining together to make love to her.

Tanya then drew Mondra’s face up to hers and kissed her hotly, then whispered in her ear. “Suck your mother’s nipple, now, lover,” she husked to the young girl. “Go on — do to her like you did to me.”

Mondra hesitated, but only for a moment… then lowered her head down to her mother’s hanging breasts, kissing the one closest to her.

Solan, her eyes closed, opened them slightly… then, as her daughter’s lips closed on her nipple and sucked at it, arched her eyebrows, as if to concede that yes, it was her daughter at her breast — it was her daughter sucking her nipple, and God, it felt so good!

Tanya watched them, her chest heaving. “All right,” she said, “Mondra, suck my nipple again. Solan… I want to see you licking your daughter’s nipple at the same time.”

A quick look of shock and mutual trepidation passed between them, and then Mondra had Tanya’s nipple between her lips again. Solan gently touched Mondra’s bare breast for the first time, eyes wide with wonder, then slowly bent and touched her tongue to her daughter’s erect nipple. Mondra sighed, and turned to offer her breast to her mother.

To Tanya’s delight, Solan’s mouth became eager, taking in the pink tip of her daughter’s smaller breast, sucking it strongly, surely… then her free hand took her child’s other breast, and fondled it openly. Palmed it, thumbed her nipple, caressing it, making love to it.

Making love to her, Tanya thought. That’s what I want.

As if she read Tanya’s mind, Mondra reached to her mother’s hanging breast, and began to caress it with loving strokes. She was more comfortable with touching her mother this way, now. More experienced. More desiring.

Mondra sat up straight and, thoughtfully licking her lips, looked down at her mother, still nursing at her breast. Solan, looking up, saw the adoring look on her daughter’s face, and sat up to face her.

Tanya didn’t dare to breathe. She watched as wide-eyed Solan, her lips parted, leaned close to a trembling Mondra. Their lips touched, mother to daughter, and their eyes closed as they gently brushed them together in a little try-it-out kiss. They moved apart, opening their eyes, their beautiful blue eyes, each looking deep into the other’s soul… and the answer there was yes.

They melted back together, mother kissing daughter, and Tanya saw and heard the liquid sound of their tongues engaging, dueling with each other as their kiss grew hot and hungry. And as she put her hands on their backs to feel their desire grow, she felt the deep forbidden thrill of breaking a double taboo — lesbian love, and lesbian incest.

Mondra pulled back first. “I love you,” she gasped. “Oh, Mama, I love you!”

“I love you too,” Solan crooned, cupping her baby’s breasts. “Oh, sweet Mondra, my angel!”

“I’m going to kiss you again, Mama,” Mondra swallowed.

Solan’s breath was ragged. “I want you to, darling.”

Really kiss you, Mama.”

“Oh, baby, please…” Solan breathed, “Make love to me.” She closed her eyes, her moist lips parting for her daughter.

With a whimper of lust and delight and forbidden desire, Mondra claimed her mother’s open mouth with her own, throwing her arms around Solan’s neck as the older woman hugged her waist.

Tanya, wide-eyed, watched mother and daughter kiss like lovers. She couldn’t stop from touching them, caressing the bodies of the incestuous mother and daughter. She hadn’t imagined it would be so hot to watch them, so much alike, now so hungry for each other. She stroked them, nuzzled their ears, their necks… but they only kissed each other, their newly realized desire drawing them together.

Tanya moved away to watch as their hands slipped between each other’s thighs… and she cooed with delight as Solan eased her fingers into her daughter’s glistening pussy, and Mondra began to probe her mother’s wet cunt. Solan moaned and, still feasting on her daughter’s mouth, gently pushed Mondra onto her back. The thirteen-year-old opened her thighs, welcoming the weight of her mother’s mound against her own.

Tanya looked over her shoulder to where Fiola stood, behind the rapt Rebekah… the young girl now touching herself beneath her chiton. Tanya gazed directly into the child’s eyes… and as if in a trance, Rebekah pulled off her chiton to stand naked, her skin pale, her little nipples hard on the soft little rises of her new girlish breasts. She stroked them with her free hand, and in the girl’s eyes was a hunger that sent Tanya’s lust soaring.

Her pussy throbbing as if with a life of its own, Tanya rose onto her knees and stepped off the bed. Fiola and Rebekah stood, enthralled, as the languid girl padded towards them. She reached out, and with one finger she traced the hollow at the top of Fiola’s breastbone. “Take it off,” she whispered.

Fiola, trembling, did as she was bid, drawing her purple chiton off to stand naked in front of Tanya. She rested one hand on her daughter’s bare shoulder. “What — what’s happening to me?” she quavered. “You — you’re somehow– somehow making this happen.”

Tanya was too high to care. “It’s the Gift of Venus,” she said, her voice breathy and tender. “Bringing the gift of love.” She looked back to where Mondra lay on top of her mother, kissing her deeply, her hand half buried in Solan’s pussy. “They feel it. They can love without exception. Without reservation. Without fear or guilt or shame.”

As if to emphasize Tanya’s point, Mondra suddenly swiveled her body around atop Solan’s, straddling her mother’s face. Solan moaned happily at the sight of her child’s dripping pussy, then eagerly extended her tongue to taste Mondra for the first time. Liking what she found, the older woman reached up to grasp her daughter’s hips, drawing the girl’s cunt down to settle on her open mouth.

Mondra cried out, palming her breasts as her mother ate her pussy… then she lowered her face between Solan’s thighs to lick at her mother.

The other four women in the room stared at the erotic spectacle unfolding before them. Song sat in a nearby chair, two fingers buried in her cunt, her mouth slack from pleasure. Fiola’s arms encircled Rebekah, her naked body pressed against that of her daughter. Tanya lightly brushed her own nipples with her fingertips, sighing happily as she watched mother and daughter fuck.

On the bed Solan lay under her daughter, legs spread wide. Her daughter Mondra, hair wild and flowing, lay reversed on top of her mother, her mouth sunk deep into her own mother’s thick pubes, sucking at her wet pussy. Tanya could hear the helpless moans of lust from Solan, the wet sound of the woman’s tongue probing her thirteen-year-old daughter’s vagina. She trembled to feel the incestuous lesbian need coursing through them like a whirlpool. Lust feeding on lust. Mother and daughter, who never before even knew they could want another woman, were now making love with a hunger that seemed to charge the very air of the room.

Fiola, now as naked as her little girl, stood looking on Solan and Mondra making love, her hands now touching her own daughter, stroking the eleven-year-old girl’s budding chest, her smooth stomach, tracing down to within inches of Rebekah’s little-girl vagina. Rebekah herself swayed as if she was intoxicated, her lips parted as she watched Mondra feast on her mother’s pussy.

Tanya came closer, and Fiola and Rebekah turned their expectant faces to her, ready for anything. “I love this,” Tanya said to them. “I love it when two women who never touched each other before find they enjoy sharing their bodies as lovers. And when it’s a mother sharing with her daughter… there’s no sweeter joy in this world.” She placed a hand upon Fiola and Rebekah’s bare shoulders, leaning in close to whisper, “I’d love to see you two kiss.”

It was as if she had given them permission. Fiola leaned forward just as Rebekah turned her head to meet her mother’s mouth with a gulp of delight and girlish pleasure. They kissed, gently at first… then harder, deeper, their tongues coming to life at the same instant. Fiola’s hands found and caressed her daughter’s breasts, teasing her nipples. Rebekah made a tiny sound of surprise and delight, stroking her mother’s arm, covering Fiola’s hands as they cupped her baby breasts.

“Oh, yes,” Tanya whispered. “Oh, you look so beautiful doing that. Keep kissing. Let me see you make love to each other.”

Fiola turned Rebekah to her, brushing the girl’s wayward hair back from her face, and they traded nervous, slightly self-conscious smiles. The air was full of the scent of aroused women and girls… and Tanya knew they could scent their own arousal, and that of the other mother-daughter couple on the bed. They cupped each others’ faces, closed their eyes, and their mouths came together in a tender, sweet, and very passionate kiss.

Tanya licked her lips as mother and daughter finally broke apart, dreamy expressions on their faces. “You love your little girl, don’t you, Fiola? Really love her.”

Fiola turned to her. “Oh, yes. Now I — Now I understand how much I love her.” She turned to her daughter, stroking her face as she smiled. “How much I want to love her. How about you, honey…?”

“I love you, too, Mommy,” the adolescent said, stroking her mother’s face, touching her lips. “You’re so beautiful. I want to touch you so much… ” They gently kissed, then opened their eyes and smiled at each other. “I love kissing you, Mommy. I could just do it… ” She closed her eyes and pressed her lips to her mother’s, and Tanya watched as the little girl licked at Fiola’s mouth, “…forever.” And with that, Rebekah seemed to melt into her mother’s arms, offering herself up to the woman who had given her life.

Fiola and Rebekah clung to each other, kissing passionately, and Tanya felt their lust grow.

“Do you love each other… like that?” she purred, indicating Solan and Mondra, still eating each other’s cunts on the bed.

Fiola and Rebekah, holding and caressing each other, watched mother and daughter make love. Then Fiola turned to her child with a loving smile. “Would you like to do that with me, Rebekah?”

The little girl tossed her hair back. “Yes!” she gasped, her eyes flashing with excitement. “Do you want to?”

“I do,” Fiola nodded, and smiled. “I want to love you like that, baby. So much.”

Rebekah kissed her, hard, tongue quickly flashing into her mother’s mouth for emphasis. “Love me, Mommy. Love me like Mondra loves her mother. I want — I want to be yours.”

“Let’s get closer,” Fiola breathed, her eyes flicking from the other mother-daughter couple to her own little girl, “and see how they’re doing it.”

Tanya eagerly watched as the woman and her child daughter got onto the bed next to Solan and Mondra, the two incestuous lovers still locked in a wet, hot sixty-nine. Fiola’s eyes glowed as brightly as Rebekah’s, and she tenderly cupped her child’s breasts.

Rebekah’s breathing was so ragged, her color so high, Tanya wondered how the girl could keep from leaping on her mother in that instant. “I’ve never seen women make love before,” she breathed.

Fiola stroked the hair from her daughter’s forehead. “Me either. I never… never knew incest could be so… ” She bit her lip. “So good.”

“Is that what this is, Mommy?” and the little girl turned her head to look into her mother’s eyes. “Incest?”

“Lesbian incest,” her mother whispered, bending to kiss her child’s forehead. “Mother… and daughter.”

“Daughter,” and Rebekah offered her mouth up, her eyes closed, “and mother. Love me, Mommy.”

They kissed passionately as Tanya stood over them, two fingers deep in her own pussy as she watched them make out, Rebekah atop her mother next to the sixty-nining Solan and Mondra. Then Rebekah turned her body around to face Fiola’s feet.

Now lying on their sides, Fiola and Rebekah reached for one another’s hips as they parted their thighs… and mother and daughter pressed their hungry mouths to the wet and secret places where their lust was blooming. The happy sigh they both gave as they began to kiss each other’s pussy, then lick, then tongue one another deep inside… the joy of watching Rebekah and Fiola exploring, enjoying their bodies… it made Tanya’s pussy throb.

Side by side, mistresses and servants, two mother-daughter couples — making love to one another for the first time, reveling in their forbidden passions, the pleasures of their wet cunts, their asses, their breasts… and oh, how they loved it!

They loved it! Tanya could almost sob at the beauty of it. These feelings were not perverted, were not deranged or bad — they had been deepened… and Mondra licked her mother’s anus with as much devotion and care as Rebekah showed in her tender nuzzling of her mother’s clitoris.

The deep maternal love Solan had for Mondra was just as much there as before, only now it was with her tongue buried deep inside her beautiful blue-eyed daughter, and was equally as sweet and tender as Fiola’s pressing of her mouth into Rebekah’s entire hairless slit and lapping her, over and over again, from clit to asshole, loving the taste of her daughter, loving the way their daughters pleasured them, their tenderness blending seamlessly into lust, fanning the flames of their need for the women who bore them, the children they bore, now the lovers who sucked their cunts and touched their skin and loved them, loved them as child, as mother, as sweet incestuous lovers.

The feeling they gave off was more than lust, more than mere passion. This new love they had for each other merged seamlessly, blended effortlessly with the old… so it was no longer such a different thing for mother to peck her daughter on the cheek, or to fuck her mouth with a loving tongue. No different to touch her hand, or to hold her naked sweaty body close, teasing her nipples with playful little bites. All the same to hug her and to kiss her with her mouth full of the sweet taste of her pussy, trading her own flavor back, sweet and thick. Love and lust were one and the same, only a small distance apart. A pat on her fanny could be a wet finger deep in her ass. A kiss hello could be the prelude to undressing her, falling to her knees and licking her sugary pudenda.

Tanya felt the room pulsing with the precious love of mother and daughter, for all mothers and daughters, loving each other with little kisses and fingers buried deep in hungry orifices, sharing soul-shattering orgasms — oh yes! Like that one!

As in a dream, Tanya watched the four of them come apart, and then, with smiles and caresses and deep tongue kisses, Mondra kissed and stroked the tits of Fiola, and Solan clasped little Rebekah in her hands, covering the little girl’s mouth with her own.

She watched smiling as a cooing Fiola nestled her face into Mondra’s open crotch as Solan sank her tongue deep into Rebekah’s hairless quim. The daughters ended up side by side as their mothers tongue-fucked them, their hands touching, then they shyly linked fingers. They smiled at each other, almost lost in the deep maternal lust they felt, then they moved together and kissed, softly, like young girls ought to, their little tongues playing together… then locking their lips together in close, sweet passion.

Tanya felt soft arms wind around her body, and turned into Song’s embrace. The High Priestess’ mouth sought hers, and Tanya reached down to cup Song’s ass while they kissed. Their naked bodies pressed together, Song grinding her thigh against Tanya’s throbbing, wet pussy.

Breaking their kiss, Tanya glanced over Song’s shoulder as Mondra eagerly rolled Fiola onto her back, dipping her face between the woman’s legs to eat her cunt, while Rebekah did the same with Solan… and now it was the daughters holding the mothers’ thighs wide, mouths pressed to their pussies, and now it was Fiola who opened her eyes to look down, then at Rebekah licking Solan, then at Solan, smiling at her, reaching for her hand.

They held hands tenderly, looking deep into each other’s eyes. It was Fiola who said, “I love you,” to the other mother, and Solan who replied, “I love you, too!” They moved to kiss, a soft, mother-to-mother kiss that spoke of how fine and good their newfound lust for their daughters was… and now, for one another.

Their desire grew, and grew… and suddenly Fiola had Solan on her back and was kissing her, then trailed her tongue down the cook’s body before settling down to feast on Solan’s pussy.

The two daughters watched, holding hands, then they looked into each other’s eyes. They leaned close to kiss, eyes open, softly, tentatively — then they grinned, and giggled, and kissed hotly, groaning, before their hands stole between one another’s thighs to fondle their adolescent slits. The two young girls lay back together, arranging their bodies so Rebekah was on the bottom, her mouth deep in Mondra’s open cunt, and Mondra feasted on the wet pussy of the thirteen-year-old as avidly as her mother ate out Fiola.

Song, somehow knowing that Tanya needed to see the incest that unfolded before her fevered gaze, knelt behind the teenage girl and began planting soft, sweet kisses on her buttocks. Tanya purred happily, then inhaled sharply as the High Priestess gently parted her cheeks and pressed her tongue into the girl’s ass crack, eagerly rimming her.

Head spinning from Song’s loving attentions, Tanya watched the passionate games that daughters and mothers played before her on the bed. Hands felt for hands, caressed faces pressed between parted thighs, sweat-glazed breasts brushed together, naked women and girls moving and melting into each other. Fiola was eating Rebekah, who was lapping hungrily at Mondra, who was eating her mother, who was licking Fiola. A closed chain of love.

Suddenly all four women shuddered, exploding together in a torrential four-way orgasm… and Tanya gasped to feel how powerful it was, how heavily it shook her, like an ocean wave crashing her into a seawall.

Rebekah moaned, “Oh, Mommy, I’m coming!”

“YES, baby!” Fiola panted, tossing a sweaty strand of hair from her face. “Come for Mommy!”

“Oh — oh — oh, Mommy! Mommy, I love you!”

“I love you, Mama,” Mondra panted, squeezing her mother’s breast.

“Oh, honey,” Solan moaned, “this is heavenly,” nibbling at her daughter’s lips, then claiming Mondra’s mouth in a hungry kiss.

“It’s so wonderful,” Fiola panted, “I just sucked my baby daughter’s sweet little pussy, then she licked me… and — and it still isn’t enough. I want to make love to her again — what about you, baby?” She kissed Rebekah’s little thirteen-year-old mouth, her tongue emerging to lick around the little girl’s pussy-wet lips.

“I want to fuck you again, Mommy,” Rebekah moaned, cuddling her tits. “I love doing this — I love making you come!”

Song rose from her kneeling position at Tanya’s ass, and drew the young redhead into her arms, kissing her hungrily. “It’s… it’s all because of you!” she gasped happily, holding Tanya’s face to her breast. “Sweet, sweet, precious child of Venus! You make us all realize the power of love…”

Dizzy with possibility, hungry from Song’s kisses, fired by the sight of beautiful girls and women making love around her, Tanya could only moan happily.

The End



Sharing With Erin

  • Posted on February 1, 2020 at 3:58 pm

by Author Unknown

Reworked by JetBoy for Juicy Secrets

All right, site detectives… can anyone find the original of this one? The basic plot is the same, though I gave it a major coat of polish.


I took off Erin’s jeans and panties together, eager for her. She giggled and kept her legs closed, teasing me. Kneeling between her legs, I eased them apart, revealing her pussy, cooing as the scent of her excitement wafted to my nose. Her hair was very fine on her mound, sparse and light brown. I kissed one knee, then the other, nuzzling my way down her thighs as she opened them wide for me.

I saw the ring then, small and golden, nestled between her pussy lips. I dipped my head and ran my tongue between her lips as she opened, tasting her. Moaning, she rolled her hips, her fingers in my hair, urging me to her as my teeth closed on the ring and pulled. She could tell that I was excited by my discovery by the way my tongue moved as I kissed her wetness.

“Oh, Jenny,” she moaned, her fingers tightening in my hair. I flicked her ring with my tongue. “Have you ever seen anyone pierced like this before?”

I knew I shouldn’t have said it, but blurted it out anyway. The good wine, the heady excitement of sex, the taste of her… all combined to cloud my senses.

“Only my mom,” I said.

Her body stilled under my kisses. I licked at her, my tongue lightly brushing her clit.

“Your mom?” Her voice was thick, no longer passionate, but I was not sure what else it was. “Your mother is pierced? And you — you’ve seen her?”

I let my nod answer, licking her, not wanting the mood to change, wanting to make love with her, hoping she would not be shocked, knowing she was anyway.

But there were lots of reasons a daughter might know her mother wore a gold ring in her clitoris. Nude beaches. Casual bathroom scenes. Any number of things.

Or the daughter could have been lying naked between her mother’s thighs and kissing her cunt, just as I was now with Erin.

I had met Erin just that day. I saw her and wanted her and within moments of talking to her, I knew she wanted me too. I am tall and well-rounded, blonde and blue-eyed, and easily attract attention. Just like my mother.

These things went through my mind as I licked Erin, trying to bring her mind back to lovemaking. She was too curious — or freaked out? — to let me, though.

“How… I mean, when…” She had to ask.

I moved from between her legs and lay down next to her. Softly, I kissed her lips, seeing her eyes were open. Sighing, I decided I had nothing to lose by being honest. Either she would be totally turned off or it would excite her… so I finally spoke.

“Erin, my mother and I are very close.”

She let me kiss her, then pulled away to look at me. “How close?”

My fingers moved between her legs, toying with the ring. “Very close.”

“Oh, God,” she murmured–partly with shock, partly because of my fingers. “You’re… you’re kidding, right?”

“No,” I answered simply, kissing her ardently as I lay next to her, easing a finger inside her cunt.

“You have — have made love with your…”

“Yes,” I answered, punctuating my answer by pushing my finger into her even deeper.

“Oh, God.”

I stopped her from saying more by covering her mouth with mine, letting my body speak to hers, wanting to bring her back into the moment, the touch of my fingers moving in and out of her, the sweet taste of my lips on her own, the warmth of my body against hers.

Erin whimpered under me, and I could sense her excitement returning, building. She arched her back, pressing her slender body to mine, her sex onto my finger as her tongue slipped into my mouth. Then she broke the kiss and gazed at me, lips parted and breathing heavily. “Oh, Jenny,” she sighed, “that excites me.”

In a moment I was sure of it as she pushed me back onto the bed, trailing kisses down my body, biting each nipple a little harder than just for pure pleasure, then moving down, down between my long legs, touching my clit with her lips, then suddenly licking my pussy gently. Her tongue was hot and playful and I squirmed, raising my arms over my head and palming my breasts and their hard nipples. It was sheer delight.

“Jenny,” she said, pausing in her licking, “tell me.”

Tell her. Tell her how I became my mother’s lover. As if it were that easy.


Delia is an amazing woman. She was seventeen when I was born, thirty-three when we first made love. Free-spirited and uninhibited, she began playing with other women when quite young, then with men later.

She was married, briefly, before she met my father. When they did meet, the sparks flew, so she left her husband and took up with Dad and another woman named Tina, a ménage a trois that kept them quite happy for a few years. They broke up, then she reunited with Tina on my fifteenth birthday.

Shortly after I was born, Mom decided to go to graduate school to study advanced design. She supported us by becoming a nude model. Mom had been featured before in a men’s magazine, and her sister had done two porn movies. It wasn’t like any of the women in my family were very shy about showing off their bodies.

I gazed deep into Erin’s expectant eyes as she ate me, then took a deep breath.

“We were doing a modeling shoot,” I began. “A mother and daughter thing. Nude.”

“Totally nude?” asked Erin, pausing in her licking, the uncertainty and awe clear in her voice.

“Not a stitch,” I nodded. “I’d modeled before, but this was the first time I’d ever done a shoot naked.” God, her tongue was so wonderful, such a delight. I lowered my hands and ran my fingers through her hair as my other hand lightly caressed my breasts.

“The photographer had the stylist braid our hair together for some of the shots, so we couldn’t move apart at all. The photos themselves weren’t sexual, really, they were more artistic… but I felt incredibly aroused anyhow — because the slightest movement would cause my breast to touch hers, or her naked hip to brush mine. Anyway, there was a lot of our skin touching one another. And we had our arms around each other most of the time.”

“Oh, God,” Erin murmured, laying her head on my shoulder and caressing my breast. “This is so turning me on.” She nestled her face into my shoulder for a moment, then bent her lips to my nipple and let her hand play across my mound, fingers teasing my clit. Her slim thighs found one of mine and pulled it up tight to press against her sex. “Tell me more.”

“Well, at first, we tried not to brush against one another more than we could help,” I breathed, “but it felt so good when we did that we… well, we kinda started brushing our bodies together on purpose.” I inhaled sharply as Erin lightly teased my clit with her finger. “Not too much, just enough so no one at the session would notice. We kept giving each other these big naughty smiles, like we were totally getting away with something. Mmmm, that feels so nice, Erin.” I sighed deeply as she touched me, savoring the thrill of her lips on my nipple.

“Once we were done, the photographer had hired a limo to take us home… and after the shoot, we threw on our clothes and slipped into the back seat, kind of flushed and very aroused. Neither of us had put on our panties or bras, we just tucked them into our bags… so we were both completely naked under our dresses. I was feeling hotter than a pistol, knowing I was going to get myself off as soon as I got home and to my room.”

Erin nuzzled my neck as her finger slid in and out of me. I was on fire, both from her touch and knowing how much it was turning her on to hear about my first time with Mom. I’d never told anyone before, and found myself getting deeper and deeper into the idea of sharing the memory with a lover.

“I glanced over at Mom at some point and was kinda surprised to see her with her hand between her legs, touching her pussy. It was such a sexy sight that I think I gasped out loud. But what really surprised me was that she didn’t stop fingering herself after I caught her. In fact, she spread her legs even wider, putting herself on display for me. She had such a… such a bad-girl expression on her face, I can still picture it.”

I sucked in my breath again as her finger pumped my dripping cunt. “I couldn’t just sit there and watch her anymore — so I slid across the seat to her. As I did, the hem of my dress caught and rode up my legs until my pussy was showing.”

Erin giggled. “You slut,” She withdrew from me, running her wet fingers through my pubes.

“Hush, now… we’re getting to the good part. Mom sat up as I came near her, just… looking at me. Now, I’d been nude with her nearly all day, and she’d seen me without clothes thousands of times before. But this was different and we both knew it… and she was turned on. I was too. So I came close and kissed her on the mouth — not a daughter’s kiss to her mother, but a real kiss, a kiss of passion.”

Erin kissed me hungrily to let me know that she knew exactly what I meant, then moved again, making her way down between my breasts. “Go on.” Her soft brown hair tickled my skin.

“As we kissed, I ran my fingers up her leg, up her bare thigh. I felt her pressing into me, wanting it as much as I did. I still remember how wet her cunt was the first time I touched her there. Her mouth opened and she gasped, then whispered, ‘I love you, Jennifer.’ I smiled and said that I loved her too, and her thighs opened wide for me. We kissed again, my fingers opening her cunt, and she wrapped her arms around me as I made love to her.”

“Damn…” Erin breathed, pausing to trail her tongue over my tummy.

“Mmmm… Okay, so I was working my fingers in and out of her, and then I felt her hand between my legs, caressing my pussy. Oh, Erin…” I purred happily as she trailed a line of soft kisses down my body. My head spun, but I continued, knowing how hot my story was making her. “She had just slipped the tip of her finger inside me when, all of a sudden, the limo stopped outside our house.” I giggled, remembering. “Oh, man, was that a shock! We had to get about ten seconds to get ourselves apart and covered up before the driver opened the door.”

“Wow,” Erin said again. “Did he catch you?” She was teasing me with feather-light kisses, brushing her lips all around my cunt without actually touching me there.

“No,” I grinned wickedly, “but the car reeked of pussy, so who knows what he was thinking?”

“So… what then?”

“Oh, we got inside as fast as we could scoot ourselves– and as soon as the front door closed behind us, Mom pushed me back against it and kissed me, hard. I remember sucking on her tongue. Then she knelt at my feet, tore off my skirt, and put her hands on my ass, pulled me forward just a bit… and the next thing I felt was her mouth on my cunt.”

“Wow,” Erin said, “that must have been incredible.”

“It was,” I gasped as her tongue traced slowly along my labia. “I’d never been licked or even touched there by someone else, and Mom was so good at it. She only had to eat my pussy for a minute or two before I was coming so hard I nearly fell over.”

“Wow,” Erin said again.

“Then she kissed me again, and I could taste my pussy all over her lips and tongue. It had me hot all over again, and I knew I had to do that to her — lick her the same way.”

“God, this is making me crazy,” she murmured into my pubes.

“I started tearing her clothes off. I ripped her skirt, but she only laughed. Anyhow, once she was naked I just started making out with Mom like I was possessed — groping her, biting her, kissing again and again… I had my way with her for awhile, got her so hot she was hyperventilating. Then I was between her thighs and nuzzling her. I’d never eaten pussy before, but somehow I knew exactly how to please a woman — how to please her. It was fucking incredible.”

“Make love to me, Jenny,” Erin whispered, moving up my body to kiss me sweetly. “Like you would make love with her.”

I sat up, taking the lead, rolling Erin onto her back.

“Oh, Mom,” I murmured in her ear as I ran my hand up her thigh to touch her ring again. I threw my thigh over hers as she moaned in pleasure, my other hand cupping her  breast, feeling her nipple stiffen against my palm. God, how it stirred my memory to think of how my mother’s breast felt through her blouse that first time I touched her.

My hungry mouth found Erin’s — and as we kissed, I pulled at her ring, just as I had with my mother on that incredible day seven years ago.

“Oh, Jennifer,” Erin cried out, trying to lift her hips, even with me on top of her. “You did that to her, to your mother, your own mother, you pulled her pussy ring?”

She knew the answer. But hearing me say so would excite her. “Yes, I played with her ring, lover. I pulled it like this…” and I demonstrated, “and turned it like this.” Erin cried out again, louder this time. I love noisy women.

“And then,” I whispered, moving down her body, “I did this.” I began to nibble her clit.

Erin’s trembling hands came down to rest on my head, her fingers lacing into my hair. “Do you still make love to her? Do you… is she still…”

My tongue moved with her, into her, the ring teased and toyed with. I could sense her impending release as she moved with me, her pussy opening to my kiss.

“Yes, Erin,” I breathed. ”She is still my lover.” I slipped two fingers deep into her. “My mother is a very desirable woman.”

“Oh, God, so is her daughter,” Erin moaned. “Oh, God!” She came explosively, gasping and crying out, arching her body.

“Want to meet her? I am sure she would like you… very much.”

“Yessssssss,” my pretty young lover hissed.

I kissed her sweetly… then rolled over onto my back, my legs open to her, eager for her touch.

The End


My Daughter Dearest

  • Posted on January 18, 2020 at 3:35 pm

by Anne240

Reworked by JetBoy for Juicy Secrets

{ This story was originally posted at Literotica in March 2006 }


Recently, my sexuality has been awakened by a most unlikely circumstance. It took me a long time to come to grips with it, but now I’m completely grateful, and I couldn’t be happier that things turned out the way they did.

I haven’t had a sex life since my daughter’s father walked out on us about thirteen years ago. My daughter Natalie was almost three at the time and I really didn’t have anyone to turn to, so I just carried on, trying to make a good life for the two of us. Unfortunately, that left little or no time for me to seek out a new mate. I seldom even thought about sex much during that time. Looking back, I don’t know how I managed to live with no outlet for pleasure other than masturbation, but I guess there were just too many other things to deal with.

Now that I’m pushing forty I’ve finally found out who I truly am, with the help of the most important person in my life.

My daughter Natalie is now seventeen, and quite a beautiful girl. She was always a bit shy and inward, so most people didn’t notice it. When she was in high school, she spent most of her time with a book rather than worrying about being popular, which for a single mom was a dream come true.

She had just a few close friends, and I knew them and their families very well. I wasn’t stupid enough to think that I knew everything my daughter did, but I knew she was a good kid, and that if she had doubts or questions about anything, she would come to me without hesitation.

Over the years, I’d heard some talk about boys between her and her friends, but I never met anyone she called a boyfriend. We’d talked about sex, so I knew she was well informed. I just figured that she was too shy. I couldn’t believe, even when I saw it with my own two eyes, what she was keeping from me.

One night, a few weeks after her sixteenth birthday, Natalie told me that she was going to her friend Michelle’s house to watch some movies. She was gone about an hour when I noticed that she left her cell phone behind, and I figured she wouldn’t want to be without it. I was on my way out to have some dinner with a friend from work, and figured I’d drop it off to her.

I walked up to the door and was about to ring the bell when something inside caught my attention through the bay window. The experience was surreal as I slowly leaned forward to peer into the big picture window. There, on the living room couch was my daughter Natalie, her friend Michelle, and of all people, Carolyn, Michelle’s mother, all completely naked.

My daughter was lying on her back with one leg on the floor and one on the back of the couch. Michelle was kneeling next to Natalie, licking her breasts and masturbating, while Carolyn lay between my daughter’s open legs, licking at her pussy.

Then I saw something that shocked me even more, if such a thing was possible. Carolyn raised her face from Natalie’s sex, her mouth glistening. She said a few words to Michelle, who turned toward her — and I felt my heart skip a beat as Carolyn kissed her own daughter. Passionately. Their tongues mingled as they shared the taste of my Natalie.

I suddenly found myself back at home, sitting on my own couch. I felt cold and it was difficult to breathe. I couldn’t remember how I’d gotten here. I almost thought that I had somehow fallen asleep and dreamed the whole thing, that is, until I realized I was still clutching Natalie’s cell phone.

I couldn’t believe what I had seen. It couldn’t be real. It didn’t seem real. I had so many feelings and thoughts running through me all at once, and I felt as if I was going to explode. Mostly anger. Anger towards Carolyn. How could she do that with my daughter? With her own daughter? What kind of sexual deviant was she to allow this… to have lesbian sex with such young girls? Carolyn was two years older than me! What kind of mother couples with her own children?

And then there was Natalie. How could she do this to me? How could she lie to me? What was she thinking? How could she allow herself to be a victim to this? She was smarter than that.

As mad as I was at them and the situation, I was angriest at myself. Mostly because I felt that I should have known about this. And for some reason that I could not define, I was also hurt… jealous, even. I wouldn’t admit that at the time, not even to myself, but I knew it was there. I was hurt for the same reasons I was angry. Why Carolyn? Why not me? As sick as I thought that feeling was at the time, it was still there, and it made me angry.

Days went by, and I’d barely spoken to my daughter any more than I had to. She’d ask me what was wrong, but I’d just walk away. I couldn’t look at her without being overwhelmed with anger and hurt. I’m sure she knew it was something she’d done, but probably couldn’t imagine what that could be. I’m sure she wouldn’t even think that I knew about her little secret. Eventually she just stopped asking me what was wrong, but I could tell she was hurt by how I was acting towards her. I’m not proud of it, but I was glad.

It was about a week after the “incident,” and I was home alone. My daughter had gone over to Michelle’s. I wanted to forbid it with every fiber of my being, but couldn’t. I would have had no reason. I still hadn’t decided how I was going to deal with all this.

My stomach burned as I sat there, just imagining what was happening… visualizing my daughter engaged in lesbian sex with Michelle and her mother. As the images played in my head, I got more and more upset. I focused on the thought of Natalie wrapped in her incestuous lesbian threesome, and after some time I began to feel something besides anger.

My stomach felt trembly, and the clearer the images came to me, the wetter it got between my legs. I was actually getting excited. I hadn’t had that feeling in so long that I’d practically forgotten what it felt like. At first I was upset at myself for allowing this situation to make me feel this way, but I was tired of being angry. I was tired of crying and feeling hurt. I began to justify my feelings, and before I knew it, I just let them take over.

The next thing I knew I was naked and lying flat on my back, slowly giving myself my first orgasm in years. Wave after wave of pleasure rolled over my body as I fingered my pussy, all the while imagining my daughter having sex with Michelle and Carolyn.

I was enjoying my newfound liberation, regardless of what circumstances brought me there, and soon after, I pulled a knitted blanket over myself and fell asleep right there.

Natalie knelt down beside the couch where I was. It was dark. I could barely make out her silhouette, even though she was just inches away.

“Mom? You awake? Are you naked? Where are your clothes?”

My blanket was just barely covering me, making it obvious that I was nude. I re-adjusted it and looked my daughter in the eyes.

“I took them off.” I still had a trace of anger in my voice.

“Oh. Well, I’m home.”

“I can see that.”

She didn’t say anything, and we were both silent for a moment. I don’t know why, but I just blurted it out.

“How long have you been having sex with Michelle and her mother?”

I could practically hear her stiffen. “What…”

“Don’t lie to me. I saw you.”

“I…” She fell silent, and I could hear her start to cry. “Is… is that what you’ve been so angry about?”

“Yes. How long have you been lying to me?”

“Mom… I’m sorry…”

Her head fell on my shoulder, and I could feel her tears on my skin. I moved my arm and lifted up her head.  “Tell me how long!”

“I… I don’t know. It only happened a few times. I’m sorry!”

“Did you do it tonight?”

Natalie didn’t answer.



“How did it happen? I want the truth.”

“The night after my birthday – when I slept over – she told me it was my present, and she started to kiss me. I didn’t want to do it at first, I swear, but she did and I couldn’t stop her. It started to feel good and… I don’t know, all of a sudden I wanted to.”

“Then what?”

“Then we just did it, I guess.”

“What about Carolyn?”

“I don’t know… I was over at Michelle’s, and we were in bed together, then all of a sudden she was there, and Michelle was kissing her. I was weirded out at first, but they both kept telling me it was okay… and I guess I got kind of excited, and ended up, um, joining in.”

I was silent, not really knowing how to respond.

“I’m sorry Mom, really. I knew it was wrong, but I never felt anything like that before. I’ll never do it again, I promise. I’m sorry, really I am. I’ll be good from now on…”

She was crying piteously. I drew her head back to my shoulder, taking my baby girl into my arms. “It’s okay, sweetheart, It’s okay.”

“Am I in trouble?”


“I’m sorry,” she sobbed.

“Why didn’t you tell me about this when it happened?”

“I c-couldn’t. I didn’t know how. I was afraid that you… you’d think I was sick and perverted.”

“Did you like it?”


“The sex. Did you like it?”

She didn’t answer.

“That’s why you couldn’t tell me. You knew it was wrong, but you liked it anyway.”

She cried even harder. “Oh, Mom.”

I didn’t say a word. I rolled myself toward Natalie and lifted her face, kissing her quickly on the lips.

“It’s okay, I’m not mad anymore. I was at first. I was angry that you didn’t tell me about it, but I understand now why you couldn’t, and I know that you wanted to and I’m happy about that.”

“I really did want to tell you, I swear… I just…”

“I know. It’s okay.” I sat up slightly, holding the blanket over my breasts. “It’s late, why don’t we both get some sleep.”

Natalie hugged me, and slowly headed off to her room. I felt much better now that I had my daughter back. I stood up, holding the blanket around me and went to my room. I didn’t bothered to put anything on, just slipped naked under the covers.

I was lying awake for a few minutes, thinking about my relationship with my daughter and our newfound openness. My hand mindlessly wandered between my legs, and my thoughts turned once again to what I had seen through the window that night. I pictured my daughter, completely naked with Carolyn’s head between her legs. I imagined what it must have felt like. How wonderful a soft warm tongue would feel on my pussy… it had been so long!

Then I began to imagine that it was me between my daughter’s legs, and her between mine. I couldn’t believe what I was thinking. Just days ago this fantasy would never have crossed my mind, and if it had, it would have repulsed me to no end, but now, I couldn’t fight it. I craved it. The thought fueled my excitement, and I was quickly headed to a powerful orgasm.

Suddenly Natalie was standing in my doorway, knocking on my door frame. “Mom, you asleep yet?”

Fortunately, I was under the covers, and she wouldn’t have known what I was up to. Still, I couldn’t help feeling like I was a young girl exploring my body, and my own mother had walked in on me.

“Almost, but not yet.”

She walked over to the bed, and I quickly pulled my hands out from under the covers. “Are you okay, Mom?”

“Fine. It’s just warm in here. What’s the matter, sweetheart?”

She quickly pulled the covers back and slipped in next to me. Something that wasn’t uncommon when she was little, but she hadn’t slept in my bed for years.

“Can I sleep with you tonight?”

I wanted to object, but it was too late. She quickly moved next to me, and realized I was still naked. She jumped back and I could tell she was embarrassed, and now, so was I.

“Oh… sorry!”

I immediately felt a wave of guilt wash over me. “I tried to tell you.”

“I’m sorry… I didn’t realize.”

It was such an awkward moment that I think all we could do was laugh.

Natalie gazed at me curiously. “When did you start going naked all the time?”

“I’m not naked all the time! I guess I just didn’t feel like wearing anything to bed. I’m sorry if it bothers you.”

“No… not really, It’s just a little weird since I never saw you do that before, but I understand. I sleep naked too, sometimes.”

“Yes, well, there are a lot of weird things going on lately.”

She got a little embarrassed and quickly looked away. “Guess I’ll just go back to my room.”

I felt bad and grabbed her arm. “No, it’s okay. It would be nice if you stayed. I’ll put something on.”

“No, I don’t want you to do that because of me. I mean, it’s no big deal, really.”

“You’re sure?”

“Uh-huh. I’ll just stay over here.”

I was still very horny, and needed to finish what I had started. My guilt had faded as quick as it had come on, and now I was aroused at the thought of my daughter in bed with me this way.

My mind began spinning as I contemplated what could happen between us. She wouldn’t be offended at the thought… after all, she seemed to accept Michelle having sex with her mother. Maybe she even wanted this as much as I did.

The events of the last few days flew through my mind in a split second as I wondered how I got into this situation, and before I knew what I was saying, I just came out with, “You know, you could get undressed as well, and then it won’t be so awkward.”

I held my breath, waiting for her reaction. I decided that if she agreed without protest, I would let her continue from then on, to be sure that it’s what she really wanted. I could still turn this around if it wasn’t. My skin tingled and burned at the same time, and I started to get a little lightheaded. My pussy was hot, and I could feel the juices flowing inside me.

“You’re sure?”

“If it’ll make you feel more comfortable, sure… why not?”

I tried to sound relaxed, but my voice gave me away. Natalie smiled hesitantly, then shrugged her shoulders. I could somehow tell that she was just as excited by my invitation, but was also trying to look unfazed.

She lifted her nightshirt over her head and dropped it on the floor. Her breasts were firm and young, and her nipples stood out harder than I ever thought possible. I’ve been a little envious of her perky little B-cups since she developed them, but now I wanted them in a whole different way. Leaning back, my daughter raised her hips slightly as she reached below the covers and slipped off her panties, quickly dropping them on top of her shirt. She took a deep breath and looked over at me.


She smiled awkwardly and nodded, and we both settled back under the covers, lying on our backs, staring absentmindedly at the ceiling. My finger had resumed lazily between my legs, gently circling my swollen sex. We lay quietly for a few moments, trying hard to ignore the tension between us.



She rolled to face me, sliding closer into me. Her skin barely tickled mine and sent chills throughout my body. “You’re really not mad at me?”

“No, I’m not mad.”

“Then… what are you?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, are you upset? What are you thinking?”

“Upset? Surprisingly… no. I don’t know what to think. I guess as long as you’re happy and safe, that’s all I really care about. I have to believe that whatever you do, you’ll use good judgment. I think I did a pretty good job raising you, so now I just have to trust that whatever decisions you make are the right ones for you, and that you know what’s best. You’re a smart girl, so I’m not worried.”

“But you were mad at first…”

“I’ll admit, at first I was angry, and I was definitely shocked, but that was really more my problem than yours.”

“You’re not even upset that I’m a lesbian?”

“Are you?”

“Well, yeah… I guess.”

“I think that maybe you should give that some thought. Just because you had lesbian sex doesn’t mean you’re gay. You’ve got a long life ahead of you, and a lot of things to figure out along the way. Don’t be so quick to try and put a label on everything you do. There’s a lot of things that define who you are, but not everything you do defines who you are. You may be a lesbian, and if that’s the case, then I’m behind you. I love you no matter what.”

“I love you too.”

She leaned in and threw her arms around me. I was surprised at her sudden show of affection, but accepted it happily. Her warm body and smooth skin felt incredible pressed against mine. I’d never experienced anything like it before. It reminded me of what it was like to be intimate with someone, but this was unlike any man I was ever with. It was loving and soft, and I wanted more!

Neither one of us was letting go, and so we lay quietly, enjoying our embrace. Her head was lying on my chest and our bodies were tightly pressed together. Our breasts were touching, but our legs were apart, and I suddenly longed for the connection to be complete between us.

I reached down and firmly grasped my daughter’s body, pulling her towards me. She responded immediately and moved herself, rolling on top of me.

Our bodies were lined up, and I was instantly covered by the warmth of a beautiful young girl. I could feel the heat of our sex mixing as our hot pussies meshed together, and Natalie let out a long whispery moan.

Her body continued to slowly move on top of mine, as if she was still adjusting herself to me, but I knew it was more. She slowly moved her leg up and down while gently pushing her hips into me. Her wriggling body on top of mine was driving me crazy, and I let out a soft moan to let her know. My hand was firmly cupping her ass, pulling her hips into me even harder, until our movements were clearly intentional.

Just like that, we were humping. I couldn’t believe it was happening, and how great it felt. Finally after a few moments of awkward grinding, my daughter went for broke.

“God, Mom, this feels good! I love you so much,” she whispered.

“Yes baby… it’s wonderful. I want you s-so bad…”

Suddenly, she stopped, raising her hips up and putting all her weight on her arms. She spread my legs open as far as they could go, positioning herself directly between them. She reached down, spread my pussy open with her fingers, and gently lowered herself back onto me. The sensation was unlike anything I’d ever felt, as if she was almost inside me. I could actually feel every inch of her pussy with my own. Our hard clits pressed together, driving us both wild.

We continued to work our dripping cunts together until we were both on the verge of orgasm. I never thought it possible for two women to actually fuck, but as my daughter continued to grind her pussy into mine, there was no denying that she was better than any man I’d ever had.

“Baby, yes! Fuck me! It feels so good!”

“Oh, Mom, yeah! I love fucking you like this! I’m g-gonna come!”

I felt her pussy twitch as her body shuddered in orgasm. I gripped her ass with both hands as my own climax hit me like a hurricane, smashing its way through my body as our juices flowed and mixed. It was the most erotic, most loving feeling I felt in my life. Wave after wave of pleasure hit us both, until we finally collapsed.

Natalie pressed her mouth to mine, and we kissed passionately and tenderly as the last traces of rapture surged through us. Our tongues gently mingled as we relaxed in each other’s arms.

It took some time for us both to come back to earth. I gently stroked my daughter’s hair, looking into her beautiful eyes as we enjoyed our post orgasmic bliss. Our slick pussies were still twitching from orgasm. Our mixed juices were running down my ass and pooling underneath me, causing chills to run up my spine.

“Oh, Mom, that was incredible. I don’t know how it happened…”

“Shhh, baby… it was incredible for me too. I never felt anything like it. You made me so happy, and I love you very much.”

“I love you too.”

I chuckled. “Was I as good as Michelle and Carolyn?”

“Oh, Mom, there was no comparison. I never knew anything could be like that.”

“I have to admit that ever since I saw the three of you together, I’ve kind of been fantasizing about you. You helped me rediscover my sexual desires, and now you’ve shown me how incredible making love can be. I could have never imagined sex being this good, even in my wildest fantasies.”

“Really? You thought about me too?”

“What do you mean? You’ve thought about… you and I doing this before?”

She nodded shyly. “After the first time with Michelle and her mom, she told me all about their first time, the night they made love. That night, I couldn’t stop thinking about you, and what it would be like if we, you know, did the same thing. I even touched myself, picturing us.”

“Well, at least they taught you well. Maybe you could teach me some things you learned… and maybe we can come up with some ideas of our own.”

We kissed again, and then we finally parted with a moan. I pulled the covers off of both of us, and the cool air covered our bodies. She looked surprised.

“I just want to look at you, honey. You’re so beautiful.”

I could see her blush, but she obliged as I took in every inch of her young body from her head to her toes. She reached out and gently began to fondle my tits, gently caressing and pinching my nipples, sending shocks directly to my pussy.

“You’re beautiful too, Mom. I want to make you happy. I want us to do everything together. I want to make you feel good.”

Before I could respond, Natalie gently kissed me and rolled me onto my back. She continued to stimulate my nipples with one hand as her other made its way between my legs. I didn’t think I would be able to take any more, but my desire was renewed as soon as her fingers began to explore my womanhood. She moved her mouth down to my tits, freeing her hand for more important things. Her tongue felt wonderful as she teased and sucked my swollen nipples.

I moaned approvingly as her fingers slowly entered me. She fingered me slowly with one hand while the other gently stroked my clit. Finally she moved herself directly between my parted legs, giving herself better access to my pussy. She looked so innocent as she sat, contentedly working my sex.

She continued her slow pace on me, gently alternating her technique, but never increasing her speed. My body begged for more, but she was relentless, slowly building my pleasure. Even as my body began to shudder and squirm beneath her ministrations, she never changed, and it was pure bliss. My body flailed wildly on the bed as she continued, her sweet little voice calmly encouraging me to my orgasm.

“Yes Mom, that’s it, come for me. I love you. I love us being lovers.”

My pussy started to convulse, and by this time I was completely gone, entirely enveloped in my building pleasure. Just moments before I was about to come, she leaned down and covered my pussy with her mouth, her tongue seamlessly continuing on my clit where her fingers left off. The warmth of her loving mouth on my pussy sent me over the edge, and I came harder than I ever had in my life. It felt as though every fiber of my being was being forced out of my pussy. I felt my juices pouring out of me, and then everything went blank.

Moments later, I opened my eyes again to see my daughter, smiling contentedly and slowly rubbing her own pussy while she stared at me. I wanted to reach out, but I couldn’t move. I was completely drained. My throat was so dry I could barely speak.

“Oh baby…”

She laid down next to me, snuggling close.

I tried to reach over, but my body felt like jelly. She smiled and took my hand, gently tucking it between her thighs. I began to finger her pussy, stroking the moist slit up and down, occasionally teasing her clit until she came. Natalie buried her face in my neck, stiffening as her orgasm hit. She gasped, her naked body shivering with pleasure as I continued to masturbate her.

We lay together in blissful silence, finally drifting together in a warm, affectionate kiss that seemed to say it all. I knew then that my baby girl and I would share our bodies as lovers again and again. I realized that we hadn’t even experienced oral sex yet, and licked my lips at the thought of going down on my daughter.

We’ll move her things in here tomorrow, I decided. If she and I are going to start a new life together, we should be sleeping in the same bed.

Natalie was soon asleep, and I quickly followed, the two of us nestled in each other’s arms.

The End


Daughter’s Plea

  • Posted on January 14, 2020 at 4:16 pm

by Tarkatony

Reworked by JetBoy for Juicy Secrets

{ This story was originally posted at Literotica in June 2004 }

It started innocently enough. They were driving from the mall when Jessica asked her mother — it was in the context of something on the radio — if she’d ever had a lesbian experience.

Jessica was surprised when her mother, Ann, didn’t drive off the road, she half expected she would, but she didn’t, she just kept driving, and she seemed to be concentrating or thinking, Jessica didn’t know which, but soon she spoke, “I might have. I’ve often wondered if it was.”

Jessica didn’t show it, at least she tried not to, but she was shocked by her mother’s answer and it confused here, too, “Can there be a doubt? I mean, if you’re having one, isn’t it, ah, kinda obvious?”

“I don’t know?” her mother said with a shrug, “what’s a lesbian experience to you? A kiss? A touch? Something more, something involving fluids?”


“Well, what is it?”

“I don’t know.”

“Nor do I,” and a silence lasted all the way home.

It was a few days later when Jessica brought the subject up again, in the car again, but her question was more direct. “I’ve thought about what you said before, about lesbianism, when you said you may have had an experience but you weren’t sure. What did you mean, … ah, exactly?”

“I meant that I wasn’t sure if what I was doing could have been considered a lesbian act.” Ann thought her point had been self-evident.

“Yes, well, but what were you … ah, doing, exactly?” annoyed that her mother had made her be more specific.

“It was in college, in third year, like you, a girl, as you kids say today, came on to me and I sort of, well, I sort of let her. I don’t know if I was unusually horny that day or curious or what, but she came on to me and I guess I let her.”

Jessica waited for more details but she got only silence so she asked the question as casually as she could, as if she didn’t really care about the answer, “What did you actually do with her?”

When she spoke, Ann Clark was surprised at how matter of fact her voice sounded and how relaxed she was. “We touched each other, mostly through our clothes at first, then on the bra, on the panties, that sort of thing, then a kiss or two before someone came into the room and we had to stop. That was my bout with sexual adventure, it took maybe 15 minutes then it was over.”

“Were you sorry?”

“Sorry? Sorry I did it? Sorry it ended?”


Ann thought for a moment before saying, “Yes and no, or more precisely, no and yes. No, I’m not sorry I did it, but really, what did I do? And yes, I think I may be a bit sorry that it ended so quickly,” she hesitated, then added, “I’ve always been a little bit curious about what might have happened.”

Jessica studied the rain on the car window and said nothing.

Well, nothing for a week or so when they were once again driving, this time Jessica was behind the wheel and she filled a silence by making a statement designed to shock her mother, “I’ve been thinking of having a lesbian experience, I’m really curious about it.”

She was watching her mother from the corner of her eye and was disappointed not to see a reaction, instead her mother said:

“What’s stopping you?”


“You’ve got lots of friends, statistics say that, what, 10 or 15% of them are lesbians or have had lesbian experiences? It shouldn’t be too hard …”

“Mother, I’m serious!” Her mother’s easy response, the statistics, the … encouragement, shocked her, even scared her a little, as if her mother was laying down a challenge.

Ann looked at her daughter, a little surprised at the troubled look on her face, “Well I‘m serious, too. If you’d like a lesbian experience I’m sure you can find a willing partner, especially at university.”

“Well, you didn’t.” Jessica’s voice was defensive, petulant.

“I wasn’t looking.”

“You said you were.”

“No, I said I was always curious about what would have happened if my one time with a girl was allowed to take its course.”

Jessica stole a quick look at her mother, “Are you still curious?”

Ann Carter continued to look out the side window, there was nothing wistful in her voice, she sounded almost matter of fact, “Well, I don’t think about it much, but I guess I’m curious. That’s why I’m not freaking out that you think you want to experiment.”

Jessica felt a nervous fear grow in her chest. “Well, I want to have one.” There, she had said it, but it was not all she wanted to say. Would she have the nerve to complete the task, to add the most important part, to say what she’s longed to say to her mother for all of the past 10 years? Would she? Well, if nothing else, Jessica Carter had guts. She blurted out the words the very moment her mother spoke.

“Good for you. It would probably be a healthy experience.”

“I want to have it with you.”

What did you say?” Her mother was staring at her now.

“I want to have my lesbian experience with you.”

Ann Carter had always prided herself on being, well, contemporary: she kept up on the news, read many of the more daring popular novels and genuinely cared about social trends and followed them closely. To her, cultural evolution was mystical and fascinating and something to be embraced; that’s why she didn’t dismiss, out of hand, her daughter’s proposition.

Instead, she simply said, “Now there’s a startling proposition,” and let it go, changing the subject, cleansing the thought from her mind. She knew her daughter was a trifle immature, she blamed herself, it was an immaturity brought on by overly-protective parents, and she chalked it up to that.

But a tantalizing proposal has a way of lodging in the darker recesses of the mind, and Ann did think about it, a few-times-a-day think about it. She even started to sneak peeks at her daughter, with thoughts that were very, very disturbing, but even so, she was prepared when her daughter brought up the subject again a few days later.

“That is a monumentally dumb idea, Jessica.” Her words were meant to sound censorious, to let her daughter know that the subject was closed — but they didn’t, they simply inspired a question.


“Need you ask?” Her words dripped with derision.

“Yes, why?”

Let me count the ways, Ann said to herself, before saying, “I refer you to a variety of references on the subject including the Bible, the law …”

“The Bill of Rights?”

Ann laughed at the rejoinder, surprised she was enjoying the conversation, it was kinky, but it was interesting, too. “What’s the Bill of Rights got to do with it?”

“I’ve got the right to do whatever I want to do whenever I want to do it, as long as I don’t hurt anyone in the process, and so do you.”

Bingo. “Now there you’ve hit on the problem, well one of the problems. Hurt. I’d have no problem with something like this if there was a guarantee of two things, one that it was a loving experience and two that no one got hurt.”

Jessica’s knuckles whitened on the wheel, her eyes locked on the back of the blue van ahead. When she spoke, her words were combative. “Then we can agree there’s only one problem, right? Because there’s no doubt that we love each other.”

Ann was silent.

“Right?” Jessica insisted, she sensed a winning argument.

“I see where you’re going with this, Jessica and fine, you’re very clever, but it’s not going to happen.”

“Yes, it is!” There was utter conviction in her words. She had waited ten long years for this confrontation and she wasn’t going to fail.

“No, it’s not.” Ann said the words, and she believed them, she just wondered why they had to be voiced in the first place. Why did she have to explain to her own daughter that they couldn’t commit incest together?

Who was right?

It took about three months of talk — call it negotiations if you want — but they finally agreed to go away for a few days to some place where they could spend time together. Their unspoken take was that if something sexual was to happen and there was every assurance that no one would be hurt… well, then, c’est la vie. They were both still very curious, after all.

Mother and daughter were both a little nervous when they got out of the car at the Riverview Health Club and Spa. But it was a wonderful place, a beautiful, tasteful lobby, attractive, attentive staff — a bright, clean, even fresh space, the kind of place that will soothe even the most ragged of nerves.

Their room was perfect, too… identical to the one in the brochure they had studied together, except this one had only a single bed. Everything else was the same, the large balcony, the plants, the flowers, the pictures, the Jacuzzi, the couch and chairs. The large wet bar allowed Ann to enjoy a glass of wine the moment she sat down, across the table from a daughter who looked at her mother with such eager, child-like expectation that Ann motioned her over for a hug.

“God, I’m happy, Mum,” Jessica said as she pressed her face into the nape of her mother’s neck, a place she had been many times before.

“I can hear your heart.”

Jessica laughed, and hugged her mother, “That’s not mine, Mum, that’s yours.”

And it might have been.

Jessica’s words seemed unusually cryptic. “I don’t want to be your daughter here, Mum,” she spoke the words softly, into her mother’s neck, “I want you to be my mother, but I don’t want to be your daughter.”

Ann cast her eyes down, as if trying to read what was in her daughter’s head, “And me? To me, I’m your mother, but who are you?”

Jessica gave Ann a glance that made her shiver inside. “Whoever you want me to be.”

The thought scared Ann so much that she gently pushed her daughter away and struggled to get up, “I want you to be my daughter, Jess, just like you are, okay? And I want my daughter to join me in the Jacuzzi.”

There were two bathrooms in the suite, they each claimed one and met at the Jacuzzi, admiring the other’s bathing suit, newly purchased for the trip.

Neither mother or daughter could fully conceal their nervousness. If the water was warm, the air was charged.

Ann poured wine into her daughter’s glass, then topped up her own. When she spoke her words sounded almost business-like, “I’ve always been very proud of you Jessica, always. I got lucky. One child, one perfect child. I’m not going to ruin that.”

“Then improve on it.”

Ann didn’t think that was possible, and said so.

But Jessica wasn’t listening. “There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you, Mum… and I know there’s nothing you wouldn’t do for me.”

“Oh, there’s one thing,” Ann said, with an empty laugh.


“Break a rather fundamental taboo and have sex with you.”

“It’s not a taboo to me.” There was defiance in Jessica’s voice. “I’ve been thinking of this day since I was twelve.”

Ann’s eyes opened wide with surprise. “You have?”

Jessica hadn’t moved her eyes from her mother’s, “I lied to you, Mum. I’ve never wanted a lesbian experience with another woman, just with you.”

Ann’s wide eyes narrowed in fright, “B-but why?”

“Don’t know. Don’t care. It’s not that you’re pretty, you’re smart, you’ve got a great body, you’re funny …” Her mother tried to interrupt her but she talked over her, “it’s none of those.”

“Then what is it?” said Ann, trying to understand.

“I love you, Mum, I love you so totally that not to be here is simply unthinkable. And you know what? I’m not surprised you’re here, either, because you’re just that cool.”

“Or stupid.”

“Cool,” she said, as she moved across the Jacuzzi to sit beside her mother.

Ann Clark suddenly realized that somewhere during this brief exchange, this harmless verbal flirtation as she thought of it, her daughter had begun to take control. The realization was a shock, a profound shock because this was no longer an experiment where she could call the shots, where she could soothe her daughter’s expectations and deflect her childish fantasies. Now she could feel herself being pulled into something that reminded her of how an unwitting bug is captured in a spider’s web — a very alluring, very sticky, very tangled web.

Ann sipped from her glass of wine and contemplated leaving the tub when her daughter kissed her on her shoulder and took her by the arm.

“I can’t begin to tell you how glad I am you’re here with me, Mum, that we’re together.”

Ann grew tense, even frightened, it was the line of a seductress. Before she could act, Jessica kissed her on the mouth — lightly, without passion, but leaving her lips to linger; perhaps waiting for a response, testing her mother’s resolve, tempting her, playing with her, teasing her.

It frightened Ann so much that she pushed herself out of the Jacuzzi and almost ran to her bathroom.

At dinner, the food was far better than the conversation, that is until the main course came. That was when Jessica, frustrated with her mother’s obvious discomfort and aloofness, laid her cards squarely on the table. “I think of you at night, Mum. I think of you in my arms. In my fantasies, I kiss you and touch you and taste you and smell you.”

“Jessica!” No words could have shocked Ann Carter more.

But the daughter was just beginning, “Did you think I was kidding about this, about wanting to come here with you? Did you not believe me, Mum, when I said I wanted to be your lover?”

“God, Jess, I never really thought it through. Obviously, I love you and love to be with you. Coming here was a great idea, but that kiss…”


The fire in her daughter’s eyes almost made Ann flinch. God, I wish she wouldn’t stare into my eyes that way. She has the look of a predator, eyes locked on the kill. “It was just so, I don’t know, so unsettling.”

Jessica got to her feet, “Come on, Mum.”

Ann looked at her plate then looked up at her daughter. “But… but our food?”

“Are you hungry?”

Ann looked away from her daughter a little afraid, “No, I guess not,” and she got to her feet feeling like a dutiful child.

They didn’t talk as they walked back to their room, and Ann didn’t protest when her daughter took her hand and held it insistently, rather like a policeman would, and she didn’t protest when her daughter threw her purse onto the couch when they got inside their room, but she did protest when her daughter angrily pushed her onto the bed.


Jessica’s face was white with anger, her eyes wet with tears. “This is supposed to be the best, the most exciting day of my life,” tears now flowing down her cheeks, “and you’re making it the most miserable.” The mother was about to say something but the daughter stopped her. “I’ve waited years to have you alone like this, and I’ve dreamed, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dreamed of being with you like this, of having you touch my skin, touch my breasts, kiss my lips, my belly, and feel me, like I want to feel and touch and kiss you. But you shun me, you shun me as if you…”

Ann could feel her daughter’s misery and succumbed to the mother in her. She opened her arms and asked her daughter in, and they were together, together on the bed holding each other, not moving, just squeezing and crying, little sobs, sobs that can easily turn to laughter, but they didn’t, not this time, instead they turned to kisses, violent, muscular, even angry kisses and then Jessica was tearing at her mother’s dress, not caring about the rips and tears, not caring that her mother had her body curled in defense, but she had it off the breasts that were now covered only in a thin black bra so flimsy that it easily broke and seemed to sail from the bed and then the mouth was on the breast devouring it, sucking on it, swallowing it, seeming to lock it in her throat and tugging on it.

But it was the sounds that really scared Ann, the animal sounds, primordial sounds, bestial grunts as frantic as the action and then her daughter tired of the breast and yanked up the dress and tore down the pantyhose and she clamped her mouth on her mother’s pantied sex and burrowed as she thrashed her pelvis on the inert, unresponding bed, as inert and unresponding as the mother. And then, but for the whimpers, it was over.

She lay there, fully clothed, her body curled around her hands locked together between her legs and she shook gently as she cried, a mournful cry, a cry her mother had never heard before, a cry that shocked her, shocked her into action. She pulled her daughter, her almost catatonic daughter, into the centre of the bed and she put a pillow under her head which she stroked, gently, soothing strokes as she cooed the words she wasn’t sure were true, “It’s okay, Jess, it’s okay.”

But the daughter didn’t move and the sobbing didn’t stop, so the mother lay down beside the daughter and took her in her arms, but from the rear, it was easier there, smoother, she could fit her body around the quivering frame, to hold it, to reassure it, to stroke it along the arm and along the hip and the head and the hair until gradually, like a flower coming to life, the body opened, opened in response to the touch and soon the mother could feel the face, the chest and the belly, dragging her fingers along the silky fabric, along the young body, so hot and so sad.

Her eyes were open now, red from tears and hollow from shame but they pleaded for understanding, for sympathy. You don’t know what I’ve been through, they said and her mother didn’t, she didn’t understand and she couldn’t, she wasn’t the one who had waited ten long years only to be rejected, to be shunned.

Later, she would have no doubt where she crossed the line, the line between the soothing care-giver and the seeker of pleasure, the line between the mother and the lover. It was when she gently moved her daughter so she could drop the zipper and pull the dress from the body, then the pantyhose.

She was on her knees now, with her ripped and torn dress bunched around her waist and she lovingly, soothingly dragged her fingers across her daughter’s nose and lips, along her chest and her belly to the panties, then she bent down and kissed her daughter’s belly, gently, dragging her tongue, listening for encouragement. But such was the shame of the daughter that there was none, only whimpers and a body immobile, a beautiful body, healthy and fragrant, a special fragrance, unique, her own.

There was little overt response from the daughter when she removed the silken bra, but the nipples were erect and she bent down and sucked on one of them and then bit the stiff nub, taking it into her mouth just as her daughter had taken hers, but tenderly this time, lovingly so the pleasure would flow to them both.

Then she sat back on her heels and studied her daughter whose eyes were lightly closed as if she was dreaming and the mother ran her hand down her daughter’s body, tracing a finger across her stiff and wet nipple, then down across the trim, quivering belly, moving slowly until the fingers were on the front of Jessica’s panties. Reaching for the waistband, Ann drew the girl’s sodden knickers down and off, casting them aside almost carelessly. Placing both hands on her daughter’s knees, she slowly moved them apart as the girl moaned.

“You’re so pretty, Jessica, so beautiful.” Ann kissed her daughter’s belly, her face nestling in the soft heat while she studied the mound that rose between her daughter’s legs. It was such a lovely sex, red and delicate, moist with the juices of love and the scent of anticipation. She smelled it, the sex in the air, it washed over her like a delicate wave; the aroma so like her own, so much so that the fragrance drew her mouth along the girl’s belly, down between Jessica’s thighs to savor the wet heat of her daughter’s sex, to breath in her pungent scent, the intoxicating odor of her sexuality.

That was when Ann lost all control and buried her face in her daughter’s pink gash and pushed her tongue into every crevice, every exquisite crevice of her cunt while all the time drinking and sucking and smelling, particularly smelling, inhaling her daughter, breathing in her sexy scent through a nose wet with juices, and then an orgasm Ann wasn’t expecting hit her, intensely enough to break the moment, and she went limp, face in her daughter’s crotch.

She rested, happy, the cunt honey on her lips and the scent in her nose, so familiar, lulling her to sleep.


Ann opened her eyes and saw the smooth white flesh of her daughter’s thigh, felt the gentle caress on her hair and she followed her daughter’s gentle tug and rose up, surprised at the stickiness on her cheek and she allowed Jessica to pull her back and they both fell onto the pillows propped against the headboard. They said nothing, the daughter holding the mother, stroking her hair, gently, as she had been stroked.

They lay together on the bed, holding each other, kissed softly when Ann’s hand went down and fondled her daughter’s ass through the panties that she had worn just moments before. She let her hand roam as far around the silken globes as it could, marveling at its roundness, its smoothness, its perfection, then Jessica placed her mother on her back and smoothed out her negligee, then with three fingers traced a pattern on the silk, a pattern that began at her mother’s navel and followed up her stomach, across her nipples, now two small silky tents, then up her mother’s throat to her chin then onto her lips.

“The next time my fingers are here, they’ll be bringing you a treat.” Then she reversed their course, the fingers slowly moving down the silky body until they hovered over the hidden seam, “Watch me, Mum, I’ve never been more excited.”

Ann stiffened a little, the anticipation, yes, but also the prospects of her daughter’s disappointment, then she felt the fingers, just a hint of them as they stole down the fabric to touch the hem and slowly pull it back. When she felt her negligee tighten, she lifted her ass, God, it was happening, her daughter was lifting her cover and she was lifting her sex, pushing her pelvis upward, not thrusting, but pushing it upwards towards her daughter’s face and then the negligee was free and she fell back almost in disappointment. But the look on her daughter’s face!

Jessica let the negligee fall on her mother’s narrow, white waist with the shallow, crinkled button. She studied the waistband first, how it dug in so lightly to her mother’s delicious white skin. Then the expanse of red, delicate, silken red, almost liquid red, barely translucent, red that seemed to cling to every sweat-filled pour of her fabulous fragrant body and then the colour disappeared, into the smooth skin of her hips, into the deep moist gully of her groin and over the mound of her sex, that place that she touched so many time on her panties, knowing it wasn’t herself she was touching but her mother.

Jessica’s hands were on her mother’s legs now and she was parting them, gently pushing them open, stretching them, opening the mother for the daughter, “Oh, Jess, I hope it’s what you want, I hope it’s what you’ve dreamed of.”

“I want to kiss it, Mum, please ask me to kiss it, please tell me to kiss it, say to me, ‘Kiss me Jessie, kiss me where you’ve dreamed of kissing me.’”

And her mother did, she said the words exactly as directed, not robotically, but fervently, with a passion she didn’t know she had, and at her daughter’s touch, she opened her legs still further and watched her child, the one she had held on her lap while feeding her swollen breast into her hungry mouth, knowing it would never last, knowing she would grow up, knowing she would leave, but she was with her now.

That is my daughter lowering her lips onto my pussy, her hands are wrapping around my bottom and she is delicately kissing all around the panties and licking, too, kissing and licking and sucking gently, sometimes on the nylon, sometimes on my thighs which I turn slightly so her tongue can slide along the elastic. She is in no hurry, she sits up from time to time and runs her fingers around the panties, curling her fingers under the elastic at the waist and at the crotch. She blows on my legs and on my center, I can feel it there, feeling it cool my wetness, then she strokes my lips and runs her finger along its length, three times, four times, then she goes further and presses into my anus, now wet with my own juices.

“Do you think it’s wrong, Mum, do you think it’s wrong for me to have wanted this so badly?”

The mother reached out and pulled her daughter’s leg, coaxing her to lie down beside her, forcing her face into her daughter’s soft fleshy thigh, trying to shut out the sweet smell of her sex. She said nothing. There was nothing not already said, instead she rose up and watched the light brown hair on her daughter’s head bob between her legs. That is my daughter with the pretty face pressing so lovingly between my legs, into my pussy, licking, sucking, moaning. She still needs me, she will need me always and I will always give her everything I have.

Ann was glad. She didn’t need an orgasm, it would have cheapened the moment as if all this had been merely sexual and not an act of loving, an act of loving like none she could have imagined. But she accepted her daughter’s gift, her daughter’s wet and aromatic fingers pressed into her mouth and she sucked on her own juices as the daughter smiled and petted, then bent down to kiss the sucking lips, kiss the sticky fingers.

“Mum, it was better than I had ever hoped.”

“But you didn’t come.”

Jessie shook her head, then spoke her mother’s thoughts, “It wasn’t about coming, Mum, it was about living my fantasy of being with you, being with you after so many nights of dreaming about it,” and she swept her fingers across her mother’s panties.

She was hugging her mother now, squeezing the breath right out of her and when she let her go, the mother pushed the daughter down, kissing her and then she moved on the bed and brought her hand to her daughter’s sex, gently massaging it, slowly, carefully, skillfully, first outside her panties, then inside, all the time looking into her daughter’s eyes, watching her pleasure build and build and build and when she erupted, when her cunt helplessly squeezed her mother’s fingers, when the daughter let out a cry of purest ecstasy, she thought of the ways she loved this girl and passionately kissed Jessica’s moaning mouth.

The End



The Camera Loves Her

  • Posted on January 4, 2020 at 4:22 pm

by Sindy070

Reworked by JetBoy for Juicy Secrets

{ This story was originally posted at Lolliwood Studios in July 2011 under a different title}

I saw the ad in the window of a local photographer’s studio, asking for girls between the ages of nine and thirteen to audition for modeling. Straight away I knew that my daughter Pippa would be perfect; she was lovely, with a flawless body, enchanting eyes and a dazzling smile.

I popped in and spoke to a lovely woman named Karen, who was the photographer. When I showed her a snapshot of my daughter, she agreed that Pippa really was something special, and an appointment was made for that afternoon, after school.

Karen explained what kind of work Pippa would be doing if she was chosen — modeling clothes, underwear and swimsuits, both solo and with other young girls.

I was a bit hot and flustered by the time I got home and I had to do something about it; you see, much to my shame, I had a fetish for little girls, both naked and in cute underthings, and that very much included my gorgeous daughter.

I’ve been a closet lesbian who has secretly lusted after the young stuff for years, and it was only recently that Pippa became a part of my craving, no matter how hard I tried to fight it. Whenever I see my daughter nude or in her underwear — and as her mom, I get plenty of opportunities, since Pippa has never been shy about her body — my heartbeat quickens and I begin to tingle and throb down below. Mind you, I had no intention of ever making a move on my daughter, so my feelings were that it did no harm to fantasize about her. The result was that Pippa soon became the star of some of my steamiest masturbation sessions.

In fact, once I arrived home, I did something that I’m usually able to resist, though my need was too strong that day. I fetched a worn pair of my daughter’s panties from the laundry basket — the most adorable pink undies you ever saw — then lay back on my bed, jeans and thong round my ankles, fingering my wet pussy as I held those panties against my face, inhaling deeply. They smell of Pippa, a little girl scent that drives me wild.

I pictured my little girl in front of the camera in matching vest, panties and nothing else, her panties fitted tightly to show off her mound. God, I knew this was wrong, but I was enslaved to this forbidden hunger, my vulva wet from the mental image of my daughter peeling off those same underpants that I was sniffing, proudly displaying her nakedness to this Karen woman.

Close to coming, I dragged Pippa’s panties down to my cunt, using them to rub myself hard as I exploded, soaking the fabric with my juices as I creamed all over them. As soon as I finished, I was filled with shame and guilt for getting off to thoughts of my own ten-year-old daughter. I knew, though, that those fantasies would return, and I’d jill off again to dirty dreams of my Pippa.

I’d managed to calm down by the time I picked my little girl up from school, telling her what was going on as we walked to the studio. Pippa was really excited about being a model — she’s never been shy about showing off — so when we got there, Karen was introduced to a very bubbly and excited ten-year-old.

“Oh, my, aren’t you a cute one?” Karen smiled as she ran her expert eye over my daughter, “You must be Pippa. I’m Karen… and I want to take some test shots of you to see how you look through a camera.”

“Okay, ma’am!” Pippa replied enthusiastically, “Whatever you say!”

Into the studio proper we go, and soon Karen’s camera is clicking away as she takes lots of photos of Pippa in all sorts of provocative poses. God, even this was enough to have my pulse up and my sex throbbing.

“Now, given that if you do model for me you’ll be doing a fair bit of posing in your underwear, “Karen asked both of us, “I’d like to take some test shots of you in your undies — is that okay?”

“I don’t mind,” Pippa said with a shrug. “You don’t, do you Mommy?”

“No, not at all,” I eventually said, smiling at Pippa and then at Karen, who was watching me intently.

So I watched as my darling daughter stripped out of her school top and pleated skirt to stand there in her matching cream and pink Cupcake cami and panties, and her white knee-length socks. With her long blonde hair in a ponytail, she looked positively luscious.

I couldn’t keep myself from staring at Pippa as my pulse went up another notch, the panties I wore already damp. I was struggling to maintain my composure as I drank in the sight of Pippa’s smooth thighs and her trim little butt as Karen put my daughter through her paces.

“Well, she’s perfect,” Karen told me when she was done and I watched Pippa getting dressed, “I’m ready to offer her a contract right here and now!” By then, she’d uploaded the photos, tweaking them to give me an idea of how my daughter looked as a model.

“Could I have copies of these?” I asked her, my voice breaking a little as I studied a picture of Pippa sitting on the couch with legs spread, showing the gentle contour of her mound in those pretty panties.

“Of course you can, Mary,” Karen said with a gleam in her eye. “I can see why you wanted her to audition — she’s exquisite.”

“Yes, she is,” I said absently as I watched Pippa bend over to put her shoes on, my gaze drifting up the back of her thighs to the hem of her skirt, “she really is.”

“I expect you’ll be her chaperone for the photoshoots, then…?” Karen inquired as she produced a contract for me to sign.

“Oh, of course,” I replied, scribbling my name. “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“Good, good,” Karen murmured, smiling warmly at me and putting her hand on mine, “I find it’s always best to have mothers present when I’ve got their little angels undressed.” She laughed, her eyes warm as she spoke. “Sometimes they enjoy watching their daughters even more than I do…”

We both laughed, but I couldn’t help but notice that Karen’s comment had many levels to it — did she detect how deeply my feelings for Pippa ran?

Don’t be silly, I told myself. She can’t possibly know — can she?

“Actually, I have a shoot coming up that Pippa would be perfect for,” Karen told me. “Are you free this Friday evening for a few hours…?”

I quickly agreed, and we made plans to meet.


On Friday afternoon, I made sure that Pippa took a bath and washed her hair when she got home from school. As she got herself clean, I listened near the closed door, wistfully remembering those days when my daughter liked for me to bathe her. At least I got to spend a pleasurable ten minutes drying and brushing out Pippa’s hair, her nude body wrapped in a towel all the while.

Finally I left the child to get dressed in the clothes I’d laid out for her — a pink tee and a baby blue skirt, over plain white panties and cami top. I’d spent the afternoon masturbating furiously over the photos from the other day… giving into my twisted desires completely, imagining my little girl naked, longing for my touch.

I was more nervous than she was when we got to the studio, but kept my composure as Karen told me what she had lined up for the photo session — some tops and skirts, a few dresses and a selection of underwear.

“Some of them might be a bit racy, mind you, so I’ll want to see if you’re okay with them,” Karen told me.

“I’m sure they’ll be fine, but I’ll check them anyway,” I assured her.

The next hour or so was sweet agony for me as I helped my little girl change into all those different outfits; seeing her in cute panties and skimpy tops, watching her pose so eagerly for Karen and her camera. Pippa looked beautiful and was clearly enjoying herself, moving as Karen directed her and playing dress-up in all those lovely clothes.

Finally Karen called a short break. As she swapped out memory cards, she asked me if I was okay. “You look a little flushed, Mary.”

“Oh yes, I’m fine,” I replied, resisting the need I felt to shove a hand down inside my jeans and finger the hell out of my tingling cunt, “it’s just a little warm — you know, with all these lights.”

“I know what you mean,” Karen confided, “Y’know, on long shoots I sometimes strip down to my undies when it gets especially hot.”

“Oh, wow, I mean, um,” I stammered, “I guess, if it’s just you and the girls, and, um, their moms…”

“Well, I’ll even do it if there are men present!” she snickered, “but there never are any when I’m doing a shoot with little girls. So… did you check the underwear out, are you happy with Pippa modeling it?”

“Oh yes, more than happy!” I blurted out, then caught myself. “I mean, um…” Shit shit SHIT… what on earth must this woman think of me?

“I know exactly what you mean, Mary,” Karen said softly as she leaned forward, placing her hand on my knee, “I’ve seen the way you look at your daughter, and I don’t blame you one bit.”

I stared down at Karen’s hand on my leg, not knowing at all what to say — at this point it seemed downright silly to deny the feelings I had for my child… not to mention dishonest.

“Don’t worry,” she whispered, “you’re not the first mother I’ve had in here that feels that way about her little girl — it’s entirely natural and is a wonderful thing to see, as Pippa will be in a minute. Let me just go and check on her — be right back!”

I wasn’t sure what to think as Karen went to check on Pippa in the little side room. She’d obviously noticed the longings I have for my daughter. Now I was beginning to suspect that Karen felt the very same way.

So maybe Karen craved little girls like I did; was that a good thing? I was too flustered to decide.

“What do you think, Mommy?” asked Pippa as she bounded out of the room just ahead of Karen.

I could only gape at first. My daughter was wearing a white lacy training bra and high cut white panties that were verging on adult lingerie, with lace panels, frilly edging on the waistband and the thinnest of gussets that failed to completely conceal Pippa’s vulva.

“I think you look wonderful, honey,” I replied huskily, feeling my panties grow increasingly wet, “very pretty, very sexy.”

“I feel sexy!” she squealed, beaming at us. As for Karen, it turned out that my instinct had been correct — she was looking at my daughter in much the same way I was. It was clear to see that we both desired her.

Karen started the shoot — and that just made it worse for me, as she directed Pippa into all sorts of poses and positions, some of them quite sexual. Not that I was complaining, no indeed — I got to see those sexy little panties getting stretched tight across Pippa’s mound, the outline of her slit quite visible.

“Go and try the next set on,” Karen told Pippa and, as my little girl scampered happily into the changing room, turned to me with a big smile on her face.

“Do you think it’s warm enough for us both to undress?” Karen asked me as she walked over, “I know you’re getting hot… wet, too, I’ll wager.”

“You know I am!” I moaned, squirming in my wet thong. “Just promise that what happens in here–.”

“–stays in here. Don’t worry, I know how to be discreet,” she reassured me, her hand gently stroking the back of my neck. “I also know what some mothers really want from their daughters.”

A shiver of mixed nerves and excitement raced through me as Karen leaned down and planted a brief but heated kiss on my lips, straightening up with a lustful look on her face. Just then Pippa entered with the next set on — knee-length black socks, a black camisole and some skimpy black panties. She looked positively ravishing.

“Pippa, your mother and I were just saying how warm it was getting in here,” Karen told her. “You wouldn’t mind if we stripped down to our undies, would you?”

“No, of course I wouldn’t!” Pippa replied, looking at Karen and me with a smile.

Karen was quick to kick her shoes off, then remove her top and trousers, revealing a shapely, pleasingly chubby figure with large breasts in a black bra and matching panties. Pippa was staring at her, but then glanced at me, frowning as she noticed that I was still fully dressed.

“Come on, Mommy… you too!” she scolded me playfully.

I slipped off my top and eased my jeans down to reveal my lacy bra and thong, trying to keep my legs together so as not to reveal how wet I was.

“I can see where Pippa gets her looks from,” Karen murmured as she gazed at me with hungry eyes. “You’re gorgeous!”

“Thank you,” I replied, blushing as I sat back down demurely, feeling rather self-conscious as both Karen and my daughter stared at me.

“You look way sexy, Mommy,” Pippa said softly, a look in her eyes that made me shiver inside.

“Thank you sweetie, so do you,” I told her, keeping my legs pressed firmly together; I could feel my thong growing even damper.

The atmosphere in the studio changed over the next few minutes as Karen directed my daughter into increasingly naughty poses. Pippa clearly enjoyed showing off her body, and I knew that my little girl would do anything Karen asked. The question was, how far would Karen go? Would she stop, or take this all the way until my daughter was completely nude?

I soon got my answer. “Pippa, I want to do some special shots now, some exciting ones that I think you’ll enjoy,” Karen told my daughter. “Does that sound okay to you?”

“Sure, Karen,” my little girl told her. “Whatever you want me to do, just say!”

Karen went over to Pippa and arranged her in a kneeling position on the sofa, legs wide apart, and got her to lift her camisole up enough to expose her tummy before returning to the camera and snapping away. Then she asked Pippa to remove the camisole completely, and once my daughter had complied, Karen told her to put both hands on her hips.

I was fidgeting like crazy now as my darling daughter proudly displayed her bare chest, the slight mounds of her young breasts topped with tiny pink nipples that made me think of candy. The smile Pippa flashed me made my heart melt, and I knew that in a moment I was going to have to take matters in hand.

I noticed that Karen kept sneaking her hand down to her groin, and as I watched she rubbed herself through her thong. I realized that Pippa was able to see this, and that’s when I knew that Karen was performing for my daughter. I watched what was going on between them, the looks that they gave each other as Karen arranged and posed my little girl into the sort of positions you’d see in a girlie mag. Her panties were pulled up very tightly and clearly showed the outline of her slit.

At one point Pippa knelt on the sofa with her back to us, legs spread wide, her rosebud barely concealed. She looked back at me and mouthed, ‘I love you, Mommy,’ and as I mouthed it back I realized that my hand was inside my thong and rubbing my wet pussy. I glanced down at my hand and back up at Pippa, and that was when she gave me a look that no ten-year-old girl should be capable of.

“Can you touch yourself there, Pippa?” Karen told my daughter as she sat there with her bum in the air. “Rub yourself through your undies for me, sweetheart.”

Pippa didn’t hesitate, reaching down and running her hand across the front of those pretty panties, pressing the material into her slit and moaning blissfully. My fingers were dripping by then as I brazenly masturbated to the sight of my daughter, rubbing herself for the camera.

Karen padded back over to Pippa and got her turned around and sitting back on the sofa, legs spread wide apart. The way my daughter looked at Karen with such open adoration had me enthralled, and I just stared at the two of them as Karen ran her hand over the wet material covering Pippa’s pussy before she guided the girl’s hand into her panties, then stepped back to grab the camera, removing it from the tripod.

Karen snapped away as she squatted in front of Pippa, directing my daughter to finger herself, and it was clear that the child was only too happy to obey.

“Here,” Karen said, moving closer, “I want to try something really wild.”

Did she ever! Karen got my daughter to raise her legs into the air, then pulled those black panties halfway down her thin thighs, revealing Pippa’s finger, buried in her pussy. I watched Karen play with herself for a few seconds before she took more shots of my little girl masturbating.

My thong was now a damp little bundle on the floor as I spread my legs wide and shoved two fingers into my cunt. Karen had my little princess performing a live sex show, rubbing her gorgeous smooth slit and holding it open for the half-naked photographer and her camera. There was a constant whispered dialogue between the two, and although I couldn’t hear all of it, it was clear that they were both getting very aroused, and that something was about to happen.

Then Karen looked back at me and gave me an imploring look. “Can I…?” she murmured, the need in her eyes telling me exactly what she craved.

I couldn’t deny her — anyway, I wanted it to happen, to watch it happen. I smiled and nodded at her, giving this woman permission to do as she pleased with my ten-year-old daughter.

Karen put her camera down and took hold of Pippa’s ankles, pushing the child’s legs back as her head went down. I rose to my feet and stood over them, rubbing my juicy cunt as Pippa cried out in pleasure. I took a close look — Karen was burrowing between my daughter’s thighs. lovingly licking her little pink slit.

Oh God, how beautiful was that? My legs were becoming quite wobbly, so I dropped to my knees, tugging Karen’s thong down with my free hand and fondling her wet pussy.

It was so wonderfully thrilling to watch this grown woman going down on my naked little girl. I knew that at some point I would get to experience this same joy for myself — but not yet, not now. Right then I was quite happy to watch my Pippa surrender herself to this sexy lesbian photographer, who was thrusting back against the two fingers I had buried in her creamy canal. The studio reeked of wet pussy, and above the whir of the lights came the moans and cries of unleashed lust and passion.

Pippa came first. That was a marvel to behold, her thin body trembling and shaking as she gasped for breath, her head tipped back, eyes closed as she came in Karen’s mouth.

It was all too much for me. I had to withdraw my fingers from Karen as I came all over my thrusting hand, bent over as I came like a wildcat. Releasing her hold on Pippa’s legs, Karen quickly rolled onto her back beside me, frantically rubbing herself until she exploded in a very noisy, very messy climax.

All three of us remained motionless for a little while as we all basked in that post-orgasm glow. Pippa was the first to stir, throwing herself into Karen’s arms to kiss her with girlish enthusiasm, crying, “Thank you, Karen… thank you, thank you!”

“I think you should give your mother a little gratitude, too!” Karen chuckled, patting Pippa’s bare back as she sat up.

“Of course! Thank you, Mommy!” Pippa squirmed her way into my lap, wrapping her legs around my waist, and kissing me hotly. “Thank you so much!” Her naked upper half felt absolutely divine against mine, and I her little wet slit against the bottom of my tummy as she hugged me. “I like modeling!” she whispered, her cheeks flushed a pretty pink.

“I do too, baby,” I murmured, already wondering what our next session with Karen would be like.


Karen phoned me a few days later. “I’ve got another shoot lined up for Pippa this Saturday afternoon, if you’re interested. This time she’ll be posing with another girl about the same age — one of my regulars, named Amy.”

“Count us in,” I replied. “Ever since that first session, it’s been practically all Pippa’s spoken of. She’ll jump at the chance to pose for you again.”

“Good!” Karen exclaimed. “Now, Mary, I’m sure you’ve realized what sort of photos I’ll be taking… and what market they’re intended for. It’s not exactly legal, but the money is unbelievable. So I want to make absolutely sure you know what I’m going to ask of your daughter, and that you’re okay with it.”

“As long as Pippa is happy, then I’m happy too,” I said, wondering just how far Karen intended to take things on this upcoming shoot. “All I need to know is that there aren’t going to be any men participating… or even present, for that matter.”

God, no!” she assured me, “I don’t do that sort of photography. For these special sessions, it’s strictly females only — on both sides of the camera!”

“Then we’ll be there, Karen,” I told her, already feeling tingly at the prospect of seeing my Pippa with another young girl.


Ever since that first photo session, it had become obvious that my darling Pippa was hoping for something sexual to happen between the two of us. To be honest, it nearly had, one evening when I was tucking her in and came dangerously close to kissing her like a lover… but I still couldn’t bring myself to engage in incest with my ten-year-old child, no matter how much she aroused me.

Granted, I’d already seen Pippa willingly undress for another woman, masturbate for her, allow herself to be photographed doing it… and then I watched as that woman went down on my little girl until she came. Now that my daughter had tasted lesbian love, she hungered for more — and having seen how turned on I was when Karen made love to her, she saw me as a potential bedmate.

It didn’t help that Karen had let Pippa keep some of the lingerie she had modeled in. My daughter was constantly lounging around the house in these skimpy underthings, clearly trying to get me hot enough to fuck her. Instead, I spent hours shut up in my bedroom and masturbating furiously, dreaming of submitting to Pippa’s desires. Something was going to have to give soon, and I knew I would either take my child to bed or crack up completely — the question was, which would happen first?

On the day of the next shoot we arrived at Karen’s place, where we were introduced to eleven-year-old Amy and her mother Jill. Amy was just a little older than Pippa, with dazzling blue eyes and short brown hair. I suspected that she would grow up to be every bit as attractive as her mom, who was about my age.

“So… this is only Pippa’s second shoot?” Jill asked me after we’d all been introduced.

“Yes, but she seems to have taken to it like a fish to water,” I replied.

“Well, Amy will take care of her,” Jill assured me, “she’s a seasoned pro at this. Her photos are incredibly popular with the collectors — they pay top dollar for them. I’m sure that Pippa will be a big hit, too — she’s a lovely girl.”

“Your daughter has done a lot of this sort of work, then?” I asked Jill as Karen was sorting the girls out in the changing room.

“Oh yes, nearly two years now,” Jill said all matter-of-fact, “and of course we’ve been sharing the same bed ever since. I take it that you and Pippa have…?” The fire in her eyes made it very clear what she meant.

“No, not just yet,” I confessed, blushing for some strange reason, “I can’t quite bring myself to do it.”

“But you want to, don’t you?” Jill said, leaning in closer and putting a hand on my upper arm. “You spend hours agonizing about it… and you’re constantly masturbating while thinking about her, aren’t you?”

“Oh, my God — you too?” I asked her.

“Yes, weeks of anguish and heartache, before I bowed to the inevitable and let Amy take me to bed,” she said. “I wish now that I’d done it even earlier. Oh, Mary, it’s so good, having your little one as a lover — I can’t begin to tell you!”

“I — I still don’t know…” I replied quietly.

Jill understood. “It’s not something that’s easy to do,” she said with a nod, “but eventually, you will give in, I’m certain of it.”

Then, before I could answer, the girls came out and I felt that familiar tingle. Pippa and Amy were dressed in very sexy school uniforms with tight white tops, short pleated skirts, black stockings with suspender belts and tight white cotton panties. Pippa had her hair up in two cute pigtails. Jill and I stared in perfect awe at the girls, then we glanced at each other and smiled.

The set was a king size bed in a space made up to look like a little girl’s room, all pink and fluffy, and Karen started off with lots of innocent poses that still kept revealing glimpses of those cute white panties. Jill and I sat side by side on the sofa. I could see that she was getting as turned on as I was, that familiar uncomfortable look when your panties are getting damp and you really want to touch yourself.

Soon, Karen had the girls kissing and touching each other — and I was in serious need of some relief. Fortunately, Jill came to the rescue. She slid close to me and, without saying a word, put a hand on my knee, squeezing it as she slowly pulled the hem of my dress up. I turned to meet her eyes as she kept inching my dress up and I spread my legs as wide as I could. Her fingers were soon stroking my inner thigh.

This wasn’t exactly new territory for me, but I’d not felt the touch of another woman in a long while, so I was trembling slightly as Jill’s fingers touched me through my panties. Then I felt her hand on my shoulder, and she turned me to face her, those lovely blue eyes telling me without words what she wanted. I offered no resistance, just let my own eyes drift shut. I felt her breath on my face, and then Jill was kissing me as she rubbed my pussy.

For a little while, the girls were forgotten as I traded tongues with Jill, her fingers pushing the material of my panties into my cunt, making me moan into her mouth. I realized that my hand was on her thigh, and I began to stroke and squeeze it, loving the softness of Jill’s skin as I made my way under her dress, seeking the warm, wet junction between her thighs.

When we came up for air, I saw that Karen was shedding the loose summer dress she wore, and that she was completely naked underneath. The girls were still in those school uniforms, kissing passionately and fondling each other’s bottoms through the tight white cotton of their underpants.

“Shall we undress too?” Jill asked me, a look of raw lust in her eyes.

Yes, I think we should,” I reply, my pussy positively throbbing.

Jill slipped my dress from my shoulders and let it drop to the floor to reveal my swirl-embroidered bra and matching panties. I helped Jill out of her top and skirt to reveal a black lacy bra and thong set. We kissed again as we helped each other out of our undies, and I was excited to see that Jill had made hers wet — though not quite as soaked as mine were!

We sat back down on the sofa together, our legs twining as we gently toyed with each other’s wet slits. Our girls were by now minus their tops, taking turns sucking on each other’s titties, such as they were, their nipples hard and wet. Karen had them arranged so that their legs were spread and their tight panties on full show, both pairs showing dark wet patches.

Jill and I swapped deep French kisses as we fondled each other, eyes glued to the hot sex action unfolding under Karen’s expert direction. The girls’ skirts were soon discarded, leaving our little darlings in stockings, suspenders and panties. There is something so wonderfully wicked about little girls in adult lingerie, and I had to admit that my Pippa looked stunning. Amy did too, and the sight of them grinding their half-naked bodies in front of us had my cunt dripping.

“Mary, you’re soaking wet — can I lick you?” Jill asked me between kisses.

“Please, yes — I need to come!” I gasped.

Jill slipped down on her knees between my legs, which she pushed up for me to hold open for her. I gasped as she fastened her mouth to my wet cunt and began to lick and suck me. I watched the girls as Amy said something to Pippa and Karen, and all three of them smiled as they watched Jill go down on me, then returned to what they were doing — kissing with tongues, rubbing the fronts of each other’s wet panties.

Jill’s tongue felt amazing, and I knew that a big orgasm wasn’t too far away. Meanwhile, I continued to watch the girls perform for Karen. Jill was sucking on my clit as Amy knelt behind Pippa, kissing her neck as she reached around, slipping a hand down the front of my daughter’s panties.

That was all I needed to trigger my climax, and I ground my dripping cunt into Jill’s mouth as I came hard, gritting my teeth to keep from screaming.

As I gulped for breath, Jill smiled up at me, then stood, straddled my lap and tilted my face up to hers, giving me a deep, hot kiss and letting me taste myself on her lips. I knew that Jill expected me to return the favor and oh, God, how I wanted to — it had been ages since I’d been with a woman and I was still intensely aroused — but right then, I really wanted to watch the girls.

Jill clearly understood, and we snuggled up on the sofa to watch our lovely children perform for Karen. She was putting them into poses where they were fingering one another inside their panties. It was thrilling beyond measure to watch my Pippa joyously make love with another little girl.

“Isn’t this the loveliest thing you’ve ever seen?” Jill asked me quietly as we watched Pippa slowly remove Amy’s cotton undies.

“Yes, it’s unbelievable,” I whispered, as we caressed each other’s bare bodies, lost in the beauty of the moment. “I never realized how special it was to be a mother.”

“When you give in and make love to her, you’ll find out that it’s even better!” Jill gasped as my fingers lingered over her clit. “Please, Mary — make me come now before our girls start fucking for real!”

“Yes,” I moaned. “I want to lick you, Jill!”

She quickly positioned herself for me — one foot on the floor and the other leg hooked over the back of the sofa. I  got down between her legs and began to feast on her juicy cunt. Jill tasted divine, and as I licked and sucked on her wet folds, I shivered at the thought of doing this to Pippa, using my lips and tongue to pleasure her little pink slit — it was only a matter of time, wasn’t it?

Jill was starting to buck about on the sofa, and before too long she was coming, filling my mouth with her tangy juices as she held my head to her groin. We shared another creamy kiss when I surfaced for air and then we turned to see what our daughters were doing. Amy was flat on her back, with Pippa on all fours between her spread legs, her bare bottom in the air and her mouth glued to Amy’s pussy.

“Look at your daughter’s slit, all wet and glistening,” Jill murmured in my ear. “Surely you can’t resist that, can you? You want to go down on her, just like you did to me.”

“Oh, I do, I do,” I moaned as I stared at Pippa’s pussy and rosebud, both fully on display, “but I — I still feel like it’s wrong to, to make love to my own daughter!”

“There’s nothing wrong about it at all,” Jill insisted as we watched Karen kneel behind Pippa to get some great shots of both her holes. “I bet you let Karen fuck her last time — didn’t you?”

“Yes, I did,” I replied softly, thinking back to that afternoon — remembering how turned on I’d been, watching another woman go down on my ten-year-old.

“So you’ll let others enjoy your daughter’s body, but deny yourself?” Jill’s fingers found my clit and teased it. “Listen to me, Mary — there is no greater love, no stronger bond than that between a mother and her daughter, and to express that love in a physical way will only make what you have even stronger.”

“Oh, Pippa,” I whispered.

“Imagine it,” Jill said, her lips brushing my ear. “You’re both naked, and she’s nestled in your arms, kissing you again and again, that sweet tongue fluttering in your mouth, her pussy wet and hot as she grinds it against your thigh…”

“Yes!” I gasped. “Oh, Jill, you’re right, I’ve got t-to have her! Not here, though, not now. Later, after we g-get home.”

“I agree with you there,” she said, taking her hand from between my legs, reaching up to rub the wetness into my breasts. “You really ought to be home and in bed the first time you and Pippa make love.”

The girls were now engaged in a sixty-nine. They looked so hot and sexy with their slim legs clad in black stockings, slender nude bodies locked together as they ate each other out. Karen was moving all around them taking shot after steamy shot, and all I could think of was swapping places with Amy and having my darling daughter on top of me, her cunt and anus in my face. I shivered with suppressed lust and desire, aided by Jill’s lips nuzzling my neck.

By the time Karen was finished shooting, the studio was heady with the scent of pussy. We got up and went over to join Karen and our daughters on the huge bed. I took Pippa in my arms and gave her a big kiss, telling her how wonderful she’d been.

“I saw you and Amy’s mother doing sex together,” she said to me as I stroked her stocking-covered thigh. “Will you do that to me, Mommy?”

“Oh baby, I will, but not here,” I murmured, “I want our first time to be special, just the two of us.”

“Thank you, Mommy!” she cried, throwing her arms around me, kissing my mouth with a passion beyond her years. Her tongue darted past my lips, and I just had to suck on it for a moment.

Finally, Pippa and I gently drifted apart, and I turned to the others, suddenly feeling a bit bashful. “I think we need to go home now,” I said to Karen, Jill and Amy as they watched us with big smiles on their faces. “I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all, Mary,” Karen chuckled as Amy played with her breasts, “you go and have a wonderful time with your daughter. I’ve got these two here to keep me entertained.” She leaned in to give Jill a kiss, reaching down to cup Amy’s cute little bottom.

“Let’s do this again sometime, Mary,” Jill said as I watched her finger her daughter’s little slit. “We’d love to have you!”

So Pippa and I hurriedly threw our clothes on, most of the underwear going in my handbag, and we kissed them all goodnight before hurrying home to experience something wonderful.


My daughter and I were both very excited by the time we got home, but I was determined to take things slow and easy — I wanted this moment to be perfect. So I led Pippa into my bedroom, where she sat on my bed as I slowly undressed for her. Then I took off all her clothes, pausing often to kiss her skin as I exposed it. Finally, we were naked together. The sight of her bare body made my cunt quiver, and the way Pippa was looking at me made it clear that she felt the same way.

We ended up lying in a tight embrace on my bed, our mouths locked together as we kissed. It was so wrong for be kissing my ten-year-old daughter like this, but it felt so good! Her soft young body was pressed up against mine, and I couldn’t stop running my hands all over it. Our legs were scissored, and each of us had a thigh pressed between the legs of the other, grinding away shamelessly.

I unraveled myself from my daughter’s clutches and rolled her onto her tummy, then moved down her body, kissing a path along the way until I was lying between Pippa’s spread legs, admiring her bare bottom. My heart raced at the sight of her moist, smooth slit and pretty pink anus. I couldn’t wait any longer — I extended my tongue and took a long, slow lick through my little girl’s cunt, shivering with the sheer lewdness of the act and loving the taste of her.

“Oh, yes, Mommy!” Pippa wailed, “do that some more!”

I was licking and lapping my child’s slit like it was my favorite ice cream, parting her folds with my tongue and delving inside to taste more of her liquid sugar. Now and then I’d tease her tiny clit, making it peek out of its hiding place. That drove her wild with delight..

Oh God, Jill couldn’t have been more right — why hadn’t I done this earlier? Putting myself through all that anguish, those guilt trips, denying myself the most wondrous experience a mother can know?

I was in heaven as I went down on my sweet Pippa, and I could tell from all the contented noises she was making that my daughter was happy too as she thrust back against my face, her warm, thick fluids flowing into my greedy mouth.

By now my thumbs were holding Pippa’s slit wide open, and I was working my tongue into her tight vagina. She was fast approaching her climax and I ate her for all I was worth, determined to make her her first orgasm at my hands an unforgettable experience.

“Mommy!” she cried out, “It… it’s happening!” And with a choked cry, my little angel shook and trembled as she came for me, feeding me her sweet nectar as I drank it from her cunt. I finally had to stop licking her when she begged me to.

I pulled her limp body to mine, kissing her softly and whispering how much I loved her. We stayed like that for as long as Pippa needed to recover. Finally, she smiled and said, “It’s my turn now, Mommy.”

For a while she was happy to suckle on my breasts, making me sigh contentedly as I remembered the last time she had done that. Then Pippa squirmed down to lie between my parted legs, going “Oooohh!” when she saw how wet I was. “Oh, wow, Mommy — can I take some pictures of your pussy?”

“Honey, you can do anything you like,” I told her as she got up and dug her cell phone out of her purse.  “I’m your model now.”

My daughter got me to spread my legs far apart, and as she snapped away I fingered my cunt for her. Pippa got a dozen or so shots, then directed me to get up on all fours. “Pull your bottom open, Mommy,” she said. “I want some pictures of your butthole.”

I shivered to hear such a kinky request from my daughter, but happily complied, spreading my buttocks apart to reveal my rosebud. “Now put your finger in your butt,” Pippa said, after getting some lovely anal close-ups.

I’d never used my asshole for solo pleasures before, but quickly I found that I liked it, probing deep into my rectum as Pippa clicked away. “Rub your pussy with the other hand, okay?” she cooed — and I obeyed, putting on a dirty show for my daughter and getting off big time.

“Now lie down, Mommy, pull your legs way apart. Let me see all your pussy,” Pippa told me. So I withdrew that finger from my rectum and spread myself out on the bed, letting my child see how excited I was. I pulled myself open as wide as I could, and she really liked that, moving in and snapping away. By then, my cunt was so juicy that it was actually dripping, the warm fluids oozing down into my butt crack and leaving a huge wet patch on the bed.

I thought I might explode if I didn’t get to come soon — luckily, my daughter put her phone to one side and went down on me, her hands replacing mine as she licked and lapped my sticky folds and sucked on my swollen clit. As I squeezed my tits and tugged on my nipples, I stared in awe at the incredibly exciting sight of my darling daughter between my legs, smiling up at me as she ate my pussy.

Then it got even wilder. Pippa got me to push both knees back until they rested against my breasts, then got down and began to rim me, her tongue bathing the crack of my ass.

Jill had, of course, been right — surrendering my body to my wonderful daughter, letting Pippa feast on the pussy that had given birth to her only ten years ago was the most amazing, most exciting, most mindblowing sex I’d ever experienced.

My angel shoved two fingers right up inside me and fucked me with them as she kept her lips glued around my clit. Me, I was moaning Pippa’s name, telling her how good she was as she brought me to the brink of a tooth-rattling climax.

I came with a loud cry, begging Pippa to fuck me, my clit on fire in her mouth. My daughter’s fingers were squelching in my pussy as she pounded me hard, still nursing on my clitoris as I bucked and shook under her. I was panting and gasping for breath as Pippa finally slowed her movements, releasing my throbbing bud from her mouth and pulling her wet fingers from my cunt with a loud slurp.

As I caught my breath, I watched my angel lick my juices from her fingers, and then she scooped up some more from my aching vagina and gave her fingers to me to suck clean. Mmm, I tasted good.

I pulled my darling Pippa on top of me and held her tightly as I kissed her sweet little mouth, whispering how much I loved her and how wonderful a daughter she was.

Fortunately it was a Friday night, with no school the next day, so I told Pippa she could stay in bed with me if she cared to. Of course she did, and after awhile we made love again, more slowly and gently than before, taking the time to explore each other’s bodies and share deep kisses.

Pippa’s cell phone came into use again, too, both of us taking delight in posing for each other in increasingly lewd ways — I liked the shots I took of my finger buried deep in Pippa’s bottom the best, though and the ones she took of me licking her clit ran a close second.

We drifted off to sleep snuggled together, and I enjoyed the best night’s sleep I’d had in ages. The next morning found us still entwined, still deliriously happy. The guilt I once felt about my desire for Pippa simply wasn’t there.

Three years later, my daughter and I are still intimate. We both take other lovers now and then, but always seem to return to each other. As long as my darling Pippa wants me, I am hers.

The End


Sister of the Bride

  • Posted on December 29, 2019 at 5:28 pm

Author Unknown

Reworked for Juicy Secrets by JetBoy


“You’re a beautiful, beautiful bride, sweetheart,” my father said as he admired me in the mirror, a hand resting on my shoulder.

“Thank you, Daddy.” Then I added as I hugged him, “But you’d say that no matter what I looked like.”

He didn’t try to hide his smile as he said, “So sue me. That’s a father’s job. I’m really happy for you, Nell. Mark’s a terrific guy.”

“He is, Daddy. I’m sure this is the right thing.” I was sure now, but five years ago if you had told me I would end up here, marrying Mr. Dependable, I would have laughed in your face.

“Well. I’d better get going, sweetheart. I’ll see you in a few minutes — at the aisle.”

As he stepped through the door to my dressing room, he remembered something.

“By the way, you’ll never guess who showed up — Bobbi! I guess she decided she couldn’t miss seeing her baby sister get married after all.” He chuckled to himself, not noticing the blood draining from my face. As he turned to leave, he said, “She wanted to see you before the ceremony. I’ll send her in.” And he closed the door, leaving me alone… and reeling.

Bobbi? Damn it! What was she doing here? I couldn’t deal with seeing her now!

But deal with it I would have to, as the door swung open and she stepped in.

“Don’t close the…”

Too late. The door clicked shut, and I was alone with my big sister. I felt trapped already, and the world outside the door was fading away.

She was dressed up, for her, in black honest-to-god slacks, a white shirt, and a black jacket. With her close-cropped hair, she looked like a more feminine version of K.D. Lang. At least the way she was dressed covered most of her tattoos. God, how could my father not know she was a dyke? Maybe he didn’t want to.

My eyes traveled down without my thinking about it, as they had a thousand times before. Shit! She was packing! Who else had noticed? Who knew that I was alone in here with a lesbian wearing a strap-on cock?

I could feel myself breathing harder. Gotta get myself under control.

There was a time when I would have crawled across the floor for that cock. Would have begged. A time when I had done all of those things, plus things I didn’t let myself think about any more. My sister had held that kind of power over me. Gotta get myself under control, gotta get myself under control. I’m marrying Mark today.

“Hello, baby sister.”

“Bobbi… what the fuck–”

“What am I doing here?” She crossed the small room, closing the space between us as she spoke. “Well, I couldn’t let my baby sister get married and not see her before it happens, could I?”

“Bobbi, please. Don’t.”

“Don’t? Don’t what? Don’t come to send you on your way with best wishes?” She was only inches from me now, but I couldn’t seem to get myself to back away. She firmly grasped my shoulders and turned me to face the full-length mirror.

Standing behind me, looking over my shoulder, she said, “Let’s see how my baby sister dressed for her big day.”

“Bobbi, please. I’m twenty-three. I’m not your baby sister any more.”

She ignored that, as I had known she would. “Mmm. Very pretty. I don’t think you ever dressed this pretty for me when we lived together.”

“I dressed the way you wanted me to, and you know it. Like an ultra-femme slut. Bobbi, don’t do this. You’ve got to go.”

“Now, now, baby sister.” She had been steadily pushing me closer to the mirror; now it was within arm’s reach. “I couldn’t come all this way to see how you dressed up for your wedding and not get a good look at what your new hubby’s going to see later, could I?” She started pulling up my dress, but that wasn’t easy; there was a lot of it.

“Bobbi, please. Please don’t.” But I couldn’t make myself stop her.

Finally she had an armful of wedding gown bunched around my waist. “Well. Very, very nice. I see you still have some of the things you used to wear for me after all.”

“This isn’t something I ever wore for you.” But it might as well have been. White heels and white stockings, held up by a garter belt that matched my skimpy thong. I still felt a little awkward, dressing like this, but knew Mark would love seeing me in it later. He deserved that, damn it! I was marrying him in a few minutes, and he deserved to see me walking to our bed in my heels and sexy lingerie. He deserved a wife who was only thinking about showing off for him, not for her dyke sister… her sexy, desirable dyke sister.

“And do you still shave that adorable pussy of yours?”

“No! I mean, I leave a little hair above it. And that’s none of your business any more, Bobbi.” God, my legs were trembling.

“Why, baby sister, there was a time when you would have lifted up that pretty dress yourself and shown me everything you had… anywhere I asked you to. In fact, here. Hold your dress up for me.”

I wanted to hit her, to kick her, to scream, call her a sadistic bitch. But instead I took my dress from her and held it up.

This allowed her to lower her hands, to run them over my hips, my bottom. “So tell me — does Mark ever fuck you in the ass?”

I should’ve known that was coming. I was crimson with anger. First, at Bobbi for doing this to me. Second, at myself, because my sister was turning me on. “You know he doesn’t.”

“He doesn’t? But baby sister, all men want to fuck their girl in the ass sooner or later. What do you tell him?” She ground herself against my back as she spoke. I could feel that latex cock through her pants now, the length of it pressed firmly between my cheeks.

“I just tell him that I c-can’t, that it freaks me out.”

“But that’s not the real reason, is it?”

She’d run her fingers under the waistband of my thong, then suddenly gave it a violent yank to the side, tearing the bit of lace that ran over my hip and connected the front to the back. She effortlessly tugged the thong away, completely baring my bottom.

“That’s not the real reason,” she repeated, louder this time, “is it?”


“What is the real reason?” As she talked she was inserting a leg between mine, gradually spreading my thighs further and further apart.

“It’s because… because of… you know, how we used to — you know.”

“It’s because your ass belongs to me, isn’t that it? To your big sister?”

A pause, then I mumbled, “Yes.”

“Because other people can have your cunt, but your ass is for me alone. Is that why?”


As she talked she backed away from me a little, and I let myself believe that maybe she was done with me. Until I heard her zipper.

“Oh, God… Mommy, please don’t.”

“There. I was afraid you weren’t going to call me Mommy again.”

She fished in a pocket, then brought her hand around in front of me, where I could see it. She had a small bottle of lubricant in one hand, and she unscrewed the top and poured some onto her fingers.

“Please, Mommy. Please!”

“Shhh, now. We don’t want Mark to hear you. Imagine if he saw you like this? Holding your wedding dress up so your queer sister can fuck your ass. Of course he hasn’t. So let’s just be quiet so this stays our little secret, baby girl.”

She was behind me again, and I could hear her lubed hand sliding over her cock. Then she began to spread lubrication around the crack of my ass. My breath caught at her touch. I was on fire, I hated her, I wanted her. I wanted her to go away, to fuck off out of my life. And I wanted that finger inside me.

She put one hand back on my hip and the other on the back of my neck, pushing me over at the waist. She pressed my legs further and further apart until I was completely open for my sister. My cunt was dripping.

She draped my dress up over my back, which freed me to brace myself on the wall on either side of the mirror. Then I got what I most dreaded — and craved.

One finger slowly slid inside me, right up to the third knuckle. It probed around loosening my rectum for more, then was joined by another finger. I hadn’t felt this pressure, this warm, wonderful pressure, for four years — and it was stealing my breath away, causing my pussy to overflow.

She bent a bit at the knees, lowering the head of her girl-cock to my star. “I always loved you in heels like that. They put you at just the right height.”

I couldn’t help myself. “Please, Mommy,” I whimpered. But she knew perfectly well that it no longer meant please don’t.

The tip of her cock was pressing against my opening, the pressure slowly increasing in tiny steps. “Please what, baby girl? Please stop?”

I loved and hated that she was always so gentle about taking me. “No, Mommy.”

“What then, baby girl?” As we spoke, the tip slowly, ever so slowly, entered me.

“Please don’t stop, Mommy. Please… take me. Fuck me.”

As I said this, she gradually straightened at the knees and slid deeper and deeper.

“Of course I’ll fuck you, baby girl.” She began a soft pumping. “You knew I would fuck you.”


“You knew it when I showed up.”

“Yes, Mommy. Oh, yes. God, yes.”




“That’s my baby girl.”


“You love it when Mommy…”


“…fucks you…”


“…don’t you?”



“When Mommy…”


“…does you…”


“…in the ass.”


“Yes, Mommy. Ungh. Ungh. Please don’t, ungh, stop, Mommy. Oh. OH!”


“Oh, God.”


“Oh, God!”

She had me. She had me and she knew it, and I loved and hated that she knew it. Knew it like nobody else had ever known it, or ever would. Had known it, ever since Bobbi first seduced me when I was sixteen.

I was close to coming, and she knew exactly how close. She would draw my climax out of me as precisely as if she were performing brain surgery — pulling it out, but exactly how and when she wanted it. She was a master at the art of anal love.

I could still remember the first time my sister had done me that way. We’d been lovers for three months by then, starting when she coaxed me into bed one night. I was intoxicated by Bobbi, loved to spend hours with her, pleasuring each other the way only two girls can. Her kisses were sweet as wine, the taste of her cunt ambrosia. I didn’t care that she was a girl, or even that she was my sister — she made me feel so special, so loved.

Bobbi had already taken my virginity with her strap-on, so I was ready for more of the same that night when she fastened that silicone cock around her waist. But my big sister had other plans for me. She kissed me hungrily, then gazed deep into my eyes. “Nellie,” she crooned, “I want to introduce you to a new pleasure tonight. A new and… very special pleasure.”

She had me lie on a pillow, my hips elevated. I moaned as her hot, wet tongue trailed its way through the crack of my ass. Then I felt her fingers rubbing something slippery into my anal cleft. And suddenly my heart was throbbing as Bobbi placed the tip of her cock against the tight ring.

She was so tender, so gentle at first… slowly filling me with her easy strokes. But I soon hungered for more from her. Before long my sexy lesbian sister was really fucking my ass, pumping in and out at a faster and faster pace, pushing herself deeper inside me, driving me absolutely wild.

Those were the times when I called her “Mommy,” and she called me “baby girl.” Only when she fucked my ass. Our lovemaking was wonderful, but the anal sex we shared was beyond description — holy, even. Me, down on her bed on all fours, and Bobbi, her pelvis pressed against my butt, her cock deep in my asshole. Her cock inside me, moving deliciously in and out. Just like it was now, on my wedding day.

Her lips brushed my ear.

“Do you…”





“…to come for me…”


“baby girl?”




“Yes, oh, Mommy. Mmmm… Please, Mommy. Please let me come. Oh, Mommy.”

Her timing shifted. She was no longer rushing me to my orgasm. Don’t ask me how she did it, but she could always take me to within a few steps of the cliff, hold me there, and then carry me through those last few steps painfully slowly, a millimeter at a time.

But when I fell off… Oh, God, when I fell off. Stars, rockets, explosions – none of it could begin to describe where my sister could take me when she ass-fucked me.

Bobbi had me on the knife-edge, and was holding me there, suspended in… ecstasy.

“Baby girl, look at me.”

I opened my eyes and found hers in the mirror. She ever so slowly pulled out until only the tip of her cock was still in me… then ever so slowly, my sister entered me again, exactly — exactly! — enough to take me over the edge.

It started deep inside, and slowly grew until it was everywhere, until nothing existed but her cock, my mind, and my orgasm. I was in two places at once. I was racing off that cliff, accelerating as if rocket-propelled, yet completely aware of my surroundings, of her. I felt absolute abandon — yet felt it objectively, like an observer. My sister’s eyes were speaking to me as clearly as though they were carving her thoughts in stone, but I couldn’t tell what the words meant; they were in another language.

Legs shaking, heart pounding fit to burst, this long-lost friend of an orgasm churns on and on — grows, builds.

“That’s it, baby girl. Give it to me.”

Each breath a conscious decision. Peaking? No. Still rising. Barely able to stand, I want to fall against the mirror, but I can’t let go of Bobbi’s eyes.

A tear, stained with mascara, slides down my cheek and drops onto my dress. My beautiful, white wedding dress. Then another.

I’m shaking. I would fall down if I didn’t have her cock in my ass. Another tear. And another. They’re falling faster now. I’m falling faster now.

I rush forward into blackness.

When I came to, the only thing holding me up was her arms. That and her cock, still buried in my rectum.

She slowly withdrew from me, then lowered me into a chair. I couldn’t control my legs yet. They were splayed wide, my pussy still fully exposed.

Bobbi knelt before me and kissed my cunt, pressing her face between my thighs, her tongue plunging into my vagina. Then she pulls away, taking me in her arms, her mouth claiming mine.

My sister kissed me gently at first, then her tongue slid between my lips. The taste of my cunt on Bobbi’s lips has my head spinning. I responded in kind, kissing my sister as hotly as I used to do.

My God, how I adore her. It’s like she never left, and I’m still her devoted sex toy. I’m already plunging headfirst into madness, throbbing with desire, wondering if I have enough time to go down on Bobbi before the ceremony begins.

Finally pulling away, she reached out and rested her hand against my cheek.

“I have to go, Nellie.”

A still, calm pause.

“I know,” I whisper.

A longer pause.

“I want you to be happy with Mark, you know.”

“I know.”

“But I’ll still come back someday, and fuck you again. I’ll have to.”

“Yes. You will.”

“I’ll have to.”

“I know that.”

She looked into the mirror, checking God knows what. Her hair is too short to get messed up, and she doesn’t wear makeup. She crossed to the door and opened it. She hesitated, then turned back, hesitated again, and finally said, “I love you, baby sister. I always will.”

“I know. I love you too.”

The door closes, and she is gone.

The End