The Notebook, Chapter 11

  • Posted on August 11, 2021 at 3:06 pm

Note: It’s been a while, but we finally have a new chapter of “The Notebook,” the continuing daughter/stepmother saga from site friend Ebo. If you’re new to this story, do yourself a solid and read the first ten chapters. If you’ve followed the tale, please consult the Chapter Links to recap.

by Ebo

Dana woke up and reached for Penny, only to find empty air. Still half asleep, she wondered why her stepmother wasn’t in bed next to her. As the last cobwebs of sleep fell away, she remembered Penny hadn’t slept here last night. Or, the night before.

These last couple of nights, Dana has tossed and turned, unable to get to sleep easily. She has gotten used to having Penny’s warm body in bed with her. Alone in her bed now that her father was in town, Dana felt out of sorts without her.

Pulling her spare pillow to her nose, Dana inhaled the faint scent of her stepmother’s shampoo that still lingered. Smiling, she thought, Penny always smells good.

The scent of the woman only made Dana miss her more. It’s only been four days, and it already seemed like forever since she has lain in the woman’s arms. Dana had known she was smitten with Penny, but just how much she discovered when her dad got off the plane. Penny was like a drug, and Dana was feeling the withdrawal symptoms bad.

Sighing, Dana pushed the pillow away and reminded herself, Dad will be back in Tokyo in a couple of days. Things will be back to normal then.

Dana shook her head, thinking what felt ‘normal’ now was anything but normal. Still, she couldn’t deny that sharing a bed with Penny has become a routine in the months since her dad first went to Tokyo. Her dad being in town was like a rock in the flow of the life she and Penny have been living in his absence.

She felt a twist of guilt, realizing she wanted her father to hurry up and go back to Japan. She felt another when she thought about the reason why. Dana wanted Penny to herself again. Guilt gave way to a bit of jealousy because her dad got to wake up next to Penny instead of her.

“God,” Dana thought, throwing off the covers, “I’m a mess.”

Slipping into her robe, she padded to her dresser and opened her unmentionables drawer. She had only intended to grab some clean underwear before taking a shower, but she started thinking about the vibrator she had stashed under her bras and panties. Biting her lip, she wondered if the shower would be loud enough to cover the buzzing of the toy.

If I keep it on low, it should be, Dana thought, digging it out of its hiding spot. She put it in the pocket of her robe, then closed the drawer.

In the bathroom, she stripped out of her robe and started the shower going. Fishing the vibrator out of her robe, she turned the knob to low. The rush of water completely swallowed any noise the toy was making, so she cranked it up another setting. Still, it wasn’t loud enough to draw attention. On its medium speed, the vibrator was more than enough for Dana.

“Perfect,” she said out loud. She turned it off, setting it on the lip of the bathtub.

Stepping under the spray, she sighed. The hot water felt amazing as it pelted her young body. She stood underneath it a moment, letting it wash away the last of a restless night. Fully awake and her nerve endings alive, Dana reached for the vibrator.

She didn’t have a lot of time for foreplay, but, luckily at her age, she didn’t need much to get in the mood. Just doing this while her dad was home was enough. A little bit of risk could be exciting, especially for Dana. This was something she had learned about herself recently, and she shivered thinking about Forest Overlook.

Biting her lip to keep quiet, Dana turned the knob on the toy up halfway and pressed it against her bud. The vibrations were intense, spreading through her body like a wildfire in a flush of excitement. She bit down harder as the first moan tried to escape her. She managed to muffle it, if not completely contain it.

She had been worried about the noise the vibrator made, but not the ones she was making. With her dad out of the house, she hadn’t had to keep quiet lately. Now, she was struggling with her excitement. Those little sounds of enjoyment were hard to wrangle in, kept wanting to escape. It took all the concentration she could muster- which wasn’t much with the toy distracting her- to keep them as low as possible.

There was a little radio on the back of the toilet, and she kicked herself for not thinking to turn it on. Too late to do it now, she would just have to hope the shower would make enough noise to cover up the ones she was making.

It didn’t use to be this hard. I used to masturbate all the time when Dad was home, Dana thought, then with a little smile, but I am out of practice. I haven’t needed to do it myself in a while.

That led to thoughts of Penny, and Dana wished her stepmother was here now. They had done it in the shower more than a couple of times, and the memory of Penny all wet and soapy was enough to kick her already racing pulse up a few notches. They had taken turns with the soap, washing each other. As far as foreplay went, it was both exciting and hygienic at the same time.

Just good, clean fun, Dana thought, smiling at the joke. That was what Penny had called it as they toweled off afterward. Some of the things they did in the shower, Dana thought she could argue the ‘clean’ part. There was no denying it was fun, though.

Dana pushed Penny from her mind. Daydreaming about her stepmother’s lovely body only made her miss the woman more. She didn’t see the point in torturing herself.

Closing her eyes, she let the plot of her new story play out in her head. She was already seven pages into writing it, having spent a lot of yesterday with her kitten notebook on her knees. Without Penny to distract her, she was finally getting some work done. It was long overdue. Some of her readers were beginning to wonder about her well-being. She was touched by their concern and a bit ashamed about leaving them without a new story for so long. Even when her father left for work, again, she intended to put more effort into writing.

The vibrator made it impossible to focus on the small details of the story, so she focused on the broad strokes of the storyline. More specifically, she started working on the naughty bits she hasn’t made it to in the story yet. As usual, she tried to keep the sex in her story as realistic as possible. Girls in middle school didn’t have a bunch of sex toys or a proclivity toward the kinkier sex acts, so she was somewhat limited to what her characters did on the page.

Well, most middle school-aged girls don’t have a bunch of sex toys, Dana thought, grinning, They just aren’t lucky enough to have a kinky stepmother.

On the spectrum of experience, Dana figured she was way ahead on the curve. Sex was starting to be a regular topic at school, usually talked about in hushed tones with a lot of giggling. Through half-heard conversations, Dana knew some of her classmates had dabbled some, mostly first and second base stuff, with the occasional adventuresome hand job thrown in for good measures. Since that first time with Penny, Dana had been all the way around the bases multiple times… Sometimes multiple times in one day.

Dana tried to avoid joining in these conversations because she thought she had a bit too much information to share. She didn’t want anyone wondering why she knew so much about sex.

God, the things I could tell them, Dana thought, amused at the mental image of a gaggle of girls staring at her wide-eyed as she told them about all the joys of sex.

Dana let the vibrator slip lower, eased it inside of her. She could feel the vibrations all through her body, and her knees got a little weak as she pressed the toy against that magic spot deep inside. The waves of pleasure that rocked her were almost too much to bear. Her free hand went to her mouth as an unrestrained cry escaped her slack mouth. She tried to hold them all in, but even her hand couldn’t completely muffle the sounds she was making.

She focused on the lovely sensations washing through her young body, trying to finish before her cries got away from her entirely. The vibrator was hitting just the right spot, and she didn’t think that would be a problem. Her fingers dug into her cheek as she started to come. Try as she might, she couldn’t hold all of her excitement in, and Dana could only hope she did enough as the orgasm shook her. The vibrator had her jerking like it was a live wire, and she pulled it out in a hurry. She could still feel it, even after it was gone, her hips still moving like it was still inside of her.

It took her a moment to regain some sort of composure, the delicious pleasure coursing through her short-circuiting her brain. Eventually, she realized the vibrator was still buzzing in her hand, and she was just swaying on unsteady legs under the shower. With a sheepish grin, she twisted the knob, turning it off. She set it on the edge of the tub and reached for her body wash.

Not sure how long she had been in the shower already, she figured she should hurry. The last thing she needed was for her father to wonder why she was taking so long. The actual washing only took her five minutes, and then she was cranking the water off and reaching for her towel.

Dried off, she reached into her robe pocket and quickly realized she had forgotten to bring panties. Distracted by the vibrator, she had completely missed the whole reason she had opened the drawer in the first place. She laughed at herself as she slipped into her robe. She made sure to tie it a little tighter.

Clearing the steamy mirror, she did her hair and makeup. She didn’t need a lot of help in either department, so it didn’t take her long to finish this part of her morning routine.

Back in her bedroom, she let the robe drop and went to her dresser for panties and a bra. She buried the vibrator deep, disturbing the layer of panties on top. She smiled when she saw some of the lingerie Penny had bought for her to wear mixed in with some of the more age-appropriate underwear. With her dad out of town, she had opted for convenience instead of hiding it. She needed it enough to warrant the risk.

She ran her fingers over some of the silk and lace variety but pulled some cotton panties out to wear to school instead. She might have worn some of the more risque lingerie just for the thrill of if she didn’t have gym class third period. The girls in the locker room might have questions if they saw her in any of the naughty things Penny had bought for her. She laughed at the mental image of their eyes wide and jaws on the floor.

We switched out classes next month, she thought, her heart beating a little faster, no more gym class.

The thought of wearing sexy lingerie to school sent a naughty shiver up her spine. It probably wouldn’t show under her clothes, but she’d know. That little bit of danger would definitely spice up an otherwise dull school day. And if she wore a skirt…

Another shiver worked up her spine. Chewing on her lip, she wondered if she was brave enough to do it, to wear stockings and one of her matching thong and bra sets with a skirt to school. She knew it would be a bad idea, that it would be a distraction from her studies. It would be hard to concentrate when she was worried if the lacy top of her nylons were peaking from the bottom of her skirt.

She was still chewing on the idea as she picked out the rest of her clothes for the day. With a dusting of snow still on the ground, she decided on some boots, jeans, and a sweater. She’d need her coat, too.

As ready as she was going to get for a day at school, she headed downstairs for some breakfast. She found Penny sitting at the kitchen table, sipping coffee. Dana didn’t see her dad anywhere, even when she poked her head into the laundry nook, then the living room, again.

“What are you looking for?” Penny asked.

Noticing Penny giving her a funny look, Dana said, “Dad.”

“He had to run into the office for a minute,” Penny said.

“Oh?” Dana said, perking up.

Laughing, Penny said, “He said he was only going to be twenty minutes… fifteen minutes ago.”

“Damn,” Dana said.

“Language,” Penny said, but she was smiling. She took Dana’s hand and pulled her onto her lap for a kiss before saying, “you have school, anyway.”

“Yeah, I know,” Dana said, sighing.

“Besides, your dad is going back to Tokyo Sunday,” Penny said.

“It’s a good thing, too… I’ve almost killed the batteries in my vibrator,” Dana said, playfully.

Snorting in surprise, Penny said, “We have more if you need them.”

“I might,” Dana said, kissing her again, “going to need some fresh ones for Sunday, anyway.”

“Yeah,” Penny said, her voice husky with excitement, “now, get out of here and give me a minute to compose myself.”

Laughing, Dana got off her stepmother’s lap and went to the cupboard to grab a package of Pop-Tarts, then the fridge for a bottle of orange juice. Her breakfast in hand, she leaned against the sink and opened the foil wrapper on the breakfast pastry.

“Do you want your old laptop back?” Dana asked, taking a bite.

“That’s okay,” Penny said, then laughed, “it should have been retired a long time ago. In fact, it was before you needed it.”

“My old laptop is going to be my new hideaway,” Dana said.

“Just be sure to do a factory reset on it- the snooper program is still installed,” Penny said.

“I already did,” Dana said, laughing when Penny gave her a look, “what?”

“You already did?” her stepmother asked.

Shrugging, Dana said, “The internet said it was the only way to get rid of unwanted programs.”

“Did it, now?” Penny said, shaking her head.

“Making the Mom in you nervous?” Dana teased.

“A little,” Penny said, but she was smiling, “you are a bit more clever than you used to be.”

“Getting caught once will do that to you,” Dana said, remembering the awkward conversation with Penny when the woman found out what sort of websites she had been frequenting. That particular exchange had ended pretty amazingly, but she didn’t want to try her luck again.

Laughing, Penny said, “I guess it would. Just a heads up, I’m installing the program on your new laptop. The one your dad bought you.”

“You think Dad is feeling guilty about being away?” Dana asked, smiling playfully, “he bought you and me new laptops… Nice ones, too.”

“Bought himself one, too,” Penny said, then snorted, “I think he just noticed the raise money in the bank account.”

“Are we rich?”

“No,” Penny said, laughing, “but, as Daffy Duck would say, we are comfortably well off.”

“So now would be a good time to ask for a raise in my allowance?”

“Your dad already bumped it up,” Penny said.

“Really?” Dana said, surprised, “Are you sure Dad isn’t feeling guilty?”

“Maybe a little,” Penny admitted.

“He comes home when he can,” Dana said, opening her orange juice.

He came home for Thanksgiving and Christmas, a few weekends in between. He has been racking up the frequent flier points, traveling from Tokyo back to the States. Add to that a bunch of phone calls and Face Time and Dana didn’t think he had a reason to feel guilty. He was trying to put in an appearance.

Taking a sip of her coffee, Penny said, “Maybe you could say something…”

“Let him off the hook?” Dana teased.

“Something like that,” Penny laughed.


“… I know I said Sunday, but…. something’s come up.”

Dana paused with one sleeve in her coat, her eyes going to the kitchen. Her dad had come home while she was in her bedroom getting her backpack. She had heard his voice when she came downstairs, so she had known he was back from the office. She had intended to put it on her coat, then tell him goodbye before heading to the bus stop, but something in his voice caught her attention before she could finish putting it on.

“Is everything… okay?” Penny asked, concern clear in her voice.

Dana’s frown deepened because Penny seemed to be picking up the same tone she was. She might have written it off if her stepmother hadn’t heard it, too. Penny was sharp as a tack and could read her father like an open book. Dana trusted Penny’s instincts implicitly in such matters. If she thought something was wrong, then Dana knew she should be concerned, too.

Moving closer to the kitchen, she listened intently.

“Yeah, of course,” her father said, a little too quickly.

“It’s just… you seem a little… harried,” Penny said.

“I know,” he said, sighing, “I just have to get back to Tokyo. Tonight, if possible.”

“Why the rush?” Penny asked, which was the question Dana wanted to know, too.

When he arrived in town on Monday, her father had said he was staying for a week because things were finally settling into place in Tokyo. At dinner that first evening, he had told them about the company and his work overseas. Dana had tried to follow along, but his story was pretty dry and full of technical jargon she didn’t completely understand. Mostly, what she had gotten from the conversation was things were going according to plan.

Now, her dad was talking about having to hurry back to Japan a full two days early. He had been in good spirits all week but sounded out of sorts now. What had happened at the office to spur this sudden change of plans? And why did he sound so harried, like Penny had said? Dana thought it was the perfect word for the rushed tone in his voice. Harried. Stressed out and put upon.

“Just some accounting stuff I need to take care of,” he said dismissively.

“You can’t walk someone through it over the phone?” Penny asked.

Another good question. Her dad had done just that a few times since they picked him up at the airport, his laptop on his knees and his cell phone on speaker. Why not this time?

“I-I need to do it in person,” he said, sounding a little perturbed by the continued questioning, “could you pack my stuff while I book a flight?”

“Um, sure,” Penny said, sounding reluctant to let the conversation go.

“Thanks, Hon.”

Her dad hurried out of the kitchen, didn’t seem to notice Dana standing by the couch as he almost ran up the stairs. Penny followed close behind him, the kitchen phone in her hand. She stood in the archway, frowning after her husband. After a moment, her stepmother did notice her, coming up short when she saw the look on Dana’s face. It only took a second for Penny to realize that Dana had overheard the exchange in the kitchen.

“Why is Dad going back to Tokyo?” Dana asked.

“He’s… He’s got something he needs to take care of,” Penny said, putting on a smile that didn’t quite reach her troubled eyes.

“Did he say what it was?”

“No, but I’m sure it’s important,” Penny said, glancing at the clock on the wall. “You need to get to the bus stop.”

“Um, yeah,” Dana said, hesitating. She didn’t like leaving like this, not knowing what was bothering her father, but Penny was right. Her bus would be at her stop at any minute.

Sensing Dana’s distress, Penny said, “I’ll text you if I figure out what’s up with your dad.”

“Okay,” Dana said, nodding. At least she could check her phone between classes, wouldn’t have to worry all day without knowing what was going on with her dad.

As she walked to the small group of kids waiting on the bus, Dana wondered what could be so important that her dad had to rush back to Tokyo. It probably wasn’t good news, judging by her dad’s state of mind when he got back from the office. Dana realized she didn’t know enough about what her dad was doing in Japan to hazard a guess of what it could be. A little sheepishly, she thought, I really don’t even know what Dad does for a living.

Like the first rays of sunshine peeking through the gloom of early morning, a thought came to Dana as she waited for the bus. Her dad was leaving, going back to Tokyo today. She’d finally have Penny to herself again. She felt a stab of guilt as some of her concern gave way to excitement, but she couldn’t help it.

With an embarrassed smile, Dana realized how bad she had it for her stepmother. It wasn’t just the sex, although it was amazing. She was in love with Penny, hopelessly head over heels in love. Desire had turned to infatuation to genuine feelings for the woman. Some might argue what would a thirteen-year-old girl know about love, but Dana knew how she felt about Penny.

“I love Penny,” Dana whispered, her words swallowed by the din of talking kids. Still, she had put it out in the universe.

Her smile widened some as she thought that Penny was feeling it, too. She knew Penny loved her like a daughter, but Dana thought that affection has changed since Penny found her fuzzy kitten notebook. The maternal instincts were still there but had evolved into something more. The line between stepmother and partner was blurred, but all Dana needed to know was that Penny loved her as both.

Dana wondered how Penny would react if she told her that she loved her. She told Penny she loved her all the time, true, but that she loved her, loved her this time. The difference was both small and gigantic at the same time, Dana thought. Would Penny say it back if she took the time to make the distinction? Would she mean it the same way Dana did?

Chewing on her lip, Dana wasn’t sure if she was ready to tell her stepmother how deep her feelings ran. God, she wanted to but was afraid that Penny didn’t feel the same. She didn’t think her heart could take it if she had misread the depth of Penny’s affection.

Maybe on Valentine’s Day, Dana thought, still worrying at her lower lip, buy her some flowers and tell her how much I love her.

The romantic in her loved the idea, even if it scared her to death. The rest of the ride to school, she found herself making plans. Scared or not, she realized she intended to tell Penny how she felt, come what may February fourteenth.



Her lips still tingling from the kiss Penny had given her as soon as she walked through the door, Dana husked, “Hi. I take it Dad managed to get a flight.”

“Yeah,” Penny said, helping Dana out of her backpack.

“Did he ever tell you why he had to go?” Dana asked.

“Not really,” Penny said, unzipping Dana’s coat, “just that he had to fix something in person.”

“Why in person?” Dana asked.

Sighing, Penny said, “I don’t know. I couldn’t get a straight answer out of him.”

“Huh,” Dana said, remembering how her dad had sidestepped Penny’s questions this morning. She guessed Penny didn’t get any more information from him after she left for school.

“He said he’d call tomorrow since it would be late tonight when he gets in,” Penny said, helping Dana the rest of the way out of her coat, “maybe he’ll be more talkative, then.”

“He was acting kind of weird, right?” Dana said.

“Yeah,” Penny said, frowning, “on edge.”

“Was he like that before he went into the office?” Dana asked.

“No,” Penny said, shaking her head, “he was in a good mood, talking about what he had planned for the day.”

“Something must have happened at the office,” Dana said.

“Seems that way.”

“What do you think it could be?” Dana said.

“I have no idea,” Penny said, shrugging, “and there’s no point speculating on it tonight. Go get cleaned up. We are going out to dinner.”

“We are?”

Smiling at her, Penny said, “It is date night, isn’t it?”

“You want to go out tonight?” Dana asked, a little surprised.

“Honestly,” Penny said, sighing, “the last thing I want to do is sit around the house worrying and wait for your dad to call tomorrow. Besides, I haven’t gotten to see you in your new dress yet.”

“Okay,” Dana said, thinking Penny was right about needing a distraction, and date night fit that bill perfectly.

When Penny had first suggested they have a date night every Friday while her father was out of town, Dana hadn’t been sure she was serious, but she had been. They had been out on a dozen dates or so already. More if they counted just going out to dinner, but Dana only thought of the ones where they dressed up and had to go to the next town over to avoid questions from their neighbors as ‘dates’.

As a result of those dates, Dana had six dresses tucked into the back of her closet that would have sent her dad’s blood pressure through the roof if he knew she wore them in public. Smiling, she thought the dresses were the reason they couldn’t just go to a restaurant here in town. They were a little too short or a little too clingy for a girl her age. Penny didn’t want to have to explain to the other mothers why she let Dana out of the house dressed like that. Especially since it was Penny who bought the first one for her.

The other five, she had picked out herself. In the spirit of the little black dress Penny had bought, these dresses were a bit more adventuresome than a middle school girl should wear, and shopping for them had given her a thrill.

That included the one Penny wanted Dana to wear for her tonight. Delayed in transit, the dress had arrived the day after her dad had arrived in town instead of the Thursday before. She had found it stuffed under her pillow- where Penny had hidden it after finding the package on the doorstep- when she got home from school. She and Penny had shared a laugh when her father wasn’t around, Penny mimicking wiping a nervous sweat from her brow.

Dana had figured it would next Friday before she got the chance to wear it. It looked like it would be tonight instead. She gave Penny one more lingering kiss before slipping out of her arms to run upstairs to get ready.

She went straight to her closet, moving her day-to-day clothes aside so she could pull her new date night dress off the rack. She smiled at the white off-the-shoulder dress as she laid it out on her bed. It was short and tight and definitely not meant for a middle schooler, but it still fit her like a dream because it was imported from China.

“God bless the Chinese tailors,” Dana said, still looking at the dress.

Remembering the shoes she had bought to go with it, she retrieved them from the darkest corner of her closet. More so than the dress, she thought they would have made her dad stroke out if he saw them. With five-inch heels, they were the most daring shoes she owned.

Wearing the shoes and dress, she was sure to get some disapproving looks. Well, not her but Penny. Grinning, she thought, which is why we have to leave town — so I can wear them. Penny is okay with being judged by strangers, but not the people she knew.

Personally, Dana didn’t care what they thought. She wore the dresses for Penny, for the look her stepmother got in her eye when she saw her in one of them. Well, that and they made her feel a bit more grown-up than she was.

She went to her dresser, opened her unmentionables drawer. Moving the cotton panties aside, she found a lacy thong and strapless bralette. While she couldn’t wear these to school, she could definitely wear them for date night. Just a little surprise for Penny. Thinking about the chill in the winter air, she added a garter belt and some stockings.

With her clothes laid out, she headed to the bathroom. She quickly shaved her legs, then took a shower. She was humming to herself happily as she stood under the hot water. As rough as the morning had started, this evening was looking up. Dinner with Penny, then back here to presumably fool around. She had a lot to be happy about.

I get to give my poor vibrator the night off, Dana thought.

While playing with her toys- especially with Penny- was fun, but she was craving something more… personal. She wanted to run her hands over Penny’s lovely body, to feel her come under her fingertips. She wanted to press her lips to Penny’s soft skin, to taste the salty sweat on her tongue. She wanted to feel Penny’s body as it moved against hers, the roll of her hips and the delicious pressure on her bud.

Feeling a flush of heat spread across her body that had nothing to do with the hot water, Dana had to laugh. She was getting herself all worked up, just thinking about what would happen later. If she let her thoughts continue down this road, she’d be a horny mess before they even made it to the appetizer course. With a two-hour round trip and a dinner to sit through, she decided she better steer her thoughts down less carnal paths.

They didn’t wander too far, though. Penny was still in them as she thought about Valentine’s Day a few weeks away. All day at school, she had distracted herself with thoughts of telling Penny that she was in love with her. She found herself doing it, again, as she finished her shower.

At this point, she was out of new ideas of how she’d do it and was just recycling her favorites. As a young girl with a vivid imagination and a writer to boot, she had an almost bottomless fount of ideas, but she had finally run it dry on the bus ride home. She had entertained a whole range of options from a romantic dinner to a note asking Penny to be her girlfriend, check yes or no.

She still didn’t know which one she liked the best by the time she was shutting off the water and drying off. With the towel wrapped around her naked body, she cleared the steam from the mirror. She smiled at her reflection, said, “I love Penny.”

She wasn’t telling the girl in the mirror anything she didn’t already know. Smiling, she saw a little corner of the mirror that was still steamed up and made a little heart with hers and Penny’s initials in it. Her heart skipped a beat as she thought about leaving it for Penny to see if the woman needed to freshen up before leaving for their date. They shared this bathroom, so it was very possible.

It was another way she could let Penny know her feelings for her had changed, one she hadn’t considered before. Not much in the way of fanfare, but it would get the conversation started. She looked at the heart a long time, so long that a single bead of condensation formed at the bottom point of it and ran down the glass and onto the frame of the mirror.

Finally, she reached out and wiped the evidence of her deepening love for Penny from existence, said out loud, “Not like this. It has to be special.”

Her thoughts were back on Valentine’s Day as she did her hair and makeup. Distracted, it took her a little longer than usual to get ready. Well, that and the fact she always put more effort into it when she was going out with Penny. Most days, she did the bare minimum, but not on date night.

With her makeup done and her hair up, she looked older. Maybe not old enough to be on the arm of a woman Penny’s age, but just maybe old enough to be wearing the dress and heels she had laid out. She didn’t get as many sideways glances as she probably should all dolled up like this and definitely not as many sad shakes of their heads.

If they only knew I was thirteen, Dana thought, breaking out in a smile, and what I intend to wear under the dress… For shame.

With her dad out of town again, she left her towel in the bathroom and walked to her bedroom naked. Amused, she thought there was a lot less laundry when he was away because she and Penny spent a lot of the time naked. This is why the front door was always locked and the curtains drawn. Even doing chores and eating dinner, doing homework and paying the bill, clothing was optional and often opted out of once the need to leave the house was satisfied. Walking around the house naked was fun and, more often than not, foreplay.

Then again, everything seemed to end up being foreplay for them.

In her bedroom, Dana slipped into the lingerie, then her dress and shoes. With a quick look in the mirror, she hurried downstairs. Much more practiced in shoes like this, she wasn’t in much danger of turning an ankle, even with heels as tall as these. Dana took pride in the fact that she was getting pretty good at walking in them.

She found Penny at the kitchen counter, tapping away at her phone. Penny didn’t hear Dana come down the stairs, so Dana had a moment to admire her stepmother without her knowing. Wearing a snug red dress that left a lot of her lovely legs bare, Penny looked amazing.

Dana wasn’t surprised Penny looked amazing- the woman would look amazing wearing a potato sack. At least, that was Dana’s opinion. She doubted many people would contest that opinion, though. Penny was beautiful and leggy and was wearing the hell out of her dress.

Maybe her eyes were a little too heavy, or Penny finished what she was doing on her phone, because she suddenly glanced over her shoulder at Dana. Straightening up, she turned and leaned against the island. Her eyes roamed over Dana in her dress, a sexy smile tugging at the corners of her mouth.

And that’s why I wear stuff like this, Dana thought, loving that smile, that look right there.

“White is a good color for you,” Penny said.

“You think so?” Dana asked, looking down at herself

“You look amazing,” Penny said, the truth of her words reflected in her eyes.

“You, too,” Dana said, smiling at her, “definitely have to leave town, wearing that.”

“I couldn’t get any reservations out of town,” Penny said, putting her phone back in her purse.

Frowning, Dana asked, “So we aren’t going out?”

“I didn’t say that,” Penny said, smiling at her, “we’ll just have to risk it here in town.”

“What will the neighbors say?” Dana teased.

Laughing, Penny said, “I don’t care.”

“Really?” Dana asked, surprised.

Penny crossed the room and pulled Dana into her arms. With a playful smile, she said, “I figure you are almost at that age when you start being rebellious. If they have something to say, I’ll just sigh wearily and say, ‘teenagers…what can you do?’ You’d be surprised how much slack you can get playing the teenager card. Especially if you are a stepmother.”

“Think they’ll buy it?” Dana asked, amused.

“The Dillinger girl is pregnant, and the Allistar boy up the street is in juvie for stealing cars… You are still a straight-A student, even if your shoes are a little too tall and your dress too short for your age… At least you are wearing pantyhose under it, so yeah. I think I’d get a pass.”

“Pantyhose… right,” Dana said, grinning.

Her eyes flashing with interest, Penny said, “Well, pantyhose as far as they know. I take it you are wearing something sexy under this dress?”

“Maybe,” Dana said, kissing her, “you’ll just have to find out later.”

“We could always stay in and get a pizza,” Penny husked.

Laughing, Dana said, “I think we are a little overdressed for pizza.”

“Yeah,” Penny said, grabbing her purse, “let’s go.”


“Oh, God.”

Seeing Penny look past her at the entrance to the restaurant, Dana asked, “What is it?”

“Not what,” Penny said, groaning, “who. Teresa Black.”

Snorting, Dana said, “The town gossip.”

It hadn’t been a question, but Penny confirmed it anyway, “The town gossip.”

“You are in for it now,” Dana said, amused.

“I’m glad you think it’s funny,” Penny said.

“Do you have your exasperated sigh ready?” Dana asked, grinning at her, “damn rebellious teenagers.”

“Language,” Penny said, laughing. She was still looking over Dana’s shoulder, said, “She’s talking to the host.”

Looking around, Dana said, “This side of the restaurant is pretty full. Well… except for the table right next to ours.”

“Please… please sit her on the other side of the restaurant,” Penny said, crossing her fingers, “or anywhere but right there.”

Laughing, Dana said, “Did your little prayer work?”

“The host is collecting menus and gesturing…” Penny said, holding her breath. She let it out in a nervous laugh as she said, “she’s leading Teresa the other way.”

Dana gave Penny a weighing look, then asked, “I thought you were ready for this.”

A little sheepishly, Penny said, “I am… but I’d like to ease into it. Maybe deal with one mother at a time. If Teresa sees you, then that’s right out the window. All of them will know about the scandalous dress I’m letting you wear by the end of her dessert course.”

Playfully, Dana said, “I’d be more worried about the shoes.”

“God, those shoes,” Penny said, shaking her head.

“Do you want to try to sneak out of here?” Dana asked.

Penny shook her head, said, “If she sees us, she sees us. Wading in nice and easy would be nice, but a cannonball will work, too.”

“Are you going to yell cannonball if she sees us?” Dana teased.

Laughing, Penny said, “I might.”

“Do you really think my dress is scandalous?” Dana asked, changing the subject.

“Love,” Penny said, leaning closer so she could speak softly, “you have no right to look as sexy as you do right now.”

“No right, huh?” Dana asked, smiling at the compliment.

“You turned a few heads when you walked by in that dress,” Penny said, then laughed, “then had them hanging in shame when they realized they shouldn’t be looking.”

“Hanging their head in shame, huh?” Dana asked, meeting Penny’s eyes as she took a sip of her Coke. She saw Penny had caught the playful tone behind the question.

“You know I think you are irresistible,” Penny said, smiling at her, “and I’m over being ashamed of that.”

“Good,” Dana said, winking at her, “hate to think I wore this dress for nothing.”

“Oh, it definitely isn’t going to be for nothing,” Penny said, looking like she really wanted to kiss Dana. She sat back in her chair before she could do just that. Clearing her throat, she said, “We better change the subject before someone notices how bad I want to kiss you.”

Her heart skipping a beat in her chest, Dana said, “Right.”

“How’s school?” Penny said, still struggling with her composure, “you have half-year tests coming up soon, don’t you?”

“Next week,” Dana said, nodding, “then we start new classes.”

“Excited?” Penny asked.

“Sure,” Dana said dryly.

Laughing, Penny said, “Such enthusiasm.”

“At least I won’t have gym class anymore,” Dana said, smiling. She wondered if she should tell Penny about her plans to wear some of her more adventuresome lingerie once she didn’t have to change in front of the other girls anymore. Penny’s kinky side and her maternal one might be at odds with that bit of information.

Maybe catching something in her tone or seeing her smile, Penny asked, “Is that important?”

Leaning closer, Dana said, “I-“

She was interrupted by the waiter arriving with their food. She sat back, her cheeks a little hot at what he had almost overheard. Again, she was reminded how risky being out in public like this with Penny was. It wasn’t even the sexy banter, but just how they were around each other now that they were sleeping together. Anyone paying attention might notice their conversation was a bit more intimate than that of a stepmother and daughter- too much smiling and too much eye contact.

As they waited for their food, Dana looked around the restaurant. She was relieved to see the other guests were actively engaged in their own conversations and meals, paying her and Penny no mind. Still, Dana felt self-conscious, exposed. It was both disconcerting and exciting, the danger of what they were doing.

When the waiter left with his empty tray, Penny asked, “You were saying?”

“Um, never mind,” Dana said, taking a sip of her drink.

“I take it you were about to say something naughty before our waiter showed up,” Penny said, meeting Dana’s eyes.

“Yeah,” Dana admitted.

Penny looked at her for a long moment, the gears turning behind her eyes. Dana thought she was trying to guess why she was excited about not having gym class anymore. The woman’s eyes suddenly widened, and Dana knew she had figured it out. She offered stepmother a little shrug and a smile.

“I take it the cotton panties we bought you for the school year aren’t going to get much use,” Penny said, taking a bite of her food.

“Probably not,” Dana said, smiling, “what’s the point of having cute underwear if you can’t wear it?”

“True,” Penny said, then snorted, “I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to tell you not to wear them to school.”

“But you aren’t going to,” Dana finished.

“I just know by the time you get home from school, you’ll be more than ready for me to get you out of them,” Penny said, her voice low.

“Yeah, but that’s true of any panties I might be wearing,” Dana teased.

Laughing, Penny said, “This conversation is turning blue, again.”

“It’s been almost a week,” Dana said, holding Penny’s eyes.

“I know,” Penny said, smiling at her, “believe me, I know.”

With a smile of her own, Dana said, “I think there is half a cheesecake in the fridge… You know, if you want to skip dessert.”

Penny laughed, “Okay. The lava cake is to die for here, though.”


Dana went to the candles she had placed around her room, lighting them. The light of their flickering flames was more subdued than the overhead lights. After the quiet dinner with Penny, Dana was craving romance, so the candles were perfect. She smiled as Penny hit the light switch, and the shadows got longer, dancing and capering across the walls.

“You almost need new candles,” Penny said, crossing the room to her.

Slipping into her arms, Dana said, “I like making love by candlelight. It’s more… more sensual, I guess. Romantic.”

“I agree,” Penny said, kissing her, “and I think we could use a little romance after the morning we had.”

Dana smiled, thinking she and Penny were on the same page again. More often than not, they were, knowing what the other needed without a word being spoken. Even the first time, they had gotten on well together, their desires perfectly in line. In the last three months, that intimate connection has only deepened.

Penny stepped out of her heels, so Dana didn’t have to crane her neck to kiss her. Suddenly eye to eye with her stepmother, Dana smiled at her, kissed her deeply. Almost a week since the last time they were together, passion got the better of them. The kiss was like the first drops of rain after a drought, and, like two flowers in need of watering, they soaked it up. They were both breathing heavily by the time they had to come up for air.

“Help me with my zipper,” Penny husked.

Smiling, Dana moved behind Penny. She ran the little zipper down, then ran her hands up Penny’s bare back and under the shoulder straps of the dress. Letting her hands slip forward, then down Penny’s arms, she had her stepmother’s dress half off in one simple move. As Penny shimmied the rest of the way out of it, Dana kissed her bare shoulder, let her hands come up to cup her breasts. Her smile widened as Penny’s breathing quickened at her touch, her nipples stiffening. She teased them until the woman’s back arched, and she moaned thickly.

Dana molded her body to Penny’s back, letting her hands slip down her flanks to the waistband of the tiny panties she wore. Hooking her thumbs in the elastic, she pushed them down as far as she could. Penny shivered as she ran her hand up the inside of her thigh, her fingertips just brushing her skin. Her fingers found Penny’s clit tender and ready. She smiled as Penny’s hips moved with a mind of their own, eager for Dana’s touch.

“Mm, that feels so good,” Penny said, her voice thick with excitement.

“Good enough to make up for skipping dessert?” Dana teased.

“Getting there,” Penny moaned, twisting her body to kiss Dana.

“We probably could have gotten the dessert to go,” Dana said, kissing her again, “I didn’t think about it until we were in the car. I guess I was in a hurry to get back here.”

“Mm,” Penny said, smiling at her, “I was in just as much a hurry as you. I’ve wanted this all week. Wanted you.”

“Am I a horrible daughter because I couldn’t wait for Dad to leave?” Dana asked.

“Maybe,” Penny said, laughing, “but if you are horrible, so am I.”

Dana had caught Penny looking at her with hungry eyes more than once this past week, and she had known the woman was feeling the draw, too. Still, the words made her feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Knowing someone was feeling it too and having them admit it was a small thing but significant. Dana hugged her stepmother tightly.

Ever since Penny had found her notebook, their conversations had become more and more flirty. Playful and naughty at first, their banter was becoming increasingly lovey-dovey lately. The affection they shared had deepened over the last couple of months. It was the reason Dana thought if she worked up the nerve to tell her stepmother how she felt about her, the woman might say it back.

The words ‘I love you’ were on Dana’s lips, but she didn’t let them slip free. It wasn’t fear of rejection that made her leave the sentiment unvoiced, but the timing. The romantic in her wanted the moment to be right when she finally told Penny she loved her not as a stepdaughter loving a stepmother, but as a girl in love with a woman. While a spontaneous admission of affection appealed to the writer in her, she would wait and make it perfect.

To distract her lips from saying those three words, she focused her attention on her hands, on the feel of Penny’s skin under her fingertips. Luckily, Penny was the perfect distraction, her moans and sighs encouragement for Dana to lose herself in Penny’s lovely body. As familiar as she was with every inch of Penny now, Dana still found her fascinating. Her exploration was just as enthusiastic as it had been that first time.

“God, you are going to make me come already,” Penny said, her excitement unmistakable in her voice.

Even if Penny hadn’t said anything, Dana would have known her stepmother was close. She could always sense when Penny was going to come, knew all the tells. She kept her fingers moving, listening to the escalation of Penny’s cries and feeling the tightening of her body in anticipation of that release of gathered tension. Like a musical piece reaching its crescendo, Penny was at the peak of pleasure. There were no crashing cymbals or stirring strings, just a final cry cut off halfway as the orgasm shook her.

Dana held Penny as she floated on the flood of feel-good juices hitting her bloodstream, let her recover some of her senses in the safety of her arms. She was happy to let Penny bask in the post-orgasm haze. She smiled at the woman as she turned on slightly wobbly legs. Still in Dana’s embrace but facing her now, Penny kissed her deeply.

“You are too good at that,” Penny said, her voice still husky with excitement.

“Sorry,” Dana said, playfully, “I’ll do worse next time.”

“Good,” Penny said, kissing her, “maybe then I’ll be able to uncurl my toes.”

Laughing, Dana said, “Is that such a bad problem to have?”

“Oh, it’s horrible,” Penny said, smiling at her, “soon as I get you out of this dress, I’ll show you just how ‘horrible’ it is.”

“I guess I have it coming after what I did to you,” Dana said playfully.

“Pun intended?” Penny asked, as she slid her fingers under the shoulder straps of Dana’s dress.

“Maybe,” Dana said, as Penny slipped the straps down her arms.

The dress was snug, and she had to wriggle her hips to help Penny remove it. She shivered as Penny’s eyes ran over her nearly naked body, the heat of her gaze like a brush of a flame against her skin. Suddenly warm all over, she shivered again. By the time Penny’s eyes made it back to hers, the woman’s smile took Dana’s breath away. When Penny looked at her and smiled like that, Dana couldn’t restrain herself. She was in the woman’s arms, kissing her before she even had a chance to begin breathing again.

Without breaking the kiss, Penny let her hand slip between them, sliding down Dana’s stomach and onto her girlhood. A week of frustrated desire got the better of her, her body responding instantly to her touch. Dana moaned into Penny’s mouth as her able fingers teased her bud through the lacy material of her thong. Her hips moved with a mind of their own, pushing against Penny’s hand eagerly in response to the lovely thing Penny was doing to her.

Dana would have been happy to continue like this, but when Penny suddenly sank to her knees in front of her, she realized her stepmother had other plans for her. Her breath caught in her throat as Penny’s hand ran up the inside of her thigh, then pulled the panties she wore aside. The flick of Penny’s tongue across her tender bud forced that stale breath from her in a moan.

Although she was much more competent in high heels now, what Penny was doing to her was threatening Dana’s balance. The pleasure Penny’s tongue was sending crashing through her young body had her swaying unsteadily. As reluctant as she was to miss even a moment of the lovely sensation, she knew she was going to need to sit down before she fell down. She took a couple of steps backward, sitting on the edge of the bed.

Still on her knees, Penny crawled over to her. Her hands on Dana’s knees, she pushed her legs open wide and moved between them. She gave Dana a quick but heated kiss before returning to what she had been doing. The lacy thong was pulled aside once more, and Penny’s hot, wet tongue resumed its sweet torture on Dana’s bud. It felt so good Dana knew she had done the right thing by sitting down.

Dana’s back arched, and her fingers clutched at the covers as Penny’s fingers eased inside of her. Penny’s fingertips found that magic spot inside her, and Dana lost any semblance of control of her body. Like a marionette with her strings pulled by Penny, she writhed in ecstasy under the combined manipulations of Penny’s tongue and fingers.

As capable as ever, it didn’t take Penny long to have her dancing on the edge of a climax. The pleasure built and built until it overwhelmed her. She cried out as she surrendered to it, her body jerking like a marionette with its strings tangled.

The orgasm left her dazed and gasping for air. She saw Penny smiling at her, and she managed to say, “I think you got your revenge. I can’t uncurl my toes.”

“Horrible, isn’t it?” Penny asked playfully.

“The worst,” Dana said, her contented tone belying those words.

Penny kissed her deeply, urging her to move further onto the bed. Dana smiled up at her as Penny crawled onto the bed with her. When Penny hooked her fingers in the flimsy thong she wore, Dana lifted off the bed so she could remove it. Still wearing the garter belt, stockings, and strapless bralette, Dana wasn’t surprised when Penny didn’t remove them, too. When she wore lingerie for her stepmother, the woman was never in any hurry to get her out of it. Dana didn’t know if Penny liked the way she looked in it or was turned on by the kinkiness of a girl her age wearing it- maybe a little of both- but there was no denying it got Penny going. Since that was kind of her goal, Dana was more than happy to wear it for her.

That and, if she was being honest, she was turned on by the kinkiness of wearing it, too. She knew the designer of this lingerie hadn’t intended for a thirteen-year-old girl to wear it, which made it taboo. The lace and nylon on her skin were exciting because she knew she was misbehaving. What kid didn’t get a little thrill out of breaking the rules? With the sort of rules Dana was breaking now, the rush was that much more intense. This wasn’t a grounded for a week or even a month infraction, but a never see the light of day until she had a place of her own sort of offense.

The risk was minimal with her dad out of town- and Dana seriously doubted Penny would ground her for this- but it was enough to spice up the night. She had learned this about herself, that a bit of danger was an aphrodisiac.

As Penny nudged her legs open and straddled one of her hips, Dana realized what Penny had in mind. She smiled as Penny’s weight settled onto her, their bodies nested together intimately. The now-familiar way their bodies fit together was still thrilling. If anything, knowing what was about to happen ratcheted up the excitement. Dana anticipated the delicious roll of Penny’s hips, the pleasure that would crash through her with each flex of her own.

Her expectations met, Dana moaned thickly as Penny began to move atop of her. The lovely friction of their bodies grinding together in perfect rhythm, the sexy roll of Penny’s body in the flickering light of the candles, the little sounds of enjoyment filling the air between them… This was the intimacy Dana had craved earlier. Soaking it up, Dana lost herself in Penny, happy to finally be back here after a week apart.

Even as their pace built with their excitement, there was a tenderness to their lovemaking that belied the urgency of their coupling. There was a lot of kissing and touching, eager exploration of each other’s body even as the roll of their hips came faster and harder. Murmured encouragements and heartfelt compliments in breathy whispers were interspersed with the moans and wordless cries as they pushed each other towards higher peaks of ecstasy.

Her body still not completely recovered from the orgasm Penny had given her with her fingers and mouth, Dana was trying to hold off another climax as long as she could. She wanted to come with Penny, wanted them to surrender to the pleasure together. She thought that would be the perfect end to the perfect bout of lovemaking.

She fought the tension building up inside, focused on helping Penny catch up. It was lucky that the woman wasn’t too far behind because the lovely pressure of her stepmother’s body rubbing against hers was making it hard to resist that tension. She didn’t think she could delay it much longer, her body at its breaking point. Her senses bombarded by pleasure, she was helpless to resist as her climax finally broke her will, shaking her to pieces. Even as she lost control, she felt Penny stiffen atop her, was vaguely aware of the woman trembling through her own orgasm.

Still sitting atop her, Penny smiled down at her, husked, “Shit.”

“Yeah,” Dana agreed, smiling back at her, “I needed that.”

“Yeah,” Penny said, getting off of her. She stretched out on her back next to Dana, holding out her arm so Dana could snuggle against her. She gave Dana a lingering kiss before saying, “I needed this, too.”

Content, Dana snuggled tighter against her stepmother.

Penny suddenly started laughing, and she gave Dana a sheepish grin when she raised her head to look at her. She said, “I was just thinking… I might get a good night’s sleep tonight.”

“What?” Dana asked.

“It’s just… I can’t sleep in my own bed anymore,” Penny said, kissing her, “I’ve spent too much time sleeping here… In your arms. This feels… normal now.”

“Oh,” Dana said, feeling all warm and fuzzy as she hugged her stepmother, “I didn’t sleep very well this week, either.”

“This feels normal for you, too?” Penny asked.

Meeting her eyes, Dana said, “It feels right.”


Nestled in Penny’s arms, Dana smiled as her stepmother’s breathing slowed, and she began to snore lightly. She waited a little longer, then did something she had wanted to do all evening and night. Hugging the woman tighter, Dana said, “I love you.”

Penny murmured in her sleep but did not awaken. Still, Dana thought her words had made it into Penny’s sleeping thoughts. Satisfied for now, Dana closed her eyes and let sleep take her, too.

To be continued (we hope and pray)…


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