The Sister I Never Knew

  • Posted on September 17, 2021 at 3:22 pm

Note from JetBoy: I went round and round deciding whether to post this story under my name or not. In the end, I decided that there was a bit too much of the original work remaining to accept the author’s credit, though I rewrote quite a lot of it. If you can find the original, let us know. In the meantime, enjoy this “remixed” version.

Author Unknown

One afternoon I was just finishing up a grueling workout when I heard the doorbell ringing. I always work out naked, so I had to quickly throw on a t-shirt and a pair of shorts before I could answer the door.

When I opened the door I just stood there, taken aback. There was something familiar about the young Asian girl standing there. Except for her almond-shaped eyes, it was almost like looking into a mirror. She looked back at me with the same surprise of recognition.

“You are Gwen McAllister,” she announced with a sense of certainty. I nodded, and she continued. “I am Cai Nguyen, daughter of your father.”

I was stunned. There was no doubt in my mind that she was telling the truth, so I quickly invited her inside. Leading her to the sofa, inviting her to sit, I asked, “You’re my dad’s daughter? How… how did it happen?”

Cai’s hazel eyes added to her exotic beauty. The roundness of her face, her soft mouth, her inquiring eyes and certain expressions she made as she looked around the living room, they all seemed like a copy of my own. “They met when he saw my mother slip and fall in the street, and he helped her to stand. He made the offer to buy her tea, and she agreed.”

“When were you born?” I asked, enthralled by her story.

My mother told me it was while our father was on leave. He returned to train the men of our village to be warriors, and was killed in battle against the Viet Minh. I have kept his ashes in hopes that I could return them to his family in America. Now I am here.”

She handed me a polished wooden box with a pair of military dog tags inlaid in its top. I took it and read Mitchell Lewis McAllister, U.S. Marine Corps stamped in the metal tags.

“I last saw my father eight years ago,” I said. “My mother was divorced from him by then, and he was on duty for much of the time, so I don’t have as many memories of him as I’d like. Mom died last year, so all I’ve got to remember Dad by are the papers I’ve found in the basement.”

“I am sorry to hear of that,” Cai said, taking my hand. “It seems that all we have left for family is each other.”

“What of your mother?”

“She died when a bomb exploded in the street. Before then, she told me of you… and how much you were missed by our father. He always had a picture of you with him. You have grown much since it was taken.” She handed me a worn, weather-beaten wallet photo of a little girl. It was the same photo my mother kept on her dresser, only smaller. “I had to come here and bring you these things.”

Suddenly it struck me, what this meant. “I have a sister!” I exclaimed, suddenly thrilled. “You don’t have to go back, do you? You know you have a place to stay here.”

She shook her head. “I cannot go back to that place after working so hard to escape. They would put me in a labor camp for the crime of having an American soldier for a father.”

I gave Cai a hug, then held her at arm’s length and looked her over. “Well, you’re here with me now. Today we can start a new life as sisters.” I took Cai by the hand, led her into the kitchen and put on water.

While preparing tea, we shared memories of Dad. It was obvious that she’d loved him very much. Certainly her mother had. I understood — Mom and I had felt much the same. She and Dad had only divorced after agreeing that he was too committed to the Marines to give us the life he felt we deserved. Even after the split, Mom had cared for him very much, and was devastated when the news of his death came to our door.

“Well, let’s bring in your things and I’ll show you your new home,” I said after we finished our tea. “You can have the spare bedroom. There is only one bathroom… I hope you don’t mind sharing.”

“A room of my own?” she asked, clearly delighted. “And sharing a bathroom with only one other is a luxury.”

“Let’s get you settled in and then we can start dinner.”

“You must allow me to do all of the cooking,” Cai said. “You need more rice and peppers in your diet.”

“Your English is amazingly good,” I told her as we went to fetch her bag. “How did you learn it?”

“I went to a Catholic school in Na Trang. They were most demanding that we learn English.” She sighed. “The school was torn down after the war.”

Cai was thrilled at the size of her room when we brought her things up. “Whole families live in a space this size,” she said. She went to the closet and looked inside. “This could be my bedroom, and I could have guests out here!” she giggled. She pulled a straw mat out of her duffel bag, unrolled it and laid it in a corner next to the wall. “I now have an American home,” she said proudly.

When I showed Cai the bathroom and how to work the shower, she had to try it. She worked the handle back and forth until the water was just right then she stripped out of her clothes and stepped in. “This is good,” she squealed in delight. “There is room for us both. Join me, and I will wash your hair.”

I was sticky from my workout and needed a shower, so I stripped naked and stepped into the tub. We took turns under the spray, then Cai had me sit on the edge of the tub so she could work the shampoo into my hair.

“When I would look at your picture, I dreamed about meeting you,” she said as her fingers worked over my scalp. “Now I am here, I can see that you are more beautiful than I have thought.”

“We are sisters, so we look much the same,” I said as she worked the shampoo lather into my hair, massaging my scalp with her fingertips. The delicious tingles she was sending down the back of my neck and through my spine were radiating out through my whole body. When I was able to open my eyes, the first sight that greeted me was her firm, flat abdomen, tapering down between her lush rounded hips to the softness of her mons, covered sparsely with dark, silky down. I was mesmerized by the beauty of her feminine cleft and the delicate dimple of her clitoris at its top.

By the time I’d finished college, I’d known that I was a lesbian… and the sight of this lovely nude woman had me tingling with desire, even if she was my own flesh and blood. I badly wanted to reach out and touch her, but restrained myself.

Cai pressed my forehead to her belly as she worked her fingers down the back of my head to the base of my neck. God, her skin smelled incredible…

After she worked the lather through my hair one last time, she stepped back and said, “All done. You may rinse now.”

“You do that so well,” I said as I struggled to my feet. “It was wonderful. I’m… I’m all light-headed.”

“You are only relaxed. Head massage makes all your tensions go away.”

“Okay, now it’s your turn,” I laughed. “Let’s see if I can do as good a job as you.”

Cai smiled as she exchanged places with me. I worked a generous portion of shampoo into her long, jet-black hair, then started massaging her scalp with my fingertips. My hands moved over the top of her head, around the sides and down the back of her neck. I repeated the process a few more times until I could hear Cai purring with pleasure.

“Yes… you do that well,” she whispered as she pressed her forehead against me, her soft arms wrapping around my waist. “It is good to have a real sister to share these things with.”

“Here — I’ll wash the rest of you too,” I took the washcloth and lathered it. Standing behind Cai, I started scrubbing her back, slowly working my way down to her tight, round ass. Cai’s figure was a lot like mine, except that she was sleeker. Her breasts were perfectly shaped, topped by perky brown nipples.

Cai sighed contentedly. Her fingers lightly brushed my ankle, and my desire flared anew. Could she be into women, too? I wondered.

“I’m enjoying this,” I said. “When I’m done, you can do me. That’s what sisters are for, isn’t it?”

Kneeling, I washed my way down the back of her legs. When I was finished she turned around, and I lifted her foot and washed it. She giggled and squirmed like a little girl… and with her knee up, I could see the sweet pink promise of her sex.

I washed the front of her legs and her lower abdomen. Then, as I was about to move up to her hips, she took my hand with the washcloth in hers and moved it back down between her thighs. My heart throbbed.

Taking the hint, I ran the soapy cloth between her legs, then worked the lather into her slit with my bare fingers. I could feel a slipperiness there that wasn’t soap.

Cai’s legs parted slightly, and she supported herself by resting both hands on my shoulders. I continued with the cloth, up her torso and over her flawless breasts. I was so tempted to take this lovely girl into my arms and kiss her like a lover, but didn’t want to rush things. A jolt of surprise hit me at the realization that, not two hours after first learning of her existence, I was already thinking about sex with my new sister!

“The pleasure of the bath is most important in the practice of love,” Cai murmured quietly into my ear as she pressed herself into my caress.

“I’m beginning to realize that,” I said as I kissed her affectionately, still restraining myself from doing what I really desired. “It’s going to be wonderful, having you here with me. We can make up for all the years that we didn’t know about each other.”

She took the washcloth from me and soaped it up. “I can feel so much love here with you,” Cai said as she started lathering my neck and shoulders. “This country is so exciting and new to me… and it is much more wonderful to share this with my own sister.”

She pressed her wet, soapy body against mine, making me gasp as she reached around me to wash my back and ass. I loved the feel of her slippery breasts against mine and the mound of her pubis pressing on my pussy. God, I wanted her.

Before I could get too turned on, though, she stepped back and started soaping my breasts. A quiet moan escaped my lips as she worked the washcloth over my aching nipples, making them stiffen. A delicious warmth spread through my body as she washed my belly, then the fronts of my legs, then my inner thighs. She washed my mound with the cloth, then I felt her bare fingers touching my cunt. I was dripping by the time her fingers worked the soap into my crease and over my labia. When she was satisfied that I was all clean, she stood, taking me into her arms.

We kissed again… sweetly, like sisters, then we moved together under the spray to rinse our bodies.

I turned off the water and took Cai’s hand, then stepped from the shower with her. I took two thick towels from the cupboard, handed one to Cai and began to dry her. She took the hint, and began to gently rub me all over with the other towel. We dried each other, taking our time… two sisters, savoring the beauty of each other’s bare body.

Finally I took the towel from Cai and dropped them both to the floor, then drew her to me. She purred with pleasure as I claimed her soft mouth with mine, kissing her passionately. My tongue probed its way between her lips, and her own tongue quickly flashed to life, joining mine in a sweet, hot duet of love. Her hands slid down my back to cradle my ass.

I held her to me as we kissed, stroking the sensuous curve of her back… then I took my sister by the hand and led her up the stairs to my room.

We slipped into bed and snuggled under the covers, sharing more hot, hungry kisses. The feeling of Cai’s taut body pressing into mine seemed to intensify the warm glow that had been mounting in me while we showered.

Cai’s hand found my breast and caressed it lovingly, her thigh slipping between my legs to press against my pussy.

I didn’t know at the time if Cai was experienced at the art of lesbian love. Her affection somehow seemed sweet and innocent. But the sensuous journey she took me on with her kisses and caresses had me adrift in a sea of erotic delight.

My soft moans were muffled in our kisses as I squirmed against her, my wet pussy pressed against the firmness of her thigh.

Wanting more, I kissed my way down her neck to her breasts, took one of her nipples in my mouth and gently sucked. Cai’s pleasure was evident by her whimper of delight, and she ground herself against me even harder.

When I trailed my hand down my sister’s abdomen to cup her mons, I could feel the dew of arousal coating the swollen petals. Unlike my own thick bush, Cai’s pubes were soft and silky, the outer labia nearly bare. My fingers found their way into her soft, resilient wetness.

I stroked lightly around the opening of her cunt, then my fingers drifted up to the pink button at the apex of her labia. The delicate bouquet of sex wafted up under the covers, giving me an uncontrollable desire to taste the moist folds my fingers were exploring. So I wriggled down under the covers, kissing my way down her abdomen, lingering at the softness of her inner thighs.

When my mouth first brushed her slit, her soft sighs turned into gasps of pleasure. I ran the tip of my tongue over the silky smooth flesh of her crevice, then licked lustily at my sister’s labia.

The aroma of Cai’s sex was enticing, the flavor pure ambrosia. I found the nub of her clitoris, took it between my lips and flicked the tip with my tongue. My sister’s body tensed and quivered as her moans grew more fervent. I ran one hand up her torso to fondle Cai’s breasts as I licked and sucked at her. Imagining what she was feeling at that moment only increased my excitement.

Suddenly my sister clamped her legs to my head as her whole body jerked to a climax. As I felt her giving herself over completely to the sensation within her, I slid a finger deep into her cunt with a single stroke. Her ecstasy seemed to soar to unimaginable heights as she came again, filling the room with cries of pleasure.

Unable to stand any more stimulation, Cai pulled me on top of her and held me tightly as her orgasm slowly crested and waned.

Her face flushed and beautiful, she gave me an adoring smile. “I have only known you for a few short hours,” she said, “yet I feel a love with you… like we have been together always.”

I caressed Cai’s face. “You are my sister. How could I feel any other way?”

“I did not know how wonderful that could be,” Cai said as she snuggled next to me and rested her head on my shoulder. I could feel the soft beating of her heart. Then her lips pressed into my skin, and her hands began to move over my body. She raised her head to whisper, “I wish to please you now, my sister,” and I gasped as the tip of her tongue licked its way around my ear.

Never, never had I experienced delights such as those Cai shared with me on that magical afternoon. She was born to make love. Her sweet lips placed warm, soft kisses on what seemed like every inch of my skin. My nipples throbbed in her mouth as she pleasured them with playful bites and teasing flicks of her tongue.

Finally she knelt between my thighs, her eyes never leaving mine as she lowered her face to my pussy, extending her tongue to take a long, luxurious lick.

Cai spent at least thirty minutes eating my pussy… slowly taking me to the brink of ecstasy over and over without allowing me to come. My entire body seemed to be enveloped in sweet, caressing flames as she made love to me. Finally she took my clitoris between her lips and — God, I wasn’t even certain of what she did, but I came harder than I ever had before. The world contracted, I expanded, and everything went a bright white as I screamed my pleasure to the ceiling.

We held each other for a long time, sharing kisses, caresses, and loving words. I was smitten with this woman — my own half-sister! And something in her eyes told me that Cai’s feelings were as strong as mine.

She and I spoke for hours, pausing to make love twice more. We got to know more about each other’s lives and shared memories of our father. But mostly we talked about the future… our future, together.

Cai and I have lived together as an openly lesbian couple ever since. We are deeply in love. No one knows of our sisterly relationship. We think of that as our warm, special secret; the link that binds our hearts together.

The End



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  1. NC BRIGHT says:

    A very enjoyable story. Thanks for sharing Jetboy and who ever the author might be.

  2. Steve says:

    Very good story loved it

  3. sue says:

    We liked the story also. One of us has often fantasied about having a long lost sister, even a twin sister. A well written story that we’re sure you put a lot of polish on JetBoy. So thanks to you and Author Unknown.

    Kim & Sue

  4. David says:

    Thanks for sharing this story JetBoy, would love to read more about them if by any chance the author wrote more!

  5. Erocritique says:

    If this is the story I think I remember reading quite a while ago, then the re-write has been pretty extensive. Then again, it could be a completely different story. Either way, the premise is a winner. I would have liked a bit more build up, probably requiring another chapter, but it still worked really well. A few niggles like when Gwen went from wearing shorts to yoga pants before the shower, and Cai’s lips kissing Gwen’s stomach when Gwen was behind her in the shower, but nothing major that really detracted from the magic. Thanks to anyone who contributed to the story.

    • JetBoy says:

      Good catch, Ero. I wanted to set the story a few years after the end of the Vietnam War. Not knowing if they had yoga pants (the original author’s choice) back then or not, I switched them to shorts. Silly me, not checking to see if those damn pants turned up later in the narrative.

      Thanks for all the lovely comments, folks.

  6. Justin says:

    Wonderful story!! I am drawn to Asian girls, I find them so sexy and attractive

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