My Hands, Mom’s Body

  • Posted on January 24, 2020 at 4:05 pm

By JetBoy

Mom was late, but traffic was heavier than usual this Saturday morning, and the delay had given me time to tidy the apartment that I shared with three other girls who were all first-year students at the same school. I was working on a degree in English lit, with an emphasis on poetry.

My mother Sophia had phoned midweek and expressed a desire to visit me in my new living space, so I was knocking myself out, trying to make the place look habitable. Most of the students I know are total slobs — and me and my roomies were no exception. But for now I was the only one in the house, as Juliet, Liz and Sonia had gone home to their families for Presidents Day weekend.

I’d been prepared to spend the whole three days getting caught up on my studies, then getting quietly drunk at night, since there wasn’t anywhere near enough time to fly home and see the family. But then Mom phoned to say, “Guess what, sweetie? I’m coming to see you this weekend. Just bought my ticket!”

Needless to say, I was thrilled. Since my freshman year had begun, I’d only been able to see my mother for a few days at Christmas. This was the first time I’d ever been apart from Mom for so long, and I missed her terribly.

So there I was, straightening the place as best I could, all scruffy and sweaty and very excited as I waited for her. I wanted to look my best — was there time for me to take a quick shower before she arrived? But just then, there was a knock on the door.

Heart pounding, I rushed to answer — and there she stood, complete with suitcase, looking radiant on this crisp, early winter morning.

Wait — she had a suitcase? My mind began to race. Was she planning to stay? Where would she sleep? Would she be willing to share a bed with me…? I wondered about all these things, trying to hide my rising excitement as we embraced. Finally, taking her case, I led her inside.

My mother Sophia was thirty-nine and dazzlingly beautiful. To me, just turned eighteen, she was grace and femininity made flesh. I adored her.

“Nice place, Kim,” she said, “Certainly better than what I had at college.”

I gave my mother the obligatory tour, feeling lightheaded and warm at her nearness — and her bewitching scent.

“I didn’t realize you were planning to sleepover, Mom,” I gave her a shaky smile, already feeling hopelessly excited. “I’m more than fine with it, though. We’ll get to have some real quality time together.”

“Well, it’s been too long since I’ve seen my baby girl, so I thought I’d spend the whole weekend with you… if you don’t mind, that is,” she added as an afterthought, giving me a dazzling smile that made my heart leap.

Gosh, no!” I replied, “It’s great to have you here.”

Truth to tell, I was more than delighted to be spending the weekend alone with my sexy mom, this dark-haired, svelte lady with a figure worthy of Botticelli… the woman who I’d secretly wanted as a lover for so long.

Unconsciously, my pussy began to grow wet as an all-too-familiar fantasy of the two of us naked and locked in a lustful embrace passed fleetingly through my mind.

“Are you okay, sweetie?” Mom murmured, touching my hand and looking deep into my eyes.

Oh, God… I’d been daydreaming of the two of us making love, and she had broken the spell just as my tongue was about to enter her warm wetness.

“Sorry, Mom, I was just, um, trying to work out the sleeping arrangements,” I replied, coming back to Earth with a bump.

“Oh, no need to go to any trouble. In fact, why don’t I just share your bed? You wanted queen-size sheets for Christmas, so I know there’s room for us both. Is that okay with you?”

My heart seemed to skip a beat — actually, at least three or four beats. “Um, sure, Mom!”

Suddenly I knew that my panties were wet. That, combined with the sweat and grime from my housework, made it clear that I needed to get myself cleaned up.

“I need to take a shower, Mom,” I said, “I didn’t have time earlier before you arrived, and I’m sure I look like something the cat hauled in.”

Mom laughed. “Oh, you… sweetie, nothing could make you anything less than delicious.”

That certainly turned my cheeks pink. I was still light-headed from my dirty fantasies of Mom, but then she got my attention and then some when she said, “Mind if I have a shower when you’re done? My back is killing me from sitting in that little car for two hours.”

Mind? I didn’t mind — on the contrary, the thought of seeing my mother naked was making my body pulse like a prop engine. I felt positively lightheaded — and maybe that’s what caused me to make the offer that I did.

“I could give you a massage after your shower if you like, Mom — just learned the basics in my yoga class,” I volunteered.

“A capital idea!” Mom sighed as we made our way to the bathroom. “I accept your kind offer. You go ahead and shower first, sweetheart — I need to unpack my travel kit.”

I got undressed — and my mother watched me! I was a little self-conscious of her appraisal, especially when my panties lay at my feet, revealing a rather obvious dark patch of wetness against the material,.

She glanced at them for a second, then her gaze moved up and rested on my pussy, then higher still to linger on my breasts, finally making eye contact, with that knowing half-smile that I found so alluring.

Oh, wow, my mother was checking me out! The very thought of her looking at me with desire — even though I knew she couldn’t be, not really — had my head reeling. Unable to speak, I hastened into the bathroom with reddening cheeks as Mom began to unbutton her blouse.

I was so aroused at that point I very much wanted to masturbate — but didn’t dare, not while she was in the vicinity. So a few minutes later I emerged from my shower, wet and frustrated, only to be handed a towel by the naked object of my desire as she passed me to enter the shower stall. A wave of lust swept through me from head to toe. God, my mom was hot!

I stood there foolishly as she turned on the water, then shook my head and quickly went to get ready for the massage I was about to give my mother. My housemate Juliet had given me a massage two nights earlier, and she had used this lime-coconut oil that smelled heavenly.

I don’t know if Juliet is attracted to me, but her touch during that session had certainly worked some sort of magic, especially when her deft little fingers wove between my thighs and either carelessly — or by design — touched my curly black pubes. We had both gasped when that happened, and as I opened my eyes I saw that hers were dreamily closed, her mouth open as if she was in a trance. The spell was quickly broken when Liz, another of my roomies, popped in to borrow a textbook.

Juliet and I had no time alone together since then, so nothing more had happened between us, but the sensual, sexual feelings she had brought to the fore in me lingered on. Now, I desperately wanted to weave the same magic spell on my lovely mother Sophia, just to see what would happen.

Grabbing the bottle of oil and taking it back to my room, I’d just thrown on my robe and spread a fresh cover on the bed when Mom padded into the room stark naked. “Where do you want me?” she asked.

Words failed me, so I just pointed to the bed while rubbing the sweet massage oil between my palms.

There was something of the exhibitionist about my mother as that nicely toned body of hers posed for a brief moment before sinuously flowing belly down onto the bed, arms stretched wide and thighs just parted enough to allow me a glimpse of jet black pubes, through which I was just able to see glistening pinkness in between.

She raised her head to look at me and murmured, “If you’re using oil, you really should take that robe off, honey — you’ll stain it.”

Heart throbbing with excitement, I shrugged my bathrobe off and knelt beside Mom on the bed. I could not believe this was happening. I had my beautiful mother in bed, both of us nude, and I would soon be touching her body. My head was swimming! I wanted to make the moment last forever and give her the most sensual massage my hands were capable of.

I straddled her buttocks, knees taking nearly all my weight, my pussy resting ever so gently on those gorgeously taut ass cheeks, and stretching forward from that position I began to massage her shoulders.

She sighed as I rubbed, the tension in her knotted muscles draining away with every stroke of my oiled fingers as my hands made their way down her body, touching the sides of her breasts, which swelled invitingly outwards from the weight of her. My fingers lingered there, gently brushing those pure white globes which contrasted so excitingly with the light tan of her body.

I was really worked up by now, my mind playing fantasy games — wanting so very much to reach down and slide a finger, then another, into my mother’s pussy.

By then, I’d reached the lower half of Mom’s back, moving backwards so that my cunt was resting between her warm, delectable thighs. I began the massage anew but noticed that I had left behind a trace of wetness between the twin globes of her ass — just above the cleft of her puckered anus, which was tantalisingly hidden from view.

I wanted to lean down and lick her then, lick my juices from that wondrous valley, but dared not. I decided to be bold enough to move my massage down to her ass, though.

Mom began to moan as my fingers touched and rubbed her buttocks, and I wondered if they were moans of pleasure from the massage, or whether they were really the sounds of arousal. I couldn’t tell for sure, and that inflamed my passion all the more.

Changing position yet again, I moved to straddle Mom’s lower back, but facing the other way this time. My cunt lightly brushed her back as I leaned forward to touch her thigh, and suddenly — oh, my God! — I was coming, quickly caught in the throes of an orgasm I was powerless to stop. Even as my body quivered atop hers, I tried my utmost to conceal what was happening from my mother.

Finally, I managed to regain my breath. Steadying myself, I began to stroke the taut white globes of her buttocks from the other direction. Was that a soft chuckle I heard? Or was my mind playing tricks?

My pussy was very wet by then, and I nervously wondered if Mom had noticed. I was afraid she might have — it seemed like the smell of my cunt was slowly permeating the entire room — but there was no indication from her, apart from a contented sigh every now and then.

Her legs had parted slightly, I noticed, then took advantage of this, delving into the softness in between to rub her upper thighs, my fingers close to brushing the fully exposed cunt lips of the woman I wanted so desperately.

She sighed when this happened, so I allowed those fingers to repeat the movement… but more slowly, so as to savor the experience. The realization that I might never get to touch my mother like this again filled me with a fierce determination to make this the best massage she ever had.

Growing bolder, I grasped her ass and, as I rubbed her, pulled apart her gorgeous cheeks, bending forward to inhale Mom’s womanly smell until my face was inches from her anal pucker, savoring the hot scent of her ass. I so badly wanted to lick her tender cleft, bury my face between those cheeks…

Then I noticed that there was a distinct wet patch spreading on the sheet which had not been there a few moments before. Could it be — could it really be that Mom was as turned on from my touches as I was from touching her?

Suddenly I started, realizing too late that I had stopped my massage and was just resting my hands on Mom’s buttocks. Oh, God, had she felt my hot breath on her ass? What on earth must she be thinking now?

I was about to start rubbing Mom again when her hand tapped my thigh, and her voice said gently, “Time to do my front, Kim.”

That shook me back into reality quickly enough, and I gave her room to turn over. Now I was face to face with this breathtakingly nude woman whose eyes were still closed, but whose mouth had on it a satisfied smile, like the cat that had got the cream.

I gazed at my beautiful mother beneath me before resuming my straddled position above her, ready to continue the massage. I was excited to see that her dark pubes were as wet as mine. For the first time I seriously entertained the possibility of making love to my mom, hoping that she would reach for me if I kept pleasuring her.

I carefully straddled Mom’s right thigh, gently placing my leg between hers so that my knee was just barely touching her cunt. The feel of her wetness against my skin was thrilling beyond words. Then I poured some more of the sweet-scented oil into my hands and began to rub her shoulders, trying to act as if I wasn’t conscious of my knee moving ever so slightly against Mom’s pussy as my hands worked on her. She was all but purring with pleasure.

I hesitated for a moment after finishing with her shoulders, knowing where I wanted to go from there, but nervous about taking such a bold step. My desire won out, though — and after coating my hands with oil once more I took a deep breath, trailed my fingers down her chest and began to massage her breasts.

Mom’s lips parted and she gasped softly, muttering something impossible to hear when my oily fingers held the globes of her breasts, drawing upwards to the tips of those pink nipples.

All of a sudden Mom’s smile disappeared, her mouth opened and she cried out loud. Her neck muscles tensed, and her belly and thighs became rigid as she began to climax right then from my touch. I was thrilled!

I began to move my knee around against her cunt, my hands brushing her nipples when Mom exploded, bucking and writhing, crying out her ecstasy, grinding her pussy against me. She seized my hands with hers, holding them tightly against her breasts.

I couldn’t deny my lust for another second.

Lowering my body on top of hers, my mouth sought out Mom’s and I kissed her.

I don’t think I will ever again experience a thrill as great as the one I felt when my mother’s arms entwined my naked body and her mouth opened to me, our kiss becoming hot and hungry.

We kissed for several incredible minutes before I slithered snakelike down her perfect body to nestle my eager face between her thighs, gently licking the wetness that flowed so readily from my new lover.

She felt my probing tongue and opened herself wider, allowing me deeper access into the dark velvety cavern, the fount of her womanhood. I licked and lapped and drank deep from my mother, my face bathed in her love juices when she came again, drinking them down like the greedy girl I was.

Her scent was musky and intoxicating, her taste like nothing I had experienced before… the nectar of the gods.

I thought Mom was wiped out, needing a rest break after her second climax, but instead she suddenly rolled me over onto my back and crushed her mouth to mine. I nearly swooned with delight as she lovingly licked her wetness from my lips, then trailed kisses down my body to my throbbing nipples.

My mother took me to heaven in a chariot of love that day, and brought me back down to earth with a feather-like landing. We eagerly explored and enjoyed each other’s bodies until at last, in a mind-blowing crescendo of dual orgasms that soaked us both, we came for the last time in a rolling sixty-nine, feasting on one another’s dripping cunts, each vying for position until the stars floated before our eyes, and the earth really did seem to move.

The next thing I remember was my mother’s mouth on mine. I wrapped both arms around her and we gently kissed, caressed, nibbled and stroked one another for long, heavenly minutes, hands resting comfortably between each other’s damp thighs.

“I adore you, Mom,” I whispered between kisses.

“I feel the very same way, darling,” my mother breathed as she began to doze contentedly.

“Mom… are we lovers now?” I asked hesitantly.

“Oh, yes!” came her soft reply. “Yes, Kim darling… we are.”


I knew it was morning because the sunlight had penetrated my still closed eyelids as I slowly awakened, feigning sleep when my mother’s fingers traced the outline swelling of my breast to linger teasingly on the already hardening nipple.

Expert fingers, fingers adept in the art of womanly love drifted languorously down the underside of my breast, gliding further south to dwell a while on my belly. My desire awakening, I imperceptibly moved a leg to allow those same fingers easy access to my womanly fount, should they be inclined to enter there.

Slowly, slowly, her fingers brushed against the jet black curly pubes which covered my mons, deftly weaving this way and that, now probing into my inner sanctum to re-emerge, sticky with the fresh juices from my temple of love.

They moved higher and circled my clit, and then I felt a light squeeze between finger and thumb which made me gasp.

“Wake up darling — it’s morning,” my mother said.

I purred something about her lovely method of awakening me, then she laughed and kissed me full on the mouth, her tongue fencing with mine and bringing me a rush of early morning sexual excitement.

“Shower time, then something to eat,” she whispered in my ear, pausing to nibble at the lobe. “After that, we’ll pick up where we left off last night.”

Tingling with excitement, we showered together, cramped in that tiny stall with barely any warm water… but we cared not, knowing that the day promised limitless treats for the two of us.

“Are you dressing, Mom?” I asked her as we towelled each other dry.

“What’s the point?” she replied, “I’d only strip you naked again right after breakfast.”

Hearing that brought a sweet shiver to my skin as it tingled anew, that familiar ache of longing stirring in my groin. I’d always loved my mom, and knew full well that she loved me as her daughter, but now we had added a thrilling new dimension to our relationship. My dear mother… how I worshipped her at that moment, and oh, how I adore her still.

We wandered around the kitchen as naked as the day we were born, totally absorbed in one another, feeding each other tiny pieces of toast and strawberry preserves, laughing when one piece slipped and slithered face down on Mom’s left breast. Of course I had to lick it off rather than wipe it… and I think it was that small act that decided us it was time to return to the bedroom.

Mom and I climbed the stairs hand in hand, stopping on every second step or so to kiss and fondle one another. I loved the feel of that lithe form of hers, slightly tanned by the sun, toned by regular workouts at the gym. She, in turn, showered my body with affection, and we laughed like children as we shared sugary kisses..

“On the bed, Kim — face down, please,” she briskly said as we entered the bedroom.

I lay down as instructed and parted my legs just as far as they could go, wanting to show my mother everything I had to offer. She had been in the same position the day before, and the very sight of her pussy glistening between her thighs had made me burn with desire. I wanted her to feel the same about me.

“Little tease,” she whispered as her hands slid up my thighs. I felt her fingers working their way towards the crack of my ass, one hand on each cheek as she pulled me open. I raised my hips, thrusting my ass out for her.

Her hands had my buttocks parted, her face close to me, and the feel of her hot breath on that most tender area around my puckered hole had me so turned on that my pussy was oozing wetness down my legs. It was a feeling beyond belief, but I was even more excited anticipating what she would do to me next.

“Ohhhhhhh,” I moaned as my mother’s loving lips pressed into my asshole, and her tongue tickled around the outside of it… then I nearly swooned on the spot as her pointy tongue penetrated my anus. This was pure bliss, but got even more thrilling as I felt a finger, then two slide into my dripping cunt.

Her mouth left my anal opening, and a second or so later she slid a wet finger slowly but firmly into that dark recess, deep, deep inside me where no finger had ever been before.

Push, pull back, push, pull back went those nimble fingers in both of my openings, and when she pushed into me I thrust back against her to heighten my enjoyment. We found a mutual rhythm, and I rocked back and forth as she fucked me with her hand.

All of a sudden I exploded, nearly screaming with ecstasy, pushing frantically against those probing fingers, which seemed to be sliding further and deeper into my body, filling my very soul. I bucked and rocked and thrashed and finally collapsed onto my side, panting for air.

She patted my ass gently, and I slowly turned over in time to see her licking my juices from her fingers, clearly enjoying the taste of my cunt. I reached down to touch my pussy, feeling the wetness she had brought from me, now smearing the insides of my thighs. I marvelled, not for the first time, how right Mother Nature was to equip women with bodies built so superbly for making love.

My desire sharp once more, I raised myself up on an elbow and gave Mom my best bedroom eyes. “I want to eat your pussy, Mommy dear,” I whispered. “I want to go down on you until you scream, like I did just then.”

A knowing look and a smile of pure lust was etched on her beautiful face as she made her way up the bed to straddle my face with her silky thighs. She lowered her cunt to my mouth, but kept most of her weight on her thighs as she offered her honeypot for me to lick.

Hers was the only cunt that I had ever tasted, other than my own… and the day before was the first time I had tasted it. Her thick, rich scent had driven me wild before, and was working its magic on my senses all over again. My hands grasped her ass, and I set to pleasuring her with a will.

Mom moaned as that tongue of mine found her opening, but I was getting as much pleasure from eating her pussy as she was. Heaven was nestled between my mother’s thighs.

Soon she began to come in my face. Not wanting to waste a precious drop of her sweet essence, I quickly brought a hand around to rub her clit while my mouth enclosed her entire love hole, drinking deep from the sacred vessel that had been my entry into the world. Finally, she cried for me to stop.

The day flew by as we explored each other’s bodies anew — mine so inexperienced, hers so knowing. Mom had me lie on my back while she straddled me lightly, her pussy kissing mine as she moved back and forth, massaging my breasts. I felt a wetness which was not my own, and my hand crept down to where our cunts met — moistening my fingers, then bringing them to my mouth to savor. Mmmm, how delicious it was, the taste of my mother.

Suddenly we exploded together in a mutual orgasm as Mom’s pussy ground fiercely against mine. I pumped hard against her, and she angled her pelvis so that our clits met and mingled, driving us to even greater heights of ecstasy.

Our cries of pleasure grew louder as my mother and I climbed the sky, where we dallied for ages in the highest state of fulfillment before gently floating down like autumn leaves to resume our earthly embrace, joined now at the mouth, at the breasts, at our bellies, and linked wetly at our founts of love.

“Fuck, Mom… that was sooo good!” I exclaimed, breathing heavily.

“Mmmm,” she whispered, also out of breath. “Sheer heaven, my darling.”

We lay a while recovering, arms around each other, just lying there entwined. I began to cry with emotion and love for my mother. Sensing my mood, she stroked my hair and cradled me in that special way she had in my times of need… only this time, she was cradling me just after we had made love.

“I love you, Mom,” I sobbed, “so very much. I don’t ever want this to end. I don’t want you to leave.”

She shushed me and held my head to her breast, “If it weren’t for your father, we could live together as a couple, my angel… but for now, let’s make the best of what time we have left.” She was right, of course, my tears soon dried, and we nestled together for a blissful hour.

Eventually rising, we showered and dressed, each happily sated on the other’s love. We talked, made lunch and ate ravenously, appetites fueled by our exertions. Then we both dozed on the settee, lovingly entwined, for what seemed like hours… or at least until my mother stirred and awoke me from a dreamy, sex-filled slumber.

That was when Mom confessed to me that she had always been bisexual, with a distinct preference for women, but had also wanted a family of her own. She then grew somewhat shy, quietly admitting that she had harbored secret desires for me ever since I reached puberty over six years ago.

The thought of Mom lusting after me when I was twelve had my libido simmering — and that was when our mother/daughter sex thing began to make itself known all over again. We soon found ourselves naked and in bed once more, fucking like animals in heat.

We craved each other’s bodies with a passion unbound, making love over and over again during that first weekend together.

The last evening of Mom’s stay did have an unusual twist to it, though. It was about 8 PM and we had decided to open a second bottle of wine. We were in the living room, totally naked, clothes strewn and abandoned around the room in our haste to see, to touch, to taste each other’s bare bodies.

We were on the carpet making love yet again and sharing a fantastic sixty-nine together, side by side, face to cunt and quickly approaching simultaneous orgasm. All of a sudden I noticed a pair of sneakers near the door. Looking a little higher, I noticed they had ankles in them, and the ankles led to a pair of denim-clad legs. The jeans were unbuttoned and pulled down, and a hand was buried deep inside a pair of pink panties, moving rhythmically.

I realized with a start that Juliet had arrived home a day early… and she’d just caught me and Mom fucking!

Face still wet from licking my mother’s pussy, I gasped, “Juliet! What are you doing here?!”

Mom quickly lifted her face from between my thighs and stared at Juliet, who by now was slumped on our settee, face scarlet, her jeans still unfastened.

“I — I’m sorry, Kim, I didn’t mean to spy on you,” she stammered, “but, well, I couldn’t help seeing you when I came in and…” Her voice trailed away.

“You obviously liked what you saw, though,” purred my mother. “Does the sight of women making love get you hot?”

Juliet reddened and I didn’t know what to say, but Mom did.

“Hello,” said my mother, “I’m Sophia.”

“Sophia?” repeated Juliet, “Your mother’s name is Sophia — isn’t it, Kim?”

I nodded, my heart pounding.

“But, then… are you — no, you CAN’T be!” she exclaimed, then fell into a dazed silence.

“Yes,” replied Mom softly, her eyes burning into Juliet’s. “Yes, I am. I’m Kim’s mother.”

Juliet’s expression was something to see.

Needless to say, Mom and I soon had Juliet naked and in bed with us, and we three made love every way imaginable before Liz and Sonia got back. Jealousy was out of the question — it was as if Mom and I had so much love between us that we could easily afford to share it with another. And we did.

Mom and I remained secret lovers throughout my college years, taking every single opportunity to meet for hours and hours of shared pleasure. After I graduated, she separated from my stepfather and we moved in together.

We live openly as a lesbian couple in another city, where no one knows that we are mother and daughter.

The End


10 Comments on My Hands, Mom’s Body

  1. Steve says:

    Well done. Well done, indeed.

  2. sue says:

    What a great little story. We both found it, well frankly, so fucking hot! Great job JetBoy.

    Sue and Kim

  3. Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglia says:

    Wow!…I so agree with Sue and Kim. And with Steve. What a well done and fucking hot story!
    Sophia and her lovely daughter, Kim are so great together as they journey into their new relationship, equal as persons and as lovers.
    This small paragraph highlights their passion:

    …Changing position yet again, I moved to straddle Mom’s lower back, but facing the other way this time. My cunt lightly brushed her back as I leaned forward to touch her thigh, and suddenly — Oh, my God!– I was coming, quickly caught in the throes of an orgasm I was powerless to stop. Even as my body quivered atop hers, I tried my utmost to conceal what was happening from my mother.

    And then this one was so lustfully beautiful as Sophia answers a question from Kim about getting dressed for breakfast:

    …”what’s the point ” She replied ” I’d only strip you naked again right after breakfast.”
    Hearing that brought a sweet shiver to my skin as it tingled anew, that familiar ache of longing stirred in my groin. I’d always loved my mom, and knew full well she loved me as her daughter, but now we had added a thrilling new dimension to our relationship.
    My dear mother… how I worshiped her at that moment, and oh, how I adore her still.

    Brilliant writing JetBoy, once again you induce the dopamines, endorphins, and oxytocins to flood my brain with those warm fuzzy sensations!


  4. sally drewett says:

    wow I love this story …well done jetboy

  5. Nathan Riches says:

    Love the story, but what happened to poor Juliet? Did she just get one quick 3way and that was it?

    • Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglia says:

      Hey Nathan,
      oh yes, what of Juliet? where for art thou, sweet Juliet?( sorry, just couldn’t resist that lol)…I like to imagine that after she had fun with Kim and Sophia and after Sophia left to return home, that she(Juliet)convinces Kim that they should try to “engage” Liz and Sonia in a “menage-a-quatre” and that they succeed, allowing everyone to enjoy in their passions…and who knows, maybe they all( including Sophia ) remained close “confidantes” well into the future..the possibilities are limitless!


      • sue says:

        That’s a good premise to think about. I’m so impressed that you came up with this,

        once again you induce the dopamines, endorphins, and oxytocins to flood my brain with those warm fuzzy sensations!

        It just puts my, ‘I came’ to shame.

        • Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglia says:

          Hey Sue!
          Thanks for the praise, but believe you me, your straightforward “I came” is more succinct & powerful! As you and Kim truly know, a woman’s orgasm( or multiples thereof )is so much more than just any brain chemical analysis…and not mention,so much more fun!!!


  6. Tom M says:

    Very hot story. I just love when a mother and daughter find their passion for each other and end
    up living together as a couple. Well done.

  7. Tom M says:

    Very hot pic too!

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