Rowing Lesson

  • Posted on March 5, 2020 at 5:18 pm

By JetBoy

I am the younger of two daughters. My big sister Marie is three years older than me and was always the wild one of the family. Our parents divorced when I was ten. Mum went off to live in Australia, so dad brought me up through my adolescence. He ran a small chandlery and died when I was twenty. Marie wanted to sell the business, but I bought her half and have run it ever since.

I said that Marie was the wild one, but what I had not known was that she would prove to be an utter fool as well. She was arrested in Malaya a year ago in possession of a kilo of heroin, and was lucky to escape with life imprisonment. Before leaving England, she had left her daughter Melody in my care.

Melody had been born when Marie was 17. My sister never knew who the father was. Whoever he had been, he had left her with the most wonderful deep coppery hair that spilled onto her shoulders. She was 4′ 8″ at the time of my story, with a slight but developing figure. She was normally a very happy girl, bubbly and very self-confident. These qualities had been put to a huge test during that year.

It had been terrible for Melody. Here she was, a ten year old girl who had suddenly lost her mother. I planned to take care of her as well as I possibly could — far better than my sister ever had, at least — but my niece was still very sad and confused.

So there I was, a year after the arrest, a successful businesswoman, sitting on the river teaching Melody to row to help her forget her problems. To be honest, I needed the relaxation as well — the entire year had been a nightmare, and I’d had no time for myself in a while. In fact, my love life had been sadly lacking for at least six months. I’m a lesbian who had just ended a two-year relationship, and very much wanted to get back onto the circuit. Melody, at this point, knew nothing about my sexuality.

Melody and I had gone down to the dock and stepped into the boat. I sat Melody between my legs to show her how to hold the oars. We pushed off and began to make the first few strokes with my hands over hers. I felt the tight muscles of her buttocks flex and relax, and I could smell the freshness of her hair. She was not rowing well, being much too tense, but she insisted on carrying on. I didn’t stop her, it felt so nice to be so close to her and I wasn’t paying close attention to what my body was telling me.

“Are you okay sitting like this?” I said.

“Fine, Auntie Di,” she said softly, but with a catch in her voice.

“Right, remember to turn the blades, don’t let them slide — that’s it.”

She didn’t answer but concentrated on her stroke, “That’s wonderful, Mel,” I encouraged, “now pull into Treneth Creek… we can beach there.”

She rowed for a few minutes. “I’m not going to see Mum again, am I?” she asked suddenly.

“Sure you will, love. I can get us out there at least a couple of times a year and then in a few years the Malays will let her come back to England to spend the rest of her sentence,” I told her, speaking with more confidence than I felt.

“No, I mean she won’t be there as a mum,” she said as she pulled angrily, almost missing her stroke, “You’re wonderful, but you’re not my mum. She went off and left you with a stupid little girl when you could be a — a millionaire or something,” She was almost weeping now.

“Hey, hey, hey,” I said, “you’re not stupid and you’re not a little girl, I told you that a couple of months ago. I love you. I’ve got a friend in you, and a sort of daughter and soon a teenager — all without having to have a child myself. For me it’s wonderful, having you around. C’mon, let me beach us and we can have a proper talk about this.” I reached out to cover her hands and help her pull.

“I can do it!” she said angrily and, without warning, pulled hard on the oars.

“Careful, love!” I began, and we hit the beach. Mel was not expecting it and missed her next stroke so that she flipped back into me. I fell into the bow and Melody landed on top of me.

“I can’t do anything right!” she said and began to cry.

Suddenly I found my arms full of a weeping ten-year-old. I hugged her and stroked her hair. Huge racking sobs shook her little body as I murmured softly. One of my hands ran down her flank to cradle her soft bottom and caress her denim-covered thigh. I suddenly noticed how nice she felt in my arms. I kissed her forehead, whispering endearments to Melody while she calmed herself.

“I’ll have to be your mum,” I promised.

“I don’t want you to be,” she said, ” I want you to be my lovely, beautiful Auntie Diane.” Then she eased herself up my body and kissed my mouth.

It was at that very moment that I became aware of what my body was doing. There was a delicious tension in my stomach, my nipples felt hard and brushed almost painfully against my clothes. My breasts sensed every breath we both took, and I was sure that I was wet between my legs. A flash of desire hit me so hard that I almost tried to kiss her like a lover. I wanted to feel her mouth open to my tongue, but she snuggled back down so that my nose was filled with the intoxicating smell of her hair, leaving me trembling with shock.

It was a dilemma; I knew that prolonging this contact was wrong because I now knew that I desired my niece sexually. On the other hand, if I thrust her away from me, I knew that she would feel rejected and abandoned. I continued to hold her close, telling myself it was the long months of celibacy that made me feel like this… and that I just needed to drive to the dyke bar and pick up a hot chick for a night of fucking.

I knew, even as I told myself this, that it was a lie.

After what seemed like an age we rowed back to the landing, tied up and drove back to our house. I was in turmoil. I knew what I felt was wrong, but I also knew that I desperately wanted some relief for the desire that Melody made me feel. Without a thought, my hand had strayed over to her side of the car and was touching her leg. I only realised what I was doing when Mel said, “That feels nice, Auntie.”

Back at the house Mel ran upstairs to the bathroom. Downstairs I poured myself a stiff drink and told myself to forget the incestuous fantasy I had drifted into. I went and sat down, flicking on the television. I don’t even remember what the program was because, as I sipped my drink, I caught myself imagining my niece upstairs sitting with her knickers round her ankles… and my hand caressed my breast through my top. The toilet flushed, and guiltily I pulled my hand away and took a pull at my drink.

The next few days were hell. The desire I felt did not lessen, as I’d hoped it might, for I found myself constantly studying the sweet, lively child. When we touched, I savoured the silk feel of her. When she went to bed she would start talking to me… and I would sit on the edge of her bed, wanting to take her in my arms but contenting myself with stroking her cheek. When I slept, strange dreams disturbed my sleep and I would wake wet and wanting her.

Masturbating didn’t ease the tension, either — I would begin the fantasy with thoughts of grown women, but each time I would end with thoughts of Melody. The whole time I was terrified that I might become unable to restrain my desire, and ruin things between us… or that she would be taken away from me.

The next fine day, we went rowing again. This time I sat in the stern, telling Mel that she could row on her own. There was no way I was going to risk her lovely body moving between my legs again. Instead I found that I watched her legs flexing and her shorts pulling tightly into the sweet junction of her thighs. I wondered whether it rubbed her the way I so wanted to.

We rested in midstream tying the painter to a vacant mooring buoy.

“Auntie?” Melody began.

“Yes, love?”

“Could you come up and help me row, like you did last time? Please?”

“Why, Mel? You’re doing fine.”

“It was a lot nicer when you were sitting behind me,” she murmured as she hung her head, her hair draping round her face, then she glanced back up at me. “It made me feel sorta nice and… tingly.”

“I don’t understand, Melody. Tingly?” As I repeated the girl’s words, my mouth was dry. If this conversation went the way I thought, I knew the temptation would be too great to resist.

“Yeah, I can’t describe it. It was sorta like I was hungry and full — at the same time — and warm. It was like…” she stopped suddenly.

“Like what, love?”

“It’s a bit,” she was breathing raggedly, obviously uncertain, “It’s a bit, you know. I don’t like to say. You might be angry.”

“I won’t be angry, love.” I waited, every sense alert, looking at her blushing face.

“You remember when the social workers spent that day talking to me?” I nodded and she continued, “Well, one of them asked me if you had ever touched me, um, in–inappro…”

“Inappropriately?” I said softly, my heart pounding.

“Yeah, that’s it. Well, I didn’t know what she meant, so she said she wanted to know if you had ever touched me on, uh, on my bottom, or between my legs — like, inside my knickers — or on my chest… and I said no, you hadn’t. But I kept thinking about what she said… and when I came home that night I kinda… I, um, tried touching myself where she said and it felt really good. That’s the first time I felt all tingly like that… and, I don’t know, I started thinking about what it would be like if you did touch me there…”

My head was spinning, and I was so excited I could scarcely breathe. Still, I struggled to maintain a calm exterior as she spoke on.

“That night I had a funny dream. I can’t remember exactly what it was but I know you were in it, and we were all warm and snuggly together, and it felt really nice… and then I woke up and I was very wet, uh, down there. Then when I tried to dry myself it was hard because I was so — so –” and her brow furrowed as she hunted for the word.

“Sensitive?” I ventured.

“Uh-huh,” she confirmed with a nod. “So… I’ve been thinking a lot about these feelings of mine, lately. Just trying to figure them out.”

“Do you think that you want me to touch you like the social worker said?” I said softly, carefully moving up the skiff to sit alongside her.

“I don’t know, really,” Melody pondered. “I get confused. It seems such a nice idea but the way those people talked, it seemed like I shouldn’t want you to. I just keep thinking about it, though.”

While she spoke I placed my hand on her thigh and moved up into the leg of her shorts a little. She took a sudden breath, “That does feel nice.”

“Mel,” I said, lightly stroking her thigh, “I understand what you are feeling, but this isn’t the right place to talk about it. So let’s row back to the dock and we’ll go home and have a long chat about this. Is that okay?” She nodded. “Right. Now come and sit here between my legs,” I said, already feeling myself surrender to my taboo desires, “and we’ll row back together.”

That journey was a very special one. I felt lightheaded at the possibility of an afternoon of lovemaking with my desirable niece, of teaching her the sweet pleasures that two girls could share. I could tell that she was excited too, even if she didn’t fully understand why.

Every few strokes we would pause and I would whisper encouragement to her, letting my lips brush her ear. There was a sudden intake of breath when I did it the first time, then she turned her head and smiled eagerly. Once we rested the oars and I let my hand drop to Melody’s thigh, then stroked upward and let it rest on her mound. My fingers pressed into her slightly, and she gasped and looked around, her eyes wide.

“Oh,” she breathed, “What are you doing? That feels so good…”

“Let’s get home and you can find out.”

Back on dry land, we went to the car. Before we got in I kissed her gently and held her at arm’s length letting my eyes take a picture of her virginal beauty. I was thrilled to note a hint of moisture at the crotch of her light khaki shorts.

I opened the car door and helped Melody in, like a groom might support a new bride. Sliding behind the driver’s seat, I unfastened the buttons of my jeans.

“I love you, Melody,” I whispered. “Do you trust me?” She nodded, “You feel how wet you are down there right now?” She nodded again. “Right, now give me your hand and I’ll show you something,” I lifted her hand, placing it on my lower tummy.

“Slip your hand into my panties,” I instructed, and she did. God, it felt so good! I put my hand on top of hers and pressed her fingers onto my dripping pussy. It took all my self-control not to have her bring me off there and then.

“You’re wet too!” she said, her eyes wide.

“That’s right, love… being with you has made me like that,” I drew her hand out, and could see the glistening of my cunt on her fingertips. I could smell myself and — my God, I could smell her, too! I watched as she rubbed her fingers and thumb together.

“It — it’s all sticky.”

“That’s right,” Melody held her fingers beneath her nose and inhaled deeply. “What does it smell like to you?” I asked her.

“It’s like…” she searched to find a word for something far outside her experience. “Sorta like that expensive scent you sometimes wear.”

“Musk is the word, honey… a lot of scents use that,” I breathed, my heart throbbing. “See what it tastes like.”

Her tongue touched her fingers, then her brow furrowed as she tasted me. Her eyes grew large and a faint rosy flush appeared on her cheeks. “It’s strange,” she whispered at last, but… I like it.”

I glanced around. There was no one else in the car park so I leaned across and kissed her sweet lips, letting my tongue brush them. I could faintly taste myself on her mouth. I wanted more, but forced myself to wait until we were in the comfort and privacy of home. Reluctantly I buttoned my jeans up, then stroked the back of my hand down her face. “I love you, Mel.”

“Oh, Auntie… I love you too,” she sighed… and I don’t think her eyes left my face for the whole journey back, even though I drove fast and hard to get us home as quickly as I could.

The front door slammed behind us and I turned to take Melody into my arms, “Do you know how lovers kiss in the movies?” I asked.


“We’re going to kiss like that now, angel. Just let me show you how, then you can copy me if you like,” I murmured, my eyes burning into hers.

I pulled her to me — one hand behind her back, the other under her tight bottom. Her arms wound around my waist. We looked in each other’s eyes for a moment. Her eyes closed and gently I touched her lips with mine, first nibbling at, then licking them. Her lips parted and my tongue entered. Shyly at first, Melody began to respond to me. I sucked gently at her tongue, drawing it into my mouth. Her hug tightened and she forced her body against mine, I could feel the heat of her sex through her clothes.

As our mouths parted, her breaths came in short little gasps, “Oh, Aunt Di. What – what – what is happening to me? I feel s-so strange.”

“But it’s not a bad strange. All you’ve got to do is trust me. You do trust me, don’t you?”

“Yes, oh yes, Aunt Di.”

“Then let’s go into the bedroom,” I told her.

She unwrapped herself from my body and we walked into that room hand in hand. The afternoon sun streamed through the window. I closed the door, then pulled my blouse from my jeans. She stopped and turned. The light shone in her hair, and her top showed the silhouette of her thin body.

“Darling,” I knelt before her, my hands on her waist, “you know I love you so much, and I want to love you even more than an aunt is supposed to love her niece… but if anyone, anyone at all, finds out about us, they will take you away from me. Do you still want me to go on?” She nodded, but I insisted, “You have to say it.”

“Yes, go on, please. I’ll never tell anyone — ever!” she gulped, “It’s just that I’m a little scared. What’s going to happen?”

“It is a little scary, angel… but it feels so good. What we are going to do is make love. Do you want me to do that? To love you?” My hands were under the T-shirt stroking her tummy and back.

Her eyes were wide. “Y-yes,” she whispered.

“You want me to make love to you?”

“Yes, love me. Please!” she begged.

“And will you make love to me if I show you how?”

“Yes,” she gasped as her eyes closed.

I began to unbutton her shorts, sliding them down her legs and off. I raised her t-shirt, and she lifted her arms to help me. It was clear that her body was on the verge of changing. Her nipples were no longer flat against her chest; her breasts were just barely beginning to grow in. I began to mouth her beautiful buds, my hands caressing her neck, her back, her thighs, her bottom.

As I sucked her nipples. they crinkled and stiffened in my mouth. Birdlike cries escaped her throat, and I lifted my head to fasten on those sweet lips in a hot, passionate kiss. I freed her hair from the clips that held it back while I tasted her mouth again.

My thumbs slipped under the waistband of her knickers and pushed the flimsy patterned material down. Then I held her away from me so I could savor her nakedness. I had never seen anything so beautiful, desirable and erotic. Her hair cascaded down her back, fanning out slightly so that it showed around her waist and clung slightly to her hips. Those hips, though not yet a woman’s, were like her breasts, showing a slight roundness. Her knickers, halfway down her legs, held her thighs together so that I could only glimpse the very top of her vulva. Those nipples I had so recently feasted upon were still erect. Her little white ankle socks and sandals completed the picture. She was the perfect vision of a child, just a few short years from becoming a woman.

“Please, please, please don’t stop,” she begged, and my mouth found hers again. I nearly swooned when Melody’s tongue slipped between my lips and she kissed me as passionately as I had her.

I pulled her panties clear of her legs with one hand, feeling how damp they were. Finally, I stood and tugged my jeans down my legs; then my panties. I quickly undid my shirt and let it fall to the floor, followed by my bra.

Her lips were parted, her breath excited as she stared at me. “Oh, Aunt Di,” she whispered, you are so beautiful…!”

Smiling, I gave her a quick, flashing kiss, then led her, unresisting, to my bed. I sat against the headboard and, as if we were rowing again, settled her between my legs. Her ass, still a little bony, pressed against me, transmitting every movement of her hips to my pussy. My mouth nibbled at her neck, her cheeks, her ears… my hands explored her body.

Between kisses I spoke, “You’ll feel strange, but don’t be frightened, I won’t let anything bad happen to you… that’s right, love, relax for me… you’re so adorable, so desirable… ”

My hands found her dewy slit, and I felt wonderingly at its softness. With one finger I traced the length of it, loving the way it was already gaping slightly to my touch. Near the top a small bump showed me that her clitoris was ready. She writhed as I explored her, pressing into my pussy with her ass. I was getting hot, getting off on my gorgeous little girl. She writhed in my lap as I slipped my forefinger inside her, feeling the sleek wetness of her girlish vagina.

Little cries escaped from her. “Oh, oh, oh. Mmmm, oh, Aunt Di, ooooh!”

Melody twisted her upper half around to face me, and we kissed again as my thumb pushed back on her clit. I brushed the exposed nubbin of flesh and took her left nipple in my free hand, lightly pinching it. Her body suddenly stilled, filled with the most exquisite tension. Our mouths parted and I could see her face.

She was breathing in little gasps and her eyes were wide, unfocused. A scarlet flush filled her face, neck and upper body. She tried to hold back what was coming, but could not stem the flood of sensations that raced through her as I played her like a fish on a line. Her eyes rolled up in her head and she threw her head back as it began.

“Nnnnnnnnnnn, Ahhh, Oh, oh God, oh Aunt DI, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,” then the pitch of her voice rose, then she cried out, “Ahh, UH, UH, UH AHHHH!”

Her body convulsed, arching upwards before crashing back against mine. My hand was wet with her first orgasm. With all my strength I held the contorting body against me, letting her thrashing bring me off. Her ass ground hard against my cunt –and suddenly, I couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Oh, Melody! Oh, oh! I love you, baby. Ooooh, AHHHH!” I cried, as my own orgasm took me.

We collapsed sideways on the couch. I was quivering with the intensity of what had just happened between me and my niece. Melody twitched with the sweet aftershocks of her climax. I whispered her name again and again, telling her how incredible she had been, how wonderful she made me feel, how much I loved her.

Recovering a little, I drew her limp body into my arms. Her head fell to my breast and I brought my nipple to her mouth. Like a baby she began to nurse, mouthing and licking at my sensitive flesh. Her hand rose and touched the other breast, fondling it as she sucked my nipple. Her loving attentions nearly drove me over the edge again right then and there.

“Oh, Melody, darling, sweetheart, baby,” I sighed happily, “you’re so good to me, we’re going to be so happy together. You make me do such wonderful things. Do you want to find out more wonderful things we can do? Do you want to be my little lover?”

She looked up at me and nodded. Her hand never left my breast. I gazed back at the girl, giddy at the thought of the delights we would share. My desire was already reawakening, and I wanted to make love to her again… I wanted to taste her pussy.

“Honey,” I murmured, “lie down. I want to show you something else we can do — something awfully nice…”

Melody rolled over on her back, her eyes wide with anticipation, already eager for more pleasures. I kissed her lovingly, my tongue gently teasing her lips, and she grabbed my face and returned my kiss with a frantic passion. My excitement soared even higher… it was as if she was born to make love.

Our lips parting moistly, I kissed her chin, then my mouth journeyed down this young girl’s exquisite body… nuzzling the hollow of her throat… trailing my tongue down to a pert nipple, then taking it into my mouth. She moaned, cradling my head to her childish breasts. I kissed her other nipple, then continued down.

The softness of her tummy delighted me. I adorned her there with soft kisses that slowly became wet and open-mouthed. I placed a hand on her inner thigh, and she trembled to my touch. Her belly button was so adorable; my tongue probed it playfully as she giggled. My descent down her body continued, past the line that the waistband of her knickers had lightly imprinted onto her skin… and then, I was lying between her thighs, her pussy inches from my face.

Her bare slit was a vision of beauty. It’s a cliche, I suppose, to compare the vagina to a flower… but that was the first thought I had at the sight of Melody’s pussy. It glistened with wetness, and the smell of her was intoxicating. God, I needed to taste her.

My face dipped down, and my tongue emerged to lightly brush her sticky labia. Her shaking hands touched my head, and I heard her softly moan “Oh…” I licked her up and down for a minute or so, then took her into my mouth and began to eat her out for real.

Melody went wild. She gasped, she panted, her body trembled from head to toe. “Oh, Aunt Di,” she cried, “I love you!”

She tasted incredible. My tongue probed and rolled inside her slit, fucking her like a tiny cock, as her nails bit into my scalp. My hands firmly gripped her hips as I ate her. I couldn’t believe how wet her pussy was… Melody’s essence was coating my face, dripping from my chin, oozing down the crack of her ass — and the thought of that suddenly made me want to introduce Melody to another new pleasure.

Raising my face from my niece’s cunt, I placed my sticky hands on the backs of her thighs and raised her knees to her chest. “Hold your legs up, baby,” I said hoarsely, and she did, opening herself wider for me, revealing the dark pink cleft of her asshole. My tongue flicked between her soft cheeks, then I began to lick her there.

A low, keening sound issued from Melody’s mouth as I pleasured her anus… a sound that slowly grew in intensity as I reached for her pussy and began to brush her clit with my finger.

Her response was immediate. She cried out loud, her body shuddering frantically as she came once more. I continued to lick at the crack of my niece’s ass, feeling the wetness of her little-girl pussy coat my fingers as I brought her off. Finally I raised my face from between her cheeks and gazed happily at my sweet Melody, flushed a lovely pink from the pleasures she had just enjoyed with her aunt… her aunt, now her lover.

I crawled into Melody’s arms, and she eagerly received me, her mouth seeking mine. I hadn’t known if she would be willing to kiss me after I had licked her asshole… but she not only kissed me, she sucked my tongue into her mouth. Her hands claimed my breasts, and I nearly swooned. God, this girl was a firecracker!

Frantic with excitement, she broke our kiss. “Aunt Di,” she panted, “I want to do that to you. I want to lick you down there.”

I smiled. “Okay, honey.” Another quick but extremely passionate kiss, and I rolled over on my back, parting my thighs for her. She knelt between my legs, eyes flashing. “Oh, Melody?” Her gaze jerked from staring at my pussy to my face. “I don’t think you need to call me ‘Aunt Di’ when we are together like this. When we are in bed, you and I are lovers… so here you can call me Diane.”

Her eyes grew wide “Wow,” she breathed, “You mean that — that I’m like your girlfriend?”

I caressed her cheek with my fingertips. “That’s right.”

Melody grinned. “Okay… Diane.” Her eyes dropped to gaze at my glistening slit. I took hold of my legs and brought them back until my thighs touched my breasts, opening myself wide for my niece. I closed my eyes, heart thumping in anticipation… only to moan ecstatically as Melody’s mouth brushed lightly against my cunt.

I writhed as she teased me mercilessly for a long while… only nuzzling me gently, denying me the hot and heavy cunnilingus I so badly craved. I whimpered, “Melody… oh, please…” only to cry hoarsely, frantically clutching the sheets as she took a long slow lick from the base of my pussy up to my clitoris… then plunged her face into my cunt and began eating me for real.

My niece was clearly inexperienced, but she made up for that with sheer enthusiasm. Her hot, sucking mouth was everywhere on my pussy. My breath hissed through gritted teeth as this ten-year-old girl pleasured my throbbing cunt.

Then Melody’s wicked tongue traveled down to my ass crack, and I gasped as she began to lick my anal cleft, just as I had hers. Her hand sought out my pussy… and I was so keyed up by then that I exploded in a raging climax the second her hand brushed against my clit.

I’d never come like that before. It was like being enveloped in a cloud of incandescent light, tongues of heat flicking at every inch of my body. I screamed, then blacked out for a moment.

Just a few seconds, though, because I came to just in time to feel Melody squirming into my arms, firmly planting her mouth on mine. We kissed warmly, then lay entwined for a long, contented while, finally dozing off together. We awoke a few hours later, and our sweet, sexy games began anew.

We pleasured one another several more times that night. When dawn broke, Melody and I knew we were in love.

The End

Note from JetBoy: This is my adaptation and expansion of a short story by an anonymous author that I found years ago at the Nifty Archive, entitled “Rowing.” I enjoyed the original, but longed for more of it, and ended up writing that part myself. In the process, I fleshed out the rest of the story, making considerable changes — enough, I believe, to justify putting my own name on the thing. My heartfelt thanks and gratitude to that original author, whoever you are.



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  1. kim says:

    A nice little tale. Once again, JetBoy you’ve reworked a story in to a very erotic story.

  2. sapphmore says:

    Hey Jetboy, as you would probably guess, I have the original in my archive which I copied and saved in February 2018 but it was actually published on NIFTY on Nov 14 2002. Back then I rarely saved the author’s name in the title as I do now (something I’ve been correcting over the last few months as I open them, especially as some titles crop up time and again) and very unusually the author didn’t even include their name or a pseudonym anywhere.
    Nice as the original is, as usual, your imagination and deft changes have added to the tale immensely and justified your accreditation.

    P.S. For anyone who’s interested, the mum/goddess in the pic is Reagan Foxx, something of a fav of mine in mother/daughter style tube videos.

  3. Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglia says:

    Oh YES!…so beautiful and so hot!
    Great rework, JetBoy, you’ve really added to the story with gusto! Auntie Di and her now lover, her darling niece, Melody, are wonderfully depicted and their torrid exploration of love and sex is just…wow!

    Also, just for the naval novices among us ( myself included ), a “chandlery” is a kind of boat shop, and a “painter” is the rope attached to the bow of small boat or skiff for tying up purposes ( not porpoises )

    Would’ve loved to see more of where this storyline was going, the characters are so lovable in the sexy kinda way! 🙂


  4. Tim says:

    I know ratings are all in the minds of the reader, but how anyone can give less that good or excellent is beyond me. Great adaptation thanks Jetboy. Loved it all.

    • sue says:

      I try to give a reason for my rating. You know I liked it or something about it bothered me. I agree with you on this one. I would think this deserves a good or excellent also. But like you said it depends on the reader and there is no right or wrong for why someone may not like a story. If a reader doesn’t think it’s good they should give a comment. Just so the writer knows. Nothing mean, just a not my cup of tea, or I get sea sick or whatever.

  5. sapphmore says:

    I’ve noticed of late that there have been a few ‘poor’ and ‘awful’ ratings on some stories for which over 90% of the ratings were excellent or good. Of course you can’t please all of the people all of the time, but every author loves to know that readers enjoyed the fruits of their labour, and just as equally want to hear how their writing might be improved. People like different things in a story (you say tomayto, I say tomarto – sorry, only way I could get that to work in print).
    I made so many errors on the first chapters of Ripples, from my dialogue to grammar, that I might have given up were it not for the encouragement and constructive feedback from Jetboy (not forgetting you lovely people who express the good feedback), and that seems to have worked out okay I hope.
    There are two ways to look at this, one being just a matter of content preference, the other being style. I wholeheartedly agree with Sue in that some stories are not everyone’s cup of tea and that is perfectly fine, but if someone really thinks that the writing is poor or awful, then writers would be just as appreciative of the reasons and how they might improve.

  6. JetBoy says:

    I suspect that many readers rate a story by how much it aroused them, not by the quality of the writing. Naturally, there will always be those who are turned off by the content of, well, any of my stories. That’s how it goes.

    Oh, and many thanks to those of you who were kind enough to leave praise.

  7. Tim says:

    I suspect you are right Jetboy, and maybe that is no bad thing, but for me often the quality of the writing does add to the eroticism and resulting arousal. When I left my brief comment I was merely stating how surprised I was that a story such as this should be so poorly rated. I thought it was excellent, both in writing quality and in arousing content.

    My own approach to stories I don’t particularly enjoy is just to move on, often well before the end, and rather than leave a negative comment just leave no comment, after all so much is due to personal taste.

    I think all the stories on here without exception are written with the aim to please, and always after a lot of hard work, either by you or by your other diligent co-editors, so to merely leave a poor rating without saying why is unfair at the very least, and shows no appreciation of the efforts you all put in.

    So once again, thanks for all that you do here – for me, and I know also to my very special friend Litka, it leads to a great deal of pleasure!!

  8. David says:

    Very erotic story JetBoy, and agree with the majority that this was excellently written. I love the detail and the build up to a wonderful afternoon that will build into a loving relationship between auntie and niece.

  9. Julue says:

    My god that made my cunt so slippery wet. Thank you

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