The Facts of Life

  • Posted on December 26, 2019 at 4:55 pm

By JetBoy

Nothing too deep here, just a little something I dashed off while in a romantic mood. Hope it brings you pleasure. A belated Merry Christmas to all our readers!


“Nora, supper is ready,” Eva called from the kitchen.

“Coming, Mom,” Nora yelled back.

Eva smiled at her thirteen-year-old daughter as she entered the kitchen. “Hi, honeybun.”

“Hi, Mom,” Nora replied, giving her mother a warm hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Mother and daughter ate their meal while they chatted. Ever since Nora’s father left them, they made a point to talk about each other’s day during supper. At first Nora thought it was a silly idea, but soon she looked forward to it every night. They could discuss just about anything, as Eva was very open and honest with her daughter.

Still, there was one serious topic that hadn’t been addressed in any real sense, and now Eva intended to do something about that.

“You know, Nora… you’re old enough now for that traditional mother-daughter discussion about sex,” Eva told her daughter as they ate. “Really, I should have done it earlier, but better late than never.”

“Jeez, Mom… I’m not a baby, I know about sex!” Nora cried, her face red.

“Don’t be so certain about that, kiddo,” Eva shot back at her. “You may think you know it all, but I’m sure there’s at least a few things you haven’t learned yet.”

Nora frowned, but finally shrugged. “Okay, Mom… I guess. Can we wait till after dinner?”

“Sure,” Eva replied with a knowing grin, “but don’t think you’re getting out of this.”

Once they were finished with dinner, Nora helped her mother clear off the dirty dishes and put them in the washer. When the kitchen was back in order, they went into the family room. Nora flopped on the couch and her mother sat in a chair opposite her daughter.

Eva was sipping a glass of wine, preparing herself for a frank discussion with her thirteen-year-old. “So — how much do you know about sex?” she began.

“Mom… do we have to do this? It’s embarrassing,” Nora groaned.

“Look, you’re probably going to be dating soon, hon… and you need to be aware of these things,” Eva replied firmly. “So tell me what you know — or what you think you know, anyhow.”

“I know that a man puts his thing into a woman’s… private place, and that’s how a baby gets made,” Nora told her mom while blushing deeply. “And it feels good,” she added. “You can do it for fun, not just to have a baby.”

“Okay, that’s a start,” her mother said, “but let’s get the names of the sex organs right first. A man has a penis, not a ‘thing’. It’s sometimes called a cock, prick, dick, or other names. Cock is the most common, though. Got that?”

Nora nodded, still embarrassed.

“Good. Now, a woman has a vagina — it can be called a pussy, cunt, slit and many other things, but pussy and cunt are the most popular,” Eva continued. “Now honey, you should be very careful about saying these words in public, especially at school, but you can use them here at home. You’re becoming a young woman, so you don’t have to say things like ‘private place’ or ‘thing’ around this house anymore. Okay?”

Nora nodded once more. “Okay, Mom.”

“All right, honey… I just told you about the vagina, but do you know what these parts of you are — the cervix, or the vulva? How about your clitoris? Or the anus, or the rectum?”

“Jeez, Mom, I’ve never heard of some of those things,” Nora answered, a bit abashed. “Guess you’re right — there is a lot that I don’t know. What are they? Do I have all of them yet?”

“Yes, you do, honeybun,” Eva murmured, smiling affectionately at her daughter.

“Can you tell me about them, Mom… or can you maybe show them to me? That would be even better.”

Eva weighed her daughter’s request, wondering if she really ought to do such a thing. Well, she figured, Nora has to learn somewhere… and where better than at home with her mother?

“Are you sure you want me to show you?” Eva asked Nora. The girl nodded her head emphatically. “Okay, honey, stand up in front of me and take off your clothes, and we’ll take a look at your body.”

“Mom!” Nora gasped. “I meant you could, um, show me pictures from a book!”

“Well, I would if I had a book with pictures, sweetheart, but I don’t,” Eva replied. “If you’d rather wait until I can go buy one, we can just forget this until then. Up to you.”

Nora hesitated, thinking about what she wanted. On one hand she longed to learn about her body, but she felt kind of weird about getting naked in front of her mother. What should she do…?

The girl thought for a moment, then finally reached a decision. She reached up and removed her t-shirt, pulling it up and off. She tugged her shorts down and kicked them off, then reached back and unhooked her training bra, shrugging it off. Nora was now naked but for her panties.

Eva gazed at her pretty daughter, Nora’s shoulder-length dark hair framed her beautiful face with its dark brown eyes and cute button nose. Her eyes fell to her daughter’s chest. The girl’s breasts were small but absolutely flawless, capped by taut pink nipples. Eva and Nora had each gotten a piece of belly button jewelry when the girl had turned thirteen, and Nora’s piercing glittered in a most enticing way. God, she’s perfect, Eva marveled.

Remembering her preteen days, when she’d experimented sexually with other girls about the same age as Nora, Eva began to feel aroused in spite of herself.

Nora hooked her fingers into her panties, pulling them down and off, then stood nude before her mother.

Eva was surprised to find herself light-headed at the sight of her daughter’s nakedness. Nora’s bare body was one of the loveliest sights imaginable… and the look of wide-eyed innocence in her child’s eyes made her all the prettier.

She glanced down at her child’s pussy, noticing that Nora only had the lightest dusting of pubic hair. God, she’s so beautiful, Eva thought, her own body tingling deliciously.

It was all but impossible to believe, but she was getting damp between her legs from the sight of her nude daughter! What’s the matter with me? Eva wondered.

She hadn’t had sex with anyone since her husband left, taking care of her needs by masturbating while Nora was sleeping. She’d been secretly bisexual for years, and was especially turned on by teenage girls. In fact, ever since the divorce, Eva had been thinking more and more of exploring her lesbian side for the first time since high school. Now, seeing her daughter naked in front of her, Eva’s vagina was quickly becoming moist from arousal.

“Okay, let’s start with your breasts,” Eva said. “Your nipple is right here,” She reached out and touched the pink tip of her daughter’s breast. Nora sucked in her breath when she felt Mom’s finger brush her nipple.

“The dark circle around the nipple is the areola,” Eva explained. “You can give yourself pleasure by squeezing your breasts and pulling and pinching the nipple. Like this.” Eva pressed her hand upon the girl’s chest and massaged it, then tweaked Nora’s nipple.

“Mmmm, that feels good when you do that,” Nora sighed. “Uh, Mom? I’d kinda like to see what a woman’s breasts look like, though — could I maybe see yours?” she asked shyly, blushing bright red.

Without a word, Eva removed her blouse and bra.

Nora stared at her mother’s breasts. They were firm and didn’t sag. Eva was only 32 years old and kept herself in good shape. Her mom’s breast had large areolas and long nipples. Nora took her hand and placed it over her mother’s breast, marveling at how warm and soft it felt to the touch. She gave it a couple of soft squeezes and could feel the nipple harden in her palm.

“Sit down on the couch, and I’ll show you the parts of a woman that you don’t know about,” Eva said as she led her daughter to the couch.

When Nora was seated with her legs parted Eva knelt in front of her. “This is your vulva,” she murmured, placing a hand on her daughter’s sex. “Now, these are the vulva lips, or as they’re sometimes called, the labia.”

Nora could feel herself getting wet and hoped her mother didn’t notice. Her mother’s fingers were gently spreading the lips apart. When Eva opened her daughter’s cunt, she noticed moisture beginning to accumulate.

“Nora, do you touch yourself down here?” Eva asked.

“Mom!” Nora gasped, blushing hotly. She didn’t know if she should tell the truth or not.

“There’s nothing wrong with it, hon — just about every woman masturbates,” Eva said, seeing her daughter struggle with an answer.

“Okay, yeah, I do sometimes… but just ’cause it feels good,” Nora whispered, her cheeks still flushed.

“That’s fine, honeybun… I do it too,” her mother told her. “Here, this is why I asked you that question. See this little bump at the top of your slit? It’s called the clitoris, and it’s a very important part when it comes to touching yourself.”

“Oh, wow!” Nora’s hips bucked as she felt her mother’s finger graze her clit. “That feels nice!”

Startled, Eva quickly jerked her hand away — then, nervously biting her lip, brought it back. Teaching her, she reminded herself. That’s all I’m doing, teaching her.

“And this opening is your vagina,” Eva added, circling her finger around Nora’s opening. She was surprised — and excited — to notice that her daughter’s smooth slit was very wet. Nora whimpered.

“And finally, this is your anus,” Eva said as she ran her finger through the crack of her daughter’s bottom, stroking the little pink rosebud.

“Ooooh!” Nora squealed. “Mom, that tickles!”

Eva straightened up, conscious of her little girl’s moisture on her finger, but unsure what to do about it. “Okay, hon,” she said, “those are a woman’s sex parts. Any questions?” She felt a crazy impulse to slip that finger into her mouth, to see what her daughter tasted like.

Nora sat up, frowning as she peered down between her legs. “Mom, I can’t really see a lot of the parts you’re talking about!” she pouted.

The idea came to Eva almost immediately. “Tell you what, hon… what if I got undressed all the way, then let you have a good look at me?”

The girl’s eyes widened, and she nibbled her lip before giving her mother a big smile. “Yeah!” she exclaimed. “Let’s both be naked!”

Eva didn’t hesitate, she stood and dropped her jeans, then slipped out of her soaked panties.

“Take a look, and ask me anything you want to know,” she told her child. “You can touch me too, if that helps.” She sat back on the sofa, spreading her legs wide apart with her knees raised, giving the curious teen a front-row view of her cunt and anus.

Nora got down on her knees in front of her mother, studying Eva’s bare vulva. “I thought there was s’posed to be more hair,” she said.

Eva smiled. “I shave it, honey. I like for my pussy to be nice and smooth — like yours was, until not very long ago.”

“It’s pretty,” Nora murmured, then slowly reached out to touch her mom’s exposed sex.

Eva gasped as her daughter’s fingers lightly brushed her cunt… then her heart began to race as Nora spread her moist labia apart and stared at the inside of her mother’s vagina, the fiery pink flesh already slick with her juice.

Noticing her mom’s clit and how proudly it stood, the girl gently stroked it with her index finger.

“OOOHHHH!” Eva exclaimed as her daughter casually toyed with her clitoris, then trailed a finger up and down her wet slit. “Oh baby, OH!” the woman cried.

Nora drew nearer, her nostrils flaring as she sampled the thick, rich smell of her mother’s pussy.

Eva knew that this craving of hers was utter madness, but she wanted more, much more. She longed to be pleasured by her little girl and give her pleasure in return. It’s wrong to feel this way, I shouldn’t let it happen, she told herself. But maybe I could let her touch me just a little more…?

“Do you want to feel the inside of my vagina, honeybun?” Eva asked her thirteen-year-old. “Just put the tip of your finger against the opening, then push gently.”

A hot surge of pleasure flowed through the moaning woman as Nora penetrated her cunt, sliding it in right up to the third knuckle.

“Oh!” Eva cried out, unable to restrain herself or her pleasure. “Oh, Nora, that feels wonderful.”

“Jeez, it’s so warm and slippery,” Nora told her mother. “And I can feel you squeeze my finger, Mom!”

Eva felt an acute disappointment when Nora withdrew her finger, but fought to calm herself. You shouldn’t really let this go any further, anyhow.

Meanwhile, Nora was staring at the smaller, tighter hole that was her mother’s anus. Unable to restrain her curiosity, the girl ran her finger through her mom’s crack, pausing at the tender rosebud. Nora drew a few circles around the brown hole, then her slick finger slid into her mother’s rectum up to the first knuckle.

“OOhhh!” Eva cried out as her daughter penetrated her anus.

Startled, Nora quickly withdrew her finger from her mother’s rectum. “I’m sorry, Mom!” she blurted. “It… it just kinda slipped in.”

“Oh, honey, that’s okay… actually it felt really good,” her mother said. “It’s been a long time since I was touched there. Your daddy used to do that to me when we made love.”

“I bet you miss those things since Daddy went away, huh?”

“I do, honeybun. Your father was a crappy husband and not much of a dad, but oh, my, what a wonderful lover,” Eva said. “These days I have to touch myself to get those good feelings.”

“Do you do that a lot, Mom?”

Eva nodded. “I touch myself just about every night, after you go to bed.”

“Mom, can you show me how you do it?” Nora asked, blushing slightly. “I don’t know if I’m touching the right way or not. I mean, it feels okay, but that’s all, really.”

Eva pondered Nora’s request. There were a million reasons not to give her daughter what she wanted. But she’d always been open with her thirteen-year-old, and didn’t want to stop now.

She really ought to know how to masturbate correctly, Eva told herself. After all, I don’t want Nora to hurt herself by experimenting with objects, or by being too rough. 

Weighing the pros and cons, she decided that it would be best to give her daughter a demonstration… knowing all along how very much she wanted to finger her cunt in front of Nora.

“Okay, first I start squeezing my breasts and pulling my nipples until they get hard,” she told Nora. “Then I move my other hand down to my pussy and begin to rub my clit.”

“Like this?” Nora began to clumsily grope between her legs.

“No, no, that’s not quite it, hon,” Eva said.

“Oh… darn it,” Nora pouted, a discouraged look on her face. “I don’t know what I’m doing!”

Then Eva got an idea. A very intriguing, very dangerous idea that had her heart pounding. I really shouldn’t, but what the hell, it’ll make Nora happy. Just this once, it’s okay.

Taking a deep breath, Eva gave in to her wild impulse. “Tell you what, honeybun. Let me show you how by doing it to you… then, when you are done feeling good, you can do what you learned to me. How does that sound?”

All smiles again, Nora nodded her head enthusiastically. “Sure, Mom. That sounds great!”

“C’mon, let’s take this somewhere more comfortable, where we can lie down.” Eva took her daughter’s hand and led the girl to her bedroom.

They laid down on the bedside by side. “Now, you’re sure that you don’t mind me touching you this way, hon? Lots of people might say that it’s something a mother shouldn’t do.”

“Pfffft,” Nora replied, with a disdainful gesture. “What do they know? You’re my mom. You wouldn’t ever do anything bad to me.”

“Sweet girl,” Eva cooed. Reaching out, she and cupped one of Nora’s slight breasts. She fondled the soft globe, then lightly pinched the nipple and gave it a slight twist.

“Mmmm, this is nice, Mom. I never knew my boobs could feel so good!” Nora exclaimed.

Eva never expected her talk with Nora to turn out like this — the two of them completely naked, her exploring the body of the pubescent girl. This was completely wrong, she knew it… on the other hand, Eva had never been more aroused in her life. She was so hot and excited that her inner thighs were wet.

Knowing that she was crossing a major line, Eva bent over, taking Nora’s nipple into her mouth.

“Oh, yeah,” Nora sighed. Eva gently bit at the tender bud, and her daughter moaned with what sounded very much like delight.

Eva allowed her hand to glide down until she was cupping the teen’s lightly-downed slit. She could feel the wetness of her daughter, and it thrilled her. Tracing a finger through the smooth crease, Eva paused to graze Nora’s clit, then began to trace tiny circles all around the fleshy button.

“Ooooh, Mom, that feels s-so funny,” Nora cried out.

I’m going to make my little girl come, Eva told herself. I’m going to make love to my daughter. And it’s what I want, more than anything.

Placing the tip of her index finger against the opening to Nora’s vagina, Eva eased it inside, just a little.

“Ohhh,” Nora moaned as her mother’s finger sank into her virgin hole.

Eva’s eyes widened in surprise when her finger slipped all the way in — there was no hymen barring her way. Then she shrugged. She’s such an active, lively girl… I guess she broke it without my knowing. Maybe she doesn’t even know. At any rate, I don’t have to be as careful now.

She slowly began to finger fuck her daughter, her movements steady, but gentle. “Does this feel good, hon?”

“Ohhhhh, yeah,” Nora said, cupping her budding breasts with both hands. “It’s — it’s wonderful!”

Eva was on fire, her heart pounding crazily, her cunt a steaming swamp. She couldn’t remember ever having been this aroused. She wanted to do everything with her daughter.

She kept her finger going in and out of Nora’s vagina, which was now practically dripping with sweet nectar — well, Eva suspected that it was sweet, anyhow. She longed to give way to madness and taste it, right from the source. Instead, she moistened the index finger of her free hand, then slipped it between the cheeks of Nora’s bottom, pressing the tip against her daughter’s rosebud.

“Ooooh! Um, wow, that feels… kinda weird, b-but really good!” Nora panted. “Mom?”

“Yes, honeybun?”

“I… I love you. Lots and lots.”

By then, Eva’s hunger was too strong to deny, not for another second. Dipping her head down, she gave Nora’s clitoris a long, loving lick.

“Mom!” the girl gasped, her eyes now enormous.

The flavor of her child was positively ambrosial. Wanting more, she took the fleshy nubbin between her lips and began to suckle. Meanwhile, she was fucking both her daughter’s holes, the finger of her left hand now buried to the hilt in Nora’s slippery rectum.

Nora cried out in mixed surprise and ecstasy as Mom nursed on her clit… the girl’s head spinning like a crazy carousel, her inhalations and exhalations coming in time with the rhythm of her mother’s pumping fingers.

“Oh, Mom, oh Mom…” Nora gasped. The girl’s hips were bucking up and down, and her honey was flowing freely.

Eva couldn’t resist. Withdrawing that finger from her daughter’s vagina, she covered the slit with her mouth. Oh, God, it is sweet, she thought, drinking down the essence of her daughter. Seeking out Nora’s clit with her thumb, she began to stroke it.

A delirious Nora was babbling helplessly, lost in a whole new world of wonderful feelings. “Oh, Mom I feel s-something happening, oh my God, Mom, d-d-don’t stop, AAHHH!”

The girl screamed as she bucked her hips hard, forcing that probing finger even deeper into her rectum. A second, even louder scream issued from Eva’s daughter as she flooded her mother’s mouth with her liquid sugar.

“Oh Mom, oh YES!” Nora cried out, arching her back as another unimaginable wave of pleasure washed over her slender body, then slowly going limp, sinking into the sheets.

Sitting up and back, Eva gazed at her lovely daughter stretched out nude before her, basking in the afterglow of ecstasy. She licked her lips, the taste of Nora still coating them.

Then it struck her, what she’d just done. My God… my sweet little girl… I’ve just molested her! A paralyzing wave of guilt crashed down on Eva, and she began to cry.

Nora’s eyes fluttered open, and the girl furrowed her brow. “What’s wrong, Mom?”

“Oh, honey, I’m so sorry, I should never have done that to you,” she cried. “I’m — I’m so ashamed!”

The girl raised herself up on both elbows. “Please don’t cry, Mom… I loved what you did. You taught me all about my body,” Sitting up, Nora drew the sobbing woman into her arms. “You didn’t do anything to me that I didn’t want to happen. I love you, Mom.”

“B-but mothers aren’t supposed to have sex with their daughters,” Eva protested.

Nora’s heart raced as she digested her mother’s words. She hadn’t thought about it in those terms, but quickly realized that Eva was right. Holy crap… Mom and I just had sex!

Far from appalling her, Nora was thrilled by this revelation. She’d experienced fantasies of fooling around with cute boys she knew, and even a couple of girls. But the idea of making love to her beautiful mother made all those other fantasies seem petty and small.

Then and there, thirteen-year-old Nora knew what she wanted. More of this. Way more.

“I don’t care what other people say, Mom,” the girl replied, a defiant glint in her eyes. “If you want to, and I want to, then it’s okay for us to do. I loved what you did to me, and I wanna do it again. Lots of times.”

Eva turned her tearful face to Nora. “Are you… are you certain about that, hon? Really and truly?”

Nora gave an emphatic nod. “I am, Mom. And I want to do that stuff, so I can make you feel good.”

Reaching out for her daughter’s hand, Eva gazed adoringly at her daughter. “I… I can’t say that I don’t want you that way, baby girl. I must have been having these thoughts about you for years, only I didn’t know until now.” She paused, sniffled. “Listen, Nora — If we do more of these things together, you can’t tell anyone about it, not ever. You’re only thirteen years old… and my daughter. If anyone found out, I could get into big, big trouble. I could go to jail.”

“I won’t tell a soul, I promise, cross my heart,” Nora swore to her mom. “This will be our secret forever and ever.” Leaning in close, she placed a warm, loving kiss upon Eva’s lips.

“Oh, my sweet, sweet child,” Eva whispered. “Please… kiss me again.”

Their mouths drifted together, and their embrace soon grew heated when Eva licked at her daughter’s lower lip. Quickly getting the idea, Nora responded in kind. Now she and her mother were locked in a passionate kiss, swapping tongues.

There was an unusual taste to Mom’s mouth, and the teen realized with a start that it was the flavor of her own pussy. Shocked, Nora almost broke away, but didn’t — and soon decided that she really liked the flavor. Wonder if Mom’s tastes this good? she asked herself. Then and there, she decided to find out.

Finally, Eva drew away, feeling incredibly shy. “Honeybun, I need to have those good feelings too. Did you mean what you said about wanting to, um, do to me what I just did for you?”

“Yes, Mom, I’d love to,” Nora replied.

Eva wore a blissful smile as she laid back on the bed, offering her naked body up to the girl. “Here I am, then. I’m all yours.”

Nervously moistening her lips, Nora stared at her nude mother. Carefully kneeling on the bed beside the woman, she lowered her face to her mother’s breasts and took a nipple into her mouth, teasing it with her tongue. She gently bit the swelling bud, then tugged at it with her teeth.

“Oh,” Eva moaned.

Nora could have happily spent a long, lovely while making love to those beautiful breasts, but the urge to taste Mom’s pussy was too powerful to ignore. She wriggled her way down until she was lying between her mother’s parted thighs.

The sight thrilled the thirteen-year-old, made her heart race. Eva’s vulva was carefully trimmed, with just a thin strip of dark brown pubes framing the glistening pink opening. Nora’s nostrils flared as she inhaled deeply, taking in the rich, musky aroma of a woman’s arousal. Her mother’s cunt was so juicy that it was leaking fluids, which trickled down into the crack of her ass.

“Please, honeybun,” the woman whispered, her voice quivering with need. “Lick Mommy’s pussy…”

Placing both hands on her mother’s thighs, Nora drew forward, touching the tip of her tongue to the warm, wet flesh. Pausing to sample the flavor, she smiled, then burrowed further between those spread legs, now licking eagerly at Eva’s sex.

“Oh Nora, yes… oh yes my GOD that feels soooo good!” Eva cried, overwhelmed with love, with lust. How had this come to pass? An hour ago she was dining with her daughter, preparing to teach the girl the basics about sex; now they were naked and making love. She’d licked her thirteen-year-old to an orgasm, now Nora was going down on her and loving it. Eva could hear the girl humming blissfully as she performed oral sex for the first time.

“Ohhhhhh, my sweet b-baby girl… I’m so close to coming, so close, d-don’t stop!” Eva begged the girl. Her cunt was flowing like a leaking faucet, and Nora was drinking down every drop of Mommy’s nectar.

“Nora…? Would you do something for me? Take your pointer finger, and slide it into my pussy.”

Pausing in her oral activities, Nora carefully placed the tip of her index finger at the very opening of Mom’s vagina, then sank that finger deep into the hole with a single smooth stroke.

“Ahhh!” Eva cried.

The girl’s eyes widened in amazement. “Wow, Mom… you’re so hot inside!” She began to work that finger in and out, her arm soon falling into a steady rhythm.

“Oh, honeybun, please… please p-put another finger in,” Eva panted.

“Mmm, okay,” Nora replied, furrowing her brow as she eased a second digit into her mother’s creamy canal. That accomplished, she began to fuck the woman again, harder this time.

“Do another one, Nora. Another finger.”

Nora obeyed. It was trickier, though — her pinky made thrusting more awkward. Finally she said, “Hey, Mom… can I try this with all my fingers?”

“Oooooh yes, my angel. In f-fact — ohhh! — I want you to put your, your whole hand inside me. Can you d-do that for me…?”

All of it? Um, Mom… won’t that hurt? Like, a whole lot?”

Eva shook her head. “No, honeybun. I had a baby through there, remember. Go ahead, p-put your hand in there and fuck me. I can take it!”

Grouping all five of her digits together, Nora began to push, staring in awe as her fingers began to penetrate the slippery heat of her mother’s cunt. The task grew more difficult when her hand was buried up to the knuckles, but she kept pressing forward.

“Don’t stop, baby girl, d-don’t stop,” Eva pleaded. “You can do this…”

With a sudden lurch, Nora’s hand slipped through the tight ring, plunging deep into the vagina.

“Oh, FUCK!” Eva screamed. The teen shivered with excitement. She could feel her mother’s cunt gripping her hand. “Now, I, I n-need for you to, ohhhh God, oh God, make your h-hand into a fist. Can — can you d-do that, honeybun…? Mmmm, so f-full, so fucking good, yes…”

Lips pursed in concentration, Nora slowly tucked fingers and thumb into the palm of her hand, each tiny movement causing Eva to gasp and moan. “Okay, Mom,” she finally said. “Should I, um, fuck you now?” She felt a surge of excitement, using that word in her mother’s presence.

“Yes, baby,” Eva spoke through quivering lips, though her voice was steady. “Start slow at first, but once you’re really going, you can fuck me nice and deep. It’s okay if it hurts a little bit… I like it that way sometimes.”

“Um, all right,” said Nora, and she set to work, moving her hand back and forth, loosening the tight grasp of her mother’s vagina. As Eva opened up, the teen began to thrust harder, her knuckles rubbing against the lust-slicked walls.

“Yes,” Eva groaned, her cunt filled like never before. No man had ever fucked her so beautifully. Who could have known that I’d have the ultimate sexual experience at the hands of my own thirteen-year-old daughter?

Then Nora’s fist pressed even deeper, and the woman was lost to everything. Like a mighty wave at sea, Eva felt a scream rise within her, then break, filling the room with proof of her ecstasy.

“Oh FUCK! I’m, I’m, I’m, I’m coming, oh GOD! I’m coming!” Eva bellowed, bucking her hips to meet the teen’s movements.

Nora was fisting her mom with a strong, hard stroke, caught up completely in the naked power of the moment. For the first time in her life, she truly understood the wild, crazed abandon of fucking. And I’m doing this with my mother! she told herself, awed all over again by the boldness of her actions. I’m fucking Mom! 

By this time, Eva could take no more, her body battered by one orgasm after another. “That’s enough, Nora, p-please stop,” she panted. That lovely churning fist ceased to move, and Eva inhaled sharply as her child began to withdraw it.

Pulling her hand free with a slurping sound, Nora brought it to her mouth to lick, enjoying the taste. Glancing down at Eva, the teen was entranced by the sight of her mother’s cunt, fully exposed between the woman’s splayed thighs.

Unable to resist, Nora laid down before Eva and gently kissed the juicy flesh, trying to soothe her winded mother. I didn’t get to make her come with my mouth, she realized. Oh well, maybe next time. 

“I love you, Nora,” Eva said, drifting in a lovely warm haze, still glowing from the pleasure she’d just enjoyed.

Crawling up and into Eva’s arms, Nora snuggled into her mother. Their mouths drifted together, and the two new lovers shared a brief but passionate kiss. “I love you too, Mom,” sighed the teen, resting her head on the woman’s breast.

Eva buried her face in Nora’s hair, losing herself in its fragrance. “I ought to feel guilty about what we just did, but…” She shrugged. “Somehow I don’t anymore, not now.” Reaching down, Eva caressed her daughter’s bare bottom. “Guess I just enjoy making love to my sweet honeybun too much…”

“Don’t feel bad, Mom, please don’t!” said Nora. “It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Us having sex, that was the most awesome thing ever! And… we get to do it again, right? You kinda said we could…”

Placing two fingers beneath her daughter’s chin, Eva tilted her daughter’s face upward, so their eyes could meet. “Is that what you really want, then? For the two of us to be lovers?”

The teen broke into a dazzling smile. “Yeah, Mom. That’s exactly what I want.”

Eve gazed at her child for a long while, softly said, “So do I.” Lifting her head, she claimed Nora’s mouth in a kiss that spoke of a happy, romantic future for them both.

The End


28 Comments on The Facts of Life

  1. sue says:

    Nice hot loving short story. Great boxing day gift, JetBoy, thanks.

    Kim & Sue

    • kim says:

      Oh, and the picture, perfect.

      • Euphorsyne,Thalia & Aglia says:

        Hey,Kim & Sue!
        Loved this “quickie” from JetBoy. So torrid and sweetly delicious.
        Nora & Eva are really wonderful, as they experience their first “Mother Daughter” sex talk…imagine if all moms were able to teach their daughters in this manner, what a wonderful world that would be!
        Also love Sue’s reference to Boxing Day gifts, here in the States, a long time ago, a box was kinda a reference to a woman’s “private place”( as young Nora in this story had made mention of )and it just struck me a bit amusing( sorry, my humour can be a bit immature at times…)

        Also,I too loved the accompanying picture, so befitting!

        Happy holidays to you both!


        • sue says:

          No, we love immature humor. We’d love a ‘boxing day’ where all girls and women are welcome to do each others box.

          Happy Holidays to you too, E,T&A

          Kim & Sue

  2. Nathan Riches says:

    Very nice, hot story. Kinda makes you wonder how often it actually happens in real life? 😉

    Just one little niggle (I know, I know, I cant help it (, a couple of times Eva refers to Nora as a “preteen” but then the story says she’s 13. A preteen is, obviously, a girl aged up to 12. Just had to point that out.

    • JetBoy says:

      Good point. Fixed that. (Nora was originally twelve, but I bumped her up a year to better match the photo.)

      • Lisa says:

        Get younger looking photos???? Just suggesting. Ha

        • JetBoy says:

          Wellllll… honestly, we’d prefer not to get shut down by The Man. Or dumped by our host, which has happened twice thus far. (The previous host actually changed their policy to justify giving Juicy Secrets the boot.)

          Posting nude photos of underage girls is a risky proposition, and bitter experience has made us increasingly risk-averse.

  3. N C Bright says:

    Very good story enjoyed it a lot. Thanks Jetboy for sharing.

  4. kacey says:

    Marvelous!! A beautiful story of mother/daughter love. One VERY small gripe, just after making Nora come, and talking about it, ‘Eva’ changes to ‘Ally’ for one sentence, and at the beginning of the next paragraph. Like i said, a very small gripe in an amazing story. Thank you, JB. ?

    • JetBoy says:

      Good catch. I decided to change the mom’s name after finishing the story, but the mass change I than ran seems to have missed a couple of Allys. Why? Who knows. Not the first time that’s happened, either. I’m beginning to think that computers aren’t infallible after all…

  5. Jack says:

    Love this hot little tale! Thank you, Jetboy!

  6. E says:

    Such a great story. Deserves a sequel.

  7. Tim and Litka says:

    We both loved this tale of mother and daughters first sexual love making. Wonderful topic and beautifully written. Thanks Jetboy.

  8. David says:

    Thanks JetBoy for submitting this version, as I have said often, there is nothing hotter than mother daughter love. Well written and detailed.

  9. sally drewett says:

    wow so turned on by this story must have read it a dozen times now lol

  10. Tom M says:

    If all families did this the world would be so much better. Hot story. Great job!

  11. Myka & Sophia says:

    Hi JetBoy … we think this is a really lovely beautiful story … Sophia and I have been away for some time and are only very recently returned and are we are now ‘catching up’ on your (and other) past posts. Sooo’, you’ll get our feedback on some of your older posts for a while :).

  12. Myka & Sophia says:

    PS … we think the Mum in picture is ‘familiar … any hints?

    • JetBoy says:

      It’s Syren DeMer. She’s made some awesome lesbian film clips with younger girls. The above photo is from one of them, but I can’t bring the girl’s name to mind. It’s one of the Mommy’s Girl series, I’m pretty sure.

      Go to Google and plug in “syren demer lesbian mom.” You’ll find some VERY stimulating finger candy that way.

      • Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglaia says:

        Hey JetBoy!

        I think the young ladies name is Scarlett Fever. she stars with Syren de Mer in the Mommy’s Girl production of “A Quick Learner” ( 2015 )
        Very cute and…yummy!


  13. Bryan says:

    Really hot loved it

  14. Leigh says:

    13 year old daughter who but her mom to teach her about her body and the sex was wonderful, I love a good lesbian story of mom and daughter, niece and aunt, sister and sister.

  15. April says:

    I wish my mother taught me this way instead of the cold unfeeling sex ed class in middle school.
    I loved this story as I do all of your stories. It had me so excited and wet I couldn’t help but let my hands run across my breast and down to my ever so wet…well you get the idea. I love the orgasms I get from reading your stories. Mother and daughter fantasies are my favorite. Keep up the great work maestro.

  16. Jay Denton says:

    Another genius story Jetboy. I love how you write.
    This sentence summed it up for me;
    “Don’t feel bad, Mom, please don’t!” said Nora. “It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Us having sex, that was the most awesome thing ever! And… we get to do it again, right? You kinda said we could…

    Nora is so right, it is the most wonderful thing…ever

  17. JetBoy says:

    Once again, I offer the heartiest of thanks to you readers for the lavish praise. There’s no finer reward.

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