Quality Time

  • Posted on August 13, 2019 at 1:56 pm

By JetBoy

My name is Kyra Johanson. I am a flaming redhead with hair that goes down to my ass, with generous breasts and legs that are firm and shapely. I am a single professional woman in my early twenties who lives alone.

Since I had little time for personal relationships short of occasional flings or one night stands, I’d come to rely on the assistance of sex toys to aid in my personal pleasure. That was about to change in a big way.

My story begins with a ringing telephone. It was Sunday, and I was enjoying a blissful day off. I’d just mixed myself a drink, and adorned it with an orange slice just before I plucked the phone from its cradle.

It was my mother Lori, in a most agitated state of mind.

“Mom, what’s wrong? Calm down… yes, yes, of course you and Trina can stay here.”

It seems that a gas main near my Mom’s property had developed severe structural issues, and the city ordered everyone who lived within a 200-yard radius of the damage was ordered to evacuate. I live in a spacious house with two extra bedrooms, so it was the logical place for Mom to stay until the gas main got repaired.

Phoning the office, I immediately set up a week-long vacation, so I could spend some quality time with Mom and my little sister Trina, who was fourteen and just about to start high school. I’d been feeling guilty about neglecting my family for work, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to put things right. My boss had been getting on my case about working too hard, so he was happy to grant my request.

It was August at the time, and I’d planned to work on my tan. This was the first chance I’d had to catch some rays for two weeks. Since I live in a fairly isolated area, I can sunbathe however I want, topless or even completely nude. That’s exactly what I was doing when I heard Mom’s car pull into my drive, later that afternoon. I’d already told her that I would be out back by the pool and to let themselves in, come through the house and enjoy what was left of the day with me.

When I heard the patio door open, I looked up and there stood my mother and sister, already in their swimsuits. I went over and gave her and Trina each a hug. We sat down on chaise lounges by the pool and I poured them both glasses of wine. Trina was too young to be drinking, but I didn’t think that one glass would do her any harm.

I sat back and relaxed, then frowned. “Don’t be so modest, you two. Lose those swimsuits, and let’s hang out in the altogether. We’re all girls here, right?”

By this point my sister had taken the initiative and was already naked, though Mom wasn’t far behind. I was a little surprised that they were so willing to strip, having figured that I’d have to convince them that we were safe from prying eyes.

Once Mom’s bikini bottoms hit the patio, Trina cried, “Last one in the water is a rotten egg!” and hurled herself into the pool. Exchanging grins, Mom and I hastened to follow.

After about a half hour of horseplay, I announced that I was going to go take a shower, then run out to the grocery store to lay in supplies for the weekend. “Anything special that you want, ladies?” They made a few requests, and I threw a list together before padding upstairs and into the master bathroom.

I took a quick shower, then got dressed, hopped in my car and drove to the supermarket, where I dropped a few hundred bucks on food and drink, including a few bottles of good wine. It felt so great to have Mom and Trina there — being in their presence for the first time in weeks only drove home how much I missed my family, and I was determined that we’d have the best weekend imaginable.

I had a few other stops I needed to make, so it took almost two hours before I got home. The sun had set and the house was mostly dark. The pool lights were still on, so I just figured Mom and Trina were swimming again. When I looked, though, the patio was deserted.

Maybe they went for a walk around the neighborhood or something, I decided. At any rate, I had a lot of things to put away, so I hauled the bags of groceries indoors, then set to unpacking them.

When I was nearly done, Trina came running down the stairs. “Hey, sis — need a hand?”

I couldn’t keep from grinning. That’s my baby sister for you — always shows up to help when the job’s practically done. “Oh, I’m nearly finished,” I said.

I was a bit surprised to see that all Trina had on was an oversized tank top. Her nipples were clearly visible through the thin white fabric, so she might as well have gone stark naked. I also noticed that Trina’s pussy was baby-smooth. I was surprised — wasn’t she a little young to be shaving? — but figured it was none of my business.

A few minutes later, Mom came down. She was as scantily clad as my sister, wearing nothing but a pair of silk thong panties. For a woman in her forties, she looked great, her breasts surprisingly full and firm.

“Hi, Mom… say, where were you two?” I asked.

She shrugged. “Oh… we were just so worn out after taking our showers that we took a nap.”

When I carried the bags of bathroom stuff upstairs, I noticed something odd. The bed in Mom’s room was a mess, but Trina’s bed had her suitcase on it and was still made. Wait… they took a nap in the same bed? Come to think of it, neither of them looked like they’d been sleeping. What gives?

As I came downstairs, I caught a quick glimpse of Mom and Trina hugging. Nothing unusual about that, except that it seemed a little weird for a mother and daughter to hold one another like that when they were practically nude.

When I walked over to where they stood, Mom opened her arms, inviting me to join in their embrace. I stepped into her arms and we hugged tightly. I could feel her hard nipples against my breasts. She was rubbing my back; then her hands slipped down to cup my ass.

Whoa, now that was strange — why was Mom touching me there?

Embarrassed, I broke from the hug and turned away, heading back to the kitchen to put away the few items still remaining from the shopping trip. That was when Trina pouted at me, saying, “What about me, Kyra? Don’t I get a hug?”

Going back over to where she stood, I drew my little sister into my arms. As I hugged Trina, I felt her hands repeat Mom’s actions, moving down to cradle my bottom. What’s gotten into these two? I wondered. Why are they being so touchy-feely tonight? 

I didn’t say anything, though, not wanting to make a federal case out of their odd behavior. Maybe they opened another bottle of wine or something and got tipsy, I told myself.

Finally, I took a step back. Trina gazed at me and smiled. “Kyra, you are so beautiful. I mean, your boobs are perfect! Hope mine look that good someday.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “They will, sweetie, they will,” I replied, playfully mussing her golden blonde hair. “Just give it a couple years, you’ll be as stacked at me.”

With that, I leaned in to give her a peck on the cheek, but at the last moment, Trina turned her head and kissed me right on the mouth. “Ha! Gotcha,” she squealed, clapping her hands.

“Yeah, you got me all right,” I said to her, reaching up to give her nipple a little tweak.

I expected her to jump away — like she always did when I did that to her back when we were kids. Instead, she made a little purring noise that sounded a lot like pleasure. “Mmmm, Kyra…” she sighed, “do that some more.”

I was shocked and didn’t know what to say. Suddenly I felt Mom’s hands circle my waist from behind. Once more I could feel her erect nipples through the thin top I wore, this time brushing my back.

“Why don’t you do as your sister asks, Kyra?” With that, she guided my hands up to Trina’s small, firm breasts.

Mom’s hands fell away from mine and, not knowing what else to do, I began to touch my little sister, who gave me a dreamy smile. “Oooohhh… I like that,” she cooed.

In the meantime, Mom had reached up under my top. Opening the front clasp of my bra with a flick, she began to fondle my tits, now and then pinching my nipples. I was completely taken aback — but I could also feel my pussy getting very wet.

Were they really coming on to me? I didn’t know what was happening or why, but by God, it was getting me hotter than asphalt in July.

Gazing deep into my eyes, Trina whispered, “Kiss me.”

Unable to resist, I drew close and pressed my mouth to hers. I knew I shouldn’t be doing this, but was firmly ensnared by my own lust, thrilled beyond measure by the sheer kinkiness of the moment. My beautiful mother and my sweet little sister wanted me — how could I say no?

Well, I could, but was surprised to realize that I didn’t want to. I’d never made love with another woman, and the idea of the first time being with Mom and Trina appealed to me enormously.

I finally broke my kiss with Trina and gasped. “Let’s go up to my room, and do this in bed.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Mom purred. So up the stairs we went, stealing touches all the way.

When we got to my room, Trina removed her tank top, and Mom pushed her thong down her thighs and stepped out of it. I pulled my shirt off, then cast aside a black bra to reveal my bare breasts. Getting on her knees, Mom unsnapped my shorts and pulled them down, then Trina did the same with my panties, which were completely soaked. She handed them to Mom, who pressed them to her face and breathed deeply of my scent. That got me even hotter, if such a thing was possible.

Taking me by the waist again, Mom guided me to the bed and laid me on my back. Looking to my left, I saw that the door of my cabinet of sex toys was wide open. How had I forgotten to lock that? Now I knew what Trina and Mom had been doing earlier, and it wasn’t anything close to sleeping.

“Quite a collection you’ve got there,” said Mom.

“I like to make myself feel good,” I admitted. “How’d you find it?”

Trina snickered. “She was being nosy.”

“I figured you’d have a vibrator, at least,” Mom said, grinning. “But I found a whole lot more than that. Trina and I simply had to try out a few of your toys.”

This whole scenario was too much to wrap my head around. I couldn’t help but be curious, though. “So… you two really are lovers, then?”

“We are,” Mom said, wrapping an arm around my sister’s waist as Trina grinned and nodded. “I’m not one bit ashamed of it, either. Your little sister makes me happier than any man I’ve ever been with — and that definitely includes your father.”

“How — when did it happen?” I asked, still feeling light-headed.

“Nearly a year ago,” Mom replied. “It started one night when Trina came into the upstairs bathroom and saw me shaving my pussy. I suppose it turned her on–”

“Oh, it totally did!” Trina squealed. “I thought it looked really hot, too, so I asked Mom to shave me when she finished doing hers.”

“Not that she had very much to shave, mind you… but I was glad to do it, so now your baby sister is smooth as the day she was born. Well, by the time I was done, I was feeling incredibly aroused.”

“We both were,” Trina chimed in.

“I’ve been bisexual for as long as I can remember,” Mom continued, “and I’m especially turned on by young girls, though never one as young as Trina. But she was so beautiful in the nude, and shaving that pretty cunt of hers…” She shook her head in awe. “Anyhow, I could see that Trina was excited too, needing some kind of release — and by then, I was all too ready to give her what she wanted. So I got on my knees, said, ‘I’m gonna make you feel good now, honey,’ and went down on her, right there and then. Trina came in my mouth, and I drank every drop.”

Trina gave a blissful sigh. “It was the greatest! Oh, I’d made myself come before, but it was nothing like what Mom made me feel. Then she stood up — and when I looked into her eyes, oh my gosh, I thought I might melt into a puddle right there. And that… that was when Mom kissed me. Really kissed me.”

“That’s right,” Mom said. “By then, I knew I wanted more from her. Much more. So I kissed her, and she kissed me back, then we went upstairs.”

“I took Mom’s bathrobe off, so we were both bare naked. We got in her bed and made out for a while, then I asked if she’d show me how to lick her pussy. So she did, and it was awesome, and we’ve been lovers ever since!” Trina was now rooting around in my toy chest, and with a delighted squeal she stood up brandishing my favorite dildo. It was an eight-incher, a fire-engine red silicone cock. “Oh, wow! Can I fuck you with this, Kyra?”

“Absolutely,” I said, parting my legs.

“Well, as long as you’re lying down,” Mom said, kneeling next to my head, “why not have a taste of your mother’s pussy while Trina fucks you?”

I licked my lips. “Bring it on, Mom.”

She straddled my face, then lowered her cunt to my waiting mouth. Mmmm… I’m tasting the vagina that I came from. I began to lick inside my mother’s juicy crease as I felt Trina slide all eight inches of that lovely cock inside me.

My little sister fucked me with the dildo and sucked my clit while I ate my mother’s pussy, and Mom pinched and pulled at my nipples. That was wild, but it got even wilder when Trina lifted my legs up higher and began to lick my asshole. That was another first for me.

Mom leaned down to take my clitoris between her lips while Trina rimmed my anus, clumsily fucking me with the dildo as best she could. I shoved three fingers into Mom’s cunt just as I exploded in my own orgasm. She came seconds later, flooding my face with her nectar.

Mom and I were stretched out next to each other, sweaty and out of breath, when Trina spoke up and said, “Hey, what about me?”

Looking up at my little sister, I got an idea. “Hold on, Trina — I’ll be right back!” I exclaimed, and quickly bolted into the hallway.

A week earlier, I’d received a strap-on dildo with different sized heads by mistake in an order I’d placed with a mail-order sex shop. I hadn’t had the chance to return it yet. I went downstairs and retrieved it from where I’d left it, in a cardboard box next to my bookshelf.

When I came back into the bedroom, the strap-on was jutting proudly from my waist. Without a word, I crawled between my sister’s legs and spread them wide, then bent down and started licking her pussy to get it nice and wet. Mom just sat back and watched.

Trina’s cunt was juicy and delicious — I could have gone down on her all day long. But more than that, I wanted to fuck my baby sister.

From what dark place had it come from, this crazed lust I suddenly felt for the women in my own family? I had no idea, never knew this hunger lurked inside me. All I was certain of was that it cried to be let loose, like a dog kept too long on the leash.

I positioned myself between Trina’s parted thighs and placed the tip of my cock against her opening, took a deep breath and pressed forward, sliding the length of it into her cunt. I’d chosen the smallest of the different sizes for our first fuck — and it entered her easily, right up to the hilt.

My baby sister’s lips parted in a soundless gasp, a flash of color made itself known in her cheeks… and then she gave me a shaky smile. “Yeah, like that, Kyra. Fuck me.”

I’m still uncertain how I knew that Trina wasn’t a virgin, but somehow I did. Was it Mom who’d had her first? I loved that idea. Moving slowly at first, I began to fuck my baby sister.

I guess Mom wasn’t content to sit on the sidelines, so she straddled Trina’s face, lowering her shaved pussy to the open mouth of my fourteen-year-old sister, who immediately began to lick. Holy shit, what a perverted sight.

I noticed that Mom’s breasts were awfully close to my face, so I bent forward and took one of her plump nipples into my mouth, sucking it as if I was drawing sustenance from her all over again while I fucked Trina with smooth, steady strokes.

I could hear my mother moan, then whisper in my ear. “That’s it, sweetie… make love to your mama’s tits. God, that f-feels so good. Oh, Kyra, soon as your sister and I first got together, we — oh, oh, yes! — we were telling each other how — how much we wanted t-to fuck you, too. Oooooohhh… that’s why we came to stay here, instead of g-going to a hotel.” She gave a shaky laugh. “I must say, you, you made it awfully easy for us. When Trina and I came out and saw you, just sitting there without a s-stitch on… Oh, sweetie, you made us so fucking hot…”

I felt Trina’s body tense up under mine, and knew that she was about to come. I was getting close myself, since my strap-on had one of those pads on the base that stimulate the user’s clitoris.

Mom must have sensed that her daughters were soon going to get off in a big way, because she reached down and began to masturbate while Trina licked her.

I tried to keep going for as long as I could, but the fire inside me suddenly mounted into a roaring inferno, and I closed my eyes and allowed it to take me.

An instant later, all three of us began to come, our dripping bodies knotted together. Waves of white heat rolled through me as I cried out in ecstasy, accompanied by my mother and sister, then everything went black.

I recovered in a few seconds, and found myself lying next to Trina, who was nuzzling my face. As for Mom, she was sucking the cock that still protruded from my groin, purring contentedly. When she saw my eyes flutter open, Mom crawled over and gave me a deep tongue kiss, sharing the taste of my little sister’s pussy.

We lay together and swapped kisses for a while, then we started making love all over again. I licked Trina’s anus while fingering her to climax, then Mom and I rubbed our cunts together until we came. After that, the three of us shared a shower in the master bathroom, then shambled back to my bed and passed out.

These days I’m holding down the same job, only now I work from home. Mom sold her house, and now she and Trina live with me. We’re back together as a family, with one crucial difference: this is a family of lesbian lovers. Usually, we all sleep together in a king-sized bed, and fuck nearly every day.

One thing for sure… I don’t bother with casual pick-ups or one night stands, not anymore. I’ve got my mother and little sister to keep me warm at night.

The End


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  1. sue says:

    Wow! What a great story. So hot with so much packed in to it. Great job of writing JetBoy. Love it. And what a nice ending, for the characters and these two readers.

    Sue & Kim

  2. Quinlan says:

    A hot little one-off JetBoy. You rarely disappoint.

  3. Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglia says:

    Whoa!..so freakin’ HOT!..so deliciously beautiful too!
    Loved the great seduction of Kyra by her mom and her sexy cute sis,Trina….this line is really great:
    “Were they really coming on to me? I didn’t know what was happening or why, but by God, it was getting me hotter than asphalt in July!”
    ( my exclamation point, I thought it needed one!..or two!! )

    And then near the end, this yummy paragraph is so blindingly hot:

    “An instant later, we all began to come, our dripping bodies knotted together. Waves of white heat rolled through me as I cried out in ecstasy, accompanied by my mother and sister, then everything went black.”

    And as Sue & Kim have commented; WOW! …to which I add: oh yes,…yess…YESSSS!

    Thank you for this really brilliant short story,JetBoy! well done!


  4. Jake says:

    I always try not to cum…
    I licked Trina’s anus while fingering her to climax, then Mom and I rubbed our cunts together until we came

  5. Bryan says:

    So hot

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