Grammy’s Place

  • Posted on September 25, 2021 at 2:33 pm

By JetBoy


“Almost there, hon,” Darla said, driving past the park, deserted but for a few kids idly kicking a soccer ball to and fro. “Wow, the old gazebo looks pretty sad. You’d think the city council would have a coat of paint put on it, at least.” She smiled. “I got my first kiss there, y’know.”

“With Dad?” her daughter Miranda asked, peering at the view as they drove past.

“God, no,” Darla laughed. “This was at least three years before I met him. It was, let me see… Timmy Barnes. He worked at the gas station. Probably still does, come to think of it.”

“How long has it been since we last visited Grammy?” Miranda asked her mother Darla, idly glancing at the businesses lining Main Street.

“Oh, at least two years,” Darla replied, flicking the turn indicator, then steering the car into the left-hand lane. “The last time was right after your jerk of a father left… hmm, okay, so it’s been a little less than two, actually.”

“Don’t you think we should have called her first, though?” Miranda asked. “What if she’s out of town or something — we’ll look like total idiots, driving a hundred miles for nothing!”

With a devil-may-care shrug, Darla replied, “Well, I have a key to her house, so even if Mom isn’t there, we’ll have somewhere to stay. And if she’s gone for a few days, you and I can just drive over to New York City and let our shopping demons out to play. So don’t worry so much, kiddo. I promise you, one way or the other, we’ll have the time of our lives.”

A couple of minutes later, Darla pulled into the driveway of a modest suburban house. “Here we are.”

“Finally,” Miranda replied. “Boy, is Grammy gonna be surprised to see us. I hope she’ll make us a batch of her stuffed pork chops — I’ve been thinking about that ever since we decided to take this trip!”

“You know, I tried my best to learn that recipe, but it never did come out as good as when she made them,” Darla said, putting the car into park and shutting off the ignition. “Tell you what — let’s leave the bags in the car for now.”

Darla and her sixteen-year-old daughter climbed the stairs to the front door. Miranda rang the bell, and the two of them waited for about a minute or so before Darla stuck her key in the door with a shrug, “Well, she’s probably at the store or something. Let’s go in and wait for her.”

It felt a little eerie entering someone’s home unannounced, and Miranda was just about to comment on that when her mother said, “Let’s make sure that she isn’t here.”

Miranda peered down the hallway, noticing that a light was on in her mother’s room. Turning back to her daughter, she whispered, “It looks like she’s in her bedroom. Let’s be quiet, though, in case she’s asleep.”

They tiptoed down the hall, then carefully peered into the room at the end — and that was when Miranda and Darla got the shock of their lives.

“M-Mother!” Darla stammered while holding onto the door frame to keep from keeling over. “What in the name of God are you doing?”

Miranda, while just as stunned as her mother, didn’t need anyone to tell her what was going on, because right there in front of them was Grammy, stark naked with her legs spread wide apart, being orally pleasured by a young woman who couldn’t have been older than twenty!

“Darla!” her mother gasped while trying to cover herself. “What are you doing here? Haven’t you ever heard of phoning ahead before you visit someone? Or knocking before you enter?”

“Jesus, Mother,” Darla replied, her head still spinning, “I can’t believe this!”

“Can’t believe what?” The young woman glared at Darla, a fierce light in her eyes. “That Sarah is into other women? Is that what you mean? Got a problem with it?”

“Of course not!” Darla exclaimed, suddenly defensive. “It’s just that, I mean, I had no idea she was…”

“Gay?” the young woman sat back while caressing her mother’s inner thighs. “She is, though. Get used to it, lady. She’s awesome in bed, too.”

“But, Mother,” Darla protested while trying to make some sense of the situation, “you were married for over thirty years to Dad… d-did you always feel this way?”

The young woman was lightly teasing Sarah’s vagina with the tip of her finger. “I got married because I wanted a family, dear,” Darla’s mother replied. “Your father was a good man, but I’ve always preferred women, even when I was just a girl.”

“M-my God,” Darla stammered. “So, ever since Dad passed…”

“I’ve been living as a lesbian,” Sarah said softly, now dreamy-eyed with pleasure. “I see that Miranda isn’t bothered by it.”

Darla’s gaze quickly snapped towards her daughter who, she was shocked to see, had a hand inside of her jeans and was fingering herself.

“Miranda!” she said in a horrified voice. “You — what on earth are you doing?

“She can’t help herself,” Sarah said, then asked her granddaughter, “You like what you see, don’t you, child?”

“She’s right, Mom,” Miranda gasped to her mother, “J-just look at how pink and juicy Grammy’s pussy is, oh wow, does that look good!”

Darla glanced back and forth at both her mother and daughter, utterly befuddled by what was taking place, but when the young girl, who introduced herself as Margo, hopped up, took Miranda by the hand and led her to the bed to join her and Grammy, she had to speak up.

“Y-you stop that right now,” Darla ordered weakly when Margo began to remove Miranda’s top. “Leave my daughter out of this!”

“Nobody said she was a lesbian,” Margo said softly, now helping Miranda’s out of her pants. “All we’re gonna do is have a little fun, that’s all.” She smiled at the teen. “Is that okay with you, sweet stuff?”

Miranda answered with a soft moan, taking a seat in a nearby chair, offering no resistance when the young dyke dipped down between her supple thighs and began to lick.

“Don’t b-be mad at me, Mom,” Miranda gasped, glancing over at her stunned mother. “I — I like girls.”

Darla could only stare. She knew that she ought to put a stop to this; pull this defiant young woman away from Miranda, make her daughter get dressed and take her away from this. Stay in a hotel tonight, come back tomorrow and pretend that none of this ever happened… instead, she stood rooted to the spot, unable to tear her eyes away from the sight of her baby girl being taken by a young lesbian. The blissful expression on Miranda’s face shook Darla to the core.

She’d never explored sex with another woman, but had indulged in the occasional sapphic fantasy now and then when masturbating. In fact, on the rare instances when she indulged in online porn, it was usually the lesbian material that got her the hottest.

Since her divorce, Darla had toyed with the notion of exploring sex with another woman, but not to the point of getting out there and making it happen. Instead, she’d dated a couple of guys, but the magic just hadn’t been there.

Did I ever really enjoy sex with men? she wondered. This looks so much better than anything I ever had…

As if in response to her mother’s reverie, Miranda suddenly threw her head back, crying out as she came.

Raising her face from the teen’s vulva, Margo lightly caressed Miranda’s slit. “Mmmm,” she cooed, then turned to gaze at the girl’s mother. “So tell me, Darla… are you as hot as the other women in your family?”

Staring nervously at the young lesbian, then stealing glances at her naked mother and daughter, Darla began to drift toward the door, but then Miranda jumped up, seized her arm and began pulling her over to the bed. “C’mon, Mom — join us! If you’ve never been with a woman, you’ve absolutely got to try it out — it’s the best!”

“Oh, I — I don’t think so–” Darla protested, but she didn’t put up much of a struggle when Margo began to undo her blouse. Before she knew it, her clothes were off and Mother’s lesbian lover was feasting on her cunt.

“How is it, dear?” Sarah asked softly, “Margo has a very talented tongue, don’t you think?”

All Darla could do by then was moan and thrust her hips forward, a sure sign that her climax was imminent, but what threw her over the edge was when Miranda leaned over and, without warning, took one of her large nipples into her mouth and began to suckle.

“Oh my,” Darla gasped, “Good grief! I’m gonna come and I c-can’t help it, ohhh God does that feel good, oh my, yes! Suck my clit, oh yes, do it to me!”

“That’s it, Mom!” exclaimed Miranda, now fondling her mother’s bare breasts.

“I think your mother’s getting into the swing of things, dear,” Sarah said softly while diddling her clit. “She always did have a very responsive pussy, I remember. When she was a baby, she used to love it when I cleaned her down there.”

The four of them were now a hodgepodge of arms, legs, breasts, and pussies as Darla’s cunt convulsed in a second orgasm, one that left her limp and exhausted with Margo still gently licking her.

As Darla recovered, her daughter drew near, claiming her mouth in a passionate tongue kiss. Startled, Darla tried to pull away, but Miranda held fast, eagerly Frenching her mother.

Finally, Darla submitted with a lustful moan, letting the teen have her way, relaxing into the kiss. Soon that wasn’t enough, and her tongue shyly emerged to mingle with Miranda’s. She began to touch her daughter’s naked body, inhaling sharply as Miranda’s hand found its way between Darla’s trembling thighs.

Before she knew it, Darla was coming again, masturbated to orgasm by her own daughter. She broke away to cry out her rapture, then found herself seeking out Miranda’s mouth to kiss.

“Oh God, Mom,” the teen whispered in between kisses. “I love you so much. I’ve dreamed of doing this with you for — for ages!”

Darla gazed deep into her daughter’s eyes. “We really shouldn’t have, sweetness… but I’m glad that this happened.”

Parting from her mother with a soft peck on the cheek, Miranda turned to her grandmother.

“It’s your turn, Grammy,” Miranda said, lying between the older woman’s parted thighs, “so get ready!” She claimed her grandmother’s mouth in a fervent tongue kiss, wrapping her arms around the older woman. Darla could only stare, stunned by how aroused she felt, watching her daughter and her mother making love.

“Ohhhhhh God,” Sarah gasped as her pretty young granddaughter scooted down and began to feast on her pussy, “s-she’s incredible, Darla, she knows just what to do to a woman, ohhhhh, such a good girl!”

Darla rolled her head to the side to get a better look at what was happening, her heart racing at the sight. This was so perverted and wrong, everything they were doing — yet somehow, she didn’t want to make it stop. Seeing movement just above, she offered no resistance when Margo straddled her face and pressed her dripping pussy into Darla’s mouth, obliging her to orally satisfy the young woman’s freshly shaven cunt.

The sheer insanity of this scenario was enough to make Darla’s head spin. Not much more than fifteen minutes ago, she and Miranda were on their way to pay her mother a surprise visit. Moments later, they were standing in the doorway, shocked senseless to see Sarah engaged in lesbian sex with a young woman. Now they were part of the action, performing oral sex on Grammy and her lover!

Soon Margo was coming in Darla’s mouth — and the older woman drank down every drop of the young lesbian’s nectar, surprised by how much she enjoyed eating pussy. Then, when Margo dismounted her face, Darla’s eyes shifted over to witness the beautiful sight of her mother and daughter, making passionate love.

Just half an hour ago, the very idea would have horrified her… now, watching Miranda go down on her own grandmother seemed completely natural and right. They’re only bonding, Darla told herself, but in a very special, very intimate way. They love each other more than ever. Somehow, it doesn’t feel wrong.

That was when Sarah’s eyes met hers — and Darla gasped at the pure, naked desire she saw in them. My God… does Mother want me, too?

As if Darla’s thought had been audible, Sarah smiled at her daughter. “Come here and kiss me, darling. I’ve licked Margo’s pussy many times… now, I want to taste her on your lips.”

Now trembling with excitement, Darla reached out for her mother, slipping into Sarah’s arms. Their mouths met — and Darla immediately made their first lover’s kiss an intense one, her tongue darting between the older woman’s parted lips. Without a second thought, she began to fondle her mother’s breasts while their tongues mingled deliciously.

Breaking the kiss, Sarah whispered, “I love you, Darla. I’ve wanted to be with you like this, ever since you were twelve.”

Twelve?” Darla gasped.

Sarah nodded, her face flushing slightly as Miranda’s mouth explored her cunt. “You were wearing your first bikini… my God, what a sight! I felt warm all over, and I thought it was the sun. Then I realized that it was you, my precious little g-girl.”

“I remember that swimsuit,” Darla said. “And seeing me in it… that turned you on, Mother?”

“Like nothing I’d ever felt before,” Sarah replied with a nod. “I wanted to lay you down on the deck chair, take off that suit and lick you all over. Especially that pretty little pussy of yours.” Her hand had found its way between Darla’s legs, and now she was gently fingering her daughter. “I’ll bet it’s still pretty, too.”

Darla moaned, a dreamy cast to her eyes. “Oh, Mom… if you really want t-to lick me, I — I guess you can.”

“Oh, I do,” Sarah said. “Come sit on my face, sweetheart. Then I can pleasure you while Miranda does it to me. A real mother and daughter lovefest, doesn’t that sound nice?”

“It sounds completely crazy,” Darla said. “But what the hell, I’m willing.”

As she spoke, the thirty-five-year-old housewife carefully straddled Sarah’s face, then slowly lowered herself. A gasp escaped Darla’s lips at the touch of her mother’s mouth. “Omigod, that feels incredible, Mom.”

Sarah was humming happily, caught up in the wildest, kinkiest sex imaginable — feasting on her daughter’s cunt while getting orally pleasured by her granddaughter. The very idea warmed her heart. We’re closer now as a family, she realized. A beautiful new intimacy between the three of us. I only hope that Darla won’t feel guilty afterwards, that we can keep being lovers. She trailed her tongue through her daughter’s dripping slit, then sucked briefly at Darla’s clitoris.

She suddenly wondered what Margo was up to. If I know her, she won’t settle for just watching.

In fact, Margo was kneeling behind Miranda, cupping her pert little bottom. Gently parting the girl’s cheeks, she bent down to run her tongue through the dark pink cleft, teasing Miranda’s rosebud. The teen gave a blissful moan, but kept licking her grandmother.

Settling in, Margo began to rim the younger girl. She loved eating asses, and this one was especially nice.

Miranda was lost in ecstasy, more aroused than she’d ever been in her sixteen years. Before today, her only real lesbian experience had been a hurried fuck in the spare bedroom of a friend’s house during a party. But in the last half-hour, she’d had sex with a perfect stranger, then her own mother, and now she was going down on Grammy while getting her butthole licked! It was like being caught up in a freaky dream… but the warm juices coating her lips and the thick, rich aroma of cunt that filled Miranda’s nose made it clear that she was anything but asleep.

Still perched on her mother’s face, Sarah’s warm tongue exploring her cunt, a trembling Darla studied the nude bodies of the other three women through fresh eyes, seeing them for the first time as objects of desire. At that moment, it seemed utterly ridiculous that she’d never explored this side of her sexuality before. And who on earth could have known that doing it with the women in my family would be so hot, so satisfying?

It’s the best sex I’ve ever had, she told herself. Maybe it’s only my first time, but it definitely won’t be the last. Darla was already feeling the urge to go down on her daughter, to see how many fingers she could get into her mother’s vagina.

Those images were enough to make her come for the third time, the strongest climax yet. Darla clenched her jaw tightly enough to hurt, breath rasping through gritted teeth as spasms of ecstasy battered her nearly senseless. She finally had to break away from Sarah’s loving mouth, somehow managing to get down from her kneeling position and stretch out next to her mother — who was clearly on the verge of coming herself.

Indeed, seconds later Sarah’s orgasm came crashing down, a choked cry escaping the woman’s lips as she took pleasure from her granddaughter. Miranda was dreamy-eyed and purring with pleasure as she went down on Grammy — that is, until Sarah placed a trembling hand on the teen’s shoulder and gasped, “That was lovely, dear, b-but please stop.”

Raising her face from between her grandmother’s legs, Miranda licked the warm honey from her lips, then began to nuzzle Sarah’s inner thighs, slowly kissing her way up the older woman’s nude body.

Sarah glanced over at Darla, feeling a warm, joyous surge of love for her daughter. “I love you, honey,” she said. “Thank you for making my fantasy come true.”

“I know it’s wrong for moms and daughters to — to be sexual together,” said Darla. She fell into a dazed silence, then laughed. ““But I don’t care… I’ve never been fucked half as well as this!” Raising herself up on one elbow, she drew close to Sarah, their noses nearly touching. “I love you, Mother.”

Their mouths came together in a tender kiss that soon grew intense, tongues meeting and mingling. Darla had just placed a hand on her mother’s breast when she felt another naked body nestling into theirs.

Breaking apart, Sarah and Darla glanced up, smiling to see Miranda squeezing herself between them. “Got room for one more?” the girl cooed.

Reaching out for her daughter, Darla pulled Miranda into an embrace and kissed the girl passionately, tasting her mother’s cunt on the girl’s lips and tongue. Then the teen shifted her attention to Sarah, her tongue eagerly probing Grammy’s mouth.

From that point, three generations of women came together in an incestuous lesbian free-for-all, kissing and fondling each other without restraint. That is, until the sound of a throat being cleared broke into their lustful abandon.

Three lovers looked up to see Sarah’s young lover Margo, grinning at the lewd proceedings, a latex strap-on cock dangling from one hand. “I understand that you guys need time to explore this, er, new family dynamic of yours…” She paused to wink. “…but the fact is, I’ve only come once tonight. If one of you hot babes will put this dick on and give me a nice hard fuck, I can go home happy.” She glanced from mother to daughter to grandmother. “Any volunteers?”

“Me!” squealed Miranda, scrambling to her feet and bounding over to where Margo stood, her buttocks jiggling in a most enticing way. “I’ll fuck you, um… what’s your name again?”

The tattooed young woman stared at the teen, then burst into guffaws. “It’s… it’s Margo, sweetie. You’re Miranda, right?”

“Right,” Miranda replied, grinning as she eyed the strap-on. “So, Margo… can I really fuck you with that?”

“Oh, absolutely,” said Margo. “Here, I’ll help you put it on.”

Darla and Sarah nestled together, occasionally swapping lustful kisses while they watched Margo fasten the sex toy around Miranda’s waist.

“So, Mother… has she ever used that on you?” Darla asked, idly caressing her mother’s vulva.

“She has,” Sarah replied. “The first time Margo fucked me, I came so hard that I fainted.” Extending her tongue, she licked Darla’s nipple, then took the swollen bud between her lips to suckle.

Ohhhhh, yes, Mom, keep doing that,” Darla moaned, then gave a shaky chuckle. “Y’know, I’m still pretty new at this whole lesbian sex thing, but I’d sure like to use that toy on you — after I lick your pussy, that is.” She giggled, delighted with her own boldness.

Sarah stared at Darla in a mixture of amusement and surprise. “Goodness me… whatever happened to that prim and proper daughter of mine? It’s like you’ve become a crazy teenager again!”

“God, I don’t know,” Darla giggled. “It’s been so long since I’ve gone completely wild… and I haven’t had sex worth mentioning since Harry left. Guess I just needed something to, to fire me up, get me out of this rut.” She gave a shaky laugh. “I sure didn’t expect to be getting loose with my own mother and daughter, though!”

“Well, I certainly never expected anything like this to happen, especially with Miranda,” Sarah said, reaching down to cup her daughter’s generous ass. “But now that it has, being lovers with the two of you makes perfect sense.” Gazing deep into Darla’s eyes, she pressed her fingers between the tender globes, teasing the younger woman’s anus. “I do hope that you’ll want to do this again someday, sweetheart.”

“Oh, yes…” Darla whispered, on the verge of joyful tears. “You know I will… anytime you like.”

Mother and daughter came together in a passion-filled kiss, then parted to take in what promised to be a most impressive sex show. Margo had just finished fastening the harness of her strap-on around Miranda’s waist and had crawled onto the king-size bed, kneeling next to Sarah and Darla.

Presenting her ass to Miranda, she murmured, “Okay… fuck me.”

Climbing onto the bed, the teen knelt behind Margo, then reached between the young woman’s legs, fiddling with her cunt.

“Mmmm, that feels nice,” Margo sighed. “You don’t need to prep me, though — my pussy is plenty wet. Just put that thing inside and get to work, lover.”

“Sounds good,” Miranda said, taking hold of the latex prick that jutted from her groin, carefully placing the tip against Margo’s opening, then moving her hips forward, pressing inside the older girl.

“Oh, yeeeeaaaahhhh…” Margo moaned, letting her head loll back. “Keep going, keep going… OH!” Her eyes widened for an instant, then she leaned forward, her knees moving even further apart. “That’s it, yeah. Now do me hard and fast — that’s how I like it!”

Sucking in a lungful of air, Miranda began to move, working her fake cock in and out of the slippery vagina of her grandmother’s young lover, moving more vigorously with each stroke.

Nestled in her mother’s arms, an awed Darla feasted her eyes on the lewd spectacle of her sixteen-year-old daughter, fucking another woman from behind. Miranda was getting into the act of penetration in a big way, too — the breath hissing through her bared teeth as she plunged that slippery cock into her older partner over and over again, her belly slapping against Margo’s ass with each stroke.

It was a side of her child that Darla had never seen before: the girl transformed into a crazed she-beast, taking a woman she’d only just met with animalistic abandon. The sight both unnerved and aroused Darla, and she couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to get taken that way by her daughter. Christ, I thought she was still a virgin!

Almost as soon as the thought entered her head, Darla knew that she would do whatever it took to make that fantasy real. I want Miranda to fuck me like that, she decided. Tonight, if I can make it happen.

Now she and her mother were masturbating each other as they watched the hot sex action, taking place just a couple of feet from where they lay entwined. Margo was beyond speech, her head bobbing in time with Miranda’s fierce thrusts.

And then she was howling like a cat in heat, head thrown back as her longed-for orgasm came crashing down. Her body jerked wildly, almost dislodging Miranda’s cock — but the grinning teen held on fast,  hips pumping vigorously as she drove the lust-slicked toy in and out. The liquid sound of fucking filled the room in a steady, relentless rhythm.

Margo rode the wave as long as she was able, then finally wrenched away, the glistening prick coming free with a pop just before she collapsed onto her side, shaking helplessly. Darla grabbed Margo’s arm just in time to save her from slipping off the bed, and Miranda guided the young lesbian’s head onto the nearest pillow.

Daughter, mother and grandmother watched in awe as Margo panted and gasped for breath, still caught up in her orgasm.

Finally, she lay motionless but for the rise and fall of her breasts. Her eyes slowly drifted open. “Wow,” she whispered. “I… I almost came that time.”

The room was silent for a moment — then Sarah, Darla and Miranda all burst into laughter.

“Seriously, though,” Margo added, slowly raising herself up on both elbows, giving Miranda a weary smile. “You were awesome, girl! Was that really your first time with a strap-on?”

The teen blushed. “Jeez, it’s practically my first time doing… anything! Once I fooled around with a girl at a party, but all we did was finger each other. I watch a lot of lesbian porn, though — guess I learned some stuff that way.”

Darla laughed. “That’s what I get for not putting a parental block on your computer, I suppose. Not that I’m complaining, mind you!” She turned to her mother’s lover. “So, Margo… about that, um, sex toy of yours.” She pointed to the glistening cock that was still fastened around her daughter’s waist. “Would you mind if we, er, borrowed it tonight?” She grinned sheepishly. “After watching you and my daughter together, I think I’d like her to use that monster on me.”

“How can I say no?” Margo replied with a snicker. “Especially since it gives me an excuse to drop by tomorrow and pick it up.”

“You don’t have to leave, dearest,” Sarah protested.

Rising from the bed, the young woman began to gather her clothes. “After that last round, I’m fucked out,” she said. “Besides, you guys have some family bonding to take care of.” She looked at Darla. “How long were you two planning to stay? At least for the weekend, I hope.”

Darla slowly nodded. “I’ve got to be at the office on Monday, and Miranda has school… we can drive back on Sunday night, I suppose.” She smiled. “You will be coming back tomorrow, then?”

“Try to stop me!” said Margo, shimmying into her jeans, then stuffing her panties into the front pocket. “That was the hottest experience I’ve ever had.” Wandering over to where the family of new lovers lay entwined, she gave each of them a kiss, ending with an especially heated one for Sarah. “Night-night, babe. See you tomorrow.”

“Goodnight, my love,” Sarah replied.

“Nice to meet you!” Miranda exclaimed. Darla settled for a friendly wave — and with a crisp salute back, Margo was gone.

Sarah settled back with a blissful sigh. “Lord, I adore that girl.”

“How’d you meet her?” Darla asked.

“Oh, Margo works at the library. I used to exchange hellos with her… then we began to chat a bit, and all of a sudden I realized that, well, she was flirting with me.” Sarah was blushing slightly. “I can’t deny that I… felt an attraction to her, but I’d no idea what to do about it.” She chuckled. “Luckily, I didn’t have to do anything at all. She asked me out on a date… and I said yes. Before the week had ended, we were lovers.”

After a moment’s silence, Miranda spoke up. “She likes older women, huh? Well, so do I!” With a shy smile, she slipped a hand between Darla’s thighs, letting it rest on her mother’s vulva.

Sarah nodded. “Yes, she does… and what we have is incredible. I’ll be with Margo for as long as she’ll have me. And now…” She glanced from her daughter to her grandchild, all smiles. “…now I’ve found love with my precious girls, a new, beautiful love. I — I can’t even begin to say how happy the two of you have made me.” Her eyes were moist, her voice quivering.

Drawing close, Darla gave her mother a tender kiss. It was meant to be brief, but then she allowed it to linger. Before she knew it, their tongues were engaging.

“Hey, hey,” Miranda protested, “I want some, too!” The two older women gently broke apart, and the teen was quick to make her move, giving them each a brief but torrid French kiss.

Hands began to travel over bare skin, lips were nibbled, heartbeats quickened and the rich, musky scent of pussy grew strong and sharp once more. The incestuous lovers soon found their desire coming to the boil all over again.

“Let me lick you, hon,” Darla whispered, gazing into her daughter’s eyes. “I want to know what my little girl tastes like.”

“God, yes!” said Miranda, quickly flipping onto her back. Legs spread wide, she opened her cunt with two fingers..

Kneeling between the girl’s legs, Darla savored the heady aroma up close, then dipped down to take a long, slow lick.

“Mmmmm… yeah, just like that, Mom. Ohhhhh!”

Her lips barely grazing Miranda’s slit, Darla had to ask, “Is it true what you said, honeybunch… that you’ve been wanting me to, to make love to you? Honestly?”

Miranda held her mother’s head with trembling hands, twining her fingers into Darla’s hair. “Y-yeah, Mom… I — I started h-having these thoughts about you, once I figured out I was gay.” A shiver raced through the teen’s slender frame as her mother began to lick her cunt again. “Oh, hell, oh shit, d-don’t stop doing that, Mom!”

Nearby, an enthralled Sarah watched as her daughter and granddaughter came together as lovers. Darla was getting into cunnilingus in a big way. Now she was sucking and slurping at Miranda’s dripping vagina as if feasting on the girl, punctuated by quick flashing thrusts of the tongue.

“One night, I c-couldn’t stand it anymore,” the girl continued. “I — I touched myself while I was thinking about you… thinking about us naked and in bed together, kissing. Really kissing. God, I came s-so fucking hard. After that, I started thinking about you all the time when I got off.” She gave a shaky laugh. “I can’t believe it’s happening, that we’re really doing this.” Miranda’s voice fell to a whisper. “I love you, Mom.”

Darla let her tongue reply, trailing it again and again through the exposed pink flesh of her daughter’s cunt, teasing the erect clitoris with each juicy lick.

It was all too much for Sarah. She couldn’t just watch anymore — it was time to participate. Crawling around to kneel behind her own daughter, she placed both hands on Darla’s outthrust ass, briefly fondling the soft, taut globes, then spreading them apart. She murmured, “Here’s something Margo taught me to love. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it just as much.”

Bending down, she slowly licked a pathway through the dark pink cleft, pausing to circle her daughter’s anus with the tip of her tongue.

Darla gave a surprised cry, muffled by Miranda’s pussy, and tensed up for an instant — then relaxed, caught up in the unexpected pleasure of being licked back there, something she’d never experienced.

My God, that feels wonderful. How could my own mother be doing this? And why does knowing that it’s her make me so excited, so happy? 

But really, it makes perfect sense, Darla decided, going down on Miranda with a renewed fervor. The love of a mother for her daughter — how can anything between a man and a woman compare? We’re just taking that love somewhere new — a beautiful, blissful place. 

Darla moaned again as Sarah began to fuck her with two probing fingers, the older woman’s tongue still buried in the crack of her ass. Keep doing that, Mother! she silently pleaded. Don’t stop, don’t stop!

By then, Miranda was on the verge of release, tiny spasms shaking the girl’s frame, her hands balled into white-knuckled fists. And when Darla gave her clitoris a tiny nibble, that was enough to send the gasping teen over the precipice.

“Oh, Mom… oh, shit, MOM!” the teen wailed. “I love you!” Her body seesawed back and forth, causing the headboard to bump against the wall in a low, steady tempo.

Determined to bring her own daughter off, Sarah quickly sat back up, then placed her thumb against Darla’s rosebud, easing it into the younger woman’s rectum with one smooth, steady stroke.

Darla jerked violently, giving a strangled cry as she came. She was too much in need of a decent breath to keep licking Miranda, but did manage to find her daughter’s cunt with the right hand and began to clumsily masturbate the girl as best she could.

After a long moment of shared ecstasy, the teen and her mother lay side by side, their sweat-glazed bodies lazily entwined, chests rising and falling. Sarah knelt beside them, a beatific smile on her lips as she whispered, “My precious girls,” caressing them both.

Finally, one of Miranda’s eyes slowly opened, looking up at her grandmother. “Hey, Grammy,” she mumbled. “It’s your turn. Can I make you come again?”

Sarah laughed, then patted the girl’s shoulder. “No thank you, dearest… Right now, I’m feeling very satisfied. We’ll do more tomorrow, I promise.”

“That’s right,” Darla said, raising her head slightly. “I still want to use that sex toy on you, Mother.”

Sarah smiled. “I’d like that,” she said. “But for now, I think what the womenfolk of this family need most of all is a good night’s rest… and you’re both welcome to share this bed with me.”

“Mmmm, yeah,” Miranda murmured, then broke into a huge yawn. “Guess I better get up an’ go brush my teeth.” She swiveled into a sitting position, putting both feet on the floor. “I’m not puttin’ on a nightie, though — or anything else!” Giving the women a look, as if daring them to object, she rose to her feet.

“Our toothbrushes are in the green suitcase, and the suitcases are still in the car — remember?” said Darla. Just rinse your mouth out for tonight.”

“Okay.” The teen padded into the neighboring bathroom.

“I’d better get up too — these damned covers are all out of whack,” Darla sighed.

“Here — I’ll help you straighten them,” said Sarah, pausing to give her grownup daughter a very sensuous kiss before tugging the contour sheet back into place.

A few minutes later, the three women were settled into Sarah’s king-size bed, all of them still naked.

“Thank you, girls,” Sarah murmured as she embraced Darla and Miranda in turn. “This has the nicest night of my life.”

“So… we are gonna keep doing this, right?” asked Miranda, caressing as much female flesh as she could touch. “Fucking, I mean.” Grasping her grandmother’s plump nipple, she rolled it between finger and thumb.

Darla glanced at Sarah. “Well, your grandmother and I already decided that we don’t want to give this up.”

“No indeed,” Sarah declared. “So that’s that.”

“Well, good night, then!” chirped Miranda. “Love you, Mom.” She gave her mother a deep, sexy kiss that had Darla’s head spinning, then turned to Sarah. “Love you, Grammy.”

Sarah had only intended to swap a gentle peck with her granddaughter, but Miranda turned it into the hottest, most ardent tongue kiss she’d ever had. In spite of herself, the older woman began to respond, her own tongue enticed into the action.

Finally the girl broke away, flashing a wicked grin. “Grammy… are you sure you don’t wanna fool around some more before we go to sleep?” Her hand was on Sarah’s lower belly, Miranda’s fingers toying with her grandmother’s pubes.

Giving the teen a stern look, Sarah said, “You, my dear girl, are an incorrigible tease.” Then she broke into a laugh. “But you’ve got me all worked up now, so you’ll damn well have to finish what you started.”

“Yeah!” Miranda cried, pumping her fist. Tugging the covers to one side, she bared her grandmother’s body. “C’mon, Mom… join us!”

“Oh, what the hell,” said Darla, sitting up and reaching for her mother.

Within two minutes, the incestuous lovers were at it again, warming the room with the heat of their passion.

The End


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