So Soft, So Sweet

  • Posted on February 4, 2019 at 2:53 pm

By JetBoy

(I’ve explored a similar theme in my older story “On a Rainy Night,” but for some reason I felt like using the idea again. Maybe I’m just aroused by the concept of using comfort as a means of seduction. Or maybe thunderstorms just get me hot and bothered. Anyhow, do enjoy.)


I was lost to the world, caught up in a deep slumber in the midst of a rainstorm — but when a massive thunderclap shook the foundations of the house, I was awakened when I heard my seven-year-old daughter Tina begin to cry. Pushing the covers to one side, I struggled to my feet, intent on going to comfort my baby girl — but then I saw her shivering at the bedroom door in her nightie, tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Muh-Mommy,” she whimpered, “I’m scared.” A flash of lightning lit up the outside world, throwing her silhouette onto the bedroom wall. She cried out in terror as the thunderclap crashed across the sky an instant later.

“It’s just a storm, sweetie,” I said in the most soothing tone I could muster. “Nothing to be scared of.”

Tina ran trembling fingers through her blonde tresses and edged closer to the bed, unconvinced by my calm demeanor. “Can I sleep with you?” she beseeched.

I nodded and lifted the covers up for her. “Sure, sweetie. Come on in.”

Tina slipped quickly under the covers, giving me a shaky smile as I placed a pillow beneath her head. A dazzling burst of light flooded the room for an instant, then she ducked under the blanket with a squeal as the thunder smashed down like a fist. It was a pretty nasty night out, I had to admit.

Slipping back into bed, I lay down beside Tina and kissed her lightly on the cheek. “Goodnight, angel,” I whispered, touching her chin with a finger. “Don’t worry, now — I’ll keep you safe from that nasty thunder. See you in the morning.”

Tina gazed up at me with those big, beautiful sapphire eyes and whispered, “I love you, Mommy.” It made me lightheaded, hearing her say those words. Those simple, embracing words.

“Love you too, sweetie,” I smiled, my eyes becoming moist.

Tina yawned heavily, then rolled onto her side, nestling into me. I snuggled up close and pressed my pelvis to her bottom, slipping both arms around my baby girl’s waist.

Outside, rain lashed the window as the wind roared and hissed. Unlike my little girl, I enjoyed being snug in bed when a storm was raging outside. The warmth of the bed comforted me. The sound of the storm put me in mind of how lucky I was to be alive with a beautiful daughter like Tina.

But I was having other thoughts as well. Secret, forbidden thoughts that would shock most mothers.

My husband died five years ago. Tina was two then. A drunk driver failed to stop at a red light and t-boned David’s car, killing him instantly.

So all of a sudden, I became a single mother. I couldn’t bring myself to hunt for another guy. First, because I missed David so much. He was the only man I’d ever had as a lover, and I adored him. Second, because all my other romantic partners had been women.

When I met David, I thought of myself as a lesbian; he changed my mind about that. We married, and I never once regretted it. But when he was gone, I began to long for the gentle touch of a woman. Not yet ready to commit to a full-time relationship, I limited myself to one-night stands, or the occasional romp in the sheets with a female friend.

Recently, though, I’d been experiencing lesbian stirrings of a new, unexpected kind… and they left me shaken, uneasy, and very, very aroused.

Last Friday night, while walking past my daughter’s bedroom, I glanced through her partially-open door and saw Tina rubbing her vagina through her underpants. She was lying on her bed cuddling a doll with her right arm as she pressed the crotch of her panties into her moist slit. I know it was moist because the front of her panties were visibly damp.

I didn’t enter the room or disturb her, of course; just observed from the passageway. She moaned quietly to herself, pressing fingers against her vulva until her face was contorted with childish pleasure. I swear that I could see the delicate contours of her cunt through those buttercup-yellow underpants.

Then and there, I experienced a strange, overwhelming sensation while watching my daughter pleasure herself. The sensation was one of both need and hunger. I’d never experienced lesbian desire for a child before and I’d never touched or considered touching a little girl, either — certainly not my own daughter.

The desire that I felt that Friday night, watching Tina masturbate in the moonlight, seemed almost like a dream — but it was very real, and shook me to the core.

I wanted her. Plain and simple. I wanted to touch her childish body in ways I never had before. I wanted to nuzzle between her legs, to lick her vagina. To kiss her with passion — and lust. To come closer to my little girl than most moms would ever get. I wanted to step beyond the relationship we knew, to become my daughter’s lover.

The revelation hit me like a blast from a shotgun. Tina was beautiful. Tina was sexual. She was the most divine creature I’d ever feasted my eyes on. Now I wanted to taste her beauty. I wanted to caress her and give her pleasure — then, to teach her to love me in the same way.

Now, on this storm-buffeted night, Tina slept soundly, her left cheek resting on the pillow, her panty-clad bottom pressed to my groin. I lay quite still beside her, my body curled around hers. I sensed that I was standing at a doorway, a threshold into a new way of living, of loving. It was frightening, yet every fiber of my being ached to experience this forbidden passion with my child.

Tina was warm against me — snug, safe, certain of her security and Mommy’s love for her. But all the while, I could feel the excitement rise inside me as I held my child. The way her long, blonde tresses fanned across her pillow excited me. The way she pushed her tiny, peach-shaped bottom against my vulva excited me. The gentle heaving of her body excited me. Her little-girl scent excited me. Her body heat excited me. Her very presence excited me.

Pulling Tina’s slumbering body closer to mine, I slowly raised her nightie and slipped my hand into the back of her panties, gently slipping my finger into the crack of her bottom. As I touched the center of her anus for the very first time, a rush of taboo pleasure surged through me like molten lava.

My own panties began to dampen as the tip of my finger made contact with my little love’s rosebud. My entire body shook. My senses reeled. A blinding stab of euphoric anticipation tensed every muscle in my body. I stroked Tina’s tender anus and squeezed my own thighs together. A spreading wave of pleasure filled my belly and stiffened my nipples. My God, I was coming!

I caressed Tina’s bottom hole ever so tenderly as I swooned through this unexpected orgasm, my face barely touching her exposed neck. Breathing in the aroma of my daughter’s skin, I deposited a gentle, loving kiss on her earlobe — careful to keep still as possible, as I didn’t want to awaken her. Not yet, anyway.

A strong desire to taste my little girl overpowered me.

Nuzzling the nape of her neck, I withdrew the tip of my forefinger from her anus and extracted my hand from her panties. I brought the finger up to my nose and sniffed it, eager to sample the smell of my daughter’s nether opening. The scent, a delicate mix of musk, soap and little girl sweat, invaded my sinuses like a hit of some exciting new drug — taking charge of my desire, reshaping my will.

I slipped the tip of my forefinger into my mouth; lips pressing down on it, tongue extending to taste. I tugged the crotch of my soaked panties up into my slit, just as I’d seen Tina doing last Friday night, and ran the tip of my tongue across the nape of my child’s neck, all the while whispering to her, “I love your beautiful little body, sweetheart… I love it so much.”

My other hand was far from idle — I teased my clit with my thumb as I worked three fingers into the cunt hole. Into my hot, lonely vagina. Tina shifted against me as she dozed on, her right hand unconsciously meeting my right hand on her thigh. I squeezed her hand gently, once again kissing her soft, warm neck as the desire to take her in my mouth grew. I was masturbating openly now, not even bothering to hide the fact from my daughter.

No longer capable of fending off this reckless lust, I withdrew my left hand from my soaked panties and squirmed my way down the bed, moving the blankets aside until my face was level with Tina’s panty-clad bottom. Pausing to listen to her even breathing, I lifted the hem of the nightie, raising it slowly to gradually reveal her panties, which were covered in images of multi-colored ponies.

Placing a hand tentatively on each cheek, I feasted on this very unorthodox view of my little girl — marveling at the flawless shape of Tina’s bottom, the suppleness of her flesh, the slight bulge of her pudenda through the taut cotton fabric.

“I love you, baby girl,” I murmured, knowing that she didn’t hear me. “Now, Mommy wants to love you in a new way. A special way.”

I inched towards her, inhaling the warm air between her thighs, anticipating the smell and taste of my own daughter’s pretty pink holes. God, this illicit craving was turning me inside out, stripping away everything I thought I was. This was what I believed in now, this exquisite, delicious creature and the need to make her my lover. This desire, restrained for so long without my even knowing it existed, was within seconds of being unleashed.

I pressed my face firmly into the crack of my daughter’s bottom, feeling my heart pound like a bass drum. It felt exquisite, but not quite enough. The fabric of Tina’s cute underpants were a barrier between the helpless lust I felt and the euphoria I craved.

I reached up, gently grasped the waistband of Tina’s panties and tugged, easing them down over her hips and milky thighs. My head swam as her bottom was fully revealed to me, as if for the first time. Oh, I’d seen her cute little rump many times before, but never like this. Never through the eyes of a mother who now found herself caught up in the most dangerous lust of all.

Slipping Tina’s warm underpants down her legs and over her feet, I brought the prize to my nose, all the while staring longingly at a hint of my child’s smooth, beautiful slit. I inhaled deeply from the crotch of her panties, the very pores of my body charged by the rich little-girl scent trapped in them. Finally, I slipped Tina’s knickers between my thighs and pressed them to my vulva, feeling the swollen clit through the fabric.

I wanted all of her, every drop of nectar from her openings, every ounce of love my baby girl could give.

With both hands, I gently pried Tina’s cheeks apart, taking care not to wake her. Her bottom seemed to fit my hands perfectly. So soft, I thought, so sweet.

Slowly, ever so slowly pressing my face into her crack, I brushed Tina’s anus with the tip of my tongue. Oh, God, it took my breath away as I began to rim my seven-year-old. Ripples of intense pleasure swelled through my belly as my daughter’s buttocks smothered my face and my tongue lodged itself deep inside that baby-smooth rectum.

I paused inside her, relishing the stillness, the silence of our union. I grasped Tina’s hips, firmly drawing her onto my face as my tongue stiffened inside her. I inhaled her scent again, drawing it deep into my lungs.

I slipped my tongue out of her anus and plunged it between her cheeks, licking around the rosebud in a clockwise direction. My panties were fucking soaked. Wanting to go inside my child again, I began to tongue-fuck her rectum. In and out. Out and around. Sniffing. Kissing. Lapping at her hole like I was starving for it.

It was Saturday night, sometime after ten. The storm was in its fullest fury outside the window. I was deep in the anus of my seven-year-old daughter and madly in love with her, hungry to taste every inch of her body. I wanted her cunt, her mouth. This was wrong of me, I knew — but I had no intention of stopping what I’d started. I was plunging into the abyss, my cunt dripping honey, every inch of me on fire from the excitement of my first lesbian incest fuck. My first sex with a little girl.

Tina was beginning to stir in her sleep, but by then I was ready for her to awaken, wanting my daughter to know how much I loved her.

Ready to explore new territory, I sought out my daughter’s smooth, soft very lickable slit. Taking the tiny clitoris between my lips, I sucked it, breathing deeply of her aroma — a scent that washed over me and went straight to my head, intoxicating me like strong liquor. Reaching up to tweak my little girl’s tiny nipples, I began to bathe her cunt with long, slow licks, giving the clitoris quick swipes of the tongue every now and then.

I heard her gasp and I stopped dead, my mouth still pressed to her opening. She gasped again, then pushed her sexy little bottom into my face.

“Mommy,” she said in a sleepy, dizzy tone. “Love you, Mommy.”

This was the confirmation that I was looking for. My little girl wanted this, longed for me to love her.

I drove my tongue ever deeper into her vagina, if that was possible, rubbing her nipples as she moaned and gasped. “Oh, Mommy,” she whispered. “Mommy. Feels good.”

Turning my body around so I was lying in the opposite direction to Tina, I embraced my daughter’s buttocks again as I nuzzled her babyish sex with my lips. Mmmm, she tasted divine. I knew I’d never stop wanting her this way. I would always be her most faithful lover.

I buried three fingers in my own vagina as I licked Tina. I loved the taste of her. I’d sucked the holes of countless adult women, including my sister, but I’d never had the pleasure of tasting a little girl’s virgin cunt. I regretted that I’d waited this long to experience such a unique, forbidden delight.

After two minutes of constant licking and stroking, Tina began to come. I was thrilled — my little girl was experiencing her first orgasm, and I was the one making it happen for her! Her body stiffened, and a few drops of warm nectar flowed from her hole into my mouth. She thrashed about wildly in my arms as I placed my knees against her shoulders and pushed my head between her thighs. I found myself pressing my cunt against her back too, though I was not ready to climax just yet. I wanted her to knowingly pleasure me, for Tina and I to truly make love as mother and daughter.

“Ohhhhh!” she moaned as she came in my face, girl-honey trickling from her vagina. “Ohhhhhhhh!”

Knowing that a girl of seven could only handle so much, I dialed my oral activities down and began to lightly nuzzle Tina’s tender cleft, head spinning as I breathed in the thick perfume of her ecstasy. I stroked her anus gingerly with a fingertip, wanting to convey my adoration with each caress.

Finally, I rested my head on the child’s thigh as her body relaxed, her breathing became more even. “I love you, sweetheart,” I whispered, my lips nearly touching her slit. “I love you so much.”

Tina sat up, gazing down at me with the purest adoration in her eyes. “I love you too, Mommy.”

I looked up at her and opened my arms because, all of a sudden, giving pleasure to my little girl seemed like the most natural act in the world. “Give me a kiss?” I asked her.

My daughter kissed me on the cheek. I traced my tongue down to her mouth and slipped it between her parted lips. I delicately explored Tina’s mouth until she began to respond.

I pulled my daughter close and began to adorn her with playful kisses — teasing her chin, down her neck, across her shoulders and back up to her waiting mouth. I cuddled her in my lap as we kissed, her lips and tongue becoming bolder as our passion grew.

I gently broke away. “Raise your arms, baby,” I breathed, “let me take off your nightie… then you and I can be naked together.”

“Okay,” she replied, her voice soft as a prayer.

I tugged her nightshirt up and off, then took her bare body into my arms, pressing my breasts against her chest, longing for Tina to suckle them. I would teach her how all over again.

In the meantime, I reached between her legs and tenderly stroked the lips of her slit until my fingers were moist, then brought my hand up for both of us to taste. I gave my finger to her first because I wanted Tina to develop a taste for pussy.

“Mmmm,” she sighed, giving my finger a good suck. I pulled her closer, kissing her on the earlobe, and allowed my hand to drift down her bare back, finding her pert little bottom, touching between Tina’s buttocks, caressing the rosebud of her anus.

“I’m going to touch you in another way now, angel,” I said, then eased the tip of my finger into her rectum.

Tina closed her eyes and gasped, then smiled as my finger inched deeper into her. “I like that, Mommy,” she said. “It feels tickly.”

I pulled my finger out of her backside and inserted it in her mouth. She licked and sucked it again and reached down to put her own finger in there. She then withdrew it from her anus and held it up for me to suck. “You can taste too, Mommy,” she said, her eyes betraying a desire I’d never seen before.

I grabbed her hand and inserted her finger in my mouth. “Mmmm,” I moaned, “I love your bottom, sweetie.” She repeated the action several times and I sucked her finger slavishly, the taste of her nether hole increasing my desire to give myself over to her.

We French-kissed for several minutes before I offered her three fingers that I’d just plunged into my pussy. “Would you like to taste Mommy now, sweetie?” I asked her.

Tina nodded, a little hesitantly, then parted her lips. I placed my forefinger on her tongue and she sucked it like a nipple. I then gave her my other two fingers and she did the same, then licked her lips thoughtfully.

“It’s nice… can I have some more?” she asked.

I plunged those fingers into my cunt again, then offered them to Tina, who took them into her mouth without a moment’s hesitation, humming contentedly as she savored the taste of her mother. She then hugged me and said, “I love you.”

I hugged Tina tightly, then nuzzled her ear, whispering, “I love you too, baby.”

“I like tasting you, Mommy.”

Getting an interesting notion, I said, “I’ve got an idea, sweetie. Would you like to try something different?”

Tina nodded. I lifted her off my lap, staring down at my child’s bare slit as I placed her on the sheets. “Okay,” I said, stretching out on my back, legs spread wide for my child. “Now you can put your own fingers inside me and lick them.”

My daughter smiled as the possibilities of my exposure to her became apparent. Kneeling before me, she put her finger against my cunt and pushed it inside. She then withdrew it and took a careful lick, then giggled. “Yummy!” She slipped a finger into my vagina again, moved it around a bit this time, then extracted it to taste. “Can I do it again?” she asked, staring at my pussy.

“Of course,” I replied, eager to please both her and myself. “You can taste me all night long, if you want.”

This time, Tina inserted two fingers, pushing them deeper than before. As she fucked me, I noticed that her knees had drifted apart to reveal that baby-smooth vagina once again. I fought to keep myself from attacking it with my mouth.

I gasped as she withdrew her fingers again and sucked them all clean, licking her lips lasciviously. “So you like the flavor, little one?” I asked her.

She nodded, touching her own cunt almost unconsciously. “Uh-huh, It’s really good, Mommy.”

“How much do you like it?” I asked, giving my precious baby girl a sweet smile.

Tina bit her lip, then extended her hands far apart. “This much!” she squealed, eyes dancing with glee.

I spread my legs even wider for Tina, staring into her eyes. “Know how you can taste even more of it, sweetie?” I asked her. She shook her head. “Use your mouth, instead of your fingers,” I said, reaching down to open my cunt, letting her see the shiny pinkness inside.

She nodded absently, staring enthralled at my womanly center.

“Would you like to try it?” I whispered. My body was quivering inside, as if the lightest touch would break me into tiny pieces.

Tina nodded. That was what she wanted, to taste Mommy’s cunt. “All right, sweetie,” I smiled. “You can lick me there if you want to.”

Tina prostrated herself between my legs and drew in close, pausing to moisten her lips before she pressed them against my slit. I moaned, lost in perfect rapture as my seven-year-old daughter’s tongue slipped into me. Placing her little hands on my hips, Tina licked inside and around her mommy’s juicy hole, pleasuring me with all the love in her heart. I could feel that love, too, radiating through me like I’d swallowed a star.

“I licked you this way, angel,” I said, “just a few minutes ago. Do you remember?”

Tina raised her face from my cunt, nodded. “Uh-huh, I ‘member. It felt real nice.”

Oh, God, I adored her so much it made me ache inside, Reaching out, I caressed the velvet softness of my little girl’s cheek. “It’s nice for me, too. But if you really want to make your mommy feel better than — than anything, lick me right here.” I indicated my pulsing clitoris with a tap of the finger.

My Tina studied it, moved in close. I felt that sweet tongue bathe my clit, like the adoring caress of an angel. She licked me, once, twice, three times, four, and then the sky came crashing down as I came like never before.

I longed to scream, to howl my rapture to the heavens, but didn’t want to scare Tina. Instead, I let the waves of pleasure roll through me, gasping words of love to my little girl. “Oh my p-precious, you make Mommy feel so — oooooohhh! — so wonderful. Oh, yes. Yes, m-my sweet child. Mmm, Mommy loves you. Oh. Oh, my God. OHHHHH!”

It rose to an unimaginable peak, then I was cut loose, nestled in the cozy embrace of my bed, Tina in my arms. Her lips found mine, and we exchanged a few tender kisses. My daughter’s tongue briefly flickered into my mouth, enough to make my desire for her glow. I began to fondle that exquisite little body, already craving more.


The rain finally faltered and waned at somewhere around 2 AM. I was going down on my little girl again. Tina was mewling in delight, then crying, “Mommy, oh Mommy!” as she came once more.

I drew Tina into my arms and held her, kissing that soft, sweet little mouth, then pressing my cheek against hers. I whispered, “Oh, sweetheart. You make me the happiest woman in the world. Do you like this, being my lover?”

Tina’s silken arms twined around me. “Yes, Mommy. I like it.”

The End


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    Truely love this. A great story. Thanks for sharing

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    Wow!! What a hot and delicious tale, Jet Boy! Thank you!!!

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    A very good short story. Loving and hot!

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    So glad to see that you added a photo. Seeing the characters adds so much to a hot story like this for me. Weird huh??

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    Very hot and erotic JetBoy! Nothing better than the love of a mother and daughter, no matter what the age.

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    This is one of the best stories I’ve read. Beautifully written. Rosebuds are sexy and far too little stories give them the special attention they deserve. <3

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    Great story! So much attention to the back hole of her daughter))) This mom is damn lucky!

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    Love the unapologetic “rosebud” play, the digital insertion and tainting was wonderful.
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    Absolutely epic short story loved it

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