Allie’s Visit

  • Posted on July 31, 2021 at 3:07 pm

Note: When I posted this as an Author Unknown entry, I’d completely forgotten that this story was already here in a different version… one that only ever appeared at the long-gone Sisters in Love site, called “Eros and Agape,” by Sarah. I’d polished that one up a bit before first making it public, but there was a version in my own collection that I’d reworked far more extensively, just for fun.

When reader Emet informed us that we had two copies of the same story, I was about to take mine down… but then decided that it was different enough to justify leaving it here.  So I’m taking the liberty of crediting myself with this rewrite/adaptation of Sarah’s original work, while giving her credit (and fervent thanks) for creating the superb plot line. You may like hers better, you might prefer mine. Up to you. Either way, thanks for reading.


By JetBoy

My sister Allison and I have always been close, even though there’s a five-year age difference between us. Allie was always mature for her age, so it never struck me as odd that I enjoyed hanging out with her when she was ten and I was starting high school. Even as I got older, she always seemed to be no more than a year or two behind me. I couldn’t compete with her in terms of sweetness, though. No one could.

At the time this story begins, I was attending a university in Georgetown, which happened to be about three thousand miles away from my family. Being on a seriously tight budget, I could only fly home once or twice a year at most, so Allie and I mostly kept in touch by phone and email. That was nice, but I really missed the time that my kid sister and I spent together.

By the time Allie was thirteen and about to start high school, I was living alone in an apartment just off campus and had just ended my first romantic relationship with a woman. It felt like the real thing for the first time in my life… but it turned out that Cathy played both sides of the fence, and she ended up throwing me over for a guy. I hadn’t exactly grown bitter or hopelessly disillusioned with love, but I wasn’t looking for anyone new, either.

I was feeling lonely, though, so when Allie told me she wanted to pay me a visit, I was thrilled. The only thing she’d asked Mom and Dad for the previous year’s Christmas was plane fare to my side of the country, and they’d given it to her. I scheduled a few days off from my classes, then started to work out a list of fun things Allie and I could do while she was here.

On the day of Allie’s arrival, I met her by the baggage carousel at the airport. When she came down the escalator and into view, my jaw dropped. My sweet, skinny kid sister had matured into one of the most beautiful girls I’d ever seen. Her thick, luxurious black hair was pulled back to keep it out of her face, and she was dressed simply in a white blouse and a faded pair of blue jeans, but she looked like a million dollars.

Allie saw me, broke into a huge grin, and in a heartbeat turned into the sweet, playful girl I loved so much.

Seconds later she was in my arms, filling my head with her sweet, familiar scent, and I said, “Omigod, sis… when did you get so beautiful?”

She just laughed. “Oh, c’mon… I’m not that pretty. Not like you.”

We made our way over to a bench, not very far from the carousel, where we spent the next twenty minutes getting caught up on everything while the rest of the passengers claimed their bags. Eventually we were the only ones left, and Allie’s two small suitcases were slowly circling the belt. I grabbed one, she got the other, and we hauled them to the bus stop.

A couple of hours later, after the sun had gone down, our bus reached the Georgetown station, and we took a cab to my apartment. Allie dozed off during the ride, so I took her bags inside, then returned to the taxi to wake my little sister up.

Giving me a sleepy smile, she said, “Are we home?”

“Home at last,” I replied. “Can you make it inside on your own steam, or do I have to carry you?”

“Don’t you worry about me… I’m a big girl,” Allie said.

With an enormous yawn, she climbed out of the cab, somehow managing to shamble to the door without my assistance while I paid and tipped the grinning taxi driver, then followed her indoors.

“Got anything to drink?” she said, spreading her arms wide before falling back into the embrace of my sofa.

I went into the kitchen and extracted an Italian Barolo from my modest wine rack, then poured a generous measure for each of us. When I returned she was stretched out, her eyes closed. I pushed her legs aside so I could sit down at the other end of the sofa, then handed her a glass.

“I knew there was a reason I came to visit,” she murmured, sitting up to drink. She emptied half the glass in a gulp, and then set it back down on the table. “Yum,” she said. “Thanks for that.”

“Don’t expect me to let you get hammered, though.” I laughed. “So… what do you want to do tonight?”

She laid back down. “Would you mind if we just stayed here? And watched a movie, maybe? Or you could watch something, and I could fall asleep with my head in your lap?”

“I’m fine with a movie,” I said. “But you haven’t slept in my lap since you were little, kiddo.”

Allie gave me those puppy-dog eyes of hers, a look that I never was able to say no to. “Oh, please, Sarah? I’ve been wanting to do that again for, omigosh, ages!” She smiled. “I swear, the nicest dreams I ever had in my life were on that old brown sofa, you holding me…” That last word turned into a long, drawn-out yawn.

“Okay, okay,” I replied, raising my hands in a gesture of surrender. “Hey, if you want to regress back to your elementary school years… who am I to argue?”

She found my hand, gave it a squeeze. “Thanks, Sarah. You’re the best big sister in the world!”

“And don’t you ever forget it, kiddo,” I replied in my best Bogart impersonation.

We chatted for a few more minutes, sharing hometown gossip while we finished our wine and enjoyed the cool of the evening. Finally, after a peek at my watch, I said, “Say, if we’re gonna watch a movie, we ought to get started. Take those bags to the bedroom and get into whatever you’ll be sleeping in tonight, while I find us something to watch.”

“Okay,” Allie said, got up, then paused. “Um… the bedroom, you said?”

“Down the hall,” I replied. “Second door on the right.” Picking up her bags, she left the room with a wink.

I turned on the TV and searched through what was on offer, looking for a good movie, preferably something old and in black and white. By the time Allie returned, dressed in a white cotton nightie, I’d settled on Notorious, a Hitchcock film with Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman. We’d missed the first ten minutes, but I remembered the movie well enough.

“That nightie was too small for you a year ago,” I told Allie as she padded over to the sofa. “I can’t believe Dad lets you wear it around the house.”

“He doesn’t,” she admitted, then another yawn escaped her lips. “Sorry, I guess I’m kinda jet-lagged. Yeah, I know this is too small, but I’ve always loved wearing it.”

“We’ll buy you a new one while we’re here,” I said. “C’mon now, sit down! You’re blocking Cary Grant.”

She slid down onto the sofa and rested her head in my lap, facing the screen. Ingrid Bergman was drunk and behind the wheel of her car, doing her best to wipe the smug look off Cary’s face by driving too fast, swerving from one side of the road to another.

I quickly got absorbed in the film’s plot, so it took me longer than it should have done to notice that Allie had drifted off and was sound asleep. Well, that usually happened when we watched a movie like this. I began to gently stroke my little sister’s hair as she dozed, getting caught up once more in the Hitchcock thriller.

Only I ended up falling asleep, too. When I woke up, my fingers were still twined in Allie’s hair, but the TV screen was showing opening credits for another old movie, something with Joan Crawford. Allie was in the same position on the couch, except that she had turned her head away from the television so that she was facing my belly. She made a contented sound in her sleep when I started stroking her hair again.

Looking down at her, I saw that Allie’s too-small nightgown had ridden up to the very tops of her legs. Maybe because of the wine I’d had earlier, my neck and the top of my chest were starting to feel especially warm as I found myself studying my sister’s thighs.

God, she was beautiful. Out of nowhere, I had a sudden longing to put my hand on her thigh, to feel the soft skin beneath my fingers.

I shook my head to dispel this thought, and looked back up at the television. Joan Crawford was serving up breakfast to some actor whose name escaped me. I wasn’t especially interested, but kept watching.

A minute or two later I caught myself staring at Allie’s bare legs again. They were slightly parted, and as I watched she shifted her hips just a bit, trying to get comfortable in her sleep. I placed my hand on her back, just below the shoulder blades, and began to lightly massage her. She just relaxed even more, nestling into my lap like a kitten.

I continued to check out my sister, taking note of the gentle contours of her body, the way the small of her back met the curves of her ass, how her thighs seemed so soft and pliable despite the firmness of her muscles. Allie had ripened into womanhood while I’d been away, and the sight of her fascinated me.

Suddenly I was cautiously tugging on Allie’s nightgown, wanting to see more of her. I managed to pull it up high enough to expose a hint of her white panties. Her bottom was wonderfully shaped, and as much as I’d wanted to caress her thighs a moment ago, now I had an even more maddening desire to let my fingers glide over that luscious ass. And maybe, since I was already touching Allie down there, I could slip my hand inside those plain cotton underpants, feel her warm, bare skin, trace the cleft of her…

Jesus Christ! My face grew flushed as I realized that I was becoming sexually aroused by my own sister.

I’d come to the realization that I was gay a few months earlier when I got involved with Cathy, who worked in a record store downtown. I hadn’t yet come out to my family, though I planned to let Allie know the truth about me while she was there. Now the sight of my beautiful baby sister in her underwear was getting me all tingly.

I should have felt mortified, but I told myself it wasn’t really lust I was feeling. It was just that she looked so soft and beautiful, so inviting. But even as I tried to convince myself, I knew it was a lie.

Unable to resist, I pulled her nightgown even higher. I was rewarded a few seconds later by the sight of my sister’s bottom, lit faintly by the television’s glow. Her panties were thin and almost transparent, and they didn’t quite conceal the crease of her ass.

I had a sudden and graphic picture of a woman with her face buried between Allie’s legs, kissing her cunt. I wondered if my sister had ever fooled around with another girl, or if she fingered her pussy to fantasies of her cute friends.

I’d opened Pandora’s box, and now my mind was running wild, seeing Allie as a sexual creature for the first time. What did her pussy look like? Had she grown real pubes yet, or was there just angel-soft down adorning her vulva? I was getting wet, and it didn’t help that Allie’s head was resting on my groin, or that I could feel her warm breath caressing my belly.

Reaching for the remote, I switched off the TV, angry with myself for what I’d been thinking. How could I look at my baby sister like that? It was as if I’d become possessed by a perverted version of myself. I wanted to rouse Allie from her slumber and pack her off to bed, then fire up my laptop, seek out some hot girl/girl story and finger myself into a lather. Purge myself of these sick thoughts about my sister. But she was sleeping so peacefully that I was reluctant to wake her up… that’s what I told myself, anyhow.

Less than two minutes later, I was studying her lovely form again, those wicked notions elbowing their way into my mind again. Before even realizing I’d done it, I pulled Allie’s nightgown up again, this time far enough to see the long, smooth line of her back… and the adorable dimples she had where the curve of her bottom began.

Suddenly Allie shivered in her sleep, and I hastily pushed the nightgown back down.

She didn’t awaken, but that sudden surge of fear helped me recover the good sense I’d nearly lost. Time to turn in, I decided, and gave my sister a gentle nudge. She shifted, grimaced, and I bent to whisper, “Wakey wakey, Allie. Time for bed.”

“Mmmkay,” she said, promptly dozing off again.

I let her snooze for a little longer, then woke her up again. “Don’t fall back asleep,” I said, “or I’ll spank you.”

“You wouldn’t dare,” Allie mumbled, but this time, she managed to sit up. I helped her stand, and she put an arm around my shoulder as we trudged down the hallway and into my room. I deposited her on the bed, then said, “Goodnight, kiddo. The bathroom’s right next door. See you tomorrow.” I turned to leave.

“Wait, wait!” Allie cried, sitting up. “Aren’t we gonna share a bed?”

I blinked at this, suddenly feeling uneasy. “Is that what you want? I’d planned to let you stay in my room while I took the couch.”

She frowned. “Oh, don’t do that, Sarah! I want us to sleep together, like back when we were kids.”

“Sure, I guess,” I grinned, trying not to look as jittery as I felt “As long as you don’t kick me in your sleep like you used to do.”

“I’ll do my best. Feel free to kick me back.”

Five minutes later, I tucked her in and kissed her cheek. She was fast asleep by the time I turned off the light. I slipped quietly into the bathroom to take a quick shower.

Scrubbing myself, I thought about what had happened on the couch. What on earth had gotten into me? Still, it wasn’t as if I’d molested Allie in her sleep.

The whole idea seemed ridiculous, anyhow. Even if I could get past the incest taboo and the fact that she was only thirteen, what would Allie do if I actually made a move on her? Freak out, that’s what, I told myself.

As I rinsed the soap away, my hand had worked its way between my water-slicked thighs. Without noticing, I’d begun to trace idle circles around my clitoris. I closed my eyes, giving into the moment’s pleasure — but then began to picture Allie’s bottom, barely concealed by those worn-thin panties. I quickly jerked my hand away, feeling a sudden angry urge to punch the wall. I had to stop having these thoughts about my sister, damn it!

Climbing out of the shower, I dried myself, hung up the damp towel and quickly brushed my teeth, switching off the bathroom light as I padded into the bedroom. Light from the street was spilling through the room’s single window, so I didn’t need to turn on the bedside lamp. I walked over to the dresser to grab a fresh pair of panties and a T-shirt. Usually I slept in the nude, but since I had company…

I glanced toward the bed, coming to a dead halt as something caught my eye. Allie had not only kicked off most of her covers, she’d pulled off her nightgown and panties as well. She was stark naked, and one of the pillows was tucked between her thighs.

My heart was pounding, my hand frozen on the handle of the dresser. I’d pulled the drawer open, but then I slowly, deliberately pushed it shut. It doesn’t make sense to be modest, not if she’s going to sleep in the nude anyhow, I told myself, but I was lying again. I just wanted to be naked with her.

I went around to the other side of the bed and got in as quietly as I could manage. I curled up in a position that was almost identical to Allie’s, my back to her. I expected to lie awake for a long while, but surprised myself by dozing off almost immediately.

It was anything but a normal night’s sleep, though. One strange dream blended into the next, and each one had some kind of sexual aspect to it — the price I had to pay for not finishing myself off in the shower, I suppose. At one point, I found myself half-sitting, half-kneeling in the bed, then realized that I was sitting on someone’s face. Warm hands rested on my thighs, and a soft, lazy tongue was circling around and darting into the crack of my ass. I responded by lowering myself down to the unseen face beneath me. That lovely tongue bathed my anus, tickling and arousing me at the same time.

I finally thought to look down, and saw Allie’s body stretched out underneath mine. I gasped, but instead of moving away, pressed even harder against my baby sister’s face, letting her lick my rosebud…

My eyes snapped open, and in the sudden darkness I was gasping, shocked by the memory of incest with my thirteen-year-old sister. It shook me up something fierce. Then I felt Allie’s body, pressed against mine, her warm breath caressing the back of my neck. She had curled up against me, the way she used to when we were both little girls, only now I could feel her soft, budding breasts against my back. Allie must have  kicked away the pillow between her thighs, because she had one leg draped over my hip, an arm wrapped loosely around my midsection.

Still struggling with my lewd dream, I felt a mixture of excitement and guilt that was downright dizzying. The guilt soon faded, though, maybe because it seemed so unnecessary, so pointless in the dark.

Then a wicked impulse seized me, one I was powerless to refuse.

I pressed my ass back into Allie, the way I might have done with my ex-girlfriend whenever she spooned me. Then I very gingerly lifted my sister’s arm and moved it upward, finally letting it come to rest on my left breast, with one soft hand grazing the nipple.

Even though Allie was still dead to the world, the weight of her hand made my nipple harden and throb. Then after a few seconds she gave my breast a gentle squeeze, as if she was picking something up in her dream. I remained in that position for a good long while, her hand unconsciously cupping my breast, with my ass as close to my sister’s vulva as I could get it. It might have been my imagination, but I thought that I could feel a hint of Allie’s pubes — and that got me wondering again what she looked like down there.

Finally I couldn’t take it any longer. As delicately as I could, I untangled myself from Allie’s embrace, sat up against the headboard and began to masturbate. I tried not to move around too much, so as not to wake my sister — but it felt so good that I couldn’t keep still.

I began to feel reckless. What would happen if she did wake up? I wondered. She masturbated too, surely — I’d figured out how at the tender age of eleven, after all — so how offended could she be?

Then I saw Allie starting to awaken, and it only made me bolder.

I slid two fingers into my pussy, gasping as I opened myself up, then brushed my clit with a swipe of the thumb. I drew a circle around the swollen button, then another — and suddenly I was shaking, panting with pleasure.

Then I saw Allie sitting up, watching me.

At first I thought she was going to run out of the room, or gasp in shock at what I was doing… but then I saw the motion of her arm, a hand tucked between her thighs. Oh, my God — she was touching herself!

Allie was mostly in shadow, and she must have wanted me to see her face because she came forward, kneeling right in front of me on the bed, only inches away.

Drawing nearer, she placed a hand on my knee to steady herself, and my body reacted to her touch as if I’d been electrocuted. “Allie…” I whimpered, not knowing what to say, what to do. My pussy was throbbing, my clit felt as if it was on fire, and all I could think of was how lovely my sister smelled right then.

Suddenly she extended her arm, and then I felt cool, soft fingers pressing down on the hand I was using to massage my clit. She followed my movements, trying to feel what I was feeling, that other hand still busy between her thighs.

She was content to just feel me playing with myself at first, but suddenly she pushed my hand aside, and her fingertips brushed my juicy cunt. She whispered, “Let me, Sarah.”

I moaned, putting my hand on hers… and she began to explore, a finger gliding up and down the length of my slit.

“Touch me,” I moaned, lost in the moment. “Oh God… touch my pussy, Allie!”

I gasped as she penetrated my cunt, her face flushed with excitement — then I nearly swooned as she placed the other hand, wet from her own pussy, on my left breast. I was more turned on at this moment than I’d ever been. My whole body was sheathed in sweat, and I could smell our mixed arousal in the air.

“Oh, Sarah,” she whispered, “I love you.”

That was it. I was hit with what felt like three or four orgasms simultaneously — not one after the next, but all at once — and I bucked against Allie’s hand, my entire body shaking from head to toe as I cried out.

Then Allie knelt between my thighs, lowered her head and then — oh Christ — her mouth was on me, tasting my cunt, her hands clutching my hips.

“Oh God, Allie — yes.

She moaned, and the vibrations echoed through my clit and through my body — then suddenly I was rolling us both over, turning her onto her back with her head still between my legs, until I was on top of her.

“Don’t stop, Allie,” I told her. “Don’t stop, don’t fucking stop!”

She needed no encouragement. I slid forward and backward on her face, making it easy for her to alternate between sucking my clit and drinking down the honey that was flowing from my cunt. I stayed on top of her that way, letting Allie love me with her beautiful mouth for what seemed like an eternity. It was as if a strange woman had taken over my body, and my younger sister was eating her pussy.

I had to taste her, too. I lifted myself and quickly spun around to face the other direction, still straddling Allie’s head. Before she could say a word or ask what I was doing, I lowered my pussy to her face again, and felt her hands spreading my ass cheeks.

Oh, God — was she going to…? She was. Her tongue found my anus, and I started moving my hips around in a slow, tight circle, letting her pleasure me, letting her do what she’d done to me in my dream.

“I love you, Allie,” I panted, looking down at her naked body stretched out beneath me. Her hand had found its way back to her pussy, and she was openly masturbating.

I lowered myself onto her body, pressing my breasts against her tummy. Then I opened my mouth and licked her, very slowly, from her navel to the top of her lightly-furred vulva, then down even farther, until my mouth was on her opening — and then I was doing it, going down on my thirteen-year-old sister.

Her scent drove me wild. I licked her wet pussy in an animal frenzy, feeding on her with a gentle but insistent fury. I wanted to drink every ounce of juice from her body, to devour her whole.

I flicked her clit with my tongue and she cried out, her whole body stiffening beneath mine. I closed my lips over the swollen nub and gently sucked, and she began to shudder with pleasure. I slid my hands under her ass and used one finger to play with her anus as I ate her, and Allie responded by doing the same thing to me.

Suddenly I felt, more than heard, Allie’s low-pitched, animal groan. She began to pump herself against my mouth like a rearing horse as she started to come. Her mouth feasted on my pussy as she lost herself in a frenzied orgasm, and I suddenly found my ecstasy rising to match hers.

My climax blinded me with its power, making every single nerve ending on my body ultra-sensitive, so that even the slightest touch from Allie anywhere was enough to trigger another exhausting wave. I was coming in her face, her hungry mouth taking it all — and I returned the favor with everything I had. Finally we both collapsed in a sweet, sticky heap of moist flesh.

We didn’t move for a long, long time. I thought Allie had fallen asleep, but then she startled me by getting up on her hands and knees on the bed. “Sarah,” she said, her voice hoarse and shaky.

“Allie,” I whispered back, touching her face in the semi-darkness.

“Please… fuck me.”

I gaped at her. “Fuck you?” My God, she was just a kid!

She nodded. “I’m not a virgin any more, and I — I want to feel you inside me, Sarah. Do it to me with your fingers, pretty please…?”

I didn’t speak. I didn’t move or even breathe. Then I sat up, bringing my face to within an inch of hers. We came together in a tender kiss… then her tongue slipped into my mouth and our kiss became hot and lustful. I palmed a soft breast with my left hand, feeling her nipple grow taut.

Finally I broke away and said, “Okay, Allie. But I’ve got something better than fingers.”

I climbed off the bed and went to the closet, then turned on the light so I could find the box hidden in the very back. Looking inside, I found what I needed — a strap-on dildo with adjustable heads. It was a present from Cathy, from back when we were still an item.

Taking the smallest head, which I’d never used before, I quickly fastened the harness around my hips, then turned off the closet light. As I turned and approached the bed, holding the cock in my fist, Allie purred with pleasure, then said, “Wait.” She was kneeling on the bed, facing me, her body backlit by the moon. Just seeing her silhouette made my nipples stiff.

“What is it?” I said

Her voice was tense with excitement when she said, “Turn on the light, Sarah. I want you to see me. I want you to look at me while we fuck… to see my face… to watch me come.”

My heart was pounding frantically. “Sounds good to me,” I breathed. I leaned over and fumbled with the lamp beside the bed, finally locating the switch — filling the room with soft, friendly light.

I turned back to Allie, now lying back on the bed, her arms down at her sides, covering nothing, her thighs open for me. Her face was sweaty and flushed, and her silken hair spilled onto the pillow like liquid gold. Her mouth was open a tiny bit, and she was gazing into my soul with those enchanting blue eyes.

Because I knew that Allie wanted me to look at her — really look at her — that’s what I did. I drank in the view of her ripening body, her flawless breasts and those visibly erect nipples. Her chest rose and fell with quick, shallow breaths, and I caught a glimpse of a single bead of sweat, watching it glide down from between her breasts, across her belly, only to dissipate as it approached her belly button.

Then I was staring between my sister’s legs, thrilling to the sight of her pussy. Her pubes were sparse, and matted with the liquid proof of arousal. I could smell her from where I stood.

I climbed on the bed, and Allie spread her legs even wider, which opened her cunt enough to reveal the rosy flesh inside. Her eyes never left mine. I slid forward on the bed, and she smiled, waiting for me to take her.

I guided the head of the cock to her slit, letting it rest for a moment against the opening, then slid it up and down, very slowly, and Allie’s hands closed on the bed sheets, clutching them in handfuls.

“Please,” she whispered. “Please, Sarah.”

I pushed forward, an inch of the strap-on disappearing inside my sister. She gasped, her mouth forming a perfect O. We were both ready to do this, to take our relationship into unexplored territory. Letting go of the dildo shaft, I put both hands down on either side of Allie’s body.

As I pressed forward, inching my way into her vagina, she started to shake. I felt a sudden pang of worry, concerned that it might be too thick for her, but Allie arched her back and said, “Do it, Sarah. Fuck me!”

With one smooth, steady stroke, I slid all the way into her. She cried out, but almost immediately started to thrust against me. She wrapped both legs around my hips, then her mouth found mine, and we were sharing a lover’s kiss. She broke away just long enough to cry out as I raised my hips and started working the cock in and out of her, then kissed me again.

I pressed my body against hers, trying to angle my thrusts so that both our clits were being stimulated by the contact. The kissing alone made me dizzy, and I loved how Allie used her strong legs to pull me into her with every stroke, enabling me to penetrate deeper. I felt her moan around my tongue as her body began to quiver.

Now my sister was bucking wildly against me, and I responded by fucking her more roughly than before, using shorter, faster strokes instead of the long and gentle rhythms I’d gone with at first. Her nails were digging into my back, and I felt her breasts pressing against my own. I pushed myself up on both arms, needed to see Allie’s face as I fucked her.

It was an incredible sight. She was a panting, sweaty goddess, her eyes burning with lust, pleasure and love. Especially love. For me. Her big sister. A rush of arousal coursed through me as I bathed in the light of those bright blue eyes.

That surge of warmth doubled itself as Allie took hold of my nipples, rolling them between her fingers and thumbs, her grip occasionally tightening when I entered her. I knew that I was probably fucking her too hard, but I couldn’t stop. I doubted that she wanted me to, anyhow.

“Almost there,” Allie panted. “D-don’t stop, Sarah, my God don’t stop…”

I dipped down to kiss her again, her tongue darted between my lips — and then I simply got lost in fucking my beautiful sister. Somehow we reversed positions — I wasn’t sure how, just that suddenly Allie was on top of me, her hair sweeping over my face as she pumped her hips up and down, taking every inch of my cock.

I brought her mouth down to mine, and we kissed yet again. I felt her tears fall on my face, but I knew that these were tears of joy; of love. Allie plunged her tongue deep into my mouth, her whole body trembling on top of mine, and I knew she was about to come. She was riding me hard and fast — but I wanted to show my sister another way to get off, one my ex had taught me.

Wrapping both arms around Allie, I brought her frantic motion to a halt and held her still, gently moving the cock around inside my sister’s vagina as if I was stirring with it. She went rigid, holding her breath for an instant, then wrenched away from our kiss, her hoarse scream breaking forth, filling the room.

Then I came myself, just seconds after Allie’s climax reached its peak. She slumped onto me, bathed in sweat, and I squeezed and clutched her body to mine as I rode it out, jolts of ecstasy shaking me like an angry child’s rag doll.

A long time later, after our tremors had subsided and we were both able to draw breath again, Allie lifted herself from me, groaning as the dildo left her cunt, then flopped down beside me. She didn’t move away, keeping her body nestled into mine. Then she started to giggle. I began to laugh, too, and I don’t think that either one of us knew why we were so amused.

“When I talk to Mom and Dad,” she said, her lips brushing my neck, “I’m going to tell them that you went all out to make this trip special for me.” Then we were both laughing again.

I wanted to talk with Allie, discuss what we’d just done… but I was wiped out and so was she. Instead, I switched the lamp off and settled into the damp sheets.

“I love you, Sarah,” she whispered, finding my hand, giving it a squeeze.

“Love you too, Allie,” I replied, squeezing back. We both soon fell asleep.

When I awakened the next morning, Allie had already risen and was in the kitchen, singing wordlessly to herself as she made us both breakfast. I hastily brushed my teeth, then joined her, and we ate together.

It turned out that Allie had been sexually intimate with her best friend Stacy for about half a year, and that she’d fantasized about me ever since deciding she was gay.

It’s been five years since that incredible night, and we still fuck whenever possible. And since we now share an apartment, that means nearly every evening. Oh, I very occasionally get it on with other women, but my sweet sister Allie is the love of my life.

The End


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    omg i wish i had a sister … wonderful story, thanks as always jetboy!!

  3. David says:

    Fantastic JetBoy, you write so well and so descriptive that it is hard to believe you are male! lol Very sensual and loving story about loving sisters. Maybe you were female in a previous life! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Justin says:

    Wonderful and erotic story!

  5. Sapphmore says:

    Hey JB, I checked a few stories from my archive but with no luck. Was this the original title and was it lesbian before you wrote your version?

    • JetBoy says:

      I didn’t make any changes to the plot, just polished the whole of it. I’m pretty sure the girl is named Allie in the author’s version, too. No idea about the title.

      Don’t sweat it if you can’t locate the original, my friend… even the best detectives sometimes draw a blank.

  6. kait says:

    great story thanks for sharing

  7. kim says:

    We’re sure that the original,though we never saw it, was a diamond in the rough that you polished into this sparkling gem of a story.

    Beautiful sister love. We can’t help but wonder how many sisters out there would have gone the same route if only they’d had the opportunity and open mindedness to let it happen.

    Great job as always, JetBoy.

    Kim & Sue

  8. Rosey says:

    This was so hot! I usually tend to gravitate toward the emotional aspect of relationships like this. But a sexy little piece like this is a nice change of pace as well!

    Thank you for working your magic on it!

  9. Keiko says:

    amazing story… i seem to recall the original perhaps somewhere on the Kristin archives… but your remix is so much better!!!

  10. isabelcrown says:

    amazing story i always wished growing up i had an older sister xx
    thank u

  11. Leigh says:

    Incest is the best. I’ve never read a story with so much wonder. I am nit into gay sex but lesbian sex is wonderful, really wish I could experience some myself. Great story, keep them coming.

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