Eros and Agape

  • Posted on July 27, 2017 at 2:37 pm

By Sarah

{ This story was originally posted at the now-defunct Sisters in Love }

My sister Allison and I have always been close, even though there’s a seven-year age difference between us. I suspect that’s mostly because Allie was always mature for her age, while I tended to be immature, so it never struck me as odd that I enjoyed hanging out with my ten-year-old sister when I was in high school. And even as I got older—and eventually at least a little more mature—she always seemed to be no more than two or three years behind me in most ways. And it helped, I guess, that we’ve always looked so much like each other. For a long time Allie was just a slightly smaller and sweeter version of me, without tits.

By the time she was seventeen she had caught up to me in height. And judging by the way she looked in her sweaters when I came home to visit after graduating from college, she’d caught up to me in every other area, as well. My hips might have been a little wider, and her butt might have been a bit smaller and more perfect, but in most respects we had become virtual twins, separated at birth by a mere seven years.

But between the two of us, she would still always be the sweet one.

After I graduated I took a job less than half an hour from Georgetown, where I’d gone to school, which also happened to be about three thousand miles away from my parents and from Allie. On a meager budget while I started my climb up the corporate ladder, I could only fly home once or twice a year, at most, and so Allie and I could really only stay in touch by phone and by letter, and then eventually by email once my parents finally broke down and bought her a computer when she was a junior in high school. I was glad we could still be close, but it bothered me that we could never really spend a lot of time together.

By the time Allie was a senior and ready to start deciding where she wanted to go to college, I had a slightly bigger apartment and a dog that was almost as big as me. I’d fallen in love twice and fallen out of love both times, and I’d bought Escher—my mastiff—after the second time. I hadn’t exactly grown bitter or hopelessly disillusioned with the possibility of having both a great career and a great relationship at the same time, but I had discovered that it wasn’t a catastrophe to be alone. Escher was less a substitute boyfriend than a happy, friendly face who wouldn’t make faces at me if I decided I wanted to be in a bad mood from time to time.

I did eventually meet someone else, and I was even starting to think that it might be serious—but I wasn’t rushing anything. Nick and I were taking it slow and giving each other as much space as we both needed, and I was happy with the arrangement (for the moment, at least). That didn’t mean I was never lonely, though, and so when Allie told me she was going to apply to Georgetown, I was delighted.

After she scheduled her interview with the college, she wanted to come out by herself and stay with me—at my suggestion—but our parents decided it would be more fun if they all came out to visit. So they did, and it really was fun, and it was great to be able to spend time with Allie again, if only for a weekend—but I had planned to take her around to a few of the parties and really show her around campus, so she could get a feel for the area and the whole college experience, and now that was out of the question.

Just after Christmas she found out she was accepted at all four schools to which she’d applied, including my alma mater. Together, Allie and I were able to convince my parents that she should stay with me over her spring break, as a way of helping her decide which school was right for her. I told my boss I was taking a week’s vacation, and then I started happily planning what we’d do over Allie’s—and my—vacation.

On the day of her arrival I drove to National Airport, and since I wasn’t allowed to meet her at the gate—thanks to the brave new world of heightened security—I waited for her instead by the baggage carousel. When she finally rounded the corner and came into view, my jaw nearly fell to the floor.

She was, simply, one of the most beautiful girls I’d ever seen, more beautiful and more mature-looking than I remembered even from my last visit home—which had only been three months ago. I guess I’d never really looked at her like this before, like a stranger and like an adult. She had her thick, luxurious black hair pulled back to keep it out of her face, and she was wearing a simple white blouse and a faded pair of blue jeans, but she looked positively ethereal. I looked around me and I saw at least five guys—ranging in age from fifteen to about fifty—looking at her and obviously seeing the same thing I was seeing.

Allie herself seemed blissfully unaware of the stir she was causing. Finally she saw me, and she broke into a huge, uncomplicated grin, and she was once again the happy and innocent kid I remembered. Seconds later we were hugging each other, and I was saying, “When did you get so beautiful?”

She shrugged happily. “Genetic accident,” she said. “Where’s Escher? And where’s Nick?”

“He’s not allowed in the airport, silly. But he said to tell you ‘Hello.'”

“Escher?” she asked. “Or Nick?”

“Both,” I answered. “But Nick’s out of town this week, so you can’t flirt with him.” I took her hand and guided her toward a pair of chairs not far from the carousel, and we spent the next fifteen minutes catching up on things while the rest of the passengers claimed their bags. Eventually we were the only ones left, and Allie’s two small suitcases were the only objects left on the carousel. We each grabbed one and made our way to the parking garage.

D.C. is nice in the spring if you can ignore the crippling allergens. I rolled down the car windows and Allie put her head back on the seat, still talking but obviously tired from the long trip. She’d eaten a bit on the plane and didn’t want to stop for dinner, so I simply drove us home.

Some endless time later, long after the sun had gone down—getting anywhere in or around the nation’s capital is a time-consuming chore—I pulled the car into my driveway and shut off the ignition. Allie had fallen asleep as we were driving, so I took both bags and went to unlock the door. Then I let Escher out very quickly, so he wouldn’t jump all over Allie when she walked in the door, and finally I returned to the car and woke her up. She smiled when she saw me, and said, “Weird dreams. Are we home?”

“Home,” I agreed. “Can you make it into the house?”

“I’m a big girl,” she said. She yawned and then crawled out of the car, and she managed to make it to the door without my assistance.

Escher was already barking to come inside as soon as I closed the door, so I went to get him while Allie used the bathroom.

When I returned, Allie was out of the bathroom and was staring in open wonder at the object that was taking up most of my living room. She had obviously picked up her bags, intending to put them away, but she’d let them fall to the floor again as her jaw fell open in disbelief. Without turning her head, she said, very slowly, “That looks like… it looks like a….”

“It is,” I said, smiling at her profile. “Remember I always told you I’d get a Bösendorfer?”

She let Escher jump all over her and give her a series of wet, sloppy kisses, and then she pushed him off her and walked up to the big, imposing black piano. She ran her fingers very gently across the keys, without causing the hammers to strike. “It’s beautiful,” she whispered. “But how…?”

“I found someone selling it online. It’s about ninety years old, so it wasn’t too horribly expensive… but don’t tell Mom and Dad yet. It probably cost more than their first house.”

“Did you have it tuned yet?” she asked, finally looking at me.

“Just a few days ago. You can play it—it’s not a museum piece.”

Allie shook her head. “I’m too tired… but maybe tomorrow. I just want to lie down on the couch for, like, thirty-six hours… But could you play for me? Please?”

“It’ll keep you awake,” I argued. “If you want to sleep, just sleep. We can both play it tomorrow.”

“Sarah, stop being mean. Can’t you coddle me a little?”

I laughed and finally agreed to play. I cleared off the sofa and found her a pillow and blanket, and she seemed to be falling asleep even as her body descended onto the pillow. I went into the kitchen and brought her back a tall glass of water filled with ice cubes, knowing she’d wake up thirsty before too long, and then I returned to the kitchen and extracted an Italian Barolo from my modest wine rack. I poured myself a glass, took a long, decadent sip, and then walked across the room to the piano bench. Escher saw where I was headed and found a comfortable spot underneath the piano, presumably so he could reach my toes quickly if he felt the need to lick me.

Since Allie was sleeping I didn’t want to play anything that would disturb her too much. I looked through my sheet music, and finally settled on Rimsky-Korsakov’s “Song of India”. I started playing and very quickly lost myself in the instrument’s beautiful tone, and in the song’s rather moving, uncomplicated beauty. I had the windows open, and a faint breeze was making the curtains dance as I played, and in my imagination it was the notes that were rustling the fabric, drifting through the room.

When I was finished, I moved on to Debussy’s “Reverie” and first “Arabesque”, pausing between each song to take a few more sips from the wine glass. Then “The Nearness of You”, one of Allie’s favorites, and by the time I was finished with “Stardust”, my glass was empty and my hands were starting to get tired. I silently cursed my piano teacher for not beating me when I refused to learn the proper wrist positioning, and then I quietly closed the keyboard cover and walked around to the sofa, looking down at Allie.

She was smiling sleepily in the near darkness of the room. “Thank you, maestro… or would it be maestress? Sounds like mistress….” Her voice trailed off as I made my way into the kitchen, and she was still talking, half-asleep and not making a terrible amount of sense, when I returned with two glasses of wine. I pushed her legs aside so I could sit down at the end of the sofa, and put her glass beside her head on the coffee table.

“I knew there was a reason I flew out here,” she murmured, sitting up enough to drink the wine. She drank almost half the glass immediately, and then set it back down on the table. “Yum,” she said.

“A born sommelier.” I laughed. “So what do you want to do tonight?”

She slid back down on the sofa, smiling guiltily. “Would it be awful if we just stayed here tonight? And watched television, maybe? Or you could watch television… and I could fall asleep with my head in your lap?”

“Of course we can stay home,” I said immediately. “But you haven’t slept in my lap since you were ten years old, Allie.”

She yawned, then said, “Oh, please, Sarah? Please….” The word became a long, drawn-out whine, and finally I laughed again and said I wouldn’t argue if she wanted to regress a little for one night.

We talked for a few more minutes about home-town gossip, and we both gave Escher some much-needed attention while we finished our wine and enjoyed the cool spring evening. Then Allie got up and brought her bags into the guest bedroom, while I turned on the television and tried to find something interesting to watch. By the time she came back out, dressed in a silky white nightgown, I had settled on an old Cary Grant/Ingrid Bergman movie.

“That nightgown was too small for you a year ago,” I said, as Allie came around to the sofa. “I can’t believe Dad even lets you wear it around the house.”

“He doesn’t,” she admitted, and then another yawn escaped her. “Sorry… I know it’s too small but it’s my favorite. It makes me happy.”

“We’ll buy you a new one while we’re here,” I promised. “Now get out of the way. You’re blocking my view of Cary Grant’s head.”

She slid down onto the sofa and rested her head in my lap, facing toward the screen. Ingrid Bergman was drunk and behind the wheel of her car, and she was doing her best to wipe the smug look off Cary Grant’s face by driving too fast and swerving from one side of the highway to another. It was funny to think that drunk driving could seem romantic in the forties. I was about to say something to Allie about it when I realized she was already snoring, very lightly, into my lap.

Well, so much for us bonding tonight. I put my hand on her head and began stroking her hair very gently as she drifted into a deeper sleep, and I let Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant carry me with them to South America, where a dangerous assignment awaited all three of us.

At some point I must have drifted off to sleep, too. When I woke up I still had my hand resting on Allie’s head, but the movie must have already ended because Doris Day was now on the screen. I wasn’t in the mood for her—Ingrid Bergman had a certain dark and elegant eroticism to her that I loved, and it was hard to switch from her to bright, innocent Doris Day. So I switched channels until I found Conan O’Brien.

Allie was in the same position on the couch, except that she had turned her head away from the television so that she was facing my stomach instead. She made a happy purring sound in her sleep when she felt me stroking her hair again, making me smile.

Looking down at her, I saw that her nightgown had ridden up to the very tops of her thighs. Maybe because of the wine I’d had earlier, I found myself staring at the backs of her thighs, and my neck and the top of my chest were starting to feel flushed. I had a sudden urge to put my hand on her, to feel her skin under my fingers.

I shook my head to dispel the thoughts, and looked back up at the television. Conan O’Brien was about halfway through his monologue, but I had the sound down so low that I couldn’t hear any of it. I kept watching it anyway. Ten minutes later I realized I’d gone back to staring at my sister’s thighs without even being aware of it.

Allie’s legs were slightly apart on the couch, and as I watched she moved her hips just a bit, trying to get more comfortable in her sleep. Her thighs were too far away for me to reach without knocking her off my lap, so instead I put my hand on her back just below her shoulder blades, and I started massaging her very gently. She made a contented little sleep noise and I felt her relax even more, nestling more snugly into my lap. I kept moving my hand, and all the while I was looking at the shape of her body, the way the small of her back blended so perfectly into the curves of her butt, the way her thighs looked soft and vulnerable despite the firmness of her muscles.

It wasn’t a conscious decision, but suddenly I was tugging very gently on Allie’s nightgown, exposing the bottom of her little white panties. Her own bottom was wonderfully round, and as much as I had wanted to caress her thighs before, now I had a maddening desire to slide my fingers across her ass and across the smooth, soft fabric of her panties. And maybe… since I was already down there… to slip my hand underneath.

Now my face was getting flushed, and the thought came to me that not only was I lusting after a woman, but the woman happened to be my baby sister. I’ve been curious about girls before, but the most I ever did was kiss my roommate once in college, when we were both drunk on champagne just after finals. (It lasted about fifteen seconds and it seemed very innocent and surrealistic and sensual, and then she put her hand between my thighs and we both suddenly looked at each other and got freaked out, and that was the end of it.)

I guess I should have felt mortified, now, but it didn’t feel lecherous to me: it was just that she looked so soft and beautiful, and inviting. I pulled the nightgown up even more, and this time I had to tug harder because her body was holding it down, so I did it slowly. I was rewarded, a few seconds later, with the sight of Allie’s ass, glowing faintly in the dim light reflected by the television. Her panties were thin and almost transparent, and they didn’t quite cover the cleft of her ass completely.

As I looked at it, I had a sudden and graphic picture of a cock sliding into her, spreading open her tight, cute little butt while I watched. I wondered if she’d ever taken a cock that way, or if she’d ever fantasized about it, maybe even stuck a dildo up inside her ass as she played the fantasy out in her mind.

I could feel my pussy tingling, and it didn’t help that Allie’s head was resting against it, or that I could feel her warm, relaxed breath on my stomach. I moved my eyes back to the screen, suddenly angry with myself for what I’d been thinking. My whole body was becoming tense, and it felt ridiculous.

But it was as if I’d become possessed, and within a minute or two I was looking back down at her, and I had pulled up her nightgown far enough to see the long, smooth line of her back, which—almost magically—drew my eyes down, to the small of her back and then to the little dimples at the top of her butt.

Suddenly Allie shivered in her sleep, and I quickly pushed the nightgown back down as much as I could. The shock of her almost waking up helped me recover the senses I’d apparently lost, and I decided it was past bedtime for both of us.

I woke her up as gently as I could, and whispered that it was time for bed.

“Okay,” she said. Then she fell back asleep.

I let her sleep for two or three more minutes, and then I woke her up again. “Don’t fall back asleep,” I said, “or I’ll spank you.”

“You wouldn’t dare,” she murmured, but she finally sat up. I helped her stand up, and I let her put her arm around my shoulder as we walked together toward her room. She started giggling when we were halfway there, and rested almost all of her weight against me. When we were almost to the door she suddenly stopped, and said sleepily, “Aren’t we going to sleep in the same bed?”

I blinked at this. “You don’t want your own bed?”

She shrugged, her eyes still half-closed. “Maybe tomorrow. It would be fun to sleep together, like when we were kids….” Then she seemed to wake up a bit, and she said quickly, “Sorry, I know that’s silly. I’ll go in the guest room.”

“No, no, I don’t mind.” I grinned. “As long as you don’t kick me like you did when you were four.”

Five minutes later I had tucked her in and kissed her on the forehead, and she was already snoring lightly when I turned off the light and slipped quietly into the bathroom to shower.

While I showered I thought about everything and felt relieved that nothing else had happened. It was ridiculous on every level—even if I could get past the incest taboo, and that didn’t seem as if it would be incredibly difficult, what would Allie think? She was a little angel, as pure as anyone I’d ever known.

As I was standing under the hot water trying to convince myself of these things, my hand had worked its way between my soapy thighs and was now tracing lazy, perfect circles around my clit. When I realized what I was doing I pulled my hand away, a little regretfully—I like playing with myself— but I was afraid it would make me even hornier when I crawled into bed beside Allie.

I got out of the shower and dried myself off, then hung up the towel and turned off the bathroom light as I opened the door to the bedroom. Enough light was coming through the room’s single window that I could see pretty well, so I didn’t need to turn on the bedside lamp to find my way to my dresser.

I walked across the room, planning to grab a fresh pair of panties and a T-shirt out of my dresser—a minor concession to Allie, since I prefer to sleep in the nude most of the time—and then something caught my eye.

I turned my head toward the bed, and saw that Allie had not only kicked off most of her covers, she’d pulled off her nightgown and panties as well. She was lying on her side, facing the middle of the bed, and she had pushed one of her pillows down so she could squeeze it between her thighs while she slept.

My hand was on the dresser drawer. I pulled it back, realizing it didn’t make any sense to feign modesty with Allie if she was going to sleep in the nude herself. I went around to the other side of the bed and got in as quietly as I could manage. I like to sleep on my side, too, so I curled up in a position that was almost identical to Allie’s, with my back to her, and then I surprised myself by falling asleep almost immediately.

One strange dream blended into the next, and almost every single dream had some kind of sexual aspect to it (the price I had to pay for not finishing myself off in the shower, I suppose). At one point, I found myself half-sitting, half-kneeling in bed, while my parents sat in folding chairs just inside the bedroom door, looking on with obvious disapproval. At first I didn’t know why they seemed to disapprove, and then I realized that I was sitting on someone’s face. A soft, lazy tongue was circling around and darting inside my ass, and even though I was embarrassed by my parents’ presence in the room, I lowered myself all the way down onto the unseen face beneath me, grinding my ass onto the stranger’s mouth. The tongue kept flicking across my asshole, tickling me and arousing me at the same time.

I finally thought to look down, and there was Allie’s body stretched out underneath me. I gasped but instead of jumping off, I pushed down even more, shoving my ass down into her unseen face, forcing her tongue back into my asshole….

My eyes snapped open, and in the sudden darkness I tried to figure out what I’d been dreaming and why it had me so shaken. Then I felt Allie’s body pushed up against mine, and felt her warm, sleeping breath against the back of my neck. She had curled up against me the way she had as a little girl sometimes, and she had kicked away the pillow between her thighs so she could wrap her leg across my hip. I could feel her soft breasts against my back, and one of her arms was draped loosely around my torso. The dream came back to me with startling clarity, and I felt such a complex mixture of excitement and guilt that it was dizzying.

The guilt faded quickly, maybe because guilt seems so unnecessary, so pointless, in the darkness. I pressed my ass back against her, the way I might have pressed it into my boyfriend’s cock while he was spooning me. Then I very gingerly slid her arm up, finally letting it come to rest across my chest, with one delicate hand brushing against my nipple. Feeling her hand on my breast, even while I knew that she was asleep, made my nipples harden and begin to ache. After a few seconds she squeezed me gently, as if she was just putting her fingers around something in her dream, and my nipples crinkled painfully in response. I stayed that way for almost half an hour, with my ass pushed up as close to my sister’s pussy as I could make it go, and with her pretty hand unconsciously cupping my breast.

Eventually I knew I wasn’t going to be satisfied with this. I needed more, and the sexual excitement I felt was intense enough that I was starting to feel reckless. I slipped my body out from underneath her, then pressed another pillow up against her as she started to roll over. She ended up mostly on her stomach, with her right leg pulled up and over the pillow.

I pushed myself off the bed and walked quietly around to the other side. Allie shifted a little but didn’t wake up, and for a few seconds I did nothing except stare at her naked body lying across the covers, while I dreamily played with my clit with one hand and my nipples with the other. I wished there was more light in the room so I could see every inch of her clearly, but I didn’t want to risk waking her up or (just maybe) snapping out of the feverish sexual daze into which I’d fallen.

My body moved forward as if pulled by some unseen hand, and I crawled onto the bed behind her, as silently and unobtrusively as a cat. Then, breathing hard and unevenly, I got down on my stomach and lowered my head in the direction of her ass. Her smell was intoxicating—why had I never realized how wonderful a woman could smell? I realized that one of the smells was perfume—Obsession. I recognized it because I wear it, too, but it smelled different on Allie, or maybe it was only because she had sprayed it between her legs, and I was smelling it now mixed in with the natural scents of her pussy and her ass…. I was helpless to do anything except move my face closer, so that’s what I did, until finally I was as close to her ass as I could get without actually touching her. I breathed in her scent, and now I was grinding against my hand on the bed, trying to play with myself without jarring the bed and waking up Allie.

She seemed to be sound asleep, so I thought that maybe I could just give her the tiniest kiss. I gently pressed my face into the shadows of her butt and planted a delicate kiss around her asshole, letting my tongue slide around the smooth, wrinkled skin with only the barest of pressure. She tasted wonderful, her ass tasted sweet and soft and feminine. I thought about Nick, and what he would think if he could see me like this, with my face stuck inside my sister’s ass as she slept, and it made me grind against my hand even harder. I was amazed at how much I loved her scent, how dizzy it made me, and I whimpered a little as I masturbated, now totally disoriented by all the sensations.

Finally I couldn’t take it any longer. I pushed myself away from Allie and fumbled around in the drawer of the nightstand until I found what I wanted. The vibrator buzzed to life, and I sat back against the headboard and spread my knees, keeping my feet pressed together in front of me. I could see Allie starting to wake up next to me, but that only made me hornier. I pushed the tip of the vibrator into my pussy, gasping as it opened me up, and then I pulled it free and dragged it up to my clit. I circled it gently around by swollen button, and now I was shaking and sweating and panting. I stuffed the vibrator back into my pussy, and this time I pushed it all the way up inside me, holding it there as I worked my clit with my hand.

Allie was sitting up in the bed by this point, watching me. At first I thought she was going to run out of the room, or gasp in shock at what I was doing… and then I saw the motion of her arm, and I knew that she was touching herself as she watched me. She was mostly in shadow, since I was blocking some of the moonlight in the room, but my eyes were on her anyway, and she must have known that I wanted to see her because she moved out from the shadows and kneeled right in front of me on the bed, only inches away from my knees.

“I want to see,” she whispered, and she leaned closer on the bed. As she moved forward she brought one hand down on my knee to steady herself, and my body reacted to her touch as if I’d been electrocuted.

“Allie….” I whispered back, but I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t know what I wanted. My pussy was throbbing and my clit felt as if it was on fire, and all I could think of was Allie’s smell.

Suddenly she reached out her arm, and then I felt her cool, soft fingers pressing down on the hand that I was using to massage my clit. She followed the motion of my hand, trying to feel what I was feeling, and she lowered her body down between my legs to get comfortable, keeping one of her own hands underneath her body and between her thighs.

She was content to just feel me playing with myself, but suddenly I wasn’t content. I lifted my hand and before she could react I clamped it down over hers, forcing her onto my clit. She whispered my name and I moaned, keeping her hand in place, and then she began to rub me gently, letting me guide her hand with mine.

“Touch me,” I said, a little louder now. “Please feel my pussy, Allie….”

Her head was getting lower and lower, and soon her face was almost right up against me. She took her other hand out of her cunt and used it to grab hold of the end of the vibrator, and then suddenly she was doing everything, fucking me with the vibrator and using her lovely fingers on my clit, and I put my hands around her face as I watched it all, thinking that I was more turned on at this moment than I’d ever been in my entire life. My whole body was sheathed in sweat now, and I could feel the sweat on Allie’s arms where they pressed up against the inside of my thighs.

“Sarah,” she whispered, “I want you to come, Sarah….”

That was all I needed. It was as if I was hit with three or four orgasms at the same time, not one after the other in a nice smooth progression but all at once, and I bucked against Allie’s hand and squeezed my legs together, inadvertently pushing my sister’s head down into my pussy. My thighs locked around her head as the next wave hit me, and then the vibrator was being pulled out of me, and then… oh christ… then Allie’s mouth was on me, sucking on my clit, and I clamped my legs around her even tighter and started shaking. Without thinking, I started bucking my hips, thrusting my pussy up to meet her tongue and her lips.

“Oh, god, Allie,” I panted. “Eat me… please eat me….”

She moaned and the vibrations echoed through my clit and through my whole body, and then suddenly I was turning her on the bed, pushing her onto her back with her head still trapped between my legs, until I ended up on top of her. “Don’t stop eating me,” I told her. “Don’t stop, don’t fucking stop….”

She needed no encouragement. I slid forward and backward on her face, making it easy for her to alternate between sucking my clit and lapping at the juices that were flowing out of my cunt. Now that her hands were free, she grabbed hold of my ass, and whenever I pulled away from her mouth she pulled me back down. I stayed on top of her that way, fucking her beautiful mouth with wild abandon, for what seemed like an eternity. It was as if a complete stranger had taken over my body, and I heard the stranger telling Allie to keep eating that pussy, to lick that cunt, to suck the cum out of that fucking pussy.

After an endless time, I lifted myself off her and turned to face the other direction, still straddling her head. Before she could say a word or ask what I was doing, I pushed my ass down into her face, spreading the cheeks so I could bury her inside me. Her tongue found my asshole immediately, and I started moving my hips around in a slow, tight circle, grinding my ass into her face and letting her pleasure me, forcing her to do what she’d done to me in my dream. And if, as in my dream, our parents had suddenly appeared at the foot of the bed, it would have only made me grind against her even harder.

“Good girl,” I said, looking down at her naked body sprawled beneath me. Her hand had found its way back to her pussy, and she was feverishly playing with herself again. “Suck my ass, Allie,” I said. “Kiss my little asshole and spread your legs wide for me… show me how much you like to suck me….”

Allie’s legs opened and her knees came up into the air, and her fingers started moving faster. I knew she needed some release, and I planned to give it to her. I let her fuck my ass with her tongue for another minute, and then I lowered myself onto her body, pressing my slick, sweaty breasts against her abdomen. Then I lowered my head and opened my mouth, and dragged my tongue down, very slowly, from her pretty little navel to the top of her neatly trimmed pubic mound, and then down even farther, until I was inside the lips of her pussy. I put my mouth around her clit and she cried out, her whole body stiffening beneath me. I closed my lips over the swollen nub and swirled my tongue across its surface, sucking gently but persistently, and she responded by squeezing her own thighs together around my face. Her aroused scent and the incredible mental picture I had of what we were doing was making me feel crazed, and I started lapping at her wet pussy and feeding on her clit with a kind of gentle, savage fury. I wanted to suck every ounce of juice out of her body, I wanted her to explode in my mouth just as I exploded in hers. I slid my hands under her ass and used one finger to play with her asshole as I ate her, and Allie responded by doing the same thing to me, and now we were both devouring each other and neither of us could see or hear anything because of the sweaty thighs that were keeping us both locked in place.

Suddenly I felt, more than heard, Allie’s low-pitched, animal groan, and she began pumping herself against my mouth like a wild horse as she began to come. Her mouth slipped off my pussy as she lost herself in the orgasm, but I started to come again anyway. Tears of exhaustion and astonishment were running down my face and mixing with Allie’s sweat and cum, and I licked up all of it, everything that was within reach of my hungry lips. The orgasm blinded me with its power, making every nerve ending on my body ultra-sensitive, so that even the slightest touch from Allie, anywhere on my body, was enough to trigger another exhausting wave. I imagined myself unloading in her mouth, feeding my cum to her, and I sucked her dry as I pictured and felt her doing the same to me.

Eventually we both relaxed our thighs enough to ease the grip we had around each other’s heads, but otherwise we didn’t move for a long, long time. I thought she had finally fallen asleep, and then she startled me by getting up on her hands and knees on the bed.

“Sarah,” she said, her voice hoarse and shaky.

“Sweetheart,” I whispered back, touching her face in the semi-darkness.

“Please… fuck me.”

For a few seconds I didn’t say anything, I didn’t move or even breathe. Then I sat all the way up on the bed, so that my face was only inches from hers. I said, “Okay, Allie.”

I climbed off the bed and went to the closet, then turned on the light so I could find the box that was hidden in the very back of the room. I opened the box and found what I needed—a strap-on kit that had been given to me by an adventurous boyfriend a few years back. It came with a variety of different cocks, and I picked one that was realistic and a good size, not terribly long but quite thick. Then I turned off the light and quietly closed the closet door.

As I turned and approached the bed, holding both the cock and the harness, Allie said, “Wait.”

She was kneeling on the bed, facing me, her body backlit by the moon. Just seeing her silhouette made my nipples crinkle again.

“What is it?” I whispered. “If you’re afraid, Allie….”

“It’s not that,” she said. Her voice was strange and desperate as she added, “Turn on the light, Sarah.” When I hesitated, she said with conviction, “I want you to see me. I want you… to look at my body while you fuck me… to look at my face… to watch me come….” She lifted her head a little, and her voice was plaintive as she said, “Do you want to see me, Sarah?”

I was shaking, now. “More than anything,” I said. I leaned over and fumbled with the lamp beside the bed, finally locating the switch, and then suddenly the room was filled with soft, golden light.

I turned and looked at Allie. Still kneeling in the same position, her arms were down at her sides, covering nothing, and her thighs were slightly opened. Her face was sweaty and flushed and her gorgeous hair fell in a tangled clump across her shoulders. I was filled with something like awe at how sexual she looked, how raw and perfect and uncorrupted.

Her mouth was open a tiny bit, and her eyes were on mine. And because I knew she wanted me to look at her—really look at her—that’s what I did. I moved my eyes down her slick, golden body, taking in her exquisite breasts and her painfully hard nipples, noticing the pink flush that spread across her chest as she saw my eyes travel down her body. Her chest moved in time with her quick, shallow breasts, and I followed a single bead of sweat as it glided down from between her breasts, across her abdomen, and then dissipated as it approached her bellybutton. My eyes kept moving down, and now I was looking at her lovely, delicate pussy. The few hairs around it glistened with sweat and saliva and her own cum, and the lips were pink and inflamed. I gave it one last, lingering glance, and then I moved my eyes onward, staring at the taut muscles in her thighs as she tried to keep herself still on the bed. I could see the muscles twitch under her moist skin as my eyes moved across them, and I felt my own legs start to weaken.

I climbed on the bed and Allie moved aside to give me room, sliding down onto her butt and opening her legs. With her mouth still slightly open and her eyes glassy, she watched me strap on the harness and then attach the prosthetic cock. She looked up at my breasts, so much like her own, and then finally up at my face. I slid forward on the bed, getting closer to her, and she laid her head back on the pillow and spread her legs even more, as wide as they would go. She closed her eyes and put her arms out beside her, palms and fingers digging into the sheets as she waited for me to fuck her.

I guided the head of the cock toward her, letting it rest for a moment against her still swollen clit. Then I rubbed it gently from side to side, very slowly, and Allie’s grip on the bed sheets tightened.

“Please,” she whispered.

I moved the head down a short distance, until it was right up against her wet, aching hole. Then I pushed forward about an inch, amazed at how much I was enjoying this…. I let go of the shaft and put both of my hands down on the bed around Allie’s body, and as I brought my weight down on her she started to shake. I was worried that it might be too thick for her, but she suddenly arched her back and said, “Do it, Sarah. Just fuck me!”

Overcome with emotion, I slid all the way inside her. She cried out as the fat cock split her open, but almost immediately she started moving against me. She wrapped her legs around my hips and pulled me forward, and then my mouth was on her mouth, finding and devouring her tongue, even as I lifted my ass and started working the cock in and out of her pussy. I found her hands on the bed and lifted her arms so they were pinned beneath me, and I pressed my entire body up against hers, making sure that both our clits were being stimulated by the contact. The kissing alone was making me dizzy, and the feeling of Allie’s legs clamped around my butt as I fucked her was unexpectedly amazing….

I kept my mouth on hers and felt her moaning around my tongue, and I felt her body start to shake beneath me. She started bucking wildly against me, and I responded by fucking her more roughly, using shorter, faster strokes instead of the long and gentle strokes with which I’d started. I let go of her hands and she immediately wrapped her arms around me, pulling me in close, and then her hands were all over my back and my sides, and I felt her struggling to feel my breasts, which were mashed up against her own, so I pushed myself up on my arms so she could reach them.

I closed my eyes as she found my nipples and played with them, and I knew that I was probably fucking her too hard now but I couldn’t stop, and then I opened my eyes and she was looking back at me, and she said, “Almost there, don’t stop, Sarah….”

I lowered my head to kiss her again, and then I simply lost myself in our fucking, and we were turning on the bed now, and suddenly I looked up and Allie was on top of me, her hair falling down in my face, pumping her little ass up and down on the cock. She brought her head down and began sucking one of my nipples, making me shiver, and when she lifted her mouth I grabbed her head and brought her back down over my breast, and then I was lost in ecstasy at what she was doing to me, and at the way she looked as she fucked me, as I fucked her.

Finally I lifted her head and brought her mouth to mine again, and I felt tears coming down her face. She pushed her tongue deep into my mouth, her whole body trembling on top of me, and then I knew she was coming. I wrapped my arms around her and kept her still, gently moving the cock around inside of her, and then she broke free from the kiss and cried out again. My own orgasm finally hit, and Allie lowered herself onto my body so I could squeeze and clutch her as I rode it out.

A long time later, after the trembling had subsided and we were both breathing normally again, Allie finally rolled off me. She didn’t move away, though, keeping her body turned and her breasts pushed up against me. And then she started to giggle. I looked at her face and started laughing, too, and I don’t think either one of us knew why were laughing.

“When I talk to Mom and Dad,” she said, her eyes sparkling, “I’m going to tell them that we really bonded this week….”

“Sometimes,” I added, “two or three times a night.”

And then we were both laughing again, softly but easily. I turned off the light, and eventually we fell asleep, both of us drifting off on the echoes of our laughter like the notes of a song.

The End


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  1. Amanda Lynn says:

    A very hot and sexy little story. Wonder if Sarah will ditch the boyfriend now?

  2. revelnit says:

    Very good, good build up. The giving in to temptation on Sarah’s part was fun to watch. I played Rimsky-Korsakov’s “Song of India” while I read. It helped.

  3. eloquent delinquent says:

    What a wonderful story, expertly paced and described. I felt the love and misgivings, as well as the heat. Inspiring stuff!

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