My Curious Daughter Brenda

  • Posted on June 2, 2019 at 2:26 pm

by JetBoy

Author’s Note: This is an adaptation of a story that appears twice at the Nifty Archive under different titles, both versions posted by different people who claim not to have written it. (In my boundless travels through the online universe of lesbian erotica, I’ve never seen hide nor hair of the original.) I thought the plot was sizzling hot, but the prose was clunky in the extreme, filled with poorly deployed punctuation, and without an ending to speak of. So I rewrote it from top to bottom for my own personal pleasure, and now offer it up here for your potential enjoyment. Thanks to whoever wrote the story in the first place for the inspiration. (See comments below for a link to that version.) Yrs, JetBoy


The last time my daughter Brenda was on break from college, I was a bit taken aback at her new hairstyle. All her life she’d had long hair, but now it was cut short. Oh, I kept mine that way, too — but that was the fashion for older women in our community. It was a very unusual choice for a young girl like Brenda.

“I’m not sure how I feel about that style, Brenda,” I said, dicing up carrots for the beef stew I was making. “I mean — don’t you think it looks like a boy’s haircut?”

She shrugged. “That’s the way I wanted it, Mom.”

“So what do your friends think?”

“Oh, I don’t care too much what they think. I know my best friend likes it. She says it makes me look totally hot.”

It was true that Brenda had grown into an attractive young woman. She was a slight five foot four but had a beautiful, shapely figure that had filled out nicely.

Sweeping the carrots from the cutting board into the pot, I found myself wondering about her love life. Did she have a boyfriend? Was she sexually active? She didn’t talk about it, if she was.

I found myself unable to keep from asking, “Are you, um, dating anyone, Brenda?”

She smiled and murmured, “Maybe…”

“Maybe?” I asked wryly. “Are you going to make me pry?”

“Well, you’re aw-ful-ly good at it,” she giggled.

“I mean, I’ve been wondering. Are you, well, sexually involved with anybody?”

Brenda stood in thought. “Oh, I’ve had a couple of boyfriends, nothing serious. But…”


“Well, I am seeing someone,” she said mysteriously, “but not in the way you might think.” She made a face. “Hmmm… how can I explain it…”

“Oh, God. He’s not married, is he?”

She giggled. “Cold, mom… very cold.”

“Older? A teacher?” my eyes widened.   

“Colder,” she smiled.

“Is he black? I mean, there’s nothing wrong with that–“

Freezing, she murmured, leaning back against the counter. Her breasts jutted out nicely in the t-shirt she wore.

Frustrated by her amusement, I threw up my hands. “Fine! I give up already! Who is he?”

She looked at me thoughtfully. “Well, Mom, he… is a she.”

I thought I would faint. “A girl? Y-you’re gay?” I gasped, putting a hand to my mouth.

She shook her head. “No, no, I’m not exactly gay… calm down, Mom. Shit, I didn’t plan to — but you did ask about my sex life.”

I sat down at the table. “How can you not be gay… and be, um–“

“It’s not like that,” she assured me as she took a chair. “We’re not, like, in love or anything. I consider myself bisexual, I guess. I just, I don’t know… decided to experiment. I mean, it just happened. And I liked it. I still like it. Anyhow, she’s really pretty, and we’re good friends. We just, y’know, wanted to try stuff out.” She blushed. “Jeez Louise, this is way more embarrassing than I thought it would be!”

“So…” I stammered. “h-have you two… you know–” She just gazed at me evenly, her expression saying it all. “Oh, God!” I gasped, blushing. “You have!”

The idea unnerved me something fierce — yet, at the same time, I felt an unexpected prickle of arousal at the image that suddenly flashed to life in my mind: my daughter Brenda, making love with another girl.

“What does she look like?” I asked. My heart was pounding, and I wasn’t certain why.

Brenda pulled a small coin pouch from her jeans and carefully extracted a photo from it. “Her name is Kimmie. She’s a freshman. Mom, she’s a really sweet girl. I know you’d like her.”

The picture shook in my fingers and I was giggling nervously, staring at the image of a girl wearing a very tiny bikini. I had to admit that she was adorable. In fact, Kimmie looked a bit like she could be the sister Brenda never had.

“She’s very pretty.” I found myself studying this young girl’s breasts in spite of myself — then, her barely concealed vulva. Had Brenda touched her there?

“I’m glad you think so. I mean, it’s a real relief you’re taking this so well,” Brenda said.

“Well, I’m a little shocked, I admit… but as long as you’re happy, honey, then I’m glad for you,” I said quietly.

“Thanks, Mom,” Brenda said, all smiles. She opened her arms to hug me.

Our hug wasn’t the same now. Not with these images in my head. I hugged her and felt something sexual, deep in the core of my belly. Her breasts against mine… 

“Oops! I’ve got to get the rest of these veggies chopped,” I said, quickly moving away and back to the counter, reaching for an onion. And with that, the subject was closed, at least for the moment.


I spent the next few days trying desperately to purge the image of Brenda and Kimmie out of my mind, without much success. I kept picturing that beautiful girl in the bikini, in bed and making love with my daughter. Part of me was fascinated, another part disturbed and another part… aroused. 

It’s funny, but bisexuality was something I’d never given much thought to before. I don’t know why — I’d always assumed I was straight and left it at that. But something about Brenda’s revelation had aroused my curiosity about lesbian love. I wanted to ask her so many questions — intimate, sexual questions. Things I could hardly bring myself to discuss with anyone, let alone my daughter. And in spite of my best intentions, these confused feelings made me rather timid around her.

She seemed to sense this, somehow — and three days later, when her father Mark was away, gone with his buddies to a baseball game, she brought the subject up.

I’d just taken out a load of laundry and was folding the linens when she sat on the arm of the sofa, watching me work. I gave her a fleeting smile, but said nothing.

After a moment, she hesitantly spoke. “Mom? You seem more, I don’t know — distant, all of a sudden. Is it because of this thing with Kimmie and me?”

“Well, honey…” I started, then fell silent, deeply embarrassed.

“I’m not in love with her or anything, Mom. I mean, we’re really just good friends who get sexual sometimes. I mean, I could be going out with some boy in a couple of weeks, who knows?”

I was relieved to hear that, yet strangely… a bit disappointed.

“Honestly, Brenda, I didn’t have a real problem with it. Really, if anything, it was just my own imagination.” I gave a shaky laugh. “I guess I just couldn’t stop thinking about it — you having sex with another girl, I mean. I don’t know why, honey, but I — well, I keep wondering, you know…” I blushed hotly, my words stumbling to a full stop. 

“Really?” she replied, arching an eyebrow, then shrugged. “That’s okay. I mean, that’s how I started thinking about it myself. It was about two years ago, when I found out one of my high school friends was gay.”

“Which one?” I asked.

“Remember Helen, the one who played the lead when we did Barefoot in the Park? Turns out that not long after that, she started experimenting with other girls.”

“Oh, my… Valerie’s daughter! Do her parents know?”

Brenda shrugged. “No idea. I don’t really know her that well anymore. I haven’t talked to her since she told me about it — guess I was sorta spooked by the whole thing.”

“But then, afterwards…”

“Yeah, it got me thinking. Wondering, you know? So when Kimmie and I got to be good friends, we talked about it a couple of times. Well, one night we were both a little drunk, she and I got carried away — things just sort of happened. Turns out that we both enjoyed it. A lot.”

“Well, I’m sorry if I seemed distant to you, honey. I was a bit embarrassed, I guess. I mean, it felt pretty strange, getting all aroused thinking about a — a sexual situation that involves your own daughter! It just got me curious, you know, about what’s it like. I wanted to ask you, but…” 

Suddenly it struck me what I’d just admitted to Brenda: that I’d become excited while picturing her engaged in lesbian sex! How in God’s name had that slipped out?

Brenda nodded thoughtfully. “Well, if you want to know, Mom, it’s really great, making love to another girl… a very sensuous experience. I mean, girls are so warm and soft in bed. And they know more about how to take their time about, um, making you feel good, y’know?” Brenda ran a hand through her closely cropped hair. “Anyhow, I can see why you’d be curious about it, Mom, and as for thinking about me… well, it’s not like, you know, you want to go to bed with me or anything.”

“Honey!” I gasped. “That’s not what I meant! I only thought about — about what it would be like. I certainly don’t have any intention of… I don’t even know anyone — I mean, any lesbian women.” I laughed nervously. “Who knows? Maybe when I was younger, I would have… ” I fell silent and, not knowing what to say next, simply stood there, feeling like an awkward school kid.

Brenda grinned. “Yeah, I guess things just sort of clicked with me and Kimmie. I can see why you might be kinda curious, though.” She patted my arm. “Nothing wrong with that, Mom. It’s only natural.”

By then I was blushing hotly, unable to meet her gaze. Just then, the phone rang. I grabbed it almost gratefully — saved by the bell!

It was my husband Mark, calling to let me know that his team had won, and he and his friends were going to unwind with a few hands of poker at someone’s apartment, so I shouldn’t wait up for him. I was still a bit distracted, but managed to get through the conversation without giving away my case of nerves. 

By the time I hung up, Brenda had left the room. I went back to folding clothes, a little shaken and confused by what had just transpired between my daughter and me. Why was I so obsessed with her lesbian activities? Why was my mind filled with images of a naked Brenda, making love to her beautiful young friend? Good grief, what was happening to me?   

I was so lost in thought that I didn’t know Brenda had come back into the room, not until I heard her voice right behind me.  

“Mom…?” she said softly.

Startled, I spun around to face her, then gasped in disbelief. Brenda had stripped to her very skimpy bra and panties.

The shirt I was folding slipped to the floor as I gaped at her foolishly.

She gazed deep into my eyes. “About what you said, Mom… you know, that you were curious, thinking you didn’t know anyone — another woman to… “

I couldn’t think of a damned thing to say, so my expression asked the question for me.

“Well, I mean… not that we had to do like, you know, everything, but if you just wanted to, um, know what it feels like — feels like to fool around…” Her voice trailed off. 

My heart was pounding like a jackhammer. I tried not to stare at Brenda’s near-naked body, but the sight was so breathtaking…   

“Are you, uh…” I swallowed. “Brenda, are you inviting me to… have sex with you? I mean, I’m flattered… but it just sounds so–”   

“Kinky?” she smiled. “I know, Mom, but, well… it’s been so long since I’ve been with Kimmie, and I’m feeling all tingly. Besides, I can see that you want to know about what it’s like. Sex with a woman.”   

“M-maybe so, baby,” I stammered, but–”   

“And I love you so much, Mom,” she murmured, coming closer, stroking my face gently. “I love you and I — I kinda want to, to do things with you. I want to kiss you, really kiss you — and touch you, all over…”    

“You do?” I whispered, my mind spinning.   

“I’ve wanted to for a long time, Mom — ever since that first time with Kimmie. I guess that’s why I told you about me and her in the first place. I wanted to see how you felt about girls… loving each other.”   

I was trembling. Brenda’s eyes shone with passion.

“You’re turned on, Mom. I know you are. You want me to make love to you… don’t you?”   

Oh, God, I did want her, I did! Never before had I felt such naked desire. But this was wrong, so completely wrong! How could I do such a thing with my own daughter?

Brenda’s hand was warm and soft against my cheek, and I swear I could smell her arousal from where I stood. She was so lovely, but I couldn’t… “Brenda,” I gasped, “I don’t think we–”   

“I love you, Mom.” she said, drawing me into her arms. Her lustful gaze held me spellbound for a moment, then her lips brushed lightly against mine. Her mouth was soft and sweet.

We kissed gently at first… then more passionately. Her tongue slipped into my mouth. My arms wound their way around Brenda’s waist as she ground her crotch into me. I could feel the heat and wetness of her pussy through my jeans, and the scent of her skin was intoxicating beyond belief.    

Breaking our kiss, Brenda looked at me expectantly, waiting for me to make the next move. She began to stroke her breasts lightly.

 “Maybe…” I panted, knowing we were nearing the point of no return.

 “Maybe what, Mom?” she purred, pinching her nipples.   

“Maybe we can… start off slow?” I whispered.  

“Sure,” Brenda nodded “I’m fine with that.”

“I, uh… I’m not sure how to…”

She smiled. “I’ll teach you, Mom. I’ll teach you everything.”

“So…” I began, not sure what was supposed to happen next. How you begin a love affair with your own daughter?

“So,” Brenda echoed, “why don’t you sit here, on the back of the couch?” She patted the top of our sectional.

I drew a long, deep breath. Was I ready for this — ready to break at least two taboos?

My fear was flavored with the sexual tension and anticipation that had been simmering in me since Brenda had first confessed the secret of her sexuality. And somehow, the desire I felt was enough to make the fear less powerful.

I hesitantly rounded the couch, climbed onto it and perched on the back, suddenly feeling confined in the worn jeans and faded t-shirt I wore. 

Brenda stood before me, nipples erect behind the flimsy bra, a neatly trimmed pubic triangle clearly visible through her gauzy panties. She placed a hand on my shoulder. “Tell me if you get freaked out, okay?”

“Y-you too,” I nervously replied.

She extended a finger from her hand to graze my neck, then began to trace a line around my throat, making me shiver. Then I felt her lips brush my neck in the softest of kisses.

Unable to help myself, I gasped. Her finger continued on its gradual way, slowly gliding down to my chest, then over my right breast to graze the nipple through my clothes. Her tongue trailed a path up to my ear.   

Oh, I tried not to react, but couldn’t restrain myself. Instead I moaned, every atom of me seething with sexual heat.

This must have encouraged Brenda, because her palm suddenly opened like a spring flower over my right breast. My head spun at how lovely that felt, the warmth of her hand through my t-shirt. She cupped the soft globe, weighing it.

“God, Brenda… this is really turning me on,” I timidly confessed.

“Me too,” she murmured, leaning in close to nibble at my neck.

Her other hand was now fondling my left breast, and my breathing got deeper and faster. The experience of being touched by another woman — my own daughter — was overwhelming. This was without a doubt the hottest, sexiest act I’d ever engaged in!

Her hands left my breasts and slid down to tug at my shirt, pulling it from my jeans. “Am I moving too fast?” Brenda asked in a hoarse whisper, punctuated by a quick nip of my earlobe.

Of course she was going too fast, much too fast — but by then, I was so far gone that I didn’t even think of making her stop.

Her hands unhesitatingly pulled my shirt up and off, then reached around my back. I could feel her breasts against mine as her fingers deftly unfastened my bra clasp. The bra dropped to the floor, and Brenda knelt before me.

I whimpered like a child as her warm mouth covered my nipple. 

“Oooooh Brenda, I’m — oh! Oh, baby, that feels so nice.” I was trembling, throbbing from head to toe.   

She lifted her head from my chest and grinned. “Just wait, Mom — we’re only getting started.” Then she went right back to suckling my right breast, fondling the other with her hand.

Suddenly Brenda raised her face to mine and kissed me deeply, thrusting her tongue into my mouth. Her thigh moved between my legs. As she held me tightly, kissing me like a lover, I felt my baby gently moving her hips against mine, as if she were fucking me.   

Almost automatically, my hands moved to unfasten Brenda’s bra. She gave a happy sigh to let me know this was fine with her, so I stripped it from my daughter as she arched her back.

“God, I can’t believe I’m doing this,” I said, throwing the bra to the floor, “but I want you so much.”

“I wanna fuck you, Mom.” she cooed.

“Do you?” I asked breathlessly.

Her eyes were glazed over with desire… with sex. I leaned forward, gazing up at my beautiful half-naked child, and took the tip of her breast into my mouth. 

It was incredible. I was drunk on the sweet smell, the warmth and softness of her skin, her nipple swelling against my lips — and the forbidden pleasures of incest.

“Oh, Mom!” Brenda gasped. “Yeah… oooooooooooh yes, suck my nipples!”   

Her breasts were warm and soft and delicious… and she cradled my face to her chest as I slid my mouth over her left breast, gently biting the pink tip.

“Oh Jesus, Mom… harder. Oh, yeah, that’s it.” She was shivering now.   

Suddenly Brenda reached for my waist with frantic hands and began to undo my jeans. In seconds she had the zipper down, and I stood up so that she could tug them down to my ankles. I stood, yanked them off and sat back on the couch. Brenda slid out of her panties while I continued to suck on her nipples. She ran a hand up my thighs and into the plain cotton panties I was wearing, her fingers slipping between my legs.

I thrust my ass forward on the couch, legs spreading wide as her finger slid into me.

“Ooooooooh…” I moaned as I put both hands on the couch, bracing myself against Brenda’s loving intrusion.

Her free hand was tugging my panties down and off as her finger started rolling around inside me. Now we were both naked.

“Oh. Ohhhh!” I moaned. “Brenda, that feels so good. So good!   

“Do you like it?” she said playfully, out of breath herself.

“I love it,” I panted, looking down to see her finger pumping into me. “This is so fucking kinky,” I moaned, watching as Brenda played with my dripping cunt.    

“Yeah, that’s it. Watch me fuck you, Mom.” She slipped another finger inside.

“OOOhhhh!… oh, honey, I’m loving this…”

“Me too,” Brenda said. Her legs were wrapped around my thigh, and I could feel her wet pussy against my bare skin. She rubbed her face against my breasts, sucking and biting them as her fingers continued to explore every inch of my vagina.   

Without a thought, I reached for my daughter’s ass and began to caress her. She worked her pussy even harder against my leg as I stroked her beautiful bottom. Then, almost naturally, my hand moved forward between us to slip between her thighs.

“Ohhhh yeah! Oh God, Mom, do me!” she cried, as I slipped two fingers into the raw heat of her vagina.   

What was I doing!? I was having lesbian sex with my daughter. I was finger fucking her. But she felt so wet and warm and slippery, welcoming my steady thrusts. It was incredible, totally different from touching myself. She writhed on my busy fingers.    

We kissed deeply, our hands frantically working at each other’s dripping cunts. Then she took her fingers out of me, brought them to her mouth and licked them, tasting my juices, her face flushed with passion. She then reached down to fondle me again for a sweet instant, then offered her pussy-wet fingers to me.

“Go on, Mom,” she moaned, “taste yourself.”

 I sucked her fingers, savoring my essence, all the while working my own fingers in and out of her hot hole, making her squirm and buck with delight. She was about to come, I knew — then suddenly she grabbed my wrist, stopping me in mid-stroke.

“Mom, I wanna do it, go all the way with you. I want to lick your pussy!” she blurted as she pulled away from me.   

“I…” I tried to say something, anything.

But she was already pulling me towards the middle of the room. “Lie down!” she said excitedly.

The rug was cool and my mind was thinking straighter now. Okay, we’ve already gone too far, maybe we should stop. But even as the thought crossed my mind, I knew that there was no way I was going to back out now.

Brenda faced my feet and straddled my body, a hand at each knee and a knee at each ear. Her thighs moved apart as she lowered her crotch to my face and plunged her tongue deep into me.

I cried out loud. “God! Brenda! OOoohhhh, GOD, honey… oh… ohhhh!” I was nearly screaming. Gulping down a quick breath, I panted, “Is this what you d-did with Kimmie, baby? Did you eat her cunt like this?”

She raised her face, glistening with moisture, from my crotch. “Uh huh… this is what I did to her. Oh, Mom, I love your pussy so much!”

I could hear and feel her feasting on me, lips making wet sounds as her tongue delved into the folds of my vagina.

“OOOoohhhh baby… oh, God this is so GOOD!” My knees were raised, legs spread wide to allow her full access.

“Ooooh, Mom, your pussy is so beautiful! So warm — so wet…”

I looked up at Brenda’s cunt, hovering over my face, glistening with her honey. Oh, God, I was going to do this thing. I had to taste her.

I opened my mouth and covered her flower, slipping my tongue into her moist crevice with one thrust.

Everything about my baby girl’s pussy thrilled me. It was so wet and hot, the juices dripping from her, the taste exploding on my tongue like tart candy. My hands were on her thighs, and Brenda’s hips were rocking back towards me as she whimpered into my wet flesh, pausing from her feast to rub at my clit.

“Oh yeah… OOOohhhh! Suck my cunt, Mom! Deeper… Jesus, your t-tongue feels incredible… OH! Oh, God, I’ve been wanting this so bad!” Then her tongue plunged into me again. Brenda’s mouth seemed to be everywhere on my pussy, her finger rubbing steadily at my clitoris.

This was the most perverted thing I’d ever done — and I loved every minute of it!

Brenda’s hips started gyrating more quickly against my mouth, and I began to quiver like a plucked bowstring as she began to bring me to climax.

That was when she took my clit between her lips and sucked at it — and I exploded in an orgasm I thought would tear me apart.

“Oh God Brenda!” I screamed, “I’m c-c-coming! Oh! OH! OHHHHH!”   

I thrashed and jerked uncontrollably, white fire bursting through my core, leaving me panting for air. As soon as I could catch a decent breath, I responded by shoving my mouth into my daughter’s juicy pussy, eating her in an animal frenzy.

Brenda suddenly cried out loud, shaking like crazy as she straightened up, arched her back and cried out… “Mom! Oh God, MOM! OOOOOOOOhhhhhhhh, fuck! OHHH!” She gasped and howled, her body bucking crazily as she climaxed into my mouth, then collapsed onto me in a trembling heap of sweet, sticky flesh.

We lay holding each other for a long moment. Then she gazed deep into my eyes and murmured, “I love you, Mom. Oh God, how I love you.”   

My heart melted. I knew that there was no turning back — things had changed forever between us. We were still mother and daughter, but now there was a beautiful new aspect to our relationship.  

“I love you too, baby,” I moaned, nuzzling her face. We kissed, softly at first — then harder, passionately. Her hands slid to my ass and began rubbing it firmly as our tongues met and mingled.    

She broke the kiss. “Mom, I wanna do something really nasty now,” she purred with a mischievous grin.   

Jesus, hadn’t we already gone completely wild? How much further could we take this? I didn’t know, but was more than ready to find out. My pussy was dripping with arousal — I felt hornier than ever, I swear. 

“Yes, Brenda. Take me anyway you want to. I’m completely yours.”

My daughter stood up, padded over to her shoulder bag, reached inside and pulled something out. I couldn’t tell what it was for a second. Then I realized with a start that Brenda was holding a large latex cock with a waistband attached. I gaped at the thing as she stroked it.  

“I want to fuck you with this, Mom,” she smiled. “Wanna stick this deep into your cunt and fuck you like a man.”   

I could only nod, breathing hard. God, yes — at that moment, I needed her to be inside me more than anything.

She began to deftly strap the harness around her waist. “Get on all fours, Mom. And close your eyes.”    

I did as she said. And waited, trembling with anticipation and lust. I thought I would explode if she didn’t touch me soon.   

“Brenda…” I groaned.   

Suddenly I felt her hands on my butt, pulling my cheeks apart. Then she started to lick my cunt slowly, sensuously… it was divine. Then her tongue moved up to the crack of my ass. She lightly kissed my rosebud once or twice, then began licking deep between my buttocks, rimming me.

I gasped with delight as Brenda pleasured my ass with her mouth. Could this really be happening? I’d grown accustomed to thinking of my daughter as a sweet, modest creature who cared more about her teddy bears than boys. Now she had me down on my knees, bathing my anus with her tongue. It was so lewd, so sinful — and it satisfied me like nothing ever had. I could feel another climax deep inside, raging and snarling for release.   

But just before I could come, Brenda’s lips and tongue vanished from between my cheeks. I moaned in frustration — so close! — but before I could even catch my breath, she thrust that cock of hers all the way into my vagina in a single stroke.

The world broke into pieces as I exploded in a climax more intense than any I’d ever known. Brenda didn’t stop, either. She worked that enormous cock in and out of me like a woman possessed, fucking me harder… harder!

My fingernails gouged their way into the shag carpet as she leaned forward and bit my ear, her hands pawing at my breasts. Then she reared back and started groping my ass, her hips still thrusting wildly against me. She shoved a finger into my asshole, and I came again in a howling frenzy.

It took a minute or so to catch my breath — then I ripped that strap-on off Brenda, shoved my daughter onto her back and went down on her until she begged for mercy. 

We lay together on the floor for a long time after that, naked and entwined, sharing sweet kisses and whispered words of passion. 

I suppose that I should have felt guilt and shame at the very idea of being a mother who makes love to her child. Instead, I blessed the fates for bringing the two of us together in such a wondrous way.   

That was three years ago. Brenda and I have been lovers ever since.

The End


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    A lovely story, wonderfully told.

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    Yeah, I really liked this one. Somehow I’ve never read it on Nifty.

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    Not sure if I’d seen it before or not. You did work your magic on it for sure though, JetBoy.

    Kim & Sue

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    A beautiful story thanks to you a d who ever wrote it to begin with. Thanks for sharing.

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    Good story of mother being brought slowly around.

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    Oh wowwww, Jetboy, that was making. I loved it

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    Nice balance of love, lust, sensuality and perversion. Would have liked a paragraph on character description for the mom and a little more for the daughter along with a bit more character development. Maybe some dirty talk with the daughter topping her mom.( More a preference than a critique ). The only actual critique would be a small rewrite to address how they were in the bedroom, then without segway, they are on the sectional in a different room.

  8. Gray says:

    I absolutely loved this story. I could barely make it to the end. Loved how close they were. Please more!!

  9. JetBoy says:

    Here is a link to the original story, as promised.

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    Your version is definitely better, JetBoy.

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    Beautiful story, JetBoy!
    Well done!…the hotness factor is about 10 out of 10 for me, so yeah, it’s HOT!
    Loved the conversation between Brenda and her mom as they began to tease out their beautiful desires,…and then the sex,…wow! these lines are so good:

    …We kissed deeply, our hands frantically working at each other’s dripping cunts. Then she took her fingers out of me, brought them to her mouth and licked them, tasting my juices, her face flushed with passion. She then reached down to fondle me again for a sweet moment,then offered her pussy-wet fingers to me.

    “Go on, Mom.” she moaned,”taste yourself.”

    Mmm!, as I said; HOT!…
    Thanks JetBoy, for another great job of rewriting, and proving again, that your endeavors really can pay off!


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      Welllll… a sequel would be nice, but I have far too many projects on my plate to be able to write one. Would that I could clone myself and create a JetBoy to do nothing all day but pen lesbian erotica.

      Actually, send the damn clone out to do my day job. I’LL write the dirty stories.

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    Awesome story. I love the stories of a mother and daughter finding and acting on
    their love for each other and then continuing their love affair.

  18. sally drewett says:

    mmmmm reading this one has left me with a lovely feeling

  19. mollymom says:

    mmmm – thanks for highlighting this one, i had missed it before, and it really resonates w me for personal reasons … very moving and arousing — thanks JetBoy!!

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