Being There For Mom

  • Posted on June 14, 2019 at 1:56 pm

by JetBoy

There was something incredibly compelling about her mother Karen’s hairy pussy, Lucy had always thought.

Lucy’s first real glimpse of her mom’s cunt had been at fourteen, when she’d burst into the bathroom through an unlocked door and had fled immediately, unable to even speak.

The image lingered in her mind for years. Curly dark hair filled the junction between her mother’s thighs and, all but concealed in the growth, the promise of something pink and fleshy.

Unlike her mother’s luxuriant bush, Lucy’s pubes were a mere patch, a light brown tuft that neatly adorned her vagina. So the sight of her naked mother left a lasting impression, one that stayed with her as she explored her sexuality for the first time.

Upon starting college, Lucy quickly discovered that she was far more interested in women as her love partners, and found herself to be especially attracted to girls who left their pussies untrimmed, allowing their pubic curls to grow thick and lush. Luckily, her university attracted plenty of feminists who never shaved or trimmed their cunts — or their underarms, either, which Lucy also loved.

Lucy would not be thinking much about her mother’s hairy pussy, though, if it weren’t for the fact that, some five years later, she was now looking at it again — this time, up close.


When her father suddenly died, Lucy took an extended leave of absence from school and moved back home to stay with her 42-year-old mother, who seemed lost and helpless without her husband. Lucy loved college life, and hadn’t been wild about the idea of a lengthy sabbatical from her studies, but if Mom needed her, she was prepared to make the sacrifice.

It took some time, but Lucy managed to adjust to this new life in the home where she’d grown up. She saw how happy it made her mother to be looked after, and that made it easier for Lucy to put her personal life on hold for awhile.

After Lucy moved back in, Karen tried to fix her daughter up with young men from her church, sons of her friends, even the local pharmacist’s assistant. Lucy had to turn down her mother’s offers politely but firmly, and finally told her that she was gay. Thankfully, Karen was very understanding about her daughter’s chosen lifestyle.

Lucy felt like a weight had been lifted from her shoulders after coming out. Now she could bring lovers and even casual fucks home without needing to make excuses about why they were sleeping in her room.

Not long after that, Lucy became involved with a girl named Eden, who she picked up one night in a lesbian bar. Eden was a complete hedonist who wanted to fuck at least three times a day. It was great, although Lucy’s pussy was incredibly tender and achy after their first week together. They had practically nothing in common but for the wild times they enjoyed in bed — but for the time being, that was enough.

Her mother was always friendly around Eden, though Lucy could see that she was uncertain how to act around her daughter’s lesbian lover — especially a girl as free and easy as this one was.

Eden had no sense of restraint, either — she’d come waltzing downstairs in the morning after staying the night, wearing just a thin top and panties, then fling both arms around Lucy and give her a messy French kiss, whether Karen was in the room or not.

Eden was also pretty vocal in the bedroom. Lucy would be lying between the girl’s legs, feasting on her cunt, and as she came, Eden would moan and groan and cry things like, “Eat my pussy!” or “Oh God, fuck me, fuck me!” The walls in the house weren’t that thick, and Lucy desperately hoped that her mother was asleep.

Then Eden would lie next to Lucy on the bed, slide two fingers deep inside her cunt and fuck her vigorously, whispering filthy things in her ear all the while. Lucy had never met a girl so blatantly sexual before.

One night, Eden was lying alongside Lucy, fingering her lover’s pussy and gazing hungrily into her eyes when, out of the blue, she began to talk dirty to Lucy about her mother.

“I caught your mom looking at me today,” whispered Eden.

Lucy was startled at first. She knew Eden was bullshitting her, as she usually did in these fantasy scenarios she was constantly dreaming up… but the mention of her mom was strangely provocative, for some reason.

“She wants me, y’know,” continued Eden, smiling wickedly.

Lucy let herself relax into the sensations of Eden’s talented fingers, her lover’s hot breath tickling her ear.

“She wants to see me nude,” breathed Eden. “She’s totally hot for me, I can tell. Bet she’s in her room right now, touching herself… thinking about my hot, naked body and all the things she wants to do to it.”

The image Eden painted was crystal clear in Lucy’s mind. She suddenly pictured Mom, lying on her bed with her fingers deep in that thick black bush, lost in fantasies of lesbian lovemaking.

“She wants me to fuck her,” Eden purred, a wicked grin on her lips. “More than you do. In fact,” and she slipped her fingers from Lucy’s vagina and casually rose from the bed, “y’know what? I’m going to her room right now.”

Lucy grabbed Eden’s wrist, scowling. “Like hell you are!”

Eden simply laughed and jumped back on the bed with Lucy. “Christ, you really believed me, didn’t you?” she exclaimed gleefully, looking at Lucy’s flushed face.

Lucy was suddenly embarrassed at her loss of poise, unable to keep from blushing. Eden responded by kissing Lucy’s lips, parting them slightly with her tongue, then withdrew. “Mmmm… you really thought I was gonna walk in on your mom and fuck her senseless, huh?”

Lucy, recovered now, shook her head, a sheepish smile on her lips. “It wouldn’t surprise me. You’re capable of anything.” She spoke almost casually… but inside, her heart was pounding. And she couldn’t figure out why.

“I am, aren’t I? Well, here’s something else I’m capable of, honeybuns!” Eden seized Lucy and kissed the girl hungrily, fingering her lover’s cunt with a renewed enthusiasm.

Within seconds, Lucy was coming like gangbusters, her body clenched so tightly that she felt achy all over for the rest of the night.

As Eden snored beside her, Lucy stared up at the bedroom ceiling, lost in thought. That fantasy of Eden fucking my mother… it weirded me out at first, then it turned me on. Wonder what that’s about?

She glanced speculatively at her dozing partner. Maybe she should make a move on Mom. It’s not like we’re in a serious relationship… and God knows, Mom needs to get laid. Wonder if she’s ever even thought about sex with a woman?


The next day, Lucy had a chance to be alone with her mother as she and Karen stood folding clothes and putting them away. Lucy stood, watching her mother’s smooth movements for awhile, then spoke. “Mom… what do you think of Eden?”

Hesitating, Karen dodged around the subject by saying, “She seems like a nice girl.”

“But not for me, you think?”

“I didn’t say that…” her mother said, and her voice trailed off.

“Not in so many words, Mom,” said Lucy, folding her arms.

Karen suddenly looked at Lucy with a stricken expression and said, in a small voice, “I don’t like to think of anyone… taking you away from me.”

Lucy was stunned to see her mother’s lower lip trembling. “Christ, Mom… I’m not going anywhere! Eden’s just, she’s just…” Lucy couldn’t think of a phrase to describe what Eden really was to her. Casual fling? Squeeze? Fuck buddy?

Karen tried to smile, but she seemed so sad and wistful right then that Lucy had to wrap both arms round her mother’s waist.

“It’s just that I can’t stand the thought of being without you, honey,” the older woman continued. “You’ve really taken your father’s place for me, you know.” She tried to maintain her composure, but her eyes began to fill with tears. “I… I love you, Lucy.”

Lucy murmured, “I love you too, Mom,” and held her mother in her arms the way that her father used to do, stroking her hair.

Finally Karen untangled herself, looking wistfully at the floor, suddenly unable to meet her daughter’s eye. “I’m sure that Eden is a good woman, honey. It’s just that I feel, well… jealous. Jealous of what you two have together.”

Lucy was amazed. Her mother was acting like a neglected lover! “Aw, c’mon, Mom,” she said, her pulse beginning to throb. “Eden’s lots of fun and all, but we’re not even close to getting into a serious relationship. You’re the number-one woman in my life right now.”

Her mother searched her eyes, making Lucy feel strangely restless inside. “I am?” Karen asked in a tiny voice.

Lucy wasn’t sure what she was supposed to say, or how to respond. Karen gazed at her expectantly, arms hanging loosely at her sides, absently nibbling her lower lip.

Instinctively, Lucy reached out for Karen’s hand and drew her near, gazing deep into the woman’s eyes. A strange silence descended. She saw her mother’s lips part slightly, then felt her heart miss a beat.

Gently, very gently, without breaking eye contact with her mother, she pressed her lips against Karen’s in a brief, tender kiss.

She pulled back. Her mother stood completely motionless, trembling slightly.

“Listen, Mom,” whispered Lucy. “No one means more to me than you. No one.”

Eyes wide, her mother was silent, so Lucy drew forward until their mouths brushed again. This time she let it linger, parting her lips slightly. Karen relaxed, allowing herself to be kissed.

Lucy drew away again. Karen was flushed, breathing excitedly. “Oh, Lucy,” she said softly, brushing her daughter’s cheek with her fingertips. “Oh, my angel…”

By then, Lucy’s heart was beating madly, her pussy quickly growing hot and juicy. Her body was enveloped in a wave of desire powerful enough to burn her to the ground. She’d never been so aroused by anything or anyone in her life. Not ever.

Drawing Karen close, she kissed the woman passionately, her tongue darting between her mother’s open lips.

Karen responded immediately, her own tongue flashing to life.

Head spinning, Lucy kissed her mom like a lover. She felt on the verge of fainting, exploding in an orgasm, possibly both.

As their mouths slid together, Lucy began to explore her mother’s body, fondling her full breasts, then sliding down the womanly frame to cup her ass. Karen was clinging tightly to her, heart pounding so hard that Lucy swore she could hear it.

When their lips parted, just for a second, Lucy managed to say, “Mom… I’m going to show you just how much I love you.”

“Show me, darling,” her mother whimpered. “Please… take me.”

That was all the encouragement Lucy needed. Seizing her mother by the hand, she led her over to the bed and laid her down. There was only one thing she wanted right then — one thing that Lucy now knew she had always wanted.

Nuzzling her neck, Lucy pulled up Karen’s skirt, slipping a hand into her panties. She placed her hand on the thick bush, her fingers seeking wetness. To her delight, her mother’s cunt was dripping, and Lucy trailed her finger up and down the wet opening of the older woman’s vagina. Karen moaned, lost in the beauty of her daughter’s touch.

Now beside herself with lust, Lucy reached up for the waistband of her mother’s panties, tugging them down and off. There was that beautiful hairy pussy, as sexy and desirable as it had always been. Her mother’s cunt, begging to be licked.

Lucy’s fingers brushed the sticky labia, so tantalizingly nested within Karen’s lush pubes. “Open your legs, Mom,” she murmured, barely able to control her voice.

Her mother obliged, bringing both knees up to touch her heaving breasts.

Now, for the first time since her girlhood, Lucy was rewarded with a close-up view of her mother’s cunt and anus. It was beautiful… a feast, waiting to be enjoyed.

Lucy knelt between her mother’s legs and took little licks and nibbles here and there — then became more aggressive, burying her face in the luxurious growth. The smell and the taste of her mother was intoxicating.

She traced her tongue lightly up and down the folds of her mother’s vulva, while Karen shivered and moaned at her every touch, every lick. It was like playing the most delicate and responsive musical instrument, one built for the music of love.

Mom’s cunt was wonderfully inviting, but Lucy could not resist licking her asshole as well. Karen responded by spreading her buttocks with her hands, allowing her daughter’s tongue to probe into her anus.

But it was that luscious pussy that commanded Lucy’s attention, and so she got down to eating her mother for real — burrowing her face deep between the trembling thighs, eagerly pressing her mouth into the fleshy sex. Feeling wondrously wicked, she thrust her tongue into Karen as deeply as she could; probing her, drinking deep from her, slaking a thirst that Lucy never knew she’d had.

Lucy tongue-fucked her mother until Karen burst into a frenzied orgasm, coming once, then again, her trembling hands tangling in her daughter’s hair.

Finally Karen lay still. Lucy rested her face against her mother’s warm thigh, licking her lips to savor the thick, earthy taste of cunt.

“Oh, my sweet angel,” Karen breathed, “you’ve made me so very happy. Please… please kiss me.”

Lucy crawled into the woman’s arms, seeking out Karen’s mouth with her own. Her mother immediately parted her daughter’s lips with her tongue, and their kiss quickly grew hot and urgent.

Their mouths finally parted with a wet sound, and Karen, eyes shining, whispered, “Now it’s your turn. I want to make love to you, Lucy.”

Lucy placed a soft kiss on her mother’s lips, then sat up. “Let’s get naked, Mom.”

Mother and daughter undressed one another slowly, pausing often to kiss and caress each other’s bare skin as it was revealed. Soon, both women were nude, and they stood face to face, holding hands. Then Karen moved close to claim her daughter’s mouth with hers, and they came together in a passionate embrace.

Suddenly Karen shoved her daughter back onto the bed, then climbed on to kneel between her thighs. “I’ve thought about this ever since I found out you were gay, honey,” she murmured. “I made love to a woman once when I was in college… now I need to explore that side of myself again.” She bent down, lips parting to take Lucy’s nipple into her mouth.

The young woman sighed pleasurably as her mother licked and sucked at her breasts. Then Karen’s hand stole between Lucy’s thighs, her fingertips quickly becoming moist in the heat and wetness of her daughter’s cunt. She slipped two fingers inside Lucy, and the girl inhaled sharply.

“Oh, yes, Mom,” she gasped, parting her thighs even wider. “Please, fuck me.”

Karen was only too happy to oblige her beautiful child — and soon her fingers were pistoning in and out of Lucy’s vagina in a hard, steady rhythm. Her daughter was panting “huh, huh, huh, huh,” her hips thrusting in time to Mommy’s hard fucking.

Karen gazed in fascination at her daughter’s rapturous face as she suckled one breast, then the other, pleasuring Lucy’s nipples. It was an incredible sight, watching her sexy lesbian child moving ever closer to orgasm — but she wanted Lucy to come in her mouth.

Slipping her fingers from her daughter’s cunt, Karen quickly slid down between Lucy’s quivering thighs to take the young woman’s flower in her mouth, penetrating her with a thrust of the tongue.

“Oh, God…” Lucy moaned, “oh, GOD!”

Her mother’s mouth was a living thing, kissing licking and exploring every inch of her dripping pussy. She clutched at her breasts, scissoring her nipples between tensed fingers, mouth wide open in disbelief. It was too wild and kinky for words… her own mother going down on her, eating her cunt!

Lucy stared wide-eyed at the shapely beauty of her mom’s ass, now thrust upward as Karen pressed her face into her daughter’s vagina. God, she wanted to take out her strap-on cock, bend her mother over the bed and give her a good hard butt-fucking. A hot surge of excitement shot through her at the thought of taking Mom’s ass, deep and hard… and it was at that moment that Karen fastened her lips to her child’s clit and sucked gently.

The world collapsed into a blue-hot point of light as Lucy came, harder than she imagined possible. She gripped handfuls of the duvet in white-knuckled hands as flashes of heat burst and sizzled through every inch of her body.

Karen continued to pleasure Lucy, taking her through at least one more tempestuous orgasm before easing up on her daughter, pulling back to caress the young woman’s throbbing cunt with gentle fingers.

“Oh, Mom,” Lucy sobbed, reaching for her mother with trembling hands. Karen crawled into her daughter’s open arms, and the incestuous lovers held each other tightly.

“T-that was so wonderful,” Lucy whimpered, her eyes misty from sheer emotional overload. “Mom, I love you. I mean, I really love you.”

“I love you too, my darling daughter,” Karen whispered, her eyes shining. “Honey… will we ever do this again?”

Yes, Mom!” Lucy replied, now lightly caressing her mother’s shapely ass. “Absolutely. Often as you like.”

“Well… what about Eden, darling?”

“Oh, Eden. I mean, I like her fine, Mom, and she is a truly awesome fuck — but,” and she paused to kiss Karen hungrily, her tongue flicking into her mother’s mouth for a tantalizing second, “It’s not like I’m, y’know, devoted to her or anything. I’d really rather be with you.”

“Oooohh, sweetheart,” Karen cooed, “you’re making me blush.” Then the older woman raised up on one elbow, studying her daughter. “The thing is, honey…” she trailed a finger from Lucy’s lips down between her breasts, “I think Eden is pretty hot.”

A wicked grin spread across Lucy’s lips. “What are you saying, Mom?” she purred. “You want to get her in bed with us?”

“Do you think she’d like that?” Karen queried, palming her daughter’s left breast, brushing the stiffening nipple.

“Oh, she’s definitely kinky enough,” Lucy giggled, then sighed happily. “Mmmm, that feels nice.” Her hands on her mother’s hips, Lucy drew Karen closer, their mounds pressing together. “I’ve got an idea how we can make it happen, too,” she murmured, “but let’s discuss that later. Right now, I just want to fuck you again.”

“Lucy… my sweet child,” Karen breathed, just before their mouths met once more.


The next evening, Lucy and Eden were enjoying a round of hot sex in Lucy’s bed. Eden was on her tummy, face buried between her lover’s legs and feasting on her dripping cunt when Karen tiptoed naked into the room.

Lucy grinned excitedly as her mother quietly slipped over to the bed, where she stood over Eden, who hadn’t noticed her entrance. With a wink for her daughter, Karen bent over Eden’s body and began licking the young lesbian’s asshole.

Lucy’s lover started violently, then twisted her head around to peer over her shoulder. Her jaw dropped at the sight of the sexy older woman she had been secretly checking out for weeks now — Lucy’s mother Karen, now stark naked and rimming her ass.

“Oh… my… GOD,” Eden gasped, then whipped her head back around to stare at Lucy. The smile on her lover’s lips said it all.

The sex that followed was nothing short of incredible. Mother, daughter and girlfriend fucked in every way imaginable, culminating in Karen enjoying her first anal sex when her daughter took her from behind with a strap-on cock.

The three women pleasured one another with mouths, fingers and toys until blissful exhaustion overtook them, and they all fell asleep in a sweet, warm tangle in Lucy’s bed — only to awaken the next morning refreshed, ready for more.

Two years later, Lucy and her mother are still passionate lovers. Eden has a new girlfriend, but she occasionally slips over to join Karen and Lucy for a night of heated lovemaking.

The End

Note from JetBoy: I got the basic plot for this from some story I found over fifteen years ago and can’t locate now, mainly because I rewrote the thing from top to bottom, adding the sex scene at the end. Hope you liked it.


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  1. kim says:

    A very hot erotic loving story of mother, daughter and friend.

  2. Georgia_les says:

    OMG sexy as hell

  3. David says:

    Enjoyed it immensely JetBoy. Mother daughter love has always turned me on and adding a lover to the fold is even hotter. Thanks for the rewrite!

  4. Nathan Riches says:

    Super hot and sexy story, now get back to work on Ripples young man! 😛

  5. Margaret says:

    A very erotic story of a mother and daughter finding a new level of love together. A beautiful story.

  6. Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglia says:

    Wow!..super HOT!..great rewrite,JetBoy! Good build up at the beginning, and lovely way that Lucy got to connect emotionally with Karen,her mom, such sweet sentiments and then such torrid desires unleashed,later…

    Loved everything about this story, especially these bits:

    “…Karen gazed in fascination at her daughter’s rapturous face as she suckled one breast, then the other,pleasuring Lucy’s nipples. It was an incredible sight,watching her sexy lesbian child moving ever closer to orgasm — but she wanted Lucy to come in her mouth.”

    “…Her mother’s mouth was a living thing, kissing, licking and exploring every inch of her dripping pussy. She clutched at her breasts, scissoring her nipples between tensed fingers, mouth wide open in disbelief. It was too wild and kinky for words… Her own `mother` going down on her, eating her cunt!

    Mmm, so delicious! wild and kinky words,indeed!

    Thank,JetBoy for posting it.

  7. Brother Bethor says:

    Great story! Thanks, JetBoy!

    • John Bridger says:

      Beutifull so moving iam in love with them both sutch a loving and gentil story please continue with sutch story’s l am an 80year old man and it still moves me that sutch tenderness still exsits on the hart of Peaple. Love. John. Xxxxxxx

  8. Gray says:

    I absolutely loved the story. It was pretty amazing from start to finish. I was disappointed that it ended though. I was hoping that there would be another chapter that more fully developed the three way relationship and concluded with them making love together. Still a wonderful read!

  9. Steve says:

    I absolutely loved this story it’s a shame it didn’t go farther

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