The Struggle With Desire, Part 1

  • Posted on November 28, 2019 at 4:03 pm

By JetBoy

Note from JetBoy: This is my adaptation of a nearly 25-year-old story named, “Angela, Heather, and Kristen,” by Delphi. I hung onto the basic plot, but rewrote the text extensively — enough, I think, to make it public. My humble thanks and regards to Delphi for the inspiration.


Janice and Kori were sisters — and the best of friends. Along with their mother Sharon, they were a very closely-knit family, especially after their father left them, back when Janice was only seventeen and Kori fourteen. Those were hard times, but they stuck together and made the best of things.

Two years later, when our story begins, Kori was sixteen and a junior in high school. She had fooled around a bit with boys, but was still a virgin. Honestly, she wasn’t sure what all the fuss was about, preferring a good book or a movie to going out on dates.

Most days, Kori got home from school in the afternoon, about three hours before Sharon and Janice, who made it home from work at around 7 PM. Janice was employed by the same clothing store as her mother.

This evening, when they arrived home, Kori was in the living room, stretched out on the couch, idly watching HBO. Hearing the key turn in the front door, she sat up, giving her mother and sister a smile as they entered. “Hi, guys.”

Sharon and Janice were tired, but they both still retained the natural beauty that this family’s women were blessed with. Sharon was thirty-seven years old, but looked more like thirty. She possessed thick, lustrous brunette hair, which she’d passed on to her girls. She worked out regularly to keep herself in shape, so she still had a great figure.

Wearily, mother and daughter sat at the kitchen table. “How was it today?” Kori asked.

“Been better.” Sharon said, slightly turning her head. “It was busy, because Rita phoned in sick. But we managed.”

Janice exclaims, “You’d think it would be cold in that warehouse, what with the fans and all. But it was hotter than hell. I couldn’t stand it. God, I so wanted to take my shirt off!”

Kori giggled. “That would have given old man Jerry something to see…”

“I don’t think his ticker could stand the excitement, so you better keep that shirt on, young lady,” Sharon said as she stood up and stretched. “Okay girls, I’m off to do my workout. Kori, I know you have homework to do, so hop to it.”

“Okay, okay… you’re the boss,” Kori laughed. Making a wry face at her big sister, she padded off to her bedroom.


Janice and Kori had shared a room all their lives. It had a floral motif, with bright yellow furniture from their childhood days. They shared a bunk bed, Kori sleeping on the top. Sharon had always wanted to move to someplace bigger, so they could each have their own room, but the money situation simply didn’t warrant it. Kori and Janice got along so well that they didn’t really mind sharing, though.

It was around 8:30, and the two girls were stretched out on their respective bunks, quietly reading. Kori had just finished a chapter of English, and was now done with her homework for the weekend. She stuck her head over the side to say something to her sister — when she was startled by something she noticed.

Janice was engrossed in a book. Lying on her tummy, her hair spilled down the back of her grey t-shirt. Where that t-shirt stopped, a black pair of tight spandex sweats began, and proceeded down the length of her body. Kori watched her for a while, startling herself with the realization of how cute and attractive her sister was. Not the kind of attractive that they might notice when the other did her makeup just right, or put on a cute outfit. Studying her sister’s body, Kori found her to be really… sexy. 

Her eyes traveled down the length of Janice’s brunette hair. The t-shirt, though baggy, hugged Janice’s body at the waist. The black spandex created a beautiful silhouette around her buttocks. Kori could see Janice’s muscles move whenever her sister shifted. From there, Kori’s eyes traced her sister’s legs, so slender and so strong under the spandex, right down to her cute bare feet.

Kori began to feel flustered and light-headed, but also… aroused, somehow. Sexuality was not one of her more important concerns, but she could not ignore the sudden warmth she felt between her legs. She closed her eyes and pictured Janice naked, as she had seen her many times before. But this time it was different, somehow. The mental image of Janice’s soft, warm curves was strangely alluring and surprisingly provocative to Kori.

I don’t understand, she thought. I’ve never been attracted to other girls before. And to feel that way about my own sister…?

Kori allowed herself to drift into a fantasy. She pictured Janice standing before her, completely nude, a look of deep longing in her eyes. I’m naked, too, she decided. Her imaginary sister drifted close, extending a hand, whispering “I love you, Kori.”

Then the soft lips of Janice’s were brushing hers, and a delicious shiver raced through Kori’s slender frame. Allowing herself to drift even deeper into this crazy waking dream, Kori parted her lips, heart pounding like a bass drum when her big sister’s tongue slipped between them, entering her mouth.

Kori’s eyes snapped open, and she stared blankly at the ceiling. Holy shit. What corner of my mind did that come from? Am I… could I actually be gay?

Carefully turning onto her side, Kori gazed down at Janice again. Her sister’s t-shirt had crept up slightly, exposing her bare midriff. Kori felt a quick surge of arousal at the sight of Janice’s skin. She almost gasped out loud.

She couldn’t look any longer — her embarrassment and the strange warmth between her legs was fast becoming unbearable. She hopped down off the bed and quietly left the room. Janice said nothing, and continued to read.

Out in the hallway, Kori could feel her heart pounding, her ears ringing. Her breathing was hard and sharp, as she tried to drive the picture of her sister’s naked body out of her mind. This was something they made fun of the women gym teachers for! She’d never imagined that she might look at another female like that herself — especially her own sister!

This is so wrong, she desperately told herself. I can’t be thinking about Janice like that!

She paced around the hallway, trying to purge these scary thoughts from her mind. Finally, she opened the door to the bathroom and moved to the sink, turning on the tap so she could splash some cold water on her face.

That was when she heard, “Sweetheart, are you okay?”

Jumping a bit, she quickly looked up to see her mother nude in the bathtub, enjoying a good soak after her workout. This was something Kori had seen before, but never while feeling as she did now. Her nerves were jangling.

She stuttered, “Oh — yeah… I just um, wanted to wash my face…”

Sharon sank deeper into the hot water. “Well, whatever you’re here for, shut the door. You’re letting the cool air in.” Squirting a bit of liquid soap into one hand, she began to lather her arm.

Kori’s heart hammered. She didn’t want to let on that something was wrong — this, she knew, was one problem she had to keep to herself. She shut the door, then reached to turn off the sink faucet, knocking over a glass jar filled with cotton swabs in the process.

From behind, Kori heard, “Goodness, honey… what’s the matter with you? Come over here.”

Obediently, Kori drew closer and sat on the edge of the bathtub, trying not to stare at her mother’s nudity, wanting to anyway. God, am I actually having these weird sex thoughts about Mom, too?

Sharon raised a wet hand from the water, and brushed back her daughter’s hair. She asks, “What’s wrong, sweetheart — is it something at school?”

Kori felt a sudden crazy impulse to run, to crawl into bed, yank the blankets over her head and never come out. Instead, she slowly turned to look at Sharon.

She noticed her mother’s beautiful, concerned face, then the drops of water rolling slowly down her neck. She unintentionally shivered at the sight of Sharon’s full, beautiful breasts, jutting forth like two islands. The way her mother’s wet flesh shone in the soft light and the stiffness of her nipples — from the cool air, Kori told herself — only increased the teen’s anxiety.

In spite of her effort to resist looking, Kori’s eyes traveled down her mother’s body. Through the steaming water, she could see Sharon’s naked waist, leading to the golden triangle between her thighs. Kori fleetingly glanced to her right, noticing the way her mother’s shapely leg arched out of the water.

Sharon, using her sixth sense, perceived her daughter’s uneasiness at seeing her nudity. She smiled, and brushed back Kori’s hair again. “Honey,” she said reassuringly, “you’ve seen me naked before.”

Kori did not know what to say, and couldn’t speak anyway. Mom had recognized right away what her daughter was doing — checking out her naked body. What must she think?

Sharon thoughtfully glanced at her own breasts, and then looked toward Kori’s, outlined beneath her flowery sweater. She then smiled and softly said, “You know, honey… your breasts are the same size that mine were when I was your age. As you get older, they’ll get bigger.”

Kori, although still a bit nervous, felt her worst fears melt away. Mom had misread her discomfort.

She peered down at her own budding chest and said, “Really?” then looked back at Sharon’s beautiful wet breasts as if it was the right thing to do, all the while savoring the chance to openly study her nude mother. My God, she’s so beautiful. 

To make her point, and not really thinking about it, Sharon moved her hand from Kori’s hair, down the neck of her sweater, and lightly cupped her daughter’s left breast. “Hmm… I think so.”

Kori nearly gasped, shocked by a sudden throbbing between her legs. She’d touched herself down there before, but it felt nowhere near as wonderful as her mother’s hand. She closed her eyes, sighing with pleasure.

Sharon, realizing that maybe touching her own daughter’s breast wasn’t the best thing to do, began to remove her hand — but then she stopped, seeing how very much Kori was enjoying her touch. She was surprised to feel a sudden familiar warmth beneath her tummy.

Sharon, almost hypnotized, moved her hand around Kori’s breast in a massaging motion. Kori was nearly swooning, her eyes closed while she floated in these strange, wonderful feelings.

Sharon said softly, “Does… does this feel good, honey?”

Kori, suddenly feeling bolder, placed her hand over her mother’s, pressing it against her breast as she whispered, “Yes…”

Sharon, now knowing she was crossing a line, knew she should pull away — but somehow, she couldn’t. The moment was too perfect. Her own eyes drifted shut as she imagined the softness hiding beneath Kori’s sweater. Her thighs spread slightly, and she felt the warm water caressing her vulva.

They opened their eyes at the same time. Sharon felt Kori release her hand, and she drew away. For a short, awkward eternity, they stared at one another.

Sharon couldn’t believe she had just fondled her own daughter. Another part of her mind reasoned that she had only responded to Kori’s needs. Wasn’t that a mother’s duty, no matter what? However, she couldn’t ignore the fact that she had been incredibly turned on by the warm, soft treasure she had just cupped in her hand. So that’s what it feels like to touch another woman’s breast, she thought.

Echoing her mother’s thoughts and interrupting them, Kori nervously stammered, “C-can I touch yours?”

Sharon paused for a second, made a quiet decision, and slowly pulled herself to an upright sitting position in the tub. From the neck down, her wet skin glistened. Some hair from her bun had come loose, and was strewn about her shoulders.

Kori gazed lovingly at her mom’s breasts… so much bigger and fuller than her own. They didn’t sag, but seemed heavy due to their largeness. Her nipples were erect.

Small rivulets of water slowly trickled down the older woman’s neck, into the valley between her breasts. She looked at her daughter’s innocent face, heart racing as she waited for Kori to touch her.

Kori was almost shaking as her hands made contact with the warm, wet skin. Her palms touched her mother’s nipples, as her fingertips felt the soft weight of another woman’s breasts for the first time. Her hands became moist as she moved them around toward the front of Sharon’s breasts… supporting them, absorbing their warmth. Kori studied her own motions with an intense sense of concentration.

Sharon watched her daughter’s hands massage her breasts, then gazed dreamily at her daughter’s lovely face, now filled with wonderment. God, her touch feels so… lovely. Sweeter, somehow, than the clumsy groping of a man.

Kori began to feel more at ease, even as the temperature rose between her legs. By then, her panties were soaked. Her thumbs ran back and forth over Sharon’s nipples, while her palms cradled the creamy globes. She cupped them, sliding her hands up and around in a heart shape until her fingertips met. Finally, blushing a bit, she pulled away, grinning shakily as she wiped her hands on her pants.

“They feel so… full. Soft, and warm.” she said.

Sharon smiled. “That’s how they’re supposed to be,” patting Kori’s hand. “This will be our little secret, okay? A nice bonding moment between mother and daughter.” They gazed at each other for a moment, then Sharon shook her head, as if to clear it. “Now let me finish up here, hon. Go do your homework, and get ready for bed.”

“I… already finished my homework,” Kori said, a little sad that the moment had ended. But she stood to leave. Stopping, she looked at her mother who was still sitting. “Mom, what… what were you, um… feeling inside, when you touched me?”

Sharon was at a loss for words. All she knew was that her vagina was tingling from the experience she and her daughter had just shared. Finally she said, “We’ll talk about it later, honey.”

Giving her mother a fleeting smile, Kori turned and left the bathroom.


Janice could not figure out what was up with her sister. Kori had returned to their room with this weird dreamy look on her face. Janice had looked up from what she was reading. “Hey, are you okay?” But Kori said nothing, as if she didn’t hear, and silently climbed up and onto her bunk bed.

When Janice stood up and saw Kori lying on her bed looking up at the ceiling, she knew her sister was deep in thought about something. Probably a guy at school, she thought.

Janice spoke again. “Hey, Kornpop. Anything you need to… talk about?”

Kori looked over and smiled slightly. “No, no. Maybe later.”

Janice knew when to lay off. “Okay.” She put her hand on Kori’s arm. “I’m here anytime you need me, though.” She got back into her bed and picked up her book again.

Kori stared at the ceiling. She couldn’t even look at Janice in the same way anymore. The whole time her big sister stood there, Kori was tracing every inch of the older girl’s body with her eyes, studying Janice with a newfound awareness. She still felt the warmth of her sister’s hand, as if she’d been branded.

She suddenly began to picture Janice undressing. Not the way she normally changed clothes, but really stripping, while Kori watched her from a chair. Suddenly she imagined their mother standing close behind,  reaching around to pull up Kori’s top and fondle her breasts.

Falling deeper into the fantasy, Kori whimpered in delight, clutching Mom’s hands to her chest as Sharon leaned in close and began to nuzzle her daughter’s neck. Kori began to tremble with lust as she watched Janice remove her bra and slowly, sensuously, peel off her panties…

That’s when she Kori woke with a start to find the room dark. She instinctively looked at the clock: 3:45 AM. She’d fallen asleep on her bunk.

In the darkness, she could hear Janice breathing softly as she slumbered in the bed below… totally unaware of the perverted sex fantasies that baby sister is having about her, Kori thought, feeling uneasy.


In her own room, Sharon was also wide awake. The incident in the bath with Kori kept running through her head. So many confused thoughts… so many confusing feelings, overwhelming her consciousness.

Was it right to touch my own daughter that way? Maybe she’s more freaked out now than she was before. And how could I let her fondle me like that? But damn it, she wanted to! 

Is Kori a lesbian? Am… am I a lesbian? Or bisexual? She set her jaw firmly. Well, what if I am? I’ve gone through life trying to find the perfect man, and wound up wasting all those years with a real bastard. Why can’t I do what I feel? 

Because you’re not supposed to touch your daughter’s breasts, and she’s not supposed to touch yours. But why not? She loved it, I know she did. And I felt closer to her than ever when she was touching me. Somehow we were communicating on a level that most mothers or daughters never reach.

And God, did she feel good. I know she’s just sixteen, probably still a virgin, but she’s got the body of a real woman. 

Maybe I should just admit the truth. My own daughter turned me on… and she was aroused, too!

I… I wanted her to kiss me. I would have let her. I wanted to take her in my arms right there, and let her kiss my breasts, and touch me all over… 

Sharon was stunned by these feelings — and suddenly found herself wondering if Kori thought about her that way. She did adore her daughters. There was no question about that. So… would making love with Kori be such a terrible thing?

It would bring us closer, she told herself. Really, when you think about it, we’d only be taking our love to the next level. And which would be better: for Kori to first experience love with someone who truly loves her and wants to make her happy… or some creepy high school boy who only wants to add a notch to his belt?

Sharon couldn’t believe that she was seriously thinking about this. But she was.


Kori was wide awake, staring at the ceiling from the upper bunk. She tormented herself with images of her mother and sister, reacting with anger and disgust to her incestuous desires.

But she couldn’t purge those sexual images of her nude mother from her mind. And Janice… Kori wondered what it would be like to share her sister’s bed. To hold her all night and wake up next to her. To kiss her, touch her, love her.

The sweatpants she wore felt constricting. Sliding off the bed and landing deftly on the shag carpet, Kori went to her dresser to change into something lighter. Janice stirred, but remained asleep.

Kori took off her t-shirt, then reached behind and unsnapped her bra. She paused, then, and cupped her petite breasts, brushing her fingertips over the stiffening nipples.

Her fingers slid down to the waistband of sweatpants, slipping them down and off. She then took off her lace panties and stood there nude in the darkened room, then padded to the full-length mirror on their closet door to look at herself.

There was enough moonlight pouring through the window to illuminate her, and the effect was magical. Kori had never thought of herself as an especially pretty girl, but now she saw something different… something lovely.

Her figure was lithe and elegant, the moon turning her skin to silver. The dark tresses of her hair spilled onto her pale shoulders. Kori studied her budding breasts, then began to stroke them softly. She glanced down at the pubic triangle between her legs, admiring the fine curls.

Suddenly she struck a pose in front of the mirror — putting a leg forward, cocking her head as if in a photoshoot. Turning around, she looked over a shoulder to study the gentle curves of her bottom, put both her hands on the cheeks of her ass, then ran them down the backs of her thighs. She felt how smooth her skin was, wondered if Mom might like how it felt to touch her there.

She turned and looked at Janice, who had partially kicked off the covers in her sleep. Kori took two steps forward and crouched down next to the older girl, conscious of a growing warmth between her legs.

Kori studied her sister. Even asleep, Janice was beautiful — a vision of loveliness in a baby-blue tank top and a wisp of satin panties. She lay on her side, one long leg over the other.

Unconsciously at first, Kori began to trace her inner thighs with the tips of two fingers as she studied her sister’s body. The shape of Janice’s nipples were visible through the skimpy tank top, and the undershirt had pulled up just enough so that Kori could see the underside of her big sister’s breast.

Kori began to stroke her tingling slit, the aroma beginning to scent the air around her. God, she wanted to touch Janice so badly… just as she’d touched her mother only hours before. Her breath quickened as she imagined her naked body atop Janice’s, kissing her sister’s soft mouth. She could almost feel her sister’s hands groping her ass, their long legs intertwining, Kori’s bare pussy rubbing against Janice’s thigh. In her fantasy, she gasped as Janice took her breast in her mouth and began to tease the aching nipple with her tongue.

Her rising desire was quickly becoming unbearable, and Kori responded by plunging two fingers inside her pussy. With each in-and-out motion, she could feel the heat and wetness on her fingers, savor the scent of cunt that perfumed the air.

Kori fell back on the carpet, no longer caring if Janice was watching or not. She frantically fingered her cunt, picturing Janice nude on top of her, both sisters exploring each other’s bodies. Kori squeezed her breast, knowing that if she didn’t come right now, she would get on top of Janice and beg her sister to make love to her.

In her wild passion and ecstasy, she finally did come, her fingers deep inside her dripping cunt. She felt herself reach the summit, then jump off. She covered her mouth with her free hand, stifling her sounds of pleasure… then finally lay there, breathing hard, her fingers still inside her vagina.

Reality check. She sat up quickly. Janice was still sleeping. Good.

Kori decided she would sleep nude tonight. She had masturbated before, but never with such intensity, or nerve enough to do it in front of her sister. When she crawled into her own bed, she could still feel her pussy tingling, but at least she had released some of the sexual tension she had built upon this crazy night.

Kori quickly fell asleep, the last image in her mind one of Janice, her mother, and herself — naked and in bed together, their limbs lovingly entwined.

Below, Janice’s eyes were open, amazed at what she’d just witness. She had never seen a woman play with her own pussy before, let alone her own sister. She pictured the entire scene over and over, weirdly fascinated by it all. She was masturbating in front of me, as if she was putting on a show, she thought. She wondered what Kori had been thinking about while she fingered herself. Before long, she too fell asleep.


The Saturday morning sun had crept over the horizon and was filtering through Sharon’s window, but she was already up, standing naked in front of her full-length mirror.

She gazed at herself and saw a thirty-seven-year-old woman who thought she’d done it all. Sure, she had been daring in her younger days, but never as much so as with Kori last night…

She tilted her head and examined her legs. They still looked good. She turned a leg forward, looking at her feet and following the curves up to her shapely ass. Yep, I’ve still got what it takes, she thought.

Then she thought of Kori and smiled, a twinge of arousal flaring in her loins. It’s time to show off these legs, she thought... and maybe a few other things, too.

Onward to Part Two!


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  1. Nathan Riches says:

    Great start, love Kori’s awakening to her desires. Look forward to reading more.

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    I’m hooked!!! Very hot opening chapter!!!!! The lesbian incest domino effect in action. First Lori, then Mom, and finally Janice. Can’t wait for the next installment.

  3. Jay Denton says:

    Loved it so far and looking forward to more. Just one thing tho, you need to check and decide what their hair colour is, it switches from brunette to blonde to brown.

    • JetBoy says:

      Fixed. I’m fairly skilled with the English language, but as regular visitors to this site know, my sense of continuity is rather shaky. Anyhow, thanks for the catch.

      • Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglia says:

        We, your readers, absolve you JetBoy for your shaky sense of continuity!
        It’s easy to understand that, within the intensity of writing highly charged erotica, ones continuity can sometimes get discombobulated!

  4. Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglia says:

    Great opening chapter, JetBoy! and brilliant adaption with your own spin.
    Smooth, slow & delicious build up with Kori’s burgeoning lesbian desires, and the natural way Sharon comforts her good!
    Also, delicious accompanying photo with this story!

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    very nice! love the picture too

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    This is a really good beginning. It feels like a low simmer is building up to a roiling boil.

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  8. Tim and Litka says:

    Great story, we loved it all, and the description of Mom and daughter gently exploring each other’s breasts, then Kori masturbating in front of her sister gave us both a wonderful orgasm.
    Thanks Jetboy – can’t wait for the next chapter.

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    Hot story. Wouldn’t mind it moving a little slower though. I like the slow build. The picture, though,

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