Expecting, Part One

  • Posted on April 13, 2019 at 1:58 pm

By JetBoy


My name is Carly Benetton. I am a woman’s therapist employed by the Pembroke Center, which functions both as a gynecology clinic and a health center for expectant mothers. It’s a job I love, especially since I get to meet some incredibly sexy girls and women in the course of my working day.

Yes, I am a lesbian, and I’ve made some very hot sexual connections with females that I met through my job. This story is about how one of those special encounters, and how it changed my life.

Tammy Parker was a single mother of thirty-five with a fourteen-year-old daughter named Mist. She’d been trying for the last few years to conceive again, which is why she became one of my patients — first, to get herself artificially inseminated; then, to receive therapy that would help prepare her to deliver the baby girl she was now happily expecting.

At that time, I’d known Tammy for about five years. She was a free spirit, a wild and warm woman with bright red hair and a zest for life that was utterly contagious.

Mist had been a rough delivery for Tammy. She’d insisted on a vaginal birth, even after a long, painful labor, with her doctor all but insisting that she opt for a C-section. She held firm, though, and later told me that, painful as it had been, Mist’s birth had been the most joyous experience of her life.

She was determined to give birth to her new baby vaginally as well, only this time she came to our clinic to help her prepare for the delivery. And her daughter Mist would be an enthusiastic participant in the process.

Tammy was overjoyed and very proud to have Mist helping her through the pregnancy, especially since she was unattached at the time, with no lover to be there when she gave birth.

I’d had both of them in for sessions before, mostly limited to discussion. On this day, though, I would be teaching Mist how to give her mom vaginal massages, which would ultimately make Tammy’s delivery a much more comfortable one.

Most women would have felt a little strange about allowing their own daughters to touch them in such an intimate way, but Tammy was an ardent feminist who thought it would be a positive bonding experience for them both — not to mention a useful lesson for when Mist had children, if she chose to.

Tammy knew about my own preference for women, being a lesbian herself — though she and I had never been lovers. What she didn’t know was that I’d enjoyed sexual relations several times before with girls who were about the same age as her daughter.

I had a real knack for putting teenage girls at ease during their first gynecology exam, so most of that work at the Pembroke Center fell to me. I’d ended up teaching some of them much more about their bodies than they had expected, bringing them to orgasm during my examination. I’d even had brief sexual relationships with a few of these sweet nymphs, taking them into my bed for some very loving fun and games.

Anyhow, the thought of teaching the utterly adorable Mist how to massage her mother’s vagina had me tingling with anticipation — and I had a feeling that Tammy would enjoy it more than she expected. In fact, I was hoping for that.

Taking a moment to center my energy, I paged the reception desk and asked that my next patients be sent in.

Tammy, full-bellied and absolutely glowing, entered the room and hugged me affectionately as I rose to meet her. Mist followed close behind — a freckled redhead like her mother, all bare-legged and coltish in her cut-off denim shorts. God, they were beautiful together, radiating a warmth that left me lightheaded.

Mist hugged me too, smelling of jasmine. “Mom says you’re gonna teach me how to help her with the actual birth part today, Carly!” she said, her eyes sparkling with excitement.

“That’s right, Mist. I’m going to teach you how to help your mother work the muscles of her birth canal, so the baby can come out easier when she delivers.”

“Cool!” she squealed. “I’m so thrilled about having a new sister!” She tilted her head in Tammy’s direction. “I’ve been buggin’ Mom about it for years.”

“She did, too,” Tammy replied with a smile, “I used to find little notes hidden around the house. ‘WHERE’S MY BABY SISTER?’ they’d read.” She laughed joyfully. “I saved every one, too.”

Mist grinned. “And one day, when she’s old enough, I’ll take out the scrapbook and let her see ’em, so she’ll know just how much I wanted her.”

“She’ll be one lucky girl, to have a big sister like you,” I said. “So… are you both ready to start?” They nodded.

I’m a New Age oriented therapist, so my next instruction wasn’t as odd as it might seem to most. “Okay then, let’s get undressed,” I murmured as I dimmed the lights, then pushed the button on my CD player. The soft, contemplative sound of meditational Sufi music could be heard.

We helped each other out of our clothes. I’d seen Tammy naked in the course of our previous sessions, and she was utterly beautiful in her sixth month of pregnancy. As for Mist, she looked so bewitching in the nude that I just wanted to gobble her up.

Tammy lay down on her side atop the padded surface of the massage table as I eased a pillow beneath her tummy, then I turned to Mist. “I’m going to give your mom a body rub, before we start the birth canal massage.”

“Can I maybe help with that, Carly?” Mist asked shyly.

“Sure, if your mom doesn’t mind.”

“Oh, Mom doesn’t mind…” Tammy said, already relaxing on the table.

Standing beside me, a naked fourteen-year-old Mist eagerly watched as I poured scented oil into my hands, then began to rub it into her mother’s back. As I worked my way down the curve of Tammy’s spine, Mist moved up to knead her mom’s shoulders.

I rubbed Tammy’s shapely ass for a while, then began to massage her anus — pressing a finger between her cheeks, then slipping it deep into her rectum. Mist was fascinated by what I was doing, staring wide-eyed as I probed her mother’s bottom. Needless to say, Tammy was purring with pleasure all the while.

Feeling a bit daring, I turned to Mist. “Would you like to do this, honey?”

Her face lit up. “Sure… can I, Mom?”

Tammy paused, pondered, then said, “Okay, baby.”

I stepped back, and Mist placed the tip of her finger against the whorl of Tammy’s anus. Her eyes widened in wonder as she pushed it deep into her mother’s bottom. “Wow,” she whispered, “it’s so warm inside!”

“Oooohhhhhh, that’s nice…” Tammy moaned contentedly, responding to the combined touches of her daughter and me.

As Mist probed her mother’s rectum, I began a preliminary pudendal massage on Tammy — opening her cunt up to my touch, then gently working two fingers inside. Mist gasped in surprise, then giggled when she felt my fingers through her mother’s vaginal wall.

Tammy was really getting into our mutual exploration of her body — and before too long she was panting furiously in orgasm. I’d warned her that she would probably become sexually stimulated when I massaged her vagina, but the intensity of her climax both surprised and thrilled me. Mist was delighted, having helped to make her mother feel good. This was perfect — the mood in the room was exactly as I wanted it.

Once Tammy had recovered, I helped her to sit up on the table for the next stage of her therapy. With Mist to my left, I showed her how to rub and massage her mother’s nipples.

As Mist fondled her mother’s breasts, her eyes dancing excitedly, I leaned into Tammy and kissed her, sliding a hand between her thighs. As my fingers brushed her vulva, I slipped my tongue between Tammy’s parted lips. I figured that she was so turned on at that point that she would let me kiss her like a lover in front of her daughter — and when she began kissing me back after only a moment’s hesitation, I knew I was right. Soon she was cupping my breasts as our mouths played sweet games together.

I was ecstatic. Now it was time to get Mist more intimately involved.

Breaking our kiss, I turned to Mist and asked, as innocently as I was able, “Would you like to suck on your mother’s nipples now?”

Her mouth fell open, and Tammy shot me a puzzled glance, but as I explained to them both, “The baby’s going to be constantly nursing, and she won’t necessarily be gentle. Your nipples need to be toughened up before she arrives, Tammy.” I turned to Mist. “So… if your mom doesn’t mind, you can take turns sucking and lightly, lightly biting on each nipple to make them less sensitive. Is that okay?” I finished, gazing inquisitively at Tammy.

“Well… okay. I guess so,” Tammy said quietly. Mist slowly nodded.

Spreading a sheet over the couch to keep the massage oil from staining it, we three sat down together — Mist on one side of her mom, me on the other.

I smiled reassuringly at the slightly nervous girl. “Okay, Mist… watch me, and do what I do.”

I cupped Tammy’s left breast in hand and indicated to Mist that she follow my lead. I parted my lips, took Tammy’s nipple into my mouth and lightly suckled it. Mist mimicked me. Pulling back slightly and turning so Mist could see, I took the pink tip of Tammy’s breast between my teeth and lightly nibbled it. Mist did the same.

“Oh… ohhhhhh! Oh, Carly, oh my darling Mist. That feels so… so heavenly!” Tammy gasped.

Mist and I continued to suckle Tammy as my hand slid down to her pussy which, by this time, was incredibly hot and juicy. If you haven’t guessed it by now, sexual therapy is part and parcel of what we do at the Pembroke clinic, and right then, this lovely mother-to-be was very much in need of release, even after the orgasm she’d already had.

I lifted my face from Tammy’s chest. “Time to learn how to do the vaginal massage for your mom, Mist.” I whispered to the fourteen-year-old, who seemed utterly intoxicated by the pleasure of sucking and fondling her mother’s breast.

Then she raised her head to grin at me. “Don’t you mean ‘pussy massage,’ Carly?” Mist asked with a giggle. “That’s what I heard Mom call it yesterday.”

“We can call it that if you like, honey,” I laughed.

Tammy scooted to the edge of the couch, perching on the edge as Mist and I met between her legs. Mist smiled at me. God, she was the loveliest girl…

I couldn’t help what I did next — kissed her full on the lips. I had no idea how she would respond, much less her mother… but then she kissed me back. Tammy watched what we were doing, her eyes widened in surprise. For a brief moment, I thought she might stop us, but then she simply smiled and relaxed, watching us with interest.

Mist and I continued to kiss, our tongues gradually coming into play as things grew increasingly passionate between us. She began to fondle my breasts and nipples as we kissed. Needless to say, I didn’t mind that at all.

My hand slowly rose to touch her own slight breasts, marveling at their softness. We broke our kiss, and Mist reached down to gently graze my pussy with her fingertips. I touched hers in happy reply, finding her moist.

She closed her eyes and moaned softly, “Oh.” Then she smiled bashfully at me. “After you show me how to massage Mom, will you–” She bit her lip, suddenly blushing, but soldiered on. “Would you touch me d-down there, Carly?”

My heart throbbed with excitement, but I tried to maintain a calm exterior. “That’s up to your mother, honey,” I said gently.

Mist turned to Tammy. “Mom? Mom, please, can she?”

There was a thoughtful silence for a moment, then Tammy said, “We’ll see, baby.”

Mist and I knelt before her mother. Tammy’s cunt smelled incredible, her own musky aroma combined with the strawberry-scented massage oil I’d anointed her with earlier. I placed my hand at the fleshy juncture between her thighs and went to work.

One, two, four fingers, then my entire hand easily slipped inside her body. Mist just stared, enthralled by the sight of her mother’s pussy accepting my hand, Tammy mewling with pleasure as I fucked her.

Finally I turned to Mist and murmured, “Now you try it.”

The girl quickly positioned herself between her mother’s legs, and my heart raced as I watched Mist ease her fingers into Tammy’s warm, wet vagina. It wasn’t sixty seconds later that her hand was buried to the wrist inside her mom, the girl’s face alight with joy as she worked it in and out, in and out.

I watched Mist, offering a few tips as I sucked Tammy’s juices from my sticky fingers, loving the thick, earthy taste of her. “Twist it a little, move it around… that’s it. This helps to open her up for the baby.” Then I smiled meaningfully at Mist. “And it feels good for your mom, too, especially when you do this…” and I showed Mist how to touch her mother’s clitoris while giving her the vaginal massage.

By this time, Tammy had closed her eyes and was miles away, drifting on a sea of sexual ecstasy. I began to fondle her breasts, while Mist worked on her pussy and clit — and within the next couple of minutes, she was once again writhing in orgasm, panting furiously.

As Tammy, now slumping against the back of the couch, recovered from her climax, I leaned over to kiss Mist again. She responded quickly, her tongue darting into my mouth. We kissed like lovers for a long, delightful moment… then she drew back, her face flushed with excitement.

“So, Carly… you said th-that you’d touch my pussy too, right?”

“Only if your mother says ‘yes’, that’s what I said.” I replied with a loving smile, stroking her face, glancing over to Tammy for approval.

“Yes,” Tammy sighed happily, giddy in the aftermath of her pleasure. “Touch my baby girl, Carly. Make her feel good.”

Mist sat next to her mother on the couch, spreading both legs wide for me. Pretty much all pretense of therapy was gone at that point. I knelt before the girl, admiring her beautiful, lightly-downed vulva, savoring the tantalizing scent of female arousal.

I glanced up into Mist’s face. Her lips were parted, and she was palming her budding breasts as she stared at me, awaiting my touch. I allowed the tip of a finger to tease the girl’s rosy slit, and Mist whimpered softly.

“Do you like how that feels, honey?” I whispered. She nodded, too thrilled to speak. “Well,” I continued, “I want to do something even nicer to you.” And I slowly licked my lips, my eyes burning into hers.

Lowering my face between her thighs, my mouth went right to Mist’s vagina, placing a soft kiss upon the sweet pink flesh.

“Ooooohhhh, Carly,” she moaned, a ripple of pleasure coursing through her slender frame.

Extending my tongue, I took a long slow lick that trailed upward from her vaginal opening through the labia, ending with a flick to her tiny clitoris.

A cry burst from Mist’s throat. Seizing my head, she drew my face even deeper between her thighs with shaking hands. I pressed my mouth into her sex and licked again, hungering for more — more! — of this exquisite young girl. Her cunt was delicious — ambrosial, even.

“Mmmm, Carly,” Mist moaned, “lick my pussy, oh yeah, you do it so good…!”

I went down on her eagerly; then, as Tammy knelt on the carpet beside me, drew back to give my friend a good view of her daughter’s glistening slit, now inches away from her wide-eyed face. I began to gently finger Mist as I leaned closer to her mother.

“Want to taste her…?” I whispered, then lightly bit Tammy’s earlobe.

She trembled, but didn’t move; just sat there in a daze, clearly torn between her fear of breaking the taboo of incest and a newfound, unexpected desire that shone in her eyes as she stared at Mist’s vulva.

Wanting to nudge Tammy into letting go of her inhibitions, I grasped her chin, turned her face to mine and kissed her, lips sticky with Mist’s essence. She gasped as, a split-second later, she realized what I was doing… and I let my tongue slip into her mouth, giving Tammy a real taste of her daughter.

She froze for a second or two… then with a little sigh, her own tongue came to life. She licked her way around my mouth, moaning with delight as she sampled the tart flavor of her child’s sex.

Finally I pulled away and gestured toward Mist, who was breathing heavily as I continued to lightly stroke her wet pussy. “Go on,” I whispered to Tammy, “lick her. She wants you to…”

Lips parted, Mist stared hopefully at her mother. “Please, Mom,” she breathed. “Please.”

Moving as if in a dream, Tammy placed both hands on her daughter’s thighs, shivering with excitement as she slowly lowered her face to Mist’s cunt and began to lick.

Mist’s response was instantaneous. “Oh, MOM!” she cried. “Ohhhhh… yeah, that feels — f-fantastic!”

Tammy murmured ecstatically into Mist’s pussy in response, the liquid sounds of mouth, tongue and cunt making sweet music. The rich scent of womanhood was sharp in the air as mother pleasured daughter.

“Oh,” Mist moaned. “Mmmm, oh yeah — love me, Mom.”

Wanting to join in the fun, I positioned myself behind Tammy’s upraised ass — dipping my head to press a kiss into her slit, then licking the length of her cunt with the flat of my tongue. She gasped, but kept her own mouth fastened to Mist’s pussy. The girl was quivering like a plucked bass string, hands clutching at her mother’s head. “Oh, yeah,” she raved, “oooooohhh, so nice…”

Feeling deliciously lewd, I parted Tammy’s buttocks with my hands and began to lick at her asshole. I circled the rim of her anus with my tongue while slipping a hand between my friend’s legs to explore her sex. The ass is, I think, my favorite part of a woman’s body — and the apple-round shapeliness of Tammy’s bottom had my lust soaring. I pressed further between her cheeks, kissing her anus as if it were a lover’s mouth.

My eyes shifted to glance at Mist when a loud cry exploded from her, the girl’s body seizing up in climax. “Ohhhh… oh GOD!” she cried, shaking violently from head to toe as she came.

Her mother kept right on pleasuring her daughter, though. And while I continued to lick Tammy’s ass, I watched the teen’s body buck and rock on the couch as waves of pleasure surged through her slender form. Finally she panted, “N-no more, Mom…”

Tammy raised herself to draw her dazed daughter into her arms. I shivered with delight as their mouths met in a hungry kiss, Mist’s tongue emerging to sample her essence from her mom’s lips. Tammy was palming her daughter’s breasts, hands moving in circles to tease the young girl’s nipples erect.

Finally, they gently parted, mother and daughter gazing at one another in perfect adoration. “I love you, Mom,” Mist whispered, “that was… oh, gosh, it was perfect.”

Tammy brushed her girl’s lips with trembling fingers. “Oh, baby, I can’t believe we’re doing this… but I’m so glad it happened.”

Then she raised her head to look at me — and smiled.

“Honey,” she said, turning back to Mist, “I’m afraid that we’ve been very neglectful. We need to make Carly feel good now.” She patted the space on the couch next to Mist, her blue eyes burning into mine. “C’mere, beautiful…” she said, beckoning me to her with a curled finger.

I slowly rose onto shaking legs. Joining Mist and her mother on the couch, I parted my thighs, offering myself to these two beautiful women. Tammy knelt before me, then I felt her hands slide up my legs as she leaned closer, her nostrils flaring as she savored the scent of me. “Smells heavenly,” she happily sighed. And with that, she lowered her face to my cunt and began kissing me there.

At first her oral attentions were gentle, almost soothing — then she grew aggressive, plunging her face between my thighs to lick me with a probing tongue, then taking my flower into her mouth, her lips adorning my cunt with the sexiest of French kisses.

As she ate me, pausing now and then to tease my clitoris with tiny flicks of her tongue, Mist and I kissed hungrily, my hands stroking as much of her slender body as I could reach, brushing her soft, pert breasts as she cupped mine. I cried out as she bent down to take my nipple into her warm mouth.

Then, as if responding to some silent cue, Tammy and Mist switched places, the adorable teen now on her knees before me. Tammy whispered, “Thank you, Carly… thank you,” as her lips sought mine.

I closed my eyes and savored her hot, luscious mouth, now tantalizingly flavored with the tartness of my sex. Why had we never made love before?

Tammy’s tongue wrestled with mine as Mist burrowed her face between my legs, opening me with her fingers to kiss the wet flesh inside. Then I inhaled sharply as she slid two fingers inside me… then a third… then a fourth. Oh, my — was she going to…

She was. I cried out as Mist’s hand slipped inside me completely, right up to her wrist. I felt my vagina open to accept her. Tammy was licking and biting my nipples.

“Oh, that feels SO good,” I whispered. “Fuck me. God, fuck me.”

Tammy raised her face to mine to thrust her tongue into my mouth for a luscious instant, then slid down to join her daughter between my legs. Her fist soon took the place of Mist’s smaller hand inside my body.

God. Pure heaven. Mist hovered above my lap, suckling my clit as Tammy began to give me a full-bore fistfuck, her hand churning almost violently in me. Legs shaking like I’d been hit by a 7.9 earthquake, I came so hard I screamed. I’d never climaxed like that. Never, never.

Mother and daughter smiled at me from their kneeling positions between my legs. I grinned back like an fool, then slid down to the floor to wrap my arms around them both. Tammy placed a hand at the back of my head and drew my face to hers, claiming my lips in a luscious kiss that had my head spinning.

I turned to Mist, seeking out her sweet, girlish mouth. She purred with delight as our lips slid together, tongues engaging playfully.

Then Mist broke away from me, turning to her smiling mother. Tammy closed her eyes, and I gazed in awe while she and her child shared a lover’s kiss, the two of them clearly thrilled by this new incestuous bond they had discovered.

Truth be told, I was thrilled too. As they slowly parted, I told Tammy and Mist, “I want to watch you two make love.”

Mist rose to her knees, gazing lustfully at her mother. “It’s your turn, Mom,” she said. “I get to taste you now.”

Tammy reached out for her daughter’s hand, then pressed the girl’s palm to her mouth. “My angel… I love you so much!”

With that, they leaned into each other, their mouths coming together once again. My body throbbed with excitement as I watched Mist and Tammy swap tongues. Such a beautiful sight.

Then the fourteen-year-old nymph gently guided her mother onto her back. “Oh, Mom,” Mist breathed, “I’ve thought about this so many times… I can’t believe I’m finally getting to love you like this.”

“Y-you’ve wanted this to — to happen?” Tammy gasped. “For how long?”

Mist smiled. “Nearly a year, Mom — ever since I knew I was gay, like you.” She bent to kiss her mother’s nipple, pausing to flick it with her tongue… and Tammy arched her back, a whimper escaping her lips. “That’s when Paula Thornbeck and I first went to bed together.” She glanced over at me, flashing a grin as she saw me fingering myself.

Tammy moaned. “You and Paula… oh, my.”

“I love her lots, Mom,” she cooed, cupping her mother’s full breasts, “but then I saw you in the bathroom a couple of days after me and Paula did it that first time. You were getting out of the shower, naked and wet all over.” Mist paused to lick Tammy’s left nipple, circling the tip of her mother’s breast with a playful tongue. “You were so beautiful, Mom, so sexy.” She sighed dreamily. “I think, maybe… that I fell in love with you right then.” She nuzzled the tuft of soft red hair that nestled in her mother’s unshaven armpit, then kissed her there. “Mmmm, Mommy,” she murmured, “just the… smell of you gets me hot.”

“Baby,” Tammy whispered, “I… I never knew. How could I not have known?” She lifted a hand to touch her daughter’s cheek.

I moaned, now curling two fingers inside my vagina to massage the G-spot. My body was on fire, set ablaze by the sight of mother and child exploring love in a whole new way.

“I couldn’t stop thinking about you after that, Mom,” Mist spoke, her hand slipping between Tammy’s thighs to fondle her vulva. “I needed to love you so bad. So many nights I made myself come, just… dreaming of you in bed with me.”

A sob issued from Tammy’s throat. “Oh, angel,” she moaned, “my sweet, sweet little girl…”

“But this… this is even better, Mommy,” said Mist, rubbing her face against her mother’s swollen belly. “Now I get to make love to you while you’re carrying my baby sister.” The teen was shivering with excitement as she placed hot, open-mouthed kisses all over Tammy’s stomach, slowly moving down between the pregnant woman’s thighs. “I hope she can feel it inside… how I feel about you.”

“Mist,” gasped Tammy, her face radiant. “Oh, my precious…!”

Mist’s kissing mouth traveled down below her mother’s navel and into the lush thatch of fiery red hair that adorned Tammy’s cunt. Pulling back slightly, the fourteen-year-old licked her lips as she studied her mother’s sex up close. “I love you, Mom,” she whispered, “and I love your baby.” She smiled. “Our baby.”

And with that, Mist burrowed her face into Tammy’s thick pubes, lips parting to claim her mother’s sex. Tammy gave a hoarse cry as her daughter began to feast upon her pussy.

That was it for me — I came, seizing up as a second climax smashed through my body. I was whimpering through clenched teeth, fingers twisting in my vagina. The pleasure swiftly rose to a screaming peak, then slowly, slowly faded to a toast-warm glow.

Panting for breath, I shakily raised myself onto an elbow, not wanting to miss any more of the mother/daughter lovemaking than I already had.

Mist was still going down on Tammy, her mouth making wet slurping noises as she eagerly ate pussy. Tammy was caressing her pregnant belly, eyes closed, whispering, “My sweet child… I love you. Oh, I love you.” I wondered which of her children she was speaking to. Both, probably.

I moved in closer to take in the awe-inspiring sight — a daughter loving her mother as a woman for the first time. I remembered how desperately I had wanted it to be like that between me and my own mom, who I’d desired in a sexual way ever since discovering my love for other girls as a teen. I’d never had the opportunity or courage to tell her how I felt before she died in a car crash at 42, and the sight of Mist and Tammy sharing their bodies in this loving way made my unfulfilled fantasy all the more poignant.

Mist’s mouth was glued to Tammy’s cunt, sucking her, drinking down the thick sweetness of her mother’s nectar. I licked my lips in anticipation of when I, too, would get to taste my friend’s juices right from the source.

Then Mist was licking her, and I watched in awe as this fourteen-year-old girl lovingly circled the opening of her mother’s pussy with her tongue, the whole lower half of her face shiny with Tammy’s essence.

I was hesitant to involve myself in this intimate moment between mother and daughter, but it was impossible to simply sit back and watch. I’d only gotten to lick Mist’s pussy for a moment before letting Tammy take over, and my mouth was watering for more of her. Also, the sight of her upraised bottom reminded me that I hadn’t sampled the delights of that cute little ass yet.

I crawled over to kneel behind the slim teenage girl, then began lavishing her cheeks with wet, open-mouthed kisses. Mist twisted her head to stare at me. “Oh, yeah, Carly,” she panted, licking her pussy-wet lips. “Kiss my butt. Mmm, yeah, I love that.” Then she spun around to plunge her face back between Tammy’s thighs.

With trembling hands, I gently parted Mist’s cheeks to reveal the dark pink rosebud. The sight was breathtaking. I lowered my face to the girl’s bottom, then trailed my tongue up through the crack of her ass. The sound of the fourteen-year-old’s moan, muffled by her own mother’s cunt, only spurred me on — and with that, I pressed my tongue even deeper into Mist’s anal cleft.

Tammy’s cries were growing louder, her body quaking helplessly as Mist brought her ever nearer to climax, keeping the pleasure simmering without letting her boil over. In the meantime, I licked at Mist’s pink star, then burrowed between the girl’s buttocks to kiss her there.

Just then a strangled cry broke from Tammy, her body bucking upon the padded floor as she approached orgasm. Her breasts were bouncing wildly, her big belly quivering. Mist was hanging on, gripping her mother’s thighs, her mouth still covering Tammy’s cunt — at least, that’s how it looked from over the gentle slope of the teen girl’s back as I continued to rim her asshole as best I could.

Tammy’s clutched frantically at Mist’s shoulder, her eyes huge, hands shaking. “Oh, b-baby… Oh my GOD…” And she began to scream as her ecstasy redoubled, driven to a frenzied orgasm by her daughter’s hot, sucking mouth.

Her cry grew louder, wilder, finally reaching a passionate crescendo as Mist took her even higher… then Tammy froze, her body rigid for a long, silent moment before the breath seemed to rush from her lungs, and she went limp.

Mist lifted her face from her mother’s vulva, licking her lips, then rested her head upon Tammy’s thigh. Reaching up to touch the bulging belly of her panting mother, the teen girl smiled blissfully. “Love you, Mom,” she sighed.

“Love you, baby…” Tammy managed, still breathing heavily.

I’d stopped tonguing Mist’s anus while she was taking Tammy through her orgasm, but now that Mom had been sated, I began to rim Mist again, pleasuring this luscious young girl with everything I had. My hand slipped between her thighs to toy with her downy slit while my tongue probed wetly between her buttocks. She whimpered, squirming her ass back against me when I allowed my thumb to enter her — just the tip at first, then I pressed deeper, penetrating the girl far enough to touch her hymen. Hmmm, interesting… she was still a virgin.

I could hear the sounds of kissing, and raised my eyes to see Tammy, kneeling before her daughter, their mouths playing a sweet duet of love. My friend’s tongue fluttered like a ribbon between Mist’s parted lips.

Then Tammy lay down on her back and slid underneath her lovely teenager, who was still on all fours. I couldn’t exactly see what she was doing to Mist while my lips were fastened to the girl’s butt crack, but from the position of Tammy’s body, it looked as if she was sucking her daughter’s breasts.

Sure enough, I soon heard Mist coo, “Ooooh, yeah, Mommy — bite my nipples.” Then she squealed with delight. “Oh! Uh-huh, just like that…”

I began to roll my thumb around inside Mist’s vagina, pressing against the wall of her tight pussy to pleasure my young lover without breaking her hymen… then allowing my index finger to brush the nub of her clitoris.

“Oh!” she cried out, throwing her head back. “C-Carly, oh God that feels so, s-so good! Oh, yeah, do m-my pussy… mmmm, yes! YES!” Mist’s body jolted helplessly, a hoarse scream tearing loose from her throat as she suddenly came.

Her mother and I kept pleasuring her, taking her through the wild, wonderful ride of her climax. I used my fingers and mouth to keep Mist’s orgasm going, pushing the girl to the absolute limit of ecstasy. Finally, it was clear that she could take no more, so I stopped stroking her clit… and Mist slowly slumped onto her side, gasping for breath.

My heart swelled as I took in the lovely sight of Mist, her hair tousled, body glistening and flushed from head to toe, cradling her mother’s face to her breasts. Tammy was licking languidly at her daughter’s nipples. I joined them on the floor, and they welcomed me into their arms.

Then we three climbed onto the couch to cuddle, sharing kisses back and forth, caressing each other’s naked bodies in a deliciously sensual way.

I’d purposely made Tammy and Mist my last appointment of the day. There was nowhere else I had to be, and the entire evening was free to spend with my new lovers. And that, I realized, was exactly what I wanted. Tammy and her daughter seemed to feel the same way — they made no move to depart, or even get dressed. It was as if the three of us were under a magic spell that no one wanted to break.

Finally, I made a suggestion, suddenly feeling shy as a schoolgirl. “Would you both like to stay at my place tonight? I have plenty of food — and I’ve got a bed that’s big enough for all of us…”

Mother and daughter exchanged a look, then they both smiled. “Sure,” Tammy murmured, her fingers lightly teasing my cunt. “That sounds lovely.”

I have a shower in the private bathroom adjoining my office, so I suggested that we wash up before leaving. Tammy and Mist happily agreed, so after rising from the couch to stretch our limbs, we were soon washing one another’s sticky, sweaty bodies beneath a torrent of hot water. The stall is only big enough for two, so we simply left the shower door open and took turns getting clean, kissing and making out like kids on a first date. We got water all over the bathroom floor, but had a marvelous time.

Once we had emerged from the steamy cubicle, our bodies now a lovely shade of pink, I laid all the extra towels out on the bathroom floor to soak up the puddles we were leaving behind. Then we all helped to dry one another which, as you can imagine, was oodles of fun… but took much longer than it had to. We were like children with wondrous new toys, reluctant to stop playing. As we toweled each other, pausing often for luscious kisses and fondlings, there was a very real temptation for us to make love again, right then and there. Somehow, though, we managed to resist. Instead, we gathered up our scattered clothes and quickly dressed, filled with anticipation of what the night would bring us.

On to Part Two!


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  1. Sapphmore says:

    Hey Jetboy, great to see a new story from you, and a hot, rampant one at that. Looking forward to where this is going.

  2. Jay Denton says:

    Omg jetboy, I loved this. I can’t wait to show it to my mum so we can read it together.

  3. David says:

    Very erotic JetBoy and very well written. Loved the new angle to getting a mom and daughter together. Always thought that Gyno’s had a great connection to young and old females to love. Looking forward to the next chapter!

  4. Euphorsyne,Thalia & Aglia says:

    WOW!..did I say Wow?..I mean Woooow!!!
    what an awesome start to this story!…my fingers tremble as I type!..
    Mmmmm! this scenario is amazingly hot! Carly is a wonderful therapist! She has the best job ever (with the exception of the bra fitters at the Victoria’s Secrets boutique)…
    Seriously, the character of Carly is so well written, her method of making her patients
    feel so at ease is amazing, she really has something here, with the introduction of Tammy and her daughter, Mist. What a beautiful menage a trois! The sex was incredible! Loved how they( Tammy & Mist) discovered their deepening desires and their natural love for each other..Mmm, so beautiful & so delicious!
    And to think, there’s going to be a part two!..the mind reels with expecting( no pun intended!)fascinations!…
    Thank you, JetBoy, once again you make all of us pant for more..and more..and more!


    • Euphorsyne,Thalia & Aglia says:

      P.S.- The lovely photo that accompanies this story is so apt..the fiery redheads, and the amazing Dr. Benetton, I presume…


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    A great new story and very interesting premise as well.

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    What a sexy hot story! Mom, daughter and doctor sex therapist. When the baby started licking Mommy, I had to interrupt twice to read this story. Yeah!

  9. Patrizia says:

    Simply wonderful!

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