The Notebook, Chapter 8

  • Posted on October 4, 2019 at 2:20 pm

by Ebo

Dropping her backpack by her bedroom door, Dana shrugged out of her coat. As she was hanging it up, she noticed a box sitting on her bed. Moving closer, she saw the Amazon Prime tape that sealed it, and her heart started beating faster.

My Columbus Day outfit has arrived, Dana thought, smiling as she picked up the box. Glancing at her alarm clock, she thought she had enough time to try it on before her dad got home. She ripped the box open, saw the gauzy pink and black lingerie and started smiling. Taking it out of the box, she held it up. It looked even sexier than it had on her computer screen.

Chewing on her lip, she wondered if she would look good in it. Most lingerie wasn’t designed for a girl with her body type. What if she looked stupid in it? Like a little girl playing dress-up?

The main character in Playing Hooky had had similar anxieties, and Dana wondered if she had poured some of her own self-doubts into the girl. It had turned out all right for the girl in the story, but that was a work of fantasy. What if Dana’s story didn’t have the same happy ending?

She was almost too scared to try it on because if it didn’t fit her right, her plan would fall apart. She wanted Penny to look at her and not be able to stop. That was what she wanted from the lingerie. If it didn’t look good on her…

Standing up straighter and putting her shoulders back, Dana said, “It’s going to look amazing. Penny is going to love it, and that is all there is to it.”

She didn’t completely buy her own bullshit, but started undressing to try it on anyway. She unzipped her skirt, wriggling out of it. Kicking it aside, she unbuttoned her white blouse. It joined the skirt on the floor near her hamper. Reaching behind her, she undid the clasps of her bra, slipping out of it. In just her panties, she reached for the bustier. Slipping it over her head, she smoothed it into place. Her heart started beating faster when it fit her perfectly, but she knew that was only half of it. Just because it fit, didn’t mean it would look good on her. She avoided looking in the mirror as she slipped out of her panties and into the impossibly small thong. She laughed at how little it covered and squirmed at the string between her buttocks. Sitting on her bed, she took off her shoes and rolled down her black knee socks. Dana slipped into the silky nylons, loving how her legs appeared when sheathed in black hosiery. If nothing else, that much of her would look good.

Holding her breath, she stepped in front of her mirror and gasped. She put her hand to her mouth, laughing excitedly.

“Oh, wow,” she said, barely believing her eyes, “Penny is going to love this!”

The stretchy material of the bustier clung to her young body in all the right places, pushed her breasts up and gave her more cleavage than she thought she could muster. Coupled with the nylons, the lingerie made her look inappropriately sexy, considering her age. As she turned this way and that, her fears were assuaged. She didn’t look foolish or like a little girl playing dress-up. Surely it wasn’t true, but the lingerie looked like it was meant for her.

She didn’t want to take it off, wanted to run downstairs and show Penny now. She knew that her stepmother wouldn’t mind seeing her in the bustier, but Dana knew Penny liked to wait, liked to let the anticipation build. She smiled at her reflection, admiring the lingerie for a second longer before turning from the mirror and undressing.

Dana slipped everything back in the box except the extra surprise she had bought for Penny and her to play with on Columbus Day. Looking at it now, she wondered if she hadn’t bitten off more than she could chew. The product descriptions had listed dimensions, but it was bigger than she expected. A lot bigger.

Shoving it under her bed, she quickly got dressed in a pair of snug jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt, then ran downstairs to find Penny before her dad got home. Penny was in the living room, watching TV. Dana sat on the woman’s lap, giving her a big, toe-curling kiss.

Laughing, Penny husked, “Well, hi.”

“I just tried on my Columbus Day costume,” Dana said, smiling.

“I’m guessing it fits,” Penny said, her eyes flashing at Dana.

“Better than it has any right to,” Dana said, kissing Penny, again, “I can’t wait for you to see me in it.”

“I can’t wait, either,” Penny said, excitement creeping into her voice, “just four more days.”

“Then I’ll finally get to see what’s in my present,” Dana said, pouting playfully, “I’ve had to wait longer than you.”

“Just four more days,” Penny said, kissing Dana. It deepened more than either of them expected, lingered much too long. When Penny finally pulled back, she favored Dana with a sheepish smile, said, “Four long, long days.”

Laughing, Dana said, “God, Friday needs to hurry up and get here.”

“Yeah,” Penny said, fanning herself, “you better get off my lap. I need to calm down before your dad gets home.”

“Got you all hot and bothered, did I?” Dana asked, grinning.

“You have no idea,” Penny said, stealing one more kiss before shooing Dana off her lap.

“Do you still have any of that wrapping paper? I want to wrap your ‘gift’,” Dana said.

“I think there is some in the upstairs closet,” Penny said, straightening her clothes.

“Okay,” Dana said, heading upstairs. Dana felt Penny’s eyes on her as she climbed the stairs and she gave the woman her best sexy walk. Smiling, Dana thought she had definitely put herself back in her stepmother’s thoughts, where she wanted to stay.

She found the wrapping paper right where Penny said it would be and took the rollback to her room. Sitting on her bed, she wrapped the box in which the lingerie had arrived. She was just putting the finishing touches on it when her father’s car pulled into the driveway. Giving the gift to Penny would have to wait, so she shoved it under the bed with her other purchase. Smiling, she thought she’d have to wait until everyone was asleep to wrap that one.


Dana opened her eyes, looking at her alarm clock. She had set it for seven-thirty, so she would be getting up just as her father was getting ready to leave for work. She’d have enough time to grab a shower and get ready to celebrate her new favorite holiday — Columbus Day- with Penny. The only problem was her alarm clock read five-thirty-seven and she was too wide awake to get back to sleep.

Giving up on the Sandman, Dana reached under her bed and pulled out Penny’s old laptop. Sitting up, she leaned against her headboard and put the computer on her lap. She let it boot up, looking at the door to the hallway. Even in the early morning gloom, she could see the towel she had put across the gap between the door and the floor. Smiling, she thought, I’m getting good at being bad.

She opened her email, saw a new message from Penny. Smiling, she opened it and laughed. It was just a three-word message: Happy Columbus Day!

Dana thought about writing her back but she’d probably see her stepmother in person before the woman would get a chance to read her email. Closing out her email, Dana wondered if Penny was as excited about today as she was. This week of waiting had been torture, the anticipation building and building until she could barely get to sleep last night.

This is worse than Christmas, Dana thought, amused. It did feel a bit like Christmas, though. Hell, there was even a present for her to open.

Thinking about the gift-wrapped box in her closet made her heart beat faster. Not for the first time since Penny sprang this Columbus Day thing on her, Dana wondered what sort of sexy lingerie Penny had bought to wear for her. The more her imagination ran away from her, the more she really needed her dad to hurry up and go to work.

I wonder if Penny is as anxious to see what I bought, Dana thought, chewing on her lip. She liked to think Penny was lying awake like she was, liked to think her stepmother had found it hard to get to sleep last night, as she had. Dana hoped Penny was a horny mess like she was.

She glanced at the alarm clock, groaned when she saw only fifteen minutes had passed. She needed something to distract her for a couple of hours. She opened a blank Word document, thinking she might start a new story. Staring at the blinking cursor in all that white, she waited for inspiration to come, but none did. After only a couple of minutes, she closed the unaltered document.

Pulling up her email, again, Dana looked at the little window in the lower-left corner. She chewed on her lower lip, wondering if Penny was up, then she wondered if she should risk it. If her stepmother was awake, she was probably in bed still. With her father beside her, it seemed dangerous. Especially since they were so close to finally having some time together.

There was a chime and a new message appeared in the box. Dana smiled when she read it: Can’t sleep, either?

Dana typed: No. Too excited.

Penny sent back: Me, too. I’ve been lying here making myself a horny mess thinking about you.

That line got Dana’s heart beating faster. Her hands were shaking a little as she typed: I know the feeling.

Penny: I had to move to the armchair, so I wouldn’t wake your father

Laughing, Dana typed: So I can say all the naughty things I want to do to you, now?

There was a slight pause, then Penny sent back: Better not. It’s hard enough to resist the urge to come down the hall and crawl into bed with you

Her heart beat even faster, Dana typed: I wouldn’t mind the company. We could start celebrating Columbus Day early.

Penny: That’s not helping

Dana could almost see Penny looking at the door to the hallway, trying to resist the urge to walk through it and down the hall to her room. It made Dana feel sexy, desirable and indeed desired. If a woman as beautiful as Penny could find her so tempting…

Unable to resist, Dana sent: Would it help, if I told you I’m wearing just a pair of panties and nothing else?

Penny: That would be the opposite of helping

Smiling, Dana typed: Dad doesn’t get up for what, another hour and a half?

Penny: I’ve already thought about that

Dana said out loud as she typed, “Come keep me company for an hour. Dad will never know you are gone.”

Holding her breath, Dana waited for Penny’s response. She wouldn’t mind if Penny did indeed keep her company for a while but mostly she just wanted to put the thought in her stepmother’s head. She frowned when there was no answer from Penny right away. The pause seemed to stretch longer than it should and she kept hoping to see the three dots in an oval that signified Penny was typing.

The doorknob to her room turned and Dana closed her laptop in a hurry, stuffing it under her covers. It was probably Penny, enticed into keeping her company, but it might not be. She didn’t want her father to walk in on her with the laptop on her knees. She didn’t have a laptop of her own and he’d be suspicious of her having one now. The last thing she wanted for him to look at the contents of the computer. There was so much incriminating material- stories, pictures (a dozen or so of Penny, at that), videos. Her browsing history alone would see her grounded for the rest of her life.

She relaxed when she saw it was Penny. She wore an oversized sleep shirt and her hair was mussed from sleeping on it. Dana thought she looked beautiful.

Penny stopped just inside the room, looking at Dana. Her eyes narrowing, she said, “I thought you were just wearing a pair of panties?”

Looking down at her t-shirt, Dana laughed. She pulled the t-shirt up and over her head, tossing it aside. Smiling playfully, she said, “I am.”

“So you lied to get me over here,” Penny said, crossing the room to the bed. She crawled under the covers when Dana moved over.

“Couldn’t wait to do this,” Dana said, kissing Penny deeply, “Happy Columbus Day!”

“Mm… It’s starting to be,” Penny said, smiling at Dana.

“I wasn’t sure if you come,” Dana said, snuggling against her stepmother.

“I probably shouldn’t have,” Penny said, shaking her head.

“I’m glad you did though,” Dana said, tilting her head up for a kiss. Penny kissed her tenderly.

“Set your alarm,” Penny said, laughing when Dana raised her eyebrows, “in case we get… Um, distracted.”

Smiling at her, Dana asked, “Do you think we’ll need it?”

“Just in case,” Penny said, kissing her.

When it started to get away from them, Dana rolled onto her side and set her alarm for thirty minutes before her dad was supposed to get up. Looking back at her stepmother, Dana smiled and said, “Yeah, I think we’re going to need it.”

“Yeah,” Penny said, kissing Dana. This time, they didn’t have a reason to stop and the passion welled up between them in a hurry. The sexual tension that had been building up and building up since that weekend they spent together finally reached critical and they were pawing at what little clothing they were wearing.

As Penny’s sleep shirt was tossed aside, the woman said, “We need to be quiet.”

“I’ll try,” Dana said, kissing her. She slid her hand up Penny’s flank to cup her breast, and the woman moaned as her nipple dragged across Dana’s palm. Smiling playfully, Dana said, “Shh.”

“We are so going to get busted,” Penny said, rolling Dana onto her back. Getting to her knees, Penny shucked her panties, and they ended up on the floor with her sleep shirt. Naked, she hooked her fingers in Dana’s panties and pulled them off, too.

“We’ll be okay… If Dad didn’t wake up when you got out of bed, he won’t wake up now,” Dana said, smiling.

“I hope you’re right,” Penny said, nudging Dana’s legs open. She lay between them, leaning in to kiss Dana as her hips started to rock back and forth.

Dana wrapped both legs around her stepmother, crossing her ankles. She moaned softly as little waves of pleasure started washing through her young body, and she reminded herself she had to keep quiet. It wasn’t going to be easy, the lovely friction of hers and Penny’s bodies coming together felt so good.

“God, I’ve needed this for so long,” Penny said, kissing Dana excitedly.

Dana’s heart started racing, hearing that Penny’s frustration matched her own. The little games they played — the flirting, the back and forth by email, the naughty photos and stories — was fun and exciting, but this was what both of them had craved. They’d had a little taste of being together, then were denied this intimacy, so close to each other but still out of reach.

“Me, too,” Dana said, in a breathy moan.

Her fingers dug into Penny’s shoulders as the woman’s hips started moving faster, those little waves of pleasure coursing through her young body cresting higher and higher. She met Penny’s eyes in the early morning light, and she saw the woman was feeling it, too.

She knew that it wouldn’t be long for either of them. They’d had months of foreplay, after all. Their pace became almost frantic as they pushed themselves closer and closer to a climax that was sure to rock them both to pieces. Try as they might, they couldn’t completely hold in those cries of excitement that kept wanting to escape. Penny buried her face in Dana’s neck, muffling her little wordless sounds of enjoyment. Dana bit Penny’s shoulder to do the same.

“Oh God, I’m going to come already,” Penny breathed in Dana’s ear.

Dana was right there with her, tension already building up inside in anticipation of that beautiful explosion of pleasure. Penny’s hips began to lose their grace, as she started to come, but she held it together long enough to bring them both to a mind-numbing, body trembling climax. Dana’s eyes closed her eyes, and she hugged Penny tightly as she basked in the lovely afterglow, feeling as light as a feather stirred to flight by a summer breeze.

After a moment, she opened her eyes and met Penny’s. They started laughing, amused by their exuberance. The desire and passion between them had gotten away from them a bit.

Penny kissed Dana tenderly, smiled as she said, “I don’t know what it is, but when I’m with you I’m as horny as a teenager.”

“Me too,” Dana said, making Penny laugh, “oh wait, never mind.”

“At least you have an excuse,” Penny said, smiling at her.

“I guess I’m just irresistible,” Dana said, playfully.

Penny met her eyes, said, “You are irresistible. Trying to behave around you is impossible.”

“Well,” Dana said, kissing her, “maybe we can find a way to misbehave some more.”

“There you go,” Penny said, smiling warmly at her, “being all irresistible, again.”

“Just something to think about,” Dana said.

“Believe me, I’m thinking about it,” Penny said, kissing her.

Without a further word, they fell back into making love. This time they weren’t in any hurry, kissing and touching more. At some point, Dana ended up on top, holding herself up with her weight on her arms so she could really grind against Penny. Penny pushed her hips up into Dana, and the meetings of their bodies had their nerve endings singing.

As passion started to build between them, so did their pace build up a head of steam. Penny’s hands were on her buttocks, urging her to go faster and faster. The lovely sensation was too much to bear, and Dana felt herself start to come. Penny met her eyes, and Dana saw her stepmother was almost there, too. One, two, three more rolls of her hips and Dana lost herself to her orgasm. Even through the haze of pleasure, she felt Penny come undone beneath her, could feel the woman climaxing.

Dana was gasping for air, but she still had to kiss Penny. Penny kissed her back, her hands on Dana’s cheeks.

“God, that was so good,” Penny said, smiling at Dana.

“Yeah,” Dana said, stealing another kiss. When Penny finally unlocked her legs, Dana rolled off her, stretching out on her back next to Penny.

Moving against Dana, Penny said, “Not a bad start to Columbus Day, huh?”

Laughing, Dana said, “No. Not a bad start at all.”

“Of course,” Penny said, kissing Dana’s neck, “if we keep this pace up, I’ll be in traction by the time your dad gets home.”

“We’ll pace ourselves,” Dana said.

Smiling at Dana, Penny said, “With you, I’m not sure I can.”

Her heart skipping a beat, Dana kissed her deeply. She jumped when the alarm started bleating its one note song. Laughing, she gave Penny a sheepish grin and rolled over to turn it off.

“Hit snooze,” Penny said.

Dana glanced at her, raised her eyebrows questioningly.

With a playful smile, Penny said, “I need eight more minutes.”


Fresh from her shower and wearing only a pair of panties and a t-shirt, Dana headed downstairs. Penny had showered first and was probably making breakfast. She found Penny in the kitchen, the makings of pancake batter spread out on the counter. Dana leaned against the archway, watching the woman work. Back in her oversized sleep shirt, her long legs bare, Penny was easy to look at.

Eventually, Dana entered the kitchen, moved behind the woman and embraced her from behind. Penny inhaled sharply when Dana’s hands came up to cup her breasts. She moaned as Dana teased her stiffening nipples, pressing back against Dana.

“You should stop that,” Penny said, her voice thick with excitement, “it wouldn’t do to get busted now.”

“You are probably right,” Dana said, letting one hand slip down Penny’s taut stomach and between her thighs. She massaged Penny’s bud through the thin panties she wore.

With a laugh that was half a moan, Penny said, “I need to finish breakfast.”

“Can I help?” Dana asked, removing her hand from between Penny’s thighs.

Penny turned to look at her, saw what she was wearing. Dana smiled when the woman’s breathing got a little funny. Ever since Penny admitted her little fantasy about Dana walking around in just panties and a shirt, Dana found an excuse to do it as much as she could. She did it so often now that her father didn’t even raise his eyebrows anymore. Frequency didn’t detract from Penny’s reaction to seeing Dana in just some cute panties and a t-shirt, though. If anything, it made her more excited, knowing Dana did it just to toy with her.

“You are such a tease,” Penny said, meeting Dana’s eyes.

“I know,” Dana said, stealing a quick kiss, “what do you want me to do?”

“Um, you can start some coffee, then set the table,” Penny said.

Dana got the coffee going as Penny started dropping pancake batter on the hot griddle. As she reached up to get the plates out of the cabinet, she felt eyes on her backside. She glanced at Penny, caught the woman looking. Laughing she said, “Don’t let Dad catch you staring at me like that.”

“If you didn’t want me to stare, you should have worn pants,” Penny said, pointing at her with the spatula.

“I never said I didn’t want you to look. I love when you look at me like that,” Dana said, playfully, “I think it might make Dad a little jealous if he caught you, though.”

“You are probably right,” Penny said, laughing, “although jealous might not be the right word.”

Dana set the table for the three of them, adding silverware to the plates. She was just sitting down when Penny took the plate in front of her and loaded it up with a healthy stack of pancakes. A bottle of syrup and a tub of butter appeared on the table, and Dana’s mouth started watering. Smothered in melted butter and thick syrup, the pancakes looked as delicious as they smelled. The first bite proved they tasted even better than they looked.

“These are so good,” Dana said, sighing happily.

“What’s so good?” Her dad asked, coming into the kitchen.

“These,” Penny said, handing him a plate of pancakes. He accepted the plate, giving Penny a quick kiss.

Sitting down next to Dana, her father asked, “Why aren’t you dressed for school?”

“It’s Columbus Day,” Penny said, setting a steaming mug of coffee in front of him, “no school.”

“I don’t understand why this is a holiday,” he said, sipping his coffee, “the guy got lost, thought he was in India.”

Dana laughed, rolled her eyes. When her dad gave her a look, she said, “Come on, Dad. You say the same thing every year. Accident or not, he discovered America.”

“Tell that to the Vikings, who made it here before old Christopher Columbus got lost,” her father said, then changed his mind, “even better, tell that to the Indians.”

Penny sat down with her plate of pancakes, said, “You are just crabby because you have to go to work and Dana is off.”

Laughing, he said, “You’ve got me there.”

“Sucks to be you,” Dana teased, drawing another look from her father. She smiled sweetly.

“If you don’t have school, why are you up? I figured you’d be asleep until noon,” her father said.

“Pancakes,” Dana said, popping a bite in her mouth and sighing happily.

“Is that what it takes to get your lazy butt out of bed?” He said, taking a bite of his own pancakes.

“Doesn’t hurt,” Dana said, smiling.

“Well, what do you have planned for your day off?” Her father asked. He wasn’t looking up, engrossed in his breakfast.

Unable to resist, Dana met Penny’s eyes, said, “I plan to spend the day in bed.”

Penny hid her smile behind her coffee mug, but she winked at Dana.

Her dad shook his head, laughed, “Lucky kid.”

“You have no idea,” Dana said, winking back at Penny.


With a belly full of pancakes, Dana went upstairs. She stood at her window, watching her dad getting in his car. Her heart started racing as she watched him back out of the driveway and into the street. She watched until he disappeared from view, then dug her gift for Penny out of its hiding place. She ran downstairs, found Penny putting up the last of the breakfast dishes. Hearing her enter the kitchen, Penny turned and leaned against the sink, her sleep shirt riding high on her thighs. She started smiling when she saw how excited Dana was.

“He’s gone!” Dana said, holding out the gift-wrapped box.

“I know, I was watching as he pulled away,” Penny said, accepting the box. “Help me put these dishes up, then I’ll give you my present.”

They hurried to put everything up. Finished, Dana followed Penny to the master bedroom. She watched as her stepmother fetched the festively wrapped package from its hiding place, her heart racing in her breast. The time for the big reveal had finally come. She’d get to see Penny in whatever naughty bit of lingerie she had picked out for Columbus Day. She had been waiting impatiently for this moment all week, and it was finally here.

Penny held out the package to Dana, said, “I can’t wait to see what you bought.”

“This week has been torture,” Dana said, nodding at the box on the bed, the one that contained the lingerie Penny had bought, “having that in my room and not being able to open it.”

“Yeah,” Penny said, sighing, “torture is the word.”

“No more waiting,” Dana said, starting to open the box in her hand.

“Not here. Go put it on in your room,” Penny said, smiling at Dana, “I’ll be there as soon as I change.”

“Don’t keep me waiting,” Dana said.

“Wouldn’t think of it,” Penny said, stealing a kiss, “now go.”

Dana left Penny to change into her lingerie, ran to her bedroom. She tore open the wrapping, spilling her bustier and accessories out on the bed. Her hands were shaking as she started getting undressed. She laughed at her eagerness, made herself slow down. She smoothed the bustier into place, then sat on her bed to roll her stockings onto her legs. The garters gave her fits, but she managed to fasten them. Standing up, she stepped into the tiny thong, once again laughing at how little there was to it.

Going to her closet, she pulled a shoebox down from the shelve above her clothes rack. Opening it, she saw the heels Penny had bought her for their ‘date’. Black with three-inch heels, they were by far the sexiest shoes she owned, were probably too sexy for a girl her age. She loved these shoes and had been looking for a reason to break them out, again. She thought they would go nicely with her bustier, the shoes matching the black detailing.

She put on some strawberry flavored lip gloss, ran her brush through her hair. She glanced at the door, wondering how long Penny was going to make her wait before walking through it in something scandalous. She looked around the room, not sure what to do now that she was ready.

Luckily, Penny didn’t make her wait much longer. There was a knock, then Penny asked through the door, “Can I come in?”

Her heart racing, she said, “Yeah.”

The door opened, and Dana gasped as Penny stepped into the room. She had known Penny would be wearing something sexy and probably revealing, but her imagination had failed her. Dressed in a white corset with light blue lacing up the front and a white lace ruffle on the bottom; white lace topped stockings with a light-blue back seam held up with attached garters; and a white ribbon choker, dainty and incredibly sexy on Penny’s graceful neck. Penny had fixed her hair, done her makeup and Dana couldn’t stop staring at her.

“Dana, I–” Penny said, putting her hand to her mouth. Her eyes were wide as she looked at Dana.

The surprise in Penny’s eyes gave way to excitement and Dana shivered at the lust in them. The lingerie had had the desired effect, had left Penny speechless. Feeling incredibly sexy, Dana did a slow spin for Penny, loving the woman’s reaction.

“Wow,” Penny managed to say.

“You, too,” Dana said, shaking her head, “I tried to guess what you’d be wearing… I wasn’t even close. You… you look so… God, it was so worth the wait!”

Penny smiled at her, said, “I don’t know… If I had known that was in the box, I don’t think I could have waited.”

“You like it?” Dana asked.

Crossing the room, Penny took Dana in her arms and gave her a very heated kiss. Pulling back, Penny gave her a smile that made her heart skip a few beats, said, “I love it. It’s the sexiest Columbus Day outfit I’ve ever seen.”

“I don’t know,” Dana said, smiling at her, “yours is hot, too.”

“That story you wrote — ‘Playing Hooky’… When your young girl character wanted her stepmother to like the lingerie she had bought… ‘I want her eyes to get wide, and her jaw hit the floor. I wanted to make her weak in the knee like she made me, wanted her heart to race. I needed her to think I was beautiful and sexy and irresistible’.”

Surprised, Dana said, “You are quoting my story?”

“I loved that story, must have read it a dozen times since you sent it to me,” Penny said, smiling at her, “I know that line by heart. It’s my favorite part.”

“Oh,” Dana said, her heart beating a little faster.

“Is that what you wanted, too?” Penny asked, meeting Dana’s eyes, “for my eyes to get big and my jaw hit the floor? To make my knees weak and my heart race? For me to think you are so beautiful and sexy and irresistible?”

Dana nodded, holding her breath.

Penny’s hand came up and touched Dana’s cheek lovingly, said, “It did that and more. You are beautiful, and you in this lingerie will haunt my fantasies forever. I can’t get over how amazing it looks on you.”

“I’m glad you like it,” Dana said, her heart all stupid in her breast.

“I love it,” Penny said, kissing her deeply.

Dana could feel just how much Penny loved it in her kiss, the eager caress of her tongue as her stepmother drew her in. Kissing her back, Dana thought, And let the celebration begin, again!

Sure enough, Penny broke the kiss to move onto Dana’s bed, stretching out on her back. Dana crawled onto the bed, leaning in to kiss her stepmother. It lingered awhile, neither of them in any hurry to break it. With almost seven hours left to kill, they could take their time.

Finally pulling back, Penny gave Dana a curious look, said, “You taste like strawberries.”

“Lip gloss,” Dana said, laughing.

“Ah. I thought you were hiding strawberries somewhere,” Penny said, smiling playfully at her.

“And a can of whipped cream?” Dana asked.

“I think there is one downstairs,” Penny said, amused.

“I’ll keep that in mind for later,” Dana said, kissing Penny, again.

Her stepmother sighed when Dana pressed her lips to the graceful curve of her neck, then her collarbone. Running her hands up Penny’s flanks, she could feel the boning in the corset as it reshaped Penny’s already lovely body. Luckily they stopped just underneath Penny’s breasts, and Dana cupped them, kneaded them through the satiny material. Penny moaned, her back arching off the bed as she pushed her breasts into Dana’s hands eagerly.

Dana moved lower, pushed Penny’s long legs open. She glanced up at Penny as she pulled the little matching thong to one side. Smiling, she saw Penny holding her breath in anticipation. Not keeping her stepmother waiting, Dana ran her tongue across Penny’s bud, and Penny let out her breath in a moan. The two orgasms earlier hadn’t completely quelled the desire in Penny, it would seem.

She did say she couldn’t control herself, Dana thought, her heart getting a little funny in her breast. She kind of liked the idea of being the bane of Penny’s self-control, a temptation. Lord knows, Penny was one for her.

The caress of Dana’s tongue against her bud had Penny moaning and making these little wordless sounds of enjoyment. It was a good thing they didn’t need to be quiet anymore. Dana wet two fingers with saliva and eased them into Penny’s ready pussy. Penny’s back arched off the bed as Dana found that magic button inside, teased her g-spot with little come-hither motions. Penny clutched at the covers as those two sensations melded into one, her body going crazy.

“God, I’d forgotten how good you are at this,” Penny said, moaning thickly.

Smiling up at her, Dana thought, Never did send her the article I read about this.

The caress of her tongue across Penny’s bud and the pressure of her fingertips teasing Penny’s g-spot had the woman writhing in pleasure. Penny’s hips moved with a mind of their own, pressing her pussy eagerly against Dana’s mouth. Her cries of enjoyment filled the bedroom, growing louder as she became more and more excited.

“Oh God,” Penny said, her eyes widening. Dana saw her stepmother’s stomach muscles tightening, heard her stop breathing and knew the woman was close. She rolled her eyes up and saw the slack-mouthed, eyes-rolled-back look of bliss, didn’t look away as she brought Penny to a body-shaking orgasm. She eased her fingers out of Penny, massaging her labia to keep the lovely sensations washing through her stepmother.

Dana crawled up Penny’s supine body, giving her a lingering kiss before hopping off the bed.

“Where are you going?” Penny called, rolling on her side to watch as Dana went to her dresser.

Dana pulled the bottom drawer out, setting it aside. She reached in and found the gift-wrapped box inside the void. Bringing it out, she showed it to Penny, said, “I bought you a second Columbus Day gift.”

“You did?” Penny asked, sitting up, “What is it?”

Coming to the bed, Dana handed the present to her, said, “Open it and see.”

Penny looked at her a second, then at the box in her hand. She ripped the wrapping open, then opened the box. Her eyes got wide as she pulled the strap-on harness and dildo out of the box. Laughing, she looked at her stepdaughter. “What the hell, Dana?”

“I was going to get one like the one in the video — you know, where the stepmother takes the girl shopping for lingerie — but the review said it was hard to use. A bunch of people recommended this instead,” Dana said, crawling onto the bed.

Looking from the harness to Dana, Penny asked, “Is this for you or me?”

“Us,” Dana said, smiling.

“I mean do you want to wear this or… me?” Penny asked.

“Um, both,” Dana said, then blushed, “or I did before I saw it. It’s kind of…big. I read the dimensions on the website, but I guess I didn’t understand what they meant.”

“It is pretty… adventurous,” Penny said, laughing. She gave Dana a curious look, asked, “Do you think you’re ready for this? Well, not this, but something like it?”

“That’s sort of the other surprise,” Dana said, blushing, “I’m not a virgin, any more.”

“Your not?” Penny asked.

“I don’t know how it happened, but no,” Dana said.

“Huh,” Penny said, then nodded. She got off the bed, said as she walked toward the door, “I’ll be back.”

“Where are you going?” Dana asked.

Pausing with her hand on the door, Penny turned to Dana and said, “You’ll see.”

Dana waited, wondering what Penny was doing. She didn’t have to wait long, then Penny was back with a dusty locked box. Dana watched with interest as Penny put in the combination, then popped the lock. The hinges protested as Penny opened the lid. Dana laughed at what she saw inside, and it was her turn to say, “What the hell, Penny?”

“These are from my college days,” Penny said, digging around in the box, “and this is probably more your speed. That is, if you are sure you want to do this.”

Dana took the much smaller, pale blue dildo from Penny. It was about the size of her vibrator, so she thought it should be okay. It definitely wasn’t as intimidating as the one she’d bought.

“Will it work with the harness?” Dana asked.

“Should,” Penny said, then smiled and held up something else, “I have that covered, too, if it doesn’t.”

“Wow,” Dana said, laughing, “what else do you have in there?”

“Let’s see how this goes,” Penny said, closing the box, “then we’ll worry about what other toys I have in here.”

Penny picked up the harness Dana had bought off Amazon, undid the retaining straps and pulled the dildo out. She slipped the pale blue one in and secured the straps, again. Showing it to Dana, she said, “Stand up.”

Dana got to her feet, and Penny had her hold the harness in place, while she tried to fasten the straps. Pulling it off, Penny said, “We will have to add some holes for you, but I think you’ll be able to wear it when it’s your turn.”

“My turn?” Dana asked, raising her eyebrows.

“You said it was my gift,” Penny said, smiling as she stood up, “that means I get to play with it first, right?”

“Um, sure,” Dana said.

“Now is your time to chicken out,” Penny said, smiling playfully at her, “if you let me put it on…”

“Put it on,” Dana said, handing Penny the harness, “I’ve been dying to try this thing out all week, and that was when I was a little scared of the dildo.”

Laughing, Penny said, “That thing is scary.”

“It didn’t look that big in the picture,” Dana said, blushing.

“God, I wish I was a fly on the wall when you were looking for a strap-on,” Penny said, laughing harder.

“Next time, I’ll let you help me pick something out,” Dana said.

Penny sobered up some, and she gave Dana a playful smile, said, “Next time?”

“Next time,” Dana said, smiling at her. She saw the idea intrigued Penny and her heart started beating faster when she thought Penny was thinking about ‘next time’.

“We’ll see about next time,” Penny said, then started slipping into the harness, “let’s see how today goes.”

“Okay,” Dana said, thinking Penny was already thinking about a new toy for them to play with.

Dana watched as Penny secured first one hip, then the other, adjusting the harness until she had it like she wanted. Just like that, Penny had sprouted a pale blue penis, about six inches in length and a little over an inch in diameter. With a mixture of apprehension and excitement, Dana wondered how it was going to feel inside of her.

As she moved back and Penny crawled onto the bed with her, Dana thought, This is really about to happen. Penny is going fuck me with that dildo.

She was wrong, though. Penny moved between her legs, spreading them wide, then lowered her mouth to Dana’s bud. The caress of her tongue drew a moan to Dana’s lips, then another. Dana wondered what Penny was up to, but trusted the woman enough not to ask. She was sure Penny knew what she was doing.

Besides, what Penny was doing to her felt amazing. The last thing she wanted to do was to tell the woman to stop. Dana put a hand on the back of her stepmother’s head so that she couldn’t getaway. Penny rolled her eyes up at Dana, a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth as she drove Dana crazy with her able tongue.

When Penny slipped a finger into her mouth, and it came out glistening with saliva, Dana realized what was happening. She accepted the finger without pain, moaning as it slipped deep into her slick sex. Her back arched as Penny found her g-spot, intense pleasure washing through her young body as Penny teased it.

Dana gasped as a second finger joined the first, moving slowly in and out of her. Penny’s mouth returned to her bud, the hot, wet flick of her tongue and the thrusts of her fingers making Dana cry out in enjoyment.

No wonder Penny came so hard when I did this to her, Dana thought, feeling the first stirrings of an orgasm. Her fingers tightened in Penny’s hair as the woman pushed her closer and closer to coming. Her eyes squeezed shut as her body exploded with pleasure and shook through her climax like someone pitching a fit.

Penny leaned in to give Dana a slow, lingering kiss. Distracted by the kiss, Dana didn’t notice Penny moving until she felt the rubber tip of the dildo press against the opening to her vagina. Breaking the kiss, she saw Penny was now on her knees between her thighs. Penny met her eyes and, when Dana nodded, pushed her hips slowly forward.

Dana’s body stretched to take the dildo in, and it bit deep, much deeper than Penny’s fingers. Still sensitive from coming so soon ago, she moaned thickly feeling it inside of her. Penny hesitated, not moving as she gave Dana a questioning look. Dana bit her lip and nodded, again. Penny’s second thrust felt even better than the first and the third better than that one. Each time the dildo moved inside of her, it forced a little cry of pleasure from her.

“That feels so good,” Dana moaned, her fingers digging into her covers.

Penny kept it nice and slow until Dana was ready for more, then let her pace increase. Her stepmother leaned forward, putting her weight on her arms, so she could let her stroke open up. Each long thrust was a sweet torture on Dana’s young pussy, too much for her to stand. She thought she was going to come already.

Dana gasped as Penny eased out of her and patted her on the outer thigh, said, “Get up.”

Realizing what Penny wanted, Dana got to her hands and knees. As Penny moved behind her, Dana looked over her shoulder at her stepmother. One hand on Dana’s hip and the other guiding the dildo, Penny entered Dana, again. Dana gasped as the rubber penis rubbed against her insides a different way, the change of angle making a huge difference.

The shift in position delayed her orgasm but didn’t completely alleviate the tension in her young body. Still, Penny kept her pace slow, teasing Dana right at the edge of coming.

Coming to a stop, Penny put her hand between Dana’s shoulder blades, gently pushing down. Dana put her cheek on her folded arms, looking back at her ass up in the air. Penny’s first thrust made her cry out as it hit just the right spot. The next one made her cry out again, and she decided she liked this position best.

So far, Dana amended, thinking there were a whole lot of positions she hasn’t experienced yet.

Penny leaned forward, her arm snaking around and down until her fingers found Dana’s tender bud. As Penny rocked her hips back and forth, she massaged Dana’s clit. The one-two punch of pleasure did Dana in, and she felt the orgasm Penny had been teasing her with come alive inside. This time Penny didn’t hold her back from it, let the orgasm have its way. Slow and easy thrusts of Penny’s hips made Dana gasp and kept the lovely sensations rolling through her.

Easing out of Dana, Penny ran her hands down Dana’s back, onto her shoulders. She pulled Dana to her knees, embracing her from behind. Dana sighed as Penny kissed her neck, her shoulder. She turned until she was facing Penny, kissed her deeply. As she moved into Penny’s arm, she felt something poking her in the hip, belatedly remembering the dildo.

Penny smiled at her, said, “I guess you were ready.”

“I guess so,” Dana said, laughing.

“I’d ask how you liked it, but…” Penny said, her smile widening.

“It was… well, you saw how it was,” Dana said.

“I did,” Penny said, kissing her.

“Does that mean it’s my turn to play with our new toy?” Dana asked.

“We’ll have to add some new holes. You’re a little too skinny,” Penny said.

“Well, yeah,” Dana said, laughing.

“Good news is,” Penny said, winking, “you’ll be able to grow into it.”

“Think I’m going to need it in the future, huh?” Dana asked, playfully.

“Don’t you?” Penny asked, with a look that made Dana forget to breathe for a few seconds.

“Yeah,” Dana said, her heart racing.

“Come on,” Penny said, getting off the bed, “let’s go put some holes in this.”

They didn’t bother with robes, walking downstairs in their Columbus Day outfits. Dana couldn’t help but think today would be a bad day for her dad to come home early as she followed Penny into the kitchen.

From the junk drawer, Penny pulled a pair of pointy scissors and a marker. With Dana’s help, Penny held the harness in place, making marks with the marker where the new holes needed to be. When she had both hips marked, she took the harness to the center island, used the scissors to poke a starter hole in each side. Going back to the junk drawer, she found a screwdriver, which she used to widen the holes she had made in the leather.

After examining her handiwork, Penny held the harness out to Dana, smiled, and said, “Try it on.”

Getting into the thing turned out to be trickier than it looked and Dana looked at Penny for guidance. Penny laughed and showed her how to fasten one leg, then slip into it. Feeling kind of dumb, Dana managed to get the other side secured. It seemed to fit right, but she had no way of knowing if that were the case. Again, she looked to Penny for guidance.

Stepping close, Penny checked the fit, then smiled at Dana, “Congratulations. You are officially strapped into a strap-on.”

Dana looked down at herself and had to laugh, “All right, this is just weird.”

“Yeah,” Penny said, smiling.

Bouncing on her heels, Dana shook her head at the comical swinging of the dildo.

“You ready to go back upstairs and give it a test run?” Penny asked.

“Um, yeah,” Dana said. She followed Penny upstairs, walking a little funny because the bob of the dildo was distracting. She finally had to grab it to keep it from swinging. Dana wondered if she looked as goofy as she felt.

In Dana’s room again, Penny urged Dana to stretch out on her back. Propped up on her elbows, Dana watched as Penny straddled her hips, then lowered onto the jutting dildo. With her hand, Penny guided it home, sinking onto it until it disappeared inside of her. Stooping, Penny gave Dana a quick but heated kiss. Straightening back up, Penny moved up and down on the dildo, moaning each time the dildo bit deep.

Dana’s eyes widened as Penny’s every movement translated through the strap-on to her, rubbing against her bud deliciously. It didn’t feel as good as being on the other end of the harness, but it still felt much better than she had expected.

Seeing Dana’s reaction, Penny said around a moan, “This harness is nice, but some of them have a vibrating egg or a second dildo, so the wearer gets more out of it.”

“This is why you’re helping me pick out the next sex toy I buy,” Dana said, smiling playfully.

“Sounds like a plan,” Penny said, leaning in for a kiss.

I think she means that, Dana thought, her heart racing. It wasn’t so much the additional sex toys that had her heart beating a mile a minute but the implied more time spent together like this, all tangled up on Dana’s bed. Clothing optional.

Penny distracted Dana from her thoughts, by urging her to sit up. Without easing off the dildo, Penny poked her long legs out behind Dana, sitting on Dana’s lap facing her. Penny showed Dana how to cross her legs Indian style and sat in the hollow of her legs. Smiling, Penny wrapped her arms around Dana’s neck as she began to roll her hips into the dildo.

“This is my favorite position,” Penny said, kissing Dana, “it’s very intimate. You can look your partner in the eyes, creating this connection.”

Dana saw what Penny was talking about and it was indeed very personal. It was kind of sexy, seeing Penny’s eyes widen just a little bit every time the dildo moved inside of her. She could almost feel the pleasure the woman was experiencing. It was sharing on a whole other level. Leaning in, she gave Penny a tender kiss.

As a writer, it was a moment she’d never forget, would have to figure out a way to put it in one of her stories. If she could convey that connection in words, if she could make the readers feel like she did looking into Penny’s eyes and seeing the woman’s desire, her pleasure in them, then she would have the hottest story she’d ever written.

Finding those words would have to wait, though. Her very beautiful and sexy stepmother was a distraction sitting on her lap. Smiling, Dana found another reason to like this position as her hands came up to cup Penny’s breasts.

Penny’s hips were rolling against the dildo faster, her little cries of enjoyment getting louder. Penny buried her face in Dana’s neck, her fingers digging into Dana’s shoulders. Dana didn’t need to look into Penny’s eyes to know the woman was rocking her way towards an orgasm. With her hands on Penny’s buttocks, she helped the woman really ride the dildo. Penny’s grip on her shoulder was almost painful as she started to come, but Dana hardly noticed. As Penny’s body began to lose its grace, Dana pushed her hips up into the woman, finishing her off. With her cry of ecstasy muffled against Dana’s neck, Penny came hard, trembling as she clung to Dana.

Eventually, Penny pulled back, smiling at Dana. It was a slightly dazed smile, and Dana laughed, kissed her.

Penny glanced at Dana’s alarm clock, laughed and said, “Jesus! It’s not even ten o’clock yet.”

“We still have a long time to spend together,” Dana said, smiling at her stepmother.

Laughing, Penny kissed her said, “I’m not as young as you. We need to pace ourselves.”

“So you keep saying,” Dana said, amused.

Shaking her head, Penny said, “I’m going to be so sore tomorrow.”


“The water feels amazing.”

Dana had to agree, leaning back into Penny.

Their desire finally sated, they had gone downstairs for something to eat. Dana had been surprised just how hungry she was, the pancakes from breakfast long since burned off in their passionate lovemaking. They talked about story ideas as they ate and Penny came up with the idea of doing a co-authored story, one with dual narratives — Dana would pen the girl’s side of the story, Penny the adult’s. By the time they finished eating, Dana was getting excited about the project, thought it would fun to tell a story from two different points of view.

After eating, they had decided on taking a bath together. That was where they were now, Penny sitting at the back of the tub with Dana between her legs. They had turned out the lights and lit a couple of candles. A bottle of wine sat on the closed toilet lid, and they each had a glass.

“To the best Columbus Day ever,” Penny said, holding up her glass.

Smiling, Dana clinked her glass to Penny’s, said, “The best Columbus Day ever.”

Dana took a sip of the burgundy-colored liquid in her glass and thought, I think I’m starting to like the taste of wine.

Penny kissed Dana’s neck, said, “So, Thanksgiving is coming up next month.”

Laughing, Dana asked, “Already making plans for that four day weekend?”

“Honestly, I don’t know if I’ll be able to wait that long,” Penny said.

Dana smiled, getting the feeling that Penny would be back in her bed before there was a turkey on the table. Somehow, some way…

On to Chapter Nine!


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  1. Jill says:

    Ebo, I love reading your work! You paint awesome pictures and this chapter shows how well you project passion and intimacy.

    One favor: Could you plllllease refer to her clit as something else besides a “bud”? Just doesn’t sound very feminine but all your characters have them. 🙂

    Thank you for your really high quality work.


  2. Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglia says:

    Awesome!..another great chapter, what beautiful interplay between Dana & Penny, so realistic, almost like a verbatim transcript( a little pun intended in re: current events )

    And this paragraph is so good:

    “Dana’s heart started racing, hearing that Penny’s frustration matched her own. The little games they played — the flirting, the back and forth by email, the naughty photos and stories — was fun and exciting,but this what both of them had craved. They’d had a little taste of being together, then were denied this intimacy, so close to each other, but still out of reach.”

    Mmm! sooo good! Thanks Ebo, for what Jill so aptly commented i.e., projecting such beautiful passion & intimacy!


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