Learning Phase, Chapter 6

  • Posted on May 1, 2021 at 2:35 pm

By Nuit du Loup

On the opposite side of the house, Isana awoke before Sora did, which was very unusual for her. Being self-employed, she often slept in late when she could and snuggled deep into the nest of her bed. The change came because, for the second day in a row, she had the warm, enticing body of a girl in her arms. Ayaka’s form was spooned into hers and her face was nestled in the girl’s soft, brown hair. She breathed in deep, taking in Ayaka’s wonderful scent, tinged slightly with a female musk, and felt thankful for the fact that she was no longer alone in her bed and home.

“Are you finally awake?”

Isana started, hearing Ayaka’s amused voice without any warning that the girl was also awake. In response, she leaned up and playfully gave Ayaka’s left earlobe a soft nip before saying, “How long have you been up, hmm?”

“Hey!” Ayaka laughed and made a show of pretending to try and ward off Isana’s further nibbles and licks to her neck and ears. But making sure she never moved far enough to prevent Isana from doing so. “I always wake up with sunrise. I didn’t want to wake you up, though, because I’ve been enjoying this quite a bit. I like having your arms around me and just being with you feels wonderful.”

“So, no morning-after regrets, then?” Isana said with pure happiness in her voice in response to Ayaka’s words. Her hands slid up Ayaka’s bare belly and gently cupped her nicely growing, adolescent pair breasts. Ayaka sighed with pure pleasure and rolled her hips meaningfully into Isana, welcoming the caress. Then she sighed again, a little deeper this time, and began turning over in Isana’s arms.

When they were facing each other, Ayaka leaned in slowly and they kissed with passionate intensity. At first, Isana was surprised by the strength of Ayaka’s emotions, but she also felt touched and enflamed by them.  Ayaka’s words of the night before had not just been hormone-induced and it showed now. It was perhaps the greatest expression of love Isana had been given since the death of her adoptive mother. When Ayaka pulled back, she gave Isana a small return love-nibble to the tip of her tiny nose and smiled wide.

“Of course I have no regrets!” Ayaka declared straightforwardly. “I meant it when I said that I love you, and I’m more than happy that I had sex with you and slept in your arms. I hope to do so often from now on. Does that work?”

“Just making sure,” Isana grinned back. She threw her weight forward in a roll and Ayaka laughed in surprised delight as Isana pushed the girl over onto her back and then knelt on all fours over her. Still smiling, Isana moved in for the attack before Ayaka could protest and began nibbling, sucking, and licking at her pale-skinned neck and upper chest.

“Isana!”  Ayaka cried, her voice cracking in a loud series of laughs that were fighting through gasps of sexual pleasure. Then Ayaka’s smile matched hers and it was Isana’s turn to cry out because two slim fingers deftly found her soaked slit and easily pushed inside through the wetness. Isana was forced to raise her mouth to give voice to her enjoyment. Ayaka laughed exultantly and slid down the bed under her. A mouth found a turgid nipple and suckled hard on it.

Smirking, Isana quickly sat up and back onto her legs, despite the fact that she had quite enjoyed Ayaka’s oral ministration. Her smirk cut off into a chuckle when Ayaka followed her up without hesitation and pushed her backward. Isana landed on her back with a thump, and she was quickly surmounted by the excited teenage girl. Ayaka was breathing a little hard from the play and sexual teasing, but she was obviously enjoying herself and openly aroused.

“Mine again!” Ayaka crowed happily, dropping to retake a breast into her mouth.

Isana arched her back from the wonderful sensations and then turned the movement into a raised roll. Ayaka gave a startled yelp and moaned at being denied, and then her voice turned into a soft shriek as the sheet she landed on slid right over the edge of the bed and onto the floor. Isana followed quickly and found Ayaka belly down, her bare butt just rising up. Grinning, Isana slid on top of Ayaka facing towards her butt and held her place that way.

“Aww, that’s totally not fair, ah!” Ayaka’s words cut off satisfactorily when Isana licked right down the crack of Ayaka’s pretty pale ass, over her back hole and finally onto her very damp girlhood. For a moment Ayaka’s playful struggling ceased, but then she wiggled her butt a little and tried to complain in a voice filled with arousal. “Isana! At least let me turn over!”

“As long as you promise to stay still for now,” Isana agreed magnanimously, lifting slightly so that Ayaka could rollover. Once Ayaka’s pussy was before her once again, Isana descended and attacked, parting wet lips with her eager tongue and tasting once again the pure, delicious flavor of the girl. Ayaka gave one loud cry of joy and then realized what their positioning meant and decided the game was ended. Instead, she focused entirely on Isana’s bare slit, now an inch or two from her face.

Isana didn’t know how long they were like that, each of them giving pleasure to the other, but after a long while, Ayaka third or fourth orgasm flared and trembled below her. This made the girl’s assault on her own pussy redouble along with muffled moans. A minute later it was Isana’s turn again. When the wonderful tremor passed, she rolled off her new ward and onto her shaggy, sun-warmed rug and lay panting, feeling a warm elation inside.

When she rose up again, she sat there, furry tail twitching from her delight as she looked down at Ayaka’s beautiful, naked, and sweaty body. Ayaka was grinning back at up her as she too breathed deeply to calm down, not at all embarrassed by her nudity anymore. Isana loved it. Ayaka was a breathtaking girl and she was sliding quickly into a deep place in her heart. Not only did she have a sense of humor that clicked well with her own, she liked to play too and trusted her implicitly.  It made her wonder just what kind of surprises the other two girls were going to give her. Either way, she knew she and Ayaka had something special going on here.

Ayaka sat up too and leaned back on her arms, almost glowing from her multiple sexual releases and from the brief physical activity leading to it. She also had a small, amused smirk on her lips. “It’s probably a good thing you didn’t want us to call you Mom or anything like that.”

“Very true,” Isana snorted in agreement. “Part of the reason I didn’t want to be called that, other than it makes me feel like an old lady, is because doing fun things like this would seem weird in your head. I’m still boss lady around here, though; please remember that until you’re an adult.”

“I’ll remember,” Ayaka replied with affectionate amusement. “You’re our teacher, and kind-of-parent, and I love you.”

Isana glowed inside again at the word ‘love’ but she also saw the question in Ayaka’s expression, so she answered honestly and quickly. “I’m coming to love you too, Ayaka. There aren’t many girls who are willing to joke with me and have a nice wrestle for fun. Plus, you are quite mature for your age and obviously intelligent, not to mention easy on the eyes. And most of all, you are one of the three reasons I’m not lonely anymore.”

Ayaka colored at the compliments but she didn’t shy away. Instead, she just smiled and stood up, stretching herself a little which showed off her body in interesting ways. Isana had a great view from her vantage, but she stood as well after a moment of appreciation. “I think I need a shower,” Ayaka said then, looking down at herself in appraisal. Her youthful body was glistening with sweat and her lush, soft hair was heavily mussed and in need of a wash. “But I really want to see Sora and Karin first. It’s probably weird, but I miss them already.”

“It’s not weird,” Isana chuckled, her tail twitching a little faster now that she wasn’t sitting on it. “The four of us are family now, so it’s natural to want to see your younger sisters.”

“Families fight with each other all the time,” Ayaka replied, raising a finger to mark the point.

“Yes they do, unfortunately,” Isana acknowledged. “You’ll probably have squabbles with Karin and Sora too, but I hope that when those happen, we can work through them. You’re the big sister of the house, so they’ll both be looking up to you. For instance, Karin seemed more than happy to have you around yesterday, remember?”

“Okay, I guess I get your point,” Ayaka said, smiling calmly. “I still want to go see them though, but I want to get some clothes on first. This sex stuff is kind of neat and all, but I don’t think I want to walk around naked all the time. It just seems weird not to wear clothes around the house.”

“Well, while I can’t say the idea of always seeing you naked doesn’t appeal greatly, I never did that much before you guys showed up either. Clothes just make things more comfortable most of the time for some reason.”

“Are you saying that you did hang around your house naked sometimes?” Ayaka laughed.

“Oh sure,” Isana admitted freely. “On nice days I like to layout on one of the really thick rugs downstairs and take naked naps on them in the sun from a window.  It feels pretty good.”

Smiling in continued amusement, Ayaka retrieved her discarded towel and wrapped it around herself in a fashion that Isana thought was almost artful.  Isana followed her lead, and pulled on a loose pair of cotton shorts and an old blue t-shirt that had seen much better days but was as soft as sin itself on her skin. Once ‘dressed,’ they shared quick appraising glances, one which Ayaka seemed pleased with, and then they headed towards the door. Just as she and Ayaka were stepping out into the hallway, Sora rounded the corner and into view.

“Oh, Sora!” Ayaka said in a happy greeting, spying the younger girl immediately.

Sora slowed her pace. She was also wearing only her towel and it was showing off a lot of her smooth, bronze skin. Sora flicked her ears twice in pleased surprise at meeting them and her small lips curled into a smile. “Ayaka? Isana?” Her voice was warm with her obviously good mood. “Morning!”

“You seem to be in good humor today,” Isana observed, unable to help her mental and bodily excitement from flaring up momentarily. Sora seemed to have a new vibrancy to her amazing cuteness today and there was a significant absence of her usual initial shyness. She seemed a lot more comfortable with where she was and who she was with, for which Isana was glad.

“It’s been great!” Sora enthused brightly, leaning in when Ayaka pulled her in close for a tight hug, to which she smiled wider and flicked her ears again.

“Mmm, Sora, you’re so nice to hug and cuddle,” Ayaka sighed satisfyingly, loosening her hold a little. Then Isana saw her frown and sniff towards the younger girl. Isana was surprised at first but quickly chastised herself for forgetting that Ayaka had told her the day before that she too had a very sensitive nose from being what she was.  “Why do you smell like metal and…? Oh!”

Wondering what had Ayaka looking so flummoxed, Isana leaned in too and immediately caught the same two scents that Ayaka had. She knew what they were and so apparently did Ayaka. “You smell like blood Sora?” she said softly before her mental filters could catch the words.

Sora’s ears snapped downward in clear displeasure at her and Ayaka’s concerned frowns. “You said it was okay to do sex stuff,” she said accusingly, looking right into Isana’s eyes. It was a pleading expression, but there was anger there too; anger that was probably justified, because of Isana’s rash words.

“Yes, I certainly did say that,” Isana agreed, speaking calmly for both her own benefit and for the girls. “I do want you to be able to explore and enjoy that part of your life. I just want to make sure that you’re okay with not physically being a virgin anymore. You can only give it once and some girls place a very high significance to who breaks it. I am not angry with you; not at all. I’m just worried about you. That’s all.”

“Oh,” Sora said in a small voice, her ears lifted and she seemed mollified by the explanation. She stood silent, with one of Ayaka’s hands sliding silently into one of hers, and then her smile was born anew. “It’s okay though. I really love Karin and we did it together. It was special because I know Karin loves me too. She was worried too, so I’m sorry I got angry at you.”

Isana sighed as the tension went away. “Sora, it’s okay to get angry sometimes if you need to. But I am not at all used to being responsible for growing young girls, so little things are probably going to freak me out for a while. I know you’re not a little kid, and that goes for you too, Ayaka, but I am going to worry about you. It’s a part of who I am.”

“You’re supposed to worry about us,” Ayaka grinned. She leaned in and gave Sora a quick, sisterly peck near her lips. “So, you and Karin did have some fun after all. Was it nice?”

“Oh my gosh!” Sora flushed visibly, and her ears twitched violently, but she smiled joyously. Her eyes were bright with remembered excitement. “Karin is so awesome!”

“I’ll take that as a yes, then,” Ayaka chuckled and hugged Sora in again. Both girls were happy, sharing smiles filled by their new experiences. Ayaka was still curious though. “Did it hurt? When your hymen broke, I mean?”

“Uhm,” Sora fidgeted. To Isana’s amused eyes, she seemed to be trying to get Ayaka to tighten her hug again. “Not really. I was feeling really really good when it happened, and it was kind of like someone pinched me hard real quick, only it inside that place. I think it hurt more for Karin, though; she made a weird face when it happened. But I made her feel good, too—”

“Hey!”  They all turned to see Karin headed their way, her expressive face set in a curious smile.  She was dressed in a pair of denim shorts that were a tiny bit small and a sleeveless top. Karin too was blessed with a bit of a post-sex afterglow. Once again, Isana suppressed a flare of renewed arousal. “I was wondering why Sora was taking so long to change.”

“Sorry, Karin,” Ayaka said, gently letting go of Sora so she could give Karin a hug too. Karin accepted the embrace enthusiastically with flying arms. “Sora was just telling us about how nice you were to her, because Isana and I are nosy.”

“Hey! No bad puns!” Isana barked out with a surprised laugh. “It’s been a while since I heard that one, though.”

“What are you guys talking about?” Karin asked.

“They… umh… know we did stuff,” Sora said, a little shyly. “Ayaka smelled it on me.”

“Smelled?” Karin said in confusion. Then her expressions changed to a blushing one. “So, you guys know already?”

“Yes, we do, and no one is angry or upset about it at all,” Isana said quickly, trying to keep a repeat of Sora’s flare-up from occurring. “I’m just glad you guys had a good time and are fine with your decision. But are you okay Karin, Sora said it was more painful for you?’

Karin’s already dark skin deepened even further towards red, except where her small scale spots were. “I’m a little sore down there, but I don’t mind. I wanted to give Sora what she gave me. It was really special.”

“I know,” Isana replied, smiling a little easier and feeling amused again by Sora’s pleased, proud expression. “I can help with the soreness, though, and yours too, Sora — if you feel any.”

Isana reached out her hand, ran her fingers down from Karin’s collarbone and to the center of her chest. She let the magic in and around her to become visible to her eyes, her own aura touching on it. It shaped and responded to her call and in less than a second, she’d swept the young girl’s body for the damage and easily healed it with only a small pulse of blue light visible to the others. Finished, she pulled her hand back and saw that she had three sets of eyes looking at her in amazement.

“Whoa, I feel totally back to normal,” Karin said in wonder. Her gaze flicked over to Sora. “Sora, are sure you don’t feel anything?”

“It’s only a little bit,” Sora replied. “I’m okay.”

“Well, if you change your mind later I can still do something,” Isana said with a smile, waggling her fingers in the air in playful emphasis.

“Can I learn how to do that?!”

Isana turned to regard Ayaka and saw the girl looked extremely excited by what she’d seen. She was also staring at Isana’s hands intently. “If I can teach you how to use magic, then you can certainly focus on healing magics if you want to,” Isana explained. “Healing magic isn’t really an area where I’ve focused my own skills, but I do know enough to cover the basics. I also have several good volumes about the subject to help out.”

“What kinds of magic do you normally do?” Karin asked quickly.

“Well…if you had to give it a name, I guess you could call me a Maker,” Isana said after a bit of thought. “I know quite a bit about general magic use, which is why I’m so useful to the town, but what I’m really good at is making things; like the hot tub for example. I also enchanted the engine for my truck, the lift for my garage door, the terra-thermal water heater and lots of other things. Most of the magical things in this house have been made by me over the years.”

“Cool,” Karin replied, looking more impressed than Isana really thought she warranted, but it was nice anyways though.

“We’ll see if you still say that after you’ve spent a few years learning magic,” Isana countered. She gave her new little family a once-over. “Anyone object to breakfast before we get started?”

“Started?” Ayaka asked, smiling amusedly at the obvious cue.

“Yep, we’re gonna start the first magic lesson!”

Already?” Sora asked.

“Magic is a lifelong kind of thing,” Isana explained. “In order to learn its use and improve, you have to use it all the time. You’re going to do hundreds of little things, just so you can learn how it functions, its limitations, and the basic rules and laws that govern its use. The earlier we start, the more you can learn. All we’ll really do today though is quicken your natural gifts into life.”

“Well, I have no objection to some food!” Karin grinned, looking over at Sora. “Sora and me were planning on that before we ran into you guys.”

“Then how about you and I get started, while Ayaka and Sora put some clothes on?” Isana asked her.

“The towel look is very cute, Sora,” Ayaka said, smirking in a sisterly manner at the younger girl. “But let’s leave them to it.”

“Okay,” Sora agreed, smiling back.

Isana waited until Sora ducked into her room and Ayaka was rounding the corner to hers before she and Karin headed downstairs.  As they went, she and Karin debated the various merits of different breakfast foods they could prepare. Isana was seriously unused to being around someone with Karin’s level of sheer perkiness and vitality for an extended period of time. Not even Emi matched her. But if she was quite enjoyable to talk to, and Isana found herself laughing heartily long before they reached the kitchen. It was looking like a fun morning.

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