Learning Phase, Chapter 7

  • Posted on September 7, 2021 at 3:10 pm

By Nuit du Loup

The soft, muffled sound of water rushing through pipes awoke Karin to a new day, but it was a cool, teasing breeze coming in through her open window and the warm place in the bed next to her that truly got her mind moving. She was still lying on her side, and had one hand where another person had been only moments before. There was a sense of loss too, because that person was missing. She heard the door to the bathroom behind her click open and rolled over quickly, looking up.

“Sora?!” Karin said excitedly, her eyes alighting upon the tantalizingly nude form of her new younger sister. Sora stopped in surprise at the call with one small hand upon the door jamb and her long, expressive ears flicked twice in question as her almond-shaped eyes locked onto Karin.

For a long, hushed moment, they sat still like that, watching each other. For her part, Karin thankfully drank in the view of Sora all over again, as if it was the first time. Now that she knew the truth of what she’d been feeling inside lately. It was as if the knowledge had set part of her free, a part that was just now poking its head above ground. Seeing Sora again, after having spent the night cuddled together in the same bed, made her heart beat faster with the anticipation of… something.

Sora was stunning to look at, and Karin very much enjoyed what she was seeing. She loved Sora’s long, midnight-dark hair, and her smooth tan-colored skin was soft, smooth, and touchable. She remembered the feel of it against her from the previous night and ached for it again. She watched a slight flush suffuse Sora’s skin as the younger girl stood under her gaze; it went all the way up to the tips of her ears.

“Karin!” Sora spoke softly in her sweet voice, her ears drooping slightly in embarrassment. “You’re staring at me!”

“Hee hee,” Karin smiled and quickly slid to the edge of the bed, casting off the warm sheets as she swung her legs down and sat up straight, exposing herself. The same breeze that had been teasing her cheeks before caressed her whole body now, and she felt her long, thick nipples hardening a little at the sudden temperature change, as well as for other obvious reasons. “I can’t really say I’m sorry, Sora. I like looking at you this way, because you’re so cute!”

“Oooh!” Sora moaned low, and her blushing increased dramatically. Her brown eyes, though, were focused on Karin’s own nude form. Karin did nothing to impede her sister’s gaze. She wanted Sora to see.

Karin stood up, unable to be still any longer because her body was filled with an excited, sexual energy that was still very new and raw.  She crossed over the shag rug to Sora, until they were only a single step apart. She wasn’t much taller than her sister, so their eyes found each other with ease. Karin was still smiling warmly and she saw some of Sora’s reflexive shyness dissipating from her expression, which made her even prettier. Karin raised a hand slowly to the top of Sora’s small head and gently ran her fingers into and down the silky-smooth, black hair. They both shivered.

“Your hair feels so smooth and nice,” Karin observed aloud in wonder. It was like she was discovering the girl all over again, and it was exhilarating. She could feel something between her legs, like she was hot inside. Her heart was beating like a drum and she could imagine something like an electric tingle from her exploring fingers.

Sora seemed pleased at first by the compliment, but there was still a hint of stubborn discontentment in her eyes. “Did I say something wrong?” Karin asked.

“I don’t want to be cute.” Sora complained, even as she moved her head along with Karin’s strokes. “It makes me sound like a little kid.”

“We’re both still kids!” Karin laughed. She leaned in on pure impulse and gave Sora a quick, soft peck on her lips. Sora blinked, jerked her face back and gasped at her in surprise. Karin grinned, even as her heart thrummed from the touch of their lips. “So what if you’re cute? I think you’re beautiful too, and pretty and adorable and totally huggable! It makes me want to hold you tight and touch you all day long!”

Once she’d finished speaking, Karin reached out with her free hand, touching Sora’s bare hip, and pulled her in close. Their unclothed bellies pressed together and they both let out simultaneous gasps from the warm skin-to-skin contact. Karin finished by wrapping her arm around Sora’s back, and with her free hand, she lightly ran a finger down Sora’s left ear. Sora squeaked and the ear twitched for a second.

“Sorry, did that hurt?” Karin asked, looking into her sister’s eyes.

“No!” Sora said quickly, relaxing very willingly into Karin’s embrace with a smile in return. Karin loved it. She almost couldn’t believe what was happening between them. “It felt good, but it tickled a little… maybe. It was a nice tickle, though.”

“What if I do this instead?” Karin darted her face forward and quickly licked down the top of the same ear with her very long tongue.

“Karin!” Sora’s face reddened and she wriggled in Karin’s arms, which felt oddly good for both of them. “You licked me!”

“It looks like you liked it, though,” Karin laughed, enjoying what they were doing. Sora felt so wonderful to hold, just like she did while they were in bed last night.

“Hmm, maybe, but it was kinda weird, too,” Sora moaned, but her smile soon returned again. “This feels nice, though. You’re really warm, Karin. Your arms feel good too.”

“Yeah, it totally does feel awesome,” Karin agreed wholeheartedly. “Did you like sleeping with me? Did you sleep okay?”

“Mmm-hmm,” Sora affirmed quickly with a happy nod. Her shyness was almost completely gone. “Sleeping with other girls feels really good. I liked it with you and Isana. Do you think Ayaka had a good night too?”

“Oh, sure!” The reminder that her new older sister had gone to have real, actual sex with Isana made her tingle again. It also made her even more aware of Sora’s nakedness, pressed against hers. “She’s with Isana, so she probably had a nice time. They were getting along really well, right?”

“She looked so excited last night,” Sora giggled. Karin felt something on the outside of her thigh, and a quick shiver went through her when she realized that it was her new sister’s hand. “Isana was touching her like this under the water, and she seemed to like it a whole lot.”

“Well, it does feel good,” Karin agreed, aware of every movement of that hand. Suddenly feeling bold, she whispered, “Come back to bed with me!” She pulled back and grabbed Sora’s hand in one motion — and before the startled girl had a chance to say a word, Karin dragged her back towards the bed.

Once her shock dissolved, Sora laughed happily, willingly allowing herself to be towed along. At the bed, Karin maneuvered Sora by her bare shoulders so that the back of her knees were against the edge of the bed, then gently pushed her backward. Sora got the idea quickly and fell back with a playful giggle, her arms spread, then scooted back on her butt until she was lying down.

Karin stared again for a moment at her naked sister, then climbed over her, straddling Sora at the waist. When she bent forward so that they were looking into each other’s eyes again, she saw pleasure and joy on her sister’s face. Karin reached out to stroke Sora’s cheek — admiring the girl’s skin, which was the color of warm wood. It was smooth and soft and she felt her own cheeks grow hot when Sora made a soft cooing sound and nestled into her hand. It was a sound that thrilled Karin from head to toe.

“Is it okay that I’m touching you?” Karin asked, a little belatedly. She didn’t want her excitement to cause Sora any kind of harm or to scare her. It was immensely important that Sora enjoyed this.

“It feels nice, and I really like it,” Sora smiled with total trust in her expression. “I can touch you too, right?”

“Of course!” Karin replied immediately, lightly bumping her nose to Sora’s, causing the other girl to giggle some more, which in turn made Karin feel hot all over again.  She rose back up, and one of Sora’s slim arms followed so that they were each touching the other’s face. Sora’s fingers were tiny, but she was gentle and her stroking felt very affectionate.

They began to play a kind of game in a very amiable silence that needed no words. Karin ran her hand along one of Sora’s slender arms, feeling her smooth skin. Sora would then repeat the action on Karin’s body, with skin-tingling results. Then Karin made Sora laugh when she touched her tummy and around her cute little belly button. Karin found herself wanting to lick it. Again, Sora followed her lead, and she could feel the heat between her legs turn tingly and humid. They ran their hands over almost every inch of exposed skin on their upper bodies except for their breasts.

When Sora knew these were next, her face slipped from joyful wonder to embarrassment. “I… I don’t have anything there,” she said in a sorrowful voice when she saw Karin looking at her chest.

“What are these, then?” Karin replied with a friendly, sisterly laugh, running her hands up Sora’s belly to her almost-flat chest, circling each nipple with her fingers. Sora twitched and gasped at the sudden contact, and Karin smiled as she felt the pert buds grow firm to her touch. She kept tweaking them, marveling at how such a simple thing could make Sora feel as good as her facial expressions suggested. When she stopped, she dropped her arms, inviting Sora to return the favor.

“That was really nice,” Sora said with a happy sigh, her voice wispy. She was breathing a little harder and her skin looked flushed in a different way now, a way that Karin found exciting. Sora slowly cupped her hands over Karin’s tiny breasts. “You have real boobs. I like them.”

“They’re just bumps,” Karin chuckled, really liking how it felt to have someone touch her chest, especially a girl as special as Sora was fast becoming to her. She’d discovered masturbation just over a year ago, after catching another, older girl at it in the bathroom one day, and had always liked to tug and play with her long nipples, but Sora’s hands felt a hundred times better. The girl seemed to like touching her, too. “Ayaka’s the only one of us that has anything like real ones. Hers are probably bigger than Isana’s.”

“D’you think she’d let us touch them?” Sora asked with an amused smile, happily fondling Karin. Then she paused to give each of the girl’s nipples a gentle pinch.

Karin shivered at the surprise rush of pleasure that passed through her body. Her nipples had never felt that good before. It was like they’d been zapped. “Do that again!” she gasped.

“Pinching them?” Sora asked, with a happy smile of accomplishment on her face. “It feels good?”

“Yeah!” Karin answered with a definite nod. “It really makes me tingle.”

“Hmmm.” This time Sora pinched both at the same time and when her fingers twisted a little as she applied pressure, Karin felt even better.

“Wow, Sora,” Karin said in amazement, staring down at her adorable sister. She’d never have thought her breasts could feel so good. Wanting to see if Sora would like it too, Karin reached down with one hand and gave Sora’s left nipple a pinch.

“Ooh!” Sora’s eyes opened wide.

“See?” Karin laughed. “It’s a lot better when someone else does it.”

“That felt really good,” Sora said, her smile proclaiming how good a time she was having. Then she frowned again in confusion. “Karin, why is there something wet on my legs?”

At first Karin was confused too and looked down. She rose up a little for light and saw that her still hairless lower lips were incredibly wet and slightly open from her excitement. Below her, right under where her crotch had been, was a wet spot on Sora’s thigh. She looked up to smile at the younger girl as her desire bloomed all over again. “It’s from me, and maybe you a little, Sora. Did you have sex-ed in school yet?”

“No, that’s next year,” Sora replied warily, but obviously curious. “It’s from, er, that place?”

“Yeah!” Karin laughed, and saw a funny expression forming on her sister’s face that made her laugh harder. “It’s not gross at all, Sora, and it’s not pee. Haven’t you ever played with yourself down there?”

Sora’s face became less happy again. “I wanted to try it because my roommates did it a lot, though not with them there. But I never had any time alone. Somebody was always around, and I was too scared to try it in the showers. Is it nice?”

“Oh yeah, totally,” Karin answered emphatically with a nod. She leaned in close again so their faces were only inches apart. Sora even smelled good. “If you ever want to do it now that we live here, and you will want to, go right ahead. If you ever want some time alone, you tell me and I’ll go. If you want to play with your pussy, none of us will make fun of you. Because I know Ayaka does it, and there’s no way Isana went years without doing it either. So relax and smile again, okay? I like that a lot better.” She finished with a soft kiss to the tip of Sora’s nose.

“Okay, I will,” Sora laughed, her smile returning. “So what’s the wet stuff, if it isn’t pee?”

“Wellll… girls make some kind of slippery stuff from the sex and baby hole, the vagina I think, to make it easier for a penis to go inside,” Karin informed her, making a vague thrusting gesture with a hand and finger in the air that made Sora giggle. “I don’t remember what it’s called exactly, but that’s not important anyway. It comes out of girls when we are excited and want to do sex stuff. It means we’re horny!” They both laughed at that. “It felt really good when you were touching me, so of course I got wet.”

Sora seemed content with the answer, and Karin felt pride at being able to be the older, informed sister. Then Sora’s expression became even more excited, and Karin’s heart beat a little faster in an instinctive response. Sora’s face came up towards hers and Karin felt surprise, then a heady rush of pure pleasure as small, warm lips touched hers again in a real kiss.

“I really like kissing you,” Sora explained softly, her cheeks reddening under Karin’s wonder-filled eyes. “It feels special.”

In response, Karin rested herself more fully on Sora’s slim body, and they both moaned deeply as she returned Sora back and held her tight.  This time it was a much longer kiss, containing all their thrilling new emotions. Both girls lacked experience, so their lovemaking was a bit clumsy at first, but neither of them would have had it any other way. Their eyes slowly closed and they kissed again — then again, learning from each other’s lips as they went. Karin loved the soft, electric feel of the act and her brain buzzed from both her own pleasure and Sora’s.  The fact that she made Sora feel good enough to moan made it a thousand times more exciting, too.

As they explored each other’s lips, the kisses grew deeper and more passionate and lovingly intimate. Both girls lost their last traces of shyness around each other and just enjoyed the physical act of loving a girl. When Karin parted her lips at one point, Sora did the same and for the first time, their tongues touched and slid together. Karin felt a quiver run through Sora that echoed in her own body, then their lips separated and their lidded eyes carried deep emotions for a long moment of stillness. Karin saw the beginnings of real love for the first time in her young life and it made her head spin.

“Kissing is nice,” Sora eventually said, her affectionate eyes shining in open awe. She was also breathing a bit harder. “Thank you, Karin.”

Karin snorted with laughter, then smiled anew, hugging Sora a little more tightly. “You don’t have to thank me, because I enjoyed that just as much as you did. We did it together. But I think I’m going to be kissing you a lot from now on, if it’s like that! So be warned, okay?”

“Okay!” Sora agreed, playfully giving Karin another quick kiss. “Me too!”

Karen became distinctly aware again of the hot wetness between her legs, which had apparently quadrupled from Sora kissing her. It felt messy. She really wanted to do something about that, but then another thought entered her mind. She wanted to see all of Sora, especially the girl’s special places.

Slowly, so as not to alarm her sister too much, Karin started to slide down towards the edge of the bed. A curious Sora watched on, and Karin felt warm inside at the trust being given to her.  She wanted to make Sora feel really good, and at the same time, learn more about her while keeping that faith. When she was kneeling between Sora’s spread legs, Karin bent forward and down again towards her goal.

As her face drew closer, she heard Sora’s breathing increase greatly, but the girl said nothing in objection and actually rose up on her elbows to watch.

Karin paused with her face a foot away from Sora’s young pussy. “It’s so pretty, Sora,” she said in undiluted awe. This was the first time she’d ever actually had a good, close look between another girl’s legs. She’d never even looked at her own very much, but resolved to fix that soon. Sora’s flower was nestled between her smooth thighs, below a very pronounced pubic mound that was devoid of hair. There was a pair of puffy outer lips with bright pink wetness peeking from in between. At the top, Karin could make out Sora’s cute little clit.

“You think it’s pretty down there?” Sora asked.

“Yeah!” Karin affirmed, breathing in a scent of female muskiness. “It even smells pretty!”

Karin! Don’t smell me!” Sora complained, reflexively trying to close her legs. Karin’s head became trapped in a quite wonderful place, her nose almost pressed right into her sister’s sex. She breathed in deeply again and, because she liked the aroma so much, used her nose to rub side-to-side over the little bump that felt good to touch.

“Oh!” Sora’s legs popped back open and Karin looked up to see Sora staring down at her in astonishment. “What was that?!”

“It’s your pleasure spot, your clit,” Karin answered with a pleased grin. She pulled back just a bit, aware that her nose was wet, and lightly tapped her index finger on the indicated spot. Sora twitched. “It gets really sensitive and feels good to touch, right?”

“Yeah,” Sora replied. “Is your nose wet because of me?”

“Mmm-hmm,” Karin nodded happily. She traced along the soft lips of Sora’s opening, which felt deliciously hot and slippery. When her finger was coated with wetness, she thrust it up towards Sora’s face. “See? That’s from you, and it smells good.”

Sora used her own hands to hold Karin’s still and took an experimental sniff. “It’s… it’s not awful,” she said with relief. “It really is wet, though.”

“Okay, let me show you something incredible,” Karin said, taking her hand back, gently laying it on Sora’s vulva and beginning to rub the younger girl. Sora’s lower lips were engorged and very aroused and Karin’s actions produced small gasps of pleasure from the young girl.

Then Karin slowly spread Sora open and they both gasped, if for different reasons.

“The sex-ed lady was right, it’s like a beautiful pink flower,” Karin said, totally electrified by the sight of Sora’s most intimate place. She had a feeling of awe that Sora was letting her do this, trusting her to make it feel good. She could see everything, especially the tight little hole as it leaked juices. A sharp intake of breath when her thumb trailed down Sora’s labia reminded Karin that she was there to please her sister, not to play tourist on the girl’s cute body.

Deciding to imitate what she liked to do when she masturbated, Karin started to rub Sora with two fingers, up and down the lips and over the tender, pink insides. It soon got even wetter down there because Karin paid very close attention to Sora’s face, learning which places made her gasp or otherwise respond in sexual delight. Karin’s hands got so slippery that her finger accidentally slipped deep inside Sora’s very tight hole and they both jolted in surprise as the girl’s vaginal muscles gripped the invader.

“Karin!” Sora exclaimed loudly and sharply. Her eyes were wide open and her breathing sounded ragged. Sweat made her skin glisten. “I can feel your finger in me! It’s inside!”

“Did I hurt you?” Karin asked quickly, feeling hot, wet muscles squeezing her finger in pulses.

“Uhm…” Sora seemed too confused and aroused to talk and she shivered all over. Concerned for her sister, Karin tried to pull her finger out, but it brushed Sora’s erect clit on the way and the younger girl went rigid while gasping for air. Karin felt a hot liquid pouring onto her hand. She nearly panicked, then realized that Sora had just had a powerful orgasm. So good that Sora kind of just laid there for a bit, unmoving.

“Are you okay?” Karin asked.

“Oh, Karin… “Sora’s voice was wistful and soft as she lay on the bed, gazing at the ceiling with dreamy eyes. “That was so good.”

Karin let out a relieved sigh that stopped cold when she saw her hand. A pinkish-redness was in the wet stuff coating the finger she’d accidentally put inside Sora. She’d taken the girl’s virginity. She didn’t know if that was good or bad. Would Sora hate her for it?

“What’s wrong?”

Karin looked back up and saw that Sora was giving her a glorious smile and her face looked radiant in its sweaty messiness. She looked like she’d just experienced the most wonderful thing ever. Karin couldn’t lie to Sora about this though, so she raised her hand. “I… I broke your hymen.”

Sora stared at her for a moment, still looking happy, but confused by Karin’s concern. “Is that bad?” she asked. “Aren’t you supposed to let someone you love do that? I saw that in movies and stuff.”

“Yeah,” Karin replied, suddenly worried.

“Then… it’s okay,” Sora said, as if it was totally obvious.

For a moment, all Karin felt was confusion, then Sora’s face brightened in realization of this and she giggled. Then she sat up rapidly and flung her arms around Karin where she once again found small lips pressed to hers.

The kiss was amazingly intense. Karin had never seen Sora so determined, but she could feel her little sister’s fierce emotions through the act and her heart was thundering in response. After almost five minutes of being thoroughly kissed and kissing back, Karin pulled away.

“You’re not angry with me then?” Karin asked slowly, keenly feeling her own arousal burning away.

“Why?” Sora laughed. “It kinda hurt and felt good at the same time, but I was already feeling so good that when you pulled your finger out, I went boom!”


Sora scrunched her face as she tried to come up with an appropriate term for her sex. “”My… uh, pussy.” When it exploded and made me shake and feel shivery good. But that doesn’t matter.”

“It doesn’t?”

“No!” Sora beamed and her ears were quivering as her cheeks reddened. “You’re my sister, and I love you, so it’s okay.”

“You love me already?” Karin felt her cheeks heating and she also felt a renewed desire to kiss her sister, but she held back for now.

“Uh-huh,” Sora giggled, and snuggled close again. At first Karin didn’t get why Sora turned her head as she did so, but then she realized what Sora actually wanted, let out a laugh of her own, then licked at her sister’s long ear. Sora’s pleased giggling redoubled. “It feels so nice.”

“Now you know what an orgasm feels like,” Karin said, enjoying the closeness.

“Did we have sex?” Sora asked excitedly, jerking her head back to look Karin in the face while beaming happily.

“Uhm, kind of, I think,” Karin answered slowly, unsure. “I had sex with you, at least… because I made you come.”

Sora’s almond eyes widened and she looked suddenly intent. “Can I do it to you now?” Karin could tell this meant a lot to Sora, because there was a hint of vulnerability in her expression. “Then it has to count, right?”

“Do you want me to lie back like you were?” Karin asked instead, more than happy to let Sora do almost anything she wanted.

“Yes!” Sora became animated again, her ears twitching wildly with excitement.

Karin let herself be guided onto her back. She spread her legs, then grinned to see how eagerly Sora squirmed down between them. Wanting a better view, Karin dragged over a couple pillows and propped her head up as Sora got into place, imitating what Karin had done to her. Karin found it quite exciting to see her sister’s face looking between her legs so attentively.

“It’s all drippy wet,” Sora said with her most cheerful giggle. She looked up and Karin saw laughter in her brown eyes. Sora was certainly enjoying herself. Then the young girl went back to work, and Karin jumped when she felt a finger press rather firmly onto her very sensitive clit. “Your bumpy thing is kinda big, and it’s hard and squishy at the same time.”

Karin didn’t know where Sora got the idea, but as with her nipples, the girl gave her tender organ a solid pinch and Karin nearly wet herself; it felt so odd and wonderful at the same time. Sora seemed fascinated by her clit and Karin’s mind went a little blank from the sensations of small fingers exploring her slit while her bud was relentlessly attacked. She could feel herself being opened up, but it was a detached sensation, buried in with all the pleasure.  She did notice however, when Sora’s finger slipped inside her pussy and filled her.

“Ow!” Karin couldn’t help the painful exclamation of Sora finding her own virginal barrier. Sora paused and looked up at her with such a look of hopeful love that Karin nodded her acceptance immediately and without fear. She would give to Sora what Sora had given to her. “Go ahead.”

Karin felt her mind weaken again as Sora eagerly resumed her fingering. Sora seemed to know that breaking Karin’s hymen would be more painful than her own experience and she slowly worked that finger in and out of her wet entrance. When Sora finally plunged it all the way in, the pain was sharp and distinct, but Sora gave her no respite to dwell on it. Instead her finger thrust inside vigorously, driving her body onward.

“Sora…” Karin whispered, clawing her hands into the bed-sheets. Her sister’s finger was pressing very firmly on the inner wall of her vagina as it invaded, and she felt something like a strong need to pee, even as she felt her orgasm rising like an agitated snake. The tension grew and grew, seemingly without end, even as that odd pressure increased in an almost painful parallel. Finally her body could hold on no more. “Oh… God! Sora!”

The orgasm was like a wonderful, most pleasurable punch to the gut and head. Her body curled reflexively and she felt the pressure in her groin release all at once. Sora yelped loudly about something, but for several minutes Karin was captive to purest ecstasy. When she did settle back down, breathing hard as if she’d run a mile, she found that she was being hugged very tightly by Sora, who was smiling at her.

“Now we really had sex!” the younger girl laughed. There was no indication that she regretted anything.

“I’d say so!” Karin agreed and then noticed something. “Sora, why is your chest and neck all wet?”

“Your juice stuff squirted out on me,” Sora said with her now ubiquitous giggle, that Karin was fast learning to love. “I thought it was pee at first, but it doesn’t smell that way at all.”

“Sorry,” Karin said, laughing as well. She felt so much better now than playing with herself ever did. She wrapped her own arms around Sora and returned the embrace. Rolling them over so that she was on top again, Karin gave Sora a long, deep kiss. More kissing naturally followed until they both lay still, feeling oddly content.

“I love living here,” Karin said after a long while of companionable silence filled only by the birdsong from outside and Sora’s soft breathing. They’d shifted onto their sides a little so that Sora could nuzzle her face in by Karin’s neck. “I have a new kind-of-mom, my own room, a cool older sister, and an awesome little sister.”

“I love you too,” Sora replied, a pleased tone warming her voice. “Can we do this again?”

“Of course we can,” Karin said immediately, stroking one of Sora’s ears and drawing out a soft coo. “I loved every minute of it. You can also sleep with me whenever you want. But let’s not forget about Ayaka. I like her too, and Isana.”

“I know!” Sora giggled. “I want to try touching Ayaka too; she’s really nice for an older sister. Do you think she’ll want to?”

“She said last night that she was okay with things, but we probably shouldn’t be pushy,” Karin mused. “But I love her too, Sora. She gives wonderful hugs. Plus, I know Isana would love it if we wanted to do things with her. She sounded so happy that we didn’t freak out last night.”

“She feels nice too,” Sora agreed. “She grabbed my butt when we were in bed and I think she liked it.”

Karin frowned, and then moved her arms so that she could grope Sora’s butt properly. Sora gave a pleased giggle at the act and wiggled her behind encouragingly. “Your butt is pretty nice, Sora,” Karin told her, smiling. “It’s so round and soft.”

“And it feels good,” Sora smiled back and rubbed herself against Karin. When Sora’s smooth belly pressed over her mound, Karin felt a new pressure that was gaining strength and grimaced at the interruption.

“That was a weird face,” Sora informed her unnecessarily.

“Yeah, I know, but I have to pee really bad,” Karin admitted.

“Oh!” Sora responded with another laugh and an amused wiggle of her ears. “But I don’t want to let you go. This feels too nice.”

“Sora!” Karin moaned, feeling Sora wriggle herself. “I really am going to pee on you if I don’t go now.”

“Eeww,” Sora laughed, sliding back on the bed and setting Karin free.

“Yeah, eeww,” Karin agreed as she quickly darted into her bathroom and towards her toilet under the small bathroom window. When she seated herself, she saw Sora had followed her inside and was watching her pee with open curiosity. “Are you watching me?”

“I’ve never seen another girl pee before,” Sora said, inquisitive eyes locked on Karin’s crotch. “It kinda looks funny this way.”

When Karin was done, feeling a little pleasantly sore from their activities, as well as a little bemused by her sister’s odd interest in her bodily functions, her eyes flicked over her huge bath and an idea for later flickered into life. But there was also a rumble in her belly for food. Grinning, she snatched Sora’s hand and yanked her sister into her lap with a yelp.

“Okay, Sora,” Karin said once Sora was straddling her with an expression that said she very much liked being in that position. “What do you want first, breakfast or a bath?”

“Hmmm,” Sora mused over the question for a moment and then smiled with a chagrined look. “Breakfast. I’m really hungry.”

“Food it is, then!” Karin agreed, unable to decide if she was disappointed or not. After all, her own tummy seemed to agree with Sora. She got them standing again, and they walked back into the bedroom hand in hand. Karin gestured towards the pile on the floor containing Sora’s towel and her clothes from the previous night. “Do you want to go and grab some fresh clothes, then meet me back here?”

“Sure!” Sora quickly wrapped herself in the towel to hide her nudity and snatched up her dirty clothes in both arms. At the door, she turned and they shared one more lingering series of kisses before she giggled and bounced out, headed for her own room.

Karin felt a moment of mystified loss when Sora was gone, but quickly recovered. She’d see her again soon enough, and she also wanted to spend time with Ayaka and Isana. Setting her own dirty clothes aside with a mental note to ask about a hamper of some sort, Karin dug through her bag and pulled on a pair of plain pink panties, cut-off jean shorts and a loose, white tank-top shirt. Once done, she loaded the rest of her few belongings into the dresser as she awaited Sora’s return.

Coming eventually: Chapter Eight!


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    Very erotic Nuit! Loved them exploring and committing to each other to their love for each other and then taking each others virginity. So well written and detailed. Love you work and looking forward to the next chapter, hopefully not waiting as long, lol !

  3. Lakeshia says:

    Learning Phase, Desert Rose & Tequila Kid stories are my favorites here at JS. I do wish that the time lapses between chapter installments of my favs were not so lengthy though. Thanks for the post,

    • sue says:

      Desert Rose & Tequila Kid stories are a couple of my favorites too. I know just what you mean about the wait in between chapters. Sadly it’s just JetBoy doing all the editing work. That’s a good thing as he’s a great editor, but sad because that means a longer wait than we’d like.

      I sometimes tell myself that I’m going to wait out a story and binge read it when ever it’s done, but I’m so thrilled when a new chapter to something shows up I just can’t put it off.

      • Lakeisha says:

        I would absolutely love to be able to binge read Learning Phase, Desert Rose & Tequila Kid. What a joy that would be! But like you Sue I cave and give in to reading every installment as they are posted:)

  4. thom525 says:

    I’m confused – this Chapter 7 is almost identical to the last 75% or so of Chapter 5. Am I missing something here? Or did the files somehow get turned around?

    • Lakeisha says:

      I noticed the same thing thom525. Chapter 7 begins differently than chapter 6 then morphs back into chapter 6 about quarter of the way through the chapter. Is that intentional JetBoy?

      Kind Regards, Lakeisha

      • JetBoy says:

        I’m 100% certain that the fault is mine… Nuit makes his chapters so long that I feel obliged to break them down into smaller ones. Clearly, I got my wires crossed here. Bear with me, folks — I’ll get this repaired soon.

  5. kacey says:

    When can we expect Ch.8, JB? 😊

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