The Notebook, Chapter 4

  • Posted on August 27, 2019 at 2:32 pm

by Ebo

The day was finally over and Dana flopped on the couch, her backpack still on her shoulders. Sitting on the couch next to her, Penny gave her a sympathetic smile, looked almost as tired as she felt.

“I’m so tired,” she said, laughing.

“I bet you are,” Penny said, patting her knee, “I saw the glow of the laptop under your door at three this morning.”

“Oh,” she said, yawning, “I need to put a towel or something down, I guess. What were you doing up at three in the morning?”

“Probably the same thing you were, writing and thinking.”

A playful grin spread on her face as she thought about last night in the bathroom and she said, “Thinking, huh? Want to tell me about it?”

Laughing, Penny said, “I guess I better not.”

“Don’t worry, I’m too tired to make out right now.”

With a playful grin, Penny said, “I bought you something. Two somethings, actually. I left them on your bed.”

“Oh,” Dana asked, intrigued, “A little black dress, maybe?”

“You’ll just have to go see,” Penny said, smiling at her.

Grinning, she headed upstairs. The promise of gifts put a little pep in her step, gave her her second wind. By the time she made it to her room, she felt better than she had all day. Inside, she saw the gifts Penny had been talking about laid out on the bed. She laughed when she saw one of them was indeed a little black dress and, the other,  matching heels. The dress was cute but it was the heels that grabbed her attention. They weren’t kid shoes, but elegant and feminine with three inch heels. She’d never owned shoes like them before.

Kicking off her shoes as she went and dumping her backpack on the floor, she sat on her bed so she could try them on. She couldn’t help but smile at how sexy they were. Definitely not kid shoes. Standing up, she took a few steps, laughing. She was as wobbly as a newborn deer. With careful steps, she made it in front of her mirror, looked at her legs in the heels. She thought they looked great.

Stepping out of them before she broke her neck, she looked at the dress on the bed. Holding it up, she saw it wasn’t a kid’s dress, either. It had spaghetti straps and hardly any back, wouldn’t reach her knees no matter how hard she tugged it down. Smiling, she couldn’t believe her step-mother had bought her such a sexy dress and shoes.

There was knock at the door and she turned to see her stepmother poke her head in. She waved her in and held up the dress, grinning, “You really bought me a little black dress.”

“I said I might,” she said, grinning, “Do you like it?”

“I love it,” she said, giving the woman a hug, “and the shoes! I’m going to break my neck, but thank you!”

“You are welcome. I’m glad you like them,” she said, pulling back, “Take a shower or a nap, whatever you need to do to wake up. We are going out tonight.”

“We are?”

“I’m getting stir crazy in this house, need to get out,” she said, then grinned at her, “you aren’t embarrassed to be seen in public with your dusty old stepmom, are you?”

“You are hardly dusty,” Dana said, laughing.

That made Penny smile and she said, “Thanks, Dana.”

“But why tonight?”

“It’s Friday and…” she said, then sighed, “your father is working so much these days, I don’t know. I just need to do something. So get all dolled up with me and let me buy you dinner.”

“What, like a date?” Dana said, her heart racing. Again she thought the similarities between her story and her reality were astonishing.

“Why not,” Penny said, smiling, “I haven’t been out on a ‘date’ in over a month.”

Smiling back at her, Dana said, “Okay.”


The stairs were a little tricky, but she made it down them without breaking her neck. The heels were getting easier to walk in. She’d been walking around her room in them, getting used to them. The last thing she wanted to do was turn her ankle or fall out in public.

Giggling, she couldn’t believe she was really going out like this. She wondered if her stepmother had realized what she was buying. The dress was very cute but also very revealing. It didn’t come anywhere near her knees and dipped low enough to show some cleavage. Some was all she had but it was still showing. Without much of a back, she couldn’t even wear a bra underneath it. Combined with the heels, she thought she looked really sexy, probably too sexy for a thirteen-year-old.

Like the character in her story, she had Googled how to put her hair up, struggled with it until she was satisfied. Looking in the mirror, she thought she looked older. With the shoes and the dress, her hair up, she could pass for sixteen. Well, maybe. At a distance for sure.

Walking into the kitchen, she saw her stepmother in her own little black dress, her make-up on and her hair styled. She smiled, happy that Penny had decided to dress up for their ‘date’, as well.

She glanced up at the sound of Dana’s heels on the kitchen floor and her eyes widened at the sight of the girl standing there. Dana couldn’t hold in a giggle at the look on her face. She did a slow spin, so she could get the full effect.

“I think I might have gone too far with the dress,” she said, blushing, “but you look… stunning. Beautiful. Sexy. Please don’t ever let your father see that dress.”

Laughing, Dana said, “You look great, too.”

Penny just stared at her for a second, making Dana want to fidget. Finally, she shook her head and laughed, said, “Well, I guess we better go before I send you upstairs to change.”

“Okay,” Dana said, giggling.

“Seriously, you can never tell your father about the dress,” her stepmother said, leading them into the garage.

“I won’t.”

At the end of the driveway, Penny hesitated, then turned left. Dana frowned, thinking all the restaurants were the other way. Finally, she had to ask, “Where are we going?”

“Brighten,” Penny said, looking at her, “hopefully we won’t see anyone we know there.”

“Okay,” Dana said, laughing.

“It’s just… mothers love to talk, and I don’t want to be the ass in the latest gossip. ‘Did you see what Ann let her stepdaughter wear.’ That sort of thing.”

“Oh, I understand,” Dana said, still laughing. She could easily see a gaggle of women standing around gossiping.  As much as she’d love to let some of her friends see her new dress, she was okay with Penny trying to save herself the headache.

“Good. Sorry about the long drive.”

They drove in silence for a moment, comfortable in each other’s company. Dana was thinking about how similar this was to her story, so she didn’t notice her stepmother stealing little glances at her. Not at first, anyway. She finally caught her, raised her eyebrows questioningly.

“Sorry,” Penny said, grinning, “I can’t help it. You look so beautiful.”

Blushing, she had to look away, a smile on her face. She wondered if her stepmother noticed, knew how much the statement meant to her.

Traffic was unusually light and the trip took less time than usual, a small blessing. Dana blinked in surprise when they pulled into the parking lot of Terra Nova, a high-end restaurant in the heart of the ritzy district of Brighten. She glanced at Penny as she found a parking space, turned off the car. Her step-mother smiled at her.

“Felt like eating somewhere fancy tonight,” she said, opening her door, “sit tight.”

Dana watched as she walked around the front of the car, opened her door for her. Smiling, she offered Dana her hand. Laughing, Dana let her help her out of the car. She was mindful of how short her dress was, was careful not to show everyone in the parking lot her business.

“What was that,” Dana asked as they walked towards the restaurant. She gave her stepmother a curious look.

“Having someone open your door for you,” Penny said, laughing, “it’s kind of nice, isn’t it?”

“I guess,” she said, smiling uncertainly.

“Well, you are my date for the night, so let’s have fun with it,” her step-mother said.

Dana almost turned her ankle, the statement catching her off guard. Again, the similarities between this evening and her little fantasy made her heart race.

“You okay,” Penny said, putting a hand on her arm to steady her.

“Still getting used to the heels,” she lied, her face hot with embarrassment.

“It gets easier,” her stepmother said, smiling at her.  When they got to the door, she held it for Dana. This time, the little gesture of chivalry made her smile brightly.

They made it inside and Dana was surprised that Penny had reservations. The hostess showed them to their table, left them with menus. Dana opened hers and cringed when she saw the prices on everything. At least she recognized the menu items, could order for herself. She tried to find the cheapest thing.

“Don’t you dare order the cheapest thing,” her stepmother said as if reading her mind, “order anything that grabs your attention.”

“Okay,” she said, still thinking about ordering the cheapest thing.

Their server came by the table and took their order, then left. Without her menu to distract her, Dana wanted to fidget. Being in a fancy restaurant, dressed up in a dress a little too mature for her tender age, sitting across from her stepmother who looked absolutely stunning, was almost too much like her story for comfort. All she could think about was how it ended and she felt a pleasant heat blossom between her thighs. Pleasant, yes, but it didn’t do anything for her nervousness.

Penny was smiling at her, said, “I can’t believe how good you look. You should wear your hair up more often.”

“I feel like everyone is staring at me,” she said, trying not to look around.

“I wouldn’t be surprised,” Penny said, patting her hand, “you look amazing. Besides, you should get used to it. You are becoming an attractive young woman, and people are going to start noticing that.”

“Thanks,” Dana said, blushing.

Their server brought their drinks. Sipping her Coke, Dana thought about something. Sitting the glass down, she said, “You had reservations. Were you and Dad coming here?”

“No,” Penny said, grinning at her, “it’s always been for you and me.”

“Oh,” she said, surprised, “seems kind of expensive of a place to bring your step-kid.”

Smiling, Penny leaned forward, said, “After what happened in the bathroom, I’m not sure ‘step-kid’ covers it anymore.”

“Then what am I?” she asked, her heart racing.

“The cute girl I made out with,” Penny said, looking around nervously. None of the other diners appeared to be paying them any more than casual attention. She was blushing when she glanced back at Dana but also smiling.

She returned the smile, said, “Well, just because you are buying me dinner, don’t expect me to jump in the sack with you.”

“Dana,” Penny gaped at her, laughing.

“I mean, I might,” she said, blushing, “just don’t expect it.”

“Well, at least, there’s hope, then,” her stepmother said, her playful smile making it hard for Dana to breathe. She was probably just teasing but it was enough to get Dana’s imagination going wild. Her hand was shaking as she took a sip of her Coke.

Changing the subject, Penny said, “Your dad is going to be out of town for three days, left this morning.”

Dana frowned, said, “He didn’t say anything to me.”

Her stepmother sighed, gave her a sad smile, “I figured. I guess I’m not the only one he is neglecting. Sorry, Dana.”

“Why is he going out of town this time?” she asked, not liking how bitter her voice sounded. Her stepmother was right, she did feel neglected.

“Business,” she said, laughing and shaking her head.

“Right,” Dana said, with a sigh, “stupid question.”

“Hey,” Penny said, making her meet her eyes, “let’s forget about him. You and me, we are going to have some fun. Just the two of us.”

Forcing a smile, Dana nodded. The fact that her father hadn’t even told her he was leaving irked her some. He has been so distracted with his job lately. Even when he was home, he hardly seemed there.

Their food showed up and they ate in silence for a while. She felt Penny looking at her but she didn’t feel sociable anymore. Her father’s impromptu business trip had taken all the magic out of the evening.

Finally, Penny said, “I’m sorry I brought up your father’s trip.”

“It’s okay. You’d think I’d be used to it by now,” she said.

“Want to hear something funny,” Penny said, forking a bite of food into her mouth.


“I made these reservations before I knew he was leaving,” her stepmother said, laughing when Dana’s eyes got big, “I thought I was going to have to lie about where we were going but I lucked out.”

“Are you serious?” Dana said, laughing.



“Why make reservations to have dinner with you?” Penny asked, then went on when Dana nodded, “I like spending time with you. We never did it much before I found out your dirty little secret.”

Touched, Dana said, “I like spending time with you, too.”

“That,” her stepmother said, grinning, “and I was hoping if I bought you dinner you’d let me get you in the sack. You’ve already shot that down, though.”

Laughing, Dana said, “I didn’t say no, just not to expect it.”

Penny gave her a funny look that made her heart stop for a few seconds, then a smile that kicked it into overdrive. She wasn’t completely sure her stepmother was joking about getting her in the sack. She’d only been half-joking, herself. Seeing that smile, she wondered if she shouldn’t back off, stop flirting before things got out of hand.

Instead, she returned the smile with one of her own, saw her stepmother’s widen a little.

Oh God, she thought, what have I done?


“Want a glass of wine?”

Dana saw her stepmother holding up a bottle and two glasses. She nodded, thinking she might need it. The rest of their meal and the car ride home, she’d felt this curious tension between them. It was the little looks from her stepmother and the flirty conversation, her own imagination running wild with fantasies about what might happen when they got home.

Penny poured them a healthy dose of red wine, bringing the glasses into the living room where Dana sat on the couch. She sat down next to the girl, passed her a glass, sipped her own. Dana took a pull of hers, hoping it would give her courage to do what had been circling her brain ever since Penny had favored her with that smile at the restaurant.

She didn’t know about courage, but it gave her a warm belly. The wine didn’t taste so bitter this time, something that made her wonder.

“About what I said at the restaurant–” Penny started to say more, but Dana panicked. She thought the woman was going to say she was just kidding, really didn’t want to do the things she hinted at. Before she could say the words, Dana kissed her. Penny started and Dana was sure the woman would pull away, but she didn’t. The woman responded, teased her into a lingering kiss, one that curled her toes in her new heels.

Finally, Penny broke the kiss, smiled at her, “I guess that answers that question.”

“I’m sorry,” Dana said, her hand going to her mouth, “I thought you were going to say you were just teasing and I panicked.”

“You panicked,” Penny asked, smiling at her.

“I spent the whole ride home trying to work up the courage to kiss you, again. I panicked when I thought I wouldn’t get a chance.”

“So you just went for it, huh?” Penny said, amused.

“I guess I did,” Dana said, blushing. She looked away from her stepmother, down at her glass. She took another swallow, hoping the liquid courage would hurry up and kick in.

“I’m glad you did,” her stepmother said, putting a hand under her chin and turning her face toward hers. Her lips just brushed against Dana’s, light as a feather.

“You are,” she asked, looking into Penny’s eyes.

“Yeah,” she said, taking Dana’s hand, “ever since our kiss in the bathroom, I can’t get you out of my head. When you made the remark about buying you dinner and trying to get you in the sack, I about had a heart attack.”

“Why,” Dana asked, looking down at their interlocked fingers.

Penny took a long pull of her wine, gave her a nervous smile, “I think you know why.”

“Oh,” she said, her heart knocking around her rib cage like a crazed animal. The look on Penny’s face made her hands shake and she finished her wine before she could spill it.

Getting to her feet, Penny held out her other hand, smiling an uncertain smile. Dana saw that she was unsure of herself, didn’t know if Dana would take the hand or not. Taking a deep breath, she stood up and smiled, shyly. Penny’s hand was shaking as she took it. The woman met her eyes and Dana saw the question in them. It made her heart skip a beat and she couldn’t breath, but she nodded.

Penny lead her upstairs, the twitch of her backside mesmerizing her as they climbed to the second floor. She was a little surprised when they went into her bedroom and not the master suite. It was a little difference between her fantasy and what was really happening, but it was hardly important. The door closed with a thunk behind them and she looked at it. Grinning, she remembered her character doing the same in the ‘Little Black Dress’.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, she thought, as her stepmother led her to the bed, I was the main character all along.

Penny pulled her close, leaned in to meet her lips with Dana’s. It was a hesitant kiss, uncertain. When she pulled back, Dana couldn’t hold in a nervous giggle. Brushing her hair behind her ear shyly, she looked at the woman, saw she looked as nervous as Dana felt. Strangely, it calmed her nerves some and the second kiss was more sure, deepening as desire welled in them.

When Penny sat on the bed, Dana sat on her lap sideways, as she had in the bathroom. This time when their kisses reached that point of no return, they didn’t stop. Her body was responding to the perfume her stepmother was wearing, the feel of her body pressed against her flank, the kiss. She felt a flush of heat between her thighs and her nipples strained against her dress. Her breathing became fast and shallow as she became more and more excited. Her heart was beating so hard it was in danger of rattling loose and knocking around her rib cage.

Dana gasped when Penny’s hand fell on her thigh, high up near the hem of her dress. She broke the kiss to look down at it and Penny did the same. Penny gave her a questioning look when she finally looked up and she nodded, biting her lip. The hand inched higher and her heart forgot to beat for a few seconds. Her stepmother’s thumb touched the hem of her dress, then slipped under it. Dana couldn’t breathe, waiting for the moment when their little game went from naughty to a whole other level. The hand hesitated, not quite there and she thought maybe Penny was having second thoughts. Then her fingers found her girlhood.

Penny suddenly laughed, grinned at her, “Really?”

“What can I say,” Dana said, blushing.

“I can’t believe you aren’t wearing panties,” Penny said, her fingers teasing a moan from Dana.

“The dress is kind of tight,” she sighed, her hips beginning to gyrate, “the panties showed.”

“Sure they did,” Penny said, her hand slipping from underneath her dress. She used her thumb to push the hem further up Dana’s thighs. Realizing what she wanted, Dana helped her by wriggling one hip then the other until the dress was bunched up around her hips. She shivered as Penny looked at her, the heat cranking up a few degrees down there. The faint smile on her stepmother’s face only made it worse.

Penny’s hand slipped between her thighs, again, and she moaned as her able fingers teased her tender bud. How many times had she written about this sort of thing, one of her characters having this done to her? Dozens, probably. Now she knew how they must have felt, the shyness and vulnerability and excitement. She never wrote that about her character’s, the uncertainty and eagerness, the duality of their desire.

“Take your dress off,” Penny said, smiling playfully at her.

Her heart racing, Dana ran the zipper on her side down, then pulled the dress up and over her head. Letting it fall to the floor, she wanted to cover up. She was completely naked save for her shoes and her stepmother’s eyes were hot on her young body. Insecurity reared its ugly head and she was sure Penny wouldn’t like her, would change her mind about tonight. There was a breathless moment when she didn’t say anything and Dana’s imagination tortured her with images of rejection.

Swallowing hard, Penny said, “Oh God. You are perfect!”

Startled, she blushed and laughed. She kissed the woman, felt her desire when she returned it. The way the woman was kissing her, her words still bouncing around in her head, made Dana more confident. Her insecurities fled and she felt sexy, again.

Dana got off Penny’s lap and pulled the woman to her feet. She gave her stepmother what she hoped was a playful smile and said, “Your turn.”

Raising her arm and letting her hand rest on her head in a way that made Dana swallow hard, Penny ran the tiny zipper on the side of her dress down.  The arm dropped and she shimmied out of the dress. She stepped out of her shoes, stood there so Dana could look at her. Dana drank the woman in, her pulse quickening at the sight of her naked body before her.  She couldn’t stop staring.

“Wow,” Dana said, which was about all she could manage.

Penny was smiling at her reaction, came forward until the space between them evaporated.  Her arms slipped around Dana’s neck and her lips just brushed against the girl’s.  Dana leaned into her, kissed her more forcefully.  There was no hesitation in Penny’s kiss, not anymore. No uncertainty.  For better or worse, the woman had made up her mind to go through with it.

Her stepmother steered her toward the bed and Dana stretched out on her back, her whole body trembling with need and nervousness.  Propping up on her elbows, Dana watched as Penny removed her new heels, tossed them aside, before crawling onto the bed.  She came to Dana and their lips met. Then a hand was on Dana’s hip moving higher.  She couldn’t hold in the giggle as her right breast was cupped, gently kneaded.

“Sorry,” Dana said, blushing when Penny pulled back to look at her, “little nervous.”

“Me, too,” Penny said, laughing, “we’ll take it slow.”

“Okay,” Dana said, then grinned, “although I can’t guarantee I won’t start giggling again.”

“Let me know if you need a minute,” Penny said and Dana nodded.

Smiling at her, Penny kissed her.  When her hand found Dana’s breast, again, she didn’t giggle, moaning instead as Penny’s palm drug across her stiffening nipple.  Penny didn’t let up until her back arched and her nipple ached sweetly.

She had read stories where a girl’s breasts were fondled.  Hell, she’d written a few herself.  She’d played with her own breasts, thought she had understood what it was like to have another person hand on her body but it wasn’t the same at all. Having her stepmother’s hand on her bare skin was thrilling and a whole lot more intimate.  There was an element of trust, of vulnerability she hadn’t expected.

Penny kissed her one more time, then smiled at her.  The smile was playful and Dana felt her pulse quicken. Her stepmother moved lower and suddenly her lips found her other nipple, her moist lips making her sigh.  Dana bit her lip and moaned as Penny’s tongue traced lazy circles around her areola. Shivers worked through her as Penny gently blew on her wet nipple, then her hot mouth was back. The contrast was sexy and she felt her body responding.

Dana’s breath caught in her throat as Penny lips brushed against her rib cage just under her breast, then even lower. She watched as the woman moved down her supine body, leaving a trail of moist kisses on her taut belly.  Dana suspected where Penny was headed and she could hardly believe this was really happening to her.  Not that she was against it, just never expected it to be happening.

Knowing something was going to happen and having it actually happen were apparently two very different things, Dana realized as she gasped in surprise when her stepmother gently kissed her girlhood.  A nervous giggle welled up inside of her but it got caught in her throat as Penny’s tongue caressed her tender bud.  Still propped up on her elbows, she watched wide-eyed as her stepmother teased her clit. The giggle that had hung up in her throat exploded from her in a moan, instead.  The hot, wet flick of the woman’s tongue felt incredible, unlike anything she could have imagined. The erotic stories she had read hadn’t even come close to describing the wonderful sensation Penny’s tongue were awakening in her young body.

“Oh God,” Dana said, her voice thick, “that feels so good.”

Penny rolled her eyes up at her and winked, gently sucking on her clit. Dana’s hips began to move, undulating against her stepmother’s mouth.  Her head lulled back loosely on her neck, her hair sweeping the mattress behind her.  The moans that escaped her slack mouth only got louder as Penny teased her young body. She was glad no one else was around because she couldn’t have held them in.

Penny’s hand slid up the insides of her thighs, over her hips and up her flanks to cup her breasts.  The woman’s touch left her nerve ending screaming for more. Luckily, Penny wasn’t finished, her hands ceaselessly exploring Dana.  It was thrilling and intimate, and the caresses had Dana moaning almost as much as what Penny was doing with her mouth did.

Dana could feel Penny’s excitement through her touch, knew the woman was as turned on as she was.  The fact that her stepmother was enjoying her young body under her fingertips made her feel warm all over.  The way Penny looked at her, the way Penny’s hands lingered on her body, the sexual tension that has been between them for days now… She’d never been the object of someone’s desire before.  Especially not someone as beautiful and sexy as Penny. She kind of liked it.

As her body began to writhe under the assault of Penny tongue and hands, her stepmother had to give up her exploring and grab her thighs to keep Dana’s sex to her mouth. Dana had lost control of her body. It craved what Penny was doing to it but still seemed to be trying to escape the intense pleasure washing through her.  All she could do was grasp at the sheets and try to hold on as her stepmother pushed her closer and closer to an orgasm.

Tension crept into her body and she realized she was going to come.  Penny was going to make her come, something she had fantasized about but never really expected it to happen.  This whole evening was a bit surreal.

“Oh God, I’m going to come,” Dana said, around a moan. Then she did, crying out in ecstasy.  It nearly shook her apart.  When the tension finally left her, her whole body was trembling with nervous energy. She put a hand to her mouth to contain the giggle that escaped her.  She blushed as Penny looked up at her, a mildly surprised look on her face.

“That was amazing,” she said, her face still hot.

“I don’t remember ever coming like that when I was your age,” Penny said, grinning, “I’m kind of jealous.”

Dana half sat up, kissed Penny deeply.  Her stepmother kissed her back and again Dana sensed the woman’s excitement in the eagerness of her kiss.  When they had to come up for air, Penny met her eyes, asked, “Are you still okay with this? With what we are doing?”

Laughing, Dana said, “My toes won’t uncurl but yeah, I don’t want to stop.”

“Okay,” Penny said, grinning. She moved from between Dana’s legs, stretched out beside the girl.

Looking down at her, Dana drank in her stepmother’s naked body.  When her eyes came to the junction of her thighs, to her pussy under the little thatch of pubic hair, she felt her heart beat faster. A nervous smile tugged at her lips as she thought about doing to Penny what her stepmother had done to her, thought about spreading her silken thighs and lowering her mouth to tease Penny’s clit with her tongue.  A shiver of naughty excitement worked its way through her at the thought of going down on her stepmother.

She took a deep breath to gather her nerve, then urged Penny to spread her legs.  Moving between them, she stretched out on her stomach.  Penny had propped up on her elbows and was watching her, which didn’t do anything for her nerves. With one more deep breath, she lowered her mouth to Penny’s sex, tasted her clit with her tongue.

The salt on her skin and the musky scent of her arousal flooded Dana’s senses.  With the flat of her tongue, she caressed her stepmother’s bud. The first moan that escaped the woman was all the reassurance she needed and she relaxed some.  As Penny’s hips began to move on their own and she started making these sexy, wordless noises of enjoyment, her confidence soared.

“That feels so… so good,” Penny said, her hands coming up to fondle her breasts.  Seeing it, Dana was a little jealous, let her own hands slip up Penny’s taut belly to cup her breasts.  Penny grinned at her, covered her hands with her own, wouldn’t let her move them. Not that Dana was trying to.

As Penny’s back arched off the bed and a groan slipped from her slack mouth, Dana thought, I must be doing something right.

The thought put a smile on her face.

Penny finally released her hands and Dana let them roam over her tight body.  Her stepmother’s workout routine kept her in great shape and she still had the body of an eighteen-year-old.  Dana loved the way she looked, the way her smooth skin felt under her fingertips.

Tonight had already been one of many firsts for her and she wanted to try something else.  She wet her fingers in her mouth, then eased them into her stepmother’s hot, slick core.  She heard the change in the woman’s breathing, saw the gyration of her hips get more pronounced and she thought she had found the g-spot.  Like she had read in a ‘how to have better sex’  article she had found while researching for her stories, she made little come hither motions deep inside Penny. Maybe the author of the article knew a thing or two because her stepmother’s body went crazy, writhing out of control.

“Oh shit,” Penny moaned, her back arching off the bed, “God, that feels so good, I’m going to come.”

Hearing her stepmother say that did wonders for her confidence and she lifted her head long enough to grin at the woman. Penny didn’t notice, had her head lulled back and her eyes closed.  Her mouth was slack and her face was pinched in pleasure.  Still grinning, Dana lowered her mouth back to Penny’s clit.

Suddenly, Penny’s head snapped up and she looked wide-eyed at Dana, then her whole body stiffened, her back completely leaving the bed.  She cried out in ecstasy and Dana could feel her climaxing around her fingers, the spasming of her sex.  The tension fled her body and Penny collapsed onto her back, shuddering through her orgasm.

“Holy shit, Dana,” Penny laughed in surprise, brushing the hair out of her face, “that was insane.”

Grinning at her, Dana said, “That looked intense.”

“I’ve never come like that before,” Penny said, shaking her head in wonder, “why are you so good at that?”

“Read an article on the internet,” Dana said, laughing.

“Well, God bless the internet,” her stepmother said, still shaking her head, “you need to forward that article to your father.”

Dana snorted in surprise, then fell out laughing.  Penny blushed when she realized what she had said, laughing too.

“Oh God, I can’t believe I said that,” her stepmother said.

Wiping tears from her eyes, Dana grinned at the woman, said, “Wow.”

“I think that orgasm short-circuited my brain,” Penny said, reaching out and grabbing her hand. Dana didn’t need much urging to stretch out beside the woman, resting her head on Penny’s shoulder and molding against her flank. Penny tilted Dana’s chin up to give her a languid, lingering kiss.

Finally breaking the kiss, Dana grinned up at her, said, “You want to hear something funny? You know that story you saw me writing… It is called ‘The Little Black Dress’.”

“Oh,” Penny asked, interested.

“Yeah,” Dana said, laughing, “and it is so close to what happened tonight that it is spooky.  The fake date, us ending up in bed. It is all in the story.”

“It wasn’t a fake date,” Penny said, smiling at her, “at least not for me.”

Returning the smile, Dana said, “Me, either.”

“Are you going to let me read it now?” Penny asked, crossing her fingers so Dana could see.

Dana laughed, “Eventually. When it’s finished.”

Pouting, Penny said, “That’s not nice.”

“A little anticipation can be fun,” Dana said, grinning at the woman.

“Funny,” Penny said, recognizing her own words.

“I didn’t think so at the time when you said it to me, but now…” she said, laughing when the woman gave her a dirty look. “Okay, okay. Let me tweak it a little tonight and I’ll let you read it tomorrow.”

“I’m afraid, love,” Penny said, winking at her, “that you won’t be getting much writing done tonight.”

“I won’t?” Dana asked, raising her eyebrows.

“No,” her stepmother said, kissing her deeply. Dana was grinning when the woman finally broke the kiss, understanding now what the woman meant. Smiling, she said, “I’m going to grab the bottle of wine from downstairs. Don’t go anywhere.”

“Okay,” Dana said.

Penny extricated herself from her stepdaughter and got off the bed.  She strode naked to the door, paused with her hand on the knob to look over her shoulder at Dana before leaving the room.

Alone, Dana started giggling excitedly.  She still couldn’t believe this was happening.  On her back, she grinned up at the ceiling, said, “I slept with Penny.”

Penny was gone for a while and Dana was about to go looking for her when she returned. She had the bottle of wine and two glasses in her hands and her laptop tucked under her arm. Handing the glasses to Dana, she sat her laptop on the bed. One by one, she filled the glasses up before crawling onto the bed, again.

Dana looked at the burgundy colored liquid, thinking about the last time she drank this much wine. She decided to sip it.

Her step-mother leaned against the headboard, pulled her laptop onto her thighs.  Dana sat beside her, watched as she put in her password.  She was curious why Penny had grabbed the laptop.  Before leaving to get the wine, she implied they were going to fool around some more.

After a moment, Penny set the laptop aside. She smiled at Dana, said, “You won’t let me read your story, but I’ll let you read my newest.”

“Really,” Dana said, excited, “you have a new story?”

“Um, yeah,” Penny said, an almost shy smile on her face. She glanced at the laptop, seemed to be rethinking the idea.

“What’s it about?” Dana asked, grinning.  She became excited about the new story. After all, she was her stepmother’s biggest fan.

“Come here,” Penny said, motioning for Dana to sit between her spread legs.

Dana wondered again what the woman had in mind as she moved.  The woman embraced her from behind, pulled Dana against her. Dana grinned, loving the feel of her arms around her and the way Penny’s breasts mashed against her back.  She decided this was a sexy way to read one of Penny For Your Thoughts’  stories.

She pulled the laptop onto her thighs, read the title of the story out loud, “The Shouldn’t.”

Penny brushed her hair aside to kiss her neck just below her ear, said, “You’ll understand when you read the story.”

“Okay,” Dana said, shivering as Penny kissed her shoulder.

I know I shouldn’t but I think I might. I know all the reasons why it is a bad idea but it is getting harder to deny what my heart wants. The fact that she might say yes if I asked only makes it worse. If I knew she’d say no, it would be easier, I think…

“First-person,” Dana asked, finding it kind of curious that they had both written a story in the first person, something they usually didn’t do.

“Yeah.  It was a little odd writing in the first person, but the story seemed to need it,” Penny said, running her hands up and down Dana’s arms.

Her touch was as light as a feather and it made Dana shiver, again.  She thought if her stepmother kept kissing and caressing her as she tried to read, it was going to be hard to concentrate.

“The story I’m writing,” Dana said, smiling, “it is the first person, too.”


“Yeah,” she said, taking a deep breath before saying, “it seemed to need to be first-person, too.”

“Oh,” Penny said and Dana could hear the smile in her voice.

Dana kept reading:

…There is tension between us now, ever since I found out her secret.  We tease and play but I think there is something more being left unsaid.  The way I catch her looking at me now makes my heart beat faster and my mind race with thoughts I shouldn’t have. Does she know what she does to me when she turns those beautiful eyes on me?  

Dana’s heart was racing in her breast as she realized this read more like a diary entry than a story. Did Penny really feel this way, she wondered? And was she the girl with the secret?

She was distracted from her thoughts as Penny’s hands slipped from her arms and onto her breasts.  A groan slipped from Dana as her stepmother gently squeezed them. Dana shivered deliciously as Penny’s palms brushed her nipples. She forgot about reading for a moment, just enjoyed the sensation.

Finally, she turned back to the story:

…These were my thoughts as I washed the dishes in the sink.  That is the problem with menial labor like this; it didn’t require much thought, which left the mind free to wonder.  More and more its meanderings led to her.

Like my thoughts had conjured her, she came into the kitchen. My Shouldn’t. The dish in my hand slipped from my fingers as I saw how she was dressed, wearing just a pair of panties and a t-shirt.  She looked so sexy, her young body gloriously revealed.  Those long legs…

I couldn’t look away, transfixed by the sight of her looking in the open fridge.  I could hardly breathe, my heart racing so fast it was in danger of exploding…

Dana put a hand to her mouth, her own heart racing.  The question of whether she was the ‘Shouldn’t’ was answered. Reading her stepmother’s reaction to her little stunt in the kitchen, she wondered if the woman was embellishing her feelings for the sake of good reading or if the woman had really felt like that when she saw Dana rummaging through the fridge in just her panties and T-shirt.

One of Penny’s hands slipped from her breast, down her belly, and between her thighs. Heat blossomed there at her touch and she moaned.  She had to smile when she realized Penny’s intention for having her sit between her legs.  Reading the story was going to be an interactive experience. Penny’s fingers teased another moan from her, making these lazy circles that drove her body wild.

She had done this to herself before while reading something especially hot on Lesbian Lolita but having Penny do it to her while she read her story was a lot more exciting.  She bit her lip as she continued reading.

…When she leaned against the counter with her drink, I saw the mischief in her eyes.  She knew what she was doing, knew this was my little fantasy.  The game we had been playing… It was getting dangerous and not just because her father should be home at any time.  The teasing and flirting were getting out of hand and my self-control wasn’t that strong.

I wanted to go to her so bad, to feel her body pressed against mine as I kissed her.  Her lips looked so soft and inviting, shimmering from the lip gloss she wore.  I longed to feel them pressed against mine, to let her tongue into my mouth to taste her kiss. My desire was so strong my knees felt weak and I had to lean against the sink.

“You are playing with fire, young lady,” I said, smiling at her.

“What on earth do you mean?” she said, with a playful smile that eroded my self-control even further.  That smile, the flirty way she held her body, so much perfect skin on display… I was a flustered mess.

“I take it you read my email,” I asked.  The email. I still couldn’t believe I sent it. I had sat there, my finger on the Enter button for a while, trying to talk myself out of sending it.  I knew I was just throwing gasoline on a fire that was already burning out of control. The half-naked girl in front of me was proof I was right.

“Maybe, or I just forgot my pants,” she teased.

Her nipples were straining against the thin material of her shirt and she was flushed. I saw that she was as excited as I was by this game, that she liked teasing me as much as I liked the view. That didn’t do anything for my growing arousal.  

Again, I thought if I asked, she might say yes…

The story was becoming hot, very intimate, and the wonderful things Penny’s fingers were doing to her had her hips gyrating and moans slipping from her slack mouth.  The little waves of pleasure washing through her made it a little hard to focus on the words on the screen.  More than once, she had to re-read a sentence to make it make sense.

…I said, “You better remember them before your father comes home.”

“I guess you are right,” she said, pushing away from the sink. She walked passed me and I couldn’t look away. My eyes couldn’t get enough of her. She looked so beautiful, so young and lean. Perfect.

“Dana,” I said, not realizing I meant to. She paused in the archway, looked back at me over her shoulder.  I couldn’t breathe at how stunning she looked.  She had to know that little pose was knocking the last of my self-control for a loop. Flushed with desire, I said, “it was better than I imagined.”

She smiled then walked away.  My heart skipped a few beats as she rolled her hips more as she went, putting on a little show for my benefit.  The tick of her backside drew my eyes like a moth to a flame and I couldn’t stop staring at the simple white panties she wore. A very unassuming pair of underwear but so sexy to me.

My Shouldn’t was gone and I turned back to the dishes in the sink. My heart was still racing and my hands were shaking.  Staring down at the soapy water, I really didn’t see it. All I could see was the girl walking away, her long legs so lovely and bare.  I thought the heat of my arousal would cool when she was gone but it didn’t.  I still wanted to follow her upstairs, ask her the question I was afraid she might say yes to.  

Giving in, I pushed away from the sink. I was just passing through the archway when I heard the front door doorknob rattle.  The noise brought me back to my senses and I turned back into the kitchen, to my dishes. My face was on fire as my husband came into the kitchen and wrapped his arms around me from behind. I was glad he couldn’t see me…

Dana gasped as she read that last paragraph.  Was it true? Had Penny almost come upstairs after her little stunt?  Would she have been ready for her, then, if she had asked the question? Dana wasn’t sure, but hearing how flustered she had made the woman made her smile.  She liked the way it made her feel. Sexy.

“There’s more,” Penny said, taking the laptop from her and setting it aside, “but it can wait.”

“Did you really almost come upstairs?” Dana asked, shifting so she could look at the woman.

Penny smiled at her, said, “I was actually on the stairs when I heard your father come in. I ran upstairs and hid in the bathroom until I had myself under control, again.”

Dana grinned, then tucked her hair behind her ear shyly, “Some of the things you wrote…”

Gently kissing her, Penny said, “I meant every word.”

“Oh,” Dana said, her heart fluttering in her breast. She turned in Penny’s arms until she was facing the woman. Penny scooted forward a bit and urged Dana to put her legs out behind her. Dana’s eyes widened when their bodies came together, then she grinned when she saw what her stepmother had in mind. Putting her arms around the woman’s neck, Dana kissed her deeply.

Penny hugged her back, whispered in her ear when their lips finally parted, “I love you, Dana.”

Feeling tears sting her eyes, Dana said, “I love you, too.”

As their lips met, again, Dana rolled her hips forward, felt her girlhood rub deliciously against Penny.  It sent a shiver of pleasure through her, then Penny was  thrusting her hips forward, too. Each time their bodies came together, it forced a moan from Dana. Penny’s hands slipped down Dana’s back to grab her buttocks, to help Dana really grind against her.  She giggled excitedly at the woman’s eagerness. She was just thirteen, but her stepmother was the one acting like a horny teenager.

“What are you giggling about?” Penny asked.

Grinning at her, Dana said, “Nothing.”

“Uh-huh,” Penny said, then picked Dana up by her buttocks and toppled her onto her back.

The move caught Dana off guard and she gasped in surprise. When Penny crawled atop Dana, straddling one of Dana’s hips, she grinned down at the girl.  Their bodies nested together and Dana grinned back at her. Penny leaned in and kissed her, slowly rolling her hips back and forth. Dana’s eyes widened as their bodies ground together and she moaned into her stepmother’s kiss as it sent shockwaves through her.

Penny pulled back to grin at her, said, “It’s been too long since I’ve done this.  I’d forgotten how much fun it was.”

“Sleeping with your stepdaughter?” Dana asked, laughing when Penny gave her a look.

Shaking her head, Penny said, “Smartass.”

Penny found a rhythm she liked and Dana met her counter thrust for thrust, pushing her hips up into Penny.  She tried to remember what she had read about tribbing when researching her stories, but the feel of Penny’s body rubbing against hers made it hard to think.  Still, she must be doing okay because Penny’s face was pulled in a rictus of pleasure and thick moans kept slipping from her slack mouth. Her own body was alive with wonderful sensations, the meeting of their bodies sending shivers of pleasure through her.

“Oh God,” Penny said, arching her back, “did you read… read about this in your… article, too?”

With a laugh that was half a moan, Dana said, “No. I just figured it out.”

“So smart,” Penny said, grinning at her.

Penny leaned in for a kiss, slipping an arm under Dana’s neck. In a move that startled a giggle out of Dana, Penny rolled them until she sat atop her stepmother, their bodies still interlocked.  Penny smiled up at her, urged her to keep rocking her hips.  It took a minute but Dana figured out what worked, listening for changes in Penny’s breathing.  She found a rhythm they both liked. It was thrilling to being on top.  It was just a little thing, but it felt different being in control. She kind of liked it.

Half sitting up, Penny found Dana’s nipple with her mouth, teased it with her tongue and her lips until it stiffened and Dana groaned.  It ached sweetly as her stepmother used her teeth to gently nibble the tender nub and she arched her back.  Dana’s fingers slipped into the woman’s hair, held her to her breast.

Penny’s hands roamed freely up her flanks and around her back, down to cup her buttocks.  Her touch left Dana’s skin tingling.  She could feel the woman’s excitement in her touch and it excited her, in turn. Dana couldn’t get enough of her stepmother wanting her.

Collapsing back to the mattress, Penny arched her back off the bed.  Dana’s eyes went to her straining breasts and she couldn’t keep her hands off them.  Penny moaned as Dana kneaded them, teased their stiffening nipples.  Her stepmother covered her hands with her own, wouldn’t let Dana stop. Grinning, Dana leaned forward, found one of the nubs with her lips, traced the areola with her tongue.  Like the woman had done to her, she used her teeth to draw a thick groan from Penny.

Penny met her eyes and Dana saw an urgency in her face, in her widening eyes. Dana realized the woman was going to come.  With that realization, she noticed a few more tells, like the change in the flex of Penny’s hips and the tightening of her stomach muscles and the sharpness of her cries.

Her own excitement grew by leaps and bounds at the thought of the woman coming, again.  Tension crept into her own body and she pushed them both over the edge of ecstasy and into utter bliss.  She stiffened atop Penny, felt the woman start to shudder through her orgasm, then she came apart as her own shook her.  Their cries of release mingled in the still bedroom and their writhing bodies came to a halt.

Brushing her hair from her face, Dana looked down at her stepmother.  The woman was gasping for air and sweaty but she looked beautiful when she gave Dana a sated smile. Dana felt a little dazed, her mind fuzzy from her orgasm, but she managed to smile back.  She crawled off Penny, flopped on her back beside the woman. She had to smile when Penny snuggled against her, though it was kind of funny for some reason, a grown woman snuggling against a thirteen-year-old girl. Not that she didn’t like it.

“I can’t feel my toes,” Penny said, making Dana laugh, “that was amazing, love.”

“It was pretty amazing,” Dana agreed, still smiling.

“Best sex I’ve had in weeks,” Penny said.

Laughing, Dana said, “Dad hasn’t been knocking it out of the park, huh?”

“He hasn’t even been in the park lately,” Penny said, her voice sour.

“Oh,” Dana said, frowning.

“Sorry,” her stepmother said, with an embarrassed laugh, “you don’t want to hear about that sort of thing. Pass me my glass, would you?”

Dana handed her the glass and watched as she downed the wine in one gulp.  She was still frowning as she watched her stepmother stare down at the empty glass, lost in thought.  Something told her something was amiss between Penny and her father.

Penny saw Dana looking at her, gave the girl a fake smile. It didn’t do anything for Dana’s suspicions.

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