The Notebook, Chapter 5

  • Posted on September 4, 2019 at 2:41 pm

by Ebo

Dana woke up to an empty bed, but she could still smell her stepmother’s shampoo on the pillow beside her. Smiling, she pulled it to her face, inhaled deeply the scent of the woman. With an excited giggle, she hugged the pillow tightly, remembered how it had felt to hold the woman in her arms and not just the pillow that smelled like her.

Tossing the pillow aside, she sat up and looked down at her naked body. Nothing much had changed, which kind of surprised her. After last night, she thought she should look different somehow. After all, she wasn’t a virgin anymore.

The thought brought another giggle to her lips and she hurriedly got out of bed. Standing in front of the full-length mirror, she admired her reflection. Her legs were still coltishly long; her hips still kind of narrow; her belly flat; her breasts upswept and little more than handfuls; and her backside pert and round. She didn’t look any different than she had yesterday.

Shrugging, she slipped into her robe and headed to the bathroom to begin her morning ritual. She brushed her teeth, then grabbed a quick shower. The hot water washed away the last of the sleep that clung to her and she felt like a million bucks by the time she cut off the water and reached for a towel. With the towel wrapped around her and tucked between her breasts, she wiped the steamy mirror. She looked at her reflection, then reached for her brush. She fiddled with her hair until she had it just right, then glanced at her little makeup kit. Giving in, she put on some lip gloss and just a little eyeliner, then swiped on some mascara. Closing the lid on the kit, she had to shake her head and smile.

Most Saturday mornings, she wouldn’t even have bothered with brushing her hair, let alone putting on makeup. It said a lot about her frame of mind this morning. She wanted to look good for Penny.

Back in her robe, she went to her room to change. Standing in front of her closet, she didn’t know what to wear. She wanted to wear something cute but didn’t want to seem like she was deliberately dressing up for her stepmother. Still staring at her clothes hanging in the closet, she wondered what it was going to be like now, living under the same roof with Penny. If just getting dressed for a lazy day Saturday required this much thought… Things were definitely going to be different now.

Shaking off the thought, she grabbed a t-shirt and went to her dresser for some underwear and a pair of jeans. She got dressed, made one last check in the mirror. She loved the jeans, liked the way they clung in all the right places.

Smiling, she wondered if Penny would notice.

Taking a deep breath, she left her room and went in search of Penny. Her stepmother was in the kitchen, sipping a cup of coffee and staring off into space. So lost in thought, she didn’t notice Dana enter the room and step up to the center island. She blinked a few times as Dana waved a hand in front of her face, then grinned sheepishly at the teenager.

“Hey, kiddo,” Penny said.

“Hey. Been up a while,” Dana asked, looking around the kitchen. The dishes that were in the sink had been put up and she could hear the hum of the dryer in the laundry nook. Glancing at the mug in front of her stepmother, then at the half-empty coffee pot, she figured it was at least her second cup.

Frowning, she wondered what had the woman up so early. Dana hoped she wasn’t having second thoughts about what they had done last night. She wanted Penny to be as excited by the turn their relationship had taken. Needed her to be.

“Yeah,” Penny said, smiling at her.

Seeing that smile, Dana really wanted to cross the room and kiss her, to feel those lips pressed against her own, but she didn’t know if Penny would welcome it. Their relationship had changed drastically after last night, and Dana didn’t know the dynamics of the new one, not yet.

Instead, she went to the cabinet and got a glass, then poured herself some orange juice. Glass in hand, she sat across from her stepmother. Taking a sip, she grimaced at the bitter combination of toothpaste and orange juice. She pushed the glass aside and looked at her stepmother.

“I think we need to talk about last night,” Dana said, nervously. Her hands knotted in her lap and she fidgeted as Penny looked at her.

“Yeah, I guess we do,” Penny said, giving her a smile.

“Are you still okay with what we did?” Dana asked, holding her breath. She crossed her fingers out of sight.

Penny snorted, then started laughing, “I think that’s supposed to be my line.”

Grinning, Dana said, “Well, I asked you first.”

The laughter dried up and her stepmother looked at her for a long moment. Finally, she sighed and said, “It isn’t an easy question to answer.”

“What do you mean,” Dana asked, frowning.

“Dana, last night was amazing, wonderful,” Penny said, taking her hand across the island, “I haven’t felt like that in a long time.”

“Why am I sensing a ‘but’ coming,” Dana asked.

“It’s just… have you really thought about what we did last night?”

“Um…” Dana said, frowning. She could tell something was bothering the woman and she took a moment to think about what it could be.

Before she could really get a chance, Penny went on, “I cheated on your father, Dana.”

“Oh,” Dana said, her eyes widening. She really hadn’t thought about Penny’s infidelity. So wrapped up in the heat of the moment, she hadn’t really thought about her father. Now, guilt came crashing down.

Putting a hand to her mouth and looking away from Penny, she thought, Oh God, I’m a horrible daughter.

She had slept with her father’s wife, had betrayed his trust. She got this sick, roiling feeling in her gut and she thought she might throw up. The sip of orange juice she had taken soured in her stomach and she grimaced.

Penny squeezed her hand, made her look up. She gave Dana a sympathetic smile. Dana saw in her stepmother’s eyes that she understood. It didn’t make her feel any better.

Her stepmother’s smile became a sad one and she shook her head, “I’ve been sitting here, thinking… how did last night happen? I love your father, Dana. I really do, but I keep circling the thought that if I was happy — truly happy — how could this have happened? It’s not just last night, either. If I was truly happy in my marriage, why would I have been flirting with you in the first place?”

Dana saw the question was eating at Penny, but she didn’t know what to say. She had thought Penny was happy, completely oblivious to the quiet erosion of her marital bliss. Now, she was surprised she had missed it. Little things she had overlooked became glaringly obvious.

“Your father… he’s not the same anymore. He used to be… I don’t know. It’s like even when he is here–” Penny started to say but Dana finished the thought for her.

“He’s not,” Dana said, nodding. She had thought much the same thing on a couple of occasions. He always seemed distracted, wrapped up in his work these days.

Penny looked at her in surprise, then said, “I should have guessed that you’d noticed it, too. He used to be so spontaneous, just bring flowers for no reason. And affectionate. He could be so romantic. But now it’s like…”

“He’s just phoning it in,” Dana said, a little bitterness creeping into her voice. She knew exactly what Penny was talking about. Her father used to surprise her with little gifts or take her to the movies. Just spend time with her. She couldn’t remember the last time he’d done any of those things.

“Yeah,” Penny said, sighing. Some of her frustration had crept into her voice and she had to look away when she noticed Dana had heard it. Looking down at her mug of coffee, she fiddled distractedly with the porcelain handle. When she finally looked back up, Dana saw a loneliness in her eyes, an uncertainty about the future of her marriage. Dana’s heart broke for her a little and she felt tears sting her own eyes.

Taking a deep breath to get herself under control, Dana asked, “Where does that leave us?”

Rubbing the back of her neck, Penny said, “I don’t know.”

“What are you going to do about Dad?” Dana asked.

With a sad little laugh, Penny said, “I don’t know that, either.”

Dana gave her a sympathetic smile and squeezed her hand, which was about all the help she had to give. She didn’t know what she should do, either. Penny must have seen it in her eyes because she gave Dana an appreciative smile.

“What a mess, right?” Penny said, laughing and shaking her head.

“Yeah,” Dana agreed.

From the laundry nook came the buzzer on the dryer. Penny glanced that way, then back at Dana. She looked relieved for the distraction.

She said, “Do you have anything that needs to be washed?”

“Um, probably,” Dana said.

“Go grab it,” Penny said, pushing away from the island. She headed for the laundry nook. Dana watched her walk away, admired the tick of Penny’s backside in the yoga pants she wore. She looked really good in those, Dana thought.

A smile spread on her face as she realized she was staring at Penny. She felt a little pang of guilt, but it didn’t stop her from looking. After all, she found Penny irresistible.

Shaking her head, she went upstairs for her dirty clothes. Hamper in hand, she headed for the laundry nook. She found Penny bent over in front of the dryer, fishing clothes out. She paused just inside the door to admire the view. She loved the way the stretchy material molded to Penny’s round backside, revealed more than it hid. A flush of excitement came over her at the thought of running her hands over her buttocks.

Penny must have seen her out of the corner of her eye, said, “Want to help me fold these?”

“Um, sure,” Dana said, her face red from getting caught. It was a very intimate little space and they were shoulder to shoulder, hip to hip. Dana could smell her stepmother’s perfume, which didn’t help her horniness.

“Why don’t you go ahead and load your clothes, then you can help me,” Penny said, smiling at her.

“All right,” Dana said, opening the lid to the washer. She started picking out like colors, loading them into the machine. When she had enough for a load, she reached up on the shelf for the laundry detergent. It was almost out of reach and she had to get up on tiptoe to reach it. Finally, her fingers closed around the handle, which is when she felt eyes on her. Turning her head, she caught Penny looking at her, realized the woman had been checking her out.

Hurriedly, Penny looked away, her face flushed. Dana couldn’t keep the smile off her face as she pulled the bottle down, twisted off the lid. Her heart was beating faster as she glanced sideways at Penny and saw the woman was very deliberately not looking at her. She was a little ashamed at how much she liked it.

Dana splashed some green liquid from the bottle onto her clothes, then recapped it. She got up on tiptoe again, stretching to put the detergent back on the shelf. She hoped she’d feel her stepmother’s eyes on her. She hadn’t realized she was holding her breath until she felt Penny looking at her, again, and it escaped as a nervous giggle.

Penny gave her a smile, said, “Sorry. You just look really good in those jeans.”

“It’s okay,” Dana said, laughing, “I was staring at your ass in the yoga pants.”

“Language, young lady,” Penny said, grinning.

“Yes, Mother,” Dana said, laughing. She gave Penny a playful roll of her eyes.

“Oh, God,” Penny said, laughing.

Winking at her, Dana closed the washer, twisted the knob to start the machine. As water began to run inside, she leaned against it, looking at Penny. She couldn’t help thinking her father was an idiot for neglecting such a beautiful woman.

Penny caught her looking said, “You better stop that. A look like that could get both of us in trouble.”

Dana smiled and said, “I was just thinking… Dad’s an idiot.”

Penny inhaled sharply, looking at her. Dana’s heart skipped a few beats seeing the desire in her eyes. She knew she was playing with fire, again, but she didn’t care if she got burned.

Maybe Penny saw it in her eyes, the longing. Her hands were shaking as she looked away and tried to fold another shirt. She finally gave up, just leaned against the dryer with her eyes closed. Dana watched her struggle with something, finally giving in. The look in her eyes when she finally turned to Dana made her heart knock around her rib cage.

There wasn’t much space in the laundry nook and the tension between them was building up until Dana could almost feel it pressing against her back, pushing her toward her stepmother. Then her stepmother was pressed against her, her arms slipping around Dana’s neck. The first kiss made her knees a little weak and she was glad she was leaning against the washing machine for support.

Dana forgot to feel guilty, reveling in the warmth of the woman, the scent of her. She found herself responding to the feel of her lean body molded against her own. The kisses became urgent and Dana couldn’t keep her hands from roaming over Penny’s back, down to squeeze the backside that grabbed her attention earlier.

The washing machine finished filling up and started it’s first cycle, startling her a little. It started vibrating against her hip. She shivered a little as the vibrations translated through her whole body.

Penny caught her off guard and she gasped as the woman scooped her up and sat her on the machine. The vibrations were even stronger now and she giggled as it started to feel kind of good. She bit her lip and looked at Penny. The smile her stepmother gave her told her that Penny knew what she was doing. Or more accurately, knew what the washing machine was doing to her. The first moan kind of caught her off guard.

Her hands on Dana’s knees, Penny gently spread Dana’s legs and moved between them until the teenager’s knees were poking out behind her. She leaned in to kiss Dana, teased her tongue into her mouth. Her hands slid up Dana’s thighs, then her flanks to cup her breasts through the thin t-shirt she wore. Dana’s nipples stiffened under the attention, grew tender. Her back arched, pressing her breasts into Penny’s hands. She bit her lip and groaned thickly.

Dana scooted forward more, wrapped her legs around her stepmother’s waist and crossed her ankles. Without breaking the kiss, her own hand found one of Penny’s breasts, cupped it. She felt the nipple stiffen against her palm as Penny’s body responded. Penny moaned into her mouth.

Pulling back from the kiss, Penny held her arms over her head. Grinning, Dana helped her out of her shirt, saw the woman hadn’t bothered with a bra after leaving her side this morning. Her hands found Penny’s breasts again.

Her stepmother’s fingers hooked into the hem of her shirt and Dana let her remove it, toss it aside. Penny’s gaze was hot on her bare breasts and it kind of excited her. She loved when Penny looked at her like that, with hungry eyes. Then her hands were on her young body, teasing another moan from her.

Penny kissed her again and Dana let her tongue into her mouth. She tasted like coffee but Dana didn’t mind, kissed her back passionately. The washer came to the end of one cycle, the vibrations falling off as fresh water started filling the machine. Dana missed the buzzing that had worked its way from the washing machine into and through her but Penny stole her attention from its absence when her hand slipped from her breast, down her belly and onto the slight mound of her girlhood. Even through the thick denim of her jeans, the massaging of her fingers sent little shivers of pleasure through her young body. She had to break the kiss as a moan tore from her slack mouth.

Dana let her own hand slip between Penny’s thighs, making lazy circles against the woman’s sex. She smiled at the change in the woman’s breathing, the first moan slipping from her. Penny’s hips began to undulate, grinding against her hand. Dana saw her face screw up in pleasure.

There was a loud click, then the washing machine really started rocking and rolling beneath her. The strong vibrations washed through her and she couldn’t stop moaning. Coupled with Penny’s massaging fingers, the sensation was almost too intense to bear.

Penny saw how much trouble she was in, gave her a playful smile and said, “Who said doing laundry can’t be fun?”

“Oh, God,” Dana said, with a laugh that was half a moan, “this feels so good.”

“First time experiencing the spin cycle?” Penny asked, her smile widening.

“Yeah,” Dana moaned.

“Really? I used to love sitting on the washing machine when I was your age. Almost as good as a vibrator,” Penny said, then laughed, “My adopted mom used to say these things should come with a warning, ‘Don’t let your daughters sit on the washing machine, they might never get off.’”

“You don’t have to worry about me getting off,” Dana said, then blushed at Penny’s startled laugh.

“You like this, huh?” Penny said, still laughing.

“Oh God, yeah,” Dana said, a moan slipping from her for emphasis.

Grinning, Penny said, “Well, you have about five more minutes.”

Dana thought that was going to be more than enough time. The rattling of the washing machine had her tiptoeing along the edge already and the pressure of Penny’s fingers against the crotch of her jeans had her hips bucking. Her little cries of pleasure were getting louder, no longer drowned out by the noisy machine. She wrapped her arms around Penny’s neck and held on as she felt the tension start to gather in her body. She pressed her face against Penny’s shoulder, gasping as she came. Her fingers dug into Penny’s shoulders as her body went crazy.

She had to hop off the vibrating machine, its shaking and rattling too much for her now very sensitive body. Her legs were a little wobbly and she had to cling to her stepmother.

Laughing in amazement, she kissed Penny.

Penny grinned at her when they finally broke the kiss, said, “I’m not going to have any problems with you doing your laundry anymore, am I?”

“That was intense,” Dana said, laughing.

Penny looked at her for a long moment, then said, “Come on. Laundry can wait.”

“Where are we going?” Dana asked, as her stepmother took her hand and led her out of the laundry nook.

“Your room,” Penny said and Dana could hear the smile in her voice even if she couldn’t see it.

Following Penny up the stairs, Dana watched the tick of her backside. Even after just coming a few minutes ago, she felt herself getting turned on again. The fact that she had a pretty good idea what Penny had in mind only made it worse.

Shaking her head, she thought, Sorry, Dad.

Just outside Dana’s room, Penny turned into the girl, put both arms around her neck. She kissed Dana deeply, let it linger until Dana felt a little lightheaded.

Penny finally broke the kiss, pulled back to arm’s length. With a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth, she said, “I’m going to grab something from my room. I’ll be right back.”

“Okay,” Dana said, her voice a little husky from the kiss.

“Why don’t you get out of those clothes while I’m gone?” Penny called over her shoulder as she headed for the master bedroom. Dana watched her go for a second, smiling and shaking her head.

Finally, she ducked into her room, unbuttoning her jeans as she went. She shimmied out of them, then her panties. Naked, she stretched out on the bed. She started on her back, then tried on her side. She wanted to look sexy when Penny came back, but she just felt foolish. She didn’t have a clue how to be seductive.

Penny came back before she settled on a pose, but the way the woman was smiling told her that it didn’t matter. She felt a shiver of excitement work through her.

Her stepmother came to the bed, leaned over to give her a playful kiss. Her face only inches away, Penny smiled and asked, “You wrote a couple of stories about girls finding their mother’s vibrator.”

“Yeah,” Dana said, wishing Penny would kiss her again. Her lips were so close, tantalizingly close.

“I was wondering,” Penny asked, a playful smile just tugging at the corners of her mouth, “how you knew what it felt like. Did you just research it like the rest of your stories?”

Dana gave her an embarrassed smile, said, “Um, not exactly.”

“Really? Do tell,” Penny said, her smile widening.

“I used my toothbrush,” Dana said, blushing when Penny started laughing.

She had an electric toothbrush that had a curiously strong vibration. She had felt kind of foolish at first, sneaking it into her room then pressing it to the crotch of her panties late at night, but, then it had started to feel really good. She shivered thinking about the intense orgasm she had had, then again about the dozen or so times she had taken her toothbrush to bed, again.

“Oh, I’d never have thought of that. Then again, they didn’t have electric toothbrushes when I was your age,” her stepmother said, laughing

“Worked,” Dana said, her face hot.

“I bet it did,” Penny said, grinning and pulling her hand from behind her back, ” but I thought you might have found this.”

Dana started laughing when she saw the vibrator in her stepmother’s hand. She met Penny’s eyes and the woman winked at her. Dana took the toy from her, looked it over. She had never seen one in real life, though it looked curiously simple. All it was was a pink shaft tapered at one end with a black knob on the other. Nothing special. Could it really feel as good as some of the stories she had read made it sound?

While she had been looking at the toy, Penny had straightened up and shimmied out of her yoga pants. Dana glanced away from the vibrator as she felt her stepmother’s body weight settle onto the mattress. Penny moved close and she finally got her wish as her stepmother kissed her deeply, again.

Penny took the vibrator from her slack fingers, twisted the knob until it came buzzing to life. Dana looked from it to her stepmother, biting her lower lip. She asked, “What’s your plan for that?”

“Let’s call it ‘research’,” Penny said, kissing her.

Her stepmother put her hand on Dana’s shoulder, urged her to roll onto her back, never breaking the kiss. Dana shivered when Penny pressed the buzzing toy against her neck, traced it along her collar bone. She had to bite back a giggle as the vibrator slipped lower, made lazy circles around her nipple until it stiffened. Then Penny’s mouth was on her breast, her tongue teasing it until she groaned.

She didn’t notice the toy slipping down her stomach, her attention on what Penny’s mouth was doing to her. She gasped when the vibrator found her bud and her hips bucked and her thighs squeezed around the intense sensation. Penny moved between her legs, gently spreading them wide. The toy was sending shockwaves through her young body and she couldn’t stop gasping.

“Better than your toothbrush,” Penny asked, caressing Dana’s thighs with her free hand.

Dana nodded, couldn’t catch her breath to answer. The toy had her in a state, had her hips gyrating and her stomach clenching. She could feel the vibrations all through her body, not just between her thighs. Her fingers were knotted in the sheets as she held on for dear life.

The toy slipped from her bud and Penny ran it along the inside of her thighs, teasing her. A little flustered, Dana wanted her to put it back. Instead, Penny lowered her mouth to Dana’s girlhood. Her hot, wet tongue felt wonderful on Dana’s tender clit, teased moan after moan from her slack mouth. She forgot all about the vibrator.

At least, until it slipped from her thighs to torture her bud again. Penny’s mouth moved higher, leaving a trail of moist kisses up her stomach. Her skin tingled everywhere her lips touched and she writhed at their caress. Then Penny kissed her, her tongue insistent.

Dana was a little dizzy, too many wonderful things happening to her all at once. Her body couldn’t separate the sensations any longer. They became one mind-blowing feeling that she hoped would never end.

Almost the same instant that thought entered her mind, she felt her body start to gather tension for another orgasm. Penny must have sensed because she pulled the toy away before she could come.

“Not yet,” Penny said, kissing her one more time.

Dana’s hips moved but the toy wasn’t returned. She had been so close, her body frustrated by the lack of stimulus. It craved the vibrations of the toy, the release it promised.

Penny saw it, winked at her. Her lips caressed the curve of Dana’s neck, then her collar bone. Dana felt a shiver of excitement work through her as Penny kept kissing her way lower. She was holding her breath in anticipation by the time her lips brushed just below her navel. Penny kissed her way down the hollow of Dana’s hip, getting closer and closer.

When Penny finally made it to the swell of her girlhood, Dana’s pent up breath rushed out of her in a moan. Penny took her time, the caress of her tongue maddeningly slow. She had Dana right on the edge again, but wouldn’t let her come. Dana rolled her hips against her mouth, all but begging to be allowed to climax without saying the words.

The vibrator pressed just above her bud, the buzzing sending shivers all through her young body. Penny’s tongue didn’t stop its slow torture and the two sensations had her writhing in ecstasy. She was going to come, couldn’t stop if she tried. Penny let her this time, pushed her over the edge into orgasmic bliss. Her orgasm was so intense, it nearly folded her in half, rocked her into a sitting position. She hastily pulled the vibrator away, the buzzing suddenly too intense to bear.

Collapsing to her back, she laughed, “Holy shit!”

Penny grinned at her, said, “I’ll forgive the language this time.”

Dana gave her a sheepish grin, said, “Sorry.”

“It’s understandable,” Penny said, leaning in for a kiss.

Brushing the hair from her sweaty forehead, Dana said, “I know what I want for Christmas now.”

Laughing, Penny said, “Not exactly a gift I can put under the tree.”

“I guess not,” Dana said, laughing at the mental image of her father’s face when she opened her shiny new sex toy on Christmas morning.

Penny stretched out beside her and Dana moved against her. She put her head on her stepmother’s shoulder, took the vibrator from her. The toy buzzed in her hand, tickled her palm. She let it trail down Penny’s taut stomach and onto the slight mound of her sex. Penny sighed as the vibrations found her clit and her hips began to move. Propping up on her elbows, Dana watched Penny’s reaction to the vibrator. She found the flex of her body incredibly sexy.

Covering Dana’s hand with one of her own, Penny moved the vibrator lower. It eased inside of the woman and Penny moaned thickly as it bit deep. Dana glanced at Penny, saw the look on enjoyment on her face. Each time she thrust the toy into Penny, the woman would moan, her face pulled in a rictus of pleasure.

Dana got to her hands and knees and leaned down to kiss Penny. Pulling back, she grinned at the woman, then moved between her spread legs. Penny propped up on her elbows as Dana’s mouth found her undulating sex. Her head fell back loosely on her neck as Dana’s tongue teased her bud. Dana had to smile as Penny’s little cries grew louder and louder.

Sensing the woman was ready for it, Dana let her thrusts come faster. Penny collapsed to her back, her body writhing. Cupping her breasts, Penny teased them until she arched her back off the bed.

“God, this feels so good,” Penny said around a moan. One of her hands slipped from her breast, down her stomach, and into Dana’s hair. It slipped around to the back of Dana’s head, knotted in her hair there.

Dana had to smile at the not too subtle hint; Penny didn’t want her to stop what she was doing. She trapped the woman’s clitoral hood with her lips, gently sucked on it. Penny moaned, her fingers tightening more in Dana’s hair. The flick of her tongue had Penny’s hips undulating against her mouth. It was making it hard to keep her mouth to the woman’s sex. Dana used her free hand to trap one of her thighs, held on for dear life.

“Just like that,” Penny breathed, her head tossing.

Her cries became urgent, sharper. Dana sensed the woman’s body gathering tension, saw it in the contraction of her stomach. She pushed her stepmother closer and closer to the edge of release, thrusting the vibrator faster and pressing harder with her tongue.

“Oh, Daannaa,” Penny cried as she climaxed, her whole body clenching up. It nearly shook her to pieces. Dana eased the toy from Penny’s spasming sex, making the woman gasp and her hips jerk sharply. She used her tongue to keep those lovely feelings ebbing through her stepmother, making lazy circles around her bud.

Dana eventually twisted the knob on the vibrator, tossed it on the bed beside Penny. She crawled up the woman’s supine body, leaned in for a kiss. She stretched out on her side next to Penny, snuggled against her. Penny pulled her close, her arm around Dana’s neck. They stayed like that a while, neither one speaking.

Suddenly, Penny gave a little laugh, said, “You know, I tried to convince myself last night was a one-time thing. Maybe I’d get it out of my system and could move on. I think the plan backfired, though.”

“Yeah, I’m irresistible,” Dana teased, grinning at her stepmother.

Laughing, Penny gave her a quick kiss, then said, “You ARE irresistible. So beautiful.”

“You forgot ‘great in the sack’,” Dana said, smiling at the compliment.

And great in the sack,” Penny said, laughing.

“You’re pretty amazing yourself,” Dana said.

“You’re just saying that,” Penny said, playfully.

Meeting her stepmother’s eyes, she said, “No, I’m not.”

Penny favored her with a warm smile, then kissed her deeply. When their lips finally parted, Penny said, “You are going to be trouble for me.”

“Probably,” Dana said, grinning.

“Well, Trouble,” Penny said, laughing, “I’m starving. Help me make breakfast?”

“Okay,” Dana said, sitting up.

Not bothering to get dressed, they headed back downstairs. Dana got a naughty little shiver working up her spine at walking around the house naked with Penny. It was a little dangerous, exciting. There was always a chance of her father coming home early from his trip or one of Penny’s friends dropping by unexpectedly.

“I’m thinking pancakes,” Penny said, as they passed through the arch and into the kitchen. “Sound good to you?”

“Perfect,” Dana said, her stomach gurgling right on cue. Penny made the best pancakes, so light and fluffy they practically melted in her mouth.

“Grab the big mixing bowl,” Penny said, going to the refrigerator for eggs and buttermilk. Dana found the bowl, set it on the counter, then watched Penny fish the flour out of the pantry. Penny sat the flour down, then said, “Want to make the batter?”

“Um,” Dana said, then shrugged, “I guess.”

Smiling, Penny said, “Grab the measuring cups.”

Dana found them in a drawer near the sink, then Penny walked her through making the batter. It was a little surreal, a weird mix of a mother/daughter bonding moment and lovers playing together. Penny’s arm was around her shoulder, her naked body pressed against Dana’s flank, a constant distraction from the touching family moment. Dana realized it was the perfect summation of their relationship; stepmother and stepdaughter yet lovers, Penny a amalgamation of her parent and partner.

It was a curiously comforting thought and Dana felt doubly loved. It was the love of a parent and child but also that of two people who had been intimate. She was smiling the whole time she folded the batter in on itself.

“That looks perfect,” Penny said, smiling at her.

“Is this the recipe you always use,” Dana asked, her mouth-watering at the thought of the golden cakes the batter would produce.

“Yeah,” Penny said, giving her a squeeze, “the one my adopted mother taught me.”

Laughing, Dana said, “This is kind of weird, right?”

“A little,” Penny said, laughing herself, “never thought I’d be naked when I taught you how to cook.”

Dana felt a burst of warmth for the woman. She still missed her mother sometimes but Penny had a special place in her heart. The woman had always been there to kiss her skinned knees and offer her advice. She turned into the woman, gave her a fierce squeeze. Surprised, Penny took a second to recover, then hugged her back.

“I love you, Penny,” Dana said, still holding on tight.

“I love you, too, Sweetie,” Penny said, her voice thick with emotion.

Releasing her stepmother, Dana gave her a sheepish grin, said, “Sorry. Pancakes make me emotional.”

Dana saw tears in Penny’s eyes, knew she had touched the woman. A little embarrassed, she turned away, said, “Um, now what?”

“Um, find the big skillet,” Penny said, taking a deep breath to get herself under control. Out of the corner of her eye, Dana saw Penny wipe a tear away. By the time Dana had the skillet on the stove, Penny was okay.

Penny walked her through the rest of the process and they sat at the island with a stack of pancakes each. Doused in butter and syrup, the pancakes were delicious. With a healthy sense of pride, Dana relished the taste, thought they might even taste better than usual because she had made them.

Some syrup dripped off her bite of pancake and fell on her breast. Looking down at it, she started laughing and used her finger to remove it. She grinned at Penny, said, “I think this is the first time I’ve ever eaten breakfast naked.”

“Actually,” Penny said, laughing, “it isn’t. Although, it has been a while.”

“You used to let me run around naked,” Dana asked, tsking.

“Let you? Until you were about six, it was a struggle to keep you in clothes. Your dad and I used to call you the Little Nudist.”

Dana had to laugh. She actually remembered Penny chasing her butt naked around the house more than once.

“Come to think of it,” Penny said, laughing, “you were naked the first time I met you.”

“Yeah,” Dana said, laughing, “Dad’s face got so red. He had put me in this cute little dress but it didn’t stay on very long.”

They fell into a comfortable silence, both remembering the past. They made short work of breakfast, then the dishes. Penny leaned against the sink, drying her hands on a dishtowel, watching Dana put the dishes up.

“So what do you have planned for today?” Penny asked.

“Nothing really,” Dana said, putting up the last of the dishes. She turned to Penny with a playful smile on her face, said, “Unless you want to help me with some more… research.”

Laughing, Penny said, “You aren’t all ‘researched’ out yet?”

“What can I say?” Dana said, grinning, “I’m a horny teenager.”

Penny moved closer, put her arms around Dana’s neck, and said, “Well, I guess we could do a little more, then. Research, that is.”

Dana had only been teasing, but she felt herself responding to the closeness of Penny’s body. When Penny kissed her, she kissed her back, tasted the syrup on her breath. As the kiss deepened, the space between them evaporated. They didn’t break it until they both had to come up for air. Gasping for air, they grinned at each other.

Penny took her hand and she found herself being led upstairs, again. They turned into Dana’s room, headed straight for the bed. Tumbling onto the mattress, they ended up in each other’s arms and their lips met, again. They laid like that awhile, their bodies a tangled mess, just kissing and exploring each other.

Eventually, Penny urged Dana to roll onto her back, then moved between her spread thighs. She straddled one of Dana’s hips, lowering onto Dana until their bodies were nested together. Smiling down at Dana, she began to rock her hips back and forth, grinding their bodies together deliciously. Dana watched the roll of her hips, loved the flex of her lean body.

It was only their second time together but they found an easy rhythm, one that drove both of them crazy. Dana found it curious how well they moved together, but the wonderful sensations Penny’s body was awakening in hers made it hard to think about anything else.

Her hands roamed over Penny’s hips and thighs, around to cup her round buttocks. She pulled Penny closer, helped the woman really grind their pussies together. The meeting of their bodies was sending shockwaves of pleasure through her.

Putting one elbow down, Dana half sat up and Penny met her halfway for a lingering kiss. She could feel the woman’s excitement in the eagerness of the kiss, though it matched her own. It stoked her own desire until it burned even hotter.

Penny’s pace quickened as she became more aroused, her hips really rocking back and forth. Dana met her counter thrust for thrust, rolling her hips up into her stepmother. Sweat broke out on their bodies from their efforts, lubricating the union of their bodies. They moved against each other with ease.

Their cries mingled in the quiet room, growing louder as they pushed each other closer to climax. Among the moans and sighs were little muttered words of encouragement as they strained toward release.

Meeting Dana’s eyes, Penny held her gaze, wouldn’t let her look away. She saw her stepmother’s eyes widen slightly and knew the woman was going to come. Tension was gathering in her own body. Dana saw the recognition in Penny’s eyes, knew that she knew Dana was going to come, too. She took Dana’s hands, interlocked their fingers at the last second.

Penny cried out as she stiffened atop Dana. A half of a heartbeat behind her, Dana climaxed hard, her cry of ecstasy joining Penny’s. Knuckles turned white as they squeezed each others hands in a death grip.

Gasping for air, Penny sprawled on her side beside Dana. Putting a hand to her forehead, she said, “Son of a bitch.”

Laughing, Dana said, “Oh, sure. It’s okay if YOU curse.”

Penny shook her head and grinned, “You can curse if you need to. God, that was incredible.”

“Yeah,” Dana agreed, grinning at her.

Still working on catching her breath, Penny said, “I think I can skip my exercises this evening. That was a workout and a half.”

“Definitely worked off the pancakes,” Dana agreed.

Dana was a little surprised when Penny snuggled against her, her lovely body molding against her side. She smiled when her stepmother laid her head on her shoulder. It was usually Dana who wanted to cuddle afterward but this was kind of nice. She put a hand on Penny’s chin, turned her stepmother’s face up so she could kiss her.

They laid like that awhile, in no hurry to get up. Eventually, Penny said, “I could get used to this… and that scares me a little.”

“Why,” Dana asked, giving her a curious smile.

“Your dad is going to be home Monday,” Penny said.

“Yeah,” Dana said, sighing.

“I’m going to miss this,” Penny said, smiling at her.

“I’m sure we’ll get another chance,” Dana said, with a dry little laugh as she thought about her father’s preoccupation with his work, “sadly.”

On to Chapter 6!


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